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5ft 7.5in (171.5cm)
the shredder said on 20/May/14
Still want to see a claim from him , he might be honest
RisingForce said on 17/May/14
Ian C., maybe he just likes to appear taller when out in public and when talking to people and doesn't care if people know he's actually not as tall as he appears. Plus, he'd look worse, imo denying it because it's so obvious, which is probably why he was asked about it to begin with, and Downey didn't wear lifts and looked noticeably shorter for the first 20 years of his career, so anyone who is familiar with him before his comeback will know something is up because everyone knows you don't grow at 40. I don't see anything dishonest about it at all either. He likes to appear taller than he is, but he has no trouble admitting that. It's no more dishonest than all of the things women do to look better whether it's wear makeup, heels, push up bras ect. Hell, some people will wear certain clothes because they're "slimming", which is really no different if you think about it. Plenty of men also color their hair, wear toupees or try other hair restoration methods. It's just people trying to look better, the only way I could see it as dishonest would be if someone asked and the person denied it, though I wouldn't expect a lot of people to admit these things anyway, and give Downey credit.
Yuppijaa said on 16/May/14
He looks tall in Iron Man films and in Avengers. To me he looks about 5'9 minimum. When you watch scene in Avengers where Stark is arguing with Captain America, Evans who should be 6'0 looks too poorly taller than Robert.
Jimbo said on 15/May/14
he probably has lost a fraction of height 172.?
Frankie68 said on 15/May/14
He wears the most ridiculous shoes I've ever seen in my life....isn't he embarrassed.....i mean ,,u can influence your height and still give a normal appearance....but the extreme he gives ridiculous....I'm a short guy....I'd never wear those shoes he or sly wear.....there both under 5" doubt....
the shredder said on 14/May/14
he was not wearing lifts before his come back , he looked 5 '8 max in his 20's , now he looks 5 '9.5 minimum.
Ian C. said on 11/May/14
Why would a man who wears lifts tell anybody he wears lifts? The point of the lifts is to deceive people about your height, so why admit to the deceit? It seems (ironically) more dishonest than concealing it. Mr. Sherlock Stark here wants to be seen as taller than he really is when he appears in public, but also wants credit for being honest about cheating. Dwarfs be sneaky, I always sez.
cole said on 27/Apr/14
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Tiptoeing in elevators, nice.
Realist said on 26/Apr/14
Rob, there is a scene in Zodiac where Ruffalo gets angry with Downey, they look exactly the same height and have similar footwear. Just for u to confirm. I think Downey is more 172ish.
RisingForce said on 24/Apr/14
Shredder, Downey's official listing has always been 5'9" so that's what I'd guess he claims, though one article from '88 or '89 even had him at a ridiculous 5'10"! But you never know, with how honest Downey is about his lifts and his personality, it wouldn't surprise me if that prison guard story was true when the prison guard supposedly asked Downey "What are you 5-7?" and Downey supposedly replied "Yeah, around that mark." Unfortunately, that can't be verified.
MD said on 21/Apr/14

Do you think you could look through RisingForce's post about him talking about wearing lifts, and then perhaps add the link to the top of the page if everything looks on the up-and-up?
[Editor Rob: I'll insert that quote, as it's always funny aswell how the John Wayne lifts stories take new turns. Lifts in the car :) Didn't he hear of sitting on a cushion instead!]
RobV said on 20/Apr/14
As a tall guy who has worn lifts since I was 18, I find it amazing that someone with such resources could get it so wrong in style terms. All the basic mistakes - squeezed into boots or trainers with so much added height that the laces look strained in all the wrong ways, as if your upper is pushing high up against the top of the shoe, the clunky great boots with suits whose trousers (in the wrong colour for the boots, thus highlighting them) shout at you that the boots are solid. There is no need for someone adding a couple of inches to ever be so obvious but I suspect it is that he really goes for the 3"/4" max and in spite of all the resource, he does not know how to do it. It honestly can be done.

It is of course way more difficult with every half inch above 2 inches in lifts/elevators, but if he wants to wear 3/4inch elevators he has to choose his trousers and boots well. If you look at Jude Law's boots here. I have a pair of almost exactly the same ones and add 3" in them. It is undetectable because I wear them a size or two larger than my shoesize, I wear them with black pants that sit neatly over the boot, and I make sure that the trousers to do not crumple onto them. A real real giveaway is that look where this hard lump appears at the bottom of your leg with the pants sitting on top
the shredder said on 19/Apr/14
Awesome that he admits to lifts , I can believe he would say 5'8.5 as his height. I actually think he has but have not seen it .
RisingForce said on 18/Apr/14
Here's Downey admitting to wearing lifts in a Japanese interview from around the time of Sherlock Holmes.

It’s not generally known that Downey Jr. stands at just 174 cm and in recent films has been asked by filmmakers to wear lifts, which he does and admits to, while warning: “There’s nothing to talk about there — lots of actors do that, both now and in the past. Tom Cruise. Or read up on John Wayne, who even had lifts in his car so he’d look taller driving. Height is one of the rules and practices of this male-enhancing business.”

Click Here

Like I said, I give him credit for admitting it a number of times, though I wonder where the article got the 174 cm figure from? He's obviously not that tall except in shoes, or possibly in the morning, but I hope it wasn't a figure from I M D B because I hate when articles reprint those figures as if they're official.
Jimbo said on 18/Apr/14
not a full 5ft8 172cm for him
RisingForce said on 17/Apr/14
He looks more 5'7" range to me without lifts, I'd guess he's 5'7.5". He usually looks like a 5'8.5"-5'9" guy at premieres with lifts, maybe 5'9.5" with his biggest lifts. Robert was in big enough lifts at the Soloist premiere for it to be noticeable, yet he was still shorter than Jamie Foxx who only claims 5'9". Click Here Click Here I think Foxx could be a fraction over 5'9", but even so, Downey should look at least as tall if he's actually a legit 5'8". Downey was shorter on video of that premiere as well. I think it might look like he's getting an even bigger boost than he actually is at times since he's not very good at hiding his lifts. Click Here That is a significant boost, though, since it's a style not too different from what Sly use to wear, except for they look to be stuffed with even bigger lifts. You can see every give away when it comes to lifts with him. Click Here Shoes are too bulky and visibly stuffed with lifts, perhaps close to 2 inches since a 1 inch lift won't look like that, his legs look out of proportion like he's standing on something, his lower legs look too long and his pants look too short. Sneakers just aren't practical for lifts that big. I'll give him credit, though, he does have a sense of humor about his lifts. I saw an interview with him some years ago where he was talking about things he kept from the movie "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", and he included lifts for his shoes.

