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John Wayne height: 6ft 3.75in (192 cm)

American actor best known for starring in films like The Searchers, True Grit, The Quiet Man, Stagecoach, Fort Apache, Rio Grande, Rio Bravo, Hondo, The Alamo and The Green Berets. French actress Capucine once said, "He wore lifts; everyone talked about it," and Rock Hudson also commented "I did a movie with Duke and was very surprised to find out he had small feet and wore lifts and a corset. Hollywood is seldom what it seems."

In a book about Wayne's Life, by Scott Eyman, he mentioned that John himself filled out a 1943 application form with the following details: Height 6ft 3 and 3/4, weight 212 pounds.

The Searchers, John Wayne, 1956
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jtm says on 21/Nov/14
never thought he would be downgraded. i remember he was listed 6'4 here even in 2006.
[Editor Rob: I'd call it a correction to what Wayne himself put on his OSS application.]
Arch Stanton says on 19/Nov/14
Wayne had Bond by 1.5-2 inches generally I think.
Arch Stanton says on 19/Nov/14
Actually Rampage I thought he looked near enough 6'4" still in The Shootist. Even Rock Hudson said he wore lifts though. Wayne was looking 6'3.5" next to him in The Undefeated and in lifts??
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 14/Nov/14
Looked about 6ft3 flat in The Shootist with a young Ron Howard.
Sam says on 10/Nov/14
Well, Jumblejim does say 6'5" in boots and 6'4" in loafers, probably when Wayne was getting older and losing a bit of height, so it kind of fits the 6'3.75" listing.
Gonzalo says on 5/Nov/14
Well, Jumblejim has seen Wayne in the flesh. None of us can say we did....unfortunately.
KROC says on 4/Nov/14
Interesting. So if John Wayne was 6'4.5 what does that make Rock Hudson? 6'6? No way... Better chance of him being 6'2 and some change, and wearing lifts lol
Sam says on 3/Nov/14
Is Jumblejim the actor Jim Beaver?...I believe that was the username for that poster for his own height page.
[Editor Rob: yes that is Jim]
Gonzalo says on 29/Oct/14
I disagree. In most films the difference between Bond and Wayne was more than two inhes
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 25/Oct/14
Yes, well there was less than 2 inches between him and the similarly tall Ward Bond.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Oct/14
Rob have you a photo from The Searchers or Rio Bravo era or something?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 14/Oct/14
6ft4½ could have been an early morning height. I've seen him listed at that before. But next to guys like Ford it looks a bit much
Arch Stanton says on 14/Oct/14
Does anybody know how tall Dennis O'Keefe was? He was eye to eye with Wayne in The Fighting Seabees, Wayne maybe had half an inch on him.
Jumblejim says on 14/Oct/14
I met Wayne a couple of times. I was 6'1" then. (I've shrunk a couple of inches in 45 years!). Wayne towered over me, easily 6'5" in boots, which was wearing the first time, and an easy 6'4" in loafers, which he was wearing the second time. (I was reporting, and made note of what he was wearing .). A huge man. And then there's this photo, all but Thomas Mitchell 6' or taller. Who's the big guy here?Click Here
Carl says on 13/Oct/14
The Duke was 6ft 4.5ins. Really silly to see that Rob is now contradicting his previous correct estimate and remarks of John Wayne. It's also a similar case with Elvis this 1/4 inch thing. On all Elvis's official documents from his army days he's listed at 6ft apart from one document which Rob then in his wisdom decided to use instead of the real average facts on five documents all stating the same. John Wayne actually was measured and weighed both early on in his Hollywood days and also football scholarship which showed the duke growing and his final recorded height at football was 6ft 4.5ins. That's what the records say. I mean the guy was a big mms by any measure. His hands were huge and the myth of him having small feet is proven to be incorrect as his son Ethan auctioned off some of his fathers belongings including his various boots. His boot size was 11.5D US and 11UK and that's not small feet by any std. His chest size varied between 48-50inches. Stick to the facts and the truth can be found rather than authors hypothesis. Carl
[Editor Rob: the Duke himself filled in the 6ft 3.75 as his height, it's from his own hand so to speak.]
Anonymous1 says on 11/Oct/14
...I was just reading something by George Barris, custom car maker, and he has a posted story about John Wayne's 1975 station wagon, and how Wayne had it customized for him. Specifically, he had the roof and windows raised, so he could easily slide in, without ducking his head. There are pictures of this, taken by Barris. No mere 6'1 guy would do this, especially on a '75 station wagon.
184.3cm says on 28/Sep/14
@Sixseven John Wayne was 186 cm tall.(6'1")

You cant be serious???? Time to donwgrade every actor from that era then my friend.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Sep/14
Yeah Barry Fitzgerald guessed him at 6 ft 6 I think didn't he while on the cart and Wayne said 6'4. 1/2. Terrific actor was Barry to be sure to be sure, no more than 5ft 3 though!
Gonzalo says on 25/Sep/14
Well, Reuel, Barry Fitzgerald was drunk during most of the film. I am not a 100% sure he was a reliable guy :)
Sixseven says on 24/Sep/14
John Wayne was 186 cm tall.(6'1")
reuel says on 24/Sep/14
He said he was 6'- 4 1/2" in the Quiet Man and if Barry Fitzgerald believed him, that's good enough for me! lol
Neymar says on 22/Sep/14
Great job, Rob! The Scott Eyman bio is superb! Vast improvement to the lousy, myth-celebrating John Wayne: American. 6-3 and 3/4 Wayne claimed. May that be his true height!
Bruno says on 17/Sep/14
I'd love to see that document, not saying it's wrong because we are only dealing with 6mm and obviously if your that close to 6'4" you would round it up.

As I posted before he said he was 6'4" in an interview not around that. Must read that book and check his credentials.
Bruno says on 17/Sep/14
No problem believing it if we can see the actual OSS form. Why would you take his (author) word unless you see the actual document. He is down as 6'4" on his driver licence, so should we believe this as this has been linked before.
[Editor Rob: it's in the national archives, they only show a couple of pages but I'm sure it was taken 'on the road' and scans are accessible for research, likely what the author did.]
Bruno says on 17/Sep/14
Capacine was a fruit cake, that's why. Rock Hudson also allegedly said he was an angel who gave him a job when others wouldn't. Have we a link Rob to a picture of Wayne filling out this form or are we just taking someone's word.

What is fact is Duke said on more than one occasion that he stood 6'4". I suppose 6mm less isn't alot.
[Editor Rob: it's from Wayne's OSS application, so I'm assuming he has seen the whole document from the Archives. I wouldn't believe he'd make up details like that.]
Arch Stanton says on 16/Sep/14
Well, he did look 192 or so next to Rock Hudson in 1968, even though Hudson claimed to be 6 ft 4 by then!!
Hudson did look a bit more than an inch taller. In fairness though in a great deal of roles Wayne very much pulled off looking a solid 6'4" and in some comparisons could actually seem a bit over the 6'4" mark. In Hellfighters in the same period he did actually look barely shorter than 6'5" listed Jim Hutton in some scenes. But then the question of footwear comes up. People swear the lifts thing was a false rumour spread by Mitchum; he was a known prankster so that might be explainable, but then it doesn't explain why ladies like Capucine claimed she noticed the lifts even if she clearly disliked him. He certainly seemed to split camps in likeability. It does seem strange that Maureen o Hara for instance would think very highly of him and find him to be a gentleman and Capucine think the opposite...
Sam says on 15/Sep/14
Wow, didn't see this downgrade coming but he could indeed look a weak 6'4", same height as, say, Jason Segel today.
Robby D. says on 14/Sep/14
Rob, correction to my last post, I meant six feet three and three quarters.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 5 and 3/4's would just be a little small for him ;)]
Arch Stanton says on 13/Sep/14
Pookie says on 25/Aug/14
The Duke's family confirm his height at 6' 4". Rock Hudson was 6' 5". Watch the
The Undeafeted. They are both in it. Compare!

