How tall was Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley's Height

5ft 2 (157.5 cm)

American Singer. On an Oprah show in 2006 she said "Okay, I'm 5 2".

How tall is Lisa Marie Presley
(1968 - 2023)
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Average Guess (11 Votes)
5ft 2.09in (157.7cm)
Awesomeness said on 26/Apr/24
RIP ❀️ you were so beautiful and loved by many.
Jawilder said on 15/Jan/23
RIP πŸ’”
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Jan/23
So, so sad to hear about the tragic premature death of Lisa Marie, of a cardiac arrest. πŸ₯²

RIP Lisa Marie Presley. XXX πŸ•―
1st February, 1968 - 12th January, 2023.
Abdulrahman said on 13/Jan/23
Alanna said on 12/Jan/23
RIP Lisa Marie Presley

She’s with her father now
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Feb/21
Lisa Marie Presley was born 53 years ago. Do I remember? No, I'm afraid I don't!

I hope she had a lovely day.

5ft2. πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸ˜πŸŒΉ
Nik Ashton said on 3/Feb/20
I like it that she said β€œOkay, I'm 5 2"!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Feb/20
πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Lisa Marie! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ’

Lisa Marie Presley turns all the fives, 5️⃣5️⃣, today! I wish her a great time!


Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 18/Jun/19
Somewhere between 5ft 1 half and 5 ft 1 4/3. She looked like dwarf when standing with her ex husband Nicholas Cage with 6 footer without heels... definitely NOT taller than her mother Priscilla Presley plus I was bit surprised to know that she is much shorter than expected adult height considering his father Elvis was 5ft 11(180) somewhere around like Harri said.... You never know whether son or daughter will be same height as their parents or shorter than their parents or taller than their parents just like me Whose grandpa was taller than my dad plus maintaining healthy diets during my growth spurt years etc... childrens adult height can be difficult to predict somehow....
harri said on 3/Oct/12
it is kind of surprising that she is only 5"2" because her father was 6ft tall.
Daphne said on 2/Dec/11
Bad genetics that can ruin the career of her model daughter. But Riley can be really succesfull if she exploit her height with the right way...We'll see...
mrs.logan said on 17/Nov/11
Cool! Im also 5 '2! Im a super fan of her dad! Also much she weight?
diana said on 7/Jul/09
i dunno. michael jackson was only 5'9 and lisa marie just came past his head in monstrous heels. i think a downgrade is in order. i'd say more like 5'0.5-5'1
Brad said on 11/Jun/09
See her in concert, good show, and yes, you'll be amazed how small she is compared to all the TV/Mags etc.. As listed.
Martin Campbell said on 20/Apr/09
Nice things come in small packages. Just look at Kylie Minogue. Anyways, with the stature of the legacy of the King... you don't need a ladder to be successful or am I that wrong. See you from Mull of Kintyre in scotland anyway. Long live the king.
observer said on 22/Feb/09
tj: good point i see what you mean fare enough !

now lets move on

i dont really think about that when i listen to his music or watch his movies , really became height conscious since i discovered this site lol all your fault Rob :)
TJ said on 22/Feb/09
We aren't talking about a whole inch observerer. Frank2 said Elvis was taller than him but not by much. If his perception was that Elvis was a little taller, but probably only one half inch, it's just impossible to be certain that it was exactly one half inch. Heck, you can think you are eye to eye with someone and not be exactly eye to eye. Even if you are indeed exactly eye to eye, you might not be exactly the same height because not everyone has exactly the same gap between eyes and top of head. And that's before we even get into stance or level of the ground. My point is that when talking about a margin as small as one half inch, it's impossible to be that certain. The way he spoke, anyone would think the two were stood back to back and measured. Besides, Frank2's claims got more improbable on that thread. When challenged, suddenly he was able to say he saw Elvis barefoot, in front of a mirror and finally that Elvis even said to him he didn't quite make 6ft. Sure, lol. Just happened to be that in his brief encounter with Elvis, all possible height anomalies were cleared up that neatly. Nonsense.
observer said on 20/Feb/09
i do ! and frank2 did , he mentions it many time how tall he is , if the guy is on this website and knows his height and met elvis well i think he is a good focus point .you can say Frank2 opinions is arguable well your measurements are AS arguable . all it says is he knew how a man stood in front of him at 6 feet and a man his height he would know the difference i am myself am 5 11 and i know when the guy is 6 feet an hole inch shows ! i have alot of friends my height that assume they are 6 footers and there not cause we are eye to eye.and they argue with me we go home take the tape out and im right 99% of the time , i past for a nut but i get my point accross lol

