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5ft 10.48in (179cm)
Arch Stanton said on 12/Feb/13
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Is he a lift wearer Rob?? He looks 5'11.5"-6' next to Hugh Jackman. He looks taller than 5'10 .5" here don't you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 11 year. There was a bit of info years ago about crowe wearing lifts, but I don't know how reliable it is, he seems a guy that probably doesn't]
Scott 5'11 said on 28/Jan/13
I agree with brad. He was never tall in films, he looks the tall end of average height. In Gladiator he did look around 5'10.5
bodwaya said on 23/Jan/13
no he was in quick in the dead with gene hackman and leo look it up
Silent d said on 22/Jan/13
Bodwaya russell crowe was in the quick and the dead? 179cm. I thought you were talking about 3 10 to yuma.
Brad said on 17/Jan/13
Seems to be closer to 5"10' IMHO. He never really looks tall in his films. He doesn't appear to be short either. Average sized guy.
Yaspaa said on 11/Jan/13
He looks the height he's listed at with baron Cohen.
Dan said on 8/Jan/13
Next to 6'0 Christian Bale he definitely does not look 5'11,5.
bam said on 29/Dec/12
rob why don't you think he is 5'11.5? He consistently looks this height near denzel and hugh jackman.
[Editor Rob: I personally don't think if jackman stands tall that russ looks near his 5ft 11.5]
stevo said on 29/Dec/12
I passed him in the park earlier this year and he looked 5'5.
[Editor Rob: maybe he has a short doppeldanger.

Either that or it might have been some guy in a Russell mask.]
Joey said on 18/Dec/12
5'10 in the morning
SG said on 17/Dec/12
after seeing him with hugh jackman id say a solid 5'9.5-10
Artyzip said on 11/Dec/12
Crowe looks kind of short in this picture:
Click Here
Eddie Redmayne is listed as 5'11 here but maybe it's just his hair that makes him look a lot taller than Crowe?
bodwaya said on 30/Nov/12
no quick and the dead was made in 1995 he was born in 1974 do the math Al. Which would make him 21 he was not 14 not a little kid
Al said on 23/Nov/12
@Bodwaya you do realize DiCaprio was like 14 years old in that film, he was a little kid.
Johnnyfive said on 2/Nov/12
This guy appears 5 11 or close to six foot in all of his films, however, i think this guy is a frequent lift wearer. I say hes probably 5 9 and a half.
Hew said on 27/Oct/12
Shade under 5´10
Hullywood 1.76m said on 13/Oct/12
No no no no, forget the "shoed height" or how you call it.
A guy who is 1.79m, isnt 1.82m in shoes. Not every celeb are wearing boots all the time, cause he want to be tall as possible.

1.79m seems really perfect vor him.
bodwaya said on 18/Sep/12
the western movie iam thinking of is quick and the dead with leo and and gene hackman. look it up. He looked an inch taller then leo who claims he 6 foot.
Silent d said on 18/Sep/12
Bodwaya the western movie is 3 10 to yuma and is christian bale in it not dicaprio unless you're talking about body of lies. 179cm. Aussie actors are more honest about their height. I just can't give him 181.5cm.
Len said on 14/Sep/12
He's probably 5'10". But he's buff which makes him look a larger man, especially paired with the lifts he often wears.
bodwaya said on 3/Aug/12
in this western movie he made with leonardo dicaprio who has claimed 6 foot he was an inch taller then him. I think crowe and leo should switch heights. Becuase crowe always looked 6 foot and leo has to be 5 foot 11
jtm said on 25/Jul/12
great actor but no more than 178cm. used to think he was 5'11.
bodwaya said on 16/Jun/12
in this pic he looks equal heihgt to 6 foot denzel. their footwear is the same is equal. he must be downgrading his height Click Here
Dingo said on 10/Jun/12
Just saw him on Dancing With the Stars. Looked 6 foot. Especially next to 175cm Daniel McPherson.
Stiffelio said on 13/Feb/12
@johno: are you kidding? Crowe looked a good 3 inches shorter than Jackman at the Baftas.
johno said on 12/Feb/12
- Only seemed 1.5inches shorter then hugh jackman on the stage, in the BAFTAs 2012 award ceremony.
Tommy said on 10/Feb/12
He said of himself: "I'm 5-11 1/2 and a bit. In Australia, we call that a Collingwood Six-Footer," so he claims even taller than 5'11.5.
Silent d said on 27/Jan/12
O'Neil rob said 5 foot 11 and half above. I think he is 179cm. I doubt he is past 180cm.
O'Neil said on 25/Jan/12
crow fan there is absolutely no way what you said is true. He has never even claimed more than 5 11 himself, and it's pretty clear the tallest he could possibly be is 5 10, and thats pushing it
SIlent d said on 24/Jan/12
Crowefan 4 are you sure your husband and daughter are 6 foot? I believe you but i just want to be sure. Until then 179cm.
crowefan4 said on 18/Jan/12
we know crowe and his family personally..have seen him bare-footed. He is tall and more handsome in person-very seldom looks like himself in a movie.....He is every bit 5'11 1/2" husband is 6' and our daughter is 6'....and they are pretty much eye to eye!
shewşonko said on 30/Dec/11
Did you think Russell Crowe Robin fat under the hood? Or Was slightly overweight?
I think his height flat 5'10..good day 5'10.25
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/11
I think 5"11.5(182cm) is a shoed height
his stocky build makes him look taller
Could be closer to 5"10 flat like
SaimoN_ said on 14/Dec/11
I think Russel Crowe might actually be his claimed height of 5'11 1/2 because next to 6'2.5 Craig Bierko in Cinderella man I do not see that much of a height difference between them. Especielly in the boxing sequences, I can hardly imagine them filming Crowe in high sneakers or something xD

If he's not 5'11 1/2 I would put him at a strong 5'11 not 5'10.5
Dmeyer said on 12/Dec/11
Proper 178cm not more 5'10-10.25
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 11/Dec/11
5ft 10.25- 5ft 11 range during the day.
D said on 23/Nov/11
5'10" barefoot is absolutely spot on. Back in 1987 when Russell appeared on Neighhbours he was exactly the same height as 5'10" Craig Mclachlan and Guy Pearce. Funny how Hollywood actors have growth spurts in the 30's and 40's innit?
Silent d said on 19/Nov/11
I don't believe 181.75cm. He looks 179cm at most. I think he wears big shoes.
meme said on 6/Nov/11
178 barefoot
182 shioes
DejaVu said on 23/Sep/11
Does not look over 178cm next to Bale who is 6'0. Could be a little under 178cm.
bam said on 19/Sep/11
i may have mentioned this but my 6'1ish uncle described him as "short".
Susan said on 6/Aug/11
I think Russell Ira Crowe is handsome no matter what his height and weight! I believe he is probably very close to 5 ft. 11 in. because he has starred with some tall actresses and he always looked taller than them!
anon said on 5/Aug/11
looks 3 inches shorter than christian bale in the yuma promos
hulk said on 23/Jul/11
5'11 is a JOKE
HE LOOOKS 5'10(MAYBE EVEN SMALLER) NEXT TO leonardo dicaprio(5'11)
hulk said on 23/Jul/11
5'11.5 in SHOES
Id say 5'10 Barefooooooooot
Brett said on 12/Jul/11
Hi rob,

