How tall is Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's Height

5ft 7in (170.2 cm)

American socialite, actress and singer best known for her TV series The Simple Life. In film she has appeared in House of Wax and The Hottie and the Nottie.

How tall is Paris Hilton
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Average Guess (18 Votes)
5ft 6.58in (169.1cm)
banana said on 4/Aug/17
5'6 seems right for her.
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Joshua said on 17/Jul/17
I've saw her before, she's 5'7
anonheight said on 6/Jul/17
Looks 5'9 to me.
AJ in Lv said on 12/Apr/17
I met her in June 2006 at the Bellagio poker room. I'm not a fan, but it's notable when a famous person sits at your table to play poker. I was surprised how 'tiny' she was. There's no way this girl is taller than 5'5". She was wearing spikes and was still very small. She was very polite and talkative with all the players at the table. Super cool girl but in no way is she 5'9".
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Mar/17
The girl Paris Hilton stars with in 'House of Wax' is Elisha Cuthbert, who is written up as 5ft1.5, though there is a serious debate going on about the accuracy of this on her page. I've just been there!
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Mar/17
@ Camron1997 - If you like Paris, check her out in the film 'House of Wax'! I found it enjoyable beyond all expectation!
Oh, and she's a good deal taller than the other actress in the film, the name of whom I cannot remember right now, but she's about 5ft1!
Paris gets 5ft7. That sounds realistic, and I have heard it somewhere as well!
Camron1997 said on 5/Mar/17
She still looks like someone who was born in 1993 when she was born in 1981. There's a lot of beautiful famous girls born in 1981 who look like they were born in 1993.
fghjhk said on 6/Feb/17
says 5'9 om her license, but people lie on those too
Shayan said on 27/Oct/16
Rob you've got to be kidding me. She is 5 ft 4 max.
charlie said on 12/Jul/16
She is 5 ft 5 maybe 5 ft 6 max
jay said on 29/May/16
with heels she 5'8 so 5'7 is accurate
spainmen191cm said on 24/Apr/16
Rob, how tall do you think is his ex-boyfriend the model River Vipieri?
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Editor Rob: might be in 6ft 3 range
Morning height 5'11 1/2 said on 9/Mar/16
Rob is spot on again 5'7 suits her just fine but to think of Hilton as being taller than me and blonde
Allie said on 22/Jan/16
Ria stop. Paris is NOT 6'0. She doesn't even claim 6'0 so why would downgrade her self by 4-5 inches?
I've heard of girls rounding down/up or not saying 6'0 but never downgrading by 4-5 inches unless it's a joke.
Paul said on 14/Jan/16
Unless if you meant to say that Karlie is 6'0" in her bare feet, I can't take you seriously as a height analyst, sorry. I mean, Paris at 6'0"?? I hope you're joking.
nini said on 3/Nov/15
@ria if karlie is 6.1 then nicky is 5.6'5
Bob said on 19/Oct/15
@Ria here's a pic of Karlie kloss and Nicky Hilton who's about an inch taller than Paris. Explain please?

Click Here
gigi98 said on 15/Oct/15
@ria she is averege 5.6, look at the pic. with amy lee who is only 5.3.
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Allie said on 9/Oct/15
Holy crap she does have big feet. If this listing is correct, I'm 5'10 and a size smaller. Damn.
gigi98 said on 10/Sep/15
@ria so what? she is short! 5.6 her max... she never looks taller, just pretty average... zendaya like a giant nex her!
M said on 2/Sep/15
@Ria foot size is not always in correlation with the height, although most tall woman have large feets..The example is Jacqeline Kenedy who was only 5' and had shoe size 41 or 42 (Europian measur). I have read it somewhere, and was really suprised by this fact.
M said on 2/Sep/15
@Ria NO WAY that Paris is 6' - because she is 1.68m or 5'6" and this is very generous.
M said on 31/Aug/15
@MarryAnne very smart decision :):)
MaryAnne said on 27/Aug/15
@M, Its good for you and from now on I wont reply your comments becuz u'r not worth my time, you are not a person who i can discuss things... please if you have some respect show it
M said on 25/Aug/15
@Maryanne I do feel young, happy and beautiful..I don't think about death, and will not think about it even If will be over 80 years old, and I am not scared of death. Death does not exist, just transformation energy into something new, transition into a new World.
M said on 24/Aug/15
@Maryanne are you threthening me? :)) Vow I think I do Know you very well :)
Maryanne said on 21/Aug/15
@M, Oh you forgot something! Money cant buy life.Every organism must die.
M said on 17/Aug/15
@Marry Ane Money can buy everything so can buy height, beleive it or not..Some reasearchs have been done about it, solution for height increase already exists..There is one Israel web page about it, but is encrypted and only a few speacialist can acces this site..
Brad said on 11/Aug/15
5' 8.5" on the nose.
MaryAnne said on 19/Jun/15
It would make Lindsay Lohan around 5'9-5'10 and Nicole Richie 5'5
Gregorryj said on 19/Jun/15
@Ria Okay if Paris of 6'0" then these models must be what? 6'07"? She's 5'5" to 5'6".
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Judd ISR said on 18/Jun/15
Ria says on 17/Jun/15
@maryanne Paris Hilton is 6'0" in her bare feet. Paris Hilton has size 11 feet because she is 6'0" in her bare feet. Well money cannot buy feet size either.

