How tall is Jessica Alba ?

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Jessica Alba height: 5ft 6.25in (168 cm)

American actress best known for playing Max on tv series Dark Angel. In film she has appeared in The Fantastic Four, Sin City and The Eye. She claimed in a 2002 Q&A session that "I'm 5'6" and a half" although later she's been trying to claim - as in Dec 2005 - "I'm 5ft 7".

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Penelope says on 14/Jun/15
No more than 166cm
Stephen B says on 28/May/15
Alba is not short like JLO and Emma Watson. Watson and JLo claim to be 5f5-5f6 (or so) and there is a very big difference in the frames of these three ladies. Alba looks genuinely to be at least 5f5.5-5f6. it's the structure of her frame and limb lengths that support that height.
Alba doesn't look "tall" but she has the presence that supports not being higher end of average not "short". Alba in heels looks tall (not like a shrimp on stilts).
I believe 5f6 and 125 lbs.
Az says on 22/May/15
Stood next to her at fashion week. Not taller than 5'4".
TJE says on 24/Apr/15
I remember seeing a picture of G with her and he looked about a cm taller.
Meredith says on 1/Apr/15
I've recently stood directly next to her, and I can confidently say she is at least 5'6.5" (169cm). I'm conservatively 5'4", and she had me by almost 3" -- and we were both in flat sandals. And on top of that, even though she is perfectly slim (and she is, she looks very lovely in person), her body build/bone structure is simply not that of someone who is petite (under 5'5"). In fact, if I hadn't been specifically paying attention to her height at the time, I would have assumed 5'7"-5'7.5".
EaglesLegendz says on 4/Mar/15
5'6 looks exactly right.
Silent_D says on 27/Oct/14
167cm is good for her.
GungAlba says on 9/Oct/14
She is no way nearly 5ft 7inch, she is at the most 5ft 4inch
177cmGuy says on 5/Oct/14
5'5 looks too low. 167cm sounds right for her or a weak 5'6
Magic says on 3/Oct/14
It's wrong!She isn't 5'6,I say 5'5.
Here she wears heels,and she is close at Ben Stiller:
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What do Rob say?
[Editor Rob: while I don't think she'd be 5ft 5, you could argue at times she can look barely 5ft 6]
Alex 6'0 says on 14/Jun/14
Even with the 1/4 inches taken away from both Alba and Biel it still makes them 1/2 inch apart which looks right. Alba at a solid 5'6 looks right which puts Biel below 5'7 though she can look 5'7 at times
Lorne says on 7/Apr/14
When I say weak 5'7, I mean not over that mark. But yeah, she is more legit than a lot of people claiming it, for sure. I said 169 for Biel a long time ago, so 5ft6 is fine for Alba, and 6.5 for Biel. Timberlake, he's a tough one, but I wouldn't go less than 180, he does edge out Garfield...
Balrog says on 20/Mar/14
I could buy Beckinsale at 5'7" but if you think that she is a weak 5'7" then Biel would be nearer 5'6". Beckinsale edge out Biel by half inch. Alba at 5'6" and Biel at 5'6.5" would be good, which also make Timberlake a 5'11" flat which I think he is.
Lorne says on 20/Mar/14
Hah! I suggested 5ft6.25 for her and 5ft6.75 for Biel just recently, and behold! ;) But Balrog, she DOES look 169cm at times, read my posts below, I mean she is easy 4cm over 171cm range Tobey McGuire in heels, she looks identical to Ben Stiller, and barefoot was taller than Hoffman in heels. She can look 167-168 as well, though, and is definantly closer to 5'6 than 7. 5ft6 on the dot could ultimately be her height, but, I still can't see less than that..(and IMO, Beckinsale herself looks weak 5'7...)
Chris says on 8/Mar/14
Is she above average or tallish?
Balrog says on 8/Mar/14
5'6" at most, Biel was shorter than listed 5'7" Kate Beckinsale. Alba looks 167-168 a lot, but I think 5'6" is a fair listing. This is too high IMO
[Editor Rob: I probably could go with 6.25 for alba and a weak 5ft 7 biel...]
Andrea says on 7/Mar/14
I agree... There are some pics of Jessica at that event, you can't clearly see her heels but i think they are at least 3 inches, so Tom at 6'2.75 would be 6'3.75 in those classic shoes, which means Jessica does look a weak 5'6 at most. Why you keep her at 5'6.5?
[Editor Rob: maybe it would turn out she is 169 earlier in the day, she can look 168 a lot]
Andrea says on 7/Mar/14
Rob, how much difference you think there's in this video?
[Editor Rob: no less than 7 inches]
Alex 6ft 0 says on 17/Feb/14
Lorne, if you see the pic with her with Jessica Biel who is listed at 5'7 here that would put Alba at 5'6.5. There doesn't look to be even an inch between the two. If Alba is more around 5'6 flat then Biel is below 5'7. Id agree with the heights Rob as them at 5'6.5 and 5'7. At worst they're 1/2 inch less than that.
Lorne says on 17/Feb/14
What do you think Alex? I think she generally looks 168-169. 5ft6.5 is believable she measured it, maybe it was afternoon measurement, or maybe 168.5 rounded up? 5ft6.25 could be spot on, but looking at her thoroughly(which isn't too hard!) I doubt she'd come under 5'6, like I said, for a woman her posture isn't the greatest. Anyway, 5ft6.5 is a liberal listing, 5ft6 or even 167cm would be conversative.
Alex 6ft 0 says on 16/Feb/14
Yea in can look an inch apart in a few but most those pics especially the one I posted it looks more 1/2 inch. 5'7 and 5'6.5 may be spot on for them
Alex 6ft 0 says on 16/Feb/14
If Alba is 5'6 flat then Biel is more like 5'6.5. If Biel is 5'7 then Alba is her 5'6.5 claim
Alex 6ft 0 says on 16/Feb/14
Here is a pretty good pic of Alba and Biel together. Both standing side by side in the same type of sneakers. Alba's posture seems a bit more relaxed though if you look at her right leg not straight. Not sure if that's even an inch between the 2. Looks more 1/2-3/4 inch which puts Rob's listings of these 2 to be accurate. What do you think Rob?

