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5ft 7.55in (171.6cm)
Chris175 said on 7/Apr/08
yeah i know, yet joaquin claims 5-8? it is kinda wierd
lisette said on 7/Apr/08
Watched him in 'we own the night' recently.He looked a good 2 inches shorter than Joaquin Phoenix and he is listed as being 5,8 tall.So if thats the case looking at him with glen,mark must be more like 5,10 and Joaquin is 6 feet tall unless mark is wearing lifts in his shoes in that photo.....weird!
derbi said on 5/Apr/08
marcelo, read your post again; there ain't no derby calling derbi a retarted. I, derbi, called anonymous a retarted because asuming that wahlberg is 5'2" is just ridiculous.
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/08
Just saw Rock Star. Although he looks short throughout the movie, in the late scene where he walks away from the concert he looks petite-short, like 5'2 or something.
dmeyer said on 14/Mar/08
i have no prolem believing he is 5 ft 8 but why does he look 5'6.5 in movies 5 in shorter than alec 1.5 in smaller than duvall he apears many times weak 5 ft 7 and then can look 5'9 on ocasion
derbi said on 20/Feb/08
after all id go for 5'8.5" (174 cm). I thik most would agree on that.
Ace said on 19/Feb/08
He's probably not a legit 5'9", then again I never met the guy. I'm a big fan of Marky Mark, and judging by seeing pics and movies of him next to other actors who's heights are for sure, he's most likley 5'8"ish.
NYLOU said on 19/Feb/08
I have met with Mark on numerous occasions , whenever he is in NYC. He's a really nice celebrity approachable most of the time but at best Mark is 5 ft-71/2 inches tall. I am only 5-10 and appear to most people to be 6 ft if you ask then. mark with shoes on is about 5-9 to 5.91/2. I look 6 ft tall to most people , with shoes on. But with all respect Mark iss one of best young actors. Thats why everyone goes to see anything he's in or produces. Brilliant Guy! Need I remind you of all his work and ENTOURAGE!
derbi said on 15/Feb/08
come on, I agree.
Rocky said on 12/Feb/08
LOL Derbi, Straham is so clearly taller than MW in that photo, just look at the difference in height between the two mouths, noses, and eyes.
leonari said on 12/Feb/08
Mark is another height enigma along with SLy, Depp, Gibson, Penn,Piven to some extent, Joaquin Phoenix etc.
He looks short and at the same time doesn't look short...I can't explain it...
derbi said on 12/Feb/08
lewis, go to copy paste the link and then poste it. And it would be cool if the next time your wife could take a photo with donnie.

Leonari, I'm not obsessed with wahlbergs height. It's just that I'm intressted in how tall he really is, and to figure that out really isn't easy...
I know that I don't know him, but nerver the less I would bet a lot that he doesn't wear lift in private.
lewis said on 12/Feb/08
i found this pic but i dont know how to post the link of mark and gisele.
lewis said on 12/Feb/08
yeah glenn. i , too, saw pics of the brothers together where they are of similar height. sometimes, its just frustrating to figure MW's height. and then, i see pics of him when hes with his "Four Brothers" cast on TRL and hes the shortest and the smallest....!!!!i do remember seeing him walking with gisele at some award ceremony and he didnt look that short despite her wearing heels!
leonari said on 12/Feb/08
Derbi: being 100 % sure is ridiculous. We can't be sure of anything!!!!! We can strongly assume that he is not a lift wearer (and I even agree) but your level of confidence is soo not realistic. You don't know the man. You haven't met him. You haven't seen him taking off his shoes and you haven't had a glimpse at the inside of his shoes...
With all due respect Derbi: you seem obsessed with Wahlbergs height.
glenn said on 11/Feb/08
its interesting lewis.but there are pics of the brothers together where they are of similiar height,but usually its pics of donnie 2 inches taller than mark.thanks for the story.i do take it seriously.
glenn said on 11/Feb/08
thats possible derbi.i kind of agree with you.just to many 5-7 sightings of this guy,including mine.
derbi said on 11/Feb/08
Glenn, I know it sounds weird but I'm 100% sure mark wahlberg doesn't wear lifts. The only time he maybe had to wear lifts is in the italian job. But in every day live? never. I have the impression that wahlberg is a very selfconfident person who really isn't the lift wearer type. Anyway, I totally agree with you Glenn: He is between 5'8" and 5'9". If I would run this site, I'd give him 5'8.5"
lewis said on 11/Feb/08
i guess its safe to say that he is between 5'7 to 5'9, glenn? donnie wahlberg comes to my wife's animal clinic in simi valley for his pet dog and (apparently a very nice guy and gentlemanly) she had the "balls" to ask him how tall his brother was (shes a big fan of this MW, it drives me nuts and even more crazier that his older bro goes to her clinic). he said that he was about 5'9.5 to 5'10. he always remembered his younger bro to be at least 2 inches shorter than he was. what a nice guy to even be answering such question too. i dont know if this info really helps anyone. what do you think glenn?
glenn said on 10/Feb/08
yes,he was taller than me as marky mark.and that recent pic on top.hadnt seen him between 1993 until 2000.then he looked im not sure if its lifts helping him.i agree,no way is he 5-7. 5-8 most likely.5-9 a possibilty.
Brah said on 10/Feb/08
Correction, I meant this photo was a good full body comparision:

Click Here
Brah said on 10/Feb/08
First photo, Wahlberg is still shorter than Statham. Hair does not count for height.
Second photo, he looks closer to Donnie...if you count his hair. But, hair again does not count, it is not a full body photo, and he is closer to the camera.

This is what a good full body comparision is:
Click Here

If we could use any photo, then I could use this one. Mark minus his mound of hair is only 5'6.5" next to 5'7" Michael Pena:

Click Here
derbi said on 9/Feb/08
well with good postre he does look 5'9":
Click Here jason statham is a solid 5'9". He looks at most wahlbergs height...
same event mark and donnie:
Click Here
Conclusion: There is no way for me wahlberg is 5'8". 5'8.5" absolute minimum. But most likely he is 5'9"! Yes sometimes he can look slightly smaller, bu probably just due to bad posture.
Rob I think it's time for a slight upgrade. You can't leave wahlberg at Glenn's height, while there are 2 photos in which wahlberg is clearly taller than glenn. And Glenn said wahlberg was taller than him.
lewis said on 4/Feb/08
it looks like he gets taller every year
glenn said on 4/Feb/08
then it was casual timbs,i dont know what to tell wasnt boots.appeared low cut.
derbi said on 4/Feb/08
glenn, if you say casual, then i suppose he had somekind of sneakers or timberlands. Never seen a pic of him with him wearing other casuals...
Brah said on 4/Feb/08
Well in this photo, he looks nowhere near his 5'10" brother (Mark's combed up hair fools no one):

