How tall is Gary Cooper ?

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Gary Cooper's height is 6ft 3in (191 cm)

American actor best remembered for roles in High Noon, Vera Cruz, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Meet John Doe, Man of the West, The Westerner, The Pride of the Yankees, They Came to Cordura and Sergeant York. In a 1930 article he was quoted as saying "I am six feet two inches tall".

Cooper in 1926
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Arch Stanton says on 20/Feb/15
Check out this with John Wayne Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 11/Feb/15
Cooper to me looked about the same height on screen in the 30s and 40s as Clint Eastwood did in the 60 and 70s.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Feb/15
Rob for some reason it says "Image Not Available".
[Editor Rob: yeah I put another one up instead]
dietmar says on 2/Feb/15
All the heights in this site are peak heights, if not other indicated. So, ie. Adam Baldwin is still in he's peak (193cm). About 10-15 years, we may see Adam's height as 191cm (peak 193cm). He will be never mentioned as peak 195cm. Even though he was 195cm out of bed. That's the difference. So, it would be quite corny to claim 193cm peak for Cooper.
Bruno says on 1/Feb/15
I'm never getting measured in the evening, I need all the cms I can get.
dietmar says on 1/Feb/15
No. People shrink when they get old, as we all know. If we take ie. Clint Eastwood, he was peak 193cm, when he was young. It doesnt mean he was 193cm out of bed. He was moore like 195cm. Average 193cm guys are 193cm most of the day, not just in the morning. Clint was a legit 193cm in his youth.

So peak height is the height you were, most of the day, when you were young. I think old Gary Cooper was only about 191cm when he woke up, and drop to 188cm in the evening. When he was young, he was 193cm out of bed, and 191cm in the evening.
Bruno says on 31/Jan/15
Bit tipsy now dietmar, but peak height means your tallest and if that's just out of bed well that's your peak surely??????
dietmar says on 31/Jan/15
Excuse me Bruno, but morning heights doesnt count as "peak" height. In this site, there are loads and loads of 191cm guys, who are 193cm out of bed, but they are listed as 191cm, as the should. Gary Cooper in just one of them. He was never peak 193cm.

Just to mention, Adam Baldwin, Conan O'Brien, Jeff Goldblum, etc, are true 193cm guys. They are all 195cm out of bed. Means their peak is 193cm, not 195cm.

In fact, Coop was slightly shorter than 191cm listed James Stewart. There are couple of good photos in the net. Jim may have been 192cm though. Anyway, 191cm peak for Coop.
Bruno says on 30/Jan/15
Good old Dietmar, we now think the same peak height for Coop 193 or 6'4'' thank you.
dietmar says on 29/Jan/15
Well, if you look at the pic below( Coop vs Bridges), Coop is not 10cm taller than 183cm Bridges. If Coop really was 193cm, then Bridges was 186cm and Charlton Heston was 193cm.

I dont really get where this 193cm claim for Cooper comes from? To me he doesnt look over 191cm. In some pics he really looks the same height, or even taller than John Wayne, but that only prooves Wayne was not a full 193cm. And we all know pics can lie.

To my opinion 191cm is dead on Cooper. Its possible he was 193cm out of bed, but not over 191cm in the evening.
Arch Stanton says on 28/Jan/15
I'd say Vera Cruz was one of the few films actually where Cooper didn't look nearer 6'4".
Arch Stanton says on 28/Jan/15
In Vera Cruz the film though Steve, Cooper looks more 2-2.5 inches taller than Lancaster. I remember watching it and thinking that actually Lancaster did look about 6 ft 1. I didn't see 3 inches in the film.
Steve says on 27/Jan/15
Go by the photo I posted because if you watch the film they played tricks with camera angles. I'm sure to get them to being as close to the same height they put Lancaster on a box.
dietmar says on 27/Jan/15
In "Vera Cruz" Coop looked no moore than 190cm with Lancaster.

Click Here
Steve says on 26/Jan/15
If Burt Lancaster was 6'1" then Cooper was 6'4".

Click Here
Bruno says on 7/Jan/15
Well if you say 192 we are pretty close in our estimates. I reckon peak was 193 in his early years in 30s and 40s. Just like the pic you posted might not give the true diff. between the actors.
dietmar says on 6/Jan/15
Of course the height difference varies, depending the camera angle, everybody knows that. I was just pointing out that the pic you posted was not showing the true difference between these guys.

