How tall is Paul Rudd ?

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Paul Rudd's Height is 5ft 9in (175 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as Ant-Man, Clueless, The Object of My Affection, 200 Cigarettes, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, I Love You, Man, Our Idiot Brother, Wanderlust and This is 40. In a 2007 interview he joked that "I am of sturdy stock. I have a good head of hair. I'm 5-foot-10. But I'm almost 6 feet in heels."

Paul with Salma Hayek
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Comment on the Height of Paul Rudd

Mat said on 23/Jan/16
Lol. 6 feet in heels. Maybe that's meant to take litteraly. In women's heels he is definitely 6 feet :)

Such a sensitive little man
amaterasu said on 15/Jan/16
"But I'm almost 6 feet in heels" These silly quotes... You are 5'9" deal with it.
Mat said on 31/Dec/15
A small downgrade Rob?
181cm Lift Wearer said on 17/Dec/15
At best he is a strong 5'8. A downgrade may be necessary.
S.J.H said on 16/Dec/15
Short looking but no way below 5'8 and possibly 5'8.5 that he only look half inch real different from steve carrell
Sam said on 2/Dec/15
Consistent in his claim of 5'10" but weak height even for 5'9".
Mike 1.81 said on 8/Nov/15
I think he is less than 1,70cm barefoot
al said on 30/Oct/15
5ft 7in
C said on 27/Sep/15
In dinner for schmucks Steve Carrell looked a bit taller maybe 5'8.75 for him and/or 5'9.25 for Carrell
AJ said on 26/Aug/15
Any chance of modifying him to a weak 5'9". He really does not appear to hold the 5'9" mark well. I take back what I said before about Steve Carell he does holds 5'9" well.
jtm said on 21/Aug/15
he isn't 5'9. that's for sure.
Sam said on 20/Aug/15
Nope, he looked over 5'8" in person when I saw him, walking fast on the lower part of a sideway in NYC, but maybe not quite the 5'9" mark.
jtm said on 2/Aug/15
he is probably not even a full 5'8 and that's a big problem for tobey maguire since rudd was clearly taller.
Sam said on 31/Jul/15
I think there's a lot people who envy his ageless quality, he looks the same 20 years ago as he does now. I have my fingers crossed that I'd age as little as Rudd but I doubt it!
JMAN said on 30/Jul/15
I'd say Paul is gifted rather that just his mere height of 5'8' or so.. He's a 40 something head full of lustrous hair..
Frofor said on 28/Jul/15
Just watched antman and he looked 5'8 at most
btw he wears enormous heels, he should be downgraded
5'5" guy said on 26/Jul/15
his big head and short arms make him seem taller, 5'8" barefoot 40 year old virgin he is clearly 2 inches shorter than fat seth rogen.
jake said on 26/Jul/15
Consistently looks no more than 5'8".
Sammy Derrick said on 26/Jul/15
I just watched ANTMAN and I would have guessed 5'10.I was hoping to seen his character in a mugshot where they would list his height and weight but too sad...
Dan said on 25/Jul/15
First time seeing Rudd on big screen, and from watching Ant-Man, I thought he was around like 5'8 and maybe even 5'7, but I suppose 5'9 is fair for him. He could look anywhere between 5'8 and 5'9 yea. He's handsome guy btw lmao
David said on 22/Jul/15
I thought he was 5'8 while watching Ant-Man. Maybe 5'8.5.
cole said on 16/Jul/15
@Editor Rob: He looks 5'8.5 with Pena and Douglas recently.
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an anonymous peach said on 4/Jul/15
Always looked 174cm to me.
Sam said on 26/Jun/15
Yes, like Ice101781 173-174 cm is what I thought Rudd could pass for in person.
Biddle said on 25/Jun/15
In 1995 I had extended face to face conversation with him while both of us were standing. I am 5'3". I very, very, barely had to look up to talk to him eye to eye. I would have put him at 5'6" at the time, tops. He was 25. I don't know if men grow past that age but if they don't, there is absolutely no way he's 5'9". Doesn't matter, still love him, but no way.
Ice101781 said on 16/May/15
I saw him at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square recently - walked right by him. I'm pretty much exactly 173cm. We were at most +-1cm difference in height from each other.
Chris said on 11/May/15
171cm to 174cm - Depending on normal footwear
Jacob said on 9/May/15
Segel looked like 8 inches taller than him in I love you, man. I wouldn't have said 5'9", I thought he was more 5'8".
Lorne??? said on 3/May/15
His quite explains why his height can vary at times...
Alex said on 2/May/15
AJ said on 9/Apr/15
How about downgrading him to a weak 5'9", he never gives off the 5'9" impression, I think 5"8.75" are better listings for him and carell.
Bishop said on 2/Apr/15
Never looked the full 5'9" to me. But flat 5'8" is pushing it. 5'8.5" is perfect.
James C said on 11/Mar/15
I've notice a lot of guys claiming 5'10 are actually 5'9. I'm 5'9 though I can measure anywhere from 5'9 to 5'9 5/8ths from noon till night depending if I'm on my feet all day I drop too 5'9 though if it's an laid back day with an moderate amount activities I measure from 5'9 1/4 to 5'9 5/8ths. But yes, I used to claim 5'10 and I know a couple people even my stepdad claim 5'10 and were all the same height though I know more 5'10 men and woman that would look an inch taller, and guys that are 5'9 1/2 would look an half an inch taller than me. So yeah I can understand why a lot 5'9 guys claim 5'10 because maybe they're thinking it's okay.
Josh said on 5/Mar/15
Anything below 5'9 is just ridiculous. He's this listing. Maybe a fraction more but nothing less. Him and Steve Carell are similar.
Chris said on 5/Feb/15
I think his head is definitely at least 9,5 inches (24cm). He was always one of the bigger headed celebrities in my mind. Might even be longer than that, but not under 9,5.
Ruffnecker said on 5/Feb/15
He has an odd build/short legs,however he doesn't look very short next to his co-stars,such as Seth Rogen(5'11 solid),.His height can fluctuate from as high as 5'10" due to his thick hair and maybe once and a while good posture. I'll be fair and give Paul a solid 5'9"-5'10 max,esp. since he's 45!. Plus it's hard not to look small next to Jason Segel IF you're under 6foot.