but everyone is in title of there opinion nobody is perfect

Ramiro said on 20/Feb/09
Hello TJ, it's good to see your comments again. Here we are again :-)

Regarding to the topic: of course, the visual appreciations of height are totally inaccurate, but the ones made about celebrities very often are even more inaccurate because the people tend to overestimate celebrities' heights (impressed by the presence of the celebrity) or to underestimate them (when celebrities look shorter than they expected). It's really difficult to be objective with famous people, so you can imagine how difficult can be with the stand alone icon of the 20th century.
TJ said on 20/Feb/09
observer, it's nothing to do with my sense of observation. It applies to all. No-one can stand next to another person and know with certainty to within one half inch how tall they are. Sorry, but it's impossible. If you are next to them, with the same footwear, same stance and are stood in front of a mirror, you might have a shot, but otherwise you can only make a good guess, not a spot on, unchallengable conclusion. Plus, any conclusion you make assumes you know your own height and it's surprising how many don't with precision.
Ramiro said on 20/Feb/09
All opinions are respectable but not all have the same value. Nobody can state the exact height of a person simply looking at him and this applies to those who said that Elvis was less than 6' (Frank2 for example) or more than 6' (many more). Observer, do you know any doctor who measures height simply looking at the persons? They use the stadiometer for some reason, don't you think? But perhaps you have something new to tell them, the mistaken doctors. With the existing official proofs about Elvis' height it makes no sense to put here his height under 6'. It's not me, it's the editor of this web and the medical community who say that being all night up without going to bed is an important cause of height loss and we can't consider the height measured under those exceptional circumstances as the valid or normal height . This is just what happened the day and the night before Elvis' induction and it's not speculation, it's documented by historians. All the rest measurements made under regular circumstances put Elvis at 6' (including one made exactly at the same place as the one where he failed to reach the 6' mark). Even if Elvis were just under 6' (and this is an invention, an unnecessary estimation of a man actually measured) he should be considered a legitimate 6' because nobody is exactly 6' tall, every 6' person is just under or just above that height which is rounded up or down. And more than that, if someone measures his height 20 times a day it's sure that he/she would obtain several different measures. Why to treat Elvis differently to the rest of the world? It would be unfair. But anyway, where is the proof of Elvis being measured exactly at 5'11 3/4''? It doesn't exist. What we have are several proofs of Elvis being measured at 6' and only one under that height and with the documented reasons for that height loss. I agree that this is not the most suitable place to talk about Elvis' height, but someone has started the issue before me and Elvis' height has been used as comparison to estimate Lisa Marie's one. Of course, I would be pleased if Editor Rob made available comments on Elvis' thread. Thank you all.
TJ said on 20/Feb/09
Frank2 can really judge someone's height to within one half of an inch and say it with absolute certainty at a distance of 40 yrs? What total hogwash. Hell I couldn't give you the height of ANY of my long-term friends and be absolutely sure I was accurate to within that tiny margin. That includes guys similar in height to me. Rob has Michael J Fox at an original height of 5'4.5 and a current height of 5'4, when there is frankly no evidence he was ever above 5'4, other than a couple of his own comments. In fact, he was routinely called 5'4 at his peak height throughout the 80s. Elvis was routinely called 6ft or above throughout his career, is on record as saying he was an even 6ft and was measured at 6ft. There is no consistency in the way those two examples have been judged.
observer said on 19/Feb/09
how convenient that there's an add for elevator shoes on this page !! :)
hint hint
observer said on 19/Feb/09
only problem your "anthropometric standards measurements " had 2 diferent measurements !! lol you can bring every assumptions and theories on why he shrunk an hole inch that does not prove anything Franks2 met him in person and has wayyyyyy more credibility than you could ever have .

