How tall is Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American actor best remembered for films such as Jaws, The Marathon Man, All That Jazz, Klute, The French Connection, Naked Lunch, Cohen and Tate, The Russia House, Blue Thunder and Still of the Night. On TV he starred in the series Seaquest DSV. In a 2001 interview he mentioned he was auditioning for a role and the director kept asking how tall he was, so "I told him I was 5-foot-10, but he asked me to stand back-to-back with another actor. I lost it, and flung the script into the darkness", and in a DVD commentary mentioned it as "I'm five foot ten and a half".

Roy Scheiders height is 5ft 9
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5ft 8.91in (175cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Aug/21
Perhaps, Rob, Roy deserves a place on the Classic Actors page....🤔
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Aug/21
I've been watching a study on Sky Arts on the work of Roy Scheider, and very entertaining it's been too. There were clips from many of his films in chronological order and it's made me want to dig out my copy of 'Marathon Man'. The conclusion was that "As a boxer, he was a welterweight. In film, he punched well above his weight."

Another guy said, "When you saw his name appear on a film, you knew you'd be alright, and that you wouldn't be wasting your time!"

I couldn't agree more.

5ft9.5. 🎬👍...🕯️
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 31/Oct/20
🦈 Oh dear... I thought it was Roy's Birthday Anniversary today but instead I find it's ROB Scheider's. I thought, "My word, he was older than 57 because I saw 'Jaws' at 14 and he's not been dead THAT long..."

Then I found the year; this great and instantly recognisable actor passed on in 2008 aged 75. I also discovered something really tragic. His daughter Maximillia, one of his three children, the others named Molly Mae and Christian, suffered from leukemia, which claimed her life when she was only 43, some two years before Roy himself died. How dreadful for Roy, wife Cynthia, Molly Mae and Christian. 😢

RIP Roy XX 🕯️
(1932 - 2008)

RIP Maximillia XX 🕯️
(1963 - 2006)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Aug/19
When I saw 'Jaws' at the pictures as a kid, it didn't really shock me. When I see it now, I find it rather upsetting. The shark's victims are all so YOUNG.

Roy gets 5ft9.
viper said on 20/Aug/19
I would have guessed 5-10 in Jaws.

The 5-9 is a bit surprising.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Aug/19
Could’ve sworn there was more than an inch between him and Shaw
Sleep said on 16/Aug/19
I just finished watching Jaws and honestly he looked 5'11 range near 6ft. As for Shaw in Jaws, he looked 6'0-6'0 1/2 range. Weird how tall in screen you can be.
Doc Holliday said on 5/Jun/19
I compared Scheider's height to Tony LoBianco in "The Seven Ups" when they stood side by side in several clips. LoBianco is LISTED at 5'9... as we know, that doesn't mean he's as tall as that. In those scenes, Scheider's wearing shoes with heels that are at least 2.5 inches high, and LoBianco showed no extra height on his shoes. The two of them are eyeball to eyeball in those scenes; if anything, LoBianco may have a slight edge in height. All of this makes Scheider no more than 5'6.5, maximum.
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) said on 19/Mar/19
In the book for Jaws, Martin Brody is actually described as 6'1 and 200lbs by Peter Benchley which is certainly not the case for Roy Scheider. So, that's interesting.
Josh Jeffords said on 4/Feb/19
Good character actor weak 5 9 by 70s.
5 10.5 is 100 percent impossible.
In fact after jaws he looked 5 8.
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Aug/18
Understandable since that cast wasn't very tall. Roy's slim build and footwear also helped him appear around his claim during his prime.
viper said on 24/Jul/18
I would have guessed he was 5-10 in Jaws
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Jul/18
@Rob: Thanks, it's a very big claim to try to make, especially without any ambiguity whether he meant barefoot. Just compare that to what his Blue Thunder co-star Malcolm McDowell claimed. Needless to say, there wasn't anywhere near a 2 inch difference. I think Roy lost height by the 90's, but Dolph literally bends forward to shake his hand in The Peacekeeper(1997) and still towers Roy.
Bradley said on 18/Jul/18
He's 5-9, met him in Las Vegas years ago...even the G and Frank2 said under 5-10.
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Jul/18
@Richie: 5'10.5" is very interesting. A lot of guys who are somewhat shorter and generally claim 5'10" also try claiming 5'10.5" at one point. Fortunately, I was looking through my DVDs and found I still have a copy of French Connection with commentary so I'll check that out. I haven't seen the full film in about a decade and it's an excellent movie so I was meaning to watch it again anyway, but any chance you remember around what time in the commentary Scheider claims 5'10"? He certainly reached 5'10.5" in some of his footwear back then, but Robert Shaw is a bit of a mystery. Some think he was just shy of 5'10" and I've heard he wore lifts in From Russia with Love, but he did appear taller than Robert Redford in The Sting and I believe Redford was a legit 5'10", but not quite 5'10.5".
Richie said on 5/Jul/18
There is an audio commentary for the original French Connection which features Roy Scheider and he described himself as being 5'10.5", he did appear slightly taller than Robert Shaw in Jaws, who was a legit 5'10". Could have been his height with footwear possibly.
Charlie said on 7/Nov/17
Roy Scheider was 5'8.5
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Aug/17
That's certainly true, Rob. My father wore them as well at times and at a solid 6 feet back then, he didn't need them. But in Roy's case, considering some of the boots and bigger footwear he wore that wasn't a stylish heel, such as the French Connection and especially later on Seaquest, I think height was a factor for him, at least in his roles. Certainly the story he tells lends credence to this, although even if incidental at times, it'd still make him appear taller than he was, especially with his build. I did see Roy in person in his later years. For instance, when I visited family, I saw him not long before he died. I didn't speak to him because he was with a young girl - presumably his daughter or granddaughter - and I thought that'd be in poor taste despite being a fan, but he looked about 5'7" by that point.
Editor Rob
yeah, I think many average actors like 5ft 8-9 do at times feel short and in the 70's bigger footwear was more in fashion.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Jul/17
Here's a few examples of his larger footwear in his different roles. Usually big heels, thick boots or lifts.

