How tall is Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Height

6ft 2in (188 cm)

Canadian Actor best known for roles in films like Deadpool, The Green Lantern, Safe House, The Proposal and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He once said "I'm 6' 2" with a 5' 10" face" and also "6ft 1-2".
One of the first things that strikes you after interviewing celebrities is that everyone is way shorter than you expect them to be. That doesn't hold true with Ryan Reynolds. Tall, fit, and easy on the eyes.

Ryan with Taylor Kitsch and Denzel Washington
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Mark said on 22/May/16
@Johno Yes they are standing on the same plain.

Another shot of both of them in the exact same place too.

Click Here

Discounting Reynolds slouching along with him being way closer to the camera, Ben Affleck still edges him out despite slouching too along with terrible neck posture. Also, I only said that he was edged out by Affleck who is safely above 6'2" and could measure 6'3" in the morning.

Reynolds is still a legit 6'2" as he is officially taller than Jackman in the picture despite slouching.

Click Here
nyc said on 22/May/16
There was an interview between ryan reynolds and hugh jackman during the deadpool press tour. In it ryan reynolds asks about jackman needing to wear specially designed lifts so he would look taller than him, and jackman admits that he did. I would guess that if lifts were used than the height difference would have to be significant. In which case, either reynolds needs a big boost or jackman needs a big decrease as they are both listed at 6'2". Here's the interview. Height question at 1:25.
Johno said on 20/May/16
Mark ----- are they even on the same plain for you to compare their heights? Did you even gain anything meanful from that comparison?
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 19/May/16
@Mark That shot is at an angle, and Reynold's head is tilted down quite a bit.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/May/16
I think Affleck would beat out Reynolds marginally.
Mark said on 18/May/16
Also, Affleck slouches like a snail.
Mark said on 18/May/16
@Johno, Too Bad there is a picture where Ben Affleck does edge out Reynolds

Click Here

Deal with it. It's the facts.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 16/May/16
Ryan Reynolds would easily measure taller than Paul Walker. Paul Walker appears to be more 187 CM to me.
Johno said on 16/May/16
Look how many inches Reynolds had on Fallon; Fallon is only slightly shorter than Timberlake but look how inturn, Timberlake stands next to Affleck ---- he stands so strong.
Johno said on 16/May/16
"With a 5'10 face?" I doubt he was trying to say he has a small head but rather that men with a 5'10 generally tend to be better looking or he gives a versatile impression when playing different roles?
Truth said on 15/May/16
189. Not height conscious and seems to give his low. Paul walker did similar.
Johno said on 14/May/16
I cannot see Affleck taller than Reynolds.
S.J.H said on 12/May/16
Edge by ben affleck. LOL. Probably the different way as comfirmation. Strange that michael strathan supposed listed 6'4.5 but only look 1.5'' taller than reynolds up close, craig t nelson 6'3.5 ony look 0.75" taller than reynolds and 6'4 snoop dogg look max 1" taller than reynolds. But he wanted be known as 6'1-6'2 yet he often apear like a 6'2-3/4 guy with fellow actors and bare in mind recent photo with 6'1.5 hugh jackman suppose 190cm with dress shoe still look at least half inch shorter than reynolds with 0.5-0.6 converse. Reynolds always apear with loose posture and slight slouch all the time
Mark said on 12/May/16
He was edged out by Ben Affleck, but then again, Affleck is above 6'2" at night and could measure 6'3"

Reynolds is a legit 6'2"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/May/16
He can appear 6ft1-2 with a slouch though...
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 2/May/16
It's because of the fact that he claimed to be 6'2", and said 6'1" as well at one point. While I do believe that he's honest about it, he doesn't seem like the type of guy who would notice the 1/2" inch in his height. The guy only appears to be 6'2" flat if he's slouching.
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 1/May/16
@celebheights & aaron Me and many others have already told rob several times but he still keeps reynolds at 6ft 2..its time he seriously gives an upgrade..6ft 2.5 is his height.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 29/Apr/16
He towers over Seth Rogen with less footwear. Is there any explanation for that?
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 27/Apr/16
The footwear that both Reynolds and Seth Rogen had:

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 27/Apr/16
By Seth Rogen:

Click Here

Reynolds is obviously slouching and still appears to be three inches taller. Keep in mind that Seth Rogen could be a bit over 5'11" as well.
Brian said on 27/Apr/16
Even slouching, the guy has 4 inches on Seth Rogen.

Click Here
sfs324 said on 26/Apr/16
Looked only 2 inches taller than Seth Rogen when he hugged him during his MTV Movie Awards win
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Apr/16
"Ryan Reynold's height is 6ft 2¼in (188.595cm)"

I'm convinced.
Aaron Zamora said on 21/Apr/16
If Ryan is actually shorter than 6'2 which I doubt he is then a lot of celebrities would need a big downgrade. Ryan is 6'2.5-6'3 in my opinion.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 21/Apr/16
By 6'0" listed Common

Click Here

Ryan is leaning a bit, and he still is clearly taller than him.
Adam 1.88 m said on 18/Apr/16
They looked about the same to me in Unlikely Hero, Daniels could be more 188 than 189 now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/16
189/190cm is a stretch. Could be that range in the morning
Peter 180cm said on 17/Apr/16
The 6'1-6'2 claim of his indicates he probably got measured at that range,whether barefoot or not is unknown...I'd say he's around 187cm evening time which is basically a solid 6'1.5 ,hence why he gave that claim.
Adam 1.88 m said on 16/Apr/16
Weird how he towers over everybody in most of his films, I always struggle to find someone even remotely his height. They must only use really short extras.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 16/Apr/16
I believe that he's taller than Jeff Daniels, so he could be 189-190 CM.
grizz said on 14/Apr/16
@unseld, if he's only 6'1, then plenty of celebs need a serious downgrade. Jimmy Fallon to 5'10ish, Denzel 5'10.5, Hugh Jackman 6'0.5 etc. etc.
unseld said on 13/Apr/16
He needs a downgrade to 6'1. He even said hes 6'1 just like Paul Walker said he was 6'1.

