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5ft 7.55in (171.6cm)
TELLEM said on 23/Jan/09
keep in mind that leonari says mark never goes under 5'7.5...with his shred of evidence u'd be a tool to believe any of his estimates.
Bombay Rocker said on 23/Jan/09
I change my mind...I think Rob has him spot on. Strong 5 feet 8 or 173 cms night height for Mark.
leonari said on 23/Jan/09
I don't see Wahlberg taller than Glenn. He wears Timberlands a lot and Glenn had two encounters. One over 10 years ago and a more recent one. The one over 10 years agi he remebered 5'7". The more recent one around 5'9". The average is 5'8" which Mark very possibly really is. I don't know Derbi. Wahlberg looks short to me. It's my gut feeling that tells me he is around 5'8" or a hair under. Thats all. I know its not 100 % logic. Don't get me wrong. I am a fan. I even liked him as Marky Mark when I was a kid.
RisingForce said on 23/Jan/09
Simple Derbi, lifts. He's 5'7.5", 5'8" and he can look more like 5'9" with lifts. Even slight lifts could accomplish that.

Source, I'll give Mark 5'8" for now, but no taller. Rob has him listed about right.
the shredder said on 23/Jan/09
Rob , man get to REALITY , He is ONLY 5'10 !
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/09
Here's a little something that erks me. I'm constantly hearing on the internet people making the claim that,'if you're an adult male and under 5ft 10in or so, you're short, and if you're an adult female and under about 5ft 5in then you're short'. Yeah, these people are really misinformed about the reality. Scientific research has clearly shown that in America and by the way in America, we are one of the tallest countries in the world. In America the average adult male is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Okay. Not 5ft 11in, not 6ft but 5ft 9in and the average american adult female is 5 feet 4 inches tall, and in many countries around the world, 5ft 9in and 5ft 4in would actually be somewhat tall believe it or not. Also, it's really funny for me to see the suspiciously low percentage of guys who claim to be under 5ft 10in on the internet. It really reminds me of the suspiciously high percentage of guys who claim to have had sex with over fifteen women and who claim to make over 200, 000 dollars per year and who claim to able to bench press over 350 lbs and who claim to have an IQ over 130.
Derbi said on 22/Jan/09
Leonari, It's that you ha the opportunity to personally measure wahlberg at 5'7.5" after an night without sleep... great job!

Ok now without sarcasm. Eventhough we never agreed on wahlbergs height, i always kinda appreciated your comment, leonari. But how do you explain that wahlberg is taller than Glenn, if you believe that wahlberg is 5.7'5"??
glenn said on 22/Jan/09
ill buy that source.makes sense.
leonari said on 22/Jan/09
Tellem: I know it all and you know nothing! How about that? Sly 5'8"... Pfff.
Clay said on 22/Jan/09
I think Sly's human growth hgormone endeavors may have something to do with that Leonari..
TELLEM said on 22/Jan/09
risingforce sly's shoulders are barely higher than mark's....if he WAS 2 inches taller than mark, the shoulder length would be much more noticeable. 5'7ish for mark....strong 5'8 for sly.
TELLEM said on 22/Jan/09
leonari says on 22/Jan/09
Exactly Rising. But besides that: I know I repeat myself: look at he proportions of these two guys (SLY and Mark). Everyithing looks way smaller on Mar: Torso,arms,head. And it's not about the muscle size. I think we can all agree that both SLy and Wahlberg are quite" pumped up guys". Mark Wahlberg has a huge biceps. Nothing over 5'8" or Mark and possibly as low as 5'7.5". But he never goes below that height. Even if he wouldn't sleep whole night he would still be 5'7.5".

wow this guy thinks he knows it all. he says mark NEVER goes under 5'7.5...i love this evidence.
Source said on 22/Jan/09
RisingForce, you said it yourself. Sly is about 5'10-5'10.75 and Mark is about 2inches shorter, which would leave him at about 5'8
leonari said on 22/Jan/09
Exactly Rising. But besides that: I know I repeat myself: look at he proportions of these two guys (SLY and Mark). Everyithing looks way smaller on Mar: Torso,arms,head. And it's not about the muscle size. I think we can all agree that both SLy and Wahlberg are quite" pumped up guys". Mark Wahlberg has a huge biceps. Nothing over 5'8" or Mark and possibly as low as 5'7.5". But he never goes below that height. Even if he wouldn't sleep whole night he would still be 5'7.5".
RisingForce said on 22/Jan/09
Tellem, Sly's shoulders are hire than Mark's. Sly has more than 2 inches on Mark and Caan has 2 inches on him as well.

I'll give Mark 5'8", but nothing over it.
Clay said on 21/Jan/09
Derbi, this is Sly we're taling about. Its completely possible his custome ''golf shoes'' have him floating 2 inches above his barefoot height when he wears them.
Derbi said on 21/Jan/09
Tellem, well we agree on 1.5 inches. But wahlberg is definitely taller than 5'7" and sly definitely taller than 5'8.5".

Complex, man it's about money! Do you think everything is possible ith money, like playing golf in lifts? It's about physics dude... Have you ever played golf?
Anyway, if sly was in lifts he would look close to the 6 feet he sometimes pulls off... And he doesn't in that pic.
And this actually belings to the sly page, but anyway: I sly was 5'8" he could never look close to 6 feet. Again its about physics and not about money. Even for 1 million dollar you can't build a shoe that gives you 5 inches, look close to decent, and that you can still normaly walk in!!
TELLEM said on 21/Jan/09
and thats what i said derbi, read my post...i said 1.5 inch between the two. a 5'7 man, next to a 5'8.5 man. its not rocket science.
TELLEM said on 21/Jan/09
Derbi says on 20/Jan/09
NOBODY puts lifts in Golfshoes!!! Thats ridiculous. first of all they don't fit in, and second it would affect your play in a very bad way. Sly is 5'10". He's definitely taller than wahlberg. But I think that if wahlberg moved more to the foreground an stood straighter up, he could still look about 5'8.5".

its the other way around...
Complex said on 21/Jan/09
It's called customs derbi, lotta stars have alotta money to get any shoes made special for height enhancement. And I will say Tellem I 1000% agree with you, seriously I thin wahlberg is 5'7 barefoot and sly 5'8. Sometimes I randomly ask my dad how tall ppl are and I asked about sly and my dad was like "sly is only 5'8". I mean that really doesn't mean anything but alot of times ppl round up, like my brothers who do know observation of height would think ppl like vin diesel and will smith are super huge when really they're not super tall. For Sly I think 5'8 barefoot, 5'10 lifts, 5'11-6'0 in huge elevators and never over 6'0.
Derbi said on 21/Jan/09
Tellem, there are probably still aboout 1.5inches between stallone and wahlberg, even with thw exact same angle an posture. You try to prrof something that's wrong. Sly isn't 5'8" and never was.
TELLEM said on 20/Jan/09
the reason why wahlberg looks like a child there is because of how close stallone is to the camera...but look at his shoulder next to wahlberg...if there was 2 inches, sly's shoulders would be higher...this also eliminates wahlberg being a stocky man like ppl perceived him to be.
TELLEM said on 20/Jan/09
RisingForce says on 20/Jan/09
That entire post is wrong Tellem. Leung is right.