So in all,Rudd is 5'9,5",Rogen is 5'11",and Segel is 6'4".
Arch Stanton said on 31/Jan/15
LOL how can he be 5 ft 7 and Theron 5 ft 10! Theron had an inch on him max in Cider House.
suprgrl said on 30/Jan/15
I think Paul Rudd is 5'7, which I am. Watching 'Cider House Rules', alongside Charlize Theron who is beautiful and listed as 5'10 seems credible. They show them walking separated by like 4ft, and have her standing on lower ground when together.I didn't use to pay attention to such details, but my husband of 21 yrs is 5'3 and calls me big to allay his insecurity's. He's 180 I'm 5'7 135lbs.
dark angel said on 21/Jan/15
Rob can you please tell me, how many inches do you thing his head is? Can it be over 9.5 inches, what do you think?
[Editor Rob: he doesn't look to have a long head, I mean a fraction more than average is very possible but over 9.5 inch I'd be surprised.]
177.5cm said on 17/Jan/15
Not 5'9 at all
174cm max
184.3cm said on 13/Jan/15
Doesnt really strike me as a 5'9 guy. I agree with the other posters, looks more 5'8 range.
MD said on 13/Jan/15
@marcus, yeah, not the best photo, but Levine did seem to have quite a few inches on him, huh?

