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7ft 1.02in (216cm)
LV said on 29/May/07
There's no way Ewing is anywhere near 6'9" (Click Here). John Thompson was 6'10" in his prime and I'm sure 6'9" even in his old age in that picture with Ewing.
Alex said on 24/May/07
When you say strong with your height you're above that height normally. Like a strong 6'2 would be 6'2 and change most of the day while a weak 6'2 would be someone who is 6'2 out of bed and 6'1 and change throughout the day.
Duhon said on 23/May/07
Well in any case ewing is still closer to 6'10 than 6'9" flat. Maybe for those of you not so familiar with slang "bad" actually means good in this situation. Ewing may have shrunken a very little bit since he retired so he's possibly under 6'10" now. Still back on track to shaquille, he is a good measuring stick when comparing illegit 7 footers like ewing or hakeem with a more legitimate one. He always appered taller than the 1 inch height advantage he was given in listings towards them.
Anonymous said on 22/May/07
Hakeem is 6'10. databasebasketball backs that up. That also shows Shaq is easily 7'1 considering he has atleast 3 inches on Hakeem. Ewing I honestly don't know because Zo was measured at 6'9 during the 2000 olympics.
weekly said on 22/May/07
Now we have a special situation here. Finally we have a man (not 18-years-old big-mouthed teenager) confessing himself he is a "bad" 6-9, admitting just another guy's statement. And still there are people who "don’t see Ewing being anything less than 6’11”".
Ewing used to wear his own shoes mark, didn't he? Maybe that could be the answer.
Arjun said on 22/May/07
I agree Viper - Yao is a solid 7'5" but no more, and has likely been so since he entered the NBA. He looks it compared to Duncan , KG, Shaq etc.
stephan said on 22/May/07
shaq is 6'11.5" barefoot without huge soled shoes.
Leung said on 21/May/07
Ewing would physically match up well against other 7 footers in the NBA. A 6’9” player would have been an obvious mismatch against the likes of David Robinson, Mutombo, Shaq, Rick Smits etc
Realistically I don’t see Ewing being anything less than 6’11”.
Anonymous said on 21/May/07
Read about Yao's height here

Click Here

I agree about Ewing being 6'9 3/4(a strong 6'9)
weekly said on 21/May/07
Maybe Ewing wasn't inflated by 3 inches, it could be possibly like his barefoot height 6'9 3/4, with shoes 6'11 3/4 and NBA made it 7'0.
Viper said on 21/May/07
Yao was measured at a flat 7-5, not 7-5 1/2. And no, it doesnt look like hes grown at all. Rob has him at 7-5 as well.
Anonymous said on 20/May/07
Shaq is taller than the Admiral. I'll give Yao a legit 7'6 now.

Shaq is a legit 7'1, Robinson 7'0-7'0.5, Ewing 6'10, Hakeem, 6'10, Mourning 6'9, Mutombo 7'1, Duncan 6'10, KG 6'11 1/4, Dirk 6'10, Gasol 7'0.

I am convinced now that Yao is 7'6...he WAS 7'5 1/2 but I believe the story that he grew. Mutombo and Shaq are clearly 5 inches shorter than more no less.
Leung said on 20/May/07
Just like Duhon explained, it is absurd the idea of a 6’9” running around in the NBA for over 15 years masquerading as a 7 footer. If you guys reckon that Ewing was 6’9” then that would put Hakeem at 6’8”, Mourning at 6’7” and Jordan down at 6’3”. Is this being realistic? I don’t think so.
Arjun said on 20/May/07
If Mutombo is 7'2" then Yao is way taller than 7'5", more like 7'7". Anonymous, why did you downgrade only Yao and Ewing while upgrading all the others?
Alex said on 19/May/07
Shaq 7'0
Robinson 7'0
Duncan 6'10
Ewing was listed at 7'0 right so I doubt he would be under 6'10 unless it was one of those few bigger inflations.
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
Ewing 6'9 3/4, Hakeem 6'10, Duncan 6'10, Shaq 7'1, Yao 7'5 1/2, Mutombo 7'1, David Robinson 7'0, Alonzo Mourning 6'9
Derek said on 19/May/07
Viper- It's possible, though I'm not sure how likely that is. Ewing is only 45, so he would have to have serious back problems.
lillo thomas said on 19/May/07
if erwing is only 6'9 like he supposely said then is no way in hell that shaq is 7'1 . he never look 4 inches taller that erwing. In most pics the difference is about 2 inches.
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
Shaq=7'1" Mutumbo=7'2" Ewing=6'9" Yao=7'5" Garnett=6'11.5" Duncan=6'11"
Arjun said on 19/May/07
Viper, Mutombo is not much over 7'0" himself :)
Arjun said on 19/May/07
Some dude on this page once claimed that Shaq was as "short" as 6'10". Now that is just too low , no matter how big his soles may be :)
Viper said on 18/May/07
MUTOMBO: [Sipping a virgin strawberry daiquiri] I like your restaurant, Yao. It's made for 7-footers and guys like Patrick Ewing, who is really 6'9". [Ewing has always been listed as 7 feet.]
EWING: Hey, I may be 6'9", but I'm a bad 6'9". And what about you? When I first met you, you told me you were from Zaire.

Damn, even Mutombo knows it. Maybe Ewing was inflated by 3 inches.
lillo thomas said on 18/May/07
i think that erwing is 6'10 barefoot with shoes 6'11.5 and with round up 7 feet ( his nba listing).
3 inch inflation is too big even in nba. most players are 1-1.5 inch inflated and 2 inches max.
Viper said on 18/May/07
Derek, maybe Ewing shrunk half an inch?
Arjun said on 18/May/07
Duhon, D-Rob is just not 7'1". He may not be quite as low as 6'11", but he is not 7'1" barefoot. Else we have to upgrade a lot of people, some to ridiculous levels (I consider upgrading Yao to 7'7" to be a ridiculous upgrade, for instance)
Viper said on 17/May/07
I beleive Ewing is very close to 6-10 or just on it. 6-9 1/2 - 6-9 3/4 coincides with his strong 6-9 admission.
Viper said on 17/May/07
Duncan was listed at 6-10 in college. Pretty much set in stone for me.
Derek said on 17/May/07
My dad met Ewing in the early 90s and he said 6'10", but a 6'9" guy can easily get away with it. I know the NBA is known for fudging heights, but not 3 inches. I personally think Ewing is 6'10", Mourning is 6'8", Dream at 6'10"(him and Ewing were around the same height).
Anonymous said on 17/May/07
Mourning is 6'9..that is what he measured during the 2000 Olympics. I'll give Ewing 6'9 1/2-6'9 3/4(a strong 6'9)

Robinson is about 7 feet because he is about an inch taller than 6'11 1/4 KG

Click Here

I'll say Shaq 7'1, Robinson 7'0, Ewing 6'9 3/4, Mourning 6'9, Mutombo 7'1, Duncan 6'10 1/2
weekly said on 17/May/07
Ewing said himself he's a "bad" 6-9, e.g. Click Here
That picture with Mourning, Mutombo and Ewing isn't very proper, Ewing is in advantage evidently, btw. he and Mutombo are trying to straighten up while Zo is standing in "cool" posture.
Duhon said on 17/May/07
The fact that some of you are now saying david robinson is 6'11.5" is showing the great lengths some of you will go to demote anybody over 7 feet. i swear if yao ming was a couple inches shorter there'd be people going he's really 6'11 3/4.

