How tall is Emma Watson ?

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Emma Watson's height is 5ft 4.75in (164 cm)

English Actress best known for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series of movies. She has also appeared in Noah and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She has said 'about 5ft 5' and once was quoted saying 5ft 6 .

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma (in heels which give 4.25 inches), Rupert Grint.
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rach55 said on 24/Aug/15
Both her and Daniel Radcliffe are around 5 ft 3.5 or 4, the VOGUE article says she's 5ft 4 in and he is around her height. Same for Kristen Stewart, nothing more..
kingsman said on 24/Aug/15
Rob, if Nina Dobreve is listed as 5 feet 5 inches, which sounds okay, how can Emma be 5ft 4.75in? She is definitely around 5ft 3.5in.
Also, Helena Bonham carter is 5ft 2in according to her., so emma is about 5ft 3 in if you look at the shoes in the picture which has been posted already
rach55 said on 24/Aug/15
i met her in topshop in london in 2009. she didn't want to take a picture with me but i am 5 feet 3 in and when we stood next to each other we were the same height. i would say she's in that range. her classmates at brown say that she looks much shorter than in pics and is very tiny. its posted online.
marley said on 19/Aug/15
Recent VOGUE article says she is 5 ft 4 inches. She definitely needs a downgrade, Rob. Everyone who meets her says she is around 5 feet 3 inches and very tiny.
mande2013 said on 20/Jun/15
Since when is 164 cms 'short' for a female? Short for a female would be sub-160 IMO.
Annoyed said on 19/Jun/15
She is 164-165cm I dont understand why some people try to say they she is shorter. Just because your are short no just kidding. But really she is about that height.
Annoyed said on 19/Jun/15
She is 164-165cm I dont understand why some people try to say they she is shorter. Just because your are short no just kidding. But really she is about that height.
katie666 said on 17/May/15
me and emma same height;p
Shan said on 27/Apr/15
"Tom says on Apr 26 2015: I recently went to a celebrity event with her and I took a picture with her. I am 5-2 and a man, and next to her I expected to feel small, but I actually felt humiliated. I was smaller by an amount I hadnt anticipated. She was in platform heels and honestly looked about 8 inches taller then me or more. So if the heels were about 3 inches, she must be at least 5-7. My guess though would be closer to 5-8." You're a midget. Everybody looks "at least 5'8" to you.
Tom said on 26/Apr/15
I recently went to a celebrity event with her and I took a picture with her. I am 5-2 and a man, and next to her I expected to feel small, but I actually felt humiliated. I was smaller by an amount I hadnt anticipated. She was in platform heels and honestly looked about 8 inches taller then me or more. So if the heels were about 3 inches, she must be at least 5-7. My guess though would be closer to 5-8.
Ally said on 13/Apr/15
Without heels, she looks shorter than Dan who is listed as 5'5 so she isn't more than 5'4.5 or maybe 5'4.
Liz said on 19/Feb/15
Met Emma when she was at Brown! Lovely girl, she is absolutely tiny. 5'3 tops! I was even surprised at how short she was, guess everyone in Hollywood exaggerates their height?
LOVE said on 20/Jan/15
I love you Em ,your height 5.7 inch
Mystery said on 8/Jan/15
I think she is more 5'3 if you have seen her pictured with Rupert and Daniel without heels. Since Daniel is 5'5, then he looks to have about 2 inches taller than her.
kay said on 12/Dec/14
@AndreaB you didn't consider the fact that Rupert is wearing 1 inch shoes that would make him 5'9"ish, also he's standing closer to the camera than her so that makes him appear taller. this listing is accurate.
Anne said on 5/Dec/14
If she took off those heels, right then and there, she'd be about 4 1/2-5 inches shorter than Rupert and about 1 1/2 inches shorter than Daniel.
I would bet money that Emma is a solid 5f3.5...possibly 5f4. But not more than that. She is a little short and she looks it.
Kks said on 1/Dec/14
She looks about 2 inches shorter than Daniel Radcliffe in normal shoes. I think she's about 5'3.
Robin said on 26/Nov/14
She beautifull in the world
Arch Stanton said on 28/Oct/14
Now I'd describe Bipashu Basu as really superhot...
Arch Stanton said on 22/Oct/14
She's a nice looking gal David but I wouldn't describe her as all that!!
David said on 22/Oct/14
Emma Watson is too gorgeous.Definetley one of the most gorgeous women on our planet.I always thought she was 5ft 6 mind.She did say she is about 5ft 5 and i totally agree with her.Emma always rocks!She is the very best really really really superhot!
shalabaiz said on 4/Sep/14
I have just been confirmed that the distance between the nose and the skull on the back of the head for a normal man, is about 9 inches by searching it up on the internet.

