How tall is Eminem ?

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Eminem's Height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Marshall Mathers is an American rapper.
Comment on the Height of Eminem

mmking said on 12/Jan/16
To me it seems like eminem doesnt have any problem being 5,8 that man has a lot of corrage and confidence
I wanted to tell Shortrussiandude he isnt short its just guys like 50 cent and dr dre are tall
ShortRussianDude said on 28/Dec/15
he can maybe look 5 ft 8 at times but no way he is barefoot the mugshot was in shoes and Eminem looks on the higher side of short not a little below average which I would class 5 ft 8 as being .

5 ft 7.25 - 5 ft 7.5 somewhere around there doubt his as short as me (5 ft 6.5 - 5 ft 6.75 range) but it would not surprise me if he measured closer to 5 ft 7 than 5 ft 8.
mmking said on 11/Dec/15
can we please post a clear photo of eminem with a fan ends arguements and opinions
Vaibhav said on 10/Dec/15
Seen him from very close.He is definitely 173cm tall.I being 180 cm
Simon said on 8/Dec/15
He is 5'8 just look on Goos and it will tell you there is he was any smaller it would say for example 171 or 170 or even 172 but it doesn't so he is obviously atleast 5'8 or maybe a few mm taller so yeah stop arguing over it he's 5'8
mmking said on 24/Nov/15
Im 5f 8 when I look at my self in mirror
I compare my self with Em and its hard to believe he is a bit shorter than me..
I think some of you exaggerating
Michel said on 23/Nov/15
Heres a photo of Eminem standing behind a height chart: Click Here

He is just a bit above 5┤8 in that pic. If we assume that the height chart is valid and taken into account that he leans his head a little bit, he is around 5┤9 in that pic. Subtract the shoes (2-3 cm??), we are at 172 - 173 cm. We should also subtract 1 cm for the hat. So we are at 171-172. Look at pictures of him and Rihanna. They are of similar height. Rihanna is 5┤8 according to this site. So 172 cm seems to be a good guess.
Bobo said on 26/Oct/15
How do you add one start one with stitches the white rapper he says hes 6 foot 3 265 lbs
6'2" 15 year old said on 16/Oct/15
Eminem is a great rapper. I think he is definitely 5'6.5"-5'7.5", depending on the time of day.
Lol said on 16/Oct/15
To the person who said Em says he is 5'9 in the song Lighters by Bads Meet Evil, he didnt. Bad Meets Evil is a rap duo with him and Royce da 5'9. He was talking about royce in that line
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 13/Oct/15
Eminem is 5'7.5".
MD said on 5/Oct/15
Yeah, the angle of that pic isn't the best, but I think it clearly shows that he's under 5'8".
Kag said on 3/Oct/15
In that pic with Big Sean, Eminem is standing in the foreground with his typical slouched pose. I bet if he was standing right next to Big Sean and had decent posture, they'd probably be close to the same height. But no question Em is a tiny guy. He's definitely on the short side (I'd say closer to 5'7") and doesn't weigh much (probably about 140 lbs). Check him out on the Red Carpet for Southpaw. All the other men tower over him. Rob, would you please change his listed height? We all know he doesn't hit 5'8".
Peter 175 said on 1/Oct/15
Eminem is obviously 5'7. 171 cm tops. He wears very big shoes that get him up to 5'8.5 or so. Watch 8 mile, he's noticeably shorter than everyone. Mekhi Phifer is listed as 5'9 and he's at least 2 inches taller than Eminem in the film
Peter 175 said on 1/Oct/15
Eminem is obviously 5'7. 171 cm tops. He wears very big shoes that get him up to 5'8.5 or so. Watch 8 mile, he's noticeably shorter than everyone. Mekhi Phifer is listed as 5'9 and he's at least 2 inches taller than Eminem in the film
mart said on 29/Sep/15
Rob, will you add a photo of Eminem?
MD said on 29/Sep/15
With 5'7.5" Big Sean:

Click Here
MD said on 28/Sep/15
I mean aside from you being wrong, you don't seem to know how to do math, either.
Kag said on 27/Sep/15
Arch Stanton said on 23/Sep/15
No you weren't the only one who noticed. It was widely reported in the tabloids that he'd lost weight. I doubt it's an eating disorder, more like drugs.
No, more likely to be an eating disorder. The man has been committed to his recovery since 2008. I have no reason to believe he's relapsed. And Bambiohe, 5'6" is laughable. He's not THAT short. Anywhere from 5'7" to 5'8" is a reasonable guess.
Bambiohe said on 26/Sep/15
He's 5'6 He was 2 inches shorter than Big Sean who is 5'7.5"
Arch Stanton said on 23/Sep/15
Kag said on 19/Aug/15
@MD, Eminem's weight fluctuates more than any other celebrity I've seen. In 2004-2005, I'll bet he weighed closer to 175 or so. Last winter, he was close to his lowest weight, and I was not the only one who noticed. Social media jumped all over it, calling him "guant" and "emaciated." I doubt he was more than 140 then. He's put some back on since, probably around your 150 guess. But his weight has been far from stable. It's been his pattern to drop a lot of weight in short periods of time ever since his comeback. He probably has an eating disorder honestly. He basically admitted as much in that article you referenced.

No you weren't the only one who noticed. It was widely reported in the tabloids that he'd lost weight. I doubt it's an eating disorder, more like drugs.
Paul said on 4/Sep/15
Kag, you mustve not been paying attention to jonah hill over the last decade
Dan said on 29/Aug/15
Had to comment... someone asked you your chances of meeting Eminem... you said "Slim to none." Was that intentional? LOL. I don't know why but it has me in stitches. (In case it wasn't on purpose, I find it funny because... well, Slim Shady.)
[Editor Rob: yes, of course ;)]
Kag said on 19/Aug/15
@MD, Eminem's weight fluctuates more than any other celebrity I've seen. In 2004-2005, I'll bet he weighed closer to 175 or so. Last winter, he was close to his lowest weight, and I was not the only one who noticed. Social media jumped all over it, calling him "guant" and "emaciated." I doubt he was more than 140 then. He's put some back on since, probably around your 150 guess. But his weight has been far from stable. It's been his pattern to drop a lot of weight in short periods of time ever since his comeback. He probably has an eating disorder honestly. He basically admitted as much in that article you referenced.
MD said on 3/Aug/15
To go back to the weight debate, it seems that he's revealed that he was at near 230lbs in 2007, and that, yes, he did drop 80lbs at one time and got down to 149lbs. So, you heard right about that. But, that's about as light (and in shape) as he's ever been, and he's not that low, now.

