How tall is Gregory Peck ?

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Gregory Peck height: 6ft 3in (191 cm)

American Actor best known for roles in films like To Kill a Mockingbird, The Guns of Navarone, Roman Holiday, The Omen, The Sea Wolves, Boys from Brazil, Gentleman's Agreement, The Paradine Case, Twelve O'Clock High, The Big Country, Moby Dick and Cape Fear. He said his height as "6 foot 3" in the biography "A Charmed Life" and also in a 1946 article, describing how during a 2 month break between filming he put on 20 pounds, "but I'm still only 185 pounds for my 6 feet 3."

Gentleman's Agreement, Gregory Peck, 1947

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Arch Stanton says on 27/Feb/15
Looked too gangly generally to have only been 6'2". I was looking at his proportions in David and Bathsheba. He had to have been near that 6'3" mark. On occasions though he could look 6'2 and change with some like Dean Jagger.
Steve says on 8/Jan/15
From what I read he was one of the nicest actors in Hollywood. Always gracious and never self-centered.

I loved his performance as Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. I realize he was criticized for it, but that film as well as his characterization left a lasting impression with me. I think the movie is a masterpiece. One of John Huston's finest.
Arch Stanton says on 7/Jan/15
Even in films like Yellow Sky he was decent I thought.
Sam says on 6/Jan/15
@Barker, I don't think Mockingbird is the only role that Peck excelled in his roles in Twelve O'Clock High, The Gunfighter, Roman Holiday, The Guns of Navarone, The Omen and Old Gringo among others. He could be stiff and less convincing in some of his early roles like Spellbound or Duel in the Sun but he got better with age & accured gravitas I think.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Jan/15
Question is, when did he begin losing height. He looks nearer 6'1" here Click Here Judging by the looks of them in the photo I'd guess that was taken in late 1970s around 1979 while filming The Sea Wolves (1980)
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 31/Dec/14
He was a very endearing leading man, who excelled playing great, righteous characters such as those in To Kill A Mockingbird.
Barker says on 27/Dec/14
6' 3" is about right for Gregory. He is in the same height range , give or take a half inch, as several other big stars.....Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper, Randolf Scott, and probably a dozen more. The role in "To Kill A Mocking Bird" seemed to suit his style better than most of his other roles.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Dec/14
Might have been a weaker 6ft3 but not as low as 6ft2 flat
Arch Stanton says on 24/Nov/14
It was All About Eve I think, Gary Merrill (also worth adding at 5 ft 8) said "Well, everybody can't be Gregory Peck."
Arch Stanton says on 24/Nov/14
In one film, I forget which, I think it was a William Holden one he said something like "Well we can't all be Gregory Peck".
Arch Stanton says on 24/Nov/14
Rob can you add films like Roman Holiday (second or third from top I'd say), Gentleman's Agreement, The Paradine Case, Twelve O'Clock High, The Big Country, Moby Dick and Yellow Sky? I don't think The Sea Wolves was as remarkable as most of those.

