How tall is Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell's Height

6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

English-born Australian actor best known for the TV series Prison Break and appearances in films such as Blade:Trinity, Assault on Wall Street and Killer Elite. He said in 2008, "I'm a big guy, 6-foot-2 and 193 pounds. When you think about it, most male leading actors are between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-10. The ones my size are usually one-dimensional action heroes."

How tall is Dominic Purcell
Dominic with Annalynne McCord
Photos by PR Photos

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Average Guess (15 Votes)
6ft 0.82in (185cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/17
Miller being 184cm I can believe since Rob has met him but that doesn't justify Dominic getting a downgrade. I think he edged out Wentworth mostly and is 185cm range
sumdude said on 23/May/17
Routh(solid 189cm) easily hovers 5+cm over both him and Wentworth in pictures. I personally think 183-183.5 is spot on for purcell. When looking at a legit 184cm guy like Henry Cavill I start having doubts about Purcell's 184cm "at night"-height. Might be very bad posture, I dunno.
berta said on 23/May/17
by the way rob didnt you get a chanse to get a photo with him? ore was he dropping to muthc heioght, no meaning to put it up?
Editor Rob: he didn't stand as good as Miller, but still it's worth showing, I will put a few more photos up from that event.
berta said on 23/May/17
yes andrea 185 is to mutch for shore. this is the perfect listing for him. But this makes me think that Peter stormare maybe was a weaker 6 foot 2 guy at peak?
Andrea said on 22/May/17
Yeah, berta! Not a surprise at all... 😊
I always said that he didn't look a big 6'1 guy! Plus, the fact that Rob has him at 6'0.5 now probably means that 6'0.5 is his BEST case scenario. 183-4 range certainly seems more sensible, if you look at him with guys like Michael Rapaport and Brandon Routh!
berta said on 22/May/17
haha i knew it. This is what i have said all these years a strong 184 guy.184,5. Good listing either this ore 1/4 higerr. the 6 foot 1 was always to mutch. Great listing!!!!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/May/17
Wow....just wow
Johnny said on 22/May/17
@Rob why did you downgrade him? Since you have mentioned in the past that he looked a decent 6ft 1 range and you would not guess him under 6ft 1.
Editor Rob: I think solid 1.5 inch boots on shows like Prison Break can help you look taller, I would have said he seemed to have an edge on Miller in PB, but then in person I couldn't say for sure who seemed taller, so maybe they are both very close...
opus said on 17/May/17
Check out the photo of him stood next to boxer Bryant Jennings 6'3''. You trying to tell me that theres only a 2" difference between them?
berta said on 13/May/17
its a robbery!!! that is one expensive photo!!! Well it would be great if you saw them i still think that he could be 1/4 under this listed height. This is very intresting to see what you will say if you really meet them :P
Editor Rob: yeah if you see these guys in person maybe they will be hard to pick apart height-wise...
Andrea said on 14/Apr/17
How much money do you need? 😂😂😂
Is it still a possibility or you already ruled it out? If you already made up your mind, I won't insist 🙁
Editor Rob: don't worry, if I can scrape money together in next 4 weeks I will try to get a ticket. It costs £120 just for the ticket to enter the event...then you are talking 115 for a photo with both of them...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Apr/17
I think he edges Wentworth out slightly...
Andrea said on 13/Apr/17
So, is that a no??? 😭😭😭
If it's money that you need, I can help you out, financially 🤑😝
That's a great occasion and two big names, at least from my point of view (I mean, I'd prefer you meet them rather than guys like Arnold, Sly or Brad Pitt, that are probably considered "big names" by most... Not by me 😁)
Editor Rob: of course I would love to meet these guys too!