Seaquest: Click Here
Marathon Man: Click Here
Sorcerer: Click Here
The French Connection: Click Here

And just for a laugh: Click Here (I actually didn't make that, but found it inadvertently)

He wore big heels in Blue Thunder as well. Anyone remember how he looked with Malcolm McDowell? I believe he was a bit taller, but had thicker footwear. By the time of Seaquest, Scheider was wearing pretty obvious lifts, but then he was under 5'9" at least by that time. He wound up shrinking down to about 5'7" towards the end of his life, but then, he wasn't wearing big footwear anymore by that point like Burt Reynolds and Robert Blake.
Editor Rob
in the 70's, some big heels were certainly fashionable. I remember seeing a photo of my Father sitting on his wedding and even he had a 2-inch heel on.
JJAK said on 30/Jul/17
He never looks tall but was a strong 5 9 on screen footwear is hard to judge.
Great actor Jaws, Blue Thunder, Sorcerer 70s classic.
Probably tallest 5 9 claimer of all course most of them never looked over 5 ' 8.
RisingForce said on 28/May/17
I was surprised an obituary described him as tall. I guess his build and the big heels fooled many since he was never anything over 5'9" barefoot, more like 5'8" by the time of Seaquest and shorter by the time he died at 75. Great actor in many memorable films, one of the best of the 70s, but not as tall as his build and shoes made him seem.
Cameron said on 9/Apr/17
I thought he was taller. In Jaws he looked near 6ft. I think his slender athletic build must have helped.
CS said on 22/Mar/17
Definitely could pull off looking taller like many on this page are saying. In Jaws just by looking at him walking he could appear close to 5'10. Was indeed a bit surprised to see him listed a flat 5'9 but it's certainly very believable considering the quote above.
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/17
How unusually honest to read so much about an actor admitting being rejected for roles because he was average height! Those who rejected him shot themselves in the foot really! Roy made 'Jaws' the movie it was and it might be due to his riveting performance that I watch it tonight as I've just noticed that it's on at 5 past 11 on ITV4, and that is why I found his page - to find out how tall he was! I would have accepted up to 2 inches more. His posture and confidence worked in his favour!
I've also just discovered Roy was in 'Marathon Man'! It's an old classic and I have a copy waiting to be watched! Roy Scheider and Dustin Hoffman together should be great!
I can only give him 5ft9 because he so blatantly admitted it and spilled the beans on how ridiculously heightist Hollywood actually is! I thought he was more...about 5ft10.25 would have been believable.
Sam said on 6/Mar/16
There's a great earlish appearance by Hamilton as a billiards shark who takes on Paul Newman...not a great scene for height comparison I think though.

