How tall is Andrew Garfield ?

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Andrew Garfield's height is 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)

British Actor best known for appearing in films such as The Amazing Spider-man, Lions for Lambs and The Social Network.
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S.J.H says on 1/Feb/15
5'10.25 on the money. I had met Andrew he was a very sociable person and did tell me he was a little over 5'11 in sneakers and so it sound to be a weak 179cm barefeet
max says on 5/Nov/14
i think he's 180cm, he's a normal 5'11 guy
spider says on 7/Sep/14
Then again - Shannon does have poor posture in that photo George
Sam says on 2/Sep/14
Yeah, I think he can look pretty close to 5'11" next to Shannon, not towered by him.
George says on 31/Aug/14
Andrew looks about 4.5-5 inches shorter than Michael Shannon (6'3.5).
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TJE says on 29/Aug/14
He's built similarly to Topher Grace, he can look 179-180, but consistently looks about 3.5-4 cm shorter than someone like Justin Timberlake. I'd say he's a weak 179, in other words 178.5.
bodwaya says on 14/Aug/14
he is taller then phillip seymore hoffman by 2 inches type ther name in google.
bodwaya says on 12/Aug/14
rob phillip is 5 foot 9 and in this PIC he towers him by 2 inches i thnink andrew needs a 1 inch upgrade
cole says on 6/Aug/14
@Editor Rob: Garfield and Timberlake looked pretty close in the movie, and in the few full body shots from various events, they also look about the same. I'd be very surprised if Timberlake was 1 inch taller than Andrew - maybe there is 0.5in between them, but I wouldn't say much more than that. The 5'10.5 listing is bang on for Garfield imo - it's Timberlake that should be taken down a fraction or two.

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Dejavu says on 1/Aug/14
He looks 5'11 next to Justin Timberlake.
rockitbaby says on 31/Jul/14
Assuming that Justin Timberlake is around 1,83m, Andrew is 1,79m.

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RoDawg says on 19/Jul/14
I'm 5'11 and I've always looked at him and thought we'd be the same height. He seemed not too much shorter than 6'1 Heath Ledger in Imaginarium.
RoDawg says on 19/Jul/14
I'm 5'11 and I've always looked at him and thought we'd be the same height. He seemed not too much shorter than 6'1 Heath Ledger in Imaginarium.
trav says on 19/Jun/14
I am 5'10 he about 5'10.5 to 5'11
Dejavu says on 10/May/14
I think he is a weak 5'11 at worst. He gives an impression of being taller than 5'10.
Winston says on 5/May/14
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Arch Stanton says on 5/May/14
Didn't you see The Social Network dude? He looked a similar height to Timberlake and was could look 4 inches taller than Eisenberg,
Realist says on 5/May/14
@George woah. Guy Bearman looks 5'7 in that video. But he states 5'9. As for Andrew i think 176-177 seems fair.
dude says on 5/May/14
Rob, would you rule out 5 ft 10 for Andrew?
[Editor Rob: it might be arguable, but you could probably say anywhere from 5ft 10 to 11 was possible.]
xrz says on 5/May/14
what the? I thought he was 6 ft tall. Especially standing next to a weak 6ft Fallon.
Marcus Hickman says on 4/May/14
i'm also 5' 10 1/2", but a bulky 208 lbs.
George says on 3/May/14
6ft 1.25 Chris Martin is noticeably taller than Andrew, so the listing seems correct to me.
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Damon says on 3/May/14
Check out this video towards the end, he and Fallon are right next to each other. i wouldn't guess more than a half an inch to maybe an inch between them. I think he's no shorter than the listing. Maybe even 5'11

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Emmett says on 2/May/14
"I will give him 5'11 and a ripped 175 pounds."