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Andrea said on 13/Apr/17
Rob, speaking of Dom, I've read he's going to a UK event this May with Wentworth... Would be great if you could finally meet them and take a picture with both! Are you still "on eco"? I know you had to skip a few events because of the money, recently... I hope this is not the case, though... It would be a real shame! ☹
Editor Rob: financially having to watch the a prison break fan it is very tempting but the organisers...well, I can't say much about them, they got many good guests over 10 years...leave it at that!
berta said on 17/Feb/17
still think this guy is more of a 184 guy and 185 on a good day, maybe sam listing as wenthworth would be better. brandon routh looks almost 2 inches taller. and josh jolloway with 1 cm shoe advantage looked 1 inch taller
Andrea said on 31/Jan/17
Yeah, he does... But is a picture like that "reliable"? Even Amaury seems a good amount taller than him and many people are trying to say he's not over 5'9 on his page (I think he's taller than a guy like Robert, though). Honestly, when I first started to watch the show (a lot of years ago), I didn't pay much attention to height and Dom never really gave me a tall impression (like say a Josh Holloway)... In fact, I was quite surprised when I found out he was supposed to be 6'1 or even 6'2 online (before I heard of this site)! I still think he's not a big 6'1 guy but he probably isn't much under... Even if, I repeat it, guys like Brandon and Michael can look "well over" 1.5 inches taller than him! Maybe he's similar to a Stephen Amell, 184-5 range! This girl is surprised that he is tall in person: Click Here
Maybe you will meet him at some point, who knows...
Editor Rob: having a quite big head like Dom, doesn't really help him seem that tall.

yeah, it's interesting the interviewer said that.
Andrea said on 30/Jan/17
While you can say he doesn't look much over 6' at times, like he does at times with Brandon or Michael, 5'10-5'11 is a joke for him!
Editor Rob: even with say 3/4 inch more footwear, he Has a big advantage on Marshall...who is a more solid 5ft 5 guy
Jay said on 29/Jan/17
WRONG listing... gotta be. He was standing by 6'1" Eric Dane, Josh Holloway & Clive Standen at Comic Con. Purcell only looked 5'10-11 tops.
Andrea said on 26/Jan/17
Yeah, I know what you said about Arthur Darvill... It is true that Dominic looks "comfortably" taller than him in photos, he can look 1.5-2 inches taller, depending on the photo (certainly not over 2 inches, though)! But again the same Arthur doesn't look over 5'10.5 with you (even if it's hard to tell with that hat)... And I don't know what kind of footwear he wears on the show, I remember he used to wear quite big boots in PB!
Andrea said on 26/Jan/17
Another picture with Brandon: Click Here
Look how well Dominic is standing there... And it still looks more than just 1.5 inches, to me! Same thing with Michael Rapaport in PB, he looked noticeably taller than him! In fact, I honestly thought there was more chance Michael was over 6'3 than under but he did come out with 6'2-6'2.5... You said you wouldn't have guessed him under 6'1 but the more I look at him the more he gives a shorter impression than true 6'1ers! At the same time, I don't think a guy like Wentworth would measure under 184 (and can easily pull off 185) and it seems that most of the people think that Dom has the edge...
Editor Rob: Andrea, you could make a case for a weak 6ft 1 range...maybe his solid boots help him look taller at times. I did think compared to arthur darvill on the show he looked a couple of inches taller.
Andrea said on 25/Jan/17
Rob, is this really only a 1.5 inch difference (with Brandon)??? Click Here
I don't watch the show so maybe they could appear closer in other scenes but I have hard time to believe he's a big 6'1 guy most of the time, let alone his claim!!! Do you really think that he would be similar to Big Al, in person?
Editor Rob: I watched about half the season, I think he is close to 6ft 1, Routh generally looks at least 1.5 inches taller.
Truth11 said on 14/Oct/16
Same height as johnny messner who you have as being 182cm. I'd him 183cm.
Truth11 said on 14/Oct/16
This guy is 183-184cm barefoot. If you ever get a photo with him rob you'll see.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/16
Yeah I'd go with C mainly but he sometimes can look B also. Wentworth is more of a D-E range guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Sep/16
Rob, which of these would you pick for Wentworth and Dominic?

