How tall is Adam Sandler ?

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Adam Sandler height: 5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

American actor best known for movies like The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, Click, Anger Management and The Waterboy. He has claimed 5ft 11.

Jennifer Aniston, Adam and 5ft 9 Brooklyn Decker
Photo by PR Photos
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MurMiles says on 5/Jul/15
Not quite 5-10, for sure. Check stills from "Pixels." Wearing boots next to 5-7 Michelle Monaghan with her in heels, she's a bit taller.
MJKoP says on 28/Jun/15
He's not under 5'10" but can certainly give that impression with his shameful posture. Likely measured 5'11" once in flat shoes, hence his claim.
big chris says on 22/Jun/15
5'10' seems about right for Sandler.
lelman says on 8/Jun/15
What do you think are the chances of him being the full 5'10"? He looked exactly the same height as Guy Pearce in Bedtime Stories. He also appeared taller than Andy Samberg in That's My Boy.
Rhonda says on 6/Jun/15
Looks the same as Seth Rogan in the film he was in with Seth Rogan.
Greg says on 13/May/15
Looked about 2" shorter than Letterman tonight when standing right next to him - I assume Letterman is now around 6 foot'ish - sandler came off looking about 5'10".
James C. says on 11/May/15
Was he listed at 5'9 at one point?
richard says on 10/May/15
NO way he's 5'9. Look online and you can see videos of him playing for fun with Kevin James, Mcenroe, and Courier at the US open.After the match, they stand together for post match interviews. They are all wearing athletic shoes, Mcenroe and Sandler are wearing very similar Nike's. Some Nike's are a touch taller than others - dual air vs zoom air etc...but for sure, nobody is wearing lifts out there.

5'11.5 Mac towers over Sandler. The camera is closer to him, but nevertheless, no way Sandler is two inches shorter. 5'8
Oanh says on 9/May/15
bluefish76 says on 6/Dec/14
He's 5'10 stop hatin ppl

He looks at least 5'9" but not more than 5'10". Rob's estimate is good. How is guessing his height "hatin"?
cole says on 19/Apr/15
Think 5'9.75 is a fair shout. Nothing under 5'9.5 or over 5'10.
Ramy says on 6/Apr/15
He's around my height I am also 5'9.5" (a little bit under 177cm, probably 176.5cm) weighing 172lb (78kg).
Shamrock says on 26/Mar/15
could be 5'9.75
Josh says on 9/Mar/15
He's a solid 5'10. This is too low for him.
nayhole says on 26/Feb/15
He is probably very close to 5'10. His build makes him look taller.
? says on 18/Feb/15
In his 90s and early 00s movies especially airheads, and happy Gilmore he looks like he can be my height I'm measured anywhere between 5'9 and 5'9 1/2. But in his newer movies like bedtime stories he looks taller then 5'9 1/2, maybe it's just the way he's built
? says on 16/Feb/15
What makes you think he would be 5'9 1/2, when he claims 5'11 what if he is actually 5'11 by measuring tape, and by the doctor?
[Editor Rob: I've never thought he could look 5ft 11, at times maybe he can pass for 5ft 10]
Dwalin says on 8/Feb/15
weak 5'8
linke says on 25/Jan/15
174-175 max with dale steyn.
184.3cm says on 20/Dec/14
I would have said 5'9 ish he looked tiny next to Brendan Frazer in Airheads 1994 that was so no doubt at his peak. Brendan is what ? 6'2 or 6'2.5?
Sam says on 19/Dec/14
Looks a solid 5'10" I think with Guy Pearce, very similar, maybe Pearce has him by a hair.
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Prince says on 17/Dec/14
Adam Sandler is most likely 5'11" barefoot. He looks 3 inches taller than 5'8" Dana Carvey.
Clay says on 12/Dec/14
bluefish76 says on 6/Dec/14
He's 5'10 stop hatin ppl

Nearly. 5'8'' is an outlandish guess, anyway.
bluefish76 says on 6/Dec/14
He's 5'10 stop hatin ppl
the shredder says on 15/Nov/14
He looks 5'11 on SNL back then , taller than Luke Perry , and taller than most of the cast , even Phil Hartman.
Clay says on 18/Sep/14
Danimal says on 11/Sep/14
Elias says on 10/Aug/14
I think he is a typical 5'10 guy

In shoes, sure.

