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7ft 1.02in (215.9cm)
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/07
Then why does it say he is 7'1" in 2 draft articles from 1992? They measure players at the pre-draft camp without shoes. Shaq is 7'1" barefoot and probably 7'2.75"-7'3" in shoes.
Justin said on 21/Oct/07
CXTman If shaq is 7'0.25 is listed height of 7'1" WOULD HAVE BEEN WITH 0.75" SOLES. Do you know what time of day this 7' 0.25inch height was taken?
CXTman said on 20/Oct/07
You gentlemen might wanna know this fact: without shoes, Shaq isn't 7-1; he's actually 7-0.25 -- around the same height as David Robinson (7-0.25), Tsakalidis (7-0.5), and a little shorter than Mutombo (7-1).

So why does Shaq look bigger than these guys in pictures? Well, Shaq likes to wear thick socks with bouncy insoles and shoes with thick rubber soles (you wouldn't catch Shaq wearing those thin-soled Air Huarache-type shoes), which makes him 7-2.5, to 7-2.75 with shoes on. I can understand why a lot of people think he's 7-1 barefoot, because, with those big shoes on (see pictures), Shaq is about the same height as -- or probably even taller than -- many legit 7-1-footers in shoes.

I won't tell you why I know this, but just trust me -- the information I gave is factual. I hope I can settle the other arguments here, but unfortunately this is the only area where I can guarantee a factual statement. Anyway,I hope this little info helps in any way. Good day gentlemen.
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/07
Shaq is 7'1", Kareem is 7'1 3/4", Wilt was 7'1 1/16" in his prime and he shrunk to 7'0 1/2"
Kevin Durant said on 18/Oct/07
Alex says on 18/Oct/07
He's 7'2, this listing for him is close enough. Pretty much 7'2 it is. Whats this in fractions, like 7'1 3/4?
Shaq is more 7'0 flat and puts Kareem at 7'2 there.

Alex i beg to disagree because Shaq lowest possibly height is 7'0.5" but i cannot see him under that because he is least 3" taller than Tim Duncan, who is officially measured at 6'10" in the 1997 Draft Camp.

Click Here
Click Here

Shaquille O'Neal 7'1, Tim Duncan 6'10

Click Here

6'10 Tim Duncan and 6'10" Dirk Nowitzki

Click Here
Click Here

Shaquille O'Neal 7'1" and 6'9" Alonzo Mourning

Click Here

Shaquille O'Neal and 6'11 Patrick Ewing, who is at least the same height as 2007 no.1 overall pick Greg Oden.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

6'11" Patrick Ewing and 7'1" Dikembe Mutombo, 6'9" Alonzo Mourning

Click Here

6'9" Bill Russell, 6'11" Greg Oden and 6'11" Patrick Ewing

Hakeem has said he is 6'10" barefoot and 6'11" in shoes and he was even listed at 6'10" sometimes He is struggling at 6'10" here with 7'1" Shaq but 6'10" sounds right.

Click Here
Click Here

I posted this one in the Kareem Abdul Jabbar message board
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/07
My average height? I am 5'7 5/8" at night and like 5'8"-5'8 1/4" out of bed. I'm pretty much 5'8".
Justin said on 13/Oct/07
Annonymous, the only way to truly discover how tall Shaq is would be to measure him first thing at morning then last thing at night then take an average of the two measurements. Disregard all the other players heights because you never know if they are measured at morning which could mean difference on average height or true height. I personally believe that it is not totally impossible for Shaq to be close to 7'0.5-7'1" barefoot out of bed and 6'11-6'11.5" last thing at night! Either way he would probably dwarf me and you. Just as a matter of interest Annonymous what is your average height?
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/07
Shaq is more than a head bigger than Triple H. The problem with judging Shaq's height is he has to look down to talk to everyone so he often looks shorter. He was looking straight ahead in the picture with Hill which is why he towered over him. Shaq is 7'1" barefoot no more no less. He has big shoes which make him almost 7'3" though. Shaq looks to have 2.5"-3 inches on 6'10.5" Eddy Curry.

Click Here

Shaq with 6'7" Glen Rice and Kobe who measured 6'5" at 17 but might be like 6'5.5" now.

Click Here

Shaq with 6'7.25" Magic Johnson and 6'5.5" Kobe Bryant

Shaq towers over Magic and Glen Rice just as much as he does Grant Hill

The Man is 7'1" barefoot.
Vegas said on 10/Oct/07
shaq has nowhere near that much height on charles barkley as he does on hill there. he has 8-9" easy on hill (roughly same he had on 6'2 triple h Click Here )

that photo with hill is bogus, shaq is tall at least 7 foot but he ain't 7'3-7'4 like that photo says he is
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/07
Yeah Shaq looks huge next to Grant because he is a full 6 inches taller.
Gonzalo said on 9/Oct/07
Wow, Shaq looks huge next to Grant Hill
CRYSTAL C. said on 8/Oct/07
Viper said on 5/Oct/07
Correct on Hill being 6-7. Thats what he looked to me in person.
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/07
Grant Hill is maybe 6'8" in shoes but he is no more than the 6'7" he was listed in college. These 2 pictures should prove Shaq is a legit 7'1" like the measurement from 1992 says.

Shaq towers over 6'7" Grant Hill
Click Here

Shaq looks about 3 inches taller than Eddy Curry who measured 6'10.5" straight out of highschool
Click Here
Kevin Durant said on 4/Oct/07
1994 NBA Pre Draft Measurement

Click Here


Glenn Robinson 6-7 240 Purdue


Jason Kidd 6-3 215 Cal


Grant Hill 6-8 230 Duke


Donyell Marshall 6-8 1/2 218 Connecticut


Juwan Howard 6-8 1/2 253 Michigan


Sharone Wright 6-10 279 Clemson


Lamond Murray 6-6 1/2 235 California


Brian Grant 6-8 1/2 247 Xavier


Eric Montross 7-0 1/2 275 North Carolina

allen4 said on 1/Oct/07
other pictures :
shaq all-star :
Click Here
kicks cover :
Click Here
shaq shoes? :
Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/07
Ewing is a solid 6'11" he looks closer to 6'10" next to Shaq because Shaq probably wears big shoes but trust me he is a legit 6'11"

Click Here

Click Here

Ewing looks every bit of 6'11" Alonzo Mourning who measured 6'9" at the 2000 Olympics and Dikembe Mutombo who measured 7'1" at the 1991 pre-draft camp.

Click Here

Patrick is as tall as 6'11" measured Greg Oden

Click Here

Patrick looks atleast 3 inches taller than 6'8" Charles oakley.

Ewing was clearly joking about being 6'9" because he is a solid 6'11"
lillo thomas said on 26/Sep/07
patrick erwing is 6-10 atleast he can't be 6-9 . he always look taller than that
Anonymous said on 24/Sep/07
Ewing is 6'11"(2 inches on 6'9" Mourning), Mutombo is 7'1", Mourning is 6'9", T-Mac is 6'6.25" and Shaq is 7'1"
Kevin Durant said on 24/Sep/07
Dirk Nowitzki is no taller than 6'10 to me he looks like a flat 6'10. I have watch some of the games in the NBA and he certainly not a legit 7 footer.

just look at this set of pictures

6'10 Dirk Nowitzki and 6'7 Ben Wallace ( Looks taller with his Afro)

Click Here

7'6 Shawn Bradley, 6'11 Erick Dampier, 6'10 Dirk Nowitzki and 6'11 Calvin Booth

Click Here
Click Here

Dirk Nowitzki 6'10, Tim Duncan 6'10, Shaquille O'Neal 7'1, Kevin Garnett 6'11 1/4 and 7'5 Yao Ming.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here

Dirk 6'10" and Josh Howard 6'5 1/4"

Click Here
allen4 said on 24/Sep/07
NEWS PICTURES ;look this :
Click Here
shaq huges shoes :
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Gonzalo said on 24/Sep/07
Nowitzki is taller than 6`10 (2`08). Watch him play in FIBA basketball and you will see he is clearly taller than guys who are listed 2`05. Nowitzki could be aroun 2`1'-11 barefoot. I saw him next to Papaloukas ane he towered over him. Papaloukas is 2`00.
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/07
Gasol is not as tall as Shaq. Shaq is 7'1" barefoot. He was measured 7'1" and 303 pounds witha 7'6" wingspan in the 1992 pre-draft camp. Shaq is every bit as tall as Mutombo. Ewing looks a solid 6'11".