Click Here
glenn said on 3/Feb/08
did i say sneakers derbi? he had casual shoes.lifts?
derbi said on 3/Feb/08
so how can he not be taller than Glenn, if he looks 5'9.25" to Glenn in sneakers?
glenn said on 3/Feb/08
let me not mislead.though i not convinced he is any height,he did look 5-9.25 in the bottom pic in front of my face.i was shocked.
poster said on 3/Feb/08
looks 5'9 to me in the pics, maybe a hair less but no way 5'8 to me unless he's wearing lifts

granted though, both pictures do seem to favour wahlberg more than glenn, esp in the first pic where the hat seems raised a lot, but if you look at eye lines he's barely higher than glenn's even though he's closer to the camera

it's funny how height can be, because glenn says chances are he's 5'8 (and if glenn says that I trust him) but both pics defo seem to make him look taller than 5'8 glenn
derbi said on 2/Feb/08
or that one:
Click Here
Hell, he looks close to 5'10" in those pics! I'm not saying he is 5'10", but it shows that all those 5'7" claims are ridiculous. He has to be around or near 5'9".
derbi said on 2/Feb/08
Rob, I don't understand why you leave wahlberg at 5'8". I think it's pretty obvious he is slightly taller than Glenn. Ok I'm not totally convinced myself he is 5'9". But I think that you should definitelly give him 5'8.5". I think this height would be pretty perfect, cause it shows he is taller than Glenn, but probably not a full 5'9"...
glenn said on 1/Feb/08
yeah,but joaqin can look 5-8 to 5-10.depending.
glenn said on 1/Feb/08
he was here 3 months ago.he is here 3 or 4 times a year.i never see him though.yet,strangely he lives in the same building as bruce willis.who i see bi-monthly.sometimes monthly.he is here more i guess.
brother_h said on 31/Jan/08
wow, he kinda looks like a younger version of john cena.
derbi said on 31/Jan/08
glenn when is the next time you could possibly see him?
Jack said on 31/Jan/08
Thats what i mean by "its a virtue that his height is ambiguous". one never knows with this guy unless you, personally, meet him. if he was 5'9, he would, noticeably, be taller than joaqin phoenix but i never see that. NEVER. he is in the 5'7 range but mostly in the biggest 5'7 range.
glenn said on 31/Jan/08
ill be 36 in a few months.there is a 20 percent chance he is 5-7. 50 percent chance he is 5-8. 30 percent he is 5-9.with sophisticated lifts,one never knows.with this guy i am confused.
derbi said on 31/Jan/08
glenn, would it be a safe bet to say that wahlberg isn't under 5'8"? What do you think, is there a chance he might be shorter than you, or not at all?
glenn said on 30/Jan/08
jack-ive been meeting celebs for nearly 20 years and mark for just as reputation here and overall shouldnt be questioned.quite the contrary,you should be able to tell im 5-8 in my 1000+ pics on the site.furtermore,several people who visit the site have met me and all agree on 5-8,including rachelle who is 5-6.mark did look 5-7 to me once.but this mightve been cause i had boots,better pavement,and he had dress shoes.but lately he has been looking 5-9.and i think he did look that tall in 1990.he is at least 5-8.
Jack said on 30/Jan/08
i guess its a virtue to mark wahlberg for his height to be ambiguous since hes not seen as short nor tall. ive met the man and know how tall he really is in my mind and i guess that only matters. he will always be 5'7 from the day i saw him despite what you guys say/claim.
Brah said on 30/Jan/08
Rachelle did not say Wahlberg looked 5'9". She said he looked 5'9" with shoes on.
I posted another link of a fan encounter ages ago where another fan had a photo with Wahlberg. She said that she was 5'9.5" in her heels and Wahlberg was slightly shorter - 5'9" in shoes. And in the photo, she was taller.

So, 5'9" in shoes means 5'8".
Jack said on 30/Jan/08
the question really is, how tall glenn or rachel really are? sure, they claim 5'7-5'8 but you dont really know that, even by looking at their pics. joaqin phoenix openly said that he was 5'8 and he also said that he was measured 5'8 from his doctors, so how come mark wahlberg looks a tiny bit shorter than him? being muscular doesnt make you look can it when you're muscular? maybe shorter...but not smaller. try not to use glenn's self-described 5'8 stature to measure other people's height. maybe he's not really 5'8. ive encountered people who say they are such height when they are like an inch or 2 off. no offense glenn.
derbi said on 30/Jan/08
well my problem is, that beeing buff will normally make you look SMALLER, not TALLER! so wht I'm going for is that he is taller than he actually looks... But however how can you guys say he is 5'7" or barelly 5'8", when there are 2 pics on to top of this page where wahlberg is taller than Glenn?! Glenn amd Rachel said he looked bout 5'9". For sure not under 5'8"...
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/08
i think derbi has a man crush on wahlberg
Jack said on 29/Jan/08
yea...i saw him at amoeba in hollywood wearing tennis shoes and he does look 5'7 indeed. he's not 5'8 (altho he can look it) nor is he 5'9. his buff physique prevents him from looking small. he wears alot of lifts in movies. never ever believe what you see in movies.
dmeyer said on 27/Jan/08
173 cm seems right for him
Al said on 26/Jan/08
Saw him at the Planet of the Apes premier in NYC a few years ago and he looked all of 5'7" if that much. Very buff though.
derbi said on 23/Jan/08
well, probably there aren't a lot of 5'9" man who are as musculary as wahlberg and still look tall, right?!
Calvin said on 22/Jan/08
So Rachelle you like 5'8 guys? Look me up...LOL...Seriously, I would have to say he is somewhere around 5'7-5'8. He never looks tall to me in any movies and some 5'9 people tend to look tall. So definetly under 5'9
derbi said on 3/Jan/08
TNTinCA, a lot of people on this site (me included) would go for 5'9"...
TNTinCA said on 2/Jan/08
He looks like he has an inch on glenn in that second photo. I wouldn't rule out 5'9".
leonari said on 22/Dec/07
Derbi: Let's say that he doesn't have long arms regardless of his height. Like Brah said: Mathew McConnaughey is around 5'11" and without a doubt has short arms. Brad Pitt is around the same height and has longish arms. Same goes for me. I am probably a bit shorter or same height as Mark , also muscular but more definition than mass when compared to Mark and thats probably the reason my arms look longer when in reality they probably aren't...
Brah said on 22/Dec/07
Short arms are not an indicator of anything. Some people have shorter arms and shorter wingspans regardless of height. Matt Damon and Matt McConnaughey have short arms, while Brad Pitt has longer arms.
derbi said on 22/Dec/07
leonari, I agree that they can look short sometimes. But as I said they LOOK short. They aren't especially short for his height, but it's normal that musculary arms look shorter then skinny ones. It's exactly like skinny people are lopking taller than musculary/heavy people.
leonari said on 22/Dec/07
chris : can you show us those pics?? The only thing I agree upon are his arms: they really are short...especially his lower arms...but then again he is very muscular which can create this illusion.
You see his arms best in this pic with Jessica Alba a couple of posts below
glenn said on 21/Dec/07
chris is right about the pavement.that spot has a slight hill.not noticeable until you stand on it with a celeb.but i think he could be 5-8,or taller.or under 5-8.we will never know for leas chris isnt stupid like some people to say well then glenn must be 5-6.
glenn said on 21/Dec/07
true derbi.
derbi said on 20/Dec/07
he probably always was the sweet guy your describing, he was probably just playing the tough guy back in the marky mark times...
glenn said on 20/Dec/07
in the marky mark days he was alright,not overly friendly,but he is the sweetest guy in the world.
Adam Brennon said on 20/Dec/07
He looks quite serious in those photos. What was he like in person?
derbi said on 19/Dec/07
yeah glenn thats richt. wahlberg looks taller than cruise, they're kinda build differently though... You know, I'm 5'8" myself, pretty good proportioned etc. and I just think that wahlberg looks taller than me. Probably just buy an inch or so, but still for me a noticable difference. If I had to bet I'd put cruise on 5'7.5"-5'8" and wahlberg 5'8.75"-5'9".
glenn said on 19/Dec/07
i agree in the possibilty of 5-9.but he is the shortest 5-9 around.i think its safe to say he is taller than tom cruise.
chris175 said on 19/Dec/07
there is a definate possibility that he is 5-9, no shorter than about 5-8.5
derbi said on 18/Dec/07
Well, first of all wahlbergs sneakers in this picture are Reebok. I have a pair of those myself, they give you 1 inch maybe 1.1. Jessica alba isn't smaller than 5'6". Nobody can say he doesn't look 5'9" in these pictures...
leonari said on 17/Dec/07
I say Jessica is only 5'5.5" and I don't see a 3 inch advantage here especially since he has footwear adavantage... He is max 5'8".
Brah said on 17/Dec/07
Jessica Alba is 5'6" and wearing flat sandals. Wahlberg is getting at least a 1 inch shoe advantage from his sneakers. He looks between 5'8 and 5'9" barefoot with Jessica...5'8.5" is good
Lmeister said on 17/Dec/07
Those pics sent by Rachelle show that 5ft10 is his shoes(Timberlands)on height. 5ft8 without shoes.
Rachelle said on 16/Dec/07
Click Here
Rachelle said on 16/Dec/07
Mark and Jessica Alba: Click Here

