How tall is Ted DiBiase

Ted DiBiase's Height

6ft ¾ in (184.8 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 3 (190.5 cm)
American Wrestler who was known as "The Million Dollar Man" during his WWF days. WWE lists him as being 6ft 1 260 lbs. In his book he mentioned how "I was six-four and weighed in at 250 pounds." In this convention photo, he had a fraction more footwear than me.

How tall is Ted DiBiase
5ft 8 Rob and Ted @ Collectormania Glasgow 2015

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Average Guess (58 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 2.79in (190cm)
Current: 6ft 1.1in (185.7cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Feb/21
I think now he could be 6ft1...he's done a Hogan in the sense that he claims surgery helped him regain height...The interview's out there somewhere..he said he was back up to his old height of almost 6ft4 or something like that
Tizwaxxx said on 19/Feb/21
6-2 peak
FriedChicken said on 19/Dec/20
I've seen several people like that before, scottster. It's not as rare as you're claiming.
Scottster said on 9/Dec/20
Hogan was 6’3” to 6’3 1/2”... I couldn’t give Ted more than a peak height of 6’1”. As far as all the height loss due to injury claims... it’s rare that much height is lost. Think about it... why would they repair a joint or spine and have it made shorter!? That’s ridiculous and not factual. More often you actually gain (restore) a slight amount of height from such operations.
Canson said on 18/Nov/20
His neck looks to be the first indicator of height loss imho
Canson said on 23/Oct/20
@Rampage: this is proof that these guys can lose significant height. Many don’t want to believe Hulk Hogan losing 2+ inches
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Oct/20
Looked a solid 6ft3 peak
James B 172cm said on 9/Jul/20
Rob you sure he was 6’3 peak? I mean Sid did tower him
Editor Rob
I think he typically looked over 6ft 2
movieguy12 said on 21/May/20
For guys like wrestler I can believe large height loss is much more likely than with actors. So probably was close to his claimed height.
Bazza said on 24/Sep/19
Easy 6'3 in his peak WWF days. Has lost a fair bit of height
62B said on 11/Sep/19
Myself said on 6/Aug/19
You lost height?

Yes, I have lost height. But not like Ted. I am now 50 and have lost between 3/4" and 1 ', Which I think is alot for my age. I do have stage 3 degenerative disks and a condition called ankylosing spondylitis, which effects the spine.
The Ben said on 13/Aug/19

I met Dibiase in 2008 and again in 2016 and in the those 8 years there was significant height loss, a lot id say from posture. He's now very stooped.
In 08 I'd have said a solid 6'2. In 2016 he was at max 6'1.
he may have lost even more height today.
viper said on 12/Aug/19
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/16
He said in an interview a while back that because of surgery (I think hip replacement, not sure) he's close to 6ft4 again

Myself said on 6/Aug/19
You lost height?
62B said on 21/Jul/19
Bobby said on 16/Jan/19
So, so he lost 2.25 inches. That's quite excessive. What did he do, injure his back or something? He doesn't even look that old.

Bobby. To me its crazy. I mean that's a lot of height to loose. But for sure Ted was at least my height in the early 90's. Of all the wrestlers I've seen up close, I think Ted is the one I am most confident about. I was eye to eye, and I had mirrors. We were essentially the same height. I think he may have even edged me out, but he did have that poofy hair. And I was every bit of 6'3" barefoot at the time. I think Ted and Hulk have lost about the same amount of height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/19
There’s barely anything between DiBiase and Virgil now
FrankR1 said on 17/May/19
Ted DiBiase was all of 6’3” in the 1980s, while a PWI article from 1994 listed his height at 6’4”. PWI rarely exaggerates wrestlers’ heights.
The Ben said on 29/Apr/19
6'2.5 Brendan with Dibiase and Virgil Click Here
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 16/Mar/19
Still over 185 imo, and easily 190 in his prime..
Look at how high the base of his neck is compared to Rob.
And he always had awful posture even in the 90's..
Bobby said on 16/Jan/19
So, so he lost 2.25 inches. That's quite excessive. What did he do, injure his back or something? He doesn't even look that old.
62B said on 30/Dec/18
@Sotiris. We were both in regular gym shoes. Maybe his were newer and had a thicker sole, but I don't know that. Even if he did I doubt it would have made that much of a difference. His hair was poofy while mine is flat so that could contribute to me thinking he edged me out. He was in my opinion a little taller in the shoes he was wearing than Duggan was in work type boots. Barefoot to barefoot I bet Dibiase was a good inch taller Than Duggan.
Sotiris Gravas said on 30/Dec/18
@62B I believe he was that tall next to you, but I question whether he had a major footwear advantage on you...

Look at King Kong Bundy w/ 6'1" peak height "Al Bundy" (Ed O'Neil):
Click Here Compare that w/ the pic of DiBiase and Bundy I already posted.

DiBiase (closer to camera) doesn't look as tall as he should here either w/ 6'1.5" (not 6'2") Bam Bam Bigelow:
Click Here

6'2.25" Lawrence Taylor w/ Bigelow... Click Here , Click Here
62B said on 28/Dec/18
Sotiris Gravas said on 27/Dec/18
Why does DiBiase look so short here w/ Sid...? Click Here

Very short next to Bundy... Click Here

Very short next to Vince... Click Here

Very short next to Stone Cold... Click Here

What gives...?

Posture, footwear, camera angles. Dibiase into the early 90's was an easy 6'3". Don't have to believe me, but like I've said before. I stood right next to him at the gym (full of mirrors) He was my height, possibly edged me out. I consistently measured 6'3 - 6'3 1/4" stocking foot at the time
Sotiris Gravas said on 27/Dec/18
Why does DiBiase look so short here w/ Sid...? Click Here

Very short next to Bundy... Click Here

Very short next to Vince... Click Here

Very short next to Stone Cold... Click Here

What gives...?
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Nov/18
Ah, sweet! Ted looks really pleased to meet you Rob, honoured even! What a nice, friendly man! 😊😄👏

Ted can have 6ft0.75 for today's height and 6ft3 for his peak. He is leaning inwardly but, being a wrestler, I imagine he's been measured as many times as he's been to the toilet - many, many times! 🤣🚽
Joeyb33 said on 18/Oct/18
I’m 6 foot 2.25 in the tank and my brother is 6 foot 3.25 in the hat. As you see here Ted is standing closer to the camera than the rest of us. Virgil was on his tip toes a bit lol. Check out Billy Gunn’s page and you’ll see me standing closer to camera than him. The camera angles and positioning really make a difference!

Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Sep/18
Nice picture!🤣👍
Bazza said on 23/Aug/18
Big guy in his peak if you watch back some of the classic clips from late 80s early 90s. Easy 6'3 perhaps a bit more.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/18
I think 6ft1-2 range for Wyatt personally. IRS looked a decent 6ft2 in his prime (possibly near 189cm) and is still roughly that mark today. DiBiase I put at a solid 6ft3
Mayfield said on 16/Apr/18
Assuming Luke Harper is the full 6'5 (and I believe he is), no way Wyatt could be 6'3
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 12/Apr/18

Wyatt usually looks 6'1" or so. I've never seen him look as tall as 6'3" though, not once.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/18
Bray Wyatt's a mystery to me. Really can appear from 6ft to 6ft3!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/18
IRS at 189cm potentially pushes DiBiase closer to 192cm. Ted looked 2in taller than Vince in the 80's-90s.
Mayfield said on 13/Mar/18
And at peak, I'm guessing IRS was 6'2 1/2, give or take a quarter. And wasn't much smaller than DiBiase. And today, he would edge out Ted. I'm guessing even today he could still linger around 6'2, since he appears taller than his 6'1 son Bray Wyatt
Danimal said on 7/Mar/18
He's lost A LOT of height. He used to be taller than I.R.S. (Mike Rotunda) and a few years ago they made a cameo appearance on RAW and Mike was taller than Ted. He had neck surgery, back, hip and knee I believe. He was a legit 6'3" man and at times could even pass for 6'4", but today I give him MAX 6'1" and that's being generous.
Jim Hopper said on 24/Dec/17
Peak around 6-3 two inches under peak Hogan.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/17
191/192cm peak, IMO.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Oct/17
Still find it hard to believe he's this low today.....
Mayfield said on 26/Jul/17
Rob, what do you make of these recent photos?