There's no need to downgrade anybody, Coop was most likely 192cm out of bed, and 190cm late in the evening. I just watched High Noon, and Coop was about 7cm taller than 183cm Lloyd Bridges Click Here
Bruno says on 4/Jan/15
Firstly dietmar I never claimed GC was same height as Walker. Just proving that 2 photos taken at the same event with different angles the height difference varies.

Cooper was unwell and off his peak height in that movie with Heston. He still looked slightly taller though. If he was as low as 190cm peak we have to down grade a lot of actors.
dietmar says on 4/Jan/15
Cooper and Heston are indeed the same height.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Both men were around 190-191cm.
dietmar says on 3/Jan/15
The pic Bruno just posted is obviously lying, due to camera angle. Cooper would need 3in extra heels, to reach Walkers height Click Here

Gary Cooper was around 190cm, just like Charlton Heston Click Here
Bruno says on 3/Jan/15
Defo 192 maybe 193 peak.
Bruno says on 2/Jan/15
Same place and time, does not look to much shorter here.
Click Here

Coop looks slightly taller than JS here 3rd photo. Might be the angle not much between these 2, peak height for both I'd say Coop by .5''.
Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 1/Jan/15
Walker I think might have boot advantage there and with the hat gives the illusion of being even taller. + it was obviously late 50s I'd say when Coop didn't look over 6'3". You watch Coop's 30s movies and he frequently looked taller.
dietmar says on 31/Dec/14
Gary Cooper was no moore than 6'3. The real difference between Clint Walker and Cooper can be seen Click Here
Sam says on 23/Dec/14
Even a half inch downgrade would shrink a bunch of co-stars and actors Cooper was seen with, not buying a thing under 6'3" at peak.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 22/Dec/14
He was never 6'3.5", but I will agree that 6'2" was a bit low as well. 6'2.5" is my bet.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Dec/14
I suppose he cut a handsome figure even if a bit lanky looking but I wouldn't call him "incredibly handsome". Rock Hudson or Clint Walker I think might have been the most impressive looking actors I've seen on screen in those days with strong features and a big height and frame. Under 190 as you say though is BS.
Gonzalo says on 19/Dec/14
Anything under 1`90 for Cooper is a joke. In fact he could have been taller than that.
Great actor. Incredibly handsome man.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Dec/14
6ft2 is pure bogus. Another classic case of the insecure actor who felt he'd never work again if they found out he was in fact nearer 6ft4.

"Gary Cooper's height is 6ft 3žin (192cm)"
Steve says on 13/Dec/14
Cooper looked a good six inches taller than 5'10" Fredric March:

Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 12/Dec/14
Peak yeah I think he'd have been 192 a good chunk of the day in his younger years. 6 ft 3 flat is really the lowest I can see but in a few comparisons in the 50s like with Burt Lancaster in Vera Cruz, Lee J. Cobb in Man of the West and Heston in Wreck he didn't really look over the 6'3" mark.
Sam says on 12/Dec/14
Arch, don't you think 6'3.25"-6'3.5" range is a better fit than a flat 6'3" for Cooper at peak? However, if he's that range, James Stewart would probably be that as well.
Bruno says on 9/Dec/14
Agreed Arch the 6'2'' peak is BS, if that was the case we would be downgrading a lot of actors.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Dec/14
Heston wasn't a full 6'3" though Bruno and Cooper was barely taller in Wreck. He also didn't look over 6 ft 3 next to Audrey Hepburn, but in some scenes in They Came to Crdura he could still look a strong 6'3" with Rita. Peak, I think he's have hit 6'4" sometime early in the day.
Bruno says on 8/Dec/14
I'd put Coop at 6'4'' peak, in latter years still looked a strong 6'3'' next to Heston.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Dec/14
Yes, good film that Jake and it had my favourite jazz singer Julie London in it who Rob won't add :-(
James says on 1/Dec/14
Cooper was good in "Man of the West" but he was at least 20 years too old for the part. He was actually a decade older than Lee J Cobb who played the man who brought him up.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 29/Nov/14
Just watched him in Man of the West and I think he was 6ft 3in, looked it beside Lee J. Cobb. Good western that too, some lovely locations.
John says on 29/Nov/14
Cooper was actually measured as 6'2.5" when he arrived in Hollywood in the autumn of 1924. As he was already 23 it's unlikely he grew any more after that. He probably appeared taller in westerns because he wore boots with big heels.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Nov/14
If Cooper was a flat 6'2" Lancaster was like 5'11 and change!
Arch Stanton says on 26/Nov/14
Not a chance David. There's a scene in Morocco lying down on a bed and his legs look crazy lanky. When he gets up he even has to duck significantly on the way out the door. At times it's difficult to see him under 6'4.
David Miller says on 25/Nov/14
Gary Cooper was in fact 6'2" as he said.
Arch Stanton says on 21/Nov/14
If Cooper was 6'2 range everybody else needs a serious downgrade.... Agreed with Sam, I think he was pushing 192 peak.
John says on 19/Nov/14
Cooper was 6'2.5".
[Editor Rob: that you Frank ;)

