How tall is John Wayne ?

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John Wayne height: 6ft 4in (193 cm)

American actor best known for starring in films like The Searchers, True Grit and The Quiet Man.

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tex says on 23/Apr/14
TCM is running John Wayne all week. Finally got to see the entire movie "The Big Trail". Actual visual evidence. Wayne was 22 when the movie was made and close to 23. He obviously was his full height. When you look at him in the movie he is slim and wearing moccasins. Wayne is slightly taller or EYE TO EYE in several scenes with Tyrone Power Sr. who is playing the villain. Power was 6'1". In a few scenes, Power is sitting down and you clearly see his boots and heels. He is wearing flat heels, not riding heels. It is clear from this movie that Wayne was about 6'2 and maybe a half inch. Next I watched Stagecoach. Tom Tyler, who played the villain in the movie was a famous strongman in real life and once was considered "the strongest man in the world. Tyler was 6'1 and three quarters, just under 6'2". Both he and Wayne are wearing boots with riding heels. Tyler is actually TALLER than Wayne in this movie! Once again, all the John Wayne fanatics on this site who want Wayne to be Bigger and Taller than anyone else in motion picture history won't change their minds--but it is clear--Wayne was slightly over 6'2" when he started in pictures. As he aged many, many stars who acted with him said he wore lifts or stood on boards. He was not 6'4"... no way.
Bruno says on 22/Apr/14
Looks huge compared to William Holden.
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Jck says on 22/Apr/14
Just watched Rio Lobo, Wayne was considerably taller than 6-1 Victor French,
Wayne was a tall man 6-3 to 6-4.
filmfan says on 21/Apr/14
There is a new biography out of Wayne and the author gives Wayne's height as 6'3.3/4''. He met Wayne and mentioned how imposing he was in person. Apparently he had huge hands, a big chest and torso but relatively short legs and small feet. Although I've doubted in the past I think Wayne probably was about 6'4''.
Funk says on 20/Apr/14
If you Google John Wayne pants auction, you can see a few of his pants from movies for sale, and it seems he wore a 33 inch inseam, for those who may be interested in that sort of thing.

33" would be somewhat short for a 6ft4 guy it has to be said.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Apr/14
Nah when they're stood side by side with even posture Wayne actually looks easily an inch taller than McLagen. McLagen was a big 6'3" guy. Wayne absolutely towers Barry Fitzgerald I'd say by a foot at least. Fitzgerald was 5'3"-5'3.5" I think.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Apr/14
Wayne looked a similar height to Victor McLaglen in The Quiet Man, if anything McLaglen edged him out and he was listed at 191cm.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Apr/14
At the beginning of The Quiet Man the Irish cart driver says "6 ft 6 ?" when guessing his height and Wayne says "4 and a half".
Sam says on 9/Apr/14
To me, both Cooper and Wayne are in the 6'3" to 6'4" range. I do think under 6'3" estimates for Wayne are too low.
Mon says on 8/Apr/14
Well Knowitall, 6'3'' is very tall even today when people are taller on average. You met Wayne when he was older and had suffered heath problems. You also met Chuck Connors as an older man and thought he was considerably over his claimed peak height.

I know 6'3'' or 6'4'' men who have lost a few inches by their mid sixties One inch is at issue in Waynes case as far as I am concerned. Most average height and downright short actors were boosted up an inch. Even the tallest stole an inch, EG Fess Parker was not really 6'6'. Chuck Connors maybe the exception as he can look taller than he officially claimed. It is very difficult to know how tall Oliver Hardy really was. In Robert Mitchum bio it says he told his first agent he was 'six foot or so', a strong six foot looked taller back then. I think it's quite likely Hardy was a strong six foot tall and broad with it. If forced to bet the farm on wayne being the full six four at the time you met him I'd be say he wasn't. From the clips of him walking in Pittsburgh alongside Randolph Scott which I consider better evidence that any still, I felt sure Wayne was not taller.
Mon says on 7/Apr/14
Most name actors were an inch under their claimed height. That is, their height was given with standard one inch heels as in body mass charts.
Phil says on 7/Apr/14
Wouldnt be your first time, Frank2. Well, I believe ya!! Wayne was six foot four.
Knowitall says on 6/Apr/14
People here claim truly tall actors weren't that tall while truly short actors were taller. All who they never saw in person.

I think it's time for me to pack up and vacate this silly forum.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 6/Apr/14
He never looked a full 6ft 4 to me, John seemed more 6ft 2.75-3 range i think i agree he was very tall but just not 6ft 4
Phil says on 6/Apr/14
John Wayne never gave the impression of a genuine six foot four guy. Look him in THE BIG TRAIL. He certainly looks tall but not as tall as six four.
Bruno says on 5/Apr/14
Well Dan if that's 5" I'll eat my hat. If the top of Wayne's head was at Arness' s nose that would be 5", however it appears well above James' s Eyeline.
Maakun says on 4/Apr/14
Dan Dailey(=191cm)was as tall as John Wayne in The Wings of Eagles.
Dan says on 4/Apr/14
In that 1972 pic of Arness and Wayne, Arness is easily 5 inches taller. I've seen enough evidence to know that the idea of Wayne being 6'4" is a total joke.
Phil says on 4/Apr/14
At least three inches taller than Cooper who was an inch taller than Wayne. Interesting.
Knowitall says on 3/Apr/14
I never met Walker, but did see him. He was strikingly tall.

Look how short he makes Gary Cooper look:

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KROC says on 2/Apr/14
Off topic, but did you ever meet the actor Clint Walker of Cheyenne fame? Everyone thinks he's 6'6 but in pictures with Arness and other tall Hollywood actors of that time, he looks 6'4.5. Also I believe you concerning John Wayne. He really does look 6'4, especially in that one movie with Rock Hudson.
Knowitall says on 2/Apr/14
Shirley Eder was obviously wrong.

And Wayne was not four to five inches shorter than Arness. Watch Big Jim McLain. Arness is three inches taller. Arness was six-seven.
Phil says on 1/Apr/14
Wayne was clearly 4-5 inches shorter than Jim Arness.
Phil says on 31/Mar/14
Six feet two and a half was the Duke`s real height according to Shirley Eder.
Tripledz says on 30/Mar/14
John Wayne was actually 6'4 according to his son...
Gonzalo says on 28/Mar/14
Cooper´s claim about being 6`2 is very strange. In Bluebeard´s eighth wife he claims 6`3. Someone mentioned that the was measured 6.2`8 against a wagon or something like that. He was several inches taller than Richard Harris or Anthony Perkins, who are both in the 1,85 area. Anything under 1`90 for Cooper seems absurd.
About Wayne, he towers over Hardy in that movie. I guess by that time hardy was not 6`1
Bruno says on 27/Mar/14
Coop looks slightly taller than a young 6'2.5'' Chuck Heston in 1959 (2nd last film). No lifts.
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Bruno says on 27/Mar/14
Don't disagree with you Mon, Cooper is an enigma. He claimed 6'2'' apparently but even in later films he looked taller than that.
Phil says on 27/Mar/14
Wayne loooks 5-6 inches taller than Hardy.
Mon says on 26/Mar/14
The thing about Oliver Hardy was he was not a leading man so there is not the expectation that he would be tall and he would not have a motive to wear big heels or even lifts. Look at Gable walking next to Sophia Loren who Rob has at 5ft 7in, he does not have 5.5 inches on her.