With Booker T Click Here
With Hacksaw Jim Duggan Click Here
With Mick Foley and Jake Roberts Click Here
Doink said on 5/May/17
Newspaper clipping from 1972 lists him as being a 6-4, 220 lb football player who signed a letter of intent with West Texas State
Click Here
Joey34 said on 12/Mar/17
Not sure if this has ever been posted here but this guy says he's 6'7 and Ted looks only 4 inches shorter than him Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Feb/17
Solid 191cm guy in the 80's at least. Was a genuinely big tall guy
berta said on 9/Feb/17
he looks 6 foot 1 in the photo. peak i have no idea looks big from 6 2 1/2 to 6 3 1/2. i guess 6 foot 3 is fair
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Nov/16
Steiner at his most jacked I can believe was 280-290lbs (during WCW days). Shocked that he's under 6ft though. I thought he was his billed 6ft1 at least. His mass made him look taller
Annonymous said on 30/Oct/16
Scott Steiner was 5'11'' barefoot, and 245-275 pounds depending on BF level.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/16
I don't think he's under 6ft1 today...and not under 6ft3 peak.
The Ben said on 19/Sep/16
I met him in 09 and I would have said a strong 6'3.
Meeting him in 2015 he looked a little shorter.
184guy said on 28/Aug/16
6'3.25 peak is very possible
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/16
Was a big 6ft3 guy in the 80's
62B said on 2/Aug/16
straightahead said on 28/Jul/16
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/16
He could pass for 6ft4 at times at peak.

Only next to other billed wrestlers. Next to proved 6'0 tops guys like Bret Hart and Vince McMahon, he looked 6'2 tops bust most likely 6'1 1/2.
And all these pathetic excuses...funny how the desperate heightlost card is being played as soon as the fanboys realize that their wrestling heroes wasnt as tall as their billed height

He was at least as tall as me around 1990 when I stood next to him at the YMCA. I was a strong 6'3" back then.
Peter 179cm said on 21/Jul/16
No more than 183cm,maybe 184 at most.Another generous listing,Rob...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/16
He could pass for 6ft4 at times at peak.
dicksock said on 20/Jul/16
dicksock said on 25/Jun/16
I don't know. He could be as much as 6" taller than Rob in that picture. He's seriously hunched over and still looks at least 4" taller. If Rob's a tad over 5'8", then I could definitely see Ted still being in the 6'1" range and possibly 6'2". He was probably about 6'3" in his prime; maybe 6'3.5". Didn't he email someone on this site claiming his peak was actually 6'3.75"? Perhaps that was his peak morning height and he rounded up to 6'4"?
Editor Rob:
If you only see Ted losing height and not me, then it is a biased observation because I am clearly not standing at 5ft 8 here ;)


No Robert, I get that you are trying to match his posture. Regardless, he has you by about 5". If you are a tad over 5'8" in this pic, he is at least 6'1". He definitely looks more than .75" taller than Bret Hart did next to you. I would put him at 6'1"-6'1.5" now and 6'3" in his prime. Buy hey, that's just my opinion.
62B said on 20/Jul/16
Here is a pic with Ted and Jim Duggan. Click Here I stood right behind Duggan at an airport in Louisiana. I felt Duggan and I were about the exact same height. Ted seems to edge him out too.
62B said on 16/Jul/16
6'3" is a fair listing. Standing right next to him he did seem to edge me out by a 1/4" or so, but I didn't pay attention to whether or not his gym shoes had a larger sole than mine or not.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 16/Jul/16
Candyman said on 14/Jul/16
Looks closer to 6'2" if he was able to stand straight.

Rob matches Teds Posture pretty good, so I doubt the gap would change with both standing straight
Candyman said on 14/Jul/16
Looks closer to 6'2" if he was able to stand straight.
T-Squared said on 27/Jun/16
Every time I recall seeing him next to IRS in promos or pictures they seemed almost identical with DiBiase having a small edge. I'd buy 6'3 peak for Ted and maybe slightly over 6'2 peak for IRS (Mike Rotunda). Footwear in pro wrestling makes it very tough to tell though, credit to Rob and the site for narrowing down a lot of the heights.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/16
I'm actually on Danimal's side here...
dicksock said on 25/Jun/16
I don't know. He could be as much as 6" taller than Rob in that picture. He's seriously hunched over and still looks at least 4" taller. If Rob's a tad over 5'8", then I could definitely see Ted still being in the 6'1" range and possibly 6'2". He was probably about 6'3" in his prime; maybe 6'3.5". Didn't he email someone on this site claiming his peak was actually 6'3.75"? Perhaps that was his peak morning height and he rounded up to 6'4"?
Editor Rob:
If you only see Ted losing height and not me, then it is a biased observation because I am clearly not standing at 5ft 8 here ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/16
He said in an interview a while back that because of surgery (I think hip replacement, not sure) he's close to 6ft4 again
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Feb/16
He did look close to 6ft4 in the 80's-90's.
Sam said on 23/Oct/15
His son Ted Dibiase Jr would probably just about edge him out today.
Shock said on 15/Oct/15
Ted was closer to 6'4" than 6'3" for probably just about his entire in ring career and after neck surgery, bulged discs, getting up there in age, etc he's basically 6'1" now. I recently discovered that bulged discs can really cut down on height. I have a friend who is 35, claimed 6'1" from high school up until maybe a couple years ago. He was never 6'1", maybe 6' on a very very good day, but I've seen him slip down to essentially 5'10" over the last several years. Discs, plus drastic weight changes, already lost almost 2" in height. It really hit him when he hadn't seen my best friend, who is close to 6'4", in many years, and his first reaction was "Wow did you get taller?" and I said "No dude, you've shrunk, a lot."
O.J. said on 6/Oct/15
Very close to 6'4 peak and around 6' flat today. Stone Cold was at least 6'2 peak so that would prove Ted's peak height. Stone Cold is 6'1 today. I saw him in person at a USA cable channel event 4 years ago.
Mighty_- said on 29/Sep/15
One of the few guy that actually looked at least as tall if not taller than he was billed, I wouldn't be surprised if he was 6'3.5" or even 6'4 with good posture ( had average - posture )
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 19/Sep/15
@Gerry if Piper was only 6ft like you said,there is no way so in this world to Hogan be taller than 6ft 4.5
Hogan never looks full 5inches taller than Piper
184.3cm (Night) said on 16/Sep/15
Sid again not looking under 6'7 there if Ted was 6'3 peak.
62B said on 16/Sep/15
Wow, all of a sudden people posting on Ted. I was right next to him around 1990 at the YMCA, I was right out of the Army when I measured 6'3" and occasionally 6'3 1/4", I felt he edged me out, but for sure he was no shorter than me at the time. I guess its possible he had a slight footwear advantage, but none that I noticed. We were both in gym shoes as we were working out. I was actually surprised to see him that tall.
Gerry said on 15/Sep/15
Aye RP id go with 5-11 peak for Steiner and at his heaviest steroid and HGH doses id guess his billed weight of 275 was genuine unlike the other wrestlers who usually add at least 30lbs.
RP said on 15/Sep/15
Scott Rechsteiner aka Scott Steiner was listed @ 6'0" & 196, 198 & 202 lbs while on the University Of Michigan's varsity wrestling team in 1986. However, noway to know if that was a true barefoot measurement or not?
Modeus said on 12/Sep/15
Quite impressive how he looks like a shrimp next to sid eudy who's raising his head up.
memememe said on 11/Sep/15
Now danimal, watch the clip on youtube with 6'5" peak razor ramon and youll see a 6'2" man. Piper was 6'0" peak. He had two inches on 5'10" bruno sammartino in pipers pit 1985.
Gerry said on 11/Sep/15
Anyone know what height Scott Steiner was at his peak? Id say 5-11 or so. Real big guy probably the best built wrestler of all time
linke said on 11/Sep/15
Aza said on 8/Sep/15
How tall is his son?