I am SO jealous of Jessica Alba!
Mike said on 16/Dec/07
He didn't look close to 5'9 in Rock Star.
Realheight 88 said on 4/Dec/07
Exactly Anonymous.
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/07
wahlberg is also closer to the camera giving him an advantage
Realheight 88 said on 30/Nov/07
Their shoulder levels don't count because both of them slouch, so we can't compare their difference in height from their shoulders.Their eye levels count i think.If you notice their eye levels, they are exactly the same.Wahlberg isn't taller than Eminem.
derbi said on 29/Nov/07
yeah thats exactly what im talking about. if you don't see that wahlberg is bending down i can't help you. Just compare their shoulder levels at 00:24. Its obvious that wahlberg has an good inch on him.
Realheight 88 said on 29/Nov/07
No derbi.Wahlberg is much closer to the camera as you can see.And when they come in close they are clearly the exact same height.So 5-8(weak) for wahlberg.Look at the video again and pause it to 00:24.
derbi said on 29/Nov/07
Realheight 88, wahlberg is clearly taller by a good inch.
Realheight 88 said on 29/Nov/07
Mark Wahlberg is the same height as Eminem.They are both 5-8 at the most.Look at this video: Click Here
Larry said on 26/Nov/07
Whalberg looks a litle bit taller then glenn maybe 5ft 9 to mark
derbi said on 20/Nov/07
did you watch the italian job. Wahlberg never looks shorter, even taller sometimes. If you wouldn't know who the actors are (not already have prejudice about their heights) you would think wahlberg is the tallest of the 3. For sure
glenn said on 19/Nov/07
mos def is at least 5-9.5.maybe 5-10.jason i never met.
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/07
glenn, I thought the're both 5'9"? (That's how they're listed here) Did you watch the film? I swear that without prejudice about their heights everyone would tell that wahlberg is taller. If you don't believe me, then watch the film...
glenn said on 17/Nov/07
taller than them? they are both close to 5-10.
derbi said on 16/Nov/07
but how do you explain, that wahlberg was clearly taller than jason statham and mos def (both 5'9") in the italian job? He was i dress schoes during the whole film, and in wouldn't make sense that they only gave wahlberg lifts anyway...
leonari said on 15/Nov/07
exactly Glenn.
glenn said on 15/Nov/07
thats cause stallone is 5-10.5. and mark is 5-8ish.
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/07
i would've guessed below 5-8. but he should be one of the celebs that is most observed/scrutinized. i have a hard time believing that sly is only 1" taller than marky mark. my guess...5-7.25
Daego said on 13/Nov/07
I think its possible that mark could be somewhere between 5'7 - 5'8. He never looks short when he is by himself in his modeling photos because he has good proportions and good body fat % but you start to notice his height when there are other people in the picture/movie. Its not like its that hard to look average height when your say 5'7 1/2. 1 inch sneakers + 1 inch lift, plus jeans to cover the high ankle = boom your up to 5'9 1/2 and some sneakers get you almost 1 1/2 inch like Nike Shox so that could put you up to almost 5'10
Rocky said on 13/Nov/07
Derbi, we get it...seriously. ;)
derbi said on 6/Nov/07
i've already posted that pic here and everybody was ignoring it. We know that damon is 5'10". Just look at the damon page how much taller he is than glenn...
Ayeah that would put wahlberg somewhere between 5'8.5"-5'9".
sweetchari said on 5/Nov/07
He is lying...5'10" is a joke and 5'8" seems iffy to me, smh. The picture looks like he is maybe half an inch taller than Glenn but that is just good posture. I think he is more like 5'7.5" because I just saw the movie We own the Night with Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Duvall...he is shorter than both of them and they are not that tall imo
tom said on 5/Nov/07
Click Here
SO matt damon is around 1 inch-1,5 over wahlberg
wahlberg=5ft8 if he is not under
damon=5ft9-5ft9 1/2
glenn said on 30/Oct/07
thanks jd.
glenn said on 30/Oct/07
i saw duvall look 5-10 2 weeks ago and phoenix can look as tall sometimes.we know he is 5-8ish though
UNK said on 30/Oct/07
There are a bunch of pics at Click Here of Wahlberg, Pheonix, and Duvall proving once again that there is no way Mark is taller than 5'8". Duvall - lucky to be over 5'9" these days is at least an inch taller in every pic. Phoenix - documented well and out of his own mouth that he is 5'8", looks the same or taller than Wahlberg.
Bombay Rocker said on 30/Oct/07
Ok, we are cool. Anyways just appreciate your approach towards it now. Have a good day man.
JD said on 29/Oct/07
Glenn your sooo cool
glenn said on 29/Oct/07
bombay-im weary of jokes like that cause it can be taken the wrong way.i had fat people make weight comments about me when i was actually skinny and bald men make comments on my hair.women are very,very sensitive towards weight comments.and appearence i said,i know you meant no harm.and rachelle knew this too.but is it worth the risk of insulting someone? case closed.sorry i stressed you out about it.not a big deal,but we made it bigger than it was.lets move on and i respect you too.
Bombay Rocker said on 29/Oct/07