SO: If Emma Watson is reaching her *previous* boyfriend to the throat its actually really easy to messure how much taller he is then her,when the only thing you have to do is to messure the distance from his throat and up to the bottom of his face.
And its around 3,54 inches from the bottom of his(the tip on the bottom of a normal man's face wich is the bottom point on the head!) face to his nose and 9 inches from his nose tho the back of his skull.(This is the normal distance for a normal man!)

SO in other words: If she's reaching him only to the throat wich she is,then you'll know that she's not even CLOSE of being 5.4 or more..

And she's bending her head so much upwords and he is lowering down his head so that actually proves she's way shorter than the photo is actually showing, beacuse she's 13inch compared to him despite bending her head alot,his only listed as 6ft1 which i belive is only 1.85 and is a minimum of 13inches taller then her as you all can see if your'e using your head/brain a bit..:):)

And This has nothing to do with her skills as an actor or anything.

To all the people who dont belive me: Search for the difference yourself and you will see that i have a point in my statement's.

(for example search for: The distance from the back of the scull to the bottom of the face/the tip.

I am just stating a fact her and that is that she's miles away of being 5ft4 or more since my personal guess is that she's pretty short wich i belive is nothing more than 4ft5 approx and it suits her petite figure perfectly.

The reason behind my opinion(4ft5) is that she's bending her head so much upwords and his lowering his head the same,therefor i belive she's gaining alot of inches/cm for that reason.

For the record: i hope to get a serious answer from either Rob or someone with knowledge,beacuse Emma Watson is clearly lying alot about her height!

BTW: I am sorry for my long post but i am only stating a fact.
AndreaB said on 3/Sep/14
Rob, if you are saying that Emma's heels give her 4.25 inches of extra height, and you say she is 5f4.75, wouldn't she be taller than Rupert? This adds up to 5f9. Rupert is 5f8-5f8 1/s with shoes on in this pic. She isn't taller than him.
She really needs a downgrade to 5f3.75 or 5f4.
shalabaiz said on 2/Sep/14
No THATS not just 10inch..
TRY and go to your doctor or something to check it out if you dont belive me..
Beacuse that is certainly 13(35cm!) inch or probarly more since she's moving her head upwords if you look closely!
Her is the photo again: Where she is only reaching him to the throat despite bending her head upwords.: Click Here

SO in other words: She's not even close of being 5ft4/1.64.
That's just bull****!
shaunfiveten said on 29/Aug/14
I think this new listing is pretty much spot on. I've always thought she was between 5ft 4 and 5ft 5 since she can look both heights, she and Selena Gomez both have the same kind of smallish frame and physique.
Now we just have to figure out if Radcliffe really is a true 5ft 5 guy or if he can dip under that mark.
littlesue said on 29/Aug/14
Lol, thats not 13 or 14 inches!! looks more 9 to 10 inches to me. Thats how 4ft 11 me looks next to my 5ft 9 sons
shalabaiz said on 28/Aug/14
Her Is A Better Proof that she is no where near 5ft4.. probarly 4f9 or less..

Click Here
shalabaiz said on 28/Aug/14
She's probarly nothing more than 4ft9-5.0 the most barefoot.. Her is some photos of her and her boyfriend walking on a beach together.. He is listed as 6ft1 or 1.85 cm.. Here are the photos:Click Here
shalabaiz said on 27/Aug/14
Emma Watson are not even close of being 5ft4.. Her is some photos of her and her boyfriend who is listed as 6ft1/1.85 cm..:Click Here They are walking side by side on a beach and you can clearly see that he is about 13-14 inch taller than her on several of these photos(Just below/on his chin)..
ice said on 15/Jul/14
Here's another photo from the same event. Click Here
:D said on 15/Jul/14
Looks shorter next to Jennifer Lawrence Click Here
ice said on 13/Jul/14
I see a good 3.5 inches here. Rob, do you agree? Click Here
[Editor Rob: in that photo it can appear around that much, but I don't know if the photo is stretching the actual difference or not - in some portrait shots, height can be added compared to if you took it landscape mode.]
Realist said on 23/Apr/14
How tall do you think her brother is 5'8.5-5'9.
Erica said on 13/Apr/14
If we take Rupert's height to be a fact at 5f7 3/4, he is about 1/4 inch taller than Emma in this picture. Don't count the spikes on top of her head!