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[Editor Rob: you can argue in some photos 5ft 6 and 7 look ok, in others maybe 5ft 6.5 and 7]
Alex 6ft 0 says on 16/Feb/14
Any pics of her with Jessica Biel who is listed 5'7 here? They are prob an inch at most apart.
[Editor Rob: there were a few When in sneakers together ]
Jay says on 14/Feb/14
How tall does she look compared to Lita Rob? Since you have her as only 5'5 I'm curious.
[Editor Rob: she can look about 5ft 6 and 6.5 is the upper end of what I'd guess for her]
Lorne says on 26/Jan/14
She's gotta be a solid 5ft6. Watch "the spoils of Babylon", she is consistently taller than Toby McGuire. Toby is listed 172cm, but I think he is 171cm. And of course, she has heels. But still, she is solid 4cm taller than a 171cm guy in regular shoes. She clears 5'10 in heels, even if they give 4in, she is 5ft6. Also, she actually did look 169cm in little Fockers. As I mentioned, they're is a scene in that film, she is barefoot, Hoffman in sandles, she is an inch taller. Also looks identical to Stiller barefoot, and looks taller throughout the movie. I think 168 is closer, but the 5'4-5'5 is nonsense; granted, she gives a shorter impression, but for a woman I don't think she holds the best posture. Anyway, check out "Fockers" and "spoils of Babylon", you'll see, she really does look a little above average for a woman...
Hey says on 2/Jan/14
Hey Rob out of bed im 165.5 cm and the evening 164/164.5 cm so am i a strong 165cm ? Or can i be it if i muscle and etire my back like in swimming ?
cat says on 2/Jan/14
Hey rob what do you think her weight is in this photo?Click Here (one where she is all leather)
[Editor Rob: maybe 125]
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 18/Nov/13
Lorne, I agree def not 5'7 for her. 5'7 is the range where you start to look taller for a woman and she never looks tall without heels. 5'6 is prob right but some would say maybe a little under 5'6. 5'5 1/2 maybe? That's the very lowest I could see her at
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 7/Oct/13
5'6 she looks.
Lorne says on 26/Aug/13
That actually sounds spot on, because she certainly looked 168cm barefoot, but most of the time looks VERY weak 5'6, like 166-167. She's a tough one, but I can't see her at 169, she could certainly be solid 5'6, but she really doesn't look 169, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was a fraction under 5'6. I mean people don't realize this, but a strong 5'7, like 171cm range is legit tall for a woman(with average around 5'4.5) so at 5'6.5, a girl honestly looks tallish, and should actually be taller than many men in heels, and she just doesn't. BUT keep in mind, she almost never wears really large heels(that I've seen) even in Little Fockers, her heels we're very modest, yet she was taller than Stiller in shoes, so not less than 5'8 in modest heels. So I still say she's not less than 167cm, but I'll say that 166 isn't "bunk" :)
Balrog says on 23/Aug/13
I think 166-168 is her range. Look at her next to Hayden Christensen (an honest 6footer) and 5'11"-6'0" range Dane Cook.
Lorne says on 20/Aug/13
But does anyone know what kind of footwear? At that award show, he does dwarf her, but he does wear boots a lot. AnOther pic, he looks 6-7in taller, but her "heels aren't at all big(think it's also outside) but the award show is really telling, if she has big heels you could be onto something. BUT if you watch "Little Fockers"(a pretty bad movie, so understand if you don't want too!) and you'll see, BAREFOOT she looks the same height as Ben Stiller, and she is taller than Dustin Hoffman, in shoes! Barefoot, she is taller than Hoffman. His shoes are thin, but still. Like I said, she doesn't look over 5'6 most of the time, for sure, I could certainly see her being a weak 167cm, but 5'4 is taking it too far. N. How tall do you think she is? Remember, when I say 167, that covers 5ft5.75. I need to see her footwear with Welling, but unless those are some big heels she still looks close to 5'6, otherwise, 5'5 range...
