How tall is Megan Fox ?

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Megan Fox's Height is 5ft 4in (163 cm)

American Actress best known for roles in Transformers, Jennifer's Body and Hope and Faith. She once remarked that she had a "clinical fear of small people" and on Entertainment Weekly's website commented on a common misconception about her height, saying "I'm way shorter than people think I am. Everybody thinks I'm like 5-10 and I'm only 5-4".

How tall is Megan Fox
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Comment on the Height of Megan Fox

6'1 Joe said on 25/Aug/15
Visually, she looks like 5'9" supermodel.
Tom said on 26/Jul/15
She said herself in an interview that people dont notice her at events because shes only 5'3. I will try and find the interview and link it.
M said on 27/May/15
She is the one of very few female celebs who is really honest about her height (and Niki Reed also).
anon said on 11/May/15
A solid 5'4 seems right. In this photo with Jessica Alba, who is between 5'6 and 5'7... Megan, who has a platform, looks even height with Jessica who has no platform. plus Jessica is bending her knee more. I think 5'4 is fair.

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Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 8/Apr/15
Kellan Lutz is nine full inches taller than her, so 5'3.25".
Ally said on 22/Mar/15
She looks a little shorter here, more like 5'2- 5'3
Clara said on 17/Mar/15
I think megan fox is 5'2.she looks shorter than 5'4
Cheryl said on 4/Mar/15
Whew good thing I'm taller than her. I thought she is tall because she looks tall at tmnt movie.She is short actually.And I'm 5"9.I am taller than her when compared.But still I wish to be like her because she has a sexy hot body.She also has a petite body.She looks midget compared to my big sister,she is 191 cm tall.
redyeu12 said on 24/Feb/15
she has such a good body that it can fool you, she could look tall or petite. 5'4
antropolog said on 19/Feb/15
She is definitely not taller tan 160cm. I assume that she's 157cm tall. But anyway not taller than 160cm, that's just ridiculous!
Judd said on 21/Jan/15
5'2.5" in my opinion...I remember she looked something like that next to Michael Bay (6
lee said on 18/Jan/15
in confessions of a drama queen saw looked same height as lindsay lohan when both in flats
Hypado said on 1/Dec/14
163cm is the right for Megan Fox.
Awesome possum said on 13/Aug/14
She's about 5'3" 1/2
gd said on 26/Jul/14
She's no more than 5'3".

First look here: Click Here
Or here: Click Here
She wears at last 10 cm heels.

Now look here: Click Here
Then here: Click Here
Here: Click Here
And finally here: Click Here

