How tall is Cindy Crawford ?

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Cindy Crawford's height is 5ft 9in (175 cm)

American Model and Actress. In entertainment weekly referenced her height as "5ft 9 and half", which appeared on her modelling card. Cindy herself in Chicago Tribune (8/10/90) when asked how tall she was is quoted giving "5-9". Her vital stats are: Bust/Bra size: 34B, Waist 23 inches, Hips 35 inches, Shoe Size: 9.5.

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BGee says on 27/Nov/14
Perfect height! Still tall w/o getting crazy. And still stunning after all these years.
James B says on 1/Sep/14
Look more 5'8.5 these days
Crash says on 13/May/14
@Arch WTF? He looked clearly shorter than her back then and he still does today at 14.
Dave says on 22/Feb/14
She was 5'9.5" moat of the time and probably 5'10" peak right out of bed at age 21-40.
Now that she's way over 40, she could be as low as 5'9" by bed time but still more than that right out of bed.
J.Lee says on 24/Dec/13
Can u do a height for christie brinkley?
[Editor Rob: yeah no problem]
J.Lee says on 5/Nov/13
Rob, I have something interesting I want you to look at. This pic of Cindy 5 ft9 with George Clooney 5 ft 10.75. Click Here If Clooney is 5 ft 10 3/4 and wearing 1 inch shoes, how much taller does Cindy look in this pic and how high would her shoes be?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he is quite standing as tall there, not sure there's many photos of them together]
Gregorovich says on 25/Oct/13
Need to find picks of her with Gere. If she had on 3 or 4 inch heels, she would be several inches taller than him. I stood right next to her last year. She's around 5'9" barefoot.
Cacau says on 23/Sep/13
Richard Gere looks 2 inches taller than she, in old photos and he's 1,76 m
John says on 13/Sep/13
She's not 5 feet 9.
i.n. says on 12/Aug/13
Click Here
With 6'0 PK Subban
J.Lee says on 26/Jun/13
Rob doesn't she need to get averaged out to 5 ft 9.25 or 5 ft 9.5 if 5 ft 9 is her lowest?
J.Lee says on 25/Jun/13
Rob what do you think Cindy's height ranges from morning to night?
[Editor Rob: could be nearly 5ft 10 and go to 5ft 9 flat]
Silent d says on 23/Jun/13
5 foot 9. One of the sexiest supermodels ever!
J.Lee says on 15/Jun/13
Rob the pic I showed below looks like a 6 inch heel, yet you said only 5 ft 11 and 6 ft
[Editor Rob: I must have thought the picture at the top, yeah in the linked picture the platform is very big and so she'd be in 6ft 1-2 range]
john says on 2/Jun/13
If Randy is 6 feet 2 (which I believe), how is Cindy still always 4 inches smaller and always wearing 4-5 inch heels?????? She has been quoted as saying she is 5 feet 8 by someone on this site
Gregorovich says on 23/May/13
Look, the gal is tall. I am 5'10" and was wearing shoes with a big heel when I met her and Randy in Malibu. I was still looking up at her. Sure, she had high heels on, but even if you subtract the three or four inch heels, I still put her around 5'9". Randy is easily 6'2".
J.Lee says on 20/May/13
Rob, how tall would Cindy be in these? Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably right between 5ft 11 and 6ft]
J.Lee says on 20/May/13
Rob let's say someone has 3 heights. Morning height. Day time height. And night time height. Which height is the one you're supposed to use? My height can fluctuate 3/4 of an inch, but I maintain half of my height for the majority of the day.
[Editor Rob: some people have different views, but if you go with what people on average might be measured at (time of day), then it's more likely around mid-day compared to out of bed or late at night]
J.Lee says on 19/May/13
Rob, aren't you 5 ft 9 AM? In the afternoon, don't you stay at about 5 ft 8.5 until the end of the day?
[Editor Rob: by mid-day I'm near my low, maybe another 2mm by night, but I wake 6-7am most days so would only be 5ft 8.5 up to maybe 9am - the first 3 hours after waking you lose a big proportion of the morning height]
J.Lee says on 18/May/13
Are you a strong 5 foot 8 rob? Seems like you could pass for 5 ft 8.5
[Editor Rob: 1/8th over 5ft 8 is nothing, but you could call it a 'legit' 5ft 8 because I don't drop below the mark. If I dropped to 5ft 7.75 I'd call myself more a weak 5ft 8.]
J.Lee says on 17/May/13
rob do u think she's a ''weak'' 5 ft 9? What do you mean when you say weak?
[Editor Rob: drops below the mark, like 5ft 8.75, a strong 5ft 9 might still be 5ft 9 and a few mm at night or just doesn't go below 5ft 9 and could be 5ft 9.25 in the afternoon.]
John says on 16/May/13
No way in hell 5 feet 9. In high heels at Cannes, she is an inch taller than 5foot 7 georgia jagger. Jerry hall in flats is taller than Georgia in 5 inch heels. Cindy is probably under 5 feet 8. Most exaggerated height ever
J.Lee says on 6/Apr/13
Rob how tall would she be in these Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably six one on the nose]
Arch Stanton says on 1/Apr/13
Their son is growing at a scary rate, he looks like he edges out his mother now and he was about 5'7" ish only a few months ago! He's only 13, he's going to be very tall for sure.
greg says on 17/Mar/13
Colin Murray(thankfully booted from MOTD2)said in Radio Times he interviewed her as a teenager and she was shorter than him. What height do you make him Rob?
J.Lee says on 5/Mar/13
Rob, how tall would u imagine cindy waking up out of bed?
[Editor Rob: I'll make that a mission to find out...

