How tall is Christopher Walken ?

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Christopher Walken's height is 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 0in (183 cm)
American actor best known for films such as Deer Hunter, A View to a Kill, Pulp Fiction, The Funeral, King of New York, Catch Me If You Can, The Dead Zone, Wedding Crashers, Blast from The Past and Seven Psychopaths. In an edition of Inside the Actor's Studio, Walken said "I'm Six Feet...but I have tall hair."

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Comment on the Height of Christopher Walken

Sam said on 4/Nov/15
An honest guy bet he was a strong six foot at peak, hardly dipping below the mark by evening.
Che said on 28/Oct/15
A legit 6 footer his hair would put him at 6'0.5" mark in his 30s. Now about 5'11".
Emil 182-183 cm said on 14/Sep/15
Peak he was 6'0.5
5'11 range today
Michael said on 6/Sep/15
I thought he was taller
6'2 Younger
6'1 Now
heelshealheight said on 31/Aug/15
I stand corrected here; always thought he was super tall (about 6'5"). Superb actor and fantastic person. In the Dead Zone he was beyond comparison.
Maor said on 30/Jun/15
Wow, i was expecting 5'11 (180cm)
richie said on 5/May/15
Mmmm..i always thought he appeared in the 6'1" range, certainly had a good 3 inches on DeNiro in Deerhunter and was almost the same height as Roger Moore in View to a Kill, certainly a strong 6'
Judd said on 12/Feb/15
Judd says on 19/Dec/14
Rob he could be 5'11 or 5'11.25 today?
[Editor Rob: he certainly can look sub 6ft]

I think until 2005 he was in the 6' wedding crash he wasn't much far from Bradley Cooper, but in 2002 he was very close to LDiCaprio (5'11.25")...Today i think he's max 5'11.5".
Judd said on 19/Dec/14
Rob he could be 5'11 or 5'11.25 today?
[Editor Rob: he certainly can look sub 6ft]
Mike said on 6/Dec/14
Batman Returns should also be listed here...
Judd said on 7/Nov/14
no doubt regarding he was 6'0" but today he actually looks a bit shorter than 5'11.5", like a strong 5'11".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/14
He towered over DeNiro in The Deer Hunter and wasn't much shorter than Connery in The Anderson Tapes. A strong 6ft/weak 6ft1 range peak.
Danimal said on 14/Oct/14
Was close to 6'1" at his peak. Has noticeably lost height.
kyuss said on 13/Oct/14
over 6-0 peak for sure. 6"0-5" more like
Sam said on 18/Sep/14
At peak, I don't see an inch, even half an inch, between Walken and Roger Moore.
Click Here
A bit taller than Laurence Fishburne.
Click Here
Also here with Kris Kristofferson and Jeff Bridges (dropping a bit in the foreground).
Click Here
I could see more 6'0.5" at peak for Walken.
Sean73 said on 4/Sep/14
Strong six footer in his prime.Looked it in Bulloxi Blues.
Emil 182.5 cm said on 18/Aug/14
I'd say a 6'0.25-6'0.5 peak for Walken :)
Emil 182.5 cm said on 5/Aug/14
Dont you think 184-185 cm could be a POSSIBLE peak?
[Editor Rob: a little bit over 6ft is possible, but I would think he is an honest enough guy saying 6ft.]
jtm said on 18/Jul/14
he was at least 1.5 shorter than eastwood at the jersey boys premiere. probably no more than 5'11 today.
jtm said on 18/Jul/14
he was at least 1.5 shorter than eastwood at the jersey boys premiere.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jul/14
Nice one. His hairstyle can really make him look at least 6'1" at times. In the above photo it looks 6 inches from his eyes to the top of his hair!
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jul/14
Rob can you add a photo and add A View to a Kill, Pulp Fiction, The Funeral, King of New York. Catch Me If You Can, The Dead Zone, Wedding Crashers and Seven Psychopaths?

Looks roughly 2 inches shorter than Benicio Del Torro in The Funeral.
Roger said on 6/Jul/14
Walken towered over Batman Michael Keaton in Batman Returns. Keaton is known to be 5-9 peak. My guess he was 6-1 or maybe 6 feet even.
Guy said on 9/Jun/14
He looked very close to sandler in Click, i would say he is between 180 and 182
HULK said on 11/Feb/14
same height as Bradley Cooper
Height expert said on 20/Jan/14
I think I read some where that Chris walken suffers from some spinal disease or something that's why his posture is terrible. Do correct me though as I'm not certain.

