How tall is Jason Bateman ?

Jason Bateman's Height is 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American Actor best known for roles in tv series Arrested Development and movies like Horrible Bosses.
Comment on the Height of Jason Bateman

maroo12 said on 17/Sep/15
i think he's 179cm
nothing more
James said on 25/Aug/15
I've been watching through Arrested Development and he gives me a 5'10" impression. Nothing more.
Sam said on 19/Aug/15
Looks comfortably taller than Jennifer Garner and a solid inch over Rebecca Hall and Charlize Theron...with these beautiful ladies, I don't question 5'11" for him.
Sam said on 5/Aug/15
He and Joel Edgerton look fairly similar height in photos from The Gift. Both strike me as weakish 5'11"ers.
youssef 5'8 said on 17/May/15
He always looks average 5'9.5 or near that but doesn't look much shorter than 6'2 star looks 5'11 then ,he's probably 5'10 specially that the 6'2 stars are probably shorter they listed
Jim said on 28/Apr/15
Definitely 5'11". I bought a couple of his donated suits from an LA consignment store. I'm 5'10" and the suit was consistent with someone an inch taller than I. Also, he has really long arms. I to reel those sleeves up more than an entire inch.
Hypado said on 23/Feb/15
Jason Bateman's height is 5ft 10.75in (180 cm)
CDS said on 17/Feb/15
5'11" is probably right on the money, especially since he can look in the 6'0" range (on TV's "Arrested Development" next to Jeffrey Tambor), and sometimes as low as 5'10" (next to Ryan Reynolds in "The Change-up"). I wouldn't be surprised if he's 5'11 1/2" in shoes (5'10 1/2" barefoot)- end of day height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Feb/15
5ft11 on the nose is right. No more or less.
Sam said on 5/Jan/15
W/ Alexander Skarsgard and Paula Patton, he can look 5'11" maybe a smidge under but I think he's close enough to claim 5'11". Click Here
Mike Brazil 1.82 said on 2/Dec/14
i agree with Dan. 1.80cm with shows or boots its real. a lot of heights here its cleary with shoes or boots, like that Sudeikis guy listed 1.84cm , Sudeikis is 1.83cm max. 1.86 or 1.87 with shoes
Dan said on 20/Nov/14
Saw him yesterday at the egyptian theater in hollywood. He was a surprise moderator for jennifer anistons Q&A after screening of Cake. NO WAY 5-11! NEVER. POISITIVELY NO more than 5-9. He has a huge head.
Sam said on 31/Jul/14
He does look about 5'11" here with 5'8" Billy Crudup:
Click Here
MaskDeMasque said on 5/Jul/14
Looks 5'10 in stuff i've seen him in.
SAK said on 25/Apr/14
divincodino92 says : In "Identity Thief" he says about him "average-height" and he seems 7-7.25 inches taller than Melissa McCarthy! So i think he is between 175-177!
Being described as average height means anyone between 5f9-5f11.5. So at 180cm he still is well with average range.
divincodino92 said on 4/Mar/14
In "Identity Thief" he says about him "average-height" and he seems 7-7.25 inches taller than Melissa McCarthy! So i think he is between 175-177! What do you think about Rob?
Lorne said on 2/Feb/14
A solid 180cm guy. He doesn't dip under the 180cm mark, and could be 180.5. Will Arnett is at worst, 6ft2.25, worst I can see for Bateman would be 5ft10.75 evening, 5'11 is a good shout.
Realist said on 29/Dec/13
Looks 5'10 ish
Hypado said on 20/Nov/13

5 foot 11
cole said on 3/Oct/13
Penguinboy says on 18/Aug/13
Looks a full inch shorter than Patrick Wilson in "the switch". No more than 5'10.

I just watched that movie and I think that in a lot of the shots with Patrick and Jason, the camera-angles favoured Patrick a lot, so naturally he came off looking taller. But when they talked in straight shots they looked similar in height to me. And although there wasn't any full body-shots of them together to make it a bit clearer, I'd say they are similar height.
roy said on 29/Sep/13
5' more, no less
cole said on 26/Sep/13
Watch this also: Click Here

