How tall is Thomas Ian Griffith

Thomas Ian Griffith's Height

6ft 4 ½ (194.3 cm)

American actor, best known for roles in Vampires, Timecop 2, Kull the Conqueror, Karate Kid III, Excessive Force and XXX. A 1998 Calgary Sun described him: "the 6 ft., 5 in. stage actor", although in 2021 he said "I'm Six-Four"

How tall is Thomas Ian Griffith
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Average Guess (56 Votes)
6ft 4.71in (194.9cm)
Canson said on 21/Apr/24
As listed may even be his low for the day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Sep/23
Looked lie a 6ft5 in the 90's. I'd definitely tweak this to 6ft4¾. Now, it is possibly he's lost a fraction but watching Cobra Kai I'd have still said he looked over 6ft4
181cmguy said on 30/Aug/23
I'm convinced that TIG was over 6'4 and 1/2 in his prime, that's why I'm giving him 3/4. I would even guess he was closer to the full 6'5 than this listing. If he has lost any height it isn't obvious to me. I wouldn't give him a peak and current yet, still don't think he's lost half an inch atm.
Lenad 5ft9.75ins said on 5/Jun/23
6'5 or damn close to it at peak. More a strong 6'4 now. Anything under 6'4 is a joke.
OriginalAnon said on 5/May/23
Looks very close to 6'5'' to me. Rob's listed height minimum. Could be a bit over that.
tedr said on 30/Apr/23
Supposed 6'4.5 Thomas with 6'5 Tony Todd somethings off

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/23
I'd say he's still bare minimum 6ft4 and quite possibly still close to 6ft4½. Might be a guy whose gone from just above that mark to just below, worst case. Still looked towering on Cobra Kai
400R said on 21/Mar/23
Could be a legit 6’5 in his prime. But he was always a bit hunched over because he was so tall.
5'7 Shorty said on 17/Mar/23
He is so tall!!! Dude is massive 6'4.75 Prime 6'4 flat today.
Slamo said on 27/Dec/22
Near 6-5 imo peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Dec/22
194.5-195cm peak is feasible. Looked closer to 6ft5 in Excessive Force than 6ft4. Today he probably can still clear 6ft4 by a bit.

Was never quite a full 6ft5 though but had the right build to seem taller on-screen. He’s proof that very tall guys can be convincing leading men. Had so much more potential.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/22
Rob, maybe 195cm peak?
1984here said on 28/Sep/22
Looked BIG in vampires. 6-5 legit
grizz said on 26/Sep/22
Dude is absolutely massive, even to this day. The best Cobra Kai villain, height plays a huge role in that.
Majestic Butterfly said on 12/Sep/22
doesn’t even look like he’s lost anything maybe about a half inch? but that’s all.
Seal said on 10/Sep/22
Rob, since the new cobra kai season 5 came out, do you think you could get Yuji Okumoto and Alicia Hannah Kim a page? they were both in the new season. Chozen looks 5'10" in season 4. Alicia Hannah looks a tad shorter than Peyton List. Maybe about 5'4 if I had to guess.
Andrey200 said on 6/Sep/22
Pulls off 195 range peak, was he 6’5 or 6’4 ¾ - 6’4 ⅞ though?
Andrey200 said on 12/Jun/22
Yeah I think peak and current might be needed Rob. Maybe 195 peak, a half inch less now?
Iceman1990 said on 11/Jun/22
Rob there should be a current height and peak if thomas met jake Roberts back in the 1980s and stood next to each other i bet they were the same height i give thomas 6ft5 peak and today around 6ft4
MrTBlack said on 12/May/22

