How tall is Elvis Presley ?

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Elvis Presley height: 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

American Singer best remembered for songs such as "Suspicious Minds", "Love Me Tender", "Jailhouse Rock", "Can't Help Falling in Love", "Viva Las Vegas", "Heartbreak Hotel" and "In The Ghetto" and as an actor in films like Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender, King Creole, Blue Hawaii, Wild in the Country, Viva Las Vegas, Fun in Acapulco and Girls! Girls! Girls! An Army medical suggested he was 6ft 1/2 inch, although site visitor Ramiro got hold of Elvis' army medicals and he is mostly listed 6ft, with one 5ft 11 listing - See Here

Elvis in Jailhouse Rock
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Steve said on 28/Aug/15
Check out the boots on Elvis. Click Here

Definitely lifts. I'd guess they added at least two inches, perhaps two & a half inches. The steep angle of the foot is a dead givaway.
Steve said on 28/Aug/15
Tom Jones was 5'9" while Elvis was 5'11" so naturally you'd see a two inch difference in height.

Also, both men were lift wearers.
Steve said on 26/Aug/15
Check out how much height Berle had lost by the time this photo was taken.

Click Here

Jonathan Winters who was reportedly 5'10" towers over Berle. I doubt by the time of this photo that Berle was any taller than 5'7".
Steve said on 26/Aug/15
Berle with Reagan. Click Here
Steve said on 26/Aug/15
Berle with 5'9" Bobby Kennedy. Click Here
Rick said on 26/Aug/15
Looks consistently 2 inches or more taller than 179cm Tom Jones in most pictures. I'd say 182 is too low, closer to 185. Also doesn't look more than 3 - 4 inches shorter than Bass singer JC Sumner who was a whopping 6'5.
Steve said on 26/Aug/15
Milton Berle next to 6' JFK. Click Here
Steve said on 26/Aug/15
Dean Martin once claimed on the air he was 6'1". In reality he was 5'10". He wore lifts.

Joey Bishop claimed he was 5'9&1/2". He was no more than 5'7". He wore lifts.

Johnny Carson claimed on the air he was just under 6'. In reality, Carson was 5'10". He never wore lifts. At least I never saw any on his feet.

Danny Thomas claimed on the air he was 5'11&1/2". Thomas was no more than 5'10" and never seemed to wear lifts.

Telly Savalas claimed he was 6'1". Telly was 5'10" and wore monster lifts on Kojak.

Tyrone Power said he was 6' when he was the mystery celbrity on What's My Line. Power was 5'10" and sometimes wore oifts as was the case in The Long Gray Line.

Just about all male celebs under 6' all lie about their height.

For some reason, ages ago 6' became the magic number. To attain it meant more success.
Steve said on 24/Aug/15
Those are not lifts on Berle. You watch it again and this time try to remain objective.
Mike 2 said on 24/Aug/15
Hi allie, I have listened to this show called Desert Storm many times over. It doesn't help that Elvis Was Slurring his words in places but I think he says and I quote " I'm six foot and a half', however you could be right.
Steve said on 23/Aug/15
Documentation from the army isn't exactly what I'd call irrefutable evidence. When it came to famous actors who served, their heights were usually inflated.

Elvis didn't appear taller than Berle who for argument's sake was over 5'10" but certainly not much more. So a half an inch is hard to see. Therefore I believe Elvis was 5'11".
gx79 said on 22/Aug/15
look at shoe milton wearing steve figure it out
allie said on 22/Aug/15
rob i have a tape from elvis from the 2nd sept midnight closing show 1974 elvis said he was six foot one and halfI am "sure" Elvis was six foot and his boots and lifts made him a little taller. but do you think he could have been six foot one half

In his own words I'am six one and a half"

Basically he was 6 feet tall, I just wanted to know where HE said "I am 6 feet, one and a half inches tall." That's quite a difference.:doh::doh::doh
[Editor Rob: it's a barefoot impossibility really, although maybe he's claiming a boot height.]
james said on 21/Aug/15
steve how you ever watched the film viva las vegas, there is an actor in that called Cesare Danova he was listed to be 6ft 2.5 some 6ft 4, i not sure which height is accurate he looked tall but if you look both him and elvis next to each other you can see elvis only was 2 or 3 inches shorter than him, i dont know whether elvis was wearing his 2.3 inches lifts but considering danova was at least 6ft 3 elvis must have been 6 feet at least even 6 feet 1, i agree with you steve that 6 feet 2 was wrong, i think that's fan made but arguing that elvis is only 5ft 101/2 is absurd, when we even have documentation from the army that he was measured at 6ft 1/2, i dont know milton berles height but he was for sure over 6ft
Steve said on 19/Aug/15
Elvis and Milton Berle. Click Here

Neither man is wearing lifts. They appear to be the same height. Berle was no taller than 5'10&1/2". Actors who were truly 6' or taller were obviously taller than Berle. Watch The Whispering Ghost. 6'2" Grady Sutton towers over Berle. Watch the episode of the old Texico Star Theater where 6'1" Basil Rathbone was obviously a lot taller than Berle.
Steve said on 16/Aug/15
A fellow I know and respect who's a very successful retired entertainment lawyer told me that just about every actor lies about their height. They always inflate it. He said he represented several well known male stars who claimed to be at least two inches taller than they actually were.
Steve said on 14/Aug/15
Then Milton Berle was 6'1". That would mean elevating loads of people.
Gx79 said on 12/Aug/15
Joe I agree Elvis was 6'1 rob you can't tell height unless your next to them
Steve said on 11/Aug/15
I agree with Mike. Elvis was taller than 5'10".

Here he is with 5'7" Ed Sullivan

Click Here

I see a four inch difference making Elvis 5'11".
Mike2 said on 8/Aug/15
Hi Amaral there is no way that Elvis was 5ft 10 ins, most people agree that he was 5ft 11 ins minimum. To me Elvis was 6ft, there is so much evidence to support this. I don't know Milton Berles correct height or the shoe wear he had on at the time but you just can't argue with photos of Elvis in bare feet, it adds conviction to what some of us are saying. Ed Parker was 6ft tall, I know this for sure. Do you agree that bare feet photos are more reliable that others such as the Milton Berle shot?
jon burrow said on 7/Aug/15
6ft tall
Steve said on 7/Aug/15
Gx79, I'm over 70. And you need to study English. Your writings are next to being unintelligible.
TJ said on 7/Aug/15
Steve is right about the Elvis at 6'2 claims being nonsense in that '50s magazine, but Elvis himself didn't claim that. When asked his height in 1956, he said "an even 6 foot".
amaral said on 5/Aug/15
hi Mike 2 how are you ?
thank you for your explanation about Parker , but did you see the photo that Steve posted of Elvis and Milton Berle . They are exactly the same height and Steve said that Berle is 510 "
what dou you about it ?
Gx79 said on 5/Aug/15
Steve your 70 and I'm 18 grow up Steve who cares Elvis height was ps there more proof he's 6'0 or 72 inch
Memphis Lady said on 2/Aug/15
Growing up in a town that's very much in the shadow of Elvis and also my own mom a big fan of his too you could say that we were gate fans at Graceland and growing up in the 70's I got to see Elvis on horseback, car, golf cart and on foot at the gates of Graceland up until the day the day he died. Without doubt Elvis was tall, for most part thin and very handsome. Easy 6ft at least, at least as tall my husband is now who is alittle over 6ft. TCB fellas
Steve said on 1/Aug/15
If he was 6'2" then add two inches to every actor he appeared with.

Again, utter nonsense.
Gx79 said on 31/Jul/15
Here what he was listed in 1956 Click Here
Gx79 said on 31/Jul/15
Here what he was listed in 1956 Click Here
Steve said on 31/Jul/15
if John Wayne wore lifts, they all wore lifts. Utter nonsense.
Mike 2 said on 31/Jul/15
Photos of Ed Parker with 5ft 7 ins to 5ft 8 ins Bruce Lee and also Elvis
Click Here
Click Here
amaral said on 31/Jul/15
Mike 2 i saw the pic that u posted of Elvis in barefoot besides Ed Park .But i also saw the pic that Steve posted of Elvis besides Milton Berle , and i was very disapointed that Berle is 5,10 " .
what do you think about Steve says about Elvis height .
i think Steve is right because you can see that Elvis and Berle are the sqme height .
are you sure that Ed Park is 6" ?
Mike 3 said on 30/Jul/15
If Elvis used lifts then of course we all know so did John Wayne who boosted his height by 4 inches for years in his cowboy boots with lifts.
Mike 3 said on 30/Jul/15
Straight to the point, Elvis without a doubt 6ft.
5'11 guy said on 30/Jul/15
with Richard Nixon he's barely taller by a fraction. So with shoes or boots on he was 6 foot no doubt. Period. 5'11" barefoot is right on. Many of you are mental arguing about growing after 18. Funny how uneducated people tend to have delusions of grandeur. Hahha life is to be appreciated not scared of
Steve said on 29/Jul/15
Jack, bless you. I'm far from being young. Once I past 70 I realized youth is strictly for the young.

Oh, by the time Elvis met Grant backstage, Grant had lost height. And Elvis was wearing height increasing footwear.
Gx79 said on 29/Jul/15
Rob don't you you think it time to change Elvis height to 6'0 would you agree that there more prof he was 6'0?
Gx79 said on 27/Jul/15
@ Steve look at cristino Ronaldo soccer player he was listed at 5'10.5 at 18/19 now he's 6'1 at 30
Rob would u agree it is posibal to grow after 18?
Gx79 said on 27/Jul/15
@ Steve look at cristino Ronaldo soccer player he was listed at 5'10.5 at 18/19 now he's 6'1 at 30
Rob would u agree it is posibal to grow after 18?
Mike 2 said on 27/Jul/15
I contacted Graceland Archives and asked them whether they had an army document which showed Elvis' measurement as 6ft in barefoot and 6ft 1 3/4ins in boots. I also asked whether they had any information regarding some suggestion that Elvis grew after he joined the army. All I received back was a link to the 1956 interview on Youtube in which Elvis refers to himself as 'six foot even', and then I was informed that the army documents also confirm this. So I was slightly disappointed at the response as I did mention this site and that there is also documentation stating that Elvis was 5ft 11ins.
Graceland are obviously of the opinion that Elvis was six foot ' period', so I tried to get more information for us to debate, but to be honest we are no better off. I am beginning to believe that the document showing the two measurements taken in the army with and without boots doesn't exist as I can't locate it anywhere!
Gx79 said on 27/Jul/15
@cody I agree Elvis was 6'0 tall and his should be changed to 6'0
Steve said on 26/Jul/15
I asked my doctor. He said the vast majority of boys stop growing in height between 16 and 18 years of age. By 18 in 99% of males, height ceases as the bones fuse together. There have been rare cases of height increasing past 18, but by 25, the rarity becomes infinitesimal.

If Elvis gained height as an adult he did so using special footwear.

Finally, and this will end my argument, tall actors always appear tall on screen. When I say tall I mean 6' or more. Cary Grant always looked tall. So do today's actors such as Kevin Costner or Christian Bale. But with Elvis he started out looking no more than 5'11". He even looked 5'10". Then in later films he 'grew' till he towered over most male co-stars.
Jack said on 26/Jul/15
Its more common than people realise here that people do grow after reaching adulthood in their 20's, as my mother did, I did, we both grew an inch and and just over an inch and an quarte. I know friends too that this has happened. This was when we were all in our twenties too. Your body never stops changing and growing in certain ways throughout your life weather it be height, feet, bone density, your body becoming more filled out as you get older. Your body, height, size is in continuous state of change from day one until the day you die, that's pretty much a medical fact. With respect to all of you here. Elvis's body changed drastically over the years and not just in weight but he, shot up very quickly in height as a teenager. People don't tell you that both when him and Buddy Holly were the same age of getting their first driving licences as kids before fame buddy holly at 17-18 was 5ft 03 until his late growth spurt got him to 5.11 before he died tragically. Elvis at 16 was already 5.11, so he was almost 6ft as a kid and very skinny and lanky and had that look until pretty much the army. He started to fill out in his 20's. But Elvis had what you call long limbs, legs, arms and gangly. He was in fact measured at over 6ft for the army with his boots on and 6ft without. The famous photos you see of Elvis physicals or for publicity. But Elvis actual physical height in socks was 6ft.05 consistently on four occasions. His fellow army buddies who served with him and were present at various points of Elvis physicals during his army tenur, not the famous the publicity stunt one but the subsequent ones after, have all testified that serving with Elvis great. He was just another guy but they also state on his physicals his weight remained pretty stable in the army always between 170-175 and his height in stocking feet was 6ft just by .05 inch. Not my words but his fellow servicemen he served with in Germany. If I'm to believe anybody here, I'm going to believe our servicemen whom served in our country, worked with Elvis everyday and pulled and shoved dirt in freezing winters for two years with him. That's real honesty and respect right there. If we can't respect our troops and ex servicemen then and put photos over their knowing the man and seeing the man on a daily basis and not only that but dressing down for his physicals then the question here should be here; Do we all need to see a Dr? Elvis was 6ft and I'm not even saying it from the army facts, I'm saying it from the guys in the army who also had their physicals with him too and were witness to his weigh in and height on physicals in the army as Elvis was to there's. God bless and have a good day.
Cody said on 25/Jul/15
I never met Elvis but been to many of the Elvis conventions over the years at Elvis week, held yearly at Graceland and had the good fortune to meet many of the lovely people who worked and co starred with Elvis from Scotty Moore to James Burton to Kathy Westmoreland. Now all these people worked with him on a daily basis for many years right through his career at the beginning and at the end. Both Scotty and James are 5ft 9 and 5ft 10 respectively each and Kathy Westmoreland is 5ft 0. Both James and Scotty have said on many occasions with or without boots Elvis was at least 6ft. Kathy who not to make the beautiful little lady blush but whom has already stated in her book publicly had shared her bed with Elvis and had a brief relationship with him when she joined the show and his concerts in 1971 said that that the key thing upon meeting Elvis was he was a lot taller in person than she expected at least 6ft. She should know pardon the pun and obvious here but Elvis would not be wearing his boots of cowboy hat to bed if you get my drift. So three very close people whom knew Elvis from right across all of Elvis's career have addressed this publicly and more directly by Kathy Westmoreland in her book years ago which she's now Republishing with an upto date version next year I think. It should be an amazing book that's for sure as this little lady also went to high school and is best friends with none other than Steve Martin the comedian whom she managed to meet Elvis in Vegas and there you have it. Plus Steve Martin thinks Elvis stood at 6ft 2ins just to add fuel here. But I certainly believe Scotty, James and Kathy as they have no reason whatsoever to lie or any basis for gain either so it's based on the truth. Have a nice day. But I definately go with their view that Elvis was at least 6ft.
Gx79 said on 24/Jul/15
@steve if you look up people male can grow up to age 25 but Elvis rounded his height down he was 5'11.5-75 he wore lift because people wanted him to be bigger then life
Steve said on 23/Jul/15
Gx79, growing after reaching adulthood is extremely rare. This document you linked is accurate. Elvis was 5'11". A slight lift boosted him to 6'.

And 88, I agree that 5'11" is relatively tall, even today. But I don't agree that Elvis lost a full inch during the day.
katrina said on 23/Jul/15
rob have you ever seen the film love a lot love a little elvis was the same height as actor dick sargent who was 6'2 elvis was wearing lifts but is possible he could have been 6'1 barefoot rob?
88 said on 22/Jul/15
5'11 is tall! Where do people get off thinking 5'11 is short?! I believe he was 5'11 on his day after all his hard work after the latter part of the day,and 6 ft in the early morning and early part of the day. Many people are about an inch taller in the early part of the day.
Gx79 said on 22/Jul/15
here what height Elvis put down in his younger years I think Elvis was 6'0 because some people grow until 22
Click Here
Steve said on 22/Jul/15
Lack of progress? Meaning I don't agree with you?

Well, too bad. I don't. And I didn't panic. How childish.
Rattlesnake Jake said on 19/Jul/15
Again Steve proves my argument and back ups everything I've previously stated in my last comment by his lack of 'Progress'. He reinforced his statements in a panic when Mike 2 had verified documents and evidence come in from Graceland. His reply was both laughable and comic to a fault. The old standard Steve reply of 'Elvis is using lifts and below 6ft blah blah blah'. However I did notice with Steve an admitted mistake that I don't think he realised himself. He put Elvis height at 5.11 3/4, and started talking weight as a source of measuring people's heights too now. With the greatest respect that's when I knew really Steve does not really 'Know' what he's talking about. It's all very vague and speculative with him and he's certainly not an attorney that I've ever heard of with respect. What attorney basis his case so much on hearsay without evidence? I'm actually not biased either way on Elvis's height but I'm certainly a realist. I certainly don't have height issues myself as I'm 6ft 2ins myself so I'm only on this page out of curiosity. But I certainly think everybody is allowed to share their opinion on here just as much as you Steve. Mike2 Way to go man. We should get Elvis back to 6ft officially as that's what all the evidence says. As for Dave Hebler he was never the same height as Elvis and in various photos which you can find online of them together online you will see that Elvis is taller by two - three inches. Dave's height officially is listed as 5ft 10ins and I've spoken to him and met him so I can say that with eyewitness certainty. Have a good day people . Respectfully, Rattlesnake Jake
Gx79 said on 16/Jul/15
Rob listing for ones he was measured 6'1 3/4 in boots 1.2 inch boots whitch would make him 6'0.5
@ Steve your a stupid idiot at least rob can tell height better then you tbh this is a good website there just some height that should be changed
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jul/15
I think 5'11.5 is the best shout, I'd say 6'0.5 more likely a shoe measurement.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jul/15
No way was Elvis over 6 ft barefoot, in fact I thought he could look in 181-2 range. See him Katrina with 6'1.5 Wendell Corey in Loving You who had him by an easy 2 inches.
Steve said on 15/Jul/15
Elvis couldn't have been over six feet barefoot. That would mean Milton Berle was over 6' and that's most certainly not the case.
amaral said on 13/Jul/15
steve do u know hall tall was David Hebler ?
elvis is the same height of David hebler by the photo Mike 2 posted .
i think you are right about Milton Berle
are you sure Milton Berle is 5 11 ?
in that program in 1956 elvis was 21 years ,, maybe Elvis increased in beight till 1957 ,?
because you just post pics of Elvis in the pre army films
why don t you post some pics of Elvis besides any actor in barefoot in the 70 '
amaral said on 13/Jul/15
steve do u know hall tall was David Hebler ?
elvis is the same height of David hebler by the photo Mike 2 posted
Mike 2 said on 13/Jul/15
Presley, Elvis/Elvis' height


Follow-Ups to Answer from Expert Sherrie
Ramiro wrote at 2007-01-03 14:32:05
I've consulted Graceland Archives of Elvis Presley Enterprises and they say that Elvis was measured in the army in bare feet at 6'0.5'' or 184.15 cm, according to the army records. They use to round it down to 6' but the exact Elvis' height was 6'0.5''. Ramiro.
The above I located online, I believe Ramiro has contributed to this site too
[Editor Rob: yet we have a photo Of Elvis in his boots being measured]
Steve said on 13/Jul/15
Jake, I have no idea what you're saying except it appears angers you I refuse to agree with you. I guess you believe it would be better if I said something like "Well, Elvis could gave been six feet, even over it, but I still question it."

