How tall is Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg's Height

5ft 7.5in (171 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as The Social Network, Batman vs Superman, Zombieland, Now You See Me and Rodger Dodger.

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MD said on 1/Apr/16
Which, of course, was by design and it was fairly obvious by how they shot him in scenes.
Johno said on 30/Mar/16
Didn't look that short in Batman v Superman.
Chris said on 22/Jan/16
170cm flat, andrew garfield stands well over him.
KnightX said on 20/Jan/16
No John, he dasnt look 5.8 for sure!
I would give Jesse a maximum of 5.7.
Now Google lists a 1,70 m guy as 1,75m! Is Google simply enjoys to do fake height informations to non tall actors!?
John said on 2/Jan/16
Looks 5'8" sometimes but this seems pretty accurate.
JV said on 4/Dec/15
After analyzing his height in numerous pictures and movies, I would say.. honestly, 169cm without any footwear.
Bishop said on 14/Jul/15
171-172 cm is what he looks. Don't know what they were thinking casting him as Lex Luthor.
posture said on 27/Oct/14
He's not a lift wearer, I guess he has started working out and built back muscle strength = posture correction (height increase). Rob, is 172 cm possible for jesse?
Panda said on 13/Oct/14
Eisenberg is certainly about the same height as Mark Zuckerberg, they got that right. Zuckerberg looks to be 5'8" (173 cm.) on the dot, about 0.5 inch taller than Eisenberg. Zuckerberg's height is exaggerated by an inch though, he's (Zuckerberg) certainly 5'8".
Realist said on 6/Jun/14
Rob, now days he has started to wear lifts i think. Cause he looks a little more than Ruffalo in Now You See Me premiers. 5'6 is out of Dave Franco. He is more 5'5.25 i think. Ruffalo and Eisenberg are head to head. Last time we were discussing his posture, its gradually improving i think. He is getting conscious Rob.
[Editor Rob: maybe he's been working out more and improving his back muscles!]
Realist said on 24/May/14
Legit 171. The worst posture in hollywood probably. Looks more 168 with the posture. I think he dips to atleast 169 with the posture right Rob.
[Editor Rob: at times he has that programmer type look, of a guy who has hunched himself over after late night programming sessions]
Darren said on 30/Mar/14
Jesse looks taller than this in "30 Minutes or Less" (probably because most of the cast is shorter than him), but in every other movie I've seen with him it doesn't seem he's over 5'8, so 5'7.5 is a good shout.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Mar/14
171cm looks a good shout in The Social Network.
Xenon said on 6/Dec/13
At one point he was listed as 1.75m (5'9") but i would say no taller than 5'8"
Mr. Kaplan said on 20/Oct/13
5'7" is the absolute maximum. David Fincher who's 6'1" towers over him.
lelman said on 14/Oct/13
Looks this next to 5'10.5" Andrew Garfield. Could be 5'7", but this is pretty fair.
heightist said on 11/Oct/13
he looks short...he can't be more than 5-6
truth said on 6/Oct/13
He looks pretty short, 170cm.
R said on 19/Sep/13
So yeah I think he realy is 171 cm. I mean Kristen is like 163 or something. I just saw ADVENTURELAND and yeah I think Rob is right about celebrities heights. So don't complain about these celeb heights.THNX!!
cole said on 9/Sep/13
He's not under 170 cm, that's for sure. He can look up to 172 cm, so 171 is fine.
Sam said on 4/Sep/13
He's a smidge taller than Mark Zuckerberg, who claims 5'8". Real heights: Eisenberg= 5'7.5", Zuckerberg- 5'7". I'd take nearly a foot off my height, though, to have the latter's bank account!
Charz said on 22/Jun/13
He looks Taller....
ai said on 21/Jun/13
5'7.5 seems accurate, he stood taller than David Franco whos 5'7
Balrog said on 4/Feb/13
169-170 cm.
Adamz said on 24/Jan/13
5'7" flat
jj said on 30/Nov/12
jessie looks like he might be 5'7.. dakota is listed as 5'3, but may need an upgrade to 5'4.. her shoes have a bit of heel & jessie has his head down, but he seems to be shorter

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MaskDeMasque said on 14/Jun/12
yeh i think 5'7 flat is more accurate
ANDREA[ITA] said on 9/Jun/12
5'7 at most for him!
Silent d said on 21/Jan/12
He looks tiny. I thought he was 5 foot 6 but 171cm is about right.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 12/Jan/12
5'7 flat is reasonable.
steven said on 8/Jan/12
jesse is a small guy. 5'6 top and nothing more!
MD said on 17/Dec/11

You want to shave this half-inch, off, at least? Here is he with Justin Bartha, listed at 5'8" on this website:

Click Here

Click Here

The hair may make him look taller, but I'm being kind even just suggesting shaving off the half-inch.
Ai said on 15/Dec/11
5.8 sounds accurate, he stood much taller than aziz ansari
Adamz said on 24/Nov/11
could be 5'7" flat, honestly
Kasey said on 18/Nov/11
Met him in October. I'm 5'6" and was wearing flats, and he was wearing a flat boot. He was about an inch and a half taller than me. I would say that this is very accurate.
LAN JIAO said on 16/Nov/11
he look 5'6 with 5'9 jamie foxx
Sam said on 12/Aug/11
Also standing in Laos photo are Anne Hathaway (5'7"ish) and Jemaine Clement (6'1"-6'2" according to the former Flight of the Conchord show)
TDK Rises said on 11/Aug/11
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the shredder said on 27/Jun/11
Leonari , I guess you thought 5'8 which was ONLY 1/2 more was insane right , just like Cruise ?
leonari said on 24/Jun/11
Excellent decision Rob. You are the man. Spot on!
Laos said on 22/Mar/11
Rob is right to downgrade Jesse.
Look at this picture of him and Jamie Foxx on Brasil this weekend.