Click Here

Shaq is 2-3 inches taller than Ewing

Click Here
Click Here

Every bit as tall as 7'1" Mutombo(Looks taller than Mutombo because of his shoes)

Click Here

Way taller than 6'10" Duncan

Click Here
Click Here

Shaq towers over 6'10" Hakeem by a good 3-4 inches

Click Here

7'1" Shaq, 7'0" Robinson and 6'10" Hakeem

Click Here

Clearly taller than 7'0.5" Pau Gasol even though the angle isn't great.

How tall do you guys think Dirk is? Dirk was 6'10" when he entered the league and sometimes looks taller although at other times doesn't look anything over 6'10"
Vegas said on 23/Sep/07
ewing is just 2" (2.5" max) shorter than 7'1 barefoot Dikembe Mutumbo there. I never bought Ewing at 6'9
someone who know said on 23/Sep/07
I believed David.
Alex said on 22/Sep/07
Duncan I think is 6'10 and Robinson is about 7'0. I always remember him having about 2 inches on Duncan.
David said on 22/Sep/07
Believe me I was in Miami in a shopping center in the summer of 2005 and I saw his game shoes, his shoes are different from the ones of the other nba players, I've heard this is because of his weight so he need some centimeters of an elastic gel linig to absorb impact of his steps to not bother his knees, he is 213 barefoot (anyway no more than 214), and 217 or more with his shoes. Gasol is about the same height without shoes and garnett is and inch shorter believe me!
Gonzalo said on 21/Sep/07
Patrick Ewing 6`9? We can see in that pic that he is taller than that. The latest great big men from Georgetown. Will we see Roy Hibbert join them soon?
Robinson is taller than Duncan, in that pic he is leaning.
allen4 said on 20/Sep/07
ok guys,very hot pictures again,look that :
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/07
Shaq could be 215 but I still have him at 216. he is every bit of 7'1".
weekly said on 18/Sep/07
I remember a book about basketball from 1997, that had him on 215 cm.
Shaq vs. LeBron Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/07
Alright so Shaq's shoes add 3 cm or 1.5"...have you ever seen pre-draft measurements? Most centers have 1.25"-1.5" shoes. Shaq is taller than 214 cm Pau Gasol(7'0.5")

Click Here

6'10" Tim Duncan, 7'5.5" Yao Ming, 7'1" Shaq, 6'11.25" Kevin Garnett and 7'0.5" Pau Gasol.

The Lakers young center Andrew Bynum was measured 7'0.25" at 17 yrs old and has grown to 7'1" now. Shaq is no doubt 7'1" and 7'2.5" in shoes.
Gonzalo said on 18/Sep/07
Davi, if you say Garnett is 212 I don`t understand how you say Shaq is 213, since he looks 4 or 5 cms taller. Talking about Gasol, I attended the Eurobasket final game and I can tell you he is 214 as he is listed in Europe. He even looked taller to me than Savrasenko, listed 217. Gasol was much taller than Kirilenko, who is listed normally 206 but for this championship I laso read 209. If O`Neal is taller than Gasol, O`Neal must be around 216 and he should be upgraded in this site
David said on 15/Sep/07
Shaq is 213 cm tall barefoot, he wears shoes that have at least 3 cm of elevation (I've seen them in Miami two years ago)
Kevin Garnett is taller than I expected, indeed is more than his nba listing, I think he is around 212 cm, anyway very close to 7 foot.
Another nba player I was impressed with, is Pau Gasol, Gasol is truly tall, clearly edges 213cm I think he is more about 215cm as he is listed in european championships.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/07
Shaq was already 7'0" in 1989 at 17 years old so the 7'1" measurement from 1992 must be barefoot because even if he was still 7'0" in 1992(which he wasn't) he'd be 7'1.25"-7'1.75" in shoes. Shaq is 7'1" barefoot today.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/07
Come on be realistic. If Shaq is 7'0" then David Robinson is no more than 6'11", Tim Duncan is no more than 6'9", Hakeem Olajuwon is no more than 6'9", Mutombo is no more than 7'1", Kevin Garnett is no more than 6'10"
Anonymous said on 9/Sep/07
I'm pretty sure the measurements from the 1992 article weren't in shoes. Here they are

Shaquille O'Neal 7'1", 303
Robert Horry 6'8", 220
Harold Miner 6'3", 222
Latrell Sprewell 6'4" 190

Here are some others from the early 90's

Dikembe Mutombo 7'1", 228
Larry Johnson 6'5.5" 250

Chris Webber 6'9", 263
Penny Hardaway 6'6", 200
J.R. Rider 6'4.5", 218

Glenn Robinson 6'7", 240
Jason Kidd 6'3", 215
Donyell Marshall 6'8.5", 218
Juwan Howard 6'8.5", 253
Brian Grant 6'8.5", 247
Anonymous said on 9/Sep/07
Garnett doesn't have better posture and Duncan himself has even said KG is taller. KG is leaning quite a bit.
Viper said on 8/Sep/07
There isnt any evidence that says Shaq was measured at 7-1 in socks. And after looking at the Duncan garnett picture, Id say Garnett looks the same height as Duncan considering Garnett has much better posture and is standing closer to the camera.
Viper said on 8/Sep/07
Duncan was listed at 6-10 in his college days. The chances he grew right after his senior year are pretty damn slim for a guy 6-10 at 21-22 years of age.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/07
KG isn't standing up that straight. KG usually looks atleast an inch taller.
Jason said on 7/Sep/07
I mean early in the morning. They aren't your 100% legit measurement. Robinson has 1.5-2'' on Duncan? You just told us KG had 1.25'' on Duncan and it looks like 0.5''.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/07
Yeah and? Most people go by morning measurements. Also Robinson is not 6'11" because he has about 1.5" to 2 inches on Duncan
Jason said on 7/Sep/07
6'11.25'' could just be a morning measurement...
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/07
Also I've heard from many people that Duncan is actually 6'10.5"
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/07
I doubt KG would lie about his height considering he supposedly never wanted to be seen as that tall so he wouldn't start at center. KG also looks no shorter than 6'11.25" next to 7'5"-7'5.5" Yao
Jason said on 7/Sep/07
Anonymous says on 6/Sep/07

''Click Here

Kevin Garnett appears his stated 6'11.25" with 6'10" Tim Duncan''

Only looks ~ half an inch to me. KG just has a smaller head and long neck, while Duncan has a longer head and short neck, which is making KG look taller against Duncan than he is. Look at where the tops of their heads come up to, not anything else. If Duncan is 6-10, then KG looks 6-10 1/2ish and David Robinson 6-11.
Steve said on 7/Sep/07
You want to see something really amazing?

Click Here
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/07
David Robinson is not 6'11" he is a legit 7'0" Nothing more nothing less. He is not 7'1" like many people said but his 1988 measurement of 7'0" sounds very accurate.

Click Here

Not the best picture but The Admiral and KG appear to be standing next to eachother and Robinson looks slightly taller than 6'11.25" Kevin Garnett

Click Here

Robinson appears atleast 2 inches taller than 6'10" Tim Duncan

Click Here

Kevin Garnett appears his stated 6'11.25" with 6'10" Tim Duncan

It makes sense. Shaq is 7'1" and Robinson is 7'0"
Jason said on 6/Sep/07
Shaq's said his weight ranged to a maximum of 360lbs. I can easily believe that - he has *huge* back around 2001. Many people thought he was 400.
asdasd said on 6/Sep/07
shaq is one of (few) players of the nba listed with correct height. I think he is exactly 215 cm barefoot, so could be 216/217 in shoes.
liilo thomas said on 6/Sep/07
shaq look indeed taller than david robinson maybe david robinson is 6-11 if he is a legit 7-0 then maybe shaq could be a legit 7-1 barefoot
Duhon said on 6/Sep/07
Vegas, if you think kobe's arms have ever been close to as big as shaq's you are very mistaken. it was stated by laker trainers that shaq did for a brief period tip in at 370 in his final season for the lakers. read more here:Click Here this is not something shaq was bragging about, he was quite overweight for a basketball player.
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/07
Alright to prove Shaq is 7'1" I'll compare him to players 6'11" or taller.

Click Here

Shaq is taller than David Robinson who measured 7'0" in the 1988 Olympics

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He has about 2 inches on Kevin Garnett who has admitted he is 6'11.25" and is losted 6'11" on this site.

Click Here
Click Here

Shaq doesn't look any more than 4 inches shorter than Yao who is around 7'5"

Click Here

Shaq is taller than Wilt who was 7'0 1/2" at the time of this picture(7'1" 1/16" in his peak)

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Shaq is every bit as tall as 7'1" Mutombo who was measured 7'1" in 1991

Click Here

Once again Shaq is 2 inches taller than 6'11.25" KG and about 4 inches shorter than Yao who is around 7'5".