Just saw Russell Crowe in East Sydney...Walked right past him ( as you know im 185-186cm) ... he was in Nike Air runners which are pretty well cushioned...probably gave him over 1.25 my 0.75 inch work shoe sole...but he was any easily looking 5'11" plus... Ive seen him a few times before, and hes always seemed around that this listing is probably pretty fair. The claims of 5'8" are just stupid, hes genuinely a solidly built guy.
[Editor Rob: the 5ft 8 rumours never did make sense with Russ.]
James said on 27/Jun/11
Does look 5'11 a lot in pics but i am sorry next to Christian Bale he looks under 179cm.
Arron said on 16/Jun/11
Just met him tonight (I know everyone says this haha) but I really did! Very soft spoken in person and has that funny John Nash crooked smile :) I'm 5'10 in dress shoes and he seemed at least 1 1/2 to 2+ inches taller then me. He was wearing what looked like Nike Shox. Could've have something in em. But if not he's def the height Rob lists and some change. He was also with Eli Roth and they were walking side by side and looked an inch taller then him.
PatB said on 9/Jun/11
I watched Crowe the other night in "The Next Three Days". It isn't a very good movie. Crowe is sadly out of shape now and possibly a little shorter too. He is now a pudgy middle aged man. He is usually one of the shorter men in the film frame. I would estimate that he is about 5'8", maybe less. The average American man is about 5'9" so you should expect that walking down the street the star wearing two inch lifts should look a bit taller than most men. Crowe looks shorter.
TruebloodFan said on 9/Jun/11
@Weirwolfe says on 6/Apr/11
'This man is a lift wearer just like Stallone, no doubt about it.'

this man's height is constant in all of his movies and public appearances. never is he under 5'10 or over 5'11. comparing him with Sly is like you're joking...
fuzzblaster said on 10/May/11
He's definitely no more than 5'10"...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/11
5"10.5 to 5"11 looks about right...179.5cm
DejaVu said on 9/Apr/11
5'10 and can be slightly under.
Weirwolfe said on 6/Apr/11
5'9 and 1/2" barefoot, and only in the morning and standing tall with good posture I'd say. Most any shoes would make him 5'10 and 1/2". Celebrity shoe makers can easily make him appear 5'11" even with shoes that only look to have just a 1/2" heel. This man is a lift wearer just like Stallone, no doubt about it.
Joe Rossi said on 3/Apr/11
Larry is right, I have met him several times in Sydney and he is a good 1" shorter than me at 5" 10".
Lenad said on 17/Jan/11
solid 179cm guy
TruebloodFan said on 3/Jan/11
He looked 5ft10 in 'Gladiator'. But he looked 5ft11 in 'Virtuosity'. 5ft10.5 is correct.
Larry said on 20/Dec/10
My Cousin saw him at an event and said he stood no taller than me (5 9) and actually seemed shorter. look at any pics of him, he doesn't have the proportions of a 5 10-11 guy. And he deff uses lifts in his films and other times. most likely in the 5 9 range or less
Jimbo said on 10/Dec/10
Russell is not short that's for sure and looks 178cm 5'10.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Dec/10
179cm-180cm or 5"10.75...
dmeyer said on 20/Nov/10
i think he is 5 ft 10 flat he looks 2 in smaller than 6 ft bale who is for sure not over 6 ft rob is 178cm possible also there are pics of him with snoop dog wearing sleepers while crowe has nike shox crowe has 1 in advantage and dosnt even look 5 ft 11 he is about 5 ft 11.5 with 1.25 to 1.5 in heels
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/10
alwais seems 5 ft 10.25 to 5 ft 10.75 range abit over 5 ft 10 fits him
James said on 6/Nov/10
5'11 1/2 in shoes.
Matt said on 28/Oct/10
He's never looked tall to me, if he was 5'11 (and a half, as he says), I think he could get away with fudging 6'1 or so in shoes, but he certainly couldn't get away with it...obviously camera angles can show/conceal what they wish, but he has never looked like anything but average height to me, his pic with Christian Bale confirms it.
Frank2 said on 2/Jul/09
I suspect he's in the 5'10" range. In American Gangster he appeared to be about an inch shorter than Denzel Washington who's at minimum 6' and could be 6'1". So I suspect Crowe wore lifts in that film.
Lucy said on 2/Jul/09
He is exactly the height of my son, who is 5'11". I shook his hand in Jacksonville, Florida a couple of years ago and at 5'9" the top of my head came to about his nose, the same as it does with my son. He was wearing sneakers at the time. He's also very good looking, with a charismatic, friendly presence.
Lenad said on 27/Jun/09
i think most likely a weak 5ft11. Sorry but he never looks short at all
fred young said on 26/Jun/09
he is shorter than you think.
Rance, said on 17/Jun/09
russel crowe is around 5ft 8 n half to 5ft 9 n half, the guy isnt that tall, he is quite stocky especially in gladiator, he has quite a good build to him but no more than 5, 9 half being generous, wearing shoes he woul be the 5,11 or so alot of you claim,
Ed said on 14/Jun/09
In the photos RisingForce posted Crowe looks 5'11'' max and 5'10'' minimum. I think Rob has it right, or at least very close.

@ Daii

It's really hard to judge height by that photo because there is so much height disparity between the two, and because we can't see their posture or shoes.
Paddy said on 11/Jun/09
He wears lifts, an honest 5 8" if he admitted it im telling you !!!
Daii said on 25/May/09
Here is Russell with 6'5-6'6 bodybuilder Ralf Moeller with whom he acted with in Gladiator.

Click Here

If both stood straight the top of Crowes head would be up to Moellers nose. So if Moeller is 6'6 that must make Russell around 180 / 182 cm (5'11 - 5'11.75) in dress shoes?
jf said on 12/May/09
5'10" or a half inch taller is fine for Russell. He's about average caucasian male adult height. He is wide-bodied with a large head though so he gives the impression of a 6-footer. But I'd doubt he is even 5'11".
Flyboy said on 12/May/09
Poor Russ.