And i think he is at most 170 cm as you can see in the picture.

Jesse(171cm) -Random Girl- Jamie Foxx (175cm)- Rodrigo Santoro - (187cm)

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Dave said on 10/Mar/11
why did you downgrade him Rob?

[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 7.5 is nearer.]
baskinluv said on 18/Feb/11
If you see the 2010 november 18th episode of Conan where Jesse, Venus Williams, Andy Richter, and Conan are in the same shot... it's clear that Jesse is a good head shorter than Venus (in heels) and Andy. Jesse is 5'6 or 5'7.
leonari said on 1/Feb/11
Zuckerberg and Eisenberg are the Same height. Below 5'8". But only a tad.
bk said on 1/Feb/11
Viper says on 1/Feb/11
he looks 5-6 in movies to me
Viper thinking a celeb looks shorter than their listing...well isn't that the surprise of the century.
Viper said on 1/Feb/11
he looks 5-6 in movies to me
Bob said on 31/Jan/11
Mind you, Jesse was wearing high-soled dress shoes.. Zucherberg was in causal clothes and sneakers. Id give jesse a 5'7"
zre said on 31/Jan/11
that makes mark zuckerberg 5-6 1/2
bk said on 31/Jan/11
You guys are trying to compare Jesse with someone claimed to be 5'8" (not yet confirmed)...Look at the promo with him next to Kenan Thompson (listed at 5'8.5" on this site):

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JMS said on 30/Jan/11
Photo of them on SNL Click Here
Jacky said on 30/Jan/11
just saw Saturday night live with him standing beside Mark Z and Andy Samberg.

if samberg is 5'10 and Mark lists himself at 5'8.5

i would give Jesse a flat 5'8. there was barely a difference between the two.
hola said on 30/Jan/11
5'10 maybe?
bk said on 30/Jan/11
Eisenberg was an inch shorter than 5'8.5" Kenan Thompson so 5'7.5" is right. Watch the promo where they stand side by side.
Z said on 30/Jan/11
Huh? Zuckerberg looked marginally taller than Eisenberg. If this listing is correct I'd buy Zuckerberg at 5'8.
JMS said on 30/Jan/11
I don't think Zuckerberg looked any shorter than Eisenberg. When Zuckerberg first came out, he looked an inch taller but Eisenberg looked like he was hunching a little with his hands in his pockets. At one point they were both standing up pretty straight and they actually looked the same height with a slight edge to Zuckerberg. In the Time Man of the Year article he is said to be 5'8" so if that is true then Eisenberg probably is about 5'7.5"
MD said on 29/Jan/11
Eisenberg and Mark Zuckerberg were just on Saturday Night Live, and stood side-to-side and to my surprise, Zuckerberg (who has listed his own height as 5'8") was actually half-an-inch or so shorter than Eisenberg.
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/11
I think 5'8" is way high. I'd list him at 5'6"...
flash_of_eden said on 13/Jan/11
5ft 7.5 to 5ft 8 I would say. Here he is next to 6ft 3 Jeff Daniels in The Squid and the Whale: Click Here
linke said on 6/Dec/10
He looks slightly shorter than justin bartha.
linke said on 3/Dec/10
Anonymous says on 3/Nov/10
Guys Garfield is 6ft tall mot 5'10. I'm guessing Jesse is 5'8. He stood significantly taller than Kristen Stewart

garfield guy is closer to 5'11 actually.
Chris said on 27/Nov/10
Anonymous, he was, I'd say 4 inches taller, around an 1.5 inches taller than Emma Stone, I'd say definately in the 5'7/5'8 range, but I'd go with 5'7.5 :)
TheVerve179 -181 said on 13/Nov/10
no way he is 5ft7 AT MOST have just watched the film about facebook, he is shorter than a lot of other dudes.
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/10
Guys Garfield is 6ft tall mot 5'10. I'm guessing Jesse is 5'8. He stood significantly taller than Kristen Stewart
TNTinCA said on 31/Oct/10
He did appear to be shorter than Woody Harrelson in Zombieland. Although I thought he was closer to 5'9".
Random person said on 12/Jul/05
He seems like he could be around 5'7 - '8. I saw him in Cursed. He towers over Christina Ricci and is relatively short compared to the other castmembers. Ricci is only 5', and wears heels in many scenes, and he's still a lot taller. I'd say this is pretty accurate. Anyone else wanna elaborate?
Anonymous said on 8/May/05
i've seen him in person. i'm about 5'7.5" and he is definitely a little bit shorter than me by at least a couple of centimeters.

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