seriously, if wahlberg tilted his head up and sly and wahlberg were in the same distance they wouldn't be far off on height, theyd be close. sly is 5'8ish. look at their posture.
Derbi said on 20/Jan/09
NOBODY puts lifts in Golfshoes!!! Thats ridiculous. first of all they don't fit in, and second it would affect your play in a very bad way. Sly is 5'10". He's definitely taller than wahlberg. But I think that if wahlberg moved more to the foreground an stood straighter up, he could still look about 5'8.5".
RisingForce said on 20/Jan/09
That entire post is wrong Tellem. Leung is right.
Complex said on 19/Jan/09
Personally I wouldn't put it past sly to put lifts in his golf shoes, the other two aren't likely to do it, but sly endorses lifts like Ronald endorses Mcdonalds :)
TELLEM said on 19/Jan/09
1st of all, put sly in the same distance as wahlberg, tell wahlberg to tilt his head up, and he'd be real close to sly's height. there'd be an inch to an inch.5 difference, and sly is around 5'8, which makes wahlberg about 5'7.
Leung said on 19/Jan/09
The lifts in golf shoes theory is just a lame excuse for Wahlberg getting demolished by two average height guys. Time to face facts people, Sly and Caan are both obviously taller than Wahlberg.
Blake said on 19/Jan/09
pffft the beach pic...yea well sorry to say he's only a little taller because he's walking on the tall mound next to her and she's most likely not 5'9. Kind of like how a tiny bump will make my slightly taller wife dwarf me or if opposite make me a bit taller...but that's like much steeper lol
RisingForce said on 19/Jan/09
Well what about Caan then Source? I know they both wear lifts, but are the odds that they both have lifts in golf shoes? Watch how someone swings a golf club too, and then tell me you think people would wear lifts while trying to play golf. I saw his golf shoes in a 2002 picture and they looked normal. Here were the shoes from then. Click Here

It also doesn't really matter that Mark's head isn't straight when comparing their eye level. The level of his higher eye wouldn't really change. As leonari said he looks like a child compared to Sly, look at their proportions.

ACG, in the top 2 pictures Wahlberg does look shorter with his wife, and how do we know his wife is 5'9"?
Derbi said on 18/Jan/09
I don't think anybody had lifts in the golf course pic. I think even for sly that would be too rediculous... But: Sly is more in the foreground and his head is much more straighten up than wahlberg's.

Anyway, you can't argue away the FACT that all the people on this site who met wahlberg thought he was at least 5'8", and most likely a little over. I don't know if you guys remember Rachelle's pics, but he definitely lookes over 5'8" in them.
Complex said on 18/Jan/09
I really think he's 5'7, 5'8 maximum i'd say...
Clay said on 17/Jan/09
God knows what kind of golf shoes Sly had created for him though.
MarcustheSwede said on 17/Jan/09
Is he a nice guy?
ACG said on 17/Jan/09
No offense, RisingForce, but Source's pic is way better for judging heights. He is with his 5'9 wife(who is wearing sandals) and from all different angles he doesn't look shorter than her....when HE is barefoot???

c'mon, guys.....
Alternate said on 17/Jan/09
Mark is slouchin there and Sly is closer to the camera and he is 174-75cm and James Caan is 176cm, but Wahlberg is 5'8, no doubt about that. The 5'10 claim is due to lifts. The pic with Mark and his wife, it is his hair making the same height as her.
leonari said on 17/Jan/09
indeed dwarfed Rising. Look at the proportions besides height. Mark himself is a stocky, muscular, athletic guy. Next to Sly he looks like a child. ACG explain this pic. Or anybody. How can MArk be over 5'8"?? 5'8" is generous.
Source said on 17/Jan/09
RisingForce, it doesn't matter if they are in golfshoes. Slys shoes can still be elevator shoes.
RisingForce said on 16/Jan/09
Here it is leonari
Click Here

Notice that Wahlberg's top eye is clearly under Sly's nose by half an inch or so. Sly has 2.5" or 3" on Mark in golf shoes and James Caan even has atleast 2" on Mark. All of them are in golf shoes.

Mark is 5'8" max. He's dwarfed again by 5-10ish guys, just like the basketball game.
Source said on 16/Jan/09
Him and his wife by the beach. He's barefoot so... So there are no excuses. She is 5'9(175cm) and she has sandals so she has about 1cm advantage. (But i guess thats not proof enought for the people in denial, so why do i bother?)

Click Here
leonari said on 16/Jan/09
Where is the pic with Stallone and Jimmy Caan? This was taken after golfing or before. He gets destryed by Stallone. Over 2 iches. maybe close to 3. How can he be 5'9"?? Shorter than Jack Nicholson by an inch? Nicholson 5'10 these days? No. Maybe 15 years ago. Anything above 5'8" is laughable. Flat 5'7" is a bit low. I go and stick to 5'7.5. Full body shots at a basketball game with Matt Damon. Ground floor. Damon is way taller. Over 2 inches in flat sneakers. Matt Damon 5'11"-6'0"??????I don't think so.
Complex said on 16/Jan/09
He's 5'7, until I see proof to convince me otherwise, im stickin' with 5'7!
Brad said on 16/Jan/09
He's short and wears chunky footwear. Matt Leblanc stuff.
derbi said on 15/Jan/09
ACG, I totaly agree with you on points 1-3. I know what pic your talking about in 4, but thing is that the italian job is this particular occasion that i think wahlberg could've been in lifts. but yeah he towers seth green anyway.

WAhlberg isn't 5'11" and he never looks it, that's for sure. it's the caracter max payne who's supposed to be that height.

Also think aout it: if wahlberg is 5'8.5" he cxan be 5'9.5" or even close to 5'10" in shoes. that's also making it easier to understand how a 5'10" claim could become.
leonari said on 15/Jan/09
ACG: Believe it. It's your god given right. But Mark is never close to 5'10"...And sure in movies they give his height as 5'11" especially in a Videogame movie...Maybe Mark is close to 5'9" when he wakes...Possible. But a strong 5'9" is like 176-177 cm. Impossible. Not in a million years. He wishes to be that height though.
RisingForce said on 15/Jan/09
The highest I can believe for now is a weak 5'8". I made the mistake before of believing the supposed 5'8 1/2" claim/measurement instead of going with what I see. What I see is a guy struggling at 5'8" and probably a little under.
ACG said on 15/Jan/09
didn't mean to sound ridiculous, leonari, but that's seriously what i believe....

1. The pics with glenn are down, but in one of them they showed 5'8 glenn, wahlberg, and 5'6 scott ian from anthrax. wahlberg looked at least an inch taller than glenn and towered over scott.

2. in the other pic mark looked even taller next to glenn....glenn had confirmed that mark looked 5'9.25 in person and was not wearing any suspicious shoes.

3. a girl who i think was named rachel was 5'6 or 5'7 and posted here that mark was at least 5'9. she had a pic with him when he was in golf shoes AND had a big golf club bag over his shoulder, killing his posture completely....yet he was still quite a bit taller than her!!

