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5ft 7.2in (170.7cm)
Deep Purple said on 19/Jan/20
Rob in his peak, 5'7 5/8 or 5'7.75" ?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go less than 7.75.
Dmeyer said on 15/Jan/20
pena is 5'7 is 5'7,7 in with those sneakers , cruise is 5'7,75 plus 1,25in shoes so 5'9 shoes on plus better posture so can look 4cm taller or give the impression of
Pierre said on 15/Jan/20
@Parker= Tom Cruise looks taller than Michael Pena , Tom Cruise also looks taller than James Corden when Tom wear leather shoes ,when both are wearing parachute shoes Tom looks curiously easily shorter than James.
Parker said on 15/Jan/20
Pierre said on 11/Jan/20
How can a 5"7.75' guy looking shorter than a 5"7' range guy ? = the 5"7.75' guy is under 5"7' range...

I agree - Have you got an example of someone listed at 5'7 on this site looking taller than Cruise ?

Here he is with 5'7 listed Michael Pena.
Click Here
Obsessed With Height said on 14/Jan/20
He looks about the same height as Al Pacino in the following pic
Click Here
And he looks at least 3 inches shorter than Katie Holmes here, so 5'6 for Tom Cruise
Pierre said on 11/Jan/20
How can a 5"7.75' guy looking shorter than a 5"7' range guy ? = the 5"7.75' guy is under 5"7' range...
Dmeyer said on 10/Jan/20
5'7,5-7,75 is his range 171,5-172cm , if he was 173 with just boots or small elevators he will look 5'9-9,5 , but can oftenly just look 174 with thik shoes or small lifts 5'7 flat is too low and 5'8-8,25 to high arguable is 171-172,5 , on some occasions can look as tall as 175-6cm but mostly apears 171-174cm depending on shoes , also i met the guy he looked solid 175cm while his elevator wasnt huge so 172 peak is bang on
Pierre said on 31/Dec/19
Parker said on 28/Dec/19
You really think it's a coincidence if a 70/75 years old Mickael Douglas not even straight in the pic looks always easily taller than him?

Show me a full length pic of Douglas and Corden and I'll comment - not one where you don't see their feet.

I don't find pics of their shoes then Michael maybe wear elevator shoes...= Here are pics Matthew Horne listed 5"6' next to James Corden = James Corden in Air max so no less than 3 cm help = the shoes= Click Here Both around same posture = Click Here Click Here Click Here .
Hum...not sure Michael wear elevator shoes finally.
A.Lawrence said on 29/Dec/19
He definitely wears lifts and wen not lifts he always wears heels that look smaller due the side so Im saying maximum 5'7" but 5'6" most likely.
Parker said on 28/Dec/19
You really think it's a coincidence if a 70/75 years old Mickael Douglas not even straight in the pic looks always easily taller than him?

Show me a full length pic of Douglas and Corden and I'll comment - not one where you don't see their feet.
Pierre said on 27/Dec/19
@Parker= James Corden tiptoeing next to Samuel Anderson (5"10.25' )not even straight here is again clearly a lot shorter than him = Click Here .You really think it's a coincidence if a 70/75 years old Mickael Douglas not even straight in the pic looks always easily taller than him?

I wrote Gwyneth looks around the same height as James Corden and so she's probably under her 5"9' list to me.
Parker said on 27/Dec/19
@Pierre, It was not so long ago you were claiming James Corden was the same height as Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow And Cameron Diaz
Click Here

You think Paltrow is under 5'8 also?

Fair enough, its all about opinions on this site. 5'8 for my opinion.
Pierre said on 27/Dec/19
If he was nearly 5"8' range he would'nt look really shorter than James Corden in the video "skydive"(at around 5:02/5:04 ) Click Here .James Corden is himself under 5"8' to me = Click Here
Johan 185 cm said on 19/Dec/19
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Dec/19
No he doesn't, does he Johan? 😁

That goes for his personal life too! Being on the short side has never put Tom off from dating really tall women. Good luck to him - that's what I say!


I have no idea why so many people are out to get Tom. Everyone thinks he is 5'6" and has issues with taller people. I have never seen any evidence that proves such things.

Indeed, good luck to him he seems a nice guy considering he is one of the most famous people on the planet.
Bobby Brown said on 18/Dec/19
He’s listed higher here than he is on google
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Dec/19
No he doesn't, does he Johan? 😁

That goes for his personal life too! Being on the short side has never put Tom off from dating really tall women. Good luck to him - that's what I say!
Morningheight 5'11.5 said on 16/Dec/19
To me Tom Cruise is 5’8 max. I’ve seen him next to an old Arnold whom is struggling to scrape 6’ nowadays and still he’s some inches shorter. 5’8 Max for him
Johan 185 cm said on 16/Dec/19
He never has seemed that bothered to me being around taller co-stars. He just wears footwear for a boost so it looks good for pics/camera, thats what i think.

I mean Kidman/Holmes are both tall women and he had no issue. He has done lots of movies with taller guys, Tom isn't one of those stars who refuses to star opposite someone because of height.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Dec/19
Yes, I noticed that, Ian! Kubrick had a habit of using tall, slender women for his nude scenes and I thought it was all part of the Kubrickesque effects.

I'm glad you mentioned that film because I have always wanted to watch it at Christmas and as that time is upon us now, 'Eyes Wide Shut' has just gone up to the top of my list. 😁🎄

⭐ My boyfriend's ex's father knew Stanley, and he was a very generous man, especially at Christmas, when he'd send his friends crates of the very best wine!

Tom gets 5ft7.75.
Ian C. said on 15/Dec/19
In Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, no attempt was made to make Cruise seem taller. He walks around in a forest of women, all of whom are taller than he is (at least in heels). Since Kubrick was famously conscious of every detail in his movies, this must have been deliberate. (Also the incomprehensible plot. Movies that can't be understood from the exposition given in them, like 2001 or The Shining, are something of a Kubrickian practical joke.)
youknowww said on 14/Dec/19
5'7" on the money
Pierre said on 8/Dec/19
Katie Holmes is under 5"9' to me =
Click Here =here next to Serena Williams listed 5"9'( and probably max 5"9' lots of time heights in sport are a little bit rounded up) =with around the same heels Serena slouching a lot on the opposite side of the camera looks always taller than Katie.

Click Here = here Serena tilting his head again taller than Katie
Parker said on 5/Dec/19
Hijoputamus said on 5/Dec/19
Tom wears elevators, lifts etc but the guy doesn’t have a problem being barefoot beside people with shoes on.
This says a lot about him. I don’t think Sly or Brad would ever do this.

I agree Hijo- And if Katie Holmes is the 5'9 listed on this site, Tom is clearly closer to 5'8 than 5'7
Rory said on 3/Dec/19
Believe it or not I actually saw him up close and I don't think he's a short guy. Some like to pretend he's a tiny fella but I think near 5ft8 seemed believable to me.
6james94 said on 26/Nov/19
He never seemed short to me I was told he was 5'4 when I was younger though when I watched minority report and other movies he seems really average height like he made Colin Farrell look five nine in minority report.
Jonas Henrikssen, said on 24/Nov/19
How is he like 5"8 here? This site is so hard on giving inches to most guys. Cruise wears heels to pullof 5"8
Editor Rob
Tom himself or his Doctor will know that figure, but beyond that, it's all opinions. None of us know what they measure. 🤔
viper said on 20/Nov/19
RDJ would have the edge If I had to bet my life on it
Pierre said on 19/Nov/19
Comparison Tom /Carice =

Tom's shoes are looking classic shoes but a good part of his shoes is hidden by his pant in fact.

Example = Brad shoes are looking very classic here = Click Here Click Here =but in fact they give him a good help = Click Here Compared to this type of shoes = Click Here
Parker said on 18/Nov/19
Hey Rob, from your pic with carice van houten, where you feel she was in 3 inch shoes
Click Here

And these pics of Tom from your video clip with Carice
Click Here
Click Here

Are you not inclined to give Tom another cm? He looks very similar in height to you with Carice, and as you said in your video, zero chance he was wearing lifts?

Tom Cruise - 5'8
Editor Rob
You can see the case for Tom being 5ft 8 with Carice...and his shoes are really simple.
FiveEightJake said on 16/Nov/19
Rob I watched your video on Cruise and though it was done with humour mostly it is interesting how when things start to get said about somebody then everybody just rocks with it it’s actually quite dangerous. I’m glad Tom seems to be quite a confident guy.

And on the YouTube videos Rob, I think you should do more videos like that, you have an amazing personality, your humour is amazing. The height videos of single celebrities with the music are a bit simplistic and old fashioned in my opinion. You have a lot to offer, more than you maybe know ;)
Editor Rob
I did try to add a bit of humour to the topic of Tom 😉 I still think the media are a bit unfair on his height at times. 5ft 5-6 is insane for him.

in 2018 I only put up 2 videos on youtube, but starting in January this year I wanted to experiment with a few different types. 30 second height chart videos were a replacement for the mugshot 'mouseover' option on this site, because it is easier to make mugcharts appear behind subjects when doing it in short clip format.