175 is pretty big for 5'11, especially with a slim build and low body fat like him. I think he looks 160 lbs max, maybe less. Since he became famous, people have commented on how much I look like him; the hair and everything. Funny that we're pretty close in height too.
tristen says on 29/Apr/14
The listing is spot on to me 179cm no shorter no taller. He looks that height and his slim frame makes him look 6ish. Maybe 179.3cm?(5'10.5)
spider says on 25/Apr/14
If he were 6ft or even 6ft1 Emma stone wouldn't be looking onto his face at all, more like his chest. So he for sure isn't over 5'11 and certainly not under 5'10 - listing is fair in this case I think.
Damon says on 24/Apr/14
Click Here He looks a solid 5'10 here. He looks a good 3 inches taller than Pena, about 2 inches taller than Cruise and about the same height as Redford (who seemed to have lost a wee bit of height at that point)
Billyx1327x says on 21/Apr/14
He looked around 5'10ish in Spiderman but in the social network 5'11ish same with Spiderman 2 around 5'11 but google lists him as 5'10 so i say 5'10.5 flat 5'11.25 with shoes
Say_what says on 17/Apr/14
I can't believe you guys! Just came back from watching the movie and the guy is clearly 6 foot 1!
Dejavu says on 15/Apr/14
I think he is 5'10.75 or a weak 5'11
spider says on 12/Apr/14
I saw him at the Spiderman 2 premiere and he doesn't look ad big in public as in photos but he is definitely not under 178. Having said that he was wearing about 4-5cm dress shoes on the red carpet and still didn't look over 5'11 so my personal feeling is that the listing is correct, judging from the mixed images of him looking both taller and shorter than the 179-180 mark.
dejavu says on 12/Apr/14
I think he is closer to 5'11 than 5'10. He often wears converse to events. He measures well next to Justin Timberlake.
MD says on 7/Apr/14
Yeah, there is not a 2" difference between him and Jaime.
Dejavu says on 6/Apr/14
Rob, don't you think Garfield, with less footwear, looks 2 inches taller than Jamie Foxx.
[Editor Rob: I think 179 is still a good shout for him. ]
Ally says on 6/Apr/14
This guy is weird, sometimes he look 5'11, other times 5'9-5'10

@dejavu if Fox is 5'9, Garfield is 5'10. There is only 1 inch difference between them in these pictures. His hair makes him look taller
dejavu says on 6/Apr/14
Click Here
Click Here
I see a 5'11 guy here.
dejavu says on 6/Apr/14
He looks 2 inches taller than Jamie Foxx consistently when the ground is flat. Plus he usually wears converse. He is 5'10.75 at least or a legit 5'11. He looked similar to Justin Timberlake, who is arguably 5'11.5 max. I see a 5'11 guy.
spider says on 4/Apr/14
He looks consistently tall in public - if you were to round up id say he looks 180 but there is evidence to show 178-179
MD says on 1/Apr/14
With 5'9" Jamie Foxx (and however tall Emma is in whatever heels she's wearing) at a recent press event:

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Dejavu says on 31/Mar/14
He always look 180cm to me
freddy says on 28/Mar/14
he's 5'10 without shoes on
Arch Stanton says on 21/Mar/14
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LOL the resemblance with Kelly Jones is uncanny..
Arch Stanton says on 21/Mar/14
Mmm, he looks minimum 4 inches taller than Eisenberg in The Social Network.
sss says on 11/Mar/14
Timberlake is 179-180. Same height with Beckham, maybe a fraction under.
sss says on 13/Feb/14
178 imo
chrisssss says on 7/Feb/14
Does he wear lifts? Cuz sometimes he can look 11feet tall 0.0
lelman says on 2/Jan/14
@Seahawks, he doesn't look quite 4 inches taller than her, more 3, and they're both slouching a bit.

I wouldn't give him any more than 179cm.
cole says on 2/Jan/14
@MD: They are on grass though, that has a huge impact. I remember when I played football a few years ago, and we took team-pictures on the field after the games - I was about 5'10 flat at the time and appeared the same height as the 6 ft range guys on the team. I think 5'10.5 mostly seems fair for Garfield.
Balrog says on 24/Dec/13
He is in the strong average area, and alone he can pull off 6'0" because of slim build and hairstyle.
tony says on 22/Dec/13
Wow, I thought he is for about 184 or smth pretty close to that height. Just because of his slim build one might think he is over average.
Dejavu says on 10/Dec/13
He can look 5'11
Realist says on 7/Dec/13
5'9.5 or 177 cm is good.
George says on 1/Dec/13
Andrew looks really tall in Red Riding: 1974 (he was even few inches taller than 5'10 Rebecca Hall), but he's probably wearing some kind of lift shoes in that one. In other movies he looks average. I think the listing is correct, though I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be a bit taller or shorter than that, the guy's really thin and lanky, so it's hard to tell how tall he is exactly.
Ally says on 21/Nov/13
@crumble is you okay dude? Why are replying to yourself :D
Anyways yeah Andrew is between 177-179cm
MD says on 18/Nov/13
Crazy shot. Here he is with 5'9" Jamie Foxx, who appears to even have a footwear disadvantage:

Click Here

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JRVowles says on 17/Nov/13
Saw a picture of him with 5'9 Jamie Foxx in the DM for Spiderman 2.
Jamie Foxx is wearing very thin sole trainers and Andrew is wearing shoes with a possible half inch heel. Poor posture and he looks 5'8.5" So I think perhaps he is actually a weak 5'10 on a very good day...
Ally says on 14/Nov/13
Rob, how did you get this? Why 179 cm? Why not 178 or 180 cm?
Iceman says on 30/Oct/13
Garfield is not 5'11" and is for sure shorter then Timberlake. He's 5'10"-5'10.5".
Dejavu says on 23/Oct/13
Looks 5'11
chris says on 14/Oct/13
Rob, if you get a chance to have a picture with Andrew, please do so because a lot of pictures- height wise are very misleading.
MD says on 11/Oct/13
Where'd all my posts go?
Bakura says on 5/Oct/13
@MD- I can't see how you can think Matt is 5'10.5 in light of Rob and Jenny's photos with them. Taking into account he's tilting his head considerably, he easily looks a strong 5'11" in both photos.

Maybe 6ft is a stretch, but on the grounds of that photo I could buy 5'11" for Garfield. As Rob has said, Matt can be deceptive with height.
crumble says on 26/Sep/13
agreed crumble looks 179
crumble says on 23/Sep/13
looked 179 in amazing spiderman.
cole says on 12/Sep/13
@chris: I'd just say it's because of perspective distortion. In that shot Redmayne is much closer to the camera, and that's why you can't use it to argue their heights. I also highly doubt that Garfield has had any height-surgery, there is no need to de that at 179-180, in fact, there is no need for anyone to do it.
chris says on 10/Sep/13
@cole, fair point but yet we still aren't 100% about footwear.. take a look at my post with Andrew Garfield and Eddie Redmayne -- of course the photos aren't ideal, but in two different photos Andrew looks around 3 inches shorter than Redmayne, similar height to the other unknown man next to him. I've heard that Andrew is quite self aware, is it possible that he could wear lifts or even perhaps have gone to the extent of surgery to become a few inches taller? In the second photo he looks about the same height as 5'11" redmayne, what are your thoughts on this?
Chameleon says on 10/Sep/13
@Seahawksfan he looks 5'10 max in that pic he even has footwear adventage..
cole says on 8/Sep/13
@chris: You are obviously free to think so. But when you (in the pic you call evidence): 1. Can't see their feet, 2. Garfield is clearly dropping posture, and 3. Timberlake stands tall (including several other crucial factors you simply cannot gauge from a shot like that), it's just not usable as clear evidence (not that there is a whole lot of those out ther that is).

A word of advice: Read the articles that Rob has posted about: 'photos and perspective' and 'how to measure a celebrities height'.

And also, take a look at this, and tell me if you can see as much of a difference as you seem to think there is between them: Click Here

It's not 100% ideal either, I know, but I'm yet to find one of JT and Garfield that actually is.
chris says on 6/Sep/13
@cole that's a perfectly reasonable picture, and there are plenty other to prove..
cole says on 5/Sep/13
@Chris: You should find an even slightly usable picture before making a statement like that. From what I have seen, in good shots, the ones I have posted further down the comment-section, they look more or less the same height. But to me, Andrew can give the taller impression.
Balrog says on 31/Aug/13
What a terrible pic, chris.
chris says on 30/Aug/13
yeah cole don't think he's taller than timberlake... Click Here
chris says on 30/Aug/13
yeah cole don't think he's taller than timberlake... Click Here
cole says on 29/Aug/13
Mostly actually see him as a 180 cm guy, same height as, if not taller than Timberlake.
chris says on 24/Aug/13
Hey Rob, this interests me.. Here with 5ft 11 Eddie Redmayne Andrew looks about 5ft9 or even less... and this photo was taken a few years back... Click Here a more modern photo of the two he looks about the same height and his hair even adds extra height... Click Here seeing as he is now 30 he must have been around his mid 20s when the first photo was taken and his growth slowing/stopped. Is it possible he had a last minute growth spurt and grew 2 or so inches or could he be a lift wearer...
Dejavu says on 23/Aug/13
Rob, is 5'11 a possibility? He looks 5'11 next to Jamie Foxx and the same height as Justin Timberlake.
[Editor Rob: he can look anywhere from a 5ft 10 to 11 guy]
chris says on 20/Aug/13
Here he is with 5ft7 Keira Knightley. She's wearing about 3 inch heels making her about 5ft10 or just under--- Click Here . Looks as though Garfield has about 1cm of height on her, 2cm MAX. So i'd say 5ft10-5ft10.5 sounds right.
Dejavu says on 19/Aug/13
This guy can look a strong 5'11 and he wears thin soled shoes
cole says on 18/Aug/13
Tempest says on 11/Aug/13
Rob is too deep in his height contracts to change certain heights. We all know Timberlake isn't 5'11.5".

