How tall is Blake Lively ?

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Blake Lively's height is 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

American actress best known for her role on tv series Gossip Girl. In movies she can be seen in 2011's The Town and Green Lantern. She said in 2009 "First of all I'm not 5ft 2ins, I am 5ft 10ins"

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JohnMikey says on 19/Mar/15
From her body proportions she definitely isnt 5'10 her tallest is 170
JohnMikey says on 19/Mar/15
From her body proportions she definitely isnt 5'10 her tallest is 170
az says on 6/Mar/15
She is close to the height of 5'8" Karen Elson. I think a bit shorter, around 5'7"..

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Karen Elson:"On the runway, I just feel so awkward. I feel like I'm the clumsiest model. I see all these beautiful 6-foot-tall amazons and 5-foot-8 me who still can't even walk in heels, and as much as I try, I usually end up tripping up somewhere. [But] the payoff with singing is that you're singing your songs. The payoff with the runway, maybe there isn't one. I'm just crossing my fingers that I'm not going to fall."
Silent_D says on 4/Mar/15
I'm watching gossip girl now and she looks tall next to the cast. No way she is as low as 5 foot 7 but i'm not sure about 5 foot 10. She was close to tyra banks who is 179cm i think. I can only judge her height from her real life and not her screen life. Ryan reynolds is over ten cm taller than her. Penn badgely is about an inch taller. I think 174cm is about right.
Just says on 3/Mar/15
If you compare the pics of Blake with Karlie Kloss and the pics of Taylor Swift with Karlie Kloss, you can see the heightdifference between Blake and Kloss and the heightdifference between Taylor and Kloss are pretty much the same. So Blake is Taylor's height.
mf says on 17/Jan/15
"Silent d says on 27/Jan/12
I am not saying 177cm because 5 foot 10 rebecca hall is much taller than her. 173cm. I use to think she was 177cm. Hope to meet her one day."

You can actually look up photos of the two of them together and see that they're about the same height, as in here: Click Here

Blake also measures about 5'10" based on my review of her photos with various celebrities with listed heights, including her former Gossip Girl co-stars.

One thing she does a lot of is bend her legs and shoulders in photos, which obviously makes her appear shorter. Katie Holmes does the same thing and would sometimes end up looking shorter than her ex-husband Tom Cruise, despite being inches taller than him. Another example of this pattern is the stunning Alessandra Ambrosio, who is clearly taller than her husband (by at least a half inch) yet will appear shorter in certain photos of them together because of her posture or footwear and/or his footwear. Same pattern with Charlize Theron and ex- Stuart Towsend.

Blake, in her photos with Penn, is the same way -- sometimes appearing taller; other times appearing shorter.

As another poster commented, it's unusual for tall women to overstate their height, especially those who work in Hollywood. She's stated on numerous occasions that she's 5'10; I can't see why she would lie about that, and a careful examination of many of her photos suggests that she isn't lying.
carver says on 10/Jan/15
@anna chace is 177cm possibly 178cm, blake is not over 174cm, most likely just 173cm
Bishop says on 4/Dec/14
5'8.5" is pretty much the max she could be.
Anna says on 3/Dec/14
Chace is 182 cm which probably makes Blake 177-178

