How tall is Lil Kim

Lil Kim's Height

4ft 9.5in (146.1 cm)

American singer. She claims to be 5ft, although this would seem highly unlikely.

How tall is Lil Kim
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4ft 9.5in (146.1cm)
ana said on 23/Sep/17
Insey said on 4/Aug/16
In Junior Mafia's Need You Tonight mv, her arms looked midget-like and she just looks generally really short.
Diego said on 11/Feb/16
At yeezy season 3 event last night she was as tall as kourtney kardashian and about 2 inches shorter than Kim.
Laura said on 30/Mar/14
I think she is 4"10 tops. She is shorter than Christina Aguilera by at least 2-3 inches, and Christina is shorter than a 5"1 Nicole Richie. I don't see how Lil Kim can be 4'11 when Christina is clearly no taller than 5"0. She looks to be similarly sized to Snooki, who is 4"8. I think Rob's estimation is right at 4"9.5.
charlie said on 7/Nov/13
There is barely any difference between 5ft and 4"11''s hardly noticeable..:-|
fyi said on 23/Oct/13
v check out Bushwick Bill of Geto Boys, he only 3 feet tall and one of the toughest rappers of all time
Lea said on 14/Sep/13
She is technically a dwarf and still had the braveness to become a rapper.
kg said on 22/Jun/13
she's 2 inches taller than gymnast shawn johnson who is 4'9 or 4'10
haters hate said on 4/Sep/12
JEEZE! really? does it matter what size you are? everyones beautiful in there own way! C'mon it doesnt matter if your 3ft or 7ft. everyone is the same and what size you are doesnt define you as a person. i think men likes a person for who they are not there height and men who wouldnt date a girl because they are too tall or short are shallow. tall people are pretty and so are small. those that are hurt from theses comments shouldnt be. everyone was born for a reason and you are all beautiful. get on with your life, when you look back you will relise that things you got told dont matter. there are people in this world who have real disabilities and i bet half of them would rather be you no matter what height you are.
Gabrielle said on 7/Aug/12
Wtf? Why are you saying "real men only date small feminine dolls"? That sounds beyond stupid. Girls don't date men because of their height, men don't date women because of their height. You have got to be really insecure to think that. Besides, don't say tall women are less attractive. How about Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift, Christina Hendricks, Blake Lively, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, every single fashion and Victoria Secret's model in the world? Get real.
C'mon, girls and boys! said on 2/Aug/12
Height, colour, sex and age doesn't matter. I'm 5'9 (about 177 cm) girl and pretty proud of that. But I have friends that are almost 30 cm shorter than me and they are really perfect like that. Go Lil Kim!
sighs said on 2/Aug/12
@Faith, at 5ft4 you're not short. -____-'
vivaciouslaviv said on 5/Feb/12
Lil' Kim is actually 4'11'' and this what she had to say about it
Click Here
dainty said on 7/Nov/11
I am 4'9" too but I am Filipino so it's normal here.But they say I am very cute and very attractive.In fact everyone turns their heads when I pass. I think being 4'9 inches is not what matters.It is proportion. It doesn't matter if u are short as long you have good proportion. As for me I look like a doll. I have small waist and a big boobs and beautiful brown skin and straight black shiny hair. It's about self esteem too. Feel pretty short women. Don't be insecure. Just be yourself.
dainty said on 7/Nov/11
I am 4'9" too but I am Filipino so it's normal here.But they say I am very cute and very attractive.In fact everyone turns their heads when I pass. I think being 4'11 inches is not what matters.It is proportion. It doesn't matter if u are short as long you have good proportion. As for me I look like a doll. I have small waist and a big boobs and beautiful brown skin and straight black shiny hair. It's about self esteem too. Feel pretty short women. Don't be insecure. Just be yourself.
faith said on 14/Sep/11
Im 5ft4 and i think im a lil short but why does it matter? People cant change the way their born and they can still be pretty no matter how short. I think someone needs to get over themselves!!
selina said on 27/Jul/11
i'm 5'3 , is that short ?? /:
and btw i think short girls and tall girls are both equally beautiful. beauty is in the eye of the beholder , (: stop the hate
Adrina said on 16/Jul/11
@Adrina petites like kristen bell or vanessa marcil around 5 1 are super looking woemen that i could be jealeous.but a 4 9 tall girl NEVER
mrleft3t said on 16/Jul/11
@Xandral actually real men dont give a sh@t about womens height,short or tall
only insecure children
zarina said on 16/Jul/11
@xanral,petite women are like 5 ft,5 1,5 2
kristen bell,panettiere,reese witherspoon are pretty cute ladies.i am 1.78(5 10)and i have bfriend and most of his friends would date women between 5 and 5 9 the most(fine with me,i know my height isnt what average 5 11 men always prefer,but when you are something more that average looking,height(tall or short)aint problem
i would have problem being 5 or 5 1 but 4 ft 9.5 in is damn short and i dont know how a men over 5 8 who would want a dwarf because at 4 ft 9.5 in you are not just petite feminine little dolls,you are dwarf,average men may prefer petite ladies(i know that and i have not problem,i am getting married soon)but over 5 ft.
