How tall is Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2 ¾ (189.9 cm)
American actor, best known for playing Worf on the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. On Twitter he claimed "I'm 6'3" 200lb".

How tall is Michael Dorn
5ft 8 Rob and Michael (age 53) @ Collectormania Manchester, Nov 2006

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Average Guess (38 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 2.36in (188.9cm)
Current: 6ft 1.54in (186.8cm)
Slamo said on 18/Apr/23
Looks 6-2 peak. Now 6-1.5 max.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/23
Yes, going back to my comment dating back to March 2017, my boyfriend really did believe that I fancied Michael IN KLINGON FORM!

I did like him very much, of course, and simply LOVED his voice! A voice goes far when attracting someone to another…..

6ft2.75 peak and 6ft1.75 today.
Frakieack said on 19/May/22
Looks not even 185cm in Rob's pic
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Feb/22
Here's a more recent photo of Dorn and Frakes (along with Brent Spiner)

Click Here

I think Frakes can still hold on to 6ft2 at his low while Dorn falls a bit under it
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 3/Feb/22
Rob, why you can sit on his eye level if he's 6'2? i've seen some 6'1 guys's eye level that taller than you, with Jenny, it could be wose, what's exactly happening here?
Editor Rob
I think he has shrunk a bit, but has a fairly low eyelevel. WIth Jenny also tilted another 1/2 inch down so it looks 5.5 inches there.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jan/21
I'd like to find out one day how tall his Star Trek son, Alexander, grew to. By the way, I am watching Star Trek Next Generation, and not Deep Space Nine. Alexander has been corrected by his Dad for fooling around! 😂😂😂
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jan/21
Michael Dorn has a very attractive, masculine voice. (I've got DS Nine on right now.)

6ft2.5 peak; 6ft1.75 today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Nov/20
187cm at worst today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Aug/20
Rob, could he be as low as 187cm now?
Editor Rob
Could be heading to that 187 range now.
Nik said on 29/May/20
@ 184guy - I would say the other way round!
OriginalAnon said on 10/May/20
He looks 187cm in the photos. He has a big head and looks to have large bone structure. He is probably taller, though, looking at other photos.
Jkiller said on 18/Jan/20
Currently 187cm, peak was 189-189.5 for sure.
berta said on 11/Jan/20
never looked 190 cm peak. maybe out of bed but in afternoon i guess he was no taller than 188,5 and today maybe 187
Nik Ashton said on 29/Sep/19
@ Sandy Cowell - The 21 voters should take a leaf out of your book and watch “The Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine”, I should too!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Sep/19
@ Nik - I can't see Michael measuring any lower than Rob's stated peak when he starred in the Star Trek follow-ups 'The Next Generation' and 'Deep Space Nine'.

6ft2.75 peak;
6ft1.5 now.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Nov/18
Doesn't look over 186-187cm
josh b said on 8/Nov/18
Click Here
Here's my pic from Destination star trek with Michael, cool fellow, only hugged women :P
Editor Rob
I never seen him, though he still seems like he'd be near 6ft 2 range.
Nik said on 8/Jun/18
I don't buy 6'2"!
berta said on 16/Mar/18
yeah his claim is kind of honest he have probably been measured at 6 foot 3 early on the day sometimes and goes with that.
Editor Rob
Dorn claimed 6ft 3, Frakes claimed 6ft 4, Delancie claimed 6ft 3.

They all kind of looked similar range on Star Trek.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Feb/18
Reasonable claim....still think Frakes was a strong 6ft3
HeightMan said on 19/Jul/17
Not over 186 in his hey-day. They probably gave him higher boots (after all, the male actors wore padded "muscle shirts" under their uniforms, in the show, as Will Wheaton has revealed!) and the ridges add something too. In the Klingon episodes he looked as tall as his "brother" Tony Todd, they definitely put him onto a box occasionally!
World Citizen said on 6/Jun/17
A legit 6 ft 1 is the max what he looks to me.
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Mar/17
Michael played my favourite ever Klingon, the great and dependable Worf! I used to joke with my boyfriend that I fancied him!
I like his little son in the programme as well, Alexander! It comes as no surprise that Worf was just under 6ft3, and that today he still measures 6ft2.
berta said on 20/Feb/17
he is 64 i would gues he have lost about 1-1,5 cm in that age cause he have bad posture. looking on the photos 188 is max what he can be. i would say 187 could be a good listing these days with a "almost" 189 peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Oct/16
Rob, who looked taller in person Dorn or Dance?