He was listed EVERYWHERE at 6'1 in the early 2000s. Then somehow magically he grew to 6'2 when he got famous, which is utter bull.
Sam said on 11/Apr/16
Yeah, I'd admit confusingly that at the premiere of Wolverine he looked like he might have been a tiny bit taller than Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber, though I strongly doubt Reynolds would be as tall as Schreiber if Liev held better posture.
Josh said on 8/Apr/16
I'm thinking he needs an upgrade to at least 6'2.25-6'2.5.
Sam said on 8/Apr/16
Saw Deadpool and somehow T.J. Miller looks to edge out Reynolds in several shots. In premiere stills, the best you could argue for Reynolds they look really similar height.
Click Here
Click Here
Miller looks more than 2 inches under Zach Woods in Silicon Valley and Reynolds also looked no taller than Mark Strong, who was pretty much 2 inches under Sacha Baron Cohen. Since both Miller and Strong get 6'1.5" listings, I think it hurts the case for Reynolds being a full 6'2". What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob: last month i did look at them all and thought six two for miller was probably more reasonable
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Apr/16
If he wakes up between 190-191cm it does push him up into the strong 6ft2 zone
184.9 on a bad day said on 7/Apr/16
If Nathan Fillion is 6ft 1.5 then Ryan Reynolds is 6ft 2 - 6ft 2.25
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 6/Apr/16
By 5'11" listed Tim Thomas (Ryan Reynolds isn't standing up straight either):

Click Here
Andrea said on 6/Apr/16
Actually Ryan does look taller than Affleck there...
Matthtom said on 6/Apr/16
Hes the classic example of a 6'1 guy. And was always listed as that when he was on that pizza show.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 5/Apr/16
Is it fair to assume that he is at least 190 CM out of bed? I could buy him waking up at 6'3" on some days.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Apr/16
He's getting edged by Affleck here. They were in Smokin' Aces but I don't know if they had any scenes together. You could argue that Reynolds is the weaker 6ft2 guy.

Click Here
berta said on 5/Apr/16
Looks weak 189 to me but its Hollywood so maybe he is just a strong 187 but if he is that then hugh Jackman cant be over 186
Andrea said on 3/Apr/16
No, he did claim 6'1-6'2 on Letterman...
I can't believe he's just 6'1, though! He really does look the classic example of 6'2 to me!
As Rob says, 6'1.75 is probably not impossible, maybe after a bad day he could have measured around that mark, but i can't believe he's under it!
Marshawn said on 2/Apr/16
Hes not taller than 6'1. Was listed at 6'1 everywhere in the early 2000s
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/16
His exact claim was "I'm Dick Van Dyke...I'm 6ft1...6'2"
berta said on 24/Mar/16
rob what do you Think about 6 foot 2 and a 1/4? Always look 189.
Editor Rob: he could be an honest guy and actually got 6ft 1.75.

People sometimes get a surprise when a guy is measured, they can end up taller/shorter than we expect! Hairstyles sometimes add more, posture isn't as bad as we assume, they shrink a full inch or more over a day etc.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Mar/16
I thought Leary could pass for a 6ft2 guy himself back in the day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
Rob, do you have any idea how tall Reynolds's dad was?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He looks even a bit taller than Ryan in some pictures. My guess is that he may have been about 6ft3 peak.
Editor Rob: he could have been 6ft 3 considering his age
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 18/Mar/16
He was 51-52 when that was taken, so it wouldn't have been more than a fraction of an inch.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 16/Mar/16
Rob, how tall do you think that he appears by Dennis Leary? I believe that if Ryan Reynolds were only 1/2" of an inch to 3/4" of an inch taller than Dennis Leary, then the difference wouldn't be as noticeable as it was in that photo (especially with Reynolds not standing up fully straight).
Editor Rob: Leary is a guy who may have lost a bit, I'm not sure exactly how much.
Mat said on 15/Mar/16
Reynolds said to Letterman ''6 foot 1, 6 foot 2, between there''. He could have measured between 187-188 cm, just under 6'2 and said that. I do believe he is 6'1.75 at his low though, the other guy TJ something from Deadpool who is listed at 6'2 too, seems to edge him a smidge in most photos.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 14/Mar/16
By 186-187 CM Dennis Leary and 6'8 1/2" measured Brian Grant:

Click Here

Either Dennis Leary needs a downgrade to like 6'0 1/2", or Ryan Reynolds needs an upgrade to 6'2 1/2" immediately. There's no way that Ryan Reynolds appears to be just 6'2" by him.
Editor Rob: the link wasn't working, so I tried to put another link in place
grizz said on 9/Mar/16
@Adam 1.88m
I'd say D
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Mar/16
Adam, I think B on a good day
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 8/Mar/16
I showed this page to my 5ft 10 friend who saw reynolds up close at TIFF event and he laughed..he says Ryan looked about 6ft 3 to him.
Adam 1.88 m said on 6/Mar/16
A) 191/189
B) 190.5/188.5
C) 190/188
D) 189.5/187.5

Which would you say is most likely for his morning/evening height?
S.J.H said on 5/Mar/16
@MrTBlack said on 3/Mar/16

He might be 6'2.25 at worst and a probably 6'2.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/16
Maybe he hasn't measured himself properly in years. I do think he can be a 6ft2 guy but could he be more?
MrTBlack said on 3/Mar/16
I'm gonna call it now and say he shaved an inch on his 6'1"-6'2" claim.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/16
188cm is a safe bet. Can look under it w/h crap posture. 189cm he can also look at times. Fallon I think could be near 6ft
amaterasu said on 2/Mar/16
He is an honest guy, I remember that interview where he said " I'm six foot one, six two" which makes me think he is 6'1.5" or 187cm really. And yes I do agree he made Falon look 180cm at very best.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 1/Mar/16
Ryan Reynolds has always seemed taller to me than Hugh Jackman does. The photos that show Ryan Reynolds as being noticeably taller have them both standing up in equal posture. The ones that show Hugh Jackman as being taller have Ryan Reynolds slouching quite a bit. Ryan also is at least 1.5" inches taller than 6'0 1/2"-6'0 3/4" Jeff Bridges.
Johno said on 1/Mar/16
Wouldn't be surprised if he actually measure at Rob's listing of 6'2 though, taller then most A-listers and pretty honest about his height. Even when your height is measured, you may decide to opt to give a range and 6'2 and a range between 6'1-6'2 is what i would give Ryan and yes he towered Jimmy Fallon and this is because Fallon is not any taller then 5'11.

