How tall is William Zabka

William Zabka's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

American actor best known for playing Johnny in The Karate Kid, Back To School and Just One of the Guys. On TV he had a role in The Equalizer.

William with Ralph Macchio
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (108 Votes)
5ft 10.96in (180.2cm)
FF14 ENJOYING GAMER CLUBS said on 29/Aug/23
I think William was like 178cm in KK1 barefoot and with shoes, like 180cm or 181cm depending on types of shoes he’s putting on. Nowadays, I can’t see him no longer taller than 5’9.5. He’s could be just a bit taller than 173.5cm Daniel. He could be 174cm barefoot and like 176cm or 177cm with shoes. If he was in a very lucky day, maybe 176cm barefoot and like 178cm or 179cm with shoes.
Weak5'11james said on 28/Aug/23
Peak: 5'11
Now: 5'10.5
FF14 ENJOYING GAMER CLUBS said on 26/Aug/23
I think William was like 178cm in KK1 barefoot and with shoes, like 180cm or 181cm depending on types of shoes he’s putting on. Nowadays, I can’t see him no longer taller than 5’9.5. He’s could be just a bit taller than 173.5cm Daniel. He could be 174cm barefoot and like 176cm or 177cm with shoes.
Abdulrahman said on 19/Dec/22
181.8-180.0 cm.

Solid 5’11.
Abdul-DK said on 20/Nov/22
180.3 cm.
Lucas R said on 26/Sep/22
Depending on his posture and who he's standing near, in Cobra Kai, William Zabka seems to appear between 5'10 and 6' (178-183). I think he might be around 181-182cm tall, either morning or afternoon height, so 5'11¼ or 5'11½ roughly.
Alphonse said on 23/Jul/22
Solid 5ft11 guy
Abdul-DK said on 18/Jul/22
He looked about 5’10 in Cobra Kai.
mnecro2602 said on 20/Jun/22
Can't see him over a strong 5'10" next to Ralph Macchio(who I think is Rob's height twin):

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Rob / Lewis : Click Here
Zabka / Macchio : Click Here
Seal said on 9/Mar/22
Yo rob, Owen Morgan, the actor who played Bert in Cobra Kai turned 18 today. How tall do you think he is? And can he get a page? Looked much shorter than Jacob bertrand in recent season.
Editor Rob
Not so sure on that kid.
Go boy said on 6/Mar/22
Rob according to my doctor office I'm 178 cm barefoot but when I use tape measure 73 inches touches my forehead with shoes
Editor Rob
You'd expect maybe 1-1.25 inch difference from barefoot to a shoe height.

Hard to know which is really correct, but I'd check my height barefoot against your own wall again and see what you get.

You might find if you stood beside Zabka, you'd be a bit shorter than him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/22
I thought he was over 6ft for years
Seal said on 7/Feb/22
Lol, On google today, they just updated his height from 5ft 11 to 6ft 1 😂. When will google learn not to inflate height so much. 🤦‍♂️
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/22
Listed 6ft0½(184cm) on many sites. Not impossible in shoes?
Editor Rob
I did mention a while ago, when you see him With Downey and Terry Farrel, he could look maybe 5ft 11 and change, without knowing about his footwear. Downey had I think normal shoes, Terry I think thinner white footwear on.
Jayk said on 18/Jan/22
5ft11 on the dot if we were meet in person im pretty postive we would be the same.
Keith 5'10 said on 16/Jan/22
About Yuji Okumoto. He gave me a impression of being around 6'0 in Karate Kid 2. Even in the training scene in Season 3 of Cobra Kai, he looked taller than Ralph (Click Here). Zabka never looks this tall with Ralph imo
Seal said on 11/Nov/21
I always thought he was a solid 6ft but looking at him in Cobra Kai next to Macchio he looks barely taller. I think he's more of a weak 5ft 11. Maybe 5ft 10.5. Looks a 1.5-2 inch difference between him and macchio. So I think 5ft 10.5
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Sep/21
In my humble opinion, William could pass for the son of the late darts player, Eric Bristow. He is, however, 4" shorter than Eric's 6ft3. I'll have to check Will out in 'The Equalizer', my copy of which is still waiting to be watched. 😏📺

I wondered why Edward Woodward was on William's page, but that bit of reading up top soon enlightened me. 👍 I watched the original series when I was a kid and it, coupled with a cop drama called 'The Expert', starring 'The Great Escape' actor, Nigel Stock, were the top two cop dramas from my juvenile point of view!