4. i'll post it when i can, but 5'4 seth green(who probably wears lifts) looked like a munchkin in a pic from the italian job. i'll see if i can post it later, but seth would have to be about 4'11 for mark to be only 5'7-5'8.

i could go on and on and on, but in every single appearance i've caught him in, he gives a 5'10 or 5'11 impression. in max payne his ID clearly showed 5'11, so apparently i'm not alone in thinking he can pull it younger brother is 5'8, and if mark is anywhere's near as short as him, i'll eat my pants!!!
glenn said on 15/Jan/09
i agree with source.5-8ish.5-9 not impossible.
Brad said on 15/Jan/09
Stone cold 5' 7". ACG must be his PR guy/gal. 5' 9" is laughable. That's not as bad as Sly at near 5' 11". Frank2 gave up after battling that crew of thinkers. Eva wears monster heels and she stills looks short by her man.
Complex said on 14/Jan/09
Acg he's definately not a strong 5'9 cuz his brother claims 5'10 and there's easily 2 inches between the two..
RisingForce said on 14/Jan/09
Source says on 14/Jan/09
He always looks around 5'8
Big T said on 14/Jan/09
I actually saw Diaz' heels yesterday on one of those post Globes fashion shows (I don't know what's sadder, the fact I was watching that, or the fact I was watching it strictly to check heights, lol). They were your typical 3 inch heels. I would tentatively estimate she was 5'11" in the shoes, and Wahlberg was 5'10" in his shoes.
Source said on 14/Jan/09
All the people who have actually met Wahlberg say around 5'8
leonari said on 14/Jan/09
ACG: The last comment where I said you lost all credibility was from me. So take care and get your eyes checked.
ACG said on 14/Jan/09
what's with this 5'7 nonsense for mark? you really think he's shorter than cruise??

he can easily pull of looking 5'10 or 5'11...doesn't mean he is, but i won't ever buy him being anything lower than a strong 5'9.
Big T said on 14/Jan/09
No denying he had a good "height night" at the Golden Globes. Unless his lifts were within an inch of Cameron Diaz' heels (which I suppose isn't impossible) he is her height or taller. Assuming normal shoes, he seemed 5'9" (assuming a moderate 2" advantage for her high heels).
Source said on 14/Jan/09
He always looks around 5'8
Complex said on 14/Jan/09
I think he's 5'7...
Labusto said on 13/Jan/09
I've met Mark more than once. he is 5'7". I am 5'7" and he is my height to the tee. so if you haven't been next to him. you are just guessing.
Real said on 12/Jan/09
In Fear [1996], while he's laying on his bed, there is a picture of him in a line-up. His hair takes him "up to" just above 68 inches in the picture.. Without the hair, he looks 67. But you would imagine that he had shoes on in the picture, right? But I cannot buy him at 66.. I guess if he had thin-soled shoes on he could be a weak 5'7.. I can buy that.
Source said on 12/Jan/09
RisingForce, Glenn already said: "cause either he was in undetectable lifts,or im 5-7.5(which i am most of the day)and he is 5-8.5.". So your argument doesn't hold.
elSEEDY said on 12/Jan/09
Marks deffs 5'8'' he exact same width height and build as me. You can generally tell from body type that he is below 5'10''. My reasosn why, Guys below 5'9'' have it easier in some respects (and I
Big T said on 12/Jan/09
How can he only be barely an inch shorter than Cameron Diaz at the Golden Globes when she is supposedly 5'8" and surely in heels...
Source said on 11/Jan/09
Cagoller, i agree with you. Thats exactly how i feel aswell.
RisingForce said on 11/Jan/09
the thing is that Mark looks like a weak 5'8" at best in almost every picture, often closer to 5'7". Glenn also saw him at 5'7" and then also 5'8.5" or 5'9".

That makes it likely that he truly is 5-7ish like 5'7.5" and he wears lifts that can make him look an inch or two taller.
cagoller said on 10/Jan/09
Thanks Derbi, I guess some people feel the need to belittle the movie stars on here, maybe some envy goin' on? I will admit it seems a lot of actors inflate their heights, prob. not their own fault though, agents I'm sure have a lot to do with that.
dude said on 10/Jan/09
I ran into him at the gym back in the 90's and he is slightly shorter than me and I am 5"8" flat.
glenn said on 10/Jan/09
robs been uploading the old pics slowly,but surely.mark appeared to have normal casuals on.appeared.
Source said on 9/Jan/09
Derbi, thanks! Finally, someone who actually makes some sense!
Bouncer said on 9/Jan/09
TELLEM says on 7/Jan/09
5'7 flat for wahlberg...

I agree with Tellem.
derbi said on 9/Jan/09
cagollar, that's exactly waht if been saying all the time. everyone who has met wahlberg on this site say that he is at least 5'8", probably about 5'8.5". No one of the posters who go for under 5'8" have met him. they all only judg him by films pics and their one opinions.
I don't understand how e.g. Leonari believes that Glenn is 5'8"mmorning height, but thinks that wahlberg is under 5'8". Leonari if you think (like me) that Glen is 5'8", or 5'7.5" during the day, you should also believes his estimation that wahlberg is slightly taller tahn him, 5'8.5".
cagoller said on 8/Jan/09
It occurs to me that almost everyone (if not everyone, haven't looked at every post) who claims he is less than 5'8" have one thing in common, they have never been in close proximity to him or met him in person.
Source said on 8/Jan/09
I agree Glenn, that makes sense.
Viviana Archuleta said on 8/Jan/09
Im 5,4 he's perfect height for
Complex said on 8/Jan/09
Wahlberg constantly gets listed at 5'7-5'8. Glenn I forgot what he looked like in your pic, what shoes was he wearing? Is Rob gonna upload your old pics again?
glenn said on 8/Jan/09
cause either he was in undetectable lifts,or im 5-7.5(which i am most of the day)and he is 5-8.5.
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/09
It strikes me that stating that 5' 7" is tiny is like stating that 5' 11" is gigantic.
TELLEM said on 7/Jan/09
5'7 flat for wahlberg...
Complex said on 7/Jan/09
I think Wahlberg is not greater than 5'8 and not less than 5'7...
Source said on 7/Jan/09
I really need to stop checking with this site, it just maked me annoyed over how ignorent people are. RisingForce, explain to me. Why was he taller then Glenn?
RisingForce said on 7/Jan/09
Source, the link you provided said that he was 5-8 1/2, 170 pounds, not that they measured him. If you can find a link that states they measured him then that may be different.
Linebacker_40 said on 7/Jan/09
Definitely a 5'8" flat.
Complex said on 6/Jan/09
Leonari in the pitt paltrow barefoot pic we see no difference yet ppl still argue he's 2 inches taller than her or more and that's barefoot. Damon & Wahlberg are in shoes and if shoes are involved, lifts are likely involved. And if you say "not in tennis shoes" well that's ignorant because most all elevator shoe websites advertise tennis shoes claiming 2.4-4 inches of height given, granted they look like regular tennis shoes. So judging from one bad-angled picture is not good enough for me. Let's not forget Damon has military posture, it could be 5'8.5 Damon & 5'7 Wahlberg but Damon is not a legit 5'9, he's at very best on a good day 5'9. Keep in mind ppl, i'm saying in barefeet, in lifts who knows where he goes, barefoot he's in the 5'8 range!
Midget said on 6/Jan/09
I agree with Hugh. 5'7.5" max for Marky. He has always seemed to wear dubious footwear both on and off film which make me think he is hiding his height a tad.
Source said on 6/Jan/09
When they measured Mark for Invincible they said he was only 5'8
leonari said on 6/Jan/09
Complex:5'9" is possible nothing below for Damon.
RisingForce said on 6/Jan/09
Wahlberg claiming 5-10 is ridiculous. He never even appears that tall. If he's going to claim 5-10 then he should atleast try to look it, not 2-3 inches under.