Cooper is a very weird one, because he claimed 6'2'' and Rob has him at 6'3'' but he looked a very strong 6'4'' walking with Wayne, and 6'6'' beside Fess Parker and Clint Walker. Beside huge actors like that and with the arthritis problems he had he latter life I could believe he lost a little and resorted to a footwear boost.
Bruno says on 25/Mar/14
He does indeed Mon tnks, and do you not think Coop has a good 3-4'' on Gable.

To me Mon, Coop has 6'' on Laughton and if you straighten him out and has his head level it would be defo closer to 8''. He would nearly be a full head taller.
Mon says on 24/Mar/14
Even I can work out that at 6'4'' Cooper would be eight inches taller than Laughton. Cooper is leaning and slouching in the Laughton pic, so it may be flattering Laughton, but that amount of height difference can't be completely hidden by posture, and it's just not there. The Laughton pic does not remotely support the idea that we are looking at a 5'8'' man next to someone who stood 6'4''.

Oliver Hardy seems to have impressed people as being well over 6 feet tall. So he was a strong 6'1''. Bruno you've got me, Wayne looks about 6'4'' next to Hardy.
Bruno says on 21/Mar/14
I have seen only a handful of pics where 6'3 or 6'4'' actors look slightly taller than Coop. One is with Stewart however any others with JS he looks as tall or taller.

With Charles Laughton
Click Here

With 6'0.5''Clark Gable
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You do the maths MON.

Wayne and Hardy
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Mon says on 20/Mar/14
He looks ill, yet much taller than he did beside Chuck Connors who was not taller than Arness, or so we are told.

Next to 5'8'' Charles Laughten, 6'4'' would look just huge even with a slouch. Cooper was rail thin. I'm not clear but I think a weakish 6'3'' is right. A little angle is all Cooper would need to look 6'4'', which is a height he did not claim. Remember that Wayne shot with Cooper in sandals. You would have to make Cooper easily taller than Wayne of the basis of that photo. Yet he couldn't have been.

Back to the subject, have to say Wayne looks the full 6'4'' next to Oliver Hardy, who to my surprise is claimed to have been 6'1'. I've seen that film and beleive me he towers over Hardy.

They cast Tucker so Cooper could fight someone who would have the physical edge being obviously larger. Tucker was as 'small' as Sterling Hayden. Watch Flaming Feather if you doubt it.
Bruno says on 18/Mar/14
Good pic Gonzalo, he stands pretty tall beside a man 6'7'' and in his mid 60s.
Phil says on 18/Mar/14
Difficult pic Gonzalo, Arness is not standing straight and looks about four inches taller. With a good posture he would be roughly five inches taller.
Gonzalo says on 17/Mar/14
John Wayne and James Arness in 1972.
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Bruno says on 16/Mar/14
I dont know what you are looking at Mon, when Coop meets Tucker with the girl and the Old Man in the house he looks taller than Wavy hair Tucker. This might be down to footwear? Tucker has boots on so they would be defo 1'' heel maybe more.

Just before the fight scene it is impossible to give your height predictions. You say Tucker looks 2'' taller than Coop, well that just ridiculous.

Just look at Coop with Stewart in the pic I posted, a 6'2'' guy would not look that tall without help.
Mon says on 15/Mar/14
Bruno and Knowitall like the even numbers.

I looked through the Westerner. In the saloon standoff, it can be seen Tucker, who plays a farmer, has normal boots. Cooper has big heel cowboy boots.

Look at 56:59. Cooper does not look 6'4'' when he squares up to Forrest Tucker just before the fight. Cooper can't have been taller than 6'3½'', unless Tucker was well over 6'5''. Even if Tucker's height was artificially boosted for this shot to make him a more impressive antagonist, that wouldn't explain why Tucker's noggin looks so large in shot beside Cooper.
Bruno says on 12/Mar/14
Mon did ya miss the pic with Wayne and Randy Scott
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Bruno says on 12/Mar/14
Coop with Randy Scott 6'3.5''
Click Here
Looks a big man beside Scott.

Again looks taller than Tucker who has wavy hair
Click Here

Coop with Jimmy Stewart 6'3.5''
Click Here
No way could a 6'2'' guy pull this off unless he is wearing lifts.

With 6'1'' Charles Bickford
Click Here

Coop was 6'4'' peak or as near as makes no difference.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Mar/14
Looks easily 6'4" in Red River..
Mon says on 12/Mar/14
TristanDuJour, yeah well 6'4'' seems to have be settled on as a height for an AWFUL lot of tall men before Wayne. Historically, there is always a suspicious dearth of those said to be 6'3'' or 6'1'' People don't like the odd numbers.

A young Mitchum trying out for film acting described himself as 'about six foot or so' (to an agent). He was never over a weak 6'1'' (though with very broad shoulders), The Cape Fear scene where Mitchums character is rousted by the sherif and searched, shows he was not very tall as Gregory Peck totally towered him.

I can't agree that a MOVIE SCENE where there is an obvious angle can be the BEST evidence for anything. Cooper does look taller than Wayne with sandals on, but we know that is due to the angle or something because no way was Cooper as tall as Wayne. Look at Coop beside Charles Bickford.
Mon says on 11/Mar/14
I am absolutely certain Wayne was no shorter than 6'3'', he could have been a bit more. Look at Cooper with DeMille and 6'1'' Charles Bickford, also Cooper and Bickford in the Plainsman. Cooper was over 6'2'' but no way in hell was he 6'4''.

You might as well say someone was as tall as Sterling Hayden, as say they were around the height of Forrest Tucker. Both stood at least an inch taller than Cooper (who looked rather fragile in his latter years).
Knowitall says on 9/Mar/14
Did you ever see a movie with Wayne and Cooper appearing together where a Copper was obviously taller? Nope. They never worked together.

Did you ever see any more photos of them together than the tiny amount on the web? If you do find them, please post links.

I need to see evidence that Cooper was taller. I'm not going to base opinions on so little evidence.
Phil says on 7/Mar/14
Well, you have a point there. But how do you explain that Wayne did indeed look shorter than Gary Cooper? And not just in a single pic.
Knowitall says on 7/Mar/14
You believe it just because it's in a book?
Phil says on 6/Mar/14
I never saw him in person, Knowitall. No, sir. BUT... In the book JOHN WAYNE`s AMERICA: THE POLITICS OF A CELEBRITY the author mentions Wayne as a "beefy six foot three" and says that "the endlessly described height of six foot four is false".
Gonzalo says on 5/Mar/14
Well, Arch Stanton. Now I see you are clearly joking. I think you didn`t know many freaks we had in this site who posted pics of Wayne sitting and used them to downgrade him. I remember one of Liberty Valance next to James Stewart.
Mitchum is a tricky guy. He was barely taller than Eddie Albert in The longest day and taller than Lee Marvin in "Not as a stranger". Height can be a mystery.
Bruno says on 4/Mar/14
Those Bob Mitchum boots
Click Here
Click Here

That Coop and Tucker pic I promised.
Click Here

Peak Tucker must be only a shade over 6' eh Arch
Bruno says on 4/Mar/14
Arch Stanton says on 8/Dec/13
Yeah the barefoot scene in The Shootist is the best evidence we have that he was honestly very close to 6'4".

Now you say 6'1'', why are you been as we Irish say an eejit.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Mar/14
6'1" max :-). Shorter than Gary Cooper who claimed 6'2".
Knowitall says on 4/Mar/14
Phil, look at the publicity photo I posted of him with Wayne in El Dorado. They're either lifts in his cowboy boots or he borrowed some chick's cowboy boots who wore a large size shoe.

And Phil, I met the Duke. Saw him on more than one occasion. He was definitely six-four.