Ryan 6'2, 6'1.5, 6'1-6'2
Fallon, Not taller then 5'11
Johno said on 27/Feb/16
He seemed uncomfortable posing that lift question to Hugh and sort-of rushed it and bleeped out his own name, Hugh similarly mumbled an answer ---- the question was genuine and if Hugh needed a lift to appear taller then Reynolds as opposed to just thick shoes then Reynolds must have moderate height on him.

Reynolds states his height between 6'1-6'2, he does not state 6'2-6'3 does he? He is probably very honest about it.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/16
Looking at him some more, he really can pull off the 189-190cm look quite effortlessly. So I think 188cm is his probably his low and I wouldn't argue if Rob did give him a fraction over this. His claim is a bit odd though. Maybe he is uncomfortable with his height. 6ft2 legit is quite a lofty height when you think of it.
Karan said on 24/Feb/16
Rob, please add deadpool also...
Johno said on 23/Feb/16
When he was pictured with Mamun, i said near 6'1.5 and i still believe that.
Dsmooth said on 22/Feb/16
There is also a pic of him and Brett Farve where, Reynolds is taller
Pataan19 said on 22/Feb/16
Hey Rob have you seen the photo of him with James corden on Google? They're both in the deadpool outfit but corden is leaning onto Ryan. I would argue that Ryan definitely doesn't look any taller than listed based on that photo. Would you agree?
Editor Rob: there's still a decent amount between them, but both might be losing height in that pose
Lucas said on 21/Feb/16
The reason he is taller than other "6 ft 2in" guys is because most people who claim to be 6ft 2in are in fact 6 ft 1.25-1.50.
Jay said on 21/Feb/16
Here he is next to 6'2 Brett Favre Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 20/Feb/16
He actually seemed serious about wearing the lifts. He said that it was about story and character. I don't see how that would equate to him joking around.
Editor Rob: maybe there is some that Marsden wore lifts and so it was a bit of a joke that Hugh would wear them? Seemed just a bit of light-hearted humour between them.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 19/Feb/16
There are photos of Ryan Reynolds by TJ Miller where he's clearly an inch taller than him.
grizz said on 18/Feb/16
@Gary,they were joking
Mat said on 17/Feb/16
Click Here
After seeing this pic, do you still believe Reynolds could edge out Jackman?
Editor Rob: 10 years ago I still think Hugh could look a fraction taller than he looks last few years
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Feb/16
I'm sure Dick Van Dyke will flattered to hear that, won't he Rob?
Editor Rob: of course he would...
MD said on 16/Feb/16
I think Mat be right in posting that quote. Though he's not standing as tall, here, he still has a footwear advantage. Straightened up, I'm really not sure how much taller he'd be than 6'1.5" TJ Miller to his right:

Click Here

It does seem he's somewhere between 6'1" to 6'2" (closer to the upper end), but not a full 6'2". BTW, I think the 6'1" for Ed Skrein may be too much.
Gary said on 16/Feb/16
So he just said that Hugh Jackman had to wear lifts to appear as tall as him in Wolverine. I think either Jackman needs a downgrade or Reynolds needs an upgrade!
Mat said on 16/Feb/16
Editor Rob: he seemed to be thinking of what to say there, but then 6ft 1.5 range can look 6ft 2-3 to many in hollywood because of guys in that range claiming 6ft 3!

He may be 6'1.75 instead of 6'1.5. That's still ''between there''. Will you change the listing? Unless he measured himself wrong. I haven't really looked at him much to judge.
Editor Rob: I still feel he can pull off 6ft 2 when he stands times with loose posture he can look just a 6ft 1 guy.
Mat said on 15/Feb/16
Rob, he said ''6'1-6'2 between there'' and ''(same as) Dick Van Dyke'' in the Letterman interview. That's tough to argue.

Click Here at 0:50
Editor Rob: he seemed to be thinking of what to say there, but then 6ft 1.5 range can look 6ft 2-3 to many in hollywood because of guys in that range claiming 6ft 3!
Sammy Derrick said on 14/Feb/16
Andre Tricoteux is 6'11 or 6'10.5 and he makes Ryan Reynolds look like a SOLID 6'2.
Click Here
He still holds his own against a 7'6 G.G.I. character.
Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 10/Feb/16
@Anon Will Smith is 6'1 1/2" in person, so that means that Ryan Reynolds is more 6'2 1/2" (which definitely seems reasonable). He often looks taller than 6'2".
grizz said on 10/Feb/16
@Aron, I don't know. They looked the same to me. Perhaps Reynolds had half an inch over Will.

He appeared on Fallon last night and he towered over Jimmy. One of them is downgradingupgrading their height because I highly doubt there was only 2,5 inches of height difference between them.
Anon said on 6/Feb/16
Just saw him on the graham Norton show. Definitely atleast an inch taller than Will smith who was on it aswell. I think smith needs to be bumped down to 6 1 flat or Ryan needs to be upped.
Idk said on 29/Jan/16
Looks 189
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 28/Jan/16
His posture is average. It isn't necessarily 'perfect posture', but he doesn't heavily slouch on average.
Brian said on 20/Jan/16
@John, I haven't seen a single photo of him with good posture... and he still manages to look taller than other 6'2" guys.
John said on 10/Jan/16
@Celebheights 6'1.75
Snoop is wearing thin flat Converse sneakers, plus he's hunching more than Jamie.