One does not simply Walken to Morodor.
Martin said on 19/Dec/13
Click Here good clip to judge his peak height next to Sean Connery
Spencer said on 2/Dec/13
Peak: 6'0.75
Today: 5'11.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Dec/13
"Peak height was 6ft 0.5in (184cm)"
Arch Stanton said on 21/Sep/13
Didn't look under 6 ft peak. Looks tall in the Deer Hunter, 3 inches easily on De Niro.
Willy said on 29/Apr/13
Looked an inch shorter than Roger Moore in A View To A Kill. Moore at that time certainly wasn't over 6'0.75'', so 5'11.75'' seems natural for Walken. 6' flat when waking up at peak, but never over it. Well, 6'1'' with the hair.
Lorne said on 22/Apr/13
@Jake: Ditto on 6ft0.25in
nord said on 26/Mar/13
6'1'' back in the day
Tempest said on 25/Jan/13
Here he is next to apparently 6'2"ish Neil Degrasse Tyson. Click Here
Conti said on 2/Dec/12
I think when he was younger he was 6'1,because he kind of looked taller in batman returns.Unless he was wearing boots or something that made him taller.Normally when a person gets older they lose 2 inches of growth.I would say now he's 5'11.
AF said on 22/Sep/12
States 6ft here Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/12
"Peak height was 6 ft 0.75 in (185cm)"
bodwaya said on 15/Jun/12
he had 3 inches on 5 foot 10 sandler on click. plus even height with 6 foot DiCaprio in catch me if you can. In ninth gate had 4 inches on 5 foot 9 deep. lastly was only 2 inches shorter then 6 foot 2 morgan freeman in maiden heist. he dosent look like he lost
an inch at his age
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
Solid 180cm. I remember in click he was a little taller than sandler.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 27/Jan/12
I agree with LAN Jiao/Steven, this guy is 5'10" range, 5'11" TOPS.
Valeri said on 12/Oct/07
yeah Markus.I'd say a strong 5'11 at least even today.probably 5'11.25.5'10 is out of the question for walken.Shoulder show about 3.5in of difference,but its more 3-3.25 in reality,judging by the top of the head.
Markus said on 3/Oct/07
There's more than 2 inches difference between Glenn and Mr. Walken here, I'm still going with 5-11. Also look at the shoulder height difference.
Coffee Shop said on 2/Oct/07
hey, he could very well be 5'10" cause no one has taken into acount that his hair is always brushed back prob gives him 2" of extra height but not raggin on him though he's a phanomenal actor
dmeyer said on 1/Oct/07
looks about 5'11.25 was about 6 ft 0.5 in so lost
bam said on 22/Sep/07
he was definately closer to 6'1 peak. Rob, I would consider giving him a peak height.
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/07
Because the deer hunter took place in like the philapines or cambodia or something! everyones short there.He's like a God among men there the one that was born to touch sky's
Glenn said on 1/Aug/07
JanJ-I agree with you on Walken.not Deniro.he is still 5-9 and was 5-10 peak possibly.
dmeyer said on 31/Jul/07
at 65 likel lost 1 in since average loose 1.2 by 70 but a lot of people loose more
JanJ said on 30/Jul/07
walken was about 6'1.5 in the deer hunter....he was taller than all the rest of the guys
steph said on 29/Jul/07
michelle pfieffer is listed as 5 foot 5 and on hairspray, when the two were standing together, they were about the same height.. so she must have been wearing 7 inch heels? O.o?
dmeyer said on 28/Jun/07
rob you could give him 6 ft to 6'0.5 in peak and 5'11 to 5'11.25 now he did look 1 in shorter than denzel
Danimal said on 28/Jun/07
I have heard him claim 6'0 1/2".
Franco said on 27/Jun/07
honestly Glenn prolly is wearing some sport shoes looking at his jacket/t-shirt combo, also i think mr. Christopher (excellent actor) got formal shoes surely and looks 6'0ish.

imho bare footed Walken is 5'11.5 and with the shoes in the pic about 6'0.5
Pete said on 26/Jun/07
he looks 5-11 in that pic. very talented actor.
Bad Radio said on 24/Jun/07
met him twice last year...really cool guy...definately 6'0 ft.
schnitzelferk said on 24/Jun/07
[Editor Rob: nearing 65 on for sure he is likely to have lost some noticeable (1/2, 3/4) height.]

My dad was 6'2 1/2" aged 17, i measured him last year and today after reading this, hes 6'2 1/2" aged 57, and is a builder, and works his back loads.

Losing height from age is over rated also.

[Editor Rob: likely, not a certainty of course. Your sample size is 1, and he's 57 and you think height loss is over-rated. Its understandable you'd think that. Research proves otherwise though.]
dmeyer said on 24/Jun/07
looks a lidl less than 6 ft like 181 could have been 6'0.25 1 in is likely at 65
Mario said on 24/Jun/07
Though he was still taller in 2002 than DiCaprio who is in my opinion 182-183 cm.