They've both clearly lost a bit of height
Editor Rob
both similar range, Dorn I think last time Jenny got a photo with him, he didn't look as muscular compared to the time I seen him a few years earlier. I've no idea if he has shrunk a bit more by now.
184guy said on 7/Sep/16
185,5 with rob and 183,5-184 with jenny
Josh Jeffords said on 5/Sep/16
He never looked that tall even with the mask and stuff .
Weird could be a weak 6 2 in his boots
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jul/16
Am I the only one who thinks he'd be perfect to play OJ?
Peter 179cm said on 14/Jul/16
Around 184cm with Rob, 185-186 range with Jenny (with more footwear).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Nov/15
Compared to big John Frakes he looks roughly 1in shorter
Moke said on 14/Oct/15
This is not what 6'2 looks like.
Scootie Adamn said on 2/Jul/15
184 cm With rob
Yaspaa said on 31/May/15
He's side by side with Billy Campbell in the turbo lift in 'The Great Okona'. I'd guess Billy had 0.75 on Worf. Billy didn't look 6'3.25 in the episode though, but Rob's had a photo him so... I think Worf may have had a slight footwear advantage too. Billy's footwear look quite large but doesn't have much of a heel. I still think 6'2 peak for Dorn.
Lorne??? said on 10/Apr/15
Hey you downgraded him! This is right, though it confirms sorvino at 189 rather than 6'3.

Him and Frakes losing a good 2cm makes more sense than a big inch in 50's...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Mar/15
Yeah a weak 6ft3 is spot on. Frakes was always a bit taller
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Nov/14
Lowest peak height was 6ft2½(189cm).
Bob said on 17/Nov/14
To Jay Walker - Bare in mind the boots worn by actors in Klingon outfits add quite a bit to their height. They are almost like platforms.
Jay Walker said on 9/Oct/14
Just watched Gambit part 2 and he looks about a foot shorter than the Klingon Koral (played by 6'9 NBA legend James Worthy) when they stand side by side. I'm going to go with 6'1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/14
If Dorn was every bit of 6ft3 on The Next Generation then Frakes was 6ft3½(192cm) with ease, possibly a weak 6ft4.
SaveUsY2J said on 29/Sep/14
Wire says on 28/Jul/14
Im watching Chips right now, and he looks nothing more than 6'1. No more than 2 inches on 5'11 Robert Pine and at least 3 inches shorter than 6'4 Brodie Greer.

He didnt shrink. Was never 6'3 or 6'2 to begin with.

Why hello there, Viper.

Sorry, no chance he's 6'1 even today.
Wire said on 28/Jul/14
Im watching Chips right now, and he looks nothing more than 6'1. No more than 2 inches on 5'11 Robert Pine and at least 3 inches shorter than 6'4 Brodie Greer.

He didnt shrink. Was never 6'3 or 6'2 to begin with.
LAnative said on 24/Jul/14
Wow, he looks great.

My dad, once 6'3", is now closer to 6'1" and he's the same age and general shape as this fellow.

I think the prosthetics on his noggin added a few inches, making him seem taller than #1.
Janza said on 1/Jul/14
looks nothing like he did on Chips
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jan/14
"Peak height was 6ft 2.75in (190cm)"