Yeah and Hudson looked about 1.5 inches taller in most scenes...
Arch Stanton says on 13/Sep/14
Rob is he the only guy on here with a 6'3.75 listing Rob?
[Editor Rob: they are rare, I think only a couple others]
Robby D. says on 12/Sep/14
I recently read the book, "John Wayne The Life and Legend" by Scott Eyman twice it stated that John Wayne's maximum height was five feet three and three quarter inches.
[Editor Rob: yes, that is the final height Wayne is getting, since it was from his own hand.]
cobra says on 3/Sep/14
I'd really like to see a good picture of Wayne and Gable. Both huge imposing men.
Bruno says on 29/Aug/14
The lowest listing I can find for Carroll is 192 or 6' 3.5", he is also listed taller than this on some sites.
Katy says on 28/Aug/14
He didn't have to stand on a box to be taller than his co-stars.
Gonzalo says on 27/Aug/14
John Wayne and Dennis O´Keefe
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
John Wayne and John Carroll
Click Here
Click Here
mrbobh5344 says on 26/Aug/14
Wayne made early 40's films with Dennis O'Keefe (Fighting Seabees) and John Carroll (Flying Tigers). Both of these men were listed as 6'3". Wayne stands nose to nose with them in most scenes.. never taller.
Pookie says on 25/Aug/14
The Duke's family confirm his height at 6' 4". Rock Hudson was 6' 5". Watch the
The Undeafeted. They are both in it. Compare!
Arch Stanton says on 23/Aug/14
@Sam agreed on under 6'3" being unlikely but he did actually look 6'2.5 max in The Big Trail! Generally I do think he gives a big 6'4" impression but there's a few comparisons like with Rock Hudson where he looks more 6'3" range.
Arch Stanton says on 23/Aug/14
Next to Oliver Hardy in the Fighting Kentuckian honestly 6'4.5" looked more probable than 6'3" range. Wayne had him by an easy 5 inches, could look 6 at times although he had footwear advantage.
Jack says on 21/Aug/14
the lifts buisness was a joke started bt Robert Mitchum, he did not use them,
yes he wore cowboy boots with 1 inch heels but so did the other actors in the westerns, anything under 6-3 is just not realistic,
Gonzalo says on 18/Aug/14
Well, Rick, that last story is hard to buy. Anything under 1`88 for Wayne is absurd.
[Editor Rob: the press/media underestimated Wayne. One of the few actors who when starting out in the game actually was being called 6 foot, then 6ft 1, 2...3...4...even 4.5/5 at times!

The reverse is true for Cruise. Started out with a lot of 5ft 9's...then 5ft 8...7's...heck we have some press calling the poor guy 5ft 5 and 6 today!]
Rick says on 15/Aug/14
I have heard that he had lifts in his shoes and boots and was really less than 6' tall. I went to Old Tucson back in the late 70's and took a tour of the sound stage that was their. The tour guide said that they made the door ways smaller that John Wayne walked through so he would look bigger and taller than he really was.
spaniard68 says on 12/Aug/14
This would account for the height difference between Wayne and Cooper, when Wayne was not wearing cowboy boots of course, so I was not on the wrong track when I thought Cooper had 4 cm on Wayne.
Tex says on 11/Aug/14
Met and interviewed James Kirkland, bass player for Ricky Nelson for many years. Kirkland spent two weeks on the set of Rio Bravo and every night they played around a fire. Wayne loved the playing of James Burton and said "if I could do that I'd quit acting". I asked Kirkland, "how tall was Wayne actually?" He said (without hesitation) "he was a little over 6'2". When I asked him about all the comments that Wayne was 6'4", Kirkland said "I was married to Johnny Crawford's sister for years, I met John Wayne on Rio Bravo and again in Hawaii while he made a movie--he wasn't as tall as advertised, he WORE LIFTS in his boots". I said this on this site over a year ago and got all kind of flack. Glad to know I was correct.
Sam says on 8/Aug/14
I think that like Gary Cooper, John Wayne could have claimed to be in the 6'3"-6'4" range, at times he for sure would not pass as a solid 6'4" guy, especially in The Big Trail. On the other hand, as I've said before, I think anything under 6'3" is too low an estimate for Wayne IMO.
TRIPLEHHH says on 1/Aug/14
He looked 6'3 to me. He had fonda by 2 inches.
spaniard68 says on 31/Jul/14
It could be very possible he was 6'3" standing next to Fonda, yes, so I'm placing him at 6'3" tops, 4-4.5 cm taller than Fonda.
spaniard68 says on 29/Jul/14
Just one or two things: Fonda was 6'1.25" or 1.86m right?.In order for Wayne to have 2 inches on him, Fonda's eyes should be level with Wayne's nasal base but that wasn't the case in Fort Apache.Fonda's eye level was above that mark.Besides, Wayne's hair was more voluminous than that of Fonda in the movie, so, that worked in his favor.My guess is Wayne had 1.5 inches on Fonda...that would mean the Duke was between 6'2.5" and 6'2.75...maybe 6'2.5".I think it's pretty obvious he wasn't 2.75" taller than Fonda...nevertheless I have no problem upgrading him as much as you guys want, might 6'4.5" be Ok?
Carl says on 29/Jul/14
6ft 4ins everyday
Bruno says on 24/Jul/14
Looked at a documentary on JW called John Wayne: Talking Pictures.
It mostly comprised of a series of interviews with JW.

In one interview from 1969 called John Wayne and his films he was asked by the interviewer the following question.
Interviewer: Why was it cowboy films in particular that interested you.
JW: Well it wasn't a case of what it interested me, it was a case of ah that of which I fit in best. I was of ah 6'4'' which is a fairly tall man at the time in pictures.

He later went on to say that not much money was spent on doubles and you had to do alot of your own stunts and been big was an advantage.

Came across as very professional and a gentleman, alot of so called Hollywood stars could learn a thing or two from him.
KROC says on 24/Jul/14
Arch don't be ridiculous. 194cm is actually very reasonable for Walker whether you choose to be believe it or not. 197cm is ridiculous. He doesn't look anywhere near that with Steve Reeves, Peter Graves, Vincent Price ectr. Anybody can look huge on screen. If your going to judge the man's height based off of movies you might as well watch his entire repertoire. Most of his movies are free to watch on YouTube. Apparently you have a "man crush" so there's no convincing you.