I still think that he was at least 184cm when he was in his 20s.
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/07
Time for a downgrade Rob!!...seriously!

[Editor Rob: nearing 65 on for sure he is likely to have lost some noticeable (1/2, 3/4) height.]
glenn said on 24/Jun/07
i need to rack more getting spoiled.
glenn said on 24/Jun/07
rob,did you get the new pics i sent?

[Editor Rob: yes I got them fine always, your the man who keeps racking em up!]
schnitzelferk said on 23/Jun/07
oh also, i forgot to mention, sandler slouches too! so the postures should be evened out anyway, and yes, sander is a teensy bit in the foreground, but 3"? come on?!?!

Click Here

even if you make henry here 5'5" hell even 5'4" that makes from walkens mid nose to forehead 7-8" long, if he is indeed 6'0" tall


My fiancee is 5'5" and i can rest my chin on her head moving up a bit, and my head is exactly 8.5", i have to move my chin by 1.5"

His head would have to be 10-11" long in that pic for him to be 6ft

seriously, this guy is NOT 6ft, in this pic he barely comes out 5'10"

I am and have been obsessed with height forever, most standard human heads are 7.5-9" long depending, and you can have a lot of accuracy basing height just with heads, if someone is 6'0" and the guy next to them has literally to the chin line, chances are they have a 9"+ head as theyre taller, so theyre 6'9" min.
if a 5ft guy is exactly 1 head shorter than another, that guy is most likely 5'7-8"

chris is NOT 6'0", how he is even listed at 6'10" amazes me

glenn is coming up to halfway through his forehead in that picture, unless half his damn forehead is 4", then NO he is not 6ft, and slouching does not eliminate 2" unless major
schnitzelferk said on 23/Jun/07
Click Here

suck it markus

I dont care if hes sloching, i didnt know better about adam sandler back then, adams 5'9" tops personally to me, and even slouching-you cant lose 3".

I even tested this as i am too-exactly 6'0" and even with extreme slouching, i still end up 5'10" and thats REALLY bad slouching, hunched over almost.

People give slouching more credit than its worth, you rarely lose more than 1" from it.

I say chris is 5'10" 5'11" tops.

5'10" guys can look 6ft with enough posture, shoes and hair, unless someones good at estimating height.

when i was 5'11" i had people comment me as being 6'1" and 6'3" even!!

some people REALLY dont know how to estimate height, so when it comes to "this person i know said they was around x'x" it really doesnt count for much, also note how these stories here usually lead to a massive 4" hike or something, not this time, but theyre easily findable.
glenn said on 23/Jun/07
well,he was 6ft peak.he does look shorter in the pic,the more i realise it.he seemed at least 5-11ish.
Anonymous said on 23/Jun/07
He looks 5'10 to 5'10.5 max in his barefeet(Time for a down grade ..Rob.. to at least 5'11)
3 said on 23/Jun/07
this is a joke. there's no way this guy is 6 feet tall. He is maybe 5-11 and I'd say more like 5-10 in this picture. Looks like he's standing up straight, still there's no way that this guy is 4 inches taller than glenn.
6'3'' JK said on 22/Jun/07
He just about has 4 inches on Glenn, 6'0'' tops!
OutBenchThis said on 22/Jun/07
looks max 5'11"
Danimal said on 22/Jun/07
He is one of the coolest guys ever. He doesn't believe in using punctuation when speaking. Dead Zone and Communion were AWESOME. He's claimed to be 6'0.5" in the past.
Anthony said on 22/Jun/07
Looks between 5'11 and 6'. Walken rules.
Markus said on 22/Jun/07
Looks more like 5'11" in this pic ? What does Glenn say ??
glenn said on 22/Jun/07
6ft.has a habit of not looking in cameras.had him in 1990.lost the pic.
eli said on 22/Jun/07
I just love this actor
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/07
looked 6' against Denzel Washington at 6'1/2" Man on Fire.
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/07
You just got to meet my fav. actor Glenn! What were your thoughts about his height, is 6 feet accurate ?
glenn said on 25/Apr/07
just got last him 17 years ago but lost the pic.he isnt looking in my camera last i need to get him again in the coming weeks.
Markus said on 24/Apr/07
Yeah, thats one of his best features! Plus, his ice cold alien-like stare !