Arjun, to say navy height listing are as valid or invalid as those of guiness world records ukraine is somewhat comical. Tim Duncan is a legitimate debate as to what his heigth is, i don't believe its set in stone that he's 6'10". You also agrred with my point that the closer you are to the camera the taller you look. shaquille in almost every group photo is always standing the furthest back. as for garnett there have been enought pictures posted below here and on his page to see that he is 6'11".
Viper said on 17/May/07
Ewing says hes a strong 6-9. Hakeem is 6-10.
Duhon said on 17/May/07
How tall do you think guys like hakeem and ewing are then? according to some of you patrick ewing would have to be 6'8"-6'9" max in this photo. regardless of shoe heights no nba player can get away with saying there 4 inches taller. Anyone who's seen pre-draft measurements from the last decade knows shoes add a max 2 inches with an average of 1.5-1 inches. i know hakeem olajuwon in one of his books stated he was 6'10 3/4 in reality, i think that is likely what ewing is close to.
Viper said on 17/May/07
I may be imagining this but I swear I saw a 6-11 listing for David Robinson back in the day. It was either a card or video game.
Alex said on 17/May/07
Duncan is 6'10 and Robinson 7'0.
Shaq just gives the impression of a guy over 7'0. The guy could go and say he's 7'2 or more and could get away with it. I think he's 7'0 though.
Arjun said on 17/May/07
Viper, he (Robinson) only looks 6'11" and change with Duncan in those trophy pics.
Arjun said on 17/May/07
Viper, he (D-Rob) only looks 6'11.5"ish with Duncan in those trophy pics.
Viper said on 17/May/07
David Robinson has never looked 7-1.
Arjun said on 17/May/07
Anonymous, you have posted that pic of Shaq and Duncan holding the trophy many, many times. There is no way Shaq actually has that much height on Duncan.
Arjun said on 17/May/07
Duhon said:-
"Back to LV's point, i'm not a big fan of the side by side group shots. whoever stands closer to the camera automatically appears taller often by a good deal. the taller individual will often be told to stay behind the shoulders of the other's, creating the sense they are shorter then they really are. Back to back poses are the best in comparing height."
by your own logic Duhon, KG is standing behind Shaq and still appears only an inch shorter. Why should'nt he "appear a good deal taller" by moving in front?
Arjun said on 17/May/07
Anonymous, you once stated that Yao was only 7'5" and Shaq was "at least 7'1",when there is clearly more than 4 inches between them in every decent pic. I remember you saying "If Yao is 7'6" then Shaq is 7'2" - 7'3" "
Arjun said on 17/May/07
LV, I never said I was a height expert. I simply state my opinion like any of you, and provide analysis of pictures to show how I arrive at my estimates. Documentation and hearsay are not proof of height. Yes, Shaq's 6'11.5" is also hearsay, but here is a pretty good pic of him looking it. It's not the only pic where he looks 6'11.5"ish BTW - he has also looked 6'11.5" compared to Hogan in 1994, and compared to 6'2" Triple H in another pic. Now you cannot trash those pics just because these are wrestlers who may be wearing lifts. Any boots or lifts they wear will be negated by Shaq's big basketball shoes or other similarly chunky footwear. Dwight Howard is 6'9.5" max in his bare feet, and Shaq looks only 2 inches taller than him in the recent All-Star pic as well.
"Garnett recently stated that he's over 6'11" barefoot". Now do we have to upgrade KG as well to make Shaq 7'1"???. If you cannot believe Shaq stating that he's 6'11.5", why believe KG (or anyone else for that matter) stating that they are any height? D-Rob has "never looked anything less than 7'1", why not upgrade him to 7'1.5" or 7'2" as well? He sure does'nt look 7'1" with Duncan.
"They (KG and Shaq) are further apart in that picture and may not be in exactly the same plane" Exactly, KG is standing behind Shaq. Shaq is behind TD, but he is no more behind Duncan, than he is ahead of KG.
Arjun said on 17/May/07
Duhon, Duncan is standing in front of Yao in the all-Star photo I posted. I don't think Yao is 7'4", I believe he is 7'5".
If TD is 6'10" - Robinson is not 7'1". There is nowhere near 3 inches between the two in your pics, more like 1.5 inches. There are articles all over the place "documenting" Rodman's late growth spurt from 5'11" (or was it 6'0", or was it 5'9"????) to 6'8". Most will agree that Rodman is not more than 6'7" barefoot. D-Rob is 7'0" max. The Navy "documenting" his height is'nt proof, Leonid Stadnyk has also been "documented" by the Ukrainian Branch of World Records to be " 8 feet 4 inches tall". Documentation is just hearsay, except in a few cases, like the case of the real Guinness Book tallest man record, which Xi Shun currently holds.
Anonymous said on 16/May/07
Also if you don't think 6'10 guys have big shoes too than you are even dumber than I thought.
Anonymous said on 16/May/07
Actually people are just saying Shaq said he was 6'11 1/2 when I actually posted Shaq at 17 saying he was already 7 feet. This picture proves Shaq has 2.5-3 inches on Duncan

Click Here

Also Yao is likely 7'5 1/2-7'6 and he has 5 inches on Shaq.

Shaq towering over Lebron by 6-7 inches and Lebron is atleast 6'7 1/4(He might have grown)

Click Here

Shaq easily has 3 inches on 6'10 Hakeem

Click Here

How do you explain that other than Shaq being 7'0 1/2- 7'1 barefoot?
Duhon said on 16/May/07
and i don't want to call you out, but you have somewhat contradicted yourself on the duncan height issue. In an earlier post you clearly stated you believed duncan to be 6 inches shorter than yao. If duncan is only 6'10 as you feel, than that makes yao 7'4" which is incorrect since he was measured as nothing below 7'5".
Duhon said on 16/May/07
Arjun, you are being very picky and choosy with what pics you take as the gold standard for measuring shaq's height. there are arguably many more pics of shaq looking taller than both td and garnett than the one you have chosen. you seem to be discarding alot of pictures in favor of that one. on the andre page i agree with your assertation that there are many more andre pics of him looking under 7 feet than over, with shaq it is the opposite.

You have also jumped over the dikembe question again, shoulder to shoulder right next to ewing both shaq and dikembe look essentially the same height. As well why do you see 6 inchs between shaq and yao but not i belive only 4 inches between mutumbo and yao? when next to yao they both again, look practically the same heigt?

Robinson was 7'1 coming out of the navy, i have not heard of the navy exagerating its solidiers heights regardless if they play for a sport. His growth spurt from a 6'7" freshmen in the navy to a 7'1" senior was very documented.
LV said on 16/May/07
First of all Arjun, just because you make more posts on here than just about anyone else doesn't mean you are a height expert. Second, I don't think Shaq is a full 7'1" barefoot, but over 7'0" and less than 7'1". Duhon and I are in agreement in our opinions and he made some great points in his last post. What's you point about Garnett? He recently stated that he's over 6'11" barefoot. Making him 7'0" in shoes or roughly an inch shorter than Shaq. Not to mention the fact they are further apart in the picture and may not be in exactly the same plane. Anyone proof on any of what your claiming other than opinions? David Robinson's height is well documented due to his massive growth spurt while in the Navy and he's never looked anything less than 7'1".
Viper said on 16/May/07
Im surprised some of you guys dont beleive Shaq's 6-11 1/2 height out of his own mouth. He wouldnt downgrade himself with an exact measurement like that. We have evidence to back that up. If this was an actor I gurantee more of you guys would beleive their own stated height compared to their inflated billed height, but why not Shaq?
Viper said on 16/May/07
That article is farfeteched. It says the NBA exagerrates by 4 inches on some guys? Also Larry Johnson is 6-5, not barely 6-3.
Arjun said on 16/May/07
LV, the line you drew just proves my point. There is only an inch difference between Shaq and KG, who is standing behind him. If Shaq gains height by stepping forward to line up with TD - KG gains height by stepping forward to line up with Shaq too.
Arjun said on 16/May/07
LV, aha , I see you are upgrading TD to 6'11"!!! Anything to make Shaq 7'1", huh ;) D-Rob is not a legit 7'1" IMO, TD looks maybe 1.5 inches shorter than him in Duhon's pics, D-Rob is more like 7'0" max, perhaps 6'11.5".
Let's analyse once again. KG is a maximum of an inch taller than Duncan in reality, and he looks the same height in my pic. That means TD is gaining no more than an inch from standing closer. Since Shaq is closer to the camera than KG, TD is gaining even less than an inch from being closer - more like 1/2" max. Sorry, even accounting for Shaq being a step behind, there is just no way that there is any more than 1.5" difference in that pic, so Shaq is 6'11.5" when he does not wear his big shoes. He indeed looks 2 inches or more taller than Duncan in many pics, but that is with his big-soled shoes. Him being just one step behind cannot explain why he is so much shorter next to Duncan here than in the other pics. None of the men are slouching either.
Arjun said on 16/May/07
Duhon, if Dikembe is really 7'2", then Yao is 7'7" , and I am not buying that. Dikembe is 7'1" max, if not a little less.
Shaq looks 3/4" - 1" max taller than TD in the pic I posted, and I don't see him gaining anywhere near 2.5" or 3" on Duncan no matter which way you look at it. OK, Shaq is a step behind TD - Shaq is certainly no more behind TD than KG is behind him (Shaq). Shaq looks so "short" compared to TD here than in his other photos that even that one step ahead will give him no more than 1/2" max. Shaq looks only 6'11" compared to 6'10" TD, add that 1/2" to take him to
6'11.5". Do you honestly think that he will gain two inches by taking one step ahead? Then KG, who looks only 1" shorter than Shaq even though he is one step behind him, should be 1" taller than Shaq if he gains two inches from that one step!!!! If Shaq looks taller by stepping ahead, so does KG, because he is behind Shaq - the foot position proves it. Shaq is 6'11.5" barefoot (though he can give a 7'+ impression with his gigantic soles), TD is a solid 6'10", and KG is 6'11" max, but more likely a hair under.
Anonymous said on 16/May/07
Duhon has common sense...Shaq is 7'1. LOL why would he be on his tiptoes next to Hakeem and Duncan anyway? He is no doubt taller
Duhon said on 16/May/07
Back to LV's point, i'm not a big fan of the side by side group shots. whoever stands closer to the camera automatically appears taller often by a good deal. the taller individual will often be told to stay behind the shoulders of the other's, creating the sense they are shorter then they really are. Back to back poses are the best in comparing height.
LV said on 15/May/07
Arjun, you always seem to see and believe what you want. Shaq and Garnett are both standing behind Duncan, Yao, and Dirk. It's obvious, look at how they are both shadowed differently than the others. Regardless, he's taller than all of them even being slightly behind (Click Here). He'd be even taller than Duncan if he were right next to him. I've always thought Duncan looked closer to 6'11" anyway when compared to David Robinson.
Anonymous said on 15/May/07
WTF...why would Shaq be on his tiptoes? You just make up stupid excuses when you realize your wrong! LOL it is funny how much you guys are in denial...I find Shaq looking 3 inches taller than Duncan in a close up picture so he has to be on his tiptoes? lol wtf. Alright so Duncan doesn't have huge shoes too? The man is 6'10! Shaq is 7'0 1/2-7'1 that is pretty damn obvious
Arjun said on 15/May/07
2.5 inches max in your 3rd pic. And since Shaq has nowhere near 2.5 inches on TD in the pic I posted, I can only conclude that he wears massive shoes on the court. If he can look that "short" next to a 6'10" guy like TD at any time, there is a high probability that he is nothing over 7'0" and likely a little under.
Arjun said on 15/May/07
Anonymous, in your first pic, Shaq is surely on his tiptoes. The second one is no good. In the third one, Shaq looks more like 2 inches taller - but well, that is with his huge shoes.
Arjun said on 15/May/07
And once again, Mutombo is not a legit 7'2". 7'1" max barefoot.
Arjun said on 15/May/07
Anonymous, Shaq 6'11.5" would not make Duncan anywhere near 6'8 1/2". He has max an inch on Duncan, who is right next to him in that pic. I don't see Shaq having anywhere near 3 inches on Duncan in that pic, no matter which way you look at it. If he has even 2 inches on Duncan, then his forehead is 9"+ long.
None of them are slouching.Unless TD is on his tiptoes ......
KG is further from the camera than Shaq is (compare their feet) and still looks max an inch shorter. Shaq is just not 7'1" barefoot - more like 7'0" max. He easily hits 7'1" or more in his big-soled shoes though. When a person looks shorter in a pic, and they are not standing further from the camera or slouching, it's very likely that they simply wore thinner soles for that pic. Same for Shaq.
Arjun said on 15/May/07
Shaq is slightly in front of KG, that's for sure. And compare KG and Shaq both to Yao's ears. KG comes max an inch lower on Yao's ear than Shaq, if that, and that is with standing slightly behind.
Arjun said on 15/May/07
LV,there is no way Shaq is standing behind any of the others - you can see one of his feet and one of KG's, to me it actually looks as though his foot is slightly ahead of KG's.
Arjun said on 15/May/07
No, LV, he is not standing significantly, if at all behind them - check out one of his feet, they are not visibly behind KG's. There is no way that he would have even close to 3 inches on Duncan. There is max an inch difference between him and Duncan. That difference is not increasing to 2+ inches whichever way the camera tilts. Shaq is no 7'1" barefoot, that's for sure - maybe 7'0" barefoot, but that's the maximum.
He looks only 2 inches taller than " 6'11" " Dwight Howard who is closer to 6'9" barefoot, in an All-Star 2007 pic as well. The reason his height fluctuates is very likely his dubious shoes. There is no other way he could sometimes look 2+ inches taller than Duncan, and at other times barely an inch taller. He is surely on his tiptoes on the pic where he has 3+ inches on Duncan.
Arjun said on 15/May/07
Correct Viper. He has to be on his tiptoes in the pics with Duncan where he looks 3 or more inches taller than him. I see no more than an inch in this pic between him and Duncan. Where did those 2+ inches disappear? He does'nt exactly tower over KG either. A maximum of an inch there too. And Yao seems to tower him more than usual - I see a difference greater than 5 inches in this pic.
LV said on 14/May/07
Nice try Arjun. I hardly call that proof. Shaq is standing behind both Yao and Duncan making him look shorter than usual. One picture, wow. Still 7'+ barefoot. He's much taller than all 6'11" guys he's pictured with and is a little taller than legit 7 footers.
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
LOL there is no proof at all. Shaq was 7'0 when he was 17 and he is 7'1 now. I posted Shaq saying he was 7'0 when he was 17...what more do you need?