Well frankly I don't give a **** what anyone thinks of me but just to let you know I have respect for you Glenn and that includes the fact that we are not supposed to agree on everything all the time. Regarding the joke, it was just a teaser and not meant to be taken seriously and I have had girlfriends who had taken the same exact teaser in the way it's supposed to be a fun way. Maybe cause the internet does not exactly convey the same meaning. Anyways I am not sorry for what I said and I dont apologise either cause I didnt intend to hurt anyone's feelings and you know that too. I am not here to give any explanation or anything but since everyone made a big deal about it so I just wanted to express my part and besides Rachelle didn't even say anything so this is what made me come on strong and if anyone takes an offence for that then I don't care and my previous post wasnt intended to anyone specific so if you wanna call yourself into it, then I cant help it. Have a good day everyone.
glenn said on 28/Oct/07
gee,bombay.nobody got the joke including me.what does that tell you? maybe your the dumb shouldve posted your comment without stating we were dumb,then i wouldnt get dumb back at you.shame,cause i really liked you alot.women are very insecure of their weight and looks.very mental about it.its how they dumb joke like that can be misconstrued the wrong way.maybe your not around women offence.seriously.
Rocky said on 28/Oct/07
I dunno Dave. He looks a lot heavier in the first photo as compared with the second. His face in the first pic looks a lot more rotund too.
Bombay Rocker said on 28/Oct/07
I can't believe how many wussies are up was just meant to be a joke and you all killed it. Rachelle did't mind it cause she knew what it was supposed for and ya all here are posting opinions here, can't believe people here can be so dumb. No offence to anyone though.
derbi said on 27/Oct/07
Eva mendes, Jessica Simpson, Adriana Lima... it's not like we're listing up the ugliest women here, right? So you got my point:)
And I don't know who came with that bunny teeth ****, because to me your teeth just look perfect like those of eva & co.
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/07
What does eva m. have to do w/mark w. ? i think he's great, and do not care how tall he is-he is so hot !
Rachelle said on 27/Oct/07
Actually, I saw Eva at the "We Own the Night" premiere, she is smokin'! Have you seen her on this month's issue of Maxim?? Wow! Jessica Simpson and Adriana Lima have bunny teeth too, lol.
derbi said on 27/Oct/07
rachelle, I totally share Glenns opinion. Someone who looks like you really shouldn't bother about her looks... If every part of the face is totaly perfect, that doesn't meen that all fits together, and it won't look good in every case. And it's also nice to have some special and personal features in the face, that make us different from the thers, isn't it? It's exactly those that make you special and good looking. I personlly think your teeth look perfect.
to show wht I mean: look at eva mendes' teeth. those are bunny teeth, but how doesn't find her stunning?
Click Here
Viper said on 27/Oct/07
Is it just me or does Leung and Leonari seem like the same guy?
glenn said on 26/Oct/07
i kinda noticed that with you rachelle, about the physical insecurity.true,you cant have everything,but lets be grateful we dont look like were from a creature feature.i know some peeps that dont need hallows eve dress up. i was fortunate enough to spend time with rachelle here and there hunting celebs until she kicked to the only kidding.we dont need to get into that here.
Rachelle said on 26/Oct/07
That's why I have a rule ... don't mess with my face because I don't want to make it worse than it already is, LOL. Its is mostly body related, but anyways, its not that serious. I used to be really obsessed about it, but has calmed down. You can't have everything.
glenn said on 26/Oct/07
bunny teeth? the girl is a 9 on a 10 scale for me,10 on a 10 scale for the rest of the world and people pick on her teeth? whats the point of even bringing it up? my teeth are far from perfect,much,much worse,but so what? im good looking.and she is beyond good looking.i know he didnt mean harm,but i still dont see the point.
charlie said on 26/Oct/07
Rachelle, I have to echo the feelings of most of the people in here. Please be cautious changing your appearance, you never really know how its gonna come out. You're a gorgeous girl, why mess with that?
charlie said on 26/Oct/07
derbi, my brothers height without shoes is about 5'8.25" to 5'8.5" and he never wears big heeled shoes. So with the regular heeled dress shoes that he used to wear he may have been 5'9" to 5'9.25".
Rachelle said on 26/Oct/07
I've actually already had braces and a retainer, but I still need the braces, I am looking into Invisalign. After my teeth are straightend out, I will probably get veneers, and that's just the beginning of the things I want done. First things
derbi said on 26/Oct/07
Rachelle, your teeth are really nice, don't bother about them... And how could they actually get fixed without retainer/braces?
And your smile is nice too(especially compared to what wahlbeg is doing with his face in your pics. haha)
derbi said on 26/Oct/07
charlie, but whats your brothers height WITHOUT shoes?
Rachelle said on 26/Oct/07
I don't think they are, I can't wait to get them fixed actually. I'd prefer not to smile with them, but I am taking a picture with Mark, how could I not?! :)
Bombay Rocker said on 26/Oct/07
Rachelle, You are pretty cute...U have bunny teeth, looks