Steve said on 12/Jul/15
"Elvis was 5ft 11.75in (182 cm); however, he routinely wore shoes that had "lifts" inserted into his size 11 shoes making him over 6 feet tall."

I believe the lift claim. But I think Elvis was no more than 5'11". If he was 6' he wouldn't look that short next to actors who were over 6'. And he would have towered over Milton Berle.

I also believe he was around 165 to 170 lbs. in his prime. That helped him to appear taller than he really was.
Jake said on 12/Jul/15
The problem we have here regarding Elvis's height Steve is whilst other's are open to depate, you are frankly 'NOT' surely if as you suggest that your truly an attorney, then debating should be part of your practice rather than fictional, one sided views. Your just stuck permanently on your one view with listening to what others are debating or talking about here. Everybody is also entitled to their own Elvis opinions on this page just as much yourself. Please try listening and reading alitte more openly as it will lead for far more interesting discussion rather than repeating yourself. There is many well respected people on here that are just as equal to you whom know an awful lot more about Elvis history than we do. It's best to show respect and be a gentleman.
Bran said on 11/Jul/15
Rob, surely the 4th bullet point down cant be correct ?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: seems improbable, but then if he was eating what's suggested, he could have been in massive calorie intake, 90,000 though seems a bit much!]
Mike 2 said on 11/Jul/15
Hi Steve, no you don't have to accept what I say, that's the whole point of this site, however I have to be honest and I can't help it if it goes against your opinion. Ed Parker was my height and I so my mind is made up. As I have stated previously I have much experience taking people's height and so at the time of meeting EdParker I actually studied his height and this was long before this site existed! All the evidence on the balance of probabilities with the documentation will is official and won't go away means that Elvis was 6ft . My evidence about Ed Parker is not hearsay evidence, I have spent years also dealing with court evidence!!
Steve said on 11/Jul/15
With all due respect, anyone can say they met some celeb. But that doesn't necessarrily make it true. I read lots of personal sightings where people make claims about heights. Some are accurate or at least fall within an inch of being accurate. Others are obviously false such as someone claiming they met Paul Newman who they swore was no more than 5'7.

Mike 2, you say you met Ed Parker. That means we must accept your word as being 100% true. But we have conclusive evidence Elvis was the same height as Milton Berle. And that Elvis was considerably shorter than other celebs listed as being 6'1".

Having been an attorney, I must go by the best evidence available. Heresay doesn't qualify.

Now if you had photos taken of you with Ed Parker....
amaral said on 10/Jul/15
please i want know who is right ?
Steve who says Elvis is 510" cause has the same height of Milton Berle and with enbasement cause we can see in tv show that Elvis has the similar height of Berle or Mike 2 is right who posted a photo of Elvis and Ed Parker in barefoot and they both have the same height .
milton Berle is the same height of Ed Parker who is 6" or Ed parker has the same height of Berle who is 510" as Steve said .
Steve said on 7/Jul/15
Ramiro, that's not true. There are people who met Elvis who said he was less than 6'. I've read their comments going way back. One guy who used to post here who claimed he met Elvis said he was 5'11". I forget his name.

You're right that hardly anyone is exactly 6'. Then there's the question were they measured wearing shoes or barefoot.
Steve said on 6/Jul/15
What are you taliking about? Prolpitly!
gx79 said on 6/Jul/15
@steve herse what elvis put as his height at 17year old Click Here
hers a pic of elvis army id Click Here whitch proves both you and rob were wrong here his license from 1968 Click Here he also was listed at 6'1 persanly i belive he was 6'0.5 who agress with me elvis height should be changed to 6'0.5 his real height
Ramiro said on 6/Jul/15
The problem with these kind of discussions, is that it`s literally impossible to arrive to the desired answer. NOBODY is exactly 6 feet tall, 5'11'' tall, or whaterver; and if we take into cosideration other factors as time of the day, if the person went to bed or not, etc..., everybody's height can vary a lot. Then, if we have to discuss using pics or images, the amount of distorting factors in presence makes it ridiculous trying to say "that person is exactly...."

In any case, there isn't a single quote of people who knew or met Elvis saying less than 5'11.5'' and there are a lot saying 6' or more. And that exactly agrees with Elvis' medical measurements, being all 6' except the one where he didn't go to bed all the previous night.
Gx79 said on 5/Jul/15
@ Steve how do you know if your right Elvis height at 17 was 5'11.5!he prolpitly grow another inch
Steve learn what your talking about
Steve said on 4/Jul/15
Not seeing the feet you cannot say for certain Wagner was wearing cowboy boots. And if he was, how do you know they had large heels?

Somewhere there are a set of photos showing Elvis with Wagner when Elvis went to work at the Fox studio. Both are in street attire. They are basically the same height. If I find them I will post them.
Ramiro said on 3/Jul/15
Again using pics where we can't see feet (even from waist up), nor floor or ground, without knowing if they are somewhat tilted, and where Elvis' companions are clearly in cowboy boots, where Elvis, according with clothes, is surely in regular shoes or even in slippers. As an example of the latter, in one of the pics with Robert Wagner Elvis is "dressed" in housecoat, very probably in his dressing room, while Wagner is dressed as his cowboy movie role.
Mike 2 said on 2/Jul/15
Regarding the karate photo Jerry Schilling does look a lot taller than Elvis and Dave Hebler appears to be of similar height, however in reality Jerry was similar in height to Elvis, perhaps a bit taller and Dave Hebler was shorter than Elvis, so whether the group on the right of this photo were on a raised level, or it's just an angle thing I don't know, but Jerry does look huge. I am satisfied with Elvis, Ed Parker and Linda Thompson though, as they are in the centre looking straight at the camera and you can see Elvis' and Ed's feet. It is worth looking at the New Gladiator footage on Youtube to see what I mean about Dave Hebler, who is now a grand master of Kenpo. In the film you can see that for some strange reason Elvis is training in boots in some of it, but there is plenty of footage of hm barefooted and he seems to be a couple of inches taller than Dave Hebler and Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace who was listed as being 5ft 10ins tall at the time. So for me it really depends upon how tall Ed Parker was as he is virtually the same height as Elvis, and having met himI truly believe that he was 6ft tall. People can disagree with me, but of course I disagree with them. Perhaps we should follow Steve when he describes himself as being roughly 5ft 9ins tall, and agree that Elvis was roughly 6ft tall. Now that we have this karate photo I can't take other photos seriously as they are mostly from the waist up and either person could be wearing a variety of different footwear. So, how about a photo of Elvis and Johnny Cash standing next to each other barefooted. Now there's a challenge!!
jboliver said on 1/Jul/15
steve how tall is jerry schilling ?
elvis is few inches shorter than him .
i think he is 6,3" , in the photo that mike 2 posted elvis is standing in barefoot besides ed parker .
but you can compare him to david hebler and jerry dchilling and for me he is a tad under 6' , but never 511" as you insist to say
Steve said on 30/Jun/15
This is more like it. Click Here
Gx79 said on 28/Jun/15
@ Steve here tell me the difrent know Steve Click Here
Steve said on 27/Jun/15
A mountain of excuses. Oh, the reason is...

Come on!

Elvis and Milton Berle were the same height. Neither wore lifts on that television program.
Elvis was a lot shorter than 6'3" Steve Forrest. He was shorter than 6'1" Johnny Cash. Nearly five inches shorter than 6'3" Jimmy Dean. Several inches shorter than 6'2" Edward Andrews.
Jake said on 27/Jun/15
Look at What Elvis is wearing closely in that picture with Rob Wagner and you will see he's actually in a robe and on the set, in between shoots for Love me tender. The bigger photo of this which exists shows both men full body and Elvis is in slacks underneath and a shirt with loafers shoes which were flat and Rob Wagner was in Cowboy gear with guns at his side and wearing western boots. Truth.
Gx79 said on 26/Jun/15
@ Steve you can't see there feet
Mike 2 said on 26/Jun/15
Regarding Ed Parker I'm afraid that it is true but if I'm not believed then so be it. A barefooted photo of Elvis next to 6ft Ed Parker is enough for me. Waist up shots with other people prove nothing. to me this barefooted photo says it all. As has been said 6ft Ed Parker on Elvis' right and 5ft 9in Linda Thompson on his left. Nothing left to say.
Nick said on 26/Jun/15
Word for you guys out there,Steve is well known on this website and it's pointless trying to argue with him, he will show a million silly photos that simply do not prove anything. For the record I'm a professional photographer in LA and I suggest Steve find either a hobby or a woman lol other than just this website in his life.
katrina said on 26/Jun/15
Rampage I don't think Elvis was quite as tall as that. Lisa was only a little girl when he was alive so he would probably seem a lot bigger to her, the army have said he was 6'0.5 he has a driving licence which listed him as 6ft and 6ft 1 I believe he was about 6'0.5 which is why he was similar to Ed parker
Steve said on 25/Jun/15
Here's Elvis with 5'11" Robert Wagner. Click Here
sam said on 25/Jun/15
elvis could have been 6ft 1/2 but steve is wrong elvis was over 5'11 he looks at least 3 inches taller than linda thompson
Steve said on 25/Jun/15
Elvis and Berle look to be the same height.

Just because someone claims Ed Parker was 6' doesn't make it true. I go be all the evidence.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/15
His daughter Lisa Marie Presley describes him as being 6ft2.
jboliver said on 25/Jun/15
Steve sometimes i agree withyou about Elvis height
i Think Elvis is a tad taller than Berle , as you posted the video in 1956.
Now i dont know if you are right .
Mike 2 posted a pic of Elvis standing beside Ed Parker in barefoot and they have the same height .
Ed Parker is 6" .
what do you have to say about ?
so why dont you post a pic of actor that is 6" beside Elvis and stop post actors that everybody knows that is 6 3 ' as jack lord and Forrest .and we ll stop arguing .
Mile 2 did this why dont you do the same , search in the web an actor that is 6 " besides Elvis .
Gx79 said on 24/Jun/15
@ Steve so your a strong 5'8 weak 5'9
Steve said on 23/Jun/15
I'm roughly 5'9".
Gx79 said on 22/Jun/15
@ Steve how tall are you me I'm 6'1
Steve said on 22/Jun/15
Maybe Steve Forrest borrowed Jack Lord's lifts. Click Here
Steve said on 21/Jun/15
Jack Lord. No lifts. Click Here

Elvis. Definitely with lifts. Click Here
Gx79 said on 21/Jun/15
@ mike 2 and @ nick jack lord website aside he wore 2 inch Cuban heel boots which would make him a solid 6'3 tall
Steve said on 20/Jun/15
Jack Lord wearing lifts😂
Mike2 said on 20/Jun/15
There is an entry in Jack Lord's page that he used to wear lifts to make him 6fy 3ins tall, so that probably explains the height difference too
Nick said on 20/Jun/15
simple Jack Lord was well known to use two inch lifts inside his Cuban heeled boots. This was confirmed on several occasions when his clothing was auctioned at memorabilia auctions by his estate. His boots had lifts inside plus this photo in question and also it's other photo from the same shoot Jack is much closer too the camera, giving the impression of greater height and size, broader shoulders etc. anybody whom works with camera, photography, film, lighting, staging will totally understand this from a professional perspective. Like a certain angle can make person look fatter or thinner. It's as simple as that. We've all had those photos that don't serve in the best possible light. It's just all about position.
gx791 said on 19/Jun/15
@ steve ther must be 100 or 1000 of coment from you just on this page
gx79 said on 19/Jun/15
@ steve just give up elvis was 6'0 tall our close to it and who know jack lord could have been wearing lifts they were popular during the 1970s and we cant see there feet and @ mike 2 is more right about elvis height
gx79 said on 19/Jun/15
@ steve just give up elvis was 6'0 tall our close to it and who know jack lord could have been wearing lifts they were popular during the 1970s and we cant see there feet and @ mike 2 is more right about elvis height
gx79 said on 19/Jun/15
@ mike2 thanks for the post
Mike 2 said on 19/Jun/15
Click Here The explanation Steve seems to be that Jack Lord was 6ft 2ins according to his gun licence. Personally I think that you cannot judge a person's height by' from the waist up 'shots when the people concerned are in different footwear. I go back to the photo of Parker and Elvis which does show their true heights as they are barefooted, so we can discount the other photos such as the one with Jack Lord. Parker was 6ft and so it seems was Elvis. No footwear involved in this photograph. With the army documents, driving licence, gold suit measurements and the Ed Parker photo the evidence is overwhelming to support that Elvis was indeed a six foot male. I personally cannot change my view having met Ed Parker and seeing this 6ft male standing next to Elvis.. I don't think that I can add anymore, having seen other 6ft males on this site with little evidence supporting their height I fail to see why Elvis is now not upgraded to 6ft. Thank you
Mike 2 said on 19/Jun/15
Click Here This shows the measurements relating to the gold lame suit and as you can see it mentions Elvis' height without shoes. Again it's 6ft.
Steve said on 18/Jun/15
Just because someone claims Ed Parker was 6' doesn't mean it was true. I've been told people's heights, only to discover it was inflated. I have a friend who swears he's 6'2" yet it's obvious he's barely 5'11".

Elvis was no taller than Milton Berle. Berle was considerably shorter than Basil Rathbone. And Rathbone was two inches shorter than Red Skelton!
Steve said on 18/Jun/15
Explain why Elvis is a lot shorter than 6'1" Jack Lord. Click Here

Lord was 6'1" because he was an inch shorter than Sean Connery in Dr. No.
jboliver said on 18/Jun/15
Mike 2 how are you ?
this is the photo that i mentioned .Elvis and Parker and David hebler have the same height .
just jerry shilling is the taller of them , i thin 6 3 '
i think Milton Berle was wearing heels in that program in 1956 . what do you think about ?
Jboliver said on 17/Jun/15
Id like Steve could see this picture , so he could change his mind .
Jboliver said on 17/Jun/15
Id like Steve could see this picture , so he could change his mind .
Mike 2 said on 17/Jun/15
Click Here Hi GX79, I'm very well thanks, please cut and paste the above, it's the best I can do. Steve, Ed Parker is the grey haired male on Elvis' right and having met him I can confirm is 6ft tall. I have spent 33 years taking people's height and so i am quite interested in the subject as well as being an Elvis fan for over 50 years, which is how I met Ed Parker. I am very good at estimating peoples height and sometimes people say that they are shorter than they really are! I closely studied Ed Parker in order to compare his height to Elvis', and this is why I am certain that the 6ft readings are accurate. I do appreciate how photos can distort people's height, however if you are able to see this photo you can see that Elvis and Ed Parker are standing shoulder to shoulder, barefooted which helps to make a very good comparison with someone who is also listed as being 6ft tall (Parker), together with my own assessment following the time I met him.I hope this helps.
clive said on 17/Jun/15
i have read many books by linda thompson his girfriend before he died andnshe was 5ft 9 she said elvis was 6ft 1 i think i agree with her that he was 6ft 1 more than 5'11.75 because as people have said he is slighty taller than ed parker who was 6ft
cathy said on 17/Jun/15
rob if as other people have asserted that elvis was a fraction taller than ed parker who was 6ft then surely elvis was taller than your listing of 5'11.75 i am aware he did wear platform lifts in the 1970s but i think elvis was most likely 6'1 do you think an upgrade to 6'1 is possible?
[Editor Rob: not when he's been measured around 6ft]
jboliver said on 16/Jun/15
hello Mike 2 how are you ?
can you post this photo that i mentioned and you mentioned below .
this way i can start to dont agree with Steve that Elvis was only 511'
as tou saw in that pictures Elvis and Ed Parker are in barefoot and they have the same height
jboliver said on 16/Jun/15
hello Mike 2 how are you ?
can you post this photo that i mentioned and you mentioned below .
this way i can start to dont agree with Steve that Elvis was only 511'
as tou saw in that pictures Elvis and Ed Parker are in barefoot and they have the same height
Steve said on 16/Jun/15
Then Milton Berle was a tad over six feet. And Basil Rathbone was at least 6'3".