Will Arnett always comes off as a legit 189 cm guy to me, and Jason looks a solid 180 cm with him as well I'd say.
cole said on 26/Sep/13
@Chameleon: I think he looks close to the 180 mark when they are peeing in the fountain, and you can see them in full stature, more or less on even ground and in similar footwear. That being said he can also look the full 4 inches shorter at times, and he could also come off as maybe 179 cm a lot. He's one of those 5'10 minimum - 5'11 maximum guys for sure. But mostly when I see him and Reynolds in pics together he looks near enough the 180 mark if we think Reynolds is a legit 6'2 flat.
Chameleon said on 24/Sep/13
Click Here watch this whole clip
Penguinboy said on 18/Aug/13
Looks a full inch shorter than Patrick Wilson in "the switch". No more than 5'10.
Adam said on 4/Aug/13
Cant believe he is this tall. I always thought he was a 5'9 guy
gee said on 31/Jul/13
he has to be at least 5-10 after watching identity thief...the fat lady in it even had a mug shot revealing her height...I would say 5-10 to 5-11 after these day side by side
cole said on 29/Jul/13
Click Here

What do you think Rob? It's kind of hard to tell with all the hair that is going on, but 5'11 range for Jason and 6'2 for Ryan seems about right.
[Editor Rob: I think about 5ft 11 is probably a fair guess for him]
Juicey said on 22/Jul/13
5'10 1/2 looked the same hieght at times or a half inch taller than cho in identity thief
gian92 said on 20/Jul/13
he is 5'11 because in identity thief he is taller than Jon cho about 2 o 3 cm
Len said on 19/Jul/13
He looks 5'10" in most everything I've seen him in.
Sam said on 3/Jun/13
I used to think he was close to six feet...he can look strong 5'11"+ next to Jennifer Garner, Charlie Day, Thomas Jane, etc. However, on the recent Arrested Development episode, he looks barely over 5'10", especially compared to Michael Cera.
flguy said on 27/May/13
I just finished watching the movie identity thief, and bateman looks the same as john cho who is listing here at 5'10..i say bateman is 5'10 max
penguinboy25 said on 13/May/13
I'd say he's between 5'10 and 5'11. Looks more than 3 inches shorter than Will Arnett.
Luther6ft said on 13/May/13
179-180 cm is about right if Reynolds is 187-188 cm.
HellBoundPower said on 13/May/13
It looks like he's almost exactly 3 inches shorter than 6'2" Ryan Reynolds. 5'11" seems perfect.
Hew said on 21/Jan/13
After watching him in AD he looks too short next to 6'1 Tony Hale and 6'2ish Will Arnett to be a flat out 180 cm man, might be 178 but nothing over that.
Jhc said on 12/Jan/13
U kidding me he looks 5'11 to Ryan reynolds if he was 5'8 he would be at Reynolds lips but if you have proof then show it
Trey said on 7/Jan/13
This looks right, might be a fraction lower.
mike 181cm said on 27/Dec/12
Batemans 5"11 you idiots watch movie change-up bathroom scene with Ryan Reynolds both have slippers on. Possible 181
Joey said on 16/Dec/12
5'8 is too much of a downgrade but so is 5'11 too much of an upgrade...I go with a 5'10 in barefeet
Miki90 said on 15/Nov/12
but here are all measured without shoes? eg I have 1.80 without shoes shoes touch the 1.82-183
AD said on 5/Nov/12
He seems to be in films with much taller people like Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds which make him appear smaller because they're in the 6'2" region.... but once he's next to people like 5'9.5" Kevin Stacey you see that he's about an inch taller than him ... he did seem to be around the same height as 5'11" John Astin in Teen Wolf Too.
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
rick said on 27/Oct/12
5"11? 5"10? Really?? What's wrong with folks here?
Haven't y'all seen him in movies/talk shows etc next to other movie/tv stars??
It's hard to even believe that barefoot he is over 5"8 (172.5 cm), at the most another half an inch or an inch if you're a huge fan an very generous!
But 5"10 or 5"11?? Not on this planet!
Sabre said on 26/Oct/12
No way he is 5'11, Will Arnett and Ryan Reynolds both tower over him.
Aragorn 5\'11 said on 22/Oct/12
I've seen him a couple of times in Los Angeles at the premieres of Horrible Bosses and The Change up. He looked 5'11 but he was wearing a good 1 to 2 inch of footwear. He's probably close to 5'10 but he's definitely not 5'11 barefoot. However, anything less than 5'9 for him is absolutely wrong.
Achepain said on 14/Aug/12
Rob, please watch the change up gag reel.....he looks so short next to Ryan Reynolds. 5ft 8 at on earth have you labelled him as 5ft 11.....
bodwaya said on 10/Aug/12
in teen wolf too (good movie by the way) he had an inch on 5 foot 11 john astin. He is six foot in shoes
achello said on 8/Aug/12
he doesn't look that shorter than will smith in hancock
Dmeyer said on 13/Feb/12
I âgree solid 5'11 for this Guy 180-1cm hé dosnt dipp under 180cm night
Mr D said on 1/Feb/12
you be the judge, image from the movie the change up with ryan reynolds who is a solid 6'2.
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