I do plan one more longer video (about Sly) this month, but for 2020, we'll see!

Here is a Link for anybody who hasn't watched my Tom video.

Oh, and another more recent one about Ben Shapiro 😲

An interesting tidbit - it seems youtube does not like ben or 'political commentators' because that video was demonitized automatically on upload! 'ben shapiro' must trigger youtube 😂
Pierre said on 16/Nov/19
Parker said on 14/Nov/19
Looking at Penelope next to Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson on Google it would suggest 5' and 5'6 are both unrealistic heights for her. You can't see her heel, but 5'3/5'4 would be a better guess. She looks 5 inches shorter than Cruise, so 5'3 woud be in line with the average guess for Cruise on this site.

Parker you forget Tom wear high shoes next to Penelope in your mathématical calculation Click Here
Parker said on 14/Nov/19
Looking at Penelope next to Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson on Google it would suggest 5' and 5'6 are both unrealistic heights for her. You can't see her heel, but 5'3/5'4 would be a better guess. She looks 5 inches shorter than Cruise, so 5'3 woud be in line with the average guess for Cruise on this site.
miko said on 13/Nov/19
I think the highest arguable height for him is 5'8. In good footwear he can pass as a 5'9 guy.

It's fair to say he's been a lift wearer through his career, but never to Stallone/Vin Diesel levels.
Jtm said on 12/Nov/19
5'0 for Penelope Cruz is more realistic than 5'6.
Aar?n R said on 10/Nov/19
My aunt saw him many times in lake Tahoe, apparently he used to own a house there. She says he's like 5'7-5'8.
Pierre said on 10/Nov/19
Recent comments Penelope Cruz/Tom Cruise

Penelope Cruz 5"6' ?

Here is James Corden tiptoeing next to Samuel Anderson in relaxed posture = Click Here

Here is Rob strong 5"8' next to Samuel Anderson in a classic posture = Click Here

Now James Corden and Gwyneth Paltrow = Click Here

....Finally Penelope and Gwyneth = Click Here Click Here In this pic the shoes = Click Here ....To me she's a lot under 5"6' mark
Nik said on 9/Nov/19
I have seen him listed as 5'8" on a few sites!
Nik said on 9/Nov/19
The voice of the tinternet: 🗣 "5 7"!
Nik said on 9/Nov/19
@ Parker - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
Parker said on 7/Nov/19
alex taylor said on 4/Nov/19
I would say closer to 5'4 - 5'5. I've seen Tom Cruise in person. Stood about five feet away from him. I'm 5'10. He looked shorter than Penelope Cruz and she is 5'6.

Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Nov/19
@alex taylor

Please don't lie. He can't be 5'5 max. The very least is at least 5'6 1/2 could convince people and say he wear 2.5" elevator shoes. I do think Tom is only 5'7 barefoot not sure below that.
Andrea said on 5/Nov/19
alex taylor, you would have been a lot more believable if you didn't mention Penelope Cruz... Click Here 😅
viper said on 5/Nov/19
Lowest I can buy Cruise is 5-6.5

5-4-5-5 just seems way too short
alex taylor said on 4/Nov/19
I would say closer to 5'4 - 5'5. I've seen Tom Cruise in person. Stood about five feet away from him. I'm 5'10. He looked shorter than Penelope Cruz and she is 5'6.
Keith 5'10 said on 1/Nov/19
Tom Cruise: 5ft'8
Rosamund Pike: 5ft 8 ¼
Cameron Diaz: 5ft'7 ¾
Dmeyer said on 27/Oct/19
wath botters me is that cruise is defenetly near 172cm as he could look 175 in person while in shoes that werent so big , considering most people add 1in to theyr height plus the fact he has lifts sometimes so could apear to people anywere 5'7-5'10 , how come he gets listed 5'7 flat on the net , its like listing sly at 57,75-8in at peak for example
Leno511 said on 26/Oct/19
Flat 5'7, needs a downgrade
Tall Sam said on 23/Oct/19
Cruise can certainly seem a little height conscious for sure and filmmakers play to that to make him seem more like 5'9", which is how he refers to himself, than his actual height, though he has not been caught in as flagrant lifts as the similar heighted Robert Downey Jr.
Paddy73 said on 22/Oct/19
There always seems to be a fixation with Tom Cruise height doesn’t there (that’s why we are here after all! ) .. they defo seem to use some kind of trickery in some of his movies, often depending on who he is co starring alongside. I watched the film ‘ American made’ the other day and because Cruise is often in scenes alone or far away from the other actors he seemed to be a 5.7 sort of height range. The giveaway is his proportions . Can use special shoes as much as poss but... can never hide the fact you have short arms .. torso etc . If indeed short. I know as am also about 5.7 !. What I am wondering though is at pushing 60 years old .. do you not think Tom Cruise May be experiencing some shrinkage by now Rob? Or indeed is he going to get away with it somewhat because he generally stays extremely fit and the same weight throughout the years. The guy doesn’t look like he’s put on more than half a stone since Top Gun in 1986 despite the lifts and heels.
Editor Rob
A mid 50s guy might not have lost height...but, with the amount of work and physicality Tom puts into his roles a small fraction isn't impossible now.
cmillz said on 21/Oct/19
172cm would be an out of bed measurement for him.
Nik Ashton said on 19/Oct/19
I’m his height and nobody ever says I am short!
Nik Ashton said on 17/Oct/19
Many people on the internet describe him as 5’7”!
Nik said on 16/Oct/19
5'7" seems to be a popular call for him!
Pierre said on 12/Oct/19
Click Here Click Here Click Here = Here we can more see the real difference of heights ,both around the same distance to the camera ,not like the pic posted by Parker with the camera closer to Tom than to Pablo.The difference is about 4 inches .Tom's shoes give him very probably around 6/7 cm then an advantage of 3/4 cm on Pablo = Tom around 168/169 Pablo 162
Pierre said on 12/Oct/19
Pablo Motos next to 5"9.5' David Getta = Click Here Pablo is the shortest 5"5' guy i ever seen by this comparison ,he looks 5"4' max here
Pierre said on 12/Oct/19
@Parker= " LOL " = I just comment on what i see and try to be logic.No problem if you desagree with me!...Curiously you don't comment on my recent comment with comparisons/pictures Michael Douglas/James Corden/Samuel Anderson/Tom Cruise in classic sneakers this probably prefer comment on pics with Tom wearing event shoes... Tom's shoes are looking classic next to Pablo?!First = they are looking very high shoes then possibility to insert an internal heel....(The particularity of good elevator shoes is= as discreet as possible....)The stadiometer that measured Pablo Moto's 166.5 cm is maybe the same type of stadiometer that measured Arnold 188 .....Rob listed him 164,5 =clearly under the measure of the stadiometer....(read Rob's comment about the stadiometer in Pablo's page...)And 164.5 is maybe even a bit generous for him...second = The guy who measured Pablo with his fingers = logically the measure that you have to read is the measure just under the fingers not over the fingers = Click Here = then it means Pablo is around 162 not 165 as you write....And the guy with his fingers is maybe even a bit generous .....No difficult for a guy around 5"6' wearing elevator shoes to looks like a giant next to a 162 guy.....
Parker said on 12/Oct/19
@Pierre LOL. Is there any celebrity on the site that you think Rob has underlisted?

Here's Pablo Motos getting measured barefoot at around 165. Check out his page. In footwear he would have to be close to 5'6
Click Here
Tom and Motos
Click Here

Tom shoes look standard. He'd have to be wearing stilts to give a height difference like that if he was under 5'7.

MJKoP said on 4/Apr/18
Look at the above picture. If Cruise is not a full 5'8", then he's just a touch under it at WORST

Totally agree.
Editor Rob
There won't be much in footwear difference, I doubt more than a few mm's, though Tom did gain some height being nearer camera.
Pierre said on 11/Oct/19
Comments Rising 174cm = Click Here = James Corden is clearly tiptoeing next to Samuel Anderson and clearly has finally an advantage on Samuel Anderson who is standing in more relaxed posture in comparison with the pic next to Rob = Click Here =James Corden is making every effort to be as all as possible for the pic while Samuel Anderson loses a bit height for the pic.James Corden is clearly shorter than Rob by this comparisons of postures,that explain imo why he looks clearly easily shorter than Mickael Douglas(who has very probably lost height by the years),even if maybe ? Mickael wear some lifts = Click Here .And Mickael break a lot his posture here.The comparison Tom next to James Corden in the video is imo the most sure because they do parachute jumping =then, in contrary to events, no possibility to wear lifts here imo(video with my comment on 24 august)=Tom is shorter than James Corden who is himself shorter than Rob.Tom is a bit under 5"7' imo
Rising174cm said on 7/Oct/19
Michael Douglas is closer to the camera, it's not a good angle and we can't see their feet. I'm 100% sure James Corden is taller than Douglas these days because Douglas can look only 5'7" himself at 74-75, but if you see this recent appearance on Corden's show, Douglas looks to be wearing lifts: Click Here

Also, there's no indication Corden was tip-toeing with Anderson and is in fact leaning/slouching himself more than Anderson. Either way, Corden doesn't look under 172 cm there and standing straight, he's much more likely 173 range.