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elizabeth says on 27/Oct/14
@Just exactly. she is definitely not 5'10. I had suspicious before but now i'm totaly convinced that she is around 5'7.
ctrl says on 26/Oct/14
I see she belongs in the same club with Jennifer Lawrence: both are petite-framed and have a lean physique, which creates the illusion of them being taller than they actually are. Interesting how they are both also trying to forward this preposterous height propaganda. 5'10, are you for real? As for Lively, I'd say she's 5'8 at most..
Just says on 26/Oct/14
@ elizabeth It's very weird... How can Gigi Hadid be THAT much (3 inches?) taller than Blake, since she (Gigi) is only 5'10 and Blake is supposed to be 5'8"5??? Gigi isn't even wearing platform high heels.
gigi says on 23/Oct/14
elizabeth says on 17/Oct/14
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if nicola peltz is 166 cm, there is no way that blake is 174 cm. she is 170-171 cm at most
evil says on 24/Sep/14
johnmarco says on 20/Aug/14
5'10? Are you kiddinh me? People like penn badgley and justin long stabd taller than her, she's 173cm MAX.
idk says on 13/Aug/14
If 5'10 weren't """perfect model height""" there'd be literally no reason she'd want to claim 5'10 as a woman. Anyway, she's obviously not 5'10. Current listing is much more accurate.
M.P. says on 21/Jul/14
I know a skinny, supermodel-esque Asian girl who is 5'9.5", but because she's SO slender, she looks way taller than me, and I'm only 5'11". But because I'm so stocky, most girls think I'm 5'8', which is really small for a guy. Blake Lively can pass for 5'10" so easily because she's so slender. She would look INSANELY gigantic being 5'10" as skinny as she is. Because she's so skinny, if she was 5'10", she could easily pass for 6'2" in flat shoes. If she weighed more, she'd look closer to her real height of 5'8" or 5'8.5". But her bony frame visually tricks people and she can get away with lying. But being self-conscious about my own height, I myself am rarely fooled, so she doesn't look close to 5'10" in my eyes, at all.
mila says on 7/Jul/14
she is taller!!! 5 ft 10 I would say
az says on 3/Jun/14
i walked by her recently. around 5'7 - 5'8.
Just says on 28/Apr/14
She says 5'10 because thats the enviably modelheight. She's still stunning at 5'8. Doesn't need to lie about height.
jamesfuckinjackson says on 27/Apr/14
As many ppl say ... Just watch the movie accepted.
Justin long is 5ft 8.5 and i noticed in the movie she was a bit shorter than justin
she's like 5ft 7 or even 5ft 8, absolutly not 5ft10..
chrisssss says on 22/Apr/14
173cm, no more, 5'10 is ridiculous
Just says on 11/Apr/14
@Jack To be honest, I dont know Florence, she isnt a celebrity in the Netherlands. I just saw some pictures with her and Blake in it and that shes listed at 59.
Jack says on 9/Feb/14
@ jUST, What makes you think Florence is 5'9?.
Just says on 6/Feb/14
@Jack, Blake Lively is known for wearing super high heels (five or six inches heels with platform). Blake is 5'8, only one inch shorter than Florence, so the question is: is she taller than Florence in the same footwear?
Natasha says on 6/Feb/14
Rob,what do you think her weight is?
Jack says on 6/Feb/14
@Arch Stanton,well she is taller Florence Welch who is supposedly 5'9.
Arch Stanton says on 5/Feb/14
@Jack, if she's 5'10 Ryan Reynolds is 6'4.
Jack says on 3/Feb/14
She is about an inch taller than her buddy Florence Welch who is supposedly 5'9.
chrissss says on 26/Jan/14
5'10 is RIDECULOUS, watch accepted, justin long(174cm) looks slighly taller, or maybe same height, she's either 174cm/173cm
Isabelle says on 21/Jan/14
5'8"-5'8.5". 5'10" is ridiculous
Arch Stanton says on 15/Jan/14
Well I think we can safely rule out 5'10"!!! I think she'd be close in height to yourself Rob.
Anna says on 12/Jan/14

5'10" is ridiculous.
Arch Stanton says on 7/Jan/14
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Arch Stanton says on 7/Jan/14
Rob would you consider a downgrade to 5'8"? See the links below...
Arch Stanton says on 7/Jan/14
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Nothing over 5 ft 8.
[Editor Rob: it is what I originally though, but then I thought maybe 174 wasn't impossible...5ft 8-8.5 zone I think is ok, maybe 174 is on the positive side of things.]
Arch Stanton says on 7/Jan/14
M says on 19/Feb/13
No way a tall girl would claim she is taller than she is! I'm 175-176 and I would never say I was taller. It's surelye enough. Blake just has terrible posture, probably because she is ashamed of being so tall, which she has said numerous times in interviews!

Taylor Swift, Brooke Hogan, Catherine the Duchess etc. It happens. Not even close to a legit 5 ft 10, see her next to guys like Badgley and Reynolds!
Just says on 7/Jan/14
I think she's 5'8. There are no pictures of her with real tall celebrities like Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron.
Arch Stanton says on 5/Jan/14
Rob, Click Here . Penn Badgley is listed at 175cm. Either she's shorter or he's taller. I saw him in Easy A last night and thought he looked 5'9-5'10 next to Emma Stone. Any chance you could add Badgley?
Yupyup says on 26/Dec/13
I used to dislike being a tall woman, especially when I was a teenager. That's such an awkward age anyway, and you just want to blend in and be like your friends. It's hard to blend in when you're a head and shoulders taller than your friends.

Then when I got older, I started hearing studies that say taller people are perceived as being more knowledgeable and trustworthy. Also, models are tall, which is admired. When I was younger, people asked me if I modeled.

