How tall is David Morse ?

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David Morse's Height is 6ft 4in (193 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films like The Green Mile, Contact, The Rock and 16 Blocks. He claims 6ft 4. In Pittsburgh Gazette (23/6/08) he mentioned "I'm not going to mention a name here, but there is a very famous movie star who would not work with me because of that [being very tall], because he was a shrimpy little guy. [He] didn't want people to know it."

How tall is David Morse
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Comment on the Height of David Morse

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Feb/16
He could look 194cm in St. Elsewhere at times. Had 4in on Denzel
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jan/16
Rob, they were both the tallest guys on the show and towered over 6ft range guys like Denzel Washington and Mark Harmon. I'll have to look again and see if they shared scenes. It's possible they've both lost a bit of height. Can't explain that picture because Morse looked a legit 6ft4 guy in most things he's in.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jan/16
Click Here

Rob, could he be more 6ft3 range now?

He looks slightly shorter than Ed Begley. Jr
Editor Rob: he could be 6ft 3.5 today. I can barely remember anything about st elsewhere, but were morse and begley the same back in the 80's?
Lorne??? said on 18/Dec/15
I won't keep beating this horse, but they're is simply no way that he is/was 2 inches tAller than Hugh Laurie, though in fairness I always thought he was a weak 193cm...
Harold said on 8/Nov/15
A buddy of mine used to live a few houses down from Morse and his family in the suburbs of Philadelphia. My buddy is six feet even and he ran into Morse in the neighborhood. He confirms Morse is in the six foot four range. An undeniably big guy in person.
james b said on 17/May/15
I doubt he's over 192 today
Judd said on 7/Dec/14
He had 4" on Tom Hanks in the green mile...6'4" as peak height is reliable!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Nov/14
Arch, didn't that guy marry a 16 year old?

5ft5-5ft6 would be my guess for him. Great character actor but a cretin.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Oct/14
Rob any chance you can add Doug Hutchison. How is he missing? Morse absolutely dwarfed him in the Green Mile, so did Tom Hanks. Can't be more than 5 ft 6. He's best known for Eugene Victor Tooms in the X-Files, The Green Mile, The Chocolate War, Fresh Horses, A Time to Kill and The Burrowers. One creepy guy but worth adding!
Arch Stanton said on 22/Oct/14
Yeah I guessed him at 6'3.5-6'4 in The Green Mile. He looked near 4 inches taller than om Hanks and 2-3 inches shorter than peak 6'6.5 James Cromwell.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Oct/14
Rob, do you think the "shrimpy little guy" that Morse is referring to is a certain Scientologist?
[Editor Rob: I've no idea who it could be, but I don't think Tom's anywhere near as bothered with height as the press might have you believe he is. Of course he may have a certain degree of worry, but not manic panic or anything :)

I doubt he is the type to read any internet forums or news/gossip mags much, he's too busy trying to make entertaining movies, sometimes they are good, other times maybe not so good.
Gonzalo said on 24/Sep/14
Tom Hanks looks short next to him in The green Mile; at least 10 cms. He definitely looks around 1`93
Sam said on 23/Sep/14
He's a true 6'4" IMO, I know folks who've seen him around Philadelphia and said he was around that. I'm going to make a wild guess that that the shrimpy guy is Tom Cruise, since he is the usual "movie stars are short" punching bag.
176,2Tunman said on 26/Mar/14
In the Indian Runner,he was 6" taller than Viggo Mortensen but he was in Police boots(about 1.25") while Viggo was was in common sneakers probably giving no more than 0.6".Legit 6'4 and Mortensen was deinitely 179-80 (5'10.75 as listed here).
cole said on 22/Jun/13
6'4 is right. Rob, do you happen to know who that 'shrimpy little guy' who refused to work with David was? :P
[Editor Rob: no idea]
teej said on 24/May/13
Legit 6ft4 no doubt, tall guy, towers many actors, he can look taller than 6'4 because many actors lie about their height therefore making him look taller. Great actor, he always plays the villan haha
Alex said on 17/Feb/13
Legit 6ft4 in his younger days. Now he may have lost a little but probably not much. Maybe he is 192cm because he didn't look much taller than Hugh Laurie in House.
Alex (London) said on 9/Feb/13
Anything less than 6'3" is absurd.

