How tall is Daniel Radcliffe ?

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Daniel Radcliffe height: 5ft 5in (165 cm)

English actor best known for starring in the Harry Potter series of films. He has also appeared in Woman in Black and Horns. He stated in 2005 he was was 5ft 5.5 (that half inch being important!) and in 2007 he measured himself at 5ft 5.
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Arch Stanton says on 19/Feb/15
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 19/Jan/15
If he measured at 5'5" when he was 18, then it's possible that he grew a bit. I think that a lot of people pick up .25"-.5" after 21 with nobody noticing it due to the fact that most people are unable to notice 1 CM. It's also possible that he stopped saying '5'5.5"' just because of the fact that '5'5" is easier to remember. That being said, he does appear a bit above 5'5" to me. Is it possible that he's 5'5.25"-5'5.5"?

You kidding? Even 5'5" flat is generous, I'd put him at 5'4" range. I'd list him at 164cm max personally.
FlameBoy says on 14/Feb/15
when your being comfortably beat by Dave Franco then you know your short

Dave franco i can not see being much over 5 ft 6 Radcliffe has to be more 5 ft 4 than 5 ft 5 Looking at that Pic unless franco is wearing lifts.
CD says on 12/Feb/15
It's easier to see Daniel anywhere 5ft 4.5-5, never as low as 5ft 3! IMO he's probably leaning more on 5ft 4.5 side, but not under that.
MD says on 12/Feb/15
That is a bad picture with bad angles with people standing in front of and behind other people. It's an overall bad shot to judge anything off of.
jd says on 9/Feb/15
do you think radcliffe can be 5'3? as seen in this pic 5'5 dave franco has a solid two inches on radcliffe? what do you think? it does look like franco is wearing thick boots though.

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Adam says on 24/Jan/15
All the people debating over the heights of Harry Potter characters in the books - In another of her books (The Casual Vacancy) J.K. Rowling describes two late teen boys in a throw away line as being 'nearly six foot' in a way that implies they are meant to be seen as tall. I think she defines tall as being 5'10 or over - by her own admission, she doesn't like maths and doesn't obsess over how all the statistics of her books match up.
CD says on 21/Jan/15
In every shot Daniel looks 3.5-4 inches shorter than Tom Felton who Rob has met in person and can say is near 174cm. If you watch the video with Jimmy Fallon Daniel also looks 7 if not 8 inches shorter. I really don't think he clears 5ft 5 unless you count out of bed. He can be a weak 5ft 5, probably 5ft 4.5-4.75 range. A guy like Josh Hutcherson has more chance of being a little over 5ft 5.

Very few guys gain anything after 21, a percentage do between 18 and 21 although I suspect on AVERAGE most guys gain 1/4-1/2 inch after about 17.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 19/Jan/15
If he measured at 5'5" when he was 18, then it's possible that he grew a bit. I think that a lot of people pick up .25"-.5" after 21 with nobody noticing it due to the fact that most people are unable to notice 1 CM. It's also possible that he stopped saying '5'5.5"' just because of the fact that '5'5" is easier to remember. That being said, he does appear a bit above 5'5" to me. Is it possible that he's 5'5.25"-5'5.5"?
cd says on 14/Dec/14
Fallon can look 6ft so 5ft 11.75 for him and 5ft 4.75 for Daniel might be on the money.
Recovered Data says on 12/Dec/14

The Exorcist says on 10/Dec/14

Daniel looks about 7" shorter than (5'11.5" listed) Jimmy Fallon in this video.

Click Here

So if Fallon's listing is correct (which I think it is), that would put Daniel at around 5'4.5".

Greg (6'0'') says on 7/Dec/14

@Ray: Of course 11'6'' is twice the height of 5'9''. The question isn't 'How tall is twice the height of the average man' as that is a ridiculously simple computation to solve, but rather over whether this description by Rowling is a hyperbole or not, and I am inclined to believe that it is.

jamie179cm says on 7/Dec/14

@Height182 i agree i think he could as low as 5ft3 but 5ft4 is the max

Ray says on 7/Dec/14

@Greg: Actually Hagrid was 11'6", which is actually twice the average man's height of 5'9", calculate it yourself if you don't believe me.