Complex, that picture is from a movie and you can't see their feet.
Brad said on 6/Jan/09
Just think, Mark himself says he's 5' 10". Everybody laugh. Damon is worth well over 100 million. Don't think he doesn't wear custom sneakers. Mark is a stone cold 5' 7".
leonari said on 5/Jan/09
5'7.5 it is Rising. Complex: Please look at the pics Rising posted yesterday. And please for the grace of god tell me that you don't see only an inch difference between these two guys. Please. An inch is more than people think but it still isn't much. Thats at least 2 inches. I see more but whatever...
Complex said on 5/Jan/09
Oh and guys, i'm really shocked ya'lls basis for their heights is based off a picture because we've shown countless photo evidence that Pitt is 5'10 or less and everyone ignores it. The pitt paltrow barefoot pic, I mean HELLO!! He looks to be struggling to hit her height barefoot yet everyone goes back and judges his height based on pics of him in lifts! If we're gonna base it off of pics then we have to base everyone's height off of pics, especially with ones like that where Wahlberg is majorly slouching! Plus bad angles, I mean these are all the same arguments I get when I post, the same applies to those pics!
Complex said on 5/Jan/09
Well that's judging from one picture, in the departed there was one inch difference max, not too mention that in that pic Wahlberg is seriously slouching, the angle is TERRIBLE for judging, picture's all crooked not too mention I wouldn't put it past Damon too have crammed lifts in those tennis shoes, but personally I think Wahlberg is 5'7 so even if Damon's 2 inches over Wahlberg that puts him 5'9 tops! When you're dealing with a lift abuser like Damon, it's hard to be certain. I know Damon is shorter than Greg Kinnear and originally was shorter than Garcia til Damon learned what lifts and elevators were!

How's about this.... 1.5 inch max difference Click Here
And Damon wore lifts in the departed. There's max 1.5 inches between Wahlberg and Damon!
RisingForce said on 5/Jan/09
Here they are leonari

Click Here
Click Here

Wahlberg has the footwear advantage too.

Even Damon at 5-10(which I believe he is) puts Mart at no more than 5-7.5 considering footwear.

Actually 5-7.5 would fit Mark pretty well.
leonari said on 5/Jan/09
Complex: haven't you seen the pics from an NBA game where Wahlberg and Damon are on the main floor and Damon is over 2 inches taller???? How do you explain that if there is only an inch difference?
Rising: Show him the pics again...Man...
RisingForce said on 5/Jan/09
That's why people saying 5-8 for Matt Damon is crazy. That'd make Mark 5-6 max.
Hugh said on 5/Jan/09
5ft7.5 tops.
Complex said on 4/Jan/09
I think he's 5'7 too bouncer although I will have to disagree an say that he did look taller than 5'7 in the italian job, he looked 5'10 or close to it, he was taller than all the other 5'8-5'9ers and was even taller than theron a few scenes, granted it's the help of prolly BIG footwear and camera angles, but I remember when I first saw that movie a while back before I was interested in height and before I realized it was wahlberg, I thought he looked like a tall buff version of matt damon! Which really, Wahlberg and Damon are prolly about the same height, I think 5'8ish Damon, 5'7ish Wahlberg!
Bouncer said on 3/Jan/09
"Only 5'10"?? What a joke! How can a 5'10 guy look as short as he does? He seems to struggle even with the 5'8 mark, i'd say he's around 5'7.
He looked 5'7 tops in the italian job and on almost every picture.
I bet in Max Payne he wore huge lifts most of the time.
junior assunacao said on 3/Jan/09
I figured right at about 5' 7
Alexrover said on 1/Jan/09
I believe Rob has Wahlberg's height just right. Maybe the highest Mark will go is at 174cm.
anonymous said on 1/Jan/09
5 foot 8 and matt damon is 5 foot 10. Are they related?
RisingForce said on 1/Jan/09
I could believe anything from 5-7 to 5-8.5 for Mark. Nothing over or under though. I'd say he's probably around 5-7.5/5-7.75.
cagoller said on 31/Dec/08
Wahlberg does always give the impression of being a bit on the short side. Just under average was my guess before I met him. I was not surprised to discover that he was in the 5'8" range, which is what I always saw him as on TV and movies. Both my brother and I have met him twice and we got the same impression that he was most likely 5'8" to 5'8.5" barefoot. Terribly polite guy, soft-spoken and pleasant. Very unassuming.
MD said on 31/Dec/08
Here he is with Ludacris given 5'7.75", here (which is too much, BTW), but I'd say that Mark's heeled shoes give him an advantage even over the soles of Luda's gymshoes:

Click Here

Click Here

Everyone should go over to Ludacris' page, here, to see the debate on his height.
Complex said on 30/Dec/08
Damon is 5'8-5'8.75 evening and Wahlberg is 5'7-5'7.25 evening....and max for each is Damon max 5'9 and Wahlberg max 5'8.
derbi said on 30/Dec/08
About risingforces fotos:

Where exactly are u guys seing 2.5 inches difference?!?!
look at the 3rd pic, theyre almost eye to eye, never 2.5 inch difference.

Rob, how much height differnce would you guess, if you'd only go by those pics?
anonymous said on 30/Dec/08
He looks exactly like matt damon. I get those two confused. He's 5 foot 8. In the italian job he was taller than charlize theron. I think it was the camera angle. 5 foot 8. No taller.
RisingForce said on 30/Dec/08
I agree Glenn. Mark is tricky but no shorter than 5-7 and no taller than 5-8.5. I think he's somewhere in the middle.

I just think Damon is 5-10 flat. It makes the most sense.

Hopefully your Damon and Wahlberg pictures will be back on the site soon.
glenn said on 30/Dec/08
no,but damon is listed as 5-11 by publicists i imagine.and he did look that to thick work yeah,most likely 5-10.5-10.5 morning wouldnt shock for mark,he is anywhere from 5-7 to 5-8.5 as far as im concerned.another i cant pin down.i do know damon is 5-9.5 min.5-10.5 max.but the max less likely.
RisingForce said on 30/Dec/08
Those heights make sense. Mark is 5-7ish which explains why he always looks short.

Damon is 5-10 which is why he looked about Brad Pitt's height in two full body shots and why he wore no lift sandals and was 4" shorter than Ben Affleck,
leonari said on 29/Dec/08
I 100 % agree Rising. If Damon is 5'10" and I believe he is than what I see here is a solid 2.5 inch difference NOT taking into acount that Mark wears shoes that probably have another 0.5 inch more than Damons sneakers. Besides height: look at the proportions of these two fellas: arms,neck,shoulder width etc. Everything on mark looks way smaller than on Damon. If Mark is 5'8.5 Damon is a very solid 5'11" -5'11.25 guy and I highly doubt and most here will agree: No way is Damon only 3/4 of an inch shorter than 6 feet.
Brad: If Damon is 5'8" like you believe that would put mark at 5'6" or below. You really think Wahlberg is that short? No you don't. At least I hope so.
glenn said on 29/Dec/08
the thing is,he seemed to have regular casuals.he mustve really fooled me.absolutely derbi.
RisingForce said on 29/Dec/08
I think Damon is 5-10 putting Wahlberg more like 5-7, 5-7.5
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The first picture shows that Mark has the thicker shoes and yet he's still 2-3 inches shorter. Matt Damon is likely 5-10 and not anything over so I'd say Mark is probably under 5-8 and he must have been wearing lifts when Glenn saw him in the early 90's. That also explains how Glenn saw him at 5-7 in 2000.
derbi said on 28/Dec/08
Glenn, I'm with you on 5'8.5". Sly and Wahlberg being the same height is absolutely ridiculous... That's not even worth being discussed.