However, as far as movies go, I believe he gets over 3 inches in the Iron Man movies. Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here The first picture with the infamous "stripper heels" from that angle is telling since you can see the entire heel, and that alone looks about 3 inches to me, then there's a platform that looks about an inch on the front, and I'm almost certain he has lifts inside on top of that. I'd be surprised if that was less than a 3.5" boost, and look at those other shoes, no other 3" heels, but thick platforms on massive shoes in all of the others.
Filippo said on 15/Apr/14
Oh my! In that pic above, gwyneth is wearing something like 8-10 cm heels! Given her height at 175, she would reach 185, 6'1!
Robert seems 1.5 inch shorter.. Maybe two inches, so 5-11ish!
Those damn sneakers got 3 inch-boost ??! Shocking!
the shredder said on 11/Apr/14
All this 5'6.5 crap , lol.
jamieorr4 said on 31/Mar/14
i think he is between 5ft6 and 5ft7 and 5ft9 for jude
Addy said on 29/Mar/14
I want those special sneakers!! :p
Jimbo said on 28/Mar/14
5 ft7 for sure not a full 5 ft 8 though.
the shredder said on 27/Mar/14
He is a good 1.5 on Zach Gali fan ak is with out special sneaker.
DrNil said on 25/Mar/14
Hey Rob, how many hours do you a human need to shrink to his lowest height (standing)?
[Editor Rob: in some cases 5-6 hours of being on feet might put you at your lowest, especially if it involves movement in your spine like rotation. ]
the shredder said on 24/Mar/14
5'7.75 is a good shout.
AKI said on 22/Mar/14
After watching Iron man with Gwyneth Paltrow ( 5'9 ) i'm starting to question wheter Robert really is 5'8. I am european and i think hes more 171-172.

Perhaps he was 5'8 (173 cm) in his youth and now in his late 40s begin to drop alittle in height.
Sarah said on 22/Mar/14
I'd say that he's about 5'7.5". Maybe 5'7.75".
Here is a shot of Downey with Sarah Jessica Parker
Click Here
She is in flats (5'2.5") in this pic and he isn't wearing those infamous lifts. If you account for the footwear advantage, then he's between 5" and 5.5" taller than her.
Not under 5'7" but definitely not above 5'8" either.
anonymous said on 20/Mar/14

17:29 - he looks about the same height as Izzard, who is 5'7, wearing pretty standard dress shoes. Downey's wearing the same boots as he's pictured above in (next to jude, the black ones with the white 'flat' soul and the rediculous elevation angle), which I reckon give him minimum 4 inches lift. I reckon those lifts probably get him to around 5'10" max on a good day, and seriously I can't imagine anything with that steep an angle can lift any less than 4 inches, maybe 3.5.

I always figured him for a 5'6" or so, and it kind of fits in with his frame.

Also referring to that same video, skip to 19:35 - he drops his left leg down and you hear an almighty 'thud', followed by his right ankle twisting to a perfect right angle, hence proving he's still wearing his +4" shoes there.

I think 5'8" is generous, and everywhere else he's listed as anything between 5'8 and 5'10, which are all only applicable when he's wearing his shoes.
Ash said on 5/Mar/14
if you look at this scene in the Avengers with paltrow, he's still definately wearing lifts, its actually quite funny because at that exact moment he says "i lift it"

Click Here
the shredder said on 1/Mar/14
At least upper 5'7. It really is hard to tell 5'8 flat from upper 5'7. He looks 5'10 in lifts
Charleene said on 27/Feb/14
Gwyneth Paltrow and RDJ don't seem to have that much of a height difference in this picture. Set photo from around 2006/07

Click Here
jimbo said on 26/Feb/14
Yeah its about time he is due for a downgrade, Most people here agree at he is around the 171 to 172 mark. Would you agree Rob.?
Lorne said on 25/Feb/14
Rob, you misspelled Holmes as "Homes". :)
Freddy said on 24/Feb/14
damn, he can literally kill someone with these massive boots

Click Here

he's 5'7 flat imo
bob123 said on 23/Feb/14
I personally don't think he could be above 5'7.75 flat.
the shredder said on 21/Feb/14
Rob , 5'7.75 would be better , plus a change.
Sarah said on 19/Feb/14
5'8". He's not that far below the average and he carries himself well. It's all about attitude and style sometimes!
Sam said on 12/Feb/14
I think you did'nt understand what I wanted to mean (sorry for my bad english I'm a French guy ^^). If you measure yourself (alone) would that be correct or you have to have somebody to measure your height? Because I measure my height alone and I wanted to know if it's correct...
PS : when I measure my height I overpush !
[Editor Rob: it shouldn't make any difference, as I said in the last reply, there is a chance the person could push the stadiometer bar further down on your head so it bent the plastic a little and undermeasure a couple mm. Doing it yourself should be perfectly fine, I wouldn't strain your back too much, stand pretty tall though]
Sam said on 11/Feb/14
Rob I have a question : would you be taller or shorter if somebody measures you?
[Editor Rob: if you stood the same then the only way you may be shorter is if someone overpushed or angled the object/stadiometer part so it bent a could be taller if they didn't push the device down enough]
Sam said on 8/Feb/14
Guys, I saw him, I'm 173 cm barefoot at night and he was the same height as me... And he wasn't wearing big boots !
Realist said on 4/Feb/14
Is his father really 6'3 as listed on the infamous movie site , his mum must have been 4'10 or somethin'. Awesome guy though. 172 is right for this guy. He does not look tiny like Ruffalo due to broader shoulders. Ruffalo is about 169-170.
Xan said on 1/Feb/14
Definitely looks more than an inch shorter than 5'9 Gweneth Paltrow; in his first scene in The Avengers, she's barefoot and he's wearing shoes and the difference looks well over an inch, can't see him as any more than 5'7
NJP said on 23/Jan/14
At least (the very least) 4 inches shorter than Robert Rusler (6'1") in Weird Science.
Ace Justice said on 20/Jan/14
I met RDJ at a Wrestling show. I'm 5'9" in boots, and he and I was at least an inch taller, tops. Flat 5'7.25"
leonari said on 16/Jan/14
erherage:ever heard of lifts? Look at his shoes!!!
MD said on 14/Jan/14
erherage, you hae any pictures showing this? We'd be interested to see them, because that sounds unbelievable.
erherage said on 12/Jan/14
looked a couple inches taller than norman reedus who is 5'9 minimum

can someone explain this?
chrisssss said on 10/Jan/14
He is REALLY SHORT, and wears RIDICULOUS footwear, i mean celebs wear 2 inch lifts, but this guy wears like 5 inch lifts 0.0, even in his elevator boots he still appears short as hell, the internet has him at 176cm which is LAUGHABLE, i'd say 169cm. Max 172cm
shell said on 3/Jan/14
He can't be 5' 8" tall when andrew mcarthy is clearly 1 to 2 inches taller than him in Less than zero and Mcarthy admits to being 5' 8" tall. Jamie Gertz is 5' 5" tall and has flat shoes on in one scene while standing right beside the two of them and there is about an inch or two between her and downey. That makes him probably about 5' 6.5"
Dan said on 2/Jan/14
Paltrow is barefoot in their scenes together in "The Avengers" and "Iron Man 3" (while he is in his monster shoes) and they are practically the same height.

