How tall is Tom Holland

Tom Holland's Height

5ft 7in (170 cm)

British actor best known for roles in films The Impossible, How I Live Now and TV series Wolf Hall. He mentioned that in an audition tape for Spider-Man he said "I'm five-foot-seven".

How tall is Tom Holland
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Average Guess (43 Votes)
5ft 7.17in (170.6cm)
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 24/Apr/17
Youtuber Tyrone Magnus either claims 5'11" or 6'0", but he looks 5'10" tops here with Tom Holland, and that's assuming Holland's a legit 5'7". Click Here
Sammy Derrick said on 22/Apr/17
@Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 20/Apr/17
Unless somebody is wanting to be casted in a role that requires for one to be taller (such as Superman, Thor or the Hulk), I would say that the 5'9"-5'10" range is actually the ideal height range to be a lead actor in Hollywood just because of the fact that it's "average" (which is actually not as bad as most people make it out to be). 5'10" is technically a bit above average (which is why I refer to 5'10" flat as being 'higher average', with 5'9" being 'lower average'), and you will be taller than almost all of the lead actresses at 5'9" flat alone. A lot of lead roles are your average everyday people, so 5'9"-5'10" would be perfect for those. Both the heights of 5'9" and 5'10" are very underrated.
Keep in mind that he is playing a teenager,and that Tom Cruise is the face of a franchise at 5'7
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 20/Apr/17
Unless somebody is wanting to be casted in a role that requires for one to be taller (such as Superman, Thor or the Hulk), I would say that the 5'9"-5'10" range is actually the ideal height range to be a lead actor in Hollywood just because of the fact that it's "average" (which is actually not as bad as most people make it out to be). 5'10" is technically a bit above average (which is why I refer to 5'10" flat as being 'higher average', with 5'9" being 'lower average'), and you will be taller than almost all of the lead actresses at 5'9" flat alone. A lot of lead roles are your average everyday people, so 5'9"-5'10" would be perfect for those. Both the heights of 5'9" and 5'10" are very underrated.
Peter175 said on 30/Mar/17
5'7 is the absolutely SHORTEST you can get away with as a male actor to have conventional roles, particularly leading roles. At 5'7 you can still find plenty of female costars in your range or shorter and most average height men dont dwarf you really. Just stay away from tall people and you'll look normal

5'6 and below actors are usually supporting or comedy. I can't think of a single sub170 actor from this generation who has had a conventional leading role in films.

Can you think of any Rob?
Others please chime in too
Celebheights 6'1.5"/187 CM said on 22/Mar/17
With Stan Lee:

Click Here

Chris Hemsworth with Stan Lee for comparison:

Click Here
Mike said on 20/Feb/17
Honest for claiming 5ft 7, he actually looks like he could be a little bit more than it too...
Osborn said on 8/Feb/17
I would say 5'6 not that tall for Spiderman but he can interpret a younger spiderman.
S.J.H said on 17/Jan/17
He look like a doppelganger of a younger version of Jamie Bell and both claim 5'7.
RainbowBlaster5 said on 15/Jan/17
I found Filth to be a sought of Edgar Wrightish movie because of the pace of the comedy and editing but just far more dirty , more attractive people make for better marketing for studios so that is just how it is. 5'7 isnt that shortanyway but that sought of stretching it because people like Jackie Earle Haley who is better than most of the "movie stars aaround " won't get leading roles due to his height . I wrote that other reply on my phone so that is why its so jumbled , sorry you had to brave through that . You're obviously comfortable with your height since you give people it down to mm was the ever time when you were not so at peace with it . Whats a dream height for you and what do you think the best height is for an actor meaning in terms of the range of roles you can play ? Something in the 5'11ish range ? Not too tall but not too short
RainbowBlaster5 said on 26/Dec/16
I agree Rob , this century is era for the unconventional leading men , physical attributes like can truly only get you so far , although starting off when you're a kid is better if you're on the shorter side . He's signed 6 movies with Marvel , which means he has job security , he'll be in the spotlight and get to work with talented actors and directors , he'll get even better than he already is and if he ust keeps a level head and works going to get a chance to work with great actors learn , become a household name and start to get more substantial roles and if he doesn't mess up then one day he could be considered as one of the greats . James McAvoy has been making leaps in his career ever since "The Last King of Scotland " he was great in "Filth" if you haven't seen it then you really should , he'll be acting till the end of his days and probably be nominated sometime in the next few years
Editor Rob: ideally, Height and looks should not define the type of roles actors play, but unfortunately the world isn't ready for Peter Dinklage as the next James Bond.

yes, Filth was a proper acting masterclass from McAvoy.
AJ said on 18/Dec/16
Probably 5'7.25"
RainbowBlaster5 said on 15/Dec/16
He was intially listed as 1.72 correct Rob?
Editor Rob: yes Rainbow, but, he was honest when describing himself as a 5ft 7 guy I think.