oh yeah, Paris Hilton is stands at 6' tall...i've no doubt about it, of course...
maryanne said on 17/Jun/15
6'0? Money can not buy height ;) In the future? Maybe.
[Editor Rob: genetic height manipulation will occur in a few generations time. Justin Bieber's great grandson will stand at 7ft tall.]
Skye said on 4/Jun/15
Ria, Cara herself has said that she's 5'7-5'8. Maybe even shorter than that. In contrast to the 5'9.5 claim that her model agency said she is. But on to the topic of Paris, this seems about right.
Taylor said on 1/Dec/14
@Ria Cara D is 5.7
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Erin said on 21/Nov/14
@Ria hi Paris))) r u visiting this site and pretending to be someone else claiming your 5.8? STOP LYING!!!Your 5.6, its a normal height for women.
How can Cara D be that much taller than you, since she is only 5'7?
andre said on 8/Nov/14
she looks 5ft6.5
Judd said on 14/Oct/14
i would put her at 5'7" and her sist nicky at 5'7.5"
Jack said on 12/Oct/14
She is so skinny it makes her look closer to 5'9
A.L.I.C.E. said on 18/Jun/14
@Ria How tall are you? What is Your Size? Me is 183cm it's over 6.0,5 whiz size 7.5. my sister 165cm (5.5) whiz size 9.I am basketball player. Make the wonder why people think I'm 6'5 in bare feet.
A.L.I.C.E. said on 14/Jun/14
@Ria She is 5.6 or 167 cm, no more, 6'0 is ridiculous. P.S if she's 6.0 Cindy Crawford is 6'2.
Alex 6'0 said on 5/Jun/14
5'6-5'7 range.
az said on 3/Jun/14
was at the bar next to paris for a while one night in LA at a place called Koi like 6 years ago. she is no way 5'8. 5'6 and soo skinny. i think coud be 5'5 but not at all 5'8. 5'8 is pretty tall and she was in heels and not even tall looking.
N said on 23/Jan/14
No way her feet are smaller than an 11. Look at them they're huge! No way that's an 8.
Garipanza said on 11/Dec/13
Paris Hilton lie!! She is a size 8!!!

Click Here
little sue said on 6/Nov/13
I take it these shoe sizes being thrown about are American and not British?? Its very rare to find a British woman over a size 10 which would be an American size 11 1/2 to 12.
Silent d said on 29/Oct/13
5 foot 7 and size 11 feet. No surprise, they look pretty big in the photo above. Claire danes has size 13 and elle macpherson has size 12.
rider said on 27/Oct/13
She's 5'8 not and inch taller and thats with shoes on.
Sammy said on 9/Aug/13
Paris Hilton has said on an interview on national TV and magazines
that she wears a size 11 shoe. From her mouth.
Yolanda said on 3/Mar/13
No way she is 5 foot 8. She is 5 foot 6 max. Look up pictures of her next to Nicole Richie. Nicole is allegedly 5 feet! Anyways, Paris looks tall because
1. She is very thin, which gives her the illusion of being taller and
2. She wears heels almost constantly.
someone said on 30/Dec/12
not to mention she has taken part in runway shows, and runway models have to be at the very least 5' could be that her status has helped her, but still...
someone said on 30/Dec/12
She gives the impression of being taller than that
195jerry said on 7/Dec/12
is she really only 5'7? she looks much taller. maybe 5'8?
Chiara said on 7/Nov/12
She looks taller than that. And it´s weird she has such huge feet if she were only 5´7. I have the same shoe size as her, but i´m around 6 feet tall.
Silent d said on 31/Oct/12
5 foot 7.
squirl said on 16/Sep/12
Paris arrest booking sheet says 5'8" and 115 lbs.
Johnnyfive said on 2/Sep/12
5'7 sounds accurate. It matches Britney Spears real height of 5'3 to 5'3.5.
Claes said on 26/Nov/11
My guess is 5'6 too 5'7 for Paris, Nicky on the other hand always looks a inche or two taller than Paris.
Silent d said on 12/Nov/11
She always looked tall. In the simple life some guys were barely taller than her. 5 foot 7.
muchop said on 13/Sep/11
can anyone explain this please Click Here even in heels paris looks a lot taller
Alex said on 28/Aug/11
Whatever Nicole Richie is she didn't look more than 5 inches taller than her.
Darling said on 14/Aug/11
I took a picture with paris she was wearing flats and i was wearing 3 inch wedge. And in the pic reveals that im 2-3 inches taller than her. Im 5'5" so she must be 5'6"-5'7" tops.
Matt said on 1/Jul/11
@johny appleseed, so 5'5" it is! we're in agreement!
someone said on 19/Jun/11
mika , can you give the proof of what you are saying : "Most celebs claim they´re taller than they actually are " ?????
otherwise , Paris Hilton is 168cm MAX
PHL said on 14/Jun/11
cmon johnny boy, shes not 5'9 .... 5'7 is pretty generous.
mika said on 10/Jun/11
In almost every pic, Nicky, whos standing at 5ft7.5, towers over her sister Paris. So how on earth can Paris be 5ft7 or taller? Btw, johnny, I think you are wrong. Most celebs claim they´re taller than they actually are. (e.g. Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato)
jr said on 16/May/11
johnny appleseed, before making statements better read what others have written, as i mentioned i saw her in italy and she isn't above 5"6 (168cm), personally i think she is even a bit shorter, something like 5"5 and a half, but i would'nt accept anything above the height i mentioned, trust me when i say that i have no reason what so ever to make this up, she just isn't as tall as you think, i am 5"9 and a half and i was several inches taller than her, how do you explain it? If you still think that she is taller i guess you'll just have to stand next to her yourself.
johnny appleseed said on 27/Apr/11
okay seriously stop smoking crack. paris hilton is 5'8 MAYBE even taller, 5'8 is tall & most tall celebrities lie about their height anyways for the longest time katie holmes claimed 5'7 the girl is 5'9-

so actually instead of DOWNSIZING her you should be guessing higher she could be even 5'9 she def is tall & she looks tall in everything idk why you guys say shes like 5'5 MAX like wtf no no no there are tall women everywhere & idk why when a celeb is over 5'1! its the end of the world. not every girl is snookie OKAY

& THIRD these pictures or "proof" are horrible. unless you have a picture of her & another celebrity STANDING STRAIGHT ****ING UP cause in all the pictures shes leaning or has her knees bent or whatever! then you have no ****ing proof & all these people who are like i saw her & shes like 4'11 guys i swear! get the **** outta here. she girl says she's 5'8. shes 5'8 WHY THE HELL would she lie-
... said on 19/Apr/11
Google search shows many many pictures of paris and nicole. In some pictures it seem that nicole is only 5 cm shorter but in many pictures she looks 10 cm shorter than paris. she has to be 10 cm shorter. if nicole really is only 155 cm, then paris can't be 170 cm! the difference is not 15 cm. but could nicole really stand only at 155 cm?? and paris looks tall because of her body proportions. maybe paris is 168 cm?
Russell Ash said on 15/Apr/11
Here's a good photo of Paris in heels with a barefoot Ludacris, Diddy and Busta Rhymes.