Oh. I see.

Yes, it's obvious that Timberlake (and Vin Diesel, as MD just mentioned) aren't 5'11.5 guys. You can accept it, not take it seriously or whatever, but still I'd like to think that a site like this one should be about finding something as close to the truth as possible about how tall celebrities really are. Be it boys, girls, men or women, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or Cameron Diaz. I mean, we already have enough of the Hollywood lies that is i.m.d.b, google and the media in general...

I am here for a reason: heights fascinate me, and especially celebrity heights. And although knowing how tall someone is really isn't that big of a deal, I find a sense of humor in finding out that a guy/girl who for example claims to be 6'2, in reality is just shy of 5'11. If a person lies about his/her height (not just rounds up a bit, but is purely exaggerating by a big amount of cm's/ins), it can tell you a lot abuot what kind of person he/she is. When you lie about something as trivial as your height, something anyone really can gauge to some extent anyway, then is there really a limit to what else you might be lying about?

To be fair though, the majority of the heights listed on celebheights seem more or less correct, I agree with most of the listings that I have seen on here. So credit to Rob and everyone involved for that. But in some cases, like with Timberlake and Vin Diesel for example, I'm really wondering what the hold-up is about that seemingly obviously needed downgrade, when one of the main selling points of celebheights is to be 'a fairly reliable guide' to celebrity heights.
Bakura says on 17/Aug/13
Click Here

This is just plain weird. I believed prior to seeing this photo that Garfield was no more than a strong 5'10" but standing here with Matt Smith, who Rob has met and pegged at 5'11.5" he doesn't look any shorter, in fact a fraction taller. We can see their feet, too, and he clearly isn't wearing lifts. Is the terrain/camera angles throwing me off guard here or could Garfield be taller than this listing?
Tempest says on 11/Aug/13
Rob is too deep in his height contracts to change certain heights. We all know Timberlake isn't 5'11.5".
chris says on 10/Aug/13
his slim build makes him look like a 6ft, 6ft1 guy. Only next to people you can kind of tell he is a bit shorter. I'd say the listing is correct.
cole says on 8/Aug/13
Click Here

Again he looks the same height as Timberlake, whom, again, is not a 5'11.5 guy. My bet is both Timberlake and Garfield are guys who will measure in the upper 5'10 range (5'10.5-9), reaching around 5'11 early in the day.

My bet is Garfield is actually the taller one. Timberlake having 1 inch on him I can never see, unless JT has a serious footwear advantage: Click Here

Even when Timberlake is in boots and Garfield is in converse, they look similar in height: Click Here

Rob do you agree that there is not 1 inch between them, at least not in favour of Timberlake?
Jeremy says on 7/Aug/13
1,75 cm... maybe 1,77
Elias says on 6/Aug/13
@lisa, yes i agree with you that garfield can look 183 cm alone because his slim body and his long neck make him taller than he rally is but when you see him next to other people like jamie fox, justin timberlake, roberd redford, tom cruise and garett hedlund you conclude that andrew is 180 cm max.
lisa says on 5/Aug/13
andrew height is almost 183 cm
cole says on 2/Aug/13
He can look 5'11 range with Jamie Foxx, and I doubt he's wearing lifts.