As for Tom, he's always clearly been around 5'7.5". He's shorter than true 5'8" guys like Sean Penn, James Corden, Zac Efron and Jeremy Renner, but clearly taller than 5'7" flat guys like Michael Pena and pretty much identical in height to 5'7.5" peak Steven Spielberg as well as about the same height as 171 cm guys like Jerry Bruckheimer and Lewis Hamilton, though definitely not taller than Hamilton. Of course, Tom wears lifts most of the time and when he does, he can look more like 5'8.5".
FiveEightJake said on 3/Oct/19
That’s a disgusting comment from Paul O’Grady don’t you think Rob, that doesn’t sound like something he would say. Was a fan but might need to revise my opinion of him.

Cruise isn’t that short, although probably overlisted by big Rob he’s no less than 5’7.
Editor Rob
I think choice of words is a bit ill-advised.
rdvan said on 2/Oct/19
Hi Rob, How tall is the shortest man on this picture in your opinion?
It is current president of Ukraine.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Can look a 5ft 6 chap.
2toes said on 28/Sep/19
His posture is so good in all the pics.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Sep/19
Honestly Tom had a 5'5.75" frame but look to be 5'8.5" max in comparison with celebrities but thinking of elevator helps him. He is def under 5'7.75" barefoot. 5'7.25" is the most i can think of him being measured.
Pierre said on 13/Sep/19
The pics of Parker are pics with Tom very probably wearing lifts(I posted recently in Leonardo's page here comparisons with -imo- good pics that show me Leonardo is max 5"10') .In my comparison We have a pic with the whole bodies of Rob/Samuel Anderson and the whole bodies Samuel Anderson/James Corden very close one to the other one.And we have finally James Corden and Tom close one to the other one. My guess is always clearly under 5"7' to me .(Harrison Ford to me was 5"11' peak and under now = here in the 1990s= a mugshot inwhich he very probably wear shoes= Click Here =that give around 5"11' barefoot and very probably under now ).
Parker said on 12/Sep/19
Zero chance of Cruise being 5'6 IMO

Even if Leo was only 5'10 (which he's not) Tom woud need to be getting almost 4 inches from his footwear
Click Here

Tom with 5'7 listed Michael Pena
Click Here

Pena and Danny Trejo
Click Here

Trejo and Rob.
Click Here

Felix Baumgartner and Harrison Ford
Click Here
Baumgartner with Tom
Click Here

Do the maths - Chances of Cruise under 5'7 =0
Pierre said on 11/Sep/19
Tom is clearly shorter than James Corden who is himself clearly shorter than Rob.Do the maths=Tom is under the 5"7'mark,he's maybe 5"6'.
Man in Black said on 11/Sep/19
I think the listing is spot on, although I think it's probably morning height/peak height. When you're a strong 5'7.5" you only have to add 2.2 inches to your footwear to look a weak 5'10" perceptibly. In movies you can trick that even more as we know. In his earlier movies I dont think he had to wear anything apart from a thicker heel. On red carpets Cruises girlfriends have all been at least 5'9 which is tall for a girl, and doesn't help his cause, and that's where where the elevator shoes come into play.
Parker said on 10/Sep/19
Dmeyer said on 9/Sep/19
with most celebs corden looks near 174cm its weird douglas looks taller

He's not taller Dmeyer. That's one pic and you cannot see their feet.
Pierre said on 10/Sep/19
@Dmeyer = James Corden looks taller next to other celebrities but other celebrities have sometimes their official height a little bit rounded up ....Michael Douglas maybe wear advantageous shoes in the pic next to James Corden,but he break his posture and looks always clearly taller than him,and Michael Douglas is maybe a little bit under 5"8' now.
Imo the comparisons i posted on 24 August are more indicative of the real height of James Corden = Samuel Anderson is not standing in an advantageous posture in the pic next to James,Rob is standing in a poorer posture than Samuel in the pic ...but the differences of heights are the same...Then logically by considering the postures,James is clearly shorter than Rob imo
Dmeyer said on 9/Sep/19
with most celebs corden looks near 174cm its weird douglas looks taller
Imbo said on 4/Sep/19
Click Here yeah, look at the minute 4:52 there is no way 171,5 Tom and 173 James.
Imbo said on 4/Sep/19
Click Here yeah, look at the minute 4:52 there is no way 171,5 Tom and 173 James.
Pierre said on 24/Aug/19
Click Here = here Tom with James Corden .This time i think they have around the same heels because they do parachute jumping so i think elevator shoes are bad for this exercise(landing). they are standing close one to the other one at around 5:04 .James corden is looking a little bit taller than him.

Now James Corden and 5"8'Michael Douglas = Click Here

James Corden tiptoeing next to Samuel Anderson slouching = Click Here

Rob next to Samuel Anderson standing straight = Click Here

Tom is clearly under 5"7' to my eyes
YautjaMk said on 24/Aug/19
Click Here
Solid 1.71. with 1.66 peak Dustin Hoffman
Aaron Rosales said on 12/Aug/19
My aunt saw him walking close her house in lake Tahoe. She says he used to live quite close. She says he was a bit shorter than me and I'm 175 cm. My guess is 171.5
Pierre said on 11/Aug/19
But the particularity of sophisticated elevator shoes is that they don't look really suspicious...
Parker said on 9/Aug/19
Tom is looking taller in every picture with Zico
Click Here

IMO, Tom's shoes do not look suspicious at all

I'll let people judge for themselves.
Pierre said on 8/Aug/19
Tom can look sometimes taller than Zico but he wear high shoes in this event and has probably an advantage = Click Here .I agree with Mrs Castro ,sometimes football listings are a little bit generous.Pics with Tom date from 2013 Zico is 60 here ,with a long career as a footballer and has maybe lost height.
Click Here = Zico next to Guido Buchwald listed 6"2'=looks a weak 5"7' here imo
Mrs. Castro said on 6/Aug/19
Parker, yes, football listings are incorrects, and usually overrated. Zico, probably, was shorter than 172cm.
Parker said on 6/Aug/19
In 2010 photos, Zico (probably shorter than 1980's) was taller than Tom Cruise.
Click Here

No chance of estimating who is taller in that pic, and where does 172 for Zico come from.? Football listings? Notoriously incorrect
cmillzz said on 4/Aug/19
yep, he’s nothing more than a solid 5’7.
Mrs. Castro said on 3/Aug/19
Zico was 172cm in 1980's.

In 2010 photos, Zico (probably shorter than 1980's) was taller than Tom Cruise.
Click Here

171cm max to Cruise today.
viper said on 3/Aug/19
He's listed too high here.

He's 5-7.

I can believe 5-6 3/4 at an absolute low at night
Bradley said on 31/Jul/19
The wolfer is wrong, he's been as listed or 5-8 for decades. The press won't ask his height or his management would 86 them next Scientology questions.
mande2013 said on 31/Jul/19
@Wolfman: I believe you. I'm also short: less than an inch taller than you are. I've also seen Vincent Cassel in person, ran into him by an ATM machine in Paris. I swear he's only average height. Nothing like the 6'1+ Rob has him at. Actress heights tend to be less inflated I think. I've crossed paths with Sophie Marceau, as well, and she seemed Rob's listing more or less. I've seen Tom Cruise in person, but I was a small kid at the time so couldn't really judge, although even then, I could make out he was shorter than average.
Wolfman said on 27/Jul/19
Go with two guys who had no stake in the game: Bill Goldman and Gore Vidal. They both spent years in H'wood writing screenplays and both remarked constantly about the shocking shortness of male movie stars. (Read Vidal's seven-novel US history cycle and in the latter four books he spends a lot of page time on this, with fictional movie settings and fictional stars discussing this phenomenon.) … I grew up next door to a guy who went on to spend ten seasons in the NBA, about half that in Sacramento and Oakland. The first party I went to with him, in L.A., was in 1994. Cruise was there. I'm short: 5-feet-5 and one-half inches, barefoot. Cruise was maybe an inch taller than me. Eddie Murphy was there, too; also a very short guy, just slightly taller than Cruise. In New York one night we got on an elevator and there was Bruce Willis. Smaller frame than I imagined, thinner through the shoulders, and a big head. Didn't look six feet tall. My NBA buddy is 6-feet-9, and his brother is a legit 5-11, played tailback at Syracuse. Willis was not as tall as the brother, who was there with us. … Unless these actors were former athletes, like Dwayne Johnson, they're almost always tiny people.
Pierre said on 26/Jul/19
@Leo =Another with Sean Penn slouching and bare-head= Click Here Sean Penn " 5"8' " next to Georges Harrison 5"10' = Click Here Click Here next to Gary Oldman 5"8.5' = Click Here Click Here
Leo2001 said on 24/Jul/19
With Sean Penn(173cm):Click Here
Voiceless Dental said on 24/Jul/19
It's amazing to me that Tom Cruise hasn't seemed to have ever addressed or been asked about his height since that quote in 1988.
Voiceless Dental said on 24/Jul/19
Danimal 5'9 3/4": So? how would a random magazine from 30 years ago be privy to any special knowledge
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 21/Jul/19
I've said it dozens of times in the past and I'll say it again, I had a magazine in the late 80's, that had an article on celebrities TRUE heights and they had Tom Cruise at 5'6 3/4". That is what Tom WAS 30 years ago. He's probably around 5'6" today, barefoot.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 21/Jul/19
The tale of the tape has Tom at 5'5" (at 10:50): Click Here
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Jul/19
Click Here

