How tall is Kevin James ?

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Kevin James height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)

American Actor known for roles in Hitch, I Now Prounounce You Chuck & Larry, and tv show The King of Queens.
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rod says on 19/Apr/15
I saw him on tv recently and he looks like 275 lb.s
Josh says on 21/Mar/15
He's 5'8. I thought 5'10 back when The King of Queens came out. He really holds his own with really tall people. Maybe it's his stocky build.
Silent_D says on 19/Mar/15
5 foot 8. I don't think he is short as 5 foot 6 though.
ray says on 29/Oct/14
How Tall is his brother Gary Valentine( Danny) on King of queens he might be close to 5ft7 at a guess there is no way he is 5'8.

Rob, Have you ever watched King of queens, if so what woukd you guess him?
[Editor Rob: not more than the odd episode over the years]
Anonymous1 says on 13/Sep/14
Super nice guy, I've met him. 5'8 is right on the nose. I'm 6'0.
tankman says on 7/Jul/14
hard to believe that I'm taller than kevin james cuz he really does look taller in movies especially Grown-ups
Ulysses 5'9 says on 21/May/14
Probably because even at 5'8, he still dwarfs the other cast members on King of Queens.
Justin says on 27/Mar/14
Odd, always had him figured as a big man for whatever reason
Mr. R says on 14/Feb/14
I saw him at SONY Pictures once and he is a weak 5-8
count says on 24/Jan/14
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looks 2 inches taller than 5-4 or 5-5 at the most david spade

I would say kevin james is really 5-6 or 5-6 1/2 at the most without shoes
noway says on 24/Jan/14
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he's only an inch taller than 5-4 spade and looks at least 3 inches shorter than 5-9 sandler
Nick says on 14/Nov/13
Doug says hes 5'9 in an episode of king of queens
avi says on 17/Sep/13
would 5'9 be his height in 1.25 sneakers making him possibly 5'7.7? maybe he is 5'7.5 and 5'8.75 in shoes and round to 5'9 could this be possible?
[Editor Rob: I think he is either 5ft 8 or very near it, maybe at times can look under it with his bulky nature/posture]
Cnut the Great says on 3/Sep/13
Just watched an episode of King Of Queens with Bryan Cranston in it (the sackskys next door neighbors)this site has Cranston at 5'10.5"... he has about 3 inches on Doug.
height guy says on 31/Jul/13
Kevin James is 5'7"
Adam says on 29/Jun/13
He says in an episode of Kong of Queens that he is 5'9
anonymous says on 21/Jun/13
Hi Rob, Do you think kevin james appears shorter to folks because of his heavy build, I mean I dont see him as a 5 ft 6 guy say as some see, He looks a solid 5'8 on king of queens, he never seems that short to me, He always had several inches on 5'3 Leah Remini and even her in heels he was inches taller, I think the 5'8 is accurate.

Do you think heavier people seem shorter to people?
anonymous says on 15/Jun/13
He Looks 5'8 on king of queens
anonymous says on 14/Jun/13
5'6 and 5'7 is too low, he looks 5'8 on king of queens, I don't think 5'9 tho he said that on the show that is too much but I wouldn't argue anything under 5'8, he must be pretty much a 5'8 guy, If he is 5'6, Leah Remini is 5'1 at best
The Great One says on 13/Jun/13
I would bet anything Kevin James is 5'7"
Ready2go says on 9/Jun/13
I saw him at Burlington mall he is just about 5'6 minus footwear which gives him around an inch or so but he is a big guy so he looks a little taller.
anonymous says on 9/Jun/13
He looks about 5'8 on king of queens, I don't think he is as low as a flat 5'7 though anyway and he probably is not 5'9 too but he generally looks 5'8 on King of queens, I think 5'8 is fine
tru says on 17/May/13
im 5'9 and i met him he looked more than an inch shorter
jimbo says on 16/May/13
there was a photo i saw recently for grown up's 2. was in the celebrity news.
Kevin Spade Adam and Launter..
Kevin is slight shorter then Launter and have him at 174..
I think Kevin is only 171 or 172cm
Jonathan says on 14/May/13
I hate people who use the term "napoleon complex" to describe someone who's short! I hate it because how the hell would anyone know if Napoleon was even short or not because we didn't grow up in his time? Plus Kevin James isn't short, he's anywhere from 5'8 to 5'9! I'd buy 5'8 and a half.
Mike 181 says on 8/May/13
He has claimed 5"9
Most says on 8/May/13
Episode "Fatty McButterpants" Kevin James says he's 5'9.
He finds out that Carrie buys his shirts from a big and Tall store and says
It's not because he is tall, He states 5'9
avi says on 15/Apr/13
i think he is 5'7 something
Ryan W says on 29/Mar/13
I know someone who worked with him in that crappy zookeeper movie he did. They said he is really short, like 5'6" at the most, and has a big Napoleon complex. He would flip out on people on the set all the time. He had one stage hand fired just because he didn't like the way the "taller" guy looked at him. "WHAT THE *** ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!" and demanded he was fired.
MarcusTheSwede says on 17/Feb/13
Something is very strange.
Either Kevin James isnt 173cm OR Bas Rutten(Fighter mix martial arts) isnt 185cm.
I just look at movie: Here comes the boom
And clearly Either Kevin James is taller or Bas Rutten isnt 185cm..
Very strange. They look almost same height. Same shoes and standing next to eachother.
Silent d says on 15/Feb/13
Is deacon taller than vince vaughn? The difference might be an inch. Patton oswald got absolutely towered by ashton kutcher and ted dansen who are about the same height. I watched the dilemma and kevin james is tiny next to vince vaughn. 5 foot 8.
LG69 says on 5/Oct/12
@doorman, are you saying "Deacon" is 6 feet? NO WAY DUDE! Deacon is at least 6'5". Kevin James looks 5'8" even. He doesn't look short even though he's very big/stocky.
Denis says on 29/Sep/12
Well, James is really not 5'8". He looks 5'7" in most of his movies. He is almost a foot shorter than Deacon.
Delta says on 27/Sep/12
Hi guys! Can someone please tell me how tall Deacon Palmer is? In the King of Queens movies, Deacon towers almost a foot over James. And the 6'5" listing for Deacon is also nonsense I guess. He sure must be above that mark.
doorman says on 14/Aug/12
He is BARELY 5'6"...seen him in person many times, says Deacon in 6'5"...he is barely 6" in reality
Mr. R says on 7/Jun/12
Kevin is closer to 5-7. Saw him at SONY Studios one day.
Joe says on 5/Jun/12
Kevin is a short guy. He is for sure no taller than 5.6 because i met him once and he was in sneakers and my wife who is 5.6 was in flat sandals and she was the same height as him. I'm 5'10 and i towered over him. He is nowhere close to 5.8 that's positive, 5.6 tops.
dec says on 11/Feb/12
5'7, 5'7.5 max. Patton Oswalt is 5'4 at the most.

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