Did you ever see him in person?
Bruno says on 4/Mar/14
It can be confusing Phil, but Wayne does look taller than 6'3.5'' Randy Scott. Coop is an enigma as he does nearly always look to be 6'4" except maybe in later years when he was ill.

Cooper looks taller than a young Forrest Tucker who is listed as 6'4'' snd some say he was slightly more. I will post it later.
Phil says on 3/Mar/14
Knowitall, Mitchum never wore lifts. He was a solid six foot one, even as he got into old age. Wayne on the other hand was shorter than Gary Cooper which confirms that he was no taller than six three. Wayne that is.
Gonzalo says on 3/Mar/14
Well, 1`91 or 1`93, is not a big difference. Wayne was very tall and he was a star, one of the brightest.
Knowitall, maybe I`m mistaken but I think the man on the left is not Paul Fix; I think it´s George O`Brien, the unforgettable actor of the superb film Sunrise.
Speaking about Sunrise, its director Fiedrich Wilhem Murnau is listed in some pages at six foot ten or six foot nine. Maybe Rob can do some research and add this extraordinary director to his site.
Phil says on 2/Mar/14
Knowitall, enough with your BS already; Wayne is clearly SHORTER than Gary Cooper. And in THOSE pics Wayne is NOT wearing lifts. Wayne was six foot three and no more.
TristanDuJour says on 2/Mar/14
All this talk about Celebrity height. Where did the penultimate 6'4" man come from? The original 'tall-tall' look no further than the father of our Country General George Washington.
Knowitall says on 1/Mar/14
Phil, no photo shows Wayne wearing lifts. Show me one. Show us all one. You can't because he either wore regular cowboy boots or streets shoes with an inch-high heel.

But there is a photo showing Bob Mitchum wearing what appear to be lifts in his cowboy boots when he appeared with Wayne in a El Dorado.
Knowitall says on 28/Feb/14
Wayne is taller than anyone in this photo:

Click Here

Next to Wayne is Harry Cary Jr. who was six-one, then Ben Johnson who was six-two followed by John Agar who was six-one, and finally, Paul Fix who was around five-ten.
Bruno says on 27/Feb/14
Wayne and Ferrer
Click Here
Bruno says on 27/Feb/14
If you go down the route of downgrading Wayne by 3cm(over 1'')Gonzalo then it follows that you must downgrade every other actor who were in films with him.

I will give you 2 examples of why I think Wayne was 6'4'' (1.93). Let take one of his last film's Brannigan, look at the film and tell me that 1.91 Mel Ferrer is taller than Wayne. He is not Wayne has him by around 2cm. Wayne was 67ish and Ferrer 10 years younger and both wearing shoes. NO LIFTS.

Swing out sweet land Wayne in his 60's appears slightly taller than Dan Blocker(1.93). Wayne is in normal shoes and Blocker's boots a little less heel.

I have no problem downgrading Wayne as long as you do the same to other tall actors. Rob will be very busy.
Phil says on 27/Feb/14
Wayne wasnt really taller than Randolph Scott. Also, he was shorter than Gary Cooper. He was a big-boned six foot three who wore big footwear.
Bruno says on 27/Feb/14
Respect your opinion gonzalo but most pics with Randy Scott only enforces the opinion thst Wayne was 6'4". Scott over 6'3" and Wayne taller by minimum of .5".
Gonzalo says on 26/Feb/14
Wayne and Randolph Scott
Click Here
Gonzalo says on 26/Feb/14
I am a huge fan of Wayne. He is probably my favourite actor. I don´t share many of his opinions but I respect them. I have seen dozens of his films and I have seen hundreds of pics of him next to other actors and people. And I have been contributing to this page for years.
After all this time I think it is time to downgrade Wayne. I don´t think he was 1`93; 1`90-91 is more realistic.
Bruno says on 25/Feb/14
I posted this on the Cooper page, he looks a solid 1'' taller than self proclaimed 6'3.5'' Randy Scott, taking into account that Coop is closer to the camera. So 6'4'' no doubts at peak.
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Knowitall says on 25/Feb/14
Phil, Wayne was six four. This is getting to be idiotic.

A handful of pictures with Wayne and Cooper are no evidence Cooper was taller. There are only three pictures showing them standing together.

Cooper was definitely six-four. He was always the tallest actor in every film he was in.

Art Linkletter with John Wayne:

Click Here

Linkletter was six-one.

Here's Wayne with Cooper where Wayne appears taller, although it's more the angle:

Click Here
Bruno says on 24/Feb/14
Check your link out where Cooper is standing beside David Niven(weak 6 ft) he towers over him, further proof to me that Coop was easily a strong 6'4'' guy peak.
Click Here
Knowitall says on 24/Feb/14
Cooper was closer to being six-four.

In that photo Wayne looks a bit tipsy! He's leaning backward.
Phil says on 24/Feb/14
Cooper looks taller than Wayne in ALL the pics I`ve seen. What do you say to that Knowitall? Im sure Cooper was a strong, non-slouching six foot three.
Bruno says on 23/Feb/14
Good pic, I have been trying to get that one for a while. Coop I believe was defo 6'4'' and I have to say I have never seen him in photo with Wayne where Duke appears taller. Having said that Cooper appears taller than Stewart, Tucker, Peck etc.
Pete M says on 22/Feb/14
Photo of John Wayne and Gary Cooper together at a function - mid 1950's. Cooper supposedly 6'3". They look even in height with maybe a slight edge to Cooper..
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Knowitall says on 21/Feb/14
Joan Crawford was five-three so if Wayne was just seven inches taller he'd have been five-ten. If Crawford wore heels, Wayne would have been six-one in shoes because no way did she gain more than three inches.

OK. Let's say he was. That means we deduct several inches from EVERYONE!

I guess Dean Martin was just five-seven (in lifts!)

And Randy Scott was six feet even.

If Scott was just six feet, that means Cary Grant was five-ten.

Jimmy Stewart was six-one.

Henry Fonda, five-ten.

Phil, time to wake up and smell the roses!
Phil says on 20/Feb/14
Come on people!! Look at those pics with Gary Cooper!! Wayne is clearly shorter!!! Six feet four, my foot!!! He was about seven inches taller than Joan Crawford!!
Bruno says on 19/Feb/14
Back on track, John Wayne and Randy Scott, same distance from camera and Wayne clearly taller.
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littlesue says on 18/Feb/14
I doubt if she was wearing 6 inch high heels, probably 3.5 inches back in the fourties. Those extra high heels were not around then unless they were custom made for Mae West!!
Phil says on 18/Feb/14
Knowitall, did you ever meet Joan Crawford? She was in a film with Wayne, cant remember the name of the film. Anyway, Wayne doesnt look a foot taller than her. Of course she was probably wearing six-inch heels!!
Knowitall says on 17/Feb/14
Connery could have very well been six-two in his prime. But when I saw him he wasn't much over six feet. I'm five eleven and I was damned near as tall as him.
Phil says on 17/Feb/14
In FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Connery looks several inches taller than 5-10 Robert Shaw who was also wearing lifts!!! In THE OFFENCE Connery towers over Trevor Howard. In THE LAST CRUSADE Connery looks to be about the same height as Julian Glover who was a very strong and steel-postured six feet two.
Knowitall says on 16/Feb/14

Harrison Ford was never six-one. Barely six feet.

I met Connery one day when I was still working. He definitely didn't look six-two. More like slightly over six feet. I was surprised.
Bruno says on 16/Feb/14
Knowitall your video only copper fastens the case that Caine was the same height as Connery. I can't see where you get 2''.