Sam I'm going to watch The Dirty Dozen this weekend. Every time I hear about this movie its always "Look how small Walker made Jim Brown look" which is laughable because I know Jim couldn't have been 6'2. I think he would have been lucky to have been 6'1. I'm 6'5, so I know what a legit 6'5/6'6 looks like in real life and onscreen. Clint does not look this tall to me...
spaniard68 says on 24/Jul/14
In 1937 Wayne was 30, a Little too late to grow 2 more inches in height.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Jul/14
Yeah Sam, Clint Walker always looked a similar height on screen to Chuck Connors. You could argue 6'5.5" but 6'5" or under, especially 194cm is nonsense. He just looked too big. KROC clearly has issues with Clint so it's probably not worth trying to convince him otherwise.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Jul/14
@ Rob If you actually see his films from the early 30s like The Big Trail he did actually look only 6 ft 2 and 198 pounds at that time!!
spaniard68 says on 23/Jul/14
If that's so, then, why would a 6'2" man wear lifts?
Editor Rob says on 23/Jul/14
I saw an industry publication from 1937 that had John Wayne listed as 6ft 2 and 198 pounds!
Click Here
Sam says on 22/Jul/14
Hmmm, for Clint Walker, 6'5" is a bit of a lowball IMO, anything under is quite off I think, 6'6" listing for him is actually pretty good. Most everyone in The Dirty Dozen would need to be shrunk at least an inch from Rob's listings if Clint Walker was only 194 cm.
KROC says on 21/Jul/14
@Arch Stanton
Still not buying it. I've seen 5 or 6 movies that he's been in and he never looks anything over 6'5. Come to think of it, I have yet to see a movie where he's actually looked a legit 6'5... 194cm might be better for him. If you don't believe me then Youtube some of his movies.
Arch Stanton says on 16/Jul/14
@ KROC. Not really. In one scene Clint Walker had his feet up and you could see the heel. Cowboy boots, yes, but they weren't that heavy on the heel, I'd say they gave him maybe 1.5 inches. In the film Walker looked between 1 and 2 inches taller than Rock Hudson so accounting for the footwear advantage I'd say Walker would be about an inch taller than Rock Hudson barefoot. One of the few men who were broader than Rock too.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Jul/14
In Blood Alley Wayne is stood next to one of the Oriental servants and he looks a good 18 inches taller!! She was probably around 4 ft 10 I think!
Jack says on 15/Jul/14
i stand 6-3 and have a shoe size of 10 1/2, my mate is 6-4 and he has size 11s,
Wayne was between 6-3 and 6-4, anything under that is`not realistic,
KROC says on 8/Jul/14
@Arch Stanton
He had a hell of a footwear advantage in that movie. Just saying. Rock could have been 6'4 flat by then for all we know. The man's wife said that he was only 6'5. I think she would know his height better then me or you.
Regarding Wayne, a size 11 boot is ridiculously small for someone who was supposed to be 6'4...
Arch Stanton says on 5/Jul/14
Still, I think The Undefeated and True Grit would have been shot only a year later than Hellfighters so he unlikely gained 2 stone. Peak weight though I think had to be some in the ball park of 19 stone (270) in the late 60s.
Arch Stanton says on 5/Jul/14
6'1 is silly but honestly in The Big Trail 6'2" range is believable. By the mid 30s onwards though he tended to really look more 6'4". I've steadily been trying to see all of his films but there's such an incredible amount to see. Generally I really think a genuine 6'3.5"-6'4" looks accurate. In seeing Hellfighters I do think actually he looked more 260 pounds than 280-300, although in The Undefeated and True Grit somewhere near 20 stone is quite believable.
jwwjr. says on 4/Jul/14
On 1960 whats my line, j wayne is at least 4 inches taller than 6ft. Bennet Cerf when he walks over to greet panel.looks like he has regular shoes.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Jul/14
KROC says on 23/Jun/14
I agree with Christopher Lee being 6'4.5. The lowest that Rock Hudson could have been was 195. Clint Walker would have been lucky to have been the full 6'5.

I really think you need glasses. Clint Walker was noticeably taller and broader than Rock Hudson!!
Arch Stanton says on 4/Jul/14
Was he wearing lifts in Hellfighters? He looked about the same height as 6'5" listed Jim Hutton, although in some scenes looked taller and in some scenes Hutton looked a bit taller but I thought they looked similar.
Tony G says on 4/Jul/14
Here wore size 11 boots, not size 7! Even I don't wear size 7 shoes and I am 5'4".
BOBZ says on 2/Jul/14
John Wayne was 6'3 3/4" according to military records
I_Claudius says on 2/Jul/14
What's ridiculous is trying to ascertain his height from movie scenes and stills. The directors used any number of devices, e.g., parallax error, lifts, hats, heals, boxes, slanted floors, etc., to maintain the ruse that Wayne was taller than he actually was. His shoe size is the only evidence we have that is irrefutable. Look at the picture below, knowitall's post from 28/Feb/14, from She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. If you look at the bottom of the frame you can see how the table on which the actors were standing was tilted. Additionally, Wayne's famous walk is actually a characteristic of walking on heals with lifts. Adding height is a common 'lie,' almost every college and pro football player's height is inflated by 2 inches. What makes you think heights in Hollywood aren't inflated by as much or more? I've seen Wayne's boot print at Mann's Chinese Theatre and he was probably 6'1" plus a fraction. I will never believe he was 6'2".
Sam says on 1/Jul/14
A 6'1" estimate for John Wayne is pretty ridiculous, Cladius.
I_Claudius says on 29/Jun/14
Apparently, Wayne wore size 7 boots. Foot length is usually 15% of height. Or, about 6.67 times foot length equals height. Wayne may have had unusually small feet for a man his age but it's unlikely, that absent his boot heals, lifts and photographic tricks that he was much taller than 6 foot 1 inch tall. Anyone trying to ascertain his height from a movie is naive. The film makers manipulated his height to match his press releases.
KROC says on 23/Jun/14
I agree with Christopher Lee being 6'4.5. The lowest that Rock Hudson could have been was 195. Clint Walker would have been lucky to have been the full 6'5.
Jack says on 14/Jun/14
Mazurki looks every bit 6-5 in Donovans Reef,
Mon says on 10/Jun/14
My point is that in newspapers Hudson was said to be 6 ft 6 until his latter years. Christopher Lee was also said to be 6'6''. Both were 6' 4'5'' peak. In the Dirty Dozen line up the heights are easy to see and Walker does more than an inch taller than 6'4'' Donald Sutherland. (Jim Brown is there too) Clint Walker didn't look any smaller than Bo Svenson in Snowbeast and Svenson is said to be half an inch over 6'5''. The unusual thing about Walker is he is (or was) as tall as the publicity. There is no way to prove Mazurki was as tall as his publicity. For a man of Mazuki's build 6'5'' is unlikely. They stole a little to make Wayne up to 6'4'', but that is true of almost anyone comparable. The real 6'4'' men were said to be taller
Jack says on 3/Jun/14
Just watched a scene in the film Blood Alley where Wayne stood face to face with 6-5 Mike Mazurki, looked no more than an inch between them.
KROC says on 24/May/14
You should watch some of Walker's other movies. He never looks over 6'5 next to tall actors like Vincent Price, Bo Svenson and Peter Graves. I suggest you Google that picture with Steve Reeves. That's what finally convinced me that he wasn't 6'6. How old is that movie in particular? Maybe Rock was down to 6'4 by then.
Arch Stanton says on 22/May/14
@KROC, I suggest you watch Send Me No Flowers! No way were Walker and Hudson even, footwear difference or not!!
KROC says on 21/May/14
I think Wayne was a weak 6'4 personally. Clint Walker was 6'5... He admitted it an in interview back in the 60s I believe. His wife stated the same thing in another interview. There's a picture of him with the bodybuilder Steve Reeves (6'1) where he doesn't look anything over 6'5. I feel Rock was the full 6'5.
Arch Stanton says on 21/May/14
@ Mon Hudson wasn't 6 ft 6, Clint Walker was around that and had 1.5 inches on him in Send Me No Flowers in cowboy boots and Rock in normal shoes. Accounting for footwear I'd say Rock was 195-6cm. Pretty much a legit 6 ft 5, probably a whisker under. in The Undefeated Rock had an easy inch on the Duke, 1.5 inches looker about right. Generally though he really did look 6 ft 4. He had about 5 inches on William Holden in The Horse Soldiers too and Holden always looked around 180cm peak.
I_Claudius says on 20/May/14
You can't tell from movies. They have lots of tricks to manipulate everyone's height. Wayne always wore boots with heals and probably wore lifts in the heals. The best evidence of his real height is the size of his shoes in the concrete at Mann's Chinese Theatre. His boot print is very small. He couldn't be wearing anything larger than a size 9 or 10. No man 6'4" wears a size 9 shoe. Wayne's image was a fabrication and a major part of that was that he was larger than life. It's Hollywood guys. It's not real. He was probably around 6 foot.
Bruno says on 19/May/14
Wasn't his first wife a stunner.
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Mon says on 19/May/14