Emma is wearing stilettos that are about 5-6 inches in the heel AND they have about a 1-1 1/2 inch platform in the front.... which will give her more height that the heels alone.
With the platform, a shoe like this will give her a good 5 inches in height (without the platform, I'd say 4 inches).
So whatever height Emma is, we need to add about 5 inches to it. If she is 5f5, she'd be 5f10 with these heels...which she clearly isn't. If she is 5f4, she should be 5f9...again, she clearly isn't.
So if she is 5f3 1/2, then she'd be 5f8 1/2. Which is more believable, though I'd still say no because she isn't taller than Rupert.
I'd say his shoes give him a 1/2 inch boost. So he's standing at 5f8 1/4 -5f8 1/2 in this picture. This makes Emma anywhere from
K said on 4/Apr/14
If she was accurately measured on a live tv show, I would wager that she was closer to 5'3 than 5'4. Compare her to Jennifer Connelly. She's noticeably smaller. Actresses, agents, publicists, fans always add inches to actresses' heights. Look at the exaggerated height listings on IDBM. There are times when they actually add more than two inches to a female celebrity's actual height.
Andrea said on 3/Apr/14
Emma Watson is small framed, most likely 5'3"-5'4", and she is thin. When she wears platform shoes, her legs look tend to look off balance with the shoes.
Emma has nice legs, but they are not particularly long. With that said, they aren't short either. Taller people, even skinny ones, can pull off high heels better.
Just pay attention to the length of her calves and you'll see that she cannot be more than 5'4".
She has a cute figure and is quite pretty, but it doesn't mean we need to credit her with more height just because she'd like to be taller.
It looks as though most people here, even those that have actually seen her in person, agree she is about 5'3" - 5'4".
Rob, don't you think 5'4" represents her closer to her real height?
[Editor Rob: I think if you look at her with other potter cast, people I've seen (your tom felton/evanna lynches etc), it is easier to see her as somewhere in the 5ft 4-5 range than 5ft 3-4 range.]
K said on 2/Apr/14
You're the expert, Rob. I'm pretty sure that you're better at guessing heights than I am and I may be "prejudiced" because I've known so many girls who exaggerate their height. I'm sure this is a common practice among actresses too. It would be so much easier if they had to be accurately measured before they could get a SAG card (or the British equivalent)!
marla singer said on 2/Apr/14
Even though I appreciate the downgrade that finally arrived, I still think 5 ft 4.25 (163.5 cm) would be more accurate for Emma, while I'd put Daniel at 5 ft 4.75 (164.5 cm), he's under 5 ft 5 aswell. Emma is actually closer to 5'4" than 5'5" and I see that more and more people agree with this... what do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: you could argue anywhere in the 5ft 4-5 range, at times she can look all of them!]
K said on 1/Apr/14
Watch Noah and compare her to Jennifer Connelly. You might "downgrade" her height to 5'3 after you do. This is based on commercials.
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 4.5 is maybe a better shout, like radcliffe both can be called weak 5ft 5 range, but 5ft 3 I couldn't argue that one.]
Balrog said on 1/Apr/14
No littlesue I think those heels give 3in, what do you think Rob? Either way she is struggling to look more than 5'4" next to Pine
[Editor Rob: I don't know how well she is standing, I think they do give 3 actual inches]
littlesue said on 1/Apr/14
Balrog those heels would'nt give as much as you think, no platform, would probably add just over 2 inches of height
Balrog said on 31/Mar/14
Rob, here's Emma next to Chris Pine:

Click Here

Her footwear: Click Here

His footwear: Click Here

You think she looks 5'5'' next to him? I know she is leaning a bit...
[Editor Rob: she looks under it, 4.5 is probably for the last year or so been a mark that is closer, like radcliffe both could fall into the sub 5ft 5 zone.]
K said on 27/Mar/14
I think that no name is right. She looks to be about 5'3 next to the taller Jennifer Connelly in commercials for Noah. In fact, she looks quite a bit smaller. She might be one of those actresses who exaggerates their height. Maybe she wears lifts? ;)
Chris said on 21/Mar/14
I don't care how tall she is because she's so gorgeous. That's why i go on a website called celebheights to exclaim i don't care about the height of the person whose height i looked up. Logic has always been my strong point.
Pinky said on 20/Mar/14
ok Rob but I never said the shoes give her 5.5, just that those shoes ARE 5.5 so (for me) in the photo she is IN 5.5-inches heels.
If Jennifer Connelly is 5'6.5" don't think Emma is 5'5"
[Editor Rob: usually I'm trying to describe what the actual footwear gives, I suppose there is always going to be some confusion over footwear and how to describe it.]
Pinky said on 19/Mar/14
Rob in the photo with Daniel and Rupert Emma is no wearing 4-inch heels. They are 14 cm (5.5 inches) with 4 cm platform: Click Here
With Jennifer Connelly, both wearing high heels without platform: Click Here

Almost 5'4.
[Editor Rob: they are called 5.5 but they really wouldn't give 5.5 of actual height, they would give likely 4 inches and a bit.