He is probably a bigger, built guy than many give him credit for. I suspect that any misconception of that is due to either being overshadowed by tall co-stars, or playing roles that called for a certain middle-aged sluggishness. Take a look at his most popular movies over the last decade or so:

LA Confidential: he looked tall. He had impeccable posture as Bud White, and shared the limelight with the average-sized Kevin Spacey and Guy Pearce.

The Insider: only really had Al Pacino to play against, but the weight gain and sheepish character study didn't do him any favours.

Gladiator: up against the likes of Richard Harris, Djimon Honsou, Ralf Moeller. The female co-star, Connie Nielsen, was no shorty at 5'10".

Proof of Life: against the lean David Caruso and the huge David Morse. Again, the female co-star, Meg Ryan, was on the taller end of things at around 5'7".

A Beautiful Mind: the huge Paul Bettany and 5'7" Jennifer Connolly

Master & Commander: Bettany again

Cinderella Man: pwn3d by Craig Bierko

3.10 to Yuma: up against six foot Christian Bale

American Gangster: vs 6 foot+ Denzel Washington

Body of Lies: vs 5'11.5" Leonardo di Caprio, plus he was in middle-aged mode again

State of Play: up against 6'2"ish Ben Affleck.

And that's just off the top of my head...

A lot of criticism is aimed at Crowe's behaviour (rightly or wrongly), but I think one thing we can say for the man is that he isn't vain when it comes to his profession. He's not afraid to get fat, go grey, play schmucks, or be surrounded by tall co-starts. LA Confidential is probably the fairest film to judge him by, both given his posture and more of an ensemble cast to compare him with. Standing tall -- and in good shape -- he's 5'11", maybe a smidge under, but almost certainly nearer 6' than 5'10".
duce said on 10/May/09
leno is 5'11
crow is 5'10 i've met him at an nrl match souths vs roosters although im a broncos fan i still went to the match met him and pammy anderson he is 510 an inch smaller then my 5'11 brother 2inches taller then me 5'8
Lenad said on 3/May/09
To me, Russel is 5'10.5 MAYBE 5'11
Vanish said on 1/May/09
He is tall like Bateman
ikbtops said on 22/Apr/09
Looking at the photos of "State of Play" and Leo and Russell- I give Russell a strong 5'11". meaning Matt Damon is probably skimming 5'10". I'd say Leo is in the 6' range.
Anonymous said on 18/Apr/09
Any estimate under 5'11" is ridiculous. He's definitely at least 5'11".
Hugh 190cm said on 15/Apr/09
Maybe 5ft11. Certainly no taller though.
JD said on 7/Apr/09
i would have said 180 at least, but it might just be because he plays such a badass in his movies.
Lenad said on 7/Apr/09
Why laugh at Russel for claiming 5'11 1/2? More than likely that claim is in shoes.
Rusty said on 7/Apr/09
Id go with close to 6'. Thats the height i always thought he was, between 5'11" and 6'.
JP said on 6/Apr/09
ali says on 10/Mar/09
Denzel Washington is no 6'1. And Russel Crowe is not taller
than 5'9.5.

Russel Crowe wears lifts which make him an inch taller

How can you class shoes that only give you an inch lifts? isn't the whole point to "lift" you, normal dress shoes practically do that anyway so i doubt he's using "inch" lifts lol

I think he looks 5'11 at least!
bam said on 4/Apr/09
if crowe was 1/2 inch shorter than bale, they would look closer in height, posture aside.
RisingForce said on 25/Mar/09
i'm fine with either 5'10.5" or 5'11.5". His posture makes him too tricky, I'd bet money that he's not over or under that though.
Lenad said on 24/Mar/09
Looks 179cm, maybe 180.
glenn said on 24/Mar/09
ive seen him look 5-10.5 to flat moccasins look 5-11.5 at 11pm at night.obviously,i think he is 5-11.5 in the morning.but he holds his own well.
RisingForce said on 24/Mar/09
5'11.5" is certainly possible Glenn since DiCaprio could be 6 ft and with all of the slouching Bale, Crowe and DiCaprio do in pictures it's hard to pinpoint their exact heights. Crowe is certainly not under 5'10.5" and as Leung said not remotely short. I personally think hes's 5'10.5", maybe a weak 5'11".
Leung said on 24/Mar/09
This short stuff about Russell Crowe is absolute rubbish; he
lexi said on 23/Mar/09
I might get some laughs here,but I always thought this guy was well over 6 foot. I guess it has to do with his screen presence, which can make him appear that way. After seeing that photo with Affleck, (who is definitely in the 6 foot range), the height listed for him makes sense. Dicaprio also looks about an inch taller than him too.
glenn said on 23/Mar/09
russell is 5-11.5.that would make joaqin phoenix 5-6 if he was 5-9.
Lara said on 23/Mar/09
Um I had heard Crowe was 5"9? Thats why a lot of the camera angles in Gladiator are like down, looking up to him-they wanted to make him look taller.
RisingForce said on 22/Mar/09
Crowe's 5'10.5" listing here is accurate. He isn't under 5'10".
Alex2401 said on 20/Mar/09
179cm no way.176-177cm range or 5'9.5 - 5'10 max.
Tim said on 13/Mar/09
Denzel is 6'1. he came to our grand opening for wounded warriors at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Tx. Jerry Springer was there also and he was taller than i expected him to be.
ali said on 10/Mar/09
Denzel Washington is no 6'1. And Russel Crowe is not taller
than 5'9.5.

Russel Crowe wears lifts which make him an inch taller.
ivan said on 26/Feb/09
I think Russell Crowe is between 5"10(1.78cm)and 5"11(1.81cm).It's difficult to differentiate between 1.78-1.81cms.He could be anywhere within that range. He might wear high lifts too. Who knows.
Original said on 23/Feb/09
He's 5'10.5" exactly.
RisingForce said on 23/Feb/09
If DiCaprio is 5'11.5"(and I think he is) then Crowe can't be 5'11 1/2 "and a bit".
Click Here

Crowe looks 5'11" max and looking at Leo's shoes there isn't much of a chance that he's wearing lifts.
Click Here

Crowe's shoes look normal too although they have a bigger heel than Leo's.
Click Here

He looks 5'10.5", 5'11" max next to six foot Christian Bale
Click Here
This picture shows their shoes and Crowe looks 5'10.5" max here.
Click Here

Finding pictures of Crowe and Bale standing relatively straight was pretty tough. So unless Leo is 6 foot or he has the best lifts in the world and unless Bale is closer to 6-1, then Crowe isn't a hair above 5'11" and he's likely a bit under.