I saw this figure in an article about Cooper in fact, 6ft 2.5...]
Sam says on 10/Nov/14
Rob, any chance you could list Cooper as 6'3.25"? In all but his later films he often looks a bit tall to be a flat 6'3"er. Also there was really just a fraction between he and John Wayne and he could look close to 6'4"-6'6" range claiming guys.
John says on 2/Oct/14
Perhaps Cooper wore lifts in his later films.
Arch Stanton says on 1/Oct/14
Rob can you add Man of the West, The Westerner, The Pride of the Yankees and They Came to Cordura? Yeah, if Cooper was only 6'2" then everybody, and i mean everybody is listed 1-1.5 inches higher than they really were!! Cooper could certainly look nearer 6'4" in his prime, but in his last years really looked nothing over 6'3", barely taller than Charlton Heston in Wreck.
Arch Stanton says on 1/Oct/14
Yeah, if Cooper was only 6'2" then everybody, and i mean everybody is listed 1-1.5 inches higher than they really were!! Cooper could certainly look nearer 6'4" in his prime, but in his last years really looked nothing over 6'3", barely taller than Charlton Heston in Wreck.
184.3cm says on 30/Sep/14
Its funny how in that era alot of actors downgraded themselves. He looks all of 191cm and yet claimed 188cm. He probably was 196cm in cowboyboots must have raised a few eyebrows when he claimed 6'2 haha.
Ian C. says on 28/Sep/14
There is enough photographic evidence linked to this page to support the proposition that Gary Cooper was at least six foot four. Now and then you get these very tall actors (like Rock Hudson or Christopher Lee) who seem to be downgrading their heights. It's as if, in the forties and fifties, there was not only a height threshold for leading men but a height ceiling.
James B says on 11/Sep/14
Why thr he'll would he claim 6ft2?
Arch Stanton says on 15/Jul/14
Yeah Marcus he really looked pale, thinner and ill in the face after 1957 and lost a lot of his screen presence. Worrying thing is that Hugh Jackman has had that look in the face of late and makes me wonder if he is hiding something. Plus he's now shaved his head which I'm told is for a film role. Hmm.. I think Cooper had Heston by about 2 cm. They were stood almost face to face on several occasions and you could see he was slightly taller.
marcus says on 13/Jul/14
Cooper aged terribly in the last years of his life with cancer ravaging his body. If he was still taller than a young Charlton Heston in 1959 it would mean he was still at least 6'3". He had to have shrunk considerably from his peak and needs to be upgraded.
Arch Stanton says on 19/Jun/14
Unlikely John, Cooper was barely taller than Charlton Heston in the Wreck of Mary Deare.
john b says on 14/May/14
saw a few pics of him next to John Wyane - if John was 6'4? Cooper Looked 6'6 -
Arch Stanton says on 13/May/14
Cooper had to have been around 6'5" in boots. He didn't look more than 3 inches taller than 6' Walter Brennan in The Westerner though.
Arch Stanton says on 13/May/14
LOL, he wasn't 6 ft 7. But I agree he looked an inch taller than supposed 6'4" Forrest Tucker in The Westerner.
marcus says on 5/May/14
Just watched The Westerner again. Cooper looks about 3" taller than Forrest Tucker.
marcus says on 19/Apr/14
Walker was clearly standing erect and most likely in cowboy boots. It is time Cooper was up graded. Probably 6'7" at his peak. Plenty of photos to support this.
Andy Clifford says on 3/Apr/14
Walker was clearly crouching a bit.
Gonzalo says on 24/Mar/14
Gary Cooper and Fess Parker
Click Here
Gary Cooper and Clint Walker
Click Here
Knowitall says on 10/Mar/14
Well, I stand corrected. Later in the movie Dallas, Erickson appears taller than Cooper. The reason is, early on, Cooper is wearing cowboy boots with two-inch heels. Later in the film, the two actors swap outfits. Cooper ends up wearing dress boots with one-inch heels while Erickson is wearing cowboy boots. So both actors were six-four.
Knowitall says on 10/Mar/14
In the 1950 western feature Dallas, Cooper appeared taller than Leif Erickson who's officially listed as being six-four.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Mar/14
Tone was more 5'11" I think but granted he barely looked shorter than Gable in Mutiny on the Bounty.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Mar/14
Cooper didn't look 6'4" next to Lee J. Cobb and Jack Lord in Man of the West.
Knowitall says on 3/Mar/14
In The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Cooper was five inches taller than Franchot Tone.