Shaq is clearly 7'1". Time for an upgrade Editor Rob especially since he has never been listed anything else.
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/07
Kobe's arms have never been close to as big as Shaq's.
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/07
Shaq was 303 on draft neight, probably slightly less after he worked out for the season and was in the low 300's most of his Magic career. Shaq weighed 315 in the 1999-2000 season but gained weight over the offseason and came to camp around 330. He eventually reached 370 in 02'-03' when he was injured at the start of the season and he was around 350 his las season in Los Angeles.
vegas said on 5/Sep/07
Duhon; kobe is about 210lb thereabouts. Shaq doesn't look 150-160lb heavier to me. Kobe's arms are as big as shaq's in that photo and he is turned sideways making him look smaller.
Gonzalo said on 5/Sep/07
PAu Gasol is listed to be 2`14 (they even said 2.14`4) and why should he be listed taller than he really is? Shaq is taller so he should be upgraded. 2`16 for him
Duhon said on 4/Sep/07
Its relatively well recorded, it came out in the media after shaq decided to trim down when he came to miami. shaq struggled with weight in his later laker days: Click Here

he looks massive here.
vegas said on 4/Sep/07
370lb seems an incredible weight for shaq. Paul Wight weighed 335lb in college in 1991 and about 370lb or so in WCW in 1995-96; i seriously doubt Shaq was ever as heavy as 370lb. Dont forget Dalip Singh's bodybuilding weight was 380lb (probably his current correct weight at present too), Shaq never looked to be within 40lb of Singh imo
Anonymous said on 3/Sep/07
Shaq is 7"1" not the 7"0" as list above.
Alex said on 2/Sep/07
Yea I heard about Shaq weight 370lbs at his heaviest too but was still listed at 325lbs. A few seasons ago he was listed at 350lbs but lost weight and was listed at 325lbs again. At 7'0 the guy is easily 325lbs.
Duhon said on 31/Aug/07
If anything for likely 80% of shaq's career his weight has been underlisted. in his peak heaviest years he weighed around 370 yet he was still listed at 315.
machine89 said on 31/Aug/07
Ive seen a picture of shaq with dikembe mutombo and shaq looks like an inch taller and mutombo is supposedly 7-2
Jason said on 28/Aug/07
I wouldn't if his Lakers trainer hadn't said he was 285 when he first came in the league. Exaggerating weight happens in sport - 303 sounds even more intimidating than 285. If you compare the NFL-listed weights of random football players with googling various sources for them, you'll find they add 5-10lbs to the average player and some are inflated by 20. The same thing would happen in the NBA to an extent.
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/07
Why would you doubt Shaq weighed 303 when he was drafted? Chris Webber was 6'9" and 263 pounds.
liilo thomas said on 28/Aug/07
his foot is about 15 inches long
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/07
does anyone know shaquille o'neal's foot size IN INCHES if he wears a size 21 shoe?
Anonymous said on 26/Aug/07
if pau gasol is 7'05, o'neal is 7'1
Jason said on 25/Aug/07
It doesn't say anywhere that's a barefoot measurement, mate. You're positive he was 303lbs then just because he's described/listed at that? They inflate weight in sports sometimes too, ya know?
Anonymous said on 23/Aug/07
I posted a link to his 7'1" 303 12% body fat measurement. LOL 285? No he was 303. He may have dropped to 285-290 later in the season but not when he was drafted.
Air Attacker said on 23/Aug/07
Shaquille O'Neal is 7'1
Dirk Nowitzki 6'10
Pau Gasol 7'0
Yao Ming 7'5
Tim Duncan 6'10
Hakeem Olajuwon 6'10
Alonzo Mourning 6'9
Patrick Ewing 6'11
David Robinson 7'0
Greg Oden 6'11
Kevin Durant 6'9
Lebron James 6'8
Dwight Howard 6'9
Amare Stoudemire 6'8 1/2
Rasheed Wallace 6'9 3/4
Joe Smith - 6'9 1/2
Keith Van Horn 6'9 1/2
Jason said on 23/Aug/07
You gonna show us where it says he was measured 7-1 sans shoes? His trainer said he was about 285lbs when he entered the league, in the September 1999 issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine.
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/07
Alright this is very simple. Shaq was measured 7'1", 303 pounds, 7'6 wingspan and was 12% body fat in the 1992 pre-draft camp. Are you going to tell me he doesn't look ATLEAST 4-5 inches taller than 6'9" Alonzo Mourning?
allen4 said on 21/Aug/07
other picture shaquille o'neal and alonzo mourning :
Click Here
allen4 said on 19/Aug/07
RARE PICTURE,look my picture of my french book "5 majeur" :
Click Here
Ken said on 18/Aug/07
Shaq is at LEAST 7'1". Im a huge NBA fan, i play bball my self and am rather tall. With shoes on im exactly 6'6 3/4. When i met shaq a long time ago (he was still with the lakers) he was at least 7in taller than me. I could even belive that he's 7'2.
Gonzalo said on 17/Aug/07
Shaq`s pics should be judged next to players of similar height, not next to Charles Barkley or Beyoncé. Shaq always looks taller than expected next to other tall players, except in two cases: next to Yao and to KAreem Abdul Jabbar. For those pics I will not insist on Shaq being 7`1 barefoot. But Shaq looks at least two inches taller than 6`11 guys like Garnett or Nowitzki or Ewing. As tall as 7`2 (listed) Mutombo.
About the Gasol case in Spain he has always been listed as 2,15 but he honestly doesn´t look that tall to me, unless he never stands straight. 2`11-12 might be more accurate.
Shaq is at least 7 feet barefoot
RT said on 16/Aug/07
I can't believe that Dwight Howard's height without shoes is 6'9", but with 9'3.5" standing reach.
Anonymous said on 15/Aug/07
Bill Russell was 6'9 1/2" in his prime. Shaq and Mutombo both measured 7'1" and Ewing has claimed 6'9" but he might have been joking, Hakeem and Tim Duncan are both 6'10" and David Robinson is 7'0". Shaq clearly has about 2 inches on 6'11 1/4" Kevin Garnett. If Pau Gasol is 215 cm than Shaq must be 216 cm.
Viper said on 15/Aug/07
Ewing says hes 6-9, but he looks taller than that. But why say you are 6-9?
Massimo said on 15/Aug/07
What I remember well is that Bill Russell was clearly taller than 6'7" Warren Coolidge (Byron Stewart) in the White Shadow, so I think Bill is 6'9" barefoot legittimate. And Rashaun is clearly taller than him. Comparing the Yao-Mutombo and Yao-Shaq pictures, Shaq absolutely doesn't look shorter than Dikembe. Yes, Shaq is a bit of a tall guy. How tall is Ewing barefoot ? 6'9" maybe ?
allen4 said on 14/Aug/07
OK GUYS ,time to be serious......look my pictures:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

-for me shaq is(strong)214 cm barefoot/217cm in basketshoes........
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/07
Barkley is 6'4 5/8" and Shaq is 7'1".
lillo thomas said on 12/Aug/07
i agree with vegas in those pics barckey next to shaq look around 6-5
Vegas said on 12/Aug/07
Barkley claimed 6'5.5 too on tv back in january don't forget. Barkley looks 7" max shorter than Shaq. Those pictures totally rule out 6'4 for Barkley unless Shaq is as short as 6'11
Air Attacker said on 12/Aug/07
I believe that Shaquille O'Neal is a legit 7'1
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/07
Come on we all know Shaq is over 7'1" in shoes no matter what. Even if he was 7'0" he'd be 7'1.25 or 7'1.5" in shoes atleast! I got pre-draft measurements from the same place here are some of them...they all seem to be barefoot. Also "all of 7'1" probably means barefoot

Dikembe Mutombo 7'1" 228
Larry Johnson 6'5 1/2"

Shaquille O'Neal 7'1" 303
Robert Horry 6'8" 220
Harold Miner 6'3" 222
Oliver Miller 6'9" 318
Latrell Sprewell 6'4" 190

Chris Webber 6'9" 263
Penny Hardaway 6'6" 200
J.R Rider 6'4 1/2" 218

Glenn Robinson 6'7" 240
Grant Hill 6'8" 230
Jason Kidd 6-3" 215
Donyell Marshall 6-8 1/2" 218
Juwan Howard 6-8 1/2" 253
Sharone Wright 6-10" 279
Lamond Murray 6-6 1/2" 235
Brian Grant 6-8 1/2" 247
Eric Montross 7-0 1/2" 275
Yinka Dare 6'10 1/2" 271