More of an older Wayne in Green Berets. Beside Aldo Ray; it pegs Wayne as at most a weak 6'3'' by this stage. Of course the young Wayne before all the hard living, cancer and surgery could have been 6'4'' at peak. However, I would stake my best guess of a peak 6'3'' on Wayne in the 1942 Pittsburgh, and how he looked walking beside Randolph Scott .
Mon says on 19/May/14
Don't get me wrong, when Wayne was directing himself it can be seen he had no ego about his true height.
Bruno says on 19/May/14
So Rock would have been only 6'4'' max in 1984, this means Pres Reagan was only 5'10''ish by then judging by this pic.
Click Here

Show us the elevator boots Mon please.
Mon says on 18/May/14
Bruno, I don't pretend to know just how he looked so gargantuan in the clip with 6'2'' Bond and Ford, where he was like King Kong and way over 6'4''. He had some kind of boosting footwear (like in Hondo) there I think. Yes he had several inches on Ron Howard. But he would have to. I for one can't quantify the Howard - barefoot Wayne difference more exactly than the one between Wayne and Randolph Scott. I don't think in his prime Wayne had half an inch on Scott in Pittsburgh, not do I think Wayne looked only half an inch shorter than big Rock in the Undefeated. Most people agree with me about Wayne looking being more than an inch shorter than Rock. You don't hear much about it now, but Rock was said to be 6'6'' back then. So Wayne's image as a 6'4'' man would not have been blown by looking smaller than Rock, at that time. But we now know Rock was 6'4.5, and so Wayne was not over 6'3'5''.
Henrik says on 16/May/14
His son Patrick was quoted as saying that he was "only" 6'1". It is quite obvious that John Wayne was a farly imposing man.
Bruno says on 15/May/14
How did they get those damn lifts into his barefeet Mon, I'd love to know.
KROC says on 14/May/14
I have Woody Strode's autobiography, Goal Dust, where he claimed he was 6'4 215lbs. He definitely looked it in Spartacus. There's also an interesting story about John Wayne in the book. The two almost got into it over a racist remark he made, during the filming of Liberty Valance.
Mon says on 14/May/14
He looked if anything over 6'4'' in his later films. But look at him next to 6'3'' Dan Daily in the full length WoE cast photo decades earlier. For one thing Wayne's proportions look noticeably different, for another: at that time Wayne was not almost an inch over 6'3'', because he was the same height as Daily. He just wasn't the three quarters of an inch taller that is being claimed. So either he had a growth spurt spurt in late middle age or he was made to look a bit taller that he was by that time. I suppose it is possible he was measured at 6ft 3.75 inches when he was in high school, but I find it easier to trust my eyes than that alleged measurement or his bio.
Arch Stanton says on 14/May/14
Yeah Wayne barely looked taller than Stewart in Liberty Valance, true, the difference was certainly greater in the Shootist. Wayne actually looked taller than 6'4" listed Woody Strode in Liberty too.
Arch Stanton says on 14/May/14
The thing is Ron Howard really didn't look 5'9" in The Shootist and I thought he seemed a bit shorter than Bacall actually. Granted Wayne absolutely towered him now and made him look like a little boy.
Bruno says on 13/May/14
No taller than Wayne or Stewart in Liberty Valance and I love the scene where Wayne tells the bartender to give Pompey a drink.
Wayne was superb in that film as was Marvin.
Gonzalo says on 13/May/14
Woody Strode would be a great addition to this site. He played football for UCLA so I guess there must be records about his height. He was at least 1`93. Imposing man
Bruno says on 12/May/14
I agree Gonzalo about the license and about Liberty Valance. I was looking at it yesterday, great movie and also it has to be said Woody Stroud looks no taller than JS.

There may have only been .5'' in it as I think Stewart was 6'3.5''.

In The Shootist he looks huge barefoot in scenes with 5'9'' Ron Howard.
Gonzalo says on 12/May/14
When my brother in law lived in the US his height according to his driving license was 5`8 and he is no more than 5`6. So, Wayne´s driving license is not 100% reliable.
In the Shootist Wayne looks huge. However Wayne was not taller than James Stewart in Liberty Valance
Vogt says on 11/May/14
Where is this book that said John wayne was 6'3 and 3/4 please?
[Editor Rob: "He had another growth spurt in high school and by graduation weighed 170 pounds and had assumed his full height of six feet three and three quarter inches." from The Life and Legend book.]
Bruno says on 10/May/14
Think this was posted before
Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 10/May/14
Wayne looked the same height as 6'4" listed Rick Lenz in The Shootist, although he was wearing boots.
Arch Stanton says on 10/May/14
The thing is Bruno, Wayne looked about 1.5 inches taller than Jimmy Stewart in The Shootist and he was 7 years older by then and near 70!! I agree he was a clear 6'4" peak and didn't seem to lose much later on, but honestly in The Undefeated Hudson looked about 4 cm taller in most scenes and Hudson claimed he was measured at 6'4" by that time!
Arch Stanton says on 10/May/14
Nup, I paused it several times Bruno and saw how they fared on average and only in one or two scenes they could look close, on average between 1 and 2 inches looked right. Watch the scene where they're watching the fist fights for example, Wayne looked 6'3" range in comparison, stood side by side.
Bruno says on 8/May/14
I suggest you watch The Undefeated Carl. Rock Hudson was how a proper 6'4.5-6'5" looked and he had Wayne by about 1.5 inches.

Don't think so, less than 1''.
Arch Stanton says on 8/May/14
Arch Stanton says on 4/May/14
Rob can you mention Stagecoach, Fort Apache, Rio Grande, Rio Bravo, Hondo, The Alamo, Hatari!, Donovan's Reef and The Green Berets?
Arch Stanton says on 8/May/14
Carl says on 6/May/14
John Wayne was 6ft 4.5 inches and to say anything less is just ridiculous and then we must start believing in green little men from Hollywood lol. God just watch any of his movies and this man was a huge bear of a man, his shirts were auctioned with many other personal clothing by his family a few years ago and his shirt size was mainly 50 inches with a few 49.5 inches shirts, however most were 50 inch shirts and in anyway you cut this was a very big man.