5'10.5" or a weak 5'11". 5'10" flat is too short and his 5'11.5" claims are wishful thinking. That "5-11 1/2 and a bit" quote still makes me laugh because I'm not sure what that means. Does he mean 5'11.75", or is he trying to claim as close to 6 ft as possible?
Zach #2 said on 14/Feb/09
anonymous says on 11/Feb/09
In american gangster he is an inch shorter than 6 foot 1 denzel. 5 foot 10.

that makes him 6ft?
anonymous said on 11/Feb/09
In american gangster he is an inch shorter than 6 foot 1 denzel. 5 foot 10.
Matt said on 4/Feb/09
To me he has never looked like a tall, or tall ISH man...I always assumed he was about 5'9/10 from Gladiator, he definately does not look consistnatly taller than enough people to be as close to 6' as he claims
RisingForce said on 30/Jan/09
Here is the article where he said he was "5-11 1/2 and a bit", whatever that means.
Click Here
Sam said on 21/Jan/09
Not surprisingly, Ben Affleck appears to be an easy 3 inches taller than Crowe in the photo:
Click Here
bam said on 20/Jan/09
hey rob, lol i asked this for another celeb, but if crowe's estimate were a quarter inch off, would he be more 5'10.25 or more 5'10.75?

[Editor Rob: maybe 10.25 evening.]
RisingForce said on 8/Jan/09
Yeah Bam he claimed in 1997 "I'm 5-11 1/2 and a bit. In Australia, we call that a Collingwood Six-Footer"

His height varied a lot in the pictures with Bale and DiCaprio, actually his height varied a lot with Denzel as well. Crowe as well as Bale, DiCaprio and Denzel all have loose posture though so that may be why.
bam said on 7/Jan/09
he looks easily shorter than christian bale (1.5 inches) and shorter than leonardo dicaprio (1 inch). Dicaprio also has loose posture.
bam said on 7/Jan/09
whats funny is that if i'm not mistaken the context he claims his height is (i'm paraphrasing) "I'm not that tall, I'm 5'11.5 and a bit."
RisingForce said on 7/Jan/09
I agree with what you're saying Leung but this was the article I was referring to.
Click Here

The article could be BS and I take that type of stuff with a grain of salt. Considering Crowe is a big movie star and has an image as a big tough guy, he'll always be the target of short rumors. Just like Sly and Arnold.

I agree Glenn on 5-11.5 morning, he seems like a pretty big guy. He doesn't force his posture either, in fact he slouches a lot. The fact that he slouches means he probably doesn't care enough about his height to wear lifts in public. Obviously movies are a different story as many actors wear them for specific parts such as Ray Liotta in that movie where he looked huge.
glenn said on 7/Jan/09
he is 5-11.5 morning then.
Midget said on 6/Jan/09
179cm at max. Wears lifts on occassion but seems to only wear them when around other high profile actors who are tall. ie-Denzel etc. His increasingly podgey build now makes him look shorter but has always looked at least 178cm-179cm to me barefoot.
Leung said on 6/Jan/09
I doubt that Crowe wears lifts. He don
RisingForce said on 5/Jan/09
In almost all picture with well known celebrities he looks 5-10.5 to 5-11.5. Glenn saw him anywhere from 5-10 to 6-0. Leung said he looked 5-11 in person too.

So on average that'd mean 5-11, but I'm not sure about lifts. I've only seen him wearing somewhat suspicious shoes once or twice so even though I've heard he wears lifts, I'm not sure.

5-11 seems good but then why would a 5-11 man feel the need to lie about his height by half an inch? I could see a 5-10 or 5-10.5 man claiming 5-11.5 but it'd seem pointless for a 5-11 man to claim it. So I'd say either 5-10.5 or 5-11.5. 5-10 flat seems too short now that I think about it.
Gan Eden said on 1/Jan/09
I was at a footy game last year in Sydney, and Crowe's Rabbitoh's team were away at Parramatta Eels in the NRL. Rusty was walking to the drinks stall where I was. He walked past me, and to me he looked half an inch shorter than me at 5'10 1/2.
Bouncer said on 23/Dec/08
Lenad says on 10/Dec/08
5'11 1/2 in shoes and 5'10 1/2 barefoot

I agree on that, plus Crowe is a possible lift wearer. Maybe he wore no lifts to Ben Foster and lifts next to Denzel Washington.
BW said on 22/Dec/08
Russel Crowe is very difficult to give a height on, because his height seems to vary from 6ft - 5"9'. Next to DENZEL W: (listed 6ft. on this page)he looks the same height or even taller.
But next to Ben Foster (5"9')he looks the same height. Christian bale looks at least 5cm taller than him at the yuma premiere. But we know that bale is not the 6ft he claims.
Conclusion: Christian Bale, Russel Crowe wear lnifts sometimes. Baut Russel can't be taller than 5"10'.
Lenad said on 10/Dec/08
5'11 1/2 in shoes and 5'10 1/2 barefoot.
RisingForce said on 9/Dec/08
Crowe wears lifts though so maybe that's why Glenn has seen him 5-10 and 6-0.
cyber said on 9/Dec/08
he looked atleast 6' in gladiator, barefoot he is a strong 5'11'' (1.80 m), maybe some people think he is shorter because in most pictures he looks a little fat and has weird posture
Brah said on 8/Dec/08
But Dicaprio is not 185 cm. He is 182 cm, so Crowe is 179 cm.
Missisipi said on 7/Dec/08
look here:
Click Here
if DiCaprio is 185?then Russel is 182 for sure!
RisingForce said on 1/Dec/08
I think Glenn actually did say he saw Crowe at 5-10 once and 6 ft another time so maybe he was liftless when he looked 5-10 and wearing lifts when he looked 6-0. He could be a strong 5-10.
RisingForce said on 13/Nov/08
Kind of hard to tell to the exact half inch there, Leo could stand a bit straighter. I agree that 5'11.5" does fit well there but I'm not sure that rules out 6 foot. Leo could be more like 5'11"-5'11.5" since Glenn said he saw him look 5'11" once. I think it's safe to say he's in the 5'11"-6'0" range, no shorter and no taller.