Rob, do you have a link or anything where Wahlberg really stated the 5'10"?

Editor Rob
as I mention it's in a Newsweek from March 1995, the article is called "Calling Mister Wahlberg".
glenn said on 28/Dec/08
i meant a hair over 5-10.
glenn said on 28/Dec/08
you gotta admit brad,sly being 5-10 is more believable than mark being 5-10.even if you think both are 5-8.
glenn said on 28/Dec/08
no,maybe damon isnt the 5-11 which he claims,or at least his publicist does,but he might be a hair over it.and to me mark being close to 5-9,maybe not a full 5-9,is not impossible.5-10 is absurd.5-7 is not impossible either.i cant figure him me,best is 5-8.5.
Brad said on 28/Dec/08
5' 10" claim is like THE worst.
leonari said on 27/Dec/08
Rising: yeah man Wahlberg ain't no close to 5'9" guy. Folks look at the pictures with Matt Damon. If Wahlberg is 5'8.5 that would put Damon at 5'11!!!! Come on! Matt Damon is max a flat 5'10 guy with weird proportions. I would bet huge amounts that Damon is not 5'11".
RisingForce said on 27/Dec/08
Yeah that 5-10 claim is funny. One of the worst claims of any celebrity.
RisingForce said on 27/Dec/08
I guess I'm with leonari for now on this. Until a link stating he was actually measured 5-8 1/2 comes up then I think Wahlberg is 5-7, 5-7.5 or 5-8 at best. Even a link where Mark claims 5-8.5 might change my mind but for now I'd say a weak 5-8 at best, probably shorter.
Complex said on 26/Dec/08
Actually Minimum Deschanel (his wife in the happening) is more 5'5. To me Wahlberg looked a little under 5'8 in the happening, some scenes him and Lequizamo (whom I think is 5'6 evening) were eye to eye and not more than an inch difference. I really think Wahlberg is 5'7 evening height or a tad over and likely in the morning closer to 5'8. I definately don't think he goes over 5'8.
derbi said on 26/Dec/08
leonari, I know the measurment is a rumor. But again I think that 5'8.5" would be very accurate, and if it's only ,ade up/ a rumor why would they come up with 5'8.5" and not 5'9"?
And think about it: If wahlberg is 5'8.5" or 5'8.25" during the day he is probably about 5'9" or 5'8.75" when he wakes. Glenn is 5'8" when he wakes. So that would make a difference of about 0.75-1 inch, which I think is very very accurate.
leonari said on 26/Dec/08
Derbi: whatever
leonari said on 26/Dec/08
Where is proof that he got measured for this movie. Show me a single article that states that he was measured. Rumors, rumors... I'm not convinced that he is below 5'8"...but I am not convinced that he is 5'8.5 during the day which would put him at at least 5'9" when he wakes...
leonari said on 25/Dec/08
Glenn also saw him at 5'7". Wahlberg could be lift wearer. Sophisticated sure. But it's possible.
glenn said on 25/Dec/08
yes yo yo.i wear one inch lifts.he wears 2 inches.
Minimum said on 25/Dec/08
I just saw "The Happening", he looked 174cm max, the lady who played his wife is 5"6.
Brad said on 25/Dec/08
No, "your landlord" was better. Wahlberg is wild short on Perez Hilton, in big tread boots. Wears huge lifts in films. He can get to a strong 5' 9" or even 5' 10" in big wedged up customs.
Complex said on 24/Dec/08
Yeah, I didn't take it in a bad way leonari, I just didn't understand exactly, lol! But yeah, defintaely over-analyze and can be somewhat ocd about things, i'm completely normal and everything, but i'll usually tend to do stuff like check 2 to 3 times to make sure I locked my door before I leave, lol! Force of habit!
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/08
leonari: I'm refering to the claims around the invincible, the possibility that he was really measured at that height for the movie, Glenn, Rob who is a ver very solid 5'8" and thinks wahlberg is about his height. And the most important point: There are three people on this page who have mett wahlberg; Glenn, Rachelle and cagollar (see his post on 9/Oct/08). I think all the three of them would agree on 5'8.5". And the photos of Glenn and Rachelle show exactly that.
leonari said on 24/Dec/08
Derbi: I am surely not. Who are you referring too? Source? The man is more off than most posters here.
leonari said on 24/Dec/08
Complex: thats exactly what I mean. Not in a bad way though...I am also over analyzing things. I also agree with you on Marks height. He is a good 5'9" in lifts or timbs.
Source said on 24/Dec/08
Ok, this is just getting ridiculus... Mark is somewhere between 5'8(173cm) and 5'9(175cm) without a doubt. People who are saying he's 5'7(170cm) are doing the same thing he did when he claimed he was 5'10(178).
glenn said on 24/Dec/08
glad i made you laugh at least once makes us laugh too,not cause of your claims so have a cool writing style.i think another was "who did you meet,your parole officer?".i spit that one out too.
glenn said on 24/Dec/08
yeah he did risingforce.
RisingForce said on 24/Dec/08
I'm 5-7 3/4 Brad and I don't mind my height. 5-10 is ideal in my opinion but all I need is my cowboy boots or my work boots and with my slim frame I could claim 5-10 and nobody would question it.

I'm fine with being 5-7, 5-8 though.
yoyo said on 24/Dec/08
im would say Glenn 5ft8, Rob 5ft8.5 . Mark Wahlberg 5ft6.75 to 5ft7 barefoot. Glenn remember Mark Wahlberg does wore bigger lift than you. trust me Mark looks no taller than 5ft7.
Complex said on 23/Dec/08
leonari i'm not sure what you're trying to say, you saying I over-analyze?? Cuz in that case I would prolly say "yes"..I often over-analyze things, I was just tryin' to explain my view of what "true height" is so we could all be on the same page :)

Oh and I must have missed something, when does it say he was measured at 5'8.5? I think in the evening he's likely 5'7 or a tad over and in the morning prolly closer to 5'8 and in decent shoes could get away with 5'8, but I dont think he could get away with 5'9 barefoot, although prolly in a decent pair of shoes with small lifts and good posture 5'9 and in elevators plus lifts 5'10.
Brad said on 23/Dec/08
Leung that was a classic, not as good as "who have you met your postman?", I like that one better. He's on today's Perez Hilton shopping with his daughter in massive boots and he actually looks 5' 7" and he has lines all over his face like a Boston boxer. I've never seen him look that short. All I said was he was taller than Glenn, just add. Whatsa matter Rising, I can't spell reality to judge him? How tall are you? Well below 6'? I was 6' 8" today in boots. Yessindeedee. Betcha like some of that height? I'll trade, I HATE IT.
RisingForce said on 23/Dec/08
That's interesting Glenn. I never knew he looked 5-7 to you.
derbi said on 23/Dec/08
Seems like most of the folks here are starting to agree on the possibility of 5'8.5"/174cm.
glenn said on 23/Dec/08
i thought mark looked 5-7 to me in 2000.but he did look 5-9,2 years ago and 5-9 in he is 5-8.5,and im 5-7.5 in that pic.
RisingForce said on 23/Dec/08
It's interesting leonari. I think the same exact thing. I've thought he was between 5-7 and 5-8 for quite a while but you could be right about his physique. That could easily make him look shorter.

