How tall is Method Man

Method Man's Height

6ft 3 (190.5 cm)

American rapper and actor. On twitter he claimed "[shoe size] 12 and I'm 6'4".

How tall is Method Man
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Average Guess (21 Votes)
6ft 3.1in (190.7cm)
Tray rego said on 20/Sep/20
I say 6'1" he doesn't tower over 50 cent and 50 cent is 5'11"
Jtm said on 7/Jul/20
Thanks kay Leno for that information about Redman. I always knew 6'1-2 listing was bs
Tall Sam said on 6/Jul/20
I read in a hip hop zine a long time ago something to effect of Method Man being a bit under 6'4". He can actually look with good posture a somewhat strong 6'3", although Snoop Dogg is certainly a touch taller.
Jaidienfaust2095 said on 3/Jul/20
Im 6 foot 4 he is 6-3 maybe six three and a half
Clark Wayne said on 2/Jul/20
I met him in Houston back in February. He’s pretty tall. I’m 6’2 and he was definitely taller than me. He’s not quite 6’4” but I would definitely say he’s above 6’3”.
Kay Leno said on 30/Jun/20
Having met him in person twice I'd say he's 6'3. He seemed about as tall as Meek Mill.

Also Redman is hardly 6'1, he's 5'11 at best. I'm 5'10 and we were nearly the same height. Also why doesn't Red have a page?
Aaron Bamford said on 2/Jun/20
Also been measured properly recently turns out I’m in fact 6’4 not 6’3 like I thought I was must of grown in recent years (early 20s) and still can’t see much difference in height between me and him so maybe he needs and upgrade to 6’3 and half because he just looks such a similar height to me on this picture but maybe he is wearing lifts or just good angle of the photo making him look a little taller than he is in person
Aaron Bamford said on 11/May/20
I’m bang on 6”3 never below it quater to a half inch above it first thing in the mornings and can tell you for a fact that this guess is bang on can tell he’s tall but under the 6”4 mark and seen him in a lot of music videos and tv shows and can just tell from his frame and length of arms and legs there ain’t much or any height difference between me and him especially if you had me or someone my height stood next to him so yeah 6ft 3 inches seems legit
Jaidien Faust said on 11/Apr/20
Snoop Dogg is 6ft4 he is an inch taller than him just look up pics of them together
Canson said on 14/Feb/20
I’d say Bobby3342 is right. Here he is on an episode of Martin within last 5 minutes where he is in front of a height chart with shoes on. Actually looks weaker 6’3 like 6’2.5-6’3 range

Click Here
.bobbyh3342 said on 22/Sep/18
and by the way there is not a chance in hell he is 6'4 let alone 6'5 and im not judging by pics either, my team played a tournament in rucker and ended up coming in 3rd cuz my 6'10 center blew his ankle so i had to move to center (lol) im barely 6'6 in shoes 6 4 and change barefoot i had hops man but i aint 6'10 ,needless to say we got smoked our last 2 games but we got 3rd place ,, and meth was there the whole time talking sht . rob has him pegged 6 2.5 6
3 on a good day barefoot so yeah he would come close to his 6'4 claim in shoes
.bobbyh3342 said on 22/Sep/18
classic 6 2.5 guy claiming 6'4 its guys like this that make it hard for me to be 6'4
viper said on 18/Apr/18
He looks 6-3 with 6-8 James Comey. Click Here
dg said on 16/Jun/17
Redman claims 6'1" and that seems legit. Meth always looks to have 3 inches on him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Oct/16
Rob, a bit over or under 6ft3?