I don't think he was a bad actor but he could be a little wooden in some roles. I liked his voice and demeanour but I can also see how a lot of guys would have disliked him as he was about as close to the stereotypical classic tall dark and handsome as you can get and seemed a little too perfect at times.
Sam says on 13/Oct/14
Yeah, if you look at everything, it's easily possible that Peck stood very close to an even 6'3". Even in his 60s, he still looked taller than 6'2" David Warner. I'd still say he would come in a cm or two below Jimmy Stewart or Gary Cooper at peak, though I think both are fractionally under-listed.
Arch Stanton says on 7/Oct/14
Agreed Sam, especially with Dean Jagger in Twelve O Clock High but in fairness with John Huston he looks nothing under a solid 6'3".
anom says on 9/Aug/14
Jimmy Stewart claimed 6'4.5 (harvey commentary) and I think also 6'3.5 (winchester?)
Sam says on 17/Jul/14
Maybe 6'2.75" is a better call, seemed to be a little shorter than Gary Cooper, only fractionally taller than 6'2.5" Charlton Heston and never a full inch over 6'2" Dean Jagger. I could also see any of these guys being a quarter inch over that, i.e. Heston at 6'2.75", Peck at 6'3" and Cooper at 6'3.25"-6'3.5", which would also make Jimmy Stewart also in that range.
Sam says on 1/Jul/14
Sorry, took a little break back then Arch...
I don't question 6'3" for Peck, but I'm not sure why he looks considerably shorter than Gary Cooper here, but I'd guess the cameraman took it kind of sideways with an angle favoring Cooper.
Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 23/May/14
I don't know how anybody can watch The Paradine Case and consider him anything but a good actor. That was one of his best performances IMO.
Arch Stanton says on 12/May/14
LOL am I speaking to myself, you've been quiet of late Sam!
Arch Stanton says on 8/May/14
Actually looked 6'4" in Yellow Sky in boots I thought.
Arch Stanton says on 30/Apr/14
Sam would you agree that Peck sounded Irish? For an American his accent is unusual. It's similar to Pierce Brosnan's actually, very softly spoken. Irish American accent I call it. Wasn't Peck's father Irish or something, it must have rubbed off on him from a young age.
Arch Stanton says on 30/Apr/14
I wasn't too impressed with the lead actor in Scent of a Woman actually and you have a point about the plot I guess, but it was Pacino's eyes and performance and Philip Seymour Hoffman's presence which made it feel like a great movie to me. Yeah you're right, he did look a bit taller than Warner in the Omen, but in The Boys from Brazil he looked more 3 inches on Mason than 4 I thought.
Sam says on 30/Apr/14
Not really, I loved A Few Good Men back when I saw in it the theater as basically a kid but I watched many years later and it left me cold. Similar thing with Scent of the Woman, although I thought Pacino was really good, I didn't think the material was as strong as I remembered.
As an aside (speaking of later day performances), I thought Peck was really good in The Omen, giving a lot of gravitas and relatable emotion to it, I don't think it would nearly as good without him. Also, he still looked quite tall, edging out a 6'2" David Warner.
Arch Stanton says on 29/Apr/14
Didn't you like Scent of a Woman or A Few Good Men Sam? I thought they were both classics. You don't like Tom Cruise though do you? I liked Pacino's eyes in Scent most of all, superb acting.
Arch Stanton says on 29/Apr/14
Yeah 1994 was a very good year too. Always good to see a great movie star mauled by a dog too LOL.
Sam says on 28/Apr/14
Back to Gregory, The Boys from Brazil was one of those hambone later performances that Peck's co-star Laurence Olivier gave a lot of, somewhere between menacing and comically campy, but at least it's great to see an old lion of a movie star cut lose and have fun.
Sam says on 28/Apr/14
I would opine that some of the '92 movies haven't aged that well or are just ok to me, i.e. A Few Good Men, Basic Instinct, A League of Their Own, Scent of a Woman and the blockbusters (ok, Under Siege is better than a Seagal movie has any right to be)...I think Of Mice and Men was pretty underrated...I would add Bram Stoker's Dracula to the mix, what a gonzo effort and that was the year I became a teen and Sadie Frost was my first huge screen crush.
Of 90s, I like '94 better: Pulp Fiction, Ed Wood, Speed, Dumb and Dumber, The Lion King, True Lies, Natural Born Killers, Leon: The Professional, The Ref, Priest, Bullets Over Broadway, Crumb, Hoop Dreams, Shallow Grave, Three Colors: White & Red plus (not my favorites) Forrest Gump, Four Weddings and Funeral and Muriel's Wedding.
We agree that it never got as good again after the 70s, only a few of the Great New Hollywood guys were as good after as during that decade, i.e Scorsese, Spielberg, maybe De Palma; what happened to Friedkin, Lucas & most of the rest.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Apr/14
Chilling? Really? I thought he was quite comical.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Apr/14
See what I mean about '92 Sam? Of course there's other years like 1936, 1944, 1953, 1957/8, 1963, 1971, 1973, 1984, 1993 etc which also had a good number of great films, but those I mentioned strike me as prominent, 1939 and 1962 especially. Yeah after the 70s there's a lot less. My favourite era is early 70s with an astounding number of groundbreaking films of new Hollywood, I love the edginess and change in style and the jazzy/funky music etc. I mean there's a countless number of bad ass films from that period. I do have a particularly fondness for 50s films though, especially in colour. I love seeing the 40s and 50s in colour. One of the major attractions of films like A Star is Born from 1954 for instance is seeing those classic cars drive by!