As far as Crowe well I've heard he wears lifts so maybe that's why he's difficult to estimate.
bam said on 12/Nov/08
i was convinced that dicaprio was 5'11.75, 6ft until i saw this pic.
Click Here
The dude opposite him is 6'1. That makes dicaprio's listing here accurate, and most likely crowes height as well.
RisingForce said on 10/Nov/08
I looked at the picture again. The height between Crow and Denzel varies a lot. 5'10.5" is possible but it's also possible that DiCaprio is a full 6 foot.
dicky curtis said on 10/Nov/08
179 seems fine to me next to leo maybe 180.
bam said on 7/Nov/08
lol risingforce, your posts are usually very logical, but in a few posts below, you claim crowe is 5'10 and that there is a 3 inch difference between him and denzel. And you use the same pic you posted below(to prove a 1.5 inch difference) as evidence. In reality, this attests to how tricky celebrity heights are.
bam said on 4/Nov/08
there's no way he is 5'11.5. He is shorter than both Leonardo Dicaprio and Josh Lucas who are both 5'11.5. 5'10.5 is very logical.
RisingForce said on 28/Oct/08
This seems to be the best picture to judge the difference between Crowe and Denzel.
Click Here

I'd say Crowe is 1.5" shorter actually, no more. Maybe Denzel and Crowe are both telling the truth. That'd fit Denzel's 6'1" figure and Crowe's 5'11.5" figure. If not then they seem to be exaggerating by about the same amount.
RisingForce said on 28/Oct/08
Yeah 5'11.5" is very possible but I've heard he wears lifts so who knows, have you ever seen him look about 6-1 Glenn?
Lenad said on 27/Oct/08
He looked around 5'11 in American Gangster
glenn said on 26/Oct/08
ive also seen phoenix look 5-10.but 5-8 almost 2 years ago.crowe was 5-11.5 first few times i saw him.ive seen him give illusions of 5-10.5 too.crowe could straighten out a bit in that pic too.
RisingForce said on 25/Oct/08
Maybe but at certain premiere pictures Denzel does look 3 inches taller.

Crowe and 5'8" Joaquin Phoenix
Click Here
bam said on 25/Oct/08
crowe, next to denel washington is NOT 3 inches shorter.

Click Here

The difference is 2 max, 5'10.5 and 6'0.25
RisingForce said on 24/Oct/08
Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio is actually 6 foot like he claims and Crowe is 5'11.5"?

Crowe did look around 5'11" next to 5'8" Joaquin Phoenix
RisingForce said on 9/Oct/08
Some Russell Crowe pictures.

Crowe and Leonardo Dicaprio(listed 5'11.5" here)
Click Here

Leo is standing very casually but still more than an inch taller.

Crowe and 6'1" Denzel Washington
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

On average he looks about 3" shorter than Denzel. I'd say he looks about 5'10" but maybe in lifts can look 6 ft.
Bowser said on 5/Oct/08
Well I've seen Body of Lies (I got tickets to a special screening) already, and I can definitely say that Crowe looks about 1.5 inches shorter than DiCaprio, who is 5'11.
Frank2 said on 4/Oct/08
Crowe is visibly shorter than 5'11" Leonardo DiCaprio in BODY OF LIES.
shawn said on 1/Oct/08
Russell Crowe looks like a very weak 5'10 to me, he really cant be 5'11. A genuine 5'11 guy would look tall on screen.
dits said on 15/Sep/08
yeah you guys are right,he's definitely 5'10,and not the 5'11.5 as mentioned in most places. i saw him and he was a tad shorter than me,and i'm almost 5'11.
Daii said on 14/Aug/08
Saying that, he looks tall wearing jeans in American Gangster, and hes not much under 6'0-6'1 Denzel Washington, probably 5'11 or a bit under
Anonymous -15 said on 13/Aug/08
Looked short at times in Gladiators compared to some of the other actors , but Gladiators had a tall cast i.e. Richard Harris ( 6' 1") , Djimon Hounsou ( 6'2" / 6'2.5) , Ralf Moeller ( 6' 6" bodybuilder). I'd say 5' 10.5 - 5' 11" is spot on for Russell.
daii said on 25/Jul/08
In gladiator there is a scene where Richard Harris (6'1) is telling Russell that he will be his successor for the empire. Richard Harris being lanky looked at least 3 inches taller than him so perhaps he is 5'10?
dits said on 24/Jul/08
seemed quite short in 'a beautiful mind',but did look fairly tall in '3:10 to yuma', so i guess 5'10-5'11 is true.

in the last scene of american gangster,he looks about an inch shorter than denzel washington,but the directors always try to keep the height of protagonists as similar as possible,but look closely at their shoes and you'd see that russell has much thicker soles.
Nick said on 16/Jul/08
Mp3, u obviously never heard of Chris Paul, Allen Iverson or Nate Robinson all under 6 foot
daii said on 9/Jul/08
he looks shorter than he is, probably as hes so stocky - i would have guessed 5'9 before seeing this but now i would say he is a good 5'10.5
Mp3 -3p0 covert said on 6/Jul/08
lol 5'11 aint high. u could never get into basketball that way. 6'11- 7'11 is where it's at..... but chill i loved A beautiful mind tho.
James W. said on 15/Jun/08
179 is exact.
ed said on 4/Jun/08
Russell next to 5.7 Brian Grazer
Click Here
Arthas X said on 30/May/08
Crow isn't short,he looks at least 5'11 to me
glenn said on 28/May/08
whats the biggest nonesense ever? that you never met him and i did?
Kev said on 27/May/08
That's the biggest nonsense ever. If he says he's 5'11 1/2" then he is so tall. He looked just 6 inches shorter than Kevin Durand in Wild Hogs.
glenn said on 27/Apr/08
looked like normal casuals to me.5-11.5.i also saw him look 5-10.but i think that was posture.
Heightdetective said on 27/Apr/08
Glenn, what kind of shoes wore crowe when you met him?
Maybe he put lifts or something in his shoes ...
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/08
I am 5'10 and stood beside him in bare feet and had to look up at him. He is a big man.
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/08
Russell Crowe is 5'10 barefoot with stocky shoes he is over 5'11 and a half
Anshelm said on 7/Apr/08
I wonder if he uses 2.50 cm inches? Click Here (I know for a fact that metric units are in use in Australia, since my sister spent 10 months there) Or maybe this site was used as the source :-) Though I'd bet against that.
glenn said on 3/Apr/08
thats what i saw him at.
ed said on 3/Apr/08
bio channel tonight, crowe said that he was 5.11.5 and thought that was too small to play the big cop role in LA confidential....
glenn said on 2/Apr/08
unless he is a lift monger,my point was,he is around 5-11.
glenn said on 2/Apr/08
whats more a laugh is people who never met him.he was 5-11.5 when i saw him.5-10.5 min the other times.
Anon said on 29/Mar/08
Click Here
If Crowe is 5'10 than Hugo Weaving is 6'0-6'1
dmeyer said on 18/Feb/08
rob is there a chance of 5'10.25 for crow like 178.4 cm

[Editor Rob: yes there could be.]
ed said on 18/Feb/08
5-10 seems to be on with this guy...slightly taller than Ed Harris in Beautiful mind
Richie said on 17/Feb/08
Right on the mark here Bob!