Click Here
andrea said on 3/Apr/11
Paris looks tall and I believe she may be 5f7. Now 5f7 isn't that tall, but the woman is on the taller side of average. In the lowest case scenario, I don't believe Paris is less than 5f6. She has long limbs and long torso (her legs are average...hence torso) but 5f7 sounds right to me.
Will said on 3/Feb/11
Paris Hilton is about 5'8".
Jess said on 18/Nov/10
I was looking up celeb heights & I came across this comment about Paris. It was posted 1 year ago.

"haha all of these are sooo wrong...Paris Hilton is 5'7 at most I stood next to her in a bathroom once and she was wearing heels and I wasn't and I am 5"9 and she was still shorter than me. And Britney Spears is a midget, no more than 5'3."

Personally, I think Paris is 5'6 or 5'6.5. Check out this video of her on ellen- Click Here

Shes not that much taller than ellen &she is wearing heels..
Stephen Mcpherson said on 12/Nov/10
Glad, I think you are wrong when you say you think Paris Hilton is 5.7" tall.

I know for a fact that Paris Hilton is only 5.5" tall, its her sister Nicky who is 5.7" tall.
Abzi said on 13/Oct/07
She is not 5'7. More like 5'5.

Here is a pic of her with her with 5'5 bow wow.

Click Here

She is slouching a bit but that even if she stood straight, she would have been excat same height as Bow Wow
Hollie said on 27/Sep/07
"I think she wears contact lenses that make her eyes look blue."
-Yes. She has admitted in several interviews that she does wear blue contacts. She has brown eyes.
I think she is about 5'7" and her sister is about 5'6".
5'6 said on 23/Sep/07
about some comments from ages ago:

stam, the model is actually about 5'8". this would mean that paris is even shorter than she appears.

also, paris does have UK size 9 feet...i got a friend who's a Uk size 9 and she's 5'5" =]
Babe said on 21/Sep/07
I saw Paris at Les Deux in Hollywood she was standing right next to me. She's really not tall, I'd say between 5.6 and 5.7.
glenn said on 7/Aug/07
i have a photo with kim too.5-5?
pamela said on 6/Aug/07
I think she´s anywhere from 5´7-5´8.

How tall is her fiend Kim Kardashian?(daughter of O.J´s attorney in his murder trial)
cece said on 6/Aug/07
her modeling agency lists her as 5'9... but a lot of agencies lie i guess about their models' heights.
Rachelle said on 5/Aug/07
Just to show that I met Paris. I did not see her standing up, so I can't comment on her height.
Click Here
Miley said on 2/Aug/07
Honestly, there's no way she's only 5'7, then she's as tall as me, and I'm not the tallest girl on my school... Paris is a model for crying out loud!
Chloe said on 1/Aug/07
I met her a few years ago and she is not as tall as I thought she was. She looked to be about 5'8.
John said on 1/Aug/07
I think she wears contact lenses that make her eyes look blue.
Kay said on 31/Jul/07
According the LA Sheriff's Department, Pairs Hilton is 5'8" and she has green eyes. Since when did she have green eyes?? Always thought they were blue! Anyway, I don't think LASD would they I guess she really is 5'8". Search for it yourself at: Click Here
UMMMM said on 31/Jul/07
I'm confused, I can not find out Hilton's height at all, I think 5'7 may be right though. But she always looks really tall, and then when she next to Nicole she doesn't look much taller than her, I think she looks tall because of how skinny she is.
leila said on 29/Jul/07
i'm 5'6'' and have size 8 shoes, which is pretty much for my height, so the shoe size has nothing to do with a persons height! i saw her once and she was not taller than 5'7''. and she isn't that pretty, she's fake all over, her eyes her hair.. i wonder how she would look with her brown eyes brown her and normal clothes maybe she would be bautiful but now she looks like a poor barbie and she's lying she said to david she never took drugs etc well, we all know that's not true and come on what did/does she really do? standing around smiling selling herself, but in fact she has no talent, she can't sing, act, model etc. and her mother should be more interested in her as person and not in her as a way to become famous-that's what her mother wants-but i think now her hayday is over!
John said on 28/Jul/07
I keep on seeing on this website that celebs with big feet must be taller than they ar actual listed that is a myth. I am 5'11.5 and only have size 8 (UK) feet. So going on what some people are saying Paris Hilton should be well over 6'. I very much doubt that.
koda said on 20/Jul/07
I was in L.A. for a week for my dads record labek and I was shopping and I bumped into her and Im 5'5" and she was at least 3" taller than me. We talked over lunch. She's cool!
Marca said on 17/Jul/07
I think Paris is WAY taller than 5'7". Just look at her long arms and legs and FEET! She MUST be taller than 5'7"! Such bone structure as hers can't carry only 5'7"!
Stephanie said on 16/Jul/07
She is "5-08" but look at her feet. She has big feet (size 11) which make the heels seem smaller than they really are. To get her feet at a certain angle requires a bigger heel than normal women's feet would to achieve the same angle. Remember geometry? I wouldn't be surprised if she was really only 5' 6"...
D. Ray Morton said on 28/Jun/07
Yeah, she looked very close in height to King, maybe a half-inch taller w/ 3" heels. Weird indeed.
Ellie said on 27/Jun/07
According to websites, Larry King and Paris are the same height: 5'7.5".
It's weird though, I was watching the interview and then Anderson Cooper, and there was a clip of Paris and Larry walking next to each other. Paris looked about 1/2 and inch taller than him, BUT she was wearing 3-4 inch heels. weird. I do think she's 5'7"- 5'8" though. Maybe Larry had heels on too because he didn't want to look too short, lol.

