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5ft 7.21in (170.7cm)
delancey said on 22/May/17
@Chris I lived in London for a year and if anything I thought that people were actually a tiny bit shorter as a whole than where I'm from (Australia).
America seemed more similar to Australia in terms of height but that's just my own opinion.

I'm 176.5 in the morning, 174 is my absolute low before bed and I feel low average but not short. The only time I feel short is if I'm with friends that are 6 foot and over.

As for Cruise 171-172 cm looks right.
Adamz said on 22/May/17
Editor Rob: if the average in the UK is 5ft 9 (and follows bell distribution), I think it would be silly to call 5ft 8 short. By that rationale, you must call 5ft 10 tall.

If 5ft 7 is short, 5ft 11 must be tall.

When you hit 5ft 6 and 6ft, they are figures that in the UK would surely be universally accepted as being short and tall range.

So Rob, essentially you are saying that any man 170cm to 180cm would be considered typical with 5foot9 being the mean?
Editor Rob: 5ft 7 to 5ft 11 would certainly cover a big chunk of the population, with each height under and over decreasing in numbers.
Chris said on 20/May/17
@Matt. If anything, the UK definitely has a higher average range than the US - probably mostly due to increased Scandinavian heritage and a smaller gene pool. To many who aren't familiar with height, 5'11 is considered "tall" - I've had many friends who have labelled it as such. Of course, it isn't abnormally tall, or not even largely noticeably tall like the 6ft+ ranges are, which is why we consider it in the average range of tall - but nonetheless, it's taller than typical average.
Truth be told, "average" can't be held to one figure. However, I'd be inclined to say that true average for male/female is somewhere where the male/female looks neither tall/nor short. For males, that figure for me is between the 175-177 range. So I'd go for 176 being the " true average" man height of the western world.
HonestSlovene said on 19/May/17
@RisingForce Average in the US is 100% somewhere between 5'9" and 5'10" so it is normal for you to feel this way at 5'8". I'd say average range in the US is 5'8"-5'11". Tall is 5'11.5" or more, short is 5'7.5" or less.
ma said on 19/May/17
Tom Cruise barefoot - 171 cm
Tom Cruise flat shoes - 173 cm
Tom Cruise elevator shoes - 177 cm
Tom Cruise flat shoes + lifts - 176 cm
Tom Cruise elevator shoes + lifts - 181 cm
RisingForce said on 17/May/17
Chris, look at the picture from Jerry Bruckheimer's star on the walk of fame at the top of Depp's page or the videos of it on YouTube. Tom has lifts or elevator boots and Depp in cowboy boots may not even be 2 cm taller, certainly no more than that. Depp's cowboy boots likely add about 4 cm range over barefoot, so I think that can answer that question. Honestly, I really don't see Cruise shorter than 5'7.5", or perhaps 171 cm at worst while I'm thinking more and more that Depp may only be 5'8.5" himself. As for average in the US, I see plenty of men both 5'11" and 5'7". Depends on generation, I'd certainly say more millenials at 5'11". Being between that range myself, but technically closer to 5'7" than 5'11", I don't feel short regularly, except in more crowded areas. Though oddly, I did feel short at a concert recently with a more middle-aged crowd.
Dmeyer said on 17/May/17
I agree in us 5'11 IS Closer to average than 5'7 , if in uk 5'9 IS average then at 5'11,5 I AM tall
Revisionist said on 17/May/17
@ Matt, I agree with you. A vast majority of men are between 5'8-5'11. This is a very "loose" average range. It's uncommon to see men significantly below 5'6 or above 6'2.

Keep in mind that those statistics are morning-afternoon heights. We're concerned only with end of day heights here.
andre said on 16/May/17
tom is about 168cm barefoot at night
QT said on 16/May/17
Its only a problem cause he made it one. loool
Matt said on 15/May/17
"if the average in the UK is 5ft 9 (and follows bell distribution), I think it would be silly to call 5ft 8 short. By that rationale, you must call 5ft 10 tall.

If 5ft 7 is short, 5ft 11 must be tall.

When you hit 5ft 6 and 6ft, they are figures that in the UK would surely be universally accepted as being short and tall range."

I might dispute this least for the US but maybe the UK is a little different. I've seen more often a range in between 5'9-5'10 as average- say 5'9 1/2, or a strong 5'9 listed as average in the US, with white men usually at a high 5'10- so I would figure the bell curve to follow more that 5'8 is on the shorter side of average and 5'11 is taller side of average. Then 5'7 to 6', etc. I think this makes a little more sense personally, as 5'11 seems more of an "average" height than 5'7 does.
DirectorKrennic said on 15/May/17
Tom Cruise barefoot - 171 cm
Tom Cruise flat shoes - 173-74 cm
Tom Cruise elevator shoes - 175-76 cm
Tom Cruise flat shoes + lifts - 175-77 cm
Tom Cruise elevator shoes + lifts - 178-80 cm
Chris said on 14/May/17
Would Johnny Depp with no shoes on, be about the same height as Tom Cruise with lifts?
Editor Rob: I think in a lift Tom would edge out a barefoot Depp.
Pete said on 13/May/17
@Josh Shultz said on 12/May/17
Thank you sir! Very good point! With Spielberg Cruise looks max 171. + we have to remember Cruise has a perfect posture and he knows how to pose. So 169-171cm.
Josh Shultz said on 12/May/17
The pics with Spielberg seal the deal. Steven is definitely no lift wearer. And we know Cruise is. Yet they appear the same height. hmmmmm
Being generous and assuming Tom did not wear lifts on that Red Carpet day [as if... but lets], the max he can thus hit is the same height as Spielberg which is 5'6".
Any claim above that would assume that Spielberg lifts and Tom doesn't. Now that's science fiction!
Revisionist said on 12/May/17
@ PAUL, please tell us how you REALLY feel about Tom.

@ Leo, those Kirb shots are inconclusive because the ground is so even.

@ RisingForce, I consider RDJ's shenanigans acceptable and funny because they're clearly tongue in cheek, as he makes no attempts to hide them. It's people like Pitt, stuffing a sneaky 1cm insole, that I find dishonest. Yes, women wear heels to boost their stature, and it would follow that in an equal society, perhaps shorter men are perfectly entitled to follow suit, but women aren't sneaking lifts into their boots!

@ Adamz, 1" is very little. Do you really consider yourself much taller than someone 1" shorter, or is someone 1" taller really that much bigger than you? I need to see around 4-5cm before I consider any gap significant. Whenever I'm face to face with someone an inch shorter, I always think that there's virtually no separation.
Peter175 said on 9/May/17
It's just a joke ma. Some meme that got started when he married Kidman (3 inches taller than him)

Most people who've seen Cruise know he's 5'7-8 and no less
BillisaLefty said on 9/May/17
He's one of the few shorter actors. He not unusually short whatsoever. I don't get the feeling that he wears lifts. He seems like a self - confident guy. I'd guess 5 7 1/2.
ma said on 7/May/17
Rob, why Tom cruise is so mocked in USA to be so short? He is close to 5 ft 8 so almost average.
Have a look at this, where Tom Cruise in family guy is depicted as short as Stewie Griffin (a young kid )

Click Here
I dont' believe they know his real height; they believe he is under 5 ft 4
Editor Rob: height is always 'fair game' for those in the comedy realm. But jokes about physical attributes that can't be changed is always going to be a minefield...

I mean some of the lines I have said on here, or skits I have done in videos could certainly be seen as falling over the line, even though the intention is absolutely not about demeaning height...
Peter175 said on 7/May/17
Leo2001, lol she looks taller than him. She's probably 5'8 not 170. He has a bigger heel and she's still edging him at times. Maybe Tom has finally lost some height?
RisingForce said on 7/May/17
I agree, Rob, I think the claims are important to find for this site as it gives us a starting point and at least in cases like Billy Bob Thornton when a celebrity gets upset, you can at least say you have their word up top and people can make up their own mind.
Leo2001 said on 7/May/17
omg i wrong the name
i see now
Parker said on 7/May/17
Leo2001 said on 6/May/17
2012 with Spilberg(5ft 6)

That's 5'6 George Lucas who seems to live in Cuban heels. Cruise still looks 2 inches taller
Leo2001 said on 6/May/17
Many photos with Vanessa Kirb(Listed 170 and 172cm)
Click Here
Leo2001 said on 6/May/17
2012 with Spilberg(5ft 6)
Click Here
Click Here
msj said on 6/May/17
PAUL said on 28/Apr/17
He's mocked because he's very cocky, smug and uptight shockingly boring and miscast and over paid. I wouldn't have cruise as an extra. There was a prank show called: BALLS OF STEEL and they pranked cruise by squirting him with a water pistol which they did to a number of celebrities but Cruise easily took it the worst and shouted YOU JERK! YOU JERK! He then called the police (yes over a water pistol!) - Some tough guy! He then got his solicitor to ban the prank from being shown on this TV show, but they got around it by showing it from a news item source.

tom is actually a really talented and a better actor than other action stars. Hes been in great movies and still continues to work in them. If i was Tom Cruise i would've beat that prankster so badly, he would've ended up in a hospital. I don't give a rats ass about a prank show since i consider playing pranks a disrespectful thing to do especially pranking strangers.
Leo2001 said on 6/May/17
With Spilberg in 98 at John Huston Award.
Click Here
RisingForce said on 5/May/17
Rob, I did read once that Tom had height on the list of topics you aren't aloud to ask about as a condition for interviewing him. I can believe it considering he hasn't spoken about it since 1988! It's stranger that you have to go back to 1987 to find Brad Pitt to give a height, though. I've never been 100% sure he's one of the real height conscious guys. There are a few guys like that I simply can't find giving a height. Robert Downey Jr. is different. I've never seen him give a height, but he jokes about his own height and the tricks used to make him taller all the time.
Editor Rob: I like to know what the actor claims as it's important to document it. A site like this is built with a long-term's also why I will continue to try to meet actors as long as I can.