I'm on the fence. I did state in 2012 a bit under but now I'm not so sure.
Editor Rob: yeah, I ain't 100% sure either on this guy, not had a look for years really.
Josh said on 2/Oct/16
On Luke Cage he and Mike Colter were identical though he may have a bit on him. 6'3.25
Andrea said on 3/Apr/16
Rob, this guy claims 6'4 on Twitter! Of course, he is far away from that... As i said in the past, he can look between 6'2 and 6'3 in The Wire! A full 6'3, i'm not so sure about that!
Editor Rob: yeah I'll mention his claim, there is a clip Here with him I presume shoeless near the height chart, although the angles aren't the greatest.
Sam said on 25/Apr/14
Believeable listing, there's generally about inch (sometimes looks more, sometimes less) between Meth and Snoop, depending on their often dodgy posture and positioning. Read in a rap magazine in the 90s that Method Man was "almost 6'4"".
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KROC said on 13/Apr/14
I use to see him on occasion. He's nothing over 6'3. The RZA and Ghostface Killah are 6'2.
litebourne said on 9/Oct/13
You guys are way off the mark, me and my bro met Meth a while back my brown is 6ft 3 and meth towered over him. I'd say he's at least 6ft 4- 5 which is why he doesn't .look so shot next to Shaq.
Warnutztheloser said on 28/Aug/13
Snoop is 6"8
Lo sgozzatore said on 13/Aug/13
Rob, i saw him in The Wire and he looked between 6'2 and 6'3 to me.
Here's with Snoop Dogg: Click Here
Snoop looks at least 2 inches taller, you agree?
DB Cooper said on 7/Jun/13
could be 6'3.5
Ud190.5cm said on 1/May/13
Hey Rob,
In that photo of shequile o neal and meth i'm surprised he's not at all looking that tall next to meth? How much inch difference is there between both of them in that photo and seriously why shaq is looking not that tall next to him?
Reality said on 13/Oct/12
Like most rappers? You mean like most men!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/12
Real height is 6"2.25(189cm), IMO. Like most rappers tends to round up.
gerald said on 7/Jun/12
I was wondering how tall method is because I saw him doing a freestyle with Big Tigger and Tigger had to lower the mic when meth finished because the mic was at Tiggers forehead. At first I thought Tigger was just short but I met Tigger at the restaurant I was working at at the time and he is my height or maybe a little shorter and I'm 5.11 so Tigger hasd to be at least 5.10 and meth towered over him.
Quake said on 24/Oct/11
Really? he must of gotten taller than Rza. watch this vid Click Here
Moke said on 13/Oct/11
Dudes nothing under 190cm. He may be looking shorter due to athletic built and clothes. But everyone who's seen him face to face would know he's that tall. He doesn't even look that short next to Shaquille O'neal: Click Here
neal said on 18/Jul/11
come one guys, he is 6ft3.
method man ain't fully standing straight for your information.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/11
Nearer 6ft2...max 189cm
tony said on 2/Jun/11
I met Meth at a concert a while back and dude is atleast 6 ft 4 he had timberlands on so he looked like he was 6ft 6 couldn't believe how tall he was nothing shorter than 6ft 4 bearfoot I have played basketball at the colleagiate level so I am pretty good judge of height also you can't really tell with pictures
Candyman said on 15/May/11
Meth is doing his usual side lean in that photo with Snoop Adam. That would explain the gross difference in their heights. Snoop is marginally taller but not more than half an inch taller.
Dray said on 25/Apr/11
Methodman is way taller then most people think! See him in Soulplane, there's no actor who doesnt have to look up to him lol
Adam said on 22/Apr/11
How is he 6'3 if looks 2 to 3 inches shorter than Snoop here (listed at 6'3.5)? Click Here Either Snoop need an up grade or Meth is shorter.
anonymousas said on 20/Apr/11
in a song he says hes 6 ft 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Apr/11
6"2.5(189cm) is closer...maybe 190cm
Candyman said on 24/Feb/11