Click Here

I'd still guess him at around 160lbs, these days, and he was at this same weight earlier in this career. He dropped a bit of weight for 8 Mile, but that was temporary. So, his normal weight has consistently been around 150-160lbs since he came on the scene.
Key said on 28/Jul/15
lol, I just listened to Bad Meets Evil's song: Lighters. In the song, Eminem claims to be 5'9". Even though during his arrest, his drivers license said 5'8". Not to mention he has an official poster of him standing behind a height chart, just stopping below 5'8" with his hat on.
MD said on 27/Jul/15

How much difference would you say the difference in footwear is in these photos at a recent premier with 50 Cent and Jake Gyllenhaal? Also, do you still think he pulls off a flat 5'8" afternoon barefoot?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't say his sneakers were much more, they look a type of nike air, so maybe about 0.2 more...]
5'6dude said on 20/Jul/15
@MD, just search Eminem and Big Sean on google. Must be The first picture.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 7/Jul/15
Eminem is not as tall as the Big Rob. He's probably same height as Dom Monaghan
leonari said on 6/Jul/15
Juat watched countlesss hours of him. He is 5'7" or a smidge taller, mostly rail thin and very well proportioned. But he basically never sees 5'8". 5'6" is ridiculous. He is below average. Not Wayne or Kendrick short.
Crazyheight said on 26/Jun/15
He looks to me about 5'7.25" and by evening time he might be about 5'6.5"
Matthew said on 24/Jun/15
5'7.5" is about right.
MD said on 23/Jun/15

Do you have any pics showing this? I'd be interested to see. It's been really hard in recent years to get pictures of this guy in public. Apart from the stuff he wants to do, he's otherwise something of a recluse.
5'6dude said on 21/Jun/15
So, he has to be something like 168-170, becouse he is shorter than Big Sean, that is 171 or something like that. No way he is 173, if he were he would be liek 175 on feet, and he doesnt seem to be.
Jack272 said on 14/Jun/15
5'8 flat seems reasonable. Not sure why people are downgrading him, too much of that goes on here.
FlameBoy said on 13/Jun/15
cant see Marshall being a full 5 ft 8 looking at pictures of 50 cent with eminem and floyd mayweather it looks like eminem and floyd are around the same height

5 ft 7 - 5 ft 7.5

5 ft 7 - 5 f 7.5

5 ft 7 - 5 ft 7.5
Kag said on 30/May/15
It's fairly clear that one of the reasons he looks so short (other than the fact that he IS short) is because of his atrocious posture. If he'd stand up straight, he be nearly as tall as Royce da 5'9". With all his hunching, I'm afraid he's developed a permanent curvature of the spine.
MD said on 28/May/15
Yeah, he's not as short as Wayne, though, 5'8" is probably too much. He only looks 5'8" in shoes, as he is still clearly below average even in shoes. If he was 5'8", barefoot, he'd manage to look average height in shoes.
Eminem said on 26/May/15
Well, maybe they made Lil Wayne wear shoe lifts in the video too.

But they're of the same height there.
Eminem said on 26/May/15
Clearly, not taller than 5'7. Hell, Big Sean is taller than him. Rihanna is taller than him. And they're supposed to be of the same height.

But I'm confused. In "No Love" video he looks the same height as Wayne. Sometimes he got right next to him.

Maybe Eminem wear shoe lifts that make him 5'7 and he's the same height as Wayne. But in the video for some reason he didn't wear it. I don't know, It's a possibility.

(Excuse me If I made some mistakes, English isn't my native language)
MD said on 26/May/15
Where in the world are you getting an 80lbs weight loss number from? I've never seen it anywhere in the media, and there is no way he lost that much weight. We'll just have to agree to disagree, because the only time this man has been legitimately skinny in his adult life was when he dieted down for 8 Mile. The ONLY time.
Kag said on 24/May/15
There is no way he's even close to 160. When he first came back in 2009, he said he'd gotten up to 220 lbs in 2007-2008 and then had lost about 80 lbs. I'll let you do the math. He was just about as thin last fall as he was in 2009--and I'd say thinner than he was in 8 Mile. Although he did look much beefier in the Best Friend video. Let's hope he keeps that physique.
MD said on 19/May/15
The only time in his life, professionally, when he looked anything that could even approximate being "underweight" is when he made 8 Mile. Other than that, at his lowest weight he's looked no less than average, and for a short time he was even kind of fit/muscular. At the height of his drug addiction in early 2008 when he was hospitalized, he admitted to exceeding 200lbs. He is much healthier than he was, then, but the last time this guy was skinny or underweight for anything other than a movie roll was when he was a teenager. I'd guess him around at least 160lbs at the moment and wouldn't be surprised if he was more than that.
Key said on 17/May/15
I believe he is 5'8 or 5'7.5, but he does often wear those big fancy basketball shoes, those can give you 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
Kag said on 17/May/15
Okay, so I know this is supposed to be a site to debate his height, but how much do you think he weighs? At 5'7 or 5'8" and appearing decidedly underweight most of the time, I'd say 135lbs-ish. What do you guys think?
Sam said on 3/May/15
He's a slim (LOL) guy so can look around 5-9, at least on his own in pictures anyway or when he's rapping, but in reality he's no more than 5-8. I think 5-7.5 is a good shout.
Bishop said on 15/Mar/15
Here is my opinion on rapper's heights:

Eminem - 5'7.5" (171 cm)
50 Cent - 5'11.5-5'11.75" (182 cm)
Snoop Dogg - 6'3.75" (192 cm)
Wiz Khalifa - 6'3.25" (191 cm)
Kendrick Lamar - 5'4.5" (164 cm)
Lil' Wayne - 5'5" (165 cm)
2 Chainz - 6'4" (163 cm)
Drake - 5'11.25-5'11.5" (181-182 cm)
The Weeknd - 5'7.5" (171 cm)
Tyler the Creator - 6'1.25" (186 cm)
Big Sean - 5'7" (170 cm)
Mac Miller - 5'6.5" (169 cm)
Iggy Azalea - 5'9" (175 cm)
Kanye West - 5'7.75" (172 cm)
J. Cole - 6'2.5" (189 cm)
The Game - 6'3.5" (192 cm)
Royce da 5'9" - 5'8-5'8.25" (173-174 cm)
Bow Wow - 5'3.5" (161 cm)
Rick Ross - 5'11" (180 cm)
LL Cool J - 6'1.5" (187 cm)
Jay-Z - 6'1.5" (187 cm)
Nas - 5'8" (173 cm)
P Diddy - 5'10.25" (178 cm)
Alex said on 4/Mar/15
5'8 seem to tall for him looks closer to 5'7 than 5'8. I would give him 5'7.5 max
Joe said on 17/Feb/15
Rob, what are your chances of meeting Eminem? I want to see how tall he looks next to you.
[Editor Rob: slim to none]
pp said on 13/Feb/15
guys its official
saket said on 2/Feb/15
He must be 5'6 cause the shoes can lift your height upto 2' or 3'
Will said on 31/Dec/14
Eminem is a tiny man. 5'7" for him maximum.
Boxin said on 25/Nov/14
How is he 5'8 if he was shorter than Big Sean ? Look at the picture just type in "eminem and bg sean". Its incredible to think he might be 5'6-5'7
Helpern said on 24/Nov/14
He looks 5'-7. Iggy A would dwarf him if the stood together and she had heels on.
Mart said on 20/Nov/14
There is this news article that says he's 5' 7.
His mugshot that was fromm 2000 listing 5' 8 as his height was taken in shoes, you don't take your shoes off when mugshots are taken.
Shaedy said on 21/Sep/14
also Royce da 5'9 is really 5'8 barefoot. heres a video of him getting measured with shoes Click Here
Shaedy said on 21/Sep/14
I agree with quincy. he looks 5'6 now next to 5'4 Kerry Washington. he coul have been 5'7 but I give him no taller than that.
Her said on 20/Sep/14
No guys, he is 5'9 not 5'8 or 5'7
Sozzla91 said on 20/Sep/14
Click Here