A lot of information vanishes from the web, I've seen quotes in the past I didn't save/screencap that are no longer on the web.
Adamz said on 4/May/17
Editor Rob: I view him as taller than the public perceive him at, but he is still in the border zone between short and average. With lifts he will pull off an average look and p*** off journalists who expect him to be a little 5ft 5 fella.

Rob in this context above what do you consider the range at which shortness starts. i know demograhivcs and etc. just in general as u reference above. is 174cm past the "border zone" 175? 176? where does this "border zone" as u put it start and end?
Editor Rob: if the average in the UK is 5ft 9 (and follows bell distribution), I think it would be silly to call 5ft 8 short. By that rationale, you must call 5ft 10 tall.

If 5ft 7 is short, 5ft 11 must be tall.

When you hit 5ft 6 and 6ft, they are figures that in the UK would surely be universally accepted as being short and tall range.
Wrs567 said on 4/May/17
Rob, what would you think Big Toms response would be?

If at a random interview they tried to pull a Jake Gyllenhaal on him?
Editor Rob:
I think if you asked him his height or talked about it in an interview, you'd be breaking the 'rules' of what you can and can't talk about.

I've never heard Tom talk about height in any interview...there must be a reason as it is a very hot topic I'm sure at least one interviewer would want to ask.
RisingForce said on 3/May/17
I agree on Collateral. Very good film and Cruise did quite a good job as a villain. Back to height, in addition to Cruise being similar height to Mario Lopez who doesn't seem to get called short much, look at Cruise at the premiere for Interview with the Vampire compared to Antonio Banderas: Click Here Click Here Tom actually looks taller than Banderas who is wearing cowboy boots. Granted, the angle and posture favor Cruise and Tom does look to be wearing elevator shoes himself, but I think ones that add low 2" range, not much more than the 1.6"-1.7" Banderas will be getting from those cowboy boots and Banderas didn't look to be standing any taller that night. I also think Banderas is more like 5'8" than 5'8.5" as I've made clear on his page, but certainly it makes sense that Cruise is in the 171-172 range and Banderas about 173, so not at all much a difference considering nobody mentions Antonio's height and it's not impossible both are 5'8" flat.
RichardSpain said on 2/May/17
He looks classic guy 171cm. But he wears elevator shoes to be similar than people 175-180cm .

Tom Cruise a solid 171cm barefoot.
Tom Cruise with flat footwear around 173cm
Tom Cruise with elevator shoes 176cm

No more no less people
ana said on 1/May/17
solid 5.7
Peter175 said on 1/May/17
I certainly agree! I forgot to mention, I think collateral was also one of his best performances. Tom is truly a talented guy, one of the few actors with a consistently good filmography. He plays and picks his roles very well! And not a one trick pony either, he is very diverse!
Peter175 said on 1/May/17
Hey Rob, a bit off topic, but what's your favorite Tom Cruise films?

Mine are Vanilla sky, Top Gun and The Firm.
Editor Rob:

For me: Edge of Tomorrow, Minority Report, The Firm, Mission Impossible 4 are some I enjoyed a fair bit.

I think he has been consistently good in many of his films, not a lot of what I'd class as duds...even the lesser films are reasonably entertaining...
Spencer said on 1/May/17
RisingForce said on 29/Apr/17
I agree with you, Peter, Lopez is 174 cm max, imo, but still, Cruise is just barely edged out at one premiere by maybe 1 cm and then edges Lopez at the other suggesting Cruise is very close in height to Lopez.
Lee168cm said on 28/Apr/17
I wonder if the actress from eyes wide shut who claimed he was taller than her and she's 5'7 3/4 was vinessa shaw? Though you have her here at 5ft 6 so that makes Tom max 5'7"
Editor Rob: it was This Girl.
PAUL said on 28/Apr/17
He's mocked because he's very cocky, smug and uptight shockingly boring and miscast and over paid. I wouldn't have cruise as an extra. There was a prank show called: BALLS OF STEEL and they pranked cruise by squirting him with a water pistol which they did to a number of celebrities but Cruise easily took it the worst and shouted YOU JERK! YOU JERK! He then called the police (yes over a water pistol!) - Some tough guy! He then got his solicitor to ban the prank from being shown on this TV show, but they got around it by showing it from a news item source.
Peter175 said on 28/Apr/17
Mario Lopez has looked more 174 than a strong 175. Look at him next to Kit Harington who maybe isnt even a full 5'7
Nik said on 28/Apr/17

Because people are jealous of him and his partner, his looks, money, fame, you name it!
msj said on 26/Apr/17
why is tom the most mocked actor for his height?
RisingForce said on 23/Apr/17
Original, 5'6.5" is impossible. Look at him with Ben Stiller. Near 3" taller with a reasonable elevator and 1.5"-2" taller on that spoof video, presumably without elevators. 5'7" is possible, but absolute minimum. Look at 0:17 in this video, Cruise looks taller than Mario Lopez at the NY Valkyrie premiere: Click Here Ton's shoes were pretty normal, nothing more than a little extra heel or a little lift:
Click Here And Lopez barely edged out Cruise by maybe 1 cm at the LA Oblivion premiere: Click Here Tom had normal shoes: Click Here Lopez is listed here at 5'9" and while I don't believe he's taller than 5'8.5", he certainly isn't under 5'8" either. Tom is almost the same height. Granted, Bruce Willis, who was 180-181 cm in 2004 did look 4" taller, though maybe his camera advantage was more than Tom's posture advantage: Click Here But Tom was barely shorter than 5'9" Jamie Foxx that same night: Click Here Click Here Good sideview of Tom's shoes: Click Here He couldn't fit any more than a 1" lift in those shoes, if that. Anytime you compare the 2, even these days after Jamie seemed to have "grown", there never looks like there could be a 2", much less 2.5" difference.
Revisionist said on 22/Apr/17
@ Nev, Tom is losing quite a bit in posture, while Thompson is standing very erect.

@ Jeff, you're solid 5'8." Strong would be 173.2cm, weak 172.2.

I see Cruise wearing lifts usually only in movies and red carpet events.
RisingForce said on 21/Apr/17
berta, I think it's true you can find plenty of times Tom didn't wear lifts with the photos with Spielberg as well as Lewis Hamilton being more examples, but I think he wears lifts far more than 2 times a year. As Rob pointed out, Tom wore elevator shoes with maybe 1" internal lift making him nearly 5'10" with DiCaprio at the British Academy. These could be custom elevator boots, or boots he put inserts in, but either way, his footwear gives at least 2": Click Here Click Here It's really obvious Tom is getting a pretty big 2"+ boost there, but if Diaz is 180-181 cm in those heels then Tom must be at least 177-178 cm in footwear. These also could be custom elevator boots, but if not, he still obviously has lifts: Click Here Click Here There are several signs. Most notably the angle Tom's foot, which in the second pic makes it look like he's on his toes. I've seen Sly in similar size and shaped boots and I'd guess at least a 2.25" boost, though he does seem at least to reach that 177 cm range again. What I don't think I've ever seen Tom in is 3+" elevators. I don't think Tom is a guy you can say goes to bed in his lifts, but I don't think lift wearing is rare for him either. Even when he does wear lifts, you can see he's not a 5'7" flat guy and it is possible he's a full 5'8" since he really doesn't look shorter to me than guys like Robert Downey Jr. or Mark Wahlberg, but the 171-172 cm range is a very good bet.
Original said on 21/Apr/17
@RisingForce said on 18/Apr/17

Clearly 5'7 with Holmes and Redford w/o lifts, w/ lifts I bet he could pass as solid 5'8 guy. He is 5'7 flat and I could buy 5'6.5" before 5'7.75". 5'7 is OK.
berta said on 19/Apr/17
i think tom cruise uses lifts couple times a year only. stallone had them all the time but today he hdont care about lifts anymore. robert downey have them on all the time. ANd my favorite one is Vin disel who can hardly walk with his lifts on.if we think about it then its relly just downey and vin disel that uses lifts as a lifestyle in hollywood. the other guys ust uses on acations.
RisingForce said on 18/Apr/17
You'd think celebs would mostly get custom elevators, but a lot put insert lifts in regular shoes. The Hogan shoes Stallone use to wear are a good example of that. Robert Downey Jr. does that with a lot of his sneakers as well. That pic with Cruise is harder to tell from such a distance. It's very easy to fit decent lifts in boots, though. But if you look at the pics of Tom jogging with Katie where he's definitely liftless or barefoot with Katie, it's obvious she's a bit taller, but not 2 inches taller. You can get an idea of Tom's real proportions here as I'm 99% sure he's liftless: Click Here That premiere also showed roughly the difference when Tom is in normal shoes and Katie in big heels. I'm fairly sure he doesn't have lifts here either based on how flat his foot is in the shoe: Click Here Tom often went liftless around 2007-2008, perhaps because he was doing many different roles since it seems like he's almost always in boots and often enough lifts since he started doing almost exclusively action roles. Now when you see Tom measuring up well to Katie in heels, it's a pretty good hint to look for lifts: Click Here I agree with Parker's last post 100%
Jeff said on 17/Apr/17
Rob, if I'm 172,7cm before going to bed, does that make me a weak, flat or strong 5'8?
Jeff said on 17/Apr/17
Rob, do you reckon he's wearing something in his shoes there? Click Here
Editor Rob: it's definitely not an off the shelf elevator as the curvature at the back of the boot is extremely normal. Whether he has anything inside, well it's harder to tell...
Peter175 said on 17/Apr/17
Tom looks shorter than a 5'8 Corden with a near half inch footwear advantage. Not to mention Tom has impeccable posture. He is the same height as Spielberg and Mark Ran.