Shaq with 6'10 Tim Duncan

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Also the reason Shaq has 2 inches on 6'11 1/4 KG is because he is 7'1 and the reason he has 6 inches on 6'7 1/4 Lebron is because he's 7' some people are in denial. So if Shaq is 6'11 1/2 what does that make Duncan? 6'8 1/2 and than is Ilguaskas is 7'0-7'0 1/2? Is Mutombo 6'11 1/2 too? You see it doesn't make sense

Here is Shaq with Ilguaskas around 7'2

Click Here

Also there is the same difference between mutombo and Yao as there is between Shaq and Yao

Click Here

We HAVE proof Shaq is taller than 6'11 1/2
Viper said on 14/May/07
It all make sense to me. We HAVE proof that Shaq looks 6-11.5. The guy DOES wear bigger sole shoes to look talller.
Arjun said on 14/May/07
Thanks someone. I think Shaq is not over 7'0", but not under 6'11.5".
someone said on 14/May/07
in Arjun's pic.I think shaq forgot to wear his huge-soled shoes.That's maybe Shaq's true height.(6'11.5" barefoot).
someone said on 14/May/07
You're awesome...Arjun.
198andstillgrowing said on 14/May/07
I'm gonna give Shaq 214 cm or 7 foot and a half inch. I don't think Shaq is below 7 foot. He might be 7 foot on the dot though. DOn't think his lower than that.
Gonzalo said on 14/May/07
It´s funny what happens about Shaq. We see a pic of him next to, let´s say Kevin Garnett, and we see Shaq has two inches on him. Then the answer from those against Shaq is always the same: no, Garnett is 6`10. If Shaq has six or seven inches on LeBron those guys would say "no, LeBron is 6`5". And so on. It is getting kind of boring
Arjun said on 14/May/07
Click Here

AHHHH! Finally good old Shaq looking short (relative to his fellow tall NBAers, of course!)
Duncan is right next to him, and he looks barely an inch (an inch at best) taller than him. KG is on the other side of Yao, and he too looks only a 1/2" shorter than Shaq. And Yao looks damn near 6 inches taller than Shaq here . Whatever may be Shaq's true height, he sure is'nt looking 7'1" here. 7'0" tops. 6'11.5" looks pretty believable in this pic. Maybe he forgot to wear his huge-soled shoes for this pic, so he's looking shorter. There is no way he has any more than an inch on Duncan in this pic, and no way that Yao has any less than 5 1/2 inches on him.
Arjun said on 14/May/07
Duhon, I'm not saying Yao is 6 inches taller than Shaq, I'm just saying that it could appear nearly that much in that pic. Yao does have a big head, especially forehead, you can see that compared to Shaq's. Yao has the limbs of a very low-range 7 footer. A large amount of his height comes from his long torso, neck and head.
I believe the true difference between these two men is about 5 inches. But I don't think Yao is taller than 7'5" barefoot.
Anonymous said on 13/May/07
Well Andy turner you started by saying I don't have a clue after i posted many links. Shaq was 17 in 1989 and I think he is 7'1 today. I have provided more than enough links. Are you going to tell me you only see 4 1/4 inches between Shaq and Lebron? Shaq is about 6 inches taller.
Duhon said on 13/May/07
Arjun, i think we should get some outside persepectives on the yao-shaq back to back pics you see 6 inches, i do not believe it is that much. i've stood next to people who were 6 inches taller than me and i felt the difference was much greater than what shaq is experiencing with yao.
Duhon said on 13/May/07
Its funny the people supporting that shaq is above 7 feet have provided so much evidence yet those against are providing very little. Have you all seen how the alleged 7 footers ,patrick ewing and hakeem olajuwon look next to a legit 7 footer like shaq? they all appear much smaller.

Andy, i know you're not a fan of bringing up garnett but he is a legit measuring tool. It would be hard to debate that he is not 6'11" and in every picture he is with shaquille he appears shorter. Unless you have measured shaq yourself i'm not sure you have that much mroe claim than anyone else here. 95% of this site is based on picture comparison's.
weekly said on 13/May/07
I think it's naive to believe what 17/18-year-old Shaq is saying on that video. It was just a teenage with so many spectators starring at him, on air at the same time, he wanted to make himself bigger than he really was. I reckon it's a typical reaction of an eighteen.
someone said on 13/May/07
In movies "steel" shaq is exactly 6'11.5". everbody will see.
someone said on 13/May/07
I couldn't agree more with andy turner and mask. Shaquille o'neal is 6'11.5" barefoot.
mask said on 13/May/07
I agree with you Andy Turner about respecting others' opinion and let me tell you that I believe what you said because Shaq could very well be 6'11.5"
Arjun said on 13/May/07
Duhon, Yao's forehead is massive, I am pretty sure there is around a 6 inch gap between his eyes and the top of his head even without his hair. Look at the size of his forehead compared to Shaq's, you can easily tell that it's longer than Shaq's even w/o the hair. Yao is proportioned differently compared to traditional giants. His arms and legs are no longer than Shaq's (look at their waist heights) but he has a long torso, long neck and big head. His limbs, hands and feet are those of a mere 7-footer - 5 - 6 inches shorter. A lot of his height comes from his torso, neck and head as you can clearly see with Shaq.
His shoulder to top of head is MUCH longer than Shaq's, even his shoulders are only about 2 inches higher.
Arjun said on 13/May/07
Duhon, Yao has a habit of tilting his head slightly downwards, so his eyebrows and eye level look lower than with a neutral head position. Compare to his ears, in the first pic, Shaq does look as though he will be at least a half inch under the top of Yao's ears. Now with Yao's huge head, I am pretty sure that the top of his head to the top of his ears is about 5 inches ( it is 4 - 4.5 inches for most guys, about 4.25 inches in my case) so I do see close to 6 inches there.
Arjun said on 13/May/07
Anonymous does have a point there. I've seen that video before of the 17 year old Shaq claiming he's "7 foot even" when told "You're not six-eleven, are you?"
Arjun said on 13/May/07
Mutombo is'nt a legit 7'2". If he's 7'2" then Yao is the dreaded " 7'7" ".
I would say he's 7'1" at best.
Anonymous said on 12/May/07
LOL just because I actually back up Shaq being atleast 7 feet with links...including Shaq saying it when he was 17-18 years old himself! Shaq is atleast 7 feet and probably the 7'1 he is listed.
Gonzalo said on 12/May/07
Shaq is never ever under 7 feet tall.
Andy Turner said on 12/May/07
This "annonymous" person who has submitted some comments in the last few days is making me very annoyed indeed. He hasn't got a clue how tall Shaq is and is just going by photos and Kevin Garnett. For the last time whether this total idiot believes me or not I know the truth and to hell with the rest of them insignificant people who still maintain he's 7' 1. I just wish we could measure him in full view of you all just to shut you all up forever
someone said on 12/May/07
sorry "and not stand very straight up in any time that he stand with other players."
I have wrong typing in below comment.
someone said on 12/May/07
I said "if shaq wear a common shoes soles not wear only big shoes soles like now"
and stand very straight up in any time he stand with other players...shaq try to make us look him very know?
shaq was exactly 6'11.5"
Duhon said on 12/May/07
As for how shaq looks with wrestler you should know from what has been said on the andre page pro-wrestlers will take any measure to look taller when they know they will be photographed with someone very tall.
Monroe said on 11/May/07
And what evidence is that lyndon? i haven't seen anything here other than some guys testimony. and someone, i have never seen a photo where shaq looks shorter than garnett.
Arjun said on 11/May/07
For some reason, Shaq looks shorter in photos with certain wrestlers (Triple H, Hulk Hogan etc.) than he does on the court. He looks like he's barely scraping 7'0" when compared with 6'2" Triple H and (then) 6'5" max Hogan.
Anonymous said on 11/May/07
And to prove even more that Shaq isn't 6'11 1/2 here he is when he was 17-18 years old saying he was already 7 feet

