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5ft 7.55in (171.6cm)
andre said on 14/Nov/17
this guy is 5ft6.5 barefoot at night he is listed 5ft8 in google and that is with shoes
Jeremy said on 12/Nov/17
Wahlberg - 173
Gibson - 175
Ferrell - 189
Lithgow - 191
Chase said on 10/Nov/17
He's gotta be 5'7.5 maybe a tweeter. He was shorter than ludacris right? I can't see him being taller than RDJ.
Dmeyer said on 10/Nov/17
He looks 5ft 8-8,5 with Gibson who isnt less than 5'9,25
Shredder said on 9/Nov/17
An inch shorter than Gibson and Gibson has the better posture and Footwear , This guy is 5'8 .
Reeese said on 26/Oct/17
Looked like this in Ted
Brad said on 24/Oct/17
5-7, his 5-10 claim might be the biggest height lie by a celeb. Elevators are normal for him in films.
Junior said on 14/Oct/17
I did point out 172.5cm for Wahlberg on a mid day height and he can go to bed holding a strong 172cm.
an anonymous peach said on 14/Oct/17
Same height as Tom Cruise, 171cm
Shredder said on 8/Oct/17
185 lbs in 2011 is when he filmed Ted , no way is a 5'6 , 5'7 guy going to look like that at that weight. 5'8 is okay for him.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/17
Walberg is 5'6", maybe 5'7" at best. As the description comparing Mark and his brother Donnie illustrates, he clearly has an inflated view of himself. I'm 5'6" myself and my buddy who's only 5'2", 5'3" at best (I can see the top of his head), claims to be 5'5", so this is not uncommon. I always cringe when I hear my friend announce his height to people, but haven't the heart to tell him he's dreaming. My cousin and I are the same height, yet he tells people he's 5'8", so that's another example. All guys lie about their height and the number of women they've been with. Rule of 3.
MisterManletMick said on 20/Sep/17
a few years ago I couldn't believe it when I found out he was just over 5 ft 7 and just not as big as I always thought he was, when I saw Shooter when I was a little boy I thought of him the same way most adults today think of The Rock Super Tall and Super Muscular when in reality Mark was nowhere near it, I guess everyone looks big to us at a certain age.
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Sep/17
@Slim: Well you're memory is better than mine because I don't remember my exact words to you a week ago! But yeah, I was only half serious. I do believe it's foolish to base your ultimate conclusion on photos where feet aren't visible, but sometimes they're of interest, even as a novelty.
Slim said on 12/Sep/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Sep/17
@Slim: Don't shoot the messenger. I merely posted the photo with a question mark as ground is a questionable outdoors and we can't see feet as you mentioned. I've long thought Mark had to be somewhere from 5'7.5" to 5'8". Although Mark apparently wears elevators at times, which I didn't know until recently outside of the Italian Job.
Not to be taken seriously, it's just that those were your exact words when we started arguing a few months ago. I just couldn't resist 😉.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Sep/17
@Slim: Don't shoot the messenger. I merely posted the photo with a question mark as ground is a questionable outdoors and we can't see feet as you mentioned. I've long thought Mark had to be somewhere from 5'7.5" to 5'8". Although Mark apparently wears elevators at times, which I didn't know until recently outside of the Italian Job.
Darius said on 10/Sep/17
If the photo that Rising posted, of Mark and Pena together in the set of Shooter is legit, I would say 5'7.5" max. taking the slight slouch in to the account. Pena is a 5'7" guy btw. By seeing that photo I thought that Wahlberg was only 5'7". I am actually confused about Mark Wahlberg's height. Anywhere from 5'7" to 5'7.75" maybe. I would certainly rule out 5'8" though.
Slim said on 5/Sep/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Aug/17
Marky Mark caught short with 5'7" Michael Pena? Click Here
Pffft please marky mark edged Pena, he also seems to be slouching a lot, plus we can't even see their footwear so it doesn't really mean much. 😉
adam said on 4/Sep/17
5'7 guy, he's 5'10 claim is funny.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Aug/17
Marky Mark caught short with 5'7" Michael Pena? Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Aug/17
Mark and Akon(5ft10 here)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Richardspain said on 26/Aug/17
Short to be actor. Very short.

I think he is 171 cm barefoot not more.

I agree with the people here. Marc isn't more than 171cm /172cm MAX
Realist said on 23/Aug/17
Isabella Moner was at his chin or so and she had on 6cm heels that would make her 5'0 in heels how could she be 5'3 because if so she would be a mere 3 inches shorter than Mark in lifts.
ReallyShortRussianDude said on 22/Aug/17
Click Here

Another video with Diddy, only brief, but Rob, would you have said Mark looks more than two inches shorter?
Editor Rob
he could look a bit more than 2 yeah.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Aug/17
Diddy does look more than 2" taller in that video, which is the first of Leo's links. It appears I was wrong about Marky Mark wearing elevator shoes as well. Apparently, he does wear them on occasion. I wouldn't guess him over 5'8" and it is possible he falls a bit short of the mark. Joaquin Phoenix could look a bit taller and more of a solid 5'8".
5'11.25 at noon. said on 18/Aug/17
Indeed 5'10 with heels on but unfortunately we get measured barefoot I'd say max 5'8
adam said on 14/Aug/17
Around 171 cm flat.
Leo said on 11/Aug/17
Looks 5ft 7.25-75(171-172cm)next to Sean Combs.
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Click Here
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teehona said on 3/Aug/17
5'7 without shoes, 5'8 with shoes.
Van said on 2/Aug/17
172 is a possiblity.
DirtySouth said on 30/Jul/17
5'7"-5'7.5 i believe ...
Bandet said on 22/Jul/17
NO idea why people like CA are coming from regarding his height. A clear nailed on 5ft8 dude and as touch as many 6ft4 dudes. What are most of you people looking at
or thinking when it comes to height. Most of the real guys that the film Perfect Storm is based on, were of similar height. How the hell is that supposd
to make you any less of a man?
Darius said on 16/Jul/17
I would say 5'8" max. I honestly thought he was 5'7" or around that 5 years ago.
Slim 181 cm said on 9/Jul/17
RisingForce said on 6/Jul/17
Marky Mark wearing elevators in The Italian Job: Click Here Click Here Can't remember if he was the same height as Statham in those shoes or if he edged him out. He also stood on a box in Broken City: Click Here Funny thing is, he's still never looked tall to me in movies so I don't know what Mark's girlfriend was talking about saying he looked 6'2". He's looked average at best in a few movies to me, but mostly still looks pretty short on screen. He's probably fairly height and image conscious outside of movies, which may be part of why he favors 1.5" Timberlands and 1.2"-1.4" type basketball sneakers, but I think that's as far as he goes.

