How tall is Christian Bale ?

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Christian Bale height: 6ft 0in (183 cm)

British Actor best known for playing Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy. He has also had memorable roles in films such as American Hustle, The Machinist, The Fighter, The Prestige, Empire of the Sun and American Psycho. He commented in a WWD interview (October 2010) on his his weight loss for The Machinist, saying: "I just assumed that I would be around 145. But then I just decided I was going to go for it. It's just an extra nine pounds, and I can drop that in a week or so. But I'm 6 foot - it's just not healthy."

Christian and Reese Witherspoon
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Joe says on 1/Mar/15
Modeling agencies tend to be very serious about two things, a model's height and their weight, and they measure them barefoot with measuring tape, not on a doctor's scale, but usually against a wall using a tape measure. Models are people who can NEVER lie about their height and weight because their job relies on their appearance and ability to wear clothes and convey a look.
The current Superman actor was a male model for a while, and was measured at 184cm which is 6 feet and 4/10ths of an inch in American terms.
Judd says on 1/Mar/15
Joe says on 28/Feb/15
I laugh at all these claims of Bale being 5'11, his wife is a model, models are measured barefoot, she is 5'10" and he has at least 2 inches and a bit more on her in every photo that they are together, Bale is a solid 6 feet tall. It was no wonder early in his adult acting career he got away with claiming to be 6'2", I recall that is what he claimed his height to be when Batman Begins was released, they said he was the first Batman actor since Adam West to stand the same height as the Batman actor but it became clear he was not that height and then he was downgraded to 6'1" and then in 2012 downgraded to 6 feet but people seem to down grade him further, but in reality it was his public relations people that were exaggerating his height, he was always 6 feet even, he even said it himself.

"models are always measured barefeet"?
are you sure about that??? the most of the models claim to be taller than their actual height! For example, Elle MacPherson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr...
For a model height is important so i guess there're a lot of chance that they lie about their height. The only celeb who i met in my life until now is Bar Refaeli and when i met her she had heels on but i thought she was in the 5'8-8.5" range because she was very close in height with similar shoes to a girl who i know that barefeet is in the 5'8" range...
For Bar 5'8" is maybe a tad underestimate, 5'8.25-8.5" is perfect, 5'9" is overestimate...
I remeber that years ago she claimed to be in the 5'9.5" range...
Actually i think models are never measured barefeet, never...

About Chris Bale, also Hayden Christen passed at first for a 6'1.5" guy, but he's clearly shorter...For Hayden 6'0" is the best listing i guess, while for Bale 182 cms would be better...I agree he's taller than 5'11" but not a full 1"!
Dejavu says on 1/Mar/15
A bit under 6'0 is closer
Danimal says on 28/Feb/15
Didn't look a full 6'0" in American Psycho. He actually looked shorter than 5'11.5" Josh Lucas.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Feb/15
5ft11 is ridiculous for Bale.
Joe says on 28/Feb/15
I laugh at all these claims of Bale being 5'11, his wife is a model, models are measured barefoot, she is 5'10" and he has at least 2 inches and a bit more on her in every photo that they are together, Bale is a solid 6 feet tall. It was no wonder early in his adult acting career he got away with claiming to be 6'2", I recall that is what he claimed his height to be when Batman Begins was released, they said he was the first Batman actor since Adam West to stand the same height as the Batman actor but it became clear he was not that height and then he was downgraded to 6'1" and then in 2012 downgraded to 6 feet but people seem to down grade him further, but in reality it was his public relations people that were exaggerating his height, he was always 6 feet even, he even said it himself.
Shamrock says on 27/Feb/15
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 25/Feb/15
He's 5'11" MAX.

yet he edges out 5'11.25 listed christopher nolan...
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 25/Feb/15
He's 5'11" MAX.
Judd says on 24/Feb/15
I agree with Axaros! 182 in cms!
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 24/Feb/15
He's 5'11" MAX.
Hypado says on 23/Feb/15
For me:

Bradley Cooper - 6ft 0.5in , 184.2 cm
Christian Bale - 6ft 0in, 182.8 cm
Axaros says on 22/Feb/15
he seems same height to Mattew Mcconaughey (5'11'). In my opinion he's 5'11.5" max 5'11.75"
CDS says on 19/Feb/15
I just don't see 6' for this guy; I'm going to say 5'11"-5'11 1/2" barefeet, but not quite a solid 6'.
Judd says on 16/Feb/15
grizz, it's hard to see just one cms between to people...i think it's likelier there is 1" than 1 cms, looking the first picture that i posted.
my young cousin is 182 cms and his brother, my old cousin, is 183 cms (similar size as alex) most they look at the same level and for sure the difference isn't the same difference between Bale and Cooper...
grizz says on 15/Feb/15
I don't really see 2 cms of difference between them. Seems more like 1cm of difference. But you never know with them. Both of them usually carry a loose posture.
Hypado says on 15/Feb/15
Christian Bale's height is 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

A weak 183 cm.
Judd says on 6/Feb/15
Joe, please pay attention. At first, Bale has best posture than Cooper.
Second: look at the written "Berlin Festival"...for each written, the distance between them and the floor it's the same. Now, Cooper is as tall or maybe a tad taller than the written (considering his hairs) while Bale doesn't reach it. The distance between the camera and the two actors is the same because they are on the same line.

Here others pictures:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In the 90-95% of the picture Bradley Cooper does look VISIBLY taller than Bale, so that means that there's more than 0,5" between they.
Now if you think that Bale is a legit 6' guy, then Cooper can't be shorter than 6'0.75", with a good chance to be 6'1".

In cms i think Cooper is a legit 184 cms, while Bale is 2 cms shorter, so a legit 182 cms...IMO his perfect listing would be 5'11.75".
Joe says on 5/Feb/15
This is a photo of both Bale and Cooper and the director American Hustle standing together, you can tell Cooper has some really thick heels on his shoes. Bale's are not so much.
Click Here
Joe says on 5/Feb/15
There is no way Bale is under 6 feet tall, by the his wife Sibi was a model and she is 5'11", and Bale appears to be over an inch taller than her. So he is definitely a good solid 6 footer. He appeared shorter than Chris Cooper in American Hustle only because he was bending and hunching over but in reality the two are roughly the same height. I really think Bale is over 6 feet tall.
Judd says on 3/Feb/15
Joe says on 3/Feb/15
I think Bale might actually be a bit bigger than 6 feet tall, if he is only 4cm shorter than Jackman who is 6'2" that translates into 1.5" inches, in other words he is 6'0.5" tall, so he would be the same height as Henry Cavill, Man of Steel Superman. Christian Bale's public relations representives listed him as 6'2" when Batman Begins was released and when it became apparent that he was not that tall, he was downgraded to 6'1" and remained there for 4 years, when Dark Knight came out he was listed as 6'1", and then when Dark Knight Rises was released he was listed as 6' feet even, but I think he might be bigger.

i am not sure and i think that the fact he was listed before at 6'2" doesn't mean anything!
In all pictures with equally conditions, Chris Bale does look a weak inche, so likely 2 cms, under Bradley Cooper.
Cooper is a legit 6'0.5" guy for sure...I think 5'11.75" would be an honest listing for Bale, not a full 6'!
Sam says on 3/Feb/15
Even with bad posture you can tell he is a fair bit taller than 5'10, proportions and all. Looks 182cm to me.
184.3cm says on 3/Feb/15
Come on..he is not the same height as Henry. He has a large forehead so i can believe that people would think he is 5'11 range but he is around 6' even. I would bet on him dropping under the mark in the evening than being above it.
Joe says on 3/Feb/15
I think Bale might actually be a bit bigger than 6 feet tall, if he is only 4cm shorter than Jackman who is 6'2" that translates into 1.5" inches, in other words he is 6'0.5" tall, so he would be the same height as Henry Cavill, Man of Steel Superman. Christian Bale's public relations representives listed him as 6'2" when Batman Begins was released and when it became apparent that he was not that tall, he was downgraded to 6'1" and remained there for 4 years, when Dark Knight came out he was listed as 6'1", and then when Dark Knight Rises was released he was listed as 6' feet even, but I think he might be bigger.
Judd says on 2/Feb/15
Joe says on 1/Feb/15
He is not 179cm tall, he is a full 6 feet, Christopher Nolan who is the director of the Dark Knight films stands 180cm tall, and Bale stands about an inch taller, Bale actually is more than an inch taller, I think he might be more than 6 feet tall. The bare minimum for Bale is 6 feet.

joe, probably there is no a picture where Bale is just one inch taller than nolan.
On the average the look at the same level, but sometimes nolan does look an hair taller and others bale, but i never seen 1" between they!
indeed I've read past comments and also rob thought, at first, that nolan was slightly higher than a straight 6 'guy.
Danimal says on 1/Feb/15
Joe says on 30/Jan/15
Bale is a solid 6 feet tall, he stands about an inch taller than Nolan who is 5'11". I have no idea why people keep downgrading his height

It's the nature of this site. Most people have an inherent desire or more so need to lower other's height as a means to make themselves feel bigger and better. It's easy to spot those types of posters. There are some people on here who are objective and just call it as they actually see it and not how they think or want it to look.
Joe says on 1/Feb/15
He is not 179cm tall, he is a full 6 feet, Christopher Nolan who is the director of the Dark Knight films stands 180cm tall, and Bale stands about an inch taller, Bale actually is more than an inch taller, I think he might be more than 6 feet tall. The bare minimum for Bale is 6 feet.
Krazy Jap says on 31/Jan/15
Bale is a solid 179cm tall.
Joe says on 30/Jan/15
Bale is a solid 6 feet tall, he stands about an inch taller than Nolan who is 5'11". I have no idea why people keep downgrading his height, some people have upgrade Bale's height to as much as 6'2". Earlier in his career, his publicists listed him as 6'2", when Batman Begins was released in 2005, he was listed as 6'2" on IMDB, and it said he was the first actor since Adam West to stand the same height and weight as the comic book character, in other words, the publicists alleged that Bale stood 6'2" and weighed 210 lbs., later on he was downgraded to 6'1" and 200lbs. Then on an interview he said he is 6 feet tall. Ben Affleck is the first actor since Adam West to match the height of the comic book Batman but I have serious doubts he will be as good as Bale in the role, he just does not have the charisma or the athleticism that Bale has, and Bale is really committed to his roles.
Judd says on 20/Jan/15
S.J.H says on 17/Jan/15
He look a solid 5'11.75 and Hugh Jakman a solid 6'1.75 they just round up by the few mm to nearest mark

I agree! I think Jackman is as tall as me, so 187 cms (6'1.65-1.75") and Chris Bale is even 2" shorter. I think that if my young first cousin, who is 182 cms tall, will meet Bale, they would be at the same level (eye-to-eye)!
cole says on 4/Jan/15
Looks a solid inch taller than 5'11 listed Joel Edgerton

