How tall is Audrey Hepburn ?

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Audrey Hepburn height: 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Belgian born Actress best known for roles in films like Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday. She stated her height on her passports as being 169cm or 5ft 6.5/6.75.

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn

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Sam says on 1/Dec/14
She was really almost too thin but still quite attractive, one of the few with that body type that I found so. She easily rendered an exotic look in The Lavender Hill Mob too.
Mon says on 17/May/14
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Look at Kay Ihompson (5ft 5.5in and wiearing high heels) with Audrey in above linked dance clip. Subtracting the height both had from footwear, Kay's heels MUST have given her at least an inch net boost on Audrey, yet she does not look any taller than Audrey.

That surely pegs Audrey at a rock solid 5ft 7in. More confirmation of Audrey Hepburns true height: an interesting and very elaborate outdoors sequence of Audrey (with low heels visible) dancing with Fred in Funny Face. She certainly was very close to his height, and, sans footwear, may have actually have been taller.

It doesn't matter
Mon says on 16/May/14
Audrey Hepburn was a strong 5'7''. With Astaire in Funny face

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Mon says on 15/May/14
Actresses of that era were often said to be 5'6'', which PR apparently considered the perfect height for a woman (a bit like 6'4'' for men) at that time. The difference is that men were boosted, but in my opinion actresses were sometimes said to be shorter than they were. Day possibly was 5'6'', Joss Ackland who is no titch said Bergman was such a big girl so she was indeed 5'9'' . We are told Marilyn Monroe was only an inch shorter than Audrey Hepburn. If you look at Marilyn Monroe's leg length sans the high heels she always wore onscreen, and her head to total height proportions; that is very unlikely. Audrey Hepburn had the leg length for 5'7'' and she rarely wore any footwear with much of a heel onscreen .

Forgotten star 5'5.5 Kay Thomson also looked larger than Astaire in Funny Face, are you trying to tell me she was wearing 4 inch heels?
Arch Stanton says on 14/May/14
@Mon. If for instance you actually compare Doris Day to Cary Grant in That Touch of Mink and Ingrid Bergman to him in Notorious and Indiscreet you'd never think that Bergman was three inches taller on paper!!
Arch Stanton says on 14/May/14
@Mon. Doris Day is another who could look taller. And Astaire was 5'9". I've seen 3/4 of his films and every comparison checks out. I've often said that people are short changing him thinking he was only 5'7 range like Bing Crosby. He consistently looked 5 ft 9. If I'd though Audrey was the same height as him I'd have said something here.
Mon says on 12/May/14
It's different for actresses, being tall is not necessarily the image they want.
Mon says on 11/May/14
There is a good full length photo of her outdoors with (big heel cowboy boot wearing) Audie Murphy and Burt Lancaster in the Unforgiven in which she looks a strong 5'7''.