Height182 says on 7/Dec/14

I really can't see him any taller than 5'4''. I wouldn't even be surprised if he was 5'3.5''!

jamie179cm says on 4/Dec/14

also 6ft1 is the start of legit tall imo

jamie179cm says on 4/Dec/14

@Greg thats weird 5ft11 isn't tall

Greg says on 30/Nov/14

@Tania: No need to apologize, I'm really into Harry Potter as well, and enjoy discussing it with fellow fans; in fact, I guarantee you my list of Harry Potter characters' height will qualify much more for 'getting carried away' than yours, so don't worry. And yes, Ron is referred to as the tallest of the trio throughout the series, although the reference you cited is likely the most important since Harry, Ron, and Hermione are presumably fully-grown at that point, thus confirming that Harry didn't "catch up" to Ron in height with his growth spurt in the latter books of the series.

I would concur with you on the point of Ron being in the very tall range, but I arrived at my conclusion via a different line of reasoning than yours. Rowling's usage of terms such as "tall", "gangling", and the like to describe Ron's physical appearance throughout the series could certainly be referring to a guy as short as 5'11'' or so (given a 5'9'' British male average). The tip-off to me that Ron is very tall is that he is taller than Harry, who is implied as being tall in the seventh book when he is described as exactly the same height as his father James who is referred to as 'tall' throughout the series.

From reading through the series numerous times, I do not recall Bill and Ron being described as having the same build. I do recall the descriptions of Charlie being built like the twins, and Ron and Percy having similar builds. I actually have precise height estimates on all of the male Weasleys as there is very good evidence in the Goblet of Fire excerpt, which you have already presented. Charlie is shorter and stockier like Fred and George, and Ron and Percy are longer and lankier. Bill's build and height isn't mentioned, leading me to believe that he is somewhere in the middle, but he is described as tall, giving us a valuable reference point. I'd guess 6'0'' for him, a solid tall height, with Charlie, Fred, and George being shorter, and Ron and Percy being taller.

Going back to Harry's height, you say that maybe Harry isn't described as being tall because Ron is taller, and that 6'0'' isn't a freakish height. The latter point is easy to refute: James was exactly the same height as Harry and he gets described as tall throughout the series. As for the former point, it's not like Harry's with Ron every waking moment, it just doesn't make any sense to me that Rowling does not refer to Harry as 'tall' even once given that he is the exact same height as another character, James, who gets described as tall regularly.

The conclusion I've come to is that Harry simply wasn't fully-grown until the very end of the seventh book. That would explain why he's never described as tall, that would explain how he was shorter than Fred and George when they drank the Polyjuice Potion early in the seventh book, it fits. Anyway, here is a comprehensive list of my estimates for each character's fully-grown height:

Harry: 5'11'' [described as tall, but when he transforms into Runcorn who is 'over six feet tall' (implying not much over it), it is stated that 'there was a lot more of his body than he was accustomed to'; also, he is described as shorter than Bellatrix, even when fully-grown towards the end of the seventh book]

Ron: 6'2'' (described as taller than other tall people like Harry, and likely Bill)

Hermione: 5'4'' (height never mentioned)

Mr. Weasley: 6'0'' (described as tall)

Mrs. Weasley: 5'1'' (described as short)

Ginny: 5'1'' (described as short)

Fred/George: 5'10'' (described as shorter and stockier than Ron and Percy; however, it is stated that they had to shrink in order to transform into Harry in the Polyjuice Potion scene early in the seventh book when Harry was likely in the 5'9'' range)

Percy: 6'2'' (described as long and lanky like Ron)

Charlie: 5'10'' (described, along with the twins, as shorter and stockier than Ron and Percy)