Click Here
SAK says on 30/Jul/13
Looking at the great pic Yaspaa posted, Garfield is no shorter than 5f10. 5f10.5 fits him perfectly.
chris says on 28/Jul/13
Cruisindude says on 27/Jul/13
Btw, I looked him up next to "Gemma stone" which really is Emma stone, and he looked really tall next to the person you said I should go look at. Emma might look almost tall as him because she wears high heels and Andrew wears those shoes that have a little sole in them.
Cruisindude says on 27/Jul/13
Okay @FA, Andrew Garfield isn't a "solid 6 foot" then. The reason I said that was because he's lanky and that seemed to have a good amount of height to him. But if your gonna say he's a "weak 5,10" or "doesn't deserve that title", then so be it.
Yaspaa says on 27/Jul/13
Wrong! looks comfortably taller than Knightley in heels in a nice straight shot. Listing is fair.
Click Here
Cruisindude says on 22/Jul/13
He looks like a solid 6 foot.
Balrog says on 19/Jul/13
Not under 5'10''. He actually had more than 3in on Jesse Eisenberg in the Social Network. I think he's closer to 5'10'' but 179 cm is possible.
thomas85 says on 4/Jul/13
Come on... Andrew is between 1,75 or maybe 1,76, look at him beside Emma Stone
chrissss says on 3/Jul/13
Id say he's a legit a 180cm, nuthin less nuthin above, he is quite lean and can look taller but is shorter than justin timberlake who is(182cm)
Bakura says on 1/Jul/13
@Jake: No way, he's at least 178, more likely 179.
chris says on 22/Jun/13
I'd say he's 5'10' 178/179... here with 5'7' Keira Knitley they are basically the same height and she is wearing 3inch heels or so. A lot of websites list him as 6ft but I don't think so...
harry says on 21/Jun/13
5´10´´ 1,78
Dane says on 21/Jun/13
I think Andrew´s height is 1,76. He is not tall
Jax says on 1/Jun/13
Id say between 176cm and 177cm...179cm only in shoes and good posture
Balrog says on 6/Apr/13
Arch Stanton. Garfield is clearly slouching in your pic. This guy constantly looks same height that Timberlake. He's 5'10'' range just like him.
Willy says on 2/Apr/13
After being listed as 6' on Rob's favorite site for years, Garfield is now listed over there as 5'10''. Don't know why they changed it though. Maybe they've read my comments here and are more willing to go with what seems most natural than Rob is. But they might change it back just as well.
kevin says on 9/Mar/13
im not sure on this guy sometims looks close to 180cm and other times 175cm.
bodwaya says on 7/Feb/13
spectator is right I.m.d.b does that lot they label david hyde pierce 5 foot 11 but he is 5 foot 9 billy bob is listed as 6 foot is 5 foot 10. richard gere is listed 5 foot 11 there only 5 foot 9
Maximus meridius says on 4/Jan/13
@conti Emma Watason 5ft 7in in her boots not being funny that's a joke she doesn't reach 5ft 7in in boots.
Spectator says on 31/Dec/12
I have noticed that the website I.M.D.B. adds almost 2 inches to most actors.
This looks more fair.
SAK says on 30/Dec/12
179 is fair.
Trey says on 10/Dec/12
Looked closer to 5'9 with Garrett Hedlund.
MaskDeMasque says on 9/Dec/12
Just watched Never Let me Go, thought he looked 5'10.
Willy says on 2/Dec/12
Come on, Rob, bring him down to 178 cm (5'10.25'' or 5'10'' flat). You know you want to.
Willy says on 28/Nov/12
The photo with Lily Cole and Terry Gilliam is a good find, cause it shows that Garfield doesn't go over 178 cm even when he's pulling out his giraffe's neck. In fact, on this picture, he looks as if he's struggling to hit 177 cm. Maybe that's his evening low. Nevertheless, I'm willing to believe that Andrew is 179 cm when waking up and then 178 cm for most of the day.
Elias says on 25/Nov/12
look at that Click Here
Conti says on 22/Nov/12
He was standing front of Emma Stone who is 5'7 in her boots at high school in The Amazing Spiderman.I would say he's 5'10 in his shoes and 5'9 barefoot when he was in his room looking at himself from the mirror in The Amazing Spiderman.
Chiara says on 20/Nov/12
I saw him on Ellen and he looked huge there, like 6´2 or something.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Nov/12
He reminds me of my geeky cousin. He's such a geek LOL. But seems like a really nice guy.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Nov/12
Click Here