Balrog says on 18/Aug/13
Lorne under 167 is not bunk. Look at her next to Tom Welling in heels.
Lorne says on 5/Aug/13
Yeah, she honestly doesn't look over 5'6 the vast majority of the time, but 5'4 is ridiculous.under 167 is bunk.
Balrog says on 24/Jun/13
Next to Dane Cook she didn't look this tall.
Lorne says on 19/Jun/13
Don't know why everyone is downgradIng her... She's taller, barefoot, than Hoffman in shoes, Taller than Stiller in modest heels, and otherwise almost identical... 5'4-5'5 claims are outrageous. 5'6, 5'6.5 is possible, 168-169cm.
Pedro says on 7/Jun/13
Here she is next to Josh Lucas, Isabelle Fuhrman and Liana Liberato: Click Here
MC says on 23/Apr/13
surely 165 cm
LFtz says on 16/Apr/13
Met her and she's definitely small, maybe 5'4 or 5'3 to my 5'8.5. She was wearing high platform heels (four inch heel with a 1-2" platform) and was still two inches shorter than I am. She is incredibly thin and probably a size 00, that is why she appears so tall!
jen says on 20/Mar/13
In her 2013 interview with Ellen she was wearing heels and was the same height as Ellen(who wore flats),and Ellen is 5'7. If Jessica is 5'6.5 shouldn't she be taller than Ellen in 3+ inch heels.
Balrog says on 2/Feb/13
In the movie awake she's completely towered by legit 6'0'' Hayden Christensen. I thought she was 5'5'' range to be honest.
Jessica says on 1/Feb/13
Someone I know worked in crown casino Melbourne assisted her to her room said she was only quite small, so I'd say she's only 5'4.
matt678 says on 14/Jan/13
Shes a 5ft5 and a half girl whos passed off as taller.
Lo sgozzatore says on 5/Jan/13
If Welling is really no more than 190, she's really nearer 5'5 mark.
Louis says on 28/Dec/12
She's no more than 5'5''.
Louis says on 28/Dec/12
Jessica is definitely not 5'7''. In Fantastic Four she is about the same height in heels as Michael Chiklis. She's probably no more than 5'4'' or 5'5'' but has amazing body proportions that can make her appear taller than she really is.
da_truth says on 20/Dec/12
I think this beauty is only 5'5". She is noticeably shorter than 5'9" Alessandro Nivola in "The Eye". By at least 3-4 inches without her heels. With large heels, she was still about 1-2 inches shorter.
Jamie says on 11/Nov/12
@ Elizabeth: I'm not sure they are wearing the same footwear. Alessandra is quite obviously in flat sandals, but Jessica is wearing Sneakers that could even be Sneaker Wedges ...
Elizabeth says on 17/Oct/12
Hey guys, I just looked at these interesting pics of Jessica and Alessandra Ambrosio at a pumpkin patch- Jessica is slightly shorter, both are in flats. That means AA can't be the 5'10 she claims and/or Alba is 5'6 on the dot. Thoughts?
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Silent d says on 14/Sep/12
5 foot 6.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 26/Aug/12
In fact, she's likely shorter than 5'6! Have you seen her with heels next to Tom Welling? She looks way shorter... But Rob insists having her at 5'6.5 and Welling at 6'2.75 at the same time...
Alex says on 26/Aug/12
i saw pictures and videos of jessica alba, jessica biel and jennifer connelly and the three beautiful women have the same height trust me just look the pictures in running for cancer they have sneakers and also you can look the videos
jtm says on 26/Aug/12
why on did she get upgraded to 5'6.5? jennifer connelly was clearly taller than her and you claimed on april 6 2011 post that she might be under 5'6.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 25/Aug/12
not over 5'6!
SIlent d says on 25/Jan/12
5 foot 6.

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