Interesting how she looks in this John Ford Western. I think she usually played quite different roles, and the character created onscreen can look more slight than the actual person. At 1:56 she looks 5'6.5'' next to 5'4'' Lillian Gish, but Gish's footwear is anyones guess
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Rather than looking at her next to very tall people like Gregory Peck I think the best way is to look her with those closer in stature. Good photo of her and Kay Thompson (5'5.5 and in high heels) makes her look a strong 5'7''. Walking arm in arm with Fred Astaire under the Eiffel tower in Funny Face she looks at least as tall as Fred though she is wearing very low shoes. Never seen a photo that makes me think she was definitely under 5'7'. (By the way I don't think Fred Astaire can have been 5'9'')
Mon says on 9/May/14
Based on them relative to Cary Grant in films, Audrey Hepburn was certainly at least as tall as Katharine Hepburn. If you look at Grant and AH in the full length photo in which Audrey Hepburn is wearing a mac, scarf, dark glasses, and boots; her feet appear noticably larger than Grant's which suggests not much of a heel on the boots. A photo from the Unforgiven shows her taller that Audie Murphy right next to her and with a big cowboy boot heel boost, while comparing favourably with Burt Lancaster and Doug McClure next to him. She really looks a large person when in this John Houston western. I think she may have approached 5'8''.
Mon says on 8/May/14
OK not as tall as I first said. But, in her stocking feet she was taller than 5'4.5'' Eddie Fisher with him having considerably more than two inches of footwear boost evident. So she was at least 5'7'' at that stage. I think she may have suffered premature bone and height loss. In my opinion she looks significantly taller that 5'7'' early in her career. In Rob's linked pic , which is a studio still, her front foot is tilted (perhaps because she did not have very small feet) but the heel of her back foot is visible, and to me it looks like she had a very moderate to low heel; I think they are about even for footwear boost. But for the sake of argument if we give Hepburn an inch of footwear boost, that is still 7 and a half inches of height difference there should be visible. The screen captures of them on the steps from the film show that she did have low heels on for the film. With a 6'3'' actor, why?
Arch Stanton says on 7/May/14
My mistake, Audrey edged out MacLaine I just checked what I'd said on her page. I agree she could genuinely look an inch taller than this but she wasn't 5 ft 10!
Mon says on 6/May/14
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In ballet slippers Audrey Hepburn was least as tall as Fred Astaire in the dance sequences of Funny Face. In low heels in full length photo of them dancing, she was at mid ear level of her 6'3'' husband Mel Ferrer. Consistently at eye level of 6'2'' Sean Connery. Never wore anything but low heels in Roman Holiday though Peck was 6'3''. Probably as as tall as her son said she was: 5'10'.
Arch Stanton says on 5/May/14
LOL if she was 5 ft 10, Rex Harrison was 6 ft 4!!
Arch Stanton says on 5/May/14
@Mon Shirley MacLaine edged her out in Children of Paradise. This is spot on. Like a number of 5'^-5'72 ladies of that period though at times she could pull of looking taller in heels next to big 6 fters.
Mon says on 5/May/14
In Breakfast at Tiffany's, when she and George Peppard's character kiss in the rain (lots of shots of this) she looks well over 5'7', even though she is leaning and tilting her head he is standing very straight. (Peppard's shoes look substantially heeled.) The top of her head (not just hairstyle) is consistently at Sean Connery's eye level in a number of photos. And she is just as tall looking in an impromptu photo next to Anthony Perkins. Connery and Perkins are both 6'2''. Conclusion: Audrey Hepburn was not under 5'9''.
[Editor Rob: With a little more heel than Peck she is still at the end of his nose...I think the almost 5ft 7 she claimed is pretty fair. ]
Mon says on 4/May/14
Self claimed or not, this is a massive underestimate Rob. I checked here before as comparison for Sophia Loren beside Gregory Peck and was disconcerted. Now I see why. On closer examination of full length photos, Audrey Hepburn's proportions alone would suggest a height quite substantially above 5ft 6.5. Her head to total height ratio looks all wrong for her listing, unless she had a very small head. Similarly, those remarkably long legs are not terribly likely to have belonged to a 5'7'' person. More conclusively, she looked 5-6 inches shorter than known solid 6'3'' men. Good impromptu full length shots of her with Mel Ferrer, and with Gregory Peck, show that she was not much under the eye level of the aforementioned 6'3'' men when she wore low heels (or no heels, Peck may have had bigger heeled shoes than her in Roman Holiday).

Her (6'4'') son says "But, don't forget, she wasn't exactly small. She was 5ft 10in and looked more delicate on screen than she was in person"
Arch Stanton says on 16/Dec/13
She's been described as high as 5 ft 10. Granted she can look 5 ft 8 next to some actors.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Dec/13
Also looks 5'9 next to Dean Jagger in Nun's Story. She had to have been 5'7 ish to look that tall in normal heels.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Dec/13
In low heels next to Gary Cooper in Love in the Afternoon and manages to somehow look about 5 inches shorter!
Arch Stanton says on 8/Nov/13
Oddly looks small and demure in Sabrina until Bogie enters the garage and he's barely taller!! Audrey's lucky she didn't die of carbon monoxide poisoning in Sabrina turning all all the car ignitions in that garage!
Arch Stanton says on 26/Oct/13
Looks taller in Charade and seems around 5 ft 8.
Arch Stanton says on 22/Sep/13
Strange but she only looks about 4 inches shorter barefoot than George Peppard in shoes in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Sep/13
She looks tiny framed though, really frail, I doubt she was much over 100 pounds.
green girl says on 13/Apr/13
I think she is 5'7. i was told i look like black verision of her.
rafa says on 4/Sep/12
I love her. One of the best actresses ever.
Sam says on 30/Jan/12
I think 5'6.5" was her true barefoot height and that this was occasionally rounded up to 5'7"

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