I don't buy that Elvis was any more than 5'11". He wore lifts starting in the 1960's. Anyone a tad over 6' doesn't need to wear them.
Gx79 said on 16/Jun/15
@ Steve look at Elvis head its down
jboliver said on 16/Jun/15
steve this is not ed parker with elvis ,
ed parker has gray hair and he is from hawai .
you can see Elvis standing beside Ed patker in this series of photo that you found this one .as i mentioned before
jboliver said on 16/Jun/15
steve this is not ed parker with elvis ,
ed parker has gray hair and he is from hawai .
you can see Elvis standing beside Ed patker in this series of photo that you found this one .as i mentioned before
gx79 said on 15/Jun/15
@ steve that would make rob clam right that elvis was 5'11 3/4 barfooted
Mike 2 said on 15/Jun/15
That isn't Ed Parker with Elvis Steve.The photo being referred to by jboliver is a group shot with Master Ed Parker standing on Elvis' right and Linda Thompson to his left. You can see that both Elvis and Ed are barefooted and I think that Elvis is just a tad taller out the two, which is repeated in their many photographs together, both with and without shoes. As I have mentioned I have met Ed Parker and believe him to be six foot for reasons I have already covered which is why I am therefore positive that Elvis was at least 6 feet tall and probably a tad over in bare feet .
Mike 2 said on 15/Jun/15
That isn't Ed Parker with Elvis Steve.The photo being referred to by jboliver is a group shot with Master Ed Parker standing on Elvis' right and Linda Thompson to his left. You can see that both Elvis and Ed are barefooted and I think that Elvis is just a tad taller out the two, which is repeated in their many photographs together, both with and without shoes. As I have mentioned I have met Ed Parker and believe him to be six foot for reasons I have already covered which is why I am therefore positive that Elvis was at least 6 feet tall and probably a tad over in bare feet .
Steve said on 15/Jun/15
Milton Berle with Elvis. Click Here

Milton Berle with 6'1" Basil Rathbone. Click Here
Steve said on 12/Jun/15
Parker was taller than Elvis. Click Here
jboliver said on 11/Jun/15
steve how sre you ?
do you agree with Mike 2 and Gx79 about Elvis and Ed parker having the same height ? if not you have to elvis , in candid 70 ' , in this there are many pics of Elvis in the 70's , but there is one that call me attention because Elvis is in barefoot besides Ed Parker .the title of the photo is Elvis at Ed parker ' kenpo karte school in Padadena .
Mike 2 said on 6/Jun/15
I met Ed Patket and have previously mentioned it as I have seen a photo of Ed and Elvis, both in bare feet. I am 6ft 1in tall and I was wearing training shoes when I was standing next to him. Ed was wearing black leather shoes with small heel and I was eye to eye with him, so Ed was definitely 6 ft tall as had been stated which is why I think Elvis should be upgraded to 6ft, especially when we have documentation referring to a measurement as being 6ft without shoes.Personally I think Elvis was just slightly taller than Ed Parker
Gx79 said on 6/Jun/15
Ed Parker was 6'0 maybe 6'1
Gx791 said on 6/Jun/15
Why not just put him at 6 ft tall there recorded to support his his height
Jboliver said on 4/Jun/15
someone here know how tall was Ed Parker ? He worked for Elvis as a body guard .
He and Elvis are the same height .
If you goes to the site Elvis collector .com
There is a pic of Elvis and some guys in the Ed parke karate school in Pasadena in 1973 .
I try to find out Ed park height , in some site says he is 6feet .
He and Elvis are the same height .
For this pic Elvis is 6'
Steve said on 3/Jun/15
Then Milton Berle was 6'. That means so was Jerry Lewis. Seeing Lewis was three inches shorter than Fred Clark in Visit to a Small Planet, Clark had to be 6'3". If Clark was 6'3" then so was Roger Smith, both seen in Auntie Mame. Which means Henry Branden must have ben 6'6" because he towered over both actors. Gee, that means John Wayne was also 6'6" because he and Brandon were the same height in The Searchers. I think all these actors need a two inch upgrade!
Mike 2 said on 3/Jun/15
You can view his measurements online for the gold lame suit and it states height without shoes and then in brackets, in stocking feet - 6 ft. This is quite significant as it is clearly stating that this height was taken when Elvis wasn't wearing shoes, so adds yet even more evidence to the 6ft argument irrespective of the army measurements!
Steve said on 2/Jun/15
No, we don't all agree. At least I don't.
Mike 2 said on 1/Jun/15
I think we all agree that his army height wasn't two inches out like Ladd and Power, and that he was very close to the six foot mark either a tad under or over, and the army then rounded it up or down. There have been many friends of Elvis who claim both heights so who do we believe? It will never be proven so all we can go on are the official documents which none of us are disputing are out by much, and so this is why Elvis has been and will always be a six foot male.
Steve said on 31/May/15
We are told lots of things by official records. Many are proven to be not true.

The Marine Corp officially listed Tyrone Power as being 6'. He wasn't. More like 5'10".

The Army enlistment record had Alan Ladd standing 5'7". We all know that was far from being accurate. He was more like 5'5".
Mike 2 said on 30/May/15
You can view online the discharge report for Elvis, dated 11February 1960 and the army is still stating Elvis to be 6 ft!
Elvis will always be classed as a 6ft person due to official records and also because he most probably was that height.
MJKoP said on 30/May/15
I was watching the British series "Autopsy: The Last Hours of..." and apparently his autopsy listed him as 5'11". But, as most of us know on here, most of these "official" reports aren't 100% reliable.

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 28/May/15
Rob can you add Pat Boone? I believe you'd be fine peak with 177-8 range. He looked about that with James Mason.
Judd said on 27/May/15
[Editor Rob: I've went with the optimistic listing. ]

I have already realized them :)
Judd said on 27/May/15
JRtherealJR says on 21/Jan/15
Your link at the top of the page clicks to 6 Army records, 5 of which state Elvis was 6 feet tall. Yet the site admin on here chooses to go with the one report which states Elvis was just under 6 feet. Bit mean-spirited don't you think?
[Editor Rob: I'm going with the fact that Elvis has been seen to have been measured in boots At 6ft 1/2 inch. He could be 5ft 11.5 without footwear, mean-spirited might be giving him 5ft 11 and saying the boots were 1.5 inches.]

Rob if 6'0.5" was with boots on and you have the proof of it I don't understand why you still keep him at 5'11.75"? All kinds of boots give at least 1" I think almost 6' is a more than optimistic for him!
5'11.25-11.5" would be much better!
[Editor Rob: I've went with the optimistic listing. ]
Steve said on 26/May/15
5'11" was still on the tall side. He was the same height as 5'11" Robert Wagner.

Click Here
jboliver said on 25/May/15
katrina , unfortunately i think Elvis was 5'11'
as Steve said . if he was 6 ' why he is the same height of Milton Berle in the program in 1956 ?
do you have some picss of Elvis with Red west before his army days ?
i think that Steve is right . after the army he started using boots .
katrina said on 23/May/15
rob i have read lots of old newspaper articles from 1970s about elvis and they say he was 6'1, he i know was measured as 6'0 in the army but is it possible he could have reached 6'1 linda thompson said he was 6'1
[Editor Rob: I believe the almost 6ft more than over 6ft.]
Jboliver said on 12/May/15
Steve how to post the pictures here .
I have many pics here of Elvis that will go against your theory of elvis height .
Jboliver said on 7/May/15
Is elvis in barefoot in this pic ?
Steve said on 1/May/15
Pat Boone on The Dean Martin show where both appeared to be the same height.

Click Here
Steve said on 30/Apr/15
Boone is supposedly 5'9", but I think his peak was 5'10".

I'm fine for a guy pushing 80.
jboliver said on 28/Apr/15
steve how r u ?
how tall is Pat boone ?
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/15
Rob can you add a photo for Elvis and think about adding Pat Boone? He really ought to have a page. Can't you remember him in Journey to the Center of the Earth? Odd but he looks in 6' range there was in Journey I think he looked around 5'9.5-5'10 range with James Mason. 5'9 might be too low for Boone.
Steve said on 26/Apr/15
Elvis and Pat Boone. Click Here
Steve said on 22/Apr/15
"He was known to shoot at TV sets if either Robert Goulet or Mel Torme appeared on the screen."

I sympathize. I'd add Donny & Marie as well as The Captain & Tennille.
Patrick said on 21/Apr/15
Yea for sure Elvis wasn't' with it' during the 70s.. He used most of those guns as a remote to literally turn off the Tv for good if he didn't like something on it.! Boom! The guy was a legend. And even if nearer 5.11 than 6 foot... A pretty tall legend at that too, and doubtful had he lived would be looking at this site like the rest of us short arses.
Steve said on 21/Apr/15
Maybe he meant when wearing shoes.
TJ said on 20/Apr/15
Elvis claimed "an even 6ft" in the 1950s, even when the publicity machine sometimes claimed taller. He was perhaps a little less "with it" at times when he said things in the '70s.
Steve said on 20/Apr/15
Yes, some photos can be misleading. But we have hundreds of photos available. And videos.

Elvis claiming to be 6'1" is meanigless since almost everyone, especially celebrities, exagerate their height. But I do believe Elvis was on the thin side. At least until he ballooned out.

I'd say he was 5'11" and 165.
Jboliver said on 19/Apr/15
Tj do you know how tall was red west , bodyguard for Elvis ?
adam said on 18/Apr/15
in an article in elvis presley news about his gun collection it says Elvis claimed to be six foot one and 160 pounds . Click Here
TJ said on 18/Apr/15
Photos are frequently misleading though Steve. There are examples on this very site where Rob has more than one pic of himself with a celeb and the height difference doesn't look the same in both. For all the pics where Elvis looks more 5'11, there are also pics where he looks a comfortable 6ft. Take this one with 5'6 Gary Player:
Click Here

The posture of both doesn't make it easy to judge, but I don't think anyone would be surprised if there was a 6 inch difference.
Steve said on 17/Apr/15
The excuses are amusing such as photos prove nothing. Well neither do people saying he's 6' or more just because they believe the official line. I believe he was 5'11". Never under or over.
TJ said on 16/Apr/15
Hi Jboliver. My opinion has been the same for ages. I think that Elvis likely hit 6ft out of bed or even a tiny bit over and went down to 5ft 11.5 or maybe even a little under later in the day. I think that the 5'11.5 and 153 pounds stats on the driving licence that he had issued aged 17 were likely what Elvis knew himself to be from being measured and weighed. If exaggerating, you would expect him to have claimed the extra half inch to reach the 6ft. Over the next 2 or 3 years, maybe he gained that little extra so that he was 6ft for parts of the day. Hard to be certain. Lots of the 1955 and 1956 pics of Elvis backstage with other stars feature people in cowboy gear, including cowboy boots, so Elvis would tend to be at a disadvantage there. The two pics with Cash are a good example of that, with Elvis looking nearer Cash's height in one than the other.
TJ said on 16/Apr/15
The Jimmy Dean comparison has been raised before. Here's what I said a few months ago...

Dean looks to be around 4 inches taller, probably with a cowboy boot footwear advantage, at least in the earlier photo. I don't know how exact Dean's 6'3 is though. Look how comfortably taller a slouching Dean looks compared to Buck Owens, who was apparently 6ft (and looks it in pics with Cash):
Click Here

Looks a very strong 6'3 if Owens really was 6'0.
jboliver said on 16/Apr/15
Steve i saw the pic that you posted of Elvis and jimmy dean
how tall do you think Elvis is ?
Sam said on 16/Apr/15
IMO, this listing is a good fit for Presley.
Patrick said on 15/Apr/15
I think a lot of pics on this site showing various people next to others supposedly taller or shorter than them can possibly still be slightly inaccurate. For example there are a couple of photos of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash together and one has Cash quite a bit taller than Presley yet it is believed Johnny had high cowboy boots on. Now granted Cash was a tall guy but probably only slightly taller than Elvis if they both had flat footwear on. In the early days Elvis did wear very flat shoes so I guess most other guys especially on the Country circuit obviously would seem quite a bit taller than him when in concert wear ie cowboy boots or 2 or 3 inch Cuban heels. I think again the fact Military and medical forms state Elvis Presley at around 6 foot tall should be accepted as exactly that and accurate. let's face it also, most people short or tall always round up their height to the nearest and don't often mention the half or 3 qaurtet inch!. Therefore if Elvis Presley was around 5 feet 11/ 5 feet 11.75 ? That's as good as 6 foot as anyone's going to be as doubtful many ,not only Rock n Roll stars are Bang on 6 foot tall anyway in life.
Steve said on 15/Apr/15
6'3" Jimmy Dean with Elvis. Click Here
Jboliver said on 14/Apr/15
TJ how tall do you think Elvis is based on the pics before he went to the army ? based on the years of 1955 and 1956 ?
assari said on 13/Apr/15
Army Records say that Elvis was 6 feet (183 cm) tall.
Patrick said on 13/Apr/15
I have also recently been to an exhibition in London at the O2 with artefacts from Graceland. On Elvis Presleys Army issued Driving licence it states clearly that he was 6 feet tall and even lists his weight in 1958 as only 180 pounds. it's obvious from quite a lot of footage available online or wherever that Elvis was not a short man and had long arms and legs, the dude looked a regular clothes horse, and was for the most part of his short life a very lean and lanky guy. A particular good example of his height being a six footer is the famous 1968 television show. Elvis does not appear to have much of a heel on his shoes throughout that event, yet seems to be exactly the height that the people that knew him, and indeed medical and important documents stated him to be in size.
Steve said on 12/Apr/15
I don't have clue how tall the members of the Jordanaires were.
jboliver said on 11/Apr/15
Steve how tall was the member of the jordainees , backup group for Elvis in 1956 .
if you go in the internet theres lots of pics of Elvis and the jordaines .
and Elvis seems to be a tad shorter of tallest member of jordaines
Steve said on 9/Apr/15
I believe Lawford was 6' even. He and JFK were the same height. Lawford was taller than Dean Martin. Just how much taller depended on whether or not Dean was wearing lifts. Lawford was at most two inches talker than Martin.

Lawford had a bad right arm which was caused by an injury when he was a boy. He accidentally walked into a plate glass door which nearly severed his arm. He never fully regained use of it. And it appeared slightly withered. But he hid it brilliantly.
Steve said on 9/Apr/15
Berle didn't wear lifts. Just look at his shoes in countless videos. He was 5'10". Same height as Bob Hope in his prime.

Peter Lawford was around 6'. He and JFK were the same height. Lawford never wore lifts. There's loads of photos to study as well as films. He was two inches taller than Berle and about the same next to Dean Martin who did wear lifts. They can easily be spotted.
TJ said on 9/Apr/15
Also worth noting that Lawford seems to manage to look the same height, smaller and taller than Berle all in one video here - Click Here
Posture and camera angles playing a role again, as they perhaps also did with Elvis.
TJ said on 9/Apr/15
Lawford is in the 6ft range I think Jboliver, but can look shorter or taller. Confusing guy.
Jboliver said on 8/Apr/15
Steve how tall is peter lawford ????
TJ said on 8/Apr/15
The pics with Elvis and Berle sometimes show them very similar in height and other times with Elvis around an inch taller. Depends on posture and angle I guess. Elvis was a bit of a sloucher back in the day - full of rock 'n' roll cool. :-) Not sure how you can know for sure whether or not Berle wore lifts. I'm not suggesting huge heels of course, but plenty of stars would have worn a small lift inside for a boost and they aren't easy to spot.

The Lawford pic might muddy the water as that guy's height seemed up and down against the likes of Dean Martin. Lawford either had very variable posture or there were lifts involved with either him or Martin at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/15
Rob, is it possible that he hit 184cm out of bed?
Steve said on 4/Apr/15
TJ, watch the many videos of Berle. He most definitely didn't wear lifts. He was mo more than 5'10" & 1/2" in his prime.
Steve said on 4/Apr/15
Milton Berle with Peter Lawford

Click Here

Milton Berle with Elvis

Click Here
177cmGuy said on 3/Apr/15
182-183cm is the lowest I would go for him. 183cm is the better shout. He was probably 6'0 most parts of the day and during the later parts on rare occasions might dip few mm under. Don't know about 6'1 but you could argue 184-185 as out of bed height.
Art said on 3/Apr/15
In my personal opinion, he was 6' even. The reson that he looked taller is, because he has long legs.My brother is 6 feet, & looks taller. Why ? Also he has long legs.
tj said on 3/Apr/15
Ever considered the possibility that Milton Berle was a lift wearer, Steve? I mean it's certainly possible.
Mike F said on 2/Apr/15
Amy, can you expand more on the jumpsuit measurement, and also do you know the date of the 1972 show- thanks
Steve said on 2/Apr/15
Then Milton Berle was 6' 1/2" which means loads of celebrities would need to be upgraded.

Just because it says something as fact at Graceland doesn't mean it's correct.
amy said on 1/Apr/15
rob the Army records according to grace land archives said his barefoot height was 6ft 1/2 even a jumpsuit was measured at 184cm elvis himself said that during a 1972 show i heard on you tube so i think rob his height should be upgraded to 6ft 1/2
Steve said on 31/Mar/15
I don't have a clue who they are.
jboliver said on 30/Mar/15
steve do you know who are those guys along wih Wlvis and Vernon ?
Steve said on 25/Mar/15
jboliver said on 24/Mar/15
steve do u have any pic of Elvis besides a man of 5,11,75 feet ?
Steve said on 22/Mar/15
All over the website? I think I've posted less than five in the last week.