Glenn says he was liftless when he met him and looked atleast 5-8.5 so he could have measured that height.

Again, guessing from pictures and movies I always thought he was a strong 5-7 or a weak 5-8 but movies and pictures are where the most illusions occur.

I guess the supposed measured height and Glenn's sighting/pictures are good enough for me for now.

That's probably right Leung.
Leung said on 23/Dec/08
Brad has probably got a thing for glenn, that
leonari said on 22/Dec/08
He always gives a shortish impression. Maybe he is 174 cm. To me he looks not much above 170 cm... Maybe he is also too pumped up like Sly and Van Damme...
leonari said on 22/Dec/08
Complex: you are a very " anal" kind of guy...aren't you?
Complex said on 22/Dec/08
Rising personally you would likely be near enough the 5'8 you claim and I could see how it wouldn't be disputed. I was refering to "true height" is all, like if someone said "I wanna know exactly how tall you'd measure". But yeah as far as everyday height claims go,that would be normal, most prolly take their higher measurements and round to the nearest half inch I would figure. You have to really be carefult telling ppl you lose height throughout the day tho, that's for sure, lol, cuz the whole pharmacy laughed at me when I said it and said that's justa way ppl make themselves taller and I was like "no it's the truth" and then the pharmacy manager confirmed that "yes, you're spine compresses the longer the day goes on so you do lose physical height." Then everyone believed it, lol! Personally I judge celebs a little tougher than everyday ppl, in everyday ppl for instance, based on evening heights I would say it's ok to round up to the nearest whole number, based on morning height it's ok to claim that morning height but not round up.

For instance: 5'8 3/4 (evening height) Ok to say you're 5'9
5'9 (morning height) Ok to say you're 5'9
5'8 1/2 (morning height) Ok to say 5'8.5, 5'8, or 5'8 and change or maybe on a rare case "about 5'9" but shouldn't round up to 5'9
Reason I say that is if a morning height is inflated, then in the evening you could see where some question would come in. So I think it depends, claiming morning height isn't bad, inflating morning height is where a problem begins.
RisingForce said on 22/Dec/08
If that were the case Complex then I'd explain to them that you're taller in the morning. I always say I'm 5-8 or almost 5-8 when I'm asked and nobody says that I seem shorter.

Shut the hell up Brad. Get a life so you can stop obsessing over Glenn. Can you go one day even without saying Glenn is shorter than he claims?
Brad said on 21/Dec/08
He was taller than Glenn, just add. 5' 8".
Complex said on 21/Dec/08
Rising if you say for instance you're 5'9 (out of bed) and you have a friend that says "i'm coming over after I get off of work at 11pm to measure you" and you've been up all day, then you're gonna measure prolly 5'8 and a quarter or a little more, so then to you're friend he's gonna think you're only 5'8 and a half at best, so how can morning be your true height if you don't stay that height for long? If you can't measure that height at all points throughout the day, then it's not you're real height.

Maybe someone who is 5'9.5 in the evening is close enough to 5'10 to claim it, but if someone disputed it and measured them in the evening, it's gonna look like they're not quite 5'10, if ppl played it safe they'd go by evening height, which would also bring the average in the us down a bit if you want my opinion. We have ppl inflating from 2 to 4 inches on a daily basis. To me, over 0.5 inch inflation is too much!
RisingForce said on 21/Dec/08
So 5-8 1/2 and 170? He honestly looks shorter to me but the weight seemed right for Invincible.
derbi said on 21/Dec/08
source, that 5'8.5" claim seems very accurate to me.
Rob, would you upgrade Wahlberg by 0.25 inch?
Source said on 21/Dec/08
RisingForce, there you go.

Click Here
leonari said on 21/Dec/08
I think there will always be a debate about morning and evening height. If you wanna be as honest as possible take the average of the two!
RisingForce said on 21/Dec/08
I still want to know more about him supposedly being measured and weighed for Invincible too. I'd like to see a link to that.
Big Daddy said on 21/Dec/08
I seen this dude in Beverly Hills, 5'7 at best. I'm 6'1 and man did he look small next to me and my brother who's 6' even
RisingForce said on 21/Dec/08
Who are you to say evening height is your true height?

I think it's the exact opposite. I've even heard doctors say that your true height is in the morning because you're fully stretched out.
derbi said on 21/Dec/08
Anonymous says on 19/Dec/08 was aain me... sorry, somhow the pc seems not to memorize my name anymore...
Complex said on 20/Dec/08
I think Rob is taller than 5'7 Wahlberg.

If wahlberg practiced Rob's methods of claiming evening height (you're true height) he would be 5'7, 5'8 is the most i'd go, 5'10 is comical! I mentioned it on the clooney page but anytime ppl say stuff like "I'm not that tall, i'm only 5'10." It's very obvious they're not really that height. They think by saying they're "not tall" and being humble that they can inflate by a few inches but it's a dead give-a-way that they're saying that just to upgrade their own heights, i've seen it many times. He was right on the not tall part but woulda be better to say "i'm not that tall, i'm 5'8" or "I had to face reality, i'm only 5'7".

But it's really funny when ppl say "only" in front of it, he's not tall but he's "only 5'10", lol! That's calling 5'10 short from Wahlbergs perspective, 5'10 isn't tall, but isn't short either. They add that only in they're to help em out, maybe "5'10 guys like wahlberg" are short, but real legit 5'10 are in the average range.
yoyo said on 20/Dec/08
No. Remember mark wahlberg use to wear bigger lift. 5ft7 suits him more correct. Trust me. See most of his full frame picture he does wore bigger lift than most co actor. In Max Payne theres worst, he wore sumthing 2in or more in the movie.
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/08
yoyo-how ignorant are you? glenn has already seen wahlberg a couple of times and also taken a couple of pic with him. wahlberg was taller than glenn!
source-i agree

wahlberg is at least a solid 5'8", like rob. i think he could be a tad over 5'8" though.
Source said on 19/Dec/08
I really don't see how Mark Wahlberg could be 5'8 when he's clearly taller than Gleen on the pictures. Seems like we always go by the pictures where celebs look shorter, but never when they look taller. There has to be some balance.
derbi said on 18/Dec/08
sorry rob, last anonymous post was me.
My opinion is that wahlberg is close to 5'8.5". So if oyu list him as 5'8" you mean he is 5'8" as solid as you? Because in my opinion you could also list yourself as 5'8.25"
leonari said on 18/Dec/08
Rob: how about smaller than you? Any chance?

Editor Rob
if so I wouldn't say any real noticeable amount like 1/2 inch.
yoyo said on 18/Dec/08
Rob, i saw some of your experimental picture. Notice you are taller in morning at 174.3cm night at 173cm. So a solid 5ft8 guy you are. if have to compare Mark Wahlberg height from you i would comments Wahlberg is 171.?cm in morning and lost a cm at noon or night. He don't looks 5ft8 at all. He often wore big lift in movies and events. i"ll say 5ft7 for him. Even Glenn would be taller than him.
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/08
Rob, would you guess Wahlberg is exactly your height?

Editor Rob
he could be yes.
glenn said on 16/Dec/08
maybe your right clay.i mightve been 5-7.5 at that point and he mightve been 5-8.5.
leonari said on 16/Dec/08
I agree with you Rising . Like most of the time .To me Mark looks a tiny tad below 5'8". Robs listing is close enough- 5'9"-5'10" for Wahlberg: yeah in his dreams.
UNK said on 16/Dec/08
Source, come on! No one is getting fooled by his brother's hair. Mark is an easy two inches shorter, maybe more.. putting him at the 5.7.5" - 5'8" range that most people say he his.

