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6ft 0.1in (183.1cm)
JohnnyRB said on 6/Feb/12
Hey guys, we know that Clooney is no more than 5ft10-11... ok, now look at some pics with Ryan Gosling and him:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
...and one with him and the gang(try to focus on Gosling shoes and his tiptoe attempt):
Click Here
What do you all think? Clooney is taller or Gosling is shorter?
Chameleon said on 6/Feb/12
Dude, Gosling aint no 6 foot, stop it, now.
Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
6 foot. I'm shocked how short gyllenhaal is. He barely looks 5 foot 10 next to jamie foxx. Surprising. Was jamie wearing lifts, i think so.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 2/Feb/12
Md says on 1/Feb/12
No he's not. If that was the case, Gyllenhaal would be nothing more than 5'9", which is patently ridiculous. Try again.

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Gyllenhaal needs a MAJOR downgrade. That is NOT how a 6 foot guy looks next to a 5'9" MAX guy. Gyllenhaal in the 5'9" range is not ridiculous at all, in fact, it is reality.
Alphaseti said on 2/Feb/12
I went to high school with Gosling at Lester B. Pearson(Burlington, Ontario) and then he was about 5'11 or so and was quite lean and since then he's built up to now probably 180lbs and grown maybe an inch or two. So looking at some of his pics online he's more like 6' or 6'1"...
Chameleon said on 2/Feb/12
Md, you cant even see their shoes in the pic with Jake, Gosling is sitll 181cm max, if hes not, Steve Carell is 180cm, thats not the case now is it? You try again.
Md said on 1/Feb/12
No he's not. If that was the case, Gyllenhaal would be nothing more than 5'9", which is patently ridiculous. Try again.
FACE said on 1/Feb/12
looks between 6ft-6ft 1
Chameleon said on 1/Feb/12
Like I said, Gosling is a legit 180cm and not more.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 1/Feb/12
Evan your comment is spot on, 180cm flat is probably right on the money for this guy. He's definitely not a millimeter over 182.

This also proves both Gyllenhaal and Clooney are 176cm range. Both of their listings are way out.
Chris said on 31/Jan/12

Depends of the photo's angle, look at this: Click Here

Looks barely an inch taller than Clooney.

5'11.5-5'11.75 range for Gosling. 6ft would be generous for him.
Evan said on 31/Jan/12
Not convinced he's even over 1.80m.
He looked 5-6 cm taller than 1.74-75m Steve Carrell, 8-10 with dress shoes, which seemed to have a big heel. I have also seen him looking a lot shorter than legit 6'1" - 6'2" guys, so 5'11" is likely i think.
Silent d said on 31/Jan/12
Clooney is 179cm. 183cm for gosling.
hi said on 30/Jan/12
hey just one question, what made you think 6.075?
he looks over 6'1 with george clooney in multiple photos and in their recent film, if clooney is 5'11.75 which i highly doubt, ryan would easiuly be 6'2. here
Click Here
btw nice site.
KidSamba said on 29/Jan/12
He looks 6´1" range in movies sometimes, in shoes. So that´s out of the question for barefoot height in my opinion. Probable height is 5´11" - 5´11.5", but as Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says, not one millimeter over 182cm for Gosling. I actually think a flat 5´11" (180cm) is the most likely height for him.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 29/Jan/12
I'm not buying one millimeter over 182cm for this guy.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 29/Jan/12
184/185 cm.
Anon said on 28/Jan/12
Always thought 6 feet 1 Rob...dont let the haters downgrade him!
Chameleon said on 27/Jan/12
This guy is an incredible actor who has never made a bad movie and is totally overlooked............... 180cm.
jtm said on 27/Jan/12
yeah he should have been nominated for drive but what happened to all the other comments?
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
He misses out again on an academy award. They totally overlooked him like leo. Sad. Some of the actors didn't deserve to be nominated. 6 foot.
Chris said on 26/Jan/12
5'11.5 (181,5 cms) for Gosling.
Bee said on 6/May/09
He lives about 6 blacks away from me in Los Angeles. 6ft 1 is correct. if not taller.
Doug said on 22/Apr/09
Just watched The Notebook. I thought he looked tallish, minimum 6 foot. I would have estimated 6'1". He's likely around 184-186cm.
hehehe said on 24/Jan/09
for some reason i think 5'11", i think its because of his boyish looks but he looks about 6'1" compared to others
Josh.J said on 16/Jan/09
2 pics with gosling.