Once I started getting older and working in my career, I find that height is very interesting and an advantage. Men sometimes make comments, especially when I'm in heels. I straighten up now when I speak to people. It's positive to have people perceive you as confident and tall. Men who aren't intimidated find it very interesting. And definitely, 100%, short girls want to compete with me. I'm not sure why since most men like shorter women. Maybe it's because we're so conditioned to admire supermodel standards of beauty.

So that's my experience. Being a tall woman can be a very good thing. Depending on the image they're going for, I could see why celebrities would exaggerate their height.

As for Blake, I think she's a bit shorter than this listing. I couldn't find many pictures of her with other celebrities, but here she's in heels with Erin Heatherton and Rosie Huntington Whitely, I can't tell what the models are doing with their feet, but this puts Blake at eye level with them.
Silent d says on 16/Oct/13
5 foot 8. She is a knock out. Don't understand the hate.
Just says on 20/Aug/13
She looks taller because she's always with actors/actresses who are short, while she's wearing heels, short dresses or miniskirts. Not the modelheight, but still stunning at 5'8".
cole says on 18/Aug/13
5'7.75 - 5'8 is possible.
SAK says on 2/Aug/13
Pedro says: the question if women actually like to be tall or not depends a lot on if they are pretty or not. I assume that if they are pretty, then a great height becomes something positive. Because there would be the possibility of dreaming of a modeling career.
But if it is a woman that is not so pretty, then I think that being tall has mainly disadvantages. It only makes it harder for them to find the right man.
I have to agree with you. You make a valid point here. If a female is not so atrractive, then being tall (5f8+), actually highlights the negative.

Being very tall (5f10+) as an actress can be a hinderance in getting many roles.

Being tall can be beneficial for sports though, and looks dont matter there.
Pedro says on 1/Aug/13
@joey I think that the question if women actually like to be tall or not depends a lot on if they are pretty or not.
I assume that if they are pretty, then a great height becomes something positive. Because there would be the possibility of dreaming of a modeling career.
But if it is a woman that is not so pretty, then I think that being tall has mainly disadvantages. It only makes it harder for them to find the right man.
Conti says on 18/Jul/13
I would say 5'7 and 5'8 in heels.
Jess says on 17/Jul/13
174cm is a little too high for Blake. Saw pics with her and Marion Cotillard who stands at 168cm on this site and there was about 1 inch and a half difference with neither one having heel advantage. Maybe 172cm for Blake, anything higher seems unreasonable.
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J.Lee says on 13/Jul/13
Rob y do you think BLake thinks she is 5 foot 10?
[Editor Rob: maybe she measured in sneakers 5ft 10...]
anothertallgirl says on 9/Jul/13
i always knew Blake was tall. She is ONE of the reasons why I'm not afraid to be proud of my height.
Izzy says on 8/Jul/13
@ bleh

It doesn't make sense for a guy to add two to three inches of his height so the same thing goes for guys too.
Anna says on 31/May/13
I don't think Blake is anything more than 5'8 at the absolute most! I saw a photo of her and Olivia Wilde who is estimated at 170cm and Blake was about an inch and a half taller than her plus Olivia isn't standing straight in the pic and the angle was a little off but you get the idea. Judge for yourselves
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joey says on 6/May/13
why not? some of them do actually like being tall. so long as its not karlie kloss or sharapova tall.
Bleh says on 3/May/13
Honestly doesn't make sense for a girl to lie about her height or add unnecessary inches. Blake is for sure 5 foot 10
Candy says on 29/Apr/13
5 foot 10 is ridiculous. 5 foot 8 max. She just has thin, long legs.
Gossip Girl says on 28/Apr/13
Back in 2007 i acctually belived she was 5'10 for some reason. I guess closer to 5'8 is her real height. She wears heels alot in GG aswell.
Anonymous says on 28/Mar/13
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well if christina hendricks is 170cm blake can't be 174cm for sure their heights definitly look same
M says on 19/Feb/13
No way a tall girl would claim she is taller than she is! I'm 175-176 and I would never say I was taller. It's surelye enough. Blake just has terrible posture, probably because she is ashamed of being so tall, which she has said numerous times in interviews!
Josh says on 14/Feb/13
she looks 5'7 in flats shes also a bit shorter than 5'8.5 Justin Long
Elijah says on 7/Feb/13
Can go from looking okish to downright ugly... Leighton Meester always looked much better IMO.