A) 188.5cm/186.5cm
B) 188cm/186cm
C) 187.5cm/185.5cm
D) 187cm/185cm
E) 186.5cm/184.5cm
Editor Rob: C range I think from seeing Legends of Tomorrow, I think he can look it between Routh and Darvill.
berta said on 29/Aug/16
i Always thought he was 1 cm shorter than wenthworth. i would say this guy is strong 184 guy
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) said on 25/Aug/16
193lbs is nowhere near big for a 6ft2 guy. Don't have any idea what Dominic's talking about. Wrestler Seth Rollins is the same height as him and Seth even weighs more than him at 205lbs, yet he isn't considered as "big", just ripped.
Roy said on 15/Aug/16
In legends of tomorrow looks 6'1 for sure. Great and accurate listing for this guy.
Powerhouse said on 3/Aug/16
He is the most stocky looking 6'1 i've seen in movies. I guessed him well under 6'0.
Johan said on 28/Jul/16
Just goes to show how Tv makes people look bigger. In Prison Break I wouldn't have thought he was less than 200 pounds but if you watch him with Dave Batista he looks rake thin in comparison. Probably a shoe claim but I guess he is honest with his weight.

I would have thought he was 184-185cm myself. Wentworth Miller is also listed at 6ft0.75 in and at times he can seem the taller one and vice versa.
Andrea said on 26/Jul/16
Rob, i know you will say it's not an ideal photo but still... Look at Dominic with Josh Holloway: Click Here
Josh has footwear advantage, ok, but i bet that even barefoot he'd be easily taller than Dom!
Editor Rob: Dom might be giving up some footwear disadvantage, possibly a cm or so. Near the 187 / 185 guys beside him I think he holds up close to 6ft 1
Ice said on 14/May/16
I wouldnt agree with statement that men of his size are limited when it comes to leading roles because of their size . Someone like Tyler Mayne is definateley limited when it comes to movie roles and gets casted as the tough guys in the back or intimadating serial killers / crazy guys , because he is just really huge , but 6'1-6'2 and 190 ilbs is really not that big .
Ice said on 14/May/16
@ Rampage

I doubt hed be 188 cm out of bed ..
Andrea said on 2/Apr/16
Yeah, 182 is too low but also 186... would be too much for this guy! He doesn't look a mm over 6'1 with guys like Michael Rapaport and Brandon Routh, they really can make him look no more than 184! Better chance he is 184 than 186! And Ficthner isn't over 181-182...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Mar/16
182cm is ridiculous. He's taller than William Fichtner who is listed at that mark (although the some insist he's a solid 6ft). Purcell is 185/186cm ramge
John said on 3/Mar/16
Dominic certainly doesn't tower over Annalynne Mccord, like a true 6'1" person does over a 5'6" person. On top of that, he's rocking a pair of thick boots. He's only about 182cm, give or take.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Mar/16
Rob, how likely is 186cm for Purcell?
Editor Rob: he can pass for a decent 6ft 1 range
Lmeister said on 1/Mar/16
Only 193 pounds ~ 87.5kg. I would have guessed he weighs around 95kg. He is not as big as he looks on screen.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/16
Out of bed: 187-188cm
Before bed: 185-186cm
berta said on 26/Feb/16
i dont know why but i felt like he had better posture than miller. And that he want taller. Like he is 185 and miller 185,5. Stormare 188-9 ande the fbi 186
Andrea said on 7/Dec/15
Rob, do you think he might be shorter than 6'1?
It's been a long time since i saw PB and probably didn't pay much attention to height at that time... Actually i thought Wentworth was the taller one, but it seems many people agree it's quite the opposite!
Anyway, i've seen some pictures with Brandon where he can look 2 good inches shorter (at least)... Maybe, those are not what you'd call ideal photos but it's not a surprise to me. As i said on Michael Rappaport's page, he also made Dom look sub 6'1 on the show (in fact those two guys would probably measure very similar). 6' range is ruled out, right?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have guessed Purcell under 6ft 1, I think they were pretty close, but when standing tall I think Dominic might still measure a little taller.
Tunman said on 26/Sep/15
6'1 seems fair,quite similar to Miller,actually quite hard to tell who is bigger without measurement
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/15
I wouldn't call 6ft2, 193lbs that big
Andrea said on 21/Aug/15
Thanks...Btw, here's another guy who says that actors are shortish! Rob, what do you think about it? Why so many people who work in "Hollywood" always mention the fact that the most of the actors are short, when, if you take a look at this site, it seems the opposite?
[Editor Rob: maybe they exaggerate to make themselves seem taller. But any guy who is 6ft 1 is above average, so naturally will feel that a large proportion are smaller...that's no surprise, the average is still 5ft 9-10 range.]
Andrea said on 20/Aug/15
Rob, could you add the claim, please? You yourself said you're grateful to people who find celebrities' claims but you seem to ignore it at times...
[Editor Rob: it's at the top]
Andrea said on 18/Aug/15
Good find, Rampage! Rob, you should add the claim to the top...
Clearly not 6'2, though! 6'1 at most! Just looks too "short" next to Michael Rapaport, who himself claims 6'2, to be that tall! I watched PB a lot of time ago but i remember Rapaport looked noticeably taller than him!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jun/15
Click Here