Here he is on the set of Iron Man 2. In this pic he is actually wearing HEELS. Not lifts, but full-fledged HEELS. 5'7" max. Click Here
tony said on 21/Dec/13
I'd say he is 170. The guy has short legs, that makes him look really short.
MD said on 20/Dec/13
It's crazy looking through his travels during the premieres of Iron Man 3, and he has on any number of pair of those silly sneakers, which are obviously modified, making it difficult to judge his true height. I guess the only saving grace is that he doesn't otfen wear huge heeled boots, so he doesn't get as ridiculous as say, Vin Diesel, with the footwear, but it's still those sneakers. lol
jimbo said on 18/Dec/13
his leg spam looks quiet short. 172 max.
Emily said on 16/Dec/13
He doesn't wear lifts. He's too manly for this term. He wears manly bro enhancers.
John said on 15/Nov/13
Men, I gotta warn you: Robert Downey Jr. is a big lift wearer, since ever (even in the mugshot picture he wears lifts). No way he's 5'8, he's about 5'6. He wears tall shoes and probably puts 1 or 2 inches lift inside them (which give him about 2,5-3,5 inches). Plus, if you notice, he always stand perfectly upright (because he knows he's short and he tries to hide it as far as he can).
Come on, 5'8 is unthinkable!
the shredder said on 29/Oct/13
weak 5'9 mugshot plus angle , 5'8.5 , if in prison shoes than under 5'8
jtm said on 28/Oct/13
he was at least 3 inches shorter than tom sizemore in heart and souls.
5'11 barefoot said on 28/Oct/13
if rdj is 5'5" how do these shoes give him 5 inches of height he would have to be walking on boxes for such a thing...he's 5'7" barefoot and with averge shoes he's average height barely...with lifts he's about 5'10" no more than that just watch him in the 80's movies like back to school with rodney dangerfield...or wierd science
BackInDaDay said on 23/Oct/13
I was an extra on the set of the movie Heart and Souls. Part of it was filmed in an aircraft hangar on Norton AFB(now the San Bernardino Intl Airport).
I was just a few feet away from R.D. Jr, Alfre Woodard, Kyra Sedgwick, and Tom Sizemore in that scene and R.D. was the shortest in the bunch.
I am 5'8" and Mr. Downey CAN NOT be more than 5'5". I know what his G+ profile says and who cares how tall he is in a suit of armor.
Just look at the shoes above...elevators folks!
Ed said on 20/Oct/13
Rob, have you seen him in True Believer? RDJ definitely looks easily a solid 5'7" - 5'7.5" in a lot of scenes with 5'11" James Woods. If James really is really 5'11"
Carter said on 19/Oct/13
In his scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow in the Avengers, she's barefoot AND slouching visibly...and she's still only eye to eye with him. This means that, in his shoes he's only about 5' best. I'm astonished they did full body shots for that scene, since it seems to me to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that...even if his shoes don't have lifts in them...he's only 5'7 barefoot...maybe even a bit shorter. Rob, do you see the logic of this? I really can't see how he can be 5'8 barefoot. I notice you recently did downgrade Josh Brolin a bit...and that's the only other one I've ever suggested a downgrade for. (Thanks for listening and considering it.) I think Robert needs to go down to 5'7.5 or even lower here.
Roku said on 16/Oct/13
Well when he wears the iron man suit, he's 6''5.
the shredder said on 11/Oct/13
Rob put Keitel 5'8 because of Robert , They look roughly the same in their film.
He might not be 5'8 but 5'5 ? Come on guys , 5'7.5.
kartal said on 10/Oct/13
He looks ridicilous in those shoes
Arch Stanton said on 6/Oct/13
Somebdy said on Harvey Keitel's page a liftless Downey was shorter than Harvey Keitel who himself looked 5'7" next to De Niro in Mean Streets!!
Jon said on 5/Oct/13
5'8 seems generous to me. This guy is always wearing huge lifts. I would say 5'5.
Reno said on 5/Oct/13
I said hello to him on the beach years ago. He was very nice to talk to. I'm 5'7". We were eye to eye.
Powerhouse said on 28/Sep/13
My guess is 5'7.. This guy is one of the most insecure phonies in show business.
leonari said on 23/Sep/13
I see and always saw a Guy below 5'8...
Mandy said on 21/Sep/13
@Rob, is it possible that he is below 5'8?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't discount it, if he is under 5ft 8 it might be by a fraction.]
Innovator said on 20/Sep/13
Robert Downey Jr. is 5'9"
Edlt2882 said on 18/Sep/13
Ok, let's guesttimate here. In the special sneakers he is probably elevated 2-3 inches off the ground. Next to Jude Law, who is 6'0"-ish, he is about 5'10". So I think it's more accurate to say Robert Downey Jr. is 5'7" to 5'7.5" tops.
RobertIs5"7Max said on 16/Sep/13
Anyone who's seen the movie Chaplin knows that Downey can't be over 5"7.
Jimbo said on 14/Sep/13
the mug shot photo does prove he is at least 172 171 at night. but he is getting a fair bit old.
NJP said on 13/Sep/13
He is no where near 5'8". 5'6.75". Some might call it a weak 5'7" but if he is, that's morning height. His logic - wear sneakers with big tongues to disguise the slope in the arch of the foot. His lift angle (The relativity of forefoot to heel) are some of the most severe ratios you'll get without being blatant; i.e, cuban heels.

Photo above;

Jude Law 5'10.5" (average height between morning and late evening) plus a 1 inch heel and a 1/4 inch variant. total height = a weak to even 6ft.

Robert is hovering around the strong 5'10" mark in that picture. Take away the 2.5"(At least, at worst 3 inch) heel and you pretty much have a flat 5'7" guy. That's just based on that photo but in all honesty there are more photos of RDJr at a greater disadvantage than the above appears. I think I've been pretty fair.
Bard said on 12/Sep/13
Lol just kidding. I know KAJ is closer to the camera but he is leaning over. So, considering everything, I'd say Robert's 5'7.
John95 said on 11/Sep/13
5'6.5. That's what he looked like in the 80's when he didn't have his big elevator shoes.
Bard said on 11/Sep/13
4 foot range tops, look at him next to this average sized fella! :P

Click Here
Nick said on 10/Sep/13
5'7'' possibly 5'8''
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
Can tell he was shorter in Sherlock holmes than 5'10-11 Jude law despite his lifts.
chrisss said on 5/Sep/13
Clear 5'7, even in lifts he appears really short always looks as if he's standing on something
Jimbo said on 2/Sep/13
There's pictures of him barefoot on a beach. His leg spam look's quite short.. Not a full 5 ft 8 171 or 172 max
SK said on 27/Aug/13
I've seen him in person and he's no taller than 5'7"-5'8".
Dave said on 27/Aug/13
Just saw a 1988 picture of him with Suzanne Vega, who is a tad over 5'6". They are EXACTLY the same height in flats, so let's agree on 5'6 1/2" w/photographic evidence. Pic is on Vega's FB page.
kartal said on 26/Aug/13
he looks ridicilous in those elevators.
Jimbo said on 12/Aug/13
Never heard that he admits to wearing them. But they are obvious
Emily said on 12/Aug/13
Has he ever acknowledged that he wears lifts? Just wondering..
Jimbo said on 7/Aug/13
173 morning 172 night.....
dmeyer said on 5/Aug/13
with fillion looks closer to 5 ft 10.5-10.75 its hard to see more than 2.5-3in
hurricane brat said on 5/Aug/13
haha shredder, Nathan Fillion besides his other roles also voices the green lantern in all the animated DC movies.
dmeyer said on 5/Aug/13
in thoes flat seakers even wearing a 2 in lifts wish give about 1.25 plus 0.6 in outide heels he get 2 in and yet looks max 4 cm under paltrow who is about 183cm with thoes on , also law must be 5 ft 11.75-6 ft in those 2.5-3cm shoes downey must be aleast 179cm shoes on , he cant be under 5 ft 8
Jimbo said on 4/Aug/13
he looks the same or shorter then harvey.
Lorne said on 30/Jul/13
He is wearing his "special shoes" and Paltrow owns him. And her heels aren't that big! He's gotta be shorter than you. 172cm all the way.
jimbo said on 30/Jul/13
his height varies but he was shorter then harvey in the 80s or same height im thinking either 171 or 172...
183CM said on 29/Jul/13
Rob, I think he is 1,72 now. I'm sure he is getting shorter every year
[Editor Rob: no worries for downey, he'll just add another cm to his custom elevators.