Cruise and Corden

Click Here

How he can LOOK with bigger footwear.

He seems to be pretty similar to Corden.
Bradley said on 11/Jul/19
Add a quarter and that makes cents and sense to Spence.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jul/19
@ houss - Too right I do! Well said!
Warren said on 8/Jul/19
He's definitely one of the youngest looking of fifties for actor ever!
houss said on 6/Jul/19
@miss sandy cowell , do you think he deserve an Oscar after all this years?
Pierre said on 4/Jul/19
Without his helps he's probably shorter than Mimi Rogers...Do the maths
Arslan 6'10 210 CM said on 4/Jul/19
Tom gets 5’8 from me
Parker said on 3/Jul/19
Original said on 2/Jul/19
Average Guess is about correct imo, 171 Peak, closer to 170 nowadays if not 170 flat. 172 is just too much

If 172 is too much, what about Felix Baumgartner.? He is listed at 5'7 on most sites (not here tho). Unfortunatley his web designer cannot convert imperial to metric so he is listed at 5'7 and 5'8 on his own website Click Here

Here is Felix with 5'11 (now) listed John Travolta Click Here
With Harrison Ford Click Here

Couple with Tom Click Here Click Here

172 is not too much for Tom IMO, in fact I would not be surprised if he was 173.
Johan 185 cm said on 3/Jul/19
5'7.5" today, maybe 5'7.75" peak.

Morning out of bed in his youth : 5'8.5" and he rounded to 5'9". Nowadays he will be lucky to hit 5'8" out of bed with age causing his disks to expand less.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jul/19
💝😁🎁🎂 Happy Birthday Tom! 🎂🎁😁💝

Yes, it's one of our biggest film star's Birthdays today; it happens to be that of Tom Cruise. Today, our boy turns 57, and still looks the bee's knees! 🐝

My favourite films of his are 'Rain Man' and the Christmassy movie 'Eyes Wide Shut', in which he stars with his one-time wife, Nicole Kidman. It opens with the married couple getting stoned on cannabis, and Nicole becoming well and truly spiteful, verbally, which is so often the worst kind. Tom puts on a fine performance as a deeply hurt man, and his actions thereafter endanger his very life. That scene in which all the conglomerates are in a circle - in masks - is really frightening and mysterious. They are REVOLTING masks, but I find Tom's to be quite amusing!

Of course, when people are in a circle, opportunities abound to make height comparisons, but this film stars lots of women too - beautiful, model-type girls, who seem on the tall side, so Tom still looks rather below average, but nothing outrageous, by any means. I'd say Tom looked around 5ft7.5 in this.

As for 'Rain Man', this film was truly a one-of-a-kind. It was the first movie to go into detail with the subject of autism, and though there have been others since, and perfectly good ones, nobody dealt with the subject quite as well as Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Both actors are below average, Dustin being shorter than Tom, but they made for a realistic-looking couple of brothers, height-wise, some two decades or so apart in age.

The latter of the films I described, 'Eyes Wide Shut', was the last film to be made by Stanley Kubrick.

Have a great Birthday Tom!


Original said on 2/Jul/19
Average Guess is about correct imo, 171 Peak, closer to 170 nowadays if not 170 flat. 172 is just too much.
Parker said on 1/Jul/19
5'9 in footwear is what I put for Cryer, so yes we agree again. 5'8.5 barefoot, 5'9 range in footwear.
Pierre said on 1/Jul/19
0Parker = Jon Cryer has no pics with Rob or Josh and is listed 5"8.5' here not 5"9'(36 votes are giving him easily more 5"8'than 5"9'),and Mimi is not the left girl in little heels but the girl next to her in massive heels in your pic.In all the pics Mimi /Milo, Milo is always easily taller than her and you can see in the complete vue i posted Click Here Milo's legs are not perfectly straight too and even his neck isn't straight...And she's closer to the camera...I don't talk about the angle of the pic that is in favor of Mimi(see the angle of the wall behind them)She's never looking like Rob next to Milo if both are standing straight,she's never 5"8' range
Parker said on 30/Jun/19
@Pierre - Yes I agree on 5'8 for Mimi
Here's another pic of Mimi and Milo
Click Here Mimi with loose posture dropping height as in your pic, with Milo bolt upright in enhanced footwear, possibly tiptoeing like he was with Rob

Here's Mimi looking slightly taller than 5'9 in footwear Jon Cryer Click Here
Pierre said on 29/Jun/19
@Parker Very interesting.If you want to search a little bit in web you will find the height of Chris Ciaffa on multiple sites.Tom Berenger slouch here and what are Mimi's heels...Well you will say me thank you probably for this pics too... = Click Here = Here in the top pic from 2007 with Rob/Milo ventimiglia in same posture(and no mention of advantageous shoes like the recent pic from 2012) you can see how Rob (so a real 5"8') is looking next to him ,and Milo is standing closer to the camera here(long hairs don't count of course...)= about the same height even with the advantage of the camera for Milo = Now Mimi Rodgers and Milo about the same posture like the 2007 top pic with Rob but this time Mimi standing closer to the camera(hairs don't count here too of course) ...Click Here Click Here = Click Here she looks a little bit like Milo next 5"10.25' Josh but both at the same distance to the camera ...
Johan 185 cm said on 28/Jun/19
Hmm so 5'8" Mimi Rogers is same height roughly as Cruise who would have thought. I will eat my hat if that producer is really 5'7", she is at least 5'9.5" in heels there and he is an inch taller. Noway under 5'10" in shoes, lowest I would guess him is 5'9".
Parker said on 28/Jun/19
@Pierre - Thanks for the pics, Tom looks very close to 5'8 listed Mimi Rogers there.

Mimi with 6'3 Peter Coyote looks close to 5'11 in her heels
Click Here

Not sure where you got that ridiculous listing of 5'7 for Chris Ciaffa, I cannot believe you would have got it from this site, but happy to be proved wrong.
Chris looks 5'10/5'11 to me. Same as 5' 11 Tom Berenger with Mimi here
Click Here
Pierre said on 26/Jun/19
Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers in sneakers (Mimi slouch in the first and second pic but watch the difference of height of their shoulders) = Click Here Click Here Click Here
Now Chris Ciaffa listed 5"7' and Mimi with an advantage of heels = Click Here Click Here here probably the same heels = Click Here
Aaron r said on 23/Jun/19
I think he is 171
cmillzz said on 20/Jun/19
Not quite sure how tall Arnie is today, but I’d be surprised if he’s a full 5’11 still.
Peter175 said on 18/Jun/19
Tom Cruise probably has around 15-20 lbs on Bieber.

I wouldn't go under 160lbs for Tom's weight in the last movie he did (Mission Impossible)
Warren said on 18/Jun/19
I can't quite believe that Tom is almost 57 y/o.
Pierre said on 18/Jun/19
Waow Arnold is very probably under 5"11' now! Here is Arnold next to Kristanna Loken = Click Here . Kristanna Loken and 5"10.25' Josh = Click Here Young Arnold and a 5"11' guy, Chet Yorton,not even perfectly straight = Click Here .
Johan 185 cm said on 17/Jun/19
Click Here

Tom next to a shrunken 5'11" Arnie. Has to be 5'6" right? What a joke.
Pierre said on 14/Jun/19
Sean Penn slouching and Tom Cruise with a cap = Click Here Sean Penn and 5"10'Georges Harrison = Click Here .Sean Penn and Gary Oldman 5"8.5' = Click Here . Click Here =Next to Mimi Rogers (don't know her shoes) Click Here .Chris Ciaffa listed 5"7' next to her= Click Here
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Jun/19
Guest66 said on 13/Jun/19
@MD, I think that Bieber’s proportions and build benefit him to look taller over Cruise in public’s eyes, even though most likely they’re super close in height. Plus Bieber didn’t fight any big guys on the screen lol, and btw I hope that Bieber’s call to fight Cruise is a joke, otherwise it’s really a dick move to call out a 57 year old guy to fight when you’re 25.


