How tall is James Dean ?

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James Dean's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

American actor best known for roles in Rebel without a Cause, Giant and East of Eden somehow got listings in that era ranging from 5ft 5 to 5ft 10! His official site says 5ft 8, his high school 'basketball' listing was supposed to be 5ft 7.5, and his draft registration card listing was 5ft 8.

James Dean
James Dean

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Arch Stanton says on 27/Jun/15
I think Dean was better looking than Tatum but Tatum can certainly resemble him, certainly enough to play him, check out Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 27/Jun/15
If they did a James Dean bopic any time soon I reckon Channing Tatum could pull it off, quite similar actually if Tatum grew his hair into a big quiff.
Zardots says on 9/Jun/15
He was the same height as Nick Adams who is listed as between 5'6" and 5'6" but it is safe to assume that the numbers were cooked to make each man taller to enhance his desirability. Typical PR, just like the bio information claiming Dean to be blonde when we can plainly see he had brown hair and was a brunette. says on 25/May/15
just watched east of eden again and i really think he is just a strong 5'6. maybe a downgrade?
Steve says on 16/May/15
You know what Jimmy would say, " How can you measure talent in inches", if I read that right.
tp11 says on 16/May/15
is big james dean's face? i think face's size is important if he is short.he could be seen as a tall guy by proportion such as face,body,leg and so on...and that is key of his success.
Mc51295 says on 6/Apr/15
I guess that proves that you don't have to be a really tall guy to be one of the most famous sex symbols of all time.
Avatar says on 8/Feb/15
5'6" to 5'7", not taller
Steve says on 6/Feb/15
He could have been 5''6" because Paul Newman was a lot taller than him in a test they did. Newman looked several inches taller. says on 3/Feb/15
could he be 5'6?
John says on 8/Jan/15
Under 5 5 very short
5 5 - 5 6 short
5 7 - 5 8 below average
5 9 - 5 10 Average
5 11 - Above average
6 0 - 6 4 Tall
6 5 and above very tall
Andrew M says on 30/Nov/14
I'd expect his draft-registration card to be correct, Rob. The military tend to be pretty precise about these things. My late, favourite uncle served in WW2 and said the British military were strict about you "making the weight", even feeding you and sending you off to bed early!
Still, it's reassuring that such a "big" star is barely over my height! says on 13/Oct/14
5'9 is ridiculous.. he was visibly a lot shorter than brando. 5'7 max
rree says on 10/Oct/14
you should chang his height to 5foot9
fdffg says on 7/Oct/14
on your weight website you have him listed as 5foot10 he looks 5 foot9
[Editor Rob: it's not an actual height listing, just a reference to what his height/weight was being described during his career.]
Pera von Essen says on 6/Oct/14
I think it is hard to tell how tall he was. Does anybody know that? Maybe he was 5 foot 9?
John says on 2/Oct/14
1.71m. 145 lbs. 32" Waist. US 9 Shoe Euro 42
GDR says on 10/Sep/14
He looks 5. Foot 9
Marlon1 says on 13/Aug/14
I would say 5'8
John says on 12/Aug/14
Size US 9 shoe
jj says on 29/Jul/14
Rob,do you think who is tall ,tom cruise and james dean?
[Editor Rob: Tom might edge him] says on 29/Apr/14
he wasnt under or over 5'7 thats for sure, he looked exactly that
H. says on 27/Apr/14
Seems 5'6 to me from the pictures with Pier,and his body proportions
Heylo says on 21/Apr/14
Berta, i don't think that site is to trust. Brad Pitt is listed at 6 feet..
Brad A. says on 19/Apr/14
Just saw Giant. James looked about 5'6 or 5'6.5 says on 31/Jan/14
the 5'7 is based on what?
little sue says on 21/Jan/14
You can put anything you want on a driving license as you fill the forms in at home and send them off in the post!
Beliavskiy says on 20/Jan/14
His driver's license says 5'8, kinda looks like a 6 but it's an 8.
berta says on 28/Dec/13
look again brother Click Here i dont think we can trust the driver license but if it says 56 then he is probably not that mutch taller maybe close to 57
Robby D says on 25/Dec/13
I just looked his driving license up online and it says his height was 5'8" and his weight 160lbs.
berta says on 19/Dec/13
driver license says 5`6
Arch Stanton says on 27/Nov/13
Looks more 5'6" range in East of Eden. Short even for his generation.
HRG says on 28/Sep/13
Rob, do you think that he could be 5 ft 8 tall?
Powerhouse says on 1/Sep/13
looks at least 2 1/2 inches shorter than Brando, I think Dean was about 5'6 but he cant be over 5'6.5
Elvis says on 26/Aug/13
I'm 5ft 7in and it's a weird height to be because it isn't that short but it's in the short range.
If I was 5ft 9in it wouldn't be an issue because that's average but 5ft 7in or 5ft 8in is just on the cusp of being a decent height but just not close enough.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Aug/13
Rob have you seen Rebel without a Cause? He had at least 2 inches on Sal Mineo but looked proportionally 5'7" tops. Mineo looked around 5'5" in the film I thought and he was only about 16 at the time. I see a 5'8" listing for him on the database but he looked nowhere near that in the film. Possible that he grew a few inches afterwards you think?

Brando was 174cm in my opinion.
[Editor Rob: probably was 5ft 5 range]
al says on 5/Aug/13
We know that Brando is between 5'8 and 5'9,so 5'6.25 is fair for Dean i think.
Sam says on 22/Jul/13
He could look close to 3 inches shorter than Marlon Brando, and it is known that Brando wasn't a tall guy.
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Che says on 14/Mar/13
5'7.5". He did like to wear large heeled engineer boots though
Elvis says on 28/Nov/12
5ft 7in isn't really that short for a man. It's average or only just below average in most countries.
leonari says on 15/Nov/12
Bud: Most ridiculous post ever! He was 5'7" or damn close to it!
Bud says on 15/Nov/12
James Dean was 5'5" - Natalie Wood and Pier Angeli were 5' [that's why they were associated with Dean; he never towered over them]
Bud says on 15/Nov/12
James Dean was 5'5" - Natalie Wood and Pier Angeli were 5' [that's why they were associated with Dean; he never towered over them]
jo jo says on 10/Oct/12
James: 5' 6''

You can look up his license. It's not his actual license, but the info seems correct.
leonari says on 8/Aug/12
I totally agree Shredder. I think Rob downgraded him twice. Now it could be accurate...But even 5'6.5 is an option for Dean
Dean says on 6/Aug/12
In an interview, Julie Harris said he was 5'6".....
popolo says on 1/Aug/12
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