In 1989 Connery 58 and Caine 56 so very similar in age height loss would be negligible.
Phil says on 16/Feb/14
Hudson was a legit six foot five. He looks 3-4 inches taller and has a better posture. Harrison was about four inches taller than Richard Burton.

Knowitall, in THE LAST CRUSADE Connery was clearly an inch taller than 6-1 Harrison Ford. No way had he lost two inches by the late 80s. In fact, in the 90s he still looked like a solid six foot two guy.
littlesue says on 16/Feb/14
Lol!! thats not being 'drawfed', its only a few inches, even Doris Day not 'drawfed'!!! look at pics of Rock Hudson and Liz Taylor and thats more what it looks like when someone 12+ taller than the other
Knowitall says on 15/Feb/14
Bruno, by the late 1980s, Connery had lost height. At least an inch, possibly two.

But in 1979, Connery was taller by at least an inch, possibly two inches. In this clip watch at the very beginning and the end when the two men march in and out:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 14/Feb/14
Rex Harrison being dwarfed by Rock Hudson:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 14/Feb/14
No he wasn't Phil. He was an inch shorter than Martin Landau in Cleopatra.

Landau is a neighbor of mine. Has been for a long time. In his prime he was six-one. Now he's down to my height or five-eleven.
Bruno says on 14/Feb/14
Cant agree knowitall, Caine and Connery same height
Click Here
Phil says on 14/Feb/14
Rex Harrison was actually about six feet two prime.
Knowitall says on 13/Feb/14
The War Wagon's exteriors were filmed in Durango, Mexico with interiors and a couple of exteriors shot at Universal Studios.

So once again it makes no sense Caine would have run into Wayne at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Wayne shaking off the dust from his cloths.

Caine also told Dick Cavett that when he worked with Anthony Quinn he was shocked to discover Quinn was several inches shorter. Once again, not true:

Click Here

Caine was about an inch shorter than Sean Connery when the two appeared in a The Man Who Would Be King. If Connery was six-two that makes Caine six-one.
Bruno says on 12/Feb/14
I bow to your knowledge Knowitall, it must have been War Wagon I'd say, Caine liked Wayne and was in the same hospital in 79 where Wayne died. Caine's wife was fighting her own battle at the time.
Phil says on 12/Feb/14
Wayne`s weight ballooned up to 300lbs as he got older. He would have had to lost at least a good inch by the time he was in his sixties, what do you say Knowitall?
Knowitall says on 11/Feb/14
Caine has his dates confused. Hondo was filmed in 1953. So if Caine was in the Beverly Hills Hotel back then he'd have been barely twenty-years-old. Now what would Caine be doing in Beverly Hills long before he became a successful actor? And Alfie was made in 1966 which was 13 years after Hondo.

By the way, Hondo was filmed in Utah which back then would have been a 12-hour drive to Beverly Hills.

Never believe what actors say. Either they get confused or make stuff up.
Knowitall says on 10/Feb/14
What utter garbage!

First of all, Michael Caine was max six-one. I used to see him at events. He was two inches taller than me. You see the same difference with five-eleven Steve Martin in Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels.

Next, Rex Harrison was just slightly over six feet.

I sometimes think a few people just post nonsense to stir things up.
Bruno says on 8/Feb/14
Phil says on 6/Feb/14
"John Wayne was about my height which is six foot three!" - Michael Caine.

and it was John Wayne coming in from the desert
smothered in, on a Friday night finished shooting, smothered in dust and sand and
he was in ‘Hondo’ and he had that great big black hat on and he came into the lobby
of the Beverley Hills Hotel to get his key and messages and I was standing right
there when he came in and I, I was so, amazing, you know I’m quite a big guy but
John Wayne’s bigger than me and I, I was just, and there he was and then he looked
at me and he went “are you the kid in Alfie?” and I said “yes”.

Part of a conversation between David Frost and Michael Caine
Phil says on 8/Feb/14
John Wayne and Rex Harrison were about the same height.
Knowitall says on 7/Feb/14
Michael Caine was never six-three. More like six-one & a half peak.

Caine wasn't that much taller than Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Martin is max five-eleven.

Mon, I listed some of the very tall actors in Hollywood. Obviously they weren't the majority. But there were quite a few.

I recently had a physical. I was measured at 181 cm or just a tad over five-eleven.
Gonzalo says on 7/Feb/14
Phil, Michael Caine is nowhere near 6`3. There is a pic of him next to John Wayne or James Stewart and they have at least an inch on him (more likely two inches)
Mon says on 6/Feb/14
About 20 years ago Christopher Lee gave his height as 6'4½ in a Brit TV program about his life, and no huming or hawing he snapped back as if he was used to saying it. I got the distict immpression he gave the height he was used to giveing all his life. So you're thinking Chuck towered Chistopher Lee like Clive Russell would? there are still only a handful of strong 6'6'' actors in the world. Why does everone try to make out Hollywood was formerly inhabited by giants.

Knowing all, you may be shorter than you think.
Phil says on 6/Feb/14
"John Wayne was about my height which is six foot three!" - Michael Caine.
Knowing all says on 31/Jan/14
I beg to differ. Chuck Connors was much better known than Chips Rafferty. Connors was at least six-six. I know since I met him.

And Alan Napier was better known than Chips Rafferty. Napier was six-six. He appeared in 147 roles. On the other hand, Rafferty is listed as being in 45 films. Also, Rafferty is officially listed as being six-five, not six-six.
Mon says on 30/Jan/14
Wayne's height was less of an issue in the 50's, he shrank.

Iconic Aussie Chips Rafferty was probably the only really well known actor who was 6'6''.
Knowing all says on 28/Jan/14
That's right Arch. Duggan was really tall! At least six-five.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Jan/14
Add 6'5" Andrew Duggan to that list Know it all!
Bruno says on 19/Jan/14
Well if Wayne is acting in a western he will obviously wear cowboy boots and if he is in say a detective Brannigan or McQ he wears shoes. Kinda makes sense really.
You think if he was obsessed about his height as some people believe he would have had lifts on when he appeared with Connors in that photo.
Or what about Big Jim Mclain when he was in scenes with Napier and Arness (6'6''+) why didn't he wear cowboy boots? The reason Mon is that it would look stupid so he wears regular shoes.
Mon says on 18/Jan/14
Bruno, whether you calli the footwear lifts or just cowboy boots, John Wayne sometimes seemed far taller than 6'4''. Compare Wayne beside Ward Bond in Wings of Eagles and then Hondo. I suppose it is possible Connors understated his height to get better parts, because he thought lead actors would object to being upstaged by him. But Buddy Baer next to brother Max shows a strong 6'6'' looks like far more. Most people exaggerate when they estimate the height of taller men.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Jan/14
Yeah Connors made Gregory Peck really look a girl's blouse in their movies together and I don't just mean that he was taller. The guy looked tough as nails and had a very intimidating face and big head as you say. He was your classic "heavy" I think.
Mon says on 17/Jan/14
They exaggerate the height of basketball players, an inch is standard. And you think they told the truth about actors?
Bruno says on 16/Jan/14
That pic with Wayne and Connors also has a guy by the name of Clayton Moore in it. He is listed as 6'1'' and Wayne is a lot taller than him. Nobody could claim Wayne was wearing lifts in these pics as Connors has him by a couple of inches.
Knowitall says on 15/Jan/14
Chuck Conners appeared huge to me. Perhaps it was the size of his head. The guy was gigantic! I got a crick in me neck looking up at him when we briefly spoke.