Tone was supposedly six feet tall. He was just about the same height as Clark Gable in Mutiny on the Bounty.

It's looking like Copper was six-four.
Hatti says on 12/Feb/14
He was tallest as Howard Roarke.
Mcxslim says on 11/Feb/14
I'd just like to say, Gary cooper is part of a generation, who's acting portrayed the inner depth of what it's like to be a mans man. Randolph, Wayne, mccrea, widmark,( don't forget him) , and others, all in the same genre have givin me a real appreciation for whom I really am. Most people today do not seem to be drawn toward decent moral code. Basically what these film are about. I can't change who I am. I can only get better at it. Thanks for the memories.
Bruno says on 20/Jan/14
I'm allowing for that Sam, Randy Scott claimed 6' 3.5'' so add .5'' and you get 6'4'' for Coop.
Sam says on 20/Jan/14
Interesting find Bruno, Scott was almost like the low-budget equivalent to Cooper...I actually prefer Scott's Budd Boetticher movies to many Cooper Westerns (except maybe High Noon & Man of the West). I think in the shot, Cooper is closer to the camera giving him a slight advantage over Scott. In an even shot, I think Cooper would be only a fraction taller than Scott.
Gonzalo says on 20/Jan/14
In this pic Scott towers over Sinatra and Cooper

Click Here
Bruno says on 18/Jan/14
Gary Cooper was definitely 6'4'' peak check this pic out with 6'3''+ Randy Scott
Click Here
Knowitall says on 16/Jan/14
Look how Cooper towers over Anthony Quinn:

Click Here

I believe Cooper was six-four.

Quinn claimed to be six-two. I believe in reality he was around six-one. He is leaning in the photo, but still I think Cooper was considerably taller.
Clive says on 5/Jan/14
If Gary Cooper siad he was 6'2" then surely that's what he was.
James says on 28/Dec/13
Cooper was definitely 6 foot 3. Although "Sergeant York" is just an overlong and very dated wartime propaganda film, "High Noon" still holds up brilliantly and he well deserved his second Oscar.
Arch Stanton says on 19/Dec/13
Thanks. He can even look 6'5 at times in Mr Deeds from 1936!!
Arch Stanton says on 14/Dec/13
Rob can you add Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Meet John Doe, Sergeant York and The Pride of the Yankees? Sergeant York and Meet John Doe in particular were among his best known films.
[Editor Rob: yes I'll add a few of those.]
Arch Stanton says on 14/Dec/13
Looks more 6'3" in Sergeant York though, some of the other actors in it are almost the same height. In my opinion his finest acting role I've seen to date, great film and he deserved that Oscar.
Arch Stanton says on 13/Dec/13
Looks 6'4 in Meet John Doe.
Sam says on 6/Dec/13
Interesting shots, would be nice if Quinn was standing as upright as Cooper in that shot though.
Outlaw says on 6/Dec/13
He was taller than any 6'3" actor he ever worked with. I'll go with 6'4.25"

Click Here w/5'8.5" Charles Laughton (and Cooper is leaning)

Click Here w/6'1.5" Anthony Quinn and Ward Bond

Click Here w/Jack Benny, who was at least 5'8"