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Even with the dodgy angles it's pretty clear it's more than a two-inch difference.
Sam said on 12/Jan/15
Rob could you update his credits?: "American actor best known for roles in Clueless, The Object of My Affection, 200 Cigarettes, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, I Love You, Man, Our Idiot Brother, Wanderlust and This is 40."
marcus said on 11/Jan/15
watching the golden globes and adam levine has a solid 3 inches over him, this guy is not over 5'8, 172cm for paul rudd
MaskDeMasque said on 22/Nov/14
He doesn't look 5'9. I'd say 5'8 maybe 5'8 and a half.
austin said on 14/Nov/14
Wait wait, steve carell was 2 full inches taller than him! And i really don't think carell wears lifts. Paul rudd is 5'7 at best
brandonknight said on 12/Nov/14
I stood within 10 ft of him for extended periods of time recently and this might come as a shock to people, but he was definitely at least 5'9". He looked 5'10, I was staring at his reflection to mine and he looked 5'9.5" at least. He has a slightly slim physique now and never looked short, just looked like an average guy.
Rey said on 29/Oct/14
First saw him in the Halloween:The Curse of Michael Myers. He appears about 5' 7" give or take a 1/2 inch. Could be a weak 5'8" with the hair. A slight frame to his build.
JB said on 15/Sep/14
He's the same height as the one direction members that are listed at 5'7.5" and 5'7.75". Funny thing is they also claim to be 5'10"
JB said on 26/Aug/14
Ya he's shorter than Judd Apatow for sure. 5'7".
Mike T said on 17/Aug/14
He is 5'7" MAX hands down. He's shorter than Steve Carrell who's probably 5'8" and he's shorter than Judd Apatow who's 5'8.5. There's your answer. 5'10" is ridiculous for him and so is 5'9".
Sam said on 12/Aug/14
Yeah, Arch, but that is what he looked from my in person estimate...5'9" might be attainable but it's a stretch...he really gave me a 5'8"+ vibe in person. When I've seen him on screen since then, he does seem taller often there.
In said on 4/Aug/14
He's 5'8 max
Handsome said on 29/Jul/14
I'd Say He is About 5 '10'.
Oanh said on 24/Jul/14
He is 5'8" tops.
JB said on 28/Jun/14
I saw a pic of him in between Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill. Looked about the same height as Jonah, who's something like 5'6.5". And significantly shorter than Rogan. I'm beginning to think 5'7" is more accurate.
JB said on 20/Jun/14
Trying to pinpoint this guys height is almost impossible. I've seen him look 2 inches shorter than Steve Carell(who I believe is a legit 5'9") but I've also seen him look taller as well. Something's going on there.
Jakib said on 19/May/14
He is shorter than Steve Carrell who is reported at 5'9 (which is probably another lie)
Arch Stanton said on 3/May/14
Sam he did have about 1.5 inches on Toby Maguire in The Cider House though.
Arch Stanton said on 3/May/14
Theron had an inch on him in The Cider House Rules, seems about right, 174 also possible.
cole said on 16/Mar/14
With Owen Wilson: Click Here
RichieRich said on 9/Mar/14
I think Mr Rudd as had lift implants / the Little guy has the biggest prob with his shortness of any actor!! I've seen him stand eye to eye with Jon Stewart / Jon's 5'6 / well?
Gaza2121 said on 26/Jan/14
174 cm.
Sam said on 9/Jan/14
I saw him in person in NYC and estimated him at the same exact height as FM did. As to Carell, they're very similar range. It is possibly that Carell slightly edges out Rudd in height, though both can look taller than the other depending on camera proximity and posture. Anyway, I think 5'8.5"-5'8.75" are better listings than 5'9" for Rudd. Rudd's self claimed 5'10" height (on The Daily Show) is probably him in generous shoes (in the morning?).
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avi said on 1/Jan/14
You know he's 5'8-5'8.5 area why list him at 5'9?
FM said on 29/Dec/13
As I said, when I met him in NY we were close to the same height. We both had normal footware. I'm a weak 5'9", meaning I'm 5'9" in the morning, and if I stand straight. At night, I'm probably a bit under 5'9". And if I slouch, can give the appearance of probably even under 5' 8". So, I think at his tallest he is 5'9", but can easily seem an inch shorter.