Btw, has anyone looked into how tall Mark's wife Rhea Durham is? She has 5'9" online listings and apparently got 5'9.5" back in her modeling days. I'd be surprised if she was over 5'9", but if she's near it then it's difficult to see a 5'7" flat Wahlberg.
RisingForce said on 30/Jun/17
Marky Mark and Ludacris have consistently looked very close. Ludacris may well be his 5'8" claim, or he may well be just below at the 172 cm he use to be listed at here. Mark often wears Timberlands with casual clothes, but other times, basketball sneakers such as Nikes, Jordans etc. Mark seemed to be wearing the same shirt for Super Bowl that he was with Ludacris, so fwiw, these were his sneakers at Super Bowl: Click Here He did take a similar pic with Usher as well: Click Here
Slim 181 cm said on 21/Jun/17
172-173 is the truth.
Peterson188cm said on 16/Jun/17
10% - 5ft7 (170cm)
30% - 5ft7.5 (171cm)
40% - 5ft7.75 (172cm)
15% - 5ft8 (173cm)
05% - 5ft8.5 (174cm)
Drax said on 16/Jun/17
5'10 lol what a joke mat; that's like me saying I'm 6'3 hahaha this is ludacris
show said on 16/Jun/17
with Ludacris 2017 Click Here
Editor Rob
they look quite close, not knowing whether Mark has his boots on or not.

You rarely see Wahlberg in thin footwear.
Peter175 said on 15/Jun/17
Looks a decent 2 inches with P Diddy. Marky Mark is an indomitable and unquestionable 5ft8 guy. Just like Kanye West. If he were 5'7 the Rock would be 6ft1 lol
MJKoP said on 14/Jun/17
Maybe not a full 5'10", but I'm sure the guy who saw him at that "Mark"(who also claimed to be 5'10" and with matching footwear sizes), believed that he was telling the truth after spending time with Mr. Wahlberg. I'm convinced he's 100% taller than 5'8" and anything under Rob's listing is just beyond silly.
James B said on 13/Jun/17
Rob I'd bet he would meaure 172.7cm
World Citizen said on 6/Jun/17
Hey Big Rob, do you think he will measure the same as you or a little shorter? Let me know please.
Editor Rob
I think roughly 173cm, not sure he'd be 172 or 174 though, but somewhere between.
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 4/Jun/17
I agree with most here, 5'7.5 for ****ing Marky Mark ("i'm only 5'10", lol).
show said on 31/May/17
Mark with P.Diddy Click Here
Angus said on 28/May/17
Saw him in church once in Newport Beach! 5' 8" is believable. I wouldn't be awestruck if he's shorter, but he was very bulked out and stocky. Sort of reminded me of a young Robert Blake in Baretta. Of course, Robert Blake is listed at 5' 4", so...
Average height and slim said on 27/May/17
5" 7 to 5" 8
171.5 cm

lol he looks like a dwarf next to will Ferrell in the other guys and daddy's home. Watch the barefoot scene in the other guys.
ma said on 19/May/17
You are probably 5 ft 7 if Mark was taller than you. Or shorter
Anonymous said on 14/May/17
5'9-10 claim is comical, he's not over 5'8.
RisingForce said on 12/May/17
He looks very similar to Hopkins in that video, but certainly no taller. He looked only slightly taller in his Timberlands at Cinemacon, but Hopkins seemed to stand worse. Btw, I never believed the 210 for Pain and Gain. Wahlberg was bulkier than usual, but not THAT bulky. 210 at his height is gonna look bigger than he was. He might be 185 when he has more size, but I think he's often closer to 165-170 when he's lean.
John Davis said on 10/May/17
Making us 5ft 10 guys look bad
Johan said on 7/May/17
The reason Mark looks so short at times is because he needs a stylist. He wears clothes that are too big especially the pants, I mean with his money he should be able to get fitted clothes. Guys who are 5'8" and under tend to have problems with getting clothes off the rack but there are business' that supply the proper attire.

Its a bit strange since he is only 5 cm tops under average for his age group and guys who are 6 feet have zero issues. It starts more around 6'4" on the other end. Ofc if he thinks he is 5'10" and his tailor supplies that...I can see how problems occur.
Leo2001 said on 6/May/17
With Hopkins(almost 79)last year.
Click Here
RisingForce said on 30/Apr/17
I agree 174 cm is too much, delancey, but you really have to find photos with Piven's feet visible since he's the most notorious tip-toer in Hollywood. But yeah, Wahlberg looked noticeably shorter than a 76 year old Robert Duvall, 63 year old James Caan, Sly Stallone and a 69 year old Jack Nicholson, all of whom were in that 174-175 cm range, plus, Joaquin Phoenix, who is an admitted 5'8" seemed taller than Wahlberg, imo, but that could have slight ground, footwear or posture difference for all I know. Wahlberg also seemed just a bit shorter than a 60 year old Robert De Niro, who was then no more than about 5'8.5" himself: Click Here I think 5'8" is fine for Marky Mark. He can surely look taller in some comparisons, but some of those may be when he has his Timberlands on or even a thicker basketball sneaker could give him a fraction advantage over someone with roughly 1" shoes. Honestly, he can look 5'7.5" at times as well, but 5'8" seems best for now since he doesn't appear to wear lifts, except for a role like The Italian Job and his build will make him look shorter at times.
delancey said on 26/Apr/17
@Peter175 I wouldn't go as far as saying he's 174 cm, a 5'8.5 guy wouldn't look like this next to Jeremy Piven.
5'7 is too low but I do think he's a weak sort of 5'8.

LInk: Click Here
Peter175 said on 25/Apr/17
Marky Mark is easily 5'8. Look at him next to the Rock and 6ft Christian Bale.

