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James Franco height: 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)

American actor best known for roles in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Spider-man and Freaks and Geeks. In a French Magazine there was an article where it's written Franco says he's almost '182cm'. Celebheights read another article, from LA Review of Books where Franco says his height and weight: "I'm 5'11; I think 185 pounds"

Seth Rogen, Amber Heard and James
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Jacob says on 13/Mar/15
I don't buy Franco's 5.10.5 listing, 5.10 at most. He also likes to wear lifts and big boots, look at this pic, it's ridiculous.. Click Here
Heylo says on 22/Feb/15
Look at Naked & Afraid where they both (James Franco & Seth Rogen) are naked and standing next each other several times. If seth really is 5'11 then James must be closer to 5'10.

James Franco is most likely 177-178cm. Brad Pitt also looked 2 inches taller than Franco and Brad are supposed to be 5'11...
Anon says on 21/Feb/15
5'9", from looking at Paul's pics with Pitt.
Axaros says on 20/Feb/15
Thanks Guys :)! Personally i claim always 5'10'' beacause in shoes i'm 5'11''and i believe to look more than 5'9'', however, this site also the heights of the actors are those of the evening ?
Axaros says on 14/Feb/15
Rob i'm 5'10.5 at the morning and 5'9.75" at the evening. How i could claim?
[Editor Rob: I think many guys in your position would rather than saying 5ft 9.75 just round to 5ft 10. Me personally I'd probably say 'almost 5ft 10'.]
S.J.H says on 1/Feb/15
Paul, Brad Pitt often wore lifts to boost up height like a 6ft guy. While 2 of your pictures had disadvantages for Franco. I admit Pitt could be a little over 5'11 like 5'11.25 and Franco could be a solid 5'10 guy like Andrew Garfield whom i met in NYC a humble 5'10.25 guy
Paul says on 27/Jan/15
Franco with Brad Pitt at Sundance. If Pitt is 5'11, Franco is 5'10 max if not smaller. Please have a look:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
dame says on 15/Jan/15
Then how about this Rob? Is the camera angle bad? Their height difference seems a solid inch in that picture. I'm not trying to downgrade Franco, I just want to point their difference. What d'ya think?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: from looking at more of them together I think seth is a bit taller, but I'm not sure he'd be a full inch taller.]
dame says on 13/Jan/15
Rob look at what I've found:

Doesn't this seem more like a 2cm difference between Rogen and Franco?
[Editor Rob: it looks like that, but it's outside on ground that might not be very even.]
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 11/Jan/15
By Michael Shannon who is listed as 6'3.5" on here:

Click Here

5'10.5" is the minimum that he is.
MD says on 30/Dec/14
I completely agree, Marcus. I've seen Franco look at tall as Rogan...but only when Rogan's in regular shoes, and Franco in heeled shoes (like in the picture above). It's becoming clearer to me that Rogan has a good inch on Franco when they are in similar footwear.
marcus says on 29/Dec/14
rob every scene with seth rogan he's an inch taller, there's even a scene in the interview where seth rogan is barefoot while james franco is wearing oxfords(3cm heel) and their the same height. Unless seth rogan is 6ft, then james franco is no more than 178cm, a solid 5'10
John says on 23/Dec/14
Rob,how much would Amber's heels give?
[Editor Rob: close to 3 inches, but also might be losing an inch in posture?]
MD says on 22/Dec/14
I'm looking at my comment from back in April, and it's weird to read, as James clearly looks shorter than Rogan in their recent press junkets. James is not short, but I'm really thinking he's just 5'10".
james says on 19/Dec/14
He's 5'10 barefoot and 5'11 with footwear with inch thick soles
Sponk says on 27/Nov/14
In Pineapple Express James Franko looks like dwarf next to some actors, perhaps they are 195cm+, yet i think that he looks 174-175cm(5ft8.5-5ft9) range there because of a TERRIBLE POSTURE but if he stay straight, can be strong 177-178cm(5ft10) like Set Rogen (sometimes 2 inches taller because James barefeet in some scenes).
For me its OBVIOUS that Franko is 177 in the midday and Set is 178(where the hell you see strong 5ft11???)
Norma26 says on 14/Oct/14
Rather it is depended on the footwear Seth Rogen wears he did look about 2 inches taller than James Franco in Pineapple Express I'll say he looks shorter on tv than he does in reality.
Tim says on 14/Oct/14
Next to David Oyelowo in rise of the appes he looked 5cm taller. And it makes sense about Franco's height, consider that David is not legit 5-8... So Franco is about 176-177. I also think that hes exactly same height as Orlando Bloom, they look pretty similar in that way to me.
Mike T says on 11/Oct/14
He is no more than 5'9". Look at him next to Judd Apatow, he's listed at 174. And Seth Rogen is no more than 5'10".
(S)aint 6'1 says on 7/Oct/14
Going off of freaks and geeks when he is around Seth rogan he looks 5'10.5-5'11
TJE says on 5/Sep/14
I can believe 5'10.5. Also, I don't understand how everyone is saying that he can't be 185 lbs. I mean nobody shares the same exact build. I'm 235 lbs 5'10 and I look 190-200. I have a 5'9 friend who's 151 and has a thin-average build. James here is 1-1.5 inches taller than he is so he could be at least 165 lbs. James is also a little stocky so he could be like 175-180 lbs, so 185 lbs isn't impossible.
Mike says on 6/Aug/14
Adam says on 23/Jul/14
MD says on 21/Apr/14
It's weird, because he was on Saturday Night Live as a surprise guest with Seth Rogan, and they've been looking almost identical in height, lately. It makes me think Rogan is more likely somewhere between 5'10" and 5'11" than a solid 5'11".
bandet says on 17/Apr/14
Chris 182cm..... You say when you think of him as under 5ft10 it makes your brain say 'NO''re one stable unsuperficial person aren't you!!
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 28/Mar/14
He's a 5'10 guy who can look pull off 5'11. His natural build is 160 -165 pounds, so unless he built some major muscle for certain roles, I doubt 185 would be his typical weight.
Balrog says on 17/Mar/14
He didn't look over 5'10" next to Dafoe but with other people can pull off 5'11"
MD says on 17/Mar/14
@NorthernEurope, while I still think it's possible that he could be 5'10", that is not really his personal website (if even he has one).
NorthernEurope says on 14/Mar/14
According to his website he is 5'10.
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pauly e says on 6/Mar/14
he looked less than the listed height in "knocked up" compared to Katherine Heigl. I do think he is a bit over 5'10 however. i know this is a height site but I feel compelled to comment on his 185 lbs claim. No chance he is 185 lbs. 5'10.5" and 185 at a low bodyfat is pretty jacked....
Edlt2882 says on 18/Feb/14
I saw Franco at Comic Con. If I stand at 5'7", the Franco is 5'9.5". He seems to wear thick sole shoes that make him appear almost 5'11".
MD says on 11/Feb/14

Thanks for those pictures. That clears that up.
Chris 182 cm says on 10/Feb/14
He's so cool that you just can't see him as below 5'10. When i see him and think he might be under 5'10, my brain immediately says NO and forbids me to think in these terms. It's a physics thing i think.
Balrog says on 8/Feb/14

Click Here
Click Here

Franco is not under 5'10''. Current listing is perfect. Statham could be just 174cm though.
MD says on 7/Feb/14

Okay, so maybe he is a bit smaller than I thought (though still not "tiny" by any definition). Here he is with Jason Statham:

Click Here

Click Here

Maybe Statham is in lifts, or maybe James really is something between 5'9" and 5'10" instead of being between 5'10" and 5'11".
Balrog says on 6/Feb/14
Ted, Franco is for sure 5'10''. Can look 5'11'' aswell. And he did looked 185 pounds in Annapolis. But normally I'd say he's 165.
Ted says on 6/Feb/14
A 5'9" or 5'10" (at absolute most) guy trying to claim 5'11".

Also does the 'poofy hair on top' thing to try to look taller. All the classic tricks.