when you go on your max tip-toes Like in this video you can get nearly 3 inches (with about size 5-6), so the max when you then stand on a 1.5 inch platform part would be almost 4.5...but I don't think the angle is quite a 'maximum' so I think about 4.25 would be what they give.]
Spider said on 16/Mar/14
my dream girl emma got my height that is 5'5
no nickname said on 12/Mar/14
Accounts from schoolmates during her first years at university claimed heights between 5'2" and 5'4". Nothing taller, nothing shorter. I guess you could average it out to 5'3".
MishaDale said on 5/Mar/14
Sometimes one inch can make a huge difference and other times it means nothing.
Emma, I don't believe is 5'5". I believe her to be barely 5'4" or 5'3 1/2". That one inch to put her at 5'5" makes a huge difference in how she should look.
Her arms and legs and torso don't look right for a taller person. I realize that 5'5" isn't really that tall, but to be honest, Emma's limbs look like they belong on a shorter person.
And I see here that she has even claimed 5'6"! That is laughable. Look at her and Jessica Alba who is 5'6 1/2". Though even same height people have variable bone structure and limb lengths, there is a huge difference in bone structure and limb length between these two ladies.
Emma is small and that is all there is to it.
marla singer said on 19/Feb/14
Emma in 2.5"/2.75" heels ( Click Here ) with 6'0.5"-listed Chris Pine Click Here . Her 5'6" claim is ridiculous - I am 5'5" and I would look that short only next to a 6'3"+ guy - and besides, look at Chris with 5'7" Keira Knightley who had similar heels (about 2.75" high): Click Here ...Keira looks 3 good inches taller next to Chris (in comparison to Emma of course)

Everytime Emma appears shorter than listed... 5'3.75" to 5'4.5", downgrade please.
blake said on 17/Feb/14
well I now she is 5'5 (165)
176,2Tunman said on 7/Feb/14
The more I look to this girl the more I think she's 5'4-4.5 rather than a solid 5'5.Starring next to a short guy like Radcliffe certainly helped the impression of her being an upper average girl.If Sophia Coppola is 5'5 then she's maybe 5'4.5, perfect average for a perfect looking girl.
arthur fran said on 27/Jan/14
well i just think she is 172
Charlie said on 8/Jan/14
I just saw This is the End and she looked small. She is like 53
Lala said on 2/Jan/14
She should be downgraded to 5'4 and even that is generous. She's probably 5'3.
marla singer said on 11/Nov/13
Emma with J.K. Rowling (0.75in more footwear than Emma due to bigger platform) and Stella McCartney (0.75in more footwear than Emma) who claims to be 165 cm tall (and looks it: with 175 cm Paltrow Click Here and
with 168 cm Kate Hudson Click Here ) -> Click Here Emma and Joanne both look pretty shorter than her... 163-164 cm for Emma, and 161-162 for Joanne. It is undeniable that Emma every now and then looks shorter than listed, so a downgrade would be very welcome. :]
step92 said on 22/Aug/13
She's my preferite ! But i don't believe that she's 165! She have the same height of Kristen Stewart, or really near! I think that she is 162-163 max! Radcliffe is about 163 and Grint about 170!
avi said on 6/Aug/13
Well if Rupert is 5'8.75 in shoes he is like 2 inches taller than her in heels. So 5'4 seems more accurate. My 5'3.5-5'4ish sister is 5'6.75 area and i had bout 7 on her in my dress shoes.came up to lip area.
little sue said on 31/Jul/13
I agree with you about the heels Sammy, shorter women in those higher heels with platforms look out of proportion and push the leg forward too much, usually because they have smaller feet to balance on, average and tall height women carry them off better.
Sammy said on 29/Jul/13
Emma is just s smidge shorter than Coppola in that red dress picture provided by "K" and her heels are probably an inch (or 3/4 inches) higher than Coppola's. This doesn't equal to 5f5, Rob. If Coppola is 5f4.5 as listed, then Emma is 5f3.5 or 5f4.
If Coppola is 5f5, then Emma is 5f4.
Emma is smaller that 5f5. She doesn't have the body lengths to support more than 5f3.5...IMO. Bone structure and length of her limbs (talking about calf to knee; knee to hip, wrist to elbow, etc) are that of a person who is on the shorter side of average. And when she wears heels, like all shorter women, the heels look significant on her legs. Taller people pull heels off better because the heel doesn't stand out so much as their legs are longer and balance the length of the heel. Emma's calves and her heels don't balance out like a woman who is taller than 5f3.5 or 5f4.
I know this may seem crazy to some people, but I notice these things. Shorter women's legs in heels tend to get lost in the heels. Think of Eva Longoria or Lady Gaga. Emma is a bit taller, but not by much.
R said on 26/Jul/13
@Ullala - Ballet Shoes was filmed when she was 17 and the two girls playing her sisters were 15 and 11/12 respectively....
Seen her in person and she might clear 5'6" in heels. 5'2" or 5'3" at best.
ullala said on 13/Jul/13
Look at her in ballet shoes. She is the tallest of them all. I would really say 5'6
PlamBam said on 17/Jun/13
I don't care how tall (or "short") she is, she's gorgeous!

