How tall was Stewart Granger

Stewart Granger's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

British actor best remembered for roles in films such as King Solomon's Mines, Scaramouch, The Prisoner of Zenda, Caesar and Cleopatra, North to Alaska, Young Bess and The Wild Geese. An early publicity sheet for him listed his stature as 6ft 2 inches and his weight was 196 pounds. In a 1958 article he said "I'm 6 feet 2 inches".

Stewart Granger 1970

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Average Guess (18 Votes)
6ft 1.53in (186.8cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Aug/20
Weaker 6ft2 perhaps, Rob?

Don’t think he was just 6ft1 though
M.P.R.Stephenson. said on 28/Jun/20
In the 1940s film ,'Caravan', he's equal to Dennis Price ,( amazingly not listed here ) who was 6ft 2 inches. In some films though, he looks barely 6 feet.The 14 stone (196lbs ) weight is nonsense, an average built 6 footer is about 12 stone 4 pounds so , even at 6 feet 2 he would only weigh 13 stones.
talker said on 20/Nov/19
Granger was about 6ft 1 he is clearly at least 3 inches shorter than Bill Travers in Bhowani Junction.Travers was about 6'4".In the opening scene of the movie they stand next to each other.It a fuuny scene because Travers looks really tall next to Ava Gardner and Granger steps down from a train and one wonders how he will look next to Travers,he looks severely shorter.
Jug said on 10/Aug/19
I don't think Granger was more than 6'1. He must have shrunk quite a bit in old age, because on an episode of Murder She Wrote, he didn't look much taller than Angela Lansbury.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Nov/16
185cm is too low.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Oct/16
Still not sure on Granger. He could look 6 ft 1 range and then other times pull off that 6'3 look. Perhaps he did wear lifts at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jul/16
Interesting observations, Arch. He does seem like a murky figure. To sum him up in 3 words...tall, dark and mysterious
James said on 30/Jun/16
Granger was told to wear lifts in "Scaramouche" so he would look in line with 6'3" Mel Ferrer. Watching earlier films he starred in like "Waterloo Road" it's clear his real height was closer to 6'1".
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/16
Just under 6 ft 2 is possible but I wouldn't argue under 187....

I've read so many sordid things about this guy's personal life now that whenever I watch a film of his I can't help but think he was a kinky pervert LOL. I suppose it's his aristocratic, polished appearance and manner too which makes him seem more of a sex pest or something I don't know, but for me now he represents the bad/seedy side of Hollywood in those early days!! He looks the type who would have hosted wild orgies at palaces with Errol Flynn and invited high society LOL!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/16
6ft2¼ is arguable peak. In the 60's-70's he still looked near 6ft2 but possibly more 187cm range.

I wouldn't go under this.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/16
I doubt he was just 6ft1...
AlexMahone said on 23/Mar/16
Yes Tom, Granger too. Please write a book with this title: The Greatest Hollywood lift wearers of all time.
Tom said on 21/Mar/16
Granger wore lifts.
Jug said on 9/Mar/16
I think more like 6'3. No less than 6'2, that's for sure.
Shadow2 said on 9/Oct/15
Rob, can you make time to watch the 1957 MGM movie "The Little Hut" with Granger, Niven, Ava, and Walter Chiari, and finally determine a downgrade to 6' 1" for Granger. Thanks. (The movie is very entertaining!)
Larry said on 21/Sep/15
Granger was 6'1".
Shadow2 said on 6/Sep/15
A.S., all I simply meant was that your original 6' 4.5" estimation of Travers' height (via your recent post on Ava Gardner's page) was much more accurate than imdb's 6' 6" listing for him. 6' 4.5" for Travers less 3.5" for Granger, both your own estimations, gives 6' 1" for Granger, which I agree with.
Arch Stanton said on 5/Sep/15
Shadow2 said on 28/Aug/15 (it actualy looked to me like nearly 4 inches) then that makes him close to 6' 1". Just because imdb says Travers was 6' 6" doesn't necessarily make it accurate LOL."