Arnett is 189 cm and wears classic men shoes: 3 cm.
If Megan is 163 cm, adding her heels and considering Arnett height, the difference between her and him reported in the photos is just 19 cm? Seriously?
Alex 6'0 said on 14/Jun/14
Not everyone inflates their height. Megan does look her 5'4 claim. Also 5'3-5'5 range is one of those ranges that can be harder to tell I feel.
MishaDale said on 5/Mar/14
Megan is a perfect height. She looks great and her height is neither short nor tall. Her weight is perfect for her height.
I have to say that I DO agree partially with what Sammy is saying.
I am barely 5'3".
My younger sisters are both taller than me. One is 5'6" and the other is 5'7.5", and it seemed as though they always got complimented on how much they were "growing". And, I always got, "what happened to you"? A lot of it was family and friends, I know, but there was some truth to this.
Girls at my school always felt being taller and thin was ideal. My family boasted about my sisters' heights.
And it is true, in real life and books, when a man is tall it is used as a positive trait. Were I come from, being taller (not a giant) is more ideal.
For a few years while I was the midget amongst my growing sisters, I hated being short. I still wish I was taller, but I am okay with my height.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 25/Dec/13
She looks about the average height for a female in the US. Actually her legs seem a bit longish at times so I wouldn't say she has short legs. At worst she would maybe 5'3 1/2 but 5'4 seems accurate but she can sometimes come across a bit taller
someone said on 1/Nov/13
she has short legs i thought she was 5'2 max.
lol93 said on 13/Sep/13
Sammy I would not want my son to be 6'2 because I think that't too much at least in the European country I live in.Now if you would say 5'11 or 5'8 then I would choose 5'11 but not taller than that.Megan is very beautiful at 5'4 there is no reason for her to be taller also don't think that men like tall girls they prefer smaller girls in general
Sammy said on 29/Jul/13
Some do, yes. But most prefer tall. At least in the countries I've lived in that I mentioned... including the USA.
scotty said on 18/Jul/13
Sorry sammy but don't agree with you there this idea of taller people more desirable tends to be cultural some cross cultural studies show a preference for smaller males and females.
Sammy said on 26/Jun/13
It is a known fact that most people find taller more desirable. Just because you can't change your height and you must conform to what you are, doesn't make it not so. I'm not talking extreme height either, Just taller than average.
I'm not saying ALL people feel this way, but more do than not. If you have a son and you could chose from 2 heights: 6f2 or 5f8. A daughter 5f6 or 5f2. Most people would chose the taller height. Please don't say it's not true.
At least in the world I live in. People are ALWAYS bragging about how tall their kids are or pointing out "He/She is getting so tall". This makes children, teens, and adults BEAM with pride. Parents with tall children brag about their childrens' height all the time.
I'm just stating the reality I see and hear around me. I have lived in California, Florida, and Colorado, Paris, and briefly in Santiago, Chile and it has been the same everywhere.
Personally, I don't care. I'm 5f4 and have never cared much either way. I'm just voicing what I have seen and heard around me. I'm one of the few people who I known who genuinely don't care.
Anyways, Megan is probably 5f3-5f4. She is beautiful as is, I agree.
Me said on 1/May/13
Why are here so many women that have complexes about being small as if its something shameful. Since when is being tall equating being attractive. Its your subjective opinion dont state it as a fact.
The Neighbor said on 20/Apr/13
Trust me, Megan is about 5'2 1/2
Stephanie said on 20/Feb/13
Before I read her quote on this page, I always assumed she was 5' 6" because she looked about an inch taller than Lindsay Lohan in "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen." But 5' 4" isn't surprising, that's only 2" difference from what I expected.
K said on 16/Feb/13
I read an article an online magazines website stating she's only 5'2"! Insane! She's not that short! I made a comment about it as did several other people saying there is no way she's that short. They replied that they are in the industry and know because they have inside sources and talent information. I'm confused. No way is she 5'2". I'm actually surprised she's 5'4". Thought she was taller.
Im awesome said on 3/Feb/13
Megan Fox is 5'3 1/2". I've met her. And I'm 5'6
Brandy said on 19/Dec/12
That picture with Jessica looks like Jessica has on shorter heels, and looser posture.
Lo sgozzatore said on 16/Dec/12
Jessica Alba in heels was completely dwarfed by Tom Welling, like 20 cms... If Welling is 180, hes 192-193 in shoes and she's 5'8 in heels which means she's max 5'5! And that makes sense if u see her with Megan
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 15/Dec/12
Yea they look right about the same height in that pic but its not easy to say since the way they're both standing. Alba is no more than 5'6 and some would argue that shes closer to 5'5. Looks like Fox is standing slightly more straight though.
Elizabeth said on 13/Dec/12
Weird, her and Jessica Alba look the same height in this pic.
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Lalala said on 2/Dec/12
Rob is it possible, that she is 5'3 ?
I mean she just looks about 2cm shorter than 5'2 Seyfried-
[Editor Rob: generally i think she looks more 4cm taller than seyfried than smaller]
Lalala said on 1/Dec/12
Rob is it possible, that she is 5'3 ?
I mean she just looks about 2cm shorter than 5'2 Seyfried-
[Editor Rob: not sure she looks just a 5ft 3 girl]
Tilg said on 20/Oct/12
She is NEVER 5'4, she looks shorter.
I think Megan is 5'3 next to 5'2 Amanda Seyfried. :)
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marla singer said on 2/Sep/12
Rob, is there any chance she's 5'5"?
It's very tricky because she can look 5'7" sometimes.
[Editor Rob: I think her 5ft 4 claim is about as honest you'll get]
ana said on 3/Aug/12
she looks much much taller than that. but if she says so, then thank you, 164 end of discussion!
Chameleon said on 3/Aug/12
I think she is 160cm.
Alex said on 2/Aug/12
Nice pic of her here! Pics like this are hard to tell how tall someone looks but she does look on the short side here
Aya said on 28/Jan/12
megan fox is 99 pounds only!! i thought it was impossible because i thought she was tall, but then i read that she is 5'4 .. I FELT RELIEVED
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
5 foot 4.
heather said on 21/Jan/12
i think she looks really small compared to BAG because shes always walking behind him, not side by side. Someone that is in front of someone will gain even more height compared to the person behind due to perseption of the camera. In this pic, shes not THAT small compared to him and shes wearing flip flops. Hes wearing boots that give him more than an inch. I still say 5'4 for her.Click Here
andrea said on 6/Oct/07
either way it doesn't matter..she's not abnormally tall nor short and she's gorgeous!
myspace celebrity said on 6/Oct/07
i think she 5'6 with lindsay lohan, ashley leggat, allsin pill in confessions of a teenage drama queen...and even next to shia lebouf
Hollie said on 27/Sep/07
Wow, only 5'5"? I would have thought she was at least 5'7" just from looking at her. But, seeing pictures of her besides other actors, she seems relatively small.
Just a thought said on 18/Sep/07
Came across this pic of Kelly Rippa and Megan Fox standing side by side. Both are wearing heels. Kelly Rippa is said to be 5.2". . . . . Megan Fox is not far from that. . . . . 5.5" a bit too tall? Check out this link below with the pic.
Click Here
Leung said on 28/Aug/07
Itís just weird that she would make a claim that she fears small people, when many people would consider 5í5Ē as petite.
Lolauis said on 28/Aug/07
For Dylerious