The thing about him is that his head is huge (like really big and long) and his arms are really short. I think this can alter how tall he looks at times. Like if he's sitting down, he can look 5'10" and then some. But when he is standing, looking at his limbs, he looks rather short.
MD said on 27/Dec/13
A better picture with the two more closely lined up:

Click Here

Rudd is taller, but if they were to stand straight and back-to-back, I'm guessing the difference wouldn't be more than half-an-inch. I'm guessing Carell is a flat 5'8" and Rudd closer to 5'8.5". Neither is a full 5'9".
Hola said on 26/Dec/13

Carells footwear and proportions look a tad suspicious, either way, can't use the picture for much.
MD said on 23/Dec/13
@Adam, that picture actually doesn't show that. They are too far apart, and Steve is standing quite a bit out front. There has to be a better picture.
Adamthebravo said on 22/Dec/13
He is clearly shorter than Steve Carell in this photo. Click Here
Ally said on 4/Dec/13
Wow, always thought he was about 6ft or 6'1
Sam said on 27/Nov/13
I've seen him in person and he's closer to a strong 5'8" than 5'10", although I do admit he can seem taller on-screen.
MD said on 27/Nov/13
With a 6'2.5" Koechner, Adam McKay who I see listed at 6'3" and 6'4" and a 6'3" Will Ferrell:

Click Here

Man, that's a tall cast.

Rob, who is taller, Rudd or Steve Carell?

Click Here

I still hold that neither Carell nor Rudd are a full 5'9".
jordydecke said on 26/Nov/13
great actor and I love the type of characters he plays but I just can't see him as 5 foot 9. Was watching 'This is 40' the other day and the majority of the women in that film seem to tower him as well as the men. Also he has such a slight build and tiny limbs. I'd go with 5'8 (with shoes on) for Paul.

However, having said that, if you look at the scenes with him and Chris O'Dowd in there isn't as much difference as there should be between them - I'd imagine Paul wore lifts for those.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 26/Nov/13
lol @ 5'10 Click Here
Rube said on 12/Oct/13
I'd say 5'9" is a fair estimate. Look at this scene from Night at the Museum and let me know what you think.Click Here He looks a tiny bit taller than Stiller who's 5'6". But, I'm accounting for an extra inch on stiller since they want to make him look more average sized.
Idra said on 27/Sep/13
Looks a lot shorter than 6'0 Jane Lynch in 40 Year Old Virgin, perhaps an entire head. Same with Rick Ross and Diddy, I'm guessing he's 5'7-5'8

Click Here
Jag175cm said on 17/Sep/13
Legit 5'9", he's the same height as his fellow actor and co-star Steve Carell if you guys look more closely
FM said on 29/Jul/13
Met him in New York- stood right next to him. I'm 5'9" bare foot. He was pretty close to my height. Possibly a half an inch shorter, or half an inch taller, because of foot ware. But still, pretty close.
cole said on 23/Jul/13
Click Here

I know this probably isn't much to go on since we can't know their footwear etc. But if P. Diddy is 5'10, Rudd looks nothing more than 5'7 next to him in that particular video.
Gheist said on 7/Jul/13
Mike T said on 5/Jul/13
JB said on 19/Jun/13
He could be a legit 5'7.5"
I'm 5'7.5" and I have people guess my height as 5'9" all the time.
true said on 8/Jun/13
Looks around 5'7.5
Tee said on 19/May/13
@doc tari I saw him on the daily show as well. He did look slightly taller than Jon. Maybe an inch taller. If Jon Stewart really is 5'6.5" as he's listed on this site that would make Rudd 5'7.5" or 5'8"
Eriy said on 9/Mar/13
I adore Paul Rudd. However, he does not look 5'10".
doc tari said on 5/Mar/13
Just saw rudd on daily show. John stewart is 5'6" and rudd was dead even height wise with him..flat shoes.
Big Bee said on 17/Feb/13
I'm 5'8" I was in the same store as him on Sunset last year and I can guarantee you he's no more than 5'6.75" at the most. Bear in mind this was 10am and we were both wearing flip flops.
Silent d said on 13/Feb/13
5 foot 8.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Feb/13
Funny but he's got a face more suited to a 6'2 guy. Guys his height with long faces can pull off looking taller.
Charles Flint said on 6/Jan/13
Not including half's to their heights I would label them as