I was always unsure about his 6’5” losing in the 90s. I think he would be shorter than Tiny Lister and Tony Todd at their peaks but does looks a strong 6’4” minimum.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/22
6ft5 peak still shouldn't be discounted. Looked in KK3 and Excessive Force. He could look genuinely massive in some scenes...
Andrey200 said on 26/Apr/22
Towers over everyone in Cobra Kai, probably in the 193-194 there. 195-196 range peak.
Seal said on 27/Mar/22
In Karate Kid 3, and in other films prior to cobra kai he looked this listing around 6ft 4.5 - 6ft 5. In Cobra Kai he still looked pretty huge, Although I feel like he gave more of a 6ft 4 flat impression or closer to 6ft 4 than to 5. I think he lost maybe 0.25-0.75 inches. Rob maybe time for a peak and current?
Yanis said on 5/Mar/22
Hey Rob, I feel like there should be two separate heights. Because nowadays he looks 6ft4, but his peak height was definitely 6ft4 and a half or 6ft5
william5'11 said on 24/Feb/22
This Guy is built like a orangutan! LOL. he is tall!. i think on cobra kai he looked 6'4 but i definitely think his peak was 6'5 back in the 80's.
JulianGP180 said on 17/Feb/22
En Karate Kid III me parecía que medía un 6'5
internet le da 1,96 a Griffith
Seal said on 31/Jan/22
Rob, how much do you think Thomas Ian Griffith weighs?
Editor Rob
maybe 220-25lbs
Spencer said on 22/Jan/22
He looks 6'4" and change in Season 4 of Cobra Kai.
Andrey200 said on 12/Jan/22
The average guess is good
Seal said on 11/Jan/22
I mean from Cobra Kai Season 4 my guess would've been as listed actually. In Karate Kid 3 I would've also guessed 6ft 4-4.5 but in Movies like Excessive Force I'd have thought him 6ft 5 or even taller than this looking at him with tony todd. He actually looked even taller than Todd in that movie. I mean in some movies /tv shows he looks 6ft 4-4.5 and in others he looks 6ft 5+ but given that he's claimed 6ft 4, he's probably a little shorter than 6ft 5. Maybe he had more sneaker than Tony todd in excessive force? I'm not sure. I definitely wouldn't rule out 6ft 4.75 but this listing seems fairly accurate in my opinion
Mickie said on 8/Jan/22
My impression seeing him on screen was 6'4". 6'4.5" peak is possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jan/22
Rob, maybe 6ft5 peak?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jan/22
Still looks huge in the new season of Cobra Kai
Daniel Lee said on 3/Jan/22
@Rob could add him to Martial Artist?

Click Here
He was a black belt before Karate Kid.
FrankR1 said on 2/Jan/22
If Thomas Ian Griffith was actually 6'4" (peak), as he claims, then he was a strong 6'4", who could pass for 6'5". He looked all of 6'5" in all of his roles in the 1980s and 1990s. In Vampires (1998), he looked even taller, almost as if he were wearing lifts, to be an even more imposing head vampire.
ChaosControl1 said on 2/Jan/22
Perhaps he claimed 6’4 cause he shrunk to it. He does look a good 4.5-5” on Love
Harryp said on 1/Jan/22

Have you seen him in Excessive Force with Tony Todd? His preak height is taller than Griffith at 6"5, I think Todd was definitely peak there and was a good inch shorter.
Editor Rob
I still need to rewatch it.
ChaosControl1 said on 1/Jan/22
He looks massive in Cobra Kai, I’d have believed 6’5 or near it but I guess that shows just how tall a legit 6’4.5 is!
Seal said on 31/Dec/21
Rob, Are you going to add him to the cobra kai cast? He was in the new season which came out today. Lol he will make the average male height of 5ft 9.4 rise very high.
Editor Rob
Of course :)
Seal said on 11/Dec/21
Yeah I don't think Thomas Ian Griffith has lost any noticeable height judging by this shot. But kove did shrink from 6ft 0.5 to 5ft 11.25 which is probably why he seems taller than he did back in KK3. In this shot he looks 6ft 4.5 - 6ft 4.75 when taking into account his legs are spread out a bit more than Kove's. Strange how he claims 6ft 4 when looking at him he seems even closer to 6ft 5 than to 4!
MrTBlack said on 11/Dec/21
I was always unsure on the 6’5” listing. But did look over 6’4” to me.
Seal said on 10/Dec/21
Hey rob, We finally got the new cobra kai season 4 trailer and we got Thomas Ian griffith in it Click Here 0:58. In this shot he's standing besides martin kove. Similar stance and bearfoot. Thomas Ian Griffith is spreading his legs a little bit more than Kove. What do you think of this Rob?
Editor Rob
seems about 5 inches, actually a bit more than it did back in the original kk3 from what I recall!
Seal said on 5/Dec/21
Rob, Once cobra kai season 4 comes out do you think you could take a look at Thomas Ian Griffith? At this point I think his height is tricky to tell whether its 6ft 4 or 6ft 5 or in the middle. In Excessive Force standing next to 6ft 5 peak tony todd he looked even taller than Todd. However in certain movies like KK3, it was tricky to tell because he was bending his neck a lot but when he was standing tall besides Martin Kove he looked 6ft 4 range. And in Kull the conqueror, he also looked more of a weak 6ft 5 next to 6ft 3.25 Kevin Sorbo. And since he's now 59, its possible he could've lost some height. Maybe 0.5-1 inches. He could well be 6ft 3.5-4 today. And maybe 6ft 4.5-5 in his prime. What do you think?
Editor Rob
yeah, we'll see how he looks this upcoming season. I expect he could have lost a little
Seal said on 26/Oct/21
Rob, Are you going to add him to the cobra kai cast? He was in the recent teaser. Also I'm pretty sure he's lost some height today Click Here He doesn't really look as tall as 6ft 4.5 in this teaser. If anything from this scene I'd think he looks maybe 2-3 inches taller than 5'11.25 Kove. Although it is pretty hard to tell
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Oct/21
Rob, could he be 6ft4 flat now maybe?