Obsessed with photographs? That amuses you? I guess utilizing the evidence at hand means for some it's 'obsessive' behavior.
Mike F said on 22/Mar/15
Lockstep, do you know where you saw the photo of Elvis and Linda Thompson? Also there is a journalist who met Elvis from the start of his career and she stated that when she met Elvis after he had joined up she saw a slimmer and taller Elvis, so perhaps he did grow after starting his national service.
Carl said on 21/Mar/15
Wow Steve or Stevo is all over this website and seems to be the one whom wants to be the person with the final word on most celebrities of the last 50 years lol. :-) It's amusing to see how many people on here have become obsessed with photographs and use ones that are the least flattering as proof to validate their claim. The reality is here that I've seen photos of Elvis standing next to men of 6ft 2ins like Sonny West his body guard and are of similar height. Photos never prove a thing. As for Billy Stanley I think he when he was questioned if it was really himself, well, enough said, it's childish. The FACTS ARE THE FACTS ELVIS WAS 6FT end of story. Cue Steve... !
Mike F said on 20/Mar/15
I do recall reading Ian Bailey's account when he met Elvis backstage in 1972 with the British fan club. Many photos exist of this meeting when Elvis is standing in the middle of the group, next to Todd Slaughter, with Ian behind ( who has a moustache). Ian stated that he himself is 5ft 10ins tall but with his shoes on, which at that time had two inch heels, put him at 6ft. He was surprised that Elvis was still taller and so checked out his shoes, which were low healed loafers, which I believe were a favourite of his. It is still very difficult to guess someone's height even when you are next to them. i have measured people's height for decades and although i can usually guess correctly, i am sometimes out by an inch. I therefore believe that it is virtually impossible to gauge a person's height from photos etc. I don't think Elvis had an issue with his own height as there is plenty of footage around of him barefooted, such as Blue Hawaii and the Karate film in 1974, when he can be seen wearing boots as well as being barefooted, or with socks on, and you see Kang Rhee taking Elvis's sock off to show the crowd his ingrowing toenail.In this film he does appear to be two inches taller than 5ft 10ins Superfoot Bill Wallace,and certainly comes across as a tall male whilst barefooted.Even his girlfriends don't seem to have had an issue as Linda Thompson has apparently quoted 6ft 1ins and Ginger Alden made reference to his Army height of 5ft 11ins, and of course we all know that most of his army records show 6ft. It obviously wasn't an issue to them or Elvis, and looking at the difference between 5ft 11 3/4 and 6ft, perhaps we need to get out more!! Have a good Easter !
Steve said on 19/Mar/15
Lockstep, you make a great point. His height doesn't really matter. His talent made him a star.
Lockstck said on 19/Mar/15
Another dimension that every one has overlooked. When did he stop growing? 1958 would put him at 23and 25 when he was discharged. I am 6-3" and didn't stop growing 'till I was 26 years old. There are pictures of Elvis with Linda Thompson in hospital where Elvis is in his bare feet and stood with her. She was tall 5-9" and he's a good 3" taller than her. So maybe he did end up being 6ft.
Lockstock said on 19/Mar/15
Hi Folks, ( Norfolk UK) I am with Steve on this one, as much as it pains me, I think he was a tad under 6ft. In an early radio interview he is asked his height and replies " An even 6ft, Sir" to which Scotty Moore says " Are you?" or words to that effect ( In disbelief) Anyway, the interviewer says, " You are a tall boy, much taller than I expected". Todd Slaughter also said that Elvis was tall, as did Billy Fury. When you see him in videos with Buddy Holly, he looks slightly shorter than him and also shorter than Johnny Cash, who was supposed to be 6'-2". The picture with Ali where they look to be in a lift, Elvis looks well pi55ed off and Ali looks a good 5 or 6" taller than Elvis, then there's another picture where Elvis is in a Karate stance and Ali in a boxing stance, once again , Ali looks much taller. I take on board what Carl says about images. But when you go to videos you get a better perspective. Who was the Flunky in Jailhouse Rock, he looked quite a rotunda chap and Elvis didn't look much taller than him? The thing with Elvis, if you look where his shoulders finish you would put him at a man of 5-10" but he had a long head and that makes the difference in my opinion. At the end of the day, what the fcuk does it matter, he was the greatest entertainer that shall ever grace this earth and came across as a thoroughly nice man to boot. So sad he lost his way in his latter years. I listen to the guy just about every day and I thank heaven I was around on his shift.
NewsFlash said on 16/Mar/15
I wouldn't believe Elvis' stepbrother.

In one interview (I watched on youtube) from the 80s, I heard Elvis' stepbrother admit that he had lied previously on a controversial subject (Elvis' drug issue), and did so to avoid negative publicity on the Legend.

So willing to believe anyone else, even Pinocchio, but not Elvis' stepbrother's claim that "Elvis was indeed 6 feet tall".
Steve said on 15/Mar/15
5'11" is not average. Especially when Elvis was alive.

If he was 6', please explain why he was three inches shorter than 6'1" actor Jack Lord? Lord was an inch shorter than Sean Connery in Dr. No.

Why in The Trouble with Girls was he several inches shorter than actor Edward Andrews who was reportedly 6'2"?

Andrews was around 6'2" because he and James Garner were the exact same height in The Thrill of it All.

And Andrews was at least two inches shorter than Rock Hudson in Send Me No Flowers. In some angles he looked three inches shorter.

And Andrews was two inches shorter than 6'4" Leif Erickson in Tea and Sympathy.

And why was Elvis the same height as Milton Berle? If Berle was six feet then we have to elevate a lot of people who were taller than him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Mar/15
He was 6ft at least. Never struck me as average height
Steve said on 14/Mar/15
Elvis with country singing legend Eddy Arnold who by all accounts was between 5'10" and 5'11"

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Steve said on 13/Mar/15
I don't believe that's Billy. Perhaps if he posted a new photo of himself, one not readily available on the web, I'd tend more to believe him.

I go by my observations Mike. And I can't understand why for sone it's sacrosanct regarding discussing Elvis's height. Like he was some god far removed from being argued over.
Mike F said on 12/Mar/15
I can't believe that we seem to accept people's opinions, or their brief meetings with Elvis when claiming his height to be under 6 feet, but then when we have his very own step brother, who was with Elvis for 17 years tell us that Elvis was indeed 6 feet tall, he is simply written off as being an imposter!. I think that this is very disrespectful and no wonder that Billy has given up! All I can say to you is, what if it really is Billy, would you be prepared to accept his word, or would you pick another excuse out of the sky. I have been an Elvis fan for over 50 years and so i didn't have to ask Billy whether he had ever met Elvis, because I have studied everything about Elvis, not just his height, and believe me Billy said many things in his text which i picked up on and I am absolutely positive that it really is the brother (step) of Elvis, and we should be grateful for his input. If Billy's comments together with official documentation are not enough evidence for us then we are wasting our time. The documentation alone should put Elvis at 6 feet and then we should be able to argue against this. To me we seem to have it the wrong way round, and anyone who backs up the 6 ft height is just shot down without good reason.
ElvisInGermany said on 11/Mar/15
My mother met him when he served military time in Bad Nauheim in Germany (Bad means Bath).
He was standing right next to her, looking at posters outside a movie theater - the town was pretty boring at night. She says he was just a little taller than me (her son). I'm 176,5 cm (5'9.5). According to her, Elvis was between 179 cm (5'10.5) and 181 cm (5'11.3). HOW COULD SHE TELL? She has three brothers (5'11, 6'1 and 6'4). She says, Elvis was around the height of her youngest brother but never as tall as her middle one. BY THE WAY: Most men interested in the King's height are under the magic number of 6', I bet (like me). In Germany the magic frontier is 180 cm (to be considered tall) which is 5' 11.5. The average german male today is 5'11 compared to U.S. males 5'10.5. Elvis was tall at the time (1958 in Germany people where smaller then). Hope I could shed a light on the subject. Long live the King! He wasn't 6' but still the greatest!
Steve said on 1/Mar/15
TJ, you bring up a interesting point. No one is exactly spot-on a specific height if that height is to the foot. Take me. I'm about 5'9" plus maybe three-tenths of an inch. But that's in the morning out of bed. During the day, my spine compresses to where I end up around 5'9" plus a tenth of an inch.

And shoes make a big difference. If a person wears cowboy boots with 2" heels, and another who's roughly the same height is wearing deck shoes that only gains them perhaps half an inch, the person wearing the boots will seem much taller.

Elvis wore a variaty of shoes and boots. Some that to me look highly suspicios. The angle of the front of his foot tells the tail.

I think Elvis was roughly 5'11" out of bed. But with boots with 2" heels and a lift inside he could easily pull off well over 6'. Maybe as much as 6'2".

Bottom line is Elvis was taller than the average man.
Steve said on 1/Mar/15
TJ, I based Edward Andrews's height on what's officially listed. He looked 6'2" in his movies. Of course peoplecaren't exactly a specific height.

And I don't believe that's really Bill Stanley.
Steve said on 28/Feb/15
Can anyone explain why Elvis and Pat Boone appeared to be the same height? I saw some photos of the two standing next to one another. Both look the same. And Boone is no more than 5'10".
Billy Stanley said on 27/Feb/15
With great respect to you all on here my friends films, photos, camera angles can all make us all look taller shorter fatter or thinner. But if you actually look back at all the records on Elvis over the years even when he started out proper on the Lousiana Hayride they actually billed him at 6ft 2ins and other times 6ft 1ins. All I can I say from my own point of view on a daily basis and spending 17 years with the man he was the same height as my brother Ricky at 6ft. Elvis even used to say his height on stage many times when Charlie Hodge whom was only 5ft 3ins used to adjust Elvis's Mike for his guitar on his solo sometimes on 'Are You Lonesome Tonight', Sometimes Charlie would get the mike height wrong and Elvis would joke with Charlie alittle on stage and tease him and say 'Hell Charlie I'm over 6ft and you've put the mike down to your height' but it was all just great fun and Elvis loved Charlie a lot, they were great friends. Actually on stage with his boots on Elvis always looked tall and the king. He was the most wonderful man next to Jesus Christ. I miss him everyday. Hope this all helps here but just to finish here in my opinion Elvis was 6ft and that's the least I would say he was as I seem to always remember him and my stepdaddy Vernon over 6ft.
Steve said on 26/Feb/15
Billy, did you ever meet Elvis?

Please explain why in The Trouble with Girls he was over three inches shorter than 6'2" Edward Andrews. Watch the film. Elvis is considerably shorter.
Mike F said on 26/Feb/15
Well said Billy, I have been hoping for ages that someone close to Elvis would tell us the true height of Elvis. I met Ricky in the UK many years ago and he seemed pretty tall too
Did Elvis ever comment on his height to you during the many years that you were with him?
Rob, don't you think that it's time to put Elvis back to 6ft?
Surely Billy's comments have real authority, us Elvis fans are fully aware of the closeness Elvis and his step brothers were.
Billy Stanley said on 26/Feb/15
I also would like to state for the record here there is no way in hell Elvis was lost any height when he passed away at just 42 years old. Ridiculous that anybody could assume any human could loose height at that age apart from serious medical problems. I spent almost everyday with the man and I will tell you I always looked upto him not just as my big brother but because he was a tall man of 6ft. My stepdaddy Vernon his father Vernon was a big tall man too so was his Grandmother Minnie Mae, that lady was stick thin and very tall lady too. So just to put all this rubbish to rest, Elvis the man was 6ft tall. How I know this is I was with him for 17 years almost daily. He was the King but he was my brother and with dam big long feet.:-) TCB Billy
Arch Stanton said on 26/Feb/15
Rob can you add Wendell Corey and Lizabeth Scott then? I think 6'1.5 for Corey is honest.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Feb/15
Corey looks a shade taller than Mitchum, I say the 6'1.5 is legit. Elvis would have had to been nearer a flat 5'11 then?
Arch Stanton said on 26/Feb/15
Elvis had to be shorter then Steve as there's definitely not just 1.5 inches between them.. I think he looked an honest 6'1.5.
Billy Stanley said on 25/Feb/15
I've been to Graceland many times, saw all his costumes and his clothing and his wedding tuxedo demonstrated completely this was a tall man of six foot. Clothing cannot be used as references to a persons height but solid evidence supports that Elvis was 6ft and that's fact. He wore size 12D boots most of the time. He was mostly a very slim man for much of his life. His prime stats were 42chest, 32/32.5 leg n waist, neck 15-16. End of story. PS: I was Elvis's stepbrother for 17 years until his death. My mum married his father. TCB Folks.
Steve said on 25/Feb/15
I believe he was over 5'10". Probably peak around 5'11".
Daveq said on 25/Feb/15
If you look at Elvis' jump suits on display at Graceland, there is no way he is over 5'10. In fact in his earlier years he must have been quite thin as the suits don't even look like he could fit in them - both in height and in girth as we remember him on TV.
Steve said on 24/Feb/15
Corey and Elvis

Click Here

Bob Mitchum and Corey were roughly the same height

Click Here
Steve said on 23/Feb/15
I think Corey was around 6'1". Maybe 6'1&1/2". Good, solid actor.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Feb/15
He doesn't look 6 ft with Wendell Corey Steve does he, if Corey really was only 6'1.5.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Feb/15
Lizabeth Scott is also missing, I could have sworn you had a page for her! Like a cross between Honor Blackman and Lauren Bacall.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Feb/15
Rob how tall does Wendell Corey look to you at 1 hr 25 with Elvis. Click Here He looks taller than 6'1.5 doesn't he? He's worth adding BTW.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Feb/15
Looks tallish in Loving You, although in one scene on stage one actor towered him by what was 5 or 6 inches.
Steve said on 18/Feb/15
Well, MJKop (or whatever your real name happens to be), you are dead wrong on your assertion I'm the same person who posted under other names. If anything, you have the agenda which is dissing anyone who disagrees with you. I believe Elvis was no more than 5'11". And I'm not alone either. I have the right to my belief. And don't appreciate your officious manner.
Steve said on 17/Feb/15
Arch, you might be correct. But in many photos he doesn't look any taller than 5'11".

But what's half an inch?
MJKoP said on 16/Feb/15
Okay, "Steve"...the reason people think those things is that most solid evidence points to the contrary. You(and, quite coincidentally, "those who I mentioned"), had a habit of cherry picking photographs to support his, erm, "their" agendas. Everybody has pictures where they look shorter than they truly are. If I were a big time celebrity and had tens of thousands of stills taken of me over the years, someone could easily select a good few dozen if not more of them to make a strong, believable case that I'm only 5'6" tops(I'm a rock solid 5'8" in actuality). If you look at the big picture, it's crystal clear that Elvis was not under six feet tall. Sorry.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Feb/15
Rob can you add a photo and adds songs "Suspicious Minds", "Love Me Tender", "Jailhouse Rock", "Can't Help Falling in Love", "Viva Las Vegas", "Heartbreak Hotel" and "In The Ghetto" and films like Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender, King Creole, Blue Hawaii, Wild in the Country, Viva Las Vegas, Fun in Acapulco and Girls! Girls! Girls!.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Feb/15
Looks around 182 in Jailhouse Rock, I'd have guessed 5'11.5/
Carl said on 16/Feb/15
Elvis 6ft all day everyday
Steve said on 14/Feb/15
First off, I am not those who you mentioned. Second, I do not have an agenda. I guess when someone comes on here and has a differing opinion than the majority, they are automatically showing some bias, agenda, unhealthy....whatever.

Grow up!
Carl said on 13/Feb/15
Elvis was 6ft all day long. End of story. Don't waste time listening to a minority on here of one whom are totally very biased and can only see what their opinions are as fact and not accept anybody else's debate as valid. Hence why I hardly come on this site anymore. This person has an unhealthy obsession on his own point of view. This is a debate page for everyone and all should be allowed their input without obsessive unhealthy remarks from this small person.
MJKoP said on 13/Feb/15
Hey, Steve/Knowitall/Frank2: I see you've migrated here from the Michael Jackson page...doing the same schtick. I wonder what you have against Elvis that would make you downgrade him like you did MJ? Did Mr. Presley turn you down for an autograph or something? LOL
Brad said on 30/Jan/15
As listed.
Steve said on 29/Jan/15
Those are lifts

Click Here
Steve said on 29/Jan/15
Tyrone Power was measured by the Marines to be 5'11&1/2". True height was around 5'10".

Glenn Ford's height reported by the Navy was 6'1". True height was 5'11".

I have people tell me things that in the end turns out not to be true. Especially people who were close to someone.

I base my opinion on what I see.

Elvis was the same height as Milton Berle. He was considerably shorter than 6'2" Edward Andrews.

There's a sort of magic number to being six feet tall. How many male celebs have lied about their height? Showbiz is filled with made up stuff.
Mike F said on 29/Jan/15
I also go with people's testimonies, such as Joe's and also my own observations when I have met people who knew Elvis such as EdParker and Richard Davis and standing next to these people I believe that Elvis was not a lot shorter than myself (6ft1 ins), so I am firmly in the 6ft camp. I think like others on this site that there is factual and authentic documentation in existence to support Elvis being a 6 ft person compared to other celebs who don't have really anything to prove their heights. If these official documents don't prive his height then nothing ever will. What else are we waiting for?
Steve said on 29/Jan/15
Mike, I go by all evidentiary. Photographs, old video clips, people's testimony - the works. Just relying on what some people claimed isn't enough.

As for the military, I know for a fact they haven't been that accurate with celebrities. Always inflating their height.

I believe Elvis was no more than 5'11" barefoot. That's my position. That's where I rest my case.
Steve said on 29/Jan/15
I'd like to add, I watched several classic video clips, two with Elvis and Milton Berle. In both they're the same height.

Then I watched two with Berle and Bob Hope. They were the same height.

Then I watched one with Berle and Ronald Reagan where Reagan was at least two inches taller and at times appeared to be three inches taller. That one was a kinescope from one of Berle's early TV shows.

Watch them for yourself. You be the judge.
Steve said on 28/Jan/15
In this group photo Elvis looks barely 5'10"

Click Here

5'11" Skitch Henderson with Elvis

Click Here

And Henderson with 5'10" Johnny Carson

Click Here
Mike F said on 28/Jan/15
I can't see Joe Esposito lying over something such as his height . According to another person who made an entry on Elvis Collector they have seen documentation with these two measurements,so it would be nice to see these. Again I would like to bring to notice my point about the 5 11 army measurement, surely all these heights would have been take the same way? So if they were in boots then Elvis would be in bare feet 5 10 or below which we know is incorrect. This to me supports theory that two measurements were taken, with and without boots,.
Steve said on 27/Jan/15
If Elvis was over six feet tall then so was Milton Berle. That means so was Bob Hope because when they were younger they were the same height. That would mean Jerry Lewis was over six feet because he and Berle were the same height, and that would mean Dean Martin was close to being six feet without lifts. Naturally that would have made John Wayne over 6'6". And since Rock Hudson was taller than Wayne he'd end up being 6'7".

See where this is going?

Elvis was most likely 5'11" barefoot and 6' in regular shoes.