DEFINITELY a minimum of 6'4". But I'll go with 6'4.25".
Sam says on 5/Dec/13
I'm convinced Cooper was, like Jimmy Stewart, was a strong 6'3", perhaps a hair over the mark.
Xhavier says on 3/Dec/13
According to his daughter, Maria Cooper Janis: 6ft 4in. Aocording to 99% of his biographies 6ft 3in as of age 17. Also there is a story of him having measured himself against a wagon wheel and he was 6ft 2.75in (it was late in the evening). Either way at 6ft 3in he would be taller than 98% of the world population. So be it.
Arch Stanton says on 5/Nov/13
Really looks 6 ft 4 in For Whom the Bell Tolls.
Bruno says on 8/Oct/13
Henry Brandon is listed either 6'4'' or 6'5'' depending on the site you look up.
Bruno says on 6/Oct/13
Looking at High Noon he looks a good 10" on 5'6" Harry Morgan and Grace Kelly. He was 50 odd years of age at the time and to me he looks a strong 6'4".
Knowitall says on 4/Oct/13
In Vera Cruz, Cooper was the same height as Henry Brandon who was six four.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Aug/13
There is a scene in Wings which he was in as a young man in 1927 where he walks into Clara Bow's dressing room and he literally looks twice the guy of the other guy. Gave the illusion of 6'4-6'5" compared to the other guy who had to have been short.
mitchell says on 26/Jul/13
Gary was strong 6'3. My very favorite actor. Good honest man, loved by all. Never pretended to be better
than others.
Knowitall says on 18/Jul/13
Sixseven, did you measure him?
Sixseven says on 16/Jul/13
Gary Cooper was 190 cm tall.(6'2.8")
Sam says on 12/Jul/13
It's just my personal opinion. I personally think that (although he's a pretty different actor) Henry Fonda is my favorite actor of the older class in westerns. Perhaps you're right that Wayne wouldn't have been a good fit in High Noon, but you mentioned The Searchers, I don't think that Cooper could have pulled off the darkness and complexity of Ethan Edwards, nor Wayne's role in Red River. In terms of vulnerability, I think Stewart takes the cake, he's brutalized in every Anthony Mann western he was in. The darkest Cooper western I can think of, Man of the West, Cooper's character is kind of violent but not nearly as depraved as the other characters.
Knowitall says on 11/Jul/13
I couldn't care less about Coop's politics nor his personal life. He was a damned good actor. Of all the leading men in his category which I include John Wayne, Cooper showed the most vulnerability and sensitivity. No way could Wayne have carried off the role of the marshall in High Noon as well as Cooper did. Cooper deserved the Oscar he won for Best Actor.

Wayne deserved an Oscar for his portrayal of Ethan Edwards in The Searchers. Not for Rooster Cogburn In True Grit.
jtm says on 11/Jul/13
doubt he was under 6'3.
Sam says on 10/Jul/13
I think Cooper, Wayne and Stewart were all tall guys within the 6'3" to 6'4" range at peak. I have to say, Cooper is one of the my least favorite actors of this generation. I know he's supposed to be the classic example of doing a lot with a little and most classic stars had a basic character that they adhered closely to, but Cooper's acting never did it for me. I don't know if it's his flat affect, his weird voice (which I found a little grating) or his artificial seeming aw-shucks veneer or that he had off-screen status as a cocky, somewhat boorish and boasting womanizer. Though I found his politics somewhat offensive, to me John Wayne was a much better actor and star. I do enjoy some of Cooper's films in spite of his acting style, like High Noon or Ball of Fire.
Knowitall says on 5/Jul/13
Mr. R,

I know Gary Cooper wasn't in From Here to Eternity. Your point?

We were discussing Coop being two inches taller than six foot two Burt Lancaster. Arch posted that he believed Burt never looked six two so I posted a photo showing him to be at least four inches taller than Montgomery Clift.

Understand? Or do I need to 'splain it all over again?
Mr. R says on 2/Jul/13
@Knowitall The actor in From Here to Eternity is Burt Lancaster, not Gary Cooper.
Knowitall says on 27/Jun/13
He sure did look a slid six two in From Here to Eternity where he towered over five foot ten Montgomery Clift:

Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jun/13
Lancaster never looked a legit 6'2 though!!
Knowitall says on 11/Jun/13
Except that Lancaster was at least as tall as Karl Malden in Birdman of Alcatraz. Malden was a legit six foot one. In some angles in the film, Burt looked to be an inch taller.