The last few years he is always with the perfect posture and timberland work boots, making him appear slightly over 5'8"... but honestly the guy never looks more than slightly over 5'8" - Rob has him right.

Wahlberg is a good looking guy with a great body.. he's also a great actor.. I think 5'8" suites him well... people are just stupid saying things like "cruise is a dwarf, etc." There are millions of very successfully very attractive 5'8" men... why is this hard to believe for some of you?
Source said on 16/Dec/08
Judging from RisingForce's pictures i'd say Mark is between 5'8
Clay said on 15/Dec/08
Glenn you could have just been off with your 5'9 estimation by a little bit though. He wasnt more than like .5 of an inch taller than you in both the pics you had up.
RisingForce said on 15/Dec/08
Maybe he's 5-8.5 but I'd have to see a link to that claim first. Honestly he always looks under 5-8 to me but then again he might be taller in person.
glenn said on 15/Dec/08
great find risingforce.did mark grow an inch or so,or does he master highly deceptive lifts in sneakers,casuals and dress shoes that i saw him in looking 5-9?
Clay said on 15/Dec/08
Mark is 5'8'' and doesnt bother to wear lifts (most of the time).
derbi said on 14/Dec/08
boston could you take a pic with wahlberg?
RisingForce said on 14/Dec/08
Some late 80's/early 90's pictures where he looks shockingly short with his brother.
Click Here
Click Here

I wish someone would post a link to this 5-8.5 stuff though. I've heard various things. One being that he claimed that himself and another being that he was measured at that height.
glenn said on 14/Dec/08
duvall is 5-10.phoenix can look 5-8.5 to 5-10(on rare occasion).
boston said on 13/Dec/08
i no mark an im 5'9" an were right there within a half inch depending on how were standing, YA he an't no arnold, but he also isn;t a hobbit like cruise.
Viper said on 12/Dec/08
If anyting Wahlberg might be the most genuine 5-7 guy in hollywood.
RisingForce said on 12/Dec/08
In We Own The Night he was clearly shorter than 5-8 Joaquin Phoenix and 5-9ish Robert Duvall. That points to 5-7ish for Mark.
derbi said on 12/Dec/08
I agree clay.
Clay said on 11/Dec/08
Wrong again Viper.
derbi said on 11/Dec/08
jay dee, where you in heels back then?
Jay-Dee said on 11/Dec/08
I met Mark Wahlberg in '91 at a Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch concert, I was pulled up on stage to "Dirty Dance" with him. I'm 5'5" and the first thing i thought was "oh my God this guy isn't anymore than 2 inches taller than me, tops". This was when his career was just starting, doubt if he was wearing any lifts in his addidas. I met him again in '92 when he and my boyfriend at the time where performing in a concert together, my boyfriend was 6'1" and towered over Mark.
Chris said on 11/Dec/08
5ft8 or maybe even 5ft7.5...I mean in all of his movies he wears huge boots which give him at least 1 inch more than the others and he still looks pretty close to short...
Viper said on 10/Dec/08
Mark is 5-7 Manso.
glenn said on 9/Dec/08
derbi-you spoke the truth.and i understood you.thanks.
derbi said on 8/Dec/08
Glenn, i know your 5'8" or very close to it, and i've been one of those who believed you from the beginning. I only mentioned the 5'7.5" to prove the doubters that even if you were that height, wahlberg could still be a little over 5'8"...
Manso said on 7/Dec/08
saw him on hbo's 24/7 manny pacquiao vs de la hoya. Mark stood right next to manny to take a picture while manny was training and he couldnt be more than 2in taller than manny. In this site manny is listed at 5'5.
J said on 6/Dec/08
It'll be interesting to see him in a movie with Brad Pitt. It might clear some things up for both of them. Here's hoping that 'The Fighter' works out.
Complex said on 5/Dec/08
In my opinion the tallest Wahlberg has ever looked is in Italian Job cuz he looked shorter than Statham & Moss Def both listed & even a smidgen taller than Theron but, this is a big but, he had on obviously suspicious footwear, I mean must of been giving him a solid 2.5 inches, so my guess is 5'7-5'7.5 I really think in the evening he's more 5'7 flat and maybe 5'7 3/4 in the morning, at very best 5'8 morning height, at very best!
glenn said on 5/Dec/08
that very possible in that region.more closer to 5-8,if not that.but yes,5-7.5 is possible for me too.less likely.
MD said on 4/Dec/08
Given that Donnie is a definite 5'10", there is no way Mark is over 5'8". Mark sometimes looks 5'9" because of obvious lifts.
derbi said on 4/Dec/08
glenn, what your telling sounds most reasonable and trustable. if you are between 5'7.5" and 5'8" it is very it's very likely/possible that wahlberg is like 5'8.5"
RisingForce said on 4/Dec/08
Viper says on 3/Dec/08
Damon is well below 5-10.

I forgot Viper, you've met Matt?
glenn said on 4/Dec/08
jake-he could be 5-8.5,5-9.i wouldn rule it out.keep in mind i met him many times.and he was taller than me in what appeared to be normal around 5-8.
Clay said on 4/Dec/08
No, it could be 5'8 and 5'10 spot on for both.
Viper said on 3/Dec/08
Damon is well below 5-10.
leonari said on 3/Dec/08
He is well proportioned and has a massive upper body (similar to me). He can get away easily looking a legit 5'9" with the right shoes /lifts. Hell even close to 5'9.5". Other guys who are the same height as him but have a tiny upper body can't pull that off. It would look way OFF
leonari said on 3/Dec/08
He is close to 5'8". Over 5'7" but he ain't no 5'8.5 meaning 174 cm guy.
Kristian said on 3/Dec/08
the pic of him with matt damon at the lakers game to me shows he is definately shorter than 5 foot 8, he wouldnt look that short if matt damon is only 5 foot 10
Midget said on 2/Dec/08
I agree Risingforce. Dubious footwear sometimes plus the fluctuating heights is a sign of him hiding something. 5'7"-5'7.5" max barefoot.
Clay said on 2/Dec/08
Rocky, those are some funny pictures. And around 2004-2005 in 'Four brothers' he may have been as heavy as 185-190. His arms were huge in that movie for his 5'8ish frame.
RisingForce said on 1/Dec/08
I think he's 5-7.5 because he has looked more than 2 inches shorter than 5-10 Matt Damon more than once and even 5-8.5/5-9 Jack Nicholson now makes him look short. I think he wears lifts because his height can change a lot. I could be wrong but as of right now I think he's 5-7.5.
derbi said on 1/Dec/08
I'm with Glenn and source. I think 5'8.5" suits him perfectly. I don't really think he is a full 5'9" though...
Risingfroce: How come you changed your mind? The only time I think wahlberg might have been in lifts is in the italian job. Any other films, pictures erc. you have in mind?
glenn said on 1/Dec/08
im with source.
RisingForce said on 1/Dec/08
I've changed my mind on Mark. 5-7.5 and he probably wears lifts.
Complex said on 1/Dec/08
He constantly looks 5'7, but 5'8 is still the most I would buy, never over 5'8 and definately not 5'9...and his 5'10 claim came way out of left field!
Source said on 30/Nov/08
Still didn't get any answers on how it would be possible for Mark to be 5'8(173cm) when he's clearly taller than Glenn on the picture. Mark is either 5'8
Alex said on 28/Nov/08
Mark isn't a small guy as far as frame goes. If he's 5'8 or even 5'7 he could be at least 170lbs.
RisingForce said on 28/Nov/08
More 5-8.5 than 5-7.5 though.
glenn said on 28/Nov/08
thats a fair range risingforce.
RisingForce said on 28/Nov/08
I think he's anywhere from 5-7.5 to 5-8.5.
Rocky said on 27/Nov/08
There's more than a 20 pound difference in him in Boogie Nights and Planet of the Apes.
Source said on 27/Nov/08
It's kinda silly saying he's under 5'8
derbi said on 27/Nov/08
Anonymous says on 26/Nov/08 was me...
leonari said on 27/Nov/08
RON: I agree. Whoever sees a 6'2" guy even on screen with all the trickery is simply delusional. He is a short looking 5'8" guy. I love and respect Glenn for all his input but Mark is not a 5'9" guy.
Viper said on 27/Nov/08
If Mark was 5-9 he would look taller than that on screen a lot of the time. Which he never has. Hes always looked around 5-7 to me dating back to not even really knowing what his listed height was.
RON said on 27/Nov/08
who in the world is gonna say he looks 6-2 on screen?? he looks short on movies, tv and photos. he even looks as tiny as tom cruise. at least mark has a body!
Viper said on 27/Nov/08
Yeah, Id give him 150 at least in Boogie Nights.
Viper said on 26/Nov/08
He might have been 120 in 8th grade, lol.
Rocky said on 26/Nov/08
RisingForce: Here's a comparison between how he looks in Boogie Nights to Planet of the Apes for example.