Well hey, since I look at pictures and have none to speak of and don't even measure myself correctly, I must be an excellent authority on the height of this man. He is exactly 5'11.934216" tall, no more no less... well maybe a fraction of an inch shorter at night, so lets just put him at 5'10.5" for good measure.
5'7.37 said on 20/Jan/11
This guy must be 6'3.25, looks like it on The Good Guys next to 6'4 Ed Begley Jr.
j said on 18/Jan/11
@youre wrong
thank you lol plz get a life
You're wrong said on 8/Jan/11
I met him at a Chinese food place in Worcester, MA back in 2000. Dude was at least 6'5". I don't care what any of you fools say. Looking at pictures and comparing heights. Get a life.
Dman1528 said on 17/Nov/10
i saw methodman from about 6 feet away hes deff. 6foot3 maybe even 6foot4 id say 6'3.5" im about 6foot1 and he made me feel short he was chilling standing on the corner in downtown oak bluffs in marthas vineyard two summers ago he was wearing all blue he had a show that same night at mv nectars with redman.
demitri said on 8/Jun/09
Well I think both, Meth and Snoop are 6'3.5' inches tall.
josh said on 23/May/09
i just saw 106 park today and i could tell you that redman is not 6'1 more like 5'11
J.R said on 3/May/09
redman-6'1 method man 6'3 w.o shoes 6'4 with them thats it
glenn said on 1/Apr/09
he is indeed a tricky one.
Big King said on 31/Mar/09
Ok I take my statement where I thought that Meth is an inch shorter than Snoog Dogg, back. Here on this photo Meth is at least as tall as Snoop Dogg. Click Here
Big King said on 31/Mar/09
All we know is that Meth is a strong 6'3" guy. He could even hit 6'3.5".
TELLEM said on 30/Mar/09
thats because redman isn't 6'1...hes 6'0
Big King said on 30/Mar/09
We don't know crap about this guy's height. On the one hand he towers clearly almost 4 inches over 6'1" Redman, on the other hand he doesn't look tall enough to list him at 6'5" and also when he's standing beside Snoop Dogg, Meth looks clearly almost an inch shorter.
orginal said on 23/Feb/09
ive met method man im about 6'3 maybe a lil over and he was taller than me so he has to atleast be 6'3.5 or 6'4
Rae'Chelle Hall said on 3/Feb/09
Method man is way taller than i thought he looks 6'3 to me in this picture.
jay89 said on 27/Dec/08
he's more like 6'4". next to josh peck he doesnt look like a 6'3 guy would (josh is 6ft). so i'd say 6'4". 6'5" in shoes.
Rob said on 17/Dec/08
Meth is 6'3 as he's a little shorter than 6'31/2 Snoop Dogg in the movie Soul Plane
Big King said on 13/Dec/08
Yes, Method Man towers about 4 inches over Redman. If Method Man is 6'3", then Redman has to be 6' at his peak but Redman is at least 6'1" tall, so Method Man could be around 6'4", yes.
Sam said on 12/Dec/08
Read an article years ago that described him as "nearly 6'4""
Lauren said on 11/Dec/08
If Hes 6'3, How The Hell Is Alicia Keys 5'5 ... In If I Ain't Got You (Video), There Ain't No Way That Alicia Keys Is 10Inches Smaller Than Him, Thats Almost A Whole Foot!
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/08
method man is 6'3.25
Big Bryk said on 26/Oct/08
Method man is 6'5". Redman is 6'1", as quoted in the song "How High", "I'm 6-foot-1 with a big ass gun." Meth towers over Red.
Height is Relative said on 16/Oct/08
Method Man-6'3"/Snoop Dogg-6'4"/Redman-6'0"/The Game-6'4"/Busta Rhymes-6'1"-6'2"/Doctor Dre-6'0"-6'1"/Ice Cube-5'9"/50 cent-6'0"
Big King said on 15/Oct/08
larry, I guess you mean the game Def Jam Vendetta where Method Man is written as 6'5" on his profile. All fighters of this game have upgraded, wrong heights, you know? Method Man is no more than 6'3". He only looks a bit tall. So 190cm is where I put the money on.
TELLEM said on 7/Oct/08
i think method man needs an upgrade...he towers redman who's around 6'0-6'1...
renxo said on 3/Oct/08
i think since snoop dogg is thinner that gives him a n optical illusion of being taller
Zack said on 20/Sep/08
I dont know why you need to say that man is smaller. I think that many people here have Napoleans complex. I work for one festival in Europe and I saw many rappers and stay with them in line,and I cant say you real heights. I saw Meth and talk with him and he is 205 CM tall, I think it s 6-6 or 6-7. I guaranteed for this because I m 193 cm tall and he is bigger than me 12 cm. So 6'6 i think!