Did I say that the imdb listing for Travers was accurate? No I didn't.
Shadow2 said on 28/Aug/15
But on 27/Jun/15 A.S. also said on Ava Gardner's page that "Travers most likely around 6'4.5 possibly 195cm". If Granger was 3.5 inches shorter than Travers (it actualy looked to me like nearly 4 inches), then that makes him close to 6' 1". Just because imdb says Travers was 6' 6" doesn't necessarily make it accurate LOL. Refer Travers in "Duel at Diablo" compared to Sidney Poitier and James Garner.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Aug/15
Granger was about 3-3.5 inches shorter than Bill Travers in Bhowani junction who imdb has at 6 ft 6. I'd say he was 6'5-6'5.5 range and Granger around 6 ft 2. Unless Granger was wearing lifts in it LOL.
Shadow2 said on 27/Jul/15
Has anyone here seen Granger's movies "The Light Touch" and "The Little Hut" yet? Let us know your comments when you do.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jul/15
188-189cm range.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Mar/15
His footwear didn't look sus to me, both men looked in normal cowboy boots.
Shadow2 said on 28/Feb/15
Granger was wearing thick heeled boots (visual lifts) in "Gun Glory" to seem a couple of inches taller than 6' James Gregory. I keep returning to Granger in his TV show "The Virginian - Men from Shiloh". He was the same height as every 6' 1" regular and guest actor who appeared with him in that show.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/15
Granger looked an easy 2 inches taller than James Gregory who was listed at 6 ft I think.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/15
I can see what you mean about him often looking shorter though. I agree that the can look anything from 6'1-6'3" at different times. Just when he's looking a weak 6'3" he can look just 6'1", but he tended to often slouch and really stand loosely. Generally I'd be surprised though if he was just something like 185cm.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/15
In Gun Glory he looks a weak 6'3" but he's in cowboy boots and most of the other cast were not close in height. 6'1 really looks too low to me though. He had to have been around 6'2" legit.
Shadow2 said on 19/Nov/14
I’ve just seen Granger’s 1952 movie “The Light Touch” which is another example of why there is so much confusion about his true height. In some scenes he seems only about an inch shorter than 6’ 3” co-star George Sanders and three inches shorter than 6’ 5” Mike Mazurki, playing Sanders' enforcer. But in most of his scenes with 6’ Kurt Kasznar, Granger is only just an inch taller than Kasznar. However there is a scene near the end of the movie when Sanders and Mazurki enter a hotel room to confront Granger and there is a clear minimum two inches between Granger and Sanders, and four inches between Granger and Mazurki. The only explanation is the use of lifts by Granger in the other scenes filmed with these taller actors.
John said on 19/Nov/14
Granger was 6'1". He wore lifts to appear closer to 6'3" on screen.
mike said on 11/Nov/14
Solid 6ft 2 and can pass for 6ft 3 i think 6ft 2.5 might be more accurate.
Shadow2 said on 2/Nov/14
Have you checked his TV work which is available on-line (refer my post of 15 Sep). Just quoting certain of his movie roles/co-stars does not clearly compare Granger to other actors who were definitely 6' 1" like him, e.g. Doug McClure, James Drury (in boots), Don Defore, John Larch, and Bernard Fox.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Oct/14
Also look at his proportions next to Deborah Kerr in King Solomon's Mines. He was genuinely a leggy guy, regardless of footwear. I find it hard to believe he'd be as low as 6'1 flat.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Oct/14
It's possible he wore lifts, wouldn't seem as likely for somebody as genuinely tall as him though. All I know is that in quite a few films he's given a near 6'3" impression than 6'1". He did look about 6'1.5 next to John Wayne though granted.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Oct/14
I find it hard to believe he was just 6'1" flat, I mean did you see him next to John Mills in Waterloo Road? Almost a full head taller. No way was the height difference between him and Mills as low as the diff between Mills and Quayle in Ice Cold in Alex.
Shadow2 said on 15/Oct/14
Rob, if we get further accurate comments similar to the one from James, would you consider downgrading Granger to 6' 1" ? The current listing here of 6' 2" seems to only come from dubious old publicity material which similarly had him wrongly described as 6' 3" due to his "Scaramouche" lifts alongside Mel Ferrer.
[Editor Rob: if there was enough evidence I see that he's nearer 6ft 1 than 2 I of course consider it.]
James said on 13/Oct/14
Granger was 6'1". He wore lifts in all his Hollywood films so he would look closer to 6'3". Pictures of him on the set of "The Last Hunt" show he was only slightly taller than 5'10" Robert Taylor.
Shadow2 said on 15/Sep/14
"The Little Hut" was produced by MGM, and is regularly on Turner cable. I haven't looked for it online. The episodes of the TV series "Men from Shiloh" (aka "The Virginian"), with Granger the same height as his 6' 1" co-stars Doug McClure and James Drury, and 6' 1" guest stars Don DeFore and John Larch, is definitely found online. Similarly with the TV movie “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, with Granger (as Holmes) and 6’ 1” Bernard Fox (as Watson) the same height.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Sep/14
@Shadow, Where did you watch The Little Hut? Couldn't find it online.
Sam said on 4/Sep/14
I can't see a man who can seem this tall utilizing lifts, it is really the 5'7"-5'9" range actors who want to look like six footers, excepting of course big Brad whom George Clooney will testify under oath is 6'1".
Shadow2 said on 3/Sep/14
Everyone, have a look at the 1957 movie "The Little Hut" with Granger, near 5' 11" David Niven, Ava Gardner, and 5' 11" Walter Chiari. The cast are barefoot (on an island) quite a lot of the time, and it is very apparent that there is not much height difference between Granger, Niven, and Chiari. It is one of the best examples of Granger's true 6' 1" height. On-line there is also an image (easily located) of Granger, Lana Turner, and near 6' 1" Ray Milland, and Milland has a small height edge on Granger. Granger was a good actor, tall in his day, but was just 6' 1". Lifts made the difference when required, in some of his movie roles with taller actors.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Sep/14
@Sue, I guess guys like Chuck Connors, Clint Walker and James Arness were sort of like 6 ft 9 actors today!
Arch Stanton said on 3/Sep/14
littlesue says on 31/Aug/14
I'd say 6ft 3 a bit more than 'solid tall' Arch, especially in the 40's and 50's where 5ft 8 was around average height for a bloke, its more than half a foot taller!!