I believed Schwarzenegger's peak height was six-one. Stallone was never any more than five-eight. He wears the biggest lifts available. With lifts he reaches over five-ten.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Jan/14
Buddy Baer did look his listed 6'6.5" in Quo Vadis. I believe Chuck Connors was a legit 6'6" guy but I don't think he looked over it, 6'7 in shoes seems about right.
Knowitall says on 14/Jan/14
And still more extremely tall actors from days gone by:

Ted Cassidy - six-nine

Ben Chapman - six-six

Mike Mazurki - six-five

Jerome Courtland - six-four

And to be fair to the fairer sex......

Dorothy Ford - six-two

Hope Emerson - six-two
avi says on 14/Jan/14
@Knowitall says on 4/Jan/14

i think you arent that good at judging as everyone seems to be boosted. Don Knotts was under 5'7 and Chuck Connors was under 6'6.
Phil says on 14/Jan/14
Knowitall, how tall were Arnold and Stallone in their prime? Your estimations?
Knowitall says on 13/Jan/14
More extremely tall actors from the past:

Lock Martin - seven-one

Mickey Thompson - six-six

John Dierkes - six-six

Fess Parker - six-five and a half

Jack Palance - six-four

Robert Ryan - six-four

Michael Rennie - six-four

Chuck Roberson - six-four
Knowitall says on 13/Jan/14

There were very tall actors going way back.

Buddy Baer - six-seven

James Arness - six-seven

Chuck Conners - six-six to six-seven

Alan Napier - six-six

Clint Walker - six-six

Rock Hudson -six-five

Robert Foulk - six-five

That's just a few of many.

I'd say actors of the Golden Age were as tall or taller than today's actors.

I'm very good at judging heights. I know what a person who is six-four looks like when standing next to me. Steven Seagal is six-four. I met him, stood there talking to him. Wayne was just as tall.

Another quite tall actor I met and spoke with was Christopher Lee. At least six-four. He could have been six-five. Very tall.

I met Conners one day while strolling through a hotel. He was huge. He had one of the largest heads I ever saw on a man. And huge hands. He could have easily been six-seven. But he was at least six-six.

In The Big Country, they had to place Gregory Peck on an elevated platform when he was back-to-back with Conners. Even then, Connors appears at least an inch taller in the film in that shot. And Peck was six-three.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Jan/14
Ha if Brennan was only 5'11" Dean Martin was struggling with 5'8"! Not likely..
Arch Stanton says on 12/Jan/14
Yeah I think you're right, Brennan had to be near 6'1".
L00der says on 10/Jan/14
When using pictures to compare height, one has to take into consideration the distance from the camera. Whoever is closer to the camera will appear taller. That is the case in the picture of Wayne and Hudson from The Undefeated where they are on the floor. The camera was very close to Hudson, so he looks much bigger. The other photos of the two do appear to show Hudson about half an inch to an inch taller. But remember, Hudsonwas in his prime, while The Duke was in his sixties.
Mon says on 10/Jan/14
Anyone who could loom over Wayne in his cowboy hat n' boots as Connors does in that photo was alarmingly tall, I would not be surprised if Connors edged Arness.

Knowitall you need to be in the ballpark of 6'4'' yerself to be able to judge whether someone is quite the full 6'4''. And sticking with the metaphor, football players in Wayne's youth were midgets by today's standards. People are taller now, the average 18 year old Dutch male is OVER 6 ft.
Gonzalo says on 10/Jan/14
John Wayne and Chuck Connors

Click Here
Knowitall says on 9/Jan/14
Wayne was just as tall as Seagal. I know since I met both. Both men a solid six-four. Made me look like a shrimp.

It has zero to do with generation. There have been tall men going back for ages.

Arness made a fortune playing Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke. He was seen by just as many who attended the movies. Probably a lot more. The series lasted for twenty years setting a record. I'd say Arness was probably more recognizable back then than any movie star of that time.

Give it up Mon.
Mon says on 7/Jan/14
If he was of the same generation as Seagal, Wayne would have surely grown to be at least as tall as Seagal. Arness (6'6 according to his Fox obit) and character actors had extreme height, but they were unable to cut a dash as a movie leading man. Wayne had the complete package, plus he was very tall. In the business what I believe they call 'tall tall', for his time. Nowadays the height Wayne had would be just tall.
songo says on 6/Jan/14
6'4? He was the definition of a man.
Mon says on 6/Jan/14
Most actors heights are given early in their career, when they were trying to make it as a leading man. I suppose Brennan might have had a motive to underestimate his official height to get lucrative work playing sidekicks, but I would need concrete evidence he once claimed over six foot. Tracy never looked anything but short. Garner's height was massively exaggerated. I think Cooper is on record as saying he was 6'2''. Mitchum was a drinking pal of Wayne for a time and probably knew more about him than most people. For most of his career Wayne looked 6'4'', because a 6'3'' man does look that tall to almost anyone. Nonetheless, next to Mitchum (a strong 6 foot tall) on the Dean Martin show, the top of Wayne's head seemed to be 6'6'' from the ground. He really made Mitchum look small, and that makes me wonder.
Knowitall says on 6/Jan/14
"All anyone can be is big for their time."

Tell that to James Arness who was Six-foot-seven. Or Alan Napier who was at least six-six. Or Buddy Baer who was six-seven.

Mon, that's one of the silliest comments you've ever made on this thread.
Sam says on 6/Jan/14
That is interesting about Walt Brennan. I always wondered as he seemed a bity taller than the 5'11" claim. Back in Fury, in a small role, Brennan could look a solid 3-4 inches taller than Spencer Tracy. Loved Brennan's performance in My Darling Clementine, even if he hated working w/ John Ford, he should have played more villains.
Knowitall says on 6/Jan/14
Bruno is right. Wayne couldn't have cared less if he appeared with really tall actors. He was a no nonsense guy on the set who enjoyed his work. Off the set he was a hell raiser. So was Mitchum.

Mitchum started several rumors about his co-stars. Then sat back and laughed his butt off at the reactions they got. He was a prankster. He loved to kid.

There are no photos of Wayne wearing lifts because they don't exist.

When Kirk Douglas co-starred with Wayne in The War Wagon, Douglas did wear lifts. But they still needed to put him on a box. Douglas had a peak height of five-eight. With lifts he was around five-ten. But Wayne was still six inches taller.
Mon says on 5/Jan/14
Wayne was a similar height and build to Steven Seagal, but Seagal is from a taller generation. 6'3'' was really something for a man of Wayne generation. All anyone can be is big for their time.
Knowitall says on 4/Jan/14
When Brennan stood up straight as we see here in this lobby card from The Westerner, he was only around two inches shorter than Gary Cooper:

Click Here

I've watched dozens of Brennan films and have come to the conclusion reports of him only being five-eleven are false. I believe he easily could have been six-one.
Knowitall says on 4/Jan/14
In this photo, Brennan is the same height as James Garner who was around six-one to six-one & 1/2:

Click Here

And here Brennan is a good five inches taller than five-eight Don Knotts:

Click Here

The photo was obviously tilted to make Knotts appear taller. Just look at the angle of the curtains.

Brennan was one of these actors who tried to make himself look shorter since it meant getting more character parts. Had he stood up straight he'd have towered over all, but the tallest leading men.
Bruno says on 4/Jan/14
Yes Wayne couldn't care less I'd say. He gave Rock's flagging career a boost getting him a big part for the undefeated. Did he not act with tall actors? Alan Napier James Arness Woody Strode John Carroll Randy Scott George Kennedy etc etc etc.