I would be surprised as hell if he measured a flat 5'8
lol93 said on 17/Apr/17
Tom Cruise is the same height as James McAvoy 5'7
Parker said on 16/Apr/17
@Nev - Eyebrows to top of head ~4inches. I think Tom is pulling ~5'7 against Lea, but as Rising commented losing a bit of height in posture. I thing 5'7.5/5'7.75 best fit for Tom. With posture and footwear can actually pass for a 5'8/5'9 guy a lot of the time.
RisingForce said on 15/Apr/17
Here's an example of where I'm pretty sure Tom has (probably 1") inserts in boots that aren't custom made elevators: Click Here I'd be surprised if he had nothing in those boots, but they're longer than some of Tom's other boots and look like a normal style. Tom at the Tokyo Knight and Day premiere (where he looked like he reached nearly 5'10" in footwear) and Jerry Bruckheimer's ceremony for his star on the walk of fame look more like possible custom elevator boots.
Nev said on 15/Apr/17
@ Parker - Based on the pictures of Tom from 'All The Right Moves', Tom definitely looks around 5'6" because he is only 3 inches taller than 5'3" Lea Thompson and he is 5 inches shorter than Chris Penn.
Parker said on 15/Apr/17
@RisingForce - I can only think Dnaiel Radcliffe has never met Tom Cruise
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Its amazing what the media can do. I have people that work with me (women) who think Cruise is shorter than Radcliffe.
RisingForce said on 14/Apr/17
Maybe not custom elevators, but I do suspect an insert in that pic, but Rob is more reliable than I am so maybe I'm wrong there. You're right, Parker. He is losing some height there, but definitely doesn't look near 5'8" either. I give Cruise 5'7.5", the same as Lewis Hamilton and Spielberg. If I had to choose between 172 and 171, though, I'd lean towards 171. I'd be a bit surprised if he measured the full 5'8", but not at all shocked and I'd be much more surprised I'd he was only a flat 5'7". The film Losin' It is among the shortest I've seen him look, at least his scenes with Shelley Long, who wore flats and is about 5'6". One example is from roughly 34:40-35:05 Click Here They have many scenes together. I can see Tom a bit taller, but not 2 inches. But Tom can look 5'9" a decent amount nowadays so I think that narrows down how short he can be. It's easy to see at 5'7.5" with an extra inch footwear and maybe an extra 1 cm posture, but gets tougher to see at 5'7" flat considering some of the shoes we've seen him look near 5'9" in.
Parker said on 14/Apr/17
This is the shortest I've seen Cruise look.

Click Here
Click Here

Don't know whether he is losing height through posture, but looks 5'7 tops. I still think he's closer to 5'8 IMO tho.
Jeff said on 14/Apr/17
Rob, is he wearing lifts in the pic I posted? Click Here
Editor Rob: could be just a normal boot.

Custom elevator boots sometimes look smaller length wise, because the foot goes up at an angle so essentially horizontally it is less.

It's why the 3.5 inch elevator boots are about 2 sizes smaller and are easier to spot....
S.J.H said on 13/Apr/17
William Bradley Pitt is 6 foot 1 with 2' lifts and a hair , Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is 5 foot 10.5 with standard 2.5' lifts and a hair , Robert John Downey Jr is 5 foot 11 with 3'sneakers and a hair , Vin Diesel aka Mark Sinclair is 6 foot 1 with 2.5' boots on with no hair. Lol..
RisingForce said on 13/Apr/17
I agree he looks more average than short, Jeff, but he has lifts in your pic. However, it's funny Daniel Radcliffe thought Tom Cruise was the same height as he and Dustin Hoffman were: Click Here Tom looks at least 5'8" if Hoffman was 5'5.5" and even if Hoffman was only 5'5" flat, Tom looks at least 5'7.5", possibly 172 cm. Granted, Tom's footwear are pretty thick, but although he's aided by the low angle, he looks even taller with Hoffman here: Click Here Ridiculous people think they're even close in height. Tom would need 3.5"-4" elevators minimum.
ma said on 13/Apr/17
Rob, who is for you the king of lifts?
A) Brad Pitt
B)Vin Diesel
C)Tom Cruise
D)Robert Downey Junior
Editor Rob: RDJ has become Sir LiftaLot.

Tom is more occasional, Pitt more a cuban heel at times guy than outright lifts.
Alex/R said on 12/Apr/17
hey Rob, how much can nike ai max 95 add?
Editor Rob: Alex, in the 1.3 inch zone.

Tom one time wore air force one and a magazine were calling them lifts....
HonestSlovene said on 9/Apr/17
@Jeff I agree he can look 5'9"-5'10", in massive 2-3 inch lifts that is.
Jeff said on 7/Apr/17
You've gotta be blind to see this guy at 5'7 flat. He has the proportions of an average guy in height: Click Here
DirectorKrennic said on 6/Apr/17
Cruise is 5'7½" at best and probably 5'7" in the evening. His morning height could pass for 5'8". He is the ultimate lift wearer, could probably be 5'10-11" if he is wearing his best boots and straight posture.
RisingForce said on 6/Apr/17
Yeah, I wouldn't say he's shorter or taller than Spielberg. My point was depending on subtle footwear, posture or camera differences either can look very slightly taller so the difference either way isn't more than 1/4", imo. I wouldn't put Cruise any taller than Spielberg or Lewis Hamilton, though. So if they're 5'7.5", I'd say that's what Cruise is. Or if Cruise is 172 cm, I'd say both deserve a 1/4" upgrade. Cruise was a minimum 1" shorter than Statham: Click Here Statham is almost certainly in the 174-175 cm range so it would again make Cruise 5'7.5" as I guess, or possibly 172 cm as listed. I believe 5'8" Sean Penn was slightly taller in Taps as well. As for whether Cruise wears lifts. He's gone liftless at times, like the Tropic Thunder premiere, but he is a very regular lift wearer, but that makes sense since he usually doesn't look under 5'8". When he wears elevator boots, they actually give a similar range to some of Sly's favorites, particularly those Hogan sneakers, which weren't built to accommodate a 3"+ boost and Downey's high top sneakers look more obvious than they need to be. I think Rob is right that Downey probably gets the same as wedge sneakers from those (2.2"-2.8" range). Downey gers more from some of the boots and heels, especially for movies, but the sneakers don't maximize the height gain, though they probably could fit more than Sly's old Hogan sneakers since those weren't high tops. Here's proof of Cruise wearing obvious lifts: Click Here Note the angle of Tom's foot, like he's on his toes, which we've seen from Vin Diesel and more of a giveaway is that Depp's cowboy boots have at least 1.5" heels themselves, yet Tom's knees are still noticeably higher so he's getting a good 2.25" boost or so. Look at the photo I posted below with Cameron Diaz for another obvious example as his knees are not much lower than Diaz in heels. Here's an example with Diaz from a different event: Click Here The angle of his foot is more than the outside heel would suggest as he looks on his toes again + he also doesn't look much shorter than a 5'8" woman in heels. Sitting shots like this are very good for spotting elevator boots as well as you can spot unusual knee height and sometimes unusually high ankle bone: Click Here Tom is good at hiding it when he wears elevator shoes as the untrained eye won't see a thing, but with thicker boots, he never wears the right pants. Though I would guess he has lifts in these shoes as well: Click Here Mainly because of the little bulge in front as well as the angle and you sort of get the illusion the external heels are bigger from a distance with a lift inside. I spot more of these things because I've worn lifts myself, bigger than what Tom wears for the record!
Revisionist said on 6/Apr/17
That shot with Leo makes Cruise look a very strong 5'9 or Leo a very weak 5'10. There's no doubt that Tom is in some pretty sweet lifts there. It's also pretty clear that to pull off that look, he'd have to be around 172cm barefoot.