Frank2 all the way
Ramiro said on 19/Feb/09
I know very well Frank2's statements. All my respect for him, but we have Elvis' height measured according to anthropometric standards by medical personnel not once but several times. Personal appreciations are totally inaccurate. If someone asks: why to do that effort to get Elvis' height stated at 6' here? I'll answer: why to put Elvis height at 5'11 3/4'' when nothing supports that? According to all proofs provided by me to Editor Rob, there's no way apart from putting Elvis' height at 6' and I truly hope that Rob could take the time to study those proofs and change Elvis' height at the top of his page.
observer said on 18/Feb/09
"Frank2 says on 10/Aug/06
Elvis was more like 5'11".

try explaning this to Ramiro here mister Frank2 you will have a ball lol
observer said on 17/Feb/09
Ramiro : do you have height issues by any chance ? F.I.
Ramiro said on 12/Feb/09
Elvis was 6 feet tall. He fulfilled all anthropometric standards to be considered 6 feel tall by medical personnel. I have all the official army documents made regarding Elvis' medical exams. Elvis was measured not once but several times in the army and all those measurements had as result 6 feet except one where Elvis didn't reach the 6 ft. mark because he spent all the previous night between march 23 to 24, 1958 awake and up with his friends without resting, going to bed nor eating. This is an evident and important cause of height loss (and it's historically documented). Some of the documents can be seen at Elvis'height page in this site.
This is the text of an e-mail that I sent to Editor Rob on january 27, where I provide more data and files supporting them, although I've not received answer nor a reflection of it at Elvis' height page yet; furthermore, comments are disabled at Elvis' height page since time ago:

"Dear Rob;

I'm in contact with you again to give you new data supporting the evidence of Elvis being 6' tall. As you'll remember, I obtained from the U.S. military administrarion all the official documents proving that Elvis' height was measured by military medical personnel several times and that these measurements had as result 6' or 72'' in all but one (you put them at the top of Elvis' page). As I stated some time ago, the reason for the only measurement where Elvis didn't reach the 6' mark ( the one made at Elvis' induction on march 24, 1958 ) was very simple: Elvis spent all the night between march 23 to 24 awake and up with his friends without resting, going to bed nor eating. This is an evident and important cause of height loss so there's no mistery in being measured the following morning just under 6'. The definitive proof of that is that Elvis' height was measured at 6' in the same place, by the same personnel and following the same procedure just one year before (01/04/1957; pre-induction exam that I sent to you along with the other official military exams).

We have to arrive to some conclusions: 1) When Elvis' height was measured under regular conditions (all measurements but one), he was 6 feet tall. 2) It's clear that the measurement made at Elvis' induction wasn't valid according to anthropometric standards. 3) Also, if several measurements have a common result and only one a different one, especially if that result is lower than the others, we have to accept as valid the result more times obtained and we have to search for the reason why for the only result which didn't match. That reason was found in the extraordinary circumstances that surrounded Elvis' induction into the army which I relate and prove here.