He was always a little shorter than Frakes who was a strong 6ft3...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Dec/13
Still looks 6ft2 now, IMO.
But peak, he may have been a fraction shy of 6ft3 in Next Generation, Rob?
Rey said on 15/Jul/13
Also, Jonathan Frakes claimed 6'4". I met him about 4 times, very-very nice man. I believe he was closer to 6'3"--giving the illusion that Michael Dorn was taller.
Wilson said on 12/Jul/13
I doubt he's lost 3cm, where exactly has a healthy man lost this height? And, he doesn't look frail, he just doesn't work out like he did, he's lost the beef.
Rey said on 9/Jul/13
I would give him 6'1" 1/2 at best in these photos. Not even a weak-weak 6'2".
Alex said on 16/Jan/13
He did look very tall in Star Trek. Though he might have been wearing lifts cause te role demanded it.
Andy 185cm said on 20/Nov/12
definately 6'2, i also have a big head. I have the body of a 5'11 guy, but my long neck and big head makes me 6'1
Elijah said on 18/Nov/12
BTW isn't that pretty young to be losing height? He would have only been 52-53 and 54 going 55 in each of the pictures. And it's not even just a cm which would perhaps be a bit more plausible, but 3 whole cms! My father is 55 and still as tall as he was at 20.
Ali Baba said on 12/Nov/12
Now says he looks to have lost quite a bit of weight and is starting to look a little on the frail side. Click Here
Elijah said on 11/Nov/12
Looks really good for his age. He gives a somewhat taller impression in the Jenny picture for some reason. I'd give him 187-188cm.
Ali Baba said on 29/Oct/12
I saw him this weekend and he's lucky if he's even 6' even. Looked more like 5'11" to me.
thorterr said on 3/Sep/12
yer 6ft 3 with the klingon head ,hes scraping 6ft 1 here
avi said on 4/Aug/12
solid 6 inches on Rob 6'2 seems to be fair enough but if he is in military posture yeah 6'2.3 or something is believable.
tom said on 10/Jun/12
6-2" looks a bit too much imo.
ChiasmataX said on 17/Jan/12
@Rampage, this guy is not 188-189cm. He's not taller than the dude from height challenge # 8 period. He's around 186-187cm at most. With Jenny he looked 6'2 because of his footwear advantage. With Rob, I don't see how he's taller than #8 guy who was also with Rob.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/11
Looks 188cm(6"2) tops in both
ChiasmataX said on 7/Dec/11
Come on Rob he looked about 185cm just compare him to the dude from height challenge # 10. Maybe in person he looked taller?
LAN Jiao said on 18/Oct/11
With jenny rob alone he look 6'1. But standing pretty relax. I bet he can pull up 2-3cm max. Not over 6'2 straight up. Shoe advantage if dorn gets a liitle then 6'1.5 spoted
jeremy said on 29/Sep/11
looks more 6ft1.5-6ft.75
Sam said on 8/Sep/11
5.25 inches between him and more than that...6'1.25...6'1.5 if he is lucky
Legend said on 25/Aug/11
Are u kidding me? He's 6'1 in the pictures.
Alex said on 21/Aug/11
Looks 6'1 1/2 with Rob. I dont see 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/11
188cm max today
James said on 26/Jun/11
no more than 188cm with rob
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/11
Looks marginally under 6ft2 with both Rob and Jenny.
Mathew said on 20/Jun/11
I think he's 6'2" today. Not sure about peak, maybe 6'2.5"? But today 6'2" flat.
Nils said on 16/Jun/11
This guy would not be measured 6'2
Judging from the pics he is max 6'1.5
I think he looks about 6'1.25 maybe 6'2.5 peak?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Jun/11
6ft2.25 or 6ft2.5 peak.
James said on 15/May/11
188cm is okay for him for him today
Dean said on 10/May/11
Miles off! he looks 186-187 most!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/May/11
188cm now
190cm peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Apr/11
I dont get it response to my post you say he may not be over 6"2 now, but in response to James post you say your unsure if he's under 6"2. He has to be one or the other Rob?

Editor Rob
he may not be over/under, which leaves him as maybe being 6ft 2 :)
Lenad said on 29/Apr/11
Probably 6'2 max today and 6'3-ish peak
Lenad said on 26/Apr/11
6'2-ish today
James said on 24/Apr/11
i think all around 6'2 (188cm) is fine
James said on 18/Apr/11
maybe a current height of 6'1.75 (187cm)?

Editor Rob
I'm not sure under 6ft 2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/11
Rob you sure this guy is still over 6"2?