looks about 5'6 near 6'1 Jigga, granted the floor is slightly slanted

I'd give him 5'7.5 though after seeing him in concert
credit said on 18/Sep/14
Eminem's OWN medical record says he was 5' 7"!!!!
Vince said on 14/Sep/14
He's 5'8" because last year when I was 13 I saw him and he's my height which is 5'8"
sim said on 31/Aug/14
Rob, Eminem needs a downgrade to 5' 7" or at max 5' 7.5".
Quincy said on 23/Aug/14
Eminem was obviously 5'7 (barefoot) in his prime. His mugshot has him at 5'8 due to him wearing shoes. People shrink when they age due to gravity decompressing on the spine so Eminem is now 5'6 I have proof. Look up "Eminem Kerry Washington interview" Kerry Washington is EXACTLY 5'4 she even said she doesn't see the point in lying about height because people will eventually find out. Eminem barely looks taller than her. He used to be 5'7 (barefoot) he is 5'6 now (barefoot) He is a pretty short guy.
smart1 said on 20/Aug/14
Eminem is 5' 7" accept it. I am a strong 5' 8" and when I met him I'd estimate he was around an inch to an inch and a half shorter than me
Bullseye said on 19/Aug/14
Folks he clearly stands nothin' under 5ft 8, he can appear shorter sometimes because of the baggy clothes he wears and also because his posture is far from being impeccable. Look at the pics with his 'homie' Royce da 5'9 who is self-admittedly 5'9" (duh?), he only looks marginably shorter than him and in many pics he can actually look the same height.
Boxer said on 18/Aug/14
There is a video of Eminem and Mark Wahlberg on mtv TRL back in 1999 and Mark looks a bit taller eventhough the camera had a slight angle to it. Mark also seems to be about 5'7 from a clip where hes on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellen is 5'7 and Mark cant be a strong 5'8 if so.
Sometimes Em looks 5'8 and could even look 5'6 aswell. Its very tricky but theres also rapper Big sean that took a photo and Sean stands about 2 inches taller than Em (noting that Sean is 5'8. Eventhough Eminem stands closer to the camera, you can tell he is a short guy.
With all these points I'd say he's a strong 5'7.
italianoGuy said on 17/Aug/14
He is 1.72m.
target said on 16/Aug/14
In the mugshot of the gun license, he was wearing shoes. When people get their mugshot taken they don't take off their shoes and his shoes would have added 1 inch or so, I'd say bearfoot he's 5' 7"
jordan said on 11/Aug/14
eminem is the only rap god in the world
Kathryn said on 10/Aug/14
I can't believe everyone is still debating this. In his autobio from 2008, there's a copy of a gun permit he obtained years ago--it says he is 5'8"!
Kathryn said on 10/Aug/14
I can't believe everyone is arguing this. If you look in his 2008 autobiography, he put in a copy of his old gun license. It says right on the card he's 5'8".
Jack said on 25/Jul/14
5'7'75"(172 cm).
tommis said on 2/Jul/14
Kim's around 178m (5' 10") or 180m (5' 11"), Eminem is in the 5' 7" range so anywhere from 170m to 172m is about right to me.
176,2Tunman said on 30/Jun/14
looks 5'7-8 generally,shorter than 5'9 royce and rather a strong 4" shorter than 50 Cent.MAybe 5'7.5" is perfect for him.
Any opinion about Kim's height?she looks big for sure but 6'? hmm,I can't see more than 5'10-11.
max said on 29/Jun/14
He looks quite short to me tbh. He can't be over 5'7, he even looks 5'6 at times.
Yukie said on 25/Jun/14
Why does he looks 5,9 (175 cm) to me idk why?
Joe said on 21/Jun/14
solid 5'7, I don't see 5'8 for him, he is a bit shorter than nas, who is listed 5'8, which I agree with.

Eminem won't hit above 5'7.

He's like 5'6.75 to 5'7.25 guy
Emil 182.5 cm said on 17/Jun/14
Could you consider downgrading him?
Peyman said on 30/May/14
Eminem : 5ft 7.25in- 171 is what I can live with
50 cent : a real 5ft 11in guy
I'm sure:
1st, Eminem is shorter than Rob
2nd, 50 cent is obviously less than a true 6footer
Joe said on 30/May/14
Eminem is not a lift wearer that is why he appears a lot shorter than Dr Dre or 50 cent, who are both lift wearers. I would list Dre and 50 at 6' and 5'11 respectively, Eminem isn't 5'7.5, he's only 5'7. End of the story.
Alex 6'0 said on 7/May/14
Whatever Fred Durst is they look about the exact same height both in sneakers.
Mathew said on 5/May/14
5'8" is too high for Eminem. I could agree with 5'7.5" but not over that.
Alex 6'0 said on 2/May/14
5'6 range is too short for him. He's not 5'8 either. I think he's a 5'7 guy
xItzmasonx said on 30/Apr/14
5ft 8in
carman said on 19/Apr/14
Eminem is not under or over 5-7, he could even be 5-7.5.

His mugshot had him at 5-8 due to wearing shoes, possibly with a half an inch to 1 inch heel. He's not as low as 5-6.5 though. I've even met him myself and he was noticeably a couple inches shorter than me and I'm 5-9. He's not over 5-7. Rob, please change the listing for Eminem's height.
Jeff said on 6/Apr/14
@ekt: If you have a very poor posture like eminem you can also shrink at 20, but you can regain it by some stetching, fixing the posture a.k.a spinal curvature.
ekt said on 3/Apr/14
jeff, what do you mean by peak height, Eminem is still too young to start shrinking, most men start shrinking around 50 very few start shrinking before that unless they have scoliosis or earlly osteoporosis or something
kool said on 24/Mar/14
Royce Da 5' 9 is actually 5' 8, but 5' 9 with shoes on. There was a video where they measured his height with his shoes and hat on and and they said 5'9 5' 8 bearfoot.