Click Here

I back up my points with links...he also easily could have grown to 7'1 which is what he seems to be now.
Anonymous said on 11/May/07
LOL to all you clueless people who say 6'11 1/2 look at him with 6'11 1/4 Kevin Garnett

Click Here

Click Here

In case you haven't noticed it's not Shaq saying he's 6'11 1/2 it's "someone" saying Shaq said he was 6'11 1/2
Anonymous said on 11/May/07
Give me a link to Shaq saying he's 6'11 1/2...exactly! He is 7'1
someone said on 11/May/07
any time that shaq take a photo with yao ming. shaq try to straight up body(very very very very very very straight up) for make us look him not much shorter than yao ming. I believe(really believe) if shaq wear a common basketball shoes(means a common basketball shoes soles) and common stand(not much straight up). he is 6ft 11.5 barefoot. sometimes shorter than garnett on the court....I confirm.
someone said on 11/May/07
I believe that if kevin garnett wear big(tall) shoes soles and stand very straight up like shaq.both are same height.(sometimes garnett may be taller)

ps. shaq try anyway for extend his height to make us look him taller than other players....anyway(stand very straight up at the time he stand with others one , wear only big shoes soles)....anytime.
Lyndon said on 10/May/07
Come on editor you have enough evidence to round down Shaq down to 6' 11.5"
Jordan said on 10/May/07
Anonymous, I think we have enough evidence to establish Shaq as 6'11.5 Shaq has said this himself. You should believe what he says instead of basing your opinion on some ****y photographs which most people know aren't always acurate enough to judge from.
Anonymous said on 10/May/07
Shaq is 7'1 he towers over 6'10 Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaq also towers over 6'10 Tim Duncan

Click Here

Click Here

You can't tell me Shaq doesn't have atleast 3 inches on them.
Andy Turner said on 10/May/07
Duhon, I fully understand and appreciate what your saying, but it is very frustrating when I know for 110% definate what Shaq's height is but because I can't proove this to the rest of the world its getting ignored and overlooked time and time again. I am confident sooner or later the real truth will be provided for all the disputers out there. I rest my case!
Duhon said on 9/May/07
Andy, i by no means want to insult your credibility. but this is a site that works mainly on provided evidence and such. I am not calling you a liar but anyone can come here (which they often do) and post that so and so has told them this, or they met___ and they know their this tall. Without real evidence its hard to take alot of these claims seriously.

As for KG some of the pictures posted here earlier really do appear to indicate he is 6'11". look at garnett standing next to the pre draft measured barefoot height 6'8.5 amare stoudemire. he defently looks 6'11 here: Click Here he looks taller than novitzky even.
Andy Turner said on 9/May/07
LV, with the greatest respect in the world to you, I aint disputing anything you have seen or heard but for some reason it has been cast on your mind that shaq is over 7ft and there doesn't seem to be any convincing you otherwise no matter how much real evidence is provided. Alright so Kevin said the 6'11 thing but I doubt very much that he said BAREFOOT in the same sentence. If you were to meet Shaquille in person and ask him how tall he was barefoot and he said " 6'11.5" would you turn round and say to him "no you aint you're over 7ft cos Kevin Garnett's over 6'11". If it means that every player pictured with Shaq in the NBA is 1.5 inches shorter than listed then this must be so but I swear on my brother's life SHAQUILLE O'NEAL IS 6FT 11.5 INCHES TALL. Please how much more convincing do you need? Take it easy man!
someone said on 9/May/07
in movie "steel" shaq is absolutely 6 ft 11.5 inches and in fact shaq try to straight up (very very straight up) make we look him so tall. and him shoe soles is very big that add him heights. any time that he take a photo or stand with others one. he will straight up(very stright up) to make us look him tall.
I conclusion that shaq try to make us look him tall.
- stand very very stright up to extend him height.
- wear only shoes have big soles(tall soles)...6.11.5 is ok.
LV said on 8/May/07
Andy, Craig Sager interviewed Kevin Garnett at this year's Allstar Game and when asked how tall he was he said "6'11" and some quarters". If he is self-admittedly over 6'11", then Shaq has to be over 7'.
Andy Turner said on 8/May/07
I can't believe after my last comment that people still haven't taken it in that Shaq isn 6'11.5 For Christ's sake the guy has told me himself so you can all put as much photographic evidence on here as you like cos all it means is that every other player is less than their stated height. Come on people what do I need to do to convince you? You should be using Shaq's height to calculate everyone else's cos he out of everyone has had all 3 measurements taken throughout the day to calculate his TRUE BAREFOOT HEIGHT. THis means morning, noon and night and finding the average which is 6FT 11.5INCHES!
weekly said on 8/May/07
Shane, I think you're right, but their barefoot heights are spoken here.
Arjun said on 7/May/07
Duhon, you can't compare shoulders for Yao and Shaq because Yao has a bigger head and a longer neck than Shaq. Yao clearly has 5 inches on Shaq all the same, but I don't think Yao is taller than 7'5" barefoot.
Shane said on 7/May/07
Shaquille O'Neal is 7'1 & 3/4 inches tall! Hakeem Olajumwon is 7'0" same as Patrick Ewing... Shaq is half an inch shorter than Dikembe Mutombo who is 7'2". In that picture of Shaq standing next to Yao, Shaq is atleast 4-5 inches shorter. Yao has been reportered to be 7'5" - 7'6" So either way Shaq is in between 7'1 & 7'2!!! I don't have pictures to prove my facts, but I have studied basketball & players of the NBA since i was 10! So I know abit about the players size & weight!
Anonymous said on 7/May/07
He is 7'1 and I have pictures to back this up. Here he is with 6'10 Hakeem Olajuwon

Click Here

He isn't even standing up straight and he has 3 inches on Hakeem! If he stood up straight he might even have 4 inches on Hakeem.
lillo thomas said on 7/May/07
i dont know what is the tragedy here to some people arguing to death that shaq is 7'1 instead 6'11.5 -7( his real barefoot height probably) Like being 6'11.5 or 7 would destroy him someway. Afterall i inch isnt notable most of the time anyways.
Andy Turner said on 7/May/07
LV, sorry but unfortunately I haven't got any pictures to 110% prove his height so if you don't believe me their is nothing I can do about that. I last met him personally in San Antonio in 1988 a few months after he came back from Germany for good when he was a 6'10 16yr old with a very bright future ahead of him. Five years ago I was fortunate enough to get his personal email address after so many years now I occasionally keep in touch with Shaq via email and he has told me this height himself. He also told me that first thing on a morning he is 7ft and around midnight he is bang on 6'11 as he loses an inch throughout the day. This gives an average of 6'11.5 The real point is the guy's a freaking giant whichever way you look at it. So LV I can't put it any plainer than this. If you and the rest of the world still believe he's 7'1 feel free but I can assure you if you were to talk to him on a one to one you'd certainly come away with a different opinion
Arjun said on 7/May/07
Duhon, my point is he could just as easily be 6'11.5" - 7'0" as well.
LV said on 6/May/07
So if Shaq is 6'11.5" barefoot then Jermaine O'Neal is 6'9.5" or 6'10" barefoot? No way, that makes everyone else in the NBA much smaller. I don't buy it. Andy, I'm sure you have some pictures. Please post away and the maybe we'll believe you.
Andy Turner said on 6/May/07
Its official Shaquille O'Neal is 212cm which is 6'11.5" in his barefeet around 1.10pm midday I know this because I know him personally and have done since the 1980's when we lived in Germany as our Dad's were in the army together. We were both in the same grade at age 13. Only difference was I was 5'6" barefoot he was 6'5". So editor you can finally change Shaquille O'neal's height to 6'11.5"
Duhon said on 6/May/07
I know some people are insistent that shaq is below 7'1" i would say there is as much photographic evidence pointing him out as 7'1" (Perhaps even more so) as for him to be 7 feet.