Yeah but he wasn't 6 ft 3 though, although Granger could look very tall range in quite a few films.
Sam said on 2/Sep/14
At times, he looks like he could be James Stewart's cultured British distant cousin...and actor John Dall can look like his nephew, nice imaginary Stewart family tree.

Haha, anyway he could look somewhat variable. At times only a strong 6'1" and near enough 6'3" to seem it.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Sep/14
Yes Gonzalo I've seen the film and had thought Granger could look near 4 inches taller but that photo is a funny one!
Gonzalo said on 1/Sep/14
I think in that pic James Mason has ground advantage. In The prisoner of Zenda the difference between them was bigger than that, around 7-8 cms.
littlesue said on 31/Aug/14
I'd say 6ft 3 a bit more than 'solid tall' Arch, especially in the 40's and 50's where 5ft 8 was around average height for a bloke, its more than half a foot taller!!
Arch Stanton said on 31/Aug/14
Mmm, Click Here Granger does actually look max 6'1" there. I've seen a lot of his late 40s and 50s films but not seen that many early/later ones. I'll have to see some of the ones you mentioned Shadow. He sure had me fooled for a long time, I guess because he was often next to short co stars and with his long legs and slender build. He's definitely no shorter than Victor Mature though, although 6'1.5" for Mature might be more accurate.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Aug/14
LOL, Granger was nothing but a "solid tall" guy. Just look at the guy's legs. That was a legit tall guy. If Granger was 6'1" John Wayne needs a downgrade to 6'2.5-6'3, John Mills a downgrade to 5 ft 5 and James Mason a downgrade to 5'9" range!
littlesue said on 30/Aug/14
Fair enough Shadow2, I suppose no 'special effects' in those days to help them along. Interesting how in the 40's and 50's actors around 6ft 3 plus were popular on screen but the female height equivelent of 5ft 10 plus was hardly encouraged.
Shadow2 said on 29/Aug/14
littlesue, Granger had to appear about 6' 3" in lifts in "Scaramouche" in his confrontational scenes with "plot rival" Mel Ferrer who was that height. Similarly in scenes with 6' 3" Richard Anderson and Henry Wilcoxon. (There are images on the internet of Granger's special "Scaramouche" boots.) In "Gun Glory", Granger, playing a tough gunfighter, wore thick heeled cowboy boots (non hidden lifts) to be the same height as 6' 2" co-star Chill Wills playing his passive preacher friend. Movie roles back then occasionally required even tall lead actors to be equal in height on screen to their movie adversaries, or to their friendly "sidekicks". It gave their characters immediate authority.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Aug/14
LOL, lifts. @Sue in North to Alaska he looked 1.5-2 inches shorter than John Wayne who according to Capucine was wearing lifts.
littlesue said on 28/Aug/14
Why would a bloke that tall wear lifts?? back in the 50's 6ft 1 and 2 was extremely tall.
Shadow2 said on 27/Aug/14
I agree with littlesue, Granger was 6' 1". He wore lifts in several of his movies, such as "Scramouche", "Gun Glory", and (probably) "North to Alaska". But in "King Solomon's Mines" with 5' 11" Richard Carlson, "Green Fire" with 5' 11" Paul Douglas, "The Last Hunt" with (close to) 5' 11" Robert Taylor, and "The Little Hut" with 5' 11" David Niven, Granger is barely two inches taller than all these actors in their many scenes together with him. In his later starring role in TV's "Men from Shiloh" (aka "The Virginian"), Granger is the same height as 6' 1" co-stars Doug McClure and 6" 1" (while wearing his cowboy boots) James Drury. The footage is right there on the internet to see, as well as the TV movie "The Hound of the Baskervilles" where Granger is the same height as 6' 1" co-star Bernard Fox. Granger is a reminder that even "tallish" actors sometimes wear lifts in certain movie roles alongside even taller actors. It's a fact!