185 lbs is also unlikely.
MD says on 5/Feb/14
FA, here's the thing - and it's shocking enough that it may surprise some - there is a category and range between short and tall: it's called average. Under no circumstance is James Franco "tiny" as it concerns his height, and definitely not at his current listed height, so it wasn't even close to appropriate a word to describe James.
MD says on 27/Jan/14
How in th world is 5'10.5" "pretty short" and "tiny" (when you are that height, to boot), barring you being Dutch? What a strange perception of height you have.
M.P. says on 25/Jan/14
Wow! He's pretty short. Him and his brother Dave are tiny. Maybe because he's also rather scrawny I always thought he looked taller. But he's basically the same height as me.
pjk says on 13/Jan/14
This listing surely can't be right. Gary cole is 5'11" on this site but if you goggle images for gary cole and james franco you can see he is at least 2" taller than franco which goes with franco being 5'9" or just under.
MD says on 19/Dec/13
With 5'11.5" Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here

If Jimmy straightens his neck, that's most definitely an inch, and that's also assuming Jimmy is his listed height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 13/Dec/13
"James Franco height: 5ft 10.25in (178cm)"

Might be 5ft11 early morning
G-Man says on 11/Dec/13
In Homefront it feels like they tried to make him look bigger, to me he usually seems like a typical slight Hollywood actor (185 sounds too heavy unless he'd just packed on some muscle)
diesel says on 7/Dec/13
seems like the high end 5'9" range until the low-mid 5'10" range imo -
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 31/Oct/13
France looks marginally shorter than Topher Grace.
Click Here

5'10 flat. He looks it with Tom Felton also.
James says on 8/Oct/13
Looks 177cm in This is the End next to Danny McBride imo. I would give him 5ft 10 flat. 185 pounds (84KG) though? He's pushing it there, in This is the End he did look to have a fair bit of muscle though he has a slightly broad frame imo. I could buy 185lbs/84kg if he was actually 5ft 11 with his frame and build, id say he's probably 175-180lbs, around 80kg flat. Remember some guys have heavier bone mass, I for one do, people guess me to be lighter than I am quite substantially so the only logical explanation is heavy bones due to my broad frame.

Anyway, James Franco, 177/178cm and 175-180lbs.
CharlesFlint says on 5/Oct/13
IMHO,Franco is a solid 5'11" guy. He has somewhat short legs and a longer torso,small head and thin build. He's a smidge under 6foot and is the same height as Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel,as he is standing between them in 'This is the End'. Craig Robinson is the tallest at 6'1 so Franco,Rogen,Baruchel,McBride are 5'11" easily
cd says on 3/Oct/13
@Scott five eleven
Not even 3 inches between him and Maguire. Franco can be 5'10.25, that may be better than either 5'10 flat or 5'10.5. He is just not the 5'11 he claims.
Hawk says on 24/Sep/13
In agreement with MD that he's just a flat 5'10". He needs a downgrade !
avi says on 13/Sep/13
Why are so many people taller than him if he's 5'10.5 sounds like he's barely 5'10 what evidence do we have that he is over 5:9.5?
[Editor Rob: I think with someone like tom felton, he's got to be a 5ft 10 range guy rather than below it.]
Len says on 10/Sep/13
Looks 5'10" flat in everything he's done. At most.

And that's with a thin build making him look a smidge taller than he probably is.