I suggest you watch The Undefeated Carl. Rock Hudson was how a proper 6'4.5-6'5" looked and he had Wayne by about 1.5 inches.
Carl says on 6/May/14
John Wayne was 6ft 4.5 inches and to say anything less is just ridiculous and then we must start believing in green little men from Hollywood lol. God just watch any of his movies and this man was a huge bear of a man, his shirts were auctioned with many other personal clothing by his family a few years ago and his shirt size was mainly 50 inches with a few 49.5 inches shirts, however most were 50 inch shirts and in anyway you cut this was a very big man.
Arch Stanton says on 5/May/14
Hondo is a beautifully shot film, one of the most visually striking of his films I think, I love the look of it, and directed by Mia Farrow's dad too! My only criticism is that there's a lot of bad editing in it with weather though, and during some scenes during fighting the sky is overcast in some frames and beautifully sunny in others! Yes, he had big ass boots on but proportionally it's really hard to argue he that he didn't look a big 6'4".
Phil says on 4/May/14
Rob, time to take a quarter of an inch away, what do you think???
Arch Stanton says on 4/May/14
Rob can you mention Stagecoach, Fort Apache, Rio Grande, Rio Bravo, Hondo, The Alamo, Hatari!, Donovan's Reef and The Green Berets?
Mon says on 3/May/14
6ft 3.75, more than an inch taller than Muhammad Ali. Wayne did not look that height at his physical peak when a handsome young man with a perfect build in an impromptu photo with Ward Bond at the time of the the Big Trail. Tall in the Saddle next to Bond he maybe looks a little taller relative to Bond but not nearly two inches. For the downbeat Wings of Eagles Wayne is still looking closer to 6'3'' than 6'4'' next to Bond. But for a Wayne Western look at the size of Wayne next to Bond.

Click Here

1.75 inch height difference looks like a lot more onscreen. Wayne did not have that on Bond.

At 6'3.75 he would have weighed 300lb when he made True Grit.

Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 3/May/14
Well, if it was true something's up as Rock Hudson looked between 1 and 2 inches taller than Wayne, in some scenes it could look 2 inches, others, nearer 1. Roughly 1.5 inches difference looked about right on average throughout the film in similar boots. I don't think Wayne lost much later on did he? Rock Hudson looked a full 6'5" still if Wayne was say 6'3.5 by that time. If Rock Hudson was 6'4" by the late 60s as he claimed Wayne looked more 6'2.5! I think they must have caught Rock at his low with that 1967 measurement as he looked 6'5" still next to Reagan in the 80s shortly before his death. I've often said 6'3.5 is possible for both Wayne and Eastwood, I wonder why it is that the 6'3.75 apparent measurement wasn't reported earlier though..
Arch Stanton says on 2/May/14
He looked more 6'3" range next to Rock Hudson in The Undefeated, he was 62 at the time. And Rock Hudson in 1967 said he'd lost height and had shrunk to 6'4"! He had between 1 and 2 inches on Wayne I thought.
Arch Stanton says on 2/May/14
He looked more 6'3" range next to Rock Hudson in The Undefeated, he was 62 at the time.
[Editor Rob: I saw an interview with an author who recently put out a book on Wayne and he was saying Wayne's exact height was 6ft 3.75...]
Mon says on 2/May/14
Arness was described as 6'6'' in his Associated Press obit. Photo of him with Clint Walker (both in Western outfits and so likely having comparable footwear) show nothing in it. Walker is about the only actor I know of who is as tall as usually stated. In the Dirty Dozen line up he has a couple of inches on Donald Sutherland who has the same on Jim Brown.

Wings of Eagles is an unusually downbeat film for Wayne. I agree he looks the same height as Dan Daily in the studio cast PR shot. Wayne's name and image bankrolled movies, and it's stupid to think that did not affect the way his stature, in every sense of the word, was portayed onscreen
Mon says on 30/Apr/14
A 6'3'' McLachlan is unlikely, look at him beside Cary Grant. McLachlan's recorded weight when boxing and his massive build in photos when he fought Jack Johnson don't support 6'3''. Johnson was 6’1½ and there is a very good photographic evidence from a posed shot before their exhibition bout that that McLachlan was not more than an inch taller. At best McLachlan was a very weak 6'3'' at peak. I agree Wayne was a clear inch taller than an elderly McLachlan (well into his sixties by the quiet man), but Wayne's bio says he was not 6'4''. McLachlan don't have 2 inches on Cary Grant so he probably was a strong 6'2''. That was Muhammad Ali's height BTW
Arch Stanton says on 30/Apr/14
Victor McLagen was around 6'3", a Wayne definitely looked taller in films like The Quiet Man.
Mon says on 30/Apr/14
tex, If you look at the Yellow Ribbon cast studio PR still with him full length next to Harry Carey Jr and Ben Johnson he looks well over 6'2''. Actors' heights may be exaggerated, but from the photo of him when he fought Jack Johnson there is no question Victor Mclachlan was 6'2'', so Wayne was could not be really under the 6'3'' mark. Wayne's teeth were obviously his own as late as when he made McQ. Footwear would not explain why he looks like King Kong next to slightly built men or women. He could carry off what would be an outrageous footwear boost for others (as in Hondo where there are extremely high heels visible on his cowboy boots) because he was large in the shoulders and chest with only his lower legs and feet being on the small side.

Nowhere does Ryan look an inch shorter than Wayne. In the FL film there they are briefly shown standing together outside a tent, at some distance from camera. As I recall Ryan looks a bit taller, Ryan did had very big hair. I would put Ryan sans hair as the same as Wayne and slightly less than Randolph Scott who claimed half an inch under 6'4''. Scott always had good posture though.

Click Here

Wayne was a lot taller than Power. I think you have to compare him with those closest in stature like Scott and Ryan to get an idea how tall Wayne was.

That new bio, which will be the definitive one I think, isn't saying he was "6'3.3/4'". No. What 'John Wayne: The Life and Legend' actually says is he was 'nearly 6'4'' in his boots'.
Bruno says on 27/Apr/14
Again Tex you pick a movie where Wayne's 6'4'' claim stacks up, he looks similar in height to measured 6'4'' Ryan.

Wayne was obliged to where a toupee in the movies, but he often was seen without it. What is your major malfunction soldier.

Click Here
Gonzalo says on 25/Apr/14
In The Flying Leathernecks is impossible to tell who´s taller. Sometimes Ryan has the edge and sometimes it´s Wayne. In that movie Wayne looks 1`93. And Ryan did not look taller than Wayne in The Longest day
tex says on 24/Apr/14
Just watched "The Flying Leathernecks". Robert Ryan, who was a legitimate 6'4" (he was measured in the military and as a boxer) is about 1" taller than Wayne in the scenes where they both stand erect. This makes it clear that Wayne was never taller than 6'3" at the most.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Apr/14
tex on John Wayne
TCM is running John Wayne all week. Finally got to see the entire movie "The Big Trail". Actual visual evidence. Wayne was 22 when the movie was made and close to 23. He obviously was his full height. When you look at him in the movie he is slim and wearing moccasins. Wayne is slightly taller or EYE TO EYE in several scenes with Tyrone Power Sr. who is playing the villain. Power was 6'1". In a few scenes, Power is sitting down and you clearly see his boots and heels. He is wearing flat heels, not riding heels. It is clear from this movie that Wayne was about 6'2 and maybe a half inch.