Bill: 6'0'' (his height is neglected when the comparison between the rest of the Weasley kids' heights is made in the fourth book, suggesting that he lies somewhere in between the 'shorter and stockier' Charlie, Fred, and George, and the 'longer and lankier' Ron and Percy; is described as tall)

Dumbledore: 6'4'' (described as tall as well as very tall on occasion)

Voldemort: 6'4'' (described as tall as well as very tall on occasion)

Sirius: 6'1'' (described as tall)

James: 5'11'' (described as tall)

Lupin: 5'9'' (height isn't mentioned)

Wormwail: 5'2'' (described as short as well as very short on occasion and barely taller than Harry in the third book when Harry was only thirteen)

Snape: 5'7'' (described as noticeably shorter than Sirius)

Moody: 5'8'' (height isn't mentioned)

Bellatrix: 6'0'' (described as taller than Harry in the seventh book)

Malfoy: 6'0'' (described as barely taller than Harry in the seventh book)

Hagrid: 8'6'' (descriptions of 'twice as tall as the average man' were likely hyperboles)

Tania says on 28/Nov/14

Greg (October 2014), JKR does mention Ron as being the tallest of the trio (in the 7th book when they're trying to retrieve the tiara) and he's also described as "tall, thin and gangling" so I'm guessing Ron would be in the 6'3" and above range. Bill and Ron have the same build so I'm guessing they're the tallest of the brothers. Charlie is described as being "built like the twins, shorter and stockier than Percy and Ron, who were both long and lanky". I always thought the height order among the Weasley boys went: Bill/Ron, Percy, followed by Fred, George and Charlie.

So as far as the heights of the characters are concerned, here's how I imagined them to be:

1) Ron - Around 6'4"

2) Harry - A few inches shorter, around 6' ish? Maybe the reason nobody calls Harry tall is because Ron is so much taller in comparison (and 6' isn't a freakish height)

3) Hermione - 5'4" or 5'5". Not short/tall enough to be remarked upon so probably around average.

4) Fred/George - 6'1"

5) Bellatrix - 6'1" her height has never been stated explicitly in the books so I imagined her to be a larger-than-life, imposing figure.

6) Malfoy - 6'2". Taller than Harry, shorter than Ron either way

7) Ginny - 5'2"? She is described as "small" in the second book at age 11, maybe she grew a bit after that but maybe not much.

8) Voldemort/Dumbledore - 6'7"? IDK, just NBA level tall.

Sorry for getting too carried away, it's nice to discuss Harry Potter for me coz I'm a superfan :P

Arch Stanton says on 28/Nov/14

I doubt you'd think the same about Daniel if he wasn't a super rich famous movie star Kitty. In fact if you passed him in the street you wouldn't bat an eyelid.

kendalljennergreatestfan says on 27/Nov/14

I thought he was like 5ft 7.

Bad Kitty says on 27/Nov/14

I think Dan is adorable just the height he is! Someone in the comments mentioned about women not wanting a guy who's shorter than her. I am 5'4", but I don't care how tall a guy is. I would date Dan any day of the week!

cd says on 27/Nov/14

5ft 4.5 is definitely arguable for him. 5ft 5 might be like his 9-10am height... he could drop to 5ft 4.75 or even a hair below that. But if that's true he'd measure 5ft 4 7/8 on a typical afternoon which is near enough the 5ft 5 mark.

Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 23/Nov/14

5'4.5 for Daniel

Perseus D. Shira says on 20/Nov/14

I am happy to know that Daniel's height is same as me yahoo!

Bryan 6'3 says on 19/Nov/14

@David F.

Also Dave Legeno is 6'3

David Thewlis (Remus Lupin) Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas) James y Oliver Phelps (los gemelos) Todos son exactamente 6'3 (191cm) y Daniel Radcliffe 5'5 Lol

lollipop95 says on 19/Nov/14

Rob, how tall do you think the Irish actress, Sarah Greene is? Click Here She appeared in the Cripple Of The Inishman with Daniel and is standing next to him on the right. Her agency lists her as 5'4. Here is another photo at a different angle. Click Here

[Editor Rob: 5ft 4 is quite optimistic, I'll add her, I'd go with more somewhere in 5ft 2.5 range than 5ft 4!]