Shaq is 7'1" no more no less. He was already 7'0" at 17 years old.
Viper said on 12/Aug/07
That link doesnt specify whether it was in shoes or barefoot. It very well could be an in shoes measurement.
Anonymous said on 10/Aug/07
Well the link to his 7'1" 303 12% measurement says otherwise. I have Barkley at 6'4 3/4 like he claims.
JT said on 10/Aug/07
Click Here This assumes Shaq is 7’1” in those shoes and 7’0” barefoot. Shaq is a bit closer to the camera than Barkley, who’s at least 6’5”.
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/07
I have a link to back up 7'1"

Click Here

5th article

pre-draft stats "7-1, 303, 12% body fat, only 20 years old"

Here is a quote from the first article

"Shaquille O'Neal, all 7-1 and 303 pounds"
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/07
LMFAO first give me a link to Shaq "admitting" it.
Chris Travis said on 8/Aug/07
BarkLey is 6' 4.5" barefoot 6 ' 6" listed. Shaq has 7inches going by them photo links with his flat shoes as oppose to them usual huge trainer soles so Shaq IS 6' 11.5" with 7' 1" listed. This is what was said originally so all you 7' 1" believers wake up and smell the coffee why do you not believe the great man himself when he admitted it. Especially you annonymous!
allen4 said on 8/Aug/07
ok look again my pictures,c.barkley and s.o'neal :
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Alex said on 7/Aug/07
Wow Shaq does look at least 2 inches taller than Dirk who I thought was a legit 6'11. Maybe Shaq is a legit 7'1 and has his height listed barefoot?
Anonymous said on 6/Aug/07
Come on 2 inches? Shaq is leaning and Dirk's hair gives him a little edge. Shaq has 3 inches. Shaq is clearly leaning a lot in that picture. Shaq is slouching and tilting his head are you inch? Shaq has 2 inches on KG who is taller than Dirk. This should prove you wrong about Shaq's height once and for all.

With Dikembe Mutombo 7'1"

Click Here

Click Here

Shaq with Tim Duncan 6'10"

Click Here

Shaq with 6'11.25" Kevin Garnett

Click Here

Click Here

With Hakeem Olajuwon 6'10"

Click Here

Click Here

With Karl Malone 6'8"

Click Here

Chris Webber 6'9.5"

Click Here

As you can see Shaq is atleast as tall as Mutombo, has atleast 3 inches on Hakeem and Duncan, has atleast 5 inches on Malone, around 4 inches on Webber and atleast 2 inches on KG.
Viper said on 6/Aug/07
Shaq looks an inch taller than Dirk to my eyes. If he stands up straight he has about 2 inches on him.
Arjun said on 6/Aug/07
Dirk is about as tall as Shaq at the top of his hair, standing slightly behind him. Does anyone honestly think that Dirk's hair is giving him THREE inches?? PLEASE. An inch tops between the two in this pic.
Arjun said on 6/Aug/07
3 inches on Dirk - LOL. Dirk would have to have over 2 inches of HAIR sticking up from the top of his skull for this to be true. Anonymous, you seriously need some, or stronger glasses, if you see 3 inches in this pic. And since Dirk is further from the camera, that makes him shorter, not taller - that would neutralize the loss from Shaq bending. As it is, I see an inch between the two, no more. Dirk may have hair, but it barely gives him any height.
Anonymous said on 6/Aug/07
LOL!!! Barely bigger than Dirk? Dirk is behind him and Shaq is leaning. Shaq has 3 inches on Dirk who is 6'10" Kobe is barely up to Shaq's shoulders and Kobe is around 6'5". Have you ever heard of leaning? Shaq would have 3 inches on Dirk if he was standing up straight and Dirk wasn't behind him.
Duhon said on 6/Aug/07
I don't agree with the barely taller statement, in the pic with dirk. he's obviously bending quite a bit talking to the ref, even then you notice the obvious height difference.
Arjun said on 5/Aug/07
Shaq looks very tall with Snoop Dogg (who is about 6'4"?), but Snoop is leaning somewhat. He is barely any taller than Dirk though, and Dirk is 6'11" tops I would say.
allen4 said on 5/Aug/07
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Alex said on 4/Aug/07
I think Shaq is a guy who could easily get away with 7'2-7'3 while he's really just 7'0. He's a larger than life.
Arjun said on 4/Aug/07
Shaq never, ever looks 7'2" even with the biggest of his shoes.
Anonymous said on 3/Aug/07
Shaq's shoes are big but that explains the 2 plus inch difference on KG who is 6'11 1/4 Shaq is probably 7'0 3/4 or 7'1 barefoot. Shaq's shoes make him look like a legit 7'2 but he is no more than 7'1.
Masato said on 3/Aug/07
Shaq's SHoe in 'allen4's 2nd pics look enormous. Look at where his lower leg is at with the shoes. THose shoes look like 2+ inches. They are enormous.
Duhon said on 2/Aug/07
Its quite hard to prove decisivly whether shaq is actually exactly 7'1" barefoot, at most from photographic evidence he appears at least 7". I've seen those wingspan and reach numbers bandied about alot so they likely come from some measurement he took.
allen4 said on 2/Aug/07
look my pics :
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Anonymous said on 2/Aug/07
garnett is the full 6'11, shaq is 7'1 and lebron is 6'8 and i know from seeing these guys on different occasions and they were all wearing pretty much same footwear of sneakers that didn't look to add height
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/07
Shaq is 7'1 barefoot, his wingspan is 7'6 and his standing reach is 9'8. He also weighed just 303 pounds when he was a rookie.
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/07
Those are really barefoot Measurement in the 1995, 1997, 1998 and 1999 NBA Draft. By the way it seems like i never see the 6'11 1/2 listing of Shaquille O'Neal he might be a legit 7 footer after all.
Viper said on 1/Aug/07
Joe Smith was listed at 6-9 his freshmen season, then 6-10 the next year. Never looked any taller than 6-9 to me. Are those really barefoot measurements?
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/07
1995 NBA Pre Draft Measurement

Click Here
Players height and weight are those obtained at the Chicago pre-
draft camp. For fun I've included the USAToday Mock draft and the
Chris Monter Mock draft (from the Monter Draft News).

1. Joe Smith- 6'9 1/2
2. Antonio Mcdyess- 6'9 1/2
3. Jerry Stackhouse, UNC. h: 6-4.5 w: 208
4. Rasheed Wallace, UNC. h: 6-9.75 w: 230
5. Kurt Thomas, Texas Christian. h: 6-7.75 w: 221
6. Corliss Williamson, Arkansas. h: 6-5.5 w: 244
7. Bob Sura, Florida State. h: 6-4 w: 195
8. Alan Henderson, Indiana. h: 6-9.5 w: 235
9. Theo Ratliff, Wyoming. ht: 6-8.75 wt: 214
10. Brent Barry - 6'6 1/4
11. Michael Finley- 6'5 3/4
12. Jason Caffey, Alabama. ht: 6-7.75 wt: 244
13. Greg Ostertag - 7'0
Duhon said on 1/Aug/07
Anonymous, can we get a source for those measurments? some them seem a little off, if they're correct it appears a good number of the players chose to be listed by their real heights.
Anonymous said on 31/Jul/07
T-Mac was actually 205 pounds and Elton Brand was 275 but pretty much correct
Anonymous said on 31/Jul/07
Alright finally here are the 1997 and 1999 pre-draft measurements


Steve Francis 6'2 1/2 194 pounds
Baron Davis 6'2 1/2 190 pounds
Richard Hamilton 6'6 180 pounds
Jason Terry 6'2 172 pounds
Andre Miller 6'2 190 pounds(Could just be listed height)

Jonathan Bender 6'11 220 pounds
Lamar Odom 6'10 235 pounds
Elton Brand 6'8 260 pounds 7'5 wingspan
Corey Maggette 6'6 215 pounds
Devean George 6'6 1/2 220 pounds
Shawn Marion 6'7 215 pounds
Ron Artest 6'6 235 pounds(Could just be listed height I don't know)

Jamaal Magloire 6'10 250 pounds


Chauncey Billups 6'3 207 pounds
Tracy McGrady 6'6 1/4 180 pounds
Brevin Knight 5'9 172 pounds
Antonio Daniels 6'2 191 pounds
Bobby Jackson 5'11 184 pounds
Anthony Parker 6'5 202 pounds
Derek Anderson 6'3 188 pounds

Stephen Jackson 6'7 210 pounds
Tim Thomas 6'9 1/2 240 pounds
Keith Van Horn 6'9 1/2 240
Adonal Foyle 6'9 263 pounds
Danny Fortson 6'7 257 pounds

Tim Duncan 6'10 249 pounds
Anonymous said on 30/Jul/07
I forgot this one. Shaq up close with Dikembe Mutombo who is 7'1

Click Here

I couldn't care less if Shaq was 7'0 but he isn't he is taller than that. If he is 7'0 then Mutombo is 7'0, Hakeem is 6'8-6'9, Duncan is 6'9 and Kevin Garnett is 6'10. It doesn't add up.
Anonymous said on 30/Jul/07
Lebron James is a legit 6'8 now after being measured at 6'7 1/4 during his NBA Pre Draft Measurement he looks 2.5- 3 inches taller than 6'5 1/2 Vince Carter.