Eminem's 5' 7, even though he can look shorter than that at times, DEFINITELY not 5' 8. He's short.
em said on 21/Mar/14
James you cant be serious? eminem is not 5'5.5 he is at least 5'7 thats like saying shaq o neil is 5'9
smack said on 20/Mar/14
Eminem is 5' 7", look at him next to Royce Da 5' 9", clearly 5' 7"
Jeff said on 20/Mar/14
I don't think Eminem is5'8 now, at peak he was, he must be around strong 5'7 now, looks like a weak 5'8
Eminem weak 5'8
50 cent weak 6'(looks like solid 5'11 next to 5'10 akon)
Dr Dre 6'0.5( doesn't look like 6'1 next to strong 6'4 Snoop Dogg, believe me he's comfortably 4 inches shorter than him)
MD said on 18/Mar/14
Why do people even bother posting such ridiculous things? I'm looking at you, James.
dynamite100 said on 17/Mar/14
Actually james richardson...
These are the accurate heights:

Eminem - 5' 7"
Lil' Wayne - 5' 5"
50 Cent - 6' 0"
Justin Bieber - 5' 7" 1/2
Ludacris - 5' 6"
Dr. Dre - 6' 1"
James Richardson said on 16/Mar/14
There are the heights:
Eminem 5'5.5
Lil Wayne 5'2.5 LOL
50 cent 5'10.5
Justin Bieber 5'5.5 LOL
Ludacris 5'5
Dr Dre 5'11
ekt said on 26/Feb/14
LOL he may have mentioned that in Crack a Bottle, but remember, Eminem was overweight for a couple of years. He lost weight around 2010-2011 and got back to his weight in the 90's early 2000's. He's definitely around 140-145 maybe 150 the most, no more than that, he is too thin to be anywhere near 175
truthseeker said on 25/Feb/14
I met Shady in 2003, me and him were wearing the same exact nike shoes.

We were literally the exact same height, his shoulder and my shoulders were at the same length and so was our heads. I'm 5' 7" by the way, so there was no way on earth he was taller than that.

I remember his medical records in 2007 said that he was 5' 7" when he was hospitalized, it was in a magazine.
lol said on 17/Feb/14
in crack a bottle eminem claims to be 175 punds
rosie said on 14/Feb/14
Crack up. You've been debating eminem's height for two years. That has so made my day. Really?
Intent100 said on 14/Feb/14 this is an Interview from 1999 with eminem and mark walhberg its pretty much fact that marky mark is around 5 ft 7 maybe 8 at a push so how small does that make eminem? mark i think has about 2- 3 inches on him. his in his mid 20s in this Video aswell so its not like his grown either.
crisp said on 13/Feb/14
Definitely 5'7 or 5'7.5
ekt said on 11/Feb/14
seahawks, he is 5'7.5 maybe 5'8 the most, nowhere near 5'11. just because he has a thin frame, doesnt mean he is tall, not all thin people are tall that is just the myth of somatype. There are tons of tall stocky chubby people like Shaq for example
ekt said on 11/Feb/14
he definitely was around 140-145 ten years ago and he lost weight this year so I would say he is back around 145 maybe 150 the most
MD said on 6/Feb/14
He may have been 140-145lbs ten years ago (though, I even doubt then), but he's definitely not thin by any defintion, these days. He may fool people with baggy clothes, but he's a fairly solidly built guy.
ekt said on 4/Feb/14
Eminem is not 160 pounds, he is a really thin dude and is only 5'8 maybe even 5'7.5. I would say 140-145 is more realistic. at his height 160 would be either chubby or very bulky
Balrog said on 1/Feb/14
Hahahaha nice answer Rob
KidAuthentic said on 31/Jan/14
I'm 5'10 1/2 and I have a 7'7 wingspan. Is That Awkward
[Editor Rob: not awkward if you were an Orangutan]
MD said on 31/Jan/14

I don't want to get too much into weight talk, since weight is so variable and so much harder to guess, and because this is a height site. But, I don't see how in the world you thought 50 Cent is 235lbs. lol Back when he was preparing for his movie in 2010 - the one he lost 54lbs for - he was topping out at a max of 214lbs. 235lbs for him at his height would be literaly professional bodybuilding territory. He's always been muscular and then got pretty big, but he's never looked anywhere close to 235lbs.
truth said on 27/Jan/14
yeah I think 5ft7-5ft8 suits him, meaning he might be a strong 5ft7.
em said on 22/Jan/14
in rapgod musicvideo he looked short, its wierd how people that is 5"8 cann look shorter than my 5"6 dad, ik alot of people that is 5"5 they look like eminem and taller but he is 5"7 barefoot 5"8 with air
MD said on 21/Jan/14
Hey, Rob.

Since you think he can look under his listing, do you think he's one of the guys you could look into sometime this week to see if the listing doesn't need adjustment? I asked, because I'd been pretty content with this listing until recently. I've finally started to notice that he always looks just under average. A true 5'8" evening height guy could look average (like you have at times), but he always looks just a little short. Perhaps, he's a 5'8" morning height. I'm thinking he may be closer to 5'7", now, than 5'8".
Xxhiller said on 20/Jan/14
Rob do you think he is 5'6.5 because if you look at the video where he stood next to mark wahlberg, he looked like 1 inch sorter and mark wahlberg is like 5'7.5
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 7]
Zephyr said on 15/Jan/14
Yo eminem can be that height lil wayne said it in a song I'm 5"5' but I can 69 so he's 5"5' and eminem well idk
Emily said on 25/Dec/13
He can't be just 5'8. He's way too famous and rich to be this height. So i think his real height is Around 5'11. Waiting for the change in this listing.
silent j said on 9/Dec/13
By all honesty, Eminem looks 5'8 next to Dr. Dre and 50 Cent who are around 6'0-6'1. But he's DEFINITELTY not over 5'8. He COULD be 5'7, but that's it.

My dad is 6'0 and I look really short next to him (and i'm 5'7) so Em could be 5'8.
Mr. fucker said on 2/Dec/13
Eminem must be 5'6.7.He is short because his mother was a crackhead and gave him drugs to consume which perhaps stunted his growth.
The irony said on 23/Nov/13
He's 5'6-5'7 no more than that, so he's short but its pretty ironic because he used to diss other rappers about their height but he's just as short as them lol
1969razorblades said on 22/Nov/13
Eminem is 5'7, he was wearing shoes in his mugshot back in 2001 which added an inch, but yeah a definite 5'7/1.70m
cole said on 19/Nov/13
He looks 5'7 in 8 Mile next to a questionable 5'10ish Anthony Mackie. Looks under 5'8 with 50 Cent and Dre as well. Don't think he'll measure much more than 5'7.25 most of the day. Might be around the 5'8 mark straight out of bed.
Nick said on 11/Nov/13
He didn't actually say 5'7 but his exact words were " royce has about 2 inches on me" or something close to that, i'll try and find a link though.
MD said on 11/Nov/13