I've seen quite a few women with those elevator sneakers last few years.]
jimbo said on 25/Jul/13
Not a full 5 ft 8.
lola said on 20/Jul/13
I think Robert is 5'8 5'9
Meltdown said on 19/Jul/13
I'm calling it 5'8.75 for Robert Downey Jr. Mark Ruffalo is 5'6, not 5'8.
Mandy said on 18/Jul/13
He has the proportion of a shorter man. It is not possible that he is 5'8. It is way to generous.i would say he is a weak 5'7.
Joe Green said on 6/Jul/13
5'6.5, 5'7 at best
vee said on 30/Jun/13
I met Robert for the second time in my life. Fisrt time was in 2002 ; recently was 2013 while promoting IM3 in NY. I am positive he is 5'7". I'm 5'9". @Anon to answer your question they used specific camera angles and props to make RDJ appear taller in The Avengers.
jimbo said on 24/Jun/13
Extreme Lifts.
Anon said on 23/Jun/13
In The Avengers, he and Chris Evans (Who is 6' or taller) were standing facing each other at eye level! How come? I thought RDJ was shorter than Chris.
Silent d said on 22/Jun/13
Rob so you think he is the same height as sean penn? They both are shorter than mel gibson. He just doesn't look 5 foot 8. 5 foot 7 is about right.
[Editor Rob: it's not impossible he is a weak 5ft 8]
kartal said on 15/Jun/13
closer to 5'7 than 5'8
Richie Rich said on 13/Jun/13
5'6.5 for RDJ
5'8.5 for Gibson
lol said on 12/Jun/13
Hey Alan , I think a downgrade to 5ft7 would be just nice ... It's WAY more acceptable than 5ft8 . We don't really have proofs of less than 5ft7 though ..
Alan said on 10/Jun/13
Rob, 5'8 for downey is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous !!! i can guarantee he is no more than 5'5 to 5'6. i have met him on hollywood boulevard and i myself am 5'7 only. he was in normal flip flops and was CONSIDERABLY shorter than me !! i had to look down to make eye contact. I somehow feel that Rob you have knowingly inflated his height for i dont know what reason. and in doing so you are losing the credibility of your website. 5'8 Rob , really ?
jimbo said on 5/Jun/13
172cm would sum him up
lol said on 5/Jun/13
I think he's 5ft7 , but not a STRONG 5ft7 ...
jtm said on 31/May/13
not a hair over 5'7.
Mr. R said on 25/May/13
Did anybody watch the Oscars when the rest of The Avengers cast made fun of his ever shifting height?
al said on 23/May/13
169 for Robert
ian said on 23/May/13
Are you joking? 5ft 7 at MOST
Jo said on 22/May/13
He was probably wearing shoe when he did that mugshot cause my friend had one. I heard he smoked weeds when he was very young but he's cool guy.
jimbo said on 21/May/13
Weak 5 8 5.75 peak
mysides said on 21/May/13
his lifts are inside the shoe you cant see them.
superman said on 20/May/13
I saw him im person and he had 2inch thick shoes and he was 1recouping inch taller than me and im 5 foot 8 and he was almost the exact height as i was and i dont now what was in his shoes probally nothingi would put him at 5my foot 7 doesnt really matter though he was teally grear and i understand the eay he feels i wish i was taller, but im in shape and good geans he has both if those and he is rich and women love him so i would take his place in a second over being 6 foot 1 or 6we foot 3.
lol said on 20/May/13
5'8 isnt bad but the fact that this guy wears the most ridiculous footwear makes me see him as 5'2. weak minded for sure.
tedhabsen said on 19/May/13
I'd say 5'7 max. I saw Iron Man III tonight , I have no idea what heels he wears to look as tall as Jon Favreau
kedwards said on 9/May/13
im a little taller than him but heights dont matter its the character that counts..whether people consoder him short or not doesnt matter..he is still a very sucessful actor..i think people overate being over 6ft. tall who cares.I'm 5'8½ and i still am taller than plenty of people. Don't say 5'8 is short just because the "ideal man" is over 6ft. And thats the truth
Charles Flint69 said on 8/May/13
His dad is 6'3"! WOW! having a tall father and ending up growing under 5'9" must be hard...
Michael said on 7/May/13
172.5cm absolute max.