He might even be 174
delancey said on 25/Apr/17
@berta I'd go with Marky Mark. I think he's a 173/172 kinda guy while cruise is 172/171 range.
James B said on 24/Apr/17
Rob this is an interesting piece of info I found from 'are they on'

Mark Wahlberg’s stats for Pain and Gain:

Height: 5 ft 7

Weight: 210lbs

Body fat %: 13%
Balrog said on 15/Apr/17
@berta barefeet, I think Mark has the slight edge.
berta said on 13/Apr/17
i wonder who is taller mark wahlberg or tom cruise?!?!?! thats something for everyone to think about :P
S.J.H said on 13/Apr/17

Lol dude. He can't be under 5'6 for absolute minimun. If he wear high top shoes he gota be close to 5'7.5 not 5'6 with it.
RisingForce said on 13/Apr/17
Here his head is straighter than the other pic with Sly and Caan, though he still looks more than an inch shorter: Click Here But despite this and the Departed and We Own the Night premieres, I think 5'8" is fine. He can look it and doesn't wear lifts except for movie roles like the Italian Job with a tall female lead. I've wrongly heard his boots called elevators, but they always look like normal Timberlands: Click Here Click Here Thick, sure, but popular style and imo, nice boots. At times I've heard him exaggerate his weight, but 173 pounds sounds real. Amazing how long he's stuck to the 5'10"! Honestly, I thought he would have dropped that and said 5'9" or 5'8.5" years ago, but he repeated the line from 1995 almost word for word a few years ago. It's strange for a guy who walks around liftless looking no more than 5'8" yet gives such an outrageous height lie. He must have realized he's shorter than his 5'10" brother?
CA said on 12/Apr/17
I met him in 1993. I am 171 cm about 5'7.5". He was almost 5'6" in his high top tennis shoes and sweat suit. I have never been able to take the movie "The Perfect Storm" or any of his movies for that matter, seriously since I know he is barely 5'5". Like many actors he has a tiny little body (long torso, super short legs and a giant head)... good for the camera.
Shredder said on 12/Apr/17
173 lbs is believable. I love the 5'10.0 , he really thinks he is exactly 5 ft 10 lol.
Balrog said on 12/Apr/17
If DiCaprio and Damon were downgraded, so should Mark.

He looks 171-172cm range quite often.

Regarding his weight, he's been a buff guy since always, so 175-180 pounds is believable. On "pain and gain" though he looked near 200 pounds.
Leo2001 said on 10/Apr/17
Mark and Leo(Listed 5ft 11.25)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Probably 5ft 7.25-5
Omar said on 10/Apr/17
Hey Rob I don't know if you saw this video but here he is measured at 5'10 in his sneakers.
Minute 1:50 Click Here
Editor Rob
it's not a measurement, Male/Age 44 and Height 5ft 10 are data that would be entered, the weighing portion is of course correct.

I bet nobody would think Wahlberg at 5ft 10 would seem only 173-4 pounds...of course being 5ft 8 and 173 pounds naked is believable.
KH said on 6/Apr/17
Weak 5'8. He has a big head too makes him look shorter.
HonestSlovene said on 7/Apr/17
He looks in the 5'7"-5'8" range to me. Definitely a guy who would probably only at best scrape a weak 5'8" at night, unlike Rob who is safely in the 173 cm zone at worst.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Apr/17
@ Rising Force - I've only been watching Ellen for a couple of years now and originally I reckoned her go be 5ft3 or 4! When I found out her real height to be 3 plus inches more, I was well surprised - that was when I discovered this website!
She does always wear sneakers. She might look mega-tall in heels, but it's not her thing!
With Mark, she looked about 5ft6.5 and he a strong 5ft8!
RisingForce said on 4/Apr/17
He could be 5'8" flat. I didn't see him with Ellen, but Ellen never looked as tall as 5'7" to me, especially now. I wouldn't buy anything over 5'8" for Wahlberg either, especially since he didn't look over 5'7.5" at the Departed premiere: Click Here Click Here Certainly looks like the short guy next to 5'11" Leo, 5'9.5" Damon and even Jack, who had shrunk to about 5'8.5".
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Apr/17
I've just watched Mark strolling on to Ellen's stage at a leisurely pace and I cannot see him being below 5ft8. Both he and Ellen are in the same sort of footwear.
He's very nice and talking about his family's Christmas, just gone!
Cameron said on 1/Apr/17
Looks more like a solid 5'7" guy to me. Would probably just edge Cruise out though.
RisingForce said on 30/Mar/17
Wahlberg can look shorter than 5'8", such as with Stallone and a 63 year old James Caan, both 5'9" max: Click Here Same with Robert Duvall, around 5'8.5" since he was pushing 77 here and Joaquin Phoenix, who is 5'8" by his own admission and was also shorter than Duvall: Click Here Click Here If Phoenix is a solid 5'8" then Wahlberg may be a weaker 5'8" or even 5'7.5".
RisingForce said on 24/Mar/17
He can look anywhere from 5'7" to nearly 5'9". Here's a good pic with 6'0" Zakk Wylde who I've met: Click Here Zakk is close to his claimed 6'2" in those thick boots, at least 187 cm so Marky Mark does look near 5'9" in sneakers.
oscar 5'9 said on 23/Mar/17
come on man this guy is 5feet 7 possibly 5feet 6 and a half.
Patrick 5foot9othing said on 9/Mar/17
Still can´t believe this listing. Rob, he is probably THAT guy i seen most miss guessed by you.
RisingForce said on 26/Feb/17
Looked noticeably shorter than Jack Nicholson and Robert Duvall around 2006-2007 and a bit shorter than Joaquin Phoenix. I usually think he looks pretty short on screen too. I thought he was 5'7.5" for a long time, but that might be Jeremy Piven's height and Marky Mark is definitely taller so I could buy 5'7.75" or a weak 5'8", but 5'7.5" wouldn't surprise me.
divincodino92 said on 25/Feb/17
5 feet 7 at max! He has a big head XD
dpp said on 21/Feb/17
I see 5' 7.25-7.5" no more.
JimboJones said on 13/Feb/17
5'8 roommate met him at her place of work and said he was slightly shorter than her. Guess was 5'7.
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Feb/17
@ James - Not so! Tall is nice, though not essential! It doesn't make the person!
I have never considered not seeing someone because of his height!
If I had, I would have made a beeline for a bloke I knew who was 6ft4, but a complete w**ker!
James said on 5/Feb/17
@Yuval Everyone prefer to be in the tall zone, at least 6 ft. Girls prefer men who are six foot or taller. Check out this video:

Click Here
Yuval said on 31/Jan/17
holly bagoogle. I hate it when a guy says he is "only 5'10" as if 5'10 is not good enough height. Do you know how much 5'5-5'9 guys would kill to be this height? Really 5'10 is a damm good height for a man.
delancey said on 29/Jan/17
Weak 5'8. Wouldn't surprise me if he was high 5'7 during the evening.
Shredder said on 27/Jan/17
I agree , he isn't as short as people think , yet he can't be 5 '10 . 5'8 at least.
Phil said on 26/Jan/17
what 5 foot 8? he really looks tall on screen.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jan/17
I really enjoyed Mark's schoolteacher role in the film 'The Happening'. I just read the introduction to Mark's page, and I do agree that he comes over as taller than 5ft8, but I don't think he looks as tall as 5ft10, let alone 6ft2, as a girlfriend said to him!