Click Here
Click Here
Judd says on 4/Jan/15
I think between Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale there're about 0,75-8", or solidly 2 cms if you prefer metric system.
If Cooper is 6'0.5" then Bale can't be taller than 5'11.75".
As Dmeyer said before, that's his perfect listing.
S.J.H says on 3/Jan/15
He look like a solid 5ft11.5 and could be 6ft on a good day
cole says on 1/Jan/15
Looking 4 cm shorter than Hugh Jackman here: Click Here
Joe says on 31/Dec/14
Affleck might be the same height as the comic book character but when you think about it, I seriously doubt he will be able to match Bale's performance as Batman. Bale is 6 feet tall, I think that is good enough to portray Batman, his muscular and athletic build also helps make him credible as a superhero. Gary Oldman told the press that Affleck has "big shoes to fill" referring to Bale's exceptional performance as Batman. I got to agree with Gary, there is no way Affleck will eclipse Bale.
Sam says on 31/Dec/14
Despite having at least 2 inches on Bale, I doubt Affleck in shape for the role is that much more substantial or imposing in build than Bale was in Batman Begins, admittedly Bale had a thiner look in his two subsequent Batman films. I rate Affleck's talent as a director as greater than his as an actor.
MrTBlack says on 29/Dec/14

Bruce Wayne in the comics is 6'2". Ben Affleck is the new Batman and he's a little over 6'2" so I think he has more of the height and build of Batman than Christian Bale does allthough it's beyond me how someone like Michael Keaton would be considered for Batman. He has nothing that resembles Batman/Bruce Wayne in the comics.
Joe says on 25/Dec/14
In his early years Bale was listed as 6'2" up until Batman Begins was released, and it was said he was the only actor to stand the same height as the comic character since Adam West. Then his height was downgraded to 6'1" and then 6 feet tall. He himself interviews has said he is 6 feet tall, I would buy that. His successor Ben Affleck is an actual 6'2" but I seriously doubt that Affleck will come close to being as good a Batman as Bale.
Mike 1.82 says on 20/Dec/14
I just Saw the movie Exodos. Bale is 3-4 cm taller than Joel. both uses hidden heels sandals, pay atte ntion. Its very hard to discover, both looks smaller. Aaron paul listed 1.69cm next to bale 7cm bale looks 1,76cm for real. Somethimes in other movies bale loooks, 1.79 cm, 1,81 and 1.82. never a solid 1.83
Mike 1.82 says on 18/Dec/14
Bale 1.80-81 Cooper 1.83 max
jamie179cm says on 4/Dec/14
@cole i thought cooper would be atleast inche taller
cole says on 3/Dec/14
@jamie179cm: Cooper is never 3-4 cm taller than Bale.
jamie179cm says on 1/Dec/14
i think bradly cooper is a legit 183cm guy as for bale i say 179cm to 180cm max i think bale could be the same height as me
Dmeyer says on 30/Nov/14
5'11.75 Will be perfect listing
The Master says on 30/Nov/14
Bale maybe 5'11.5 or 6'. George Clooney is NOT 5'11.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Nov/14
He can 5ft11½ at times but can also look nearer 6ft1. In the Bat Suit he was probably at least 6ft2. He's still looks a bit taller than Nolan...
Dejavu says on 27/Nov/14
He really looks 5'11.5 often.
SAMMY DERRICK says on 25/Nov/14
1.Lewis G.Wilson-unknown,unknown.
2.Robert Lowery-6'1(185cm),unknown.
3.Adam West-6'2(188cm),6'2(188cm).
4.Michael Keaton-5'10(178cm),5'9(175cm).
5.Val Kilmer-6'0(183cm),5'11.5(182cm).
6.George Clooney-5'11(180cm),5'10.75(180cm).
7.Christian Bale-6'0(183cm),6'0(183cm).
These are the heights of all the Batman actors.The first part is the answer I get from any search engine and the second part are the heights from this website.The average height of a Batman actor is 6'0(183cm)/5'11.25(181cm).
Christian Bale is ideal Batman at 6'0 with chiseled features he truly portrays the character PERFECTLY!!!
Darren510 says on 25/Nov/14
Agree on Batman begins. Bale is about 4 inches shorter than Neeson. Bale is 6ft...At the very least he is 5'11.5
Lebensdorf says on 24/Nov/14
He is 6 feet even. This is what a perfect 6 footer looks like. In Batman Begins, Liam Neeson does not really tower over him that much, no more than 4 inches. They stand next to each other and they fight. Bale is not dwarfed, the way a 5'10 guy would be. Give the guy a break, people.
Dejavu says on 22/Nov/14
I think he is 6'0. Although he can often look under it
rmv says on 20/Nov/14
183 looks spot on. a solid 6 footer
Joe says on 18/Nov/14
Bale said he is 6 feet tall, for many years he was listed as 6'2", and when Batman Begins was released in 2005, there were articles that stated Bale stood the same height and weight as the comic book Batman which is 6'2" and 210 pounds. Then the 6'2" was downgrade to 6'1", then finally to 6 feet even. Still probably the best actor to portray Batman. Ben Affleck, his successor might be around the same weight and height as the Batman comicbook character, but Bale is the definitive on screen Batman.
Krazy Monster says on 18/Nov/14
I agree with ali.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Nov/14
I agree with Jake.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 13/Nov/14
Legit 6ft guy, I tend to believe.
ali says on 8/Nov/14
179cm max. Tall for an actor. 6'0 in his dreams. Standard hollywood height= real height +4cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Nov/14
He's one of those guys who can appear both ½in over and under 6ft at times...
1.79 cm guy says on 31/Oct/14
i'd say he is definitely between 5'11''- 6'0'' mark. just not so quite sure about that he's a full 6'0'' guy. (could be like 5'11.5'' i think.) but he's taller than average for sure.
Njp says on 31/Oct/14
Strong 5'11". I've stood close to him on several occasions now. The first few times I wasn't conscious of his height but since he seems marginally taller than me, both in dress shoes. I'm 5'10" flat in the evening.
Sam says on 29/Oct/14
I just don't buy 5'10"-5'11" range for Bale, the lowest I'd go is 5'11.5". I'd think 5'11.75"-6'0" is what he usually looks. I'd he can look pretty close in height to 5'11" range guys like Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey and Joel Edgerton but I think at times he also can seem around a cm taller.
SantaMonican says on 20/Oct/14
I saw him in a restaurant in Santa Monica a few years ago with his family. He was very wiry in build (not stocky at all), and although I was sitting down, he did not strike me as particularly tall--5'11" max. Ordinary looking guy in person, but he sure photographs great--saw trailer for Exodus last night. My guess is he's 5'10-1/2" to 5'11" max.
5ft10guy says on 19/Oct/14
I Like this guy's role as batman but I have to agree with grizz when I look at him I dont thiink tall and in batman he looked luke a 5ft11 guy Morgan and even the actor who played alfred we're a bit taller
cole says on 11/Oct/14
@Celebheights 188cm: Wouldn't bet on any of those guys being taller than their listed heights.
Judd says on 7/Oct/14

Liam Neeson: 6'3.5" (6'4" peak)
Morgan Freeman: 6'1.75" (6'2.5" peak)
Heath Ledger: 6'0.75"-6'1"
Bradley Cooper: 6'0.5"
Christopher Nolan: 5'11"
Christian Bale: 5'11.5"-6'0"
Leonardo DiCaprio: 5'11"-5'11.25"
Tom Hardy: 5'9"
Tom Hanks: 5'11.5" (6'0")
Nicolas Cage: 6'0"
Judd says on 6/Oct/14
John, same thing for tommy lee have the proof? You took a picture with him?
It's hard for me believe Chris is only 5'11...he looks taller
cole says on 5/Oct/14
@John: Post it.
John says on 5/Oct/14
I'm 5'10" and one half inch ON THE DOT. Stood next to Bale for a picture at a theater in Hollywood- he had about 1/2 inch on me, IF THAT. The guy is 5'11", period.
MaskDeMasque says on 25/Sep/14
An inch shorter than cooper in American Hustle. 5`11.5.
jamie179cm says on 20/Sep/14
grizz 6ft isn't tall imo because young people are so tall nowdays but yeah bale could be as low as my height
Arch Stanton says on 14/Sep/14
Rob can you add Empire of the Sun as well? Well, he wasn't 6 ft in Spielberg's Empire of the Sun :-) Talented actor from a young age though.
Rell says on 10/Sep/14
It look like at least three inch differential between him and Freeman in all the Batman movies. Freeman is listed at 6'2".
Josh says on 27/Aug/14
That's more to do with body type and proportions. Bale doesn't have long legs and is actually quite stocky when he's not losing insane amount of weight for certain roles. He doesn't 'seem' like a tall guy, but I can easily see him being 182~183cm.
Visitor says on 27/Aug/14
grizz says on 20/Aug/14
He never seemed to me like a tall guy. He's 181-182 cm tops. A legit 6ft guy really stands out of the crowd most of the time - take a look at Bradley Cooper, David Duchovny and Channing - first thing that pops to your mind when seeing them is "tall". Looking at Bale, "average" springs to my mind.
cole says on 11/Aug/14
@jamieorr4: Didn't say he was always right either. There is no right or wrong answer unless you witness an exact measurement. But of course there is a certain range celebrities can look, and in that regard I don't think Rob is wrong very often. Like with Christian Bale, he'd say 5'11.5 - 6'0 is what he can look. Feel free to argue whatever you like, but Christian Bale is taller than 179 cm, and you won't get much support on a statement like that from any of the users on here with common sense and a real knack for estimating height.
jamieorr4 says on 7/Aug/14
cole i don't think rob is always right
Sam says on 7/Aug/14
I know that bending your back can cause back soreness after spending just a few hours working in my basement where I can't stand at full height but then a few weeks later I really did a number on my back stupidly using poor form while doing some deadlifts...I'd be surprised though considering Bale's was 39 when he filmed Hustle that he "damaged his spine" permanently from just slouching down, although I'm sure curving his back for days while filming would result in him needing stretching, rest and maybe some physical therapy.
[Editor Rob: he'll spend money on a good chiropractor who will help him realign his posture and try to get it natural and feeling relaxed but straight.]
tankman says on 5/Aug/14
He's actually shorter now he damaged his spine while filming American Hustle and lost a few inches
Somebody's Problem says on 4/Aug/14
He seemed to be in the 5'11 range in American Psycho.
But after watching Harsh Times, as he towered 5'6 Freddy Rodríguez...
6 footer, not a doubt
SaveUsY2J says on 28/Jul/14
182-183cm. Nothing more, nothing less.
David F says on 28/Jul/14
He's definitely shorter than that- I make this judgement by weight: if you look at these weight change images online- such as []- trust me, as a gym guy, someone with as much mass as him in batman begins@6'0 will weigh WAY more than 190. That picture for Batman begins looks like a typical jacked 5'10"-5'11" dude weighing 190 if we trust those weights.
James B says on 27/Jul/14
It could be because he was stocky and bulked up but in batman begins looked like a typical 181cm (5'11) guy.
Amaze says on 26/Jul/14
I looked at him and bradley cooper together. He looks 1cm shorter. I think bale is a weak 6' but hes defo still a 6' guy he looks taller than 5'10-11 guys for sure. He drops to 182 before bed i think. 5'11.5-75 before bed is his low. 6'0.75 is high. Hes a 6' guy. Anything lower 5'11.5 is wrong. If you think he is 5'11 or anything lower like 5'10 range then that is absolutely ridiculous. Nothing below 182 at his low. Hes 183. Love it if rob could get a pic with him
Amaze says on 26/Jul/14
Rob so many people think he is not 6' i cant believe it. Rob do you think he is a strong or a weak 6'? Maybe he is 184 out of bed 183 during day and 182 before bed? I cant see anything lower than 6'. Below 5'11.5 is pushing it. He has had bad posture in films but i do think he is a 6' guy.
Guy says on 24/Jul/14
177cmGuy says on 20/Jul/14
Bale is 182cm which is close enough for 6'0. People who think that he is 5'10 forget that he had bad posture in American hustle. This guy is a method actor it doesn't surprise me that he was slouching to potray the character in a really accurate manner.
Miiiiiiighty_- says on 17/Jul/14
He looks 182cm to me.
I can't buy anything smaller than 181 for this guy.
Realist says on 11/Jul/14
I am damn sure Rob won't get a guys height by 2 inches but people like :
I am considering his posture as well and its not difficult to lose an inch because of ur posture. Also i said he is not 6'0, but i am not ruling out anything above 5'11. Could be 181-82 not 6'0 though. Rob has himself downgraded or upgraded many people's heights himself. @Pad Also I don't wanna be called an idiot. Learn some respect.
[Editor Rob: always remember a height can only be revealed to be wrong when a proper measurement is done. Of course, there are degrees of believability in guessing celebrities heights, and also a general consensus as to what they might be.