Id be willing to bet on 5'11'' in dress shoes..
Danimal says on 11/Sep/14
Elias says on 10/Aug/14
I think he is a typical 5'10 guy

In shoes, sure.
Danimal says on 11/Sep/14
Adam says on 23/Jul/14
He's 5'8.5 max

I agree with this.
Danimal says on 11/Sep/14
He used to get all kinds of 5'9" listing back in the day. I don't seem him over that. In the above pic, those sneakers look big time suspect.
Clay says on 10/Sep/14
BIg T says on 30/Aug/12
In Happy Gilmore he hardly ever looks even 4" shorter than 6'3" listed Christopher McDonald. I don't get it.

In happy Gilmore he did look 5'10-5'10.5, he could have lost some height now into his mid 40's.
Elias says on 10/Aug/14
I think he is a typical 5'10 guy
linke says on 10/Aug/14
Rob, I agree with Realist, this site needs some cricketer. Sachin Tendulkar will be a good addition. His personal claim has been 5'6.

“ How can anyone look up to me as I am only 5 feet 6 inches”.
Reference: Click Here

Also Dale Steyn can be 178-79.
Adam says on 23/Jul/14
He's 5'8.5 max
Joe says on 21/Jul/14
5'9 flat he is not 5'10
Realist says on 5/Jun/14
Rob, being an Indian, breathing Cricket all round. I met Dale Steyn in one of the IPL matches. He is about 178-79, strong 5'10. I vary from 172-73 most day, earlier about 174. But watched a night match. 99.9% Dale is wearing sports snickers. Sandler looked more 174-75 cm. Rob his lean figure and deceptive face can make him appear taller. Did you see in the movie the 6'0 guys clearly made him look shorter throughout the movie. Rob i am really serious about this one since i can confirm 178-79 for Dale. By the way most cricketers lie too, they are like celebs here. Virat Kohli claims 5'9 looks more 5'7.5". A guy called Sehwag claims 5'7 and is max 5'6. Also Rob can u add cricketers fulfilling the Indian desire: Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Wasim Akram, Brian Lara, Shane Warne, your own Alaister Cook,Andrew Fintoff etc.

Thanks for tolerating such a long comment wont trouble u again. Thanks Rob.
[Editor Rob: I don't think Sandler is a kind of guy who has great posture, it's kind of laid back, he can look 5ft 9 up to 10 in many situations.]
Linke says on 29/May/14
With legendary south african fast bowler Dale Steyn who is 5'11 (although listed 5'10 everywhere)