By far THE most beautiful young actress in HW today! :o)
SelmaMartin said on 10/Jun/13
I've seen Emma Watson in person. Two years ago on London and I was close enough to her to gauge height.. She is NOT 5f5 Rob.
She wore flat gladiator sandals and was 5f3 1/2 ...MAYBE 5f4. I'm 5f4 1/2 and she was about and inch or slightly less shorter than me.
When I saw her, she hadn't put on the extra pounds that she did later that her height and weight were pretty steady (meaning as I was used to seeing her). Sometimes when people gain or loose weight they can look taller or shorter depending on body structure.
She was probably about my weight...110. She is a small framed young woman, and her stature around others as well, was shorter than average, so 5f5 is not accurate. I know celebs usually lie about and inch so if you subtract an inch, Rob, you get 5f4. This sounds right.
Pedro said on 4/Jun/13
@marla There are places where Sofia Coppola's height is being listed at 5'5.5". So there are many ways of reading it. But, sure, it is quiet possibly that Emma is between 5'4.5" and 5'5". Most celebrities round their height up when it contains fractions.
R said on 4/Jun/13
In 6in platforms, she's at least 4in shorter than a slumpy/slouchy just-under-5'11" Seth Rogen at the This is the End LA premiere today. Say the shoes give her 4.5" easily... That's 8.5 inches less than 5'11"... So she's... 5'2.5"??
I think her height has been exaggerated by her PR (for what reason, I don't know... Nothing wrong with being petite)
marla singer said on 1/Jun/13
@Pedro your picture is better but she looks nearer 5 ft 4 again because Elle has 1 inch less footwear and looks a good 3 inches taller. I also found these pictures that make me think she is shorter than Sofia Coppola Click Here and Click Here
Pedro said on 31/May/13
@marla Here is a better picture to compare Emma Watson with Elle Fanning: Click Here
:-) said on 30/May/13
I just watched the last Harry potter movie. In one of the last scene's they all stand next to each other in height order, they are all wearing similair footwear, and the camera zooms away from them
Radcliffe is 1 inch shorter than her but looks almost the same height because of his poofy hair, so if Daniel Radcliffe is 5'5 she's 5'6, like she said.
However Radcliffe could be shorter, so maybe more 5'4 for him 5'5 for her.
marla singer said on 18/May/13
I think you should have downgraded Emma instead, here she has bigger heels than Elle Fanning (172 cm) but she looks 5-6 inches shorter than her. That would mean she's 5 ft 3, being generous. Emma's heels Click Here and Elle's Click Here together: Click Here and Click Here I'd put her at 5 ft 4, or 5 ft 4.5, to give her the benefit of the doubt, but 5 ft 5 seems a stretch. Both her and Radcliffe look under 5 ft 5...
[Editor Rob: 5ft 4.5 is a possibility, both her/radcliffe could be classed as weak 5ft 5, dropping a bit under it.]
marla singer said on 17/May/13
Rob could you have a look and see if you agree? As K says, Emma seems shorter than 5 ft 4.5 in Sofia Coppola. Here they had similar heels. Sofia's Click Here Emma's Click Here video Click Here
Here Emma has much more heel, yet she looks barely taller Click Here Sofia's heels Click Here , Emma's Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think they could be very similar barefoot, maybe both 5ft 5...I will give sofia that, but I know people have been arguing emma could be 5ft 4.5 herself for a while...]
K said on 16/May/13
Click Here
Click Here
Either Soffia Coppola needs an upgrade or Emma Watson needs a downgrade. Soffia Coppola is listed as 5'4.5" on this site and she is the same height if not taller than Emma Watson in a smaller heel. These pictures were taken yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival.
I \\\'m a shortie so everyone is tall to me said on 23/Apr/13
All I know is that Daniel Radcliffe has said several times he is 5"5' and he looks slightly taller than Emma when they are both in tennis shoes. So she is probably 5"3' - 5"4'. She did have a big growth spurt though. I mean in the first few HP movies, Daniel was way taller then Emma all of the sudden caught up. But I like that Daniel is short because he shows people that smaller men can prevail. But I remember at the cemerony there they did their foot prints I think they took their shoes off or at least Emma did
marla singer said on 9/Apr/13
here it is Click Here
marla singer said on 8/Apr/13
It's impossible for Nina to be over 5'5. She's a smudge shorter than Josh Hutcherson listed at 5'5 too (see him with Jennifer Lawrence). they had similar footwear here and Josh is visibly taller Click Here To be fair, Josh should be upgraded to 5'5.25, Nina's listing unchanged, and Emma downgraded to 5'4.25 or 5'4.5
Caroline said on 5/Apr/13
@nicky I actually think Nina needs an upgrade, I think she's around 5'6 - 5'6.5