I believe a lot of the time the overall guesses of a celebrity from a few hundred people would work out quite close, within half inch...unless lifts and various postures were always a factor. I would also discount the media effect for someone like Tom were a significant number of people start believing 5ft 5 is plausible.]
pad says on 2/Jul/14
so many idiots claim this man is 5'10 because of a movie where the camera made him look that way.
6'0 for christian bale.
cole says on 29/Jun/14
@Jamieorr4, Big B, Jamz:
Rob Paul getting a celeb's height wrong by 2 whole inches? Are you having a laugh? Dear lord.
SaveUsY2J says on 29/Jun/14
@Realist: Because neither of them look under that mark? Because Hardy is listed as 5'9" and Rob actually saw him in person years ago? Oldman is listed as 5'8.5", yes, which is the mark he's likely heading towards in the next couple of years, but back in 2012, when he and Bale were photographed together at the TDKR premiere, he was still holding onto his peak height of 5'9". There's not a chance in hell that Bale is as low as 5'11, and 5'10 is farcical. He might be a fraction under 6ft, 5'11.75 perhaps, but no less than that.
Balrog says on 28/Jun/14
5'11.5". Hardy is defo a legit 5'9" if not a bit more. Oldman is under 5'9"
Realist says on 25/Jun/14
@SaveUsY2J Who said Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman are a full 5'9 ? This guy is definitely not 6'0.
Hypado says on 23/Jun/14
jonas says on 20/Jun/14
Realist says on 21/May/14
Minimum: 178 cm nowdays due to his posture could dip lower but peak height was about 182. I think hes more 180-81 nowdays. I cant believe that i am talking about a 40 year old guy like this.

peak height? are you joking?! He's 40, he's still in his peak height!!!!
In american hustle he had bad posture but he hasn't still lost anything!!!
SaveUsY2J says on 10/Jun/14
Jesus, this page would benefit from being locked. He's taller than 5'11" guys like Christopher Nolan and has a good three or so inches on 5'9" guys like Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy, yet the amount of idiots on here who sincerely think he's as low as 5'10" is staggering.
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jun/14
Ted your right but i do bradley cooper is the legit 6ft guy here and bale is 510.5 imo, 511 isn't short but its also not tall. i say tall starts at 61
Adam says on 6/Jun/14
Rob, he is 5'11. Just watch any of his scenes with 5'9 Casey Affleck in Out Of The Furnace for proof.
jamieorr4 says on 5/Jun/14
Big B well i guess 510 is the lowist i would go for him
Big B says on 4/Jun/14
He's 5'10. Take a look at his earlier films and it's obvious. This place is the most charitable site on the web. So many of these guys are way shorter than what they are listed at here.
jamieorr4 says on 2/Jun/14
i agree with jamz a legit 6ft guy imo is bradley cooper and hayden christensen not bale and bale is probably 179cm to 180cm
Realist says on 21/May/14
Minimum: 178 cm nowdays due to his posture could dip lower but peak height was about 182. I think hes more 180-81 nowdays. I cant believe that i am talking about a 40 year old guy like this.
James B says on 9/May/14
Most of the looks 5'11 in his movies
jamz says on 30/Apr/14
I personally think he could be as short as 5'10.5". He's never seemed 6'0" to me.
Certainly around the 5'11" mark
James B says on 17/Apr/14
He did look 185cm in the machinist but that was only because he was rake thin for the role.

Bale is quite large framed so that might be why in some of his movies like batman begins he looks 5'11.
cole says on 16/Apr/14
@SaveUsY2J: That's because people find no reason to doubt his claim - he (Duchovny) actually looks it consistantly. But I agree with what you're getting at. Most celebs listed around the 6ft mark get a lot of people saying 5'10-11, which in most cases is quite rediculous.

Bale I don't think would turn out to be a legit 6 footer at his low though, but I doubt he'd be just 5'11, that's too low a guess. Imo he's probably somewhere in the 181,5 - 182,5 cm range, still closer to 6ft than 5'11.
SaveUsY2J says on 14/Apr/14
@chris- Except for David Duchovny. He seems to be the only 6-footer on here people will unanimously accept.
League of Shadows says on 12/Apr/14
I agree with Teddy.
Bale's no more than 5'11".
chris says on 11/Apr/14
I think it's a rule on this site for actors listed as 6'0 to have people saying he's 5'10 or 5'11.
SaveUsY2J says on 9/Apr/14
Hilarious how some people actually think he's 5'11" or lower when he's visibly taller than Christopher Nolan.... who is 5'11.
Sam says on 7/Apr/14
Agreed, Rob, could you add The Fighter and American Hustle due to his Oscar win and nomination for those parts?
League of Shadows says on 7/Apr/14
I agree with Teddy.
Bale's no more than 5'11".
Lorne says on 6/Apr/14
Shouldn't you add The Fighter? I mean he did win an Oscar for it, and I think it is good to list those things
League of Shadows says on 6/Apr/14
I agree with Teddy.
Bale's no more than 5'11".
Ted says on 6/Apr/14
Bale's no more than 5'11".

You can see plenty of premiere photos of Bale standing next to 6'0.5" Bradley Cooper, and consistently looking about an inch and a half shorter.

The exception is when Bale is standing closer to the camera in order to look taller... which he seems to do a lot, LOL. I think he worries about his height, which is silly, he's not short.
James B says on 3/Apr/14
Funny in batman begins bale gave me a 5'11 or 181cm impression whereas Liam Neeson looked 6'3 1/2 or 6'3. Michael Caine looked 6ft in the film also. Morgan freeman however seemed a legit 6'2.
chris says on 3/Apr/14
SMH, the things people say on this site. If he's under 6'0, I'm a cheese sandwich.
Sam says on 25/Mar/14
"yeah crazyjap reincarnated into the crazy devil lol, one and the same, but bigger, meaner and crazier than before." Does that also go for axis of evil and fsd? Is Rob getting lax with the multiple user name policy?
[Editor Rob: it's one and the same, although I deleted a few of the recent posts as it's the same old 179-80 argument]
fsd says on 18/Mar/14
bale is a weak 5'11 ft which makes him a strong 5'10ft
Jones says on 16/Mar/14
182 cm.
MD says on 13/Mar/14

Can you block out this "the craziest devil" fella? He's a return of "CrazyJap".
[Editor Rob: yeah crazyjap reincarnated into the crazy devil lol, one and the same, but bigger, meaner and crazier than before.]
Batman says on 12/Mar/14
Christian does look 6 foot but due to his role gaining weight in American Hustle, Bale did mention in an article or something i forgot, that he loss three inches to his height. I wonder if its true and if its possible to gain his height back, he is getting old.
jim says on 11/Mar/14
Bale is either a strong 5'10" or weak 5'11" People just want him to be taller because Batman can't be that short.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 9/Mar/14
@Maio Sam Neil was a legit 6 footer back in the 90s in films like Dead Calm and jurrasic Park he had 2 inches on 5ft 10.5 Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm for sure now hes probably 182cm as listed on Celebheights,Christian Bale i think is at least 6ft though 5ft 11.75 isnt impossible.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 7/Mar/14
@the craziest devil dont...please dont be like that guy "CrazyJap" its a bit strange why he kept constantly posting the same comments "Bale is 179cm" eight times in a row. But Bale is no way 179cm he is at very least just about 6ft-182.9cm and just over 5ft 11.75 at worst 5ft 10.5 IS crazy, BTW we dont need any more of the same comments repeating over and over again because its very unusual!.

And rob dont you think theres something odd why the guy kept on posting the same comments over and over again? isnt it spamming? and this other guy "the craziest devil" is starting to be like him unless its the same guy and changed his username.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 5/Mar/14
Rob batmans height is 6ft 2-188cm in the comics, i think Christian looks about 6ft aswell 182.9-3cm, how tall could he be in the bat suit?
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure how much the shoes and the cap might actually give.]
cole says on 3/Mar/14
How tall is David O. Russell? 5'9?
Ghene says on 19/Feb/14
182 is the correct listing.
Balrog says on 15/Feb/14
Why is always Cooper wearing thick dress shoes? Cooper 184cm and Bale 182cm.
MD says on 13/Feb/14
More of the recent Bale and Cooper (and O'Russell) pics:

Click Here

Click Here
Truthfinder says on 13/Feb/14
Pic is nice for height comparison between bale and bradley.. I dont see a full 6'
Click Here
JustMe says on 10/Feb/14
+/- 1.84m (honestly, who can tell it to the cm unless you get the measuring tape out)?
I am 1.76m (strong 5'9), my partner is 1.86m (genuine 6'1), and we both met him several times in a work-related fashion. He is almost the same height as my BF, there's next to nothing between them, it's a fraction. And he's very, very noticeably taller than me, and I'm not short for a woman.
I'd say his wife is roughly my height (between 5'9 and 5'10), definitely NOT the 1.80m/5'11 you sometimes find online. If she was, he'd be hitting 6'2 ;) But he's not.