I can't see anything under 190 peak for Peck anyway, and he wasn't shorter than Heston at all. Later on he could nearer 6'1" though.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Apr/14

Unforgiven, Reservoir Dogs, Scent of a Woman, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Player, The Last of the Mohicans, A Few Good Men, Howard's End, Basic Instinct, Sister Act, Husbands and Wives, Patriot Games, The Actress, The Crying Game, A League of Their Own, Of Mice and Men, Malcolm X, not to mention really ernjoyable blockbusters like Universal Soldier, Under Siege, Wayne's World, Unlawful Entry, Beethoven, Lethal Weapon 3, Alien 3 etc even if some of them weren't as great as earlier films. 1992 was a huge year in film I think. 1999 should be more obvious Sam!
Sam says on 24/Apr/14
Continued... movie years. 2007 stands out for No Country for Old Men & There Will Be Blood, two of my all-time favorites.
Sam says on 24/Apr/14
Arch, what are the movies your thinking of for 1992 & 1999? I can only think off the top of my head, Unforgiven & Reservoir Dogs. Post 1970s, can't think of many great
The Master says on 23/Apr/14
Thanks Rob. He was quite chilling as Josef Mengele in Boys from Brazil.
[Editor Rob: yeah I want to rewatch that film sometime, I got too many films and not enough time to watch em :)
The Master says on 22/Apr/14
Rob, could you add his later films, like Boys from Brazil and The Sea Wolves ?
Arch Stanton says on 22/Apr/14
Sam I've left you a link on Milland's page... For some reason the latest comments thing hasn't been updated.
Arch Stanton says on 22/Apr/14
Peck always looked taller than 6'2" peak to me, I think you could argue 190cm but I think he looked too leggy to be under it.

Yeah I think 1962 is arguably the greatest year in film, although 1939 also is right up there. A tremendous number of great movies, I think I mentioned loads of films from that year a while back. 1939, 1940, 1955, 1959, 1962, 1963, 1967, 1979, 1992 and 1999 were among the best IMO.
Sam says on 21/Apr/14
Thanks for removing those Rob, when comments start wishing cancer on an actor (even if he's already dead) it's a red flag. Yes, 1962 is a very competitive acting fact, I'd say it's one of the best movie years ever along with '39, '55, '67 and the first half of the 70s. Harvey in The Manchurian Candidate would be my personal favorite, but it's hard to dispute either Peck or O'Toole winning that year. I would say in terms of long term influence on other actors, O'Toole would probably take it.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Apr/14
I mean if you consider that even Telly Savalas had a nom for Best Supporting Actor for Birdman of Alcatraz, to think that Laurence Harvey did not even get a nom for Best Supporting in Manchurian is shocking.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Apr/14
I mean if you consider that even Telly Savalas had a nom for Best Supporting Actor for Birdman of Alcatraz, to think that Laurence Harvey did even get a nom for Best Supporting in Manchurian is shocking.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Apr/14
I don't know what it is with Peck and all the haters. Jealousy? Agree with Sam that he was quite charming in a lot of roles, even if he wasn't the best of actor. I actually preferred him to Lancaster at least in the 40s and 50s, I liked his demeanour and voice. Later on Lancaster became a much better actor. I actually thought he deserved the Oscar in 1962, his best performance in Mocking Bird. Yes, O Toole was also deserving of recognition for Lawrence but it was more later IMO on that Peter o Toole was truly robbed of Oscars, 1968 for one. Laurence Harvey was also a great actor who was robbed of Oscars, he should have won it in 1962 for the Manchurian Candidate I think, and I can think of several others including Butterfield 8 where he should at least have been a candidate.