Rob, he claims 6ft2, 193lbs in this NY Times interview from 2008.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/14
Gives a shorter impression than Miller because he's bigger framed.
184.3cm said on 25/Oct/14
I thought this guy was shorter. Saw a film with him the other night alongside Dave Batista and he was couple inches shorter. I thought he was 183cm max.
Dmeyer said on 10/Jul/14
In good shots he can look 1cm taller than wenty
yalo said on 18/Dec/13
i would say hes 184cm he looks the same height as wentworth miller sometimes even smaller or sometimes slightly taller
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Sep/13
"Dominic Purcell's height is 6ft 1.25in (186cm)"

Claimed 6ft2 on the audio commentary for Prison Break and can look near it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/12
Looked at least this height with Jason Statham in Killer Elite.
[Editor Rob: he was in an episode of castle and had a mugshot image, maybe a little over 6ft 2 mark in whatever footwear.]
Joey said on 20/Dec/12
strong 6feet range maybe even what simon said
simon said on 18/Dec/12
Nah i was standing next to him at gym when he was on the Gold coast at the sheraton mirage hotel gym. he had the same runners on. he is exactly my height of 182cm maybe even 1cm shorter
Silent d said on 12/Oct/12
Chris vance is 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 10 range. 186cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/12
Dominic Purcell - 6ft1.25(186cm)
Wentworth Miller - 6ft1(185cm)
William Fichtner - 6ft(183cm)
Peter Stormare - 6ft2(188cm)
Michael Rappaport - 6ft3.25(191cm)
wasoubial said on 23/Aug/12
Hello rob, if you read this message, can you add Chris vance's height ?
I can not determine its size, it seems sometimes 183, sometimes 178. thank you
Peyman said on 9/Aug/12
My new estimate for prison break characters after second watch:
Purcell 6ft1in /Miller 6ft 0.75/nalasco 5ft 10in/williams 5ft 10.75in/knepper 5ft 9in/fitchner 6ft 0in(100% sure)/dunbar weak 5ft 10in/stormare strong 6ft 2in/Rapaport dead on 6ft 3in/adelstein 6ft 1.5in/vance 5ft 9.5in wayne callies 5ft 8.25in/ lyn o'keefe 5ft 8.25in
ray 6' 158 lbs said on 8/Aug/12
i think he is 185 cm at mourning 182.5 at night
Jake: 1.82 m--1.83 m--1.84 m said on 8/Aug/12
182 cm is possible for Fichtner.
ray 6' 158 lbs said on 7/Aug/12
i think he is 185 cm tall and hes co-star wentworth miller is 184 cm and fitchner seems 182 cm to me and t-bag and sucre 176cm and ithink c-note is 178 cm and abruzzi is 189 cm and haiware is 191 cm i guess
Jesse said on 6/Jun/12
Definitley 6'1" range, but not a solid 185 i think. 184 or 184,5 fits next to 183,5 WM
Legend said on 11/Sep/11
Great height for a man.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 1/Aug/11
Rob is right! Wentworth is 6'0.75, Dominic a bit taller so 6ft1 is right! no more! Also because in prison break he looks at least two inches shorter than Michael Rapaport who is 6ft3!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/11
Looks 186cm...
Big MIke said on 22/Feb/11
Yea I actually thought he was 6ft only I mean in Blade I thought Wesley was 5 ft 11 but actually he is 5 ft 8 he got dwarfed by Purcell If he is 6 ft 1 when he turned into his demon self in Blade he must have stood about 6 ft 4
Juno said on 21/Jan/11