Great find. If you could, provide us a link to the interview. That would great, and Rob would have to change the listed height.
Nick said on 8/Nov/13
Eminem is 5'7, he said it in an interview with royce online.
theheightman said on 7/Nov/13
he is 5'6.5 or 5'7 max because kid rock is 6'0 and he looks like 5-6 inches shorter in the photo that Matthew provided so pretty short
JD said on 6/Nov/13
5'5? No way. He IS taller than Wayne, but shorter than Royce who is 5'9. He's at least 5'6, but no taller than 5'8. And that person who is all disappointed, it's not like he's 5'2 or anything. He's on the short side for a guy, but not unnaturally so.
Mathew said on 6/Nov/13
Eminem is 5'7.5". Here he is next to Kid Rock: Click Here

Also, 50 Cent is 5'11" range, 5'11.5" at most. Dr. Dre is about 6'0", quite likely a strong 6' like 6'0.25", but he's not a legit 6'1".
bandit said on 5/Nov/13
Well, I can say is I got to meet him in cowboys station a few years ago, I got his autograph and I am 5'7 and we were the same height, I promise he is not over 5'7.
hughjackson said on 2/Nov/13
eminem is really short look at his picture with xzibit and he looks at least 3-4 inches shorter than xzibit and xzibit is 5'9.5 so im guessing hes at least 5'5 or 5'6 considering he always wears airs which gives him an 1 and a half so yeah aroung 5'5 to 5'6.5
Silent d said on 29/Oct/13
5 foot 8. Isn't he about the same height as rihanna?
KID Authentic said on 27/Oct/13
It's true he is 5'8 because in 8 mile he looked face to face with Papa Doc(Anthony Mackie) who's 5'10 and Em was only 2 inches shorter
Hanson88 said on 19/Oct/13
I remember there being Eminem's medical records in one of his books (can't remember, it was years ago) and most of his height was listed 5'6 and a half to 5'8.
gnops said on 12/Oct/13
not Emil lol, that was directed at the other dude. My mistake.
gnops said on 12/Oct/13
One inch is 2.54 cm, Emil.
truth said on 7/Oct/13
Eminem is a strong 5ft7 that gets listed at 5ft8.
BestRapper said on 9/Sep/13
Em is 5ft 6 - 5ft 6.75 max, see with Rick Rubin 5ft 11.75
Emil said on 5/Sep/13
IkYwOs Usual says on 24/Feb/13
Your all speaking about him being 5'7 and things like that, for poeple that don't live in the states or in a country where english is the motherthounge that way of speaking is impossible to understand, one foot is 30cm. one inch is 1.5cm so math no thanks. would be way easier to understand if you said he's hight in cm'rs :) btw im like 1.78 am i taller than the king?

1 foot: 30.48 cm
1 inch: 2.54 cm
12 inches equal 1 foot
Silent d said on 29/Aug/13
5 foot 8.
George said on 25/Aug/13
Solid 5' 7", compared to Royce da 5' 9" (who is obviously listed as 5' 9"). Click Here
Mathew said on 23/Aug/13
Eminem is 5'7.5" as he used to be listed here.
EltonJustice said on 8/Aug/13
Gee- in lighters he was alluded to being on the same track as Royce, NOT his specific height. Eminem is a strong 5'7 based on evidence but that would leave UK's Dec at a meager 5'4 ish. Which is believable given 6 flat Robbie Williams looks about a foot taller.
George said on 6/Aug/13
Compared to 5' 6" Elton John. Solid 5' 7", doesn't affect his ego and rhymes anyway, so who cares. Image: Click Here
gee said on 5/Aug/13
he's probably more like 5-7...5-9 is laughable..he said that in lighters...yeah he's 5-9 with thick shoes
Christofi said on 31/Jul/13
@Josh Eminem is 5'7, I wouldn't call him specifically short, I have a 5'2 male cousin and that's what I would call short, the 5' to 5'3 guys are the ones I feel sorry for.
JohnD90 said on 30/Jul/13
Eminem looks 1-2 inches smaller than Rev Run (5'8) here:
Click Here

Which is funny because Em dissed Canibus' height a lot in their feud but Canibus looks taller than Em near Run: Click Here

Em is NEVER over 5'7
Juicey said on 24/Jul/13
Looks 5'9 in photos next to 6'1 dre...
Powerhouse said on 22/Jul/13
Looks about 5'7.25
kevin said on 21/Jul/13
there is no way emeinem is 5'10. i stood next to his statue and hes about 5'8 and im taller then him by an inch. im 5'9
Makavel said on 5/Jul/13
I gonna say 5'7 MAX. Look this photo witch d.dre(180cm) and see eminem shoes. Click Here
who cares said on 5/Jul/13
australian spelling is different 2 american and we have the same spelling as england MD what does that stand 4 huh or does it just stand 4 something u can't spell
who cares said on 28/Jun/13
Take a look @ photos of him n Kim. She towers over him which I think is ugly 4 her she looks like a man
who cares said on 28/Jun/13
Take a look @ photos of him n Kim. She towers over him which I think is ugly 4 her she looks like a man
the height man said on 22/Jun/13
jun/22/13 i saw pictures of him by dr.dre and he looked preety average so i say he would be 5'10"
MaskDeMasque said on 16/Jun/13

LOL. Possibly my favourite celebheights quote yet. I don't think QB was trying to be rude and i love how you bleep out the f word but not the c word.

Anyway, i've always thought he was a legit 5'8.
who cares said on 16/Jun/13
Who cares about his height u guys must be so bored 2 be discussing his height its wots in his pants is the size that matters
lol said on 11/Jun/13
the most alpha 5'8 man
JonDoe said on 9/Jun/13
Rappers don't need height and neither do rock stars. Boots and Timberlands.
Swifty said on 31/May/13
HIGH SCHOOL QB says on 9/Dec/12
IM 6'7" i think hed be up to my chest so about 5'9" or 5'10" im just guessing i may be wrong but i dont know

Your seriously trying to brag about your height? It would be horrible to be that height, shut the **** up kid. Eminem would kick your ass you lanky cunt.
dude said on 29/May/13
josh...his height is what made him the success who he is today
Josh said on 13/May/13
Em is 5'8? Oh man, that's so lame... I mean I love Eminem, don't get me wrong but for a person of his reputation that's pathetic. But my comment isn't fair at all, I have to be honest, what can he do, blame his mother and father...? I'm so disappointed.
true said on 11/May/13
he looks shorter than big sean who is 5'8 , i'd say 5'7.5
chaz said on 26/Mar/13
He's about 5'8 as when you look at him stood next to Royce da 5'9, who is, you guessed it 5,9, Em is just a little smaller
IkYwOs Usual said on 24/Feb/13
Your all speaking about him being 5'7 and things like that, for poeple that don't live in the states or in a country where english is the motherthounge that way of speaking is impossible to understand, one foot is 30cm. one inch is 1.5cm so math no thanks. would be way easier to understand if you said he's hight in cm'rs :) btw im like 1.78 am i taller than the king?
5\'11 barefoot said on 14/Feb/13
yeah about 5'7 is right ...with shoes on 5'8....
tommie said on 30/Jan/13
I remember back in the days around 2002 where he was described in the Bravo here in germany as 5 ft 10! there was a life size poster in. 5 ft 8 seems right maybe a tad more. btw. a very interesting person.
DirtyShoes said on 29/Jan/13
i think he's 5'7 since Marky Mark is 5'8...cus there's an inch or inch an a half difference, i doubt Mark's height thought he looks taller than 5'8
Will said on 22/Jan/13
Eminem is still 5ft 8. No he is not 5ft 9 however.
(S)ain\'t said on 4/Jan/13
he probably peaks out around 5'9'. he isn't a liar or short.
Vouile said on 17/Dec/12
5'8 sounds right. Mybe 5'9, no taller though.
HIGH SCHOOL QB said on 9/Dec/12
IM 6'7" i think hed be up to my chest so about 5'9" or 5'10" im just guessing i may be wrong but i dont know
Heart▀reak king said on 24/Nov/12
He may bd 5'8"
Reality said on 12/Nov/12
5'7 max?LOL He's 5'8 at night it's clear.
Lena said on 6/Nov/12
He's a short guy. 5'7-5'8 is about right.
Nick NB said on 30/Sep/12
After having watched '8 Mile', he appears to be 6'0" (1.83 m).