I reckoned Mark to be around 5ft9. He is muscly and that might contribute to an altogether larger appearance on the Silver Screen.

I will go for 5ft8. He is inches smaller than 6ft Christian Bale in 'the Fighter', though recently when I visited Christian's page, there was a bit of a debate going on that he's a full 6ft! Well, I think he is! Mark - 5ft8, Christian - 6ft. Case closed.💪 🔔 💪
berta said on 23/Jan/17
always looks short but have very bad posture. can look 172 because of that but when measured i dont think he is under 173
meezemaker said on 19/Jan/17
5'7 max.

Defitely smaller than the 5'8 Nickolson à 70 yards old.

Click Here
berta said on 10/Jan/17
this guy is not the tallest guy but i dont think he is only 171 as people seems to think anyvere from 172 -174 is a good shout and i stick with robs 173
cribbage said on 8/Jan/17
he def is NOT 5'8''. i was behind him in line at church once and he was shorter than me and im 5'7''. id say hes prolly 5'5''
Anon said on 3/Jan/17
Look at beach photos of him next to his wife. I don't believe she would lie about her height of 5'9.5, probably 5'10 in the morning. Her biography claims 5'10. 5'8 is too low for mark. You can't lie with beach photos... No shoes. Mark is a strong 5'8.5, maybe even 5'9. Stop looking of photos of him next to celebrities with shoes on, they are inefficient.
James said on 30/Dec/16
Mark Wahlberg is way taller than 1.71-1.72 Eminem, looks at least 2 cm taller. So this listing is accurate.

Click Here
Ramualdo said on 24/Dec/16
Somewhere between 5ft6.5 and 5ft7. 5ft7 is max for Mark.
Shredder said on 18/Dec/16
He looks close to 5'8 with C.Thomas Howell and Luke Perry from a 90's pic.
Danimal said on 17/Dec/16
5'7" and a little bit of change barefoot.
xaoxio said on 7/Dec/16
Rob, please take a look at Mark Wahlberg with Alex Wolff? Whats the height difference between too? Alex Wolff is six-footer?
xaoxio said on 6/Dec/16
Hi Rob, can u look at Mark with Alex Wolff and guess whats Alex's height is? Close to 6 feet?
Editor Rob
xao, somewhere in the 5ft 11 range for him.
Sammy Derrick said on 5/Dec/16
Click Here Watch this video and exactly at 1:53 it says HEIGHT:5'10 AGE:44 M/F:M
Marky Marky can claim 5'10 cause he's an alpha male and nobody will agrue with him,and he's clearly around 5'7-5'8
James said on 4/Dec/16
@jack That hobbit is far from being 5' 9".
Gaza2121 said on 20/Nov/16
Weak 5'8".
Shredder said on 15/Nov/16
jack said on 9/Nov/16
With 5'9 listed NHL player.

How do you guys explain this?

Click Here

Easy , He isn't below 5'8 , plus more footwear and much better posture
Realist said on 10/Nov/16
Around 171 and 175 lbs.
jack said on 9/Nov/16
With 5'9 listed NHL player.

How do you guys explain this?

Click Here
Lynx said on 3/Nov/16
He looks shorter than 5'8, maybe cause he's so wide, but still, his legs and arms are extremely short for a 5'8 guy.
172.4cm guy said on 2/Nov/16
Look at this photo of Mark and his co-stars from Pain & Gain...Click Here. If you look at the footwear, the thickness of the sole from their sneakers look pretty similar, so we can disregard any distortion from their shoes. With that in mind, look at Anthony Mackie, a 178cm guy, and Dwayne Johnson, a 191cm guy, in comparison to Mark Wahlberg. The top of Mark's head is right at Mackie's brow and right at Johnson's chin. Assuming that the human head is about 21 cm, this means Mark is about 7cm below Mackie and 20cm below Johnson. This puts Mark at roughly 171cm, or 5'7.5" Honestly, I also always thought this guy looked about my height, and even a friend who worked at Paramount studios and rode with him in the elevator said that he stood proportionately the same as I do next to her. So I'm guessing 171cm for him.
truefilm_buff said on 27/Oct/16
5'7.25 strong 5'7. This guy and cruise have that weak 5'8 thingy on this site. I think they are both in 5'7-5'7.25. Brilliant Celebs. True peoples men despite same controversial history. Only time he has looked true 5'8 is when he was next to MacFarlane.
josh jeffords said on 25/Oct/16
Sorry mark is not 5 8 he is smaller than mel who is under 5 8 both were tower by 6 2 danny glover mark more so and danny was middle aged.
He has never looked over 5 8 even on tv he was towered by weak 5 9 damon and ridiculously weak 5 11 leo and more so strong 5 11 alec.
likely clocks in around 5 6 bare foot 5 7 in shoes and hair barely believable 5 8 on tv.
Often looks small around average guys even guys who are listed under 5 8 on here...
He is an excellent actor and fairly funny too just a small man weight likely 165-180 he seems to fluctuate a lot.
Chio said on 22/Oct/16
5'7.75 max for this big booster. Downgrade time
Lefert said on 21/Oct/16
Mark said he is 5' maybe he is 5'10
pauly p said on 11/Oct/16
Seen him filming Tranformers in central london and i reckon he is around 5ft7 at most
Shredder said on 26/Sep/16
Next to Fallon he really didn't look over 5 ft 8.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Sep/16
Rob, check out 53 minutes Click Here , he looks about an inch taller than Steve Carell! How can he be 5 ft 8 and Carell 5 ft 9!! I think Wahlberg had on a beefy black sandal but still...
Vibram said on 9/Sep/16
This guy is 5ft7.75 out of bed and 5ft7 flat at night. He's a short guy for a white American. His proportions look that of a 5ft7 guy just like Cruise.
Peter175 said on 25/Aug/16
Clearly 5ft8. Might even be closer to 5ft8.25
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 19/Aug/16
Mark Wahlberg has angle advantage, plus he's standing on something with Channing Tatum leaning. Channing Tatum is at least 4 1/2" inches taller.
Shredder said on 18/Aug/16
He is standing on something.
Tobias said on 17/Aug/16
What's going on here; taller than Channing Tatum??

