How tall is Jon Voight ?

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Jon Voight's height is 6ft 2in (188 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2.5in (189 cm)
American actor best known for roles in films such as Midnight Cowboy, Deliverance, Mission: Impossible, Catch-22, Coming Home, The Champ, Runaway Train, Heat and Anaconda. In a 1987 Photoplay interview he said "I'm awkward, too long and thin. Six foot three on stage is tall."

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Comment on the Height of Jon Voight

Tony said on 8/Jan/16
I think he was around 6'4 in midnight cowboy, judging by how he towered over everyone else in new york city.
Andrea said on 1/Jan/16
He didn't look over 6'1 in 24... And i'm talking about 2009-2010!
Judd ISR said on 28/Dec/15
Grizz I've no doubt he was under 6'2.5" at peak (that is the best mark for him).
Today he might be a fraction under 6'2", but I doubt he's under 6'1.5"...
He might be as Morgan Freeman: peak at 6'2.5" and today 6'1.5-1.75"...
Judd ISR said on 28/Dec/15
Grizz I've no doubt he was under 6'2.5" at peak (that is the best mark for him).
Today he might be a fraction under 6'2", but I doubt he's under 6'1.5"...
He might be as Morgan Freeman: peak at 6'2.5" and today 6'1.5-1.75"...
grizz said on 26/Dec/15
Rob,is it really possible he didn't lose a whole inch till the age of 77?
That's really impressive if true! Usually tall guys lose more height than shorter ones.
Freeman is the only tall one I can think of that didn't lose an inch with 70+years.
Editor Rob: by his 70's he has lost height, a gradual loss, he didn't seem to lose that much by around 70 though.
ebo said on 14/Nov/15
legit 6'2, slouches a lot too, i think hes a strong 6'2 still
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/15
He actually does look pretty close to Schreiber in recent pictures.
Yati said on 25/Aug/15
Probably closer to 6' 2.5" if Liv Shreiber is 6' 2.75" He stands eye-to-eye and nose-to-nose with Liv Shreiber.
small fry said on 21/Aug/15
Rampage 6'3" in his boots for sure during those day's looks alomost 5 inches taller than 5'9" scott baio,
Mike said on 28/Jun/15
186-187 today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/15
190cm peak
188cm today
Judd said on 6/Apr/15
IMO he was 6'2.5" for sure at peak. Today he could be 6'1.75", but not a full 6'2" guy if not he does look taller than 6'1.25-1.5" Will Smith, while they did look same height!
joe 193cm night said on 6/Apr/15
Peak 6´2.75(190)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Apr/15
Rob, is 6ft3 peak possible?

He really does appear it in Midnight Cowboy and Deliverance.
[Editor Rob: over 6ft 2, near 6ft 3 isn't impossible, it is what he claimed, but any guy in 6ft 2.5-2.75 range would probably round up.]
cole said on 20/Feb/15
@Editor Rob: Think 6'2.75 is fair for his peak since he claimed 6'3? He's 76 years old now and has looked 6'2 flat for the better part of a decade, looks like he could even be dipping a touch below 6'2 on Ray Donovan, but his posture isn't great.
Sam said on 29/Oct/14
Rob, could you add these to his credits?: Catch-22, Coming Home, The Champ, Runaway Train, Heat, Mission: Impossible and Anaconda.
[Editor Rob: I also found he did claim 6ft 3 as his height.]
Sam said on 14/Oct/14
Here's a book on boxing in film that states Voight was "six feet three inches tall and 190 pounds".
Click Here
TJE said on 21/Jul/14
He looked at least 2 inches shorter than Liev Schreiber on Ray Donovan. If he straightened up, I could see 187 at the most.
Tony said on 28/Jun/14
I met him at the Whitaker Wellness Center in Newport Beach, CA about two years ago. He was easily 6'3" - 6"4" tall. He appears inordinately tall and 6'2" tall men don't give that impression. They appear tall, but not inordinately so.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Apr/14
That's odd he looked 6'1" range max next to Wahlberg recently.Click Here
Sam said on 10/Mar/14
Next to Liev Schreiber, he looks barely shorter recently. He's got good posture and seems to have lost barely any height.
steve said on 28/Feb/14
saw him at lax airport last month tall guy about 6ft2 was 6 ft 3 in his prime tall guy was on a flight to cancun had a pair of penny loafers on im 6 ft 2 myself
Dejavu said on 6/Feb/14
He is a strong 2 inches taller than Edward Norton.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Dec/13
"Peak height was 6ft 2.75in (190cm)"