The first time i saw him on prison break I thought that he was shorter like in the 5'9-5'10 range. But then a few episodes later I was stunned when he was standing next to wentworth miller and hr seemed taller by like .5 inches. TV can be so deceiving at times.
dmeyer said on 8/Oct/07
in pics he can look 0.5 to 1.25 in over miller he makes miller look 6 ft flat in pics but i guess better posture for dominic so maybe 2 cm btween them i think 6'1to 6'1.25 for dominic and miller 6 ft to 6'0.25 for the people who thinks miller is taller look at getty images you will see purcell 3 cm taller than miller
dmeyer said on 8/Oct/07
if yoy look at pb dominic alwais has 1 cm on miller somtimes 2 cm and sometimes they look the same pavement shoes posture....
klem said on 28/Sep/07
he is a typical mesomorph look how big his body is compared to legs. wenthworth is same height witl longer limbs.
Lisa said on 21/Sep/07
dominic admitted on the special features in the series one dvd that he was 6 foot 2 inches I heard from his mouth???
anonymous said on 15/Aug/07
Lol, Domonic's legs are like 2 feet apart. He would be at least 2 inches taller if standing upright. Plus Wentworth is leaning on one leg, and when you posture up on one leg you can cheat an extra half inch that you don't actually have when standing on two feet.
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/07
people that say purcell is shorter than miller should get glasses they might look close but dominic has the edge 0.5 to 1 in
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
can look 6'1.25 next to miller
dmeyer said on 16/Jul/07
in md pics dominic looks a full in over miller they seem to have the same shoes the differance seems 0.75 in aleast maybe 0.25 floor advantag
dmeyer said on 16/Jul/07
i agree purcell might be 6'1 before bed and like 6'1.75 out of bed
Anonymous said on 21/May/07
Actually, Dominic is about 1/2 inch shorter than Wentworth Miller, if Dominic is 185 then Miller must be 186 or no less. If you want to compare the heights, you have to be fair, so take a look at the following image, it show the full length of both stars standing next to each other, both appear t wear the same kinds of shows, and the picture was taken from a straight angle for easy comparison:
Click Here

[Editor Rob: dodgy ground, dodgy stances...dodgy comparison, sorry buddy, they are pretty close though.]
majagreta said on 11/May/07
ithink he is 184-185 he doesnt se so long
MD said on 10/May/07

Dominic is taller than Miller, and has looked that way in every picture I've seen of the two, together:

Click Here
Steve said on 10/May/07
His head is disproportionately big compared to his body. I watched a couple of episodes of the series "John Doe" and in some scenes he looked like a lollipop to me :-)
MaxB said on 6/May/07
@Mike - although Dominic is a big man, he has wide head and even wider neck and to me that gives an appearance of unusually large head - I don't mean anything disrespectful. Maybe it would be less noticable if he had wider shoulders. BTW the more I watch Prison break the more I'm convinced he really is 6'1 and that he is taller than Wentworth Miller.
Franco said on 11/Apr/07
Dominic = 6'1
Miller = 6'1.5

end of story.
MD said on 10/Mar/07
A few strange pictures (is Rob Kneeper taller? This is taking into account the leans and stretches):

Click Here

Click Here
mike said on 10/Mar/07
MaxB, how does he have a 'gigantic head'. Do you think wentworth miller has a gigantic head? Because they're both the same size. He's normal.