Looking deep into his intimidating large Blue Eyes is most intriguing as they prove to be a window into his soul; one learns that he is extremely dedicated in all that he does and additionally, he possesses an edge which ultimately renders him an impressive survivor with a great determination in life.

Furthermore, as well as being a very gifted music artist and a safe guy, he's a fairly impressive actor too!
DirtyShoe said on 26/Sep/12
wait a min guys...if Mark Wahlberg 5' 7' - 5' 8'
then how in the hell Eminem 5' 8 - 5' 9' !!!! which the fact is Mark is taller than Em in 1 to 1.5 i think Eminem is 5' 7' MAXIMUM
Dan said on 21/Sep/12
I'm 5'11", he's up to my eyes, so he's 5'7.5" MAX and 5'7" MIN.
johnnyfive said on 7/Sep/12
Eminem always seemed like a strong 5'7 to me. Never 5'9, that height always seemed to tall for him. He does like to slouch and doesn't care about his height or looking tall. This height is pretty much spot on.
karan said on 5/Sep/12
@jae em didnt say dat hez 5'9 in d song ,he said he came wid 5'9 & dats royce da 5'9! :p
Mark said on 31/Aug/12
eminem use to be a strong 5'9, but over the years, he has lost some posture, he is probably like 5'8 - 5'8.5
Jack said on 12/Aug/12
looks a strong 5'8" for sure like Rob...
Jae said on 9/Aug/12
he says in the song "Lighters" he's 5'9...
MaskDeMasque said on 28/Jul/12
no shorter than 5'8. 5'8.25 is possible.
Mekenna said on 5/Feb/12
He's 5"8 in a half-source-Eminem.
katrina said on 3/Oct/07
yeah sometimes she looks really tall but then sometimes next to em she look a bit smaller than him and sometimes she looks taller than him. maybe the work of high heel but i read somewhere that she was 6' which i dont think is true
glenn said on 24/Sep/07
now that i think of it,your right realheight.
Realheight 88 said on 24/Sep/07
Personally, i don't know how tall kim is exactly, but i have seen some pics of her with em and she looks tall, around 5-10.But as i said, i'm not very sure about this.
glenn said on 24/Sep/07
no clue.she doesnt look short does she?
katrina said on 24/Sep/07
what is kim s height then if em is 5'8?
glenn said on 23/Sep/07
im guessing 5-8.but i hear 5-7 too.thanks realheight.
Realheight 88 said on 23/Sep/07
Thank you very much glenn.You 're the man.I know you do this for me and many other people in this site and i appreciate this.Btw, what is your estimate about eminem's height??
glenn said on 23/Sep/07
i never saw the slim shady in my life.he was reclusive for awhile when in my i hear he is getting easier.ill get one soon enough for you.
Realheight 88 said on 22/Sep/07
I agree durst might be 5-8.5.But glenn, in the pic with you he doesn't look any taller than you.In my opinion he isn't taller than 5-8 like eminem.Glenn, could you meet eminem and take a photo with him??Please.Eminem is an "idol" for me.If you can, do it please, because i would be very very happy.Thanks...
glenn said on 22/Sep/07
durst might be 5-8.5 actually.
Realheight 88 said on 21/Sep/07
I think Eminem is a weak 5-8 like me, because he is the exact same height as Fred Durst.Plus he is a good 4 inches shorter than 50cent who is 6-0.
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/07
saw him in jan/07. looked 5'6.5'' at best with nike basketball sneakers on.
Viper said on 24/Aug/07
And thats with shoes on. Hes 5-7 barefoot.
Yanni said on 24/Aug/07
Eminem is 5'8 according to his mug shot statistics.

Click Here
alp said on 18/Aug/07
Biggith, I think you need an eyeglasses for yourself man. If 50 is 6'0, Em is 5'7.75 or 5'8 clearly. Check it out : Click Here
Biggith said on 17/Aug/07
Eminem is 5'10" exact,he's two inches shorter than 6'0" 50cent and three inches shorter than 6'1" Dr Dre,he's also six inches shorter than Snoop Dogg who's 6'4".
Height Seeker said on 16/Aug/07
Has anyone seen the enimem and 50 cent picture the one where they are leaning on a box that says CAUTION on it if eminem is 5'8" then 50 must be 5'11" google eminem and 50 cent on google images and look for the pic with them leanin on the CAUTION box those boxes that they use at concerts to store stuff in
Mike said on 13/Aug/07
Jon Doe, if your eyes are on the level of someone's nose, that's about an inch or two. That isn't towering at all. I'd say if someone has their eyes at someone's nose level they're actually pretty similar heights.
2 inches does indeed put your eyes at someone's nose, or did you mean that you only reach their eyes or nose?
Jon Doe said on 4/Jun/07
Wait a second, now I see why 5'8 guys get called midgets, coz next to a 6'0 guy they are 4 inches shorter, and 4 inches is enough to really tower over somebody.I find it funny when someone who is just a couple inches taller than you think that they tower over you though, coz ya really don't.Towering is more like eye level with someone's nose and 2 inches doesn't put you at someone else's nose.And even though Eminem is shorter than average he still makes fun of other people's heights, why?
Alex said on 10/May/07
Eminem looking 6'0 where? LOL
I gotta see this picture of him at jail.
Darrian said on 13/Apr/07
I think Eminem is 5'8" for sure.With shoes of he is 5'7".I use to think Eminem was 6'0" tall,because I saw a picture of Eminem in jail getting his picture taken.
leonari said on 8/Apr/07
I don't see 5'8" but rather 5'7"...strong 5'7"
Charlotte said on 7/Apr/07
Haha, "homeboy".

