How tall is Seth Rogen ?

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Seth Rogen's height is 5ft 11in (180 cm)

Canadian Actor best known for appearing in films such as The 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Pineapple Express, This is the End and The Green Hornet.

Seth with Amber Heard and James Franco
Photo by PR Photos
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MrTBlack says on 28/Jun/15
I do think it's funny he was listed as 5'9" in Pineapple Express because most movies list the characters as taller than their real life height not shorter!
But I don't think they were really thinking about it that much during the shooting of that film though.
Sam says on 25/Jun/15
At times he can look the full 5ft11, other times a weak one...could be 5ft10.75 at his low height by night time.
Rhonda says on 6/Jun/15
He looks like he has lifts on. He is smaller than Franco. He is about Adam Sandler height
b-mint1994 says on 23/Apr/15
Was watching 40 year old virgin. He looked near 6 foot in that movie if Carell and Rudd are both 5'9"
teej says on 16/Feb/15
Yeah seth rogen looks 180cm, 179cm at lowest. and i think franco also 178-179cm. But to be honest with you Rob with this pic posted above, im not really focusing of the heights of the two guys.. ;)
Hypado says on 8/Feb/15
Seth Rogen is 5ft 11 and Jim Franco is 5ft 10.5

no doubt.
Dan says on 1/Feb/15
Hey Rob-- are we sure about this listing? I'd have said 5'11" myself but here is a pic of Rogen next to Michael Fassbender on the set of the new Steve Jobs movie (Click Here). Fassbender (also listed as 5'11" on your site) looks to be an inch or two taller than Rogen.
[Editor Rob: I think it would be interesting to see how they compare when standing beside, as it's too hard to tell from that shot any real difference.]
Jblock says on 28/Jan/15
Id say 5ft 10.75 right rob?
[Editor Rob: it's quite arguable anywhere 5ft 11-10.5 range I think you could possibly argue.]
Bishop says on 8/Jan/15
Weak 5'11".
Nancy Denison says on 7/Jan/15
@I.Rojas915--- Cecily Strong is 5 ft 8 in. (173cm), and nothing above it, she wears high heels so her height looks deceptive.
Josh says on 8/Dec/14
Nothing under this listing. About 2 inches short than legit 6'1 Bill Hader
hal says on 22/Oct/14
I can't believe there are people here saying he's 5'10. Some even going as low as 5'9. WTH? This guy is one of the most legit 5'11ers out there. The downgraders on this site are so annoying sometimes.
SAMMY DERRICK says on 17/Oct/14
Sam says on 23/Sep/14
It is hard to believe after he looked similar to Katherine Heigl & maybe a tad shorter than her when she was in heels in Knocked Up that he is over 179 cm. Next to Ray Liotta though, he did look 180 cm range.
TJE says on 5/Sep/14
He always looked 5'10.75 to me. He's barely taller than James Franco.
M.P. says on 3/Jul/14
I don't like Rogen at all, but I met him in New York during Pineapple Express press, and he is exactly eye-to-eye with me. I wear a half-inch sneaker and he was wearing similar shoes. I am 5'10" and a half barefoot, so I think without shoes, he must be too, as we're exactly the same height. Thus, putting him at 5'11" in this picture, here. James Franco is 5'10", or rather, an inch shorter than him. Rogen also has the same body type as me. I'm overweight, too. In fact, he's kind of a White and Canadian me, as far as body appearances.

I am extremely height-conscious and constantly hate being short as an adult male, so my height is 100% accurate, according to several different doctors' height-scale tests, along with mine's at home. And I've never ever met a single person who claimed they were 5'10", male or female, and for them to be taller than me or eye level with me. They are always a good inch shorter, pitting me eye-to-eyebrow with them. And that is what I was with Franco. Girls who are 6'0" tall are usually the same ratio with me.