Click Here
Duhon said on 29/Jul/07
I am not a fan of the big group photo shots due to shaq always being placed behind everyone else in the back. if you could somehow flip those pics on their side you would likely see shaq's shoulders behind those standing right next to him (seeing as how he has massive shoulders its quite likely). lebron's height is not disputed this is his pre-draft measurment: Click Here

so he is technically over 6'7" if only by .25"...
Anonymous said on 29/Jul/07
Shaq has atleast 2 inches on Kevin Garnett making him 7'1. That is obvious and Kevin Garnett has said he is 6'11 1/4.
Arjun said on 29/Jul/07
Wrong, Bosh looks taller than Howard even in the All-Star photo. And LeBron is nothing over 6'7". He does'nt even look 6'7" beside 6'5" max Kobe in one pic.
Arjun said on 28/Jul/07
Duhon, in that pic I just don't see him being 3 inches taller than Duncan whatever the camera angle. His eyes, ears etc. seem hardly any higher than Duncan's, taking into account perspective . He looks only 6'11" next to 6'10" Duncan there. Now I don't believe Shaq is as "short" as 6'11", but around 7'0" seems OK for him IMO. And what about the other recent group photo where Shaq looks only max 2.5" or so taller than max 6'9.5" Dwight Howard? He's not over 7'0" barefoot, though he could well be that.
steph said on 28/Jul/07
ahhh i saw him on santa monica beach pier ordering taco bell yesterday!!! he was really tall.. he looked sad and annoyed though.
Anonymous said on 28/Jul/07
Lebron also probably grew to 6'8 atleast he looks that tall next to Vince Carter who measured 6'5 1/2 at the 1998 pre-draft camp. Look at Shaq next to 6'11 1/4 Kevin Garnett he has about 2 inches on him. All Star pictures are hard to figure out...Chris Bosh looked shorter than Dwight Howard in the All Star picture this year but taller when they were standing next to eachother in another portrait
Duhon said on 27/Jul/07
You bring up that group pic alot with TD and shaq in the row, however its a fact in group photos duncans height tends to fluctuate depending on how close he is to the camera. there is a photo where he looks only about 5 inches shorter than yao due to his location.

there is not a pic where duncan and shaq are standing shoulder to shoulder where he looks only an inch taller. i wouldn't totally dismiss 7'1", i would say 7' is more plausible however for shaq. he looks more than 5 inches taller next to 6'7" lebron james.
Arjun said on 27/Jul/07
That pic where he is barely taller than Duncan (max an inch), even though he is standing slightly behind, shows that he is simply not 7'1" without the help of certain shoes.
Arjun said on 27/Jul/07
"At least" 7'1", lol .... Anonymous, you are actually suggesting that he could be taller than his billed height. Yep, Yao is very possibly 7'7" too.
Anonymous said on 26/Jul/07
Shaq is atleast 7'1 that is obvious because he is atleast 3 inches taller than Duncan and Olajuwon who are both 6'10. This should end the debate. Karl Malone is about 6'8-6'9 and Shaq towers over him.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Shaq is 7'1 get over it and move on
Arjun said on 21/Jul/07
Yeah Alex, he's not under 7'5" barefoot, and is certainly 7'7" if not a bit more with his shoes and hair. Yet, it is hilarious how these guys (Sing and Yao is 7-7) first argued 7'7", and then gradually went up to 7'8" and change!!! Yet Sing also said that Shaq was 7'0" max, so according to him Yao would be at least 8 inches taller than Shaq .... lol.
Seriously though, he towers over everyone in the NBA, always the tallest by far in any group photo. He's still gigantic in my book , even by NBA standards, even if he is only 7'5". Only his wingspan is unimpressive (relative to his height, of course.) Shaq has a longer wingspan in spite of being ~5 inches shorter.
Alex said on 20/Jul/07
Yao isn't that far off of 7'7 either. 1-2 inches.
Thing I found funny was he said they took their in shoe height and rounded down.
Duhon said on 16/Jul/07
I was hoping to find photos of shaq meeting up with oden from the espy's. i am quite confident in a meeting pic he'd have at least as much height difference as when 6'11" oden met with david robinson. so at least an inch.
Arjun said on 15/Jul/07
Certainly Viper. Who can forget all-time greats like him!!!!
Viper said on 14/Jul/07
Arjun, do you remember the poster "Yao is 7-7"? The guy would write unbeleivably long paragraphs on why Yao was a legit 7-7.
Arjun said on 14/Jul/07
I agree Lillo. Shaq may well be 7'0" flat, but not over that.
Arjun said on 13/Jul/07
How about 7'7" for Yao, which makes Shaq 7'2"????
lillo thomas said on 13/Jul/07
Yao is 7-5 and shaq is 7-0 at best his barefoot height is probably 6-11.5
Anonymous said on 12/Jul/07
Yao is 7'6 which makes Shaq 7'1.
Duhon said on 11/Jul/07
I myself actually beleived he was closer to 6'7" but i guess his college listing was correct.
Duhon said on 11/Jul/07
There's alot of debate around Magic johnson's height but it appears he's at least 6'8" standing next to lebron james who is 6'7"

Click Here
Arjun said on 11/Jul/07
Yao has 5 inches or a tad more on Shaq. Shaq never makes it past the top of Yao's ears/ a little above his eye level ..... would be 4 - 4.5 inches for a guy with a normal sized head - but Yao's head is pretty big.
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/07
KG is 6'11 1/4 and he has started at guard, forward and center. Shaq looks almost 2 inches taller than KG.
Duhon said on 4/Jul/07
Frank you present so many compelling points...
Alex said on 4/Jul/07
For all we know, Shaq could be 6'11.5 but we aren't going to be able to tell the difference between 6'11.5 and 7'0 on TV to begin with. We'd need him against a height chart.
Leung said on 2/Jul/07
Kevin Garnett can play either PF or SF, lots of quickness for a man of his size but he doesn’t quite have the shooting range to be considered a perimeter player.
LV said on 2/Jul/07
Why are you guys so certain about a 6'11.5" Shaq? I've still never seen a quote of him saying he was 6'11.5". Plus, if he's 6'11.5", Yao is like 7'4" and Yao isn't that short.
frank said on 2/Jul/07
Its amazing how many muppets still don't believe shaq is 6' 11.5" end of story
gmaheat said on 2/Jul/07
It looks to me that Shaquille O'Neal is closer to 7'2, standind next to Mutumbo he is the same height and Illgalgus is about an inch taller at best.
Duhon said on 2/Jul/07
KG is still listed as apower forward, i think durant wants to be a sf. funny enough i am not a chris duhon fan just like the name.
Viper said on 30/Jun/07
Duhon, isnt Kevin Garnett a perimiter player in a way? are you a big Chris Duhon fan Duhon?
Viper said on 30/Jun/07
Also LV, not every link I posted was from some forum either. Even a few of the forum ones were articles posted in them, not some average joe giving their opinion on his height.
Viper said on 30/Jun/07
Well, it plainly stated he was measured at 6-2, 274 pounds at his pro day workout. There are no links that say "6-4 274". All those 6-4 references say "6-4 272". Thats just what hes listed at.
Jason said on 30/Jun/07
I don't think those three college listings from three different places would have rounded 6'3 3/4'' to a flat 6'3''. I say that because there's 6'3 3/4'' draft measurements floating around. I would say he was just measured in shoes for that.
Duhon said on 30/Jun/07
Durant is likely choosing to be lised at his real 6'9" height instead of 6'10" due to the fact it looks like he wants to position himself as more of a perimeter player and not a post player. 6'10" seems a little tall for a perimeter player.
LV said on 29/Jun/07
First of all, almost every link you posted is from a forum where people are stating their opinions of his height (much like this website) and can hardly be considered accurate. Of the few websites that seemed legit, they probably all got the same 6'2" listing from the same place and it was incorrect. Here is a quote I pulled off of one of your links: "Merriman measured 6-feet-4 and 272 pounds on Saturday and looked like his frame could handle another 10-15 pounds with no problem". That was stated by Len Pasquarelli from, I'm sure he knows alittle more about football than either of us. This doesn't help your argument any. I think Merriman was measured at 6'3" and some change so many chose to round his height up to 6'4". Jason's posts of him being 6'3" were from people likely rounding his height down. I'm going to stop talking about Merriman. Maybe they need to make a Shawne Merriman page.
Jason said on 29/Jun/07
I agree with 6'2''-6'2 1/2'' for Merriman. He was listed at 6'3'' right up until the NFL draft ... did he suddenly grow an inch at 21 just in time for the draft? lol
Viper said on 29/Jun/07
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