[Editor Rob: he might be 5ft 8 now, 5ft 9 peak, but he looks like his posture is poor, or just spinal curvature.]
Anel said on 24/Jun/07
Honestly, its already been said on t.v what her height is so why is everyone talking about it like its undiscovered or something ya know? just watch a little more t.v
Miy said on 14/Jun/07
I honestly think she is taller than 5'7 she does seem really tall well, i guess its cuz shes so skinny but hey im skinny n i look short it isnt fair lol
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
i think she is a true 5'8. she looks in on the beach barefoot(im almost 5'8, so i know), and every paper and tabloid lists her as 5'8, 118 pounds, which looks very true.
venus said on 10/Jun/07
In every tabloid paper I own she is 5'8, she has said she stands 5'8.
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
Dmeyer, too bad you didn't get a picture with her because you have some people still saying 5'4-5'5 claims, even 5'6 is a bit short. This girl is truly 5'7.
dmeyer said on 6/Jun/07
she walked be me she had 4 in heels she is fure sure no less than the height above
Lmeister said on 6/Jun/07
Height in the booking sheet is probably shoes on height.
she's 5'8" said on 5/Jun/07
she's definitly 5 8 she went to jail 2 days ago and this is wat is listed on LASD website Click Here
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
She would only be 5'5-5'6 if she wore 3-4 inch heels to jail where they took her height which I highly doubt. 5'7 barefoot plus sneakers 5'8.
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/07
On her booking card they also said she has green eyes but isn't it pretty well known that Paris' real eyes are brown and they appear blue cos she wears blue contacts all the time, i think she mentioned that in her biography too.
Mimi Ka. said on 4/Jun/07
WOW? Really? I always thought she was like, 5'5... to 5'6
Alex said on 4/Jun/07
5'8 115lbs is probably in shoes dressed so 5'7 110lbs is more accurate but close enough though.
wow said on 4/Jun/07
Click Here ... that is paris hilton's booking sheet. It lists her as 5'8 115lbs
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/07
She is 5'7 1/2, they already said that in an insider story.. doesn't anyone watch t.v?
Anonymous said on 31/May/07
she is the same height as british model caprice and she is 5'7, check the pic on wireimage.
ddub said on 29/May/07
she is 5'8!!!!!!!!!!!
she said it herself in an interview
Alex said on 29/May/07
Luciana, Thats a horrible picture. Nicole is much in front of Paris. Can't tell with nothing there but Paris has about 6 inches on Nicole when both are next to each other. Paris 5'7 or 5'6 and change at the very least and Nicole 5'1.
olerika said on 27/May/07
sorry to disappoint you Luciana, but the ground goes downwards so if paris comes up to nicole she is going to be taller -that has something to do with physics
Luciana said on 24/May/07
ok, look at this pic and THEN tell me how tall she is.. there's no way she's 5.7... probably 5.3, standing next to nicole who's 5.1, they're almost the same height, (the heels and the ground level, etc)

Click Here
~Nate~ said on 16/May/07
SO I talked to my friend who has met her a bunch of time at Club Hyde he claims they are the same height and my friend is 5'8 1/2 he said he's seen her barefoot and heels and shes about 5'8ish no way could she be 5'5! ridiculous
cat said on 14/May/07
Click Here

yep shes not even 5'6"
Anonymous said on 10/May/07
how tall is angelina jolie and jennifer aniston
pcpie said on 9/May/07
ok,Ive done some research, and on the Simple life with Nicole Riche, She stands about 5 to 6 inches taller than Nicole. If you watch the show, Nicole is about 1/2 head shorter than Paris. Nicole has stated that she is 5'1, so that means paris is like 5'7. Im 5'1 and my sister is 5'8, I come right under my sisters nose when we stand next to each other barefoot, SO THERE IS NO WAY PARIS CAN BE TALLER THAN 5'8. Also, Carmen Electra is 5'1 or 5'2 and standing in picturs next to Paris, and is also about 1/2 head shorter than Paris ( Go to carmen electra and paris pictures, and it will pull up the pics im talking about.) Its only obvious !!
Stephanie said on 17/Apr/07
Paris is around 5' 7". She wears a size 11 shoe (relatively large feet, I am 5' 8" and size 8 shoe; Amanda Bynes is also in the 5' 7"-5' 8" range and wears a size 9 shoe). The large shoe sizes make it easy to hide heels. Most of the time you can guess heel height based on the angle of the shoe, but in bigger shoes, in order to achieve the same angle you need a larger heel. For example, a 3" heel on a small shoe could be 4"+ on a larger shoe. :)
Based on this, Paris may APPEAR to be 5' 11" with her big heels, but when you take off the heel height she's just over 5' 7". ;)
talker said on 10/Apr/07
here Paris looks very tall next to kim Kardashian.How tall is Kardashian?
Click Here
Alex said on 9/Apr/07
Glenn, like Rob said her posture can make you think she is a little shorter at times. I personally think she's 5'7 or a tad more. Those 5'4-5'5 don't make sense.
glenn said on 30/Mar/07
i always thought 5-6.5 then upgraded her to 5-7,5-8.
Vegas said on 30/Mar/07
sorry forgot link Click Here
Vegas said on 30/Mar/07
even with 4" heels she is still roughly 4" shorter than former WWE star Stacy Keibler who is 5'11 legit. Hilton is between 5'6 and 5'7 barefoot imo, nowhere near 5'9
glenn said on 30/Mar/07
id be surprised if she was that tall.possible.but most likey 5-8.i see her all the time.i have 2 more pics i never posted.
grace said on 30/Mar/07
for someone who was formally a model ,she is rather short most models are a least 5'8, i think she is definatly taller than 5'7.25 probably around 5'9
pris said on 29/Mar/07
paris hilton is almost 5'9 didnt anyone see her lisence when they opend parisexposed??
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/07
That's because Paris is wearing heels while Elisha is wearing flat shoes. Also the camera angle favors Paris who is taller.
Alex said on 21/Mar/07
Viper, it doesn't. The girl is clearly much taller than that. And someone once said she could be 5'3 and 115lbs. No way. She is a skinny girl. I'd guess her at 5'7 110lbs. That sounds right for the most part.
glenn said on 15/Mar/07
she could be 5-8.i originally,erroneously thought 5-6.5.i think she is more 5-7,5-7ish.
ToTo kung said on 15/Mar/07
Police report said lie, she can't be 5'3''. It's very unbelievable, I think Paris Hilton is 5'8''.
Viper said on 13/Mar/07
I wonder why that police report said she was only 5-3? Doesnt make any sense.
Jack said on 12/Mar/07
Check out this link. Paris looks like an Amazon!, like she's 5'9"-5'11". She towers over Elisha Cuthbert, who is 5'2". And check out those size 11 feet!
Click Here
antonio said on 8/Mar/07
how could you know how tall she is, she's always wearing high heels, which is why i thought she was much taller than 5'7
Hard to believe that she is as tall as Mariah Carey, i thought Mariah was a lot shorter
balita said on 25/Feb/07
Jewel - what about her sister lying ?
I'd say she's between 5'7 and 5'8 (über-tops), then add 4" heels to her slender frame and you've got a tall looking woman
Jewel said on 18/Feb/07
her sister claims to be 5 7'' and paris is deffinitly taller than her sister by atleast an inch
Alex said on 14/Feb/07
Her aunt could say anything, it doesn't prove she's 5'8 but I don't think she's far off 5'8. 5'7 looks the most accurate to me.
pimpin princess said on 13/Feb/07
shes 5'8, her aunt said so on e! true hollywood story
Alex said on 7/Feb/07
Glenn, any news on those few actresses coming to NY that I'd like to meet. Talking about Alyssa, Jessica Alba and Biel. Funny now since Biel and Alyssa are both friendly with Justin Timberlake and may be with him around the same places.
Joey said on 24/Jan/07
I saw Paris at Marquee in NYC, as she was wearing a funky sparkly hat!
Click Here