Ted Jr , I'll say 6'1.5, Mike 6'0 and Brett 5'9
Danimal said on 9/Sep/15
Ted next to Jesse Ventura in the late 80's:

Click Here

Ted next to then miniumum 6'1" Vince McMahon in the early-mid 90's:

Click Here

Ted next to then 6'1"+ Roddy Piper in the late 80's/early 1990's:

Click Here
memememe said on 8/Sep/15
Yea right. Strong 6'2 peak. Never 6'3.
Cliff said on 8/Sep/15
That's a THICK guy! :)
Aza said on 8/Sep/15
How tall is his son?
Aza said on 7/Sep/15
I can buy the listing given that Rob is adjusting his height to match the Million Dollar Man. Has lost a lot of height from his peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Sep/15
Minimum 3in on Bret Hart (solid 6ft peak).
Definitely a legit 6ft3 at least peak
Height183 said on 5/Sep/15
6'0''.75'' it is today. Rob has met the guy and he knows his heights.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 5/Sep/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/15
Looked all of 6ft3¾-6ft4 in the 80's. A very big man.

NEVER EVER looked that height barefoot.
Solid 6´3" in wrestlingboots.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/15
Looked all of 6ft3¾-6ft4 in the 80's. A very big man.
Andrea said on 3/Sep/15
Rob, it's funny how most of the time you remark the fact you're losing 3-4 cms in posture... Whats the sense of that? Why don't you stand at your tallest every time?
[Editor Rob: in a case like this it's matching posture, in an ideal world every actor would stand normal, if they don't then I can drop posture to match if I don't think asking for a pose will work.

I don't know if you ever watched The video in which I talked a bit about getting photos.

For instance with Harry Treadaway, a guy in front of me I watched with Harry and saw harry leaning in with him so thought better chance to get him standing better was back-to-back and I think it worked out perfectly. Similarly with jocko sims, that was ideal for a navy salute so we are both in good posture mode...]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/15
I thought he could look 6ft3-4 back in the day.
Shock said on 3/Sep/15
Considering how well he came out on Andre, Hogan and Jake in the late 80s, I would give Ted a mid 6'3" peak, He jumped down to 6'1" by the late 90s but hasn't lost much since.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 2/Sep/15
Peak 6´2"-6´2.5" can´t see full 6´3"

Today about 6´1" looks right
RP said on 2/Sep/15
Great illustration, Rob...after knowing you were also losing an bit in posture...then yeah...Ted is a max 6'1" now. And his heavy fat neck will pull him down to 6'0.75"
[Editor Rob: while of course none of us can say for sure, I think 6ft 2 is too high for him...]
RP said on 2/Sep/15
Height 183...young Steve Austin was a strong 6'1"...Ted is every bit 6'2.5" to 6'2.75" there IMO
Height183 said on 2/Sep/15
I don't think he was 6'3'' at all either. That's a huge stretch.

He doesn't even look quite 6'2'' here with Austin from back in the day.

Click Here
the shredder said on 2/Sep/15
Glover looks less than him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/15
Rob, could 6ft1 on the nose be closer?

I can also believe this.
[Editor Rob: I think he might measure near to it. I cannot believe he would measure near 6ft 2 though...

Incidentally here is The Rock and Ted in 2013...I would say the Rock has worse posture yet is still taller.
Danimal said on 1/Sep/15
He's clearly lose height. Was bare minimum 6'3" at his peak. You can see it in his posture. I'm sure if he stood straight he'd be close to 6'2" today.
RP said on 31/Aug/15
Peak Ted : 6'3" or 6'2.75"
Current: 6'2"
I'm still saying if he stood straight up with Rob & unhunch his'd definetly see 6'2"
[Editor Rob: if I stood up straight too, he'd still be 4 inches taller...but then you think I'm standing straight here, which says a lot :) Ted is standing no worse than is me standing well vs how I'm standing with Ted Click Here...about 4cm poorer than how I could stand.

which makes sense when you see of course Ted beside that
Near 6ft Crew and see the same guy beside Alberto Del Rio and Sam Jones to give a sense of actual 6ft 2 guys...
Sam said on 31/Aug/15
I knew he lost some height because I thought he looked an easy 6ft3 in his prime, now with Rob just 6ft1. Besides that he hasn't aged too much.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Aug/15
So Rob, you meeting him in person and thus being able to accurately gauge his stature isn't enough to give him a peak and current height?
[Editor Rob: ok, I'll put him what I think he would be today.]
Judd ISR said on 30/Aug/15
Judd ISR said on 30/Aug/15
Why the 6'3" peak? At 61 he could have lost averagely 0.25"
[Editor Rob: 20 years in a ring can do a lot of cartilage and disc damage. I think a fair whack of wrestlers by 60's lose far more than the average. How much he's lost is still debatable.

From this point of view, if Ali is 6'1-1.5" today he would have been 6'4" or more at peak...
I think 6'2" for this guy is just a nice gift! 1" at 61 is too much!
Judd ISR said on 30/Aug/15
Why the 6'3" peak? At 61 he could have lost averagely 0.25"
[Editor Rob: 20 years in a ring can do a lot of cartilage and disc damage. I think a fair whack of wrestlers by 60's lose far more than the average. How much he's lost is still debatable.
Alex 6'0 said on 30/Aug/15
6'1 is fair. The lowest you can argue is 6'0.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Aug/15
Rob, I'll ask again...hy is he listed at 6ft3 if you thought he wasn't over 6ft1?

You actually had 6ft3 as his peak and 6ft2 now
[Editor Rob: he's not really as much in limelight, but I mention that today he doesn't appear over 6ft 1 at the top.]
184.3cm (Night) said on 30/Aug/15
6 foot 1 now.
Mike said on 29/Aug/15
No way 5ft 11!
Powerhouse said on 29/Aug/15
6'1.5 now and 6'3 peak.
Matthew190 said on 29/Aug/15
WWE lists him at 6'1", Rob thought he wasn't over 6'1" in person... Why isn't he listed at 6'1"?
Nick said on 29/Aug/15
I think he could pass for 6'3" as he is clearly not standing straight in the picture. This is a very rare example of WWE billing someone shorter than they really are. A possible concern though Rob - Did he buy you off?!
[Editor Rob: if he measured over 6ft 1 I'd be very shocked, you can see him with Randy Orton as well.

Crew member who is near 6ft: DiBiase and Brian J Smith (another six footer).

That's the kind of height DiBiase looks in person, roughly 6ft, as I say he might still measure near 6ft 1 though, but he's miles off 6ft 3 in person.]
Tarinator said on 29/Aug/15
Not over 185 cm? Was it just his appearance? Is it kind of like how Kristen Nairn holds himself in public (height wise).
[Editor Rob: he walks about like a 6ft guy at times, that's how I thought he was up close, roughly around 6ft range, but may well measure 6ft 1 today.]
joe @@ said on 29/Aug/15
6'1 now
peak 6'3
RP said on 29/Aug/15
Guys, if Ted was to stand completely erect...5'8.25" Rob would come up to the tip of his nose. Making 61 year old Ted 6'2", maybe 6'2.25" with his big head. Peak Ted was absolutely 6'2.75" to 6'3". Rob, was this the impression you got while being beside him in person?
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 29/Aug/15
Rob,remember that we have a guy here on this site that met Ted in the early 90's and said that Ted was slightly taller than him.This guy said that he was 6ft3.25 and Ted about 6ft 3.5
Alex 6'0 said on 29/Aug/15
Height183, yea no more than 6'1. His peak was prob 6'3
Michael said on 29/Aug/15
1,91 for DiBiase is very exaggareted. He is about 1,86 (6-1,25) now and clearly shorter than The Rock (my estimation 1,90/6-2,75): Click Here
DiBiase with Sid in`95: Click Here Ted was about 1,88 (6-2) and Sid about 2,00/01 (6-7).
Height183 said on 29/Aug/15
6'1'' tops with Rob
Ras said on 28/Aug/15
5'11 now 6'1 peak.
BorkLaser said on 28/Aug/15
It's very very strange that WWE would list him at 6'1" on their site when he's still easily taller than that
Kourosh said on 28/Aug/15
is 6'3 his current height? Because in the photo i only see over 6'1 to be honest.
Rampage(-_- 🍀 -_-)Clover said on 28/Aug/15
Rob, why is he listed 6ft3 then?
Emil 182-183 cm said on 28/Aug/15
Peak height 6'3 and 6'1 range today?
Alex 6'0 said on 28/Aug/15
His peak was somewhere between 6'2 and 6'3. With Rob I think he looks 6'0.5 to maybe 6'1
Jim said on 28/Nov/14
6'3 plus peak now a little under 6'2.
62B said on 10/Jun/14
met him at the YMCA when I was in my prime at 6'3 1/4". He seemed a little taller than me, but not much.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Dec/13
"Peak height was 6ft 3.25in (191cm)"