And in From Here to Eternity, Burt towered over Montgomery Clift. He had a solid four inches on Clift who was supposedly five ten and usually looked it. And Burt was the same height as six foot two George Reeves.

I think Coop was closer to being a solid six four. There are just two many actors he towered over for him to be six three or six two as Cooper claimed.
Arch Stanton says on 10/Jun/13
He really doesn't look like a legit 6 ft 4 guy in Vera Cruz, I think 6 ft 3 looks about right. But to me he seemed to have near 3 inches on Burt Lancaster, at times it could look more 2 inches. I think Cooper at 6'3" and Lancaster at 6'0.5" would make more sense.
Knowitall says on 7/Jun/13
I'm watching City Streets starring Cooper and I'm shocked to see he was a solid five inches taller than Paul Lukas who was supposedly six foot one. Either Lukas's height was way exaggerated or Coop was six five.
Outlaw says on 6/Jun/13
Yeah, they could be lifts with Stewart, but I don't believe they are. If he wore lifts then, he should of been wearing them on all other occasions.

I still believe he was 6'0.5"-6'1" barefoot.

Regardless, I also believe Cooper was much taller than than Gable -- 3"-3.5".
Knowitall says on 6/Jun/13
Ray Milland is listed as being six two by many sources.

In Beau Geste he was at least two inches shorther than Cooper and in some angles appeared three inches shorter:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 6/Jun/13
Outlaw, check out the shoes on Gable seated next to Stewart:

Click Here

They could be lifts.

And here Gable looks considerably shorter than Albert Dekker who was around six two:

Click Here

And in Command Decision, Gable was no more than an inch taller than five foot ten John Hodiak:

Click Here

And Hodiak was definitely five ten. I've watched just about all his films comparing him to other actors listed as being six feet. He was usually shorter by a couple of inches.

Here's Hodiak next to Wendell Cory who was about six one and a half:

Click Here

As you can see, he was considerably shorter.

So I think, cowboy boots or no cowboy boots, Coop was much taller than Gable.

Check this out:

Click Here
Henrik says on 4/Jun/13
Probably a 6'3.5" man who claimed the lower to be gentle. I'm more like 6'2.5", and I claim 6'2".
Outlaw says on 4/Jun/13

Clark Gable w/James Stewart (6'3.5"): Click Here

Gable was between 6'0.5"-6'1"
Mr. R says on 4/Jun/13
@Knowitall If you look at the pic, Cooper is wearing cowboy boots.
Dan says on 3/Jun/13
I don't know who ever bought the idea of Gable being 6'1". He always looked small to me.
Knowitall says on 3/Jun/13
Copper was either six four or Clark Gable wasn't anywhere near being six one:

Click Here
Dan says on 1/Jun/13
OUTLAW, Since we don't agree on the shoulder level, look at the eye level. They are equal even though Cooper is looking way down...impossible for two people of the same height.
Outlaw says on 1/Jun/13
Dan, I do not know what you're seeing, my friend. But I ain't seeing it. The shoulder length is almost even, if anything, Wayne's is higher.
Arch Stanton says on 27/May/13
Yeah, see that scene with Rita Hayworth, he really does look 6 ft 4. He was about as much 6 ft 2 as Darius Danesh is. I think an upgrade to 192cm, but with that 6'2" quote I think we're never going to see him taller on here, I mean John Wayne at 6'!! I honestly thought Cooper and Wayne looked the same height on film. Ingrid Bergman was a genuine 5 ft 9, in fact she could look 5'9'5"-5'10" in some scenes with 6'0.5-6'1" Cary Grant in Indiscreet and in one scene she's barefoot and he's in shoes and she looks max 4 inches shorter.
Dan says on 24/May/13
OUTLAW...Yeah, I obviously screwed up on the barefoot part, but their shoes are clearly flat, and saying that Cooper is closer to the camera is ridiculous. You'll notice looking at their forward feet that they are equally close to the camera, though I'd say Wayne is actually a notch closer. On top of that, look at Cooper's shoulder advantage (a good indicator of height advantage) and the fact that his head is bowed while Wayne's is level. Cooper has two inches MINIMUM on Wayne.
Bruno says on 22/May/13
I think Coop was playing his height down big time by saying he was 6'2''. I think he definitely was around 6'4''. With every pic I see him with other tall actors it comes more convincing.
marcus says on 21/May/13
I just checked Ingrid Bergman's height, a big girl at 5'9",but looks tiny next to Cooper in Saratoga Trunk. Cooper was far taller than his listed height.
marcus says on 21/May/13
I believe Cooper lied about his height. I saw him on a talk show once. He claimed he was 6'3" but looked taller seated because he had such a long torso.When I look at his pictures, the opposite seems true with his arms and legs longer in proportion to his torso. I believe that he was taller than Jimmy Stewart, who had claimed 6'3" as a young actor, but admitted to 6'5" in later. life
Outlaw says on 21/May/13
Dan, you mean this picture: Click Here