There you go LV. A couple of them say hes too short at 6-2 to be a prototypical defensive end.
Eclipse said on 29/Jun/07
Did you notice that Yahoo did not list Durant in his in shoes height?... they have him at 6-9 (instead of his listed height of 6-10 it seems everywhere else), yet they have Oden at 7-1.
Viper said on 29/Jun/07
Damn, for some reason my 9 links didnt go through too Jason. I was watching the NBA draft and they were listing the players "in shoes" heights from their measurements the pre draft camp.
Vegas said on 29/Jun/07
the nba today on their website have listed oden at 7ft and durant at 6'9
Gonzalo said on 29/Jun/07
I thought this was Shaq`s page. Forget about this Merriman, please
Jason said on 29/Jun/07
My bad about the other link. I made some other posts but they haven't come through. The link below says Bartell is 6'0'', I missed that.
Jason said on 29/Jun/07
Click Here

And he was still listed at 6-3 in the 2004-2005 season at 20. Though his listed weight went up in each season (240, 246, 255 respectively). He looks 6'2'' in the photo with 6'1'' (NFL listing) Ronald Bartell in the link.
Jason said on 29/Jun/07
Click Here

Still described as 6-3 a year later at 19.
Jason said on 29/Jun/07
Oh, my bad. He was listed at 6-3 in 2002 at 18, though. While he could have grown after then, it's more likely he didn't.


L (E) Brennan Schmidt, 6-3, 274, Virginia*
L (E) Kwakou Robinson, 6-4, 322, Virginia
L (E) Eric Henderson, 6-2, 260, Georgia Tech*
LB Doug Justice, 6-2, 238, North Carolina*
LB Darryl Blackstock, 6-4, 226, Virginia
LB Shawne Merriman, 6-3, 240, Maryland

Click Here
LV said on 28/Jun/07
Jason, the link you posted lists him at 6'4". Viper, please post the other 9 sites.
Viper said on 28/Jun/07
Couchscout isnt the only website that has him at 6-2. One of 10.
Jason said on 28/Jun/07
Click Here

Says Merriman's 6'2'' there, as well.
Vegas said on 28/Jun/07
Viper says on 27/Jun/07
Couchscout has him at an exact measurement of 6-2.4

Viper; couchscout is a user-edited website. I could create an entry for mickey mouse or donald duck there if i wanted ;)

[Editor Rob: This merriman looks like he's escaped with an error listing. Its going to happen of course in a database with thousands you'll have some erroneous entries.

but as for couchscout, remember Viper, you were quoting it in the past as being accurate when I was telling you the guy himself said his database had innacuracies, he lost fractions for god's sake!. Here was his exact reply:

"I would believe Ourlads, had database, partial crash a few years back, and some of the more veteran guys, I never gone back and got the real data. I lost some of the fractional or tenth of height info, But a need to had that to my task list.

I've not edited that.
Viper said on 28/Jun/07
Merriman is always shorter than 6-3 Vernon Davis LV
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The 6-3 1/2 - 6-4 stuff is ridiculous nonsense. Dont make me bust out the photo where John Salley makes him look 6-0 :)
Viper said on 27/Jun/07
Ive read where Wallace was measured at 6-7.
Viper said on 27/Jun/07
6-3 Vernon Davis is taller than Merrimen. Ive already posted a full body picture of Vernon looking taller, as well as a seperate picture at a different event. Ive seen the man in the flesh back in November when he was suspended for steroid use at his alma mater. He looked a flat 6-2 to me. The absolute most you can give him is 6-2 1/2, at most. But I think its incredible you ignore the evidence where it says he was measured at 6-2 at his pro day workout. Couchscout has him at an exact measurement of 6-2.4. Man, If your this stubborn and ignorant to the truth I feel sorry for you.
Leung said on 27/Jun/07
Ben Wallace is 6'7" plus change
Derek said on 27/Jun/07
Ben Wallace said during a Pistons game he's 6'7".
LV said on 27/Jun/07
The height discussion you linked to is hardly conclusive. They're having the same argument that we are having. For every one post where it says he's 6'2" there are hundreds that say he is 6'4". I'm not buying the 6'2.4" listing either because it has Shaun Phillips at 6'3.1" and Shaun Phillips is not taller than Merriman. I agree that Merriman is not a full 6'4", I already said that, but he isn't 6'2" either.
Viper said on 27/Jun/07
"That's not how the NFL works, they want to and need to know players exact heights. You're basing your comments off of a few poor pictures with bad angles."

The NFL is usually accurate but there are a few players off by 1-2 inches. If you also notice on the same sitte that Merriman looks 6-2 1/2 with Ladanian Tomlinson, and 6-2 with 5-6 Darren Sproles. Not to mention the fact that 6-3 Luis Castillo, 6-3 Vernon Davis and 6-3.4 Antonio Gates are taller than him in pictures. Did you even see my picture where the 6-5-6-6 high school athlete literally towers over him? Unfreakingreal that you are this dense. Im just shaking my head. And I already posted links where he was measured at 6-2
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

There is even a height discussion of Merriman here as well. Click Here
Gonzalo said on 27/Jun/07
Wallace looks 2`01-2`02 barefoot.
Jason said on 27/Jun/07
Eclipse says on 25/Jun/07
''What do you guys think of the 6-9 listed height of Ben Wallace? I've heard basketball commentators claim he's as short as 6-6.''

He's 6-7. Probably 6-7 1/4 to be exact.
LV said on 26/Jun/07
Viper, you need to chill and watch the comments. First of all, I never said Shaq was 7'1". I said he was at least a full 7'0" barefoot. You call me ignorant, but can't even read posts correctly.

Why is it that you are the only one who seems to think Merriman is significantly shorter than 6'4"? I searched Yahoo! and Google and there isn't one listing (ZERO) for him at anything other than 6'4". So is everyone else wrong? Show me where he was measured at 6'2". Why would they measure him at 6'2" and then list him at 6'4"? That's not how the NFL works, they want to and need to know players exact heights. You're basing your comments off of a few poor pictures with bad angles. Why don't you repost the picture of him next to Shaun Phillips? Don't bother trying to shrink Phillips to make Merriman appear shorter because I lived in the same dormitory as Shaun Phillips and he is no less than 6'2" barefoot and was noticably shorter than Merriman. Please explain that?
weekly said on 26/Jun/07
Doesn't Guiness make 3 measurings in 24 hours? And takes the average? I think so...
Viper said on 26/Jun/07
Greg Oden makes David Robinson look young in their picture together. Unreal.
hi said on 26/Jun/07
and to those using Garnett as a measuring stick : if you solely uses his affirmation, you're fooling yourself, definitely. Stop being naive.As I said before, Garnett's LISTED size is 6-11, so it certainly means he's 6ft10 or less. He can easily get away with his 6ft11 and a few quarters (notice how precise this is...) comments, because he's rather thin for his size (or at least he was in the beginning of his career). The 2 in difference between Garnett and Shaq would be explained then: around 6 ft10 or less for Garnett,around 7 ft for Shaq.Andy Turner's have quite convinced me though...
hi said on 26/Jun/07
very interesting post, Anonymous :
Anonymous says on 11/Jun/07
2007 Draft player measurements, Greg Oden is 6-11 barefoot, Kevin Durant 6-9.
If you compare those measures to the official one, see here Click Here
then you know how nba measurement works. O'Neal's listed height is 7ft1 in, which means that his real barefoot height must be between 6ft11 3/4 and 7 ft 0 1/4. 7 ft is right on the spot to me
Arjun said on 26/Jun/07
Eclipse, Ben Wallace is about 6'7", I believe. Some have downgraded him all the way down to 6'5", but that is just too low for him IMO.
Arjun said on 25/Jun/07
At least Guinness takes it that way (average height throughout the day). You're right Viper. Yeah, Greg Oden is 65 yrs old and has already shrunk due to "basketball-related trauma to the body" ..... then Ewing is what? 100? lol :)
Eclipse said on 25/Jun/07
What do you guys think of the 6-9 listed height of Ben Wallace? I've heard basketball commentators claim he's as short as 6-6.
Viper said on 25/Jun/07
Arjun, midday height is really your true height. You take your morning measurements and evening measurements and average them out. Guess what Arjun, Greg Oden just magically grew and is now a measured height of 7-1. I have no basis for either of these claims but its automatically right since I just made it up :) Also Greg Oden is really 65 years old.
Arjun said on 25/Jun/07
LV, I never talked about shrinkage. A man who shrunk to 5'9" from 6'0" has a "current height" of 5'9" and a "peak" or "past" height of 6'0". Where does "true height" come into this picture????
LV said on 25/Jun/07
I completely disagree Arjun. Who says the height at the end of the day is the "true height"? Guiness sure doesn't, they take several measurements and use the average height. That's like measuring an 80 year old man that used to be 6'0", but is now 5'9" and saying that his true height is 5'9".
Arjun said on 25/Jun/07
LV, I call my evening height my true height (which is just under 5'8", I do measure 5'8.5" in barefeet but that's right after waking up) and so do most of us on this site, including Editor Rob himself. The morning height is not the true height. I am not downgrading anyone when I say that their real height is shorter than their morning height. IMO, the shortest height anyone is at the end of a normal day is their true height.
Duhon said on 25/Jun/07
and people stop saying shaq has said he's 6'11.5" without any proof. its starting to sounds like an urban legend at this point. either way i expect shaq to have at least as much height over the 6'11" oden as robinson appears to have.