And one thing I learned being an attorney, never trust the opinion of a person who was a close friend or associate of another. Do your own independent research.
Mike F said on 26/Jan/15
Joe Espositos comments can be found on Elvis from Oct 2006 in which it related Joe saying that they were measured with and without Boots and that Elvis was 6ft 1/2 inch in bare feet and 6ft 1 3/4 ins in boots!!
Mike F said on 21/Jan/15
Rob, if the attached army records which all apart from one show Elvis at 6ft, wouldn't the heights have been measured in a standard way, which means that at 5ft 11 in boots Elvis was under 5ft 10 which we all accept was no where near to his real height. Joe Esposito has said that they were measured both with and without boots. It would be interesting to have American service personnel who served around this time give their comments as it could add credibility to some of the views of ourselves.
Steve said on 21/Jan/15
Rob seems like a very fair person with no axe to grind. So accusing him of being mean-spirited is really uncalled for.
JRtherealJR said on 21/Jan/15
Your link at the top of the page clicks to 6 Army records, 5 of which state Elvis was 6 feet tall. Yet the site admin on here chooses to go with the one report which states Elvis was just under 6 feet. Bit mean-spirited don't you think?
[Editor Rob: I'm going with the fact that Elvis has been seen to have been measured in boots At 6ft 1/2 inch. He could be 5ft 11.5 without footwear, mean-spirited might be giving him 5ft 11 and saying the boots were 1.5 inches.]
Steve said on 20/Jan/15
Castro was never 6'3". Once again we have hype over fact.

Castro with Ernest Hemingway who was reportedly 6'

Click Here

And Hemingway with Gary Cooper

Click Here

Click Here
Steve said on 19/Jan/15
"By the way, as I've said before, Kennedy used to wear high heeled shoes."

I never saw any example of Kennedy wearing anything but normal shoes including the photo you linked.

Click Here

Click Here

Now, here are shoes that add height.

Click Here
Steve said on 19/Jan/15
"Just look at these photographs where Fidel Castro (6'3'' tall) and Nixon looked similar in height"

The ol' apple crate trick:

Click Here
Steve said on 19/Jan/15
If you look at his footwear in later films, those elevated him by at least two inches.

Anyway, I'm tired of arguing. I did it for a living. Now that I'm retired, I find it doesn't do much for me.

It's a crying shame that Col. Parker kept Elvis from taking on more serious parts. He was offered several that could have changed his film career.
Judd said on 19/Jan/15
never bought fidel castro at 6'3" or more...
Ramiro said on 19/Jan/15
Don't know if you noticed, but Elvis tends to be in a relaxed posture, while the ones beside him tend to stretch. Don't you find it strange for a person who tries to appear taller than he really was??

And I've said before, if Elvis wore lifts, they should be a fraud bigger than the tale's invisible clothes of the Emperor...

The persons who actually had Elvis' footwear in their hands, say that Elvis didn't wear any lifts and that the so called were "doctor scholl" insoles. What if they say the truth?
Ramiro said on 19/Jan/15
Just look at these photographs where Fidel Castro (6'3'' tall) and Nixon looked similar in height:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

According to these pics, Elvis should have been 6'3'' or so.

By the way, Elvis didn't wear cowboy boots nor big heels in his visit to Nixon:

Click Here

TJ said on 19/Jan/15
The pics of Nixon with Bush Sr. at that time suggest that he hadn't lost height at the time he met Elvis. Not sure what Elvis had on his feet. Also not sure whether or not Nixon was prone to wearing lifts. He does tend to fluctuate in height a little in photos, but, as noted by Ramiro, photos are often misleading.

I agree that Elvis did well with westerns, Steve, and particularly Flaming Star. He was still hungry then of course. By the time of his last western, Charro, he'd pretty much given up on Hollywood.
Ramiro said on 18/Jan/15
Here's a pic where David Bowie, who was shorter than John Lennon, towers over him. This photograph reminds me much of that with Muhammad Ali towering over Elvis. Lennon has the same extremely relaxed position, perhaps backing in the wall, and even that same face of boredom. Bowie, like Ali, is stretched to the maximum, euphoric:

Click Here

Maybe some visual effect too, because, there are other photos at the same place and time where Lennon looks taller than Bowie:

Click Here

Click Here

Here we go again with Nixon. Wasn't Lyndon B. Johnson somewhere between 6'3.5'' and 6'4''? Let's say even 6'3''. There are photographs where Nixon isn't as far as expected in height:

Click Here

Even these pictures:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Picture where Johnson absolutely towers over Kennedy:

Click Here

Of course, you can find pics where the difference in height seems so be shorter:

Click Here

and larger again:

Click Here

By the way, as I've said before, Kennedy used to wear high heeled shoes. Perhaps it had something to do with his back problems caused by having one leg slighty larger than the other:

Click Here

What more can I say... If pictures are the only thing we have to estimate someone's height, let's do it knowing that it's nothing more than a very imprecise exercise to spend time with.

Elvis' height, when properly measured, was 6'. And rough estimates from people who knew him well, were never less than 5'11.5'' (and it's very likely that he were under 6' from some moment of the day on, as every 6' even tall human being walking this planet, by the way).
Steve said on 17/Jan/15
TJ, I believe Elvis was 5'11" while Nixon was 5'10". The more I study the photos taken in the Oval Office, the more I'm convinced there was an inch difference in height.

Also, I'd like to know what shoes Elvis wore. Were they boots with big heels?

Nixon could have lost some height by age 57.

To change the subject, it's a shame Elvis didn't make more westerns. I think he had the makings to be a good actor. But he was shoved mostly into programmers.
Steve said on 17/Jan/15
First, Arch, I do not try to come off as being arrogant. I guess I spent too much time arguing court cases. I'm a retired attorney in my late seventies.

I base heights on what I see from a mountain of evidence. There are just too many discrepencies as far as Elvis to just flat accept he was 6'. I believe he was 5'11". No more. No less.

As for Nixon, a good friend who worked at the law firm Nixon was a brief partner at in New York told me he was surprised how short Nixon was. No more than 5'10". Like most people he thought he was close to being six feet tall.

Lets just leave it at that. Elvis was the king. I'm old enough to have owned many of his records when they were first issued. Like an idiot I gave them away.
TJ said on 17/Jan/15
Quick correction on Nixon's age when he met with Elvis. Nixon was 57, not 53. Still on the young side for height loss though.
TJ said on 17/Jan/15
Steve, do you believe that Elvis was one inch or two inches taller than Nixon? Further down you seem to suggest that 5'11 Elvis is two inches taller than Nixon, but Nixon must have dropped to 5'9 with age, and in the more recent post you suggest that Nixon was 5'10 and Elvis 5'11. My view is that Nixon would have been unlikely to have lost height by 1970 as he was only 53.

Fast forward 10 years and perhaps we'd expect to see some height loss for Nixon. Indeed, he did look shorter against Bush Sr later on than he did earlier. Bush Sr also seems to be one of those guys who stayed close to his peak height into old age. Incidentally, you posted a picture of Nixon and Bush together in 1970, with a view to showing that Nixon was 5'10 against 6'2 Bush. Is that really what the pic suggested? The gap between eyebrow and top of the head is around 4 inches for most people, so you'd expect the top of Nixon's head to be at Bush's eyebrow if there was four inches between them. That's not what the pic shows, as is clear when a line is included:

Click Here

Rightly or wrongly, that particular pic suggests a difference of nearer 2.5 inches. The real gap was probably more, but that isn't what the pic shows..

I do agree that driver's licences aren't a great source for height, but my point was that, if you are going to lie, 5'11.5 is an unusual point to stop at. If bothering to exaggerate, you'd expect someone to go to the sought after 6ft, not half inch under.

As for Shaughnessy, it's tough to really gauge the height difference with Elvis as there aren't many scenes where they are right next to each other in a full shot. One of the only shots where you get a head to toe view of the pair does suggest that Elvis was taller, though Mickey's stance might not be the best and Elvis is closer to the camera. Even with those factors, he does appear a little taller.

Click Here

Steve, have you thought that you only consider the possibility of lifts if Elvis might be the wearer? Ford and Hunter were the stars, not Shaughnessy, so it wouldn't be too surprising if they were more likely to be wearing the flattering footwear. Similarly, it wouldn't be surprising if Elvis was more likely to be in lifts than Mickey of course. I do seem to be getting a vibe from you though that if Elvis is taller than expected against someone, he's probably in lifts, and if someone is tall next to Elvis, it's because Elvis is shorter than listed. Just a thought. Incidentally, I just checked out "Don't Go Near the Water" on YouTube and didn't think Ford looked taller than Shaughnessy. Maybe he did in the other movie.

We should also give some thought to the fact that it's unlikely any of these people are bang on 5'10 or 5'11 or 6'0 or 6'2. We tend to round up or down for convenience, but people don't often just happen to stop growing precisely at those points. It doesn't really matter ordinarily of course, but it's certainly a factor when being as pernickety as we are on this site.

My belief remains that Elvis probably hit 6ft out of bed, but, as we all do, lost height during the day and probably could measure 5'11.25 to 5'11.75, depending on the time. It's even possible that Elvis technically hit 6ft and didn't even know it himself.
Judd said on 17/Jan/15
Steve, Nixon maybe was 5'11" between his 20's and 50's, and after was a bit shorter, but i really doubt he was under 5'10.5" during his presidential mandatory.
About the pictures, we don't know what kind of shoes wore Elvis, maybe he had on something like cowboy's boots...
About Reagan, i guess he was for sure 6'0.5" in the beginning of his career (he looked that next to actors like John Wayne) while after, when he was president i think he was in the 5'11.5"-5'11.75" range...
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/15
For the record Steve, I think you're a valuable contributor and often have some good posts, anecdotes and links, but I'm just saying that a lot of others might find you a bit of a know it all and sure of yourself over heights!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/15
For instance you'll say "By the way, Reagan was no more than 6' by the time he was president. He was in his seventies." . Most other users would say "Reagan looked no more than 6 ft while he was president, probably 5'11 range". You say HE WAS.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/15
Yes, Steve, it i s a site where we can debate heights, but the way you word your posts comes across as if it is a pure fact they were the height you think they were rather than guesswork, as if you've really met them all and measured them formally. It comes with all the arrogance of somebody like Frank2, a veteran of the industry, who is adamant he is always right about everything and delivered in a fashion which at times can be a little unpleasant towards some of the stars, you remind me very much of him.
Steve said on 16/Jan/15
"Furthermore, don't know if you noticed, but Nixon wore shoes with quite short heels. There's a pic where we can see Kennedy wearing quite big heels"

Well, they look like regular laced oxfords to me.

Kennedy was two inches taller than Nixon. No question about it. There's just too much evidence proving it to be true.

Click Here

Notice producer Don Hewitt who was 5'7" is five inches shorter than JFK and three inches shorter than Nixon.

I like photos where the subjects are all the same distance from the camera. That's the most accurate way using photos to judge heights.
Steve said on 16/Jan/15
5'10" Nixon with 6' Gerald Ford

Click Here

And Nixon with 5'11" Elvis

Click Here
Steve said on 16/Jan/15
Well Ramiro, if photos are totally unreliable, as is watching movies, then unless we actually met those celebs now deceased, or meet the people listed on this website who are still among the living, bringing along a tape measure, then everything is pure conjecture.

I don't accept official heights. Even the military screws up. They've listed several famous celebs who served at the wrong height. Never under mind you. Always over.

Driver's livences are hardly reliable. One of the least innacurrate sources.

Presidents had their height fudged. It goes on all the time.

By the way, Reagan was no more than 6' by the time he was president. He was in his seventies.
Steve said on 15/Jan/15
Nixon with Bob Hope

Click Here

Nixon with Eisenhower

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Nixon was 5'10". So was Bob Hope and so was Eisenhower.

Bob Hope lost the most height of the three. By the time he was in his seventies he dropped to 5'8".

What's interesting is Eisenhower was in his sixties when he was president. Yet he didn't appear to lose height.

Nixon lost some height with age.
Steve said on 15/Jan/15
If Nixon was 5'11" then JFK was 6'1".

Sinatra was a little over 5'7'.
Steve said on 15/Jan/15
Chuckie, tailors always measure for trausers with shoes on. And I never saw a tailer take out a tape measure to measure a person's height so we must assume Elvis's tailor was estimating. And estimating with Elvis's shoes on.
Ramiro said on 15/Jan/15
Say it Steve, Sinatra wasn't concerned about his height and never wore lifts, ha ha ha ha. Pics and more pics proving one thing and the contrary.

Did you noticed the long head Nixon had? Let's look not only to shoulders. Reagan was 6'1'' and Ford 6'.
Ramiro said on 15/Jan/15
Steve, I don't put pics to begin a war of photographs with you. I put them to show how different impressions we take from one pic to another; even the same pic with different cut, or pics taken at the same place and time. Deceiving visual effects are not only in the pics you decide.

Furthermore, don't know if you noticed, but Nixon wore shoes with quite short heels. There's a pic where we can see Kennedy wearing quite big heels in his shoes.

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Chuckie, in the book you showed, there isn't a word pronounced by Lansky. And a 6' tall person can be just under 6' throughout the day and still being a 6' feet tall man (or woman).
Judd said on 15/Jan/15
In my opinion, Elvis was 5'11.25", Nixon 5'11" and Sinatra 5'6.5"
Steve said on 15/Jan/15
Nixon with Sinatra

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Here we see Nixon was the shortest

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Nixon was 5'10". Officially he's listed as an inch and a half taller. Just goes to show we cannot always trust official heights. Most are inflated.

Maybe Rob should add Nixon to this site.
Steve said on 15/Jan/15
Here's something to consider. Actor Mickey Shaughnessy was the exact same height as Elvis in Jailhouse Rock. But Shaughnessy was at least two inches shorter than 6' Tab Hunter as well as 6' Robert F. Simon in the western Gunman's Walk.

Shaughnessy was an inch shorter than 5'11" Glenn Ford in both The Sheepman and Don't Go Near the Water.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 15/Jan/15
Just found this quote, describing Elvis' tailor Mr. Lansky who describes Elvis as "just under six feet tall", a 40 suit, a 32 inch waist, 31 inseam and size 12 shoe. Click Here

Recently some of Elvis' shoes he wore in the 1950's were auctioned off, and they were a size 10. So it appears, Elvis' shoe size had changed.
Steve said on 14/Jan/15
TJ, heights listed on driver's licenses are among the least reliable source of info. Most people fib about their height. This is true of both men and women. My sister-in-law worked for the DMV and confirmed this. She used to laugh when someone obviously under average height would add an inch, sometimes up to three inches.
Steve said on 14/Jan/15
More Nixon-JFK photos.

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And Nixon with 6'2" George H. W. Bush.

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Steve said on 14/Jan/15
Ramiro, the last photo with JFK is tilted. Just look at the piller.

This is more like it.

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Steve said on 14/Jan/15
Ramiro, the photo of Nixon with Ali is tilted.

Nixon was 5'10". He was two inches shorter than JFK. And later on, he lost enough height that he was two to three inches shorter than George W. Bush.
Steve said on 14/Jan/15
Arch, all I've done is question and show examples. If that grates on you.....well, get a life. This is supposed to be a website where people can question the heights of celebs. But it seems there are some who do not want their favorite entertainers discussed except to praise them.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/15
Steve says on 13/Jan/15

And Carl, we are ALL entitled to our own opinions. You have your own. I have mine. You should respect mine.

The difference is Steve the way you word yours are always as if it is FACT. There's a certain arrogance and sardonicism that comes with what you say which grates on myself and probably others.
TJ said on 14/Jan/15
Elvis' recently auctioned first driving licence, issued when he had just turned 17, says he was 5'11.5 and 153 pounds at the time. He was very skinny as a teenager, so that does make sense. To be so precise about weight and height does suggest that this was accurate at the time. Also, if he was claiming to be taller than he was, wouldn't he have been more likely to just say 6ft, rather than leave himself half an inch below? However, even this was his height two months after his 17th birthday, it doesn't necessarily tell us his final adult height. He could easily have gained a small amount more and just as easily might have peaked.
Ramiro said on 13/Jan/15
Nixon with Muhammad Ali:

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Nixon with Elvis:

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Vernon Presley (quite aged) and Muhammad Ali:

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Ramiro said on 13/Jan/15
Kennedy and Nixon pics (same place and moment):

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Click Here

Click Here

And what about this photo?:

Click Here

I can prove anything with pics; one thing and the contrary.
Ramiro said on 13/Jan/15
Steve, I can show you photographs taken to Kennedy and Nixon at the same moment and place of the one you posted, where height difference appears to be small and even Nixon looks taller (another example of the deceiving world of pictures):

What I tried to say before regarding army boots is that the ones Elvis wore while filming G.I. Blues matched the regulation army boots at that moment. The "severe angle" you talk about is very common in many boots and even more in army boots all over the planet. Nothing to do with lifts or some kind of elevator.

The alleged Elvis' army measurement with footwear (shoes with some leg, not boots) appears in a Time Magazine pic caption which says: "Elvis' height measured at 6'1/2''". On march 25, 1958, and after spending all night up and without resting (maximum height loss), he was measured barefooted 71'' (height fractions wasn't recorded at that time). The previous year, on january 4, 1957, he was measured at the pre-induction physical in the same place, with the same procedure and by the same personnel under regular conditions (without spending all night up); and his height was 6' as you can see at the top of this page, because I have the official documents proving it. He was measured several more times and the results were always 6' (all proved and documented).

All people lose height throughout the day and that's the reason why anthropometric measurements are done in the morning, when all persons, generally speaking, are in the same conditions, because height loss depends on many factors, different for each person. Could Elvis be under 6' at some point in the day? Yes; not only Elvis, but every 6' even tall person.

The Elvis' height lowest estimations you'll find are those from Larry Geller (Elvis' hairdresser) and Bill Bellew (who designed Elvis' late sixties/seventies concert jumpsuits): 5ft 11.5''

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Steve said on 13/Jan/15
Carl, what's fact to you isn't to me so lets just say we disagree and end it. I believe Elvis was 5'11" and I've stated why. Lots of famous people who have as much documentation as Elvis such as US presidents lied about their height. Nixon wasn't the official height listed. He was a good two inches shorter than 6' JFK. We know JFK was 6' because of the photo evidence.