Tom and James McAvoy may well share that element of honesty with height that fuels great careers.

For a solid 5ft 7 guy like McAvoy he's had a fantastic career so far...and Holland is shaping up to have a long and distinguished career too!
Billy said on 15/Dec/16
Sammy Derrick said on 11/Dec/16
Tom Holland,Dylan Minnette and Tye Sheridan are all within 5'7-5'8(171cm-173cm) range and only 20 years old.Yet for some strange reason they look 5'10-5'11(178cm-180cm) range on screen.Maybe it's because their next to short actors and actresses or it's their immense talent.
In the trailer he is towered by Robert Downey Jr. who loves wearing lifts!!!
One of the main reasons he was cast as Spiderman was because of his height which he said was 5'7(170cm)
Brandon said on 9/Dec/16
I think he might grow a little until maybe 21 or 22. Not much maybe an inch at most. His voice is still a little high so maybe he is at the very end of puberty and might get another little spurt of height. It honestly isn't as uncommon as some people think for a guy to grow a tad after 18 or even in their early 20s.
Jeff said on 9/Dec/16
Just saw the spiderman homecoming trailer and he looks around 5'6.75. Robert D. Jr obs had elevator shoes again and had a few inches on him.
Marc said on 9/Dec/16
He seems to be a little shorter than Robert downy junior so under 5ft8 inches is probably fair
azzkiller22 said on 9/Dec/16
Damn in the spider man trailer he was towered by rdj I thought he for sure was 5-5 ish he seems pretty badass nonetheless
Marc said on 9/Dec/16
there doesn't seem to be too many decent shots of him with Zendaya to compare heights but, in that dancing video they made were they're wearing socks they seem to be similar height.
Victor Polk said on 28/Nov/16
I think those where your assumptions how tall Paul and Tom, Rob. I think Tom was already 5'8. @Word1234 He could be 5'7, or that was just a mistake.
Darius said on 26/Nov/16
Rob, do you think he is just 5'7" or do you think he has a chance of being 5'7.5" as listed before
Editor Rob: considering he was a couple of inches shorter than Paul Rudd, I think his claim is honest now.
Word1234 said on 23/Nov/16
Good listing! I thought he looked 5'7, I'm quite curious to know what the percentage of men who grow past the age of 20 would be! For someone like tom does he still have a fighting chance to make it to 5'7.5 or 5'8!
Dan said on 10/Nov/16
He recently claim in an interview that he is 5'7. Here's the link:
Click Here
Bobby said on 31/Oct/16
He looks 5'8 in this picture, he could even look taller than that because of his lanky frame. I have to ask, how on earth could you look at a person and conclude they're 5'7.5 and not 5'8 or somehow say they are only 5'7 and not 5'8? You can't visually tell apart one inch, and anything less than an inch is downright impossible to see the difference of. Not unless you take a tape measure or something.
Paul Thea said on 29/Oct/16
he's 173 cm, my opinion
Marc said on 28/Oct/16
His mary-Jane is gonna tower him
Victor Polk said on 3/Sep/16
@Word1234 @Rob I think that Tony Revolori and Tom Holland's shoes soles are like the same sizes. Tom Holland might be somewhere around 5'7, but I think his height around other famous people and IMDB did explained best that Tom Holland is already now 5'8.
Word1234 said on 13/Aug/16
Click Here

With 5'4.5 tony revolori, doesn't look a full 3 inches taller.
And Tom has the larger footwear in my opinion

Click Here
Toms footwear

Click Here
Tony's footwear.