My general impression is that Hamilton was on a similar height plane as Scheider and Newman.
Sam said on 2/Mar/16
How about a page for the great character Murray Hamilton.
Here w/ Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
w/ Dustin Hoffman: Click Here
w/ Cary Grant: Click Here
w/ Ben Gazzara: Click Here
near Anthony Perkins: Click Here
a practically useless shot leaning into Paul Newman: Click Here
w/ actor Ed Wynn: Click Here
I think he generally passes for 5'9", can look a little shorter at times but was rarely shot favorably in terms of height against lead actors. I thought in recollection he was a tad taller than Scheider in Jaws but in stills Hamilton is at best similar height.
Editor Rob
I might need to keep an eye on what he appears in earlier films
Tim O'Brien said on 28/Feb/16
I stood right next to him at Cafe Bel Canto in Manhattan one day. Very nice guy, but, I'm barely 5'9" and he was shorter. Coincidentally, while shooting Cocktail, I stood next to Tom Cruise while he was waiting for the crew to get ready. He was considerably shorter than I.
Sam said on 28/Jul/15
I never understood why this guy didn't have the reputation after the 70s of guys like Hackman, Hoffman or Duvall. He could eccentric, somewhat villainous in Klute, a badass cop in The Seven-Ups, the ultimate Spielberg hero in Jaws, a convincing difficult genius in All That Jazz, he was always good and a quite charismatic guy, even as a leathery older character actor.
Dingus said on 25/Jul/15
5'09.25" possibly taller
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jan/15
Rob, can you add Klute, The French Connection, Naked Lunch, Cohen and Tate, The Russia House, Blue Thunder and Still of the Night?
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jan/15
He really just owned the films he was in. He made Jaws and All That Jazz great films.
richie said on 13/Nov/14
Scheider was a legit 5'10" during his peak, maybe slightly taller, he had a shade on Robert Shaw in Jaws
Sean73 said on 4/Sep/14
The man was in great shape too.I always thought he was 2 inches taller after watching Jaws.Golden Gloves boxer to boot!
Arch Stanton said on 5/Aug/14
Rob can you add The Marathon Man and All That Jazz? Tallest looking 5'9" guy I've ever seen! Must be his long face and slim build which gives the illusion of being taller! Reminds me of James Woods in many ways.
Ian C. said on 23/Jul/13
I recall the Playboy interview of Newman (and there seems to be a theme here, doesn't there?) in which Newman said, apropos of his height, that most people were surprised to find that he was taller than they had expected. That's from memory, but it's pretty close to what he said. That is one sneaky way to claim to be tall without actually giving his height in feet and inches, or even saying, "I'm tall." (You notice that the genuinely tall guys, like Christopher Lee or Donald Sutherland, won't shut up about it, and all but insist that interviewers measure them on the spot.) Well this is why Scheider's candid admission of his average size was so refreshing. It was so atypical.
Sam said on 22/Jul/13
Don't have a link but there is a NY Times article around the time of the movie Twilight (not the kids-vamp one), where the interviewer claims Newman is 5'9". When I saw him on stage, he was not less than 5'8" at 78 yo. Anyway, at peak, Scheider was a solid 5'9" guy, just like McQueen and Newman.
Ian C. said on 21/Jul/13
Scheider gave an inteview to Playboy and in it told a story of how he was rejected for a part in a play because he couldn't make the minimum hieght requirement of six feet, even though he was wearing special shoes for the audition. I was impressed that he would voluntarily give away that he wasn't that tall. You never caught Robert Redford or Paul Newman, both stars of that era, admitting that they were only average sized men, and in fact stories about Redford and Newman always left untouched the subjects of their heights, probably as a condition of their granting the interviews.
Matt said on 5/Dec/12
Him and Fred Astaire are the "tallest looking 5'9ers" that I've seen.
The Exorcist said on 28/Oct/12
I thought he looked tall in "JAWS". It must've been his slim build that made him appear taller.
leonari said on 3/Dec/11
Yeah he looked shorter in Seaquest but he was older by then. Thats what a solid 5'9" with good proportions and slim built can look like on film: TALL.
jake said on 4/Aug/11
5ft9 and 140 lbs.
charlierose said on 10/Apr/11
watching him right now in French Connection, looks a good 5'9. Slim but packing some real hard muscle. Great actor and God bless his soul.
guyfrommars said on 21/Feb/11
Looked this height next to 6'2" Gene Hackman in The French Connection. Also, in All That Jazz, Scheider's footwear varied between flat shoes and boots with smaller heels, and he always looked around this size.
5\'7.37 said on 6/Jan/11
I think it's a safe bet putting him at 5'9, he must have worn humongous elevators to not be dwarfed by 6'4 Adam Baldwin, but had he been 5'7 definitely wouldn't make it.
LuvRoyScheider said on 24/Jun/09
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Lenad said on 8/Mar/09
On Seaquest he looked more 5ft8ish I thought.
Spofford said on 24/Mar/08
I was an extra in Jaws 2, walked right behind him in a scene. He had elevator boots, and he was a thin as a waif, he probably weighted 110lbs max. I think he was shorter than 5'9".
Gazel said on 12/Feb/08
R.I.P. Roy, always remember you in Jaws, Blue Thunder, 2010 and Seaquest. A terrible loss of a great actor. You will be missed. 1932 - 2008
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/07
I believe 5'9" at peak. A 5'10" claim/estimate was probably with heeled shoes. He probably lost height by the Seaquest show, which explains for the 5'8" appearance.
glenn said on 9/Dec/07
i dont think i ever scanned it to him.
Chris said on 8/Dec/07
Glenn, have you talked to Rob about puting the photo up with Scheider?
Brad said on 9/Dec/06
Frank2 is 100% correct. I snuck on that stage (they spent A LOT of $ on that show!) and he was wearing the biggest heels since Burt Reynolds used that stage for Smokey 2! I saw him again just by chance walking by me outside of The Imperial Palace in Vegas. Nobody recognized him. He confirmed that the show probably will be in the red forever. 5' 9". Nice guy.
Glenn said on 15/Sep/06
I know a guy who is around Roys age that was 5-10.he looks 5-8.5 now.
Editor Rob said on 14/Sep/06
He did claim 5ft 10:
2001, Philly Inquirer: "I told him I was 5-foot-10, but he asked me to stand back-to-back with another actor. I lost it, and flung the script into the darkness," said Scheider"
Viper652 said on 7/Sep/06
He use to weight a lot? He always looked thin.
Glenn said on 7/Sep/06
I have a photo with him.5-9.
KAREN ROSE said on 6/Sep/06
Frank2 said on 24/Mar/06
No way is he 5'10".
Editor Rob said on 23/Mar/06
I read in 'A film biography: Roy Scheider' the author describing him as "5ft 10"
Frank2 said on 28/Feb/06
He wore such huge lifts on the TV series Seaquest that people on the set made fun of him. I know since I was there! He's about 5'8", no more.

