How tall is Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic's Height

6ft 6 ½ (199.4 cm)

Slovenian professional basketball player, who plays for the Dallas Mavericks.

How tall is Luka Doncic
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Average Guess (32 Votes)
6ft 6.14in (198.5cm)
Canson said on 17/Dec/19
@Viper and Rob: it also matters that the Sacramento Kings as Shane Gray mentioned earlier, did not change any listings from last season and were open about having not done so. That said Harrison Barnes doesn’t look more than 6’6.5 which he should given a 6’7 Morning measurement. Look st him next to Draymond Green and that a 3cm difference in some pics and maybe 1.5” (a stretch) in a couple others.
viper said on 8/Oct/19
They are now saying Harrison Barnes is 6-8, lol.

You know this will be a joke when the rookies magically grow taller
Editor Rob

Unless you have the same conditions when measuring, I'm sure a lot of listings won't match up especially due to rounding.

Also you are relying on the person doing the measuring and calling out the figure to be correct. There may be a few anomalies, although you'd hope they took time and reduced any errors.
Ellis said on 8/Oct/19
How is Harrison Barnes listed at 6'6, and Luka is listed at 6'7? We all know Harrison Barnes is taller than Luka, what do you think about this Rob?
Canson said on 8/Oct/19
Harrison Barnes is now listed 6’6”. Makes sense. Only maybe 1-1.5” taller than draymond green. Likely was rounded down but it shows that Luka Doncic clearly isn’t 6’6.75 at a low being he’s shorter than barnes. I wonder if some teams measured earlier in the day and teams like the warriors and kings were closer to their afternoon heights. It almost appears as if the Kings re-measured or are going to if Hield was taken down to 6’3” and Bagley 6’8” but now they’re saying that they are the heights they list them at.
Canson said on 8/Oct/19
@Rob: had to be early morning. JJ Barea was measured same time and was the same as his combine measurement. And 6’6.75 doesn’t necessarily mean it was that high. They don’t do 1/8” increments. He doesn’t look as tall as Harrison Barnes who measured 6’7 morning height
Canson said on 8/Oct/19
@Editor Rob:

They got him at 6’6.75 but that was a morning height. Also was it rounded up from 5/8 or a bit less? He really doesn’t look more than 6’6” maybe 6’6 1/8 with Harrison Barnes. Barnes measured 6’7” morning height meaning 6’6.5” or 5/8”. Next to Draymond Barnes is not more than about 199cm range. To be fair Draymond might have been rounded down to 6’5” but afternoon height for him may just be a solid 6’5” or even less if it was 6’5” flat and was a morning measurement. Either way 6’6.5 for afternoon height is too much. 6’6.25” is a better start or even 6’6”

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Editor Rob
Giving within 1/4 of a measurement is fair, but 6ft 6.25 could be evening for this guy depending exactly when he did get measured.
viper said on 7/Oct/19
Did you upgrade him back Rob
Editor Rob
I thought he came in at 6ft 6 but 6ft 6.75 is a surprise.
Ellis said on 6/Oct/19
6'6 3/4s was a morning height or they got him at 6'6 I forgot
Ellis said on 6/Oct/19
KP is 7'2, 7'2.75 is a morning height, crazy he was still growing at like 21.
Canson said on 6/Oct/19
This is a better listing for him. I’d say perfect

@Duhon: KP May have grown. His combine was 7’1.25 and he got 7’2.75”. Granted it’s a morning height for the latter but his combine measurement was likely not the case. He looks 7’2” next to Doncic and also looked close to 7’2” with Carmelo Anthony
Canson said on 6/Oct/19
This is a better listing for him. I’d say perfect
Duhon said on 5/Oct/19
How tall does Porzingis look next to Luka here? Click Here
Canson said on 5/Oct/19
He measured 6’6.75 at training camp this week. Of course it was in the morning as one of the articles stated for one player. 6’6” is very likely as he looked .5” shorter than harrison Barnes
Emil said on 5/Oct/19

I see 6'6 for Luka.

In addition, Varane looks closer to 6'4 than 6'3 in this pic. Looks easily 4 inches taller than Benzema
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Oct/19
Rob, just curious that would you rule out Luka to be only 6'6?
Editor Rob
6ft 6 flat isn't exactly impossible for him.
Enter_Dragon25 said on 20/Aug/19
Luka could be one of those rare cases of 6'6 1/8...
Canson said on 11/Aug/19
The 6’6.5 comes from him being listed 1.99 on the net. 6’6.25 measured maybe if it’s later in the morning and dips to 6’6” flat
Canson said on 11/Aug/19
@Junior: I’m thinking maybe 1.25” or 1” with Kobe but Luka appears to be leaning a bit. I don’t know where the 6’6.5 figure came from. If pre draft then I’d go with 6’6” but my guess is not. Looking at him with guys like Barnes who is more 6’6.5 himself, he looks shorter. Harrison Barnes would not be more than a weak 6’7” or strong 6’6” if he only measured 6’7” in the morning
Canson said on 10/Jul/19
If this was an actual morning height (could’ve been 6’6 3/8) he wouldn’t be more than 6’6” at a low. A guy that size could easily lose .9” or more. Even in the pic above he doesn’t give off the same impression that a guy like Daniel Cudmore does. I would guess Cudmore who actually is 6’6.5 taller than him
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Jul/19
Full picture here Kobe only look barely an inch shorter than 6'6 1/2 Luka Doncic Click Here Luka lean his body a little bit forward. Still looks like there is less than 1.75" between them. If the 6'6 1/2 was morning measurement he would be 6'6 1/4 or worst 6'6.
SnerhagAip7777 said on 15/May/19
Would you consider his head size average for 6ft6-6ft7 range or is it average, Rob?