You sure about this Rob, he doesn't look it here next to Justin Timberlake who is 6' tops. His hair is huge, looks like a cross between Andy Murray and Kelly Jones.
jed says on 2/Nov/12
I met him while working as a movie extra, I'm 5'10.5, and I thought he was just a little bit shorter than myself. I'd say 5'9, perhaps even 5'8.5 or something., but he's slender. Very very nice gentleman and very sincere.
zero says on 11/Sep/12
Same height as Justin Timberlake and he's listed an inch shorter than him.
Willy says on 7/Sep/12
Emma Stone does not have the body of a 5'6'' woman, and even 5'5'' seems unlikely to me. 5'4.5'' tops.
johnnyfive says on 6/Sep/12
I dunno. That beach pic from Bran is probably a good example that Garfield could just be 5'10 flat like you originally had him and now I see you upgraded him by .5 inches. However, he does seem 5'11 on most pictures with 5'6 listed Emma Stone, like this one.

Click Here

Stone has crazy big heels and he has sneakers, and Garfield also looks 5'11 minimum on this one, where they are both rocking similar footwear.

Click Here

I hear Stone might be 5'5 and not 5'6, therefore, Garfield is 5'10, so in that case, that is not good news at all for Ben Stiller who looked like a midget next to Stone at the Oscars.
Willy says on 28/Aug/12
There are more than three inches between Andrew and Emma, but Stone is not 5'6'', more like 5'4''. For Garfield I'd say
Out of bed: 5'10.5'' (179 cm)
Morning: 5'10.25'' (178 cm)
Afternoon: 5'10'' (178 cm)
Evening: 5'9.75'' (177 cm)
Give him 178 and you have him.
bran says on 22/Aug/12
Looks 5'9" with 5'6" Emma stone Click Here
Z- Man says on 14/Aug/12
5 ft 10.5 inches seems legit!!!
BigT says on 29/Jul/12
Morrell says on 7/Jun/12
Rob, please check out the new clip from The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield and Denis Leary are walking beside each other. Now if you say Leary is in the 6'2" range then Andrew must be 5'9.5" max. Hes only until Leary's eye brows. Now either Leary is taller than 6'2" or Andrew is smaller than 5'10.5"

If leary is 188 cm and Andrew reached his eyebrows, that would make Andrew 177-179 cm, depending on Leary´s facial structure, and of course: footwear, camera-angles, and the fact that they were walking...
Comicbookmaster17 says on 25/Jul/12
@MaskDeMasque, In the comic books he was 5'10'.
BigT says on 25/Jul/12
A bit shorter than this, like 176-177 cm.
josh b says on 24/Jul/12
You sure Rob? Looks taller than this compared to Rhys Ivans in pictures.
[Editor Rob: I think his hair adds a bit to height. ]
Berial says on 23/Jul/12
His slim figure often makes him look taller, that and his ridiculous hair, but I think 1,78 to 1,80 is about right to him.
Morrell says on 7/Jun/12
Rob, please check out the new clip from The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield and Denis Leary are walking beside each other. Now if you say Leary is in the 6'2" range then Andrew must be 5'9.5" max. Hes only until Leary's eye brows. Now either Leary is taller than 6'2" or Andrew is smaller than 5'10.5"
ANDREA[ITA] says on 6/Jun/12
Rob, why did you downgrade him? He's noticeably taller than Jesse Eisenberg, listed at 171... He's no less than 8-9 cms taller! He's also very close to Justin Timberlake's height... If jesse is really 171 and justin 182 the 5'10.75 is closer to the truth...
[Editor Rob: 179cm on the nose might be nearer to the mark than 180cm, I'm not sure he looked a 3 inch bigger than someone like cruise.

then again, cruise can look 5ft 8-8.5 range!]
MaskDeMasque says on 11/Feb/12

actually, spiderman was 5'9 according to the comics.

but yeh he looks like a strong 5'10- .5 or maybe .75
Silent d says on 27/Jan/12
I thought he was 6 foot but i guess 180cm is closer to the truth. He sometimes looks taller than justin timberlake.
Godred says on 22/Jan/12
5`10 - just like spiderman.

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