Editor Rob
today he may not be
Big Jon said on 19/Mar/11
Look easily 6 inches on Jenny so I would say a Solid 6'2 with her and with Rob more a 6'1.5
James said on 18/Mar/11
okay 6'1 (185cm) in the left pic with rob
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
He is looking really good for a 58 year old. Legit 6'2 minimum
James said on 14/Feb/11
Looks a solid 6ft.05 (184cm) in the left pic with rob only because of his lean so he is losing roughly 1 inch of height so 6'1.5 (187cm) straightend up.

With Jenny though he does not look a full 6'2 to me more more like 186 or 187cm.

I doubt this guy was ever 6'3. like samuel L jackson more of a 6'2 guy and now closer to 6'1 maybe???????????

So maybe a current height of 6'1.25 (186cm) and a peak height of 6'2 (188cm). He does have footware advantage in these pics so he really does not look anywhere near 6'2.5 let alone 6'3.
TruebloodFan said on 13/Feb/11
I see a 6ft2. no reason he couldn't be 6ft2.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jan/11
Looking 6"2 flat in these pics
Jimbo said on 1/Jan/11
looks about 185cm with Rob and it is possible he has lost a cm or 2 from his peak height being in his fifties.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Dec/10
6"2.75(190cm) peak
Moke said on 18/Dec/10
Looks a strong 6'1 with Rob and 6'2 with Jenny. Shortest 6'2.5 guy I've ever seen :)
Newt said on 28/Oct/10
I change my previous verdict, he's 186 max
Ali said on 1/Jul/09
Probably 6'2 peak. Looks 6'1'5.
sidewinder said on 24/Jun/09
I don' t think 6'2. He is a little taller than that. I' d say 191-190 is accurate with Frakes at 193-192.
Hugh 190cm said on 22/Jun/09
6ft2 flat.
Haze said on 11/Jun/09
looks 6'1 at best
sprint84 said on 30/May/09
And comparing him to Nathan Fillion's photo with you, Dorn (listed at 6'2.5") looks to be 1"-1.5" shorter than Fillion (curiously listed at 6'1.5"). Did Dorn himself tell you his height?

Editor Rob
Dorn doesn't have as good a posture as a guy like fillion, nor camera advantage. Dorn last time I saw him with jenny could be now just 6ft 2 mind you.
sprint84 said on 30/May/09
He's just overall big (or was, he looks thinned out in the second photo) -- big head, big hands, and maybe 6'1"-6'1.5". When I met him a few years ago, he was about 2" shorter than me (6'3"-6'4" depending on time of day).

On a side note:
Rob, I think you should start policing the overuse of the word "towering" on this site. I've seen it applied to even the slightest of height advantages.
Anonymous said on 29/May/09
looks 6,1 there mAX. mebe his peak height was 6,2
Yaspaa said on 4/May/09
great to him in the Heroes finale,looking slim but healthy.
Hugh 190cm said on 23/Mar/09
Yeah 6ft3 prime.
LOL said on 7/Feb/09
looks 6'1 and 3/4"
rob89 said on 29/Jan/09
Looks a solid 6'1 but no more.
Derek said on 27/Jan/09
Rob- I only see 6'1"-6'1.5" at best.
Ian said on 27/Jan/09
Not 6ft3 not even 6ft2 about 6ft1. 4.5 inches above robs head (Rob being about 5f8-5ft8.25 for instance+ 4.5" = 6ft0.5 give him 6ft1 because his head is little bigger.
Alex said on 27/Jan/09
I'd say 6'1 in both pictures.
yoyo said on 6/Dec/08
Michael Dorn looks no more than 6ft1 above. maybe his standing posture was wrong.
nick said on 27/Oct/08
rob michael dornneeds a downgrade, i am very unbiased, however i use to say that he was 6'1 in the photo with you, now he has two chances to not look that short and he is 6'1 once again with jen. Thi is photographic proof that he isnt 6'2.5 as of today which is bing implied. Everything is relative he isnts satanding so straight but either are you or either s jenny, the fact is is that he is not 6.5 inches taller than you are, not even 5.5.