The onus is on the doubters Arch to prove he wore lifts and no one has 1 photo to prove their case.

Bob Mitchum who started this bs used very large footwear in his appearance with the Duke. Bit ironic really.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Jan/14
@Know it all and Bruno, is it false then that Wayne always liked being the tallest on set and didn't like appearing alongside actors taller than him?
Arch Stanton says on 4/Jan/14
@Mon. Actually in Rio Bravo and Alamo I thought Wayne looked a similar height and build to Steven Seagal in the 1990s, I'd guess 6'4 and 240 pounds at the time.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Jan/14
You haven't proved anything Bruno unless you analyse his footwear in over a 160 films. I agree that he looked 6'4" ish (with the exception of his early 30s films), I recently watching Rio Bravo and The Alamo again and though he looked it, but you can never rule out him wanting to look ever taller at times. As I say, Donovan's Reef is really a good one to show he was near 6'4" as he was wearing boat shoes and you could see they were flattish.

Know it all is right. Brennan had a good 4 inches on Dean Martin who looked short in Rio Bravo and actually looked a weak 5'9 in comparison to the Duke.
Bruno says on 3/Jan/14
Sorry Arch, cannot agree I believe Wayne never wore lifts as I have proven in Brannigan, The Shootist, Swing out Sweet Land etc.
Knowitall says on 2/Jan/14
Walter Brennan was at least six feet. He was darn near the same height as Red Skelton when he guested on Skelton's a TV show. He could have been a legit six-one.

Rick Nelson was no more than five-eleven.

Dead Martin in lifts was five-ten max. I suspect Dean was in reality around five-nine which is why he almost always wore lifts which are easy to spot.

At the end of Rio Bravo when Dean and Brennan walk away down the street, Brennan is several inches taller.
Mon says on 2/Jan/14
6'3'' makes almost anyone look small. I already linked to a long walking sequence with 6'1'' Claude Akins from Rio Bravo where to support my assertion that Wayne was 6'3''. If you want a film where Wayne looks super tall, try Hondo, he has some outrageous boot heels in that. I just don't see Wayne as ever being a full 6'4'', every bit as tall as Steven Seagal.
So Cal Russ says on 1/Jan/14
In the Western movie called "Rio Bravo", there is at least one scene where Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin and John Wayne are walking down the street...shoulder to shoulder. In that scene (and others), John Wayne makes Rick Nelson and Dean Martin look like small humans. And there are several scenes where all three actors are standing next to each other in the sheriff's office. Wayne was significantly taller than his co-stars. And that includes Walter Brennan who was not exactly short.
Knowitall says on 30/Dec/13
Lee Marvin was six-two. Wayne was two inches taller.

Case closed.
Mon says on 28/Dec/13
Funny, Donovan's Reef when he Lee Marvin stand on a step beside each other, no question that Wayne is taller, but he does not loom over Marvin like the 6'4'' Gregory Walcott (listed as 6'4' and looked at least that beside Clint Eastwood in a couple of films) did in Prime Cut. One last time, a well built 6'3'' IS huge. That's what George Foreman was at peak.
Mon says on 28/Dec/13
Forrest Tucker and Sterling Hayden were both well over 6'4'', look at them together in Flaming Feather. I see no reason to doubt Scott's claimed half an inch under 6'4''. I don't know about lifts, but over the years one or two people including 6 foot plus actors like Pidgeon (and the odd journalist) who encountered Wayne at various points in his career had said he seemed far taller than 6'4''. Which makes one wonder.
The Lizard King says on 28/Dec/13
Bob Mitchum could have easily drunk Duke Wayne under the table! Mitchum was a solid 6-1, Wayne 6-4.
Knowitall says on 27/Dec/13
The reports of Wayne wearing lifts started with prankster Bob Mitchum. Then got repeated, several times by people who never worked with Wayne.

It's fascinating that if a ridiculous claim is made about someone famous, and then repeated, people tend to believe it.

I worked in the entertainment business. I saw Wayne in person. On one occasion he was wearing loafers. He made me look like a midget. And I'm not exactly short.

Believe what you want. But the truth is he never, ever wore lifts.
Bruno says on 26/Dec/13
Your right Mon, Wayne is taller than Randy Scott by over .5inch in Pittsburgh yet Scott looks taller than Forrest Tucker in another movie. Strange??
Arch Stanton says on 25/Dec/13
Donovan's Reef I always say is a good film to watch and see how Wayne really was around 6'4". He's in boat shoes and you can see by proportions he was bigger than 6'2 as some people think. But to be certain that John Wayne never wore lifts in his life given what has been said and that he was known to like being big, I wouldn't bet on it!!
Arch Stanton says on 25/Dec/13
Rob do you think it probable that Wayne wore lifts on a few of his westerns on occasion to look even bigger? I think too many decent actors have claimed he wore lifts to dismiss. I don't buy that he lived in 4 inch lifts and always wore them, but I think it was common during his period for actors to wear stacked heels, although not very common for a guy as big as him to do so and usually left to the shorties like Lorre or the wannabee tallies like Bogart etc.
[Editor Rob: some of the cowboy heels he wore I think were 2 inch styles, so they are meaty beasts he was wearing. I'm not convinced he wore lifts, but nothing is improbable...back then there was no internet and was easier to control photo publications than it is today.]
Arch Stanton says on 25/Dec/13
@Bruno and Knowitall. I'm not disputing that Wayne was a similar height to Clint Eastwood and 6'3.5-6'4" peak. I know that the Shootist proves he was legitimately around 6'4" barefoot. But the reports of him wearing lifts have been stated by too many actors to dismiss. I can quite reasonably believe that Wayne wanted to look larger than life and often wore lifts to ook 6'6" or whatever. I don't buy that he lived in 4 inch lifts, but I can certainly belueve that in some films he had some assistance. Walter Pigdeon said Wayne was 6 ft 6. He was a respectable fellow. I think it's quite possible he estimated Wayne at 6'6" and fooled him with lifts.
Mon says on 25/Dec/13
Wayne could look 6'4'' to the average person. And there are pics where he looked huge barefoot, but then again he looked no more that 6'3'' next to Richard Boone( 6'1'') and Cooper in impromtu photos taken on R&R. Cooper looks 6'5'' beside Wayne while wearing no-heel footwear. Yet James Stewart seems to be clearly taller than Cooper and there was no reason for Stewart to wear lifts, he was not that type of character. Moreover, next to Bickford, a peak Cooper often seemed a strong 6'2'' (which, I believe is what he actually said he was). It makes me realise you can't really be sure of anything where stars are concerned.
Bruno says on 24/Dec/13
Sorry Arch, cannot agree I believe Wayne never wore lifts as I have proven in Brannigan, The Shootist, Swing out Sweet Land etc.
Knowitall says on 24/Dec/13
Wayne never wore lifts.

This is preposterous!

Mon, use common sense. Wayne was much bigger than Stewart. He was an imposing screen presence. He outweighed Stwewart by at least 70 lbs during his earlier years. Stewart was a stork. That's why he was so perfectly cast as Jefferson Smith. He looked geeky.
Mon says on 24/Dec/13
Did Stewart play titular characters like Big Jim McLain or Big Jake? No, he just happened to be tall, but there was no reason for filmakers to make him look tall. There is a pr shot where Barry Sullivan is clearly taller than Stewart that makes me think Stewart was never, ever, over 6'3''. Neither was Wayne IMO.
Arch Stanton says on 23/Dec/13
Wayne was probably wearing lifts in that photo and I think Jimmy lost height later on.
Arch Stanton says on 23/Dec/13
Jimmy Stewart also looked a strong 6'3" guy like Gary Cooper. I could buy 192cm for Jimmy peak and he did claim 6'3.5" in a few movies.
Knowitall says on 23/Dec/13
You didn't think of Stewart as being that tall?