You're correct that Wayne looked 6'2.5" max in The Big Trail in flat mocassins. Always baffled me that one as in most of his later films he looked noticeably taller and bigger.
tex says on 23/Apr/14
I'm sure that Bruno will come up with some more ridiculous still photos (which prove not one thing) and Knowitall will claim he "knew" Tyrone Power and he was "taller than 6'1". As a former investigator, using scientific evidence I am the only one who has actually proved that Wayne is not 6'4". Bruno even used a photo from "Sing Out Sweet Land" with Wayne and Dan Blocker and if you watch the scenes together on film --Blocker is easily visible as taller than Wayne. Knowitall would claim he knew Hitler if he thought he could convince anyone Wayne was a giant. John Wayne was a myth, toupee, false teeth, and publicity stills shot to make Marion Morrison a he man. In real life he wore satin house robes and hated horses. Grow up you all you Wayne lovers with your man crush.
tex says on 23/Apr/14
TCM is running John Wayne all week. Finally got to see the entire movie "The Big Trail". Actual visual evidence. Wayne was 22 when the movie was made and close to 23. He obviously was his full height. When you look at him in the movie he is slim and wearing moccasins. Wayne is slightly taller or EYE TO EYE in several scenes with Tyrone Power Sr. who is playing the villain. Power was 6'1". In a few scenes, Power is sitting down and you clearly see his boots and heels. He is wearing flat heels, not riding heels. It is clear from this movie that Wayne was about 6'2 and maybe a half inch. Next I watched Stagecoach. Tom Tyler, who played the villain in the movie was a famous strongman in real life and once was considered "the strongest man in the world. Tyler was 6'1 and three quarters, just under 6'2". Both he and Wayne are wearing boots with riding heels. Tyler is actually TALLER than Wayne in this movie! Once again, all the John Wayne fanatics on this site who want Wayne to be Bigger and Taller than anyone else in motion picture history won't change their minds--but it is clear--Wayne was slightly over 6'2" when he started in pictures. As he aged many, many stars who acted with him said he wore lifts or stood on boards. He was not 6'4"... no way.
Bruno says on 22/Apr/14
Looks huge compared to William Holden.
Click Here
Jck says on 22/Apr/14
Just watched Rio Lobo, Wayne was considerably taller than 6-1 Victor French,
Wayne was a tall man 6-3 to 6-4.
filmfan says on 21/Apr/14
There is a new biography out of Wayne and the author gives Wayne's height as 6'3.3/4''. He met Wayne and mentioned how imposing he was in person. Apparently he had huge hands, a big chest and torso but relatively short legs and small feet. Although I've doubted in the past I think Wayne probably was about 6'4''.
Funk says on 20/Apr/14
If you Google John Wayne pants auction, you can see a few of his pants from movies for sale, and it seems he wore a 33 inch inseam, for those who may be interested in that sort of thing.

33" would be somewhat short for a 6ft4 guy it has to be said.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Apr/14
Nah when they're stood side by side with even posture Wayne actually looks easily an inch taller than McLagen. McLagen was a big 6'3" guy. Wayne absolutely towers Barry Fitzgerald I'd say by a foot at least. Fitzgerald was 5'3"-5'3.5" I think.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Apr/14
Wayne looked a similar height to Victor McLaglen in The Quiet Man, if anything McLaglen edged him out and he was listed at 191cm.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Apr/14
At the beginning of The Quiet Man the Irish cart driver says "6 ft 6 ?" when guessing his height and Wayne says "4 and a half".
Sam says on 9/Apr/14
To me, both Cooper and Wayne are in the 6'3" to 6'4" range. I do think under 6'3" estimates for Wayne are too low.
Mon says on 8/Apr/14
Well Knowitall, 6'3'' is very tall even today when people are taller on average. You met Wayne when he was older and had suffered heath problems. You also met Chuck Connors as an older man and thought he was considerably over his claimed peak height.

I know 6'3'' or 6'4'' men who have lost a few inches by their mid sixties One inch is at issue in Waynes case as far as I am concerned. Most average height and downright short actors were boosted up an inch. Even the tallest stole an inch, EG Fess Parker was not really 6'6'. Chuck Connors maybe the exception as he can look taller than he officially claimed. It is very difficult to know how tall Oliver Hardy really was. In Robert Mitchum bio it says he told his first agent he was 'six foot or so', a strong six foot looked taller back then. I think it's quite likely Hardy was a strong six foot tall and broad with it. If forced to bet the farm on wayne being the full six four at the time you met him I'd be say he wasn't. From the clips of him walking in Pittsburgh alongside Randolph Scott which I consider better evidence that any still, I felt sure Wayne was not taller.
Mon says on 7/Apr/14
Most name actors were an inch under their claimed height. That is, their height was given with standard one inch heels as in body mass charts.
Phil says on 7/Apr/14
Wouldnt be your first time, Frank2. Well, I believe ya!! Wayne was six foot four.
Knowitall says on 6/Apr/14
People here claim truly tall actors weren't that tall while truly short actors were taller. All who they never saw in person.

I think it's time for me to pack up and vacate this silly forum.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 6/Apr/14
He never looked a full 6ft 4 to me, John seemed more 6ft 2.75-3 range i think i agree he was very tall but just not 6ft 4
Phil says on 6/Apr/14
John Wayne never gave the impression of a genuine six foot four guy. Look him in THE BIG TRAIL. He certainly looks tall but not as tall as six four.
Bruno says on 5/Apr/14
Well Dan if that's 5" I'll eat my hat. If the top of Wayne's head was at Arness' s nose that would be 5", however it appears well above James' s Eyeline.
Maakun says on 4/Apr/14
Dan Dailey(=191cm)was as tall as John Wayne in The Wings of Eagles.
Dan says on 4/Apr/14
In that 1972 pic of Arness and Wayne, Arness is easily 5 inches taller. I've seen enough evidence to know that the idea of Wayne being 6'4" is a total joke.
Phil says on 4/Apr/14
At least three inches taller than Cooper who was an inch taller than Wayne. Interesting.
Knowitall says on 3/Apr/14
I never met Walker, but did see him. He was strikingly tall.

Look how short he makes Gary Cooper look:

Click Here
KROC says on 2/Apr/14
Off topic, but did you ever meet the actor Clint Walker of Cheyenne fame? Everyone thinks he's 6'6 but in pictures with Arness and other tall Hollywood actors of that time, he looks 6'4.5. Also I believe you concerning John Wayne. He really does look 6'4, especially in that one movie with Rock Hudson.
Knowitall says on 2/Apr/14
Shirley Eder was obviously wrong.

And Wayne was not four to five inches shorter than Arness. Watch Big Jim McLain. Arness is three inches taller. Arness was six-seven.
Phil says on 1/Apr/14
Wayne was clearly 4-5 inches shorter than Jim Arness.
Phil says on 31/Mar/14
Six feet two and a half was the Duke`s real height according to Shirley Eder.
Tripledz says on 30/Mar/14
John Wayne was actually 6'4 according to his son...
Gonzalo says on 28/Mar/14
Cooper´s claim about being 6`2 is very strange. In Bluebeard´s eighth wife he claims 6`3. Someone mentioned that the was measured 6.2`8 against a wagon or something like that. He was several inches taller than Richard Harris or Anthony Perkins, who are both in the 1,85 area. Anything under 1`90 for Cooper seems absurd.
About Wayne, he towers over Hardy in that movie. I guess by that time hardy was not 6`1
Bruno says on 27/Mar/14
Coop looks slightly taller than a young 6'2.5'' Chuck Heston in 1959 (2nd last film). No lifts.
Click Here
Bruno says on 27/Mar/14
Don't disagree with you Mon, Cooper is an enigma. He claimed 6'2'' apparently but even in later films he looked taller than that.
Phil says on 27/Mar/14
Wayne loooks 5-6 inches taller than Hardy.
Mon says on 26/Mar/14
The thing about Oliver Hardy was he was not a leading man so there is not the expectation that he would be tall and he would not have a motive to wear big heels or even lifts. Look at Gable walking next to Sophia Loren who Rob has at 5ft 7in, he does not have 5.5 inches on her.