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Sandler looks 5'8.5 - 5'9. Mr R is spot on.
Clay says on 4/May/14
He always has bad posture. 5'9.5 is about right.
chrissss says on 22/Mar/14
177cm straight
Lorne says on 16/Feb/14
Been saying 176 for years, look at him with Harrelson, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, etc. and Hoffman as you mentioned. Still can't believe he's gone.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Feb/14
He was eye to eye actually with Philip Seymour Hoffman in Punch-Drunk Love when he confronted him in the furniture store out room, if anything Hoffman could look slightly taller. 176cm could be closer. Either way 5'11 is clearly silly for him.
jtm says on 14/Feb/14
5'9 flat
Arch Stanton says on 12/Feb/14
He can look 5'10 but I think 177 is spot on. He looks 3.5-4 inches taller than Luis Guzmán in Punch-Drunk Love which Rob has at 5'6".
berta says on 21/Jan/14
178 :D
Cnut the great says on 17/Jan/14
He Looks 5'10" with his shoes on
Mr. Kaplan says on 3/Jan/14
He looks shortish in Happy Gilmore. 5'9" maximum.
nick kanellakis says on 27/Dec/13
I don't think hes 5''9 hes like 5ft 8 173.2 cm 5'9 is a bit taller. no way seith rogen cant be 5''9 I don't think she relly is she like 5''8 but adam isn't standing straight I think there the same height as adam. Jennifer Anniston is like 5'6 im rite I can tell from her feet and adam is two inches taller.
nick kanellakis says on 27/Dec/13
I don't think hes 5''9 hes like 5ft 8 173.2 cm 5'9 is a bit taller. no way seith rogen cant be 5''9 I don't think she relly is she like 5''8 but adam isn't standing straight I think there the same height as adam. Jennifer Anniston is like 5'6 im rite I can tell from her feet and adam is two inches taller.
Ron says on 27/Nov/13
Weak 5'10
MrTBlack says on 12/Nov/13
5'10" is believable but 5'11"? Get real. I'd say 5'9" solid.
nextbigthing says on 29/Oct/13
he looks 5'10....
Silent d says on 21/Oct/13
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 11/Oct/13
No way his 5'11 claim. He's not even 5'10. This 5'9.5 listing looks about right
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Oct/13
I think 5ft10/178cm is closer for Sandler. Watch old SNL and you'll see he has more than 2in on Chris Farley (listed 5ft8 but could've been a hair shorter?) and is about level with Chris Rock (maybe a strong 5ft10?).
Cnut the Great says on 27/Sep/13
he looks 5'9" to 5'9.5" the listing seems accurate... he never seems tall, and if were really 5'11" there would be times he would seem like a tall person. He also never seeems short. If he were under 5'9" there would be times when he looks like a short person, but he never does.... he is dead on average
Hypado says on 16/Sep/13
1.78/5'10 is the right.
Lorne says on 23/Aug/13
If he was solid 177cm(5'10 range) Chros Rock wouldn't be so comfortably taller. 1cm isn't that noticeable, 2 is. His posture is bad, so I can believe 5'9.5, but no more than that. Sorry, but "5ft10 minimum is wrOng(and perry doesn't look over 5'9 with 192cm Lee Pace)...
MaskDeMasque says on 13/Aug/13
@the shredder