Photographs are tricky in one photo posted shaq apears only an inch taller than jermaine o'neal yet in this one he appears 2 inches taller: Click Here

Shaq could very easily be 7'1".
Sean John said on 6/May/07
you guys are sorry, you're trying to limit Shaq's height? whatever you say he's still 7'1, way taller than you little people.
Arjun said on 2/May/07
Duhon , I can accept Shaq 7'0" even barefoot, with TD around 6'10". I think all of us can. I am sorry if I was a bit harsh with my last few posts on this matter. Let's keep the peaceful debates going :)
Anonymous said on 2/May/07
No one can tell me they don't see atleast 3 inches between Shaq and Hakeem and Shaq is leaning

Click Here

Shaq is 7'1
Anonymous said on 1/May/07
Jermaine O'Neal claims to be 7 feet. Shaq is 7'1 if Shaq is 7'0 than Duncan is 6'9.
Duhon said on 1/May/07
Arjun, i agree the shaq is not 3 inches taller than duncan however he is certainly more than 1. essentially the shortest picture of shaq you can find with angles favoring duncan, he still looks a good 1.5 inches taller. while the great majority of pics with him and duncan he appears at least 2 inches taller. I beleive that pic you posted of TD next to Yao is a bit misleading, TD appears taller than usuall, as is likely standing closer to the camera, his shoulders are clearly in front of yao's. he generally looks shorter than garnett: Click Here

Click Here

In any case i believe shaq to be an, as legit a 7 footer as there is, regardeless if he's 7' straight or 7'1".
Arjun said on 1/May/07
Oh yeah, and Jermaine (who is listed at 6'11", so I highly doubt he is any taller than that) looks an inch shorter (an inch at best) than Shaq in the All Star pic. Once again, if that is a 2+ inch difference, then Shaq's forehead is 7 inches which it obviously is'nt. I would give Shaq 7'0" , but nothing over that.
Arjun said on 1/May/07
And please don't try to tell me that Duncan's HAIR is giving him any significant (more than a few mm) height in the All-Star pic where he is next to Yao. His hair is very short.
Compared to the same man (Yao), Duncan comes out nearly as tall as Shaq (only an inch shorter) hair or no hair. Where has the 3+ inches disappeared?
Arjun said on 1/May/07
Click Here

Yao looks only 6 inches taller than Duncan here. Duncan is just an inch shorter than the top of Yao's ears.

Click Here

Yao looks 5 inches taller than Shaq here. Shaq is exactly upto the top of Yao's ears.

Let's equate the two pics ..... 6 - 5 = A GRAND TOTAL OF ONE INCH.
.... now what if I say that Shaq is only an inch taller than Duncan? I could use the above two pics as evidence
that Shaq is only 6'11" if Duncan is 6'10". For every pic you post of Shaq looking 4 inches taller than Duncan, I can post an analysis showing him to be only an inch taller. My point is: There is clearly something wrong with all those pics of Shaq and Duncan.
There is NO WAY Shaq is that much taller than Duncan (3+ inches), just as Viper said. I would say he is 2 inches taller than Duncan, no more.
Arjun said on 1/May/07
Click Here

Shaq looks only 2 inches taller than Howard here. If he is 3 or more inches taller, then his top-of-head to eye level is like 7 inches ;)
Duhon said on 1/May/07
Great pic anonymous: Click Here

TD is no less than 6'10 and shaq looks a good 2.5-3 inches taller. This is from a different angle (probably a better one) than the jaya pic and we still notice the big difference.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/07
This should prove Shaq is atleast 7'1...Wilt was measured at 7'1.6

Click Here
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/07
Yeah Shaq has 3 inches on Duncan

Click Here
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
There is no way Shaq has that much height over Duncan in reality.
Crissy said on 29/Apr/07
Jaya is right, if TD is 6'10 then Shaq must be more then 7'1? 7'2 maybe?
Jason said on 24/Apr/07
I have an Australian basketball magazine from 1999 that describes Shaq as 213cm 149kg (7'0'' 328lbs).
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/07
Either way there is alot more photographic evidence to support shaq is at least 7 feet. Not all players are listed at 1.5 inches either. Dwyane wade was simply rounded up from 6.3.75 to 6'4". lebron james was listed at 6'8" from 6'7". shane batier is listed at his barefoot height so is richard jefferson.
Viper said on 23/Apr/07
Right Jeffers. Shaq at 6-11.5 and 7-1 in his shoes looks realistic to me.
LV said on 23/Apr/07
Players are measured barefoot and in shoes and can elect to be listed as either height. Typically, the taller players use their barefoot heights. Look at this link (Click Here).
Jason Jeffers said on 23/Apr/07
Sorry LV but its a very well known fact that all NBA players are measured in trainers with average soles of 1.5 inches I am not disputing Shaq's height of 7' 1" inches but this measurement is with trainers so from now on next time you see a players height listed minus 1.5 inches and then you will be somewhere close to their barefoot height
LV said on 22/Apr/07
That's not how it works here, Jason. Do you have any proof? I've never seen him listed any shorter than 7'1" and he's taller than all other 7 footers. Supposedly, he said he was 6'11", but I've never seen any clips of it nor have I ever seen him officially measured at 6'11.5". Jermaine O'Neal is a legit 6'11" barefoot and Shaq is 2" taller.
Jason Jeffers said on 22/Apr/07
Shaq is 6' 11.5" end of story. There is proof from both him and the tape measure he was measured with
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/07
Shaq also is the same height as Mutombo and I see 2 inches max between Kobe and T-Mac probably 1. T-Mac and VC are very close in height Vince was measured at 6'5.5 and T-Mac was measured at 6'6.5 I heard Kobe told a kid he was 6'4 but I think Kobe is atleast 6'5.
NBA action said on 18/Apr/07
I agree with anonymous. Shaq definitely looks 7'1 barefoot (2,16 cm). He looks no more than 1 inch shorter than ilgauskas, 1'5 inches at most, and the lituanian is listed 7'3 (2,21 cm.) So Shaq would be 7'1 or 7'1.5 (2,16 or even 2,17 ). In the picture next to jermaine O'Neal, he is at least 2 inches taller, maybe more (5 or 6 cm.) So, if jermaine is 6'11 (2,11), Shaq is, again, no shorter than 7'1 (2,16). I ignore how Shaq's boots are, may be they have huge soles, but I guess the rest of players use exactly the same kind of boots.
NBA action said on 18/Apr/07
As you said, many NBA players heights are inflated. However i got a case where happens the opposite. Pau Gasol is officially 7 foot in the NBA site, but he is much taller compared to any other 7 footer (i.e. Duncan, Nowitzki, etc...)I would give him a legit 7'1 (2,16 cm) barefoot, 7'2 with boots.
LV said on 17/Apr/07
Wow anonymous. I can't believe you don't see a 3 inch height advantage in Duhon's pictures. Even the first picture you posted clearly shows T-mac being a couple of inches taller, the second picture cannot be used since they are both running. Those are arguably the best pictures I've seen on this site for comparison purposes. T-mac is no less than 6'7" based on those pictures.
Duhon said on 17/Apr/07
Anonymous, the pics i provided have kobe and t-mac back to back. you really can't get a better height comaprison than that. T-mac look every bit of 2 inches taller. In the VC pic t-mac is sloucing somewhat VC is straight up. if t-mac is 6'6 1/2 as you say, how tall is kobe than? becasue there is certainly more than an inch height difference.
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/07
Yao is at a different angle Shaq and T-Mac are standing next to eachother. Also T-Mac is not 2 inches taller than Kobe and look at him here with 6'5.5 Vince Carter