And compared to Rupert Grint who probably wear lifts, Emma looks 5'5 to me.
marla singer said on 8/Mar/13
Kate Bosworth? 165 cm
Emma Watson? 165 cm
Kate's flat sneakers (2nd pic, scroll down) Click Here Emma's flat sandals Click Here But hey... Kate is almost 3 inches taller even if she's bending down, and Emma's also got camera advantage. Click Here
And these girls are supposed to look -roughly- the same height... I'll just say ok ;)
[Editor Rob: on flatter ground and similarish heels I think they can look pretty nearer]
K said on 15/Feb/13
I don't understand how anyone could say she's any less than 5'4". I always thought she looked around 5'5". No less than 5'4.5" and no more than 5'5.5". I personally think she's a weak 5'5".
Maximus Meridius said on 17/Jan/13
Rob is there any chance you would be in the 5ft 4in range or at least a fraction over 5ft 4in.
[Editor Rob: like radcliffe, there's always a chance they'd be 5ft 4.5-5]
marla singer said on 17/Jan/13
Rob I have another similar question about the HP cast: whose height we are 100% sure of is Tom Felton's 5 ft 8.5, because you met him. Let's say he was 176-177 cm with shoes on; Emma had these big heels that gave her 4 inches minimum if not more Click Here so she's supposed to stand 175-176 cm tall with them on, if she's 5 ft 5. But she looks 4-5 cm shorter than Tom Felton, and visibly shorter than Rupert Grint too (Rupert is 174-175 in shoes..) Click Here so maybe 5 ft 4 is more accurate for her?
I think she has a quite taller appearence because of her thin, long legs but when you compare her to other stars she rarely looks over that mark. Hope the links work this time :)
[Editor Rob: if she was standing at her tallest in the photo then she definitely can appear nearer 5ft 4 than 5]
Shane said on 10/Jan/13
I think she is 5.41/2....
theblacklab said on 21/Dec/12
marla singer, I agree. I always thought she looked more 5'3.5" to 5'4" range. Since she's 19 when that photo was taken she's probably reached adult height. Emma's height always was confusing as; unlike many actresses who achieve fame in their adult years, Emma was very young when she accomplished the same. This makes it a whole lot more difficult for people like Rob to estimate height, because it is completely dependent on how old she was when she made a particular claim or what year it was when a photo was taken that divulges her height somewhat.
marla singer said on 21/Dec/12
@theblacklab: the photos where I compared Clemence Poesy and Emma were taken in 2009, when Emma was already 19..!
I think Rob is being unfair to some celebrities (like Hilary Duff who deserves 1in upgrade minimum, Miley Cyrus who is much taller than 5'4.5" and so on) while is being too generous to others (Kristen Stewart, who's listed as 163 but looks like 2in shorter than 164 Greene, 5'4" Michelle Williams who looks shorter than 5'4" Mila Kunis...). I can understand there can be some mistakes but this is evident: Emma looks shorter than her claim most of the times, and since she often looks even under 5'3" (Click Here), to me she's 5'4" tops until proven wrong. :)
theblacklab said on 20/Dec/12
marla singer, how old is the photo of Emma and Clemence standing together? If it is recent then Emma is likely her full adult height in the photo. However, if its several years old, then she could have had some more growing to do.
Ollie said on 14/Dec/12
the person who keeps posting on various celebs' heights things like 'Emma Watson is 5'6" or 168 cm in her bare feet. Clemence Poesy is 5'8" or 173 cm in her bare feet. Paris Hilton is 5'9" or 174 cm in her bare feet' is just a troll, don't answer to that. seen that many times, just names of the celebs vary & their exaggerated heights.
Wind said on 29/Nov/12
laughing my butt off with the girl who said miley is 5'10". First of, she never claimed anything more than 5'6". Second of she barely reaches Liam's chin. Miley is 5'4.75" at most. I know that cause I am that tall and my fiance is 6'1.5". And yes, Emma is 5'4" and has a perfect small, elegant figure.
Helo said on 21/Nov/12
5'4 5'5 for her
marla singer said on 7/Nov/12
I'd like to see some 5 ft 5 proofs aswell, cause as for now nobody seems able to prove she's that tall. @Ria, Clemence Poesy, the blonde girl, is listed 168 cm tall (5 ft 6) Click Here here Emma was 15 and had a bit less footwear than Clemence but looks a lot shorter, and notice that Katie Leung who is 164 cm tall has flat boots but looks taller than Emma too. Another proof:
Emma's platform heels Click Here
Clemence's heels Click Here
Together, standing Click Here
Emma wears 1 inch more footwear but still looks like 2.5 in shorter; but since Clemence is closer to the camera, those 2.5 are more likely to be 1.5 in. Add to 1 in advantage the 1.5 difference and you get Emma 2.5 in shorter than her: if Clemence is 168 then Emma is 162-163 right?