My guess is 5'7.
Although in a couple years when's he's really famous I bet he'll be 5'10.
Word1234 said on 11/Aug/16
Click Here
Word1234 said on 6/Jul/16
Click Here
Here's another photo with Chris Pratt I think the angle is better, how many inch difference is that??
Any chance Tom holland is nearer 5'7?
Editor Rob: you could argue 5ft 7 for Tom, I think 5ft 8 for me is just a bit too much.
Rocky said on 22/Jun/16
he's taller now rob, you can check new Spiderman Homecoming set photos. He and Chris Pratt looks 5 inch different. I think he's 5'8 flat spot on. Check the photos here: Click Here
Gamerdudesd24 said on 29/May/16
He is best known for playing Peter Parker aka Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War. The 3rd actor to play Spiderman in the movies.
Victor Polk said on 23/May/16
I think he is of course at least 5'8.
Miller said on 18/May/16
@AJ This listing is fit him IMO, even i think that he might be taller considering in civil war RDJ wear a lift that added him about 2 inches advantage against tom holland, even so RDJ didn't look too much towering him.
I bet he is 173 cm in the morning, 172 cm at day, and 171.5 cm at night. about same height as tom cruise or mark ruffalo.
AJ said on 16/May/16
I actually am starting to think he might be a bit shorter. Probably a strong 5'7". Maybe modify his listing a tad to 5'7.25". He's not too far off this listing but a slight downgrade might be more realistic after watching CACW.
Marc said on 16/May/16
I wouldn't doubt he will grow a little more listening to his voice in Civil war he sounds like his voice is still developing his voice would break when he yelled and stuff. I think he may be a late bloomer. I Have a friend who at 18 was about 5'6 and by 21 grew to be 6ft
Scott said on 12/May/16
Rob, Do you think he is done growing since he is 19 and about to turn 20 in june?
Editor Rob: I think he may well have finished
Ramon said on 11/May/16
Rob, he and tom cruise, which one is taller?
Editor Rob: both might measure very close in reality.
Victor Polk said on 8/May/16
@EdKing Paul Rudd is suppose to be 5'10. I believe Tom is 5'8.
Victor Polk said on 8/May/16
@MD You have no idea what you're talking about.
Tim said on 7/May/16
i guess 172 cm will be fair enough for him
EdKing said on 5/May/16
If Paul rudd is 5'9, tom is shorter than that. I think tom is 5'7
Click Here
MD said on 5/May/16
@Victor, you can't just upgrade everyone else to make Tom taller, just because. Sorry.
Ben said on 4/May/16
He said he was 5'8, sounds accurate to me.
I think he s closing in on RDJ if you compare them in Civil War. :)
Victor Polk said on 3/May/16
Yet, Paul Rudd was suppose to be 5'10, not 5'9.
Victor Polk said on 3/May/16
Paul is suppose to be 5'10, Rob. So I think Tom really is 5'8.
Tim said on 2/May/16
check out this video rob: Click Here
i think we can compare them accurately, and made clear all of this
Editor Rob: rudd looked at least 1.5 inches taller, maybe 2 at times there!
Victor Polk said on 2/May/16
I think Peter is right, Rob. He pretty much looks 5'8 rather than literally 5'7.
Victor Polk said on 2/May/16
@MadMax, @Nd, I think Robert Downey Jr. is now 5'9, and Tom Holland is still 5'8 (or maybe around 5'7, but not that short for a 5'7 teenager).
Tim said on 1/May/16
Rob, if you want to make sure what exactly his height is, you can watch the civil war european premiere in youtube, or search the picture of that event in google. you can compare him with chris evans, anthony mackie, paul rudd, jeremy renner, daniel bruhl, and many more...
Nd said on 30/Apr/16
Rob after seeing civil war I think Tom Holland might be 5'7 flat or a weak 5'7
Editor Rob: not sure yet if he is just that short
MadMax said on 28/Apr/16
Just saw Civil War today....indeed, he looked a very weak 5ft7 in a scene with Downey Jr. Maybe a flat 5ft6, considering that RDJr was wearing lifts on that scene ( which i believe is probably truth)
Peter said on 28/Apr/16
Rob, check this out: Click Here
comparison with paul rudd. What's your opinion?
tom had disadvantage with his neck not straight up
Editor Rob: I don't think they are losing much height there
MD said on 20/Apr/16
With 6'2" Chris Pratt:

Click Here
Peter said on 19/Apr/16
Rob, i guess he is more 5'8 than 5'7, he deserves 5'7.75 (172 cm) judging by how he looks now
Victor Polk said on 12/Apr/16
@chris I've seen pictures of him with other people who has revealed what their heights are, and he probably does look like he is 5'8.