Click Here
Johan said on 16/Aug/16
Funny thing is by increasing his height by 2 inches like that he is getting the wrong read outs lol.
Shredder said on 16/Aug/16
He isn't fooling us with 5'10 , but 5'7 is just way too low. He most likely is 5'8 and change.
Word1234 said on 13/Aug/16
Mark is definitely a 5'8 guy. Could even see him being a few mm over the mark.
I doubt he goes much under that.
Shredder said on 12/Aug/16
I like how it even says 5'10.0 on the scale , I bet he put it in there , as for the weight of 173.9 , I believe it.
172cm said on 10/Aug/16
Click Here
Jeff said on 10/Aug/16
@Shredder: How so? You mean with bigger footwear?
Shredder said on 5/Aug/16
He can appear as big as 5'9 range. He is under 5'9 though.
MJKoP said on 3/Aug/16
5'7" is nonsense, even worse than the girlfriend's 6'2" estimation. And any beach shot is not a "kill shot"; with uneven terrain they are hardly indicative of true height. Wahlberg looked 4 inches shorter- at the MOST - than Jon Voight in a full body shot on even pavement...and Mark was wearing flat-looking shoes. He's probably 5'9" minimum.
Brad said on 21/Jul/16
5-7, any beach shot is a kill shot. MW's 5 foot 10 claim is the worst height lie by a celeb. Cruise would own him by an inch.
John said on 21/May/16
a bit taller than cruise I'd give mark weak 5ft 8 strong 5ft 7
Sam said on 16/May/16
5'7.5 barefoot. Around the same height as Cruise, if not barely taller.
berta said on 13/May/16
tallest possible 174,5 and shortest possible hm , maybe 171. i go in the middle and that makes him a weak 173.
Mike b said on 7/May/16
I'm 5'5 and met him up close and he's my height . No way in hell he's 5'8 lol
Anon87 said on 28/Apr/16
Kind of looks 5'8, I say a weak one.
johemoth the dog said on 22/Apr/16
I think he's more 5'7.75. You would probably edge him out. I dont think he would be any more then just over 5'9 in shoe height, much less 5'10.
mikey t said on 22/Apr/16
My uncle is about 5'10 who saw him standing next to him at an underwear convention in L.A. wearing only underwear lol. He is said that Mark was short. But idk if Mark was wearing shoes or not and how much shorter he was than my uncle.
James B said on 4/Apr/16
5'7.75 possible rob?
Zane said on 31/Mar/16
Rob,is 5 feet 7.5 inches unlikely?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have guessed him just that mark, but roughly 5ft 8...saying that, at times he does seem to wear boots which might give him a boost.
Lou said on 29/Mar/16
Who cares if he's 5 foot 8 my dad gave me this advice don't worry if a woman is taller or shorter than you in bed everyone becomes the same height which is true since my wife is 2 inches taller than me and I give her organism
Paleman said on 16/Mar/16
Strange, I've always thought that Wahlberg looked closer to 5'7" than 5'8". I still think he could measure around 5'7.25"-5'7.5" (171-172cm).

But yeah, claiming 5'10" when he stands actually closer to 5'7"? Come on Mark... You could've gotten away with 5'9" but 5'10" is a joke of a stretch.
Len said on 1/Mar/16
At the Ted premiere, was not much taller than 5'4" Mila Kunis in heels.

Wahlberg consistently looks around 5'7", i.e. Tom Cruise height.
Johno said on 17/Feb/16
One of the shortest main lead male actors out there, i don't even believe 5'7 his lowest measure.
Jeff said on 17/Feb/16
He looks around 5'8 but his particularly low eye-level can make him look 5'7.5 at times
Aaron zamora said on 5/Feb/16
Rob, is 5'7.5-5'7.75 possible?
Editor Rob
a fraction under over a listing is always possible...I'm not sure whalberg has looked 5ft 7.5 more often than near 5ft 8 though.
CD said on 6/Jan/16
I honestly saw 6-7 inches difference between him and Will Ferrell in Daddy's Home. Marky was about 2 inches below his eyelevel for sure.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 3/Jan/16
He appeared to be over 5'8" by Will Ferrell in Daddy's Home.
the shredder said on 22/Dec/15
What are you guys talking about? He looks max 3 inches under him. Still would make him seem at least around 5 ft 8 without the boot.
Powerhouse said on 20/Dec/15
@KentD6125 Yes that's the appearance i was talking about, a full 5'8 for Wahlberg seems unlikely, Its hard to tell with his shoes It looks like he could have put a small insert in those boots which already have a decent heel. Looks around 4 inches difference to me between Fallon and Wahlberg. I'll stick with my 5'7-5'7.5 estimate. I've seen more evidence of him looking 5'7 range than a full 5'8. I bet real 5'8ers like Jeremy Renner, Zac Efron, and Joaquin Phoenix would edge him. Wahlberg is close to guys like Tom Cruise, Mark Ruffalo, Joe Rogan etc.
RisingForce said on 20/Dec/15
Mark can look a solid 5'8" compared to people with known heights, but he always looks short, even on screen, so that sounds more like 171-172 cm. Plus, 5'11" Alec Baldwin had a good 4 inches on him in The Departed. I suspect Alec may wear lifts, but Mark was barely taller than 5'6" Martin Sheen in that same movie. I believe he was slightly shorter than Joaquin Phoenix too. Although it could be his build and I don't think he wears lifts outside of movies, which makes it all the more puzzling he's stuck with claiming 5'10" for 20 years!
KentD6125 said on 19/Dec/15
Click Here
Check out this picture between Jimmy Fallon and Mark Wahlberg, yes there is a height difference but zoom in on Mark's shoes, looks like he may be wearing lifts.
Powerhouse said on 17/Dec/15
Anybody see him on Jimmy Fallon? They were doing some game, and were side by side. There was a big difference in height. If Jimmy Fallon is 5'11.5, i'd say its safe to say Wahlberg is under 5'8.
MaskDeMasque said on 3/Dec/15
I reckon he'd just edge out Cruise. Looks 5'8 in both Ted Films.
Max said on 30/Nov/15
I was on a flight to Hawaii a few years back. As I was get up to exit I saw him behind me. We were both wearing flat sandals. He is 5'7" tops. My girlfriend who is 5'11" had a good 4" on him. She had sandals on too, no footwear advantage for anyone. She goes to me, that guy looks like Mark Wahlberg but shorter. He heard her and just smiled and said he looks bigger on screen, movie magic. I'm 6' 5 & 1/2 " evening measured, He jokingly asks me if I can sell him some height as I have more than enough. Nice guy.
B.T. Stomp said on 29/Nov/15
I worked background on the set of Ted 2. It was the Comic Con: NYC scene. I was one of the XBox vendors. I stood relatively close to Mark several times. The closest time being around 8 feet away. I stand around 6'1" in socks. On this day I was wearing sneakers with around a 1-1/2" heel. He looked to be wearing the same type of sneakers and seemed to stand around 5'9". His sneakers could have had a bigger heel and his hair did seem a bit raised. So he could be around 5'8" but was wearing big shoes and sporting tall hair. He was really nice and very professional. He was on set about much as his stand-in. So not at all lazy compared to some actors Ive seen. He seemed rather fascinated with a very tall guy on set whom was dressed as Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. I heard Mark ask the guy how tall he was and this fella, whom likely gets this question more often than not, responded graciously. The tall guy seemed to be at least 7' as the top of my head reached his shoulders. When we were signing out he was standing right behind me. I was curious myself so I made the obvious inquiry. He simply replied "about 7 foot". To which I added "seems at least that, if not more". To which he just sort of shrugged. To sum up, I would estimate Mark Wahlberg to stand around 5' 8-1/2".
the shredder said on 28/Oct/15
Yes 5 ft 10 is insane for him , with that said he can look about 5'8.5 to me at times.
Ian C said on 27/Oct/15
I love that "only" that actors insert before the height they are dishonestly claiming. See? the guy will seem to be saying, I'm being honest here in admitting that I'm not that tall, even as he is lying about his height.
the shredder said on 21/Oct/15
Rob , if you had to bet on 5'7 flat or 5'8.5 , which would you say? I saw a 90's pic of him with C. Thomas and he looked no less than you do.
Editor Rob
I think he would measure nearer 5ft 8.5 than 7, so I'd say over 7.75 mark I'd place my bet, I wouldn't take an under 7.75 bet.
the shredder said on 19/Oct/15
He does has a built that makes him appear shorter than he is , He honestly does look more 5'8 than 7 though.
Powerhouse said on 16/Oct/15
Mark Wahlberg gives a 5'7 impression, his arms are so stubby they look like they belong on a 5'4 guy. But I believe he'd measure 5'7.5 range, definitely not a full 5'8. Look at him in Four Brothers, The Fighter, The Gambler, and Pain And Gain. He just looks clearly short.
the shredder said on 15/Oct/15
5'10 is a joke , but he can look as big as 5'9.
the shredder said on 9/Oct/15
Rob , what would you guess his weight in TEd?
Editor Rob
he might have been near to 200
Prince said on 23/Aug/15
He's only 5'10" if he's wearing elevator stilts.
an anonymous peach said on 13/Aug/15
Rob, do you agree that Marky Mark could measure a fraction or more shy of the 5ft 8 mark like Downey Jr?
Editor Rob
anybody has a potential to be a little above/below a mark.
Kdiidkea said on 23/Jul/15
i was with Mark in an elevator and im 5'10". He was definitely no taller than 5'7"
hijopotamus said on 19/Jul/15
"I'm ONLY 5'10""
At least Mark has a sense of humour...
hijopotamus said on 17/Jul/15
He is probably 5'10" when wearing tricky shoes.
Matthew said on 15/Jul/15
Hmm Click Here there's a sizable difference there.
MaryAnne said on 10/Jul/15
he is little but attractive mwah:*
fred said on 8/Jul/15
lol this little man was about 2 inches shorter than his wife who is 5-9 when they were at the beach.....I say he's 5-7
MD said on 24/Jun/15
There seems to be a significant drop-off of the "only x foot 7" claim, however, once you get to 6'0". I think folks stop it at 6'0" because then people actually start to check on the claim. lol
Matthew said on 21/Jun/15
not quite 6 ft says on 9/Apr/15
'Only 5 feet 10' is a bit of a joke coming from him. I swear the 'only x foot y' phrase is used by everyone who lies about their height.