Looks a solid 5'10"! But not over 5'11"!
179 seems just right!
Matt said on 16/Feb/08
5'10 - 5'10.5" seems just about right. He put in a good showing against six feet David Strathairn in LA Confidential, without having to fight for it (like a Tom Cruise would have to). When it comes to comparisons with Pearce, and many other actors for that matter, keep in mind the misdirection of body proportions. Bale is a very lean individual, whereas Crowe is very stocky. Crowe is also an individual with pretty poor posture. Six feet is a little unrealistic, otherwise he would dominate in movies an awful lot more than he does.
Adam Brennon said on 11/Feb/08
By my considered account, Crowe is most definately taller than 5' 9", but certainly less than 6' 0".
Darkfalz said on 9/Feb/08
If I am next to a person who is 175-177 then I'm 10cm taller and they feel short to me, that's all I mean. I know plenty of people who make me look short.
dmeyer said on 5/Feb/08
5 ft 10 in flat could be closer for this guy and 5'11.5 with elevators
TJ said on 5/Feb/08
Darkfalz, 175-177 is not 'very short'. It's distinctly average.
Darkfalz said on 5/Feb/08
I have seen Crowe in person at a football game, struck me as very short but didn't get real close. I'd estimate 175-177 - same height as my brother.
Bobo said on 2/Feb/08
He is much shorter than Bale. Bale is a 6 footer so we are not talking 5 11 or even 5 10. He may well be 5.9 Talk of 6ft is just plain daft given the photographic evidence. Bale would have to be 6 ft 3 and he clearly isn't.
glenn said on 18/Jan/08
no way.he was almost 6ft when i saw him.5-10 is the lowest he could be.
Marley said on 17/Jan/08
I think he's 5'9 max. The rest is lifts and camera angles.
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/08
There wernt much height difference between him and 6ft 1 richard harris in gladiator.
Scott B said on 11/Jan/08
He looks 5'10 to me.
Adam Brennon said on 3/Jan/08
You're probably right Leung. It's just that he looks so much bigger in L.A Confidential, it's easy to overestimate.
Leung said on 3/Jan/08
Adam Brennon, that
Adam Brennon said on 2/Jan/08
I'd say Crow has about 60lbs on Pearce.
Adam Brennon said on 2/Jan/08
I think Gladiator shoulders some of the responsibility for 5' 9" rumour circulation. Several of the gladiators with whom his character is aquainted are over 6, over 200 and over 44".
Anonoymous said on 24/Dec/07
Whoa whats the deal with the ben foster pics? Ive heard even 5'8 for ben and crowe looks the same height as him in those pics.

Either foster had elevators or crowe forgot his. Any onther pics where we can see their shoes? Thoughts?
Boxing Fighter said on 11/Dec/07
Melv says on 26/Aug/07

In that photo session with 5ft9 ben Foster he looks no more than 5ft10.
Great post Melv.
Valeri said on 10/Dec/07
Hes not 5'9,But hes no 6footer either. hes either 5'10 or 5'11 max and 5'10.5 seems more or less correct I guess. Josh Brolin is 5'11.5 right,well he seemed an inch under him in american gangster,that premiere is a joke with crowe in either big boots or customized boots with lifts and washington always has relaxed posture and qurte a small heel.+ angles. He seemed 5'9.5-5'10 with bale,but hes taller thna that,but hes no 6ft,Hes not as tall as bale. His 5'11.5 that he claims,well i don't buy it,but he has no trouble looking it with help.
Valeri said on 10/Dec/07
Hes not 5'9,But hes no 6footer either. hes either 5'10 or 5'11 max and 5'10.5 seems more or less correct I guess. Josh Brolin is 5'11.5 right,well he seemed an inch under him in american gangster,that premiere is a joke with crowe in either big boots or customized boots with lifts and washington always has relaxed posture and qurte a small heel.+ angles.
Joe said on 2/Dec/07
according to this picture Click Here Russell is 5'9.5 or 5'10.
Evanna said on 8/Nov/07
I know, guys, but how do you explain Crowe looking 2"+ shorter than Christian Bale in Yuma premiere pics? I bet he didn't want to be dwarfed by another six footer again (Denzel W in this case), so he had his shoes customized, if you what I mean. :)
Besides, he's no taller than his fellow Aussie Guy Pearce, who's a self-confessed 5'10".
Leung said on 7/Nov/07
glenn is right, Crowe is not short, he is about 5
glenn said on 7/Nov/07
lets not forget i saw crowe look 6ft in what appeared to be normal shoes to me.
Evanna said on 7/Nov/07
Bam, that's called lifts & camera angles. How come he didn't look taller than Christian Bale in Yuma pics?
bam said on 5/Nov/07
crowe consistenly looks taller than denzel washington (6ft) during the premiere of american gangster. He looks huge.
Click Here
joy said on 5/Nov/07
he is 5 9. same height as ben foster in the 3;10 yuma premier
Evanna said on 26/Oct/07
Since Guy Pearce's definitive listing is 5'10" ("discussion closed!" - said Rob), I believe that Russell Crowe's height should also be rounded to 5'10". I've seen LA Confidential at least a million times, and the two Aussies seem to be exactly the same, at least in height (when it comes to weight Crowe beats Pearce by at least 2 stone).
And Crowe does look some 2 in. shorter than Batman.
dmeyer said on 24/Oct/07
he looks 2 to 2.5 in under bale when he sloushes when he stands tall he seems only 3 cm shorter
Valeri said on 24/Oct/07
andy,he doesnt seem liek a big fella next ot 6footer bale,he looks 5
andy said on 15/Oct/07
yeah, he's a fairly big feller. defiantly not short.
anywhere from 179-181cm would seem correct.
Valeri said on 8/Oct/07
yeah sure rane.and im brad pitt. Many times seen him in person ha. at least 5'11? well,check out christian bale next to crowe.Crowe has claimed 6ft and looks it always next to say 6'2-6'3 guys like hugh jackman and freeman.Crowe is 5'10 or maybe under I'd say.A 5'10.5 guy wouldnt look that much shorter than 6ft bale. Looked a bit taller than 5'9 foster.
glenn said on 24/Sep/07
yes,he isnt short.
rane said on 23/Sep/07
If ben foster is truly 5'8", then he had big boots on - russell crowe is at least 5'11" maybe 1/2" more--please dont you have something better to do..i hae seen him in person many times either in barefeet or with running shoes, etc. he is tall
glenn said on 23/Sep/07
danielle,this is a website to discuss various height and fluctuations.if you dont like it,shouldnt you have something else to do? why are you on here then?
danielle said on 23/Sep/07
i can't believe so many people are so concerned w/ a couple of inches. haven't you guys got something better to do? 5'10 or5'11 big deal. we know he's fairly tall, not short not super tall. how's that!
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
believe me i was expecting 5-9.i was shocked at how tall and stocky he was.
Daniel said on 17/Sep/07
Crowe seems 5'11'' to 5'11.5'' barefeet, as Glenn says. Anyway, I don't think he can be less than 5'11'', unless he slouches.
Franco said on 17/Sep/07
he is a weakish 5'10.5 he 178-179cm indeed is his barefoot height, 180+ in shoes, so when he said 5'11.5 he wasnt lying ,that would be his height in shoes lol

he doesnt look short, he does look bulky and his face is like melted cheese, but not short.