Still looks tall now.
Sharpshooter7 said on 24/Feb/13
In any event, at Summerslam 1988, Dibiase comes off taller than Jesse Ventura, who this site lists at 6'4" peak.
Sharpshooter7 said on 17/Feb/13
Didn't a Celeb Height user once contact Dibiase and ask him straight up, with Dibiase replying he was 6'3.75" peak?
muta said on 24/Jul/12
I used to see Dibiase in person all the time in the early 80's and there is no doubt that he was at least 6'4''.. If he was shorter, it may have been 6'3.5'' or 6'3.75".. He actually looked over 6'4'' standing next to my dad is 6'1''. I do believe Dibiase is 6 foot 3 these days and minimum 6'2 3/4".. All these people saying 6'1'' and 6'2'' are nuts. He slouches alot.. When he stands straight up, the man is at least 6'3''.
adam 2 said on 4/Jan/12
Go to youtube and watch him in the NWO promos 1997. He doesnt look much shorter than Scott Hall. He does come across as a big guy. I`d say 6-3 and maybe some change peak.
Johnny said on 30/Dec/11
And What's DiBiase jr. Shoe Size ??
La SaLle said on 14/Jul/11
Had to be around 6'2''-6'3'' wasnt much shorter than brian lee aka fake undertaker who was billed at lowest 6'3'' and highest 6'7'' but as fake undertaker 6'10 1/2'' 6'11'' dibiase had to spread his legs apart to appear a great deal shorter. they were actually about the same. i give dibiase 6'3''
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/May/11
The camera angle is in his favour and he still fails to look taller than Chris. He never struck me as being 6ft3. The WWE (at the time WWF) always billed him at 6ft2...

6ft2.5(189cm) peak
6ft1.75(187cm) today
James said on 25/Mar/11
He's lost an impressive amount of height for his age
MsKitty said on 25/Feb/11
I would have guessed he was shorter than this...he was noticeably shorter than Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0 and Tosh is listed as being 6'3...he doesn't strike me as someone who would exaggerate his height. All I know is Daniel Tosh is very tall, and Ted Dibiase was shorter. I couldn't find a still of the two of them together, but take a look at the episode sometime. I suppose I should point out that Daniel was further away from the camera, and I guess I'm not sure if that would make him appear taller or not...
Vegas said on 7/Feb/11
plenty of footage showing duggan and dibiase around the same height too around that time, how can he be minimum 6'3 if that was his listing in college, he certainly wasn't ~3 inches taller than mike rotunda thats for sure, probably strong 6'2, look at the difference between dibiase next to lister in 1989 and legit 6'4 jeep swenson next to lister a few years in wcw, lister in same boots both times, dibiase was shorter than warlord who was shorter next to lister than swenson was..............
Danimal said on 6/Feb/11
Vegas says on 6/Feb/11
sticking with 6'2 range for this guy peak (somewhere in there), he was shorter than ~6'3 dick murdoch in the early 80s and he was college listed 6'3 in football in his early 20s so thats as tall as he was, if he was nearly 6'4 why didn't they list him so??

"This guy" was also at least 1" taller than 6'2" (YOUR CLAIM) Jim Duggan in the early 1980's.. Minimum 6'3" for a prime Ted Dibiase.
Vegas said on 6/Feb/11
sticking with 6'2 range for this guy peak (somewhere in there), he was shorter than ~6'3 dick murdoch in the early 80s and he was college listed 6'3 in football in his early 20s so thats as tall as he was, if he was nearly 6'4 why didn't they list him so??
muta said on 6/Feb/11
Actually it looks like he is the same height as the Spoiler and if he is shorter, it's like less than half of an inch which would make him around 6'3 3/4" which is how tall the man, himself said he is.. Dibiase Sr.has poor posture which makes him look shorter and only stands straight up at times.
The Ben said on 5/Feb/11
I have a photo with Ted and he has 3 inches on me and looks 6'3
People say I must be shorter than 6ft (Im not)
I have a photo with flair and i have him by 3 inches, He looks 5'9.
Dibiase is 6'3ish
dicksock said on 3/Feb/11
Here is Ted in his prime next to The Spoiler, who was listed at 6'4".
Click Here

Ted looks 1" shorter.
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/11
How can dibiase be listed 6'3 peak with no evidence to support it what so ever? he was clearly shorter than legit 6'3 Fred Ottman, he was 2 inches taller than 5'11 Shawn Michaels
linke said on 7/Jan/11
vegas,brett lists himself 5'9 on his myspace.I doubt he's over 5'9,however next to joe henning[6'2],he looks 5'10
Click Here
Click Here

ted jr like you mentioned is 6'1,i wonder how tall dibiase sr is now.Certainly not 6'2.At peak,he would've be taller than what ted jr is today.
Danimal said on 6/Jan/11
He's lost height (possibly due to his neck surgery, or his weight gain). He was taller than Mike Rotundo in the early 1990's and in November of this year, they were the same height.
linke said on 5/Jan/11
his sons are rather not as tall as him
Mike dibiase is billed at 6'1

ted jr clearly 6'1

and brett dibiase 5'8 or 5'9[billed 6]
yarbrough320 said on 29/Dec/10
ted dibiase is a legit big man id say his kayfabe height is prob accurate 6'3'' in prime
dicksock said on 24/Dec/10
Vegas says on 15/Dec/10
dicksock, i would take the height wrestlers give themselves with a pinch of salt, matt morgan told someone on here the other day that he was 7ft legit when asked, we have college listings for ted in his 20s and he was listed 6'3 in them and i noticed are listing him at 6'1 even though they have piper at 6'2 still

That is true about Morgan. But to be fair to Ted, he was never known for his size and height like Morgan is. So he would have less reason to lie in my opinion. Plus, Dibiase stacked up to Jesse Ventura really well. Jesse claimed 6'4" for himself and claims 6'3" now. Recently he was on the Howard Stern Show and Howard, who is 6'5" himself, mistook an old Ventura for 6'5". I seriously doubt Ventura was anything under 6'3.5" in his prime and Dibiase looked about his height. I believe the 6'3.75" claim. He looked close enough to it for me not to question. Also, if he was lying, why wouldn't he have just said 6'4"? Maybe that's the genius of it...
Vegas said on 15/Dec/10
dicksock, i would take the height wrestlers give themselves with a pinch of salt, matt morgan told someone on here the other day that he was 7ft legit when asked, we have college listings for ted in his 20s and he was listed 6'3 in them and i noticed are listing him at 6'1 even though they have piper at 6'2 still
linke said on 3/Dec/10
otunga does look 235 lbs atleast.
i-Clarke-93 said on 6/Jul/09
DiBiase with his 6'2 son Ted Jr.

Click Here
Vegas said on 21/Jun/09
i-Clarke-93 says on 21/Jun/09
Also Jacques Rougeau , who is a strong 6'2 was only billed at 6'1 as far as I know.

that would mean jacques was more than 4 inches taller than pierre, whom i met and have a photo with, he is about 5'10
i-Clarke-93 said on 21/Jun/09
Also Jacques Rougeau , who is a strong 6'2 was only billed at 6'1 as far as I know.
Electric Shock said on 20/Jun/09
Anonymous that's not true. There are multiple instances of wrestlers who are as tall (or even taller) than their bills.