Johnny Depp is another one that uses that line, he says he's "only" 5'11". I think Adam Sandler claimed the same thing. It's as if the actor is trying to impose the idea that you think they are bigger than that and they're just being brutally honest, so there's no chance you'll think they're fudging.
MissAnne1 said on 26/Aug/12
Many mons ago back in the funky bunch days, my fiends and I spent a good two yers hanging out with him and his crew on the road. I am 5'8 on the dot in my bare feet, the last time I saw Mark in 1994, he and I were both in bare feet and eye to eye, forehead to forehead, he is 5''8, no shorter or taller. He is also very well mannered and a super nice guy, total sweetie and always smelled good! I think when he is beefed up it makes him appear more stocky. Still no matter his height, great guy and good actor!
matt789 said on 25/Aug/12
5 foot 7 is correct he never looked 5 ft 8 to me
Shaun said on 24/Aug/12
5'7.5 is a good guess but 5'7".5"-5'8" more likely, 5'7" or shorter is really pushing it.
the shredder said on 23/Aug/12
jtm says on 23/Aug/12
he has to be 5'7 flat imo. he was a inch shorter than ice cube and they were wearing the same footwear but i am done with this page for now. i never liked wahlberg so i shouldn't keep wasting my time trying to convince anyone that he is 5'7.

LOL , that was funny , Well I'm not big on him too but I judge height .
jtm said on 23/Aug/12
he has to be 5'7 flat imo. he was a inch shorter than ice cube and they were wearing the same footwear but i am done with this page for now. i never liked wahlberg so i shouldn't keep wasting my time trying to convince anyone that he is 5'7.
the shredder said on 23/Aug/12
So he is a flat 5'7 max ? Come on he is not that short , 5'7.5 is more like it .
jtm said on 22/Aug/12
5'8 in shoes is very accurate for this mediocre actor.
Middle said on 21/Aug/12
5'8 can be right.
hello123 said on 20/Aug/12
i've seen him in person i think he's 5'6-5'7
Dino said on 20/Aug/12
He wants to star in the US remake of headhunters, which will be ideal as the main character needs to be around 1.68 meters.
Jack said on 18/Aug/12
Mickey Ward fought at 140 pounds his entire career. Wahlberg is probably between 160-170 pounds in The Fighter. It isn't like in real life where the fighter has to get down to a certain weight for his division. Wahlberg never had to cut weight so he was never 146 pounds in the movie. However, I bet Wahlberg was around that weight in Boogie Nights.
hd said on 17/Aug/12
strong 5'8 or taller.
RSKTransport said on 16/Aug/12
Yea your right about looking too muscular for 146 lbs but I dont think he actually weighed 146 himself.However,you would be suprised how muscular some guys can look at 147 lbs.Did you see Tim Bradley for the Pacquiao fight.These guys just get very lean then dehydrate themselves for weigh-in, then quickly rehydrate for the fight and gaim 10-20 lbs.
B said on 15/Aug/12
Just watched "The Fighter" again and wondering how any guy that muscular could be any taller than 5'6 and still only weigh 146. How tall was Mickey ward supposed to be?
Jack said on 14/Aug/12
He's shorter than 5'8 Jack Nicholson here:
Click Here
Reality said on 12/Aug/12
5'6 is ridiculous for him.I've seen a lot of proves that he's AT LEAST 5'8 to 5'9.My closest guess is 5'8.5