No way Ryan is 6'1.5", he's a solid 6'2 dude who can appear 6'2.5" because of his good posture.
John said on 10/Jan/16
@Celebheights 6'1.75
Snoop is wearing thin flat Converse sneakers, plus he's hunching more than Jamie.

No way Ryan is 6'1.5", he's a solid 6'2 dude who can appear 6'2.5" because of his good posture.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 10/Jan/16
Is there any chance of an upgrade? I do think that he would at least see 6'2 1/4"-6'2 1/2" for most of the day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jan/16
He has looked shorter than this in the past also.
Johno said on 9/Jan/16
Can look close to 6'2, he is around 6'1.5.
179.50cm said on 29/Dec/15
Rob, how can you tell the difference between 188 and 187????? It's very dificult to pick differences of 1-2cm in height?
Editor Rob: the more often people are seen with others, I think the narrower the range of height you can guess.
grizz said on 26/Dec/15
Wow, he's incredibly modest about his height estimate.
Had Vin Diesel had his height, he would've claimed 6'6 easily.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 25/Dec/15
If Snoop Dogg is the full 6'4", then Jamie Foxx is definitely taller than 5'9".

Click Here

There's no way that there is seven full inches between the two of them.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 24/Dec/15
6'1" is completely out of the question. He always appears to be 6'2"+ (sometimes even 6'2 1/2"). If anything, he's taller than what he's currently listed as on here.
Willes190 said on 23/Dec/15
Since everyone thinks that Ryan is between 188-189cm, and let's face it, he's most likely nearer 189cm 6ft 2.25in (188,6cm) ?
Willes190 said on 21/Dec/15
Ryan claims 6'1-6'2, 0:52 Click Here ...
John said on 18/Dec/15
Snoop Dogg is not 6'3 1/2", he's a solid 6'4, but he slouches so he appears shorter most of the time.
Jack said on 17/Dec/15
Rob, if you could rule it out who do you think is slightly taller ryan reynolds or chris pratt? I'm trying to think of strong 6'2 actors
Editor Rob: wouldn't put Pratt in that range, but Reynolds probably has a better chance of measuring a bit over 6ft 2 than a bit under.

some guys who measure say a 1/4 over or even a 1/2, they may not bother saying it. It is rare of course; you'd find far more men actually rounding upwards than downwards.
Willes190 said on 17/Dec/15
Snoop Dogg is 6'4, so that makes Ryan almost 6'3, i think 189cm is perfect for him
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 17/Dec/15
I don't think that he's 6'3", but I do believe that 6'2 1/4"-6'2 1/2" is also possible. He certainly looks over 6'2" by 6'3 1/2" Snoop Dogg.
181cm Lift Wearer said on 15/Dec/15
S.J.H There's no way Reynolds is 6'3 unless he was wearing lifts, which I highly doubt it.
S.J.H said on 15/Dec/15
Atually he look no less than 6'3 with michael strahan who was 6'4.5
Adam 1.88 m said on 4/Dec/15
Looking at pictures of 5'9 Wesley Snipes with Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity, I'm struggling to see 5 inches between them. Ryan's eye level may be around 5-5.5 inches and you would expect the top of Wesley's head to be near Ryan's eye level but seems much higher. Could there be 5 inches there Rob? (To see pictures I just googled 'Wesley snipes ryan reynolds')
Al said on 30/Nov/15
This is a real 6'2 guy Rob. Spot on!
Willes190 said on 6/Nov/15
He honestly looks the same height as me, im 189-190 so a solid 189cm is possible for him
shiva said on 4/Nov/15
Hey rob do you think he would be 6'2.5 becoz he usually slouches a lot but if he stands up straight he can look lnarr 6'3 with guys like michael strahan and kevin durand and seems to have 3.5 inches on 5'11 guys
[Editor Rob: he seems insistent on 6ft 2, I think he is an honest 6ft 2 who may well at times measure a bit over 6ft 2 flat.]
shiva said on 30/Oct/15
May be 6'2.25 can look near 6'3 with snoop dogg he slouches basically a lot so its hard to find his height
Allie said on 29/Oct/15
He looks this height with Blake Lively who I'd say not over 173 cm.
Adam 1.88 m said on 28/Oct/15
What were the previous listings for Reynolds' height Rob?
[Editor Rob: he's been on this mark for a long time.]
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 27/Oct/15
I think that the reason why he could appear shorter than Hugh Jackman is due to the fact that his eye level is lower, despite being taller. He likely has the same eye level as many people who are 6'0"-6'1".
Willes190 said on 22/Oct/15
Ryan Reynolds 188-189cm
Hugh Jackman 187,5cm,
Kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 21/Oct/15
I have two friends one is 6ft 5 and the other is 5ft 10.Every year these guys are involved in TIFF.This time the 5ft 10 guy saw reynolds up close as my other friend couldn't attend the event and says reynolds was half a head taller than him.So I believe 6ft 2.5 is not impossible.What do you think about that Rob?
[Editor Rob: at times he can look 189 range]
5'11" guy said on 17/Oct/15
6'2 for sure fact! Taller than Bradley Cooper who is wearing nike running shoes, and Reynolds is in old school converse (chucks).. Almost a 2 inch difference in many pics as they walk side by side for quite a while in Canada.. Recent pics in google...Bradley coope is 6 foot.... With shoes almost close to 6'1" ha...
Adam 1.88 m said on 5/Oct/15
Rob, in this picture with Craig Nelson (192 cm) they look a similar height. Even with potential footwear difference, I can't see a 4 cm height difference. What do you think Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: at Craig's age a little loss could have occurred, I still think he'd measure a bit taller than reynolds, although maybe not that much.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Sep/15
Rob, do you think Reynolds is taller than Affleck?
[Editor Rob: I doubt it, they may well measure very similar range.]
Brian said on 15/Sep/15
I've been saying all along, if Reynolds is indeed 6'2" (which is very possible), a lot of guys on this site need a downgrade.