He isn't 5'6 anymore.
MD said on 14/Mar/16
I mean, it's possible, though not likely. More to the point, he's still 19 years old, so I'm not sure where you're getting these ages from. More than that, Barks is clearly in heels. Everything about your post is incorrect. It's stunning, really. It's like you didn't do any research.
ander said on 11/Mar/16
with 5.5 Samantha Barks, he was 18 then, couldn't have grown more than 3 inches since 2013

Click Here
chris said on 10/Mar/16
This guy looks no more than 170cm, Hemsworth dwarfes him, he doesn't lookn 5'8, 171 is still a better shout than 173cm, 173cm doesn't look that short.
AXE said on 10/Mar/16
@Victor Polk yeah you're right, i change my mind, i think he's around 5'7-5'8 now
Victor Polk said on 3/Mar/16
@AXE Not anymore.
Magnisites said on 31/Jan/16
I check a video on Tyrone Magnus Channel, he met tom holland, and it looks tom is more than 171 cm rob, here is the video Click Here
Tyrone Magnus is 5'11, so tom holland should be 5'8 at least on that photo
MD said on 25/Jan/16
Another with Chris Hemsworth, but this one with Tom getting a bit of advantage being a half-step in front of Chris:

Click Here
Oscar said on 21/Jan/16
I think he's a solid 5'8
AXE said on 21/Jan/16
he doesnt look 5,8 next to chris hemsworth. i still think hes a strong 5'6
Victor Polk said on 14/Jan/16

I don't really know what his true is, but Tom and Chris are using different postures on their leg postures. So I believe that I believe that is why Tom appears smaller than that.
MD said on 14/Jan/16
Wish I could find some good pictures of someone closer to his height, but...

With 6'3" Chris Hemsworth:

Click Here

Click Here

It appears Tom is standing a half-step in front of Chris.
Innyboy said on 26/Dec/15
one question rob, do you think that tom holland and tobey maguire is in the same exact height? or one of them is taller?
Editor Rob: they both can look in that nearly 5ft 8 zone
Innyboy said on 26/Dec/15
i agree with sanches, he looks 5'8
Sanchez said on 17/Dec/15
Rob, i think it's time to change tom holland listing here. This is the prove: Click Here
He looks a solid 5'8 with chris hemsworth, 172 cm at minimum. But i think he is a legit 5'8''
Innyboy said on 14/Dec/15

They shot In the Heart of the Sea 2 years ago, he was 16 then. Tom has clearly grown a good amount since; said it himself.
chris said on 12/Dec/15
He looked no more than 170cm in In The Heart of the sea.
Pedro said on 6/Dec/15
I never understood why people here post pictures were people have different postures or you can't see their footwear. I think this picture is much better for a comparison: Click Here
Innyboy said on 4/Dec/15
Rob, what do think Tom's height is now based off these picks, same or taller? I still think he's a solid 5'8".

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: he can appear near 5ft 8 there
Victor Polk said on 19/Nov/15

Jon Bernthal is obviously 5'10.5 or 5'11. Still that doesn't prove that Tom Holland isn't 5'8. But I'm not sure if he really is 5'7, 5'7.5, or solid 5'8. Tom may have grew a bit taller after HeroicHollywood have posted about him, Asa Butterfield, and Robert Downey jr.
Victor Polk said on 19/Nov/15

Jon Bernthal is obviously 5'10.5 or 5'11. Still that doesn't prove that Tom Holland isn't 5'8. But I'm not sure if he really is 5'7, 5'7.5, or solid 5'8. Tom may have grew a bit taller after HeroicHollywood have posted about him, Asa Butterfield, and Robert Downey jr.
Victor Polk said on 19/Nov/15
He obviously isn't 5'6 (170 cm) anymore. He's either 5'7 or 5'8.
Victor Polk said on 15/Nov/15
@james You are obviously wrong. He would be either 5'8, 5'7, or 5'7.5.
Victor said on 14/Oct/15

Wasn't his shoes compare the same with his father's, despite look kinda different? It's either he is in fact 5'8 or is 5'7. I really don't know anymore.
james said on 4/Oct/15
@innyboy that doesn't necessarily look 5'8, that can very well be 170-171cm.
Innyboy said on 9/Sep/15
He's been looking taller recently. I say he's 5'8.
Click Here
Justice said on 28/Aug/15
check out the new updated tom holland photo in his instagram with john bernthal who is 180 cm. i don't see a 4 inches differences, it's about 7 cm or 8 cm
Click Here
Justice said on 20/Aug/15
i think 172 cm will be more accurate for him. he's not that small
True said on 17/Aug/15