With this e-mail I enclose the concrete pages of Peter Guralnick's "Last Train To Memphis", the volume one of Elvis' definitive biography, where you can read from a respected and acclaimed historian what I'm telling here. Also, I enclose the page of Peter Guralnick and Ernst J
leonari said on 26/Dec/08
Justmaybe?: WFT are you talking about? Joe Esposito being Lisa Maries biological father? Do I get that right?
Are you delusional?? What surgery?? Plastic surgery in the 60ies on a baby?? Height is not always passed on to the next generation!! Man you must be on crack or pcp or some other very serious stuff. Oh my god...More and more posters here must post from inside mental institutions
Justmaybe? said on 25/Dec/08
In Vegas it was rumored that elvis was legally lisa'a dad, but bio it was joe esposito if you look at joe and the baby pics before surgery sure looks like his kid. this came from a good source elvis's personal doctor here in vegas. That would explain the height thing.
Trex said on 1/Dec/08
Elvis was actually 5'11.It says so in his Army records.He wore lifts inside his shoes to make him taller later on in his career.
vandam said on 25/Feb/08
I agree totally with you TJ , Elvis was not on the dot 5'11" but not much taller after being standing for a while , and as far as Priscilla and her eating habits , dont think it had much influence on Lisa's height I think Lisa's eaten habits when young could of had an impact ,other than that i dont think so , 5'2" sounds good and im not sure that Priscilla was 5'4" closer to 5'3"
TJ said on 19/Feb/08
This height does seem right for Lisa. Quite short considering her Dad was well above average height and Priscilla approaching 5'4. Anonymous, Elvis wasn't 5'11, but close to that. Probably snuck, the 6'0 out of bed and about 5'11.5 - 5'11.75 average height.
observer said on 19/Feb/08
I read the book that Priscilla wrote, called "Elvis and Me." Priscilla wrote that she didn't eat very much when she was pregnant because she wanted to stay as thin as possible to look good for Elvis. If Priscilla had eaten normal amounts of food while pregnant, Lisa Marie could have ended up a little taller, or a lot taller.
vandam said on 7/Nov/07
why would Rob shut it down because he thaught he was wrong he can do what he wants hear ! if he taughts at 100% he was a solid 6 feet , he would of been at 6 feet ! but i guest he did not think he was , so to avoid getting harassed by the fans he closed it . good move
jim said on 5/Nov/07
her father was a solid 6'0 feet everyone said so on elivs page that rob the owner of this site had to shut it down because he realized that he was wrong saying he was under. ROB CHANGE ELVIS TO 6'0 THERES PROOF. elvis death certifict said he was 6'0 without shoes.
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/07
lisa is 5'2, always gets listed at that, priscilla is about an inch or 2 taller at 5'3-5'4, elvis was 5'11, and lisa's daughter, riley, whose first name is really danielle, is 5'7. it was all published in vogue in 2005.
Ramiro said on 16/Jan/07
I don't know many about Lisa Marie or Priscilla's height, but I've read recently that Lisa Marie's daughter Riley Keough is 5'6'', and being a model it's very likely that her height were measured properly.
Trenton said on 30/Oct/06
Same here, lol. My dad's 6'4'' and my Mom's 5'11' and I'm only 5'10''. At least I have my good build of 200 lbs, lol.
Leah said on 3/Sep/06
Haha yeah. She's like me. I didn't fall between my parents' heights either. My mom is 5'7" and my dad is 6' and I ended up 5'2" maybe even 5'1.5" It's really weird how those things work out.
TR said on 17/Aug/06
I attended a special event at Graceland and stood directly next to
Lisa Marie & Priscilla. I am 5'11" and Lisa Marie was barefoot. She
is 5'2". Priscilla had on about 3" heels and looked slightly taller
than Lisa Marie. I would estimate Priscilla at 5' to 5'1".
Anonymous said on 16/Aug/06
I heard/read somewhere that her mother barely ate while pregnant, sometimes only an apple a day. If that's true, maybe that could have something to do with why she's not taller than her mother.
Anonymous said on 15/Aug/06
Mah: I agree; Priscilla is about 5-4 and Elvis six feet and a little more! My mom is 5-3 and my dad was a little over 6-2 and I am 6 feet even. Most children seem to fall between their parents, for the most part. A little strange that Lisa Marie did not fall within her parents' heights!
Frank2 said on 10/Aug/06
Elvis was more like 5'11".
Mah said on 9/Aug/06
i cant beleive it her moms 5'3.5 and dad abt 6ft ....n she grew to be 5'2 wierd father is 5'11 and mom abt 5'1 and im 5'5 sis is 5'6 bro 6'1 and other bro is 5'11.5'' wierd she didnt grow more ..
anonymous said on 1/Jan/06
A lot of articles state she is 5'3 but they estimate. Since she said she is 5'2 that's probably correct.
Anonymous said on 21/Aug/05
i think her daughter riley is 5'5 even though shes a model but being born into a celebrity family, height does not matter when it comes modelling...awww if only we were all that lucky! :(

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