Plus, I haven't seen a single photo of him standing tall, he slouches basically everytime.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 13/Sep/15
There's a photo of him by Ben Affleck, and Ryan Reynolds is clearly taller than him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/15
So Rob are you convinced this guy holds 188cm range into the evening?
[Editor Rob: if standing tall for a measurement I dont' think he'd drop noticeably below it, but of course a few mm isn't improbable.]
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 7/Sep/15
He's clearly taller than 6'1" listed Ed Skrein while slouching.
Adam 6'2 said on 5/Sep/15
Definitely looks a solid 6'2. I am 189cm out of bed and the lowest I get to is just above 187cm. I consider myself to be a solid 6'2, especially when you take shoes and hair into account. He appears to have 1.5-2 inches on Denzel Washington, Washington appears to have higher shoes on.
joe said on 21/Aug/15
He usually wears those shoes that give big boost, I also suspect and he was shorter than triple h
Brian said on 20/Aug/15
Reynolds height is:

6'2" standing on left leg.
6'3" standing on his right leg.
Pataan18 said on 20/Aug/15
I suspect a slight edge in his footwear in recent times though!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Aug/15
Strahan can look near 6ft5.
JJNHTD said on 18/Aug/15
He looks a strong 6'3 on Conan.
Click Here
Dsmooth said on 16/Aug/15
Rob, here is another video of Ryan on Conan. What is your opinion of him compared to Conan and Andy?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they look close when shaking hands, but Conan is behind so that might reduce any difference.]
joe said on 15/Aug/15
Here Michael Strahan is listed at 6'4.5 (194)
Dejavu said on 15/Aug/15
Him and Jackman look close in height
Dsmooth said on 14/Aug/15
So here is Ryan Reynolds with Michael Strahan, who is listed at 6'5, per the NFL.

Click Here

Rob, I do not see a 3 inch difference. I think Ryan is over 6'2.
[Editor Rob: DSmooth, Michael did come out and say he was more in between 6ft 4 and 5 rather than a real 6ft 5.]
184.9 on a bad day said on 25/Jul/15
he's wearing all stars and still a fraction taller than Jackman.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 25/Jul/15
By Channing Tatum:

Click Here

Neither are standing up straight, but Reynolds seems slightly taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jul/15
Looked no taller than T.J Miller (187cm on this site) or Jackman.
Steve said on 16/Jul/15
Click Here
Hugh with Ryan ,look at this
184.9 on a bad day said on 15/Jul/15
I agree with Dmeyer. Look this guy wih Michael Straham, he looks so tall.
Dmeyer said on 14/Jul/15
More chance of 6'2 1/4 than 6'1.5-1.75
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 6/Jul/15
When has he claimed to be 6'1"?
Kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 2/Jul/15
"I m 6ft 1-6ft 2" this line rules out his chances of being more than 6ft I was correct in my previous post that he is 6ft 2 max
Matthew said on 29/Jun/15
He's a little under 6'2". Pretty honest about his height, that's why his claim was 6'1" - 6'2". He's not a full 6'2". But 6'1.75" would be a good listing.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 21/Jun/15
He appeared to be 6'2" in the Voices, to maybe 6'2.25". He was barely shorter than his door frame in that movie.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/15
Rob, there really doesn't appear to be anything between Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong?
S.J.H said on 16/Jun/15
@Martin B says on 19/May/15
Click Here Mark strong looks taller that Reynolds

Dude.. Its the camera angle tricks. But they were pretty close in height at 6ft2ish
Dmeyer said on 7/Jun/15
I think Looking at all pics Denzel can look 5-8cm smaller Denzel is no more than 5'11.5 today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/15
Strong is closer to the camera
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 23/May/15
Mark Strong is not shorter than Tom Hiddleston according to the photos, so he's closer to 6'2" than he is to being 6'1". I also don't know how to explain it, but I don't think that Ryan Reynolds is under 6'2" (even if that photo suggests it).
Martin B said on 19/May/15
Click Here Mark strong looks taller that Reynolds
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/May/15
6ft2 on the nose is probably closer to the truth in all fairness.
His shoes can be a little suspect at times though
berta said on 17/May/15
always looks proper 6 foot 2 . probably a little over
JJF said on 22/Apr/15
This guy is ridiculously well-proportioned, which makes it trickier to judge his height.
1.87-1.88 looks likely.
Joe said on 22/Apr/15
Now that Jackman is listed at 187 cm, this listing looks fine.I don't think he'd be more than 6'2.25"
Dejavu said on 19/Apr/15
Rob, do you think his body proportion can make him look taller?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/15
@Lorne: He's been listed 6ft2, 6ft2½ and 6ft3 in the past. The 1st is likely, the 2nd is probable the second he wakes up and the 3rd is most likely in shoes. I'm still scratching my head around his 6ft1-2 claim though. Could he be just 187cm after all and has worn shoes to pass off as a legit 6ft2?
Lorne said on 14/Apr/15
I would've said 187cm was more likely than 189...

I remember years ago, he was listed 6ft2.25 I think, and I didn't buy it.

I can believe 6'2, though, I just don't think he's over it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Apr/15
Rob, were you thinking of giving Reynolds a slight boost?
[Editor Rob: I think his 6ft 2 listing is fine, a good example of a legit 6ft 2 if measured.]
Rusty 190cm said on 11/Apr/15