1. Click Here

with josh brolin. looks to have 2 inches in him. looks 6ft ish.

2. Click Here

with al gore who is now around 6ft. i'd say he looks a genuine 6-1.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/08
he's actually closer to 6'2''... really.
sam said on 29/Jun/08
yeah glenn looks 5'6. LOL, just messin'
glenn said on 28/May/08
im shoes.
runt said on 28/May/08
Hey Glynn, if Gosling is 5-7+munsters=5-10, that makes Glenn about 5-5 in shoes. But since Glenn can probably attest to Gosling NOT wearing munsters, that makes Glenn 5-2ish in shoes LMAO. Glenn, I'm waiting on your photo with Xtina Aguillera in heels so you can get beat like a drum! LMAO.
Korben said on 26/Apr/08
hes pretty tall, i dont have a problem with 185, looks it from the notebook
artha5 said on 17/Mar/08
Yes, he's leaning down, but Ryan is a little behind him , thus the leaning down towards him, if they're right next to each other, i think he would appear to be the 6'1 Glenn is calculating.
Anonymous said on 24/Feb/08
he looks 6'0 flat in the picture, well glenn is kinda leaning down, I ryan is shorter.
ms crababel said on 24/Feb/08
what a wee head mr gosling has..doesnt look like a 6'1 head.his head size is like glenns
glenn said on 18/Jan/08
must be new to alot of things.
chris175 said on 16/Jan/08
haha, glynn you must be new here man, glenn is 5-8. and yes 6-1 is correct, possibly 186
Glynn said on 14/Jan/08
Are you kidding? Ryan Gosling is 5"7 if he's that. Find some pics of him with Hayden Pantierre and you'll see he's only a few inches taller than she.
Gago said on 28/Dec/07
Ryan is 185 or 6'1, met him at IFC party, very nice guy.
Anthony said on 4/Dec/07
I don't mean to speak for Glenn, but Glenn I believe referring to celebs he met when he was a kid as well, I think. I recall him saying he met some as early as 5.
Ash said on 4/Dec/07
Glenn, you've been taking pics for 30 years?? Ya don't look that a old a bit. What are ya, 50???
glenn said on 4/Dec/07
oh,he is 6-1.
glenn said on 4/Dec/07
sorry for the guessing games,but keep in mind this photo was taken 6 months before i discovered the site,and ive been taking pics with celebs to be technical on and off for 30 years.the pics are for me,not the site.i find height fascinating rob.
Ash said on 3/Dec/07
Damn! Glenn, why'd u have to tilt urself when taking the photo?? Now ya lost a good inch off ur stature. No wonder that dude lookz 6'1. However I would give him 6 feet on the money. Try standing straight next time soo as to avoid these trivial guessing gamez.
paulg said on 1/Dec/07
4 inch forehead + 1 inch nose (or 3.5 inch forehead and 1.5 inch nose or any combination or the two that equals 5 inches) would put him at 6ft1 besides glenn, HOWEVER, since glen is tilted that would make him 6ft-6ft.5 max... assuming he is not wearing motorcycle boots...which would then make him under 6' :S
glenn said on 1/Dec/07
5-8 without shoes.the angle is weird in the pic,and he might have the street level advantage.
jantsenw said on 30/Nov/07
is gleen 5ft 8 without shoes or with shoes
ras said on 10/Oct/07
Well Sam did you compare him to 5 ft 8.5 Anthony Hopkins? I could hardly see 4 inches of difference.
glenn said on 6/Oct/07
true robertj.hate exists in many forms.
sam said on 5/Oct/07
I just saw Fracture and there's not many good height comparison shots. I do have to say that Gosling looks shorter than 6'0.5" (?) Cliff Curtis and maybe slight shorter than (6'1"?) Billy Burke. In everything else, I would have put Gosling at 6'1".
RobertJ said on 4/Oct/07
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Cairo86 said on 4/Oct/07