I think that between high 171 to 172 flat is a good estimate.
Peter175 said on 5/Apr/17
Cruise's height is a strange one. one of the mysteries of the universe. What I would pay to see him measured in the 90s lol

Others have noted here that he looked totally average height in the firm. I just watched through the film and yes he can look a passable 174 in that one. The only film I'd say he looks taller than 5'8. But I'm struggling to see even a weak 5'8 for him in Vanilla sky or the reacher films. even mission impossible

At events with his pass wives I'd guess 171 and that is what he looks like in most of press photos, so contrary to popular belief, Tom isn't a huge lifter, just a big shoe/boot guy. Rarely with insole but also rarely without big dress shoe or boot. On his worst day can look just 5'7.25 at his best he can look 5'8 and a bit. So I'd say Rob's listing is spot on, with around 35% chance he could be taller and a 65% chance he could be shorter. I'd not go shorter than 5'7.5 or above 5'8. Anything in that area is good
berta said on 5/Apr/17
ROB DO WE HAVE ANY EVIDENCE THAT HE DO WEAR LIFTS? stallone and robert downey and of course vin diesel is easy to se that they do/ have been wearing lifts but i have never seen 100% evidence that tom does it. HE and James corden was the same height when standing together. And i think like this if he is a guy that wear lifts then he would have used them in that interview. Either he could really be a full 173 if he didnt have lifts on ore he cant be more than maybe 170-171.
Editor Rob: Well look at him in EOT Those shoes are certainly normal range.

At the British Academy he wore Another shoe.

The area under the ankle is longer than typical, which is common in an elevator shoe to accomodate the inch of lift.

I'd say in that situation he is probably wearing a simple elevator...

He did wear a similar shoe at another European event, it was again bulky and a giveaway that it was an elevator style...
John said on 4/Apr/17
@Duhon Definitely Cruise. He's the master of lift-wearing.
Duhon said on 4/Apr/17
Will the site explode when Cruise and Bieber have their first photographed meeting? and who will prepare their footwear more for that event?
TMI said on 2/Apr/17
Ben Stiller is at least 5'6" Cruise is clearly wearing lifts in that pic with him. Probably boost him up to 5'10"
Parker said on 2/Apr/17

No chance Stiller is 5'4
Click Here
Click Here
Revisionist said on 1/Apr/17
Those pics with Spielberg indicate that Cruise is fractionally taller, but he's likely to have stronger posture than someone nearly 20 years his senior.

It's interesting to see how Spielberg looks fairly short, while Cruise doesn't, yet they're nearly identical in height.
John said on 1/Apr/17
He's 5 ft 7 in tall, he's not near 5 ft 8 in. At best, he's 1.70 - 1.71 m in the morning dropping to 1.69 m by the evening. So I'll give him 5 ft 7 in but no taller.
John said on 1/Apr/17
Parker, Ben Stiller is not 5'6. He's at most 5'4.
Pete said on 1/Apr/17
@RisingForce sent 30/Mar/17 this picture: Click Here
This picture shows clearly Cruise is 5'6.75-5'7 (about 170 cm). Spielberg (171 cm) is taking it easy, not trying to pull of his full height, and he is little taller than Cruise.
Editor Rob: Tom doesn't look to be standing that well, his left knee is bent, so he's dropped height on his right hip.

very normal shoes evidence of lifts.
RisingForce said on 1/Apr/17
Cruise sometimes goes liftless like at the Tropic Thunder premiere, I think that was probably the case with Spielberg especially since Cruise in lifts often looks a good 5'8.5". Tom's shoes look quite flat with no bulge in the pics Leo posted with Clinton, BTW nice finds, Leo. They seek pretty normal in my first pic as well. Tom's lift wearing can be quite obvious, look at the pic I posted below with Cameron Diaz on Johnny Depp's page, which includes Jerry Bruckheimer, listed here at 171 cm for an example. Looking at video and all the pics of that event, I thought Tom looked like a 5'8.5" guy wearing boots that give him at least 2.25", but it's easy to imagine Tom and Bruckheimer at a similar height with the same shoes though I've begun to suspect Johnny Depp is below 5'9" so I'll have to check that again. Tom's lifts wouldn't have been quite as obvious had he worn longer pants that weren't so tight. I've seen Robert Downey Jr. make that same mistake though I'm not so sure he even tries to hide his lifts!
Revisionist said on 1/Apr/17
I used to think that Walhberg was much shorter than 173. He's always appeared quite short to me, but that's just his proportions and big upper body build, and he doesn't wear lifts. Still, he's not much taller than Cruise yet doesn't have the same stigma of being considered extremely small. It's probably because the joke about Cruise's height caught on culturally and has stuck for decades now. It just won't go away. Plus, all 3 of his wives were taller than him, and in the case of Kidman, significantly taller, making him seem even shorter than he was.

For someone born in the early '60s, Cruise was pretty close to average height. He would be today's equivalent of 174cm or so, and that's not very short at all if you look at the stats.
lasla said on 31/Mar/17
rob, what is your lowest estimated height for tom cruise in his peak?
Editor Rob: wouldn't go under 5ft 7.5, that was way back in 2004 the initial mark he was given, then not long after I thought he could pull off looking a bit taller...
GP said on 31/Mar/17
Don't forget that Cruise has been wearing lifts since 90's, which means that there is a 99% chance he is wearing them with Spielberg.
Johnson said on 31/Mar/17
I consider 5'11 tall without any doubt. 5'10 is perceived as tallish and "tall" in typical short descriptions about a guy. That is what I see in the street. Less than 5'7 is short
Leo2001 said on 30/Mar/17
More photos Spilberg(171) and Cruise:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Same height;Tom is like 171(5'7.25-5)
Peter175 said on 30/Mar/17
Rob, so if you see Tom as short, do you see yourself as short since you are only a cm more than him?

Or do you see your height as the short cutoff ;)

Personally I see it as below average but not really worthy of short. I don't consider 6ft tall either tbh its high average
Editor Rob: There are some tall guys who actually feel short and some short guys who feel tall.

Also, how people act, how they dress, their beliefs, their job title, how they talk, what they do...these factors can leave an impression of stature.
RisingForce said on 30/Mar/17
Cruise really looks identical in height to 5'7.5" Spielberg: Click Here Click Here
Some pics Cruise is slightly taller, others Spielberg slightly taller, but it wouldn't surprise me if these 2 were the exact same height. I can't see more than 1/4" difference between their peak heights max. VERY high probability Cruise is somewhere in the 171-172 cm range, imo.
RisingForce said on 29/Mar/17
Cruise doesn't look shorter than Wahlberg, in fact, Wahlberg often seems shorter, although that may be because Wahlberg doesn't seem to wear lifts unless he's told to for a movie, but look at Wahlberg with Leo at the Departed premiere. Cruise really did look near 3" taller than Stiller even in the better pics from that event, though the actual difference is smaller, more 1.5" or 2" max as shown here: Click Here (from about 3:10-3:40 and 5:47-5:51) I've actually seen articles list Stiller as 5'8" and Cruise as 5'7" in the same sentence! Only a blind man could think they're the same height, much less think Cruise is shorter. However, this photo with Sinatra is quite strange: Click Here Sinatra was only 5'7.5" peak and he's well into his 70s there. I take photos with a grain of salt if we can't see the ground and their feet, but that's still quite strange.
Johnson said on 29/Mar/17
I would say Mark Wahlberg is taller of what people think
Kansas said on 29/Mar/17
"Quote" Editor Rob: I view him as taller than the public perceive him at, but he is still in the border zone between short and average. With lifts he will pull off an average look and p*** off journalists who expect him to be a little 5ft 5 fella."

I have to disagree with you on that one tbh people between 5,7 flat to 5,11 flat look average psychically speaking. Statics wise he is below or above depending on the country but looks average physically which all that matters. What I would say is he is closer to short than tall if the word average was out the equation. 5 foot 9 and 10 is average height but is closer to tall meanwhile while 5 foot 7 and and 8 is closer to short but all would look the average range. 5 foot 11 below 6 foot is tallish and 5 foot 6 below 5 foot 7 is shortish.
Parker said on 28/Mar/17
Anyone can say Cruise is 5'6 max, but never post any proof to back it up.

I mean lets say he is 5'6.

5'6 Cruise and 5'7(listed) Michael Pena
Click Here

5'6 Cruise and 5'7 Felix Baumgarten
Click Here

5'6 Cruise and 5'5 Dustin Hoffmann
Click Here
Click Here

5'6 Cruise with 5'6 Ben Stiller
Click Here

Click Here

Everybody starts with an inch shoe, so even if Tom is getting 2 inches from his footwear, under 5'7 looks pretty much impossible if everyone else is listed correctly
S.J.H said on 28/Mar/17
Yes jtm. Wahlberg is nothing over 5'7 and flat 5'7 and tom cruise is 5'6.75 add on brad pitt 5'10
Peter175 said on 28/Mar/17
Rob, do you see Tom as a short guy?