@... Nobody marks height with shoes on.
nyczaces said on 12/Aug/12
Can't be 5'8 or 5'9, he's like 5'6, if that.
leonari said on 11/Aug/12
Reality: Here we go again...No way in hell is Wahlberg above 5'8" and he probably is 1-2 cm below that!
.... said on 10/Aug/12
He's not over 5'8. He's 175 with shoes on.
Reality said on 10/Aug/12
@ The height in shoes doesn't count.Only BAREFOOT.He's not over 5'9 but not under 5'8,I guess he's about 5'8.75,at least 5'8.5 but pretty often he can look shorter.
leonari said on 10/Aug/12
175? Yeah in Timberlands. So he lowered his 1995 quote where he said 5'10". In another 17 years he will claim 5'8" which is closer to reality but still to tall for him.
the shredder said on 10/Aug/12
WOW he is claiming 175cm ? ... I buy this , but in shoes !
Mark said on 9/Aug/12
Click Here 1:39 175 cm
the shredder said on 8/Aug/12
Anything under 5'7 is nuts ... Even though he is clearing lying a guy claiming 5'10 at under 5'7 would not even reach 5'10 in his best lifts and would look under 5'8 and he looks about 5'9 at times with lifts ... 5'7.5 plus 2.5 lifts = measuring 5'10 = looking about 5'9 .

My guess 5'7.5 ... under 5'7 you are kidding .
Hob said on 7/Aug/12
BigT, he only look 16-17cm max shorter than will ferrell in socks wear pictures walking on the road. i agree max 186cm for ferell so wahlberg is 5'6 min
leonari said on 5/Aug/12
Shredder: Yep 5'7.5 guy. I never fall below 5'7" ever. I think claiming an average of morning, noon and night like you do is the fairest way to give your height.
BigT: I don't see Wahlberg at 168. Thats impossible. But a 5'7" flat is reality in my opinion. Clever camera angles, loves Timberlands Boots-possibly with lifts ( He wears Timbs on sunny days in L.A!!!) and has a massive upper body...all these come into play that he can look 1-2 inches taller than he is.
Shredder: I will look if I find a cheap DVD of the movie "The Happening". If Mark gets accurately measured at 5'8.5" I will eat my shoe. Or his Timberlands...
BigT said on 5/Aug/12
He's 18 cm shorter than Will Ferrell in those barefoot pics. I am basing my estimation for Wahlberg on Will, whom I think looks nothing more than 186-187 cm with Federer and his wife. Easy math makes 168-169 cm for Wahlberg, which is pretty much what I thought before I saw him barefoot with Will. If Will is as listed on this site (191 cm), which I STRONGLY disagree with, this 5'8 listing would fit Mark.
the shredder said on 4/Aug/12
Leonari , I'm about 5'6.5 by noon , morning about a flat 5'7 , night about 5'6.25 . I go with 5'6.5 because I feel thats what I average out to . So you pretty much a 5'7.5 guy ?
leonari said on 4/Aug/12
Shredder: Thats exactly my height man! After a good night sleep I wake up at around 172,5 cm and by the afternoon I fall to 171 cm. Whats your exact legit height Shredder? 169??
the shredder said on 3/Aug/12
What is your legit height Leonari , 171cm ?
.... said on 2/Aug/12
I believe Wahlberg is 173 in the morning and 171 in the evening.
the shredder said on 1/Aug/12
Leonari , if its true then somebody should get the dvd ... Maybe it was a joke or a shoe height ?
jtm said on 1/Aug/12
just like jean claude van damme was measured at 5'9.5 yet he constantly looks no more than 5'8. wahlberg is 5'7 flat. he was probably measured in boots.
leonari said on 1/Aug/12
Shredder: 5.8,5? The guy must have been joking.
the shredder said on 31/Jul/12
I remember a poster saying he was measured 5'8 1/2 on the dvd features of The Happening !
leonari said on 30/Jul/12
Shredder: Mhhh. So we basically agree on everything and are close in height!! I also see Mark as min a good 5'7" to 5'7.5" max and I am a kid of the 80's born at the end of the 70's. No way is Mark under 5'7". Maybe you are right. Maybe I put too much emphasis on body shape. To a certain extent I agree. Often I walk down the street and I see a guy from afar coming toward me and I am sure he is my height or even shorter. Once he passes by I realize he is a good 5'9" or a tad taller. Perception, clothing and body shape can throw me off.
Thanks for pointing it out. I appreciate it and will take it into account in the future.
the shredder said on 29/Jul/12
Btw Leonari , I was born in the 80's and I don't think he is 5'8 , 5'7.5 is my guess , but one thing I notice in your posts is that you look too much into how somebody is shaped , Me and Rob just had a talk about that , I measured a guy at just over 5'10 barefoot and with his stocky bulit and short legs you would shout 5'8 or 5'9 . I always thought 5'7.5 for him , 5'7 max or under 5'7 is a bit downgrading but I think he is lucky to be 5'8 .
the shredder said on 29/Jul/12
lol Leonari , I'm 5'6.5 159 lbs , btw I was joking in my last post .
leonari said on 29/Jul/12
Shredder: So Whalberg is not atlectic or at least was? Have you seen his Calvin Klein ads in the 90's wise guy? Click Here: Click Here Or maybe you weren't born? That must be it. You post a lot of crap (nothing new really) boosting almost every single height on this site with no proof and no reason.
So who is athletic in your opinion? JONAH HILL? I bet you are an overweight 5'11 (or taller) guy who can't lose a pound if his life depended on it. Good for you.
Look at Vegas's pic: So thats a 5'8" guy? NEVER...His legs look like legs of 5'6" guy. His arms are T-Rex like (arms are way short on this guy) . But you know what? I won't comment on your posts and you not on mine? How about that?
leonari said on 29/Jul/12
Cool pic! Thanks Vegas. Yeah if I pump up like crazy thats what I would look like. He should lose the bulk after the movie. Short guys just can't get a overly big muscle frame...It looks...OFF. Way off if you ask me.
the shredder said on 28/Jul/12
Not taller then 5'8 ... Everybody is a athletic 5'7 to leonari , but he don't want these under average guys taller then him .
leonari said on 28/Jul/12
Vegas: Whatever man. 7 inches , 10 inches. Wahlberg does not look 5'8" barefoot!! He looks 170-171 max. You now why I know?? I know how I look and I have a very very similar body type (wide shoulders, athletic muscular body, short legs) and I am probably the exact same height as Mark. So all you wise guys who say Mark Wahlberg is 5'9" (like the height expert Reality) ... Please spare us the BS. Thats fanboys talking. Sooner or later even Rob will realize that Wahlbergs height here is off by at least 2 cm.
jtm said on 28/Jul/12
shorter than joaquin phoenix in both the yards and we own the night. he is 5'7 tops and very overrated. joaquin phoenix and ryan gosling should be getting the roles he is.
Vegas said on 28/Jul/12
truth says on 27/Jul/12
Looked more like 10 inches shorter than Will ferrell.