Here we have an interesting situation. Goslin stands almost at 6ft1 in the photo. We must consider Glenn might have photographic benefits. Conclusoins? 6ft 1 for Goslin.
mars said on 1/Oct/07
i've seen him in person at the art institute in chicago a few years ago--he's definitely taller than 6 even. 6'1 or 6'2 makes a lot of sense.
glenn said on 30/Sep/07
true anthony.
glenn said on 30/Sep/07
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Anthony said on 29/Sep/07
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Cpt Crunch said on 29/Sep/07
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sam said on 28/Sep/07
I've spoken with the writer-director of "The Believer", Henry Bean, and he told me that it was based on a real story of a Jew who became a particularly nasty neo-Nazi and who killed himself when a journalist threatened to "out" him as a Jew.
glenn said on 23/Sep/07
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Jason said on 23/Sep/07
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glenn said on 22/Sep/07
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6'3'' JK said on 19/Aug/07
If he isn't 6'2'' as he looks with Glenn, Then he is 6'1'' solid
glenn said on 19/Aug/07
weird angle too.i saw him again last january and he did look 6-1.
Anonymous said on 18/Aug/07
it seems like if Glenn stood up straight he would be 6foot max..anyone else agree?
Ed said on 18/Aug/07
Viper, I've seen him wear combat boots and motorcycle boots so maybe he gets a good 1.5 inches from those. He always looks on the taller side and skinny in every movie I've seen him, but not necessarily 6ft2 or more in shoes and or boots! I would have put him at 6ft if I didn't know.
Viper said on 18/Aug/07
Ed, could he wear lifts at times?
Anonymous said on 18/Aug/07
He still looks like a true 6'0 person to me I cant believe some people think hes 6'2 the most hes 6'0.5(184cm).Obviously with shoes he looks 6'1 or a bit over cause he is a true 6'0 guy.
Ed said on 17/Aug/07
I agree, he didn't look much more than 5ft11 in Fracture!
Viper said on 16/Aug/07
He can look shorter than 6-1.
RICHARD said on 16/Aug/07
I always thought he was 5'11 or 5'11.5m but he looks 6'1.5m next to Glenn. He actually looked 5'9 in an episode of Goosebumps back in 1995(he was like 15 or 16) so I can see him being 6'1 or 6'1.5,however he isn't 6'2 or over
Caleb said on 15/Aug/07
6'1 is the correct measurement. He's at normal size. When I see him with a 5'5 rachel adams, he looked tall.
dmeyer said on 15/Aug/07
looks 6'2 in that pic
Ed said on 15/Aug/07
I saw him as taller than the 6ft0.5 Cliff Curtis in Fracture by a good inch, which would put him between 6ft1-6ft2. But on the other hand during the majority of the film he looked average with the other cast members, more along the lines of 5ft11-6ft, not 6ft1-6ft2. Maybe they had a tall cast? As for being taller than Paul Walker(6ft2) at the MTV Movie Awards, I thought they were pretty evenly matched.
Yitzhak said on 14/Aug/07
why not put him as "Canadian actor"? just curious

This guy looks 6'2.5. Glenn doesn't reach his eyeline.
ram said on 11/Jul/07
I just watched the movie "notebook" and he is minimum 6'1" way under 6'......I'm a pretty good judge on height, and its very obvious that he is not short or even average height.
Josh said on 3/Jul/07
Wow he can look as short as 5'11 but is clear hes not shorter than 6'0 not sure hes a full 6'1 more like 6'0 6'0.5.
ras said on 29/Jun/07
Why did he look shorter than Cliff Curtis on Fracture?
Liz said on 19/Jun/07
This might help:

Ryan is mentioned twice in this weeks PEOPLE MAGAZINE. In a brief paragraph on Ryan Reynolds, he comments on Ryan G.: "We're both Canadian. I think he's about an inch taller than me." They list Reynolds' height as 6"2".
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/07
Compare this picture with the one of Glenn and Tom Arnold: Gosling really does look five inches taller than Glenn, whereas Arnold looks like he has only four inches on Glenn.
dmeyer said on 4/Jun/07
he towers more over glenn than leo does he is a genuine 6 feet 1 man you had him at 186 wath happend anyway 6'1 is 185.42 cm almost 186 cm
C said on 29/May/07
In Half Nelson, Ryan had about two inches on his 6 feet tall co-star Anthony Mackie. I'd say 6'2'' for Gosling.

[Editor Rob: Mackie ain't 6 foot though]
Meg said on 19/Apr/07
That is a shocker. I always thought that he was shorter. That impresses me. WOW!
glenn said on 3/Apr/07
he is close to 6-1,if not that.i have 6-1 friends that look 5-11.
Viper said on 3/Apr/07
He can look as short as 5-11 too.
truth said on 3/Apr/07
Click Here

he's definitely a strong 6'0". idont know about 6'1-6'2 claims. what did glenn think?
Aaron said on 27/Feb/07
damn, he's a lot taller than I thought he was.
6'2.5'' JK said on 5/Feb/07
I know the guy is 6'2', also in the pic with Glenn he looks 6'2'' and Glenn is also closer to the camera
Viper said on 5/Feb/07
He looks exactly 6-1 in the pic to me.
asfasf said on 5/Feb/07
6'1 is a bit low from the pic posted here. at least 6'2
Derek said on 4/Feb/07
At least 6'1", maybe a bit more.
Middle-sized Cat said on 2/Feb/07
Heck, I did a double take. This guy looks EXACTLY like the singer of Paradise Lost! Nick Holmes, I think he's called. Anyway, they could be twins.
Viper652 said on 13/Nov/06
His height can be dodgy at times, even up to this current year. But saying hes 6-4 is pretty far out there.
anonymous said on 13/Nov/06
I am talking about 2006. Why hate the guy is tall, and that is not Cheadle, that is Anthony Mackie in the post you made, and he's 6'feet tall! Ryan has Mackie by a few inches, in most of the pics he is slouching.
Viper652 said on 13/Nov/06
Are you joking? In these pictures of the last year he only looks 6-0 or even smaller to me.
anonymous said on 13/Nov/06
Viper 652, the United States of Leland was a few years back.I've seen those pics in his website. I am talking about pictures of Ryan and Mcadams from October 2006, in his website. He has grown a few inches in the past few years, people tend to grow a little thru out their lives you know.
anonymous said on 12/Nov/06
I am a fan of Ryan's since the Young Hercules days and he has changed dramatically as far as his height is concerned. This guy has grown over the years, I have seen pics of him in United States of Gosling website,filming his latest Lars and the Real girl, and he has grown significantly!There are latest additions of pics of him. He is quite tall!! I have to say he is well over the 6'4 mark!
cynthia said on 6/Nov/06
I've seen some recent pics of Ryan, and he looks quite tall, he looks taller than 6'3, he was with the mean girls actress, Rachel Mcadams. I saw the pics in Just Jared, go view them and you be the judge! You have to go back in the archives of October though.
Viper652 said on 10/Oct/06
In reality Ryan only has an inch on Paul.
venus said on 9/Oct/06
Ryan is over 6'3, but Laurah is the warmest out of every body else's theories. Ryan is taller than Paul Walker, when he and Rachel took their MTVawards, he had Paul by 2 or 3 inches. Ryan has long legs too.
Gazelle said on 5/Oct/06
If Ryan Reynolds is
6'2-6'3 then Ryan gosling's at least 6'1, look at the pictures:

Ryan gosling's leaning a little but they about the same height. Plus you have to minus the hair off Ryan Reynolds cause they adds height since Ryan Gosling has a shaved head. But they are about the same height. They are both lanky too, so it's not about perception and both their shoes are flat. Also why would Rachel always jump up onto he to kiss him or at least go on her tippy toes if he wasn't tall.