That old guy is in better shape than he is. If its not a joke he is in for a public humiliation.
cmillzz said on 14/Jun/19
Yes, Cruise would easily win against Bieber.
TheBat said on 13/Jun/19
Tom would easily win against Justin. Tom is probably 5'7.75" still, maybe 5'7.5".
Guest66 said on 13/Jun/19
@MD, I think that Bieber’s proportions and build benefit him to look taller over Cruise in public’s eyes, even though most likely they’re super close in height. Plus Bieber didn’t fight any big guys on the screen lol, and btw I hope that Bieber’s call to fight Cruise is a joke, otherwise it’s really a dick move to call out a 57 year old guy to fight when you’re 25.
Bradley said on 12/Jun/19
Cruise would edge out Biebs by 1/2". In a race on the Ventura Freeeway on one of those Agoura Hills st8-aways Biebs would win, he's had lots of practice.
Johan 185 cm said on 12/Jun/19
You wouldn't be able to tell who was taller if they stood next to one another. I would bet on Tom though, that people believe 5'9" for Bieber is just a joke. His gf is 5'6" and he isn't even 2 inches taller.

Tom would destroy him in a fight, doesn't say much my grnadmother would destroy Bieber.
Y07 said on 11/Jun/19
Hey Rob, who do you think will win in a facedown? Tom or JB? Or do you think the height difference will be hard to tell?
Editor Rob
They might be so close that it is hard to tell.
cmillzz said on 11/Jun/19
Bieber would have a slight edge on Cruise imo, but obviously not two inches.
viper said on 11/Jun/19
Gotta love the fake news media.

Love him or hate him, Trump was so right about that
MD said on 10/Jun/19
So, Justin Bieber jokingly challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA fight on Twitter:

Click Here

But that's not what interested me. As you can see, someone came up with an estimated Tale-of-the-Tape. If you read the the comments, it's not the ridiculous 5'9" Bieber estimate that keeps getting brought up, but the 5'7" listing for Cruise. It was just interesting that all these years later how much of the public has bought into the propaganda of Tom Cruise as being unusually short. I'm of the mind that he's closer to 5'7" than 5'8", but it was funny how much taller the general public thought Bieber was than Cruise, when we have Cruise taller (barely) than Bieber here. lol
Pierre said on 10/Jun/19
@Parker=Then take in consideration Leonardo is standing in a poor posture and he's maybe not exactly 5"11' or more= here next to 6"0.75' Barack he looks under 5"11' = Click Here .
Parker said on 8/Jun/19
Pierre said on 6/Jun/19
@Parker = you think elevator shoes don't give you a big help?

Depends what you mean by big help. Here with 6' in shoes Decaprio Click Here Cruise looks to be standing at 5'10. Do I think he's getting 3-4 inches from his shoes? Absolutely not. 2.5 inches,? possible.

Rob started out with Cruise listed at 171 before increasing it to 172. I think this listing is spot on IMO
Pierre said on 6/Jun/19
@Parker = you think elevator shoes don't give you a big help? = Click Here = here Georges Clooney slouching next to Brad Pitt (wearing very probably with little helps but...)=his eyes are comfortably higher than Brad's eyes especially by considering his poor posture.Other event = Click Here ....
Parker said on 5/Jun/19
Ok - Lets go with Pena in 1 inch footwear standing next to Cruise. So Pena will be standing at 5'8 in footwear.
Click Here
What's Cruise standing height in the above pic?

IMO, impossible for Cruise to be under 5'7 barefoot.
Pierre said on 3/Jun/19
@Parker = Like Rob said Michael shoes are looking nothing more than classic skate shoes ,then big max 1 inch help imo .Generally Tom looks under 5"10' if considering Michael Pena is a full 5"7'= Click Here = here Tom closer to the camera Michael slouching a little bit .Here Michael closer to the camera= Click Here .Here Tom forces his posture = Click Here .5"10' here?Hum...
Parker said on 31/May/19
Pierre said on 30/May/19
Tom has some"little" help in your pic

Pierre - A 5'6 guy would need 4 inches 'little help' to go from 5'6 to 5'10. If you think those shoes he's wearing with Pena are giving him 4 inches, we'll just have to agree to disagree. No worries.
Pierre said on 30/May/19
@Parker=And Tom Cruise classic shoes here???Hum... Click Here when he's taller than Michael Pena he looks nearly the same height as Andrew garfield listed 5"10.5'....(Andrew is probably a little bit shorter than his list imo)Imo Tom has some"little" help in your pic.
jriggs said on 29/May/19
Now he's probably 5'7 (170cm) peak was no doubt 172cm
Parker said on 28/May/19
5'7 listed Michael Pena and Tom.
Click Here

Looking at the footwear, Pena's looks suspicious.
Editor Rob
I think those are just one of the skate shoes that have a well-padded tongue, like an inch thick padding, making them look bulky.
Pierre said on 27/May/19
My opinion is =Tom Cruise wear massive helps here next to Pablo Motos...And Pablo is maybe not exactly 5"4.75' ... = here next to Ryan Reynolds(listed 6"2') Ryan looks comfortably one head taller than him = Click Here Click Here
Arthas said on 27/May/19
I don't see more than one inch difference in RainMan with Dustin Hoffman.. I think 170 should be accurate
Parker said on 26/May/19
Johan 185 cm said on 23/May/19
There are people who even say he is 5'4"-5'5" and they are being serious.

There are people that think he's under 5'7 and are being serious.

Here's Pablo Motos with 5'4/5'5 Daniel Radcliffe
Click Here

Here he is with Cruise
Click Here

You will now get people replying that Cruise has 4 inch hidden lifts in those shoes, and be serious.
Editor Rob
Pablo in air max over 1 inch and Cruise in not much different boots.
Arthas said on 25/May/19
Rob, could you list him as a flat 170cm instead of 172?
Editor Rob
If I thought he was only 170cm I'd put him at it, but I'm still not convinced he was as short as that.
Shortkid said on 23/May/19
170-171 no more no less
Johan 185 cm said on 23/May/19
Bobby 5ft 10 said on 18/May/19
I can't understand all this consensus about Tom Cruise being little. Family Guy makes fun of him all the time making him seem like he's as tall as a little kid, when that's not true at all. If anything, I'd call Tom weak average but certainly not short, not anywhere close to that in fact.


There are people who even say he is 5'4"-5'5" and they are being serious. Josh Hutcherson or Daniel Radcliffe in particular who is 5'4.5" and believes Cruise is little...not realising that Cruise would be towering over him.

Cruise just has been saddled with that image partly because of his marriage to Kidman a legit 5'10 ranger and Holmes a 5'9" range woman. Those are tall women and they also wore heels so ofc a guy under average would look short.
Pierre said on 20/May/19
@Bobby = I personnally just try to guess his real height here nothing more than that,you can see generally in my comments i explain why i guess x or y height.But if you're not ok with my guess and you guess Tom is even 5"11' it's your right and i have personally no problems with that.
Bobby 5ft 10 said on 18/May/19
I can't understand all this consensus about Tom Cruise being little. Family Guy makes fun of him all the time making him seem like he's as tall as a little kid, when that's not true at all. If anything, I'd call Tom weak average but certainly not short, not anywhere close to that in fact.
Pierre said on 16/May/19
@Johan = Jeremy Renner is about the same height as Rob in the pic but imo was wearing big high shoes in this event with maybe something in that=his shoes were looking like this= Click Here .Curiously when he walk with a good step like here his rear right heel always touch the floor or is just a little bit higher than the floor.When a guy walk with a good step like him his heel (with a classic shoes without internal heel) is easily higher than the floor like here = Click Here .
Johan 185 cm said on 15/May/19
Click Here

Here he is with 5'8.5" Jeremy Renner, how anyone can think he measures under 5'7" boggles the mind.