I think if I saw them nowadays, I'd still find them tense and scary. One episode of 'The Expert' gave me nightmares for years - honestly! 🤭

Stinky 186 cm said on 31/Aug/21
I’d say 5’ 11” on the dot
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 22/Jul/21
He looks more than this in Cobra Kai. He can actually pull off a tall impression so he’s gotta be 181-182 cause at least that’s tallISH
Seal said on 21/Jul/21
I think Yuji Okumoto is the same height as he was back in KK2 but I think its just that Ralph got a little taller.
Seal said on 19/Jul/21
5'11 seems about right. He's definitely not shorter than 5'10.5. And in cobra kai he looked about 5'11. Definitely close to Martin Kove who is about 5'11 also. I disagree with what some people said about Yuji Okumoto. In Cobra Kai he wasn't barely taller than Ralph. I would say he was a good 2.5-3 inches. Yuji is definitely taller than Zabka imo. Ralph Macchio definitely looks taller on cobra kai than he actually is irl. He looked almost the same height as Zabka in Cobra Kai. Maybe just 1 inch difference. With Yuji it was a good 2-3 inches difference in S3 E5 of cobra kai. Yuji is also taller than Sean kanan who is also about 6'0 or maybe 5'11.5 Click Here Check that link. So I think Yuji Okumoto is 6'0. He might look 5'10-10.5 and shorter than he did back in KK2 but I think he is about the same height as he was back in KK2. Maybe he just looks shorter because of his hair now compared to in the 80s? Idk this is just a guess. I could be wrong but this is just my opinion. Yuji is 6'0
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/21
Not below 5ft11 and I can see an argument for 181cm
Steven Stinson said on 20/Feb/21
Rob maybe 181 peak and 1/2 inch loss now
MrTBlack said on 17/Feb/21

Zabka posted his height as “6’0” when his MySpace page was up. I wish it was still live cause it would be good to use as a reference for his claim.
MrTBlack said on 17/Feb/21
@Rob I know your height request page is down but Yuji Okumoto was in Cobra Kai Season 3 as “Chosen” and he’s definitely no longer 5’11.5” next to Macchio. I’d say he looked 5’10-5’10.5” range next to him as he was barely taller. I’d say he was probably 5’11.25” back in KK2 but you should definitely add him and have a look at Okumoto in KK2 and Cobra Kai Season 3.
Editor Rob
He may have lost a fraction, but I'm not sure like 2cm...I can see how he looks weak 5ft 11 today.
Peter 180cm said on 14/Feb/21
Looks 179cm.
Chowdhury Quaseed said on 8/Feb/21
Thanks a lot Rob, for the reply. Yes, I think it could be the camera was held at chest level. Rather than a straight shot at the face . Yes I think he could be a very good 5-11 guy, who with shoes and hair could look 6feet or 6 feet half an inch in front of the scale if properly photographed.

Rob... can you please tell me as an expert.... lets say a 6 feet person stands in front of a mug shot scale wearing lets say dress shoes and has pretty much regular hair cut and gelled ( hence quite flattened ) much would such a guy look ? This is very important. Please reply...
Editor Rob

Really there's a few variables, it's something which can be a guess as to how much it might add...

There's a few factors like how high up the camera is, the focal length of lens and how close (or far) the camera is from the subject.

Maybe one day I could redo a video showing mugshot and camera differences...
Greg Matty said on 3/Feb/21
Regarding why Zabka looked 6'2" in his mugshot in Cobra Kai . . . well he didn't look that tall . . . Johnny Lawrence looked that tall. And it is because he is a fictional bad guy and they always want bad guys to look big and intimidating.