5'10 minimum? yeh right. He's 177cm max, more likely 176cm.
Oz says on 7/Aug/13
5'9/5'10 seems pretty accurate
Bran says on 1/Aug/13
Spot on Rob, in a lot of films he actually appears below 5'9, rather than people claiming he's 5'10 plus, the listing seems accurate.
Sam says on 29/Jul/13
Dan Patrick with Sandler:
Click Here
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My brother, who works with Patrick, is at far right:
Click Here
and next to Patrick here:
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My brother's around 6'3", so is Patrick. Sandler is at least close to 5'10".
averagegiant says on 27/Jul/13
I thought adam sandler was 5'8. I still do given I can tell he's shorter than chris rock without examining the 2 head to head
averagegiant says on 27/Jul/13
That is dead on Ian C. I couldn't have said it better myself
MaskDeMasque says on 26/Jul/13
Dunno why some people here think he's 5'10. Watch That's My Boy, he looks around 176cm in that.
Ian C. says on 25/Jul/13
Without having done the research, my guess is that five foot eleven is a very popular claim for men who are exaggerating their height. They want to be thought of as taller than they are, but they flinch from claiming six feet, because that would make them officially tall. It's the reverse of the phenomenon where women who are six feet or over will claim to be five foot eleven.
pauly e says on 12/Jul/13
this seems right. I always figured him for a 5'9ish guy....
teej says on 2/Jul/13
He was listed as 5'8 when he was younger, So ill go with that. Who cares, hes my favourite comedy actor and sooooo funny! Legend!
Charlie says on 2/Jul/13
Not a chance he is over 5.9 but he sureley wears lifts.
Duhon says on 2/Jul/13
He could actually be a strong 5'10" but he has some of the worst posture around. The above pic is actually pretty good for him.
kartal says on 15/Jun/13
Used to be listed at 5'9 all the time in the 90's and that is his true height.
1.75 says on 11/Jun/13
He looks like my dads height, he's 177 cm tall, he was a solid 5'10 (178) back in the days.
jtm says on 9/Jun/13
take the .5 off.
[Editor Rob: he claimed 5ft 11 again recently]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Jun/13
Looked 5ft11 in Happy Gilmore with Christopher McDonald is 6ft3
Juicey says on 21/May/13
Tricky guy to pin i think he can look like 5'9 to 5'11. He gets tricky brad pitt and james franco style. Hey rob juss out of curiosity is there a height advantage between regular sneakers and dress shoes and if so what is the advantage
Lorne? says on 5/May/13
Was a good bit shorter than woody haralson, but he obviously had lifts. I do think this is the best listing though. It's funny. First time I came to this site, Sandler was 5ft10. Yet not too long ago, he had been downgraded to 5'9. Now he's 177cm lol. But he is a tricky one, anything. 5'9-5'10arguable. But defin not less than 176cm with Bicholson...
Jax says on 4/May/13
prime example of how a solid 5'9 (175-176cm) man looks like....his claim is pretty hilarious^^
the height man says on 25/Apr/13
adam is an approximate 5'10" and brookyn decker is at least 5'11"with her healss on.adam touches 5'10"just like mysself
the height man says on 24/Apr/13
i beleve he is 5'10" exact.its weird because my uncle is the same height and build as adam sandler(especially when he walks like him!)
Gaza2121 says on 14/Apr/13
177 cm
gian92 says on 4/Apr/13
Adam is taller than Andy Samberg in their film ! For me he is 179 cm
Johno says on 23/Mar/13
Good example of a 5'9
Original says on 25/Jan/13
He's 5'9,75" or 5'10
Adamz says on 10/Jan/13
He looks 5-9 or more here
Mr. Tempus says on 2/Jan/13
5´9.25 - 5´9.75 tops
The Horse of FUNK says on 10/Dec/12
Nah, I think 5'9.5" is accurate. 5'9" at the absolute lowest. I swear if you looked up "average height" in the encyclopedia, you would see a picture of Adam Sandler. He just has a tendency to hunch or slouch a lot, so he sometimes gives the impression of 5'8".
Louis says on 9/Dec/12
Lo sgozzatore says on 6/Dec/12
Shredder, he looked a midget next to legit 6'4 david hasselhoff! I doubt he's over 5'9.5...
Louis says on 6/Dec/12
the shredder says on 6/Dec/12
It oddly looks 5'8 with milo , but he can also look as tall as 5'11 , I still think he is 5'9.5 minimum .

i think 173 is right
Keaton at 177 is just Rob's guess
but milo is sure 5'8 range
runt says on 5/Dec/12
Shredder, they do look close but isn't Keaton in doubt? I remeber a lot of perception was created because of Keanton's pic with "the G". But now we have to downgrade "the G".
Louis says on 5/Dec/12
rolf at the shredder

i think that photos of him with milo ventimiglia whom rob met is way better
Louis says on 5/Dec/12
Mr. R says on 5/Dec/12
I saw Adam in Bev Hills...He is 5-8.5
yes, he looks no more than 174 with Milo Ventimiglia
Mr. R says on 5/Dec/12
I saw Adam in Bev Hills...He is 5-8.5
Lo sgozzatore says on 4/Dec/12
Why you changed him again? Anyway, i agree he looks more 5'9.5 than 5'10!
[Editor Rob: at times i can see 5ft 10, then other times he can look 5ft 9 or 9.5, maybe it's a case of 5ft 9 with poorer posture but 5ft 9.5 or 10 if he stood properly]
The Exorcist says on 3/Dec/12
Here he is with the proven 5'5.5 Henry Winkler. There's no more than a 3.5 inch difference.
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Adam Sandler: 5'9"
Kevin James: 5'7"
Dmeyer says on 2/Dec/12
Decker is 5'9 she has shoes considering front and pivoting give 3.75-4 in She is near 6'1 heels on hé looks 5'10.5-11 shoes on , also i met Aniston she looks 5'7.5-8 in shoes on , hé looks bang on 177cm , i think hé dosnt drop under 5'9.5 , defenetly 5'10.25+ morning
Conti says on 2/Dec/12
I would say 5'9.
runt says on 28/Nov/12
When Nicole Kidman guest hosted SNL, they looked very similar in height. If he's only 5-9.5 then he had in the neighborhood of a 1" footwear advantage. It's definitely plausible because her flats were noticeably thin in any scene where you could see her shoes.