I doubt Bill Clinton was ever 6'2" or George W. Bush 5'11". But they're still listed at their official heights.
Carl said on 13/Jan/15
Elvis was and it's the opunion shared by many people that he was at least 6ft. This is the general opinion held by many a historian, expert, people whom actually knew him on both a personal and professional level. I accept this as 'FACT' as it completely verified and supported. I disagree with a minority view of one on here as they never really validate their alleged views with anything other than their own hypothesis. My view is supported in 'Evidence' not just one persons view with a photos from the Internet. Elvis was 6ft all day long period. It's public and expert view based in FACT not theories. 6ft definately without question. For the record I myself am 6ft 1ins and slim built, I've been fortunate enough to work in the media and music business for many years and know that celebrities heights etc have always been played with. Elvis himself was billed from early years throughout his as 6ft to 6ft 2ins but in reality was 6ft in socks. That's FACT.
Carl said on 13/Jan/15
Elvis was and it's the opunion shared by many people that he was at least 6ft. This is the general opinion held by many a historian, expert, people whom actually knew him on both a personal and professional level. I accept this as 'FACT' as it completely verified and supported. I disagree with a minority view of one on here as they never really validate their alleged views with anything other than their own hypothesis. My view is supported in 'Evidence' not just one persons view with a photos from the Internet. Elvis was 6ft all day long period. It's public and expert view based in FACT not theories. 6ft definately without question. For the record I myself am 6ft 1ins and slim built, I've been fortunate enough to work in the media and music business for many years and know that celebrities heights etc have always been played with. Elvis himself was billed from early years throughout his as 6ft to 6ft 2ins but in reality was 6ft in socks. That's FACT.
Steve said on 13/Jan/15
Speaking of not believing official height listings, Nixon was supposedly 5'11 & 1/2". Not true. He was no more than 5'10".

Click Here

That or JFK was nearly 6'2" which would have meant LBJ was 6'5"!

By the time he was president, he was probably 5'9". In the photos with him an Elvis, we see a two inch difference in height. I can't find a shot showing what footwear Elvis had on, but let's say he wore regular shoes with one inch heels. That would mean he was 5'11" which is what I believe he was.

I know it's kind of silly to quibble over an inch. But after all, that's what people do on this website.

And Carl, we are ALL entitled to our own opinions. You have your own. I have mine. You should respect mine.
Steve said on 12/Jan/15
If by respect you mean accept what you say then we might as well not question anything.
Steve said on 12/Jan/15
Carl, when was I rude?

Lighten up.
Carl said on 11/Jan/15
Steve we all are entitled to our own opinions and you should respect that rather than be disrepectful to people whose opinion is different to yours. Elvis was six feet and that's my opinion.
Steve said on 11/Jan/15
Ramiro, that's the point. Elvis didn't wear height increasing shoes in the Army. He wore them when he acted in Hollywood.

And Carl, you believe everything officially handed to you? Just because it's official doesn't mean it's accurate. Most people inflate their own height. Celebs do it all the time. Studios do it. Publicists handling celebs do it. Officially we hear Stallone is 5'10". Do you believe it? I sure don't.
Carl said on 11/Jan/15
Elvis was six feet and it's been validated time and time again. It's silly to suggest with rudeness any objective argument as soon as you become less rational, you loose the validity of any argument. With Ramiro I concur with the historians, experts and people whom met and knew Elvis or had access to his personal archive. All have confirmed Elvis was 6ft.
Carl said on 11/Jan/15
Ramiro I agree pretty much with everything you suggest. Elvis was one celebrity now with access to his personal records that can clearly be proven time and time again to be 6ft.
Ramiro said on 10/Jan/15
Steve, how can you compare today's army boots with those of the fifties/1960?

Look, here are the regulation army boots given to Elvis at Fort Chafee:

Click Here

Of course, the pic you provided is from Elvis' movie "G.I.Blues", where he wore army boots and regular shoes too:

Click Here

There are a lot of boots with the "severe angle" you talk about and I have a couple. And, in particular, this shape is typical on army boots:

Click Here

High heeled footwear reentered men's fashion in the sixties; specially in the world of entertainment, people concerned with fashion. In the seventies, that style went simply huge and reached all kinds of persons.

To say that Elvis claimed to be 6' tall is to not know who was Elvis. He was asked by a journalist and he simply answered. There's one thing absolutely all people who ever met Elvis say about him: He was tremendously humble. It was perhaps the most remarkable quality of his personality along with his generosity. And I'm sure that if he were alive and aware of this discussion, he would kick our asses.
Steve said on 10/Jan/15
Ramiro, platform shoes started in the 1970s. I'm talking about Elvis from the late fifties to 1970.

And those seen in photos with Elvis DO have their heights discussed. Even challenged.

You are right that some photos as well as the manner in which movies are shot do use tricks to decieve. But many of what I linked were merely snapshots.

You want to know what I think? I believe Elvis was 5'11". And that to reach six feet he wore shoes either with big heels such as boots, or had specially made shoes with lifts made.

When he was measured at the time he was inducted into the army it appears he wore shoes when his height was taken. Right there that would add at least an inch.
Ramiro said on 10/Jan/15
Photographs and footage have countless deceptive visual and postural effects, tricks, crucial parts which many times we don't see (from chest or waist down, floor or ground...). And the comparisons are done with people which their own heights are far more disputable than Elvis' one. It's funny, Elvis' height , who was measured many times by doctors, taylor, disputable, but not the people beside him on pics or footage. Elvis, despite the fact that the ones who had all his footwear in their hands deny it, wore lifs, but not the others. And, of course, Elvis was the only one to sometimes wear big heeled footwear in the sixties and seventies.
Steve said on 10/Jan/15
Notice the boots. The severe angle of the foot. Those are lifts

Click Here

I think they added about two extra inches to his height.

Now here is a soldier wearing normal regulation Army boots

Click Here

Notice the feet are not angled upward.
Steve said on 9/Jan/15
Can anyone make out the markings or the numbers?

Click Here

Ramiro, men did not wear high heeled shoes or boots as common place until the 1970s.

Notice in Elvis's 1960s features, he appears to be the only actor wearing them.

And to suggest they're not lifts must mean you're not looking at the photos. The angle of his foot proves he's been elevated, in some cases by at least three inches.

Six foot actors didn't need them. But actors who claimed to be six feet, but in reality fell short, did wear them.
Judd said on 9/Jan/15
personally i think elvis was for sure nothing under 5'11"...maybe in the range 5'11-11.5"...he was more than 4" taller than Sinatra, although here's listed 5'7.5" i think Sinatra was under 5'7"...
I think Elvis had the same size as Leonardo dicaprio: 5'11.25".
Steve said on 9/Jan/15
Photos prove nothing?

All you believe is what is officially given?

OK. Enough. Belive whatever. Like I said early on, his height wasn't what made him a star.
Carl said on 9/Jan/15
Elvis was 6ft and in boots fashionable of the time he was just over 6ft. Almost all the people whom worked or associated with Elvis or his manager to normal fans or people whom just so happened to have met him, have all said that Elvis was tall, actually many have stated very tall. I base my opinion which is just as valid as others on this website, a conclusion that I firmly believe is repeatedly validated. I'm entitled to my opinion just as much as anybody else. Elvis was 6ft.
Carl said on 9/Jan/15
Elvis was 6ft and in boots fashionable of the time he was just over 6ft. Almost all the people whom worked or associated with Elvis or his manager to normal fans or people whom just so happened to have met him, have all said that Elvis was tall, actually many have stated very tall. I base my opinion which is just as valid as others on this website, a conclusion that I firmly believe is repeatedly validated. I'm entitled to my opinion just as much as anybody else. Elvis was 6ft.
Carl said on 9/Jan/15
Steve for every photo you produce there is thousands of photos from a different angle. Photo do NOT prove anything. I can produce a thousand photos of Elvid with people whom are over six feet and Elvis is their height. You really have an issue that is not valid. Elvis was 6ft period.
Carl said on 9/Jan/15
Steve for every photo you produce there is thousands of photos from a different angle. Photo do NOT prove anything. I can produce a thousand photos of Elvid with people whom are over six feet and Elvis is their height. You really have an issue that is not valid. Elvis was 6ft period.
Ramiro said on 9/Jan/15
Rob, I've just posted some pages of Elvis' related books to document my statements. Despite they are only a few pages, I don't know if publishing them can cause legal problems. If so, you can use them to check my statements without showing in the forum. Thank you.
Ramiro said on 9/Jan/15
Rudolf, I agree that this discussion is somewhat stupid, up to de point I've unable to confess to my wife what the hell I'm doing here, hahahaha.

Steve; with the same accuracy as you, and using the pics you posted to claim that Elvis wore lifts, I can say that Elvis wore lingerie. The people who actually and directly took ALL of Elvis' footwear and studied them, told me that Elvis didn't wore lifts, and that the so called where "Doctor Scholl" insoles that Elvis sometime wore to cushion feet and with no relavance regarding height. But shoes, boots, etc..., didn't have any additional and hidden work inside to add height to the visible heels. Elvis wore regular shoes and boots (not all the boots have more heels than shoes), and also, depending on the costume, he sometimes wore footwear with higher heels in accordance with the fashion of the 60's and 70's and exactly the same as the rest of the stars from Hollywood and from the entertainment world. And like the rest of the human beings at the time (high heeled footwear was very common these days). By the way, how many of the men photographed beside Elvis could wear lifts? We don't know, but I bet that some of them. In many of the pics we don't even see footwear to watch heels or soles and, furthermore, I have footwear which insole lands well over sole or heel's visible upper line. And footwear which insole lands under that line.

Every 6 feet even tall person (including all listed in this web as 6'0'') are taller in the morning (perhaps slighty over 6') and shorter by the end of the day (somewhere between 5'11.75'' and 5'11''). That's the reason because for scientific and medical purposes, height measurements must be done in the morning and that's the height that counts, because the loss during the day depends on many factors that are different from one person to another. Elvis was measured repeatedly in the army and by taylor 6' in stocking feet, measures that coincide literally with Elvis' comments about his height made and recorded in 1956. I've proved all this with the original documents and recordings put in harmony with historians' work. Doing that, we know for sure that Elvis spent all 23 to 24 march, 1958 night and early morning without going to bed, resting nor eating, until he went to his induction army physicals at 06:35. If you read Peter Guralnick's "Last Train To Memphis", and Ernst Jorgensen and again Peter Guralnick's "Elvis Day by Day. The Definitive Record of His Life and Music", you'll see all of Elvis' life related almost minute by minute by these recognized historians and music experts.

Just take a look at the pages of the above mentioned books where Elvis' last hours before entering his induction physicals:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

It's difficult to imagine a situation where a man can lose more height than Elvis these hours. He surely lost the maximum. It's almost impossible to show more conclusive evidences about someone's height. We have his height repeatedly measured, even by medical personnel, 6 feet tall. And for the only one measurement where apparently failed to reach the 6' mark, we have the definitive and scientific explanation recorded by historians. What more we want? It's unfair and scientifically incorrect to pick that specific measurement to say: “Elvis wasn't 6'”. If Elvis wasn't 6' tall, then nobody is; and nobody is 6'1'' or whatever. Because nobody is the same height all of the day and in all circumstances which, if we want to be rigorous, must be taken into consideration.
Steve said on 9/Jan/15
Elvis and 5'10" Jackie Gleason

Click Here

Jackie Gleason and Steve McQueen

Click Here

Elvis and MGM studio head James Aubrey who was 6'2"

Click Here
Steve said on 8/Jan/15
Check out the boots

Click Here
Steve said on 8/Jan/15
Carl, when I worked in New York, a fellow I knew who worked in publicity told me something I never forgot. He said his job was to make sure the public knew stuff on celebs that was mostly not true, but never found out about other things that were true.

Never accept as fact what officials tells us. Always question. Governments lie. People lie.
Steve said on 8/Jan/15
Official records aren't automatically truthful. I only accept what I see from loads of evidence. If I always believed what I was officially told, I'd be more than just naive.
Carl said on 8/Jan/15
The main thing to accept on here is we all are allowed our individual opinions.As already stated I agree with what is Fact and the experts records archives. Elvis was 6ft and a little over in boots. Steve youve proven to me and perhaps others by forcing biased views and when I suggest another celebrity as John Wayne whom I actually am a fan of too, you again enforce your view as gospel.I back up my views only as a neutral party but as an historian and dealing with experts whom have had much access to Elvis personal records, I agree with their view and recorded facts of Elvis at 6ft. Its my view and experts view.
Steve said on 7/Jan/15
Check out those boots!

Click Here
Steve said on 7/Jan/15
Here we see neither Milton Berle or Elvis are wearing lifts.

Click Here

Berle with Bob Hope.

Click Here

And with Steve Allen.

Click Here

And Elvis with Steve Allen.

Click Here

And finally, those are lifts!

Click Here
Rudolf said on 7/Jan/15
I'm 179cm, i.e., about 5'10" ½ (measured in the afternoon at the hospital), 94kgs.

I wear 38" pants (waist) and length 39", which is just above the shoes. My chest is 44". Regardless, I look slightly skinnier now than Elvis did prior his death. Don't get me wrong. I am in the bulky/overweight list, but no one can point at me and accurately say how much I weigh or how tall I actually am. Some have guessed it at 5'10", others at 5'11" and my beautiful wife still in her innocent heart believes I am 6' as do many of my shorter friends and colleagues. I don't blame them. I am 6' when I have my [UK size 11] shoes (not lifts) on because it helps me maintain my straight posture.

I personally believe Elvis was no less than 5'10", and no taller than 5'11.

However, I can understand the confusion and need for discoursing on this topic further due to the existence / evidence of conflicting records elsewhere, and the fact that Elvis (to his fans) meant perfection, and therefore, it is unacceptable that there is still no definite answer on his height!

That said, I see a lot of people here who are ready to accept Elvis' height over 6'. I have a terrible feeling that even if Elvis came down from the heavens right now and said he wasn't, I'd still find some of you people going on that that's preposterous / impossible.

My last post; may you all soon get to the bottom of this, and allow this thread and Elvis to finally rest in peace.

Steve said on 7/Jan/15
Carl, I seriously doubt John Wayne wore lifts. I've never spotted them. Wayne had loads of accusations hurled at him mostly because he was an arch conservative.

Dean Martin wasn't 6'. He was barely 5'10".

I never spotted lifts on Berle except when he was in drag wearing women's high heels.

Ramiro, Elvis wore lifts. Even people who knew him claimed he did. Look at the photos I posted. Those aren't just boots with big heels. The boots he wore in the photo with Ann-Margaret are specially made. Dean Martin wore similar boots that increased his height by over two inches.

Another notorious lift wearer was Desi Arnez. He also claimed to be 6', but in reality was several inches shy of it.
Carl said on 7/Jan/15
Daniel you seem to be a rational, neautral person in this debate and I agree on many of your statements on here. I also know you have been a regular contributor as myself to this site for a number of years. We both use 'Actual' historical and hard archive evidence to help support our statements/comments on here. We both are in the fortunate position to have directly communicated with EPE GRACELAND, to further gain both evidence and validate our debate. I've been to graceland a number of times and spoken to a number of the team there and not just tour guides but mgt. As we both know photography and camera angles can be either an advantage or not an advantage to a person in whatever is being recorded. Also ground, flooring, positioning of a person all gives different impressions of height, weight perspective. I have with absolute certainty that Elvis was 6ft throughout his adult years until his tragically early death. What I find amusing is Cary Grant whom is listed variously at 6ft to 6ft 2ins was the same height as Elvis and similar build. The question on here really should not be how tall Elvis was as its well documented and validated as 6ft. The question should be is why was Elvis with such overwhelming evidence to support his being 6ft, not be upgraded back to his original listed height on here of 6ft. There are far more people on here with very dubies height claims and not half as much if at evidence to support it. Come on Rob it's time for an upgrade and for FACTS to be honoured as validated. Thankyou Carl
Ramiro said on 7/Jan/15
I want to make a correction: The fhotographs of Elvis' signing the RCA contract are from november 1955, not 1956.

Steve, what you call "lifts" are heels. Yes, at times, Elvis wore boots with heels higher than regular shoes. As did not only all the Hollywood stars, especially in the 60's and 70's, when high heeled footwear was in fashion, but everybody in the world. Myself have some footwear with more heel or sole than other. Elvis also wore white boots with more heels than regular shoes in his concerts. But HE DIDN'T WEAR LIFTS (something hidden inside shoe work to look taller). Someone here and myself were lucky enough to contact directly with Graceland Archives' personnel who have first hand access to all Elvis' stuff, including all tipe of footwear. And they told me that Elvis didn't wear lifts, but, in some cases like concert boots, heels higher than regular shoes (at the end of his life they could be almost 2'' high). And they told me too that the only thing Elvis wore sometime inside his footwear, were "Doctor Scholl" insoles to cushion feet.

It looks like Elvis didn't take any advantage in height over the others (in the 50's, 60's and 70's). If someone is taller than him, he usually looks taller. And if someone is much taller than him, he looks much taller.