Man in the Grey Flannel Suit is an underrated film of Peck's. Most people say it's boring and overly long. A bit long, perhaps, but a very good film IMO. I enjoyed a lot of his films, Purple Rain with Bernard Lee was good I thought, aside from the obvious ones like Guns of Navarone etc, but admittedly I found ones like 12 O Clock High and Night People boring, both almost entirely set in an office/barracks.
[Editor Rob: the hater was the same person, I removed all their comments]
Arch Stanton says on 19/Apr/14
Agreed knowitall, The Big Country is actually one of the finest westerns of the 50s and better in my opinion than the overrated ones like High Noon.
jtm says on 19/Apr/14
why does it matter if he was a good or bad actor? this is about his height.
mister_lennon says on 14/Apr/14
He was 6'3 at peak. He looks every bit of it. And about a strong 6'1 at his last days. And he was a good actor. His performance in to kill a monkingbird was wonderful.

And the lifts thing is absurd. A 6'3 dude wearing lifts??? for what???
mister_lennon says on 7/Apr/14
The big country wa a great western. great movie.

Peck was a little bit taller than Heston in this movie. Only see the movie. And in real life too. Only search in google pictures with peck and heston and you will see it.

Peck was a great actor and he was a legit 6'3 guy. Not lifts. And he looked every bit of it.And he deserves the oscar for to kill a monkingbird. His Atticus Finch was a class act. He was great in that role and he deserved the oscar.
Knowitall says on 5/Apr/14
Reading some of the asinine comments here as well as on other threads I must assume they're posted by morons with little to do in life.

The Big Country was not awful. It's a masterpiece, especially when compared to today's 'video game' mentality features.

Peck wore lifts?

That one ranks as one of the most dimwitted comments I've read.

Peck should have died from lung cancer?

Are you that callous and stupid?
mister_lennon says on 4/Apr/14
that john must be an idiot or maybe he is insane or something, because you cant bee normal and say that garbage that he has said. awful, awful words, john.

By the way, Peck was 6'3, a legit and full 6'3. he looked every bit of it. Heston was a strong 6'2 but could look a weak 6'3 with good posture and in a good day.
Tommo says on 4/Apr/14
Awesome actor, classic manly man, was great in To Kill A Mockingbird.

@John what a horrible thing to say.
Knowitall says on 1/Apr/14
Nope. They were the same height.

The Big Country is a superb western. It has quite possibly the best music score ever composed for a western. Jerome Moross deserved the Oscar that year.

Burl Ives and Chuck Conners were not the same age. Ives was born in 1909 while Conners was born in 1921. Ives looked old enough to be the father of Conners. His Oscar for Best Supporting Actor was well deserved.
mister_lennon says on 31/Mar/14
i would say that he was a solid 6'3 dude at peak. In the big country, he was taller than Heston. Heston was about a strong 6'2 guy, Peck 1 inch taller or so.
Sam says on 31/Mar/14
"how did he not get lung cancer"? WTF? I'm a little surprised, the consensus seems to be he wasn't a good actor here. I think he was fine in the right parts, like The Gunfighter, Roman Holiday, and To Kill a Mockingbird, that called on him to basically play himself, a decent, strong guy who imparts good values. Also, I think he could hold his own in slightly more complex parts like Twelve O'Clock High, certainly he was not too hot in Spellbound.
Gonzalo says on 24/Mar/14
He looked around the 1`90 area. However he looked short next Chuck Connors in The big country and Designing woman. 7-8 cms.
As an actor, he learned to act as years went by. In Spellbound he was terrible. Extremely good looking man
Arch Stanton says on 6/Mar/14
I didn't like the look of Mitchum either, he looked like he'd be a bit of dick. Superb actor though.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Mar/14
Agreed with Sam, Peck was too gangly to only be 6'2". He wasn't under 190, but Cooper could have been a strong 6'3".
Arch Stanton says on 6/Mar/14
LOL, seriously James...
Arch Stanton says on 6/Mar/14
Andy says on 28/Dec/13
Mitchum was six foot so Peck was 6'2".