Personally I think he's average. Anything from 170 to 183 is average range. higher or lower is tall or short
Editor Rob: I view him as taller than the public perceive him at, but he is still in the border zone between short and average. With lifts he will pull off an average look and p*** off journalists who expect him to be a little 5ft 5 fella.
jtm said on 28/Mar/17
I don't think mark wahlberg is a legit 5'8. He looks 5'7 max to me.
Original said on 27/Mar/17
5'5 or 5'6 is very unlikely for me, but I could buy 5'6.5 before 5'7.75. IMO 5'7.
S.J.H said on 27/Mar/17
I'm giving a troll. Cruise is atually 167cm barefoot. Haha..
Rocky said on 26/Mar/17
5'5'' to 5'6'' max. A legit 5'8'' (e.g. Mark Wahlberg) does not get constant questions about his height.
John said on 25/Mar/17
@Parker Hmm, that's a hard one. Looking at Tom's footwear, looks like it gives him about 2-2.5 inches. So, that would make him around 5'8-5'8.5. So I would say Ben Stiller is about 5'5.5.
Original said on 25/Mar/17
5'7 guy imo, 5'7, but solid 5'7. With his lifts can pass as legit 5'.8.25/5" guy.
Cameron said on 25/Mar/17
Oh how could I forget this one.... Yeah he wears lifts obviously. I think he could be a bit over 5'7" though. He can give off an average impression with lifts. I think RDJ probably just barely edges him out (the other lift wearer). I think Cruise is 171, RDJ is almost but not quite 172. With these two I think CM heights are necessary.
mister_lennon said on 24/Mar/17
5'7 minimum. 5'8 is possible for him.
He was 2 or 3 inches taller than 5'5 dustin hoffman.
Peter175 said on 23/Mar/17
He doesn't look 5'8 with Russel Crowe. He looks 5'7.5 ish for the majority of the time and sometimes looks 5'8.

With Dicaprio he looks about this listing taking into account he's standing erect, probably has lifts on leo is looking down. leo is a 5'11 guy
Parker said on 23/Mar/17
John said on 23/Mar/17
5'6 max.

What's your guess for Ben Stiller John?

Click Here
John said on 23/Mar/17
5'6 max. Doesn't quite look the 5'7-8 some people say.
RisingForce said on 22/Mar/17
I've thought Cruise was in fact about 171.5 cm or 5'7.5", but the Dicaprio pic isn't evidence of that, much less cause for a downgrade. Before considering posture, Dicaprio at 6' in shoes would put Cruise at least 177 cm in shoes. Cruise is getting no less than a 1 cm advantage in posture and probably has lifts, but there's no evidence those are huge lifts. Tom has worn much bigger lifts, such as here: Click Here Note how Tom's knees are almost as high as Diaz in heels plus the angle of his foot. There's nothing as obvious with DiCaprio. He probably has 3/4" footwear advantage over DiCaprio. If anything that shows Cruise COULD be a full 5'8". He could also be 5'7.5" too, but the pic certainly doesn't prove it.
andre said on 22/Mar/17
167cm at night barefoot
Murray said on 21/Mar/17
Legit 5'6.75"- weak 5'7" at best (like Martin Freeman with a good posture). He could look like a solid 5'7.75"- 5'8 with his elevator shoes + hair + perfect posture.
Adijos said on 21/Mar/17
5'8" in 173 cm is his real height!
berta said on 16/Mar/17
he is hard to guess. looking at the proportions , then i would say under 173. looking at the head he could have been 180. i think hte listing is good no shorter than 171 and no talle rthan 173
GP said on 15/Mar/17
The photo with DeCaprio clearly is angled to Cruise's advantage, he also has better posture than Leo and he has custom made shoes where the heel is thicker than Leo's shoes and the lifts. 5'8" man with everything that I mentioned shouldn't look 2" shorter. Tom was always 5'7" or below and lifts plus camera tricks have fooled many for long time
Ely said on 15/Mar/17
I want to add he is standing on one leg, pelvis tilt a little giving him not much in that pos, but 0.5 cm. 171-171.5 cm
Ely said on 15/Mar/17
Ely said on 15/Mar/17
Did my own calculus based on the photo with Leonardo di Caprio. I assume that 184 cm is total height with shoes for di Caprio. Converting pixels into cms, I came into conclusion that Tom is 175.8 cm with shoes. Let's say 176. I think his boots give him 4.5- 5 cm. He is more like 171.5 cm, Rob. Reconsider him. This guy looks not reaching full 172 cm at night.
HonestSlovene said on 15/Mar/17
@Parker He 100% isn't under 5'7", but he's 100% nothing over 5'7.5" for sure.
Parker said on 15/Mar/17
Assuming DeCaprio is 6' in his shoes, it looks impossible for Cruise to be under 5'7,or even 5'7.5, even if he has a 1" lift in his footwear.

Click Here
Mofo said on 13/Mar/17
He looks anywhere from 169cm to 173cm... It's really tough to call because he obviously wears lifts, but to what degree? And how often? I remember the scuba lady saying he was 5ft6.5 barefoot. But others have seen him at 5ft8 with shoes on. So it all depends on whether he's wearing lifts to boost him to 5ft8 or whether people have just wrongly guessed and he really is 5ft8 or thereabouts.

My guess is that he's about 5ft7 flat.
Kim said on 13/Mar/17
Legit 1.68 and 1.69 at best, no more. He is a weak 1.72 with shoes and his extra inch.
Ely said on 12/Mar/17
Rob, I looked at him closer recently and in my opinion 172 may a little too much for him. He doesn't reach full 172 cm in the afternoon-night. He is taller than Justin Bieber, but he drops to 171.5 in the afternoons, 171.2 at night. I don't want to convince to change his height, just look at him once again if you would have enough time.
andre said on 11/Mar/17
168cm barefoot at night no more than that and about 172cm in morning with shoes
anonnnn said on 11/Mar/17
5'7 1/2" at the most. I own the edge of tomorrow and 5'11.5 bill paxton had him by several inches. Rob paul looks taller than tom cruise by an inch.
delancey said on 9/Mar/17
@KH Tom is definitely not under 5'7 but a weak 5'8? C'mon...
RisingForce said on 8/Mar/17
Parker, I'll try to see the film when I have some time but I'm not particularly surprised. I have seen Cruise pass for 175 cm before and those look like thicker boots than he often wears so maybe he could even pass for 176. Personally, I highly doubt Cruise is any shorter than Downey since he can pass for as tall without wearing as ridiculous footwear, although I think Downey forcing 2" lifts into regular sneakers makes his footwear more conspicuous than it needs to be. Both are 171-172 cm, imo with a chance if 5'8", but I think there's a better chance of Cruise being a full 5'8" barefoot than Downey.
KH said on 7/Mar/17
People don't want to admit it but there is a lot of jealousy directed at Tom because he is a very good looking man that has aged ridiculously well and who also has been incredibly successful at the box office over the years. I admit his nutty religion and his earnest devotion to it doesn't help but who are we to judge? Also, has dated many attractive tall women. I think a decent parallel can be made with Brad Pitt another really handsome successful dude that some people want to cut down to size in the some way. Weak 5'8 for Tom. Comfortably over 5'8 to start the day and then slightly under it by the middle of the day.
Parker said on 7/Mar/17
@Rising, don't disagree with you. My guess for Cruise has always been 172/173, but watch the film. Cobie Smulders is listed at 5'7 on this site.

Click Here
Revisionist said on 6/Mar/17
30 inch legs for 5'8" is in the normal range for a man = 44.85% of leg to the rest of your body. 45% is considered exact average. Deviation of a few percentage above/ under 45% looks just fine, but over 48% or under 42%, and you begin to look disproportionate. For example, if your legs were 33" inseam (48.5%), then you would look pretty lanky.

Tom has never struck me as having short or long legs for his height, just normal.

Mine is only 30.5" at 69" tall, so clearly shorter than average. However, having a longer torso makes you look more masculine (Pitt, Fassbender).
RisingForce said on 6/Mar/17
Stallone always looked noticeably taller than Cruise to me. Cruise in lifts looked about the same height to me as Sly in normal shoes. Although Sly is no more than an inch taller than Cruise today, probably a bit less. I'd say 171-172 cm for Cruise and 174-175 cm for Sly at his peak, but no more than 173-174 cm today. Cruise can easily look 174-175 cm with lifts, but then Sly could look 179-180 cm with lifts. I agree there is an outside chance Cruise is 173 cm since he could look it without any apparent lifts, but I'd say it's about the same chance of 176 cm for Sly's peak for the same reason. Even when they don't wear lifts, their flawless posture can give them an edge.
S.J.H said on 6/Mar/17

5'9 impression came with elevator shoes. atually he look 5'9.5 with it. Cruise is really no more than 5'7 barefoot
littlesue said on 5/Mar/17
My Mate 5ft 2 and has a 30 inch inside leg, nothing to do with height, she just has the long leg/short body ratio
Parker said on 5/Mar/17
I just watched Jack Reacher Never Go Back. Maybe its footwear/camera tricks but I swear this guy gave a 5'9 impression against 5'7 listed Cobie Smulders.

I know he,s not 5'9, but I wouldn't dismiss 173. Anything 171-173 midday is a reasonable guess. looks similar height to Stallone to me.
RisingForce said on 4/Mar/17
I'm a solid 5'8" and my inseam is about 30" as well and nobody has told me I have short legs. I believe Tom is shorter than I am, probably 5'7.5", but this doesn't prove anything.
mister_lennon said on 4/Mar/17
172-173. Strong 5'7-weak 5'8. At peak, he could be 5'8/174 out of bed.
Parker said on 4/Mar/17
Lyle said on 3/Mar/17
One other tidbit... I go to a particular store in BH where you can have custom clothing made or buy off the rack for men with vertical challenge. As I was being measured I overheard a coversation about TC inseam and apparently it's 30". So, I'd say he's not quite 5'7".