I agree mark is 173 - 174.
charlie said on 25/Oct/07
Derbi, My brother is 5'9" in shoes, maybe 5'9.5" in dress shoes. We both reckon that Mark is the same height as he is. My brother said that if anything Mark is a shade (half inch) shorter than he is but for all intents and purposes they are the same height. He said they were looking eye to eye while talking, he sold him two sets of golf clubs at a store in NYC. Thanks for the opportunity to use the word "reckon." Seldom does one have occassion to use it :)
dave said on 25/Oct/07
Where do you get off thinking Whalberg has lost weight? He looks heavier today than he did in his early 20's.
Rocky said on 25/Oct/07
I'm guessing Glenn the reason for his possible "increase" in height is that based on the 2 photos, it looks like he lost weight. That is obvious by just his face alone. Perhaps he couldn't stand up 100% straight with the extra weight back then?!
Rachelle said on 25/Oct/07
I don't think 1/4 of an inch really makes THAT much of a difference and besides the footwear was different. I think Mark, BAREFOOT is 5'8" - 5'8.5". END OF STORY!

Click Here
Click Here
derbi said on 25/Oct/07
charlie, so what do you reckon, that wahlberg is taller or smaller than your brother? And how tall is your brother without shoes?
leonari said on 25/Oct/07
Leung : thanks man. Nice that someone realizes I do NOT downgrade verybody. I am out for the truth. I also appreciate your comments Leung. Yeah got a bit of a temper myself...I share this problem with Glenn...
glenn said on 25/Oct/07
rachelle and i also both said 5-9.25 at first.keep in my mind im still not clear how tall he is.
Rocky said on 24/Oct/07
Based on Glenn's and Rachelle's analysis, along with Mark's pictures next to Leonardo DeCaprio, it seems obvious that he is almost EXACTLY 5'8'' or 5'8.25''

This page has become the cesspool of height arguments, haha. though Ja Rule is more pathetic though for lying about his height.
Leung said on 24/Oct/07
Leonari quote:
charlie said on 24/Oct/07
My brother, who I have seen measured many many times in person, is 5'9" or maybe a fraction above in shoes. This is one reason why I can est. his height with a good amount of confidence. He and I have both met Mark on seperate occassions twice and agree on his height est. to be 5'9" in shoes max. Also I know my height to be a bit above 5'11" in shoes so I can tell he is noticably shorter than me.
leonari said on 24/Oct/07
Ok Derbi. Thats cool.
glenn said on 24/Oct/07
i might have to agree with you on fear viper.
glenn said on 23/Oct/07
rachelle said he was 5-9.25 on these pages and to me direct.she has a right to change this.but she didnt say that still not clear how tall mark is.5-8 the lowest for me now from my initial 5-7.
derbi said on 23/Oct/07
leonari, haha no I'm not in love with him...
I never reckoned he was 5'10". But my opinion is still that he is 5'9". And don't forget that glenn said he was 5'9.25" the last time he saw him. And glenn is for sure one of the best in judging there is... I'm just thinking that it ain't possible that he is 5'8" if he is clearly taller than glenn in both pics.
I didn't want to isult you man... I really appreciate you comments on this site, eventhough we don't share the same opinion some times
Viper said on 22/Oct/07
Fear might be my favorite Wahlberg movie ever.
derbi said on 22/Oct/07
yeah sure:) I was just wondering... You know Glenn asked dicaprio and he didn't take it wrong...
Rachelle said on 22/Oct/07
This is an interesting read:
Click Here

And Derbi, I guess I could ask him, but I don't want to look like a weirdo, lol.
derbi said on 22/Oct/07
Rachelle, does wahlberg already somekind of know or recognize you?
Do you think you could ask him about his height in a decent way at opportunity?
derbi said on 22/Oct/07
Dave, don't get mad at leonari, he just doesn't like it when people are saying that wahlberg looks or is tall. Why? Probably personal issues he's got. lol.
Don't take it too serious what I'm blabbering here man...
Rachelle said on 21/Oct/07
Here's another picture from the movie premiere. I had boots with about an inch heel, not the best pic either, part of head is cut off.
Click Here
glenn said on 21/Oct/07
my father was mother cental american mestizo indian.i do look darker does leo dicaprio.look at how weird those pics look on that page.
Rocky said on 20/Oct/07
Just out of curiosity, what is your ethnic origin Glenn? I noticed, you look a lot whiter in the 2nd pic than the first one, HAHA...j/k.
glenn said on 20/Oct/07
i know in certain scenes he didnt.but if i didnt know he was in the 5-8 range,i would be guesing he might be a bit taller.
Brah said on 19/Oct/07
Actually, he only looked 5'8" in Fear...he was 2 inches shorter than William Peterson when they faced off. He was around Reese Witherson and Alyssa Milano, both around 5'2", so that made him seem taller...
There was also a scene in the movie where he was barefoot next to Amy Brenneman (also barefoot) near a swimming pool. It was probably just the camera angle but he only looked 1 inch taller...
Viper said on 19/Oct/07
I didnt think Wahlberg ever looked that tall in Fear.
glenn said on 19/Oct/07
he is really short looking in some movies.others average looking.i agree in fear he seemed 5-10.
dave said on 19/Oct/07
Well, have you even seen the movie Leonari? He looked 5'10''. Like I said he looks short in other films. I agree on the 5'8''.
Brah said on 19/Oct/07
He is also wearing golf shoes, while Rachelle is wearing flip-flops, which would give him probably a three-quarter inch advantage. I agree with her estimation, 5'8"-5.8.5".
Bombay Rocker said on 19/Oct/07
5 feet 9 for the last time. First off he is not standing straight, he's carrying a golf bag which seems pretty heavy plus the fact that he is atleast if not more 2.5 inches taller than rachells who is 5 feet 6, do the math....175 is spot on.
Viper said on 19/Oct/07
Strange how Wahlberg looks shorter in just about any movie hes been in If hes really the height derbi says he is.
Brah said on 18/Oct/07
Nice pics, Rachelle! Your estimation confirms what that other fan encounter I posted says...Mark is 5'9" in shoes.

Editor Rob
the guy's got a golf bag, not the best thing for posture.
derbi said on 18/Oct/07
he looks 3 inches taller than rachelle. probably he is 2.5 icnhes taller so a solid 5'8.5".
glenn said on 18/Oct/07
he did look taller than usual in fear.
michael D said on 18/Oct/07
dude...hes 5'7. maybe a strong 5'7 but def 5'7 range. he stands that tall next to martin sheen but a little shorter than jack nicholson. it has alot to do with body type. martin sheen does look shorter because of his stocky build as opposed to mark.
Rachelle said on 18/Oct/07
I did not know that Glenn. I saw him at other places besides the hotel anyway. He is just so hot and talented, I don't care how tall he
glenn said on 18/Oct/07
the problem with that hotel rachelle is at, is that there is a slight elevation that always seems to get me with celebs,at the areas before the first steps.including with would only make a half inch difference at best.
leonari said on 17/Oct/07
5'11 in fear? Bull. Yeah there is a strange scene with William Peterson but even there he looks 5'9" in this particular scene. Rest of the movie looks strong 5'7"-5'8". 5'11" .....hilarious!
dave said on 17/Oct/07
He looked 5'10 or 5'11 in the movie "Fear" but can look as low as 5'7/5'7.5 in other movie like Boogie Nights and Departed. I think the listed 5'8'' is spot on.
leonari said on 17/Oct/07
Guys: I don't see a full 3 inches. In one pic he has one leg on the steps . I see a full 2 inches...never 3.
leonari said on 17/Oct/07
very cool pics Rachelle! Can you now rule out a full 5'9" barefeet for MARK????
Rachelle said on 16/Oct/07
I am wearing flips flops. I think Mark is definetly 5'8"-5'8.5" barefoot and 5'9" in shoes, no doubt about it.