Some that come to mind:

Christian (Billed 5'10" in the 90s; actually about 6'0.5")
Mideon (Billed 6'3"; actually a mid to high 6'5"; came out taller than John Tenta in a match who was a confirmed legit 6'5.75")

Ted Dibiase came out about 6 inches shorter than Andre, 2 inches shorter than Hogan, 2 inches taller than Jesse Ventura, and 4 inches taller than Randy Savage. It's my belief that he was just under 6'4".
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/09
He was BILLED to 6-3 which means he was nothing taller than 6-2 barefoot.
TELLEM said on 11/Jun/09
6'3 3/4 could have been his morning height.
i-Clarke-93 said on 7/Jun/09
I beleive Ted DiBiase when he says he was 6'3 3/4 , he did look this height at his peak.
Electric Shock said on 7/Jun/09
Click Here

Look at how Jesse comes out compared to Ted Dibiase. This site has The Body listed at 6'4". Either drop Jesse or bump up Dibiase. Dibiase at least an inch, maybe as much as 2 inches taller than Jesse.
... said on 5/Jun/09
if diBiase was 6'3 at his peak then Andre was at nothing under 6'11 and maybe 7'0...I would say DiBiase 6'3 and Andre 6'11 (1987-1989) Andre was probably 7'0 at his doubt..that man was huge,large,big,strong,tall and yeas he was a real GIANT..

DiBiase 6'3
Andre 70's 7'0
Andre Wrestlemania III - 1989 6'11
Andre 1991-1993 at his death 6'10 and 550 pounds
Robby said on 4/Jun/09
I disagree Anonymous. our good friend Ola also thinks that Dibiase was only 6'1.5". Ultimate Warrior is listed on this site at 6'1.5". here is some evidence that show that Dibiase measured closer to height with Hulk Hogan then Ultimate Warrior did. here is Dibiase and Hogan Click Here
Hogan and Warrior Click Here pics credited to Electric Shock.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
Dibiase was nothing above 6'1.5
Electric Shock said on 20/May/09
Robby, I think the reason Dibiase wasn't billed 6'4" is because he is a type of 6'3". My dad is 6'3.5" and just refers to himself as 6'3". I am 5'9 2/3" but I just call myself 5'9".

There are other guys like Rick Rude and Mick Foley who seem to come out about a half an inch over their bills. I don't know why this happens, but it does. Really, there was no excuse not to bill Dibiase 6'5", given that they were billing Boss Man 6'6" and Hogan 6'8".
Robby said on 19/May/09
I do remember that Warlord and Ted Dibiase teamed in one way or another for three straight years at the Survivor Series. 1989 they teamed with Barbarian and Zeus vs. Hogan, Demolition and Jake. 1990 they teamed in the Grand Finale with Rick Martel, Hercules and Paul Roma vs. Hogan, Warrior and Tito Santana and in 1991 with Flair and Mountie vs Piper, Bret Hart, Bulldog and Virgil. I remember them to be very close in height. almost dead on. I would say Dibiase is a little bit taller. If Dibiase is 6'3 3/4" then Warlord is 6'3.5"
Electric Shock said on 19/May/09

I believe you. I've actually gotten Ted Dibiase at approximately 6'3.75" before. I do believe the angle slightly favors Dibiase in that staredown I posted.

I could see putting Dibiase peak somewhere between 6'3.5" and 6'4".

Out of curiousity, what do you get for the Warlord? in 1989 I got Dibiase approximately .25" taller than him.
Robby said on 19/May/09
oops I mean 2" not 2.5". so I believe that Dibiase was 6'3". not 6'2.5" like I said before.
Robby said on 19/May/09
on Ted Dibiase myspace page(yes his actual page not a fan's) it says his height is 6'3" nice pics on your photobucket page. with Dibiase I see about 2.5" between him and Hogan.
Electric Shock said on 19/May/09
Click Here a bunch of wrestling heights I did based on Hulk Hogan. I also have many of these guys against each other. My friend and I have accumulated approximately 300 height comparisons.
Robby said on 18/May/09
you're right about Christian being under billed at 5'10" I do remember that now. yeah Christian is 6'0".
Like I said before I only see about one inch max between Ted Dibiase and the Big Bossman.

Hogan and Earthquake JT has done a lot of work with comparison's between the two Click Here and I put Hogan at 6'5" and Earthquake at what he was measured at 6'5 3/4" now Hogan could have been 6'5.5". again we're not talking about a huge amount of height difference here. definitely less then one inch in my opinion.

Electric Shock we will find out Dibiase's true height. Just give me some time on that. trust me on this one.
Electric Shock said on 18/May/09
Hogan was taller than Quake. I have seen the pics you use to dispute that, and in them Hogan is clearly in a bent stance doing the finger wag. In their MSG match from about April, Hogan clears Quake by .25" in even boots.

Ted Dibiase isn't the only person in wrestling history to be underbilled. Christian in the late 90s was billed 5'10"; he's no shorter than 6' even. Tugboat was also underbilled at 6'3". If Tugboat was only 6'3", then Earthquake was 6'4" max. Earthquake was also billed 6'4" at one point, which we know isn't true.

I have no idea why this is done, but underbills DO happen.

Big Boss Man btw, had a pretty small forehead. Eye height has NOTHING to do with where your head ends up. Yes Boss Man's eyes are higher, but they come out completely identical otherwise.
Robby said on 16/May/09
I am still sticking to my story. just like I am sure you're sticking to yours. Dibiase had a lot of hair on the top of head which gives him added height. so he seems taller then what he is. Hogan was more then 2" taller then Dibiase. I know on this site it says Hogan was a peak 6'6". I believe Hogan was 6'5" because Earthquake was clearly taller then Hogan. Dibiase at 6'4"? I just don't see that. he was billed at 6'3" 260 pounds. Why would they under bill him? in a world where they over bill wrestlers heights dramatically. Andre at 7'4"? what a joke. he was 7 feet tall at his peak. the Big Show when he went to WCW was billed at 7'4" when he came to WWF in 1999 he was 7'2" and now they bill him at 7 feet tall which is now believable. another example is that they had Bossman billed at 6'6" 357 pounds and he is barely taller then Dibiase was, as I said earlier was billed at 6'3". hey I am only saying that Bossman is only 1" taller its not like I am saying its 3". whether my picture stills with Bossman and Dibiase are accurate is debatable. I still believe Bossman is taller because his eye level is higher and Dibiase has that afro on the top of his head.
Electric Shock said on 16/May/09
Robby...neither of those shots have Dibiase in an equal stance with Boss Man. at the very end he stands up straight and their virtually identical.

Also the difference between Earthquake and Boss Man is NOT 2"+ it's more like 1 1/2. Earthquake is tip toeing, in superior foot wear and at a camera advantage and still doesn't come out the 2.75-2.5 you claimed.

Dibiase peak was no shorter than 6'4", and was more like 6'4.25". I've seen examples where Dibiase came out as tall as 6'4.5".