So, I'd say Seth Rogen is one of the few celebrities who is 100% accurate with his height. And again, I think he sucks as an actor/writer, so I'm not defending him. Also, he's overweight and unattractive, so he would have no need to lie about his height like better looking male celebs.
MrTBlack says on 4/Jun/14
I do agree 5'9" is low but I think 5'10.5" sounds bang on.
Michael says on 27/May/14
Kevin Corrigan is listed as 1.75 cm and looks bigger than Rogen in Pineapple Express movie
Michael says on 24/May/14
A scene from Pinneaple Express shows a police woman looking Dale Denton(Rogen)arrest profile appears 5'9. I believe in police department they took pics of people with shoes,right? So Rogen is 5'8 barefoot. Rogen is 1.74 or 1.75 and James Franco in that movie looks smaller than him. they both looks smaller than Stallone 1,75
dallas says on 20/Apr/14
1.79 - 1.80
I.Rojas915 says on 19/Apr/14
as for Cecily Strong, I would say she's 5' 8- 5' 8.5", she looked more than two inches shorter than 5' 11" Seth Rogen when they were both standing in the Blue River Dog Food Commercial on SNL and I think she wore high heels? as I saw her character (Cindy) walking from the sofa complaining passionately and moping. around
Clay says on 19/Apr/14

5'9 is what his CHARACTER'S license said in pineapple express. Good grief. He's around 5'11''.
Emmett says on 27/Mar/14
I think he's an honest 5'11, maybe 5'11.25. He never looks shorter, and if he were taller he would probably claim 6'0.
FM says on 13/Mar/14
Looks like he has a couple of inches on 5'9 guys like Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell - probably 5'11" or close to it.
Jessie Ventura says on 1/Mar/14
I think he is 5'11 give or take only 1/4 inch.
Craig Ferguson (see further down) is not 6'2 since he stood next to Colin Mochrie in 2 different episodes of Drew Carey show and changed height by 2 inches.
Ferguson wears 1.5/2 inch lifts.
cole says on 26/Feb/14
The 5'9 estimates are rubbish. "He was listed 5'9 in a movie".. ok? Legit 6'1 Toby Kebbell was listed 5'11 in a movie, it doesn't mean a thing. Seth looks no less than 2in taller than 5'9ish guys like Joseph Gordon Levitt, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell, a little taller than arguable 5'10 - 5'10.5 guys James Franco and Danny McBride, about 2in shorter than legit 6'1 Bill Hader and at least 3in taller than 5'8ish Zac Efron. He never looks under 5'10.5 from what I have seen. 5'10.75 is possible, 5'11 is a good shout.
MD says on 20/Feb/14
Seth is clearly/noticeably taller than Franco.
Edlt2882 says on 18/Feb/14
OK, I saw Seth Rogen and James Franco at ComicCon one year. I wasn't on equal footing with them, but as I stand at 5'7", the Rogen is about 5'10" tops. I'd feel more comfortable with 5'9.5", but can live with 5'10". Franco was slightly under Seth Rogen and is probably a truer 5'9.5".
pjk says on 19/Jan/14
Well, he maybe a little taller than Franco but there isn't much in it, so he could be 5'10" i don't know, but if you check out image of Franco with Gary Cole ( 5'11" on this site and probably is that height ) he looks considerably shorter and a much smaller frame/build. The photo i saw didn't show shoes though, but he did look obviously shorter.
I think some people on this site are the height stated, some even a bit taller but in my opinion there are a lot of 5'10-6'1" dudes on here that are shorter than stated here but thats just my opinion based on photos and the fact that more than half the men i have ever met seem to overstate their height when they are under 6' and particularly those near the 6' mark ( 5'10"-5'11.5") more often than not say they are 6', when they are quite obviously shorter than me ( i was exactly 6' in socks when younger- measured 3 x in the day and measured this height more than once ). Its just the way it is - men often seem sensitive about their height unless they are above average.
MD says on 14/Jan/14
There is no way in hell this guy is as short as 5'9".
pjk says on 13/Jan/14
5'9" seems about right - and that is his stated height on pineapple express. If James Franco and himself are taller than that then there are some really tall dudes in that film, because they tower over these two. They both look average height or just below it. Actors usually give their 'in shoes' height or add on an inch or two to seem more impressive as when they tell the truth and give their 'in socks' height, it doesn't fit with the other actors stated heights who they have acted along side, i.e. the truth makes those giving 'in shoes height' look shorter. Its the way of the world
BRUTAL says on 6/Dec/13
If he's 5ft 11 why does it say 5ft 9 in Pineapple Express?.
Mike says on 3/Nov/13
Seems 5'9, in pineaple express appears on the computer, and james franco looks smaller 2 cm
jay says on 2/Sep/13
I met him at a green hornet scene back in 09. I'm 6'0 and he's about 5'11. took a picture with him, too.
cole says on 23/Jul/13
He's 5'11 range for sure. Slightly shorter than 5'11.5 Jay Baruchel and at least 2" taller than Paul Rudd and Steve Carell (I say at least because Steve and Paul can both look closer to 5'8 than 5'9).
Sam says on 12/Jul/13
I do think 5'11" is a good call here. He can just edge out Danny McBride. I recall that sometimes he looks a margin shorter than Jay Baruchel and he looked around the same height as Katherine Heigl in heels.
Tempest says on 12/Jul/13
Here's Seth Rogen with Paul Rudd: Click Here