I'm on the fence about shaq being fully 7'1" but i'm postive he's no shorter than 7 foot evident when compared next to olajuwon or ewing, he's posibly 7'.05".
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/07
Nobody has posted a link of Shaq saying he is 6'11 1/2. If Shaq is 7'0 then Hakeem is 6'8-6'9
Arjun said on 24/Jun/07
There is no good evidence that Shaq is over 7'0", 5'11.5" guy. I can show you plenty of photos where he looks 7'0" max. And there is no good evidence that Yao is a full 7'6" either, he could very well be only 7'5" as Viper says.
LV said on 24/Jun/07
No exactly 6'4" Viper. I think Merriman is taller than 6'3" but just under 6'4". I'd say 6'3.5". Who are you to say a morning measurement isn't a true measurement? If he was measured at 6'11.5", that's his height. To be more exact is average height would be more realistic, 6'11.25". My point is that Arjun, always downgrades people whenever he can and then compare them to another person to make that person appear shorter than they really are. Believe me, you to the Andre thread, I'm not the only one with these feelings.
kirk said on 24/Jun/07
lol shaq has said he is only 6foot1. ................ ITS SHAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!! he also said once he could not read!!!!!!! lOOk im a 6 foot 9 basketball player from denver, and i have met all but like 30 players, and shaq is 7'1"
Viper said on 24/Jun/07
So you measured Yao at 7-6 personally? I cant stop laughing right now. Have you even bothered to look at all the evidence Arjun has provided? Talki about being blind.
5'11.5 guy said on 24/Jun/07
Clam down Viper. Yao was re-measured at 7'6 and has been listed as such. Shaq has been consistently 2-3 inches taller than near 6'10ers and 6'11ers. He's 7'1. Get over it.
Viper said on 23/Jun/07
5-11.5 guy, where the hell do you get off on upgrading people saying "they grew" with no official documentation to back it up. Are you for real? Most evidence, plus the fact that Yao was measured at 7-5 puts Yao at 7-5. Not taller. Shaq looks 7-0 tops when you look at all of his picture evidence. And Shaq even says hes 6-11 1/2 for lords sakes. Yet you say, "hes taller", he must be over 7-0 for some strange reason. Its plain as day that Shaq comes out at 7-0 now. Rob has him at 7-0. Arjun says the same thing that everything puts Shaq at 7-0. Could he be 6-11 1/2? Possibly. Probably a better chance hes that height since it comes out of Shaq's mouth.
Viper said on 23/Jun/07
Arjun isnt shrinking anyone. Why go with the 6-11 1/2 morning measurement when his 6-11 measurement was probably during the midday, which would be his true height. Morning measurements are not your true height. Some of of you guys are just ridiculous and try to bring other people down when your wrong. LV, do you still think Shawne Merriman is a ridiculous 6-4? LOL
LV said on 23/Jun/07
Arjun, you'll shrink anybody! Why go with the 6'11" measurement vs the 6'11.5" one? For all we know, the D'Rob/Russell/Ewing was taken at 7am. You'll really showing your "shrinking bias" when you make comments like that. I know if I measured .5" different at different points in the day, I'd call myself the taller of the two heights.
Arjun said on 23/Jun/07
Haha, weekly, you're damn right about Ewing getting fat .... lol. He does really look about the same height as Oden though in that pic, though we can't see what shoes they are wearing. And Robinson has no more than an inch on Oden too ..... Robinson is 7'0" tops, I'd go with Oden's 6'11" measurement over the 6'11.5" measurement, the latter was likely earlier in the day.
Duhon said on 23/Jun/07
You can't deny there was a good deal of talk about yao growing form 7'5" to 7'6". Something that is not often heard when dealing with nba players. the rockets training staff claimed that yao had indeed grown from the time of his pre-draft measurements to season open.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 23/Jun/07
I'd say Oden 6'11 1/2, Shaq 7'1, Ewing 6'10, Russell 6'9 1/2(prime), Robinson 7'0 1/2, Hakeem 6'10, Mutombo, 7'1, Wilt 7'1 1/2, Duncan 6'10, Yao 7'6. Shaq is 7'1...Andrew Bynum was measured 7'0 1/4 barefoot before growing 3/4 of an inch so he is now 7'1 too. Shaq looks too tall to be anything less than 7'0 1/2
Derek said on 22/Jun/07
The Houston Rockets claimed Yao grew 3/4" from late 2002-late 2003.
Viper said on 22/Jun/07
Yao look no taller than 7-5 with all of the evidence Arjun has provided. Even ESPN refers to him as 7-5 sometimes. Yao has not grown since his 7-5 measurement.
weekly said on 22/Jun/07
Can you really see there a full inch between Robinson and Oden? Maybe if Robinson was standing straight. But he is definitely not 7'1. Wow, but Ewing really looks the same height than Oden, he is standing a little closer to camera, but surely doesn't look any lower than 6'10.5. But the guy got pretty damned fat (like freshly retired sportsmen use to).
Arjun said on 22/Jun/07
LV, D-Rob looks only an inch taller than Oden . I'd go with the lower 6'11" measurement for Oden - the 6'11.5" was probably a more morning measurement. So this is more evidence of D-Rob being only 7'0", which is what I've been saying all along.
Arjun said on 22/Jun/07
How do we know for sure Yao grew???? In some pics, yes, he does look around 7'6", but there are many in which he looks only 7'5" as well. Regardless, he's way taller than every other center in the NBA even if he's only 7'5".
Derek said on 21/Jun/07
I also heard that Yao grew. He was measured at 7'5" in 2002, but I think he grew to 7'5 3/4" by late 2003-early 2004. 7'5 3/4" is as close to 7'6" as you're going to get.
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/07
Yao really looks 7'6 now. At his size he could have easily grown like the Rockets claim he did
5'11.5 guy said on 21/Jun/07
No offense Viper, but Yao grew. I know you have some "thing" with downgrading famous individuals. But Shaq isn't any smaller than 7', and probably taller. Yao isn't under 7'5.5.
Arjun said on 21/Jun/07
Exactly Viper. If Yao is 7'5", Shaq really cannot be taller than 7'0" flat, though he could well be exactly that. He comes to Yao's ear top /just above eye level in most photos, which is 5 inches.
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/07
First someone provide a link of Shaq saying he was 6'11 1/2 second of all he could easily be joking.
Viper said on 20/Jun/07
Yao was measured at 7-5. So the 7-5 measurement overrides your opinion of him being taller, no offence 5-11.5 guy.
5'11.5 guy said on 20/Jun/07
Shaq looks 7'1 next to Yao, if Yao is 7'6. Even in Yao is 7'5, which I doubt, Shaq couldn't be lower than a flat seven feet.
Arjun said on 19/Jun/07
Yes Duhon, and Shaq generally comes to the top of Yao's ears in those back to back shots .... and top of head to top of ears (minus hair, of course) is almost exactly 5 inches for Yao, by scaling in Photo editor. 7'5" Yao, 7'0" Shaq.
Though I ain't completely ruling out that 6'11.5" :) but 7'0" seems OK as an average height of all the pics of Shaq we've seen.
Duhon said on 19/Jun/07
Arjun you finally see my point, these side by side group shots are usually very suspect. a player standing even slightly closer to the camera can gain an inch or more in appearance, likewise players relegated to the back (as shaq is in most cases) will sometimes lose height.