Click Here

Tom with self claimed 5'10" Simon Pegg ( reality weak 5'9")
Click Here

Does he get a boost from footwear? Yes he does but its not 3-4 inches.
Erik C. said on 9/May/19
I'll give this lil fella 5'7"- 5'7.5" range. And he might wake up at the 3/4 that Rob list him at. And then dips down to a flat 5'7" at his low.
Denali said on 8/May/19
5'7" flat peak, and maybe a fraction less now as he is starting to hit his late '50s.
Pierre said on 6/May/19
@Ong= Katie Holmes compared to Robert Patrick or Serena Williams is under 5"9' range,she's max 5"8' to my eyes
cmillzz said on 5/May/19
No taller than 170cm. Especially these days.
Jay Ong said on 4/May/19
@Pierre = Yes it will be very hard to judge ones person's height with footwear because even if he was only wearing vans or chuck taylor converse shoes which only gives us 0.5 to 0.6 inch additional height, we can still put lifts inside of it. Like mine, when i wear vans shoes I can put a lift inside like folded socks which will give me instant 0.5 to 0.75 additonal boost aside from vans itself. But, I see a photo of Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes barefoot at the boat in Sydney. I see no more than 1.5 to 1.75 inch difference. Katie at 5'9". Making Tom at 5'7 1/4" at worst.
Pierre said on 2/May/19
@Ong = Of course it will be hard to post a pic with Tom 5"6' because you probably know very well he wear lots of times advantageous shoes.His partner in Top Gun gave an interview inwhich she said Tom was wearing lifts in the scenes next to her,i think it's very easy to try this interview in web.I posted recently my guess with pics of Sean Penn next to others celebrities and next to Tom...Show me your pics now if you want.
Parker said on 2/May/19
Pierre said on 1/May/19
There is a big probability he's max 5"6'

Its all about opinions Pierre - IMO its a zero chance he's max 5'6. He is minimum 5'7, Max 5'8, again IMO.
Jay Ong said on 2/May/19
@Pierre = Sean Penn is at 5'8". Cruise is atleast 5'7". Also, difference between them is half inch to 3/4 inch. I don't see a full inch difference. That makes Tom a 5'7.25" to 5'7.5". Can you please post a photo that can support your 5'6" claim on Cruise?
Pierre said on 1/May/19
@Jay =Why not chance?Next to some Guys Sean Penn looks max 5"7' and Tom looks a little bit shorter than Sean...Do the maths again...There is a big probability he's max 5"6'
Jay Ong said on 29/Apr/19
@Pierre = Weak 5'6" for Cruise??? Not chance. You state that meaning he could be around 5'5.5" to 5'5.75" and there's no way he is that short. He is a minimum 5'7" and worst is at 5'6.75" and that will only happen to him if he had a bad day. Meaning less sleep and restless days. Tom Cruise is really a 5'7" guy. In a reality he's 5'7.25" now as before he is 5'7.5".
RichardSpain said on 29/Apr/19
Short to be a Hero!

To me Tom Cruise is 171/172 cm barefoot not more than that
Pierre said on 27/Apr/19
@Jay Ong=For me Tom looks around one inch shorter than Sean Penn and Sean Penn seems to me a weak 5"7'.My guess is Tom is around a weak 5"6'.
Jay Ong said on 26/Apr/19
@Pierre = What would you guess Tom Cruise height? Honestly for me 5'7" is the smallest he can APPEAR in the public and highest would be 5'7 1/2". Depending on the situation. Good sleep 5'7 1/2" bad sleep would be 5'7" to 5'7 1/4".
Pierre said on 25/Apr/19
@Jay Ong = Tom Cruise is know to wear advantageous shoes so compare him to Mimi Rodgers is just another comparison.And she's maybe not exactly 5"8' range = Click Here = here next to Crhis Ciaffa listed 5"7' when around the same heels ...Other= Click Here
Pierre said on 25/Apr/19
@Johan = She never looks 5"9' if Patrick Stewart is 5"8',you have to take in consideration her hairs(Patrick has no hairs),and next to Serena Williams who is standing in a poor posture she looks max 5"8'.
Jay Ong said on 25/Apr/19
I think Rob has pinned TC right on. My mistake on my previous post. Everyone please google "Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers pictures" and you will see it in getty image page a lot of pictures of them together. I see TC's peak height at 5'7 1/2" next to 5'8" Mimi Rogers. As for now, Tom mis at 5'7 1/4" since he lost a quarter of inch during his stunt works in his action films.

Conclusion: peak height: 5'7 1/2"
current height: 5'7 1/4"
Johan 185 cm said on 25/Apr/19

Katie is wearing ballerina flats there next to Patrick Stewart. Thats just a good example of her looking indeed 5'9".

Click Here

Here he is in lifts but she has a good heel as well, no less than 6' with that heel. I would give him 179 cm in shoes there possibly even close to 180 cm. How would a guy 170 cm get that high?

That last pic I showed

Click Here

Katie is looking down, she is still 3cm + taller than him.

Anywhere between 171-172cm is fair for Tom.
Pierre said on 22/Apr/19
@Dave = Dave why is it so important for you i give my guess?I don't understand?
Dave98 said on 21/Apr/19
@Pierre So what is your current stand on Tom Cruise's height?? Just Curious to know as I think Tom is around 171 cm flat!
Mister lennon said on 21/Apr/19
Penn could be 5'7 range. Yes.
But i dont see a peak oldman so short as 5"8. He looked everu bit of 5,'9.
Pierre said on 21/Apr/19
@Mister Lennon=yeah,or Gary Oldman is really 5"8.5' and then Sean Penn is max 5"7'.Next to Georges Harrison Sean looks always 5"7' max.But we can think Georges harrison's height is not good too...
Mister lennon said on 20/Apr/19
Penn could be a weak or flat 5'8 and oldman a solid 5'9
Pierre said on 20/Apr/19
@Johan =but Tom is standing closer to the camera and the floor isn't regular but looks always shorter than her....And Katie holmes 5"9'...Here next to Patrick Stewart listed 5"8' = Click Here by considering he has no hairs and probably a fraction more heels,she looks very similar to him .Click Here = here easily closer to the camera.Here closer to the camera than Serena Williams in cool posture Click Here .Here Serena closer to the camera always in relax posture = Click Here .
Pierre said on 20/Apr/19
@Mister Lennon= you really see Sean Penn 5"8' even if Gary Oldman was 5"9'?!There is easily more than only one inch by this pics!
Johan 185 cm said on 20/Apr/19
Click Here

Out running with his 5'9" ex wife, very much doubt he had lifts because when she is in heels he still manages this :

Click Here
Mister lennon said on 20/Apr/19
Oldman was more 5'9 peak.

Harrison weak 5'10 peak, as john lennon or maybe a little bit shorter.

Penn 5'8 peak.
Pierre said on 18/Apr/19
Tom Cruise and Sean Penn = Click Here Click Here .Sean Penn and Gary Oldman listed 5"8.5' = Click Here Click Here Click Here .Sean and Georges Harrison listed 5"10' = Click Here
mohammad said on 16/Apr/19
5 foot 7 , with a 90 percent chance of certainty .
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 16/Apr/19
Michael pena is perfect 170 cm but not tom cruise
Kimblemur said on 14/Apr/19
5’7 flat
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 13/Apr/19
5ft7.75 inch is final prediction for him
Ian C. said on 13/Apr/19
How could it have been possible that Tom Cruise was cast as Jack Reacher? The Reacher of the novels is six foot five and heroically strong, and Reacher's size and strength often figure in the plots, so casting Cruise as Reacher was essentially a rebuke to the fans of the books.

Casting Cruise as Reacher would be like, I dunno, casting Gary Oldman as Dracula, or Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. You take a beloved character from a series of popular books and cast someone completely physically inapt as the character.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 12/Apr/19
172 cm is best fit for him
William_O'Jell said on 12/Apr/19
Tom was about 5 feet 7 inches when younger but is now probably 5 feet 6. That makes him roughly the same height as 'the short Beatle' Ringo.
Pierre said on 9/Apr/19
Sorry,i made a mistake,the second video with Dustin = Click Here .I have watch another time the first video and i think the difference between Guy Montagné and Christophe Dechavanne is at least 2.5 inches=imo the guy without hairs has a strong head and forehead and lots of time slouch a little bit to talk to the other guy.
Pierre said on 9/Apr/19
Yes Tom is taller than Dustin in Rain Man but watch that = Click Here =at around 3:06 and 3:20 = i think the left guy without hairs(Guy Montagné) is 2 or 2.5 inches taller than the right man(Christophe Dechavanne).I know approximately the height of the left guy because i was standing next to him in a supermarket one time.I'm around 5"11.25' during the day and i'm around one forehead taller than him.He's listed 172 in France(around 5"7.75')and then i think this list is good.Now the right guy next to Dustin(Dustin wear comfortable heels imo,watch them at around 2:58) = Click Here =they are standing in around the same posture at around 3:43 /3:46
cmillzz said on 8/Apr/19
always been a 5 ft 7 guy, only 172 cm maybe straight out of bed.
Bora said on 7/Apr/19
His peak height can be even 5'11" but in fact he is almost 5'8", he can peak 3 inches for sure
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 7/Apr/19
Imposible tom cruise only 5ft7inch (170cm) come on he is hollywood superstar.5ft7.5 inch is golden standar height for man to be sexy hero.
Jimhopper said on 7/Apr/19
5-7 no more.
Parker said on 7/Apr/19
Man in Black said on 5/Apr/19
Just watching Rain Man as I type this. Cruise is at best 1 inch taller than Hoffman in most scenes