10 inches between em??? Click Here Click Here

thats a measured 7.25 inch difference Click Here
truth said on 27/Jul/12
Looked more like 10 inches shorter than Will ferrell. He was tiny next to him.
BigT said on 27/Jul/12
With Jennifer Aniston in The Rocker he was struggling to hit 170 cm, I wouldn´t be shocked if he was in the 168 cm range.
Vegas said on 27/Jul/12
looked about 6 inches shorter than will ferrell when they were both walking down the street in manhattan in socks
Brad said on 27/Jul/12
Not that one. Is that him? He looks like a wrestler after Ultimate Warrior juice. He's under 5' 8".
leonari said on 25/Jul/12
BRAD: Are you referring to this pic. Click here: Click Here
Here he is on the beach, no boots, huge frame...and yes you are right: He looks every bit of 5'7". I always said he is below 5'8". What do you say ROB?
Brad said on 25/Jul/12
When caught without his standard height enhancing footwear, he implodes to his 5' 7" reality. No footwear rare beach shots are Stallone-like, real short looking, especially with the frame.
truth said on 14/Jun/12
Is it me or does anybody else think that this guy is like 5 feet 6? He doesn't exactly get dwarfed by taller people because he does have a big head, frame and has a lot of muscle on him. He looks around 180lb nowadays. He wears big shoes most of the time, with lifts.
the shredder said on 14/Jun/12
He is about 2 " shorter then his brother that claims 5'10 , Mark is about 172 cm
Reality said on 13/Jun/12
This is your illusion about elevator boots.At least I would like to hear some proof.5'8 can be right but if we could choose between 5'7 and 5'9 then rather 5'9.
But from pictures he looks strong 5'8 or weak 5'9.
Brad said on 12/Jun/12
Under 5' 8". Big boot guy with custom lifts.
LauraSki said on 12/Jun/12
LotM, that's ridiculous. Maybe they saw someone who looks like him.
LotM said on 10/Jun/12
He's 5'5". My neighbor (well-connected in the boxing world, mind you) knows the some of the people who worked on "The Fighter." They told him he was about 5'5" and that he was really short. We were also told that he gets that "five-eight" height due to his big boots along with his lifts.
LauraSki said on 10/Jun/12
I would say this listing is right. He's got the physique/frame of a 5'8 guy and he looks like a 5' 8 guy. 5'7-5'9 ain't right for him.
Reality said on 10/Jun/12
lol @JJ and yukk mouth,that was funny.

anything below 5'8 is ridiculous for him.
JJ said on 10/Jun/12
He's gotta be at most 5'7. Just watched Guy's Choice Awards and he stood on stage right next to Seth McFarlane who was still 2 ~ 3 inches taller than Wahlberg. By "still" I mean Wahlberg was wearing some thick elevator shoes while Seth was wearing normal tennis shoes/sneakers. No way is this guy 5'8.
yukk mouth said on 9/Jun/12
5'7".. no way hes above that
Reality said on 7/Jun/12
@CK: That's what I've seen from pictures and videos.
CK said on 13/Feb/12
@Reality: How do you know he can't be under? Have you measured him under Rob's stadiometer... I don't think so lol.
bbb said on 13/Feb/12
Rob, you should downgrade Mark, he's always been 5'7 and always looked it.
Reality said on 12/Feb/12
He can't be under.Pay attention that you used quotes for that Reality.
tellem said on 11/Feb/12
nah, hes under 5'8". and thats "Reality".
Reality said on 7/Feb/12
Still not under 5'8.
jtm said on 2/Feb/12
nah he usually looks 5'7.
haha said on 1/Feb/12
Barefoot 5'7. In the departed, he was standing on a box most scenes, and it looked it. Google image mark wahlberg the departed... Short legs+arms. Reminds me of my dad's proportions exactly, and he's 5'7.
SIlent d said on 31/Jan/12
Solid 5 foot 8.
Chris said on 31/Jan/12
At times he looks suspiciously near to 5'9-5'10 range, I think he wears lifts in some occasions. Next to Clooney and Damon he looks a weak 5'8 guy. 5'7.75 (172 cms) for Wahlberg.
tuberoast said on 31/Jan/12
Click Here
haha said on 29/Jan/12
Shrimp, that's more 2 inches...
Reality said on 29/Jan/12
@Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP: You are crazy.Clooney is 180cm and Wahlberg looks close to 5'8 next to him (this is one of the rare pics where Clooney has kinda good posture) but we don't know who had a footwear advantage.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 29/Jan/12
Insane listing, this guy is 5'6.25"/168cm at best. He's around 3 inches shorter than 5'9.25"/176cm MAX George Clooney:
Click Here

5'6.25"/168cm MAX for Wahlberg.
cagoller said on 5/Jul/09
Haven't posted on here for a while. Nice to see the debate on Mark Wahlberg rages on. I've met him on two different occassions at a golf resort where I used to work in Orlando.

I stand a legit 5'10.5". I've never been measured at below 5'10.25" or higher than 5'10.75".

I can say that both times he appeared no less than 5'7.5" I'de have a hard time believing he was anything over 5'8.5". To me he gave the impression of a solid 5'8" guy. He was noticably shorter than me but not too much.

We were wearing comparable footwear (footjoy golf shoes) so I wouldnt think he gained or lost anything there. Also it would have been improbable that he was wearing lifts in his golf shoes.

My brother has also met him at different locations and he is of the same opinion that Wahlberg is 5'8" ish.

Thats my two cents
Pammy said on 4/Jul/09
I've always thought 5'9", but after The Happening I think he's no taller than 5'8...throughout the film he looks 5'7" but that's only in that film
Bo0069 said on 27/Jun/09
i'll go with 175 cm (5'9"). i remember watching planet of the apes and he was paired up with 5'9" estella warren. He didn't look so much shorter than her. 5'7" is not right....
Doug said on 22/Jun/09
172 cm is about right. 5'10" is hilarious.
Midget said on 19/Jun/09
Mark hasn't 'Naturaly" ever hit more than 172cm-173cm or 5'8". He looks short and stocky in everything I have ever seen him in.Great build though in most of his films.
leonari said on 17/Jun/09
Frank2? No answer? Have you met Mark?

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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