Yeah, I'd say 5"8 is right for him. My friend saw him at a concert a couple years back and said he looked the same height as my dad, who's 5"8. Not a very accurate measurement, I just thought I'd contribute to this post...
hOod bOy said on 31/Mar/07
i think he's about 5'8" exact. I hope yall know that 50 Cent is about 6-0, maybe 6-0 1/2. That means that he gots atleast a 4 inch advantage over Em, which does make a difference. I'm 5-10, and one of my homeboys is 6-2 1/2 and he TOWERS over me. Again, I'm 5-10, and one of my short homeboys is only 5-5, I TOWER over him. My other homeboy that's 5-7 and I look pretty tall compared to him. And I slouch a bit too, so that probably makes me look shorter, like Em. I give Em 5-8, no taller, and no shorter.
KeN_KaNiFF said on 28/Feb/07
i think he's 5'10 or 5'9 cuz his friend royce da 5'9" seems shorter than Em.And Em's taller than fred durst who is 5'8
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/07
I think he's 5'8", not 5'7"...he might look shorter sometimes because he makes a big difference, ex: the only reason ryan seacrest even looks close to average height is because he has the most weirdly straight posture i've seen
16and5'7.25'' said on 4/Feb/07
so...if em's 5'8'' IN SHOES then wouldn't he b 5'7'' AT THE MOST without shoes? and maybe even 5'6.5''??
GMH said on 14/Jan/07
I am a BIG Eminem fan, and my dream is to sign into his label. I would say he is 5'8 WITHOUT SHOES!!!!
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
Anything over 5-8 is a joke.
Alex said on 11/Jan/07
Glenn, I've seen him listed at 5'9 and even 5'10 before. 5'8 I think he looks but 5'7 could be right though.
MD said on 10/Jan/07
Eminem has never managed to look more than 5'8"...and that's IN SHOES. I'm absolutely convinced he's 5'7" barefoot. No more, no less.
bombay rocker said on 9/Jan/07
wahlbergs manager's name is e - factor as far as i know and if you go here Click Here ....... e- fctor(i mean the manager says 5 feet 9) and a chic which met him said that she is 5 feet 6 and a half and was wearing three inch heels and she said he wasnt very tall and was about 5 feet 9 WITH SHOES. I wud say at the most this guy is 5 feet 9 and thats being generous
bombay rocker said on 9/Jan/07
but what is your estimate since you are better than estimating than everyone else and regarding marky mark i think he is like 5 feet 8 since his very own manager has stated on marky's official site that he is around 170 normally, so he might just be 173 -174 at the most no damn sure he struggles to hit 5 feet 9 barefoot but can with

[Editor Rob: are you going by that 20/Sep comment on the wahlberg page?

seriously, "tall enough and around 170 normally"...

'170 normally' = weight]
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
Oh,I hear more 5-7,than 5-8.
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
I never saw him.I know someone who was meeting celebs for 29 years who never saw him either.when I was working a bullshit job 7,8 years ago,I missed everyone hard to get now.Britney,Aguilera,Eminem.he is elusive and when found is hard to get near becuase of security.he is harder to get than Bill Clinton.I know 2 people that got him 3 weeks Ill tag along with then next time.Eminem likes those 2.
bombay rocker said on 8/Jan/07
hey gleen seems like you have met everyone in hollywood.....what bout met him. He is the greatestttttttttttttttttttt rapper of all time. What height do you think he is?
J. said on 23/Dec/06
In the November 2006 issue of Vibe, the editor of chief notes that for the cover photograph (and inner photos) of Eminem and 50 Cent, the photographer had to put Eminem on top of an apple box to level him out, heightwise with 50. Is 4 inches that much of a dramatic difference or maybe Eminem is shorter than 5'8"?
bbk said on 22/Dec/06
for sure eminem is 5'7", have u guys seen the video clip to you dont know , stands next to 50 cent 6 foot and hisa midget, den he jumps on his back and 50 cent has to bend down a lil bit, eminem is not as tall as u guys all percieve him to be
leonari said on 7/Dec/06
He is 5'7" but Rob doesn't agree...
MD said on 6/Dec/06
You're right, leonari. Good proportions on a tall person can make them appear more average height in pictures where they are alone the same way it does for a short person. Em does have good proportions, and can look pretty average in height when he's alone in pictures, or when others are way in the background, but you can see he's nothing over 5'7" comparitively.
Tallguy6'7 said on 5/Dec/06
Very tiny guy, maybe 5'7 yeah.
leonari said on 27/Oct/06
he is 5'7" guys...good proportions -looks taller.
MD said on 25/Oct/06
I'm convinced he's 5'7" with the 5'8" simply in shoes.
Alex said on 24/Oct/06
Viper, 5'7 could be right. He's no more than 5'8 I am sure of. I seen a few 5'9 or 5'10 listings which are crazy. He looks short on stage all the time at 5'7-5'8.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
Yo Rob, in that picture of Eminem and Royce, Em is leaning to his right and hunching. While Royce is standing straight. So the 5-9ish Royce compared to Em, makes Em definitely 5'8, no taller, no shorter.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/06
I saw eminem in concert at the Anger Management Tour two years ago and i was a little taller than him[we had the same kind of shoes].I'm a solid 5'7.5"[171-172cm].So i believe he's a very solid 5'7"[170cm] but no taller or shorter than that[I'm a big eminem fan].
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/06
James what the hell are you talking about that wall chart is split into 5'0"..5'6"6.0".....and every half a foot, get your eyes checked. Although, its accuracy is very questionable because it can be a bogus chat. May not even be to scale.
Crystal said on 10/Aug/06
50 Cent is like about 6'0"-6'1", and you guys think when someone is like about 3-4 inches shorter, it's more like 5-6 inches shorter. I'd say Eminem looks around the 5'8 range, 5'8ish with shoes on. Compared to other rappers and celebrities, I'd say that's accurate. Peace yall.
15and5'8'' said on 2/Aug/06
em's always looked 5'7''-5'8'' to me.
Viper652 said on 1/Aug/06
He has always looked 5-7 to me actually.
JK said on 1/Aug/06
Eminem really does look like a solid 5'7'' to me, he even could be 5'7.5''.
Glenn said on 31/Jul/06
He could be 5-7.sure,why not?
MD said on 30/Jul/06
He really does look only 5'8" in shoes, meaning he's more around 5'7" barefoot.
leonari said on 30/Jul/06
I agre with you John Doe: I also see Eminem as 5'7" but Glenn and Rob disagree...They think he is 5'8". I just don't see that.
Glenn said on 6/Jul/06
50 is 6ft.Em is 5-8.your on the tall side for a female,so 5-8 for a guy is on the short side,though not too short,but respectable and somewhat average.
potent said on 5/Jul/06
is eminem as tall as 50cent? in that poster they are the same height but 50 is supposed to be taller than em. you can't trust those posters. all camera tricks and shit. they're probably all a bunch of short ass muthafuckas. I am a girl and i'm 5'8 (without heels), and i'm conidered to be only slightly taller than most chicks. any dude my height i feel is short, cuz if i were to wear heels i'd be towering over his ass.
SkyDome said on 25/Apr/06
Met Eminem at the Opera House in Toronto, then on his tour bus. I am 5'6, he was hovering slightly above me. In a pair of sneakers he is around 5'8. An estimate of 5'10 would be way off.
stonerz said on 18/Apr/06
i have a d12 poster at home which shows all of the members standing side by side with the heights goin up the side em is the shortest at 5'8 with kon artis being the tallest at about 6'0
2row said on 14/Apr/06
I think that Em is barley 5'8". Bizzare could almost reach 5'9" but is still 5'8". I think that Em could barley reach 5'8" thats why he's a little shorter than Biz. Link, Em is not 5'6", he's not that short lol.
To tell you the truth, I always thought Em was around 5"10"-6'0". But he's probably 5'7" without shoes on.
D12Fan said on 21/Mar/06
I agree with Mack in terms of comparing Bizarre's OFFICIAL height of 5'8" that we all saw on Celebrity Fit Club, but listen, EMINEM IS 5'7" end of story. I met him backstage at St. Andrew's Hall probably the VERY LAST time he ever performed there and one of the few times he ever did a whole D-12 show... by the way, isn't it funny how he complains in 'My Band' that no one knows who D-12 is when the fact is he hardly ever even does shows with his own crew?! James - what are the 'facts' you are talking about? Can't we all agree that his real height is 5'7" WITHOUT shoes on?! Y'all should check out the D-12 Lineup poster now that everyone knows from Celebrity Fit Club that Bizarre is 5'8" - knowing that take another look at that poster, MARSHALL MATHERS IS 5'7"... To the webmaster, you were right when you had it at 5'7"
Link said on 20/Mar/06
Click Here