actually is the pedofiles who are seeking feminime little dolls at 4 9
and by the way wtf?wich women under 40ies is 4 9??? 2%
Xandral said on 15/Jul/11
Adrina, you are very jealous of little doll-like women actually. Real men like small women as they are feminine. If they date tall women, may as well date another man! Please Adrina, these are the TRUE MEN, seeking feminine little dolls!
Brad said on 1/Jul/11
Burt Reynolds used a line in Smokey & The Bandit about Brenda Lee and it was funny if you could catch it.
regina sanders said on 29/Jun/11
well im 43 years old im about 4ft 8 in im always getting teased about my height was wondering was there any thing positive somone can yell me to not let that bother me
littlesue said on 5/Apr/11
Well I'm 4ft 11 and have gone out with men between 5ft 6 to 6ft 4, no one ever saw me as 'like a doll', its insulting to small women and to men to say they are only fancied because the men are insecure about their manhood!!They would have liked me just as much if I had been 5ft 4 or 5ft 8+
Adrina said on 5/Apr/11
I really feel sorry for very short woman that is only 146 cm, because they are almost midgets. Guys who like them most be very affraid of woman and insecure about their manhood. No i´m not jelaous just confused about their preferences but they maybe like dolls because they weren`t allowed to play with that in their childhood.
marla said on 23/Jan/11
Bill: I am 4'10 and everyone says I'm scary. I don't quite understand why, but it's about attitude, not height.
Bill said on 17/Jan/11
4'9...That's quite funny. Considering her "feisty" image. How could anyone be intimidated by someone that tiny?
alisha said on 15/Jan/11
Its good to have a tall height, at least you can try yourself at model industry. As far as privacy....Tall women can't dance lighter as short women do, they also not so quick in bed... Perhaps this affirmation is to console short women's confidence, but guys its true
gardenia said on 27/Nov/10
same height for me. I'm not proud or ashamed about it. It is just my height. When I was in highschool, it is very hard to me. Now, I know what to wear (mini dress or maxi dress, yes it works and boys says it's sexy even if I wear flat sandal with them, tight jeans, cute shirt, the secret is to wear clothes that fit, not bigger one not smaller ones. I don't want to look taller, sometimes I have heels sometimes I wear flat.
I didn't choose to be a petite as tall girls didn't do nothing to be tall. It just happens or it is genetics, don't know.
I think lil kim is very pretty but her breats are they real?
Bob said on 21/Nov/10
5 11 girl: No , you are insecure about your height.If you were not you would not attack my preference for small women.
5 11 girl said on 15/Nov/10
@Shortie i am a Slinky giraffe as you discrible tall girls
thank god my husband likes my 1.80 centimetres and he aproached me because he was looking for a tall girl.
@Bob you are the most rude and insecure person on this side
@Sarah you cant be sure that ALL these guys who SO much like small girls are guys,i can comments with 10000men name that i like tall girls to make them feel better but i dont
i prefer 100000 times a 5 8 tall man but MAN than a 6 5 kid who is looking for a daughter
ol these pple saying that tall men prefer short women to tall women hmmm, cant speak for every men.My man likes that m tall more than anything, he sed it was my height that captured his attention firstly (he is tall and m tall),His friends or teammates (plays basketball) ol date women generally tall women. I hav always attracted tall men (short men as well).ol my ex bf are tall. m just trying to prove those whose say that tall men go for short women only wrong.THE TRUTH IS PEOPLE GO FOR PEOPLE THAT 'DO IT' FOR THEM.COULD BE TALL OR SHORT.
so please lets not start a 'tall v short' war because god is not a fool to have made people in different heights.
and i dont hate small girls my bistfriend since 2003 is 5 2 and pretty and cute
I'm what I am said on 26/Aug/07
I'll be surprised, if she's 4'11 - 5'0. Good eyes, Rob!
4'9 is not a weird thing for girls (ok! It's a weird in Hollywood world, but not our world). There're still a lot of girls at this height in E. Asia, S. America... Especially, it is simple in Indochina. I even live in N. Europe and I still see some 4'8, 4'9 healthy girls....
Anonymous said on 14/Jul/07
OMG i just saw a commercial today about car safety and if your 4'9 or under u need a car seat lil needs one LMAO
Alexandra said on 27/Jun/07
Oh my god!!! How can she be THAT short??? I was 146 cm when I was ten!!! I mean, I am from Serbia, and we're kinda tall, but still...
Kathryn said on 25/Jun/07, i didn´t see any comment of u here, hä? so why do u take a hand in this? and if u write one more comment like that, i´ll show u how to get a life! god, i hate people who take a hand in sth. but dont even have a clue what they´re talking about...
titch said on 20/Jun/07
i am 5'1 and a 6'2 friend once said i was 4'9. he refused to believe i was any more even when i said he could measure, all because my other friend who was the same height was wearing heels. these things are deceptive. i think this is too little for her.
TOKATHRYN said on 16/Jun/07