Excelsior said on 2/Jan/13
He claims 5'10" all the time, but Judd Apatow claims he's 5'8.5" and Paul has always looked shorter than him. For that matter, I'm not sure James Franco is 5'11" because he too looked the same height or shorter than Apatow. Maybe Apatow is the most honest man in the world and all of these other guys are just lying through their teeth.
Charles Flint said on 1/Jan/13
In 'This is 40' he had about 3 inches over Leslie Mann,who is listed as 5'6.Both stood next to each other throughout the film,and Rudd was always the taller one. 5'9-5'10 guy for sure.
Silent d said on 19/Dec/12
I remember when he claimed 5 foot 10 somewhere. I never believed it. He doesn't look shorter than 5 foot 8.
Hew said on 13/Dec/12
He mostly strikes me as a 5'6/5'7-man, never looks as tall as 5'9. Most of the 5'8/5'9-guys I know looks MUCH taller than he does. He's got such stubby arms and legs, he generally just looks way shorter than 5'9. He'll probably reach around 5'9.25 in special shoes/boots, but in no way is he that tall barefoot.
Stiffelio said on 4/Nov/12
I think 5'9" is a fair assessment. I stood inches away in front of him, face to face, at the stage door in a NYC theater after seeing "Grace". I'm 5' 8.5' and he seemed just about my size or maybe a bit taller. BTW he's a terrific actor!
Duhon said on 2/Nov/12
upendra says on 1/Nov/12
i think he is under 5 feet 6 coz i saw the movie i love you man and in that movie he seemed really short never could be 5 feet 8 or more