My Brother and son are both over 5'7 with a 29" inseam.
Lyle said on 3/Mar/17
One other tidbit... I go to a particular store in BH where you can have custom clothing made or buy off the rack for men with vertical challenge. As I was being measured I overheard a coversation about TC inseam and apparently it's 30". So, I'd say he's not quite 5'7".
Lyle said on 3/Mar/17
I've met Cameron Diaz and she is about 5'7" in the flat sandals she was wearing. I'm 5'6", so I'm going to guess Cruise is about my height 5'6".
Warren said on 2/Mar/17
Rob, don't you think tom is 171 than 172?
I bet he is 171 same as Justin Bieber
Editor Rob: 171 isn't an unbelievable estimate..

stuff like 169cm? You've more chance of seeing Tom starring in a Battlefield Earth remake than measuring as low as 169cm.
RisingForce said on 28/Feb/17
My guess for Cruise is 5'7.5" so I'm not actually suggesting he IS shorter than Hamilton, only that he looks it there and I don't think he's any taller either. Ground advantage would make sense, as for angle, Hamilton looks slightly taller throughout the series. I don't see why anyone would think Cruise has the footwear advantage unless Hamilton can be shown to be wearing lifts since his sneakers look to add a normal amount, if anything less than Cruise's boots. But I would agree they're both about 5'7.5" and the ground is making the difference, perhaps the angle or lense too in that pic.
Lmeister said on 28/Feb/17
Tom looks short with Nicole and Lewis Hamilton. He usually pulls off 5ft8.5 - 5ft9.5 in public events and movies.
Revisionist said on 27/Feb/17
RisingForce, I don't like those types of shots because of perspective warp. The camera shouldn't be significantly higher than the subjects and should be centered. In any event, Lewis and Cruise are in the same range. I wouldn't be surprised if Lewis edged him out.

James B, of course a lot of it is spurred by jealousy, and much of it is because of the world's ridiculous double standard: it's funny to mock people for their height or lack thereof, but if you so much as hint about anyone's weight, especially if it's directed at a female, the world rips you to shreds and calls you a "pig."
Nik said on 27/Feb/17
He is normal in height although a little bit under average. It's funny that men in the 5'10.5" - 5'11" range are called average but men under 5'8" are labelled as midgets by some people. There is nothing wrong with someone being homosexual, I am not suggesting that you are saying that there is though.
Johnson said on 27/Feb/17
@RisingForce the angle and closer to camera position favours Lewis Hamilton. Shoes too. Cruise would be slightly taller than him
Parker said on 27/Feb/17
I think Lewis may have had ground advantage in that shot Rising, Rob has mentioned before the red carpet was on a road.

Here's another of the two. I think they are pretty close.
Click Here
RisingForce said on 27/Feb/17
I can only give him 5'7.5" since he looked shorter than Lewis Hamilton, who was measured that height, in a series of photos including full body shots: Click Here If anything, he looked to have the footwear advantage too: Click Here We can assume Tom didn't have lifts that night since he can pass for 5'8.5" at times, such as with Depp and Bruckheimer when he looked to elevator boots at least 2.25".
James B said on 26/Feb/17
Given the average height overall in America (especially for toms generation) is 5'9 at only a good 1 inch under average I think it's just jealousy that people make fun of his stature. let's face it he's better looking than most men (no homo) and has been with some good looking women.
HonestSlovene said on 26/Feb/17
He could probably hit a full 5'8" out of bed but he's definitely closer to 5'7" before bed IMHO. S.J.H has it nailed.
S.J.H said on 26/Feb/17
I'm always the fan of Thomas Cruise Mapother IV but problem with height i'm sensitive with is that he is never over 170cm so peak height 5ft7 now 5ft6.75 with big lifts 5'9.75 with small lifts 5'9 thats it. 5'7.75 is generous enough for out of bed.
Delvin chung said on 24/Feb/17
How likely is 171 cm
Lee said on 19/Feb/17
I've met him at a fund raiser, He's about 5 foot 7, not that height really matters. he's in some good action movies (edge of tommorrow and oblivion were great)
delancey said on 11/Feb/17
Hey Rob, based on your own listing what do you think his out of bed height might be? 173/173.5cm?
Agree with you that anything below 5'7 is too low for him but do you think that 5'7.25/5'7.5 is possible?
Editor Rob: I think he's going to clear 5ft 8, a question of how much? Maybe close to half inch.
wes said on 10/Feb/17
no way is he 172cm, I sense bias in this as I know is big tom cruise fan, I wouldn't give him more than 170cm
Editor Rob:
As a scientist and researcher my job is providing impartial and unbiased estimates of the height of celebrities.

my personal opinion on any celebrity is irrelevant 👌
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 10/Feb/17
At its peak (without elevator shoes), Tom looked 5'7.25 - 5'7.5.
Now he is a legitimate 5'7. Maybe he 5'7.25. It is a fact.
MaskDeMasque said on 4/Feb/17
Can look 5'8 in some films, can look 5'7 in others (especially his earlier work). So 5'7.5 is my best guess.
Dan said on 4/Feb/17
gotcha, just noticed lasla was inquiring about his evening height x-/
Nik said on 3/Feb/17
@HonestSlovene @Nova176

Yes I agree with your postings. People most definitely think that people are a few inches taller than what they really are, like you said people over quote the heights that people appear to be and so they think the average is higher than what it is. Yes this may explain why so many people think that Tom Cruise is very tiny when they hear what his height is, but I bet if they met him they wouldn't think that he was any where near as small as they thought he was.
Dan said on 3/Feb/17
"...than Tom measuring at his peak 170cm barefoot."
Rob, that is a loaded sentence hee hee.

Basically, the way you penned, unless you just signed a contract with Time Warner, Tom does NOT measure 170cm barefoot even when at his PEAK.
So if Tom in the morning, barefoot, is under 170cm, he's probably around 168cm from 2pm onwards. Was that like a semi-reveal? haha
Always thought stiller himself is around the 166cm mark...
Editor Rob: it's open to interpretation as to what peak I mean ;)
HonestSlovene said on 2/Feb/17
@Nova176 I agree that he isn't very short just common short or high end of short/shortish like 5'7-5'8". Since your average person thinks he is 1-2 in taller than what he is average is though of as 5'11" instead of 5'9-5'10" in the US as the real measured average and a height of 5'7.5" is percieved to be 5'9".
loiuse said on 2/Feb/17
I heard he demands people must not look him in the eye on movies....they have to look down...because of his shortness....but he seems nice and friendly but then his religion is space cadet.
lasla said on 31/Jan/17
rob, do you think that tom could drop to 170cm at night?
Editor Rob: lasla, you have more chance of seeing me on the big screen than there is of Tom measuring at his peak 170cm barefoot.
Arthur said on 31/Jan/17

God I love those fake ''I am fan of the actor so I have no reason to downgrade him '' comments when in fact all you want to do is downgrade him to feel better about yourself.

I can do that too, look

I met Tom Cruise and he was tiny, 5'2 without his lifts. Terrific actor though, height doesn't matter.

Get a life.
kath said on 29/Jan/17
Met T. Cruise many years ago, right after Legend finished filming. He was shorter than I am. I'm 5'6". He was also very sweet.
letsbefair said on 29/Jan/17
why can't tom just be 5'8? we'll never know...
Nova176 said on 28/Jan/17
bouabnder, because Kanye doesn't date women 3 inches taller than him or wear shoe lifts.

Tom Cruise imo had it coming by being so blatantly insecure about it.

Also he's listed at 5'7, most people don't know that he's a weak 5'8 and think he's actually sub 5'7. If someone were to meet Tom in a neutral setting where he is wearing his boots he'd appear to be 5'9" to people since a lot of people fraud their height, and they'd be surprised that he wasnt a midget but rather high end of short
Heatseeker800 said on 28/Jan/17
Rob, did you even consider upgrading Cruise's height when you read that Julianne Davis's claim?
I mean there is not too many claims like that? Two other actors who worked with Cruise claimed: "We're the same height. I'm 5'7." (Michelle Monaghan) and "I'm 5'7. He is about 5'7" (Eddie Izzard).
In my opinion Julianne Davis's claim seems fairly reasonable. Could not Tom be closer to 5ft 8? And by the way you have Julianne Davis at 5ft 7?
Editor Rob: yeah I hadn't updated her page yet with the quote.
delancey said on 27/Jan/17
171/172, no way is he lower
Keith said on 27/Jan/17
He's 5 foot 8.5 at best bare foot
Wrs567 said on 26/Jan/17
5'7.5'' for me.