Click Here

Click Here

T-Mac looks taller than 6'6 1/2 because he is very lanky but in reality he isn't that much taller than Vince Carter or Kobe Bryant.
Arjun said on 16/Apr/07
Anonymous, since when was YAO shorter than Shaq????? Maybe when Yao was 15, but not now obviously.How do you know what kind of ground they are standing on?
Duhon said on 15/Apr/07
Are we sure t-mac is only 6'6.5"? we know lebron is 6'7.25" and in games t-mac looks pretty identical in height. not to mention has the 6'5" kobe by at least 2 inches. Click Here Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/07
Shaq looks about 6-7 inches taller than 6'6.5 Tracy McGrady Click Here
Arjun said on 12/Apr/07
Yeah Duhon, if the measurement begins at the bottom, then Shaq is very close to 7'2" in shoes, as I think he would have an inch on the top of the line, if he straightened up fully (he seems within a few mm at most of his tallest military posture to me) However, what if the camera moved up further? Less than an inch is very possible then.
However, to be realistic, it's a dubious , questionable max 7'2" in shoes . So Shaq is MAYBE ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM 7'1" barefoot if EVERYTHING is in his favour (measurement from bottom of line, him not standing completely straight, and only having 1" shoes). And you could even argue him being as low as 6'11" here if NOTHING is in his favour (measurement from top of line, low-ish camera angle and big shoes). . Though I think 6'11" is a little too low. Realistically I would say: Let's go between 6'11" and 7'1" - i.e. 7'0".
Arjun said on 11/Apr/07
Duhon, interesting question. The marking lines are indeed near an inch thick. There is no way to tell as such whether the measurement starts from the top or the bottom. By gut instinct, I say top, but this can't be proven. If the lines were scaled all the way down to 0'6", and IF there was a 0'0" line, the bottom of which was level with the floor, then the measurement would be from the bottom.If there was no 0'0" line, the floor itself would be the top of that line. Either that, or the gap between the 0'6" line or the floor would have to be 6 inches instead of 5 for it to be a bottom measurement chart. Since the lines don't go all the way down, we can neither count the lines nor scale the bottom gap. So it could be either top or bottom. My own personal, impossible-to-prove opinion is that top is more likely, as if it was bottom then Shaq would be very close to 7'2" in shoes. Which would be great for the 7'1" barefoot believers, but not for me and the other 7'0" or slightly less believers :). If it's from the top as I think, then Shaq is max 7'1" in shoes or max 7'0" barefoot.
Two factors in favor of Shaq:
1) He MAY be able to squeeze out another 1/2" by stretching his spine
2) The measurement may be from the bottom of the line.
Three factors which can downgrade him are:
1) The pic is taken from somewhat below Shaq's skull top level.
2) What does Shaq have in his shoes? Could he be getting more than 1" from them?
3) And of course, the measurement may be from the top of the line.
Go figure :)
Duhon said on 8/Apr/07
Those marking lines on the wall are pretty thick i'd say an inch, where does the measurement start at the top of the line or the bottom?
Anonymous said on 6/Apr/07
Shaq is 7'0 1/2 barefoot atleast. Probably a legit 7'1
Arjun said on 5/Apr/07
Mask, Shaq is MAX 7'1" in shoes or 7'0" barefoot according to the photos, and it's quite clear that he's not slouching much, if at all. Feet close together, head up, it seems as though he's standing tall.
I still give him 6'11.5" - 7'0" at best.
BTW, that's a TALL group of suspects, no? The shortest of them seem to be 6'1" - 6'2"!!!!! And the second guy from the left is very tall too - not that much shorter than Shaq. He looks about 6'9" in shoes when standing tall.
Oh yeah, and for all who still think that Shaq has a big head, it barely looks 10 inches in all of the photos.
mike m said on 5/Apr/07
shaq looks about 4-5 inches shorter than yao so 7 to 7'1"
Viper said on 5/Apr/07
Magic Johnson is nothing over 6-7.
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/07
magic looks 202 cm and Bird a legit 206cm (barefoot)
asfasf said on 5/Apr/07
mmm, magic looks like shorther than bird due to his tiny head ( bird got huge head) but the shoulder level is the same, i'dy say magic 204/205cm and bird 206 cm (at their peaks clearly). Bill Russel is a solid 208cm even nowaday. In shoes at his nba days was 6'11'. Same for wilt 7'1 barefoot 7'2 in shoes. In the past the height of nba players were more accurated.
mask said on 1/Apr/07
Bill Russell is 6'10"
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/07
Then how tall is bill rusell? he wa slisted at 6'9" but in a clip i saw of rusell interviewing bird in the 80's he looked taller?
edd said on 30/Mar/07
you are absolutely correct LV. Larry is 6-9. Magic and Worthy are both 6-7.5. Bird looked alot taller in the pic because of his hair. Anywayz. Shaq is a true 7-0 barefoot or not. Does anyone here know Chris Mihm? Mihm is listed at 7-0, but thats a joke. When he stood next to lamar(6-10), they are the same height.
LV said on 29/Mar/07
Here you go: Click Here
LV said on 29/Mar/07
Larry Bird was a legit 6'9". I just saw him last week in person. My brother has season tickets to the Indiana Pacers and they are 8 rows behind where Bird sits. He was no taller than 6'9", but Magic was probably closer to 6'7", that's why Bird always looked taller even though Magic was listed at 6'9". Does anyone else see how dumb that is/was? They had the most popular rivalry in NBA history and have countless pictures together that clearly show a 2 inch difference even though they were listed at the same height. If you want some Larry Bird pictures, just Google them.
TheMan said on 29/Mar/07
Ahh thanks mask so he's ancestors were all quite tall 6 foot 9 etc. Obviously got that gene from them he's dad looks only about 6foot but he still got real tall from he's ancestors genes.
wolverinejoe80 said on 28/Mar/07
guys, how tall was larry bird? can you guys post some larry bird pics? he was so much taller than magic, and could larry be almost as tall as dirk? 6ft 11?
mask said on 28/Mar/07
Click Here
click on bio The Man
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/07
No Shaq is listed too short here. If KG is 6'11 than Shaq is atleast 7'1.
TheMan said on 27/Mar/07
I often wonder how people get this huge does anyone know how tall he's parents were?
Viper said on 27/Mar/07
Rob's got Shaq listed exactly right. Hes 7-0 at the very most.
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/07
Shaq was almost a full 7'1 at LSU I think he is a full 7'1 by now.
Mike1667 said on 26/Mar/07
He definitely looks 7'0". I think he has even said that himself. And as a general rule for NBA players, a good approximation is 1 inch shorter than their listed height, with some exceptions. And many times a players' listed height will increase in the middle of their career when they become more popular or when they go from college to the NBA, and then the first height is usually pretty close to the truth. Shaq has always been listed at 7'1", I think. If he was 7'1", he'd be listed at 7'2".
Alex said on 26/Mar/07
Shaq comes across as a larger than life guy. he is a large tall guy but even if he really is like 6'11.5 he gives people the impression of a 7'1-7'2 guy.
asfasf said on 26/Mar/07
why all u guys downgrades shaq height? never mind he is can be under 7 feet. He was 215cm barefoot, from the LSU time
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/07
Yeah but all of them have huge shoes! These aren't normal size men. All of there shoes give them a little extra height. I believe Shaq is 7'1 barefoot.
Arjun said on 25/Mar/07
I agree Viper, when you factor in his big shoes and still being 5" shorter than Yao, (Yao has size 18, small feet compared to Shaq in spite of being considerably taller) that makes Shaq 7'0" max, more likely 6'11.5" barefoot, since I think Yao is only 7'5" barefoot. Though is definitely 7'1" in shoes.
lillo thomas said on 24/Mar/07
yes shaq have a monster size feet even for his height.
most 6'11 guys wear shoes much smaller than shaq. his gigantic 23 size sneakers
could boost his height a little so the 6'11.5 barefoot claims could be true.
Viper said on 24/Mar/07
What you are forgetting is his large sneakers give him some extra height.
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/07
Yeah right Shaq is 7'1. He was atleast an inch taller than Bynum who's 7 feet. 7'0 1/2 at the very least.
Viper said on 22/Mar/07
Shaq is closer to 6-11 1/2 than 7-1. Hes 7-0 at most max.
Duhon said on 21/Mar/07
The last time zydrunas played for fiba he was still a teenager. he likely grew since that listing.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/07
Hahah Shaq 6'11.5? He is what he's listed at 7'1.
Art said on 21/Mar/07
In that pic with the 2005 Allstars, you can see Jermaine about two inches shorter than Shaq, and about 2.5 inches taller than 6-7.25 Lebron. Either case points to about 6-10 height for him. Ilgauskas is listed at 2.18m (7'1 and 0.8 inches) by FIBA, and he has a around 2 inches on Shaq.

6-11.5 sounds about right.
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/07
Shaq is taller than 7'0 Andrew Bynum look here. Click Here
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/07
Shaq is leaning a lot. Allen in 5'10-5'11, Lebron is 6'7 and Shaq looks atleast 6 inchs taller than Lebron.
Duhon said on 15/Mar/07
I don't see any bump under shaq at most its shadow and lebron was measured 6'7.25" in the pre-draft measurements. you can also tell both shaq and lebron are slightly leaning in, while AI is straight.
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/07
In that picture Shaq looks 7'1, Lebron 6'7 and Iverson 5'10. By the way here are some pre-draft measurements from 2001.

Tyson Chander 7'0 1/2 with shoes, 6'11 1/2 barefoot 18 years old

Eddy Curry 6'11 3/4 with shoes, 6'10 1/2 barefoot 18 years old

Kwame Brown 6'11 1/2 with shoes, 6'10 barefoot 18 years old

Jason Richardson 6'5 3/4 with shoes, 6'4 3/4 barefoot

Joe Johnson 6'8 1/2 with shoes, 6'6 3/4 barefoot

Richard Jefferson 6'8 1/2 with shoes, 6'7 1/4 barefoot

Gilbert Arenas 6'3 1/4 with shoes, 6'2 1/2 barefoot

Shane Battier 6'9 1/2 with shoes, 6'8 1/4 barefoot

Many of them are close to there listed height. Curry, Chandler and Brown may have grown a bit considering they were already gigantic and only 18 years old so I'll call Curry's 6'11 correct but Chandler at best is a legit 7'0 and Brown isnt 6'11.
Arjun said on 15/Mar/07
It looks as though Shaq is standing on a bump on the ground in that photo of him, Iverson, and LeBron.Lebron has just 7 inches on Iverson, so if Iverson is less than 6', Lebron is under 6'7". Shaq seems to have over a foot on Iverson.
Jim james said on 14/Mar/07
shaq with "6'0" allen iverson nd 6'7" lebron jamesClick Here
Arjun said on 13/Mar/07
Also if Yao is 7'5", Shaq is max 7'0" as Yao always has him by 5 inches, sometimes even 5.5 inches.
Arjun said on 13/Mar/07
Burgos, yeah I would say that Yao has about 6.5" on Duncan, more evidence that Yao is'nt 7'6". He looks too short to be a full 7'6", although 7'5" looks accurate for him . And I believe that his so-called "growth" was just a rumor, he's a solid 7'5" now and has been so ever since he was 19 or 20.
Arjun said on 13/Mar/07
Wolverinejoe, how tall are you? If you're less than say 6'2", any 6'9"+ odd guy will "look huge" to you. You would'nt be able to tell a 6'10" from a 6'11" accurately.
OK, Duncan may be 6'10.5" max. That is the most I would give him. Still that makes Yao only 7'5" as he only has 6" on him in a recent (2007) photo of them right next to each other, Duncan reaches upto his eyelevel which would be very close to 6 inches in Yao's case although the angle favours Duncan ever so slightly. KG and Dirk are around 6'11" max as well, I would say.
Burgos said on 13/Mar/07
Arjun, Yao doesn't look 8" taller because Duncan is close to 6'11" without shoes(probable 6'10" 1/2 or so) and Yao is 7'5". That is a 6 inch difference.
wolverinejoe80 said on 13/Mar/07
also if you rewatch the yao and jimmy kimmel, and sun ming ming and jimmy kimmel,you can see sun ming ming as has about 3 inches on yao. and sun ming ming is a legit 7ft 8 3/4 because he was clearly taller than muresan by 1.5 inches. if sun ming ming had a big head like yao or muresan, he could've been the only 8fter in the world right now.
wolverinejoe80 said on 13/Mar/07
arjun, i don't think it is universally agreed that duncan is about 6ft 10. i think duncan is closer to 6ft 11 because he was clearly 1-1.5 taller than rasheed wallace when he came to palace and i sit very close to the bench. i've seen sheed in touching distance few times at the great lake crossings mall, and i would say he is at least 6ft 9 1/2. i don't know how tall sheed really is, but he really was huge. i've seen every pistons in person and sheed is definitely near 6ft 10 compared to other pistons near him.