More pics: Click Here
derbi said on 16/Oct/07
rachelle, you're 5'6" right? So wahlberg looks a solid 5'9". there are 3 inches between you, maybe even slightly more. What kind of footwear were you wearing?
Bombay Rocker said on 16/Oct/07
So rach, what do you make out? 5 feet 8 or 5 feet 9? What were you wearing, seems like he is 3 inches taller than you
Rachelle said on 15/Oct/07
I saw Mark a couple of times this past week and I totally agree with Charlie 100%.

I got a couple of pics but here is one. He had just got back from golfing and was wearing golf shoes: Click Here
charlie said on 12/Oct/07
Thanks Leonari, nice to be believed:) Photos can be so hard to analyze with footwear and posture to consider, that's why I threw that in there, seemed to be few people who had met him. Shy guy, but very well mannered and genuinely nice.
Leung said on 10/Oct/07
Derbi, that photo is so sweet, it shows Marky Mark is all grown up and a family man. Yeah I agree he looks taller than his wife in that pic. But there are dozens of full body length pics on the internet which clearly shows that he is shorter than her.
He is still in the 5
Bombay Rocker said on 9/Oct/07
Is that rhea durham.....i am not sure about that besides too hard to judge from this pic.
Brah said on 9/Oct/07
Wahlberg and 5'7.75" Jeremy Piven:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
derbi said on 9/Oct/07
new pic that I found, consider that his girlfriend is 5'9":
Click Here
leonari said on 7/Oct/07
I believe you Charlie
charlie said on 6/Oct/07
I have met him twice at a golf course where I used to work in Orlando, FL. I am 5'10.5 in barefeet (honest height). Mark was wearing golf shoes which were prob about as big as the shoes I wear for work. He is 5'9 at the very most, 5'8 in barefeet is more likely. Without a doubt the nicest celeb. I have ever met, and I've met a number working at this resort. Was very soft-spoken and humble, completely "normal" kinda guy. Even came in the golf shop and paid for himself!
glenn said on 5/Oct/07
lets not forget 10 years ago joaquin looked 5-10 to me.7 or 8 months ago he looked 5-8.
Tuckfard said on 4/Oct/07
Mark has been slouching pretty badly in recent years, and the Joaquin Pheonix pics don't reveal much since they're film stills. Joaquin is definitely wearing lifts.
Leung said on 4/Oct/07
In regards to Wahlberg, I don
Leung said on 4/Oct/07
Bombay Rocker, I have noticed the same about Phoenix.
Generally he looks 5
Bombay Rocker said on 4/Oct/07
Editor Rob i am sure you know that phoenix wears lifts quite often, that's why in some of the other pics with people who are qround 5 feet 10, he looks their height. I am not entirely sure if he isn't wearing lifts here but barefoot i agree phoenix is 173 - 174 max.
Valeri said on 3/Oct/07
Id go with 5'7.5 for mark Rob. He looks it with good posture next to Phoenix.If Phoenix is 5'8 that is.

Click Here
Rocky said on 1/Oct/07
I agree with Dave. Mark's torso looks shorter in the second pic.

Also, did he lose a lot of weight between the first and 2nd pic or what? Not only in the body but the jawline seems to have a completely different shape.
dave said on 1/Oct/07
Mark...Glenn is at 5'7.5 in the bottom pic, Whalberg look not even an inch taller.
Mark said on 30/Sep/07
He is leaning slightly to his left. Also compare mouth, eye and shoulder levels. Mark Wahlberg looks closer to 5'9", or about 5'8.5."
Lmeister said on 24/Sep/07
The height difference can be due to foot wear and pavement. There is a lot of pics of me(5'8'') where I look as tall as my 5'11'' friends. In We own the night Mark Wahlberg is the same height as Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Duvall.
derbi said on 22/Sep/07
watch the film the basketball diaries.
wahlberg is in converse all the time, and compared to leo he does never look under 5'9".
Realheight 88 said on 21/Sep/07
I think he is 5'8.5''(174 cm).He is a little taller than glenn in both of pics, so i believe 5'8.5'' suits fine.
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/07
I though he was like 5'10" because I saw a site were that said it, could be like 5'9 3/4"(177cm). But I never though 5'8". But thats the magic of Hollywood.
derbi said on 20/Sep/07
but dave, 2-3 hours after bed glenn is 5'8" too, or maybe 5'7.75" or something like that.
So what you sa is, that wahlberg is 0.25" taller than glenn. And I think the difference is more as you can see on the pics.
dave said on 20/Sep/07
derbi....he may be 5'8.75 or 5'9 fresh out of bed. but 2 or 3 hours (which i consider to be our height) Whalberg is down to 5'8''.
derbi said on 18/Sep/07
dave, so glenn shrinks during the day like all of us. right. But you know celebs like wahlberg are also human beings. So what I want to say that if hes 0.75' taller than glenn at night, that makes him aroung 5'9" at night. plus wahlberg has a big forehead, so a hat makes him look shorter, you have to consider that too.
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
im not changing my mind.just stating the facts.i always said 5-9 was a possibilty.but 5-8 most likely.
Bombay Rocker said on 18/Sep/07
Click Here
Article here compares mark with vince papale, the character he portrayed in invincible and lists vince as 6 feet 2 and mak as 5 feet 8.5. I'll most probably buy that 5 feet 8.5 thingy. Mark is between 5 feet 8 - 5 feet 9, thats for sure.

[Editor Rob: South Jersey Magazine is the source it said.
dave said on 18/Sep/07
Glenn both of these pics are at night. you're 5'8'' in mornings and like all of us shrink down about a quarter of an inch right? If you're standing 5'7.75 in the bottom pic the most Whalberg could be is 5'8.5. He is wearing a hat as well, you both relaxed posture.
derbi said on 18/Sep/07
glenn, why is that? just changed your mind or what? lol
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
i do remember im being taller than me in the old days,but i was 5-7.but i couldve sworn he was shorter 7 years ago.
derbi said on 17/Sep/07
Glenn, tht wahlberg looks 5'6", 5'7" to you in the departed is just an illusion. It's partly because of the haircuts, camerangles etc. Also because his clothes made him look even bulkier than he already is.
Leonari, you can't say in general that v makes people look taller, because that's no right. You can make people look taller on screen, but especially if you want them to also look taller next to the other actors, you need to work with lifts, angles etc. during the whole film. If they don't give special attention to the actor's heights when shooting the film, short actors will look how they really are next to taller actors, or even shorter.
leonari said on 17/Sep/07
Of course it's possible. But I can only repeat myself: If the man is 5'9" or over he has a very starnge habit of looking short...especially in movies which is kinda absurd if you ask me. Tv makes people appear taller...not smaller.
glenn said on 17/Sep/07
i agree with derbi.judging from my recent pic,its possible he is 5-9.but when he looks 5-6,5-7 in the departed im not sure.5-8 is the safest.
derbi said on 17/Sep/07
how can this guy be only 5'8"? I'm totaly convinced that he's a full 5'9".
Look a these pics, his wife is 5'9" and in heels. so about 6'! He has probably 1 inch soles. So if he was only 5'8" there would be a 3 inch difference. I see 2 icnhes a the absolute most.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Brah said on 15/Sep/07
darren, they probably got 5'8.5" from online listings. Wahlberg's height is listed on websites and articles as 5'7", 5'8", or 5'8.5".
Brah said on 15/Sep/07
Here is a fan encounter with a pic. If you scroll down, she states that she is 5'9.5" in shoes and Wahlberg was 5'9" in shoes...sounds right.