Elvis didn't wear boots at his army induction on march 24, 1958. He wore regular shoes with some leg:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

The pic you show was published in Time magazine with the following text: "Elvis' height measured at 6'1/2''. But Elvis went on many more measurements in Memphis and in Fort Hood (Texas); I've found in today's army regulations that for some destinations, like air forces, tanks..., soldiers' heights with footwear are taken into consideration. But I have all Elvis' army papers and documents, includig all medical records, and there isn't mention of a 6'1/2'' measurement, so it seems they passed to official documents only the barefooted measurement. Elvis, barefooted, didn't reach the 6' mark this time because he was up all night, he went to cinema, to a skating rink...; he didn't sleep nor eat anything during all night and went directly to army physicals at 6:35 in the morning. It's documented by historians, media, witnesses who stayed all night with Elvis, etc... I don't know if the scanned copies of all this documented material arrived to Rob when I tried to send them to him... But, anyway, it's a well known fact like many other historical events.
Carl said on 7/Jan/15
Steve will now argue that everybody is wrong yet again and provide yet more silly photos that prove nothing. Watch this space.
Carl said on 7/Jan/15
The funny thing that Steve mentioned was that he argues that No legit 6ft celebrity wore lifts. Haha that's so funny as many six plus celebrities have and still do. There's arguments that Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Wayne, Robbie Williams, Dean Martin and so many other men whom claim 6ft plus and wore lifts. So what if Elvis wore lifts.! He still was a legit 6ft in socks. His army physicals were both with and without boots, just the same as everybody else. Elvis was clearly tall, thin and 6ft all day long. As for Milton Berle you will find that he wore also wore lifts. Steve Allen and Elvis when he is in his tux and standing side by side without camera angle advantage are actually very similar in height and not much between them. Actually Elvis looks over six foot in his tux when Steve Allen is talking to him side by side. You can't insist with certainty about Elvis's height as how would you know any of their true heights? It's a ridiculous argument and you have a fixation on Elvis being shorter. Think before you speak and back it up with evidence as all evidence suggests Elvis was minimum 6ft.
Carl said on 7/Jan/15
The funny thing that Steve mentioned was that he argues that No legit 6ft celebrity wore lifts. Haha that's so funny as many six plus celebrities have and still do. There's arguments that Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Wayne, Robbie Williams, Dean Martin and so many other men whom claim 6ft plus and wore lifts. So what if Elvis wore lifts.! He still was a legit 6ft in socks. His army physicals were both with and without boots, just the same as everybody else. Elvis was clearly tall, thin and 6ft all day long. As for Milton Berle you will find that he wore also wore lifts. Steve Allen and Elvis when he is in his tux and standing side by side without camera angle advantage are actually very similar in height and not much between them. Actually Elvis looks over six foot in his tux when Steve Allen is talking to him side by side. You can't insist with certainty about Elvis's height as how would you know any of their true heights? It's a ridiculous argument and you have a fixation on Elvis being shorter. Think before you speak and back it up with evidence as all evidence suggests Elvis was minimum 6ft.
Danimal said on 7/Jan/15
Elvis states in this 1956 interview that he's an even 6'0" (at 53 seconds):

There you have it folks, right from the horses mouth.
Danimal said on 7/Jan/15
Carl says on 6/Jan/15
Some very biased comments regarding Elvis on here. Elvis was 6ft and maybe Steve just has height envy and maybe needs a lift or too. Short man syndrome. Elvis was 6ft.

He could have been 6'0" and he could have been 5'11". There's no way of telling.

He wasn't under 5'11".
Danimal said on 7/Jan/15
Rudolf says on 5/Jan/15
I am ready to accept that Elvis was between 5'10" and 5'11" ½. My personal guess is 5'10 ½.

He wasn't under 5'11".
Danimal said on 7/Jan/15
Fair to say that he was anywhere between 5'11" and 6'0.5". He's a tough one to peg.
Steve said on 7/Jan/15
It appears from this photo that when Elvis was measured and weighed by the army, he wore his boots.

Click Here
Steve said on 6/Jan/15

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Name me another famous male celeb who was a legit six feet who wore lifts.

I seriously doubt Elvis was close to being six feet.

First off, I don't accept as gospel what official publicity claims. I go by a preponderance of evidence.

Elvis was no taller than 5'10" Milton Berle.

He was considerably shorter than 6'3" Steve Allen, 6'3" Jimmy Dean and 6'3" Steve Forrest and 6'2" Edward Andrews.

And he wore lifts!
Ramiro said on 6/Jan/15
Steve, don't take me wrong. I'm not saying that you used manipulated pics being aware of that. I'm simply trying to show how swampy and deceitful is to trust on visual aprecciations (non only pics or filmings). There are plenty of visual effects, things that we don't see, cut pics that change the visual impresion with respect to the original, and yes, manipulated photos that are more common in the case of huge celebrities like Elvis (generally to ridicule or downgrade him). Another example: you recenlty posted a photograph of Elvis' signing his contract with RCA on 22 november, 1956. In that pic not only Elvis, who is leaning over his mother to receive a kiss, seems to be not shorter, but even reduced; Elvis hadn't precisely a small head, and in that photo his head looks small compared to all the rest. Then, if yo go to the rest of the pics taken at that moment, you'll see Elvis looking at a more reasonable size and many of the persons photographed looking very different in height, size...:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Then, you have Steve Sholes looking taller and shorter than Elvis, depending on the shot:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

And Sam Phillips looking small compared the man behind him (Bob Neal):

Click Here

And looking similar in this pic:

Click Here

As you can see, is a madness to draw conclusions trusting in images. And Elvis has his height proved with different documented measurements; there's no need to go crazy with all this.
Steve said on 6/Jan/15
Ramiro, fake photos? Come on. And Hodiak wasn't 6'. If he was then Ray Milland was close to 6'3".
Look, I posted legit photos. You don't buy any of them. OK. Believe what you want. But Elvis did wear lifts. Look at his shoes.
Carl said on 6/Jan/15
Some very biased comments regarding Elvis on here. Elvis was 6ft and maybe Steve just has height envy and maybe needs a lift or too. Short man syndrome. Elvis was 6ft.
Steve said on 5/Jan/15
"My wife knows my height simply because I told her that."

I rest my case.
Ramiro said on 5/Jan/15
Steve, the more pics you show (including the fake and manipulated photographs), the less you prove your points. In fact, many of the pics you provide are precisely the proof of the contrary you want to prove. They show that the impression from one pic to another can vary a lot and that if Elvis wore lifts, they were a complete fraud, because they didn't work at all. As well as being fruitless and totally deceitful to calculate heights using pics, I have to tell you that Wendell Corey was listed as 6'1.5'', and John Hodiak as 6' tall. And that there is another pic of the same meeting between Merle Kilgore and Elvis, where the height difference seems to be considerably shorter than in the one you posted:

Click Here

Still, 4 inches is a big difference in height that attracts more attention than if you measure 4 inches with a ruler. I encountered with a football player about that difference taller than me, and he towered over me to the point I felt like a midget.

Look at this photo where Kilgore towered over Cash:

Click Here

Jakertini; Elvis looks taller in all pics with Nixon. But pics do not say anything regarding heights. There's a lot of medical and all purpose height measurements done to Elvis; what more we want? Only a 6'1'' man (or woman) can almost assure he (or she) is 6' or over in all circumstances and in all hours of the day. With the same rule applied to Elvis, nobody should be considered his own height. Elvis had to be up all night to be under 6 feet; I find it unfair to take this specific measurement to downgrade him, forgetting all the rest where he was measured under regular circumstances.
Rudolf said on 5/Jan/15
I am ready to accept that Elvis was between 5'10" and 5'11" ½. My personal guess is 5'10 ½.
Steve said on 5/Jan/15
Nixon was around 5'10". As he got older he lost height. Just look at him when he was photographed with Other presidents at the White House. Only Jimmy Carter was shorter.

Official president's heights are often inflated as are the heights of celebrities.
Steve said on 5/Jan/15
Elvis with 6'1" Wendell Cory.

Click Here

5'10" John Hodiak with Cory.

Click Here

And Hodiak with 6'1" Ray Milland.

Click Here

Elvis with 6'2" Edward Andrews.

Click Here

Click Here
Ramiro said on 4/Jan/15
Steve, with comments like "Elvis was 5' 10'' tall" and "women notoriously misjudge men's heights" is difficult to take your arguments seriously. Obviously, nobody is saying that Colonel Parker's widow winked an eye to calculate her husband's height. If she said Colonel was 6 fell tall is surely because he told her that. My wife knows my height simply because I told her that. But in the case of Elvis all these things are almost irrelevant; because he was repeatedly measured for different reasons and the results of these exams match wiht Elvis' comments about his own height.

You say that perhaps the army boosted Elvis' height for some reason. This is nonsense and, furthermore, Elvis was almost evil for the establisment. They wanted to bury Elvis' career.

Elvis' hairdresser Larry Geller was 6'2'' in his own words; in the photograph posted he wears high heeled footwear and Elvis' legs are more open (but..., what I'm doing discussing about rough visual impressions based on pics??). And the pic you posted with Elvis arms up at army induction physicals IS COMPLETELY FAKE. Let's look at the mark where all feet stand. The "giant" is almost behind Elvis, his mark is larger and the original pic is this:
Click Here

It's funny up to what point some people go to downgrade Elvis. With the same manipulated pic, there is another version with all nude and their "little friends" hanging...

What I see is that it looks like Elvis didn't take any advantage over the others' heights. Graceland Archives confirmed that he didn't use lifts; is well known that he used to be barefooted or at most in slippers when in private places, hotel bedrooms, hollywood Studios, dressing rooms, etc... Even somebody who used to write here and worked at Hollywood Studios confirmed it (Frank2, if I remember correctly his nickname). In the pic with Robert Wagner posted recently, Elvis is dressed in something like a housecoat and pyjamas.

Definitely, photographs aren't reliable at all to our purpose and less to calculate exact heights (even more in the world of entertainment, with many people doing whatever to look taller. To do so with people we haven't reliable height data about, can be understandable to a certain degree. In the case of Elvis is simply unnecessary.

I always tried to be honest about this matter, even providing the medical exam where Elvis didn't reach the 6' mark. And, honeslty, I think that if the 6'0'' category exists, Elvis should be inside of it. He was six feet tall, and like the rest of 6 feet even tall human beings, his height was higher at the beginning of the day, and less at the end. And like the rest of the humans, he lost height that night/early morning between march 23-24, 1958, when he didn't go to bed (and the height loss can be up to 3 cm. That's more than an inch). This is not gossip, these hours were documented and followed minute by minute. If this web site brags of being rigorous and meticulous regarding height measurements, it can't be overlooked that the only measurement where Elvis didn't reach the 6' mark has a clear scientific explanation. And that there are at least six or seven more measurements stating 6' (without counting driver licences and other official documents). That's a record for a celebrity.
Steve said on 4/Jan/15
Elvis with 6'4" country singer Merle Kilgor.

Click Here

Kilgor with 6'1" Johnny Cash.

Click Here

Elvis with 6'3" Jimmy Dean.

Click Here

Pre-lifts days.

Click Here
Steve said on 4/Jan/15
If Jack Lord was 6'2" then Sean Connery was 6'3".

He wasn't 6'3". Neither was Lord 6'2".

If you can't spot the lifts in the photos I posted of Elvis.........,
Mike F said on 4/Jan/15
My wife knows my height which is 6ft 1inch
So I have to disagree
Also when I stood next to Ed Parker to me he seemed to be the same height as myself. I was in trainers and he Ed was in normal shoes. I believe that he was 6ft tall and I definitely agree with this, and Ed Parker and Elvis appear to be very similar, even with Elvis possibly being slightly taller. There are photos of them side by side in a karate group.
Carl said on 4/Jan/15
I suspect Steve that your biased and not very realistic. Larry Geller was Elvis's hairdresser and he stands 6ft 2.5ins. I've seen a number of photos of Elvis with his hairdresser and they both are wearing boots which was typical of the time and well Elvis looked similar height maybe an inch difference. Also if you read my posts previously I was not referring to Elvis's wife but the renowned music biographer Julie Mundy. She composed the book Elvis Fashion sound 8 years ago and for almost a year was fortunate enough after Graceland was closed for the night from the public to have access to many valuable documents, clothing, stage wear etc. she told me directly on several occasions how surprised she was of Elvis's 'V' shaped build and how slender he was plus that in all his unpublished insurance physicals he had to have before concerts or movies. The only thing that fluctuated slightly was his weight. His height was consistently recorded by the medical examiners in the 60's and 70's as just a shade over 6ft. Actually mainly 6ft 1/4 inch in his socks. That's proven total 100% evidence and not from his family but from DR's and total body physicals. I think that speaks far louder than any silly photo you can show here as photos don't prove anything at all in height only that we try guess height. The simple TRUTH FACT is Elvis was one of the few celebrities whom height is actually recorded many times not only by army DR's but physicians, DR's examining him prior to a movie or concert. Rob time to put Elvis back to 6ft. Elvis is amongst the few celebrities that has hard evidence to support his recorded height. A lot of people thought Elvis was taller for many years and indeed he can be reported at times as being over 6ft which I'm sure he was in his boots. But he was a legit 6footer until the day he died. End of story.
Steve said on 3/Jan/15
If Elvis was 6' then the guy on his right must have been 6'6".

Click Here

Elvis with 6'2" Oral Roberts.

Click Here

I'm sure Elvis had a little help in his shoe department.
Ramiro said on 3/Jan/15
Oh yes, Elvis wore lifts even when sleeping in bed; but 6'2'' tall Jack Lord didn't..... And, of course, a medical exam isn't as reliable as a cut photograph (ironic mode off). Only a rough search and you can easily find that Jack Lord is one of the more suspected persons on earth of wearing lifts, along with the rest of actors and entertainers. And his height seems to vary from one situation to another. On the other hand, Elvis is summarily condemned, accused of wearing lifts. When looking at a pic where Elvis is beside other celebrities or actors, we have to assume that Elvis wore lifts, not the others. And to sustain that, and due to the fact that it looks like Elvis didn´t take any advantage in height over the others, the following step is to say that Elvis was 5' 10'' or 5' 8''.

Elvis himself was asked about his height in this interview made on august 7, 1956 in St. Petersburg. He answered literally: “Even six...” Just hear from second 50 on:

On january 4, 1957, Elvis passed pre-induction army medical exam at Kennedy Veterans Hospital and his height was measured at 6'. On march 24, 1958, Elvis passed the induction army medical exam exactly at the same place, with the same procedure and assisted by the same personnel. He didn't reach the 6' mark, but we know that he was awake all night and didn´t go to bed. At least Editor Rob must know that circumstance causes a significant height loss. Furthermore, Elvis passed several more medical exams and in all of them was measured at 6'. And there are a lot of official documents stating Elvis' height at 6' or slighty more.

In addition to all that, Elvis was too measured by taylor Nudie Cohn for the gold lamé suit. His height was 6' in stocking feet: Click Here You can see the measurements halfway of the web page.

Elvis said that he was 6 feet even and all the evidences indicate that. How many celebrities offer this amount of documented evidences regarding their heights?
Steve said on 3/Jan/15
Here it appears Col. Parker is taller.

Click Here

Going by what the wife said is meaningless. Women notoriously misjudge men's heights.

By the way, how tall was Elvis's hairdresser? He towers over both Elvis and Col. Paker.

Click Here
Carl said on 3/Jan/15
There is way too much hard evidence and facts to demonstrate that Elvis was six foot. Indeed he was billed for a long time to be over 6ft. Even 6ft 2ins on lots of people whom met him from Steve Martin to the Stamps and a number of people who met or worked with him. Elvis was 6ft and you can see that as FACT. Compared to others of the day and now he was a giant in talent and charisma
Carl said on 3/Jan/15
TJ I agree and your right on many points and as for you Steve that Elvis was 5 inches shorter than Steve Allen you only need to watch him in the tux appearence and actually standing next to mr Allen looked surprisingly almost as tall. For the record Steve Allen himself quoted that he found Elvis to be a tall lanky gangly performer with little talent.
Carl said on 3/Jan/15
Elvis was 6ft all day long. I've spoken to Graceland curator and also the lady whom created the book Elvis fashion whom was in the very fortunate position of almost a year of total access to Elvis clothing, official documents and all archives. Her name is Julie Mundy. She is tall and 5ft 9ins herself. She told me the surprising FACTS about Elvis physical statistics were his size. He was most definitely 6ft and had a very slim body for most of his life. He also wore mainly 12D boots as most of his boots were in that size. He measured in both his army physicals and jumpsuits physicals 6ft repeatedly. As for the famous muhammad Ali photo that's just angle and standing. There is also a photo of muhammad Ali with Vernon Presley after Elvis died and they both are the same height. Again you can't trust photographs as an accurate height or TV or film cameras as its all subjective to camera angle positions. If Elvis was truly anything less than 6ft he would not have had that long slender build. As Julie Mundy told me his trousers were mainly 32-34 waist with 32-33 leg. 42 chest. She said she actually measured the suits when she was there for her book and stood next to them when she fitted them onto the mannequins and she was over 3inches shorter. That is her own words from total access to Graceland archives. I tend to absolutely believe her. For the record Elvis was tall and quite slim for most of his life. He had big feet, big hands, tall lanky build and a big heart. 6ft all day everyday. That's the facts folks from historians with total access to original records and material. This also includes insurance physicals that he had to have annually for either movie or concert commitments. Carl
Ramiro said on 2/Jan/15
Steve; you have the right to not trust in army medical measurements. Give me too the right to doubt about the accuracy of measurements based on photographs. And let me say that my doubt is far more reasonable, according to the experience that all we have even with our personal pics, where one can be shorter or taller depending on almost countless visual factors. There are even differences between two versions of the same pic.

Elvis not only was measured several times at the army from 1957 to 1960. He was measured by taylor Nudie Cohn in 1957, and one of these measurements say literally: "height in stocking feet: 6'0''". And there are many official documents stating that height (or slighty above). There is too a recorded interview from 1956 where the journalist asks Elvis about his height, because he is surprised by Elvis' tallness. Elvis answers that he is 6 feet even.

Of course, a six feet person isn't a piece of steel. We all know that his height vary throughout the day and can perfectly be just over or just under 6 feet depending on the hour of the day. To put Elvis' height at 5'11.75'' is as gratuitous as putting it at 6'0.25''or whatever. Who is a "genuine six footer"? The one who is 6'1''; 6'3''? Then, let's erase the 6'0'' category; because it's impossible to be exactly 6 feet even all of the time and poor Elvis had the "misfortune" of avoiding to lay down just before his army induction. ¡Bingo! Let's forget all the other measurements, sources and documents; let's forget the minute by minute documented Elvis' life, that brings us the key explanation for a secure height loss in just one of the measurements (done in the same place, for the same personnel and with the same procedure as another done months before with the result of 6'). Let's trust on pictures of all condition where burn our eyelashes.
Mike F said on 2/Jan/15
According to Col Parker's widow he stood 6ft tall at his peak which if this is correct adds yet more evidence to Elvis being this same height
Steve said on 2/Jan/15
With 6'1" Jack Lord.