Or alternatively 6ft4¼ today and 6ft4¾ peak. What you have him at now is the shortest I'd argue peak. He'd edge out guys like Seagal, Neeson, Hoff and Goldblum and probably be similar zone to Tim Robbins or Vince Vaughn. With his build, he could really stand out in height
Editor Rob
At 59 1cm loss could be a possibility.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Oct/21
I didn't realize he'd downgraded nor that he'd claimed 6ft4

I suppose this mark is fair but remember a lot of legit 6ft5 guys claim 6ft4 to get parts....TIG fits the mold of the tall guy getting overlooked...Tim Robbins has claimed it as well
Seal said on 31/Aug/21
Rob, I know I already gave proof that TIG is a little shy of 6'5. But I was thinking in Excessive Force he did look a little bit taller than Tony todd in Excessive force. And besides He's 59 as of today. So Maybe he lost a little bit of height? I think maybe we need to add a peak height of 6'5. And current 6'4? Please respond rob?
Editor Rob
I need to rewatch the film like I said.
Seal said on 4/Aug/21
Thanks for replying Rob. I definitely agree with you. In KK3 he looked barely taller then 6'1 Kove. So when I found out google's listing after watching the movie I struggled to see 6'5. I always thought 6'3-6'4 range. How far do you think he would go with Tony Todd? I think he might also need a downgrade to 6'3.5 or 6'3.75. He looks about a solid inch shorter than Thomas Ian Griffith in excessive force. What do you think Rob? Please respond Rob?
Seal said on 3/Aug/21
Yo rob he just claimed 6'4 in this video Click Here. Maybe he needs a downgrade to 6'4.75? Him being shorter than 6'4.5 or him being taller than 6'5.5 seems impossible to me. Please respond Rob?
Editor Rob
Thanks for finding the claim, it's very honest and I suppose when you see him with Martin Kove back in KK3 he could look 6ft 4 range.
Seal said on 15/Jul/21
I think 6'5 for Thomas Ian Griffith is about right. In Vampire he was towering over everyone. in KK3, sure he looked shorter than 6'5. In KK3 he didn't look any taller than 6'3 probably due to camera angling and posture. Also with 6'3.5 with kevin Sorbo, he looked taller than him by 1-2 inches. So I think he is a weak 6'5. But this guys is Definitely not shorter than 6'4.5
Editor Rob
yeah in KK3 he seemed he could be 6ft 4-4.5 at times, though with a tall guy like that, just bending their neck down a bit and suddenly they lose an inch when talking to other folk.
Black Noir said on 15/Oct/20
Yo rob, idk if he slouched in Karate kid 3 but is he more 195.3 cm or 196.2 cm?
Jonathan Mechelli said on 17/Sep/20
I don't think he's 6ft 5. In the Karate Kid Part III Griffith has some scenes with actor Martin Kove who is 6ft 1/185cm. In their scenes together Griffith only looks slightly taller than Martin. Unless Martin Kove was wearing some special footwear with lifts/heels/boosts, I'd say Griffith is about 6ft 2, 6ft2.5 or 6ft 3 at most.
Jonathan Mechelli said on 17/Sep/20
Honestly, I don't know if Martin Kove (who is 6ft 1/185cm) was wearing any lifts in their scenes together in the Karate Kid part III, but Thomas Ian Griffith doesn't look too much taller than him, I'd say he looks about 6ft 2, 6ft 2.5 or 6ft 3 at the most. I mean their heights look nearly identical, there isn't a big difference between them, Griffith just looks slightly taller, and it doesn't seem that Martin Love was wearing any footwear with lifts/heels/boosters.
Canson said on 9/Sep/20
@Bobby: yea some guys that size don’t dip below 6’5”. I know in my case I only lose .75” or max 2 cm unless it’s an extreme low territory. I’m essentially the same as you 6’5” or 6’5 1/16” out of bed and 6’4.25-.3 afternoon height. My buddy who is an inch taller is 6’5.25” afternoon height and 6’6 flat out of bed
Juha Rekola said on 8/May/20
Could he have worn lifts while filming Vampires? I think he looked taller than 6'5 in that film, closer to 7 feet in some scenes!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jun/19
Not a full 2in between him and Sorbo
Dream(5'9.5") said on 8/Aug/18
He looks a weak 6'5" with Kevin Sorbo
tree said on 5/Aug/18
With 6ft3.25 Kevin Sorbo Click Here
MrTBlack said on 19/Jun/18
He’s generally looked more than just 6’4” to me but I think him being a weak 6’5” is more likely than a solid or strong one.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 11/May/18
Actually, now that you mentioned it Rob, I looked back at Karate Kid Part 3.