GrasserpOpinion says on 18/Oct/14

Hello,I think Harry/Daniel is about Like 4"10 or 5"0",Because i am a 4"2" 10 year old that grows height pretty fast,Daniel is too short for his actual Age,He is 25+ and he is Really small,I see him in Comic-con and He's like Estimately 8 Inches taller than me,He is pretty small,I measured it using Matthew Pattrick/Game Theory's Way to measure People by pixels,So i think Daniel is about 4"8",Pretty much that's a good and Accurate Estimate,Daniel's Genes are just not fit to grow up to 6 feet,About maximum of 5"1"

cd says on 18/Oct/14

@Greg (6'1")

I read that maths is not J.K. Rowling's strong suit (in her words), so perhaps that is the reason for the inconsistencies in the height of various characters.

Greg (6'1'') says on 13/Oct/14

I've always found Harry's fully-grown height to be a bit of a mystery. Emil 183 cm is right, Harry's father, James, is described as 'tall' throughout the series, and when Harry sees James via the Resurrection Stone towards the end of the seventh book, Harry is said to be the exact same height as his dad. What's strange is that Harry himself is not once referred to as tall, even in the latter books when he's presumably near or at his fully-grown height.

When Fred, George, and others drink the Polyjuice Potion early in the seventh book so that they will all turn into Harry in an attempt to thwart Voldemort and his Death Eaters, lest they attack the group while they're traveling to the Burrow, it is said that Fred and George had to 'shrink'; we can deduce from this that Fred and George were taller than Harry. So if Harry's tall, but Fred and George are taller than Harry, and Ron is described as taller than Fred and George, then god, how tall is Ron? The thing is, Ron is never described as very tall; Dean Smith, a fellow student is described as taller than him. And it's not like JK Rowling doesn't mention when a particular character is of imposing stature because both Dumbledore and Voldemort are described as very tall at one point or another.

Also, when Hermione transforms into Bellatrix Lestrange, she is described as taller than Harry. This adds to the case of Harry not being as tall as some may think.

The most compelling evidence, however, for Harry's height is when he transforms into the Ministry employee, Runcorn, who is described as 'over six feet tall', which seems to imply somewhere in the 6'1''-6'2'' range, and yet when Harry (as Runcorn) gets to his feet upon arrival at the Ministry, it is stated that 'there was a lot more of his body than he was accustomed to'. This makes it difficult to imagine a 6'0''+ Harry.

David F. says on 29/Sep/14

David Thewlis (Remus Lupin) Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas)James and Oliver Phelps (twins)

All are exactly 6'3 (191cm) and Daniel Radcliffe 5'5 Lol

Emil 183 cm says on 22/Sep/14

Potter was describes "as tall as his dad" in the final book and his dad was always described as tall.

The character heights in the books would probably be something like this:

Harry Potter: 6'0-6'1

Ron Weasly: 6'4-6'6 - always described as very tall lol

Hermine: 5'5

lelman says on 9/Sep/14

@Steve I hear a lot that I look like Daniel Radcliffe, I need to cash in on those women seeking that look on a slightly taller guy...

cd says on 6/Sep/14

If I had to guess his height exactly I would say 5ft 4 and 7/8ths. Gut feeling I guess.

Parker says on 5/Sep/14

Same build and height as Michael J Fox

Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 5/Sep/14

He's long in need of a downgrade. He consistently looks 5'4.5. Can look 5'4 flat on occasion.

Steve (5'10) says on 29/Aug/14

Firas says on 29/Jul/14

Click Here

"According to most of the people in the comments section the woman in the relationship should not be taller than the man!"

Every time there's an article about Daniel Radcliffe on that site the comments are always the same 'Good looking guy, shame he's so short'. I wouldn't worry about it too much, it's just women being shallow.

Magic says on 28/Aug/14

He claims his height?I read a interview where he said of being 5'7"-5'8".