in the meantime, I'd think near 5ft 10 ]
Arch Stanton says on 25/Jan/13
Randy Gerber is 6'2"-6'2.5" range I think. I'd guess 189cm. Click Here Their son is going to be very tall I think, look how long his legs are, he's only just turned 13 and 5 ft 7. With a 6'2" range father and 5'9" mother I could imagine him being 6'4"-6'6 when grown.
Steven says on 3/Nov/12
I'm not doubting you but how tall was randy? Cindy normally wears sky high heels. She, despite wearing 3-4 inch heels, is always much shorter than randy. He is no more than 6-2 based on him next to clooney. So, even in high heels, she is still shy of 6 foot.
Gregorovich says on 28/Oct/12
Saw Cindy and Randy at Cafe Habana in Malibu last night with their kiddies. I am 5'10" and was wearing shoes with 3/4" heel. She had 3 inch heels. My friend said she was around two inches taller than me. So I would put her closer to 176 or 177cm. No way is she only 5'8". Definitely between 5'9" and 5'10" without heels. I complimented Randy about his club "Whiskey Blue", but he was not in a talkative mood.
Steven says on 6/Oct/12
Upper case John is incorrect. Cindy has told someone who posted on the site that she is 5 foot 8 without heels.
John says on 29/Sep/12
Well to lower-case john, There's no such thing as 4 inch heels...most tall woman's heels will give 3-3.25 inches. Also, remember that the man wears shoes of 1-1.25 inches (You forgot about that, eh?) So, advantage = 2 inches. 5'9 becomes 5'11. You said she's 'still 3 inches shorter than her husband who is not taller than 6 foot 2' 6'2-3 =5'11. Cindy is 5'9.
john says on 30/Jul/12
I dont get you people. Cindy wears at least 4 inch heels all the time and is still 3 inches shorther than her husband. If she was 5 feet 9 or 10, she would be well over 6 feet in heels. Her husband is not taller than 6 foot 2. She is at most 5 feet 8 (which is what she saod she was)
J.Lee says on 13/Jun/12
rob, you sure cindy aint 5 ft 10?
Silent d says on 5/Feb/12
5 foot 9.

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