How tall is Rob Schneider ?

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Rob Schneider height: 5ft 3.5in (161 cm)

American Comedic Actor of films like The Hot Chick. He did admit he was only 5ft 5 in an interview, but maybe that's with shoes?
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Magic says on 19/May/15
mmm I don't believe that he is so short here a pic with Melanie Walsh( wears flag U.K.) claims 5'3" and here she wears high-heel, but prospective and angle could play in his favour.
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ecv621 says on 11/Jan/15
I met him and took a picture with him in Jacksonville, Fl at a comedy club, he is NO MORE than 5'4 at the tallest. 5'4 is good for him. I'm only 5'9 and he only came up to my nose.
G-MANN says on 22/Dec/14
Even Tim Curry towers over him in Home Alone 2.
Adrian Blues says on 7/Dec/14
Yeah this listing is pretty much spot on. He's somewhere between 5'3" and 5'4".
Realist says on 14/Sep/14
LOL at 5'6. 5'7 (LOL*LOL) . 5'5 would be highly optimistic. 5'4 maybe true. 5'3.5 exact correct not below that. If he was 5'7, then 171 Mathew Lawrence and he would be the same in hot chick.
DDD says on 8/Mar/14
He's actually 5 foot "6"
Silent d says on 29/Oct/13
He always looked short to me but he has big hair. In the hot chick, he stood his ground next to girls who claim to be 5 foot 4. He was taller than ana faris and about the same height as rachel mcadams. 162cm. He can't be 165cm because he is shorter than 165cm spade.
Rusty says on 15/Oct/13
I have seen him listed 5'7" before. That is total bunk. I would have thought 5'4"
Mandy says on 31/Jul/13
@Sasha. Note that she is sitting down and he is standing up. There is no way that he is taller than her.
lllmarleylll says on 13/Jul/13
Rob has to be at least 5'4 or shorter. I met him last night and in the picture he's as tall as me and I'm 5'4 1/2. Plus I didn't have any heels on and he had a slight heel in his dress shoes. Also, my boyfriend is 5'7 and you could tell he was taller than Rob.
cd says on 9/Jul/13
@Mike T
There's a chance he is a big lift wearer I suppose. In Home Alone 2 (one of his earlier films) I noticed 12 year old Macaulay Culkin was already over his shoulders, and Culkin was probably a short 12 year old portraying a 10 year old.
Mike T says on 3/Jul/13
Ok either he's 5'1 or I just grew again. But I know what I saw. The tallest he could possibly be is probably 5'2" or about 5'2.5
cd says on 2/Jul/13
@Mike T
I'm having a very hard time believing he's as short as that, all the evidence points to him being 161-162cm range. Him at 5'1" would make Pesci barely over 5 foot which is ridiculous.
Mike T says on 30/Jun/13
I met him before and I can guarantee you that he's as short as 5'1" or 5'1.5. He's a really short man. I'm 5'8"-5'9" and I was almost a whole head taller than him.
cd says on 28/May/13
Just watched Home Alone 2 and he looks very short in that film. Definitely not 5'5" as he's claimed, because that would make Tim Curry 5'9".
I\'m a shortie so everyone is tall to me says on 24/Apr/13
If he says 5"5' they it 's a safe bet to subtract 2 -3 inches. 5"5' just sounds good that's why everyone says it
marc says on 13/Apr/13
Hes a little shorter than david spade
John says on 17/Mar/13
Click Here <<<< check this out he says he's 5'5!
Rob Bryant says on 1/Feb/13
If you watch the movie Judge Dredd where Rob costars with Sly Stallone once you look past the camera angles and lifts in Sly's shoes, you can see that Robs about 1.5 inches shorter than Stallone. Rob 5'-3.5" and Stallone 5'-5".
TWINGO says on 17/Dec/12
Just watched a movie where Schneider has to work as a gigolo to pay a friend's house repair. Very fun this guy, very short, too, remember the three stooges. I agree with this stimative, more ou less 161 cm.
The Thinker says on 8/Nov/12
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Normal shoes, 6" difference... AS 5'9.5"
Rob Schneider = 5'3.5"!
matt678 says on 7/Oct/12
rob dont u think a down grade to 5 ft 3 woud be better then 5 ft4?
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure about 5ft 3 yet]
Reality says on 16/Sep/12
He's 5'5,I don't think he's shorter than that.
BigTriple says on 13/Aug/12
Here's a link from a user on Reddit who met Schneider. He claims 6 foot tall.

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carol says on 12/Jun/12
I worked at Manhattan village pacific theaters in mahnattan beach , ca. 10 years ago. Rob Schneider would go there frequently. I am 4'11, he walked passed me and all the workers were giggling pointing out that he is my height. He is very short.
Don N says on 12/Feb/12
My daughter met him , shes 5'3 and he was shorter than her, she had on tennis shoes!
5feet4mostly says on 11/Feb/12
Why don't rob get an upgrade,plus why on one site they have rob at 5'7" tall,yet on his show "ROB" he is clearly shorter than cheech marin who is said to be at 5'6" tall. So what is rob,really? I guess only his doctor knows for sure.
Sasha says on 6/Feb/12
5'4" is too low. Rob Schneider is 2" taller than 5'4" Anna Faris:
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So he is near 5'6" (168 cm).

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