Click Here
derbi said on 15/Sep/07
darren, that is not a good source that you're bringing in. I bet they just picked that height up from some hompeage that hade him at 5.8'5" in 2006.
derbi said on 15/Sep/07
here finally s couple of mark wahlbger full body modeling pics. As long as its not on the catwalk its not only about height, also a lot about proportion.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
darren said on 15/Sep/07
Invincible Reel Story vs. Real Story at ChasingtheFrog has him at 5-8 1/2:

Is the real Vince Papale the same height and weight as the actor who played him in the movie?

No. The actor who portrayed Papale in the film, Mark Wahlberg, is actually much smaller. Wahlberg is only 5-foot-8
derbi said on 15/Sep/07
rob, did you get my email with the mark wahlberg full body modeling pics?

Editor Rob
derbi, I honestly don't have time to upload/link images people send. Sorry man.
glenn said on 15/Sep/07
rachelle and i had been tearing up the streets for a bit.she will tell you im fact she will tell you i can look taller.and she saw,no lifts.your special mean,you know,special.i have a place in my heart for those less fortunate.
Bobbe said on 14/Sep/07
Rob have you ever met Glenn so you can confirm that he is 5:8?

Editor Rob
I thought you were Banned for your stupidity about Wahlberg and your insistance that glenn isn't 5ft 8. I think at least 2 or 3 if you include the girl Rachel had seen glenn in person, none of them thought what you wish...
Courtney said on 14/Sep/07
Ive seen that the Glenn guy hes with is exactly 5'8 and Mark Wahlberg looks a little taller, like 5'9 maybe 5'9 and a half
Tuckfard said on 13/Sep/07
Full body modeling for a designer like Calvin Klein at 5'8" as a guy is ridiculous. Kate Moss is the shortest female supermodel at 5'6," and even she is about 1-2 inches taller than the average for white girls in the US.

From the pics you posted lugano, Mark's legs (and whole body) look longer than mine, and I'm a bit over 5'9." Furthermore, he is looking 3.5 - 4 inches taller next to Kate. Kate could very well be shorter than 5'6", but I've seen too many photos of Mark looking 5'9" to 5'10" to think otherwise.

Here are some pics with Mark and his girlfriend Rhea Durham who is listed at 5'9." Mark is wearing ~1.5 inch boosting Timbs, and Rhea may be wearing flats (although I'm not a good judge of women's shoes). I still say about 5.9 1/2, but in these pics he is looking 5.8 1/2.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
lugano said on 13/Sep/07
Here are some pictures where you can see his legs :

Click Here
Click Here
leonari said on 13/Sep/07
Ok Derbi: Show me a single pictures of that CK campaign where you see his legs. A video clip of the commercial: Whatever. I don't see any reason why CK shouldn't use him. He had and still has a great body. No matter if he is 5'8" 5'7" or 5'9". I wasn't the one saying he shouldn't model at 5'8": that was Tuckfard our wise guy.
Viper said on 13/Sep/07
Glenn looks taller than Mark in the first picture to me.
derbi said on 12/Sep/07
leonari, his whole body was used. He has very very good proportions, so theres no point for ck not to use him.
And I don't like you saying if he's 5'8", because common, he's clearly taller then glenn so he must be over 5'8". I think 5'9" is a good guess.
glenn said on 12/Sep/07
5-9 tops.5-8 most likely.
Bombay Rocker said on 12/Sep/07
He's not 5 feet 10, atmost i can see him being 176 barefoot ofcourse, but my best guess is 5 feet 9
Tuckfard said on 11/Sep/07
I believe Marky Mark's claim of of 5'10." I've seen dozens of photos with him and others, including the ones with 5'10" Andre Benjamin (Outkast), 5'9" Jason Statham, and 5'9" Jeremy Piven. I've also checked out the pictures with his brother Donnie and the Wahlberg family photo. Judging from the two pics above, Wahlberg is definately taller than Glenn in the first, and is leaning in the second, wearing a cap that conceals his tall forehead. I just can't imagine that Calvin Klein would want a 5'8" guy to model underwear, so I see Wahlberg as 5'9.5" - 5'10."
Brah said on 7/Sep/07
Just saw "The Big Hit". He had a poofy brushed up hair style in the movie that made him look slightly taller, but minus the hair, he looked 5'8" next to 6' Lou Diamond Phillips. He was also about the same height in shoes as 5'5" Christina Applegate who was wearing these 3 to 4 inch heels.
Bombay Rocker said on 1/Sep/07
That will be cool Rach if you can pull it off but i doubt he will pose barefoot just because it sounds weird asking someone to have a pic with but barefoot and he might even get what you are upto but do you have some plan or something for this...just curious.
Rachelle said on 31/Aug/07
Bombay Rocker, I'll do it !!!! Lol, I am awaiting the day for Mark to get back to the NYC.
derbi said on 27/Aug/07
oh yeah i'm sure glenn could do that... lol
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/07
he looks 5'9 in those pictures with glenn ?
Bombay Rocker said on 27/Aug/07
Glenn, perhaps yo should catch him again and maybe get him barefoot this then can this mystery be
Bombay Rocker said on 26/Aug/07
I actually have to confess something here but i still feel mark is atleast 5 feet 8, i agree he wears lifts. I saw this guy come where i work and he was wearing those same nike air which mark wears very often and they were like kinda high top and i always thought those kinda shoes are low top and that you cant fit lifts in it and besides that except for invincible, most of his movies he is mostly wearing heeled shoes and very rarely in sneakers...but hey i am not certian if he does wear lifts but those kinda shoes, fitiing in lifts seems easy and not very hazardous so ya maybe.
Bombay Rocker said on 23/Aug/07
Agreed he can be 5 feet 8 but there is no way in hell that he is less than what Rob has him at.
glenn said on 22/Aug/07
true dave.and maybe lifts.
dave said on 22/Aug/07
He is maximum 1 inch taller than you Glenn, and who knows there could be camera trickery. Marky's in the 5'8'' range.
radio_man said on 22/Aug/07
i think he's between 5'7 and 5'8
I was watching shotter yesterday and I swear..he looks so hort and Kate mara was her co-star..well taht girl is tiny so he can look tall next to her..
I can bet mark it's 5'7..maybe 5'8 but I doubt that even
Bombay Rocker said on 20/Aug/07
I can say one thing for sure....mark was sure wearing lifts in invincible but there are a few good scenes where mark is wearing sneakers and i am pretty sure there was no room for lifts in those sneakers but i can bet all my money i have that he is no less than 5 feet 8
derbi said on 19/Aug/07
JK, how can you think that, if wahlberg looks taller than glenn in both pics?
JK said on 19/Aug/07
I think he is a solid 5'8'' just like Glenn
glenn said on 19/Aug/07
very true viper.but i have a 5-9 friend i swear is 5-8.
Viper said on 19/Aug/07
"ain't 5'9" barefoot. I'd bet the farm on that."