Cooper is a very weird one, because he claimed 6'2'' and Rob has him at 6'3'' but he looked a very strong 6'4'' walking with Wayne, and 6'6'' beside Fess Parker and Clint Walker. Beside huge actors like that and with the arthritis problems he had he latter life I could believe he lost a little and resorted to a footwear boost.
Bruno says on 25/Mar/14
He does indeed Mon tnks, and do you not think Coop has a good 3-4'' on Gable.

To me Mon, Coop has 6'' on Laughton and if you straighten him out and has his head level it would be defo closer to 8''. He would nearly be a full head taller.
Mon says on 24/Mar/14
Even I can work out that at 6'4'' Cooper would be eight inches taller than Laughton. Cooper is leaning and slouching in the Laughton pic, so it may be flattering Laughton, but that amount of height difference can't be completely hidden by posture, and it's just not there. The Laughton pic does not remotely support the idea that we are looking at a 5'8'' man next to someone who stood 6'4''.

Oliver Hardy seems to have impressed people as being well over 6 feet tall. So he was a strong 6'1''. Bruno you've got me, Wayne looks about 6'4'' next to Hardy.
Bruno says on 21/Mar/14
I have seen only a handful of pics where 6'3 or 6'4'' actors look slightly taller than Coop. One is with Stewart however any others with JS he looks as tall or taller.

With Charles Laughton
Click Here

With 6'0.5''Clark Gable
Click Here
You do the maths MON.

Wayne and Hardy
Click Here
Mon says on 20/Mar/14
He looks ill, yet much taller than he did beside Chuck Connors who was not taller than Arness, or so we are told.

Next to 5'8'' Charles Laughten, 6'4'' would look just huge even with a slouch. Cooper was rail thin. I'm not clear but I think a weakish 6'3'' is right. A little angle is all Cooper would need to look 6'4'', which is a height he did not claim. Remember that Wayne shot with Cooper in sandals. You would have to make Cooper easily taller than Wayne of the basis of that photo. Yet he couldn't have been.

Back to the subject, have to say Wayne looks the full 6'4'' next to Oliver Hardy, who to my surprise is claimed to have been 6'1'. I've seen that film and beleive me he towers over Hardy.

They cast Tucker so Cooper could fight someone who would have the physical edge being obviously larger. Tucker was as 'small' as Sterling Hayden. Watch Flaming Feather if you doubt it.
Bruno says on 18/Mar/14
Good pic Gonzalo, he stands pretty tall beside a man 6'7'' and in his mid 60s.
Phil says on 18/Mar/14
Difficult pic Gonzalo, Arness is not standing straight and looks about four inches taller. With a good posture he would be roughly five inches taller.
Gonzalo says on 17/Mar/14
John Wayne and James Arness in 1972.
Click Here
Bruno says on 16/Mar/14
I dont know what you are looking at Mon, when Coop meets Tucker with the girl and the Old Man in the house he looks taller than Wavy hair Tucker. This might be down to footwear? Tucker has boots on so they would be defo 1'' heel maybe more.

Just before the fight scene it is impossible to give your height predictions. You say Tucker looks 2'' taller than Coop, well that just ridiculous.

Just look at Coop with Stewart in the pic I posted, a 6'2'' guy would not look that tall without help.
Mon says on 15/Mar/14
Bruno and Knowitall like the even numbers.

I looked through the Westerner. In the saloon standoff, it can be seen Tucker, who plays a farmer, has normal boots. Cooper has big heel cowboy boots.

Look at 56:59. Cooper does not look 6'4'' when he squares up to Forrest Tucker just before the fight. Cooper can't have been taller than 6'3½'', unless Tucker was well over 6'5''. Even if Tucker's height was artificially boosted for this shot to make him a more impressive antagonist, that wouldn't explain why Tucker's noggin looks so large in shot beside Cooper.
Bruno says on 12/Mar/14
Mon did ya miss the pic with Wayne and Randy Scott
Click Here
Bruno says on 12/Mar/14
Coop with Randy Scott 6'3.5''
Click Here
Looks a big man beside Scott.

Again looks taller than Tucker who has wavy hair
Click Here

Coop with Jimmy Stewart 6'3.5''
Click Here
No way could a 6'2'' guy pull this off unless he is wearing lifts.

With 6'1'' Charles Bickford
Click Here

Coop was 6'4'' peak or as near as makes no difference.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Mar/14
Looks easily 6'4" in Red River..
Mon says on 12/Mar/14
TristanDuJour, yeah well 6'4'' seems to have be settled on as a height for an AWFUL lot of tall men before Wayne. Historically, there is always a suspicious dearth of those said to be 6'3'' or 6'1'' People don't like the odd numbers.

A young Mitchum trying out for film acting described himself as 'about six foot or so' (to an agent). He was never over a weak 6'1'' (though with very broad shoulders), The Cape Fear scene where Mitchums character is rousted by the sherif and searched, shows he was not very tall as Gregory Peck totally towered him.

I can't agree that a MOVIE SCENE where there is an obvious angle can be the BEST evidence for anything. Cooper does look taller than Wayne with sandals on, but we know that is due to the angle or something because no way was Cooper as tall as Wayne. Look at Coop beside Charles Bickford.
Mon says on 11/Mar/14
I am absolutely certain Wayne was no shorter than 6'3'', he could have been a bit more. Look at Cooper with DeMille and 6'1'' Charles Bickford, also Cooper and Bickford in the Plainsman. Cooper was over 6'2'' but no way in hell was he 6'4''.

You might as well say someone was as tall as Sterling Hayden, as say they were around the height of Forrest Tucker. Both stood at least an inch taller than Cooper (who looked rather fragile in his latter years).
Knowitall says on 9/Mar/14
Did you ever see a movie with Wayne and Cooper appearing together where a Copper was obviously taller? Nope. They never worked together.

Did you ever see any more photos of them together than the tiny amount on the web? If you do find them, please post links.

I need to see evidence that Cooper was taller. I'm not going to base opinions on so little evidence.
Phil says on 7/Mar/14
Well, you have a point there. But how do you explain that Wayne did indeed look shorter than Gary Cooper? And not just in a single pic.
Knowitall says on 7/Mar/14
You believe it just because it's in a book?
Phil says on 6/Mar/14
I never saw him in person, Knowitall. No, sir. BUT... In the book JOHN WAYNE`s AMERICA: THE POLITICS OF A CELEBRITY the author mentions Wayne as a "beefy six foot three" and says that "the endlessly described height of six foot four is false".
Gonzalo says on 5/Mar/14
Well, Arch Stanton. Now I see you are clearly joking. I think you didn`t know many freaks we had in this site who posted pics of Wayne sitting and used them to downgrade him. I remember one of Liberty Valance next to James Stewart.
Mitchum is a tricky guy. He was barely taller than Eddie Albert in The longest day and taller than Lee Marvin in "Not as a stranger". Height can be a mystery.
Bruno says on 4/Mar/14
Those Bob Mitchum boots
Click Here
Click Here

That Coop and Tucker pic I promised.
Click Here

Peak Tucker must be only a shade over 6' eh Arch
Bruno says on 4/Mar/14
Arch Stanton says on 8/Dec/13
Yeah the barefoot scene in The Shootist is the best evidence we have that he was honestly very close to 6'4".