He did look 6'4.5-6'5" in this scene with Ralph.

Click Here

You definitely could be right. Maybe it's just camera angles or posture, but He doesn't really look over 6'5."
Dream(5'9.5 said on 6/May/18

That answer surprised me!

What made you think Bo would measure the taller of the two?

Was there a particular movie, TV show, or video where Griffith didn't look as tall as 6'5?
Editor Rob
Well there is a greater chance from what I've seen of Thomas to fall a little shy of 6ft 5 than Bo.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 3/May/18
Rob, how would this guy far with Bo Burnham?
Editor Rob
You could argue Bo as the stronger of the 6ft 5ers.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/17
Rob, could we add a photo and some more credits?

Karate Kid III, Excessive Force and Kull Th Conquerer

Interesting fact: He's younger than Ralph Macchio
Matt6'5 said on 6/Jul/17
Looked pretty massive on "One Tree Hill". Listing sounds accurate.
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
Rob, this is the most solid 6'5 claim actor. Perhaps an upgrade at 6'5.25?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/16
It'd be interesting to see him back to back with Tom Robbins. I think he may come out the stronger 6ft5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Mar/16
He looks massive in KK3. Made Ralph Macchio look like an 8 year old.
S.J.H said on 21/Jun/15
6ft5.25 top over tony todds
Shadow2 said on 3/May/15
When he played Rock Hudson in the TV movie in 1989 on Rock's life, Griffith seemed only three inches taller than William R. Moses (playing Marc Christian) who is no more than 6' 1". There seemed no reason to increase Moses' height artificially, as Rock was 6' 5" himself and Christian a lot shorter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Nov/14
Rob, you should add Karate Kid 3 to that line.