Again, proof that it's not just men lying about the height. Women, even tall ones, do as well. You must be living on a different planet Ali.
amy says on 19/Jan/13
@ali blake can't be 5'10'' because with 14 cm heels she still looks shorter than ryan reynolds who is 188 cm. she is 170-172 cm at most
Ali says on 18/Jan/13
Not to sound rude but as a girl if blake is really 5'8" or 5'9" she would say that she was, she wouldnt lie and say that she is 5'10" because for a girl that is very tall and i have heard her say that she doesnt like being tall in interviews. I can understand a guy adding inches and lying or a very short girl, like under 5 foot adding inches and lying but a tall girl no way!
Just says on 29/Dec/12
@Elizabeth, consider this picture: 5'7"5. Maybe 5'8, not taller than that.
elizabeth says on 21/Dec/12
Click Here
in this picture looks like katie and blake same height but katie's heels are 11cm and blake's heels are 15cm
we should also consider katie's bad posture and that means blake 5 cm shorter than katie.katie is 173-175 cm for sure so there is no way blake is 174cm . i think she is 170-171cm with barefoot
Emily says on 21/Dec/12
I always thought she was between 58 and 59 so im fine with this listing.
Easily looks tall despite not really being so.
ffi says on 22/Nov/12
I've met her and I'm 5'8 and she was definitley a few inches taller than me in flats. I love her xxx
Silent d says on 28/Oct/12
Gary r i strongly doubt it. One of the prettiest. 5 foot 8. Zero talent? She wouldn't be where she is today if she was not talented.
Lo sgozzatore says on 28/Oct/12
Rob, how much do these heels give?
Click Here
[Editor Rob:
they could give somewhere in 4-4.25 inch range of actual height.