Hey this is what this website is all about, to verify claims of celebsheight an in this case mike was a little off or just isnt as tall as he use to be, but he stll is tall bt not 6'2.5 but 100 PERCENT 6'1.5

Editor Rob
nowadays I don't think he's got the same worf like posture of next gen, he can look like a 6ft 1.5 guy, but think he has better posture in him.
Anonymous3 said on 25/Oct/08
6'1.5 max IMO + or - .25 inch, 6'2.5 peak possible.
Anonymous said on 8/Oct/08
he looks like 6'1 in both pictures
Danimal said on 8/Oct/08
He aged quite a bit in a mere 2 years.
jon said on 31/Aug/08
whatever height he is he makes Rob look like a shrimp
Lenad said on 30/Aug/08
Why thank you Ralf
ralf said on 30/Aug/08
wow he is good-looking
miko said on 6/Aug/08
Like the brushback style Rob.

Dorn nowadays is probably 6"2.5, definate 6"3 peak.
runt said on 28/Jul/08
6-1 if he straightens up. The lean gives a 6' impression because Rob's eye level is very close to Michael's mouth level. Eye to mouth is generally only 3"!
Marcel said on 28/Jul/08
The guy is slouching big time. He has a body of a 6ft2 guy. If he full erects he would be lots taller then rob.
Jordan said on 10/Jul/08
He looks about 6'1, but def a solid 230lbs it appears. He was always the most well built member of TNG.
lolwut said on 17/Jun/08
looks more 6'1 here, but as Rob says he isn't standing as erect as he could. I'd say Dorn was definetly a strong 6'3 on TNG, maybe 0.5-1 inch shorter now.
Yaspaa said on 18/May/08
I can live with that.
Arnie said on 14/May/08
A strong 6'2 and a half with normal shoes on , sounds accurate,
Yaspaa said on 7/Mar/08
6-7",we would all look pretty freaky. Rob's right, 6'1 in this picture. If he were 6'3 the top of Rob's head would be around the bottom of his nose.
I always wondered why James Cromwell looked so much much taller than Jonathan Frakes in First Contact,it looks like Jonathan was and is around 6'2,making Michael 6'1-6'1.5".
JackieTreehorn said on 20/Feb/08
from between your eyes to the top of your head can be about 6-7". I can easily see 6-2 to 6-3 for him here, especially since he has such a big head.

Editor Rob
6-7 inch? Never. It's easy for me to know how height differences look in my own wide-angle pics because I know my pupil distance is not over 6.5cm and so this is a max reference for most photos I have. In this photo I can calculate dorn stands about 6ft 1 mark. Although he isn't standing as erect as he could.
MaddThinker said on 20/Feb/08
Usually I think you guys are over zealous about downgrading but I gotta agree on this one! Here it looks like he's got half a head on the guy in the pic. So unless his head is a foot long 6'3" is a no go. Maybe with the Klingon forehead...
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/08
right S4M I'd say 6'1.25 or 6'1.5
S4M said on 16/Feb/08
Doesn't look 6'3. But I'd definately give him a solid 6'1.
aerotive said on 16/Feb/08
Looks 6ft2 maybe 6ft3. Just a bit shorter than Frakes who's 6ft4. They both looked tall on TNG.
ferrnn said on 16/Feb/08
unless that dude is slouching big time, he is no more then 6,1
nick said on 12/Feb/08
Click Here

A height scale i made, the last line is 6'3. Considering that rob is exactly 5'8 this makes Routh in the photo about 6'2 6'2 1/4. Mr. Dorn seems to be about 6'1 1/4 in the photo, he just seems too far away from that 6'3 mark to be considered a 6'3 guy. I would downgrading him to 6'2 current to be a little more accurate rob. He may have been pek 6'3, but my guess is he was peak 6'2.5 which can be rounded to 6'3 and he lost around 3/4 to a half in in height so now 6'2. Honestly if dorn was a legit 6'3 that is how 5'10 would look against him.
miko said on 11/Feb/08
What do you say Rob? A small downgrade?