I am willing to believe he knows his own barefoot height and so give him the 6'4" he claims.
Scott 5\'11 said on 5/Feb/13
He was clearly taller than 5'11-6'0 Tom hanks in The Green Mile. 6'4 is definitely possible and he did look it
Astrid said on 23/Sep/07
According to Disturbia's director D.J Caruso and actor Shia LeBeouf in the Disturbia commentary (under Special Features of the Disturbia DVD), David Morse is 6'6". There are several references that both D.J and Shia make about Morse being such a "big" guy.
Gonzalo said on 18/Sep/07
David Morse next to Edward Norton
Click Here
Click Here
Not a very goo pic, but Morse looks clearly taller than Ryan Gossling
Click Here
Pretty obvious to me that he is 193
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/07
I read somewhere that Mr. Morse did a lot of his "bulking up" in preparation for his role in "The Crossing Guard". I've been a fan of h
Steevn said on 15/Jun/07
This guy is huge. In The Crossing Guard he is also buffed up like hell and nowhere near "bean pole thin" like someone wrote. Are you by any chance morbidly obese?
Ed said on 11/Jun/07
Just saw Distubia and Morse looked huge in that movie. He dwarfed everyone! There wasn't a single person in the movie that didn't look tiny next to him. Also, like I said before he's gotten pretty built over the last few years. He's not skinny at all anymore. Just a big dude all around. He's 6ft4 no doubt, and he towered over the 5ft8.5 Carrie Ann Moss by 8 inches easy.
BigBen said on 1/Jun/07
He looks every bit of 6'4 in the movie The Rock, and in The Green Mile
anonymous said on 26/May/07
he really looks no more than 6`2.75. he is about an inch taller than hugh laurie, and hugh laurie slouches all the time in house.
Cat Stevens said on 10/May/07
He's 6'4 and a half, no less than that
Viper said on 22/Apr/07
Whats funny is Morse would have an inch on Michal Clark Duncan barefoot.
Ed said on 22/Apr/07
If you watch Down in the Valley, Morse absolutely dwarfs Edward Norton who's at least 6ft. This is while Norton is wearing cowboy boots w/a 1.5 maybe more boost. Morse was a beast in that movie. I second what Patrick said, the guy used to be tall and skinny but has gotten pretty built as of late. He's definitely 6ft4, watch 16 Blocks as well where he dwarfs Bruce Willis.
glenn said on 22/Apr/07
he is 6-3.5 at the friends remark on his stature.
Viper said on 22/Apr/07
Kia, Duncan is 6-3 in reality.
Kia said on 21/Apr/07
He wore blocks on his feet?! where did you get that from? lol! Blocks made him a foot taller, is that what you're saying?! Like I said, you need to watch the film. Morse is 6'1 at the most (NOT 6'4). Hanks is 5'10 at the most. Duncan is 6'6! and NO! it's not because of blocks! AHA!

[Editor Rob: Duncan himself said in USaToday chat:

"I was standing on a platform which was about a foot above ground, and they camouflaged it so well you can't even see it. I have a piece of it in my rec room downstairs. I could stand with my feet side by side, but once I started walking I had to be careful."

Now, go drink some Kia Ora, it will help to deflush your red face.]
glenn said on 21/Apr/07
david is 6-4.
Kia said on 21/Apr/07
This is the most exaggerated piece of crap I've ever read. If anyone has watched "The Green Mile", David Morse is just 2 inches more than Tom Hanks, who is listed as 5'10. Morse would be 6'0-6'1 in that case. And how about the giant in the film, Michael Clarke Duncan who is listed as 6'6? If Morse is 6'4 and Michael is 6'6, does this picture make sense to you folks? There is a HELL OF A LOT more than just 2 inches. It's more like a foot difference! Michael's more like 7'1!! Click Here

[Editor Rob: Michael Duncan wore big huge blocks on his feet]
patrick said on 19/Feb/07
David is not onlytall (of course 6'4 or more) but also built like a mountain; I know he was not that bulky in the 80ties but he "grew up" and his arms, his hands, his neck are those of a very well bult and strong man; He looks like an oak and ridiculizes his costars; a good old fashioned American actors in short!
Before seeing the green mile, i thought Tom Hanks taller than he is; Another actor who is not helped in his carreer by his height;
pepito said on 7/Feb/07
In House (TV series) seems to be a little bit higher than Hugh Laurie (Dr.House), but not 4cm (Laurie is 189cm)
dmeyer said on 1/Jan/07
does look a legit 193 cm
Gonzalo said on 18/Dec/06
He towered over Tom Hanks in The green mile, at least four inches, maybe five. He is 6`4 minimum, maybe a little bit over that
Jason said on 16/Dec/06
He sure didn't look 6'4'' in the episode of his 2002-2004 TV series ''Hack'' I just watched.
BEAST 197cm said on 18/Mar/06
I agree he is 193 or maybe 194-5 cm tall
TNTinCA said on 15/Mar/06
I agree with this height. He had a good three to four inches on Tom Hanks in The Green Mile. Also, James Cromwell had only a marginal height advantage over him when they were in scenes together. I see 6'4" as legit.
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Feb/06
1986 US Magazine:
"From his sophomore year to his junior year, Morse grew almost a foot, to nearly his current six-foot-four-inch, 170-pound frame"
CelebHeights Editor said on 25/Jan/06
In Cigar Aficionado, early 90's, Jack Nicholson said: "There's a young man in it, too--David Morse. He's at least six-foot-five and he's going to be a big star, and I'm not talking about his height"
le blanc said on 2/Dec/05
morse is really tall and in green mile he towers over tom hanks, so i think 6'4 sound right

[Editor Rob: Morse always appears a legit 192-3cm]
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/05
This guy is very tall and on top of that he wears 2" heel boots all the time..I've seen him up close numerous times and he is atleast 6'4 and is bean pole skinny

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