And Id bet money that he doesnt quite reach 5-8 too. Maybe hes as high as 5-7 1/2, but no taller. Somebody needs to find that magazine article where he said he was 5-7 1/2. And who knows, that could be a morning height as well.
derbi said on 18/Aug/07
leonari, why should he wear lifts in front of his house, in casula clothes, in sneakers/casuals?
Anyways I think that only height obsessed guys would wear 1 inch lifts (because who cares about the difference of 1 inch?!) and I think wahlberg is deffinitely not one of those guys, because he really isn't in need if that...
NoelSarah, would be great, if you could post that pic. (And would be really really great if you could measure yourself again, just to be sure about your height)
NoelSarah said on 17/Aug/07
I just had a photo taken with him near the set of "The Happening," and I am a solid 5'8". He appears to be an inch or two taller than me, but he might've been wearing tall shoes or something? I should've looked more carefully.
leonari said on 16/Aug/07
Derbi: Rachelle changed her mind on Marks height. Read previous posts. She doesn't think he was 5'9.25" anymore. More like a strong 5'8". What Glenn saw could have easily be 1 inch lifts which you can accomodate in almost any shoe.
myspace celebrity said on 15/Aug/07
i think 5'8 is correct; he was slightly shorter than charlize theron in the italian job
Bombay Rocker said on 15/Aug/07
I said 5 feet 9 which is 175.....check my post it says 5 feet 8.5 - 5 feet 9.25 most likely and then at the end i said "my guess is 175" and by the way thats my opinion have yours and i respect that.
glenn said on 11/Aug/07
exactly bryan.and possibly lifts.dmeyer you are right.i thought he gave the illusion of 5-6ish actually in the departed.
Bryan said on 11/Aug/07
He might be a little taller than Glenn, but it's tricky with the hats, the lean, the footwear and the street level.
Bombay Rocker said on 10/Aug/07
Well as much as i respect dmeyer and his sightings and in general his calculations and estimations are pretty accurate but i will definitely disagree on this one.....he is noway under 5 feet 8, next to impossible...5 feet 8, yes possible, 5 feet 8.5 - 5 feet 9.25 most likely, over 5 feet 9.5, highly unlikely but maybe, 5 feet 10.....hello goodmorning......he is 174 - 176 guess is 175.
dmeyer said on 9/Aug/07
can look under 5'7 to 5'7.5 in departed can look easy 5'9 in italian job this guy is 5'7.5 to 5'7.75 barefeet
D. Ray Morton said on 9/Aug/07
He ain't 5'9" barefoot. I'd bet the farm on that.
leonari said on 9/Aug/07
Viper: Thank you! Finally somebody who sees the same thing as I do. But he still is a height enigma if you ask me...sometimes I look at him and I am convinced he is barely 5'8" on a good day...on other ocasions he matches guys who are in the 5'9" area...mhhhh. Only one logic answer: LIFTS. Not al the time but in many movies and premieres he wears at least 1 inch lifts in his shoes and I say more like 1.5 inch Lifts.
Viper said on 8/Aug/07
Wahlberg looks well below average in just about everything.
t said on 7/Aug/07
Why do you guys want to assume people are shorter than they really are? The average height in the US is 5'9-10. Therefore, this is AVERAGE... not an opinion, a fact. Just assume Wahlberg is 5'9 (average) and be done with it.
ShortMarky said on 3/Aug/07
I agree with viper, He looks 5'7 to me and everything i see him in especially SHOOTER he looks the same height has his co star which is 5'7 thats probably why they got him becuase he was shorter and didn't want to make mark look like a little guy, but a 5'7 guy can look big if they have alot of muscle becuase then there upper body looks like an average guys upper body but just with little stubby legs which the camera always cuts off. But in boogie nights he looks really small to but ill give it to him for being in such good shape..but he should stay smaller like in boogie nights becuase now it looks like hes trying to make up for his height with all his muscles or he might just be getting older that too. But a good peice of evidence to show his height is that he his dating a girl that is 5'9 and i saw a picture of them on the beach and she looked 2 inches taller than mark
aboutmark said on 31/Jul/07
im 5'7 and i'll admit that i wear lifts all the time and they make me appear 5'9. You can't notice them at all i have 3 pears and they look exactly like normal shoes and actually some of the styles they have look better than normal shoes and they are extrememly comfortable i prefer to wear them to normal shoes. So thats why i don't believe anyone can judge height from pictures its just going completely on how they appear and not fact. Thats why i personly believe mark wahlberg is 5'7 and he probably wears lifts everywhere he goes plus he is always wearing those big boots now you could have some serious lifts in those up to 3 inches. just watch boogie nights and how short he looks even with those 70's platform shoes. you have to get some facts going you just can't judge by meeting the guy, if poeple guessed my height they would think i was 5'9.5 but little do they know i shrink to 5'7 without my shoes haha!
aboutmark said on 31/Jul/07
yea i just got through watching boogie nights and he definitely looks 5'7 or maybe 5'6, lifts can do alot don't forget that
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
Rachelle-ignore first post.crappy phone adds words by accident.
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
Rachelle-ignore first email.crappy phone adds words by accident.
nejv tha man said on 28/Jul/07
glenn/rob, wouldn't it be better to give an explanation beside the picture how it comes that he's 2 inches taller than glenn?
glenn said on 24/Jul/07
rachelle-my # is on the glenn page right now for someone else right now.take the #.before i have rob erase it.mark was here all last am i supposed to tell you if i cant call you? id tell you to email me now,but my yahoo isnt working.
Rachelle said on 23/Jul/07
Hmm... I am starting to re-think Mark's height. My previous statment about him being 5'9.25 would be his max height, which may be strethcing it a bit. He is definetly between 5'8 - 5'9. Glenn, do you know that the day we ran into other that Mark was at that hotel, but had checked out in the morning. If you ever know when he is going to be in NYC again, let me know!
glenn said on 16/Jul/07
i forgot to look actually.i went on looking at a couple of links here and forgot to look at this one.sorry.ill hopefully remember soon.
Bombay Rocker said on 16/Jul/07
Click Here
how much do you see rob....its vince papale with mark and btw i saw glenn's pic with vince papale and i think mark is comparatively taller with vince papale and he will definitely be wearing flat shoes here.
Hey glenn, what do you think of this pic and did you check out the link i was talking about with you.

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