As far as looking bigger in Cobra Kai than the original Karate Kid movie . . . back then he was . . . a kid. He is, of course, a grown adult now and looks like he may have spent time in the gym building up his body and simply looks less like a kid and more like a fully grown adult.
kevin mask said on 26/Jan/21
he looked 6'1" in karate kid 1, watched the movie again after watching Cobra Kai and he now he seems shorter in the latter to me, how do you explain that?
Tizwaxxx said on 24/Jan/21
Weak 5-11 here imo
Willy5'10 said on 23/Jan/21
Definitely a 5’11 guy for sure. 6’ isn’t to off but I agree with 5’11. He definitely looks a little under 6 feet
Axel Lextor said on 21/Jan/21
Big Rob do you think that in karate kid 1 the average 178 or 5'10? And if so, why did he get so much out of everyone?
Editor Rob
yeah I feel he still was gaining height around making Karate Kid and maybe had another inch or so growth.
Chowdhury Quaseed said on 18/Jan/21 cobra kai season 3 possibly there is a scene of zabka having a mugshot taken. Why does he look 6 h2.5 there. He wears flattish shoes and his hair is also quite flat. At most shoes and hair should not have added over 1 to 1.5 inches. Whicch on a 5-11 person would make him look 6-0.5 to 6-1 tops. Where did that extra 1.5 inch come from? Did they Deliberately pull tje markings down a bit to make him look taller? I also would not place him at over 6 feet from visual guessing. Rob please reply to me...
Editor Rob
Maybe he stood in front and the camera was low enough to add a few inches.
Patm said on 2/Jan/21
Weak 5ft11.75 peak, little over 5ft11 today, looks too strong off a 5ft11 guy on cobra main to just be 5ft11
Black Noir said on 1/Jan/21
Rob, in cm how tall do u think Yuji Okumoto is? And will he get a page
Editor Rob
would need to look at him
BR said on 12/Nov/20
I guess he was about 5'10" during production of Karate Kid since he was about 17-18 at the time, then shot up around 5'11".
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Oct/20
I'll have to keep an eye open for William next time I see 'The Equalizer'. I can see 5ft11 for him from the picture, yes!

⭐ It's a nice finishing touch for this page to have a picture of the late Edward Woodward, who starred in the original series of 'The Equalizer' many moons ago.

Keith 5'10 said on 28/Sep/20
He is easy 2 inches taller than Ralph.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here (bad posture from Zabka, he looks close in height with Ralph on this one)

I think that Macchio wears thick shoes in some scenes from Cobra Kai too
Jason H said on 26/Sep/20
They look almost the exact same height on Cobra Kai. If Ralph is 5’9 William can’t be more than 5’10 or a shade over.
Ferris said on 25/Sep/20
Yo Rob, Could u add him to Martial Artists category?
QM6'1QM said on 23/Sep/20
Face of Larry Bird :)
Slim 6'1" said on 21/Sep/20
He’d have 5cm on Ralph machio
Slim 6'1" said on 21/Sep/20
Weak 5’11”
Black Noir said on 12/Sep/20
Hey rob, what changed ur mind to Ralph being 5’9? And how tf can Ralph or others like him keep growing lol.. Cause I think my brother who’s 20 had grown a little more despite having a few sleeping disorders
Editor Rob
against other celebs he could pass for 5ft 9 and with Zabka who is near 5ft 11 he can seem near it. I'm not convinced in person he is a full 5ft 9 though, so almost that mark might be a fair figure. The 8.5 as mentioned comes from his biography at age 24, it's the figure he'd have on his bio sheet.
Alex1.1 said on 29/Aug/20
I think 5.10ft or 5.10 1/2
Aaron Rosales said on 27/Jun/20
Rob do you think William grew after karate kid? I stopped growing at 18, :(
Editor Rob
I would have said he still gained a bit of height after filming.
Ryan Gahm said on 6/Jun/20
Ah metallica man he might have been 6ft at one point but now he’s probably 5,11 and 3 quarters
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jun/20
That kid looks 6ft1 range w/h Zabka
Keith 5'10 said on 30/May/20
Hi Rob!
How tall looks Gianni Decenzo with William?
Click Here
A page for him will be great
He gave his height here:
Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks a six footer there. At 16 and almost 6ft like that claim, he could be near it.
JW23 said on 19/Apr/20
@ 00:19
Click Here

Rob in your expert opinion how tall was William Zabka in this scene please?
Editor Rob
Could seem at most 5ft 10 when filming that. A couple of years after KK he was in that Back to School, you can see him with Downey Jr and Terry Farrel, he holds up reasonably well there.
BT said on 9/Dec/19
Nice upgrade, Rob. He did look similar to Radnor and Brady on HIMYM, not much shorter than NPH either.
Keith 5'10 said on 20/Nov/19
@ben stevens - Maybe just under 5'8, he is smaller than Xolo Maridueña and i don't think that Xolo is more than 5'8 (5'8.5" max.)
But Jacob looks at least an inch taller than Peyton List
ben stevens said on 16/Nov/19
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Jacob Bertrand (Hawk) is? I would say 5ft 8 but I'm not very sure.
Editor Rob
Somewhere in 5ft 8 range, I remember somebody mentioned he once claimed 5ft 8 3/4
FE said on 28/Sep/19
@Editor Rob,