I'd be willing to go with Dibiase at 6'4", but no lower. Hogan doesn't even have 2 inches on Dibiase in their matches; are we going to bump Hogan down to 6'4.25" peak? Because that's the only way I could see Dibiase 6'2.5" peak.
Robby said on 10/May/09
Bossman Was a little bit taller then Dibiase on the Brother Love segment they had back in 1990. Click Here Click Here judging the height that Earthquake had over Bossman JT has some good comparison pics between those two Click Here I would say their is about 2.5" that Quake has on Bossman. I would put Earthquake at 6'5.5-6'6". he was actually measured at 6'5.75". Bossman 6'3"-6'3.5" Dibiase at 6'2.5" just my two cents
Anonymous said on 10/May/09
when bossman rejoined the wwf in 1998 he was only 35, no way did he lose 1.5 inches by 35, he was only 40 when he died
Electric Shock said on 10/May/09
Ted Dibiase was 6'4.25" in his prime. There's a staredown where he comes out exactly even with the Big Boss Man who was 6'4.25"-6'4.5" in his prime (by the attitude era, Boss Man was 6'3"). Neither man came out a full 2 inches on Hogan.
Robby said on 7/May/09
Hey Ben don't take what Ola says seriously. Ola has a hard time respecting other people's opinions and jumps down people's throats when they think differently from him. you're not the first person who Ola has offended. you won't be the last. Ola apparently doesn't read too well about how this website is suppose to be good natured. OLA= One Lousy Attitude in regards to people's opinions with a person's height or now it seems a person religious beliefs. Rob I beg you ban this guy. PLEASE! I am a christian and I am offended! he crossed a line by attacking a person's religious beliefs. what does that have to do with Ted Dibiase's Height? you crossed the line when you attack someone's beliefs.
The Ben said on 7/May/09
Ola im actually stood right next to dibiase... do you think i would say "hey ted you stand here while i take a few steps forward so i can make you look taller"... Ted looks heavier...well..fatter then he did in his wrestling days.. sometimes i dont think people realise how big wrestlers are.. i was 195lbs in that pic with dibiase and i look really skinny....
The Ben said on 7/May/09
Hey Rob you have Ola now insulting christians and christianity???? are you seriousy going to allow ignorant and hugely offensive coments like that? ola needs to go... That is seriously wrong!
TELLEM said on 6/May/09
that makes sense ben, dibiase without a doubt was 6'3 peak. and now about 6'2-6'2.5
Danimal said on 6/May/09
Was an EASY 6'3" in his prime (he claimed to be 6'4" in his prime). Stood taller than Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the early 80's. Could have dropped to 6'2" over the years.
The Ben said on 6/May/09
Click Here
Dibiase seemed 6'2.5 to 6'3 to me... I was totally suprised by his size and height... in his autobiography he talks about getting upto 350lbs and having health issues (IMO if dibiase could hit 350 then hogan could back in the day)
Ive met plenty of wrestlers who were much smaller then billed height, Animal, honky tonk man, christian, lance storm spring to mind... and ive met plenty who were taller... Tito santana, The mountie, Al snow....
Its so hard to judge heights on tv...
The Ben said on 6/May/09
I met Dibiase and from a distance i would say he looked 6ft... Very wide body and huge head.... When you get up close he's alot taller...Probabaly between 6,2 and 6,3.
Robby said on 5/May/09
ok I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say Tugboat had foot ware advantage over the Undertaker.. Did you watch the video and see the stare down between them? how is that five inches they were looking eye to eye and granted we know that Taker has that massive forehead. I would say Tugboat at his peak 6'4". we usually disagree Ola, but its only over 1" of height most of the time. which to me isn't a big deal.
Robby said on 4/May/09
I don't think Tugboat was 6'3". I believe he was taller. he measures up really good with the Undertaker(Taker's Peak height)this match was one of the first big matches Taker had either in late 90 or early 91(he was managed by Brother Love in this match). I believe Undertaker is 6'8" peak. I honestly don't see five inches of height between the two. Tugboat wasn't wearing lifts either.Click Here all I am saying is if Tugboat is 6'3" then Taker is only 6'6" I only see about 3 inches of height between them. so with that being said go on your rant Ola. you always entertain us.
kevin said on 26/Mar/09
i live in jackson, ms area and was on a flight with dibiase from atlanta 2 years ago. i'm 5' 10.5" and the overall impression i had at the gate was that dibiase (now retired) was nowhere near 6' 3". also had put on some serious pounds.
Red said on 23/Dec/08
Danimal :)
Sure his Body is broken down, but I don
Danimal said on 20/Dec/08
Dave B says on 19/Dec/08
Heck, Hogan is only 6'3" and 1/2 now. I remember when the Hulkster said he was 6'6" or 6'7" ....LOL. All these wresters "Fudge" their heights. People say that I am 6'5". I am only 6'3" and 1/2

Dave he wasn't fudging his height. He was a legit 6'6" man in his heyday. Mother nature has not been kind on Hogan.
Dave B said on 19/Dec/08
Heck, Hogan is only 6'3" and 1/2 now. I remember when the Hulkster said he was 6'6" or 6'7" ....LOL. All these wresters "Fudge" their heights. People say that I am 6'5". I am only 6'3" and 1/2
Hugh said on 20/Oct/08
6ft2 now sounds accurate. 6ft4ish at his peak maybe?
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
Hey, just because you're short, doesn't mean you've gotta bring other guys down. During his wrestling career, Ted Dibiase was 6'4". Back surgery can cause height loss. My uncle was 6'5" fell off a ladder and broke his spine. He needed surgery to repair it and is now 6'3". Hogan had the same thing done and lost almost 3"
Robby said on 15/Sep/08
Ted Dibiase might have been 6'3" in his wrestling boots. I don't buy it for his height barefoot. in my opinion and that's all it is, is my opinion this why this website was created as a forum where people express their opinions. some people take it too far and insult people and say their opinion is garbage and say its "laughable" yet those same people have been exposed in having One Lousy Assessment with how they view heights. but regardless its their opinion. I believe Dibiase was 6'2" at his peak. the reason his son looked taller is because his son was in wrestling boots. Dibiase was in flat dress shoes. yes people do lose height that's fact. its a scientific fact. some people do lose height and some people don't. some people get old and their stance suffers. some people who have played physical sports later in life their stance suffers. not all people who played physical sports lose height. Dibiase is probably 6'0.5" 6'1" right now. now why would you say he has lost height? I saw a shoot interview with Dibiase and he said he had chronic neck and back problems. he had neck surgery that ended his career in 1993. I know their have been instances where some guys could have the same problem's as Dibiase and not lose height. here is the difference Dibiase was slammed on his back 300 days a year for most of his career. if I was slammed on my back for 18 years I think I would walk hunched over. Wrestling may be entertainment but the risks for injuries are higher then ever and remember their is no off season in wrestling like their is in sports.
unknown said on 11/Sep/08
Ted dibiase in the early nineties was indeed a tall man! 6'3'' legit is really tall for a man. whats really ironic, is that ted dibiase wasnt much shorter than the fake undertaker brian lee. dibiase had to stand with his legs spread apart to appear much shorter. so today i believe 6'2'' right on.
Derek said on 10/Sep/08
Ola says on 10/Sep/08
"no one take me seriously" atleast i can prove my claims! so danimal... when did YOU prove your claims last time?! you have dibiase at 6'3-6'4 and bret hart at 5'10... the truth(which you dont like) is that dibiase was only 2-3 inches taller than bret and ric flair. do you also remember that you had vader at 6'3 and the rock at 6'2? yet the rock was the taller one by 1 inch... and how was it again with hulk hogan?! 6'6 right... yet he wasnt even 5 inches taller than your 5'10 bret hart... go home and do your math! then maybe some ppl here will take YOU seriously"

Everyone takes Danimal seriously before we take you seriously. You have no respect for others' opinions. Why do you assume Gene Hackman lost 3-4 inches? Not all people at 70 lost that much height, if any height at al. Hogan was slammed on his back daily for over 20 years and was a steroid user.
Danimal said on 10/Sep/08
Rob won't ban Ola, BECAUSE Ola bring A LOT of controversy to this site with his good cop/bad cop (bipolar) "ROUTINE". NO ONE takes him seriously and I don't think he even takes himself seriously. Rob won't get rid of him. As much as he bothers EVERYONE on here, he will stay, because all the rest of us are normal, but Ola.....Well, Ola is special ;).
Robby said on 9/Sep/08
do you have memory loss Ola??? you don't know who Will Ferrell is? Yet On July 22nd you said the following Ola says on 22/Jul/08
looked 5'11 since he was no way taller than jay leno at the tonight show. If you don't believe me look on Will Ferrell's page. I am certainly not talking any "crap" Ola! I am only pointing out what you said and making a mockery of your own words. I am sick and tired of you insulting people on their opinions. I mean scroll down on this very page and see the stuff you have said.
TELLEM said on 8/Sep/08
anybody who said they saw will ferrell at 5'11 shouldn't be taken serious anymore...dibiase's peak 6'2...
Robby said on 7/Sep/08
Ok Ola whatever you say. you're the same guy that said Will Ferrell is 5'11" you really like downgrading everybody. I have actually met some of the WCW wrestlers back in the day.1998 to be exact, at a Monday Nitro on March 30th, 1998 at the United Center in Chicago. Me and my friends knew what Hotel the wrestlers stayed at. I met Ric Flair, Lex Luger and Kevin Nash. Flair at the bar. Luger and Nash in the lobby. I am 5'9.5" barefoot. 5'10.5" with shoes. Flair was wearing dress shoes and he was taller then me. I would say 5'11 barefoot and 6' with shoes. judging from this pic that I had posted with Flair and Dibiase at 1991 Survivor Series. Dibiase had 3 inches on Flair. Click Here I would say Dibiase is 6'2" barefoot and 6'3" in boots. Dibiase was quite a bit taller then Gene Hackman who is listed at 6'2". lets say he is really 6'. then Dibiase still had Hackman by 3 inches. considering he was in his wrestling boots. probably 2 inches taller. Luger I would say was 6'3". Nash definitely 6'10" at that time. he was about a foot taller then me. absolutely huge huge man. these heights I listed for Flair, Dibiase, Nash and Luger are peak heights. Ola if you disagree, which I am sure you will. its your nature. I really don't care. no one takes you seriously anyways.
Derek said on 7/Sep/08
Ola says on 6/Sep/08
"give me a break! chris isnt even close to any 5'11 how in the heck can he be 6'1 1/2?! he havent prove he is 6'1 1/2 i believe he is 5'9 or so"