Everyone if I'm wrong, tell me where xD
susan said on 9/Oct/12
5'5 is too tall for her. 5'6 and 5'7 claims are really off. she's maybe a weak 5'4. 161 or 162 cm i'd say. no taller
J said on 7/Oct/12
Height is definitely exaggerated. She is under 5'4" on a good morning, probably closer to 5'2" in the afternoon.
Jess said on 6/Oct/12
165cm? Totally unconvincing. According to all the evidence below, she must be around 160cm or even less. This page doesn't seem to be up to date.
marla singer said on 1/Oct/12
Here 5'5"-5'5.5" Nina Dobrev with 2.75in Sanderson sandals is taller enough than Emma, who is wearing 2.75-3in Tom Ford round toe heels. And Nina is slouching as well... Click Here
marla singer said on 17/Sep/12
@bill it's Dan the slightly taller one (min. 5'4.5") check it here I already posted this 2007 pic (Emma in flats, Dan in a thicker shoe) I still wonder how is it possible that Emma doesn't look much taller than 5'0 Staunton in flats (professor Umbridge in HP) Click Here
@J Emma's heels above are max 5inches high, I'm sure. Ripa instead actually wore 6in heels so she had 5in over Emma, not 4. Ripa looked taller than her by max 3in (4 is way too much)! so if Ripa was about 5'7" in heels, Emma was 5'4" in flats.
bill said on 16/Sep/12
Emma 163cm,Dan 160cm
mina said on 14/Sep/12
Emma is 5'3.Maybe 5'3.5.Nina Dobrev is at least 2-3 inches taller at 5'5.5
J said on 14/Sep/12
@Rent Girl - I saw that too. Rob always says heel height gives a different boost of height - the heels Emma has on in the above photo are six inch heels but apparently only give her 4 inches. So Ripa is 5'2" + 4 = 5'6" in heels. Emma in flats is 4 inches shorter... So she's 5'2"...