He is 6'1", which makes sense considering you seeing 2.5cm difference between him and reynolds. hes an honest 6'1" guy
184.3cm said on 8/Apr/15
Would be shocked if he was anything less than 6ft2 (188cm). Typical solid tall guy who thinks little about height.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 7/Apr/15
How tall is Chris Klein? I saw 2-3 CM between him and Ryan Reynolds.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/15
He could probably hit 6ft2½(189cm) out of bed.
1.89m said on 27/Mar/15
A proper 6-2" arnie never was.
Josh said on 24/Mar/15
Idk why people are saying he could be lower than this listing. If he were 6'1 Kevin Durand who is nothing shorter than 6'5.5 would have towered over him, but he really doesn't. Same thing with him and Michael Strahan. Reynolds is at least 6'2.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 21/Mar/15
Do you think that Chris Hemsworth would have a full inch on Ryan Reynolds if they were to stand right next to each other? I don't see there being that much between them.
Andrea said on 12/Mar/15
6'1.5 maybe not, but 6'1.75 is not impossible at all, Rob! Do you think he would beat the plumber in a stare off?
[Editor Rob: I believe the plumber might comfortably be 6ft 2.5 range out of bed, Reynolds might wake up over that mark and be 6ft 2.75 range, I mean on a bad day there is always a chance to measure a little under 6ft 2 - even the plumber was surprised like myself he came in at 6ft 1.5.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Mar/15
Rob, somewhere between 6ft1-6ft2?
[Editor Rob: I can't buy him as 6ft 1.5, he seems too tall to be 187.]
Darren510 said on 7/Mar/15
He never downgraded himself. On Lettermen he said about 6'1-6'2. He probably just does not think about his height too much.
Bishop said on 4/Mar/15
Good example of a 6'2" guy. Weird how he downgrades himself.
Josh said on 3/Mar/15
He's a legit 6'2. He's not lower than this listing. He's one of those dudes who knows he's tall but is modest about it.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 3/Mar/15
How tall is Ben Mendelsohn? Ryan Reynolds has him by a solid 3 inches on him here:

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/15
Ron, is 187cm possible?
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 26/Feb/15
Justin Long is 5'9" at best, and he could even be shorter than that.
Hypado said on 25/Feb/15
Ryan Reynolds height: 6ft 2in (188 cm)

For sure, a legit 188 guy.
Andrea said on 25/Feb/15
I wouldn't have said he was under 6'2, really! He can look more
a strong 6'2 than a weak one! But then again it is not impossible he has measured under 6'2 at his lowest! Look at the plumber, Rob himself said he still looked a decent 6'2 in person, even that day when he turned to be barely 6'1.5! A guy like him would get guessed no less than 6'2, if he was a hollywood star, and there would be some people who'd even try to say he's over! So i think this listing is ok but i wouldn't be surprised if he measured under it!
Brian said on 24/Feb/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2"

Letterman didn't think Reynolds was 6'1"-6'2", he thought he's taller than that, watch the vídeo again. ;)
Jeff Daniels wore Timberland style boots with quite a heel in Paperman, Reynolds wore superhero boots, but it's quite difficult to see how much it gives over barefoot height. Anyway, I struggle to see more than 1cm between them in the whole movie. Sometimes Reynolds looks taller, sometimes it's Daniels.

Basically, they seem very much the same height.
Can't see Reynolds below a strong 6'2" in that movie.

"Reynolds is a tal guy who wants to be taller."

Come on... would you say you're 6'1"-6'2" in national TV, even though you clearly don't look below 6'2" with guys that claim that height, if you wanted to be taller??
That makes ZERO sense.

I'll say it again: if Reynolds is below 6'2", wich he may be, we don't really know, SO MANY listings in this site need a downgrade...
Dmeyer said on 24/Feb/15
Rob to me this Guy dosnt dip under 6'2/188cm évén after long day do you agree with me , he probably miss measured at 6'1.5-1.75 Like i did once and thaught i was 5'11 flat
[Editor Rob: he forgot to shove the stadiometer all the way in like I did in that video when I was under 5ft 8 ;)

Generally I think has always looked a good example of 6ft 2, sometimes he stands a bit loose and might not look it, but I think he pulls it off more often than not.]
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 23/Feb/15
He towers over Justin Long (who is 174-175 CM):

Click Here
[Editor Rob: our good friend Big G insisted Long was over 5ft 10 near 5ft 11.]
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 23/Feb/15
The only bits of evidence that suggest that Ryan Reynolds isn't above 6'2" is that Jeff Daniels was taller than him, and that Letterman thinks that he's 6'1"-6'2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Feb/15
I think Reynolds might be the weaker 6ft2 unlike Jackman who many insist is 187cm.
Reynolds is a tall guy who wants to be taller.
Andrew Andrew said on 18/Feb/15
I just got his personal nike fuel watch from him yesterday and his profile came up on my laptop and he does list himself as 6'2. I got it as a gift from my brother who lives near him in Edmonton. My bro also has an iPad from him they traded for a air hockey table. I started looking for info on him as my bro was like" you know Ryan Reynolds ... Green lantern.. Van wilder.. Etc." And then his profile has his info. I was just curious :p
Darren510 said on 18/Feb/15
Another thing about Reynolds I don't think he really gives a damn about his height at all. On Lettermen he said he was 6'1-6'2. He does not even know exactly how tall he is. He is probably 6'1.5-6'1.75 by bed time
Darren510 said on 17/Feb/15
Reynolds is one of the most legit 6'2 actors out there. Maybe even a strong 6'2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Feb/15
I think even Reynolds said once that Jackman was taller than him
Josh said on 16/Feb/15
He was on Kelly and Michael a few days ago. He's got to be at least 6'2.75-6'3 because he looked nearly the same as Michael who's 6'4. There definitely wasn't two inches between them.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Feb/15
Agreed with Andrea, doesn't look under 6'2". Hell if he's just 6'1 everybody else needs a serious downgrade!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/15
His posture isn't good and can look under 6ft2 a lot because of it
Brian said on 11/Feb/15
Letterman said he thought Reynolds was taller than he said, but politely took his word for it. Then he starts talking about how difficult it is to be a star when you're 6'6" or 6'7".
Could Letterman be implying that Reynolds is taller than what he says and downgrades himself? Reynolds is clearly unconfortable during this segment of the interview...

If Jeff Bridges is really 6'1" today, as this site puts him, Reynolds still was 1-2" taller, when Bridges wore those heeled boots in RIPD.

Pics of Reynolds alongside Snoop Dog or Kevin Durant, both pretty tall guys, show he could be taller than 6'2". To me, he looks a little bit taller than Jackman.