I saw this people :

Dr. Dre 6'2.5
Snoop Dogg 6'9
Eminem 5'9
Xzibit 5'11
Havoc of Mobb Deep 5'3
Jay Z 6,4
Matt said on 17/Jul/08
I would say based on these pics snoop needs to be upgraded? Meth is definately leaning, but you can see, even if he straightens up, snoop will still have about an inch if not more on him

Click Here

Click Here

lol @ the thinness of snoops face compared to meths.
Daren the 5"10 said on 15/Jul/08
Hard to tell his height because he wears such baggie clothing.
METH said on 28/Apr/08
Sid said on 23/Apr/08
On Oz he was in front of a height chart in the ep where he first comes into em city after stabbing supreme i think but i can't remember the height.
Rankuia said on 1/Apr/08
I almost thought that Method Man has to be 6'5" tall. It was written in Def Jam Vendetta.
brother_h said on 5/Jan/08
i was looking for the remna chat but u dont have one rob.
redman is shorter than nick cannon and how tall is he? 5'10 right. so redman will be 5'9
tim said on 20/Dec/07
method man is 6'4 he said so in his lyrics in his song new york
Derek said on 18/Dec/07
He's not 6'4". My dad is 6'3 1/2" and Meth was not taller. He seemed 6'3" to me and he's definitely nothing under that.
phil said on 1/Dec/07
saw him today at a toys r us in staten island, i say 6'4''. had boots on didnt seem like much of a heel though
Derek said on 15/Sep/07
Snoop is slightly taller than Method Man, though Snoop looks taller than he really is with his thin frame.
tv viewer said on 9/Sep/07
Method Man is 6"3 and 2/9ths of an inch
glenn said on 25/Aug/07
no.snoop is 6-4.
JD said on 25/Aug/07
So he's as tall as Snoop Dog Glenn?
Derek said on 11/Jun/07
My friend saw him 2 weeks ago. 6'3" it is.
Anonymous said on 30/May/07
bubbles, i know for a fact the wire does not pick extras by height. but you are correct, method man is 6'3'' without shoes and can appear to be much taller when he stands up straight.
larry said on 4/May/07
i have a game where rappers fight , method man is on there and on his profile it has 6'5 but i thought he was 6'3, it also had redman 6'1.
Derek said on 11/Apr/07
Meth is from the same town as me and I've seen him at the local mall. He's 6'3", not the 6'2" or 6'2 1/2" others claim.
Blackmax said on 26/Mar/07
I don't think he is a solid 6 ft 3 (191 cm), he looks more like 6 ft 2 (188cm) maxmimum.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 14/Mar/07
is redman 6'1.5 or is he smaller cant see him being any taller doesnt seem it
bubbles said on 7/Mar/07
listen i was an extra on a show called "the wire" which was shot in baltimore in 2002. In four scenes I was within five yards of method man (all of them made it to production btw) and I promise you he is 6 foot 3 without shoes.

they chose all the extras by height- all men were 5 foot11-6 feet tall and all woman were very short to make method man stand out.
Glenn said on 6/Dec/06
I could be wrong Derek.
Derek said on 6/Dec/06
Snoop is 6'4" Viper. I honestly thought Meth was 6'3". Glenn, are you sure about 6'3 1/2"? He didn't look over 6'3" when I saw him a few years ago.
Viper652 said on 5/Dec/06
The thing is, Ive seen a couple of pics of him and Snoop and Snoop looked taller, by more than an inch even. Either Method is really just a flat 6-2 or Snoop is 6-4-6-5.
J. said on 4/Dec/06
I remember a magazine article describing Meth as 'imposingly tall' and as proven by that height chart clip on "OZ", he is a solid 6'3".
Derek said on 2/Dec/06
I thought he was 6'3" flat. He's definitely nothing under 6'3", but then again, I could've been taller than I thought when I saw him at the local mall a few years ago.
Glenn said on 20/Nov/06
I agree,6-3.5 min.
Bablo said on 19/Nov/06
method man is at least 6ft4 because he is a least 3 inches taller than busta rhymes (which is supposedly 6 ft 1) in that music vide they did together.
Viper652 said on 10/Nov/06
I give Meth 6-2 1/2.
Derek said on 9/Nov/06
Meth is my homeboy. He's from my hometown and yes, 6'3" is correct.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 11/Jun/06
Click Here
even though what type of shoes they r wearnin more than likely tims, meth looks his 6'3 maybe 6'2.5 on a slouch and red looks 6'0.5 i think idk someone tell me.
J. said on 10/Jun/06
Episode of "Oz" (entitled 'Blizzard of '01'), from it's fourth season ...a barefoot Method Man stands behind height chart. Comes right in at 75 inches. So 6'3" he is.
don said on 19/Apr/06
yeah i actually was in the front row of a concert not only was he taller then redman he also came to the edge of the stage and he high fived me, it was good s***..secondly...glenn looks a s***load like the rock....the wrestler lol
Smoke said on 19/Apr/06
Meth looks 6"2 and no taller. I have seen a pic of him back to back with John Cena and they looked about the same with Meth maybe an inch taller and no more. If Cena is really 6"1 then Meth is 6"2.
mefman said on 15/Mar/06
meth is 6"4 he says so on an old freestyle with ghostface over black moons "i gotcha open" beat

"whats 6"4, comin at ya jaw? its me kid..."
Jake said on 5/Mar/06
6'3" is about right, definantly not taller.
1 said on 9/Feb/06
"six foot fore commin at your jaw"
Ball-A-Hallic said on 28/Jan/06
I kno in this this movie both meth and red wore timberlands and it looks as if Meth has like 3 inches on Red maybe 4 but that white guy looks about Red's height maybe smaller like 6'0 or 5'11 if Red's really 6'1.5
Glenn said on 25/Jan/06
he was tall!
wrestling said on 25/Jan/06
He Looks Over 6'2" , Redman Is 6'1" 1/2 And He Looks 1" Taller So 6'2-6'3" Sounds Good
Ball-A-Hallic said on 25/Jan/06
Looks it jus cuz hes slouchin he looks 6'0 but i bet if hes upright hes like 6'3 or 6'4 atleast.

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