He did look near 6ft4 in Midnight Cowboy with boots maybe. The 6ft5 listings are complete bull.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Oct/13
Odd but Burt Reynolds can look only a bit shorter in Deliverance, I'd guess Reynolds was wearing lifts even on a river!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Sep/13
May have been 6ft3
Brad said on 14/Sep/13
I've stood and walked next to him and he's taller than me (this was about 5 years ago). I'm 6' 2.5"
Sam said on 10/Jul/13
Rob, would you add the 6'2"-6'3" self-description from Entertainment Weekly in an Oscar retrospective? I don't have a link on this one.
[Editor Rob: I'd really need to see it or find it]
Dmeyer said on 19/Mar/13
Rob this Guy didnt lose much
OLDTIMER said on 5/Mar/13
Lou Ferrigino WAS 6'4.5" OR 6'5" NOT 6'3". Voight could easily be 6'2.5".
Marcelo C. said on 5/Oct/07
In "Mission Impossible" looks not less than 6" taller than Cuise. I guess he´s 6´2", considering Cruise´s lifts.
Jackie said on 12/Sep/07
With Jane Fonda, Michael Cimino and Warren Beatty in the seventies
Click Here
Ed said on 21/Aug/07
Varsity Blues was on the other night and he looked roughly the same height as Paul Walker(6ft2) maybe a bit taller, and at least 2-3 inches taller than James Vanderbeek. In one scene though he looked to have almost 4 inches or more on Vanderbeek, who's listed at 6ft but to me looks more like 5ft10/5ft11. 6ft2.5 or a flat 6ft2 sounds right for Voight! Maybe 6ft3 in his youth, but I don't think 6ft4 by any means!
marco said on 25/Jul/07
In National Treasure, in the scene towards the end when they enter the church, he looks slightly taller than Nicolas Cage, i would say 1 and 1/2 inch, maybe 2 but not more; i do believe he was taller than 6 3 at his peak; if Cage is 6 feet he should now be around 6 2'' top.
Anthony said on 25/Feb/07
I think Voight was between 6'3 amd 6'4 at his peak.
dmeyer said on 25/Feb/07
you should give him peak height 6 ft 4
G-MANN said on 13/Jan/07
He looked so tall in Midnight Cowboy, but then he was with Dustin Hoffman most of the time, and even Tom Cruise looks tall next to him.
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/06
have you seen his boots in this clip? they're shown at the end
The dude said on 5/Nov/06
Click Here

Look at this clip from Midnight cowboy. He's a head taller then anyone else when he's walking the streets of manhattan.
anon said on 1/Aug/06
2 rob, could you add a page for his brother chip taylor is he taller then jon voight?
anon said on 22/Jul/06
how tall is his brother chip taylor?
John said on 19/May/06
a photo of John Voigt standing next to Liam Stone (6ft) he looked at least four to five inches taller than Stone, who is not a small guy.
Height of shoes for both actors are unknown.. the photo is in the photogallery at Click Here

IF both actors are wearing the same shoes then Jon Voight is at least 6ft 5in.
sam said on 21/Apr/06
He looked shorter than Liev Schreiber in The Manchurian Candidate. Schreiber seemed to have almost 2 inches on Voight. The difference between Schreiber and Denzel Washington in that movie was similar. I believe Schreiber is about 6'3"...I think it's possible that Voight doesn't have the best posture and is starting to shrink.
piwo81 said on 3/Mar/06
Jon Voight is for me 6'4" (much above 6'2") but he's stooping because he believes such a height is unsuitable for an actor. I saw him on TV standing next to a reporter (about 6' or 6'1") and he was much taller. He was also asked how he managed to play Pope, who was much shorter, and he showed how he was stoopong and shrinking :)
CelebHeights Editor said on 11/Feb/06
1979 May Photoplay magazine described him "six foot three"
Height Tracker said on 30/Dec/05
He looked pretty tall in Anaconda. He made Owen Wilson seem like a 5'9" guy, just like I thought he was.
Gramps said on 4/Dec/05
He just looked 6'5" next to Dustin Hoffman (Midnight Cowboy)! ;-)
Peter said on 4/Dec/05
I read he was 6'5". Did he shrink?
=rod said on 17/Nov/05
"6,3" seems to be right !!
sam said on 11/Aug/05
He described himself as having stood about 6'3" in the early 1970s.
Mr luis said on 12/May/05
I saw him a time ago and he looked 6'2 in my eyes.
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/05
I just saw him on Entertainment Tonight and to my surprise he and Will Smith were about the same height. Originally thought he was only around the 6 ft mark since he and Burt Reynolds look about the same height in Deliverence.
Mr. R said on 14/Apr/05
I met him on Oscar night twice, and he seemed just over 6'1". We spoke for awhile. He is definitely not as tall as he is listed here.

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