Doesn't have the greatest posture, also.
[Editor Rob: it is true in RIPD he was maybe an inch smaller with probably 0.75 inch less heel, Bridges may be heading towards 6ft zone.]
184.9 on a bad day said on 10/Feb/15
@James Maximus Meridium
Nah men i will turn 21 in 1 June and i still 6 ft 0.75. Surprised someone comment past that time ( 8-9 months) sorry for my english.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Feb/15
Rob, could 6ft1¾ be closer for Reynolds?

That quote on Letterman is a bit of a dead give away. Personally I think he can be 6ft2 guy.
[Editor Rob: he could have measured under 6ft 2 at one point and that's why he came out with it.]
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 9/Feb/15
@184.9 on a bad day you may grow too 6ft 2in you never know you could be a late bloomer growing another 2 inches is possible.
Andrea said on 9/Feb/15
He always looked a legit 6'2 guy to me... He certainly is more 6'2 than Hugh Jackman and the fact he has claimed to be 6'1-6'2 could really mean he's measured between them but i'd say he's closer to 6'2 than 6'1. Pretty honest guy!
Dmeyer said on 9/Feb/15
Rob whi did he say 6'1-6'2 on letterman wish means 6'1.5-1.75 at best to me he looks a solid 6'2
[Editor Rob: to be fair he might have measured under 6ft 2 one time. Imagine he came in 6ft 1.5 on a stadiometer that wasn't quite right!]
Brian said on 8/Feb/15

Right at the beginning, Letterman says "'s not apparent, and I'd forgotten what a tal guy you are."
Coming from a guy who we might all agree is 6'1" now, Reynolds may be taller than that, but says he's 6 foot 1-2.
Either he downgrades himself, or so many heights on this site need a downgrade.
John said on 6/Feb/15
looks taller than 6 ft 2
Dmeyer said on 8/Jan/15
From looking at pics jack man cant be over 6'1.5-2in and reinolds could be 189cm on a good day no more
blessedinLA said on 7/Jan/15
Stood next to booth Reynolds and Jackman at their Hollywood premieres. both are in the 6'3"-6'4" range. Reynolds seems shy but smiles a lot. It was the second meeting of Jackman and I talked to him-- he's very extroverted -- both seem nice guys : )
Jerjer said on 5/Jan/15
An official 6 ft 2 considering he has a good 2 to 2 1/2 inches on scott speedman whos in the 5 ft 11 to 6 range.
Celebheights 188 CM said on 23/Dec/14
By 5'6" Emma Stone (5'8"-5'9" with the heels):

Click Here

To show the footwear:

Click Here
Lonestar said on 20/Dec/14
Honestly he was the tallest 6'2 actor i ever seen on screen
Celebheights 188 CM said on 15/Dec/14
He's an 2-3 CM taller than Chris Klein.
Joe said on 7/Dec/14
He has looked 189-190 cm on several occasions. I wouldn't be surprised if measures 189 cm on a good day.
184.3cm said on 25/Nov/14
If i could id bet you 1000 euro that Ryan would measure taller than Jackman. Hugh looks a fraction off the mark and Ryan looks a solid 6'2.
Dejavu said on 22/Nov/14
Reynolds and Jackman look the same
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Nov/14
I still don't think he'd edge out Jackman
mike said on 11/Nov/14
Reynolds: 6ft 2
Jackman: 6ft 1.5-1.75
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 9/Nov/14
Doesn't look over 6ft 2 with bateman..more like 6ft 1.5 to 2in.
ray said on 6/Nov/14
You cant properly tell someones exact height just by pictures alone, some pics can be tricky, maybe if you measured them in person which would never happen.

Today I would guess Denzel might be just shy of 6ft but close enough to it, In his prime I think he was like 6'0.5 maybe, not sure Denzel is under 182cm though.

Reynolds to me looks legit 6'2
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 6/Nov/14
Ok.On second thought I would give him 6ft 2.I doubt he is more than that though.
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 6/Nov/14
@brian He is lifting his head up and sandra is leaning so that's making the difference look big.I think you should look at this pic with jason bateman.I can see max 2 to 2.5in difference which puts ryan at 6ft 1 to 1.5.Even if you give him half inch I would say that 6ft 1.5 tops.He is not taller than that
Click Here
dante said on 31/Oct/14
When youu look at this picture you guys have of him and Denzel above, there's definitely more than 7 cm difference between them, which would put Denzel below 182 cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Oct/14
189-190cm out of bed like Jackman
Brian said on 30/Oct/14
The link doesn't work, here's that image again Click Here
Brian said on 28/Oct/14
@kreyzig 6ft3
Sandra's high heels in this photo Click Here look quite big, and even then she doesn't reach his eyebrows. The vídeo you're talking about has some crazy angles, if you look at it again.
If she's 5'7", I think it's safe to say she reaches 5'10" with those heels.
He's at least 5" taller, and I think I'm playing safe here... they are both standing quite tal, too.
I would say he's 6'2" on the dot, barefeet, minimum. Not quite 6'3", though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/14
Ryan Reynolds - 6ft2(188cm)
Jeff Daniels - 6ft2½(189cm)
Snoop DOgg - 6ft3¾(192cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/14
I saw maybe 2cm between Reynolds and Daniels. But I think Jeff could be a bit under 6ft3
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 25/Oct/14
Sandra bullock video supports the fact that after bending he is like 5ft 11 as sandra is upto his eyebrows.He is not bending much though as some people are trying to say.So if he straightens up 185 cms tops.He is wearing a converse and she is not wearing some big heel so footwear wise,not much difference.But still I would give him benefit of the doubt based on pics with many other actors and I still put him at 187cms.
trav said on 6/Oct/14
i'll give 6'2 and a half
SAMMY DERRICK said on 7/Sep/14
Ryan said in a few interviews that he had a hard time doing the stunts in the movie "GREEN LANTERN",because he was over 6 feet...So 6'2 is good for him and his frame.
Dejavu said on 20/Aug/14
I think he is in the John Cusack and Ben Affleck range. A very strong 6'2.
suzm said on 11/Aug/14
Interesting - I actually looked this up because I saw him on an old version of Top Gear and he was standing beside Jeremy Clarkson who is 6' 5" and he wasn't that much shorter. So this confirms that he is quite tall
Dejavu said on 27/Jul/14
He is a very strong 6'2. Probably wakes at near 6'3.
Tempe49 said on 26/Jul/14
OMG my 18 year old son is 186 cm (6,10 feet) and I tought Ryan was much taller. I'm just 164 cm (5,4 feet)
Josh said on 26/Jun/14
Easily 6'2. looks tall in every movie he's been in
Joe said on 21/Jun/14
I bet he will edge out 6'3 John Mayer
Joe said on 20/Jun/14
@Seahwaksfan 187-188 CM: You're out of your mind, aren't you?? He is 6'1.5, not more,here he is in this short video with 5'7 Sandra Bullock, he doesn't even manage 6' with his slouch, standing straight can help him reach 6'1.5, plus he looks taller because of his hair and good posture. I always thought 6'3 for him when I saw The Proposal.He towered Sandra Bullock, but he is not doing so here:

Click Here
Joe said on 15/Jun/14
@Seahwaksfan 187-188 CM: He's appearing taller due to Snoop Dogg's poor posture and camera angle, I've got a picture from the same event:

Click Here

He appears shorter but still manages to look 6'2.5 to 6'3 in that pic.
berta said on 14/Jun/14
could be 189 never ever looks shorter that 188
sukysue said on 9/Jun/14
However tall he is he is incredibly gorgeous and all man, would love to see him in the flesh
Brandon said on 7/Jun/14
He often wears thick shoes or boots to make him look 6'3. He's 6'2 flat barefoot and that is a fact.
Dejavu said on 7/Jun/14
Jeff Daniels looked an inch above Ryan Reynolds in that photo, although you can't see footwear. For the photo with Snoop Dogg, Snoop Dogg looks 1.5 inches taller than Reynolds.
184.9 on a bad day said on 3/Jun/14
Probably closer to 1.89 than 1.87,
I wish I was 6ft 2 but I'm 20 years old so don't grow more.
pataan19 said on 7/May/14
Rob how tall do you reckon Espinosa is in the above shot?? I've heard he's 6 foot, but if that's the case Reynolds looks 187 range in that photo! Hmmmm.............
pataan19 said on 4/May/14
Hey Rob, if you had to choose between 6'1.75" and 6'2.25", what would it be, as he could be either. You just never know sometimes, this listing may even turn out to be a bit optimistic, and he could possibly measure sub 6'2"?!
[Editor Rob: I'd stick with the 6ft 2 flat, but you could possibly argue either. On a bad day after a workout he might dip a tiny bit shy of the mark...on another day at lunchtime you could catch him at 6ft 2.25]
Dejavu said on 25/Apr/14
He's a legit 6'2
James B said on 28/Mar/14
6'2 seems right
Gangster said on 18/Mar/14
The acters on this site gets listed too tall,and its obvious tht most listings are definately nt there true height,I don't knw if rob thinks he going to affend thm if he doesn't list thm 2" taller than there true height.only a small amount of these listing luk realistic...check ur listings rob.
Balrog said on 30/Jan/14
Reynolds has good posture and he is way more leaner than Jackman. Still both are around 6'2" min 6'1.75" I actually think now 6'1.5" is too low.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/14
Personally, I think Reynolds is the weaker 6ft2 guy who goes for bigger shoes.
Jackman looked 189-190cm in Swordfish with John Travolta and also looked 189cm range in the earlier X-Men movies. Just my opinion. I can see how Reynolds might give a taller impression at times but there are plenty of other photos out there where you'll see Jackman looking taller than Reynolds and even edging out Liev Schreiber in a couple. It's not like they're throwing tantrums at each other in their luxury Hollywood pads over whose marginally taller.

Ryan Reynolds 6ft2/188cm
Hugh Jackman 6ft2.25/189cm
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jan/14
He looks an easy 6'2 next to Blake Lively. Slightly taller than Chris Martin, also his posture here doesn't look great Click Here
Lenad is sexy said on 28/Dec/13
I still think Reynolds is the legit 6'2 and Jackman is closer to 187cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/13
Jackman is slouching and of course we can't see the shoes
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/13
"Ryan Reynolds height: 6ft 1.75in (187cm)"

At the very least, 6ft1.5/187cm. He doesn't claim anymore than 6ft2 and no one will question it. His shoes are thicker in both pictures. I think he may have even inducated that Jackman was taller than him. He referred to him as 'big and tall'.
Mathew said on 2/Dec/13
I could see him being 187 cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Nov/13
Reynolds is a weaker 6ft2 than Jackman, IMO and wears bigger shoes.
No less than 187cm at night. Taylor Kitsch looks 5ft11-6ft in the picture
Xoxo said on 24/Nov/13
I don't care how tall he is...he's gorgeous and I'd take him any which way any day.
Chameleon said on 19/Nov/13
Silent d: What about Wolverine origins?
Nenninn said on 15/Nov/13
Doubt he dips under 188 cm during the day
Balrog said on 8/Oct/13
Rampage there are pics of Jackman and Reynolds standing together and Ryan does seems to be a hair taller than Hugh but they are really near height, both of them around 6'2''
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Sep/13
Jackman would edge out Reynolds
Balrog said on 26/Sep/13
6'2" is fine, he can look shorter but can't see him under 6'1.5". Jackman I believe is shorter but only by a little bit.
Lo sgozzatore said on 21/Sep/13
Yeah, Balrog! I do think Reynolds is taller than Jackman! I actually thought he was a solid 6'2 guy. I mean, he does look at least that with Bateman (who could really be 5'11) and he can look a foot taller than Scarlett Johansonn in some pics (she's listed at 5'3 here)...

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