I think I can remember you saying that it would be around average.
Editor Rob
Average I'd say, given his height.
Ellis said on 4/Mar/19
6'6.25 for a basketball measurement, 6'5.5 by bedtime.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Mar/19
I think 4.8"-4.9" is about right for him.
miller said on 4/Mar/19
barnes at 6.6 3/4 and luka at 6.5 3/4 would be fair.
I think carmelo anthony is taller than doncic so doncic should be listed 6.6
Canson said on 1/Mar/19
If it’s a full inch between he and Barnes, he should be listed at 6’5.5 and Barnes 6’6.5 since 6’7 is a morning measurement. Honestly, Barnes only has 3 cm on Draymond Green at times whereas others 1.5”. Draymond is a solid 6’5 maybe 196cm guy at a low. I think the 6’6.5 is way too much but 6’6” flat is a good enough start to keep consistent with others even if it’s a morning height
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 1/Mar/19
How long do you think his eye level is? It looks kind of low for his head size, although it's most probably still less than half of his entire head length.
Editor Rob
probably nearer 5 than 4.6 to 4.7
miller said on 28/Feb/19
no more than 6.6 he is 1 inch shorter than 6.7 harrison barnes.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Feb/19
How long do you think his eye level is? It looks kind of low for his head size, although it's most probably still less than half of his entire head length.
Canson said on 28/Feb/19
@Ellis: it could be that low honestly if we are talking an inch. Barnes only measured 6’7” in the morning and claimed 6’8” in shoes previously. So he could be 6’7.75 in sneaks and 6’6.5 at a low. I would just call Luka a weak 6’6” perhaps or a solid 6’6” is the best case
Ellis said on 27/Feb/19
@Canson: Yeah it's looking an inch difference between Barnes and Doncic. I got him at 6'6.25 for an NBA measurement(roughly an hour out of bed). I see him as a weak 6'6, his night time height is probably around 6'5.5.
Canson said on 27/Feb/19
I bet he’s another Kevin Durant in terms of height controversy. He’s gonna be listed and said to be taller all throughout his career because of his vast skill set and ability to handle the ball and play both guard positions despite being a barefoot 6’6” guy. Goes to show that other listed 6’6 guys like MJ and Kobe weren’t really as tall as they’re listed. Whereas this guy from seeing more pics is around 6’6”
Canson said on 26/Feb/19
@Walking Tall: weak 6’6 is a better fit than strong 6’5”. Best case is solid 6’6”. I would’ve said an inch with barnes who measured 6’7 in the morning so 6’6.5 but it could be less than an inch at times. I’d say 6’6” flat is at least in keeping with how he looks next to someone who measured at the combine being Rob also has dropped a listing for a guy like Tim tebow or Damian Lillard if they don’t look it. This guy definitely doesn’t look that tall.

@Rob: 6’6.5 would effectively make him 6’8” in shoes. Harrison barnes here says he’s 6’8” in shoes and he’s clearly about an inch shorter. That’s also what he measured at the combine even after he made that statement which is likely an earlier In the day. I don’t rule out 6’6.5barefoot 6’7.75 shoes for Barnes though at a low

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Canson said on 26/Feb/19
I agree with the others. He is definitely overlisted. Harrison Barnes measures 6’7” in the morning meaning 6’6.5 so Luka should be listed max 6’6” barefoot if going off Barnes getting a 6’7” pre draft since he has him clearly by a full inch but could look 6’5.5-.75 to be completely honest if we use Celebheights (afternoon) Standards. He’s only listed at 6’7” in the pros. He’s the shortest 6’6.5 guy on this site

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HonestSlovene said on 26/Feb/19
Looks about right, he's a legend!
WalkingTall6'3.35 said on 26/Feb/19
6'6.5 is too generous for Luka,we didn't get his pre-draft measurements which is a shame but if he is listed at 6'7 in the NBA and i'm a huge follower for years,that generally means he's a strong 6'5 or at best 6'6 flat(see Klay Thompson,Draymond Green,Kawhi Leonard etc...)

In my opinion he is somewhere in the strong 6'5 range.

Luka and Kobe:

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Luka with 6'3 tall NBA commissioner Adam Silver:

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Adam Silver with Michael Jordan:

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I just don't see a 2 meter tall guy when compared to guys above and many others...
SnerhagAip777 said on 26/Feb/19
Rob, how big would you say his head is?
Editor Rob
Not huge for his height, but 9.75-10 is possible
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Feb/19
Pass for 199cm, in my opinion 6'6 1/2 should be someone who can hold and look a strong 199.5cm. Luka can look strong 6'6 1/4 so close to 6'6 3/8 than 1/2.
184guy2 said on 25/Feb/19
To be fair , he doesn't look any taller than Courtois , in comparison to Varane :
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/19
Rob, how tall do you think the two guys he’s with are?

Dude on the right I think is around 6ft3 and on the left 5ft11
Editor Rob
Benzema had his medical with fraction over 6ft.
Kevinjordan said on 25/Feb/19
This listing is spot on
Ellis said on 24/Feb/19
He is a NBA 6'8 for sure, I think he is more like 6'6.25, 6'6.5 is being a bit generous in my opinion, in the picture with Harrison Barnes he is a bit shorter. Rob are you saying he is 6'6.5 closer to the morning or the afternoon?
Editor Rob
He has looked near 6ft 7, but also near 6ft 6, at the moment I give him between the 2....would that be 9-10am? I'm not so sure.

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