Arch Stanton said on 27/Aug/14
What baffles me though is how he could be 14 stone and Jimmy Stewart 9 stone odd!! Granger to me looked a thin guy, I thought he looked more 170 tops.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Aug/14
He didn't look 6'3" in North to Alaska I agree, especially if Wayne was slightly under 6'4". Regardless of Wayne's supposed lifts his proportions in North to Alaska seemed more 6'2". He really looked near 6'3" in films like King Sol, Salme, Caesar and Cleoptra, Prisoner of Zenda, Scarmouche etc.. Must be the long legs small torso thing which threw me but I could have sworn he looked taller a lot. As Sue says he doesn't look 6'3" next to Jean.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Aug/14
Rob didn't you ever get a near 6'3" impression in films like King Solomon's Mines? He looked similar in some films proportionally with the long legs and relatively small torso to Gregory Peck. He looked shorter than I remember him in his 40s and 50s films in North to Alaska though.
[Editor Rob: a guy like him could pass for near 6ft 3 at times, but I am not as convinced]
Arch Stanton said on 27/Aug/14
He looks taller than Victor Mature Sue.
littlesue said on 27/Aug/14
Its his pics with his wife Jean Simmons that makes me think he was only around 6ft 1, we established she was about 5ft 3 so no more than 5ft 5 in her high heels, you should read his autobiog, its a good laugh, funny man!
Gonzalo said on 27/Aug/14
Thanks for adding Granger, Editor Rob. I also believe Granger was 1`88.
Granger had a bunch of good films. I like him. Moonfleet is an excellent film
richkid123 said on 26/Aug/14
i always thought he was 6'3". could he be 6'2"-6'2.5"
Arch Stanton said on 26/Aug/14
He didn't quite look as tall as I'd thought actually in North to Alaska. In quite a few films he's given a near 6'3" impression but did look 188-9 in North. But was Wayne wearing lifts? Why would Capucine say he was if he wasn't??
Arch Stanton said on 26/Aug/14
Sue, he looked 2 inches taller on screen than somebody like Cary Grant! Got a good look at him next to Wayne in North to Alaska and although Capucine said Wayne was wearing lifts Wayne looks about 1.5 inches taller, sometimes it can look 2. I think 6'2.5" might be spot on, what do you think Rob? Click Here click direct download brown link and see 7 minutes and 1 hr29 for instance. Capucine said Wayne was wearing lifts and a toupee on set. But lifts or not he can look 189 in comparison.
littlesue said on 26/Aug/14
I never thought he looked this tall, more 6ft 1 at the most
Arch Stanton said on 26/Aug/14
He was in North to Alaska with John Wayne Click Here Wayne looks about 4cm taller there but we can't see footwear or ground and the angle isn't great. I'll watch the film I think and see how he compares. Generally I thought he looks nearer 6 ft 3 that 2 but I might be wrong.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Aug/14
OK this is taken from lower so he looks taller but look at his legs and frame Click Here He can look in very tall range at times.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Aug/14
Yeah can you add Caesar and Cleopatra and Salome.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Aug/14
Click Here With 6'2" Victor Mature. Definitely too lanky in frame IMO to only be a flat 6'2". I honestly think he looked 190cm.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Aug/14
Thanks Rob, much appreciated. Can you also add Caesar and Cleopatra? I really think though a flat 6 ft 2 is too low. John Wayne was also called 6 ft 2 at one point! I've seen probably 10 films of his and have got a good look at him and he consistently looked in the 6'2.5-6'3" range. You could argue 6'2.5" but I think a flat 6'2 is too low. In Waterloo Road he looked near a full head taller than John Mills.

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