Roundabout the 6' mark is absolutely accurate, rather slightly over than under...
Balrog says on 10/Feb/14
Nice pic Josh, and you're right he looks really close to Bradley Cooper there
Josh says on 7/Feb/14
Click Here

Bale looks 6ft here with Cooper and David O.Russell, especially considering how chunky the heels of Cooper's shoes are compared to the other two (look at the first picture). The listed height for both Bale and Cooper seem very plausible. In fact, I might even venture to say Cooper is just a 6ft guy who passes for taller with lifts and/or high heeled footwear.
Dejavu says on 6/Feb/14
Balrog says on 5/Feb/14
Stop spamming!
Anon183 says on 3/Feb/14
He gives a weak 6ft impression - 183-4cm out of bed, 181-2cm evening.
Sam says on 3/Feb/14
Sorry, CrazyJap, there's pretty much no way Bale is 179 cm or anything under 181 cm even when worn down by evening.
MD says on 3/Feb/14

You think you could keep this "CrazyJap" - what an offensive handle, BTW - out of this thread if the only thing he's going to do is spam it with the same sentence?
Dejavu says on 2/Feb/14
6'0 could be a tad under.
Lorne says on 2/Feb/14
Balrog is right, Bale is 182. Though our of bed he could very well hit 184cm.
Balrog says on 1/Feb/14
Keep writing it, that way it will become true.
Balrog says on 31/Jan/14
Bale is 182cm
Sam says on 30/Jan/14
If you look at all the pics with DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan, sometimes they look the same height though Nolan seems to distinctly edge DiCaprio out in others. Similarly, Bale and Nolan do seem the same range, sometimes Bale seems to have an edge, rarely does Nolan actually seem taller. Conclusion, DiCaprio is a 5'11" even guy, Nolan a strong 5'11" (a fraction over) and Bale a weak six footer, with variations in posture, they can all look about the same height, which they almost are.
Dates says on 28/Jan/14
He's a weak 6ft. Maybe 181.5 cm or 182 cm in the evening. But who actually cares? It's just height and the listing is close enough!
Anon says on 28/Jan/14
Definitely 5'11.5 or 182cm, needs a downgrade for sure.
lelman says on 28/Jan/14
Click Here

Nolan and Bale are both weird with height, sometimes Bale will look taller, sometimes Nolan. Nolan's gotta be a bit over 5'11" (what he's listed over at internet movie database).

Nolan: 5'11.5" but good posture
Bale: 6'0" but with weird posture
Balrog says on 25/Jan/14
Bale 5'11.5" - 5'11.75" weak 6footer.
Cooper 6'0.25" - 6'0.5" can look 6'1" with his good posture and big footwear
Mr. R says on 22/Jan/14
But I have pics from American Hustle that show Bradley wearing boots with two inch heels. This is why you cannot guess celeb heights just by seeing them standing next to each other.
Lorne says on 21/Jan/14
I agree with Maio, 184cm range after a good nights sleep, 182 evening. I think he could be as low as 5ft11.5, but 5ft11.75 is more than fair.
James B says on 20/Jan/14
Arch Stanton says on 15/Jan/14
Yes, it is true that Cooper had 1.5-2 inches on him in American Hustle and looked 6'1.5-6'2", but as was said below, Bale's posture and physical health in that film was intended to be a shambles and was made to look shorter. I'd be interested to see premiere photographs of the two.

Well that and the fact cooper could be near 1 inch taller than bale.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Jan/14
Bale looks like a genuine 6ft. Might drop to 182.5cm late evening and wake up close to 6ft1 like 184.5cm or something. I'd put Cooper at about 6ft1 or at the very least 6ft0.75. I
CrazyJap says on 20/Jan/14
Maio, Why so serious?
You're a loopy man. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Lorne says on 19/Jan/14
He's 5'11.5-5'11.75, a legit 182cm guy. Him with Robert Sean Leanord(identical footwear and military posture) and recently with Cooper is all the proof you need. And Freeman, JGL, etc. He just isn't a big 6 footer. But he definently clears 183cm out of bed, 184cm under ideal conditions wouldn't even be a big surprise. So his claim is honest, he's just rounding up a tiny bit. But as one of my favorite actors, I really wish he could get a slight downgrade :(
cole says on 18/Jan/14
@Maio: In my opinion, Bale can look between 5'11.5 and 6'0, Cooper can look between 6'0 and 6'0.5 (if we count his usual footwear-advantage over fellow celebs). I'd go with the former or perhaps the middle option of 5'11.75 for Bale and 6'0.25 for Cooper.

I think Rob has the difference of 0.5in more or less spot on. A 0.75in difference in Cooper's favour could also be possible.

Cooper can look taller than what the reality is because of stronger footwear and Bale slouching. I'd be surprised if there was 1in + between them.
cole says on 16/Jan/14
@Arch Stanton: Look at my post from 26th December 2013.
Pallin 186 cm says on 16/Jan/14
6 feet. Otherwise the Role of Batman would have Been out of question ..
Arch Stanton says on 15/Jan/14
Yes, it is true that Cooper had 1.5-2 inches on him in American Hustle and looked 6'1.5-6'2", but as was said below, Bale's posture and physical health in that film was intended to be a shambles and was made to look shorter. I'd be interested to see premiere photographs of the two.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Jan/14
He did actually look 6'1" in 3:10 to Yuma but he was wearing cowboy boots.
Duhon says on 13/Jan/14
Fern194cm-192cm says on 12/Jan/14
He is not 6 feet. Bradley cooper has him by 1.5 inches in American Hustle. If he is 6 feet then Cooper is 6,1.5 - 6,2 and I doubt that very much, Rob.

For that role in addition to the weight gain he adopted a hunch, which actually did some damage to his back in the end after being in that position for so long.
Fern194cm-192cm says on 12/Jan/14
He is not 6 feet. Bradley cooper has him by 1.5 inches in American Hustle. If he is 6 feet then Cooper is 6,1.5 - 6,2 and I doubt that very much, Rob.
cole says on 9/Jan/14
@Balrog: Completely agree. They are pretty close.
Balrog says on 7/Jan/14
Maio in that pic you can clearly notice how Cooper is standing really straight while Bale is more relaxed. But Cooper at 6'0"-6'0.5" and Bale 5'11.5"-6'0" fits perfect.
cole says on 7/Jan/14
@Maio: He looks 2 inches + shorter in that pic, but he's not standing straight.
Sam says on 6/Jan/14
Bale is a bit shorter than the comic book Batman, but he's the first big screen Batman I can think of to get into the kind of shape to look like he could kick one's ass. Val Kilmer might have been fit back in Batman Returns, but he didn't look imposing as Bale did in Batman Begins. Michael Keaton was too small (although he gave a really good performance) and Adam West obviously wasn't too intimidating.
NJP says on 6/Jan/14
181cm flat.
Balrog says on 5/Jan/14
Not the best shots but here he looks very similar to Bradley Cooper:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Mick says on 5/Jan/14
5'11.5" at most
dennis 184 cm says on 3/Jan/14
Bale is a weak 6 foot. 182 range , cooper is a strong SIX, 184 range. And by the way in the dark knight rises , 5,9" Bane ( Tom ? ) hade to wear Boots plus extra lifts inside dö ge would be able to face with Christian , so 5'11 is put Of the question. BTW why would they hire a 5'11 Guy to play a 6'2 range superhero .
berta says on 2/Jan/14
about 6 feet but he is probably 182 in the evening
Jarrito96 says on 1/Jan/14
That's cool, imo, "6,0" is like the perfect height for a guy, im 5,11 bit with shoes or whatever im 6 foot, hopefully o can tech out without shoes since I'm only 17
lelman says on 27/Dec/13
Not a strong 6 foot, he probably falls below it at night. 6'0.25" in the morning, maybe. Got a real strong build though, so looks like a big guy regardless.
Balrog says on 27/Dec/13
Rob what do you think of Cole's pic? It really looks that Cooper has a slight footwear advantage and great posture still the difference isn't much between them. Cooper is clearly taller the question is by how much?
James says on 26/Dec/13
Really did not 'look' over a flat 5'11 in the batman films
cole says on 26/Dec/13
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Some recent shots of Cooper and Bale. Footwear visible in the first couple of shots, and it doesn't look like one has a big advantage over the other (maybe Cooper has a bigger insole?). It seems Bale holds a poorer posture than Cooper in some of these shots as well.

Bale with better posture in this one: Click Here
cole says on 24/Dec/13
Might I add that I seriously doubt that anyone would lose as much as 3 inches due to a herniated disc. He might have lost some height though.
cole says on 24/Dec/13
Click Here
This article claims Bale lost 3 inches of height and got a herniated disc.

Quote: "At one point I said enough already," says Russell. "He lost three inches of height, and even got a herniated disc."