Rubbish. Mitchum was the exact same height as Cary Grant in The Grass is Greener and Cary Grant was more 6'1" peak than 6'0.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Mar/14
Really does look like a solid 6'3" guy next to Bergman in Spellbound. Peck had about 2 cm on Heston, see The Big Country, but Heston wasn't a full 6'3". He was at his most wooden in Spellbound, jeez he was bad in that film!
Philippe says on 1/Mar/14
I think Peck was near 6'4 in a lot of movies: for instance, in "the sea wolves": between 11 minutes 16 and 11 minutes 36 seconds, he looks 3 inches taller than 6'1 Moore, and near 5 minutes 22 secondes, he is about 4 inches taller than 6' Niven. In "Mirage", he looks 2 inches taller than 6'2 Matthau. In "the big country", he looks one inch taller than 6'3 Heston. etc.. Looking carefully at many photos of Gregory Peck during public appearances,he looks taller than Heston , slightly taller than 6'3.5 Jimmy Stewart and as tall as 6'4 John Wayne.
James says on 26/Dec/13
Peck deliberately wore lifts in that awful movie "The Big Country" so he would look taller than Heston.
Sam says on 18/Dec/13
I don't think Peck looks as low as 6'2" in Cape fact I think he always looks a solid 2 inches taller (sometimes even more) over Mitchum on screen. For sure, Cooper is likely to have been a bit taller, as in the 6'3"-6'4" range, whereas Peck is more 6'3" on the nose. I've read Peck found Mitchum unpleasant, one of the few co-stars he felt ok with publically speaking ill of. Also, during filming, Peck connected with Mitchum while delivering a screen punch and Mitchum said it was one of the hardest punches he's ever gotten.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Dec/13
My thoughts exactly.