Now you say 6'1'', why are you been as we Irish say an eejit.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Mar/14
6'1" max :-). Shorter than Gary Cooper who claimed 6'2".
Knowitall says on 4/Mar/14
Phil, look at the publicity photo I posted of him with Wayne in El Dorado. They're either lifts in his cowboy boots or he borrowed some chick's cowboy boots who wore a large size shoe.

And Phil, I met the Duke. Saw him on more than one occasion. He was definitely six-four.

Did you ever see him in person?
Bruno says on 4/Mar/14
It can be confusing Phil, but Wayne does look taller than 6'3.5'' Randy Scott. Coop is an enigma as he does nearly always look to be 6'4" except maybe in later years when he was ill.

Cooper looks taller than a young Forrest Tucker who is listed as 6'4'' snd some say he was slightly more. I will post it later.
Phil says on 3/Mar/14
Knowitall, Mitchum never wore lifts. He was a solid six foot one, even as he got into old age. Wayne on the other hand was shorter than Gary Cooper which confirms that he was no taller than six three. Wayne that is.
Gonzalo says on 3/Mar/14
Well, 1`91 or 1`93, is not a big difference. Wayne was very tall and he was a star, one of the brightest.
Knowitall, maybe I`m mistaken but I think the man on the left is not Paul Fix; I think it´s George O`Brien, the unforgettable actor of the superb film Sunrise.
Speaking about Sunrise, its director Fiedrich Wilhem Murnau is listed in some pages at six foot ten or six foot nine. Maybe Rob can do some research and add this extraordinary director to his site.
Phil says on 2/Mar/14
Knowitall, enough with your BS already; Wayne is clearly SHORTER than Gary Cooper. And in THOSE pics Wayne is NOT wearing lifts. Wayne was six foot three and no more.
TristanDuJour says on 2/Mar/14
All this talk about Celebrity height. Where did the penultimate 6'4" man come from? The original 'tall-tall' look no further than the father of our Country General George Washington.
Knowitall says on 1/Mar/14
Phil, no photo shows Wayne wearing lifts. Show me one. Show us all one. You can't because he either wore regular cowboy boots or streets shoes with an inch-high heel.

But there is a photo showing Bob Mitchum wearing what appear to be lifts in his cowboy boots when he appeared with Wayne in a El Dorado.
Knowitall says on 28/Feb/14
Wayne is taller than anyone in this photo:

Click Here

Next to Wayne is Harry Cary Jr. who was six-one, then Ben Johnson who was six-two followed by John Agar who was six-one, and finally, Paul Fix who was around five-ten.
Bruno says on 27/Feb/14
Wayne and Ferrer
Click Here
Bruno says on 27/Feb/14
If you go down the route of downgrading Wayne by 3cm(over 1'')Gonzalo then it follows that you must downgrade every other actor who were in films with him.

I will give you 2 examples of why I think Wayne was 6'4'' (1.93). Let take one of his last film's Brannigan, look at the film and tell me that 1.91 Mel Ferrer is taller than Wayne. He is not Wayne has him by around 2cm. Wayne was 67ish and Ferrer 10 years younger and both wearing shoes. NO LIFTS.

Swing out sweet land Wayne in his 60's appears slightly taller than Dan Blocker(1.93). Wayne is in normal shoes and Blocker's boots a little less heel.

I have no problem downgrading Wayne as long as you do the same to other tall actors. Rob will be very busy.
Phil says on 27/Feb/14
Wayne wasnt really taller than Randolph Scott. Also, he was shorter than Gary Cooper. He was a big-boned six foot three who wore big footwear.
Bruno says on 27/Feb/14
Respect your opinion gonzalo but most pics with Randy Scott only enforces the opinion thst Wayne was 6'4". Scott over 6'3" and Wayne taller by minimum of .5".
Gonzalo says on 26/Feb/14
Wayne and Randolph Scott
Click Here
Gonzalo says on 26/Feb/14
I am a huge fan of Wayne. He is probably my favourite actor. I don´t share many of his opinions but I respect them. I have seen dozens of his films and I have seen hundreds of pics of him next to other actors and people. And I have been contributing to this page for years.
After all this time I think it is time to downgrade Wayne. I don´t think he was 1`93; 1`90-91 is more realistic.
Bruno says on 25/Feb/14
I posted this on the Cooper page, he looks a solid 1'' taller than self proclaimed 6'3.5'' Randy Scott, taking into account that Coop is closer to the camera. So 6'4'' no doubts at peak.
Click Here
Knowitall says on 25/Feb/14
Phil, Wayne was six four. This is getting to be idiotic.

A handful of pictures with Wayne and Cooper are no evidence Cooper was taller. There are only three pictures showing them standing together.

Cooper was definitely six-four. He was always the tallest actor in every film he was in.

Art Linkletter with John Wayne:

Click Here

Linkletter was six-one.

Here's Wayne with Cooper where Wayne appears taller, although it's more the angle:

Click Here
Bruno says on 24/Feb/14
Check your link out where Cooper is standing beside David Niven(weak 6 ft) he towers over him, further proof to me that Coop was easily a strong 6'4'' guy peak.
Click Here
Knowitall says on 24/Feb/14
Cooper was closer to being six-four.

In that photo Wayne looks a bit tipsy! He's leaning backward.
Phil says on 24/Feb/14
Cooper looks taller than Wayne in ALL the pics I`ve seen. What do you say to that Knowitall? Im sure Cooper was a strong, non-slouching six foot three.
Bruno says on 23/Feb/14
Good pic, I have been trying to get that one for a while. Coop I believe was defo 6'4'' and I have to say I have never seen him in photo with Wayne where Duke appears taller. Having said that Cooper appears taller than Stewart, Tucker, Peck etc.
Pete M says on 22/Feb/14
Photo of John Wayne and Gary Cooper together at a function - mid 1950's. Cooper supposedly 6'3". They look even in height with maybe a slight edge to Cooper..
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Knowitall says on 21/Feb/14
Joan Crawford was five-three so if Wayne was just seven inches taller he'd have been five-ten. If Crawford wore heels, Wayne would have been six-one in shoes because no way did she gain more than three inches.

OK. Let's say he was. That means we deduct several inches from EVERYONE!

I guess Dean Martin was just five-seven (in lifts!)

And Randy Scott was six feet even.

If Scott was just six feet, that means Cary Grant was five-ten.

Jimmy Stewart was six-one.

Henry Fonda, five-ten.

Phil, time to wake up and smell the roses!
Phil says on 20/Feb/14
Come on people!! Look at those pics with Gary Cooper!! Wayne is clearly shorter!!! Six feet four, my foot!!! He was about seven inches taller than Joan Crawford!!
Bruno says on 19/Feb/14
Back on track, John Wayne and Randy Scott, same distance from camera and Wayne clearly taller.
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littlesue says on 18/Feb/14
I doubt if she was wearing 6 inch high heels, probably 3.5 inches back in the fourties. Those extra high heels were not around then unless they were custom made for Mae West!!
Phil says on 18/Feb/14
Knowitall, did you ever meet Joan Crawford? She was in a film with Wayne, cant remember the name of the film. Anyway, Wayne doesnt look a foot taller than her. Of course she was probably wearing six-inch heels!!
Knowitall says on 17/Feb/14
Connery could have very well been six-two in his prime. But when I saw him he wasn't much over six feet. I'm five eleven and I was damned near as tall as him.

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