What do you make of this Rob?
[Editor Rob: the herniated disc could effect him a little, but I think the director is talking about the loose posture his character had and so it could make him look noticeably smaller...]
Jordan says on 22/Dec/13
Bale is a strong 6'0" During the day, looks like a 6' guy to me
Ryan says on 21/Dec/13
Herniated disc where it states he lost three inches. Guess he is 5'9" now. Time for a downgrade.
mId says on 20/Dec/13
Click Here Look at the heels.. In behind the scenes photos or videos you can almost always see actors today have these elevator-shoes/extra heel boots. Why would Bale feel the need to have these kind of boots if he was a legit 6'? Especially when his co-star Mark is shorter to begin with. It's not like he's playing someone like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers where it seems the taller the better these days. I guess they wanna look taller than they really are in the general publics eyes. Click Here Doesn't look 6' to me here next to max 5'8 Wahlberg when wearing similar shoes. I'm guessing he's a 5'11 guy tops.
Dennis says on 14/Dec/13
just saw the fighter and solid 6 foot seems appropriate but maybe he's truly in the mid to high end 5-11 range IMHO
Lenad is sexy says on 14/Dec/13
I guess his mother must be only pretty short than. When you got mixed jeans, your height can be anything.
tiktak says on 12/Dec/13
183 cm seems accurate but sometimes he has lousy posture

but at the bare minimum at least in the 5-10.5 or 5-11 range more or less
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 12/Dec/13
I'm surprised he's not at least 6ft2 though.
His father was 6ft5...
Lenad is sexy says on 8/Dec/13
weak 6'0. Watch Batman begins, if he's 6'2 then neeson is 6'6
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Dec/13
I think he's as close to a solid 6ft as you can get.
Sam says on 6/Dec/13
You can tell how terrible Bale's posture is in previews from American Hustle, clearly one of his regular somewhat offbeat actorly choices.
Jon says on 5/Dec/13
It's been stated in numerous interviews of Bale and O'Russell that he had a constant slouch during filming, because Bale wanted his character to be towered by Cooper (it caused 2 slipped discs). We'll have to wait for the premiere pictures of them together before we can more accurately compare their heights. Right now though, I would guess Bale is around half an inch shorter than Cooper with normal posture.
Balrog says on 2/Dec/13
Cooper wears big heels and maybe lifts on that movid, that guy is a chameleon on height at times while Bale is hunched most part of the movie, Bale isn't under 181cm, he probably wakes at 6feet if not over, there are a lot of pics posted here that back up his claim.
Realist says on 1/Dec/13
Proof is in the American Hustle Trailer. He does have a bad posture there but Bradley is clearly 1.5 in taller than him. Cooper himself is utmost a weak 6'0 when compared with Ryan Gosling. Thus the conclusion is actors like Bale and Fassbender who are the future legends are 5'9.5 to 5'10.5 range but claim to 6'0.Their heights are overlooked due to their acting.
James says on 30/Nov/13
Rob do you agree that if you stood bale next to a 5'11 guy like david beckham there would be no more than half an inch between the 2 men. Hence why I think 182cm is more accurate than 183cm for Bale.
[Editor Rob: Bale can look between 182 and 3 range, not every guy who claims 6 foot is of course going to be bang on it, some might be over a little and under it.]
JOLLYSTOMPERUSA says on 28/Nov/13
Hands down this guy is the most diverse and outstanding actor out there. Quite frankly, the British are usually far better actors in general - and I'm from Brooklyn prior to the Yuppie / Liberal influx so don't think I am a Brit giving a favorable view to another.
Realist says on 28/Nov/13
He is 5'10 at most.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 24/Nov/13
Most likely 184.5cm out of bed and 182.5cm at the end of the day.

Still haven't seen American Hustle. Anyone know how he stacked up next to Bradley Cooper?
Vintageous says on 23/Nov/13
Saw him at the screening they had a few days ago (I've seen him multiple times actually) and he is average height. I expected shorter but he is just average. Because of shoes my guess is between 5'9 and 5'11. I am 5'10 and 1/2 barefoot and my shoe height depends on heels.
Sam says on 18/Nov/13
Here with Forest Whitaker, he may have better posture in the shot, but they look similar height.
Click Here
Jon says on 17/Nov/13
I've looked through his Oscar backstage pics with the other winners and he looks 184cm next to 186~187cm Colin Firth, and Bale was even leaning! Perhaps Firth has lost more height than people realise, or Bale is a strong 6fter.
Hypado says on 16/Nov/13
kevin says on 12/Nov/13
i too think he could be 0.25 in less than listed
Balrog says on 10/Nov/13
Bale next to Robert Sean Leonard, listed here at 6'0'' in the movie Swing Kids, Bale was 18-19 years old.

Click Here
MetalKid says on 8/Nov/13
5'11"-6 feet is my estimate for Bale. Funny, my sister said that "Christian Bale is a midget." Since when was 5'11"-6 feet considered "midget height"? She's a moron, lol.
Balrog says on 6/Nov/13
Well 181cm is the lowest I could argue. I think 5'11.5'' is spot on for him.
Dejavu says on 5/Nov/13
He was close to 2 inches taller than Crowe.
MD says on 4/Nov/13
Balrog, I might disagree with you a bit. I'm thinking more in the 181cm, for me. Taller than a flat 5'11", but not by much. He probably wakes up right out of bed at 183cm, though, but I don't believe that's his night height.
Balrog says on 2/Nov/13
MD I agree with you, like I comment before he slouch a lot and he looks fat for American Hustle, but Bale has always looked like a typical 182cm guy.
Sam says on 1/Nov/13
I don't know about 5'11", I think he pulls looking an inch or so taller than guys who are apparently 5'10.5" range, like Russell Crowe or Aaron Eckhart. He might really be 5'11.5" afternoon/morning, but not convinced that he is under it.
Click Here
Click Here
MD says on 1/Nov/13
From the set of "American Hustle" back in May...

With Jeremy Renner:

Click Here

Click Here

Of course, Renner has to be wearing some kind of lifts. But, maybe Bale is somewhere in between 5'11" and 6'0" than he is a solid 6'0". BTW, American Hustle was another amazing transformation for this guy; he's practically unrecognizable.
roy says on 30/Oct/13
bale is the prime example of a 5'11 man

add a lean build with a good posture and you can claim 6ft and get away with it
glynny 182 says on 27/Oct/13
no i disagree!! think this listing is spot on an christian bale is exactly 183 6ft from what ive seen.
Flabio says on 23/Oct/13
He looks the same height as Aaron Eckhart which is about 5'11".
jim says on 21/Oct/13
Looks no more than 5'11". Sometimes he even looks 5'10" (especially in TDKR)
Jason says on 21/Oct/13
He's around 6 feet tall people. Deal with it.
AG says on 17/Oct/13
He has the proportions of a 180cm (5'11") male. He can be 6' with shoes.
Kami says on 17/Oct/13
to Risingforce

Finally someone makes sense here, in the real world there's really no way of telling the difference between a 182 cm guy and a 183 cm guy, even though some people think they're 'experts'.

and there's this trend of people downgrading heights of famous celebrities in the comments, someone said 5'9"? 5'8" Really?

I also don't think that if a 182.5 cm guy says "I'm 6'", he should be put to the sword. Not everyone is as obsessed with height as some of us, and that half a cm really doesn't matter at all, to be honest.
pjk says on 14/Oct/13
I think Christian is a wonderful actor but 6ft ? Surely not. Have you seen him next to 6'2" Morgan Freeman in batman. He looks considerably shorter. I was exactly 6' during the course of the day ( 3 measurements) when i was younger and my friend was exactly 6'2" ( i measured him also ), and although the difference was noticeable, i did't look up to him much at all and it really wasn't a large difference in photos.

I would say the talented Mr Bale is ~ 5ft10.5"/5'11".
afka says on 14/Oct/13
Actualty he look quite tall..i think his height is beetwen 182-183 cm
Balrog says on 10/Oct/13
Nolan does wears thick dress shoes at the events, but he seems very similar in height with Bale, he might be over 5'11"
nickname says on 6/Oct/13
there's really not much difference in that bale and nolan shot.
cole says on 23/Sep/13
He's not under 5'11.5 that's for sure. I see 5'11.75 as a fairly good shout, but 6ft is just fine.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Sep/13
Christopher Nolan could be 5ft11.25/181cm.
Mr. Kaplan says on 22/Sep/13
He looks 5'11" next to Morgan Freeman.. probably 5'11.5" tops.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 14/Sep/13
I think he's a perfect example of what 6ft should look like. He's constantly bulking and cutting for roles. Looked 6ft1 in The Machinist and The Fighter because he weighed almost nothing whereas in the Batman movies could appear 5ft11ish at times because of the extra weight.

The current listing is spot on.
Sam says on 12/Sep/13
I think Bale's honest about his height...although he could have lied and gone with the 6'2" he was listed on the internet pre-Batman, it would have been easy to see through. To me, he's 183-182 over the course of the day.
Keltoi says on 11/Sep/13
@batman107 He must wear lifts everywhere then or he's the tallest looking 5'8" guy I've ever seen.

A flat 6 footer every day of the week.
batman107 says on 10/Sep/13
Bale is 5'8 I've talked with him I was right in front of him and I'm 5'8 and we were the same height. He wears lifts in his movies just like robert downey jr. In iron man and the guy from thor actors do it live with it anything over 5'7 is a decent height
Balrog says on 9/Sep/13
I saw some pics of him with Renner in American Hustle and he looks fat for his new role and he also slouch a lot.
richie says on 5/Sep/13
Always thought Bale was over 6', certainly appears tall in his movies. Almost the same height as Michael Caine who is still over 6'.
chrisss says on 5/Sep/13
Legit 182cm guy
Dejavu says on 24/Aug/13
6'0 or a bit under
RisingForce says on 19/Aug/13
I agree with 182 cm. Not that you can really tell the difference between that and 183 cm/6 feet, but for whatever reason, I just get the impression he'd measure just under 6 feet, but close enough.
cole says on 17/Aug/13
In the movie Equilibrium (2002) he seemed about the same height or slightly taller than 183ish William Fichtner, maybe somewhere between 3 and 5 cm taller than 179 cm listed Sean Bean and a solid bit taller than 173ish Tye Diggs. There was a scene where he stood face to face with 179 cm listed (on celebheights) Angus MacFayden, and looked about 4-5 cm taller, as well.

Still I a very strong 5'11.75 is good for Bale. But let me just add that I am starting to realize that he can look 6' flat at times as well. He's about 5 cm shorter than Hugh Jackman, so if he's a legit 188 cm guy, then it's a safe bet that Bale is 183 cm. Personally I think Hugh is a smidge under that, like 6'1.75, so that's why I think 5'11.75 is more fitting for Bale. But this is just my opinion, and they are merely fractions after all. Taller than the 181 cm I thought he could be before, but not taller than 183 cm.
signora sempre. says on 13/Aug/13
No way. I do not think he is even 5'9. He was much shorter than Hugh Jackman in "The Prestige" MUCH shorter.
cole says on 9/Aug/13
@Sam: That looks like a bit more than 2 inches, and Bale is leaning. Woody Harrelson has claimed 5'9 for his height, so I'll go with that for him. Bale could look 182-183 cm in that pic, but he is also closer to the camera. I think 5'11.75, just brushing 6ft, is fair for Bale.
Sam says on 8/Aug/13
He's around 2 inches taller than Woody Harrelson, I think. To me, he's a true 183 cm guy, maybe 182 cm by evening but I don't he's ever as low as 5'11".
Click Here
5ft10 guy says on 7/Aug/13
5ft11 really freeman is much taller then him and kate is the same height in heels
MaskDeMasque says on 6/Aug/13
Looks a strong 5'11 in American Psycho. 5'11.25-5 is my guess for Bale.
cole says on 3/Aug/13
Spot on Lorne!
Balrog says on 2/Aug/13
I agree with your comment, Lorne. It's an honest claim, he's rounding up a little bit.
Lorne says on 1/Aug/13
He was 19, actually(or perhaps a few months shy during filming) so I doubt he was full grown. Of course I've wondered myself; it is possible leanord is 5ft11.75-6ft, and Bale was 5'11.5, and grew another fraction to match him. But I doubt it. I din't have an exact figure, but I would imagine 99% or close of guys are full grown at 19. And like a said, he clearly doesn't look a big 6foot guy. Look at him with Gordon-Levitt: I guess it's possible he was lifting, but then he just doesn't stack up well against Freeman and Caine. If course he can pull off 6ft at times, he is a legit 182cm guy, not less than 5'11.6-5'11.7. Remember at 5'11.75 most people will say 6ft.
Balrog says on 1/Aug/13
I agree Bale is a 182 cm guy and he probably wakes over 6 feet or around it. But you shouldn't compare him with Robert Sean Leonard on Swingers Bale was barely 18 years old.
cole says on 29/Jul/13
@Lorne: Couldn't agree more. 5ft 11.75in would be a more accurate listing for Bale.
Lorne says on 28/Jul/13
Christian Bale's height is: 5ft11.75in(182cm) He is a fraction shorter than Robert Sean Leanord, both wearing identical footwear in military posture, standing in a gym. Also, just doesn't look a big 6ft guy. Honestly looks 5ft11.5 with 176cm Joseph Gordon Levitt. And a solid 6 footer would stack up better against guys like Freeman and Caine... So he's close to 6ft, but not quite there.
183CM says on 26/Jul/13
181-182...6 foot is too much I think
Jason says on 24/Jul/13
Could he have lost height when doing his extreme weight loss prior to The Machinist? Just asking.
john says on 16/Jul/13
he seems consistently taller than decaprio 6' definitely
cole says on 10/Jul/13
Personally I'd say Bale is a good 5'11 and change, like 180-181 cm, just by looking at him. How he looks with Nolan and sometimes Neeson and Freeman tells me that he's not quite 6ft also. Seeing him in stills with 5'9 Tom Hardy and Joseph G. Levitt also tells me that he's not the full 6ft, again probably more 5'11 and change.