To me that looks like 3 inches between them. It's definitely more than 2. He's always looked somewhat tall to me. I believe he's hovering right around 6'.
Tempest says on 12/Jul/13
There are a series of photos on gettyimages, where if you look up "seth rogen james franco" you'll see that Rogen is wearing Converse and Franco is wearing dress shoes. Rogen looks an inch or a little more taller. I think Seth Rogen might be 5'11.5" and Franco is 5'10" flat. Honestly, I really think Seth Rogen is taller than he's listed here and 5'10" as some suggest is way too low.
Tempest says on 11/Jul/13
To me he looks pretty tall and quite well proportioned, and he held his own with Craig Ferguson in that clip. In Pineapple Express he looked 6'. When he lost all that weight a couple of years back maybe it helped him stand a bit taller during the day. Is that a possibility Rob?
Jax says on 3/Jul/13
5'10 (178cm) in barefeet, 180cm with shoes on
Henri_Plonk says on 27/Jun/13
in pineapple express, the scene where the police officer types Rogens characters name into her computer, his height is listed as 5ft 9"
lev says on 24/Jun/13
On this recent interview on craig ferguson
Click Here
appears no more than 2 inches shorter than 6'2 tall ferguson...
Tempest says on 15/Mar/13
He looks quite tall. I might venture to guess that he could be near 6'. Like 5'11.75".

Click Here
Click Here

With 6'5" Michael Strahan: Click Here
Mikey T says on 14/Feb/13
Why did it say that he was 5'9" in pineapple express when he got his license scanned
heyeah says on 9/Feb/13
He's pretty tall, I didn't expect him to be that tal
Trey says on 22/Jan/13
178-180 cm range, no more.
Joey says on 2/Dec/12
5'10 flat is my bet
Conti says on 26/Nov/12
I would say he's 5'11 in shoes,and 5'10 barefoot.The real height is 5'10.
6\' says on 23/Oct/12
he always gave me a shorter impression
Johnnyfive says on 17/Sep/12
He towered over all the guys in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. I thought this dude was a six footer. 5'11 sounds right.
Hullywood says on 15/Sep/12
He never looked small or average tall to me. Maybe 1cm makes the different. He looked tall to me. 1.81.5m without shoes. My opinion.
Scott says on 12/Sep/12
He was taller than 5'8-9 Paul Rudd in knocked up and has always seemed 5'10.5 to me.
Brad says on 26/Aug/12
5'11" seems accurate. He always seems slightly above average.
B says on 16/Aug/12
He TOWERED over Linda Cardellini (who's 5'4) in Freaks and Geeks, when he was only 16-17 and she was nearly 7 years older than him. He pretty much consistently looked 5'11 range, and he had typical sneakers on throughout the series, so he's probably 5'10.5 without shoes. James Franco wore boots in some episodes but even with the advantage from those, Rogen was clearly taller, making Franco a hair under 5'9 most likely.
MaskDeMasque says on 4/Aug/12
well if he is 5'10 flat than JGL is no more than 5'9. so yea, he maybe 5'10 flat.
BigT says on 27/Jul/12
dennis devito says on 1/Aug/11
in mythbusters he is taller than both adam and jamie and both adam and jamie are like 5'10" so i guess rogen is 5'11" after all.-

WRONG. Adam is 182-183 cm, Jamie is 177-178 cm. Seth Rogen was the same height as Jamie.
BigT says on 26/Jul/12
Hes 178 cm flat.
MaskDeMasque says on 9/Jun/12
looked an inch and a bit taller than JGL in 50/50.

179 max.
Russell Ash says on 11/Feb/12
Looks taller than Opie in this photo. Opie has claimed 6'0" before.Click Here
MaskDeMasque says on 9/Feb/12
somewhere between 5'10.5 and 5'10.75

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