if duncan is 6f 10, then KG and dirk would be around 6ft 10 as well because those 3 seems to be identical in heights.
Arjun said on 12/Mar/07
Duhon, Yao looks shorter than 7'6" in a lot of photos, even in recent ones. For example, it is universally agreed that Duncan is about 6'10" (not 7'0" as he is listed) and Yao does'nt look like he has 8 inches on him when they are right next to each other.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/07
Give me a link to the 6'11.5 Shaq is 7'1. Shaq looks about an inch shorter than Ilgauskas.
dan said on 10/Mar/07
oneal was measured at 6'11".5 at his first nba camp i doubt very much if hes grown any,by the way most 7'0" in the nba are really 6'10",
weekly said on 10/Mar/07
Ilgauskas is 7'2", still listed that height at eurobasket. But look at Ben Wallace, who's listed at 6'9" at nba, what's the difference between him and Ilgauskas. Did I miss anything?
Duhon said on 9/Mar/07
Even though my opinion is that yao is now a legit 7'6" due to evidence of him having growing since the time of his first measurement. i beleive, in his pre-draft measurements he was still listed at 7'5.5" in height. so again it brings me to my conclusion of shaq being at least 7-0 1/2" if not slightly more.

shaquille between 7'3" zydrunas illguaskas and 6'11 jermaine o'neal:Click Here
Arjun said on 9/Mar/07
Even Editor Rob lists Yao at 7'5", so if Yao is 7'5" Shaq can't be any more than 7'0" because he is always a good 5 inches shorter, and we are'nt even accounting for his possibly bigger soles.
Arjun said on 9/Mar/07
Anonymous: That pic is'nt too good to judge heights, it's clearly a manipulated one, background blacked out, player's relative positions not clear etc. KG does'nt look that short compared to Shaq in any decent pic, neither does Duncan. If he (KG) is really 3 - 3.5 inches shorter than Shaq (because that's what it looks like in that pic, KG's struggling to reach more than an inch past Shaq's ear), then Shaq is 7'2"+ to KG's 6'11", which is ridiculous.
Arjun said on 9/Mar/07
Duhon - I don't mean that pic, and I agree there ain't 6 inches in this pic, only about 5 as Shaq reaches past Yao's eyeline , upto the top of his ear. There is another one with a lot of other players where Shaq is a good inch below Yao's ear top, and that is 6 inches on a head as big as Yao's. As for their shoulders not having that much difference,you have to remember that Yao has a bigger head and a longer neck than Shaq. I have never understood why people compare shoulders while comparing heights as not everybody on the planet has the same length head and neck, there can be considerable variation in head+neck length even in two people close in height. Even if there is only 5 inches difference and the 6 inch difference was only a bad angle or Shaq slouching, still that makes Shaq only 7'0" if Yao is only 7'5" which he could very well be.
I still say Shaq is max 7'0" barefoot , even though he can look taller at times.
Gramps said on 9/Mar/07
Both Garnett and Duncan get billed as either 6'11" or 7'0", but Shaq easily looks 2-3" taller than either one in the picture from Anonymous. 7'1" barefoot for Shaq is definitely possible.
asfasf said on 9/Mar/07
Jerry Sokoloski isn't tall as yao, atleast 1.5 inchs less... shaq looking his listed height 7'1 or more, when he wears monster shoes
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/07
Shaq has atleast 2 inches on 6'11 Dirk. Wilt and Shaq are pretty much the same height. This picture makes Shaq look even bigger than usual...he towers over KG and Duncan. Click Here
mask said on 8/Mar/07
Jerry Sokoloski:
Click Here
Click Here
lillo thomas said on 8/Mar/07
i see between yao and shaq about 4-5 inches. i dont think that yao is taller than 7'5 barefoot so shaq looks between 7-7'1 in the pic. maybe shaq is 7'1 barefoot but since most players are listed in their height with shoes im not sure about shaq after all we are all estimating . the only way to know from sure is measure them in person barefeet.
Duhon said on 7/Mar/07
Arjun if you're reffering to this pic of yao and shaq:Click Here i dont see 6 inches. this is a pretty interesting site and it claims yao is 7'6" barefoot.Click Here

i'm not saying shaq is 3 inches taller than dirk that is rediculous. he's more an inch and a half or inch and 3/4" taller. i thougth we agreed that shaq actually usually measures up quite well to yao. there is pic of them back to back and their shoulders don't even have that much difference.
Arjun said on 7/Mar/07
Ok Duhon, perhaps 7'0", but like I said earlier MAX 7'0" barefoot, as I don't see him having anything close to 3 inches on Dirk, more like 1 inch or so. Dirk is himself max 6'11" and could be slightly less, like 6'10" and change.
As for wrestlers wearing lifts, even if Triple H and Hulk were wearing lifts in their pics with him (possible as they knew they were going to be around TALL Mr. Shaq) Shaq does'nt have flat shoes either. His basketball shoe soles look huge. And that movie chart shows him as about 7'0.5" in shoes, and I don't see why that chart should be fabricated, would'nt it just make sense to show a standard chart rather than a manipulated one? And he is'nt slouching much at all, his feet are close together, head up etc. If he straightened up completely he MIGHT get upto a 1/2" more, or 7'1". Still that makes him 7'0" max barefoot, probably 6'11" and change. Shaq's height fluctuates, he looks very close to 7'1" in some pics, and barely 7'0" in others. The most likely reason? Variable footwear. There are many pics which show Shaq as max 7'0", as many as those which show him to be over 7'0". I can't find the one where he looks only 1.5" taller than Duncan and 6" shorter than Ming, all in good posture.
Duhon said on 6/Mar/07
Arjun, the only problem i really have is when you bring out the 6'11.5" measurement, since that is obviously false. shaq obviously stands more than half an inch over dirk (we're assuming dirk himself is only 6'11") since .5 inches is barely noticable and shaq always looks noticably taller than dirk (they played a whole 6 game series against each other). regardless if that heigth is still taller than the average NBA player, its not so much more than average center height and shaq always looks bigger than the average center. i beleive he's at least an inch taller than that. if wilt was a legit 7'1" shaq is right about there just a little less maybe a few mm'S or at most.5". as for wilt shrinking that's just specualtion wilt had a very good posture and always kept in shape i doubt he even shrunk half an inch formt the time that pic was taken.