Maybe even 5'7.75''
Will said on 26/Jan/17
Tom Cruise is for sure a weak 5ft 8.
bouabnder said on 26/Jan/17
Why does Tom Cruise get so much flak for his height, but other shortish celebs like Kanye West never get any crap about their height? Even though Kanye West is a much more controversial and hated celebrity, you'd think people would mock him for his mediocre height? What's deal, Rob?
HonestSlovene said on 26/Jan/17
@Matt I'd say definitely more 5'7"-5'8" range than 5'8"-5'9". Never seemed like a guy that would be around Rob's height. Most likely was a solid 5'7.5" peak and now 5'7".
Matt said on 25/Jan/17
I think he's anywhere from 5'7"-5'9". There's no way he's under that because his lifts aren't clown-shoe sized like RDJ. In Jack Reacher Never Go Back he's about the same height as his costar who's supposedly 5'8".
CW10 said on 25/Jan/17
Spot on! In Rain Man, you can clearly see a difference between him and Dustin Hoffman. I would say he has a good 2-3 inches on him.
Blake said on 25/Jan/17
Rob, how much would you pay for the chance to measure Tom Cruise under the stadiometer?
Editor Rob: If you can't even ask Tom (in an interview) his barefoot height, what chance will he be agreeing to go under the stadiometer 😨
Pete said on 25/Jan/17
@Damone said on 24/Jan/17
I believe you and agree with you. Many pictures prove and support your statement.
Damone said on 24/Jan/17
I met Tom Cruise on the U.S. Ranger CV61 during the making of Top Gun and we stood face to face. We are the exact same height 5'6", we were both wearing flight deck boots so you could say we were 5'7" with shoes.
cgf said on 24/Jan/17
Most guys would look short hanging out with 5' 9" girls on high heels.
Parker said on 24/Jan/17
Jeff said on 23/Jan/17
Where did you hear about the rumour of Cruise wearing lifts besides Pitt in Interview with the Vampire?

I don't think its a rumour Jeff - these look like height enhancing shoes with DeCaprio. Rob's guess is he's getting ~2 inches from barefoot
Click Here

Tom looks like he's standing close to 5'10 next to DeCaprio (6ft in shoes)
Jeff said on 23/Jan/17
Where did you hear about the rumour of Cruise wearing lifts besides Pitt in Interview with the Vampire?
berta said on 23/Jan/17
tom cruise looke mutch shorter than stallone to me just by looking at proportions. he could be 171-173 i think. another guy that people guess shorter than he is just because rumours. i think he is the listed height. cbig chanse that he is 1/4 under it
William St. Clair said on 21/Jan/17
Hipopotamus, try to sprint in high heels and see how hard it is. I know that for a fact, Tom does a lot of his own stunts and fights. Absolutely no way he does them in lifts.
He made the whole cast in Last Samurai look short except for Watanabe who is a very tall man.
Why are you so hellbent to downgrade everyone. You know, it's not a crime to be short but it's also possible for stars to be tall.
It's as if the idea of some stars who have it all like Cruise or Pitt being taller than you state is excruciating.
Hijopotamus said on 21/Jan/17
St. Clair, why are you upgrading everyone with nonsense arguments?
his rival said on 21/Jan/17
not short at all..bit like wladmadir putin .. not a 160's guy
MrFish said on 19/Jan/17
Rob, would you bet against him being anything over 5ft 8?
Editor Rob: I'd bet he would measure somewhere between 5ft 7.5 and 8, I think it is more likely than say 8-8.5 range.
HonestSlovene said on 18/Jan/17
@ William Well If Cruise actually is 175 cm then I am about 182-183 cm thank you for that upgrade I guess! (I'm 178-179cm at my lowest btw, Cruise is 171 cm MAX).
William St. Clair said on 17/Jan/17
If Cruise was a desk jokey, I'd agree that he could've kept the "illusion" that he was taller than he claims but I am sorry downgraders, you know who you are, Tom really is 175cm. People are surprised when they meet him and call him short because he often plays action heroes and as such, they expect to meet someone of heroic superhuman heights.
Just one question, how do you expect him to do the mega-sprints he displayed in the Mission Impossible series or The Firm for instance if he was lifting. That just wouldn't make sense. Tom is 5'9" on the dot.
Johan said on 17/Jan/17
Pegg is listed at 5'8.75" and Cruise could be an inch shorter there if they were at the same distance from the camera. Pegg is also height aware he claims 5'10" which would match with the 5'9" claim from Cruise.
Tony said on 16/Jan/17
Tom looks no more than 5-7 and 5-8 in regular shoes. I bet if he and Rob took a picture together flat footed they would both be the same height.
Gert said on 15/Jan/17
In his max he could be 173, but with lifts, so in my opinion he is around 168/170 at his maximum. His 174/175 claim is a joke.
S.J.H said on 15/Jan/17
@Pete said on 14/Jan/17

You nail it. Because cruise is usually in his lift or either he need boost up height from a good camera angle badly. He was never over 5'7
Hijopotamus said on 14/Jan/17
Pierre, don't complicate things. Just look at thrvpic of Brad and Gwyneth both barefoot and naked and don't tell me he is taller when he was even standing on a little step while she wasn't AND he is not one mm talker than her.
Pierre said on 13/Jan/17
@Hijopotamus=I think Brad can be a little more taller than Gwyneth but i doubt that Gwyneth is really 5"9' barefoot=I think David Beckham can be more 179 cm than 5"11' and James Corden next to David(both barefoot) is clearly smaller than him(see video James corden/David beckham).(They are just my suppositions)
miko said on 13/Jan/17
A solid 5'7.5/5'7.75.
Hijopotamus said on 13/Jan/17
Pierre, if Gwyneth is 5'9" then Brad Pitt is 5'9"
vin said on 12/Jan/17
Why do people try to portray this guy as a midget? He's just a bit below average height.
Editor Rob: if Tom Cruise had a dollar for every time someone called him wouldn't matter, the guy already has $1 billion in the bank.
Pierre said on 12/Jan/17
James Corden is 5"9' if gwyneth is 5"9'...
Johnson said on 9/Jan/17
Corden is 5'9 guys. You should watch him with Gwyneth Paltrow in the video
Johnson said on 9/Jan/17
5'8, 173 cm barefoot for Tom Cruise!!! Did you see him with Katie Holmes in sneakers? They are similar
William St. Clair said on 9/Jan/17
Tom has a liking for tall ladies. That's why many think he's short. The fact he was cast opposite a very tall Val Kilmer in Top Gun didn't help. Look at him in The Last Samurai. He dwarfs all other Japanese actors except Watanabe.
He is much taller than people assume. My guess, 5'9 for Cruise.
Danimal said on 8/Jan/17
Editor Rob: blink, I've just not seen enough to suggest he was only 5ft 7, even the visitor average is still above 5ft 7!

Hate to say it, but I don't think you want to see it Rob. If you look, you will see. There is PLENTY. He was the same height as Glenn for starters in their pic together.
Editor Rob: from what I remember, he was barely above the hairline of Tom and Tom's hairline is no less than 4cm.
Danimal said on 8/Jan/17
Behind the scenes pic of 5'10" Kevin Bacon towering (about 4") Tom Cruise on the set of A Few Good Men and Cruise looks about the same height as Demi Moore in the same pic (remember this is BEHIND THE SCENES): Click Here

A scene from the same movie with Kevin not standing fully straight having about 3" on Cruise (top of their heads): Click Here

Cruise was always under 5'7" BAREFOOT.
Parker said on 7/Jan/17
MsCelebheight said on 6/Jan/17
He isn't 5'9 or 5'8 he's way shorter.

Anybody can write he's 5'3-5'5 on the internet without proof. Post a pic where he even looks under 5'6, you can't because there isn't any.

There's dozens of pics with a self proclaimed 5'11 Beckham on the net. Tom looks 3-4 inches shorter. He's minimum 5'7, max 5'8.

Click Here

He's getting 2 inches from this footwear against a 6' in shoes DeCaprio
Click Here

Tom looks 5'9-5'10 in his footwear. Tom is a strong 5'7 at minimum, could be 173. 171-173.
MsCelebheight said on 6/Jan/17
He isn't 5'9 or 5'8 he's way shorter
blink said on 5/Jan/17
Hi Rob i want to ask you about a downgrade for Tom Cruise seriously i dont see him more than a flat 5ft7 even in his prime.What do you think?
Editor Rob: blink, I've just not seen enough to suggest he was only 5ft 7, even the visitor average is still above 5ft 7!
MJKoP said on 5/Jan/17
james said on 3/Jan/17
Tom is 5ft3 to 4 and half he wears height increaseing shoes boots which makes him around 5ft8

Oh, dear God, no...
MDV said on 4/Jan/17
Rob why on google Tom is billed at the same height as David Spade who looks very very short?
Who decides the heights on google?
Editor Rob: yes of course I know, Their Top Employee.
james said on 3/Jan/17
Tom is 5ft3 to 4 and half he wears height increaseing shoes boots which makes him around 5ft8
Pierre said on 2/Jan/17
Imo you can forget 5"8' for Cameron Diaz who is looking shorter than Gwyneth Paltrow(who is looking the same height as listed 5"8' James Corden)
Pete said on 31/Dec/16
170 cm is good for TC. 171 cm is max. Remember how he looked next to James Corden and take a look at these pictures (many pics on the site) with Cameron Diaz and Olga Kurylenko, both listed 173 cm here. With Olga Tom has thicker boots, not much, maybe getting 1-2 cm. Same with Cameron, maybe he has even thicker boots. And next to TC Cameron and Olga are not standing straight, they are looking down, trying not to look taller than him. If he really is 172 cm, he should look taller next to them.