she has to be about 5'9, because im 5'10 and she was an inch shorter then me!
Curious said on 18/Jan/07
And how tall is Stavros Niarchos? I know that it´s not a lot to do... but I´m curious
Ann said on 16/Jan/07
Guys..calm down..I saw her at the Casino Royal premiere in London, and passed behind her a few times. she's definitely 5.7, she had high heels and even with heels she wasn't to tall...she was with three men(bodyguards or friends dunno), all taller and more handsome than her :)
Alex said on 12/Jan/07
I think Paris is 5'8 or a bit more in sneakers putting her at 5'7 barefoot.
Tania said on 8/Jan/07
I think she is taller than this. I heard that she is 5'9'' without heels.
Glenn said on 7/Jan/07
Thanks Rob!
Glenn said on 7/Jan/07
Strange.comment space would come it wont let me leave my words yet.Biel was in Miami.I havnt helped as much as I would like too.but I did.of course with girlfriends and exgirls keep in touch.

[Editor Rob: hmm, easy enough for me to put your name in if you can't]
Alex said on 6/Jan/07
So Glenn, any news on when Milano, Biel or Alba are coming back to NY area? Mainly Milano. Just reminding you once a month but I'll start e mailing you every couple weeks from now on though. I find it great that I finally have a chance in meeting stars that I thought would be very hard to meet. Glenn, you've helped people in the past meet celebs right?
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07
Exactly Alex.both sister are dolls.
Alex said on 5/Jan/07
People get the impression that she's a snotty, mean brat while yes she is spoiled but down to earth and nice in person some say who have met her.
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07
She IS very sweet and down to ever meet her? and she is at least 5-7.
james said on 4/Jan/07
I don't think that she's 5'8. That's how tall Cameron Diaz and Lisa Kudrow are, which are quite tall women! They are way taller.
ilovesanfrancisco said on 31/Dec/06
please do not say she is down to earth, are you sure you are talking about paris hilton?! anyone is down to earth but not Paris, and about her height, i saw her in munich at Oktoberfest and she defenitly was 5´7´´
anon said on 31/Dec/06
I had the good fortune to see her walking in the street.

I'm about 5'9-5'10 with shoes on. She was about the same height maybe slightly taller. Didn't see what shoes she was wearing, so my guess is 5'8-5'9
anonymous said on 27/Dec/06
she's very sweet and down to earth im person! met her a few times. also, she is truly about 5'8-although i've seen her listed anywhere from 5'7-5'9-i believe she's closer to the 5'7.5-5'8 mark-i'm 5'7 and she was only a tad taller. very pretty, thin, and all around attractive girl.
Glenn said on 21/Dec/06
She was very,since she was mugged in I think Italy 8 months ago,she has a wall of security and its hard to get her attention.
Alex said on 20/Dec/06
Glenn, was Paris cool a nice in person? Too many people dislike her but they judge her because she is rich and from a rich family while I've heard she's pretty down to earth in person.
Glenn said on 19/Dec/06
I took that with my hand too!
tallish said on 19/Dec/06
nice pic Glenn,are we trying to judge bust size?:p
Glenn said on 18/Dec/06
Email me whenever you want at
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/06
Alex said on 16/Dec/06
Glenn, you have an e mail on your page where I could contact you about reminding you about those few celebs if they come to the NYC area? that or I could sometimes just remind you here but just keep me in mind with those few.
Alex said on 16/Dec/06
Paris sometimes doesn't have the best posture. I compare her to 5'1 Nicole Richie a lot and sometimes she does only look to appear 5 inches taller making her 5'6 but its much more likely she's 5'7.
Alexa said on 16/Dec/06
We met Paris in Vegas in 04 and we wasn't nearly as skinny as we thought, but roughly the same height as my boyfriend of the time who was 5'10. She was wearing very small heels. I say she's closer to 5'8, not taller than 5'9 though.
Glenn said on 14/Dec/06
I think you mightve mentioned that Alex.that sounds familiar about New Rochelle.
Alex said on 14/Dec/06
Ok, I see what you mean. But its nice that Glenn tries to help fans in meeting some celebs they would like to meet.