I don't agree. Heroic hollywood said he's smaller than robert downey...they said he's 5'7... And I think he use, almost all the time, shoes with shock guy said that in a site...if you can believe that XP
Justice said on 15/Aug/15
Judging from his look recently from instagram, i think he is a solid 5'8", coz he looks taller now
i think he's 5'8'' said on 29/Jul/15
hey look, google listed he as 173 cm now
JustNeedToLeaveAComment said on 26/Jul/15
Yeah, Tom's 5'7 & a half.
True said on 22/Jul/15
Click Here
true said on 16/Jul/15
@Tom is more than 5'6

i bet 5'7 or 5'7 1/2, but not 5'8
true said on 16/Jul/15
now i'm pretty sure he is 5'7. He next to 5'10 punisher
Click Here
[Editor Rob: Jon in person looks 5ft 11 to me]
@true said on 7/Jul/15

Look, we can't know his real height now, only the height that his agent had posted on IMDB...we will only know his true height, when more photos came from Atlanta, where they are filming right now....

But if the heroic Hollywood said that he's smaller than Robert Downey Jr, one thing i'm pretty sure..he's not 5'8 or they would not notice that he's smaller than be noted that, he should be at least between 5'6 and 5'7 1/ other case, they would not said that he's smaller than him...don't you agree?
Tom is more than 5'6 said on 7/Jul/15
So what is your final opinion about tom holland height? How tall he actually is?
MD said on 6/Jul/15

Wow, I guess it's the lighting, because he just looks visibly younger in that picture with Jolie. How many months apart are they? Either way, I'm not sure whether it shows elevator shoes, or just a shoe with a bit more heel. Given the angles, it could be just a more heeled shoe, or it could be elevators. I'm not convinced either way at the moment.
Tom is more than 5'6" said on 6/Jul/15
So how tall is tom holland actually? I think 5'7'' still be fine for spiderman
true said on 3/Jul/15

@Tom is more than 5'6''

The pictures are recent from 2014.The 2º photo shows a pair of elevator shoes,while the first one don't.
MD said on 2/Jul/15

Those are some interesting photos, but I think they kind of refute your estimate. Yeah, the footwear seems to give him a slight advantage in the second, but It's not an inch difference over his fathers. In fact, that you chose those two photos show that he's grown, if anything, since the first picture is obviously a younger shot of him.
Tom is more than 5'6'' said on 1/Jul/15
I believe he is solid 5'8''.. here is the picture he and his father (5'6'') in 2014 Click Here
true said on 30/Jun/15
Actually the article says:

"Can you picture the skinny Asa Butterfield (6’0’’) screen testing with Robert Downey Jr. (5’8’’)? Tom Holland in the other hand is shorter than Robert Downey Jr. (5'7''). While that wasn't the main reason that Holland got the role instead of Butterfield, it certainly didn't hurt Tom's case to look good next to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's main man."

i bet 5'7
true said on 30/Jun/15

tom with his father an angelina jolie
Click Here

look his shoes
Click Here

in my opinion 5'7
MD said on 30/Jun/15

Actually the article says "Tom Holland in the other hand is shorter than Robert Downey Jr. (5'7'')." So, they are saying he's even shorter than 5'7". Not sure if that's the case - and it's clear to me they have no better idea than any of us do - but I wanted to correct that.

If his father is a legit 5'6", it's really hard to see him below this listing. At the same time, he just looks so small to me. Maybe, it's his baby face. Or, maybe his father's 5'6" claim is a generous one. Wish I could find better (and more recent) pictures of Tom with celebrities of known height.
MD said on 29/Jun/15
I don't know why, but he gives off an almost tiny vibe despite not being unusually short.
mike said on 28/Jun/15
Is he really 5'8 Rob? He looks 5'6/5'7 all the time. Never looks 5'8. My guess is 170cm
[Editor Rob: 2 years ago he looked no more than 5ft 7, today I'm not sure if he has gained]
true said on 28/Jun/15
the heroic hollywood said he's 5'7

Click Here
peter parker said on 25/Jun/15
is he really 5'8''?

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