Are you that delusional? A 5'9" Chris means DiBiase is 5'10-5'10.5". Not possible.
question said on 5/Sep/08
The Guy in the picture named Chris at the top of this page says he is 6'1.5" Dibiase is clearly taller in that picture. so how is Dibiase barely 6'1"?
Derek said on 5/Sep/08
If you're getting slammed on your back regularly for 20+ years, you will lose a significant amount of height. Combine that with steroid use and it's only natural to lose height.
TELLEM said on 4/Sep/08
Ola says on 4/Sep/08
excuses excuses and again excuses... did borje salming shrink from the 1000's hits and 100's surgerys he got from his nhl career? dont think so... today at 56 yrs of age he is still 186 cm like he was back then! please drop your excuses

there not excuses...their facts...hogan was a steroid abuser...just like superstar billy graham whos claimed to lose 4 inches out of his own mouth...why don't u quit making excuses and face the FACTS!
TELLEM said on 3/Sep/08
did gene hackman continiously wrestle and take bumps on a wrestling mat like hogan? NO... so how we he shrink?
TELLEM said on 1/Sep/08
thats because dibiase was over 6'1...
Johnny said on 30/Aug/08
Maybe but:
1. The picture must have been taken about 20 years ago
2. If DiBiase is only 6
Johnny said on 27/Aug/08
Click Here
DiBiase with hackman who was said to be 6
TELLEM said on 7/Aug/08
bulldog died at the age of the hell would he loose height in his 30s?
Mr. R said on 6/Aug/08
Just curious...Is this about Ted Sr. or Jr? I engaged in my guilty pleasure and watched Raw last night and watched Batista/Cena win the tag team belt from Rhodes/Dibiase.
Alex2 said on 5/Aug/08
Bulldog could have lost height.
Robby said on 4/Aug/08
what I don't get is the guy in the picture with Dibiase, named Chris is 6'1.5" yet Dibiase is clearly taller then him. so how can Dibiase be 6'1.5"? the eye level is the same between the two. however Dibiase has a much larger and longer head.
Danimal said on 4/Aug/08
Ola says on 4/Aug/08
yes Danimal flair was maybe only 5'11 or a TAD taller in his very young days. but i just cant see dibiase close to 6'3 he wasnt 3-4 inches taller than flair but i could go for 2 1/2 inches taller which puts dibiase at 6'1 1/2 peak(around same height as the warrior) and that will make IRS indeed 6'1 since dibiase was only a tad taller than him. barry windham looked 3 inches taller than rotunda which makes him 6'4, also windham was not taller than scott hall(who i also believe was "only" 6'4 tops) now we have gone full circle ;)

Derek, bret hart had nothing more than 1 inch on bulldog and bret was nothing less than 5'11 so 5'10 for bulldog is the lowest we can go

Robby, warrior is standing more hunched down so i believe they are at the same height, also warrior dont have his legs straight as dibiase has... warrior is NOT shorter than dibiase

Ola, I met many of these men you speak of. I am only 5'9.5"-5'10" (you can see that by my pics). I am a pretty wide guy though. Anyways, I have met Davey Boy Smith and he was shorter than me (MAX 5'9"). I have met Bret Hart. He was my height exactly. I have met Ted Dibiase. He was around 6'2.5"-6'3". My 6'3" friend and him were the same height. I have met Jake the Snake Roberts. He was at least 6'4". He had my 6'2" step dad by at least 2", if not 3". I have also met the Iron Sheik. He was around my height.
TELLEM said on 4/Aug/08
hey rob how come u havnt posted that pic of bulldog and mamun to get some clarification?

[Editor Rob: I will one day but it isn't best angle unfortunately.]
Derek said on 4/Aug/08
Vegas- I think Mean Gene was 5'7"-8" at peak. I don't know about Ozzy Osbourne.
Vegas said on 4/Aug/08
Derek how tall do you think a peak mene gene and a peak ozzy osbourne were??
Derek said on 4/Aug/08
Ola- Bulldog was nothing over 5'9".
Danimal said on 3/Aug/08
Flair was 5'11" peak, 5'10" today. Dibiase (who I MET in Connecticut), was a tall as my 6'3" friend. We were in line right behind him at a restaurant. My friend is 6'3" and weighed 220 pounds was identical height with Ted, but looked THIN next to him. Dibiase had at least 40 pounds on my friend. At the very least, Dibiase was 6'2.5". IRS (Mike Rotundo) was MAX 6'2" and could have been as low as 6'1". Barry Windham (who he partnered with in the mid 80's) had about 3-4" on him.
TELLEM said on 3/Aug/08
lol vegas look at virgil's posture...stop making it so difficult...u just took pics of the times bret had great posture and virgil didn't...that doesn't convince me enough...virgil is taller than bret by .5 inch
Robby said on 3/Aug/08
Click Here
Click Here
in these pics Dibiase and The Warrior are standing next to each other. Dibiase is still taller then The Warrior. to get the best look I would recommend saving it and then zooming in and you see Dibiase is taller
Robby said on 2/Aug/08
Click Here
Click Here
some pictures from Dibiase vs. Warrior from their match in Japan from 1990. Dibiase is clearly taller then Warrior.
TELLEM said on 2/Aug/08
well vegas why dont u post those pics of bret and virgil? until then i believe virgil was taller than bret...its not just the shoulders but the head also u need to look at...
Derek said on 2/Aug/08
Vegas- Ted has definitely lost a good inch since his peak. Back in the early 90s, I believe he and IRS were the same height, or IRS was marginally taller. I remember they were pretty close.
Robby said on 1/Aug/08
From the 1991 Survivor Series Click Here
TELLEM said on 1/Aug/08
flair was 6'0 peak...remember a 5'11 peak flair would equal a 5'11 terry funk and a 5'9 tully blanchard
TELLEM said on 1/Aug/08
vegas, look at the video again...bret is shorter than virgil...look at the shoulders...and yea i thought it was b.s. from ppl claiming bulldog was 5'8...he was more like 5'10
Vegas said on 1/Aug/08
in that video hart is not shorter than virgil and that rules out 5'8 for british bulldog too

ted dibiase does look 6'2 next to vince here in january 1994 Click Here and here again next to flair in 1991 Click Here

dibiase suffered neck and spinal injuries which ended his career in 1994 so he has an excuse; he was clearly shorter than his ~6'2 son a few weeks ago on raw and clearly shorter than ~6'2 jim duggan last year on ppv
Derek said on 1/Aug/08
Ola says on 1/Aug/08
"I cant respect excuses! ppl dont lose several inches of height just like that, thats not gonna happen! (if you have 10 surgeries in the knee like your dad had, maybe) hogan and dibiase never had any 10 surgeries in their knees"