I felt it was at least 2 inches as in dance scene below - The escalator scene 3-4 inches

Click Here
Man in Black said on 5/Apr/19
Just watching Rain Man as I type this. Cruise is at best 1 inch taller than Hoffman in most scenes, both wearing standard dress shoes. Hoffmans posture is slightly slumped as well. In the famous coming down the elevator shot though, Cruise is probably wearing a slightly more generous heel.
Jay Ong said on 5/Apr/19

There's no way Tom is 5'7 3/4". In lifts or elevator shoes he only appears at 5'9 1/2" to 5'9 3/4" max. He never appear looking 5'10". Fact, without lifts or elevator shoes he is only 5'7" to 5'7 1/4" max barefeet. Just compare him to Lewis Hamilton and Zac Efron, he never appears taller to both of them even with boost.
Jay Ong said on 5/Apr/19
Hi Rob,

Is Lewis Hamilton really a 5'7 1/2" guy? If that's so then Tom must be really 5'7" flat. Whatever Hamilton's is Cruise is 1/2 inch shorter. Unless Lewis Hamilton has more lifts than Tom. But in comparison to Zac Efron, Cruise look 5'7 1/2". What's your thought on this Rob? For me I see Tom Cruise a strong 5'7" guy to 5'7 1/4" max.
Editor Rob
I don't know if the road they were on gave either favour, but we know lewis did come in around that range for a measurement - of course it could have been 172cm, a height he has looked too...whether he wears lifts, or just has great posture is debatable.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 4/Apr/19
I'm sure average height (General) for man is 5ft7.5-7.75 inch (not 5ft8 inch) .Hollywood superstar Tom cruise,teen idol Justin bieber, Bollywood superstar shah rukh khan, top singer from england zayn malik and popular host Ryan seacrest is Good example for 5ft7+ range guys.this sample is come from different country superstar
Bradley said on 3/Apr/19
Angus needs to go back to the Scottish bog (Lost In Space episode). Cruise is as listed. G supported figure.
Angus said on 2/Apr/19
Both cruise and Hammond are 5'7" tom wears lifts to reach 5'9" 5'10" and up to 6ft
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 2/Apr/19
I think at low condition he is 171.5 cm, wake up in the morning he is 173.5-174cm range and then in normal condition he is 172-3 cm range. That's my opinion,so 172 cm is perfect list for Holywood Superstar Mr Tom cruise.tq
Pierre said on 1/Apr/19
Another = Click Here
Xpac99 said on 30/Mar/19
Click Here
170 cm is more realistic i think
Johan 185cm said on 28/Mar/19
I still think 5'7.5" is a possibility but no way he is less than that.
cmillzz said on 24/Mar/19
@TheBat, even if he was weak 5’8, that wouldn’t be considered short compared to the average American. “Short” would be like 5’6 or 5’5.
TheBat said on 23/Mar/19
Yeah this listing seems right. He's short but not tiny like Daniel Radcliffe or Jerry Ferrara.
Bradley said on 20/Mar/19
As listed today and back in the day. The G had this right. G approved. I saw it myself.
billionaireslayer said on 18/Mar/19
5'6 he was shorter than Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, with Jack having 25yrs on him, and Jack maybe being a strong 5'7 or very weak 5'8 in his prime. Did not look much taller than a 5'4ish Dustin Hoffman.
cmillzz said on 16/Mar/19
Without his lifts, he’s 5’7 flat at most.
Paul Wood said on 14/Mar/19
I've always thought he's not 172cm. I think he's 171.5cm (5ft 7.5in)
Mister lennon said on 14/Mar/19
I still think 173 mnimum.
Man in Black said on 13/Mar/19
I was watching The Color of Money last night. Obviously Cruise was a young guy in that, but interesting to see. In the scene where Newman visits Cruise at his job, Cruise's footwear is decently visable, a kind of cuban chelsea boot with a strong 2" heel. In this scene he's probably got about a half inch on Newman, but Newman is slouching by comparison and a much older man at this stage in his career. Newman is wearing more normal looking footwear though.
JD 5'9" said on 13/Mar/19
Does he always wear lifts. He seems to edge out Simon Pegg who I don't think is under 5'8". I guess he's a strong 5'7" guy without lifts.
khaled taban said on 13/Mar/19
He is no taller than 170cm
Lee dytcher said on 12/Mar/19
He scuba dived with my company for 3 day's when I lived in Barbados. Bare foot on my boat he was shorter than me and I'm only 5ft 7ins
Bradley said on 10/Mar/19
I met myself and he told me as listed in '93 a foot away.
Ethan Couch said on 9/Mar/19
I met a movie producer that said he was 5’4! Do you think it’s true Rob?!
Editor Rob
I think some people like to exaggerate for dramatic effect, including the producer.
burnitdownhomies said on 26/Feb/19
Flat 5'6. Maybe 5'5.75 at worst.
Pierre said on 20/Feb/19
@Parker=In your pic Tom is standing closer to the camera and Ben Stiller does not look to me very straight.In this pic the difference seems to me slimer between them = Click Here .Tom's shoes have a vertical angle in the laces portion and seems to me advantageous like he had a lift in these .Jonah Hill listed 5"6.25' looks sometimes taller than Ben Stiller depending where is the camera = Click Here Click Here .Jonah hill and James Corden who is imo a weak 5"8' = Click Here
Bradley said on 19/Feb/19
In Jerry MaGuire he does look his "shortest".
Parker said on 18/Feb/19
Long time posters have all seen the barefoot pictures often posted here of Katie & Tom together, In my opinion, there is not more than 1 inch between them in Katie's favour, so that puts Tom in the 5'7-5'8 range. Split the difference and go for 5'7.5. Explains why he can look 5'9+ in footwear.

Click Here
mande2013 said on 14/Feb/19
I'm not a massive fan. In any case, I could certainly believe he's potentially like 5'6.75 barefoot or something, but I seriously doubt he's anywhere near as low as 167.
Pablis96 said on 13/Feb/19
Personally I think he can be a little below 170 so something between 167 and 169.I truly belive that.He is using constantly different kinds of elevator shoes from more discreet to elevators with huge input.Without all this height miracles he is a little bit below 170 for sure :) by the way ,great actor ,icone of Hollywood :)
Vat said on 6/Feb/19
Tom Cruise=172cm (5'8) for sure.
You know.
hridoy said on 6/Feb/19
true 5'7".
Pierre said on 31/Jan/19
Click Here = Imo 5"8' 3/4 for Katie Holmes is debatable = here next to Patrick Stewart listed 5"8'(At Patrick Stewart page 31 votes are giving him 5"7.9') they are looking on the same step/posture and she looks at most the same height as Patrick imo(by considering hairs of course). Click Here .Here their shoes= Patrick has classic heels and Katie slimer heels but Patrick has not a big advantage on her imo(in the last pic she's clearly closer to the camera ).At Patrick Stewart page 31 votes are giving him 5"7.9'.By this comparison with Patrick Stewart i would guess Katie holmes more 5"8' or weak 5"8'.
Peter175 said on 28/Jan/19
Tom at flat 5'7 doesn't make sense.

This guy is every bit a weak 5'8 now that I've seen his older films where I know for a fact he didn't have lifts
ArjunaKorale said on 26/Jan/19
Tom is the MOST DYNAMIC ACTOR of our generation. People can criticise his personal beliefs as much as they like but when his time is ‘up’ & he is gone from cinema, people will realise what they have lost. However, I don’t believe that he is a tall (or even average height) American man. I know your site lists him as almost 5 ft 8 but I care to disagree with that. I think 5 ft 7.5 inches (closer to 171 cm) tall for Tom is an ever so slightly more accurate estimate!
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Jan/19
@Parker: In fairness, they seem like they could be a bit thicker than 1" even without lifts. I'd say 1.2" range is pretty likely, but that extra fraction is a wash since Rob still lists Katie at a full 5'9" as opposed to 5'8.75". I see more 3" difference in the pic, though, but you can't tell from that angle how big Katie's heels are. If you ask me -- and admittedly no one did -- they look like possible 3" heels from the back: Click Here They're also not completely flat in the front making 3" all the more plausible. but I don't see more than a 2.5" difference in this pic from the same event: Click Here It was getting rare for Tom to appear without some sort of lifts or elevators by 2011, but the boot itself looks pretty normal from that last side angle.
Parker said on 8/Jan/19
Lawson said on 7/Jan/19
5'8 3/4" katie with 2.5" heels = a 5'11.25" Katie in the pic above. Cruise is 2.5" shorter in that pic above beside her. So Cruise is standing 5'8.3/4" with 1. 3/4" (lift shoes)/heels. Cruz is 5'7-5'7.25" tops when barefoot and Katie is 5'8 3/4" barefoot. Do we really need to carry on the argument with that pic above ? I don't think so.