I even thought Peck looked more in the 6ft2 range with Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Dec/13
Rob, who do you think was taller Gregory Peck or Gary Cooper?
[Editor Rob: Cooper probably could be a stronger 6ft 3 than Peck]
Arch Stanton says on 14/Dec/13
Looks 6'4 in Moby Dick but he's wearing a hat and big boots. Looks like Abe Lincoln/Clint Eastwood in that film!
Arch Stanton says on 13/Oct/13
I think the barefoot scene is the best way to tell. Heston looked almost 2 inches shorter than Peck in boots which I think give about 1.5 inches, the heel isn't that big I checked. I'd guessed Peck was a little over 6'4" in them, so Heston at 189 looks accurate to me.Price did look near 2 inches taller than Heston I thought, although somebody here said they looked the same height! And Vincent Price of course was an obvious clear legit 6'4" guy.
jtm says on 5/Oct/13
he was 6'3. heston was 6'2.
sundance22 says on 2/Oct/13
Yes I remember that moment but I thought Peck looked 2 inches taller because of ground unevennes...difficult to judge, when Heston wanted to keep a good posture there didnīt seem to be much height difference between them, they looked about the same height, he used to slouch a Little bit, slouching can actually rob us of height,....the camera angle is also relevant...of course, Heston barefoot was not as tall as Peck,almost as tall as Peck..anyway..was Peck wearing a standard heel in the room? 11/2 inches , the 2-inch or higher cowboy boot heel is not as common...reflecting back on this movie and guessing Price had 11/2 inches on Heston it is most likely Heston was 6'2,5" and Peck a full 6'3"
Arch Stanton says on 2/Oct/13
Peck lost quite a lot of height by his later years though, looked nearer 6'1" later on. Click Here Heston looks noticeably taller than Peck here for instance, Peck seeming to have shrunk to around 6'1 and Heston still near his peak.
Arch Stanton says on 30/Sep/13
Pause at 92:44, Heston barefoot as tall or taller than Peck? No way.
Arch Stanton says on 30/Sep/13
No he doesn't at all Sundance, it was because Heston had on a coyboy hat throughout most of the film, the ground was generally uneven in their comparisons. Click Here Pause at 87:18 for a comparison of Peck and Heston without hats and ground probably more likely to be even. Peck looks about 2 cm taller I'd say.
sundance 22 says on 27/Sep/13
I think Peck looks 1/2 inch shorter than Heston in THE BIG COUNTRY,so 6'2,5" looks right for his height, also when heīs standing in front of a shoeless Heston he doesnīt look taller than him...maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me but I donīt think so
anon says on 1/Sep/13
Looked 3 inches shorter than Christopher lee
anon says on 1/Sep/13
Lon Chaney Jr looks taller than him in Only the Valiant
Arch Stanton says on 26/Aug/13
I mean see 90:30 it's ridiculous, she looks like near 6ft in comparison. Surely it must be a mistake Dorothy McGuire only being 5'4.5", Nearer 5'7 surely?
Arch Stanton says on 26/Aug/13
Rob see 84 minutes. Click Here How does a 5'4.5" lady look that tall next to a 6'3 guy? It isn't a box trick either, the height difference is the same when they're walking along side by side and you can see there isn't any trickery.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Aug/13
Strange, in Gentleman's Agreement Dorothy McGuire listed at 5'4.5" comes within 5 inches of Peck's height in heels.
Arch Stanton says on 23/Aug/13
He can look anything from 6'2.5"-6'4". Really long legged slim guy, looks easily 6'3" in To Kill a Mockingbird.
Arch Stanton says on 29/Jul/13
Rob have you seen Roman Holiday? Such a charming film, love it, Audrey Hepburn is so cute in it!! I'd say it is the best Peck film I've seen to date followed by the Flannel Suit. I'd rank both as among the best films I've ever seen. In the film Peck is stood in line with a load of press people and he's easily the tallest guy there, taller than the bearded guy in it who is around 5'11" I think and he looked head and shoulders above many of the guys in the line and looked easily 6'3". He could actually look like a 6'4" guy in some of the scenes, I think it was obvius he was over 6'2" anyway...
[Editor Rob: not for so long that I can remember much of it.]
Arch Stanton says on 28/Jul/13
He really didn't look 6'3" in Night People. Incredibly boring film too! 12 O Clock high was really boring too. Both films are set in a military base with the same scene pretty much and endless dialogue. Man in the Grey Flannel Suit however was terrific from the 50s period and I'd rank that as one of the best films I've ever seen.
Sam says on 10/Jul/13
Next to Charlton Heston in The Big Country, the two guys are pretty close in height. My dad thought Peck looked a smidge taller but I thought Heston could look a little lankier, with a leaner frame than the blocky-shouldered Peck. Peck still looked about an inch taller than 6'2" David Warner in The Omen, though he had better posture despite being 25 years older than Warner.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Jul/13
Yes, I think 184-5 for Lee peak.
Sam says on 2/May/13
A relatively young Bernard Lee looked like a strong six footer next to 6'2" Joseph Cotten (maybe not even 2 inches difference) in The Third Man.
Arch Stanton says on 1/May/13
Yeah I think 6ft range was his peak, more 5'11" later on. I could buy 184cm next to Peck but I doubt he was ever a full 6'1".
Arch Stanton says on 30/Apr/13
1 hr 35 near the end of the film Bernard Lee looks 6 ft range I think in comparison. 184-85 is possible I think. Can you remember how he faired next to Roger Moore? There is a scene in Live and Let Die at the beginning when Moore makes coffee but can't remember how he looked in comparison. I'd guess he looked a bit shorter than Moore.
[Editor Rob: Lee I think looked a few inches shorter than Moore, although he was older by then.]
Arch Stanton says on 30/Apr/13
Urgh height is a strange thing pause at 30:23 and Bernard Lee has suddenly grown 3 inches and looks 6'2! Maybe he was 6'1" after all, I can't remember how he looked next to Roger Moore in Bond.
Arch Stanton says on 30/Apr/13
Click Here