Please! He was a stork! He towered over everyone he appeared with when he was under contract at MGM. He continued to usually be the tallest actor in every film he appeared in. There were only a handful of exceptions.

This thread is becoming downright silly.
Mon says on 22/Dec/13
I'm becoming increasingly doubtful of the verity of any star's claimed height. James Stewart played nice guys and maybe that's why I didn't think of him as that tall tall, but it's a surprise to see he seems to have been slightly taller than Gary Cooper in his latter years. Cooper continues to puzzle me. In 1936 Cooper looked shockingly average next to Charles Bickford. It may be of some interest that according to what I've read, Bickford's career was hurt because of his size and presence, and he was only 6'1''. An actor didn't have to be 6'4'' back then to look seriously large.
Bruno says on 22/Dec/13
Mon says on 21/Dec/13
James Stewart was really tall, I can't see how he can look very close to prime era 6'4'' Wayne.

You mean you can see why Stewart is close to Wayne's height. JS stood at most .5'' under Wayne.

I dont know about Al, maybe Brando like Caan wore lifts. All I do know is that he had 2'' on Ali Mcgraw in that photo.
Mon says on 21/Dec/13
James Stewart was really tall, I can't see how he can look very close to prime era 6'4'' Wayne.

In the Godfather where Lettteri shakes hands with Brando they're about the same. No way was Letteri over 5'9''.
Knowitall says on 20/Dec/13
Check these out:

Click Here

Click Here

In the second photo it's clear Wayne isn't wearing lifts. That is, unless they're 'invisible' lifts as Tex claimed he wore.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Dec/13
Near 6ft4 in his prime and not a nice person
Bruno says on 18/Dec/13
Howard Hawks died in late 77, so it's sometime after that.

What's with Mcqueen, Al Letteiti is standing opposite 5'8'' + Ali Mcgraw and is 2+ inches taller. I'm not comparing him to Steve Mc.
Mon says on 18/Dec/13
McQueen was the worst sloucher of all leading men but he still had a lot of height on McGraw.

It's easier to make someone look taller, than shorter. In the Godfather meet scene Al is no way 5'10'' alongside short actors Brando and Duval.

Look at John Wayne with Jimmy Stewart in 1978!
Bruno says on 17/Dec/13
Now Mon I made no reference to Steve Mc, I said Al Letteiri looks over 2'' taller than Ali Mcgraw who was at peak 5'8''+.

John Wayne with Jimmy Stewart in 1978 Click Here
Gomecito says on 17/Dec/13
There are other pics in which Wayne looks as tall as Cooper. Lifts are.not the explanation for evereything
Mon says on 16/Dec/13
It's difficult to put your arm over the shoulder of someone just as tall, it looks strained. Letteri was 5'9''. In the scene where Ron is taught to shoot Wayne looks at least 6'6'' You cannot deny that Ron was a 21 year old playing a kid. They would want to him look a little smaller than 5'9'', which is as tall as an average man. Wayne would have been a medical marvel if he he had not lost any height at all. There's photo of James Stewart and Wayne from the Shootist. Stewart looks taller which he probably was by that time.
Knowitall says on 15/Dec/13
Let's see, Mon claims they purposely made Ron Howard look short.

Excuses, excuses.

And that McQueen somehow boosted himself up to look as tall as Al Letteri.

I knew Steve. He was five-ten.

I met and saw Wayne on at least two occasions. He was extremely tall. A lot taller than me and I'm five-eleven.

Mon also claims that Wayne didn't look six-four next to Bacall in any film.

By the way, here's Wayne with Bacall. You be the judge:

Click Here
Bruno says on 15/Dec/13
Take your point about Al Mon, but he looks 2" taller than 5'8"+ Ali McGraw.
Mon says on 14/Dec/13
Ron Howard was playing way younger than his age, he was playing a kid in the Shootist and it's clear he being made to look far smaller than his actual height in more than one scene of the Shootist with Wayne. John Wayne does not look 6'4'' beside Lauren Bacall in any film including the Shootist. Check out Forrest Tucker and Marie Windsor to see what a difference there is between a 5'9 woman and a legit 6'4'' man. Even in a shot where you can see Windsor wore really high heels he towers over her. Tucker was easily 6'4'' at that time though.

Re. the short gnarled mesomorph that was Al Lettieri being taller that Steve McQueen. That photo is carefully posed. Steve worked at looking super-cool so posed with his arm over the apparently bear like (close to camera) Letteri. I have seen another supposedly impromptu photo of McQueen where he deploying that arm over the shoulder thing, which was apparently a signature move of his. Letteri (who was a real wildman in reality) didn't like McQueen. I didn't see Letteri having appreciable height on (shockingly diminutive) Charles Bronson when they appeared in Mr. Majestyk. Letteri may have been made to look taller for McQ though.
Bruno says on 14/Dec/13
Thanks Mon for that, but I think Wayne looks at least .5 " taller than Scott in that scene.
Mon says on 14/Dec/13
"Most actors were five-ten or under". The great leading man of the movie era, Cary Grant, was TALL for his generation. I would say actors are (relatively speaking) shorter than back then.
Knowitall says on 14/Dec/13
Scott wasn't six-three and a half. He was six-three even.

In the film it's clear Wayne has an inch on him. That shows in the two stills posted here.
John 182 says on 14/Dec/13
Easily 6'4 was described as 6'6 in cowboyboots by some journalists and a very optimisitic 6'8 by others .
Mon says on 14/Dec/13
Some one said about athletes, 6'3'' Mike Henry looked as tall as Wayne in a couple of films though I can't find where they are together in a good shot.

6'2'' Richard Boone was not 2 inches shorter than Wayne.

Click Here

I'm confident that Wayne was never 6'4'' barefoot, not without rounding up. Peak height between six three and six three and a half. Wayne was 6'3'' flat by the late 1960's
Mon says on 13/Dec/13
Gotta admit that's a good one Bruno. Wayne looks as tall as Scott in that still. Partly because of his unusual proportions (long neck and very long face) Scott's shoulders are at a lower level. His eyes look about level, and maybe Wayne's backcombed hair steals a little. But yes they look much the same. Nonetheless, even just going by that still, no-one could honestly say Wayne was actually taller than Scott. Scott did not have a small cranium under that hat. And Scott said he was half an inch under 6'4''.
Knowitall says on 13/Dec/13
Wayne was six-four while Scott was six-three.

Both men were 90% taller than leading men in Hollywood. Most actors were five-ten or under.
spaniard68 says on 13/Dec/13
Just check out their eye level, Wayne's is higher, Scott's hat seems to be kinda misleading, right?
Knowitall says on 12/Dec/13
Michael Landon was five-nine.
Bruno says on 12/Dec/13
Check out this pic Wayne and Scott in Pittsburgh, Mon tried to convince us that Scott looked taller in this actual scene.
Click Here
Bruno says on 12/Dec/13
In that last photo with Cooper,Wayne etc. Gene Autry is the man in the middle and if he stood 5'9'' as is stated in various sites, this makes those two guys 6'4'' range easy.
Bill says on 12/Dec/13
He did look taller than Blocker, but Blocker appeared to be wearing mocassins that had no heels. This may have accounted for the perceived height difference. If Blocker was 6'4" than Wayne was probably that height also.
spaniard68 says on 11/Dec/13
Yeah, he looked taller than Dan Blocker, he looked very tall indeed. And in the pic of Wayne, Cooper and other actors,I would say Wayne did look taller than the way, in Swing out sweet land, Michael Landon looked as if he were Wayne's tall was Landon, 5'9" barefoot?. He was probably wearing lifts to add an extra inch or two to his height.
Knowitall says on 11/Dec/13
Tex, I thought you vanished months ago after posting obvious nonsense. Good to see you back.