[IMG]Click Here[/IMG]

[IMG]Click Here[/IMG]

Click Here

Click Here
J-Dog. said on 16/Mar/06
Looks a bit over 6'1", not sure why you guys are downgrading him, he looks tall by McAdams.
sam said on 3/Feb/06
He had about 2 inches on Ben Chaplin, who is listed as 5'11", in Murder by Numbers. I think Gosling's 6'1", although he isn't the 6'2" that IMDb used to give him.
UNK said on 27/Jan/06
First off, he appears to have more than 6 inches on her. Second off, McAdams is 5'4". I don't think this guy is under 6'0".
6 foot 2, 15, growing taller than you said on 27/Jan/06
that picture is of them walking alright, and we all know pictures with people walking in mid-stride are misleading, especially if the picture is taken from the back. there is an error margin of quite a few inches
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 21/Jan/06
Look it, I don't wanna hate on this guy because he's rachel mcadam's boyfriend and all, but I just can't give him 6 foot 1. He is, I think, 5 11.5 at most, during the daytime. Take a look at this pic, as they're walking away.

if mcadams is about 5 foot 5, he's got only about 6 inches on her. Enough said. And anyways, I have to answer MD. Being skinny only makes you look taller if you got HELLA long legs, other than that, a really skinny person with a short torso looks short. From my experience, bigger people, like me, 260 pounder, look taller. From far away, people think I'm a giant, they get close, not really.
RobertJ said on 7/Jan/06
If chris klein is 6'1'' than Ryan looks to be 6' feet by this pic which was already posted.
Amanda said on 27/Nov/05
I agree that he is '6 1' for the one who said you saw him at a drug store last night you are a liar!! You just want attention. He isn't even that skinny!! He's perfect.
MD said on 20/Nov/05
No, being skinny makes you look taller.
Kala said on 19/Nov/05
He's skinny so looks a lot shorter, but yeah basically he is this height.
Oceanguy said on 18/Oct/05
I just met Ryan last night at a drug store and not only was he HOT but he was very warm and friendly and was kind enough to give an autograph. Loved him in "The Believer". Made my whole evening!
Viper652 said on 3/Aug/05
I just watched the Notebook and based on this movie I am questioning his 6-1 height big time.In some scenes he looked like he could be 6-0, but in most of the scenes he looked average height, especially Standing next to 5-3 Rachel Mcadams. Even with her in heels he only looked about 4 inches taller. So its very possible he could be as short as 5-10, or as tall as 6-0. I dont think he is 6-1 at all though, even judging by pics.
LaurA said on 28/Mar/05
I read somewhere that he is 6'2'' but he actually does look like 6'1'' to me. Comparing to Benicio Del Toro who, I believe, is 6'2''
Mysterio said on 17/Mar/05
To me he's always gonna be that skinny guy from Breaker High, but I was surprised to hear that he's actually this tall. Because he is so slight of build he probably off as being shorter than 6'1", but I do agree, after looking at recent pics from 'The Notebook' that he does look 6'1". Needless to say it's great to see Ryan's career getting more momentum this all of his recent success, he's truely come a long way...and apparently grown somewhat as well. ;)
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/05
6'1" (185cm) seems accurate. Gosling with 6'1" Chris Klein. Considering a tilt in Klein's favor, about the same height.
Laurah said on 14/Mar/05
Actually, Ryan Gosling is 6ft 3in(188 cm)

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