171 - 172cm normal range.
jimbo said on 6/May/13
So was that mugshot fresh in the morning imma about 174 in the morning night prob a decent 173..
Theo said on 6/May/13
If GP is a legit 5' 9", which you state, then how can RDJ be barely the same height as her in massive sneakers when she is barefoot in Iron Man 2 if he is really 5' 8"? This make no sense. Regular shoes of almost any kind would have equalized their heights if those heights are accurate. This makes no sense. 5' 7" I can buy, but nothing more.
hurricane brat said on 3/May/13
quote from an interview with RDJ in GQ magazine (PT is director Paul Thomas Anderson)- "P.T. and I like ribbing each other. He goes, 'How does it feel to be the shortest superstar in the world?' "
jimbo said on 2/May/13
Who knows what he was wearing when he took that mugshot . With keitel he looks 5 foot 7. But in prison looks 5 8.. so max 5.75
Phil said on 30/Apr/13
Met him on set in the 90s while he was filming in Montreal. He's 5'7 to 5'8" so you got this one pretty much bang on.
jimbo said on 30/Apr/13
we all know downey isn't 5 ft 8 172 max
yavapai said on 28/Apr/13
I once met him at the Indio, California court house we litteraly bumped into each other. My wife is 5` 2" and he is not any taller than she is. That happened when he was going to court for drug charges.
jimbo said on 23/Apr/13
Agree with that
Shell said on 21/Apr/13
I just watched The Avengers and there is no way he is 5ft 8in. Gweneth Paltrow is 5ft 9in tall and she is standing next to him with bare feet and she is hunched over in the whole scene. He has on super thick soled sneakers and she still looks a little taller than him. Watch the scene she leans on a table to try and look shorter than him and it looks awkward.
jimbo said on 21/Apr/13
lol what is beelow on about .
Beelow said on 19/Apr/13
I don't care how tall he is, height is not a determination. Height is not a measure of a man or woman. Being a 5'1 woman most people are taller than me. However it has come to my attention that life is albiet short [no pun intended]. I have just come to the astounding ephiphany that I am at this point in my existance old enough to be his mother. God in heaven amazing how ones libido does not coinside with ones age. Ah that being said I shall put that aside mentally and physically. Oh well I suppose I will continue to remain anonymous in this lifetime. My contributions to human kind, mege; I am a nurse and whilst I have not globally contributed to the day dreams [or night dreams] of admiring females, or males, I might have contributed to their lives in regard to saving them. I must state however that he Mr. Downey has given me hours of enjoyment, simply viewing his acting prowess. I look forward to many hours more in upcoming film venues. Asthetically pleasing you are naturally talented you are I am forever greatful for that Mr Downey. Thak you.
Johnny said on 17/Apr/13
Robert Downey Jr looks only 5'6 - 5'7 to me.
Jimbo said on 15/Apr/13
im guessing his shoes must give him a good few inches I mean sometimes they look real silly on him and his posture is straight as an arrow so obviously he wants to appear taller then he is.
Jimbo said on 14/Apr/13
Yeah fair enough.
jimbo said on 11/Apr/13
Yeah the listing for downey dosent add up. And if you notice in those pictures downey is wearing those new balance sneekers.. those are the same as nike air max.. and give about a 2.5cm increase in height..
jimbo said on 10/Apr/13
So this brings the question of the listing of 5 foot 8.. i dont think downey would be taller now he is getting older.. so he cant be this listing if best with shoes 172cm max..
jimbo said on 8/Apr/13
in those years which louis showed who would you say is taller downey or harvey.?
jimbo said on 5/Apr/13
In those pictuers. Harvey looks a few cm taller.
Louis said on 4/Apr/13
Click Here
Louis said on 3/Apr/13
compared to jamie foxx he looks similar height like christoph waltz
he can't be more than 5'7
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/13
5/7 and that's generous
Rumormill said on 12/Mar/13
Well he's 7 feet tall when he stands on his wallet. But I'm still going with 5"8". Hey I met the man and spent more than a couple of minutes with him. Back in 2002 he was not wearing lifts.
KatFish said on 8/Mar/13
I think 5'8" is generous. I recently watched Fur with RDJ & Nicole Kidman & was astonished at how short RDJ really is... in the movie, there's a scene where RDJ is in slippers walking behind 5'11" Nicole Kidman & she towers over him. Because of it, I would guess him to be 5'6". Hollywood's done a fantastic job making him & other shorter leading men appear far larger on the screen. He's so phenomenally talented & gets sexier every year... I can't wait for Iron Man 3! :-)
jimbo said on 7/Mar/13
Probably 172.. bare foot.. lifts 5 9
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/13
Robert has said himself that he's 5ft 7.
leonari said on 4/Mar/13
Well one thing is for sure: Ruffalo looks the shortest. Yeah he is bald at the oscars but I see him lower than a full 5'8". Downey is wearing lifts and Chris Evans joke was weak cause Robert didn't look short at the oscars
Sam said on 4/Mar/13
Yes, Chris Evans & Samuel L. Jackson looked similar range and were I would a solid 4 inches taller than Renner, Ruffalo and Downey Jr., who were all similar in height. Downey Jr.'s shoes look a little clunky but aren't the monsters he's occasionally been seen in.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Byron T. said on 3/Mar/13
Click Here
Click Here

No taller than 5'8,'' but Robert Downey Jr. likes to appear taller onscreen (hence Chris Evans' 2013 Oscar Awards joke about him using boxes/wearing shoe lifts).
bran said on 2/Mar/13
under 170 is crazy? Click Here This guy is 168 MAX.
hurricane brat said on 1/Mar/13
Rob did you happen to see the oscars this year? The cast of the Avengers presented an award and made some jokes on stage. One of them had Chris Evans make a reference to the 'apple boxes robert frequently stands on so he can be as tall as the rest of us' (or something to that effect). The funnier thing is, the guys on stage included jeremy renner and mark ruffalo. All the same height as robert downey jr.
[Editor Rob: didn't watch it all, only a few bits]
Len said on 27/Feb/13
5'8 for Downey is being incredibly generous.
zA said on 24/Feb/13
Based on research, Robert Downy Jr is 5'9 wearing SHOES. he is also known for wearing platform shoes. I conclude 5'7.
runt said on 24/Feb/13
It's very logical that mugshots are taken with shoes on. What you want is a picture of what the guy looks like out-and-about so you can find his butt when he disappears. Who cares what he looks like in the shower unless he's wanted for streaking!
... said on 7/Feb/13
mughost are taken with shoes on....just sayin....
Louis is wrong said on 5/Feb/13
Rob, do you know the average height for males and females in both UK and US as of recently?
[Editor Rob: the real average is between 5ft 9 and 10.

Studies show that, but studies don't include the immigration that is undocumented.]
Rumormill said on 24/Jan/13
RDJ is definetely between 5"8 or 5"9. The reason I'm saying this is because I met him back in 2002 at an NYC pub and we were all hanging out. My friends and I just happen to walk into the same bar he was in. I'm a female and 5 "9" ,my true height. I had on boots that had a two inch heel but I was taller than him but not by much. He was wearing sneakers but they were normal sneakers, not lifts, you know, flat bottoms like Nikes. BTW, even though he was still dealing with a few demons back than, he was one of the most nicest and awesome (not just celeb) guy I had ever met. He is definetely taller than 5"7".
jimbo said on 24/Jan/13
looking back from previous comments its safe to say he is most likely around the 171-172 mark barefoot but with lifts 5 ft 8.. he does need a downgrade.
I measured myself today im a good 5 ft 7, my friend is 5 ft 8. looking at roberts leg span of him and his wife on the beach it seems he looks a 5 ft 7..
Silent d said on 22/Jan/13
He looks 5 foot 8 at most.
Aragorn 5'11 said on 15/Jan/13
Rob, who do you think is taller... Robert Downey Jr. or Mark Ruffalo? Or do you believe they are the same height?
[Editor Rob: mark's the guy with worse posture, downey's the guy with decent posture (by virtue of his elevators), they got to be pretty close barefoot though]
Louis said on 4/Jan/13
Well prison shoes at best and he looks 5'8 to 5'9 , under 5'7 is epic fail .

shoes+low camera angle, i'm not saying under 168 evening, and that still means around 170 in the morning
Louis said on 4/Jan/13
no matter what he is still going to be in the 5'7 range easy if he would have stood barefoot next to it .

And what if he was in shoes?
He looks 2in under macdowell on few photos
He is no more than 170
Louis said on 4/Jan/13
"It depends on my mood, really. I'm five nine, and some days I only feel five nine. But if I'm feeling tall, I say six feet!"