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Arch Stanton says on 16/Nov/12
He and Jack Nicolson both look 5'9" range in Anger Management.
Silent d says on 21/Oct/12
The weird thing is he was same height as 174cm phillip seymor hoffman in punch drunk love. Can't explain that. I heard rihanna is same height as brooklyn. I don't think she is 5 foot 8. Maybe 5 foot 8. Adam is 176cm.
tall guy says on 21/Sep/12
I think this listing is off. In the movie 'anger management' he stood next to Heather Graham (listed 5'8", 173 cm on this site). And easily had 3 inches on her. In all of his movies he looked rather tall. 5'11" is spot on for this actor. I can buy 5'10.75".
Dan says on 21/Sep/12
How can Brooklyn Decker by 5'9", she looks like she's wearing at least 3" heels, and if Sandler was standing with good posture, they'd practically be the same size. That would make Sandler around 6", which I also find hard to believe. I would say about 5"8 for Decker barefoot, and about 5"10 barefoot for Sandler, judging by the picture and the footwear being worn.
Hullywood says on 15/Sep/12
Brookyl Decker (dont know her) is in heels on the same shoulderheight with Sandler? 1.77 and 1.75m? No. Thats bull****. Sandler taller or Decker smaller. Sandler looks above 1.80m in this pic. I think 1.81m. Begins looking tall. So without shoes (3 cm´s?) maybe 1.78m. Decker must be smaller, without heels, she would look too clearly shorter then Adam.
Silent d says on 14/Sep/12
In the above photos he is definitely 176cm. The girls are wearing heels. Fouad if he was down to your neck, that'll make him 5 foot 6. Do you mean he was up to your ear?
matt678 says on 11/Sep/12
5 ft 9 barefoot
Big T says on 9/Sep/12
You have Bridgette Wilson 5'8 1/2" here. In Billy Madison she wears heels and Sandler is still clearly taller in some pretty good comparison shots (when they are singing together for example). In Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore he looks at least 5'10".
BIg T says on 30/Aug/12
In Happy Gilmore he hardly ever looks even 4" shorter than 6'3" listed Christopher McDonald. I don't get it.
Sword says on 28/Aug/12
He looks about 5'9 near Chris Rock (5'10) in "The Longest Yard".
Shaun says on 21/Aug/12
He's your regular joe, 5'9.5" is even bang on average!
mr h says on 5/Aug/12
I think he is 5 foot 11 on a good day like in the morning to be honest.
Fouad says on 17/Jun/12
I myself Meet Sandler at A Party And I myself i am 6'1 and he was down to my neck so i got to say he is a strong 5'10 besides jennifer is wering heels
Mr. R says on 12/Jun/12
Adam is btw 5-8 and 5-9. Saw him at a restaurant.
MaskDeMasque says on 11/Jun/12
pataan19 says on 10/Jun/12
Hey Rob, I think you've posted the wrong photo for Adam Sandler
[Editor Rob: thanks for pointing it out! ]
MaskDeMasque says on 9/Feb/12
looks an inch shorter than seth rogen, so 5'9.5-5'9.75. def not 5'10
ANDREA[ITA] says on 2/Feb/12
Agree with Silent d. 177 or 5'9.5 is closer. Not a legit 5'10 for sure. 5'8 is actually too low for him. 5'9 not impossible.

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