I've seen someone further down in the comment section has posted a picture of Bale and West Bentley, listed 5'10.25 on this site, but whom I think by looking at him with for example Colin Farrell (175-177 imo), looks the same height. I did some research and found a couple of pics to show the difference between the two. It's hard to tell from these shots, but if Wes is a solid 178 cm as listed, Bale is definitely a good 3-4 centimeters taller.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

From what I've seen, Bale could be 5'11 flat, 5'11 and some change, or he could be close to, or a flat 6ft. But he's definitely not shorter than 5'11 like some have suggested. My best estimation would be 181 cm.
Balrog says on 3/Jul/13
One more time I think Bale is between 5'11'' and 6'0'' just like Jensen Ackles and Chris Evans.
Heightcritique says on 2/Jul/13
Bale is definitely a 6'. He looks this height consistently in public, movies, etc.
sree says on 1/Jul/13
he doesnt look like he is 6ft, i have seen somewhere tht he is 6'2 and 220, tht is exactly the measure of the character, but he doesnt look like, i dnt think tht he is 6 ft, i thnk he will be around 5'10
Timothy says on 1/Jul/13
Rob possible 182 cm for Bale?
cole says on 30/Jun/13
@Alan: He is not "clearly 6 foot" when he is the same height or shorter than Christopher Nolan.
Alan says on 30/Jun/13
Christian Bale is 6ft, stop complaining that he looks 5'10 next to Mark Wahlberg, he only 5'10 in his film The Fighter because the character he played was 5'10. In real life, Bale clearly is 6 foot. Deal with it people.
cole says on 30/Jun/13
I agree, Jax. He really never strike me as a 6 footer whenever I see him around 5'9 guys like Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or 5'7-8 guys like Sam Worthington and Mark Wahlberg. Also next to a slouching Morgan Freeman, however tall he relly is these days, 186, 187 or 188 cm (with his horrible posture it's hard to tell sometimes) he looks a good bit shorter.
Jax says on 28/Jun/13
I think 181cm barefeet is spot on....its close enough to 6ft to easly claim it, considering there are many 181-182cm actors that claim 6'1 ( like jensen ackles for instance)
Cole says on 16/Jun/13
He's obviously 1-2 cm shorter than Nolan, and Nolan is definitely not 6'1.
Brian says on 3/Jun/13
When I was in high school, I was 5'11 and 3/4". I'm in my forties now and I'm just below 5'11". I have a pair of boots that put me at 6'. The point is that most of us shrink with age, or we could have been measured wrong, or we round up because we'd rather appear taller. It's been my experience that a lot of people really don't know their exact height. It's more of a composite of information they've accumulated throughout their lives. Morgan Freemen is 6'2", and he looks to me to be about three inches taller than Bale, but that's just my opinion.
Sam says on 20/May/13
I think Bale does have a very marginal height advantage over DiCaprio, although it would interesting to see how these "competitors" would compare.
Balrog says on 18/May/13
Actually Bale looked taller next to Nolan than DiCaprio does.
Dmeyer says on 16/May/13
DiCaprio looks à haïr taller than Bâle near nolan so Bâle might ne closer to 5'11.5
Luther6ft says on 13/May/13
He can look just 180 cm at times but I still think 182-183 cm is right for Bale. 5'11.75 might be better than the full 6ft.
Balrog says on 11/May/13
Both Nolan and Bale are close in height. In some pics Bale edge out Nolan, and in others Nolan is the taller one. Still 182-183 is good for Bale. Neeson is a terrible sloucher but he's still over 6'3''.
Johno says on 8/May/13
I don't believe Nolan is listed 6'0 or above anywhere? He does look like a strong 5'11 and is listed at 5'11 so maybe giving him a height estimate of 5'11.5 might be closer to do the truth. What is more or less certain though, he is taller then christian bale - i think that can be agreed upon.
johno says on 7/May/13
Christian Bale is closer to 5'11 then 5'10. He is around the 5'11 mark and seems to dip below it.

Liam Neeson is a good 4 inches taller, around 6'3 but possibly a weak 6'3 at his age. Both stars hover around these parameters but dip below. Height is not necessarily one way or the other and you can't pinpoint at a specific point.

Bale 5'10.75 - 5'11
Neeson 6'2.75 - 6'3.25
Jack says on 4/May/13
Rob is strong 6 foot(184 cm) possible for Christopher Nolan? He looks taller than Dicaprio and Christian Bale...
[Editor Rob: he looks around 6 foot a lot of the time]
Lenad is sexy says on 2/May/13
if bale is 5'10 then liam neeson is no more than 6'2. Rightooo...
SantaMonica says on 29/Apr/13
I saw Christian Bale in a restaurant here in SM a couple of years ago. I was actually struck by how short and slight he was. I would say he couldn't be more than 5'10" max.
K says on 28/Apr/13
He looks 6 foot but no taller or shorter. I respect that he's honest about his height. I guess he could be 5'11.5"-6'0.5" > but most people round anyway.
Lenad is sexy says on 26/Apr/13
Now the 6'2 listings are utter bull. a 6ft2 Christian bale would equal a 6ft6 Liam Neeson, and a 6'3-6'4 Michael Caine. Really to me he looks 6'0ish. Usually has
Emil says on 13/Apr/13
Maybe he drops to 5'11.75 after a day with heavy lifting. 6'0 is fair enoch for him
Balrog says on 10/Apr/13
There are pics of Bale with Brandon Routh who is a legit 6'2.5'' guy and Bale doesn't look less than 5'11.5" next to him, he's likely closer to 6'0'' rather 5'11''
Balrog says on 4/Apr/13
Bale is taller than Nolan. Between 5'11'' and 6'0''.
Johno says on 23/Mar/13
Nearly an inch shorter then the 5'11 listed christopher nolan. Even if christopher was 5'11.75 and was rounding down, bale would have a hard time passing 5'11.

In reality, 5'11 is the max height christian can be and he clearly seems in the 5'10 range. He can appear shorter with some actors when they wear lifts but he is somewhere in the 5'10 range, probably upper and wakes up at 5'11-ish. A classic 5'10 + proportion.

If you continue to believe he is taller then christopher nolan then please provide picture evidence. He is about 0.75 inches shorter then the 5'11 listed nolan. A classic, legit 5'11 range person is most people's 6'0 + and pretty tall and it would quite cool if rob were to demonstrate a 5'11+ in any future height challenge.

Christian bale 5'10 - 5'10.75 ( could possibly be 5'11 )
Christopher nolan 5'11 - 5'11.75
LAZOUBID says on 23/Mar/13
He looks 5'.11.5"
James says on 25/Feb/13
Bale is close enough too 6ft
george says on 10/Feb/13
I can imagine a 183.5 to 182 range for bale. He's a fit guy and I don't imagine him losing a great deal. Definetly a 6 ft range man. Anybody claiming he's 5ft11 are just showing how ignorant they are to guessing peoples height.
Barahir says on 7/Feb/13
I saw one picture. Nolan is higher than Bale. Even than Morgan Freeman, and Nolan is 180 cm.
jim says on 31/Jan/13
Bale always looked 5'11" to me at most.
Balrog says on 27/Jan/13
It was only an observation, no intention to offend.
Chameleon says on 25/Jan/13
Balrog you are being really rediculous, im not Rampage. Now stop flaming me.
Balrog says on 22/Jan/13
Well I respect your opinion but you should take a time to think why you downgrade every single celeb in the 6'0''-6'1'' range. Probably you are around that height.
Chameleon says on 22/Jan/13
Idk about Catherine's height, but Eckhart is 5'10.
Balrog says on 21/Jan/13
Chameleon, if Eckhart is 5'10'' then Catherine Zeta Jones is under 5'6''? Wow.
Trey says on 21/Jan/13
I agree he might look closer to 5'11.5 at times, 5'9.5 is just pure trolling.
Balrog says on 21/Jan/13
Well Hew your opinion is fine I mean putting Bale at 181-182 is okay, I still think 182-183 is more his range but in one of the comments you quoted, someone called Johnno said that Bale was 5'9.5'' max 5'10'' and I think that is just downgrade for fun.
Chameleon says on 20/Jan/13
Eckhart is 5'10.. if Chris is an inch taller he is not 6'..
Hew says on 20/Jan/13
@Bakura- Calm down man. I agree he (Bale) CAN pull off 6ft, but not all the time.

And also to some of you guys that use the 'lifts' argument for Eckhart; there's an equally big chance of Bale being a liftwearer as there is a chance of Eckhart being one. Heck it might even be a bigger, more logical chance for Bale to be it as he's the bigger Hollywood-name of the two.

For the reference of Bale's height I think the photo I just posted of Hardy and Bale could be used, Hardy is 5'9 max as he looks about the same height as Gary Oldman listed 5'8.5 here and looked a good 3.5-4 inches shorter than Chris Pine (I have to disagree with you Rob that Hardy might be taller than 5'9). Bale has every advantage possible in that photo and still only looks about 7-8 cm taller.