this shows him at like 6'5 nearly, some little fucker has short mans complex!
hes 5'6, no taller.
bob said on 14/Mar/06
eminems 5'8 about cause i say him one time and im 5'8 and he were eye to eye
Kwiky said on 6/Mar/06
Yo dawgs, Em is every bit of 5'8", im agreein' wit mack, he's a lil shorter than BiG BiZ!!
akdmks said on 28/Jan/06
looking under latest articels and comparing this height would make no sense.
he's 5'10'', thats for sure.
kim said on 24/Jan/06
eminem is about that tall which ist very tall 4 his age eighter im' only like 2 inches shorter nd im 13. but im still the biggest eminem fan!!
Paul said on 18/Jan/06
Well I am a big Eminem fan. I have seen him couple of times very short . Like 5'7 or even 5'6 but I think he is 5'8 .
James said on 7/Jan/06
Well facts show that he's 5'8". And pictures prove it too. And Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile is 5'3", like 5'6" with them heels on, and Im clearly looked like 3 inches taller than her, I'm just calling it as I see it. And I doubt all of you guys have actually met Eminem and talked to him in person.
KeLexi said on 29/Dec/05
I just wanted to say that my friend brought it to my attention that Eminem isn't very tall. We were looking at a poster I have of him and she said that she doesn't think he's very tall. So we looked and he's not really. I still like Eminem, but I was just a little disappointed.

Not an obsessed fan...just a concerned one
Rainman said on 15/Dec/05
yo, can someone tell me how to post pictures, coz i have a picture of eminem and 50 cent...they are both kind of leaning forward and eminem doesnt look that shorter than 50 cent, propz
paleface said on 12/Dec/05
From Kathy Griffin "Allegedly" - she was in the Real Slim Shady video and she mentioned in her (hilarious) monologue that Eminem was 5 foot 7 max.
Gumma Flores said on 7/Dec/05
Funny in his Curtain Call album, theres a picutre of him mug shot style and his head is over the 6 foot line lol.. done on purpose? i doubt he's that tall.
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/05
I agree with Deeze I met Eminem backstage at the Anger Mgmt. Tour 3 this past summer and trust me, I am like 5'6" WITH shoes on and Em had the same kinda shoes he had on that D-12 poster and he was EXACTLY my height, I mean, we were def. seeing EYE TO EYE. He's 5'7" WITH them HIGH HEELS ON!
Deeze said on 11/Nov/05
i met eminem june 2003. and i am myself 5'5 - 5'6 tall and Em was actually just height like me. i mean there wasnt any much difference between us. i also met obie trice he was same height like me
A-Bomb said on 23/Oct/05
No sorry James I haven't met him. I saw him in concert, not up close. The only rappers I've met are Chuck D (i mentioned that in the post. It may have confused you, sorry), Flava Flav, Professer Griff, Black Thought from The Roots and Sen Dog and Bobo from Cypress Hill.
James said on 22/Oct/05
And oh yeah, you said you met Eminem, damn that's cool, how come you aint mentioned it before? You could've prooved that he was 5'8"ish, plus him being taller than the girls with heels on proves he's about average.

Damn, I've only met Trick Daddy, cuz I live down here in Miami, and he was like about 5'9"ish.
James said on 22/Oct/05
Yeah, I agree with you A-Bomb, we only know for sure if we actually see them. And yeah, the "and my boy is 6'1"" thing isn't a father and son thing, he's my friend. It's okay, easy misunderstanding, even though it is used in hip-hop a lot.
A-Bomb said on 22/Oct/05
From Levar's post "and my boy is 6'1"" I think I misread that as a father and son thing, i'm guessing it's a friend. And I'm a hip hop fan I couldn't even pick it up. James I too reckon Em's 5'8". I went to a concert of his three years back and he got some random girls from the stage up with him, all wearing high heels and he was taller than them all, some only slightly. This doesn't mean much, but if he was as low as 5'7" it would have shown at that moment I'm sure.

That said don't worry too much if you have people disagree with you or even if this site has a different height listed than what you believe. For example Chuck D is listed at 5'8 3/4", I've met him and chatted to him and I was looking down (physically) at him the whole time. I initially had him pinned at 5'6" after that encounter, but the more I think about it and taking into consideration the shoes he had own i'd say more 5'7" or 5'7 /2" (and still he looks taller than that on every publicity photo i see of him). So no one on this site is proven to be any height and even the actual sighting can be dubious as most of the general population is pretty shoddy at estimating heights. Until you meet them it's all speculation and even after that it merely stands as your own opinion.
Mr. R said on 21/Oct/05
MD, I ran into Fred Durst at the West Hollywood Halloween Parade a few years ago. He was pretty close to 5-8.
James said on 21/Oct/05
Hey guys Im back, and no A-Bomb, none of those Anonymous postings are mine, in fact, the one under MD's about the XXL cover is my boy Levar, I told him about this site, so he wanted to add something. You Levar, are you there?
A-Bomb said on 21/Oct/05
Are the recent Anonymous postings belonging to James (who is now father?!?!?!)? I've never seeing someone so dedicated to a cause as he is to proving that Eminem is 5'8" (and not only that, 5'8" as oppossed to what he was listed as, 5'7 3/4"!)

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