5 '5 if she is 5 '5 is not so short , not short enough to make other women happy ... Height is becoming a real obsession ........average height for a women is considered as short nowadays ....
Viper said on 15/Aug/07
I think Brian Austin Green is the lucky one. Hes been with Tiffani Amber Thiessan, Vanessa Marcil, and now Megan Fox. Dude should be inducted into a stud hall of fame or something.
Chip said on 14/Aug/07
Megan isn't tall, but she's not short for a female. The average height of females in the U.S. is 5'4". btw, she is the hottest girl in the world. She herself was worth paying for tickets to Transformers (which was a great movie). Shia is SOOO lucky! I mean, that scene when she sat in his lap gives me pleasurable chills every time I see it.
Leung said on 26/Jul/07
"clinical fear of small people", thatís a really weird thing for her to say considering that she is short herself.
Gaza said on 26/Jul/07
Hmm. Would've thought she'd be taller. Everything's in good proportion with her. And yes, she's a mega fox!
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/07
Click Here look at this shia i listed as 5'10 so this girl is sooo not 5'5 or shia is not 5'10
oh and in this picture look at megans shoes... so come on guys!
hottawow!! said on 8/Jul/07
That girl is soooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooottttt!!! she gives me chill down my spine everytime i see her wearing those short skirts!!... I thought she was around 5'8"?
The Horse of FUNK said on 25/Jun/07
Hmmmm, after staring at photos of her (which was visually stimulating to say the least), she does normally look anywhere from 5'4.5" - 5'5". Though sometimes she can look near 5'6", so 5'5.5" isn't out of the question.

Oh yeah, did I mention she's blazin' hot?
Rae<3 said on 24/Jun/07
wtf? "clinical fear of small ppl" seriously whats wrong wqith us shorties?
Mimi said on 20/Jun/07
She looks about 5'3.5"....but I can't say that she is. She seems this height on looks alone. She is gorgeous!!
Dylerius said on 17/Jun/07
Wow, didn't think she was that short. She looks taller on t.v. I guess.
But knowing that height makes me happy. XD
RentGirl said on 17/Jun/07
"clinical fear of small people"???? Anyways i think she is more around 5'4 maybe 5'4 1/2
sarah said on 15/Jun/07
i almost think she's 5'4, based on her pictures with other actors, like this one with her bf brian austin green. Click Here i think he's listed as 6 on this site, and i know its a bad angle, but she kinda looks like a shortie...

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