Click Here
Click Here
Nova176 said on 30/Dec/16
IDK who the woman is who said he was taller than 172, but she's listed on google as 5ft7. I'm almost entirely sure she's been on this page and made the deduction later. Not to say she didnt see tom or stood next to him, but her saying he;s a smudge taller than 172 seems off to me. Tom's chances of being 5ft8 barefoot is already very unlikely and the chance of her knowing her height to the quarter inch also unlikely.

Anyway hes a great actor and likely somewhere between 171-172. The James Corden video destroys any chance of Tom being above 172 imo
Nova176 said on 30/Dec/16
Arch, that movie was filmed in 1980, about 36 years ago when Tom cruise was only 18-19ish. It is possible that he was 5ft7 in that film and grew a half inch after 19
andre said on 29/Dec/16
tom is 5ft 7.75 barefoot in his dreams 5ft6 at night barefoot
Arch Stanton said on 26/Dec/16
Rob, see 1 hr 29:37 Click Here, does Sean Penn only look 0.25 taller? Cruise looks nearer 5 ft 7 there.
Editor Rob: I would have put Tom roughly 5ft 7.5 in that film.
Nik said on 22/Dec/16
Tom Cruise is 5'7" ... And change.
Nik said on 22/Dec/16
Tom Cruise dosen't look as tall as 5'8" to me in these photos above.
Nik said on 22/Dec/16
Let's just say he is 5'7.5" and leave it at that.
Shredder said on 22/Dec/16
Been saying that , just give him 5'8 and we can all be happy , ha ha ha.
Andy said on 20/Dec/16
Let's just say he's 5ft 8 and leave it at that!
SW said on 18/Dec/16
Small but rich
miko said on 16/Dec/16
If Tom lives until he's 80 then maybe he will be the 5'6 that some think he is.
MJKoP said on 15/Dec/16
Alex said on 15/Dec/16
Tom Cruise is 5'8 with the upper shoes without shoes he is 5'7 .
MJKoP said on 12/Dec/16
mande2013 said on 12/Dec/16
He's not taller than Rob's current listing people. That's a fact. Just see him with Matthew McConaughey and Bill Hader at the red carpet event where he had a purple sweater on.

Oh, so you measured him with a stadiometer? Tell me more; what's he like in person? Did the subject of Scientology every come up??
Will said on 12/Dec/16
Tom Cruise seemed a decent 5'8" to me.
mande2013 said on 12/Dec/16
He's not taller than Rob's current listing people. That's a fact. Just see him with Matthew McConaughey and Bill Hader at the red carpet event where he had a purple sweater on.
james said on 11/Dec/16
Tom is 5'7 with REGULAR shoes on case closed ..I've watched "a few good men" and 5'9 Jack Nicholson was 2 inches taller them Tom
MJKoP said on 10/Dec/16
Man, that Al Roker-looking guy(Shaun Wallace) has likely never seen a Tom Cruise movie in his life.
Editor Rob: Adam, I thought he was just trolling, but I think the guy is deadly serious with his belief 🙄
Johnson said on 8/Dec/16
@Nev James Corden is 175 cm tall. Look the video of him with Gwyneth Paltrow 175-176. Cruise is 173.5 barefoot
Will said on 8/Dec/16
Tom isn't a full 5'8". More like 5'7 1/2". He is for sure below average height than ever. Since the average is 5'9" right now in America.
Blake said on 7/Dec/16
Just a bit unfair on him...Click Here
Editor Rob: well worth watching to show how far the myth about Cruise can spread.

5ft 4 at most lol.
Shredder said on 7/Dec/16
Tom Honestly looks about 5'8 to me in his prime.
Chad said on 7/Dec/16
Tom's one of the biggest lift wearers in Hollywood history. He can look as short as 5 foot 7 without his lifts or as tall as 5 foot 10 depending on what size lifts or giant heels he's wearing on a particular day.
Scott said on 4/Dec/16
I do believe he is a legit 5'7'' to 5'7.25'' evening and a solid 5'8'' out of bed. Can't see him shorter or taller, unless he has some major lifts.
Dmeyer said on 3/Dec/16
If you look well at all pics of cruise And dicaprio who is 181cm there looks to be 6cm so 175cm for cruise , his shoes heels And lifts should give near 5cm leos shoes looks under 1in like solid 2cm so cruise could have 2,5-3cm shoes so that brings him to 172cm so even today hé isnt as low as 170-1cm but more 171,5-2cm
Giacomo Quaresima said on 3/Dec/16
5'8" peak
Giacomo Quaresima said on 3/Dec/16
(5'8" peak)
Nev said on 2/Dec/16
On the James Corden (5'8")show Tom was a fraction shorter than James but had noticeably larger footwear giving him an extra inch. Tom cannot be any taller than 5'7".
Christian said on 2/Dec/16
Seeing Tom next to Dicaprio he looks 5'9'5 - 5'9'75 but I agree with Rob about 172 cm although he could actually have been a full 5'8'' when he was younger.
Dmeyer said on 30/Nov/16
Cruise is near 5 ft9,5 shoes And dicaprio an easy 6cm taller at around 6 ft shoes on , rob is right about 2in from those shoes 1,4in heels plus 1,25in lifts with thin front 2in
Parker said on 30/Nov/16

Spot on. He's reaching 5'10 against 6' in shoes DiCaprio
Click Here

Those shoes are giving him a max 2.5 inches.
Editor Rob: they'd give a maximum of 2 inches those shoes, that's if it has a 1.25 inch lift (which might give almost 1 full inch of height).
Johan said on 29/Nov/16
Some people have no idea about lifts or elevator shoes and how much you gain. Tom has for sure worn lifts in big boots but alot of the time his footwear is pretty normal but on the thicker side ( 3.5cm).

I mean just take a look at this page. The women above are all 5'8" + with minimum 3 inch heels so hitting 5'11" at least. Do the math, he isn't 5'6"..

The lowest he could be is 5'7" all things considered but he can pull off looking 5'8" at times with normal footwear.

His lifts let him pass for 5'9" legit he gets to 5'10" in those.
Sam said on 28/Nov/16
171cm, not exactly tiny, but below average definitely, doesn't always give that impression though because of lifts.
Dan said on 27/Nov/16
@Mande, my point precisely and the one I've been saying for years since the beginning is that Tom has never ever looked 176 on red carpet. The few times were he somehow appears close to that is through the magic of camera angles, off-camera podiums or have his co-stars stand in a hole. The most he can ever be is a tiny bit above 5-6 and a half, but if I were to bet I'd say he's closer to 5-5.5. 5-7 or any fantasy estimate above that mark, I just don't see it even if I put on my Mr. Magoo spectacles.
What's wrong with you people? It's obvious he IS a tiny man. The truth is staring you in the eyes yet you refuse to see it. You equate being short as something akin to a disease. And that ladies and gentleman is the problem. He is tiny but in no way does that make him a river monster. Though I admit, he is quite a yummi catch.
Johnson said on 26/Nov/16
Tom Cruise barefoot is 173.5 cm tall
hijopotamus said on 26/Nov/16
Paul Newman was taller than Cruise on lifts plus huge hair and perfect posture, whatever legend Newman height was...
Johnson said on 26/Nov/16
A little myth the lifts... he is 173.5 cm and he likes some heeled shoes. That's it
Pierre said on 25/Nov/16
imo he never look 5"10' in shoes ,max max 5"9', so 5"8' range or just under barefoot is very unlikely imo.More 5"6' barefoot imo.
hm said on 25/Nov/16
he is 5'7
Shredder said on 25/Nov/16
I'm fine with 5'8 for him , he is for sure under 5'9 , but 5'7 and under is really downgrading.
mande2013 said on 24/Nov/16
@ Dan: You do realize if Tom were only 1m66 barefoot he'd need a boost of well over 10 cms to appear average height on the red carpet. That seems like a rather tall order to me. I think Rob's being generous here frankly, but not that generous. 5'7.25 is arguable for Tom I think. He looked a legit 5'7 in boat shoes in Risky Business but not 5'8.
mande2013 said on 24/Nov/16
Just to be fair to people who think he's under 5'7, I do think Rob is taking TC's penchant for lift wearing into account with this listing. Otherwise, he'd have him at 174/175
TJ said on 24/Nov/16
Chris said on 22/Oct/16
"if Emilo Estevez is 5 4.5 ft according to this site
Tom is the same height
If you look at early part of his career before giant 4 - 5 inch lifts
He was same height as Emilio in the Outsiders"

Really? Do Tom and Emilio look the same height in this photo?
Click Here

Or this one?
Click Here

Note Emilio's heels, which he was very likely wearing in the above photo too. Of course Tom was taller.
Will said on 24/Nov/16
For those people who say that Tom Cruise is 5'9", this is definitely a shoe lift height. I will put Tom at 5'8" for now.
MJKoP said on 24/Nov/16
You should add that quote and story to the top, Rob. He's at least 5'8". And here come all the Julienne Davis is a liar/mistaken about her own height/didn't know Cruise was in lifts/was using his secret levitation powers, etc, etc, etc....excuses.
Editor Rob: yes Adam, it is an interesting quote as someone who actually spent time and was quite precise in her own height claim.

I think 5ft 7.75-8 range is what he could look to many people although there is still an argument that at age 54 and after 10 years which were predominantly action-oriented roles, his joints have taken a hit and he might have lost a wee fraction by now.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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