I think Yuji Okumoto needs a page?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
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Click Here
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Click Here
Click Here
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Click Here
Click Here
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Click Here

Danny Kamekona (5’9.5”), James Lew (Listed 5’9”), Thom Matthews (Listed 6’0”) and Ping Wu (Listed 5’7.5”)
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Mary Page Keller (Listed 176cm), Gretchen Egolf (Listed 5’9”), Duane Davis (Listed 6’4”) and Antonio Sabato jr (Listed 6’0”)
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It’s been long overdue! from what I’ve seen at his peak, I think 5’11.25-11.5” Range would be fair for him.
He looks like a 181-2cm Range guy, Not quite a Solid 6 footer like Russell Wong.

Do u agree Rob?
Editor Rob
5ft 11.5 might be possible for him
Kavi Singh Gill said on 18/Aug/19
Danimal has some pretty good evidence however the thing is we don't know if Xolo is really the full 5'8" either or whether Vanessa Rubio is really 5'10". Celebrities tend to exaggerate their height. Watch around 25:04 of cobra kai season 1 episode 1, Ralph is a bit under 5'9" and doesn't look to be 3 inches shorter than Zabka: Click Here I'd say it's safe to guess 5'11".
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 6/Jun/19
William with 5'10" Vanessa Rubio: Click Here
William with 5'8" Xolo Mariduena: Click Here
William with 5'8.5" Chad McQueen: Click Here
celebheights lover said on 29/May/19
hey rob, huge fan of the site!

just wondering how tall solo mariduena is, like in feet and inches?
Editor Rob
Could be 5ft 8
heightdude said on 13/May/19
Hey Rob, how tall would you say Xolo Maridueña from Cobra Kai is?
Editor Rob
He seems average range
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 1/May/19
William is bare minimum 5'11". Here he is with Hulk Hogan (and Martin Kove who has lost a lot of height): Click Here
Here's William with 5'8" listed Xolo Maridueña (teen actor from Cobra Kai):
Click Here
William in the 80's looking taller than 6'0" listed Edward Woodward:
Click Here
William with several inches on Robert Downey Jr. in the 80's and he's not even standing straight:
Click Here
William looking 3" taller 5'9" Ralph Macchio): Click Here (yes, there are picture where Ralph looks closer to 2" shorter at times).

William is bare minimum 5'11" Rob.
slc said on 7/Apr/19
If Macchio is, in fact, 5'8.5" (which he does look in the photo with you, Rob), Zabka looks approximately 5'10" here. His posture is a tad straighter than Ralph's. Of course, we can't see the footwear...
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 26/Mar/19
No, just no. Ralph Macchio is bare minimum 5'9" (taller in the morning). William is at least 5'11". He lists himself as being over 6'0".
Benny said on 30/Aug/18
6’0” next to 5’10” Macchio
DanTheGuy said on 9/Jul/18
Only looks an inch or so over 5'8.5 Ralph Macchio these days. 5'10 - 5'10.25 these days. 5'10.5 would have been max for a peak height. 1/4'' loss is pretty common for 50's
MrTBlack said on 15/Jun/18

Kove is listed here as 6’0”.
Frank R said on 27/Jan/18
Billy Zabka “looked taller” standing next to the 5’8” Keith Gordon in ‘Back to School’.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jun/17
I used to believe he was 6ft1!
bob said on 27/Sep/16
i think he had increased his height a bit at 18
charlie said on 22/Mar/16
I have to say he is 5 feet 8 inches flat feet and in shoes yes maybe 5' 9" or 5'10" in shoes.That would make perfect sense putting Ralph Macchio's height at 5'6" flat feet and 5' 7 to 5' 8" with shoes. There is no way he is physically 5 feet 10 inches. Not to mention every where on the internet shows his height to be 5' 8 inches.
campbell41004 said on 11/Feb/16
I don't know why it says everywhere else he's only 5' 8". When standing next to Martin Kove (who's 6' 1") he looks around 5' 10".
Nick22 said on 27/Nov/15
5ft 10.5 is fair for him.
MrTBlack said on 27/Oct/15
He claimed 6'0" on his MySpace page when it was active but 5'10-5'10.5" sounds more accurate.
the shredder said on 12/Jun/15
A good 5 ft 10 er
an anonymous peach said on 10/Jun/15
That half inch can be removed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/15
He looks barely taller than Macchio...
Olay said on 20/Jan/15
He certainly doesn't look like 6 feet, but under that.

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