Have a look at this one aswell, I hardly see the 3 inches even when every advantage on earth is in Bale's favour - again: Click Here

Here Bale has taken a small step back, Hardy is still doing the splits - Bale still tilting his head up, again having every advantage possible, only now he looks 181-182 cm at most. That is why I think Bale is 181 cm at most barefoot, you could change my opinion though, IF you manage to find me a SOLID piece of evidence to suggest otherwhise. Until then I'm sticking with 181 cm for Bale.
Balrog says on 19/Jan/13
He could be 181-182 cms but to me he's closer to 6 foot than 5'11''. Always has looked that.
Bakura says on 19/Jan/13
@Hew- you don't believe he's over 181 even though, as Balrog mentioned, he has an inch on Eckhart? Logic. Bale always looks a solid 6-footer, nothing over or under.
Hew says on 19/Jan/13
Click Here

Bale is closer to the camera and has a far superior posture. Looks 7-8 cm taller here, 6ft if Hardy is 5'9, but if Hardy stood with the same posture and equally close to the camera, the height-difference would not be that much, possibly only 5-6 cm. What do you say Rob?
[Editor Rob: I think hardy is standing pretty tall there, hardy I think can look more than a flat 5ft 9, and bale generally looks close to his 6ft claim]
Hew says on 19/Jan/13
Chris says on 24/Jul/12
johno stop trolling, Wahlberg wears lifts and next to Tom Hardy you doesn't have posted a single good pic.

Here we go


Click Here
Click Here

with 5'10.5'' R.Crowe:
Click Here

with 5'9'' S.Worthington:
Click Here

So trollo, sorry johno, according to you if Bale is 5'9.5''-5'10'' then Hardy and Worthington are 5'6.5''-5'7'' and Crowe 5'8''? Right?

Wow, sorry, but you really managed to pick the worst, most distorted picture of Bale and Crowe for height comparison. If you take a good hard look at the entire set of pictures from that event, they look identical in height, Crowe has a crappy posture even, and Bale is standing as straight as an arrow. Bale ain't over 181 cm, possibly less.
Hew says on 18/Jan/13
Still don't think he looks over 5'11.25.
Balrog says on 17/Jan/13
Hew. Scroll down. Bale has an inch on Eckhart. And Eckhart wears lifts at times.
Hew says on 17/Jan/13
He's more or less the same height as 5'10.75 listed Aaron Eckhart. Not 3 cm between them.
Lebensdorf says on 16/Jan/13
He's a strong 6 foot, could pass for 6'1 sometimes.
Shelly says on 12/Jan/13
I said 5' 7 1/2" which is not too low from 5' 8". It's only half an inch.
Balrog says on 11/Jan/13
Yeah his wife could be 5'8'' - 5'9''. 5'7'' is too low.
Shelly says on 9/Jan/13
His wife cannot possibly be 5' 11" or 5' 10" unless Christian Bale is over 6'. Judging by these pics, I'd say she's (maybe) 5' 7 1/2"-5' 8":

Click Here
Click Here

In the first pic she's noticeably two inches shorter than him with high heels on.
Balrog says on 4/Jan/13
Actually his wife is listed 177 cm in some places.
guest says on 3/Jan/13
his wife Sibi Bale: 5'11
him: 6'0
can you explain why he's much taller than her when she got high heel shoes?
Hew says on 30/Dec/12
If I were to put down a solid height-listing for this great actor, it would be closer to 5'11.
Balrog says on 28/Dec/12
Nothing over 6 feet but nothing under 5'11''. I think 5'11.5'' would be bang on for this great actor. Upper average or weak tall range.
Njp says on 28/Dec/12
In that last picture from Truthfinder oldman is slouching and sitting at around 5'7.5" so I'd say bale has a good 4 inches on him there - between 5'11" and a weak 6ft
Trey says on 23/Dec/12
5'11 looks more and more likely to me.
Joey says on 20/Dec/12
bale is 5'11.25 (181cm) during daytime ..keep in mind that freeman is long past his prime height and jackman isnt a full 6'2 flat...and well..also the fact that 99,9% of all celebs like to round up their height..even regular people do
truthfinder says on 11/Dec/12
Please refer to my link below. If Nolan is under 6ft what is bale then... :)
Truthfinder says on 10/Dec/12
Click Here
Silent d says on 5/Dec/12
Solid six footer and an awesome batman.
balrog says on 3/Dec/12
I'll put Nolan at 180-181 and Bale 182-183.
Dmeyer says on 24/Nov/12
How tall is c. Nolan hé realy look close in height With dicprio and bale
James says on 17/Nov/12
Christian bale 5'11.75 (182cm)
Tom hardy 5'9 (175cm)
Morgan freeman 6'1.5 (187cm) NOW
SAMMY DERRICK says on 16/Nov/12
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 2/Nov/12
6'0 in the morning
5'11.75 in the day
5'11.5 at night

And 6'2 as Batman. :):) One of the greatest actors of all time!
balrog says on 22/Oct/12
Oldman is under 5'9''. Bale is standing better, that's all.
Larc-186.7-188.6cm says on 22/Oct/12
Something's wrong in that pic, it's Bale that strangely looks around 6'1 next to 5'9 Oldman and 6'1.5 Freeman.
balrog says on 16/Oct/12
That's one of the few photos where Bale is standing with great posture and Freeman is clearly not a 6'2'' man anymore since he's 75. Freeman was for sure 6'2'' at his peak if not more and now 186-187 cms.
anon says on 16/Oct/12
Click Here
whats the deal here? has MF shrunk 2 inches or is Bale wearing lifts?
i see that bale has excellent posture and MF is slightly hunched but still this can only account for 1/2 an inch at most
James says on 15/Oct/12
Hugh Jackman 6'1.5 (187cm)

Christian bale 5'11.75 (182cm)
balrog says on 14/Oct/12
Maybe he is 5'11.5'' but not under it. A lot of pics have been posted and he DOES looks 6 feet next to Jackman, Caine, Freeman, Nolan, Crowe, Worthington and Tom Hardy.
balrog says on 14/Oct/12
Maybe he is 5'11.5'' but not under it. A lot of pics have been posted and he DOES looks 6 feet next to Jackman, Caine, Freeman, Nolan, Crowe, Worthington and Tom Hardy.
SAMMY DERRICK says on 14/Oct/12
joewhite31 says on 11/Oct/12
Bale is 5'11" barefoot in reality.
James says on 11/Oct/12
yeah he did not look 6ft next too hugh jackman.
wilsondurganth says on 11/Oct/12
6.0 ????? 6.1 ????...please,

he has 5.11,25 or 5.11,5(181cm or 182cm), he is not much taller cristopher nolan, he is much short than hugh jackman, morgan freeman or liam neeson

6.0 ???, no chance
Larc-186.7-188.6cm says on 9/Oct/12
Looks 6'0 for sure next to 5'11 Nolan.
AnonUKguy says on 9/Oct/12
As far as I'm concerned he is the same height as me, 184 morning 182 evening. Could be slightly shorter, maybe 183.5 - 181.5cm. I just think next to Freeman and Neeson in batman he looks slightly under 6ft.
James says on 8/Oct/12
the only time bale lookd like a legit tall man in his films was in the machinist when he was skinny. in his batman films he really does look average in stature.
heny says on 3/Oct/12
I dont think he ever stands completely straight, Listed at 6'2" on most sites, I would give him a 6'0.5", or 6'1".
zero says on 12/Sep/12
I agree the transformation from The Machinist to Batman Begins was just sick. From looking anorexic at 120-125 pounds to look ripped at 180-185 pounds. In 3 months. This dramatic weight gain and loss shouldn't be healthy for him.
zero says on 11/Sep/12
Bale ain't shorter than Nolan. Click Here
TrueGuessing says on 9/Sep/12
Bale is 6 feet, he's not a liftwearer. And a great actor by the way. My favorite actor!
Dejavu says on 8/Sep/12
6'0 on the dot could appear shorter due to posture
Jamz says on 2/Sep/12
Sometimes looks as tall as 6'1" and sometimes looks as short as 5'10"...
Ajax says on 20/Aug/12
Yeah I think maybe 5'11.5". But likely 5'11".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 19/Aug/12
He's probably around 6ft2/188cm in the Batman costume.
Alex says on 15/Aug/12
I think he's more 5'11-5'11.5
tom says on 15/Aug/12
1st he looks like josh and james brolin!!! He is closer to six feet than Stallone is to five eight.
Shaun says on 11/Aug/12
johno says on 1/Feb/12
Tom hardy 5'9 - 5'9.5
Christian bale 5'9.5 - 5'10 in comparison to hardy

LOL 5'9.5". Johnno is worse than Lan Jiao and Viper!
Shaun says on 11/Aug/12
C'mon he's clearly around 6', exactly Maximus. I've seen him look 6'1" and 5'11" though on occasion but he's clearly near his mark
maximus says on 5/Aug/12
Close enough to 6' to argue about it. He is obviously does not come across as short on screen.....minimum 5'11" meaning with shoes 6' to 6'1 thats why he doesnt look short.
Emmanuelle says on 3/Aug/12
Yeah, Christian is honest. He definitely had lifts for Batman, but 6'0" is pretty legitimate for him.
joewhite31 says on 3/Aug/12
5'11" flat, 6'0" in shoes.
BigT says on 2/Aug/12
Same height as 5´10 Aaron Eckhart.
Chris says on 1/Aug/12
Bale is okay at 6 foot. He could be lower than this at 182 cm but I think he's one of the few honest guy in Hollywood.
Mayur says on 31/Jul/12
Christian is 6 !
BigT says on 30/Jul/12
Ralp: Yup, there´s a good 2-2.5" between Morgan and Christian, but Morgan Freeman is not 6´2" anymore, probably 185-186 cm today, that would make Christian Bale 180 cm or less.
Ralph says on 30/Jul/12
After seeing him in dark night rises next to Morgan Freeman...Bale is six feet...

Rob, sorry for the height question here...but how tall do you have to be at night to have the proper right to say youre a legit six feet?...(182cm)?(182.5)?(182.88)? Thanks!!
[Editor Rob: most people aren't going to be able to spot if you're 5ft 11.75 or 6ft, so if you dropped a 1/4 inch below 6ft I think most people won't bother with fractions and would just say 6ft, or about/almost 6ft]
MaskDeMasque says on 25/Jul/12
5'11 ish. Prob 6ft in the morning.
BigT says on 25/Jul/12
He looks like a strapping 6´1" at times, and then he goes on to look sub 5´11", what sorcery is this?
Brad says on 24/Jul/12
Was told he was at that moment 5 minutes from where I was standing at a hospital today. Waited outside. As listed from not far away. Errol Flynn type of looking.
Chris says on 24/Jul/12
johno stop trolling, Wahlberg wears lifts and next to Tom Hardy you doesn't have posted a single good pic.