Editor Rob
I remember reading something about him at a casting getting miffed off by being too short, claiming he was near 6ft in shoes...
Kal said on 4/Dec/05
Now some of you are being a little unfair on poor Roy. Bear in mind a lot of actors seem short next to 6"1.5/1.75 Hackman. Gene has a large frame (fairly broad shoulders, thick bone structure etc.) and is stout but not pudgy - which adds to his overall "tallish" appearence. What happens when you are stout and tall (but not fat in any way) is that your overall height gets bumped up, since instead of appearing 5% taller (if you are 6" even and other dude is 5"9; and using basic unidimensional assumptions i.e. just the height) you appear more like 10-15% bigger (given that now width and depth become such a big factor). Quite a lot of difference when you know what you are looking for.

Having said all that, Roy is no more than 5"9 (for sure), and judging from photo analysis using his limbs as the basic co-ordinates, and from what film footage I can use (I have a shark phobia so cannot watch Jaws and thus compare him to Dreyfuss) I really think he is a 5-8 even.

None of which detracts from his obvious sex appeal to women.
Huff said on 25/Aug/05
The thing is that Dreyfuss most certainly wears elevator shoes to make him, oh I would guess 10cm taller. Becuse he looks a little taller than 5'8" Maddeleine Stowe in Stakeout. So when dreyfus is on screen I would guess he always is 5'9" except in some real old movies.

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