178-179cm is correct.
glenn said on 16/Sep/07
that doesnt mean anything outofbench.i met him plenty of times too and usually looked 5-11.5.of course other times 5-10ish.hard to pin encounter is never enough.and depending on what year you saw him,he doesnt pose.since 2006 he has been posing with fans.
OutBenchThis said on 16/Sep/07
When I met him, I found him to be close to 5'10" (5'9.5-5'9.75") but not any bigger so I'd say 177cm would be on the money..I wish now I got a photo with him so I could shut the clowns up that think he is 5'11" ! He'd be 5'11"- 5'11.5" in dress shoes but barefoot 177cm (around 5'9.5"). I will acknowledge that I met him at night so the 177cm would be his 'evening hieght'.
mcfan said on 15/Sep/07
Where do people come off with 5'9 for Crowe? He's just got wide shoulders and is broad. He might be close to 5'11.
OutBenchThis said on 11/Sep/07
Like I've said before 5'9.5" is what i thought he was when I met him here in Australia..the photos with Bale appear to reinforce my stance..he doesn't seem to where large shoes all the time but apparently expects people to buy into the idea that he's close to 6ft..I guess some people do..
dmeyer said on 11/Sep/07
he looks very mush shorter than bale so 5'10 flat max
sam said on 11/Sep/07
I strongly doubt Bale wears lifts. Looks like regular dress shoes to me here:
Click Here
the shredder said on 11/Sep/07
I think Russell Crowe is 178cm .
dmeyer said on 10/Sep/07
i remember bale lookind a solid 2.5 in under freeman and then looking similar height so bale might wear elevator to look 6'1 plus
antron said on 10/Sep/07
He looks 5'11 in shoes. Never looks short or shortish (which 5'9"ers can, think Adam Sandler, Andy Garcia or Charlie Sheen). Russell is a legit 5'10" flat. Bale is 6ft and a bit (184?cm).
Viper said on 7/Sep/07
Its 5 inches between your eyes to the top of your head on average. Its actually a little over that for me.
KT said on 5/Sep/07
"I did get the impression of 5'9 after seeing Crowe in Gladiator, which he wore sandals throughout"

^ You know, I take back this comment. After watching Gladiator again, I noticed he didn't look 5 inches shorter than Djimon Hounsou. And Hounsou was in sandals, just like Russell. (I think everyone generally agrees Djimon Hounsou is a legit 6'2) A 5 inch difference would make Russell look like an infant, which he didn't.

They say it's 4 inches from the eyes to the top of the head. Based on that, I'd say Russell looked 4 inches shorter. No more than that. 5'10 flat seems more believable. I'd have a hard time believing a 5'9 man would claim 5'11.5, while a 5'10 guy with lifts can claim 6 feet easy.

Bale could be wearing lifts..never know. But Russell is 5'10.
Valeri said on 3/Sep/07
crowe looks 3 inches under Bale and exactly same(check the top of the heads) as foster. So he is no more than 5'9,since he was wearing cowboy boots on that premiere,giving him another half an inch,so might be 5'8.5.But Bale is 6ft for sure,since if he was 5'11-5'11.5 then crowe would be 5'7.5-5'8 and he's not. Either that or Crowe is only 2 inches smaller at least as all the pics show. They seem to have similar postures as well.
KT said on 31/Aug/07
Wow, Crowe looks so short next to Bale. Surprising. Definitely looks 5'9 or so. I did get the impression of 5'9 after seeing Crowe in Gladiator, which he wore sandals throughout. And the pics with Ben Foster just puts the nail in the coffin for any guys still selling Crowe as 5'11-6'0.

Because it's not just 1 picture, it's like 10 of them showing him look the same height as Foster and a lot shorter than bale. Maybe as Crowe got older he decided to ditch the lifts.
balegirl said on 30/Aug/07
Wow. It's amazing how adamant people remain even in when presented with the latest evidence (ie 310 to Yuma pics). If RC is indeed 5'11" than Bale is at least 6'1" and we know that is NOT the case as we have seen Bale in the Batman film with Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Laim Neeson all towering over him. Bale is probably 5'11" and Crowe looks easily 2 inches shorter. He's 5'9 MAX.
Melv said on 28/Aug/07
Much less than 5ft 10.5. He's lucky in some photos Bale is helping him by leaning towards him. Unfortunately in other photos they are both standing straight and Bale is a full 3 inches taller than Crowe. There are many who argue Bale is less not more than 6ft. I don't know about that. He looks close enough to exactly 6 ft. The photos with Ben Foster are even more damning of Crowe's claim he is 5ft 11 1/2. There was also a story Crowe took his boots off at a celebrity bash and his agent told him "Put them back on. You are ruining the illusion."
xaoxio said on 28/Aug/07
yes, he looks less than 5'10.5"
Albert said on 27/Aug/07
wow, looks short with Foster. i was sure this guy was around 5"10 but he might be even less.
Melv said on 26/Aug/07
Bale is consistently 6ft all the time.
Check all the pics on Wireimage and Getty. Crowe is 2.5 inches shorter than Bale and wearing thicker footwear.
Click Here