Glenn, I live in New Rochelle, NY.
Kim said on 14/Dec/06
I think Paris is 5'7" if she's lucky. She was wearing flats when I met her, and I am only 5'3"...she was barely above my eye level.
Alex said on 13/Dec/06
Rob, I know about that but what about it though?

[Editor Rob: I was hinting that maybe a slim chance in the future you could 'spend a day' hanging with someone like glenn around the time of say an awards night or something, but as glenn says helping fans seems hard, I dunno...]
Glenn said on 13/Dec/06
Thats the same amount of time for me to get into city too.where do you live again? I live in the Bronx.I like that Rob.
Alex said on 13/Dec/06
Far as distance goes I can get to NYC by train and be in grand central in 30-35 minutes.

[Editor Rob: you know how they have 'bring a kid to work day'...]
Glenn said on 12/Dec/06
Sometimes I helped.not as much as I like too,due to schedules,and distance of some fans.its hard for me to make plans.
Alex said on 11/Dec/06
Glenn, thanx, I was just wondering because I never met one on the street. Met some at autographs sessions where an autograph costs $10-25 while a picture costs anywhere from $20-40. I'll keep you in touch though for the few I would like to meet most. As you said Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan will be coming sooner or later again and Jessica Biel back by the spring you may expect and Alba is hard to catch you said.
Have you helped others in meeting celebs they wanna meet?
Glenn said on 11/Dec/06
Exactly Nate.I have this killer head to toe photo of a 5-9 ex girlfriend in heels and Im in low cut,small soled casuals,and I STILL look the same height.another girl,5-8.5,I was a hair taller in thicker shoes,and her in heels. Alex-depends on the have know the right locations.celebs dont charge for autographs in the street.very rarely,youll get a 60s or 70s rocker that will charge.or actually,one would bribe them with money to sign alot.
Alex said on 10/Dec/06
Like I could just get an autograph and picture if I went up to one of them most likely then? And if I do I'd like to know a price before hand too.
~Nate~ said on 10/Dec/06
LOL True Thank You Glenn! My sister is 5'8 and when she wears her sky high stiletto heels she appears taller sometimes, like if were standing in line and Im not standing up all the way or if shes standing straight up and Im bent because were standing in line at a club etc...etc.. However, when I stand straight its easy to see Im still taller.
Glenn said on 10/Dec/06
I dont do autograph sessions.I get them in the street or,events,premieres etc.price depends on the celeb.
Alex said on 10/Dec/06
Paris is 5'6 at bare minimum though. She can appear that height with 5'1 Nicole Richie sometimes though but most of the time she appears like a 5'7 girl and in heels 5'9.
Alex said on 10/Dec/06
Glenn, for a fan to get a picture or autograph with these celebrities, what does it cost? If its an autugraph session I know it costs a bit at least but if you see them around without it being an actually autograph session not sure
taller than paris said on 9/Dec/06
I am slightly taller than 5'7" and when I saw Paris up close I was SHOCKED to learn how short she was! She is barely 5'6 at the MOST!! I would say closer to 5'5 1/2"
That is a SURE bet!!
Glenn said on 8/Dec/06
She could be 5-8.possible.
Joe said on 8/Dec/06
I've met her 5 times and would say she is 5'7"-5'8"
Glenn said on 8/Dec/06
She was 5-10ish alot in heels.last year,it seemed your right Nate.I had a 5-8.5 girlfriend that wore heels and sometimes due her posture and mine,I was the same height!
Glenn said on 7/Dec/06
For sure!
~Nate~ said on 7/Dec/06
OMG Kiki as well as others need to realize one of these days that if a girl wears a 5inch stiletto heel it does not give her 5 inches of height unless the platform on the front is 5 inches as well. I swear I've said this a million times, if a girl wears a 5 inch heel she might get 2.5-3.0 inches max maybe 3 inches max not nearly 5 inches. So if Paris is 5'10 in a five inch stiletto that puts her at 5'7-5'8 not 5'5 and under come on kids.
TJ said on 7/Dec/06
Certainly not the first to examine her closely in the flesh Glenn ;-)
Glenn said on 7/Dec/06
I thought 5-6,5-6.5.upon closer examination of her in the flesh,she is indeed 5-7,5-7.25.

[Editor Rob: 5ft 7 on the nose might be the most sensible, although I do like a sprinkling of the 1/4 inches here and there.]
carrie said on 6/Dec/06
wow thats pretty tall almost as tall as me everyone seems to be so short these days. this is the randomest thing ever . . .
Glenn said on 6/Dec/06
She is 5-7.
Kiki said on 5/Dec/06
She is not 5'8. I'm 5'8 and I look 6 ft. in heels and feel very tall. Nicole should look like a dwarf next to Paris. Lisa Kudrow is 5'8 and she is way taller. Plus Paris's DUI report says that she is 5'3. With 5 inch heels she can appear to be 5'8.
Alex said on 3/Dec/06
I think Paris looks hot even thought she is skinny. She's not sickly skinny though, shes naturally like that. Brit hasn't looked as great lately and its understandable because of the baby.
Glenn said on 1/Dec/06
Correct Rob.I have 2 more Alex.but I think we are both leaning into each other.
Alex said on 30/Nov/06
Glenn, its too bad you didn't get a picture with paris standing.

[Editor Rob: is it not just glenn taking a one-handed picture at an angle?]
Alex said on 30/Nov/06
Lila, the picture with 5'4 Britney makes Paris look more 5'6 but no way is she under that and more likely around 5'7. The best are barefoot pictures which we don't see often at all.
Glenn said on 30/Nov/06
My pleasure.
Alex said on 29/Nov/06
Glenn, I will remind me and just tell me when she comes to NYC. Thanx a lot for trying to help.
Glenn said on 24/Nov/06
Alex-just please remind me once a month.Biel is what we call common trash.not that she is trash.its just an expression that she is always here.yeah,I agree with Anonymous that Paris could be 5-6.5.
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/06
I just saw a recent pic of Nicolr Richie in a pose and angle that suitied Paris Hilton and there was like 4 inches between them. Seriously in equal footing Paris NEVER looks more than 5 inches taller and usually looks 4. YOu should put Nicole at 5'1.5" and Paris at 5'6.5" if you want to make sense.
Alex said on 23/Nov/06
Well if Alyssa comes here with Rose just tell me and I'll remind sometimes about it before hand. Also goes for Jessica Alba and Biel but Alyssa the most. Rose for my friend.
Glenn said on 22/Nov/06
I cant imagine Alyssa still coming here every 5 years.she would be too old by then.Rose was here 18 months ago.actually,I think they were both here yeah,thats possible.
Alex said on 22/Nov/06
Glenn, those 3 are the main 3 I'd like to meet but Alyssa the most of the 3 right now. I'll remind you. Rose for my friend and oh Milla Jovovich he loves too so her too I'll remind you about. Cool that Biel is always here though and yea hopefully Alyssa and Rose come by in 07. Do you think they show up together?