The one where they're BOTH wearing flat shoes and Cooper is closer the camera (horrible angle). Look at their shoulders. Their height is probably identical. 2 inches is a laugh.
Dan says on 17/May/13
There is a picture of Cooper walking next to John Wayne at some kind of resort. Cooper is barefoot, while Wayne has flat, thin shoes; their steps are about as far apart, and Cooper is EASILY two inches taller than Wayne. Therefore, either Cooper needs to be seriously upgraded or Wayne seriously downgraded.
Arch Stanton says on 14/May/13
The funny thing is that he looks at least 6'3" and looks taller than some guys in modern Hollywood who've claimed 6'3.5" or 6'4" yet he has claimed 6'2"! He looks a bit taller on screen to me than guys like Jimmy Stewart and Gregory Peck. If he really was only 6'2" most of classic Hollywood needs downgrading by a good inch! I watched They Came to Cordura the other day and he looked very similar in height to John Wayne.
Sam says on 14/May/13
I agree he may have edged out Gregory Peck marginally side by side in height but, to me, Peck appeared more imposing and strong, Cooper had a fairly thin build like myself. I'd be interested to see how Randolph Scott and Cooper looked like next to each other, probably very similar.
Gonzalo says on 13/May/13
Strange quote from Cooper in 1930. He definitely does look taller than 6`2. If he was actually 6`2 a lot of people in this site would need to be downgraded
Arch Stanton says on 12/May/13
No way was he 6'2!!
Arch Stanton says on 11/May/13
I had thought their footwear was the same but Hayworth was wearing clumpy cowboy boots with a 2-2.5 heel in that film and Cooper had on more flatter Wellington like boots which gave a bit less I think. If you look at the comparison at the end of the film it seems about 9 inches but Hayworth had the footwear advantage which is why I think he looks taller than 6'3" flat in comparison.
Arch Stanton says on 11/May/13
Rob do you think he looks more 6'4 here?

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Pause at 1:57.09. He looks really massive, nearer 10 inches than 9 on Rita Hayworth actually. He looked 6'4" a lot in that film and similar proportions to John Wayne but I think he was genuinely 6'3.5".
[Editor Rob: if he was 6ft 4 he was playing his height down 2 inches because here's a quote from 1930:

"I am six feet two inches tall. [June] Collyer is five feet five inches, and while that isn't exactly what you might call tall, she is the tallest girl I've ever had opposite me in a picture. I don't have to reach down or bend over too far for an embrace"
Arch Stanton says on 11/May/13
Rob would you consider a slight upgrade? He looks pretty close in height to John Wayne, I think he could have been 6'3.5. I've a few films of his of late and he does look a bit bigger than Peck on film too. He can look 6'4" quite a lot.
Arch Stanton says on 11/May/13
Watching They Came to Cordura right now and he has a full head on Rita Hayworth maybe even slightly more. 9-9.5" inches I'd say in even footwear. I could definitely buy 6'3.5", not sure about 6'4" but yes I does give the impression of being a little taller than Peck who I believe was genuinely 190-1cm.
Sean73 says on 6/Apr/13
Needs an upgrade to 6-4".
ho says on 11/Aug/12
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taller than Peck
Henrik says on 2/Aug/12
He seemed to have pretty long arms too, Edgar.
EdgarHernandez says on 26/Jul/12
henrik, alot of people who have long legs used his pants short because they feel awkward proportionated, in top that, cooper was very slim, nearly scrawny looking, he had broad shoulder(for his waist).

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