To me it's clear he claims 5'9
And i expected you to left out that part of quote where he says i'm 5'9
Louis said on 2/Jan/13
@the shredder
Jude Law claims 5'9 and has 2in on RDJ
No way jude law will downgrade himself
Everybod here thinks rdj is worst lift wearer(except me)

And to fit your estimate for rdj you said jude is 5'10 or 5'11
So 2in over what he claims, that is ridiculous
Louis said on 1/Jan/13
He doesn't look full 5'9 on mugshot
Angle isn' great
Looking him with malcolm mcdowell no way 173, he looks 170 max
So he wasn't barefoot on mugshot
I think mugshot isn't great to guess height
I go with 168
I looked at some photos and mcdowell isn't lift wearer
Louis said on 30/Dec/12
i looked at some old photos of him and it's funny, he was always in flat shoes, like 0,5 cm, even on red carpet
NX said on 28/Dec/12
I bet, he's less then 170cm..

in 1991 he played "Chaplin", when he was 27.
he was really tiny.
5.7 said on 23/Dec/12
Arguing over a cm? Are you all 12?
Arch Stanton said on 21/Dec/12
There's an interview on him on Craig Ferguson and proportionally he looks the same height as Tom Cruise. 172cm I think would be about right.
leonari said on 14/Dec/12
Excelsior: So a 47 year old male who smokes has already lost close to an inch? Tell me: Where do these ideas come from?? Do you dream this BS at night or?? You have to do real bad physical work to lose height at 47 and smoking does many things but not shrink people during middle age. Maybe you are a kid and think 47 is old. Well wake up call my friend: It's not!!
TxGrl said on 13/Dec/12
I've seen RDJ in person a few times. The one time I actually spoke to he and the Mrs. I noticed he was at eye level and was not wearing lifts like he often does. A couple of more reasons he appears taller at times is because of how his hair is styled and how he holds his chin up (especially on interviews). Another fact is that he has a bit of a sway back and therefore he has very good posture. I am 5'7"... So I would agree he is 5'7" or 5' 8". Definitely not 5'9". Mrs. Downey is around 5'2", so he towers over her. No matter his height, he is an amazing actor, person, husband and humanitarian.
Chameleon said on 13/Dec/12
No way hes a cm over 5'7
Excelsior said on 13/Dec/12
Peak Height: maybe 5'8"
Today: weak 5'7"

The only thing that makes me doubt 5'6.5" is the fact that he is clearly taller than Zach Galifianakis in Due Date. In that movie he is only wearing normal dress shoes as far as I saw.

Keep in mind this guy smokes cigarettes like it's going out of style, and that may have contributed to an obvious shrinking.

Also keep in mind that the those big tennis shoes that he is seen wearing while standing next to Jude Law have more of a lift that meets the eye. The white heel on the sneaker looks about 2-2.5 inches, but he's probably standing on 4-5 inches in reality to match well to 6'0" Jude.
Chameleon said on 10/Dec/12
He is 5'7 as I also had shown he was shorter than 5'8 andrew mccarthy
lol93 said on 9/Dec/12
This guy is 5'8 look at him with jude law, he is not under 5'8
jerry said on 5/Dec/12
I think 5'8" is about right, here are pictures of him with gwenyth paltrow in iron man, even though he seems to be taller than her, there are pictures of him wearing high heels (see below on the link) Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 3/Dec/12
Downey is actually Six foot 2 and a half. His new zapatero makes Marilyn Manson type goth boots with 5 inch platforms, WITH inside hidden 2 inch lift. The reason? Anybody who calls him for wearing 5 inch platforms he can say "these only give me 5 inches, I'm virtually 5 ft 10"!
lol93 said on 30/Nov/12
Assuming that Jude law is 182-183 cm in his shoes robert looks like a weak 5'8 with him in my opinion or close to 5'8 Click Here Click Here so 5'8 is fair for him I believe
leonari said on 28/Nov/12
Agreed Shredder!
Second Wind Jim said on 23/Nov/12
Robert Downey is closer to 5'
7" than he is to 5'8". Funny how little man actors have big egos and insecurity abouth their veritical challenges.
RDJ's heal said on 13/Nov/12
Danimal is right. I watched a few of those snl's and he is towered over by the cast. Dennis miller is listed at 5'9" and has at least three inches over RDJ. I'll tell you this, he was not over 5'8" in those years. More like 5'6". He must have went through a growth spurt.
sabot said on 10/Nov/12
5'10 is not 175cm, but ~178cm. I agree again, 171cm for him.
Rudi Bukit said on 9/Nov/12
Rob looked at the same height with gwyneth by end of avengers. But rob worn sneakers and gwyneth on her barefoot. Gwyneth is 5'10 (175) that ever mentioned in several webs. I thought sneakers that worn by him was such as lift shoes maybe.. So it's fair if we say Robert approximately 5'7 - 5' 7,5.
Will said on 7/Nov/12
I thought Downey Jr. was short but he seemed to be at least 5'8 1/4" tall. That is without his shoes or lifts on.
leonari said on 5/Nov/12
Ria: Yep he wishes .
laurasnow said on 4/Nov/12
according to yahoo's post about short celebs, hes 5'7
RDJ's heal said on 1/Nov/12
Knowing how he lifts so much, he probably stood on his tip toes in his mug shot.
sabot said on 1/Nov/12
I agree with you guys, 170cm (5'7) for this guy, maybe 171cm.
Even with his massive customs in Avengers, he is shorter then barefoot 5'8.5
Paltrow. said on 29/Oct/12
I think he is 5 foot 7 without his giant lifts.
Dmeyer said on 29/Oct/12
His thin sneakers With lift give about 2" and the bigger ones about 3 in
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
No way he is 5 foot 5. He doesn't look as small as david spade, rob schneider, al pacino and a few others. He is small but not that small. 173cm
Dmeyer said on 28/Oct/12
Sometimes wear elevator sneakers 0.6 Heel plus 2 in lift those give just 2 inches total most Guys à round him havé 1 inchers hé might not get as Mush boost as we think and yet looks à descent height
Chameleon said on 26/Oct/12
How come no comments on my pics lmao...

RDJ = 170cm and not a cm more. Delusional folks
Dan said on 25/Oct/12
Here he is standing with Jude Law, forcing his posture to appear taller. His massive customs have made yet another appearance. Does he not realise how ridiculous he looks wearing these things? Click Here
rdj's heal said on 25/Oct/12
I can't imagine anything over 5'7" and that pushing it imo.. Check out the 3-4" lifts here. Love you RDJ. Your just a short ass like me:)

Click Here

Click Here
Shaun said on 24/Oct/12
5'7.5". Wears massive wedged shoes and doesn't even feel embarrassed to hide his heels like Simon Cowell does. He's 5'10" range in his customs.
John said on 23/Oct/12
Rob this pic says it all regarding Downey's aware for his height

Click Here
Lo Sgozzatore said on 18/Oct/12
O_O Patrick in that pic, he looks good 4 inches taller than Mark Ruffalo. But look at his shoes, they're ridicolous. If Mark Ruffalo is 5'8, he's about 5'9 in shoes and those shoes must give near 5 inches to Robert. Is that possible, Rob?
[Editor Rob: it's a walking shot, which might not be as good as if both were standing with same posture ]
Louis said on 16/Oct/12
Downey and ruffalo both need downgrade, downey 169-170 ruffalo 167-168
Patrick said on 16/Oct/12
Rob, he needs an upgrade to 6'. Here is a pic of him walking next to Mark Ruffalo and he looks to be about 4 inches taller. Click Here
Dan said on 15/Oct/12
I always thought he was about 5'8" until I watched "The Avengers". There is a scene where we see a full body shot of him standing with Gwyneth Paltrow. In the scene, she was barefoot. He is wearing boots - and they were the EXACT same height. If she is 5'8", then RDJ has to be a hell of a lot shorter, like 5'6" or perhaps even less. He wears lifts and he admits it, so who knows how many inches he had stuffed into his shoes for that scene... Click Here
Louis said on 11/Oct/12
from what year is photo with mcdowell, are there more photos of downey from that year, i really want to see shoes that he was wearing back there
RisingForce said on 11/Oct/12
He can look taller than I initially thought in lifts and elevators. I think anything from 5'9"-5'10" is believable for Mel Gibson, so lets say Rob's 5'9.5" listing is accurate. At about 1:55 in this video, you see Downey walk over to Mel and they look very similar in height. Click Here Their height could vary in pictures so the video is the best reference, but here are some pics anyway. Click Here Click Here Downey's legs definitely look too long next to Gibson. Click Here This shot really shows how big Downey's shoes were. Click Here
RisingForce said on 8/Oct/12
I'd like to see Downey standing next to someone in those 3 inch stripper heels.The exterior heel is certainly no less than 2.5", and I do believe he has lifts inside. I haven't seen Iron Man 2, but I liked the first one, even though I usually don't watch many superhero movies, so I'll watch it soon and try to look for a scene when Downey has those heels. As far as his wife, leonari, well I don't know how tall she is, but that'd be a good reference. However, I think Downey in movies and premieres prior to the mid 00'swould give a good idea about his height. Especially 80's and early 90's when I'm pretty sure he didn't where lifts. I remember one of his 80's movies where he was a bit shorter than Kiefer Sutherland.