and as for your wrestling comparisons i'd take them with a grain of salt wrestlers alwaaays where lifts in and out of matches they're not very reliable measurment guides.
Beef said on 6/Mar/07
If you have seen the all star game dance off during practice on you tube you wioll see how tiny dwight howard is next to shaq, howard is 6'9" max in shoes, maybe even with shoes, shaq has to be a good healthy 7'1" with shoes or a bit more
Viper said on 6/Mar/07
Good old Patrick is looking his stated 6-9 there.
Arjun said on 6/Mar/07
Wilt could have shrunk a 1/2" from 7'1" though. He himself said he was 7'1 1/16" (so basically 7'1") at peak and I believe that, as he always looked it.
Arjun said on 6/Mar/07
Although Duhon, on closer observation, Wilt is hardly any taller than Shaq, perhaps not even a 1/2" as you say, more like some mm. Wilt LOOKS taller because his shoulders are higher , but Shaq's longer neck makes up that difference. Ewing looks about 4" shorter than both Wilt and Shaq, although he is slouching.
Arjun said on 6/Mar/07
Anonymous, Shaq is indeed leaning forward, but he is also closer to the camera, just compare head sizes, Shaq may be big , but his head sure ain't:)His being closer to the camera negates his leaning forward, and that gives him only an inch on Dirk, who himself is 6'11" max. For all the pics which show Shaq as atleast 7'1", there are plenty of pics to suggest otherwise. e.g the 1994 pic with Hogan, if he's 7'1" then Hogan was 6'6" even after his "shrinkage", since there is only 7 inches difference in that pic, even with Hogan leaning a bit???, Nope. He does'nt look like he has 11 inches on roughly 6'2" Triple H either in the pic of them two. And Yao who could very well be around 7'5" barefoot has an easy 5 inches on Shaq in all their pics together. Sorry guys, I just don't see Shaq as any taller than max 7'0" barefoot. So what if he may be 6'11.5", he's still taller than like 95% of the NBA???
Duhon said on 5/Mar/07
arjun my correction, i mis-read you're post you did say half an inch not an inch and a half. my bad. however i stand by the fact there is very little noticable difference in the shaq-wilt pic and wilt is wearing a healed not flat soled shoes. so my measure of 7'0 1/2" i believe is quite accurate. especially in regards to how shaq appears next to players like dirk and duncan.
Duhon said on 5/Mar/07
Arjun how do you see an inch and half difference in the wilt-shaq pick?Click Here it looks at most a half-inch difference. at first galnce at the pic most people would prbably not even notice any difference let alone an inch and a half like you say. in adittion wilt is wearing a heeled shoe its not like he's barefoot. i dont get where your 6'11 and half measurment comes from. if that was the case dirk must be 6'9" and alozo mourning 6'7". shaq in my estimation is the very least 7'0 1/2". since wilt being a legit 7'1" appears at most half an inch taller.
Anonymous said on 5/Mar/07
Are you kidding me?! Shaq is leaning forward and still taller than Dirk. He's atleast 2 inches taller. Wilt was also said to be like 7'1 1/4 or 7'1 1/2 or something. Wilt might have a 1/4 inch on Shaq in that picture but I doubt his shoes are flatter.
Gonzalo said on 5/Mar/07
O`Neal is more than 1`5 inches taller than Duncan. In fact, he is more than two inches taller. Duncan must be 2`08 barefoot, so Shaq must be at least 2`14 barefoot.
Arjun said on 5/Mar/07
supes78, how tall are you?? If you're less than 6'3" or so then I don't think you could tell a 7 footer from a 6'10" or 6'11". I don't think too many people alive could judge Yao to the cm after meeting him LOL :)
Arjun said on 5/Mar/07
supes78, I think that Shaq may be 7'0" barefoot, but not any more. Actually I think 6'11.5" barefoot is spot on.
shaq said on 5/Mar/07
mmm i remember stanley roberts listed at 7'0' in the nba, in that photo with shaq looking like the same height. I'd say shaq at least in cm 214cm barefoot maximum with shoes 217 cm... 215cm is quite accurate as height for him imo
turn on 7'1 listing is right for him ;)
supes78 said on 4/Mar/07
Seeing Dirk next to Shaq convinces me that Shaq can't be anything less than 7 feet barefoot. I've seen Dirk up close on a couple of occasions at Dallas Mavericks games and I would give him very close to his official 7 foot NBA listing.
Arjun said on 4/Mar/07
3 inches on Dirk in the second pic??? Shaq is closer to the camera (compare head sizes, Shaq's head is'nt that big compared to Dirk's) and even without Dirk's hair, he only looks an inch shorter than Shaq. 3 inches????? There is no way in hell that Shaq could have 3 inches on Dirk even if he straightens up, Dirk's hair does'nt give him more than a cm, it is'nt spikes or an Afro. Shaq has probably 1.5 inches on Dirk , no way 3 inches. How about a certain All-Star NBA photo where Shaq is right next to Yao and looks 6 inches shorter (he is well below the top of Yao's ear)??? Is Yao 7'7" or more? Surely not!
Arjun said on 4/Mar/07
There is one All-Star NBA photo of Shaq standing right nex to Duncan and looking only 1.5" taller. Also, Shaq usually looks within 5 inches of Yao, but he looks more like 6" shorter in that photo (he comes well under Yao's ear top). Maybe Shaq forgot to wear his big sneakers that day, because there sure ain't any deceiving angles there.
Arjun said on 4/Mar/07
Duhon: Wilt had 1/2" on Shaq in that pic of them together, but he also most likely had flatter soles. Also consider that Wilt is mid-50's in that pic, so he could be down to 7'0 1/2" from his peak 7'1". I think that while Shaq can "LOOK" 7'1" compared to other players (many of whose heights are inflated ) he is not 7'1" barefoot. I think he's 6'11" at the absolute least, but 7'0" at the most.
Duhon said on 4/Mar/07
Shaq between garnett and duncan: Click Here
Anonymous said on 3/Mar/07
Shaq might have 3 inches on Dirk when you consider he's leaning forward and still taller despite Dirk having hair and Shaq being bald. I think this proves Dirk is not 7 feet like he's listed but probably 6'10-6'10.5.
Duhon said on 3/Mar/07
Look how much taller shaq looks than dirk in the second pick even though he's clearly leaning. dirk is himself at least 6'11" w/o shoes. and if you say its the angle show me a pic when novitzky doesn't look shorter than shaq.
allen4 said on 3/Mar/07
ok new pictures to compare:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Duhon said on 2/Mar/07
I dont' belive shaq is exactly 7'1 w/o shoes i'd say 7-0 1/2" barefoot and 7'1 1/2" in shoes. shaq always looks closer in height to 7'3 7-'2 listed players ala sabonis, zydrunas than compared to 6'11" players. i've seen shaq playing against andrew bogut who is 6'11 w/o shoes he's bigger. andrew bynum listed 7-0 (possible 6'11 possibly taller) he looks taller, dirk novitzky. the list goes on. nobody can seem find a picture of shaq standing next to a player listed at 7'1 or 7 feet and he looks shorter than that. the closest was the wilt pic who probably has at most a half inch on shaq if that.
lillo thomas said on 2/Mar/07
to determine if shaq is really 7'1 barefoot is comparing him with legit 6'11 and legit 7 foot barefoot player. the problem is that in basquetball like in many sports listed heights are usually way of. most of them are listed height
with shoes. most nba players are usually 1 inch shorter in reality .
some heights are inflated by 2 inches or more. for example patrick erwing
was always listed at 7 but in reality he is closer to 6'9 . charles barckey is closer to 6'4 than 6'6 etc . players that are listed in their real height exist but are rare.
Gonzalo said on 2/Mar/07
lillo Thomas, the question is not that Shaq is 6 inches taller than the average NBA height, but the fact that Shaq is always taller the other 7`1 players, more than an inch taller than the 7`0 guys, more than two inches taller than the 6`11 guys, and so on. He looks too big to be just 2`11 or 2`12. I have seen basketball for years and Shaq looks taller than the 2`13 guys I have seen playing in europe.
Burgos said on 1/Mar/07
Chris Bosh is 6'10" 1/4 without shoes and 6'11" 1/2 with shoes. This is a link to the pre-draft measurements.Click Here
lillo thomas said on 1/Mar/07
i dont get it why many people here can't accept that shaq isnt 7'1 barefoot.
at 7 or 6'11.5 he is already in the gigantic range even to nba standars.
medium height in nba is about 6´5.5 6'6 barefoot, about 6 inches shorter than shaq. 6 inches to me is a big difference . at 6'11.5 shaq is over a foot taller
than average height man 5'9-5'10.
Arjun said on 1/Mar/07
Shaq is only 2" taller than Bosh in that pic, even without Bosh's hair. Possibly as low as 1.5" taller.
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/07
Shaq is a lot taller than Bosh. Howard's knees are bent and Bosh is tilting his head up aswell so that picture isn't that accurate. Bosh's hair gives him an advantage over Howard aswell.
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/07
Mask there's a pretty big difference betwen him and bosh compare shoulder heights. the top of shaq's shoulder is almost at bosh's chin. also bosh has a mini fro shaq is bald, the appearance of hair gives the illusion of bosh's head being higher. if they were both bald you'd see at least a 2 inch difference.
mask said on 28/Feb/07
I believe this is a good pic to say that if Chris Bosh is 6'10" then Howard could never ever be 6'11" barefoot as someone said:
Click Here
so let me tell you that according to me Bosh is a legit 6'10" or 208 cm and Howard is 6'9" or 206-7 cm while Shaq could be at best 214 cm or 7'0.25" but he could be also 6'11.5" cause there's no much differential between him and Bosh (I'd just say 1.5")
Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/07
Exactly Shaq is atleast 7 foot 1.
Duhon said on 23/Feb/07
look at shaq next to any 6'11 player and he always dwarfs them. there's a video of him dancing with dwight howard a huge guy himsel,f he makes him look undersized.
allen4 said on 22/Feb/07
ok,look this:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Gonzalo said on 22/Feb/07
Well, not a great pic to judge but Shaq looks clearly taller. Shaq is at least two inches taller than Jermaine. I have seen them playing together many times.
allen4 said on 21/Feb/07
shaq whith jermaine o'neal.....
Click Here
Anonymous said on 20/Feb/07
6'7 3/4 is 6'8 there is no point even saying 6'7 3/4 and yes Carmelo is only about 6'6. I actually think Garnett is no more than 6'11 now. I still think Shaq is atleast 7'1.
Arjun said on 20/Feb/07
Even if the angle favours Duncan, Yao looks only 6" taller than him with the angle, so maybe 7" taller with an impartial angle. Kg seems a solid 7" shorter than Yao, maybe only 6" if he stepped forward???
Arjun said on 20/Feb/07
Vegas, eyeline is 5" for a normal man, so maybe 6" for Yao considering his huge forehead? Then Yao is only 7'4" if Duncan is 6'10", the angle must be favouring Duncan.
Viper652 said on 20/Feb/07
Carmello sure is looking no taller than 6-6 right next to 6-8, or technically 6-7 3/4 Carlos boozer.
Anonymous said on 19/Feb/07
Wow Jermaine O'Neal who has claimed he is 7'0 looks about the same height as Shaq! Shaq is about 2 inches taller than 6'11 Dwight Howard.
JT said on 19/Feb/07
Nice pics Mask. If you look carefully, both photos are taken from an angle to the players' right, thereby favoring those on the right (or the left side of pics). This is why Duncan looks taller than KG and Dirk. Garnett has a tiny head compared to Yao or even Dirk. It seriously might be around 8 inches tall.
Vegas said on 19/Feb/07
Duncan is up to Yao's eyeline in that photo and he is taller than dirk nowitzki who is comparable to kg.

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