I think thats great to help fans with meeting celebrities they like. Its tough to find out when they come around here though. Thanx.
Glenn said on 21/Nov/06
Ive never seen Alba,she runs hot and cold,I heard. and is here often.Rose,I saw with Manson 6 years ago.ignored her which was a big mistake to askManson who was notorious for not posing with fans.he shot me down.she wouldve made him do it.anyway,Manson is easy now,and Rose is rarely here.but I sense Rose and Alyssa to be here in 2007.Biel is always her last month.she will be back by spring.remind me Alex,and Ill help you with all those names.I like to help fans of celebs if I can.
Alex said on 21/Nov/06
Glenn, Alyssa is def one of the top actresses I'd like to meet. Her, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel but Alyssa the most as it stands right now. But if you could help me meet Alyssa if she comes around the NYC area I'd appreciate it a lot. Also my friend would like to meet Rose McGowan too so maybe keep me in mind about her too if you could.
Glenn said on 21/Nov/06
Thank you Alex.I try my best and Im pretty accurate.I mean well on names like Sly and Colin.I can only tell you what they look like on the street.who do you really want to meet the most? Alyssa? Ill help you.
Alex said on 20/Nov/06
I believe Glenn on a lot of his estimates on celebrity heights since he sees them much more than we do and in person. We really can only judge their height by pictures or on TV.
lindsay lookalike said on 1/Nov/06
hey guys can you pls stop that i saw her in vegas she is about 5'7 barefoot she was about 5'10 when is saw her im 180cm and wearing a 1 inch converse and she was smaller than me i think bout 2 inch or 1/2 with a heels
Nate said on 21/Oct/06
This is so annoying! How are ya'll gonna argue with someone who meets paris on a daily or weekly basis for real if glenn says she's 5'7 having met her on a couple occasions, then I think we should believe him
Alex said on 18/Oct/06
Even a 5'7 girl with a size 11 shoe is very big.
Come on said on 13/Oct/06
When paris was out shopping for shoes on tv, she asked the girl to get her size 11 shoes! SIZE 11 U.S.! Thats the avg. shoe size of a female between 5'9 - 6'0. If she truely is as short as you think she is, she is a freak of nature!
Glenn said on 24/Sep/06
Ive read 5-6 to 5-10 for Durst.he is between 5-8 and 5-8.5.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/06 has a picture of her and Fred Durst taken by the website's owner. Glenn himself has put Durst at 5'8", but let's say he's 5'10" (and there's no way in hell!), even then Paris would be 5'6" tops. I always thought she was a true 5'7", but 5'5" looks much more like it.
kobby said on 19/Sep/06
she looks 170ish.. don think shes taller than..
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
5-7 115 looks about right I think.
Glenn said on 13/Sep/06
I bump into Paris what lately seems to be she did the runway at this fashion event.
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/06
she's 5'7 flat without heels. she obviously doesn't have a models height.
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
Read past that date.looking 5-9,5-10 in heels lately.
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
Nobody sane would agree with you.5-7.possibly,but unlikely 5-6.
Brad said on 12/Sep/06
5' 7" in Vegas last Spring. She wears serious heels so she appears tall.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/06
Glenn has been so off lately. I'm 5'8" and saw her really closely and she's more like 5'4"-5'5". Seriously. When you're really 5'8", you tower in heels and your 5' friends look much smaller than Richie does against Paris.
Alex said on 11/Sep/06
Viper, very correct if she was 5'3 she would be more like 95lbs I'd say. She is nothing under 5'6 and she does look 5'7 to me when she has the right posture. Her weight I'd say she is 110, possibly 115lbs. 5'7 115lbs is pretty thin but Paris does look good thought as she is naturally skinny and not anoerexic skinny.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/06
Glenn says on 10/Mar/06
Your right.she looked 5-8 in heels.