Raskolinikov, I wasn't including his hair when I said he could pull off about 5'10". For example, if you include all of his hair, he's 5'10" in shoes even in his mugshot. But to pull off 5'10", Downey would have to measure about 5'11" in elevators, which is about what a 5'10" man would measure in normal shoes. If Jude Law is really 5'11" then Downey pulled off looking a solid height next to him.

Here's a good video of Law and Downey, you see them together from about 1:55 on. Click Here You can see how Law can lose posture, but even so, he doesn't look to be standing much more than an inch taller than Downey that night. This shows how big Downey's elevators were. Click Here

You cansee Downey with Jude Law at about 0:34, which shows Jude is still clearly taller. Click Here You can see how Downey's Stallone posture and elevator boots compared to Jude's posture can make them look within a half inch in height. Click Here

I do think Downey is looking close to 5'10" in these videos if Law's listing is correct. He'd have to measure at least 5'10.5" in elevators because I don't see 2 inches between them. I'm pretty set on 171-172 cm for Downey. No less than 171, imo, but definitely no more than 173, which seems a bit generous to me. At that height, he can look 5'9.5", and sometimes 5'10" in lifts and elevators.
leonari said on 7/Oct/12
Rising: These pics have been posted before as you know but they sure are priceless. If you look at these pics from head to toe he looks a strong 5'10 wearing these Stripper boots. I think they give a full 3 inches over barefoot height which would make sense. Downey height 5'7.25- 5'7.5" plus 3 "real" inches puts him at around 179. Robs estimation is close but a tad too high in my humble opinion. He looks below 5'8" barefoot on the beach with his wife (who is real short btw).
Raskolinikov said on 7/Oct/12
To make the mugshot measurement inaccurate Downey would have to either A, be wearing shoes which give him more height than what is thought, or B, be standing a little further from the chart and closer to the camera--or both at once. It's as simple as that. So since it's possible for both the mugshot to be accurate and for his 5ft8 height to be "illusory" this mugshot picture hasn't any greater authority than any other picture at all. It's interesting what Rising Force said, though: Downey can pull off 5ft10 in "big" lifts. Surely a man even 5ft7 1/2, with his hair combed/spiked up as Downey often has it, can hit the illusion of 5ft10 quite easily in normal dress shoes without such conspicuous lifts. In which case, if 5ft10 is the tallest he can achieve with those huge shoes on, then surely he must be less than 5ft7 1/2 barefoot! Who knows, I could be wrong.
RisingForce said on 6/Oct/12
Hey shredder, if it helps, I remember the person reporting Downey's supposed 5'7"n claim. it was someone claiming there uncle was the prison guard and they said the guard asked Downey "You're a little guy. How tall are you, around 5 foot 7?" And Downey supposedly replied "Yeah, around that mark." I'm still trying to find a legit height claim from Downey. He's talked about height a number of times, but I've never found a claim from him! I'm pretty sure he'd claim 5'9", which is what he's usually been listed at, But who knows? He may own up to only being around 5'8", or he may make a wild claim like 5'10"? I've also seen him listed at that height, believe it or not. And I think the 5'10" listings were from some 80's articles when he looked much shorter and didn't wear lifts.

You're right Jack, he can pull off near 5'10" in big lifts, but lifts are an understatement.

The first time I saw Downey's shoes from Iron Man 2, the phrase that instantly came to mind was stripper heels. Click Here Click Here Not only is the heel about 3 inches, which is almost unheard of these days for a mens boot, but you can see there's even a bit of a platform in the front, which makes me think he had lifts built inside the boot in addition to massive heels. Hell, Downey's exterior heel is as big as most women's heels.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a bigger picture, but here's a shot of Downey's elevator sneakers from the first Iron Man. Click Here
Jack said on 4/Oct/12
Rob he looked kinda tallish like 5'10" in Iron Man. Maybe lifts?
[Editor Rob: yes he wears beefed up shoes in many iron man and avengers shots.]
heny said on 3/Oct/12
I always thought he was taller, 5'10" or slightly below mark, but 5'8"?
leonari said on 30/Sep/12
Great Rob! Would love to see the Top secret "consider list"
RisingForce said on 29/Sep/12
Hey Rob, I have to wonder, what celebrities are on your consider list?
[Editor Rob: it's top secret!]
RisingForce said on 28/Sep/12
He looked 5'9" in shoes to me in the mugshot, but he was standing in front so that could add some height. And I wouldn't assume Downey was in lifts in the Malcolm McDowell picture since that was from 2003, which I believe was before Downey started wearing lifts/heels/elevators. The earliest I saw Downey wear shoes like that was the 2006 pics with Keanu Reeves when Downey was literally wearing 70's style platform shoes. Downey has started wearing lifts constantly around 2007. My guess is 5'7.5", but I do think 5'8" is possible, he did look it in Us Marshals, iirc. I think Downey and Cruise would be very close in height barefoot, perhaps even the same height, though I do think Cruise could be a bit taller, maybe 1 cm.
leonari said on 28/Sep/12
Will you think about it Rob? Please. All signs point to the fact he is below 5'8"
[Editor Rob: i have downey on my consider list, 172 might turn out closest]
leonari said on 26/Sep/12
I really think it's time for a litlle downgrade Rob. What do you say?
Louis said on 26/Sep/12
Maybe 171 in morning if he wasn't in big shoes but this is downey, i can't even imagine him wearing regular shoes
Shaun said on 26/Sep/12
5 ft 7 and a half.
Louis said on 26/Sep/12
If Rob downgrades him, there are many celebrities who also needs downgrade, j black, stiller, mcconaughey... And Jude Law needs one big downgrade
Louis said on 26/Sep/12
Louis your estimation is way Off . Lifts or not Robert is not below 5'7".