Never understood her exaggerated height claims, she's nowhere near 5'5".
RentGirl said on 13/Sep/12
I watched Live! with Kelly and Michael and Kelly towered over Emma by four inches. But Emma was wearing ballet flats and Kelly was wearing six inch heels.
marla singer said on 11/Sep/12
Rob, you could find this pic interesting! Click Here
Natalia Tena, 5'5.75", in the floral dress on the right was wearing completely flat sandals at the premiere. Next to her, Emma had 4-5in heels but looked just slightly taller than Natalia...
[Editor Rob: you've got tom felton on her other side though who is pretty much 5ft 8.5 i think.]
marla singer said on 10/Sep/12
I think Nina's heels were at least 1 inch higher, but Nina looked 2 full inches taller than Emma; I find it difficult to believe they are the same height.
I'm still convinced Emma is 5'4"
e said on 9/Sep/12
@J I came here for the same reason, lol. I think Dobrev is wearing slightly higher heels so they could be roughly the same height, but 5'6" is definitely a stretch.
Click Here
J said on 9/Sep/12
Looked at least two inches shorter than Nina Dobrev at the Perks premiere at TIFF. Dobrev is listed at 5'5" here, so Watson must logically be arouund 5'3". It's clear her height has always been exaggerated a bit - Bonnie Wright is apparently 5'5.5", and yet Emma in heels was the same height when Bonnie was in flats. She seems to have a prominent forehead - is that what makes her appear taller in solo photographs?
marla singer said on 8/Sep/12
Emma looked shorter than 5'4.5" listed Katie Leung on several occasions.
Here Katie had a fraction less footwear than Emma:
Click Here
With similar sized heels:
Click Here
Click Here
So either Emma is 5'3.75", or Katie is almost 5'6"!
marla singer said on 2/Aug/12
Emma with 5'2.5" Evanna Click Here
Emma has, I think, 1.6"-1.75" heel on, so she stood about 169-170 cm tall. Evanna had 0.5" Vans sneaker and looked 3" shorter than Emma. But:
- Evanna is no 5'3.5" nor 5'4"
- Daniel is no 5'6"... so something must be wrong here?
bill said on 27/Jul/12
167 cm
marla singer said on 26/Jul/12
She can't be 5'5", here she stands in a 5" pair of pumps next to Julie Walters (weak 5'3, wearing flats) Click Here those pumps gave her about 4" height advantage; considering that she towered over Julie and the difference between them was around 4.5", 5'4" for Emma sounds about right
marla singer said on 17/Jun/12
In this pic (2007) next to 6 ft-Matthew Lewis (they were all standing, but we can't see their footwear) doesn't look over 5'3".
Click Here
Next to 5'2-Helena Bonham Carter, who's carrying a baby Click Here
With HP cast, is shorter than Daniel Radcliffe and also doesn't appear noticeably taller than 5'0" Imelda Staunton Click Here
I guess 5'4"
theblacklab said on 10/Jun/12
Just from the above picture alone, you can tell Emma is in the 5'3" to 5'4" range, take away Emma's 5 inch platforms, and you get an Emma 2 to 3" shorter than Daniel. I probably presume Dan in wearing 1.5" lifts. This would make Emma about 5'3.5" to 5'4".
Haily said on 12/Feb/12
I am sorry but i do not believe that Emma is that short cuz i know of many celebrities that are 5ft 4in and they are SO skinny and Emma is skinny but not as skinny as the others and i know she is taller that my mom so maybe at min Emma is 5ft 5in and max 5ft 6in
marla singer said on 12/Feb/12
Hilary Duff is a believable 5'2, right?
If you look at this pic Click Here you'll notice that Emma and Hilary are pretty similar in size. Their proportions are both of a short girl, though Emma's legs look leaner and a bit longer than Hilary's.
So, in my opinion Emma is 5'3 and maybe even a fraction under 5'4. But not over.
dean said on 11/Feb/12
What happened to all the comments that proved she was less than 5'4"? Saw her in Islington twice two years ago, she couldn't have been more than 158 to 162 cm, and even that is generous. Tiny, very tiny. Not even average height.
Haily said on 10/Feb/12
um well i am NOT delusional and i have looked this up on TONS of websites and they all say around 5ft 6in i believe in that. She is very pretty. some pictures she looks weird but most she looks nice. and Dan is short we all know that Harry potter us supposed to be tall but not everything can be perfect.
M M said on 1/Feb/12
I always believe in editor Rob. He's an expert and his height sense is very keen. Emma is 5ft 5 on top, I've got lots of proofs as well.
Kashfia said on 30/Jan/12
That girl is the same height as Emma Watson in her bare feet. That girl and Emma Watson are both the same height in their bare feet. Click Here
Kashfia said on 30/Jan/12
@M M Ok fine Emma Watson is 5'5" or 5'6" but Miley Cyrus is 5'10" in her bare feet. Miley Cyrus is 7 inches shorter than her 6'5" boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.
Kashfia said on 29/Jan/12
@J Emma Watson is a tall chick but she is not model tall.
M M said on 29/Jan/12
@J I slightly agree with u. Emma can be shorter than 5ft 5'. I mean she wore a black version of these platform heels Click Here and still not tall enough to go over 5ft 8ish Rupert Click Here
But she can be 5ft 5 since guys too wear 2-3inch shoe lifts inside their shoes.
J said on 29/Jan/12
5'2" to 5'4". Definitely less than 5'5" - even in 6" platform heels, she doesn't reach 5'8", what does that tell you?
M M said on 28/Jan/12
@Kashfia LOL! All of our comments are deleted. It looks like editor Rob doesn't like fighting. So I'll not fight but I suggest u to make your claim clear, once u say Emma is 5ft 8', then u say she's 5ft 10', then again and again u keep on changing the mark. I don't think u've measured all these celebrities with your bare hand!
Kashfia said on 27/Jan/12
@M M Emma Watson is not 5'10" in her bare feet. She is the same height as Taylor Momsen in her bare feet. But Miley Cyrus is 5'10" in her bare feet. Miley Cyrus is 7 inches shorter than her 6'5" boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.
j said on 27/Jan/12
It's odd, Sophie Sumner is 5'7.5" in real life (agencies always round to 5'9" or 5'10" regardless) and she TOWERS over Emma. Emma is easily less than 5'5", she's between 5'2" and 5'3" on a good morning. Tiny, very tiny.
susie said on 27/Jan/12
anyone claiming over 5'6" for emma is delusional. it's pretty obvious she's in the 5'3-5'4 range looking at pictures. maybe 5'5" or a shade over at the very most. but i doubt it. dan is around 5'4 as well

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