Click Here

Lord was at least an inch shorter than 6'2" Sean Connery in Dr. No.

Click Here
Steve said on 1/Jan/15
Here we see Elvis and Col. Parker roughly the same height.

Click Here

And here.

Click Here

But here where Elvis is wearing obvious lifts, he appears to be a lot taller.

Click Here

I think he was roughly 5'10" to perhaps max 5'10 & 1/2". With lifts he reached over six feet.

And later on he did wear lifts. Just study all the photos of him. No legit six footer needs lifts.

Elvis was a hugely popular star when he joined the army. So I believe it's quite possible they inflated his height.
Steve said on 1/Jan/15
"Look Steve, no lifts."

Click Here

Here looking considerably shorter than 6'3" Muhammad Ali.

Click Here

By the way, military height records are not automatically accurate. I had an uncle who served in the navy. He was 5'10" but they had him down as 5' 11 & 1/2".
Ramiro said on 31/Dec/14
In one of these pics, Cash is wearing a cowboy suit and, consequently, boots with high heels. Elvis wears smoking and, therefore, regular shoes. Anyway, photographs aren't the best way to figure out nor compare heights. Even the one I'm talking about was posted here two times (exactly the same pic), and the impression isn't the same watching one or the other. Elvis was measured repeatedly at 6' in the army. There was only one measurement where Elvis failed to reach 6'; and it is proved and documented that Elvis spent all previous night awake, standing and walking from one place to another with friends (read Peter Guralnick's "Last Train To Memphis" or whatever biography or chronology of Elvis' life). He surely suffered a great loss of height just before the medical exam. And was measured at 6' just in the same place and with the same procedure the previous year (that measurement is also documented). Very few famous people have their heights as precisely stated and measured as Elvis.

And... How many of the "giants" we see in pics would give not only inches, but almost life, to look 10% handsome and proportioned as Elvis?? Not to mention his iconic and professional stature.
Steve said on 24/Dec/14
Elvis with 5'11" Robert Wagner.

Click Here
Steve said on 24/Dec/14
This is more like it.

Click Here

And with Jimmy Dean.

Click Here
Gx79 said on 24/Dec/14
Rob do you think elvis wore lifts in 60s,70s which could make him look in 6'2 range
[Editor Rob: maybe sometimes a kind of big heel, but nothing like say elton john used to wear. Maybe with some large 2 inch heel he'd look nearer 6ft 1 to folk.]
TJ said on 23/Dec/14
At least three inches shorter than Cash? There's two pics with Cash where both are standing. They look almost identical height in the first and Cash looks probably maximum two inches taller in the other. Both are here:
Click Here

Whatever the first one shows, I do believe that Cash was the taller of the two, but it is fair to note that Cash is in country gear in the second pic and Elvis is in a tux (ie Cash might well have had a footwear advantage over Elvis' dress shoes). In any case, there's no pic where Cash looks at least three inches taller. Cash's self claimed height was 6ft 1.5, which I think he was in his prime, but not in his final years. I find it much more plausible that he was around 1.5 inches taller than Elvis than 3.5 inches taller.

And you are right that it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but being geeky about height is pretty much the point of this place :-)
Mike F said on 23/Dec/14
I can't see the army being incorrect by two inches,as he is mostly listed as 6 foot with at least one record in existence also showing 6ft 1 3/4 with the word issue next to it, which to me suggests that this is with boots on, and most people who meet Elvis describe him as being tall.There are also plenty of photographs and video , such as Karate shots when Elvis is barefooted and he doesn't appear to look any different in height. With all the official records showing 6ft I do find it odd that Elvis isn't listed on this site at this height, when other stars have little evidence to support their heights, however it is interesting. Happy Christmas
Steve said on 22/Dec/14
I try to look full full shots showing feet to judge height. But most of the time they're hard to find. A lot of foooling around occurs.

Fact is Elvis was no taller than Milton Berle. And quite a bit shorter than Steve Allen. And at least three inches shorter than Johnny Cash who reportedly was 6'1".

But as I said earlier, it really doesn't matter how tall Elvis was. He was one of the greatest entertainers of pop music. There was only one Elvis.
TJ said on 20/Dec/14
Exactly Steve. We can't see footwear in the shot you posted with Forrest either and, as you say, angles can give a slightly misleading result too. I have a pic on my hard drive of Ringo looking the same height as McCartney and I'm sure someone could post that to make a downgrade McCartney or upgrade Ringo claim. It wouldn't be credible, but they could. At least with Elvis we do actually have some official documentation/height measurements to support the height claims. That's often not the case.
Steve said on 14/Dec/14
We can't see the footwear in that shot with Elvis, Forrest and Barbara Eden.

Steve Forrest was 6'3".

Here he is with his brother Dana Andrews who's peak height was 5'10":

Click Here

The photo appears to be slightly tilted to make Andrews appear taller.
TJ said on 12/Dec/14
And this pic with Forrest shows the height difference to be a little less:
Click Here

Neither are particularly conclusive as we don't see footwear or full body, but Forrest is a little nearer to the camera in the one you posted. It's clear that Forrest was comfortably taller than Elvis though and there was no effort to diminish that in the movie that they were in together as Forrest was playing the older brother and somewhat of an authority figure.

If talking about Forrest though, here he looks the same height as John Wayne, who was either 6'4 or close to it:
Click Here

I think that Forrest was probably his listed height of 6'3, but we could easily look at that image and conclude that he was nearer 6'4 or that he inflated his 6'3 height a little with lifts. Hard to say, but it's clear that movie stills and publicity shots aren't always conclusive.

I'm not seeing as much as 5 inches difference in the Elvis/Allen pic.
Steve said on 12/Dec/14
Elvis with Steve Allen:

Click Here

And with Steve Forrest:

Click Here
TJ said on 10/Dec/14
Rob has Bronson at 5'8 and notes that he often looked taller because of footwear. He could certainly look much taller than expected against tall men such as Lee Marvin, so no surprise that the same was true with Elvis in Kid Galahad.
Steve said on 9/Dec/14
Charles Bronson was 5'7".
TJ said on 8/Dec/14
Another example would be Elvis' height compared to Tom Jones. Rob has Jones listed at 5'10.5 in his prime, which seems fair when you see him against others, including members of the Beatles. Elvis was always taller than him and Tom was known to wear flattering footwear (not necessarily lifts, but he was a fan of the heeled boots etc). Do you ever see a pic of the pair together and conclude that Tom was the same height or marginally taller? I don't.
TJ said on 8/Dec/14
You seem quite hung up on those two examples Steve. Could just as easily ask why he looks 6ft next to numerous other people whose heights we know/think we know. I don't think he was 5 inches shorter than Steve Allen. There are pics where the difference looks less than that and he only tends to look 5 inches shorter on video when he's stood a little behind. Plus, again, we don't know if footwear has an impact with Allen or Berle. And are you completely confident in the 5'10 and 6'3 heights for Berle and Allen, respectively? I've seen Berle listed at 5'10 1/2 and 5'11. A minor difference, but significant when we are dealing with an inch here and there. With all the other evidence pointing at Elvis being somewhere in the range of 5'11.5 to 6ft, the 5'10 idea is weak.
Sam said on 8/Dec/14
I'm not convinced at 5'10" for Elvis, he was at least 3 inches over Charles Bronson and around 2 inches under Johnny Cash at 6'1.5".
Steve said on 7/Dec/14
Then explain why he was the same height as Milton Berle. And was five inches shorter than Steve Allen.
Gx79 said on 7/Dec/14
Elvis was 5'11 3/4 and he wore 6 cm lift whitch is 2.3inch whitch would post his height to 6 foot 2
TJ said on 7/Dec/14
You are right forest. Unfortunately, the autopsy show wasn't reliable (one document they trusted was a proven forgery) and they likely guessed the height/weight. Steve, I think Elvis looked a little taller than Berle, but hard to say by how much as both seemed to slouch. Plus, we obviously don't know whether or not Berle was a lift wearer. The heels and/or lifts that Elvis wore later made him look more like 6ft 2 than 6ft.

Rampage - Elvis claimed "an even 6ft" for himself in the 50s. The 6'2 must have been the publicity machine or someone making a wrong guess and it spreading.

Vernon Presley was probably around 6'2 in his prime. I've seen a couple of pics of Vernon with Muhammad Ali when Vernon was in his 60s and in poor health. In one pic, he looks about the same height and in the other one inch shorter. Elvis usually looked a couple of inches shorter than Vernon, unless in the big boots.
forest said on 5/Dec/14
That programme was wrong...they also listed him as 220 pounds..fact is that his height and weight are not written on the released autopsy report.
Steve said on 5/Dec/14
Elvis was five inches shorter than 6'3" Steve Allen.

And Elvis was the same height as 5'10" Milton Berle.

Conclusion, Elvis was probably 5'10".

I think later in his career he wore lifts which made him appear six feet.

But it doesn't matter if he was 5'3". He was a tremendous talent. No one today comes close.
dci said on 3/Dec/14
Autopsy programme tonight stated his bmi and height as 5"11
dci said on 2/Dec/14
Autopsy programme tonight stated his bmi and height as 5"11
average slacker said on 29/Nov/14
he was probably 6ft 1/4 in his peak, in the morning...
he had a very nice physique, slim and tall
Yytt said on 24/Nov/14
How tall was vernon Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be in 6ft 1-2 range]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Nov/14
Click Here

They were reporting him 6ft2 for years and with his ego it wouldn't surprise me if he actually claimed that for himself. I'd still give him that extra ¼in, though and he might've been measured 6ft0½ early morning for that medical. Back then 6ft wasn't average at all.
rs said on 15/Oct/14
report said he was 6foot 1 160 pounds
Click Here
Carl said on 13/Oct/14
PS: Elvis's boots have been auctioned off at various auctions over the past few years. Most notably was his black 68 comeback special boots that were auctioned off. The size was a 12 and he wore those mainly throughout the entire various segments of the special. He also had another pair for the special too but they were in dark brown by mistake from wardrobe. Elvis gave the brown boots to the wardrobe girl on the show as a gift. They also went up for auction three years ago. Their size was 13D. His chest size in the 60's was 42 inch and leg size and waist size his prime was 32/32. His last waist size at end of death was 40inch. However for most of his life right up until the almost end Elvis was tall, slim, lanky and had a great physique.
Carl said on 13/Oct/14
Elvis was a true a 6ft guy and his boot size as stated previously was mainly 11-12 for much of his life and in his final years he wore a size 13 FACT due to water retention. However he wore mainly a size 12 from entering the army onwards. A true legend.
John said on 2/Oct/14
At 25 1.83m. 170lbs.
At 42 1.82m. 260lbs.
Sam said on 30/Sep/14
Rob, what about Eddie Cochran?
I read he was 5'8 somewhere .. but he looks much shorter than that. Maybe around 5'5 at most.
jlb said on 19/Sep/14
Elvis may have been 6' feet tall, but he's now 6 feet under. Just saying. I wish he was still making music. Who's songs would he be doing now? Also it me or does he 'really' have that great of a voice? I can't think of anyone else with such powerful vocals. So sad.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 18/Sep/14
I think Elvis was a true 6 feet 0 at his peak in his twenties. "5 feet 11.75" seems almost arguable at best, and perhaps a mute downgrade. Most people's height fluctuates 1/2-inch or more throughout the day anyways, and I think if the majority of Army medicals measured him at 6 feet in the 1950's, then he was a true 6 footer. You can't ask for better records than that. Just my opinion though.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 13/Sep/14
Actually, when Elvis was in his early 20's, he wore a size 10 shoe, size 32 x 32 pants, 40 chest/suit, a 15.5" neck, and 7-1/4 hat. The young Elvis was 6 ft 0 and weighed 160 to 170 pounds: Click Here

At his prime, at his 170 lb weight his blood pressure was a perfect 115/60. later in life Elvis hit 255 pounds, his shoe size increased to size 11 or 12, and his blood pressure would hit into the 180's after a performance. His weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle had caught up to him by age 40. All in all, a great singer and true talent and one of a kind - The King of Rock and Roll.
Carl said on 19/Aug/14
Elvis was 6ft and his boot size was 11D to 12 and 13D. He wore on average throughout the 60's and 70's a size 12D boot. His 1968 comeback special boots were auctioned a few years ago and they were a size 12D FACT. Made in Italy black leather. He later wore size 13D at times due to water retention at the end of his life. In his boots Elvis stood 6ft 1.5ins
Carl said on 19/Aug/14
Elvis was 6ft and his boot size was 11D to 12 and 13D. He wore on average throughout the 60's and 70's a size 12D boot. His 1968 comeback special boots were auctioned a few years ago and they were a size 12D FACT. Made in Italy black leather. He later wore size 13D at times due to water retention at the end of his life. In his boots Elvis stood 6ft 1.5ins
Carl said on 19/Aug/14
Elvis was 6ft and his boot size was 11D to 12 and 13D. He wore on average throughout the 60's and 70's a size 12D boot. His 1968 comeback special boots were auctioned a few years ago and they were a size 12D FACT. Made in Italy black leather. He later wore size 13D at times due to water retention at the end of his life. In his boots Elvis stood 6ft 1.5ins
Jim said on 18/Aug/14
Why is he at 5'11 when he is listed a 6ft everywhere even on medical stuff I mean come on
idalil said on 17/Aug/14
Back in about 1965 it was in a magazine, that he was 5"11.. AND He wore a 10 and a half shoe
Giulio said on 11/Aug/14
Gessie says on 4/Aug/14
His own daughter said in this video that he was around 6ft2 ?

little kids see adults as very tall because of the perspective and they remain with that impression if daddy is no more when they are grown
Gessie said on 4/Aug/14
His own daughter said in this video that he was around 6ft2 ?
Carl said on 15/May/14
Elvis should be put back to his original 6ft or 183m on here as it's pretty much too obvious that there is irrefutable evidence to support his recorded height of six ft. People on this site have a tendency to take away an inch or two on here on each celebrity with ridiculous allegations. Point in question: Robert Wadlow, the tallest recorded human being that ever lived whom was measures every few months of his early life and later life. He was last measured just before he passed away by various dr's recording his physical body weight, height etc at 8ft 11.25 inches, yet you will still find people on here whom will say he was wearing shoes, lifts and was really shorter. I mean it's just ridiculous what certain people will say of everybody including a man who stood almost 9ft tall wearing lifts? Come on get real..! I guarantee most measures celebs on here who have a six foot status on here have all mostly been suggested by people on here to be 5.11 or 5.10 etc. it's ridiculous. Carl
Hyptomized said on 5/May/14
Back in the 1980's in Memphis, an enlarged copy of Elvis' TN DL was on display(the old green paper license)and showed him to be 5'11"
Carl said on 28/Apr/14
Elvis was measured 6ft both for the army and when he was in hospital in the army. Nobody even Elvis closest friends would really know accurately how tall Elvis truly was without actually measuring him. The various heights given for is 5.11, 6,6ft 1 ins, 6ft 2ins. It's safe bet to say Elvis was bang on six foot. We could argue about this forever and all have different opinions. The same could be said about his boot size. People will say he wore 11D boots when in fact he also mostly wore 12D too and when his feet started to swell he would sometimes wear 13D. The best answer to Elvis height is basically that he was approx 6ft.
TJ said on 27/Apr/14
Only trouble with that tex is that most people don't actually know the precise height of their friends.
tex said on 23/Apr/14
I know Sonny West very well. He said Elvis was 5'11" and he wore "lifts" or shoes with built up heels. This is from a guy who knew Elvis most of his life.
gx78 said on 29/Mar/14
elvis was 5foot 11 and half
Carl said on 7/Mar/14
Elvis was a strong 6ft anyday of the week.
TJ said on 5/Mar/14
Dean looks to be around 4 inches taller, probably with a cowboy boot footwear advantage, at least in the earlier photo. I don't know how exact Dean's 6'3 is though. Look how comfortably taller a slouching Dean looks compared to Buck Owens, who was apparently 6ft (and looks it in pics with Cash):
Click Here

Looks a very strong 6'3 if Owens really was 6'0. The reality is that there are pics that show Elvis looking taller than 6ft, about 6ft bang on, and shorter than 6ft, depending on camera angle, footwear, posture, and what we know/think we know about the height of who he is next to. The same is true of most heights on here of course. It's less common to have actual official measurements though. Rob does have it about right I'd say.

Bobby... I doubt that Rob has it in for Elvis :)
Knowitall said on 1/Mar/14
Elvis with Jimmy Dean:

Click Here

Dean was supposedly six-three. I see anywhere from a four to five inch difference.
BobbyJ39 said on 1/Mar/14
Nobody is exactly any height. Obviously a listing at 5'11.75" is this website's shot at the man. Be fair go in and lower all the rest of those 6 foot stars that you know that "special" mark brings some "special" status
TJ said on 26/Feb/14
Yes, Cash very likely was the taller of the two, but it looks less definite when you look at this pic instead:
Click Here

The one you posted was the one I mentioned before with Cash in the cowboy gear and Elvis in a tux, so if anyone had the footwear advantage you would think it would be Cash.

Hard to say which pic gives us the most accurate impression of their respective sizes. Maybe it's somewhere between the two.
Knowitall said on 25/Feb/14
Cash was definitely taller:

Click Here
TJ said on 24/Feb/14
Hollywood tailor Nudie Cohn took complete measurements for Elvis when tailoring the famous gold lamé suit in 1957. Proud of his association with Elvis and the popularity of the suit, Nudie apparently displayed a poster in his store which listed Elvis' measurements. This had Elvis at 6ft in his stocking feet. The complete measurements are here:
Click Here

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