He looks 170 with mcdowell if he was in lifts he can't be above 168
leonari said on 26/Sep/12
I always said that Downey is 5'7. Probably a strong one at that but 171 is his max height and always has been. Good that people are starting to agree... Louis your estimation is way Off . Lifts or not Robert is not below 5'7". But he hasn't seen a full 5'8" barefoot during this lifetime. Probably not even morning height straight Out of bed.
Louis said on 26/Sep/12
This is definitely not best photo to compare, but i think there is 3cm difference between them
Louis said on 25/Sep/12
Rob said McDowell looked 173, downey is 170 only if he had normal shoes, but i doubt that
My opinion 166-168
Louis said on 25/Sep/12
the shredder
you said he's worst lift wearer, if he is than he has to be below 170
Louis said on 24/Sep/12
@the shredder
He looks maybe 170 on this photo, and who knows how big shows he had
Do you still think 172?
Dean said on 23/Sep/12
When he went to prison a few years ago he was listed as 5'7".
RisingForce said on 22/Sep/12
I agree with Rob's range, I've thought 5'7.5"-5'8" for a while. While I'm not into guessing to the quarter inch, that's why I thought a 5'7.75" listing just like Cruise would be perfect. It sums up that he's a weak 5'8" since it's possible he's that height, but I think he's a bit under most of the day. There are times when Downey can seem even shorter such as some of his pre-lift days and sometimes looking shorter than he should in big lifts, but I doubt he's below 5'7.5".
Wooga said on 20/Sep/12
the shredder says on 31/Aug/12
a flat weak 5'8 max , but most likely 5'7.5 , he is 5'8 in his mugshot and he had flip flops on .

Don't mugshots add an inch though? Thought someone said that. I think 5 foot 7-7.5 is fair.
leonari said on 19/Sep/12
Danimal: Please stop it man. There is no way he is below 169. I would bet my fortune on it. Probably he is 171-172. Not a full 5'8" but way above your "below 5'6" bull.
Chameleon said on 17/Sep/12
I also showed he is smaller than 5'8 like 5'7 max but everyone ignores it lol, hell even ages ago the pic with Gibson put him at 5'7 maximumm.
Len said on 14/Sep/12
5'8" is just laughable for Downey. I met him at Earth Day at UC Davis one time, many years back. He was tiny... maybe 5'6" at most.

Good lookin' dude in person though.
RisingForce said on 13/Sep/12
Robert in his sneakers stuffed with lifts is pulling off looking like a 5'9.5", weak 5'10" guy if Don Cheadle is 5'8", imo. Click Here Their eye level makes them look even closer than that, but Downey clearly has a bigger forehead despite Cheadle being a bit closer to the camera. The typical rules of lifts don't really apply with Downey since he goes overboard to the point where he's basically falling out of his shoes, but I doubt he's getting more than 3 inches from sneakers if that.

So if Cheadle is 5'8", then I'd think Downey is at least in the strong 5'7", weak 5'8" change midday/evening. Personally, I think giving Downey a listing like Rob did for Cruise at 5'7.75" would make the most sense. He's probably more like that, or maybe 5'7.5" so I think the listing in between would be the most logical.
Dan said on 13/Sep/12
From what I've seen, he looks 5'7 to me. But I'll bow down to your superior knowledge haha :)
Mike said on 12/Sep/12
He looks like a 169cm man barefooted. With lifts just like what we see in Avengers, he can hit near 180cm.
Jack said on 3/Sep/12
He could be 5'7'75"(172 cm)...
leonari said on 3/Sep/12
Guesser: Chris Evans 5'9"- 5'10"? Chris Evans is at least 180 cm but believe me he is taller: around 182 cm. Downey looking tall in Iron man? Have you seen the lifts he wore for this movie?? I mean come on!! Robert is not 5'8" and far from 5'9". On a good day he is probably 171 cm fat.
Chameleon said on 3/Sep/12
He isnt more than 5'7
Guesser said on 2/Sep/12
He looks too tall in Iron Mans and Avengers he looks against 6 ft. Chris Evans 5'9-5'10. Maybe he has taller shoes or something. But I'd say 5'8 min 5'9 max.
the shredder said on 31/Aug/12
a flat weak 5'8 max , but most likely 5'7.5 , he is 5'8 in his mugshot and he had flip flops on .
leonari said on 30/Aug/12
5'5" is fantasy. But a full 5'8"? Not in my book. There are too many short pics when he is on the beach for example. He looked way shorter in his 80's movies...171 cm guy. Great personality.
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in said on 28/Aug/12
I have to comment on this guy,he simply looks ridiculous with those shoe lifts and with that overly good posture.The guy is trying way too hard to look taller but who cares,it doesnt matter if you're 5'8 or 5'10 as long as you're a great actor which Robert definitely is.
Chameleon said on 28/Aug/12
He is a 5'7 max guy
Gump said on 28/Aug/12
Look at this barefoot pics with his wife listed at 5'3. Click Here
He is 5'5 max , this is the best proof ! Rob , are you agree with that ?
[Editor Rob: in the shot he looks short, not sure about the 5ft 5 though]
Beedoo said on 25/Aug/12
I found the article I mentioned earlier as a file, but I'm having trouble finding the source post I saved it from. My quote was wrong - the article lists RDJ as 162cm (5'3"), not 163cm (5'4").

I'll upload the scan to link for everyone at the first chance I get. (And has anyone else seen a recent photo where he's clinging to a hanging chain in a button-down and slacks? My first thought was of Elijah Wood, oddly. Or maybe it's not so odd. I'm positive now that, thanks to RDJ himself or folks responsible for his publicity, reports of Downey's height have been greatly exaggerated...)
Woland said on 24/Aug/12
5'7.5 - 5'8 seems accurate. In Avengers movie 5'9 G Palthrow had to be barefoot in scenes with him wearing some serious lifts, and he was still only inch taller than her.
Dmeyer said on 14/Aug/12
Hé CAN look about 5'10 in elevator sneakers With a 0.6 in outside Heel íˆven if hé has 2 in lifts inside hé will get ní´ more than 2.1 in total Heel , and yet look over 5'9 like hé could be near 5'11 shoes on ,
Beedoo said on 13/Aug/12
I am so confused.

The first reference to Downey Jr's adult height that I saw was an article scan, originally written around the release of "Chaplin", in which the author was touting all the similarities between the two entertainers... on that page (which I'll have to scrounge around for sometime)RDJ was listed as 163cm, which, at best, equates to 5'4" or 5'5".

As a 5'6" guy myself who's been compared to "compact-bodied" public figures more times than I care to count, I really doubt it's possible, with RDJ's build, that he's over 5'6" or 5'7". A barefoot measure of 5'5" seems most likely.
Admiral said on 7/Aug/12
back in the 90's early 2000's he was a 5'7.5"-5'8 guy , since 2008 or so he can look as tall as 5'11, he clearly wears high quality lifts otherwise I can't explain what's up with this sudden "growth spurt"
Jar3d said on 2/Aug/12
He might be 5'7 which I think he is.
But hey you gotta give him that he gets the ladies wet.
I think 5'7" Flat is his height.
Chameleon said on 2/Aug/12
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whats that? Smaller than 5'8 Andrew again!
Chameleon said on 2/Aug/12
You keep refusing to believe that he is 5'7?? clearly he is not pushing 5'8!! Hell werent you the one who even said Andrew 5'8 was taller than him and u even posted pics yet u actually believe this guy is pushing 5'8?? You baffle me. Look at the pics

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Click Here

That, is NOT, 5'8.

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