certainly no less than 4, the heels themselves would be described as 5.5 or 6 inch in the shop.]
gary r says on 23/Oct/12
ive met her. she's definitely not 5 10
more like 5 8
shes pretty but has zero talent/ sex appeal
Alexa says on 20/Oct/12
She's definitely nothing more than 5'8, although sometimes I wonder if she's even that. She can never seem to reach Ryan Reynolds who's 6'2 at eye-level even in really big heels, the're always a good 2/3 inch difference between them, makes you wonder how tall she really is in heels.
Silent d says on 12/Oct/12
5 foot 8. Louis i strongly disagree she is a terrible actress. She is quite talented.
Louis says on 11/Oct/12
to me she can look anywhere from 168 to 173
overrated in every way, terrible actress
Christie says on 10/Oct/12
I met her a couple of years ago and I'm 5'6 and she was at least three inches taller than me. I'd say she's just over 5'9! She's tall and beautiful
Silent d says on 3/Oct/12
5 foot 8. That girl does not look 160cm. She might be 162cm.
Alexa says on 1/Oct/12
Elizabeth is right, if Sofia Black D'Elia really is 5'3...Blake is most definitely not 7 inches taller than her! She's between 170-173cm depending on who she's standing next to, no taller though.
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elizabeth says on 25/Sep/12
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Sofia Black D'Elia listed here as 160 cm. i don't think blake is 14 cm taller than her. blake is definitly araund 170-171 cm. she just got long and beautiful legs according to her body and height
Silent d says on 23/Sep/12
I am shocked she claimed 5 foot 10. I use to think she was really tall but 5 foot 8 is about right. Why would she feel manly? She is beautiful!
Chameleon says on 22/Sep/12
Wow nice pic Eva, she really is in the 5'7 - 5'8 range, Rob shouldnt have upgraded her...
Eva says on 21/Sep/12
how can she be 174 when penn badgley is 175 and she is on her tiptoes to kiss him? footwear is same. Click Here
Silent d says on 13/Sep/12
After all those pictures with 6 foot 2 ryan reynolds, i'd say she is a solid 173cm. Tall and beautiful!
Alexa says on 12/Aug/12
I agree with Chameleon, it's hard to believe Blake is anything above 5'8 if that even! I would say it's out of the question that she's the 5'10 she claims, it doesn't add up at all!
Yes she has the long legs and amazing body but she clearly isn't as statuesque as runway models. Looking at barefoot photos of her and Leighton Meester who is about 5'4, there's a definite 4inch difference between them which makes Blake around 173cm at the very most!
Megan says on 11/Aug/12
She is 5'10! I met her and she was the same height as me and I'm definitely 5'10 so ya and Ryan Reynolds is 6'2..
Chameleon says on 11/Aug/12
Lol im not buying over 172cm either anymore, she might be even 170cm flat, she is also listed that height on a site that someone posted months ago..
Mari says on 7/Aug/12
Blake is 5'8 AT MOST. Ryan Reynolds towers over her. Look at the pictures of her with Leo. He's 5'11.5 (although he's officially listed as 6'0). He's significantly taller than she is: Click Here
I suspect she claims to be 5'10 because that's the height most models are and she likes to think of herself in that same category (especially when it comes to wearing couture). I still think she has an amazing body and some of the best legs I've ever seen, but she's not 5'10.
Alexa says on 5/Aug/12
I don't think she's anything more than 5'8 to be honest, she certainly doesn't look it next to people who are 5'10 or so.
Fiona says on 30/Jul/12
she's 5' 9" at the most. I'm 5' 10" by the way, actually 5' 9 3/4" as I officially measured myself at in 1998 when I was 18.
Gabrielle says on 29/Jul/12
She told Allure she is 5'10"
She also said she feels kinda tranny when she wears heels because she towers over everyone, especially on Gossip Girl.
I don't understand you guys, if she says she's 5'10" (which she has said several times) than she is, 5'10"
Just says on 26/Jul/12
Blake seems to have the same height as her sister Robyn (listed as 5'8") and a little bit shorter than her sister Lori. Click Here
Alexa says on 10/Jun/12
I don't think Blake looks 3-5cm shorter than Chace in that photo, she looks at LEAST 5/6cm shorter than him plus neither one is standing properly. There's a picture of Chace, Blake and Ed where she's trying to 'bite' his finger or whatever and since Blake and Ed are pretty much the same height...look at the difference between Ed and Chace, pretty big.
Emily says on 10/Jun/12
She is about 173-175 cm tall! Look at this picture Click Here with her and chace crawford. She is wearing flat shoes. You can tell that she is about 3-5 cm shorter than chace, who is about 5'10 (178 cm) feet tall :)So I think she is about 173-175 tall :)
And when she is wearing heels on the show, she towers over all the boys, but she is trying not to look taller than the boys by bending her back - she does not stand straight up with heels on the show.
Louis says on 6/Jun/12
on GG season 1 episode 12 they are barefoot together and they look same height, although I think they are probably 5'7 range
Pannama says on 6/Jun/12
Click Here
Compare her to Ed whos standing at about the same length from the camera. He is reportedly 177 and Blake is waering heels (3 or 4 centis?) so she's 174 max.
Alexa says on 5/Jun/12
Rob I just don't think she's 5'8.5 ...I don't see that kind of height on her. She looks surprisingly short in scenes where she's wearing flat shoes in Gossip Girl, especially next to Chace Crawford who towers over her.
The height I see her at is 170cm/171cm, no more, it just doesn't add up for her to be any taller than that.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 7/Feb/12
Rob, didnt you have her at 5'8 flat?
[Editor Rob: I think 8.5 is a bit nearer now.]
Louis says on 7/Feb/12
She waa towered by Margaret Colin (5'9.5), def no more than 5'8 maybe even less...
Amanda says on 6/Feb/12
Blake Lively has said in several interviews that she is 5'10 and that she hates that the show makes her wear heels all the time because she is so much tallet than everyone else, and it makes her feel man-ish. so when she can, she wears flats. also, watch the latest episode of GG, where Blair is getting married. as she walks down the aisle with Dan she is DEFINETLY taller then him. She's wearing heels, but she's also 5'10 - as is penn badgley. they are the same height when they are together in bare feet.
Silent d says on 30/Jan/12
Some sites have her listed at 177cm or 5 foot 10. Why is her height up for debate. She is clearly 5 foot 8. Still hope to meet her one day.
Alexa says on 28/Jan/12
Lila: In those pictures Leighton actually surpasses Blake's's easy to see she becomes taller. Plus Blake is wearing brogues which would give her about an additional inch in height, I have a similar pair and they do give the slightest height. If Leighton really is 164cm and those heels give her about a 4inch boost since they are pretty high...she will reach about 5'8 or so but she does become taller than Blake giving the impression Blake isn't very tall after all.
Silent d says on 27/Jan/12
I am not saying 177cm because 5 foot 10 rebecca hall is much taller than her. 173cm. I use to think she was 177cm. Hope to meet her one day.
lila says on 25/Jan/12
Click Here

Here (from the episode in Paris), Blake wears flats that certainly don't give her any height and Leighton is in at least 13cm heels, which would make Blake next to Leighton, who's listed as 164cm here, around 177cm. She's quite tall, but her posture is awful so she often looks smaller.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.