You need to get a life. All I see is comments from you on here! Do something positive with your life rather than commenting on what u consider short (as if anyone really cares about your opinion anyways!)
Kathryn said on 13/Jun/07
this is short, okay? absolutely extremely short!! and noone can say, this tall in any way, she´s a real pudgy. a 9year old kid is only this height if its gonna be tall an adult but this height here is like the height of a 10-12 year old kid of course.
Rae<3 said on 3/Jun/07
porsche said on 17/May/07
Looking at Danny Devito's photo with Glenn, Lil Kim looks significantly taller even accounting for heels.
anonymous said on 24/Apr/07
i have met her before. she was shockingly short. nowhere near 5`0. easily 4`10 and under.
hello said on 9/Apr/07
trueheight, a 9year old kid isn't 4 ft 9. Only in the netherlands, and they are the tallest people of the world.
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 9/Apr/07
Cutie in my experience, over here in England, girls get confused over their height. I see some who are clearly short, but call themselves 5ft 3. I'm 5'8", and girls who come up to my chest call themselves 5ft to 5ft 2.
trueheight said on 8/Apr/07
wow, how did you guys seem to downgrade her to the height of a 9yr old? I thought the consensus was 4'11?
john said on 5/Apr/07
Sure do! I have a 4'10"/11" friend and I'm totally crazy about her!
cutie said on 6/Mar/07
do guys go 4r short girls????
ShiaLabeoufGurl said on 18/Feb/07
OMG who is this Glenn dude that all the celebs r always photographed with!!!!!!!!!!????????????
Evanna said on 7/Dec/06
The picture that T. posted here is hillarious. What a freak show. Too much make up can make women look really ugly.
As for Kim, probably under 4'11". I remember seeing a documentary several years ago where she and her friends spoke about her life etc. She mentioned that Biggy didn't take her seriously at all in the beginning, because of how small she was.
J. said on 4/May/06
Towards the end of this clip of an appearance on the Howard Stern show, Kim is asked by Howard her height. She jokingly says "5'11", then after a bunch of giggles, she answers "5 feet": Click Here

I specifically remember a 1996 article (I think, in Black Beat magazine) on Kim had the writer describing her as the '4 foot 8' rapper. I don't believe that she's THAT short though. Just a sub-5 footer who quotes herself as such sometimes. lol
ice said on 30/Jan/06
Okay, this one I know. She was doing an interview on BET a few years back ( wearing some purple outfit) The lady asking questions took notice to how little she was, and came out and asked her. Kim replied "4 foot 11." I don't know where the 5'0 or more claims came from
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/06
i read in loaded mag a good 11 year ago when first i herd of her that she was a 4ft9 raper
CelebHeights Editor said on 26/Dec/05
She did say once, "I say I'm 5ft and a half, but I'm really just 5ft"
Great Porro said on 18/Dec/05
i saw her once appon a time my 9 year old sister was higher she is such a small
like aaa{....} 8 y.o girl
someone said on 24/Sep/05
she is most def 4'11"
J. said on 23/Feb/05
She was wearing shoes in the mugshot, hence the 5'0" height.

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