They were slammed on their backs for years on a daily basis. That's far worse than any surgery.
Robby said on 31/Jul/08
also my dad is 6'4" has had 5 surgeries on both knees after a skiing accident in 1998 and 5 surgeries later and one year in 1999 was measured at 6'2'5" hey Ola I don't care if it makes you sick. fine throw up. I don't care what you believe either. did you go up to Ted Dibiase and measure him??? no you didn't. so don't say its a FACT that he is this tall and FACT THIS. no its not. you have no respect for anyone else's opinion. you completely over react and **** on anyone who disagrees with you. if you believe Dibiase is barely over 6 feet tall fine. but don't **** on anyone's opinion who thinks differently then you.
Robby said on 30/Jul/08
I agree with the standing of what the website says that Dibiase was 6'3" at his peak and 6'2" 6'1.5" right now. you have to remember Dibiase has had numerous surgeries with his neck and knees. which do take away height. take Hulk Hogan for example. he was around 6'5"-6'6" in his peak and now around 6'3"-6'4" right now. people says that Dibiase's son was taller then his father. however Jr. was wearing wrestling boots and Sr. was wearing dress shoes. the only way heights will be factual is if you measure the people and have photo or video evidence until then its one's opinion. I believe what I believe. if you agree good. if you don't then fine its your opinion. if you want to sit there and lecture me about why my opinion is wrong then my answer is simple I d-o-n-t- c-a-r-e!
TELLEM said on 30/Jul/08
did u see the vid? huh? answer me?
TELLEM said on 29/Jul/08
dibiase had virgil (5'11) about 2 inches...maybe more...but here virgil looks about an inch taller than bret hart Click Here
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/08
I see that Ola you have already posted the segment on the brother love show with Dibiase and Bossman. I have a photobucket account and I have posted quite a bit face to face pics. some have face to face pics with Bossman and Hogan. I know that when WWF stars were on Family Feud, I wanna say Bossman and Crush were standing next to each other and Crush had 2" on Bossman. I would say 6'3.5" For Bossman in his prime. just my opinion. Click Here
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/08
Big Bossman is a good 6'3" if we agree that Ted Dibiase is 6'3". then Bossman is either 6'3.5" 6'4". he looked to have height on Dibiase on the Brother Love show when Bossman turned babyface here is the link and judge for yourselves. Click Here
Giant said on 25/Jul/08
I really want to know where you get this 6
Jason said on 20/Jun/08
IMO, 6'3'', peak, is too much - 6'4'' is crazy! I would say not more than 6'2''.
Lebowski said on 7/Jun/08
This one looks like a 3-3.5" difference from the definitely 6'6 hulk hogan (1979) versus DiBiasie. That would make a 6'2.5 to 6'3 Ted DiBiasie in his prime. period!
muta said on 13/Apr/08
There is no way he was only 6'1'' or even 6'2''. I've seen the man standing next to someone 6'1 1/2'' and he was at least two inches taller. This was in 1986 and he was taller than Ultimate Warrior because the
Warrior was Rock of the Blade Runners with Sting who was named Flash at first and they fought Dibiase and Dr. Death. Dibiase was taller than Rock.
Hugh said on 29/Mar/08
Could have been pushing 6ft4 at his peak.
Frank said on 17/May/07
I would say Ted was 6ft 3 peak he did look alittle taller than the 6ft 2ish Donald Trump
muta said on 21/Apr/07
I have no photos. I am only going by my personal experiences of seeing him every week in Shreveport, Louisiana from 1980-1986. The man was definitely six foot four but this was a long time ago. I admit he may be shorter now.
muta said on 24/Dec/06
I still say Ted Dibiase was 6'4'' in his prime and he maybe 6'3'' now but there is no way he has ever been shorter than that. I'm with Danimal.
Viper said on 21/Dec/06
Danimal said he looked close to 6-4 in person. Very strange. Maybe he was wearing lifts.
Jason said on 20/Dec/06
Warrior was 6'1'' at the very, very best BTW.
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/06
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Lawrence said on 12/Jun/06
The WWF consistantly billed the Million Dollar Man at 6'3, which wasn't much of a stretch, as say Hulk Hogan who was billed at 6'8 and was about three or four inches below that.
Jason said on 10/May/06
Didn't he used to say he was 6'4'' back in the 80s? He didn't become a Born Again Christian until after his ''Million Dollar Man'' days. At any rate, George Bush is an ''authentic Christian'' also. ;) WWE used to bill Dibiase as 6'3'' when he was The Million Dollar Man, I was a fan back when he was still in his old WWF days and I did used to believe it once upon a time until I found out the action in the ring and storylines weren't the only things that weren't real lol. Regardless of whatver Dibiase's real height is/was, it is interesting debating it with you, muta. Sure makes a nice change from the insults and that kind of thing one can unfortunately frequently incur debating stuff like this on the internet. :)
muta said on 9/May/06
Dibiase is a authentic christian who has no reason to lie. The man is 6'4". If that is the case, I guess we can't believe anybody is telling the truth. Everybody must be measured barefoot with a witness present but I can't complain, I love this website and I guess this is what this website is about. I appreciate your comments Jason, your a tough debator.
Jason said on 9/May/06
I wouldn't believe Dibiase because wrestlers are notorious for lying about their height, even in kayfabe let alone on tv playing their character. The guy never looked 6'3'' let alone 6'4''. 90%+ of wrestlers' heights are lied about, not just the big monsters.
muta said on 8/May/06
I was stating my opinion in reference to Mike Tyson's height and a couple of people argued saying if Mike Tyson said he was 5'10", he is 5'10", why is it not the case when Dibiase himself says he is 6'4". He has no reason to lie. It's not like he was this big monster of a wrestler that needed to be billed taller than he actually is.
Jason said on 8/May/06
Dibiase was shorter than both of the Natural Disasters, Earthquake and Typhoon. Typhoon was only 6'3'' - Click Here

Duggan was shorter than Sgt. Slaughter. I saw Slaughter in person in 2003 and he wasn't even a full 6'2'' - about 6'1 1/2''. He couldn't have been over the 6'3'' mark himself when he feuded with and teamed with Duggan in the early 90s.

Click Here
muta said on 7/May/06
Well I am talking 1980-1986. I know my dad is definitely 6'1.5" and I said he looked more than three inches but he may actually been two or two in a half inches taller. I know the Junkyard Dog and Hacksaw Jim Duggan were billed as 6'3" and 6'4" sometimes and he was taller than both of them. I hung out with Jim Duggan about three months ago and he was a legitimate 6'3" at the least.
Jason said on 7/May/06
Ted Dibiase looked more than 3 inches taller than your 6'1 1/2'' father? That would put him at at least 6'5''. Sorry, but Dibiase appearing 6'5'' is what's crazy. The only 6'2''-6'3'' wrestlers Dibiase was taller than are those with 6'2''-6'3'' BILLED heights.
muta said on 6/May/06
Ted Dibiase is definitely 6'4''. I saw him up close in person all the time in the early 80's. My father is 6'1.5" and Dibiase actually looked more than 3 inches taller and the man has said he is 6'4" . I don't know why the WWF billed him as 6'3" and anybody who says he is 6'1" or 6'2" is crazy. I'vc seen numerous of photos with Dibiase with other wrestlers who are 6'2"or 6'3" and he is taller than all of them. If you watch his interviews throughout the years, he never had good straight posture and I will admit that he appears to be an inch shorter or look it anyway but Danimal is correct.
Jason said on 11/Jan/06 - pic 5 of gallery 4 - 6'5'' Jim with Ted. Ted looks 6'2'' max there.
Danimal said on 9/Dec/05
Ted in his prime was 6'3"-6'4"...A friend of mine who now lives in NYC, used to live in Connecticut (headquarters of the WWF) and he used to frequent a restaurant where Ted and Brother Love used to go...My friend is 6'3" and 220 pounds and he felt small next to Ted...In the match against Hulk Hogan in 1979, when Hogan was at least 6'6"-6'7", Ted was only 2-3 inches shorter than Hogan. They gave him a weight of around 250 pounds and by 1985 he was 277 pounds, however during his reign in the WWF, he ranged between 248 pounds and 260, but was always listed at 6'3", but referred to himself as being 6'4" in interviews. I believe it...
J-Dog said on 7/Dec/05
In the picture he actually looks higher than 6'2". Not sure where any skepticism would actually be coming from with Ted? Why? The 6'1.5" is standing straight while Ted is slouching and is still taller.

[Editor Rob: I asked the guy in the picture what he thought and he said 6ft 2]
Texas Tom said on 7/Dec/05
Dibiase has a history of neck problems, and is well over 50. Probably has lost an inch or so since his prime. I'd give him 6-2 or a shade under now, 6-3 neighborhood back in the day.
wrestling said on 6/Dec/05
ted dibiase is 6'2" 1/2 (189cm) ... and yes hes leaning down ... used to get rated as 6'3" 245 ... not quite there TED ..

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