5ft 9 Ben Foster is the exact same height as Crowe.
Click Here

I always said this guy is 5ft 9 without lifts or cowboy boots. He was an inch taller than Paul Giamatti in Cinderella Man.
glenn said on 24/Aug/07
the thing is bales height is up for debate.i never saw him,but you here 6ft to 6-2 for him.i saw crowe alot.he appeared 5-10 or 5-11.5 depending.he was shockingly tall and wide the first time i saw him.i was expecting 5-9.
Lmeister said on 24/Aug/07
Come on the pics just show that Mr Bale is a legit 6'0'' and Russell is around 5'10''-5'11''. Ben Foster does look 5'8''- 5'9''
Melvin said on 23/Aug/07
Crowe is also wearing thicker footwear. I can't see him being 5ft 10. Never have.
sam said on 23/Aug/07
Here's a photo with Christian Bale showing the height difference with Christian Bale at the 3:10 to Yuma premiere:
Click Here
I'm a little surprised at the difference, but Crowe definitely doesn't look "five eleven and a bit" there.
Also, at the premiere, Ben Foster looks taller, though he is no doubt aided by his proximity to the camera here:
Click Here
Melv said on 23/Aug/07
Appeared 2.5-3 inches shorter in thick footwear next to Christian Bale this week at a premiere .
Ed said on 17/Aug/07
He looked 5ft9 in Proof of Life. Most recently in the trailer for American Gangster with Denzel Washington, he looks pretty short and stocky as well and he looks to be wearing cowboy boots again.
Lmeister said on 16/Aug/07
JC I think you should quit talking BS. Some people do give a shorter impression. I'm 5'8'' and ppl have said that I look short like around 5'6''. Then again a lot ppl have said that I look 5'10''ish. Russell does give a shorter impression and so does Sly. I used to think that they are around 5'7''- 5'9''. Eventhough they really are around 5'9''- 5'11''.
JC said on 15/Aug/07
Albi im 5'10 and the lowest ive been guessed at 5'11 most of the time..never lower than 5'10 so either your not 5'10 or youre making this story up
glenn said on 15/Aug/07
albi could you repeat this on the sly page? thanks.
Albi said on 15/Aug/07
He doesn't look like a lift wearer to me, from the very few photos I saw. And about people saying he's short... I'm 5'10 and people say I look between 5'6 and 5'8, never taller.
-Once, while I was complaining about something to a 5'9 guy (I was wondering how come he could do it and I couldn't), he said to me "because you're short".
-Another time a 5'4 girl told me I was about 4cm taller than her and definitely shorter then a 5'8 girlfriend of ours.
-Yet another time another 5'6 girl couldn't decide which one of us was taller.

And then they get very, very surprised when we measure up.
So don't believe people's impressions for big guys like Russell. Putting him back at 5'11 would be the very least.
The Horse of FUNK said on 1/Aug/07
I'm a big Crowe fan, and the more I see him the more he appears 5'11". He might be 181cm on a good day, but I seriously doubt he's below the 180cm mark.
Melvin said on 27/Jul/07
Cowboy boots give anywhere from 1.75 inches all the way up to 4. The boots Crowe used to appear in were always of the highest kind between 3-4 inches. He has never looked that tall. Go watch him next to Leo in the Quick and the Dead.
Leung said on 26/Jul/07
I haven't seen either of those movies, my estimate is based on seeing him in person. I know you will probably question the type of footwear he was wearing, but they were just asics. Yes stocky build but not short, 5'11".
18,181 said on 26/Jul/07
melvin.what?? 5'11 person 6'2.5 in boots? I'll have what youre having.coke is good. 3.5 inches? since when do boots give that. hed be 6'1 max in cowboy boots.they actually give more 1.5-1'75 inches. so hes 5'10-5'10.5in,more on the 5'10.5,though he does look quite small in 3:10 to yuma trailer,especially when standing near those if he never touched 6ft with cowboy boots,hes 5'10.
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/07
wath funny is that iamatii gave me an impression os 5'6 when i met him
Melvin said on 26/Jul/07
If he was 5ft 11 he would be 6ft 2.5 in cowboy boots. He has appeared at many events in cowboy boots and never touched six foot. He had cowboy boots on in The Quick and the Dead and he was still well below Leonardo DiCaprio. Dig out a copy of that movie and see for yourself. Even better rent Cinderalla Man and compare him to Giamatti who Glenn has met twice. In the boxing ring there was only an inch between Giamatti and Crowe. Giamatti's posture is the worst in the world.
Leung said on 23/Jul/07
As part owner of rugby league team South Sydney, Crowe is always out and about in support of his team. I have seen him and friends have met him, Crowe is not short, he is about 5’11”.
glenn said on 23/Jul/07
i saw him at lifts in dont know.
Melvin said on 22/Jul/07
I'll never believe he's 5ft 10 let alone 5ft 10.5. This man in cowboy boots can't reach 6ft. He's an inch taller than Paul Giamatti in Cinderella Man. He's much shorter than DiCaprio in The Quick and the Dead. His weight keeps going up too and his posture is not good at all.
17,181 said on 16/Jul/07
this year in american gangster with 6ftmax washington and 6ftmax Bale.I will watch carefully how he changes his height in different movies.I bet in 3:10 to Yuma he'll be as tall as Bale but in gangster 1.5 in shorter than Washington.Didn't Washington say somewhere about his character in a movie that "he was 6'2 but I'm a bit under 6ft?".Crowe isn't 6ft ofcourse,never looked it. Hopefully these upcoming films will help decide.
17,181 said on 5/Jul/07
anywhere from 5'10 to 5'11.5'10.5 seems quite right.
MOF said on 23/Jun/07
5'11.5" is pushing it, although footwear could play part. But 180cm barefeet is the max judging from every single movie he has played a part in...
Leung said on 20/Jun/07
During Master and Commander his weight was apparently 228lb.

The lightest Crowe has been in recent years is 180lb when he got into shape for Cinderella Man, and in that movie he looks drastically smaller than what he is usually. His usual weight does look to be 200 plus. Given that he beefed up for Master and Commander, 228lb does sound perfectly reasonable.
Steevn said on 20/Jun/07
You´re probably right, 230 pounds is an exaggeration. Perhaps it was 230 with all that fansy captains gear on! But my point is: Crowe is a heavily built dude who can look shorter than a slim guy of the same height.
Jason said on 20/Jun/07
Hmmm ... I know what you mean, but I've seen Master and Commander (well, different parts of it) & can't see Crowe being that heavy and I'd be heavier than what you are. I don't know ... IMO maybe 210 at the most? I can't remember exactly, but 230lbs at 5'11'', or 5'10 1/2'' as you say, is one very big dude...
Steevn said on 19/Jun/07
Tom Cruise 203lbs? That´s just plain stupid. With Crowe it´s not stupid at all, assuming he truly is 179 cm that is. In Gladiator one could guess he was 190+ lbs and lean. In Master and Commander he´s not FAT but... fatter.
I believe people see someone in a film sporting a sixpack and swelling biceps and they think "Holy crap, that guy must be 200 pounds of pure muscle!" when in reality he is probably closer to 150 lbs. However if someone has a big back, big legs and a thick waist the scale will go up DRASTICALLY and you look shorter in pictures. I´m writing all this crap because i fall into the latter category and I sympathize. I´m 183cm/6ft and I´ve been told I look like... a square.
Jason said on 19/Jun/07
The same place that said Tom Cruise weighs 203lbs? lol
Steevn said on 18/Jun/07
Just under 180 cm seems right. Another heavyweight who looks shorter because of his build. Read somewhere he weighed 230 lbs (105 kg) when he did "Master and Commander" and he wasn´t exactly fat in that one. Ofcourse he looks shorter!

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