Many People think he is 5'6

Here a photo with Tom Felton(174 cm with Rob):Click Here

Rob should he be 5'5 or 5'6?

[Editor Rob: 5ft 5 is his maximum I believe, I would say if he measured a little bit shy of it, there wouldn't be much of a surprise.]

Mehran says on 15/Aug/14

He is a good guy and 165cm is enogh and its normal

Surprised short says on 15/Aug/14

Potter in book is tall Radcliffe actor is very short 5'2-5'4 good camera angles in movies

Sam says on 7/Aug/14

He could be rounding up to 5'5" least he seems to accept his posture for what it is and never appears to wear lifts unlike a lot of leading actors.

tony says on 30/Jul/14

160 would be fair enough.

Firas says on 29/Jul/14

So how tall is his girlfriend, Erin Darke?

Click Here

Here she looks quite a bit taller but I think she's wearing heels. According to most of the people in the comments section the woman in the relationship should not be taller than the man!

Realist says on 25/Jun/14

Definitely taller than Josh Hutcherson. Spot on Rob, Hutcherson is more 163-64. This guy is 165 so a 5'5 listing is good enough. He is closer to Al Pacino in height, Hutcherson is the same as Hoffman. This guy is a fine actor.

mande2013 says on 11/Jun/14

Unless you're ultra short, like say 5'2, I'd say height's a bit of a non-issue if a guy's ultra good-looking. If you're as good-looking as James Dean (I'm not necessarily implying Dan is that good looking)girls don't really care whether you're 167 or 176, and in fact many taller females may fear he'll find her too tall for him, the same way short men think 'oh shux' when a woman they find attractive is taller than him. Likewise, whether Salma Hayek is 5'2 or 5'8 isn't really important. Either way, a man with a 9+ face doesn't need to be six feet. It's the average looking guys who benefit from being above average height.

tom says on 26/May/14

I think he's closer to 5'4" - if you look at him compared to somebody like Aziz Ansari, who's a genuine 5'5"-5'6" guy, and I doubt he's that tall.

Mike T says on 15/May/14

5'3" MAX. Dane Deehan towers over him and he's about 5'8".

Bhati says on 13/May/14

I think his real height is 5'4".......

Giantss says on 6/May/14

Tall men look awkward jumping out of buildings or cars...........thank God for those cute short guys! :)

Cerium says on 4/May/14

I wouldn't be surprised if he was a little under 5'5, comparing him to 6'5ish John Larroquette

Click Here

Seems about a foot difference, maybe a little more.

jamieorr4 says on 25/Apr/14

i think hes more like 5ft3 or 5ft4 i don't know why but i wouldn't be surprise if he was 5ft2

jamieorr4 says on 9/Apr/14

Greenbolt 5ft11 is average or silght above average but not tall im that height i feel average

mande2013 says on 30/Mar/14

At least to me, it makes sense that the height distribution of leading men should mirror that of the general male population, most of them being 5'9/5'10 with a few 5'5 and 6'4 guys thrown in for good measure.

mande2013 says on 30/Mar/14

As for 5'5 precluding leading roles, Pacino, Hoffman, and Ladd would all like to have a word with you.

avi says on 27/Mar/14

@miko says on 10/Dec/13

He didn't need to be tall to portray Harry Potter, although it will be tough for him to ever get any huge lead roles at 5'5 or just under. Michael J Fox did ok for himself at 5'4 but Radcliffe doesn't have the star quality of Fox.

hes okay but in the book Harry Potter is probably 5'9-5'10 at least by 17 and may finish at close to 5'11. it would have been nice for a 5'7-5'9 Potter and 5'10-5'11 Ron. but it doesnt really matter i enjoyed most the movies.

Realist says on 8/Feb/14

5'5 since Order of Phoenix. Miko u rock. Up top.

BRUTAL says on 31/Dec/13

@ Miko

You're right. 5ft 5 Al Pacino and 5ft 4 Dustin Hoffman have had terribly difficult careers in crap roles.