Oh and 6'1 I agree with.
mark said on 28/Jan/07
its odd i mean in prison break dominic is a bit shorter than wenworth...and wenworth's height is like 6 ft 0 in
dmeyer said on 22/Jan/07
after looking at a few pics he is 185 186 cm 6'1 and miller is 184 strong like 6'0.5 of course he can look 6'1 it is easy to look 185 when you are 184
sam said on 18/Jan/07
There are pictures out there where Miller looks slightly taller, then other pictures where Purcell looks taller. I'm of the opinion that they're the same exact height (6'1"), but their posture & proximity to the camera varies.
007 said on 17/Jan/07
I think Miller is the one beating Purcell with half an inch on PB, but I must say that it looks the other way around in MD's picture of them wearing the same shoes.
Matt said on 10/Jan/07
Tim -- Purcell beats Miller by at least half an inch, if not a full inch. MD's post on 17th May provides a photo confirming what many of us suspect. I think Purcell has a habit of slouching, allowing Miller to make gains. But whenever I've seen the two of them walking side by side in a full length shot in PB, Purcell has Miller convincingly beaten.
Melissa said on 27/Oct/06
to the person who said your brother saw Wentworth and said he was your brother's height. Well, you always THINK someone is your height when you are standing next to them - i've done the same thing too. It is only when you see both yourself and the other person in a mirror that you can see that there is usually a great height difference. It is just impossible to make a fair assessment when you don't have a mirror and are gauging a person's height in comparison to your own.
MaxB said on 3/Jun/06
Can't tell what his height is - in Blade Trinity he didn't look especially tall and I'm actually surprized to see 6'1, but I should watch that movie again (they probably made him look smaller so he wouldn't be much taller than Wesley as he is the superhero). Anyway, he has gigantic head that makes him appear bigger in close shots.
king said on 30/May/06
hes taller than wentworth, hes either 6'2 or wentworth isnt 6'1
Gramps said on 20/May/06
Methinks there is at least a 1.5" difference.
Jess said on 16/May/06
Wentworth looks tall than Dom because he is skinnier where as Dominic is broad shouldered and muscley. Everything I read says he is 6'1. I'd love to meet him he's one of my favourite actors. As for Balde and the height of Wesley and Dominic, they would use angles and stuff to make them looked the same height, evenly matched otherwise it would probably look funny.
Dominic's Girl said on 4/May/06
Wait, you've seen him? That's awesome! My dad is 6`1 and he looks like Dominic too! I have my own little Dominic at home. ^_^
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/06
I stood behind him in a line at Starbucks here in Chicago recently, he is definitely 6'1". His appearance is even taller. I am just under 5'10", so it was easy to gauge.
ROO said on 12/Jan/06
I think he is around 6'0, because he was a little bit shorter than Wentworth Miller in one pic.
Random Anonymous guy >:D said on 3/Jan/06
Hm.. one of the few things i watch on TV is prison break but honestly I never paid attention to their height or anything. Maybe he's one of those guys who simply look short on TV even though they're pretty tall. I'm impressed that boy (the one who plays his son in the show i think) is so short, I thought he'd be way taller than that.
deadman said on 12/Dec/05
my brother was at border's bookstore this week(in chicago) and he saw wentworth miller, he said they were nearly the same height, if not exactly the same, and my brother is 5'10"
MD said on 20/Oct/05
Actually, disregard my last posts. If Wentworth Miller is 6'-0.5" than this looks right. They are both nearly the same height, and in some pics one looks taller than the other and vice versa.

[Editor Rob: I had a look...haven't seen prison break but there doesn't look much between those two guys although assumes we have right height for this purcell]
MD said on 20/Oct/05
If Wentworth Miller really is 6'-0.5" than Dominic is definitely under 6'.
d said on 20/Oct/05
i doubt it. wesley snipes is 5'10" at most and in blade trinity, during one of the fight scenes, they were seeing eye to eye.

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