"Check him out in his first movie, "The Big Trail". He is wearing moccasins and obviously not that tall. Check out old USC football programs which list Wayne as 6' even. Check out Wayne in private photos with his toupee off and at home."

Not that tall?


And I guess without his rug he lost a couple of inches!


I needed a good laugh. Thanks Tex.
dano says on 11/Dec/13
I met Wayne in London in '74 on the set of 'Brannigan' it was midnight in Madia Vale (Little Venice) the scene where the Jag drives by the apartment and machine guns him and Judy Geeson (unsuccessfully) they added a close up of the machine gun firing because they could not shoot at night (lateness and IRA concerns ... Tower of London bombing that week)... I shook Wayne's hand and I can tell you it was the biggest hand I've ever shook. They were EASILY 8 inches across at the knuckles. He appeared a bit taller than 6'4". He was one of the most pleasant persons I have met. Polite, respectful and treated you like an uncle would. Hard to explain the aura that was about him. I think he really loved people by his nature. Wonderful man. Just a bit tipsy from drink, telling jokes, singing. Waiting near 30 minutes for Geeson to show up for his scene with her. They didn't have too much going on together, I think Geeson just did it for the work, there was no chat between them. Scene over and she's gone.
Bruno says on 10/Dec/13
Wayne lost very little height as he got older. As I said already taller than 6'3''Mel Ferrer in Brannigan 1975, 6" taller than 5'9" Ron Howard in The Shootist and the Duke was barefoot. Also looked super tall at the 79 oscars because he had lost so much weight.

He could never be as tall as Rock because he stood in excess of 6'5".
cobra says on 9/Dec/13
Here he is with Rock Hudson:

Click Here

Hudson looks a bit taller but this is Wayne in his 60's when he probably had lost a little height.
cobra says on 9/Dec/13
There have to be some pics of him with famous athletes
Bruno says on 9/Dec/13
Good find Gonzalo neither are standing straight, but Wayne does look as tall as Cooper in that picture. I knew there had to be more photos of the two where Wayne would look as tall or taller. Any more?
Gomecito says on 9/Dec/13
There are other pics in which Wayne looks as tall as Cooper. Lifts are.not the explanation for evereything
Gonzalo says on 9/Dec/13
Another pic of Wayne and Cooper. Hard to tell who´s taller since Cooper is not standing straight

Click Here
Bruno says on 8/Dec/13
I agree Cooper is a myth, he does look taller than Wayne, however he also looks taller than a young Forrest Tucker (6'4'') and Jimmy Stewart (6'3.5'').

Spaniard68 have a look at the video I posted of Wayne with Dan Blocker (6'4'') on Dec 4th. Wayne looks taller and he is definitely not wearing any lifts.

What I will say Wayne does look 6'4'' with any actors I have seen other Than Coop. BTW I think Coop was easily 6'4'' peak.
spaniard68 says on 8/Dec/13
I checked out the photos Bruno posted on this site and it´s noticeable Cooper was taller than Wayne, at least by 1´5 inches.In one of the pictures Cooper´s head is slightly tilted forward, looking down at one of his shirt buttons, both of them were wearing flat shoes...Cooper was always clearly taller, How tall did you guys say Cooper was? 6'3´5"? the math,6'2´5" for Wayne?..someone will nail me to the Wall for saying this, anyway, I assume I do not have the most accurate eye on this site.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Dec/13
Yeah the barefoot scene in The Shootist is the best evidence we have that he was honestly very close to 6'4".
Bruno says on 4/Dec/13
Ya and he was on a magic carpet in The Shootist to make himself look 6'' taller than Ron Howard.

Check out Swing out sweet Land, at 6min14sec you can clearly see Wayne's shoes and he definitely is not wearing lifts. He looks taller than Dan Blocker who was around 6'4'' and with other stars in that film his 6'4'' claim stacks up. Quit the BS Tex.

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tex says on 3/Dec/13
I thought all this argument about Wayne's elevated height was over weeks ago! Wayne is the only actor whose height is a big issue, mostly because it was part of his myth. Robert Mitchum, Bobby Darin, Rock Hudson, Capucine and many other actors have been published and quoted stating WAYNE wore lifts, either in his shoes or built up inside his custom made boots. Wayne also would often stand on a 2" by 12" board to appear taller. He was 6'3" at best. Check him out in his first movie, "The Big Trail". He is wearing moccasins and obviously not that tall. Check out old USC football programs which list Wayne as 6' even. Check out Wayne in private photos with his toupee off and at home...the 6'4" height was a publicity stunt to make him "The Duke".
mama costa says on 2/Dec/13
I cant believe anyone would question John Waynes height at 6'4". I "dated" the Duke back in the fifties and I typically wore 5 inch heels. I was about 5'6" flat footed and my nose was perfectly aligned with the dukes armpit--believe me I remembe--this was before the time of deodorant. That would make the duke a solid 6'4". I rest my case.
Knowitall says on 1/Dec/13
Mon, Walter Brennan was over six feet. I've done some research on this. He wasn't five foot eleven as officially listed. Brennan was just about as tall as Red Skelton who was officially listed as being six foot two. Brennan towered over Dean Martin in Rio Bravo and that was made when Brennan was already in his mid-sixties. Dean was five foot ten.
Bruno says on 28/Nov/13
I can not find an offical height for AL, however I did find this site. Lettieri is pictured with Steve Mc and Ali Mcgraw. Ali is standing close Lettieri and he is clearly a couple of inches taller. Ali Mcgraw is listed between 5'8'' or 9'', so this would indicate he was closer to 5'10''.

He is also pictured lower down with Wayne, who for a guy(AL) of good build and average height is made look small.
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Mon says on 28/Nov/13
I meant Richard Attenborough of course. I'll going to give it a rest, but it's worth saying one more time that George Foreman's peak was 6'3'', which is what I think Wayne was. So John Wayne was a very tall man.
Mon says on 27/Nov/13
6'4'' is right for Cooper I suppose. I think I have already said I think, standing tall, Tucker stood nearly his self-claimed 6'5' in his prime. He probably lost more than Wayne who seems to have kept his height to a remarkable extent. Again, Wayne does not look a full 6'4'' in McQ next to Al Letteri who may have been only 5'8'' and a bit. English actor Richard Peterborough who appeared in Brannigan did say Wayne was absolutely huge in person and he was scared when in the pub fight scene Wayne swung a punch on him. I suppose the answer is that Wayne was very big, and made to look even bigger when he played next to very tall men like Mel Ferrer. I know who Randolph Scott was taller than!
Bruno says on 25/Nov/13
Ya to me Coop was 6'4'' peak, Wayne was the same height as Tucker in SOIJ and it's a while since I saw Chisum, but I'll bet the were similar in that too.

Tucker can't have been taller than Hayden because the latter stood 6'5''. You must think Tucker stood nearly 6'5'', I think 6'4''. The photo with Randy Scott is deceptive as Tucker is alot closer to the camera.

Here is a photo with Scott and Tucker, scroll down to 1st pic.
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