Injo says on 29/Dec/13

As a boy his height is really shot, but he is still my favourite actor. and i am a big fan of him.....

Angel says on 16/Dec/13

He's definitely around 1.65m. I'm like 1.74m and there's no way he could be "almost" as tall as me as some people are claiming he's 1.72m.

miko says on 10/Dec/13

He didn't need to be tall to portray Harry Potter, although it will be tough for him to ever get any huge lead roles at 5'5 or just under. Michael J Fox did ok for himself at 5'4 but Radcliffe doesn't have the star quality of Fox.

divincodino92 says on 9/Dec/13

159-160! Like Emma Watson! Katie Holmes towered him

Emily says on 9/Dec/13

Dane Dehaan is not 5'8. get your facts straight

mande2013 says on 6/Dec/13

Under 5'5 barefoot is certainly feasible, but I sincerely doubt Daniel struggles with something as low as 5'4 flat.

Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 1/Dec/13

Getting towered by 5'8 Dane Dehaan. Click Here

There's footwear advantage, but still.

Rob: downgrade time.

Hola says on 27/Nov/13

Rob: Any chance he's closer to 5'4 than 5'5? He really does look shorter than someone like 5'5 Josh Hutcherson.

@ James Crowley Meridius

Cosmetical Limb lengthening is very much a newer procedure, and one that is not only painful, but risky. I strongly suggest you do not read reviews of the surgery from one of the forums specifically dedicated to it, they profit off of doctor's referals and are heavily moderated, and even then - there stories of people who consider themself 'paralyzed' on there.

marla singer says on 22/Nov/13

Looks a lot shorter with 5'8" Dane DeHaan here Click Here either Daniel is 5'5" and Dane 5'10", or Daniel 5'4" and Dane 5'9"!

ben says on 21/Nov/13

not bad enough for a famous personality

James Crowley Meridius says on 19/Nov/13

Rob i never thought he was 5ft 5in i thought he was at least 5ft 9in since he has loads of money he should get leg lengthing surgery that will increase his height by 4 inches.

[Editor Rob: I think he's probably happy enough with his career - he's done very well being 5ft 5...and as he says he can blend more into public at times and take longer for people to spot him.]

James Crowley Meridius says on 19/Nov/13

@white guy at white guy 5ft 5in is short for a white guy nowhere near average height average height for a white guy is between 5ft 9in and 5ft 10in 5ft 5in is well below average 5ft 7in and 5ft 8in are below average height for a white guy which is not too bad.

Lurk says on 18/Nov/13

I just saw a clip of him on the Graham Norton show. He was towered over by 5'10-listed Cuba Gooding Jr. Not sure he's even 5'5.

Matrix says on 11/Nov/13

And in this picture he looks taller than 5 foot 8 john krokidas Click Here

5\'5.5 says on 21/Sep/13

Looks my height proportionally. I can look 5'4 and even as low as 5'3 at times due to slouching and general bad posture as well. I don't think his 05' claim of 5'5.5 is a stretch (no pun intended). He could wear lifts if he cared, I think the fact that he has been open about his lack of stature proves that he does not care much. I don't think he's in the habit of lying.

Kay says on 9/Sep/13

@Carlos: You're joking, right? There is NO way on God's green earth that Daniel Radcliffe is 6'2. You're either mistaken about your height or that wasn't Radcliffe that you met because the guy is VERY short. Look at this pic and tell me that man is 6'2. Sorry, I'm not trying to be mean, but if he's 2 inches taller than you, that makes you 5'3, which is incredibly short for a man.

oops. I forgot the link. Sorry for the double post.

Click Here

Kay says on 9/Sep/13

@Carlos: You're joking, right? There is NO way on God's green earth that Daniel Radcliffe is 6'2. You're either mistaken about your height or that wasn't Radcliffe that you met because the guy is VERY short. Look at this pic and tell me that man is 6'2. Sorry, I'm not trying to be mean, but if he's 2 inches taller than you, that makes you 5'3, which is incredibly short for a man.