I am 5'8" in real life and in heels I am 5'10-11". I look rediculously tall.
Paris LOOKS 5'8" in heels but barefoot she's 5'6" MAX.
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
She doesnt look 5-3 and she would weigh a lot less than 115 at that height. More like 100 pounds. Shes really skinny. I beleive the 115 weight but the supposed 5-3 is laughably bogus. At the very least she is 5-6.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
Compared to the Carmen Electra in that pic, Paris definitely looks in the 5-7 range. Tall and skinny for a girl. Compared to the 5-8 Eminem for his video, she definitely looked only an inch shorter.
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
Again.I see her almost fact after that arrest,she flew back here already,the next day.she is 5-7.
kiki said on 10/Sep/06
The form from her arrest says she's 5'3. I think that we got another Ann Nicole Smith case here. Where are the missing inches. Ann claims to be 5'11, but in here mug shot she barely reaches the 5'7 line. Paris is definitely lying about her height. She does not look 5'8. That's how tall I am and I tower over people especially with heels. Nicole Richie is 5'0 and I just don't see an 8 inch difference between them.
Anonymous said on 9/Sep/06
5'9" 110lbs would put you in the hospital with serious illnesses. 5'3" 115 looks exactly right.
paleface said on 8/Sep/06
I've worked for both the local D.A. and the State's Attorney's Office. Police reports are not always the best judge of height. I think a lot of times it's the officer's estimation, so I wouldn't give the 5'3 a lot of credence. I'd say she's about 5'6. She and her sister are pretty much the same height.
Viper652 said on 8/Sep/06
I admit, there is no way in hell shes 5-3. Also, she cant be 115 pounds If shes 5-3 as well. Maybe she thinks she is shorter and said 5-3 to them.
Glenn said on 8/Sep/06
5-3? 5-9? I see her like whats seems to be everyday,to the point where Im surprised shes not here.5-7 is the true height.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
The report on the LAPD website states her height at 503
Amanda said on 7/Sep/06
The report from her DUI says she is 5' 9" and weighs 110 lbs. I find 5' 9" a little hard to believe, though. She seems about 5' 7". Click Here
Maria said on 5/Sep/06
you can't base a person's height off their shoe size....just because she wears size 11 dosen't mean she has to be over 5'5 I have a female friend who's 5'3 and wears size 10 I have a female cousin who's six foot and wears a size 2. Also I'm 5'2 and people from 4'11-5'1 seem to be about my height to me but if I put on 3 inch heels they drastically shink so if your 6' and looking down someone who's 5'7 could seem to be much shorter. plus nicole is 5'2 add a 5" difference and you get 5'7" which seems to be the common height difference stated on here.
pst said on 3/Sep/06
yeah 5'6-5'7 sounds right. i used to work at a beverly hills market and helped her few times. im 5'10 and paris was in tennis shoes few times and i had a gf about her height . 5'7 max for sure.
Naomi24 said on 25/Aug/06
Paris Hilton doesn't have to be tall ( 5'8) to model! I don't know how tall she is, but she comes from a rich money, and money buys you everything. If your parents were multimillionaires and you were average height, I'm sure the companies would hire you.
Anonymous said on 25/Jul/06
She is really 5'6" max. She wears some serious heels (especially with platform soles so in style).
Alex said on 25/Jul/06
Certain models have to be 5'9 and over then some can be 5'7 and over. Then those fitness models height doesn't really matter, just your muscle tone matters the most.

Glenn, where did you see Paris this time? Yea if shes 5'9-5'10 in heels then shes def a solid 5'7 girl. She can look as low as 5'6 though.
Glenn said on 23/Jul/06
Thats not true whateves.why does everyone fall for that? Kate Moss is 5-4.look,latest update. I saw Paris last week and she was actually 5-9 to 5-10 in heels.she really is 5-7.I change my mind.
whateves said on 22/Jul/06
Paris Hilton is a model and to be a model you must be tall 5'9" at least and sometimes not even that. She must be 5'9" or taller naturally.
Anonymous said on 22/Jul/06
I would go with Glenn on this. If she is 5-8 5-9 in heels, then she is 5-6 only. And considering the platform heels she wears, I bet she is 5-5.
Alex said on 21/Jul/06
Paris is no medium frame. Eva and Paris have the same frame, just Paris is much taller. Medium frame is more like how Britney spears was before pregnancy.
starr said on 20/Jul/06
i don't think she has a "tiny frame" i think she is medium frame
small frame is like eva longoria just cause someone is skinny doesn't mean
they are "tiny" or "small" framed and she must have big feet because
i'm 5'5" and im size eight and shes size 11 for petes sake, so she can't be 5'5"! i believe shes between 5'6" and 5'8"
sianna said on 15/Jul/06
how can GEORGE say she is 5'10 with heels and then ANONYMOUS say 5'7 with heels...or 5'5 wihtout?? i dont think people know how to predict height very well...oh btw how tall is nicky hilton?
Alex said on 7/Jul/06
Paris is skinny but not anoerexic skinny though. She just stays skinny and eats what she wants whenever she wants. 5'5 seems a bit too short even though she did appear 5'5 once on the Simple Life, but she appears 5'6-5'7 almost all the time.

Petter, she is a size 11 in womens.
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/06
My sighting in LA was the same as Mr. R's
Mr. R says on 18/Apr/06
I stood next to her last Sunday. She is 5-7 with heels. Probably 5-5 without.

Mine was:
Anonymous says on 9/Mar/06
I saw her leaving the Restaurant Il Sole in West Hollywood yesterday. She is way way under 5'7". I would say she is just at 5'5" but that still seems slightly generous. Oh, and she is so skinny it is crazy but it kind of looks natural, like she could eat what she wants and still be tiny. However, that tiny frame is also much shorter than 5'7"

I think she's definitely 5'5"
George said on 7/Jul/06
I was next to me at ufc 60 she is at least 5'6.5 in high heels she was the same heigh as me I'm 5'10
Alex said on 2/Jul/06
I was watching some of the Simple Life first 3 seasons and Paris looks 5'6-5'7 most of the time but a few times she has looked as low as 5'5 though but I coulndn't see footwear though and may have not been on level ground and plus she was slouching a bit too so thats why. She really never looks under 5'6 to me and 5'7 most of the time she looks. You can throw 5'8 out of the window now.
Petter said on 28/Jun/06
Ok, I heard something interesting on the radio today. They said that Paris has size 44 EUR shoes! Anyone else heard something about this? If it is true, geez, she really has quite big feet! :P
Alex said on 26/Jun/06
I know thats the exact height but its just better to say 5'4 for females and 5'9 for males as less than 1/4 an inch is going to make a difference really.
seenit said on 26/Jun/06
I saw a picture of paris and nikki in a old glamour march 2005 magazine and paris and nikki are both wearing flats and look exactly the same height?
D. Ray Morton said on 25/Jun/06
Larry, 5'9.1" *is* a pretty mean height, now that you mention it.

It'd be a lot nicer if they lowered it to 5'7". ;-)
Larry said on 24/Jun/06
Alex - Mean height for (adult) American females is 162 cms or about 5'3.8". Mean height for (adult) American males is 175.5 cms or about 5'9.1". This is based on measured heights. Of course, there is an average range.
Dave said on 22/Jun/06
Let's get this straight...for Paris and all celebs on this board. Accurate height cannot be assessed from looking at pictures. Everyone on this board thinks this is possible, it is not. The only people that should comment are those who hve met these celebs personally. Nuff Said

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.