Definitely a solid 6ft5
KROC said on 23/Apr/14
Looks more of a solid 6'5 then Tony Todd...
Daniele said on 21/Sep/13
Taller than Sorbo in "Kull The Conqueror". He's at least 6'4.5, in line with Rob's aestimate...
Yaspaa said on 6/Jun/13
He has made too many 6'3 guys look diminutive.
R said on 30/Oct/12
not a chance is he anywhere near his claim that would make everybody in xx huge i give him 6'3 at best.
Tony said on 15/Oct/12
In my opinion, in "Excessive Force", Griffith 6'4.75" or 6'5"and Todd 6'4" or 6'4.5".
Hob said on 6/Aug/12
"Tony says on 3/Jul/11
Anonymous says on 29/Jun/10
He looks taller than 6'5" tony todd in "Excessive Force"

Yes, saw the movie and seems like about 1" difference "

Tony, if Thomas Ian Griffith is 6'5 and tony todd would really be 6'4.5, i watch Excessive Force twice during high school that still memory of sight i remember the tiny 0.5" different spoted. if not 6'6 goes for Thomas Ian Griffith and 6'5 for Tony Todd a less chance. Griffith maybe 6'5.5 and Todd is really hard to be under 6'4.75
LAN Jiao said on 26/Oct/11
lol.. think he only look 1/2" than 1" taller than todd. someone point Thomas Ian Griffith as low as 6'4 that would make todd 6'3.5 and many say 6'4.5 than tony todd 6'4. i think he is right at 6'5.25 and todd is 6'4.75
Tony said on 3/Jul/11
Anonymous says on 29/Jun/10
He looks taller than 6'5" tony todd in "Excessive Force"

Yes, saw the movie and seems like about 1" difference
me said on 11/Apr/11
6'4" and 95 kilos..he looks pretty big..
Manuel said on 11/Apr/11
I think about 6'4" and 6'5 1,95cm i would Karate kid 3 in some moments he is withouth shoes when training while Daniel is wearing sport shoes before Miyaguis fight...and about 90 kilos weight i would say.
Tony said on 12/Mar/11
thebad7, in the movie "Excessive Force" he looks taller than Tony Todd. 6'5" seems correct.
thebad7 said on 10/Mar/11
I think 6'5" is a bit of a stretch for him. Next to (approx.) 6'1" Martin Kove in the third KARATE KID installment, he looks about 3"-3.5" taller. I think 6'4" or 6'4 1/2" is more likely for TIG. Either way, he played a great villain--too bad he doesn't appear in more projects.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/11
Between 6"4 and 6"5...194cm or 195cm
yoyo said on 9/Jan/09
he looks as tall as 195ish Tony Todd. This guy can't be lower 6ft4. trust me.
el toppo said on 6/Oct/08
This guy is a giant! In JC's Vampires he towers over everybody! (most pointless. post. ever!)
Nick00 said on 30/Oct/07
I'm pretty sure he's at very least 6'4 because he towers over James Woods or John Carpenter in the Vampires photos. Also, being such a tall guy he doesn't stand perfectly straight(like we average people do) which may take away 1/2 inch. Either way he is a huge 194-195cm man.
Red said on 6/Jun/07
Looking at him in Karate Kid 3, id say a legit 6 ft 5, he looks pretty big too, could anyone estimate his weight? Id give him 200 lbs (91 kilos) in KK1, in one or two 90s action films i saw with him id say as much as 230 lbs (105 kilos) in Hollow Point, im serious! A big guy, good actor too, underrated, has some decent action films.
Rooster said on 16/May/07
I met him back in 99 & I'm 6'2 barefoot...I was wearing combat boots with 1 1/4 heels...He was wearing some sneakers that did'nt have even an inch heel on them...He still was right around 6'5...I would say probably 6'4 1/2 barefoot...No less...
talker said on 20/Feb/07
in 1996 this guy in movie Hollow point with Donald Sutherland was clearly 6'5".
Louie John Buluran said on 12/Oct/06
Click Here

This is a clip of him and John Kreese look at this pictures
Sid said on 24/Aug/06
In early 90's action movie EXCESSIVE FORCE Griffith and 6-5 TONY TODD played cop partners. A lot of scenes of them together and seeing them closeup and head toe shots. Griffith was taller by at least an inch so he is a legit 6-5 if not more.
187 said on 16/May/06
This guy looks almost exactaly like Steven Seagal in Karate Kid 3.
Big Show said on 15/Feb/06
In Kull the Conqueror he didn't look to be more than half an inch taller than Kevin Sorbo, but then again in Vampires he towered over everybody. I'd say 6'4.

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