Click Here : Looks like a metrosexual, lol...
Click Here : Very narrow shoulders here...

And here's how he looks in Planet of the Apes: Click Here

Almost doesn't look like the same person...
Clay said on 26/Nov/08
He lost weight for Boogie nights but he was still 155-160 in that movie and today he's buffed at 175,180 at least.
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/08
i also think 5'8.5". its a height you can easely appear 5'9" with. But if you are bulky like wahlberg uses to be, you can very easaly be mistaken as around 5'7"...
RisingForce said on 26/Nov/08
Mark has never been as thin as a 120 pounds in his adult life, not even close.

I think Mark is 5-8.5
Rocky said on 25/Nov/08
Leonari: Yeah, agreed. He was husky in Fear but in Boogie Nights, he looked like 120-150 lbs.
glenn said on 25/Nov/08
yes,he did look 5-9 in my pics.
leonari said on 24/Nov/08
Rocky: If you re talking "huge" like nice big upper body , bis muscles :I agree. If you talk height the clip you posted at 2:20 is garbage. It's a "waist up" camera shot. man...
leonari said on 24/Nov/08
If he is as tall as 5'9" as I said before he is the shortest looking 5'9" guy I know. Thats average height. But it is possible.
RisingForce said on 24/Nov/08
Didn't he look 5-9 in your pictures Glenn? If someone can confirm his 5-8.5 claim then I'll believe that.
glenn said on 24/Nov/08
mark is 5-8 to 5-9.not a hair more.possibly a hair less than 5-8.wouldnt shock me he was as tall as 5-9.he looked that to me in the marky mark days.and 2 years ago.
Rocky said on 23/Nov/08

Mark was huge in Fear, though it was one of his first movies. He was 25 when the movie came out, likely right before his prime. Look at the 2:20 mark in this clip from the movie: Click Here
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/08
if Danny Wood's height is listed as 5 ft 5.5 in, then either mark is taller or danny is shorter ... which one is it? because there is a big diffrence between the 2 of them.
glenn said on 22/Nov/08
i agree complex.and i agree with viper maribel.both heights are possible.he was taller than me recently.
RisingForce said on 22/Nov/08
Mark's 5'10" claim is among the most ridiculous of any celebrities. Matt Damon had about 2 inches on him at a Lakers vs Celtics game. Neither had a clear footwear advantage. Sylvester Stallone had about 2 inches on him in golf shoes, James Caan was still taller than Mark Wahlberg by over an inch in golf shoes, his brother Donnie is always a couple of inches taller than him. Jack Nicholson was still taller than Mark by an inch or 2 at the Departed premiere, Matt Damon was 2-3 inches taller at the same premiere as well.

5'8" or 5'8.5" max out of bed. No taller.
Complex said on 21/Nov/08
I'm starting to think that everyone under 5'10 thinks they're 5'10, lol! Nah not everyone but I know 5'6 guys that claim it, I don't know why they think it's the best height to claim, but it's common for ppl that are under 5'9 to claim it!
Viper said on 21/Nov/08
No way is he 5-8 3/4. 5-7 3/4 I could maybe buy.
Maribel said on 20/Nov/08
Maybe 5"8 3/4 max. About the comment sayin he's five ten, that's probably in footwear.
Complex said on 19/Nov/08
I think he's in the 5'7 range, 5'8 maximum! He's still an amazing actor, in every movie!
Maximum said on 18/Nov/08
Perhaps 5"8.25.
Jon said on 18/Nov/08
Proportions people. The argument here seems as usual to be if he's 'short' or not, which is irrelevant even though he isn't. Whether the guy is 5'7 - 5'11 is the normal range of height approx. Below starts to be small, and above lanky. The important thing to being healthy and looking good is the proportions (think of a kids toy like action man, it would look good any scale) - and as most people know this guy is very well built.
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/08
Rocky: In Fear he was huge? In Fear? That was one of his first movies .I think thats one of the movies where he looks small and very short. Ok, Ok next to Rheese Whiterspoon he appeared big but lets be honest here: Who doesn't??
Midget said on 16/Nov/08
I agree Lego. 172cm to 173cm at best.
Rocky said on 16/Nov/08
It's funny, because he was huge in all of his Calvin Klein commercials, and the movie Fear, but tiny in Boogie Nights.
RisingForce said on 15/Nov/08
If someone could confirm the 5'8 1/2" claim then I'd believe it. That seems to fit him well.
derbi said on 14/Nov/08
I found the video:
Click Here
well look at 00:56, he actually really does look 5'9"... It's not the best vieo to compare heights though.
derbi said on 14/Nov/08
leonari, I saw the show too! Do you know if there's any video or pic of it in the net?
I think Raab claimed 183cm, isn't he?
I don't think wahlberg would claim 5'10" theese days, I don't know what came to his mind back then. But yrah I think he is like 174 cm. A tad over 5'8", most likely 5'8.5"
leonari said on 14/Nov/08
Was on german Tv show" TV Total" yesterday. In a suit and regular dress shoes.He looked 5'8" or actually close to 174 next to Stefan Raab who is 181-182 cm. He has a small " frame" with all his muscles. He is below average height. Even Derbi slowly agrees thats it's a fact that he is right between small and average. To claim 5'10" is arrogant and foolish. But I think he is an OK guy.
Lego said on 13/Nov/08
in max payne he looks barely 5'9.5 and his shoes were elevators for sure, big thick and fat. easy to spot in the movie as theres even a close up.

he's 172-173cm imo.
Rocky said on 13/Nov/08
Exactly 5'8'' - he's almost exactly 2 inches shorter than his brothers Robert and Donnie in every picture.

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