But I'd really like to know if anyone met the guy. I talked with the fanclub president who met Chris, she also thought him to be about 6 feet.
jon said on 8/Apr/07
:D have anyone listened closely to him speaking in most of his movies... he has a pretty freaking pattern and rhytm when he talks, I love it!
Markus said on 28/Mar/07
I say Click last weekend, not a great movie btw...I'm not sure what Schnitzelfreak saw, but Chris definately looked taller than Adam Sandler in my opinion. Not sure by how much though because he has quirky puffy hair. Maybe about 1,5 or 2" difference.
Snakeman said on 17/Mar/07
In Catch me if you fking can him and Leo look the exact same height.
Markus said on 8/Mar/07
The guy's at least 5-11, he just slouches.
schnitzelferk said on 1/Mar/07
well in the film click hes the exact same height as adam sandler, and as sandler is 5'10" no taller, that puts chris at 5'10" too.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 13/Feb/07
nowadays i'd def say 6'0 or even 5'11.5 he still seems the tall skinny dude just sorta slouches now
dmeyer said on 2/Feb/07
in his 20 not far from 6'1 and closer to 182 183 now
Markus said on 14/Dec/06
Has anyone got a picture with Chris, Glenn maybe?
He's my favorite actor...the embodification of coolness!
Spence said on 28/Oct/06
He was 6'1 flat at his peak, watch Deer Hunter hes way taller than Deniro who is almost 5'10
dmeyer said on 25/Oct/06
184-5 at peak 182-3right now
Mario said on 7/Sep/06
Christopher Walken was easy 185cm at his peak.
Rufus said on 7/Sep/06
Moore was allready a grandy when played his last Bond.
Sure Walken is a cm taller than him, but cameras try to not reflect that on film.
Or Moore shrunk or he was never taller than 6', anyway that makes 6+ of Walken.
Markus said on 5/Sep/06
In A view to a Kill I thought Moore actually looked a little bit taller than Walken...hmm I have to take a look at that again
piwo81 said on 25/Aug/06
If he is exactly 6' then Roger Moore was no more then 6'. Walken was about 1 cm taller then Moore.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 13/Jul/06
in wedding crashers chris' chracter and his one daughters boyfriend Zak(who is supposed to be 6'1) they looked nearly the same siding side by side maybe a .5 difference so either chris is 6'1 or that other dude Zak is just 6'0
Harry said on 9/Jul/06
He didn't look much taller than adam sandler in click, in some scenes Chris only looked about 1 inch taller but probably at his age he is starting to slouch abit
D. Ray Morton said on 26/Jun/06
"He's one of the best actors in the business."

Hear hear.
Glenn said on 25/Jun/06
When I first met him in 1990 I got the impression he was 6-3!.then 2nd time in 1997,he looked 6ft.
Larry said on 25/Jun/06
Chris stated his own height as 6 foot on The Bravo Channel. Very fine actor IMHO! :-)
Frank2 said on 24/Jun/06
Chris is exactly 6' tall. He's one of the best actors in the business.
Frank said on 24/Jun/06
Sorry, but Michelle Pfeiffer is no more than 5'4, even with heels.
Anthony said on 23/Jun/06
I think when he was younger, he may have been a tad over 6'1. In "Batman Returns", he was a good few centimeters over Michael Keaton. Also, in the scene where Michelle Pfeiffer (about 5'5 but 5'7 in the heels she was wearing) is confronted by his character, he towers over her. Very big and scary guy. He's prorbably about 184 centimeters now, so he's still fairly tall.
Markus said on 21/Mar/06
A really cool actor and the coolest hair in de business anyway!

The funny thing is that his height looks pretty steady in each movie. He maybe used to look a little taller, but thats because he gained some weight these days I think.

He's about 2-3 inches shorter than 6'3" Brendan Fraser in Blast from the past, so around 6 seems reasonable.
Mario said on 7/Jan/06
To me he looks 6 ft 1, also today.
When I saw him with De Niro in the Deer Hunter, I was shocked how short De Niro was next him.
bernar said on 13/Oct/05
in the movie Batman Returns mr Walken seems to be much taller than mr Keaton at least 6 cm. comparing him to Andrew Bryniarski (he plays his son according to his site he is 6ft5inch ) makes me think that he is much over 6 ft. Walken seems to be max 2 inches shorter than Bryniarski. besides why Andrew Bryniarski isnt listed on the side??
Mr. R said on 14/Apr/05
I saw Walken two years ago during a screening of Catch Me If You Can. He was very engaging and funny - not at all like the crazies he portrays. He is also a fairly good singer and dancer. If you check out this film, Walken is clearly more than half an inch taller than Leo, and my personal account indicates that he is about 6-1.
The Continental said on 3/Mar/05
Walken does have probably the goofiest hairdo around, he just comes off as being a wacky guy. He's probably somewhere between 6'0"-6'1", and he would be my first pick to play Sly if I were casting a Taming of the Shrew movie...

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