The argument would be the shoes only look standard 1 inch - How do you know they give 1.75"?
Timson said on 26/Dec/18
5-7.5 max. Probably under
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Dec/18
I haven't seen enough myself to agree with Rob and MJKoP that Cruise edged Spielberg without shoes. I couldn't find any on set pic fitting MJKoP's description, but the Minority Report Berlin premiere is a bit tough for me to overlook because there's a series of pics that day and Cruise is dropping some height in the full pics, but looks half an inch shorter so is Cruise really dropping more than half an inch? Also, the pics with Clinton aren't perfect, but I don't get the impression Cruise was taller there either: Click Here Click Here I get why some will give the edge to Cruise, though. He has looked taller than Spielberg more often than vice versa, but that could be Tom's shoes and posture. With that said, I wouldn't be surprised if Spielberg was 172 cm peak either. I still have Tom more like 171.5, but I'd be less surprised if Tom was a full 172 than a flat 171. He's not a particularly short guy, but his footwear makes him tricky.

@Junior: I don't see how Cruise could be a flat 5'7" if Jamie Foxx is 5'9.5" minimum because Foxx has never looked a full 2" taller than Cruise, much less 2.5". Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Here's shots of their shoes from the side: Click Here Click Here Click Here Tom's shoes look pretty normal that night, imo. He has often worn 5-6 cm elevators the last decade as you say(more 5 cm the last few years), but he can pass for a 174, even 175 cm guy at times and has looked like he'd measure 176-177 cm in them making him 171-172 range barefoot.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Dec/18
Always 170cm and always put on 5-6cm lift under his feet.
hridoyham58 said on 13/Dec/18
5'7" and nothing
JamesB172cm said on 9/Dec/18
Rob 5ft7.7/8 peak?
Editor Rob
You wouldn't be surprised at that. There will come a time when Tom falls to 5ft 7 and under and the argument will be that he never was above it.
michael loughrie said on 6/Dec/18
Good listing!
NewFace said on 28/Nov/18
I am not sure he's as tall as 172cm. The reason being I always thought he looked pretty small in one of his first movies, Risky Business. There was another small actor I can't remember the name of in it that didn't even seem much shorter at all in comparison.

Secondly, even in converse it is very viable to be 6cm taller quite easily if you stick some decent lifts in the high tops. This would mean he would easily clear 178cm in his lifts. Does he ever look that tall? With hair this would mean he would look comparable to some 5'10" or 5'11" guys lacking in the bonce department with his decent posture.

178cm might be a limit though in normal looking footwear for 172cm, but it would be very easy to achieve in almost any sort of footwear. It gets increasingly harder to walk after that. I'm sure Rob can also easily get to 179cm quite comfortably but will have problems walking when he gets to 180cm....
NewFace said on 28/Nov/18
I am not sure he's as tall as 172cm. The reason being I always thought he looked pretty small in one of his first movies, Risky Business. There was another small actor I can't remember the name of in it that didn't even seem much shorter at all in comparison.

Secondly, even in converse it is very viable to be 6cm taller quite easily if you stick some decent lifts in the high tops. This would mean he would easily clear 178cm in his lifts. Does he ever look that tall? With hair this would mean he would look comparable to some 5'10" or 5'11 guys lacking in the bonce department with his decent posture.
Bradley said on 28/Nov/18
As listed in '18.
Michael, 5'10" 178 cm said on 26/Nov/18
He can’t be as tall as 5’8” in real life. Tom almost always looks short in movies he stars in. He only looks taller in the Mission Impossible films because he wears lift and because they use special camera angles to give the illusion of him being taller. Tom can’t possibly be taller than 5’7”, why could I say this? Well, if he was as tall as 5’8”, then the media wouldn’t be calling him short and they wouldn’t be listing him as 5’7” on every website instead of 5’8”. He looks more than an inch shorter than Jeremy Renner who is listed as 5’8 1/4” on here and just look at how comically short he is compared to his ex-wives Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes who are 5’10 1/2” and 5’9” respectively. Yeah, so I’m not buying into the fact that Tom can be that close to 5’8”. He is 5’7” flat imo.
Fabrizio said on 14/Nov/18 e'172 cm
MJKoP said on 13/Nov/18
There was as full-bodied picture from the set of War of the Worlds where Tom was more than just slightly taller than Steven. Glenn(yeah, I know) even described Cruise as "towering" Spielberg. Perhaps uneven terrain? Can someone possibly find it???
MJKoP said on 13/Nov/18
I'd give Cruise a slightly higher peak height than Spielberg. Rob described him as "marginally taller"(as reflected in his listings) and I agree with such an assessment.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Nov/18
@Greg99: Rob has Spielberg 5'7.5" peak. The 5'7" is his estimate for his current height. Tom only looks slightly shorter in some pics, but can also look slightly taller. It probably depends on shoes, posture and angle, but the fact that neither ever seems to look more than a little taller than the other tells me they're very close to the same height. I'd give both 5'7.5" peak and Cruise is probably still that tall while Spielberg is likely 5'7" max now at over 70.

2002 Minority Report Berlin premiere: Click Here Click Here
2002 Showest Awards Gala: Click Here Click Here
2005 War of the Worlds premiere: Click Here Click Here
2005 War of the Worlds photocall: Click Here
Short 2006 video: Click Here
Greg99 said on 10/Nov/18
Tom looks slightly shorter than Steven Spielberg (whom Rob has pegged at 5'7") in the many on-set stills of the two of them.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Nov/18
5'9 - 5'9 1/2 with lift. 5'7 def a barefoot height.
TheBat said on 5/Nov/18
Everyone now agrees that Tom is around 5'7", the added 3/4 is very solid.
savfdfff said on 26/Oct/18
idk. Could have been a weak 172 cm at peak. I would say he is around 171 these days if that.
Anonynon said on 18/Oct/18
I find it funny as hell how google has Tom Cruise at 5'7", and you also have Bow Wow at 5'7". No wonder everyone thinks 5'7" is short. If his height is actually what is listed here, Cruise is definitely not what I'd call short, just below average. Everyone takes a shot at Cruise for being so short which is stupid. I think it's just a case of Cruise constantly taking pictures with women taller than him (with heels) which makes him look short.
HonestSlovene said on 12/Oct/18
172 cm peak and strong 171 cm now.
Editor Rob
He still holds up well in films, look at Never Go Back (well, don't look too's not that good) but with a guy like Aldis Hodge or Cobie Smulders, he just doesn't look a short guy.
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Oct/18
I don't believe Cruise is taller than Downey, but they could be the same height. @Pierre: Glad we agree on that. That event is one of the best for determining Tom's real height. Aside from Katie, I think there might be a few decent pics to compare Tom to McConaughey and Stiller. His shoes often looked pretty normal promoting Lions for Lambs too, but he may have worn small lifts then.
Legit 6'2 said on 6/Oct/18
@Jonas Valanciunas
Surely he is taller than rdj
The listing is good,
171,5 cm for Tom Cruise
Jonas Valanciunas said on 27/Sep/18
Rob,I think he is taller than 5'7 lift wearer Robert Downey Jr
He should be 171,5/172 cm
Good listing Rob,great job
Pierre said on 24/Sep/18
@Rising =I agree with you Rising his shoes in this event"Tropic Thunder Premiere" were looking very classic and flat,i think if he had a gain with this, it was not a big gain.
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Sep/18
Tom does seem like he's always wearing elevators/thick boots these days and since at least 2010, but it wasn't that uncommon to see him with normal shoes for much of the 2000's with the most striking example being the Converse-type sneakers he wore to the Tropic Thunder premiere with Katie in 3" heels. Sly wore elevator boots or those thick Hogan sneakers(which come with 2 cm insoles) almost 24/7 from 2003-2008, but actually wore normal shoes often from 2009 through early 2017 and had been wearing low cut dress shoes to every event for 2+ years before he conspicuously began wearing lifts to most events again the past year. I was surprised to see Banderas in flat, low cut shoes a few years ago, but even when he doesn't have his obviously big heels, his shoes often have an angle, are higher in the back or have a bit extra heel. Pitt will spend thousands on a pair of boots, but if he's the constant lift wearer many on this forum think then he's much better at hiding it than these other guys.
Ruben Bosco said on 20/Sep/18
Max 5 ft 7, absolutely not over
Hijoputamos said on 18/Sep/18
Allie, these guys NEVER wear regular shoes on events, believe me. If there are cameras, be sure they are on special shoes lifts boots etc. It’s part of their job. And I’m talking about guys like Tom, Brad, Banderas, Sly, etc
Custom elevators are hard to detect and they look like regular shoes, that’s why they are so expensive, hello!

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