Here we go


Click Here
Click Here

with 5'10.5'' R.Crowe:
Click Here

with 5'9'' S.Worthington:
Click Here

So trollo, sorry johno, according to you if Bale is 5'9.5''-5'10'' then Hardy and Worthington are 5'6.5''-5'7'' and Crowe 5'8''? Right?
johno says on 17/Jun/12
Around 5'10 as i said before. Does not have much height over tom hardy nor mark wahlberg.
JustMe says on 16/Jun/12
He towers over the reportedly 5'10,75 Wes Bentley. So a definitive 6 footer.
Click Here
Yaspaa says on 15/Jun/12
He's tilting and leaning in the pic with Oldman. I see an easy 1.5-2" over Oldman.
LauraSki says on 10/Jun/12
Perhaps 5'11.5
Byron T. says on 9/Jun/12
Like Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale is another actor who claims to be 6'0'' when he's actually only 5'11'' tops.
QLR says on 4/Jun/12
Click Here

He looked about the same as Gary Oldman in this picture, who is listed around 5'10...
Chris says on 12/Feb/12
Those pics are terrible to judge Bale's height. 6', not buying anything under 5'11.5 for him.
Truslyder says on 12/Feb/12
I say Bale is closer to 5'11. Check this pic:

Click Here

Yea, 5'9.5 Hardy is closer to the camera, but it appears that Bale is the within an inch of everyone else and they all have similar footwear with similar posture.
DejaVu says on 11/Feb/12
Nothing under 5'11.5
johno says on 11/Feb/12
Click Here

Now we can see how close joseph can get to bale's height i.e 1 - 1.5 inches, how tall would tom hardy get when hardy is taller then joseph? Was joseph wearing lifts to? Hardy is 5'9.
johno says on 11/Feb/12
Click Here

Now we can see how close joseph can get to bale's height i.e 1 - 1.5 inches, how tall would tom hardy get when hardy is taller then joseph? Was joseph wearing lifts to? Hardy is 5'9.
johno says on 11/Feb/12
Click Here

Looks about 1-1.5 inches taller then the 5'9.5 listed joseph gordon-levitt but that 5'9.5 looks a bit in the high end for me. He seems between 5'8.5 - 5'9.25, quite possibly 5'8. Which would would put bale at 5'10.75 at the highest, and 5'10 at lowest compared to a 5'8.5 joseph

Bale 5'10 - 5'10.75
joseph gordon-levitt 5'8.5 - 5'9.25
Chris says on 11/Feb/12
6'0 (183 cms).
Godred says on 10/Feb/12
Still think 5`11 is right.
johno says on 10/Feb/12
and ras you talk the words out of my mouth, wait until they do they do start promoting, i'm wondering where bale is going to pull off looking 3 inches taller then hardy at 6'0. I expect hardy to be around just above bales eyebrow level according to your estimate.

bale 5'10 - 5'10.75 max
johno says on 10/Feb/12
@chris listen, your didn't get the point. Point being, bale equals in freeman in height when we clearly know, freeman is taller. How much taller is another issue, some would say 1 inch but thats just a dream, anywhere between 2.5 - 3 inches and even with freeman ''6'1.25 - 6'1.5 now-a-days,'' bale would not reach 6'0 nor 5'11.5, he could would basically come up short - no pun intended.
Chameleon says on 10/Feb/12
I thought Bale was 180? Wonder what he actually is.
Chris says on 9/Feb/12
@Johno In first pic Freeman is losing posture, he always looks 1.5'' taller than Bale, I posted pics below. Bale 6' stop trolling. Freeman 6'1.25-6'1.5 nowadays.
Ras_ says on 9/Feb/12
Wait until BOTH of them start promoting the movie,then you will see how much of a failed troll are you LOL.
SAK says on 9/Feb/12
ok johno, how is this shot more accurate Click Here you cant even see the legs or footwear.

Anyway, lets agree to disagree, sorry for calling you a troll.
johno says on 8/Feb/12
@SAK, as i stated earlier, he looks in the upper 5'9 range with the 5'9 - 5'9.5 in those decent screen shots, no lifts and looks nowhere close to 5'11.5, that surely can be agreed on.

I estimated bale in the 5'10 range at best ie 5'10 - 5'10.75 and nothing more..

''Compared to everyone else bale looks 5'11.5/6f'', well if you mean by everyone else celebrities such as the 6'2 listed morgan freeman, then yeh ..

Click Here

Here he is, looking 1 inch taller then the 6'2 listed freeman, since we believe bale does not wear lifts, its only fair to say bale is 6'3 right? since they are right next to each other and its a direct relationship. Actually morgan is slouching, so bale is 6'2.5 right? And look, he's about 1.5 inches taller then the 5'8.5 katie holmes with her 4 inch heels making him, 6'2 with shoes and 6'1 without right? so your 5'11.5 is off to with some prominent celebrities, since someone like bale does not wear lifts right?

Now, if we talk a bit more sense. Heres bale with freeman again in a better more accurate shot ..

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Freeman is around 3 inches taller then bale. Freeman is listed as 6'2 but most likely has shrunk from that, if i had to pick a number i would pick 6'1, making bale in the 5'10 range at best. 5'11.5 and 6'0 in all reality, is to far out.

If i really wanted to troll. I would state hardy states himself as 5'9. Using the general rule of thumb that most celebrities exaggerate height, i could argue he's 5'8.75 and bale is the same height or a bit taller as clearly shown in those perfect head-to-toe comparison shots - Theres no lifts there, i could argue bale looks a flat 5'9 there with R-E-A-S-O-N but im generous, i still stated he looked in the top 5'9 range and went with the 5'10 range ie 5'10 - 5'10.75, nows thats being completely fair and impartial. He looks it with freeman and looks it with mark wahlberg to.

Tom hardy 5'9 - 5'9.5
Christian bale 5'10 range (looks shorter then this next to hardy)
Morgan freeman 6'1
kate holmes 5'8.5
Chris says on 8/Feb/12
Legit 6'. No way 5'10. Click Here Hardy himself admitted.
SAK says on 8/Feb/12
johno says on 1/Feb/12
Tom hardy 5'9 - 5'9.5
Christian bale 5'9.5 - 5'10 in comparison to hardy
So compared to Hardy he looks 5ft9.5/5ft10. Yet compared to everyone else Bale looks 5ft11.5/6ft.

I can buy he could be 181cm/5ft11.25 but i still see him @ 5ft11.5/182. Saying Bale is 5ft9.5 is trolling.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 7/Feb/12
Johno's logic again is spot on. I'm not buying anything over 5'10" barefoot for Bale either.
johno says on 7/Feb/12
Chris says on 6/Feb/12
Tom Hardy admitted using 3'' boots to be near Bale's height. I agree with Ras, you're trolling. Bale at 5'10 IS INSANE. 6' for him.


I can post more pictures of that scene if your like, its pretty clear. Hardy has no lifts in those shots. Hardy looks bale eye to eye. Hardy is between 5'9 - 5'9.5, you can do the simple maths. As i said before, 6'0 is a fanboy dream. The 5'10 range would be best him.

tom hardy 5'9 - 5'9.5
bale 5'10 - 5'10.75 (Looks in the upper 5'9 range with hardy)
Chris says on 6/Feb/12
Tom Hardy admitted using 3'' boots to be near Bale's height. I agree with Ras, you're trolling. Bale at 5'10 IS INSANE. 6' for him.
johno says on 5/Feb/12
You should not take the s u n tabloid as a reliable source. These 3 inches rumours seem only that, a rumours well at least not in that particular fight scene on the steps. First of all there is no way you get 3 inch lifts in those shoes and 2) It would be very dangerous to do a fight scene on some steps, with lifts on so at least in that particular scene, hardy did not have lifts on, visibly you could tell plus, he matched bale in height.

Bale is not 5'11 or above ..
johno says on 5/Feb/12
Ras_ says on 2/Feb/12
@Johno,please stop trolling...if you aren't ABSOLUTELY DO NOT compare him with Tom when he is "Bane" its absurd...he is wearing lifts in his boots as stated earlier in production so both "Batman" and "Bane" can look eachother eye to eye and that is not a rumour its a fact.Anything below 5'11.25 for Bale is not serious.

Your name randomly pops out of nowhere and calls me a troll, i call that trolling. 5'11.25 seems like a fanboy dream. In that particular set of pictures, the fight scene between bane and batman set on the footsteps of that building, hardy does not appear to have any lifts on if anything, bale does since batman's shoes look quite chunky. I don't know what kind of lifts they used since, bane is ment to tower batman, or at least be taller, clearly hardy is not and has not been made to appear to, what is the point?

No wonder if the fighter, bale did not dominate the 5'7 mark wahlberg in height, its because he isn't that much above average. A legit 5'11ish guy would look tallish, bale does not. Bale is not in the 5'11 range and 6'0, well ......

Hardy 5'9 - 5'9.5
christian bale 5'10 the best ( looks in the upper end of the 5'9 range in comparison with hardy, no lifts )
Ras_ says on 2/Feb/12
@Johno,please stop trolling...if you aren't ABSOLUTELY DO NOT compare him with Tom when he is "Bane" its absurd...he is wearing lifts in his boots as stated earlier in production so both "Batman" and "Bane" can look eachother eye to eye and that is not a rumour its a fact.Anything below 5'11.25 for Bale is not serious.
johno says on 1/Feb/12
..................Point being, he's very far from the 6'0 mark and similary, not close to the 5'11 figure. Best he could be is 5'10.5 but could even shorter as evident by the tom hardy comparisons.
johno says on 1/Feb/12
@chris, your first link, you can't tell wear the actors are standing and what on thus bale gains a bit of height and in your second link where the entire bodyshots becomes avaliable, bale barely has any height on the 5'9 - 5'9.5 tom hardy.

Plus, any height he does have at the top of his head is due to his rubber mask. The tip of his head is not that high thus, tom hardy and bale and nearly equals in height.

Tom hardy 5'9 - 5'9.5
Christian bale 5'9.5 - 5'10 in comparison to hardy
Chris says on 31/Jan/12
Bale at 5'10 is insane. The guy is an honest 6 footer (He's listed 6'1 in many sites and even at 6'2). That pic is misleading. Here are other two pics and Bale is clearly taller. Click Here
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johno says on 30/Jan/12
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- As someone posted earlier, he hardly has any height on the 5'9 tom hardy. Contrary to popular belief, hardy has no lifts and infact, bales boots give him an advantage.

tom hardy 5'9 - 5'9.5
bale 5'9.5 - 5'10 with hardy ( Cannot work this one out )
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 27/Jan/12
He's 5'11" MAX.

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