Editor Rob
would need to see him again to be sure.
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/08
Worf is definetly taller than Picard, but I think he's shorter than Riker who is 6'3 I'm guessing Michael Dorn is around 6'1.
Danimal said on 10/Feb/08
Does NOT look 6'3" here. Sorry.
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/08
no way he's 6'3, that is not what a 5'8 person looks on 6'3 person, true he's slouching but not by much, he looks 6'1 max.
Charliemoto said on 9/Feb/08
with good posture he wouldn't be taller than 190cm imo.
miko said on 9/Feb/08
Perhaps a 6"2.75 peak and 6"2.25 current.
nick said on 8/Feb/08
well i compared him to routh, he really does look 6'2 not 6'3 and i believe this is definite proof of that or close too it. I know pictures can be tricky, but with the constant setting of the place rob gets his pictures taken we know there is no uneven ground and the camera is always constantly at the same level. I know that a 6'3 guy does not look like this against a 6'2.5 man eveer especially in these conditions.

Click Here

Editor Rob
Routh in the photo with me is on the 6ft 2 mark. I think some people can't believe that.

Anyway, Dorn appears 6ft 0.8 in that photo or near enough 6ft 1. But he's got a poorer posture than Routh and a bigger head. From what I remember, similar shoes, around 1 inch. There is possibility he dropped a little from 6ft 3 peak, not very much though.
derek said on 8/Feb/08
He seems to be slightly leaning here... so maybe a solid 6'2? He looks well above 6'1.
Derek said on 8/Feb/08
I only see 6'1" here, maybe 6'1" and a bit of change. No way is he 6'3". I'm 6'2" and 5'8" people come up to the bottom of my nose or a bit below.
Xander said on 8/Feb/08
i dont know.. But i would say a 6ft2 max!?He looks a litle smaller than chad smith..
Ras said on 8/Feb/08
Definitely not 6'3.
Antin said on 8/Feb/08
No more than 6ft1, i look so with 5ft10-11 man
Brah said on 8/Feb/08
I didn't recognize Worf without his ridges
nashville said on 8/Feb/08
I'm thinking 6'1" too, Rob....a downgrade is in order here! Unless Worf is leaning into the shot more than seems evident.
miko said on 8/Feb/08
Looks a solid 6"1 Rob, perhaps 6"1.75 (188cm), perhaps not 6"3?
RobertJ said on 8/Feb/08
If he's 6'3'' than Brandon Routh is 6'5''..and we all know he's not so worf definitely needs a downgrade.
worf said on 8/Feb/08
looks about 6'1" in that picture
Jordan said on 31/May/07
He looks 5 inches taller than Picard( 5'9.5) but thats with his huge rigdes. I think he is 6'1 in real life, becasue he is shorter than frakes( 6'3) even with the cranial ridgeds on his head.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/07
I met him a few years ago at a conference and I stand 6ft 6in and he was a good 7cm shorter than me
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/07
I think the reason he looks a little shorter than Frakes, because Worf was always very muscular, broader shoulders etc. (he is after all a mighty Klingon Warrior).
TNTinCA said on 12/Jan/07
Truth of fact, J. Michael Straczynski apparantly pitched the idea of Babylon 5 to Paramount Studios back in 1989. They declined but a few years later, DS9 was created based on the success of TNG. Quite a few folks claim Paramount stole the idea.
sleuth said on 4/Dec/06
I thought DS9 and Babylon 5 were conceived pretty much simultaneously and definitly independently.
shemp said on 4/Dec/06
I'm glad you finally added him Rob. I have to say this height is right. He is at the very least 6'3. I am 6'2.75 (190cm) and I met him once at a Star Trek convention. He was slightly taller than me, about 1-2cm. He's also a very nice guy, talked to me for about 5 minutes, very friendly. I have a photo with him, but unfortunatly he's sitting down. I also met Frakes, and I think he had a full inch on me. Frakes always looked slightly taller in TNG, about 1-2cm. Him and Frakes always towerd over everyone in TNG. Oh and Deep Space Nine wasn't that bad...
J.J.F said on 30/Nov/06
I detect a hint of Trekkie ambivilence... :) Dorn always looked same height as Frakes to me.

Editor Rob
I had to get that in somewhere ;) I used to watch both shows actually. I think Dorn has stayed the same height and Riker's ever expanding girth (no Shatner girdle could contain it) pulled him down a bit by last film.

Something about dorn...way more friendly and humble than imagined in person.

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