I prefer back to back pics, like the one posted before of yao and shaq.
Viper said on 18/Jun/07
Who knows. The 6-11 1/2 could be right as well.
Danimal said on 18/Jun/07
What about Shaq stating that he was 6'11.5" on Howard Stern?
Viper said on 18/Jun/07
I agree Arjun. Shaq comes out at 7-0 taking eveything into account.
Arjun said on 18/Jun/07
Thanks Vegas.
Guys, coming to think of it .... I've come to the conclusion that these All-Star pictures are basically worthless when it comes to estimating height. In one, Duncan looks taller than Dirk and KG, in another KG looks taller than Dirk and Duncan .... and the subtle variations in head size prove this. Duncan has discreetly moved in front for that All-Star 2007 Western Conference pic. Ultimately, I would have to put Shaq at 7'0" on the dot.
Vegas said on 18/Jun/07
i agree 100% with your assessment Arjun. A sub 7ft Shaq based on all the recent evidence is hard to see (although in the past i did think 6'11.5 was possible). But 6'10?? no way
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/07
Something is strange about that picture...Rip hamilton is way taller than 6'5 1/4 Caron Butler. If Shaq is 7'0 then Duncan and Hakeem are only 6'9
Arjun said on 18/Jun/07
Thanks LV. I still think it's only about 2 inches - 2.5 tops, but I'm leaning towards just 2. 7'0" on the dot looks OK for Shaq. 6'11" ? Doubt it, but not completely out of the question . 6'10" is too low though and out of the question IMO.
LV said on 17/Jun/07
I agree with you on this one Arjun, I think Shaq is no shorter than 7'0" barefoot. I'm just not buying the fact that many are trying to put him at 6'11" barefoot. I wouldn't put too much stock in one picture with Dwight Howard either. The difference is more like 2.5"-3" (6'9.5" for Howard and 7'0" for O'Neal). Here is the picture I'm referring to (Click Here). Also, Howard is slightly in front of both O'Neals.
Andy Turner said on 17/Jun/07
So 6'11.5 as stated so many times at last does look very feasible
Arjun said on 17/Jun/07
Duhon, that pic of Kobe and Shaq was a very good one, both side by side, both standing straight enough with hands on their waists. Shaq seriously looks to be only 7 inches taller than Kobe there .... fits in with their billed heights of 6'6" and 7'1". Kobe is not a legit 6'6" .... that has been proven. Most people who have met him say he's max 6'5". Now one site has him at 6'4" .... if Kobe is really only 6'4", what does that make Shaq? My point is: If Kobe is'nt 6'6" (which he is'nt) Shaq is'nt 7'1", as there is only 7 inches between the two.
Compare Shaq to Dwight Howard (billed 6'11") in the recent All-Star 2007 pic.
Even LV, who is part of the 7'+ - 7'1" Shaq camp, thinks that Howard is well under 6'11" - he has said "Howard is lucky if he's 6'9 1/2". Why then, does Shaq look only 2 inches taller than him in that pic?
Whatever Shaq's true height is, you have to admit that he appears shorter than 7'1" in many pics, not just one. I think the likely explanation is that his footwear varies by upto an inch. The days he wears his thinner soled shoes - he looks just over average height (for an NBA center).
I think 7'0" barefoot is where Shaq should be left, as an "average" of all the heights he appears in photos.
Arjun said on 17/Jun/07
Viper, if that 6'11" measurement was relatively late in the day, then Shaq will likely have just an inch on Oden. If it was in the morning, then Shaq could look more than an inch taller..... Then again, the pics won't be barefoot ones of course, and as we've discussed before, his (Shaq's) shoes are sometimes suspect ...
Arjun said on 17/Jun/07
6'11" at one measurement and 6'11 1/2" at the other? If it's true, there's a simple explanation - the higher measurement was in the morning.
Arjun said on 17/Jun/07
LV says "I can't wait to see O'Neal next to Oden, then everyone who thinks O'Neal is 6'11" barefoot will look foolish. I suspect O'Neal will be 1"+ taller."

Unless Shaq shrunk as the commentators say ... lol.
Duhon said on 16/Jun/07
Draft measurements are usually a helpful tool in comparisons. i've been saying for a while shaq has looked taller than legit 6'11" measured players such as andrew bogut.
Duhon said on 16/Jun/07
Arjun everybody has their own biases when it comes to perspectives. i wish more people would post those potoshopped ruler pics comaporin
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/07
Oden also measured 6'11 1/2 at another workout. Shaq is clearly 7'1...he towers over Hakeem and Duncan both 6'10.
Viper said on 15/Jun/07
I dont think anybody is going to be downgrading Shaq's height if we can get a clear crystal picture of him with Oden.
Arjun said on 15/Jun/07
Kobe Bryant is 6'5" max (Many people who have met him say he's closer to 6'4.5", one site has him at just 6'4") and Shaq looks only 9% taller than him (7 inches). Shaq is 7'0" max.
Gonzalo said on 14/Jun/07
O´Neal looks clearly taller than Oden, who from TV didn´t look like a seven footer. 6`11 barefoot for Oden sounds realistic.
But if O´Neal looks more than an inch taller than Oden the `downgradators group´will say that Oden is 6`10. We know how this thing works.
LV said on 13/Jun/07
I can't wait to see O'Neal next to Oden, then everyone who thinks O'Neal is 6'11" barefoot will look foolish. I suspect O'Neal will be 1"+ taller.
Ozzy said on 12/Jun/07
Channing Frye: 6'9.5 w/o, 6'10.5 w... 6'11 listing, if Ewing is, say, 6'9.75, and his shoes gave him 1.5" a 7 foot listing by the nba is not far fetched... also, 6'10 listed players like Al Horford and Brandan Wright measured at 6'8.75 w/o shoes. So, Zo might be that hight to, between 6'8.5 and 6'9 somewhere. Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
2007 Draft player measurements, Greg Oden is 6-11 barefoot, Kevin Durant 6-9.

Click Here
Viper said on 2/Jun/07
Or Thompson is shorter than that height.
LV said on 2/Jun/07
Nice pics weekly but Ewing was leaning in the first two. In the last one, he's standing tall and is easily taller than the 6'9"-6'10" Thompson
BigBen said on 1/Jun/07
7'0 barefoot sounds right for Big Shaq. maybe 7'0.5 (215cm) to 7'1 in the morning.
I'm 6'4.5 (194cm) in the middle of the day, but i'm almost 6'5 (195,5cm) in the morning.
Duhon said on 1/Jun/07
Ewing looks 6'10"-6'11" in those pics next to the 6'9"-6'10" thompson.
weekly said on 1/Jun/07
Ewing vs. Thompson
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
mike m said on 30/May/07
Ewing looks 7'0" in that pic.shaq does look 3 inches taller than akeem.
LV said on 29/May/07
There's no way Ewing is anywhere near 6'9" (Click Here). John Thompson was 6'10" in his prime and I'm sure 6'9" even in his old age in that picture with Ewing.
Alex said on 24/May/07
When you say strong with your height you're above that height normally. Like a strong 6'2 would be 6'2 and change most of the day while a weak 6'2 would be someone who is 6'2 out of bed and 6'1 and change throughout the day.
Duhon said on 23/May/07
Well in any case ewing is still closer to 6'10 than 6'9" flat. Maybe for those of you not so familiar with slang "bad" actually means good in this situation. Ewing may have shrunken a very little bit since he retired so he's possibly under 6'10" now. Still back on track to shaquille, he is a good measuring stick when comparing illegit 7 footers like ewing or hakeem with a more legitimate one. He always appered taller than the 1 inch height advantage he was given in listings towards them.
Anonymous said on 22/May/07
Hakeem is 6'10. databasebasketball backs that up. That also shows Shaq is easily 7'1 considering he has atleast 3 inches on Hakeem. Ewing I honestly don't know because Zo was measured at 6'9 during the 2000 olympics.

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