The Mighty Chandoc says on 8/Sep/13

Ratcliffe's publicity height of 165cm (5ft 5in) is totally fake. He's around 5ft 2in. Not much use in a fight.

Will says on 8/Sep/13

He looks comparable to Emma Watson. 5'5 sounds right. Lol at the person claiming 6'2.

Carlos says on 10/Aug/13

Daniel Radcliffe is 6'2.

I met him at a convention in London, and he was a good two inches taller than me. Plus he was wearing Birkenstocks and I was wearing cowboy boots. Me theory is that he has very bad posture and likes to crouch down for photos

prince says on 5/Aug/13

as im 5'8 he was short by about 2 or 3 inches as seen

Vivi says on 31/Jul/13

Wow, after seeing those pics with Kstew he's shorter than what I thought... 5'4.5" max! Isn't she in flats in those pics? Those dress shoes have a pretty big heel that he's wearing! I'd say he's 5'4" since she's slouching...Maybe 5'4.5"...maybe.

marla singer says on 15/Jul/13

@Arch, he does look about 1 inch taller than her indeed - but in 1" shoes!

Arch Stanton says on 14/Jul/13

Mmm but he's in dress shoes with footwear advantage. I think at some point Rob will lower him to 5'4.5" if he sees something more conclusive, and I'd agree with a 164cm listing. Rob do you have a feeling that he wouldn't even hit 5'5" if you measured him on a stat? I think he'd come up somewhere around the 164 mark.

Arch Stanton says on 14/Jul/13

He does actually look just about 5 ft 5 next to Kristen Stewart but I think he'd measure 164 at some point in the day.

cd says on 12/Jul/13

I agree I'm starting to doubt if there's any chance Daniel is a full 5'5". I reckon he could measure a flat 5'5 straight out of bed then maybe 5'4 1/4 to 5'4 1/2" depending on how much he loses.

marla singer says on 11/Jul/13

Even in 1" dress shoes, Daniel struggles to appear taller than a slouching 163cm Kristen Stewart who was in completely flat ballerina-shoes ( Click Here ) : Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here barefoot, they're very likely to be the same height

cd says on 10/Jul/13

Anyone else think he has quite short legs? He seems taller in the torso than the 'ideal' man's proportions (not as extreme as Michael Phelps obviously). Maybe it's just the suits he wears though? Lol, anyway I could argue as low as 5'4.25" (163 cm) up to 5'5" (165 cm).

FATTYBUMBUM says on 8/Jul/13

Fkin midget

Emil says on 12/Jun/13

He seems like a nice guy but I seriously don't think he's a mm over 5'4

n1st says on 8/May/13

He looks 5'4 - 5'4.5

Laur says on 5/May/13

I meet him 2 weeks ago he looks 5.3

Irish guy says on 5/May/13

Rob there is plenty of evidence that he's 5'4.5" barefoot so change his height please.

K says on 28/Apr/13

I bet he's 5'4.5" and was measured with shoes on and that's why he claims 5'5.5". I don't even think he reaches 5'5". Funny how Harry Potter was so tall in the books and how much shorter Daniel turned out to be. But I'm so glad they were able to keep the whole cast the same during HP (except DUmbledore)!

marla singer says on 23/Apr/13

Here he stands shorter than 5'1" listed Holliday Grainger, who's in heels (about 2" more footwear than him). Holliday looks a bit taller than Christina Ricci who is 5'0.25" so 5'1-5'1.5" for her is truthful, but Daniel honestly looks no more than 5'4" Click Here

Arch Stanton says on 22/Apr/13

5'5"-5'5.5" in shoes.

Arch Stanton says on 22/Apr/13

That's because he isn't 5 ft 5 SAK, I mean just look at that Daniel Day Lewis photo.

Arch Stanton says on 22/Apr/13

Rob, he looks shorter than 5'5

Click Here

Looks same height as M J Fox.