Well his co-star in that movie was 6'4" so pretty much anyone under 6' would look very miniscule.
upendra said on 1/Nov/12
i think he is under 5 feet 6 coz i saw the movie i love you man and in that movie he seemed really short never could be 5 feet 8 or more
Silent D said on 25/Oct/12
I remember when he look 5 foot 8. 5 foot 9 is a stretch
Clay said on 8/Oct/12
One of the few I'm positive Rob has too high. 5'8-5'8.25.
Scott said on 12/Sep/12
He always looked average height to me. Shorther than Seth rogen though. He looks 5'8-9
Hullywood said on 18/Aug/12
He seemed not that tall like other 5foot9ers. In shoes (dress-shoes especially) he can appear like 1.76m.
kaan said on 13/Feb/12
ı think he has between 1.70 -1.73 height .not 1.75
MaskDeMasque said on 13/Feb/12
after watching interviews with him, he def is under 5'9, 5'8 even. i cant even buy 5'8.5. maybe 5'8.25
RICHARD said on 9/Feb/12
5'9"-5'10" is more fair.He was about an inch or two over Courtney Love,who is a tall girl at 5'9",in 200 Cigarettes,and she wore heels.He was taller than her,though.
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
5 foot 8.
Real said on 8/Oct/07
hm, that seems generous
Paul Rudd said on 6/Oct/07
Ok, about 174cm for real!
Drew said on 19/Aug/07
He was on TRL a while ago and he said he was 5'10". Pity he looked a good 5-6 inches shorter than Damian.
xaoxio said on 23/May/07
I guess he's shorter than 5'9". Paul could be 5'8" or 5'8.5" at the very best.
Kathryn said on 12/Apr/07
he is 5'9'' maybe an half inch smaller. in Clueless next to Alicia Silverstone taller than her, not a huge difference but u could see it. and Alicia is 5'5'' maybe taller. in the film she is, she´s got heels on. so he is 5'9''.
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/07
next to 5'2" reese witherspoon he does not look 5'9" at all, 5'6-5'7" tops
sam said on 30/Oct/06
also, paul rudd's nowhere near 6ft whoever here said that. He could be five nine easily though, tell him I got his back.
sam said on 30/Oct/06
mo, if your five three and had heels you could have stood at 5'6. If he was " a couple" of inches taller (let's say two), he'd be five eight.
Riley said on 5/Sep/06
I was on set, Steve wore lifts in the 40 year old virgin. Most scenes you can't see his foot wear but you can tell he's wearing in the scene where he is chewing the guys out for buying him a male prostitute.
D. Ray Morton said on 29/Aug/06
He's not much taller than Rachel Weisz in "The Shape Of Things."
MD said on 27/Aug/06
Editor Rob, come back and check this and bring him to a more realistic height.
Joe said on 25/Aug/06
He's 5'7.75 in my opinion, could be 5'8. 5'6 and below is just taking the piss, unless those opinions are based on the "lifts-factor" then maybe they could be true.
Conner Iannone said on 10/Aug/06
Well, either they gave him 3-4 inch lifts in FRIENDS or you guys are lying. Rudd looked a good 5'9/5'10 and was taller than Lisa Kudrow.
D. Ray Morton said on 30/Jul/06
Wonderful actor, but I have serious doubts about that 5'9".
mo said on 4/May/06
I went to see him in an Off-Broadway play, shook hands and got his autograph. I had heels and was 5'3, he was only a couple of inches taller so I'd say 5'4 or 5'5.
MD said on 21/Apr/06
Rob, his height needs to be significantly downgraded. He's not even taller than Steve Carell, who is either 5'8" or under. At least an inch.
Mike said on 20/Apr/06
Unless he's gotten taller over the last 2 years, he is no more than 5'5" - I'm 5'7", and he's at least 2 inches shorter. I live in NYC and have seen him and stood very close to him.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 17/Mar/06
How tall were the actors who played Jay and Cal in the 40-year old virgin
Joe said on 4/Feb/06
I think rudd is in the 5'7-8 range. I was just watching anchorman and about an hour into the movie when they go to buy new suits they all jump and if you pause the movie you will notice that rudd is wearing heels that are at least two inches while everyone else has standard heels. His footwear can definitely not be trusted.
Buster said on 10/Jan/06
In "The Object Of My Affection," Rudd walks alongside Steve Zahn. They look about the same height.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 30/Dec/05
After watchin the 40 year ols virgin I think Steve Carrell is really like 5'7, and Paul Rudd is 5'7.5 or 5'8 but i wanna kno how tall was the guys who played Jay n Cal
Height Tracker said on 28/Dec/05
This guy looked really short in Anchorman. I thought he was about 5'7" or so.
Mo said on 28/Nov/05
I met him in LA, he is about 5'7"
katie_t said on 24/Oct/05
I had my picture taken with him at a football game once. I'm 5'6" and I thought he was at least the same height as me if not shorter. He always looks taller in his movies and TV shows.
elio said on 12/Oct/05
everytime I see this guy he looks noticeably short. It probably doesn't help matters that he has long hair (something anyone under 6'0 should avoid). I'd guess 5'7-5'8 ... very similar to Carrell, not tiny... but under average.

All female comments on these male stars should be ignored, because of the obvious 'eye-witness' fabrication due to infatuation. Either that... or Jessica's alleged husband 'Jay' is 5'8 and has been telling her he's 6ft.
MD said on 13/Sep/05
Nope, he is not over 5'10". That much is obvious.
Jessica said on 12/Sep/05
i have met paul rudd and i'm 5ft 5 he is the same height as my husband jay who is 6ft so paul's not 5ft 9.
John R said on 5/Sep/05
You should see pics form the new fim "40 year old virgin". Does look the same size as Steve Carrell, whose around 5'8''
mcfan said on 22/Aug/05
I would say he looks 5'8 because he looked the same size as Steve Carell.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 6/Jul/05
He looks bigger than Brick in Anchorman b-sides an inch more like two or 3 so Bricks like 5'6 and Paul is 5'9 but if Brick is 5'8 than Paul's like 5'11 it looks like

[Editor Rob: the scene where rudd and carrell are inside the office standing 1 feet apart, talking about 'love carpet', 'love lamp' think there's a noticeable difference between the two? There's a few other shots in that movie where the difference is negligible in my opinion. Could be a little bit though ;)]
sean said on 22/Mar/05
paul rudd looks no bigger than tobey maguire in cider house rules. he also looks very small in anchorman.

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