Watching Purple Plain right now. Peck does look a genuine full 6'3". How tall is Bernard Lee Rob? I see 185cm for him on the web which was surely a joke, he looks similar to Niven in height, more 5'11" range. Pause at 18:59 for instance.
Arch Stanton says on 28/Apr/13
The difference between Niven and Peck is about 3 inches I think, Niven I think looked near 6' but 5'11.5" I think could be a good guess for him. Maybe a little downgrade for Peck to 190?
Arch Stanton says on 28/Apr/13
Yeah I think 6'2.5-6'3" could have been nearer what he was. If he was 6'2.5" then Gotell could have been 6'2" flat, although he did look a bit more than inch taller than Quayle in Ice Cold in Alex. 6'3.5"-6'4" as Philippe says is just a little exaggerrated. I'll watch a few more of his movies tomorrow I think. Unlike Gary Cooper who I get a solid 6'3" impression of, if anybody could have been 6'3.5" it was him but my impression of Peck is somewhere around 190 but I'm not sure he was a solid 6'3" guy barefoot.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Apr/13
Click Here

Pause at 57:58. Dean Jagger was listed at 6'2". They look the same height, if anything Jagger a whisker taller. Strange.
[Editor Rob: peck has been called 6ft 2, 3 and 2.5...all back in 40's-50's, maybe he was one of those guys who was in between the 2.]
Arch Stanton says on 27/Apr/13
philippe says on 12/Feb/12
I think that Peck was near 6'4 at his peak: slightly taller than 6'3 Heston in The big country; 2.5 to 3 inches taller than 6'1 Mitchum(Cape fear) and than 6'1 Moore(The sea wolwes);near 4 inches taller than his 6' friend David Niven (The guns of Navarone,The sea Wolves...);1 inch taller than 6'2.5 Matthau in Mirage ; etc...Therefore, Gregory Peck looks between 6'3.5 and 6'4 in most of his films, in spite of the official 6'3 of his biographies.

4 inches on Niven? 3 at the very most. Doesn't look over 6'3" to me. His proportions and face/hair are very similar to Goran Visnjic though who is 6'4", they have the same sort of face shape and hair. Strangely he looked the same height if not a tad shorter than Dean Jagger in Twelve of Clock High and he was listed at 6'2". But no way did Peck have 4 inches on David Niven.
Copnovelist195 says on 9/Nov/12
I think Peck was a solid 6ft3 at his peak. He appeared to be identical in height to 6ft3 Heston in The Big Country and cetainly shorter than 6ft6 Chuck Connors. In the Sea Wolves (1980) he is distinctly taller than Roger Moore, possibly by 3 inches.
philippe says on 12/Feb/12
I think that Peck was near 6'4 at his peak: slightly taller than 6'3 Heston in The big country; 2.5 to 3 inches taller than 6'1 Mitchum(Cape fear) and than 6'1 Moore(The sea wolwes);near 4 inches taller than his 6' friend David Niven (The guns of Navarone,The sea Wolves...);1 inch taller than 6'2.5 Matthau in Mirage ; etc...Therefore, Gregory Peck looks between 6'3.5 and 6'4 in most of his films, in spite of the official 6'3 of his biographies.

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