SAK says on 16/Apr/13

Click Here

Radcliffe listed as 165/5f5 and Lewis as 186/6f1.25. The difference of 8.25" looks huge.

marla singer says on 23/Mar/13

Bieber easily looks 2 big inches taller than Daniel if you see them with Pablo Motos. You'd suppose that either JB is 1.70-71 or Daniel 1.62-63 but don't forget that Bieber wears lifts so I don't think JB is over 1.5in taller than him.

Arch Stanton says on 21/Mar/13

Rob, is the 5'4.5" camp located in the field outside Hogwarts? 5'5" is the tallest he could possibly be....

[Editor Rob: his range is likely 5ft 4.5-5, somewhere in that. Above that, well, that would require the use of some magic.]

The Fan says on 11/Mar/13

Rob, if you had to pick....would you say he's taller or shorter than Emma Watson?

Pedro says on 8/Mar/13

On another site he is being listed at 5ft 5.25in. Maybe this is a realistic middle ground concerning his both statements in 2005 and 2007.

[Editor Rob: I'm in the camp that there's more chance he's under 5ft 5 than over.]

Tom says on 27/Feb/13

I've seen him in numerous award shows & events, he's always been shorter than even those short guys. Seems like he's stuck with young Harry Porter's height. No more than 5'4, bare feet.

Arch Stanton says on 22/Feb/13

Nah, he's shorter than Pablo Motos Rob, have you seen that guy next to Justin Bieber? Not a chance Bieber is only an inch taller than Radcliffe. I think he's 5'4' range, needs a downgrade to 5'4.5" at least.

Divi says on 18/Feb/13

I thought 5.5 is the perfect height, he's always cute baby

white guy says on 18/Feb/13

5'5 .. the average height for white guy

Mikey T says on 28/Jan/13

lol filmbug thought that he was 5'8"

Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/13

5'4.5", anybody agree?

Pooja says on 11/Jan/13

Are harry potter tu to bohot hi tingna he teri hight to 5.5 he to tera land to bhut chota hogo yar

truth says on 16/Dec/12

Ross is a good 6ft1 like 186cm, which makes Radcliffe 164cm or 5ft4.5. 5ft5.5 (166cm) is probably his morning height.

Amelia says on 22/Oct/12

5'5 is OK!

topas says on 5/Oct/12

So what if he's 5'5? 5'5 is as good as of an average you can get. He's got way more money than you do and OH! Harry Potter really is 5'5 and not in the 5'11 books.

Women stop the heightism, you lot wear heels just to be average.

Greenbolt says on 2/Oct/12

Danimal says on 17/Sep/12

Harry Potter at 5'9"???????

Fully-grown, Harry Potter is actually tall because his father, James, is described as tall and Harry is described as exactly the same height as James towards the end of the seventh book. So Harry is 5'11'' at least.

Sunny O_o says on 12/Sep/12

Is doesn't matter to me I respect him as he is . . n he is smart n handsome man I M big fan of his n he will be always harry potter for me

Varun says on 5/Sep/12

Yaa... I does not matter how tall or how small he is.. Matter dat what he achieved in such z little age.. And am a big big big fan of Daniel... Respect

Joe says on 26/Jul/12

Even small ones can have milions and milions of dollars... Yhea... I agree he's around 5ft5(165cm).. maby closer to 163-164cm, but nobody can say that he hasn't risen high on life. :-)

That5'9Dude says on 14/Feb/12

Damn, he's only 5'5!? That's a huge shocker. I thought he was at least 5'9!

Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 6/Feb/12

He looks 4 inches shorter than Tom Felton, which is the best evidence he's 5'4.5ish.

Silent d says on 29/Jan/12

I got towered on the jonathon ross show. Some people say jonathon ross is 180cm. That'll make daniel 158cm. People make me laugh sometimes. Daniel is 165cm.

Kashfia says on 29/Jan/12

That girl is the same height as Daniel Radcliffe in her bare feet. Click Here

Jenna says on 29/Jan/12

When I met him at How To Succeed he looked 5'6"

Jenna says on 29/Jan/12

When I met him he looked 5'6"

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