Also... 185 pounds? C'mon, James... 'and then you woke up'.
Scott five eleven says on 7/Sep/13
Clearly taller than tobey maguire in the spiderman films, there was about a 3-4 inch difference, does seem a 5'11 guy to me
mccafe says on 2/Sep/13
lifts people I think Franco must wear lifts, like Tommy Cruise
mccafe says on 2/Sep/13
lifts people I think Franco must wear lifts, like Tommy Cruise
lelman says on 31/Aug/13
@SAK he looks 3'4" taller, he just has massive hair. Definately not a full 5'11", and I highly doubt below 5'10".
Balrog says on 10/Aug/13
This guy looked taller than Gyllenhaal and a little bit shorter than Seth Rogen. Taller than Topher Grace. I think he's spot on he can look just 5'10" but also can pull off a solid 5'11".
Jax says on 24/Jun/13
he's a classic 5'10 guy who can pull off the 5'11 look due to his slim appearance....his 5'11 claim is simply the standard hollywood rounded up height....all celebs round up a little nowadays
Gheist says on 15/Jun/13
Heeled Heigl towered him in Knocked Out, he is somewhere between 175cm and 178cm barefoot
Rob Morane says on 5/Jun/13
Click Here
Here you can see that hes actually about 170cm maybe 172
Mikey T says on 3/Jun/13
If Franco's 5'11 then that would make topher grace about 6'0 and tobey maguire about 5'9
Lenad is sexy says on 28/Apr/13
until I saw this listing I always thought he was like 6'0-6'1. He looked tall in the Spiderman films.
Alex.N says on 19/Apr/13
lol at 5'8 Sandler. He is 5'9.5 minimum
em says on 11/Apr/13
well, anne hathaway is 1,73 m and probably wearing heels with at least 16 cm on the oscar - photos... franco's gotta be taller than 1,78 m
em says on 11/Apr/13
well, anne hathaway is 1,73 m and probably wearing heels with at least 16 cm... franco's gotta be taller than 1,78 m
Conti says on 6/Mar/13
Seth Rogen isn't 5'11,he's the same height as Adam Sandler who is 5'8.I would say James Franco is 5'9 and Seth Rogen 5'8.
tknledge says on 9/Feb/13
taller than seth rogen 5' 11.
lester says on 2/Feb/13
my friend took a class with franco at columbia
and mentioned franco does wear shoes to elevate his height
so he may be way shorter than his indicated height..
John says on 30/Jan/13
Same height as Brad Pitt
SAK says on 29/Jan/13
Here with little brother(Dave Franco 5f6/168cm).
Click Here

James does appear more then 5" taller then Dave. But James is closer to the camera.
Scott 5\'11 says on 28/Jan/13
If 'Franco stand in' is genuine then no way is he below 5'10.5. He does look 5'11 in my opinion anyhow. Maybe 5'10.75 ?
Mikey T says on 28/Jan/13
This guy can easily look 5'11" or over.
Hew says on 4/Nov/12
Ive got news for you... Rogen aint 511.
Franco is 59.75 on a good day, Rogen is a flat 510.
Franco Stand-In says on 5/Oct/12
I work as James Franco's stand-in in a movie he's now filming so I'm probably an expert on his height.. Barefoot, he is 5'11.. How do I know for sure? I stood next to James for the camera during auditions to see if our heights were compatible.. I'm EXACTLY 5'10 1/2 barefooted and he was a tad taller than me.. I noticed the shoes too.. We were wearing similar heels.. His high hair made him seems way taller than me, but the eyes were about 1/2 above mine.. Debate settled: James Franco is 5'11 barefooted.. He tends to slouch in pictures, so he can appear shorter..
LaraR says on 28/Sep/12
I saw him for his "Your Highness" premiere at UCSB. I stood next to him and the height difference felt like how it would be to stand next to my boyfriend so I'll say that he's around 5'9.
Randomguyman says on 28/Sep/12
I saw him often at UCLA. He's a great human being. I'm 5'11 and I was at least 2 inches taller than him.
johnnyfive says on 4/Sep/12
Franco looks about 5'9 in the pictures with Tom Hanks posted by Lazlo. He also looks 5'9 max in the pic posted by Enrique. That's what 5'9 looks like next to me (184cms) the way Franco looks next to Hanks, so I'll stick with 5'9.
linke says on 19/Aug/12
Rob whats ur guess for his brother dave? Looked roughly the same height as jonah hill. 5'6?
[Editor Rob: yeah, no more than 5ft 6]
Enrique says on 28/Jul/12
No way! Look at this pic: Click Here
With 155 cm Vanessa Hudgens and 165 cm Ashley Benson

Pretend to be taller is easier than pretend to be shorter, if the posture is fine.
mister says on 6/Feb/12
Shrimp, It's called LIFTS my friend.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 28/Jan/12
This guy confuses me.

In this shot he looks barely taller than 174cm listed Kenan Thompson, I'd say he's 178 MAX here:
Click Here
But in this shot he looks a lot taller than Thompson, I'd even estimate him at 182 here:
Click Here
In this shot he looks shorter than 180cm listed Seth Rogen, again looking 178 MAX:
Click Here
But here he looks taller than Rogen, again I'd estimate him at 182 here:
Click Here
In this shot he's a bit taller than 179cm listed Topher Grace, he looks around 180 here:
Click Here

Anything between 177 and 182 is a possibility, this guy seems to defy the laws of physics, varying in height Brad Pitt style. Rob do you have an explanation for this?

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